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Into The Woods II - A Grayson Forest Fete

It is time again for a little merriment! The Graysons are delighted to welcome one and all to the Great Gray Hall for a festive, foresty Function. Dress your best and join us as we transform our halls into an enchanted indoor woodlands, where all may enjoy drinks, dancing, and delicious delicacies, as well as entertainment, a game, and perhaps other amusements.

Did we mention that there will be prizes?

Questions may be directed to Princess Keely Grayson. We look forward to seeing you there!


Nov. 25, 2022, 8 p.m.

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Jaerith Cillian(RIP) Liara Kael Ann Tesha Aconite Lenard Denica Aksel Ilira



Arx - Ward of House Grayson - Grayson Mansion - Great Gray Hall

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12 Grayson House Guards arrives, following Liara.

2 Blackwood trained guards, Ann arrive, following Cillian.

Jaerith saunters into the hall and smiles upon seeing those in attendance, brazenly thieving both a drink and some fruit on his way before he inclines his head and offers, "Cousin, Your Highnesses. A wonderful gathering so far, aye?"

Grayson mansion, always resplendent to the point of excess because... well, Grayson... is done up to look extra extravagant this evening. As guests enter, they are helped out of their outerwear and announced at the door with fanfare, then greeted half a dozen paces later by Princess Keely Grayson herself, as she lingers near her regal sister, Highlord Liara Grayson, and the tall figure of Marquis Kael Keaton. Warm smiles are shared all around, pleasantries are exchanged, and everyone is encouraged to grab a drink!

Ann gets an exquisite, musical jewelry box from a silk-lined chest of party favors.

Jaerith gets an exquisite, musical jewelry box from a silk-lined chest of party favors.

2 Telmarine Guards arrives, following Tesha.

Cillian comes walking into the Grayson hall eyes a bit wide eyed as he walks in with Ann on his arm, his gloved hand resting ontop of hers as he is speaking to her in a soft tone as they enter. A smirk plays across the Northern lords lips as his hazel eyes look out over the gathering as if searching someone out.

Liara pre-empted any drink-grabbing encouragement by procuring one ahead of time. She has a glass of red wine in hand, though it's not so much a thing she seems to have plans to drink anytime soon as much as it is a prop. When people arrive, she offers easy, polite greetings, usually accompanied by a smile.

Aconite takes an exquisite, musical jewelry box from a silk-lined chest of party favors.

Liara gets an exquisite, musical jewelry box from a silk-lined chest of party favors.

Tesha gets an exquisite, musical jewelry box from a silk-lined chest of party favors.

Kael has been present and accounted for before the actual start time, but this is likely due to the fact that he is assisting in that noninvasive way of his with extra finishing touches. Adjusting the climbing greenery here, or moving the candle lighting just a little bit higher, all at the guidance of the Grayson host. To be fair, it is a little bit awkward, and when Kael finishes his task he is ensuring that he is fine and well out of the way... mostly, because he actually is staying in the vicinity of Keely. Occasionally there might be a drink acquired to sip from when he finds a fine corner to settle into. Not, of course, that the Oathlander is actually moving toward inebriated. He is in the spirit of the festivity rather than in his spirits. Liara's entry is of course met with a low and deep bow, the pose held for a significant point, before he is shifting his focus onward to the other Keaton. "Cousin," he greets the man with a smile. "It is. Her Highnesses' effort shines bright."

Ann is walking in with Cillian. She is also taking her time in looking at the surroundings before her. Bending to listen to the man who's arm she has in hers. A nod to all she encounters as she comes in.

Cillian takes an exquisite, musical jewelry box from a silk-lined chest of party favors.

"I should say so," offers Jaerith, clutching one of the favor boxes and inspecting it owlishly before he opens it, beaming somewhat at the little badgery figuring inside and the charm contained within. His grin turns impish as he exclaims, "This is downright adorable, this is." It's shiny and interesting and because of it, he seems to be quite enamored.

"Lord Jaerith, welcome," Keely voices warmly, looking up from a soft aside with Liara and shining a radiant smile in Jaerith's direction. "Lady Ann, Lord Cillian, how wonderful to see you. It has been some time. Have you met my sister, Princess Liara, the fearless Highlord of the Crownlands?" She is clearly also in high spirits, her demeanor sunny and cheerful, verging on bubbly. Here and there, she leans to murmur something to Kael, or sneak a sip of his beverage before passing it back in order to keep her own hands free.

Tesha is definitely out of her element in places like this. The one-eyed lady of Telmar is dressed in the house color of crimson and looking presentable. Her hair is half up and tied back with ribbon. Her eyepatch is on so she doesn't scare anyone, but the scars have healed nicely around the eye for the most part. She finds herself quietly giving greetings and then finds herself a drink and a nice foliage covered place to stand for the time being.

Aconite steps into the hall, pausing to look over the chest but waiting to pick one up. She drifts deeper into the woodland wonderland. The Whisper taking the time to enjoy the setup and the performance above. She spends a good deal of time with this, seeming to want to take the whole of the efforts in. The greenish-gold of her attire seeming to blend right in with the decor and curtseying to the Peers.

