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Assembly of Peers - September 2018

The Assembly of Peers meets so that any petitioner can bring up business before the Voices of the Realm, the leaders of the Compact so that the full Assembly can hear of pressing matters. Whether it's elevations, crises, or ornery kooks that are desperate to be heard and are dragged out by the Iron Guard, the Assembly is where the Compact theoretically gets things done.


Nov. 19, 2022, 3 p.m.

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Mattheu Lucita Neilda Aksel Ann Lou Medeia Ian Patrizio Kael Catalana Alis Tesha Jaerith Aconite Keely Cillian Lenard Preston Rosalind Jaenelle



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Assembly of Peers

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Rohran has joined the Valardin Benches.

Ann has joined the Redrain Benches.

Jaerith has joined the Valardin Benches.

Soft and nearly quiet bells sing out from the Rivenshari lord as he enters and stops for a moment staring at the benches. As if he's considering heading in a different direction, then nods gently and slips into the Valardin benches.

Lucita has joined the Lyceum Benches.

Lucita quietly makes her way into the assembly and takes a seat in the Lyceum section.

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Lou has joined the Voices of the Realm.

Neilda arrives, pausing, and she steps briskly toward the Lyceum benches. Rising when the Highlords and assorted Voices of the Realm enter before she settles again.

Aksel is assembled. Not an Avenger, but might listen to offers.

Ann looks around the assembly as a whole. Then she makes her way to the Redrain benches and just gives Aksel a look as she passes by.

Lou quietly slips into the chambers and takes a seat at the head table.

Medeia, unaccompanied and with a neutral expression, enters the assembly and moves directly toward the Thrax benches. Once there, she sits neatly and murmurs only a few polite greetings to those around. Before her attention moves to the Voices, she does lift one hand to briefly wave to Neilda across the room.

Ian slouches in the back of the Thrax benches, his expression flat, looking a lot less attentive than he probably is.

A hand lifts in greeting, a wiggle of fingers in a brief wave from sister to sister - Neilda right back to Medeia.

Respondent as always in his polished armour, Patrizio lingers at the table at the head of the room, briefly reviewing a couple of leafs within that folio of his as if just gathering his thoughts for some moments.

Kael enters into the Assembly, pausing to bow in the direction of the Voices of the Realm. He strides toward the Valardin benches and waits for most of the people to be settled so that he can acquire a seat at the end of the bench. A polite nod is, of course, offered to his fellow Oathlanders as he settles.

Catalana is quiet and calm when she enters. Polite nods to those she knows as she passes. Spotting Ian, she moves to sit near him.

Standing from her seat at the center of the front table, Gwenna manages a brief, warm smile and raises her voice to address the assembly. "Much continues to harry the Compact and our people. Civil wars and strange occurrences that try to cut at our spirits and faith. These make for oft difficult times and all the more reason for us to come together as peers and people. To try to soothe where we can, and discuss our triumphs, no matter how big or small, as well as our troubles. We shall see what is brought forth today, but first I ask you all to rise for the convocation of the Faith of the Pantheon, being given by Sir Preston, Grandmaster of the Templars, Carnifex of the Faith."

Alis makes sure to offer at least a cursory greeting to her fellow Oathlanders when they file in; a brief whisp of a smile offered to family. And the train of Keatons that follow. When Gwenna calls the meeting to order and asks them all to rise for the convocation, she does so quietly and with hands clasped in front of her and head bowed in contemplation.

Wyla, a small wisp of an assistant arrives, following Keely.

Keely has joined the Grayson Benches.

At the word from Gwenna to give the floor to Preston, Patrizio closes his folio before him, palms resting on the leather cover of it before he's taking to his feet respectfully and bowing his head.

Daoud, a Harrow Banshee arrives, following Cufre.

Tesha had arrived on her own and without fanfare, as is how she is usually. She then moves to the Valardin benches and takes a seat at the end of them given she's not wanting to misjudge who is coming and going with that one eye of hers. She's dressed in her usual crimson and she proceeds to look at the gaggle of Keatons that are coming in as well. She gives quiet greetings to those at the Valardin benches.