Cillian looks up as he hears his name called, seeing that it is Keely he smiles as he starts in her direction taking Ann along with him. He is not dressed in fancy clothing but at least he is mostly out of his leathers right? He nods his head to Keely, Your highness I do not believe I have meet her no." his eyes fall onto Liara, "Your Highness." he nods to her in respect, "It is a pleasure to meet you." his eyes bounce back to Keeply, then Liara.

Ann smiles at Keely, "It is good to see you again, Highness." Then a turn to look at Liara, "Well met, Princess Liara. I am certain there are many stories about you told." Lips upturned as she greets the princesses'. Her free hand holding onto the party favor as she takes a moment to look down at it and study it.

Lenard makes his way into the Great Gray Hall along with a throng of other bodies entering into the faux forest. His green eyes alight with mirth and a small swiftly blooms to life across his sharp features. He looks this way and that, taking the conversions in with wonder and no small amount of awe readily visible in his expressions. He pauses in his steps to indicate the servants in their greens, golds, and reds while remarking at the passing of one to some other random noble guest who had arrived at the same time as himself, "Oh, I get it, they're autumn colors. It's really quite lovely, isn't it?" He gives a happy little clap of his hands before he seems to remember himself and those hands promptly slip down to his sides, save for one of them rises up to collect a glass of some manner of cider. Approaching the collection of hosts, Prince Lenard Valardin's hand slips behind his back so that he may politely hide his glass away while he offers a bow in the collective that is Princess Keely and Liara Grayson, along with Marquis Kael Keaton. He straights up from his bow and looks to the trio with a smile that conveys the sort of warmth often reserved for dear, old friends, "I thank each of you for the kind invitation to a party hosted by House Grayson. You've truly captured the magic of the forest this evening!"

Liara graces Kael with a ready smile, lifting her glass in a gentle gesture of acknowledgement. When she is introduced to Cillian and Ann, she turns to reply with another easy smile, "Lady Ann, Lord Cillian, it is a pleasure to meet you. Perhaps if my sister wishes to introduce me thus, I should ask that she also prepare a story for guests who may be unfamiliar." Is she joking? Maybe she's joking. Her expression certainly doesn't give it away, just that lingering smile. Then she turns to greet Lenard, "Prince Lenard, you are most welcome. I must emphasise that I am merely standing here and had no hand in the organisation."

"Prince Lenard, it is a pleasure to see you again," is Keely's greeting for Lenard, a familiarity to her tone and smile as she dips her chin in gentle return to his bow, causing the light of the many candles about to catch upon her tiara of golden leaves. "Thank you for your compliments! Did you notice our acrobats?" She gestures up to the performers leaping about overhead, each dressed as an animal of the forest. "Hello, Softest Whisper Aconite! Lady Tesha! Please, come in and make yourselves comfortable."

Soon, it is time for the game to begin! Attendants begin circling the hall, pairing people up and directing them toward the dance floor at the center of the room. It is Keely personally, however, who turns with a coy smile to Liara and Kael, clearing her throat softly. "Your Grace. Marquis Keaton. I would be Most Delighted if the pair of you would partner for the impending game." And then she, herself, sweeps toward the dance floor, utilizing the assistance of no fewer than three guards to climb up onto a chair at the edge of the space while maneuvering the truly expansive skirt of her ballgown.

Stojan, a cleverly reserved assistant, 3 Thrax Guards, 1 Thrax Elite Guards, Cato, a stealthy non-descript man arrive, following Denica.

Cillian leans in to say something to Keely then smiles and turns with Ann, he walks away heading for where the games will start. He has a bit of a smirk on his lips and leans in to whisper to Ann softly as they walk away from the main group.

Aconite smiles at Keely and curtseys to the Princess and the group around her. "Truly magnificent, Princess Keely. You've outdone yourself. Princess Liara." She greets the Graysons and then curteys to Lenard as well, "Your Highness." Ann, Tesha, Jaerith and Kael are likewise greeted with smiles. "You've set a fine bar for the coming events for Winter."

And then the game is called and Aconite steps back so as not to interupt while people pair up.

He cannot help it, for Jaerith's reaction causes Kael's expression to soften and he nods his head to the other man. Catching sight of Tesha, he inclines his head respectfully to his fellow Oathlander. "Lady Telmar," he greets her with a flicker of a smile. "I am pleased to see you engaging in festivity as well as fierce pursuits." Similar words might be spoken to the Valardin prince that arrives. Still, Kael continues to linger in the back so that the Graysons can have their exchanges first and offers as an aside to Lenard, "I am pleased to see that you made it. Her Highness was _quite_ insistent that I reminder my fellow Oathlanders regarding the festivity." Is he teasing Keely? Perhaps, given the sidelong look that he offers her to punctuate his words. Of course when she is making her request that his look becomes somewhat skeptical as if gauging if she, in turn, is teasing him. Still, after tracking the Grayson a moment, his throat clears and he moves toward Liara far more formally. "Your Grace," he says, his voice quiet. "I should likely apologize in advance, as I admit that I do not tend to do well in games. Would you do me the honor, however?" His arm is offered to Liara, though another glance is cast toward Keely.

Ann lips upturn at the quiet words exchanged. But Keely is giving directions and her attention falls over there as she moves with Cillian to where they need to go next. There's a small nod to Cillian's quiet words but she looks ready to play the game. There may have been a small wink given to Keely once she had pulled away from the princess and to the game playing.

Jaerith smiles and dips his head to Aconite in reply before watching Keely scramble onto the chair, his interest in the little box waning for a moment. Then comes the inevitable tapping on his shoulder from one of the attendants before something is whispered into his ear and he nods with a smile. Shooing the interruption away, he strides towards Tesha and offers a hand before saying, "Always good to see you, Lady Telmar, it seems I am having the good fortune to be paired with you for the game. That is, if you're having a mind?"

Lenard flashes a smile in answer to Liara's assurances regarding her participation in the evening's event. That smile diminishes only to permit him to speak, "The support of a Highlord, even if it's only in their presence? Goes a long, long way, I think". Then Lenard's focus shifts to Keely and then to the acrobats above. There's a soft gasp of delight from the prince, but he quickly masters himself anew as he offers an appreciative nod to accompany his words, "You've truly reached deep into the well of creavity, your highness," he remarks with another appreciative nod of his head to Keely. Kael's comment though earns a bit of quiet laughter from Lenard as the prince answers, "I wouldn't miss the opportunity to support and socialize with dear friends. I will take my leave however so as not to act as some thief for our host's time".

Lenard offers another bow before he drifts away. Soon his cup of cider returns from behind his back and he's quick to steal a small sip from it. Then he's off to socialize or at the very least inspect more of the fantastical decor and entertainment.

Tesha gives a smile to Kael, "Marquis Keaton, it is good to see you out and about as well." she tells him. The mention of reminding other Oathlanders causes her to chuckle, "Some of us due to tend to stay inside more these days, but understandable." she tells Kael. Then she's going back to quietly standing on the outskirts of things. When Jaerith approaches there is a curiousness in her gaze. "It is good to see you, Lord Keaton." she states. Then he mentions they've been paired for the game and she gives a bit of a look around before back to him. She reaches out to take his hand a bit nervously, "I think I should apologize for any offenses now." she tells him quietly.

a huge spotted dog named Fury arrives, following Aksel.

a huge spotted dog named Fury have been dismissed.

Jaerith checks dexterity and performance at normal. Jaerith is successful.

Ann checks charm and athletics at normal. Botch! Ann fails completely.

Kael checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Kael is successful.

Liara has been volunteered for a game, and so she sets off to do just that, though not before greeting Aconite, with a quick, light smile, "Softest Aconite, you are most welcome." And she replies to Lenard, easy and lighthearted, "One might also wonder at the value of the support of an older sister!"

Then Liara's away to join Kael, and she wonders on her way, "Is there a stipulation about the specific mode of dance? This game, if one wishes to win and at the same time by exceedingly boring, is best done by way of shuffling with one's hands by one's sides." Not that she appears to actually intend to do that.

Liara checks charm and performance at normal. Liara is successful.

Cillian checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Cillian is successful.

Tesha checks composure and performance at normal. Tesha is successful.

Once everyone is gathered and Keely has explained the rules, she flashes all of those upon the dance floor a brilliant smile and lifts a delicate hand to gesture to the band on the balcony. A light, jaunty waltz begins to play, filling the room with its playful and very danceable melody. "Enchanted trees, please come to life and enjoy your dance! Remember, when the music stops, you must freeze or you will be discovered!"

Late to the party and not at all prepared, princess Denica Thrax arrives with a hurried step. The Islander is dressed in a smock, but it's a party-smock, and the few splatters of paint are surely decoration. Accessories. More importantly, she's puts on a smile and it reaches her eyes. The mass of staff and guards help to escort her in, but seem to know where to post up and are familiar with the surroundings. Brushing a inky-black lock from her pale face, she is scanning the room for one person in particular, Keely. Noticing that she's arrived during a game of sorts, she does well enough to evade the dancing, so that she might sneak around and give the hostess her space. This allows her to close in on all the delightful snacks and provisions that are made available to the guests. There's a slight flush to her face, like she probably ran from the carriage that was instructed to ride, with haste. Paint-stained fingers reach for a drink, curling around and securing that while she prepares to observe the festivities with ever curious blue eyes.

Aksel checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Aksel is successful.

Jaerith accompanies Tesha to the dance floor, grinning as words pass between the pair while the music starts, and with it, the dancing in earnest.

Cillian smiles at Ann looking to her as he walks out onto the dance floor with Ann, he offers her a gloved hand. There is a smirk on his lips as he pulls her in close so as he starts to move his feet to pull them both in a dance. The Northern lord seems to be light onhis feet as he starts to dance with Ann, a hand in one of hers and a hand resting on her hips as they do. He leans in to whisper to her as they move along.