Cufre has joined the Commoner Benches.

Jaerith tries to stifle a grin at something which is said among the Keaton horde before the convocation is called, rising to his feet and trying his level best to look reverent.

Aconite sits silently amongst the Commoner Benches. Her hands in her lap and straight-backed as she watches the congregating Peers.

Walking in late like some kind of Pravus prince, Keely slips around the edges of the room, stopping by the Oathlands benches -prior- to the convocation to murmur something to Kael before scurrying to claim a seat amongst the Grayson benches.

Cillian had gotten her early and is sitting at the Redrain table listening to Gwenna speak, his head tilting slightly as he looks at Ann who sits next to him.

Prince Lenard may be found settled among the benches devoted to House Valardin and the Oathlands. A smile from Alis, the Princess of Sanctum, results in a respectful bow of the head from prince to Highlord. As the convocation is called, Lenard rises swiftly to standing. His hands clasp before himself and his chin lowers as he prepares to join the Grandmaster of the Templars in prayer. Otherwise Prince Lenard remains silent, but attentive to the growing Assembly. Wide-eyed and eager to watch everything unfold, clearly.

Standing from the Godsworn Benches, Preston takes some steps towards the centre of the room. As he steps, he unfastens Crusader from his belt in its scabbard and he kneels with the blade point down to the ground and its guard before his head - the Templars' prayer pose. He offers a warm smile across to Gwenna before he clears his throat and raises his voice to carry "We pray to the Gods to look over this Assembly of the Compact and to infuse all that is good in them into those who must make the choices that this day demands. We look to them as lessons, that each God is great and stands as a titan, and speaks with a clear and powerful voice. Yet together, the chorus of their voices makes them something more, something greater. That their voices together show us not just the nature of our world, but how we should live within it. We pray to them in thanks for their lessons, their guidance, their beacons, and we pray that we too may live up to the ideals they have set out before us. Let Petrichor protect us. Let Vellichor inform us. Let Gild guide us to grow, and care for all under us. Let Gloria guide us to do good in each choice, in each action no matter if it be forlorn. Let Limerance hold us to our oaths made today, as it binds those who look to those here for leadership." And Preston then falls silent, and slowly stands, re-attaching Crusader to its belt before bowing his head to Gwenna and stepping back to his seat

Preston has joined the Godsworn Benches.

1 Ravenseye Warrior, 2 Northern Rangers arrive, following Rosalind.

Rosalind has joined the Redrain Benches.

Rosalind silently tiptoes in, cheeks flushed as she hurriedly takes her seat.

Gwenna inclines her head briefly again before speaking. "Thank you, Sir Preston, for your thoughtful and always inspiring words. Let us all take our seats and begin. As seems tradition, I would like to ask those representing each of the Great Houses to speak on whatever matters you would like the Crown and Compact to be made aware of. Your achievements, your challenges, your concerns, and whatever else you wish to share with this assembly. After that, we will open up the floor to the peerage." That said, she retakes her own seat. "Let us begin with House Valardin."

Kael murmurs a few words back to Keely, with a flash of a smile, and perhaps his gaze lingers there before shifting forward. He rises, of course, for the convocation, his head bowing and his hands folding together politely before him. When it is done he returns to his seat and listens politely.

Patrizio takes his seat once again in the wake of the invocation, the turn of those jade eyes down to Alis when Gwenna calls upon her house first in the order of things.

"Thank you, Princess Gwenna." Alis stands back up to address the room at large. "There is nothing new for the Oathlands to report, but we do thank everyone for their continued support as Artshall rebuilds." Yep, that's it. Brief and to the point as she sits back down.

There is a faintly pained look that touches Gwenna's brows when Artshall is mentioned. "I am sure I am not alone in looking forward to seeing the city bright with color and thriving people soon. Thank you, Your Grace," she says to Alis with a dip of her head. "Next we will hear from House Velenosa."