Denica checks dexterity and performance at normal. Denica is successful.

Ann shrugs at Cillian and she looks amused. Looking to follow Cillian's lead as the music starts. "Freeze dance. That's an interesting game if I have every heard of any." Then dropping into lower tones as she continues on listening to what he has. Former Princess of Redrain can dance can't she? She's giving it her best shot as she moves along.

"Shuffling one's hands to the side?" asks Kael to Liara, a hint of confusion audible in his tone. Note that he is glancing toward Keely once more before the Grayson Highlord has his focus anew. "I - regret that I am unfamiliar with that mode of dance." When the sound of a waltz fills the air, he nods because that, of course, he is familiar with. He takes a step in toward Liara and offers his hand before moving his arm. Each move is telegraphed, with his eyes moving to the Highlord's to ask permission before touch. So he pauses before taking her hand, before moving a hand to her back. Not only that, but he's glancing toward the Highlord's sister, as well. Double-checking as if, yes, this is suitable. Perhaps he is uncertain about the game. Whatever the case, when movements actually occur, natural poise and dexterity allow him to be a suitable dance partner. Please note that he also assumes he is leading, despite the silent queries earlier.

Aksel comes dressed for a trip to the forest rather then a fancy ball. Apparently this Northman didn't get the memo that his finest dress should be had, so he arrives in a pair of snow white leathers wearing an old white leather winter coat. Huh. He purses his lips as he looks around at all the fancier things and is about to turn around and head out, but then an attendant is there. "Huh?" His eyes narrow and he looks at the attendant then over to Denica. He sighs mightily and moves towards Denica, pealing off the coat and handing it to an attendant revealing a simple brown leather tunic. "Sorry about the disarray," Aksel says to Denica. "Thought this was like in the forest, Princess." He offers his hand to her. "Shall we see if we can break each other toes?"

Tesha is not a great dancer...nor is she good at socializing. So poor Jaerith has to deal with this. Though she does at least have a smile on her face as she speaks with the Keaton Lord. She manages to not even step on his foot yet.

Keely is watching all the dancing with the very biggest of smiles, utter delight radiating from her entire being. When she catches sight of Kael, she gives an encouraging nod his way, as well as a sort of subtle rolling motion with her hand that she evidently presumes he understands. She sways a bit to the music and then suddenly arcs her arm gracefully overhead, curling her fingers into a fist which immediately draws the band's music to a halt.

Cillian smiles at Ann as he listns to something she says to him in a low tone, as he moves around the dance floor there is a soft gingle of a bell that can be heared as he moves around, when he hears the music come to a stop he freezes his reaction quick in the moment his eyes look to Ann.

Denica, at the sight of Aksel's disarray, looks relieved. The young woman shakes her head, as though to indicate that no apology is necessary. Paint splattered, she takes the hand and looks at the dance floor. "I love to dance," she warns Aksel. "I will break your toes, with flare." It's a promise, care of the princess Thrax. But, she does make her way to the dance floor and seems to be rather familiar with the thing. Expression, not order, describes her dancing. It's the artistic sort, an display of movement and disregard for any rules, that could be placed on it. Her attention drifts to Keely, but more importantly, her focus is on the game at hand. Because, it is in fact a game, a competition and the princess doesn't lose sight of this entirely, in her artistic fun. When the music stops, so does she. "Besides, it's more about stopping," she says, letting her gaze them travel the other participants and guests here.

Jaerith laughs at something Tesha whispers to him, any deficit in dancing or social skills clearly not inhibiting his ability to enjoy himself while the dance continues. Despite the fun, due attention is still paid to Keely's conducting of the band and as the music is silenced, he keeps himself in place with a wolfish grin.

Ann is dancing along with Cillian and keeping up pretty well. Her eyes travel over to Aksel when he makes his entry. Maybe she's checking him out and his not so finery. Because when the music stops she's still dancing. Thinking she still had Cillian's hands in hers only to realize her grave mistake when she does a stumble dance movement and her hands go up in the air and her blue eyes go wide, "Spirits!"

Liara replies to Kael with a hint of a grin, "You are unfamiliar because I made it up on the spot. It might even incite Keely to shove me." But, she doesn't do that. Instead, she goes ahead and dances like a normal person - if a well-practiced and smooth one, moving comfortably around with Kael, right up until the music stops, at which point she has the good fortune of having her feet both on the floor at the same moment, and she comes to a stop without undue difficulty, frozen in place. Less fortunately, she was perhaps going to say something else to Kael, so instead stops there with her mouth partway open and a single syllable barely sounded out.

"Just make sure it's the little toes. I like my big toe," Aksel replies to Denica. A brow lifts as she's out there expressing herself all dancing like. He? Well, he's athletic at least so he's able to sort of keep up. They only likely hit each other in the head maybe 3-4 times at the most, but it works. Maybe. It could be a total horror show, but his green gold flecked eyes are only on Denica. Have to be, or toes will be broken. "I'm good at stopping." He says with a slight grin, and when it's time to stop he moves in a flash and has pulled her close to bring her to a stop next to him. His eyes looking down at her, almost to say, 'SEE, STOPPED'.

Tesha seems to be having a good time as she speaks with Jaerith. The redhead feels that she's not going to completely make a fool of herself, but the night is young! She manages to stop herself still when the music stops and there is a look to her dance partner and a smile to him.

Liara checks charm and performance at hard. Liara fails.

Denica checks dexterity and performance at hard. Botch! Denica fails completely.

Aksel checks dexterity and athletics at hard. Aksel marginally fails.

Cillian checks dexterity and athletics at hard. Cillian fails.

Jaerith checks dexterity and performance at hard. Critical Success! Jaerith is spectacularly successful.

"Well played, Your Grace," responds Kael with a flash of a grin in response. When the music does halt, he stops precisely where he is, which includes a single foot being lifted in the air for his next step. At that hint that Liara might be on the cusp of saying something, Kael lifts his brows just a slight bit, but remains otherwise composed. That and a smile.

Kael checks dexterity and athletics at hard. Kael marginally fails.

Tesha checks composure and performance at hard. Tesha fails.

Ann checks charm and athletics at hard. Ann fails.

Lenard takes a moment to set his drink aside. All in the interest of providing some polite applause for those who successfully froze themselves amidst their dancing. It's the sort of polite applause that one would give while harumphing some sort of 'good show, old boy' remark. Prince Lenard isn't participating in the dance this evening, for one reason or another. Instead he's providing cheering services from the sidelines, "Hold that note, Your Grace!" Lenard offers cheerful encouragement to Princess Liara's held note. "You're doing wonderfully, my lord, I suggest a toss-up" he calls out to Jaerith. Then there's a call made to Aksel, "spin her around, the crowds love that!"

Then the Oathlands knight goes quiet. Mostly because he's having himself a drink of his cider.

Giving a swift look around the dance floor to see who has stopped and who has not, she murmurs something aside to her scorekeeper, then drops her hand to the side to allow the music to continue. It is the same song, but for some reason it feels quite a bit faster than before! "Trees," she calls out in her gentle tones, "Please commence your dance!"

She allows this faster music to play until it looks like everyone is REALLY into it, and then she swiftly signals to bring it to an abrupt halt again!

As the music starts again, Jaerith leads again, spinning Tesha about before Lenard calls out to him. "Oh aye, Your Highness, just what I need, to cause a casualty!", he replies with a mirthful chuckle, seeming to guess the beat at which the music stops, and while Tesha seems to fall slightly behind, he manages to hold her upright and keep from any serious misadventure.

This is a fancy dance right? Well maybe not for one Lady Ann Crovane because she didn't stop after the first dance and she's waltzing by herself she crashes into Cillian hard and falls right on top of him unless somehow he's able to break her sudden movement he's going down with her. Again, one can hear her say, "Spirits!" Her skirts flouncing as she attempts to push them down in her fall.

Denica like to dance. The look in her eyes, says it all. There are times this has gone very well and others, where it does not. Art is unpredictable, and so is she. A Daughter of Maelstrom, she doesn't lack confidence. Perhaps, she even tries to show off. It's a game, after all. But, not all games are meant to be won. There are lessons in failure. As the short princess goes to spin, the music stops but she doesn't. What it does, is it catches her off guard and she knocks into Aksel and puts her foot down quickly. Unfortunately, the foot lands precisely on top of his. Short and dainty in stature, might be the saving grace, but she's also forceful enough that it's probably going to hurt. This makes her jump and her face goes red. There's a brief look of shock in her eyes, they widen and then she laughs. "Are you okay?," she manages to ask, assuming the man is, but she opts for manners, regardless.

Cillian eyes widen as Ann continues to go with out him, he winces a little as he attempts to try not to give a chuckle. But when the music goes again he moves quickly to try and catch her so she does not go to off balance, but well thats not happening as she falls into him and the Northern lord is knocked off balance and he is not recovering from that they both go to the floor, his arms wrap around her to fall on his side so that Ann does not hit the floor and get hurt. He lets out a chuckle he can't help it, he does wince as he lays there. "Are you okay, Lady Ann?" he asks as he breaths deeply.

Tesha is spun and that causes her to see stars for a moment. Fast dances were not her forte, which meant she'd have to practice more after this. She ends up catching her foot on the hem of her dress, but Jaerith saves her from tumbling into something worse. She realizes that she moved after the music stopped and there is a 'Sorry' mouthed to Jaerith as her face flushes red.

Liara finally gets to saying whatever it was she was presumably about to say to Kael, after taking Lenard's advice and holding it for a time, as the music picks up once more. "I have not been to a party in some time. They are good for one's spirit." That seems to be all she has to say on the matter, though, and she instead focuses on the next bit of dancing, which doesn't go quite so well at all. When the music stops, she's caught leaning just a little too far, and it sets her entirely off-kilter, wobbling and stumbling onwards in the earlier direction of travel. Not at all frozen.