Jaenelle dips her head towards Gwenna before turning back towards the room at large. "The Lyceum continues to work through our economic mysteries. It takes time to investigate such issues, and I have faith that all Lycene houses will discover the where abouts of any missing or lost goods they might have. I am certain that everyone had an enjoyable Bloodmoon as well. Nothing else to report."

Like Gwenna, Patrizio does briefly look pained at the mention of Artshall, but it's Jaenelle's mention of the moon that briefly has the Pravusi prince's head turning, as if to turn those eyes of his towards where the moon would be lingering in consideration. And then his attention returns to the affairs of the Assembly.

"Finances are, indeed, a time-consuming task that I know all too well. Thank you for the update, Archduchess." Glancing next to Patrizio, she offers him a warm smile and nod. "Is there news House Pravus wishes to share at the Assembly today?"

Rosalind hears Jaenelle's mention of the Bloodmoon and twitches a small bit before continuing to listen.

Alis looks resolute rather than pained, when she speaks of Artshall, but that is no doubt her very stubborn nature at the fore. Still, even she grimaces a little at the mention of the Bloodmoon.

A breath, as Patrizio dips his head briefly to Gwenna. Fingers brushing that folio of his, the prince of Pravus rises to his feet, before there's a dip o this head. "Affairs within Setara and the Saffron are, blessedly, quiet for now. We stand with our brethren of the Compact, in the hopes that all the current struggles of those dwelling within Arvum should be settled, and we can turn our gaze once more outwards with unity." And, with that said, he retakes his seat.

Mattheu continues to wiggle his leg in his seat, the song of a few bells jingling in the process as the bloodmoon is brought up.

Gwenna dips her her to the Setarcan Prince. "The battles around Pieros are, surely, still not far from our minds. It is good to hear House Pravus has some respite. Thank you, Prince Patrizio." Her gaze then shifts again along with table. "Pathfinder Lou, does House Grayson have items to remark upon this day?"

Lou rises from her place at the table and nods to the other voices and high lords. "House Grayson continues to investigate reports and sightings of our enemy and the mysterious sinkholes discovered in some of our domains, but otherwise has nothing new to report." She retakes her seat, folding her hands in her lap.

The Redrain gives a few nods of her head. "Thank you as well for the report. These are curious times. At present, House Redrain has no specific business to bring before the Assembly," Gwenna states simply enough. "Our concerns surely mirror those around the Compact. We have made efforts across the Northlands to better protect our people and villages, along with our holdings. It is our hope that these measures will, indeed, achieve such goals." That said, she glances around the chamber. "Is there anyone authorized to speak on behalf of House Thrax or the Crown available?"

Medeia has, to this point, been perfectly attentive through the convocation and reports of the Voices. The lack of a representative for Thrax has her brow furrowing.

Ian seems neither surprised, nor concerned that nobody from Thrax is present. Not that he's shown much change of expression at all, so far.

Jaenelle looks around for a moment before speaking, "as Minister for the Crown, I can atleast state that there are two empty shops for repurposing within the ward of the Crown that can be made available should anyone know of who has need of a space to sell their wares. The Iron Guard's barracks are no longer condemned due to health and safety violations, so I am pleased to announce that."

Keely has left the Grayson Benches.

Wyla, a small wisp of an assistant have been dismissed.

"Thank you for noting such news from the Crown, Archduchess. All good news as well." Gwenna gives it a few more minutes before lacing her hands together. "The duties of the realm don't always make for convenient schedules, understandably. As it appears there is no other business to discuss today," she says, her voice loud enough to carry once again. "I wish to thank all of the High Lords and Voices for their representation and words here today. As well, I would like to thank the peerage and all who attended. May the gods watch over our paths and realm. This Assembly is now concluded."

Lucita quietly listens to the various reports, nodding now.

Neilda has left the Lyceum Benches.

With the Assembly about to end, Ian, who generally waits for crowds to clear out before going anywhere, chooses now to push to his feet and head out. He's met outside the door by someone in Kennex livery, so apparently he has somewhere to be.

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Wyla, a small wisp of an assistant arrives, delivering a message to Alis before departing.

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