Aksel isn't a great dancer. He's just trying to compliment his partner whereever he can. She obviously has the artistic expression and ability, and he's relying on being able to read and react. There a small smile of enjoyment upon his lips as his eyes track and focus on the smaller woman. It was all going so well! Denica spazzing out gracefully and Aksel just not sucking enough to be a compliment. But Denica's free spirit is a bit too much for even for Aksel. It is a rather impressive sight to see her spin around around and around and around and ... wait the music stopped. "Princess!" It's too late, everything is a whirl. He tries to grab her again, but she suddenly stopping and stepping forward right onto his foot has his jaw dropping and his eyes flashing briefly with pain. He snaps his jaw shut and he looks down at the woman. "It might be broken. But I'll live." He says softly, a pained smile of reassurance flashing down at her. "I'll be fine. It wasn't my big toe."

Jaerith checks dexterity and performance at daunting. Jaerith fails.

Ann checks charm and athletics at daunting. Ann fails.

Kael dips his head by way of agreement to Liara, "Indeed, Your Grace. I hope that you and yours have been faring relatively well? As well as to be considered with current events..." Now, for those that know Kael Keaton, this is the leadway to his about to talk further shop. Yes, right in the middle of dancing. When the music is silenced, and Liara goes forward with a little stumbles, he is definitely on the move as well. He takes a few steps forward to check in on the Highlord and ensure that, yes, all is well despite the fact that the music ceased. To be fair, he likely would have kept moving anyway. "I apologize," he says, as though the loss of this round was entirely his fault. Note his expression is rueful however. "The lack of music stopping caught me off guard."

Kael checks dexterity and athletics at daunting. Kael fails.

Lenard gets an exquisite, musical jewelry box from a silk-lined chest of party favors.

Aksel checks dexterity and athletics at daunting. Aksel fails.

Denica checks dexterity and performance at daunting. Denica marginally fails.

Liara checks charm and performance at daunting. Liara is successful.

Lenard happens across a box of boxes and following the conclusion of his cider, Prince Lenard lays claim to one of those boxes. Amid the music and dancing, Lenard adds to the noise by opening his own music box. He watches that little badger twirl around and a smile arrives readily to his features as he clucks his tongue at it before remarking in an adoring voice, "D'awww, you're just wonderful, aren't you?" He asks that question of the inanimate object and then turns back to continue observing the dancing game. There's a wince at some misstep or another, though Lord Jaerith is swift to prevent his partner's fall. Despite the few errors, there's just as many success stories and as a result Prince Lenard is again applauding polite for the participants in the game.

"I am glad to hear it. Thank you for indulging me," she dips her head to the man graciously, and a little apologetic. There's a glance and she catches sight of Stojan who has watched the whole thing with colour draining from his face. He knows the drill, and fetches a drink for the injured man and one for the princess, of course. "This is so much fun!," she says to Keely. Paint-stained fingers grab that drink, because that will help her dance better and she downs it and hands the glass back to the attendant, realizing the game is still on. Poor Aksel remains Denica's partner as she makes up for her antics with more. This time, no toes are made casualty, but when the music stops. Denica doesn't. A little shimmy and then she realizes and shrugs.

Tesha checks dexterity and performance at daunting. Tesha fails.

Keely gasps, bringing both hands to her mouth as her wide eyes travel the dance floor and watch people stumbling and falling all over the place. She appears to be feeling a little guilty now, bordering on calling off the game. However, once it seems no one is injured, and everyone is upright again, ready to commence?

Well, what can she do but signal the band to play the fastest waltz these halls have ever heard?

It plays, and it plays, to the point that it might even seem like the princess has forgotten to stop the music. And just when that false sense of security falls over the dancers?

She yet again lifts her hand to cut off the music, and it swiftly halts!

Cillian checks dexterity and athletics at daunting. Cillian fails.

"We've got to dance, Princess." Aksel says to Denica, his eyes focusing upon her once more. His smile turning almost boyish as he continues to dance with Denica. He waves off the drink from Stojan, that can come later. Now it's time to focus at the task at hand. Whatever pain he feels in that little toe of his he doesn't show it, just continues right on dancing. "I have no idea what I am doing," he says moving (or trying to), to the music a deep laugh escaping his lips. He too falters when the music stopping, obviously so focused with dancing with the Princess to even notice until it's a few measures too late to stop. He mirrors his partners shrug, "The world isn't ready for our dancing," he says with a broad grin.

"I am okay. I think." Ann answers Cillian. "Help me up?" She says this when the music starts. But she must have had two left feet because she falls again before she could even dance. "I think I will just stay on the floor it is much, much safer for everyone." Frowning a little when she sees his wince, "Are you okay?"

Cillian nods his head as hew moves to stand up with her but he winces again and shakes his head, "I will be ok." he smiles at her looking her over, "As long as you are okay." he hears the music go again and he breaths deeply, "I do not think we will win this one M'lady I am sorry." he gets to his feet putting a hand at his side and offering her his free gloved one to help her off the floor, "The floor is no place to be Lady Ann." he says softly to her.

Jaerith continues to smile and exude the very countenance of enjoyment as his dance with Tesha continues, his movements trying to match the frantic pace Keely has managed to spur the band into. However, it manages to throw him as the song stops and he continues with his step, clearly missing the point of the game. He looks at his partner and says, "Now I'm the one who's sorry, aye?"

Liara recovers from her wobbliness with a faint smile for Kael and she observes in mild-mannered reply, "You are quite all right, my lord. I am very well indeed, and I have, regrettably, ample experience of falling over. I dare say that any I experience here would be safer than most." The music picks up again, and Liara gets back to dancing - she's smooth about it again, even with the quicker pace, and this time, when the music stops, so does she, even if it involves being perched on one foot with the other outstretched in a way that can scarcely be comfortable to maintain for long.

Kael inclines his head to Liara and returns to the dance anew, and, this time? This time it absolutely is his fault that they are moving still. Or at least that he is moving. When the music is cut, Kael is stepping forward, and to the side, and appears ready to continue on with the dance until he realizes that his partner has stopped by now. Thus an apologetic look is given to Liara. 'Sorry,' he mouths.

Tesha was keeping up again, but she is trying to not step on or trip Jaerith. She worries far too much for her own good. And when he continues, so does she. But she then realizes that the music has stopped and she laughs, "Well, we all can't be perfect." she teases him softly. "And no sorries. You were doing very well, Lord Jaerith." she admits to that.

After a quick chat with one of the attendants, and plenty of wincing as everyone but Liara struggles to halt this final time, Keely musters up a smile that looks almost apologetic and clears her throat, lifting her voice over the crowd. "Well. Next time I suppose we will wait until -after- the dancing to have the floors waxed. In any case, the winning pair of trees for this evening by the breadth of a leaf is Lord Jaerith and Lady Tesha! Please come forward to claim your prizes: one voucher each for a piece of star iron jewelry." Then, she lifts both hands to begin applauding, "Everyone, I think you deserve a round of applause for yourselves and your fellow dancers! And please, if you are injured, we can call for medical attention, so let someone know..."

Ann wants to stay on the floor and she just gives a look at Cillian and even goes as far as crosses her arms and looks like she wants to stick her tongue out at him. "No reason to be sorry, milord." She finally decides to get up with his help. "I was a bad dancer. Worse I have ever seen. I need more practice." When Keely calls out the winners and the dance freeze is done there is a look of relief on her features. "thank the spirits."

Ilira arrives to the dance in an outfit heedless of the weather. Pale pink spidersilk as fine as spun sugar enfolds her sylphlike form, her voluminous cascade of thick black hair all that blankets her from the autumn chill. A petite bustier laces down her back and bares her midriff, around which a string of diamonds is draped a few inches shy of the waistline of her diaphanous skirts. The bells on one anklet tinkling merrily, she glides with otherwise soundless steps into the thick of the gathering, weaving her way through tables and around partygoers with an ease afforded by her slight stature and build. As she casts her crystalline eyes across the room, though, the smile on her face is anything but. Finding herself a seat at which to lounge as prizes are awarded, she observes the proceedings with a quirk of her lips, perhaps realizing she has come on the tail end of the festivities.

"I fully admit it couldn't be done without my partner, but everyone's dancing was fantastic and much fun was had!", Jaerith calls out with a smile as he accepts his prize from Keely, bowing to the Princess before doing the same to Tesha and then applauding all the participants.

Cillian smiles at her a soft chuckle comes from him when she finally gets up with his help, "We have to get you dancing lessons from Lord Mattheu I have seen him dance he is very good at it." there is a grin now that spreads across his lips at a chesire cat. "Shall we find drinks?" when the winners of the dance are called out he gives a clap of his hands.

Ilira taps the claws of her alaricite gauntlets together in her own dainty applause for the participants.

Aksel is overheard praising Tesha.

Aksel is overheard praising Jaerith.

Tesha was saying something to Jaerith and it's a dawning realization that they won. She blushes fiecely and there is a moment taken to look to Jaerith, the one-eyed woman not really sure how to react. She gives a smile to Keely as the prizes are accepted, "Thank you as always for being a gracious hostess." she tells her quietly. "And my partner is the one that carried the performance. He deserves all the accolades." she chuckles to that. "Well danced to everyone who participated." she tells the crowd.

The call for applause has Lenard once again clapping merrily for the many dance participants, "Well done!" he calls out to all and sundry amidst his applause. By the conclusion of his fanfare, he appears to begin eyeing the front entrance and considering his presence or departure, more than likely.

"Getting dance lessons from Lord Mattheu is not a bad idea." Ann agrees. "Yes, let's get drinks." Ann follows along. Stopping slightly to offer her own applause with the rest. Then she's blowing kisses at Ilira having spied her come in and mouths, 'You look beautiful!'

After the vouchers are passed to Jaerith and Tesha, and everyone is picked up off the floor, much less challenging music floats down from the balcony for those who wish to dance without freezing, and attendants resume wandering the room with trays of drinks and hors d'ouvres, while a veritable feast is laid out upon the banquet tables. Keely herself remains standing atop her chair, waiting patiently for... something.

There's a decided nod when Aksel comments that the world isn't ready for their dancing. As the game ends, Denica is clapping her hands for the collective group. "Well done, everyone!," she exclaims then, especially for the winning pair. A smile drifts to their gracious host and she says, "that was delightful! Thank you!," she is all smiles, having enjoyed the festivities. A polite nod is given to her gracious partner, "thank you, for dancing with me." With that, she gives the man his freedom and lets her attention drift around the room. A quick and easy smile for Liara when she catches sight of her.

Ilira's eyes twinkle at Ann, and with a bat of her lashes, she mouths in reply, "You too!" Cocking her head to the sound of the music, her star iron tiara scintillating, she eyes the balcony and then the dancefloor with a kind of predatory intent.

Once the freezing moment is done with, Liara smiles quickly over at Kael, and ducks her chin slightly. "Thank you for the dance, my lord. I recall a past iteration of this game involving rather more people either falling or being knocked over. This went very well." She then draws back to look around, and reciprocates Denica's smile with a warm one of her own.

"We didn't win?" Aksel says shocked as he looks over to Denica as he claps for the winners. "Oh. Stopping was the contest not dancing." He shrugs his broad shoulders and gives a polite nod of his head to the woman. "The pleasure is all mine, Your Highness, not everyday you get stepped on and actually like it." He gives her a wink and another respectful nod of his head when he she takes her leave of him. He cocks his head curiously at Keely as he walks mostly without pain towards her, "Do you need help down, Princess?"

When the game is called to an end, Kael steps politely back from Liara and bows properly toward her. "It is I that thank you for honoring me with the dance, Your Grace," he murmurs with a smile, straightening thereafter to turn and applaud for his cousin and Lady Telmar. Clearing his throat, he asks of Liara, "If you will excuse me?" He tips his head in the direction to indicate that he is absolutely going to move in pursuit of the younger Grayson who still is standing on the chair. "I believe I owe your sister at least one dance."

Cillian gives Ann his arm again smiling as he walks to where they can get drinks, he seems happy as he walks with her leaning in to speak softly. His eyes look around then spotting Ilira nodding his head to her.

Denica is overheard praising Keely: She makes situations delightful and brings out the best in others.

"Certainly, my lord," Liara replies to Kael, and looks off towards Keely. "She appears to have left you only limited room. Perhaps you might draw up another chair to expand the available dancing area." With that said, she draws away, gazing on round the hall. When she spots Ilira, she smiles quickly by way of greeting, and speaks up, "You just missed the dancing game, Ilira, but there remains an abundance of food and drink. I must away, myself, to attend to certain matters of state."

Tesha gives a smile to Jaerith and applauds the other dancers. The flush is leaving her cheeks, but she looks happy. Which is not a normal setting for the woman at all.

"Do not forget when Noah stabbed himself with his own dagger," Keely cheerfully reminds Liara just as Kael is approaching. "There appears to be no blood this time and for that I am eternally grateful." Upon Aksel's approach, she offers him a polite smile, giving a little shake of her head and gesturing toward the approaching Keaton, explaining, "I Very Much appreciate your offer, my lord, but you are happily free of this obligation. My poor escort must be the one burdened with such a task." The young princess then turns her attention down to the Marquis, smiling warmly and lowering her hands to his shoulders so she might brace herself and hop down from her chair with his assistance. Upon landing, the movement causes her Very Full Skirts to bounce and floof before settling again. "Did you say we could dance now?" she inquires of him, unable to hide the excitement in her soft tones.

When they are at the drinks Ann helps herself to a whiskey. She asks Cillian, "Do you know Ilira? We should ask her to dance. Between the both of us maybe we won't trip?" Humored by that thought as she takes a sip of her drink and scans the whole area. Her face whitens a little when she spies Aksel looking to see if Keely needs help down. Then she quietly swallows.

"Careful, Your Grace, I might be tempted to do precisely that," comments Kael with a flash of a grin back to Liara and a deep, deep bow of his head. "Worry not, however, she is in good care with me. Thank you again." With that said, the Keaton is moving toward the princess and inclining his head politely to the nearby Aksel. Turning to Keely, he does indeed look ready to start trouble, only to refrain and help her with exquisite care down from her height. "I did, if you care to," he answers her with ease. "Tell me though, shall it be a dance with dramatic pauses?" Certainly he is teasing her.

Aksel tips his head to Keely, "Just Aksel," he says to her before stepping aside for Kael. "Lord Kael," he says politely to the man flashing him a grin and wink, "Don't keep a Princess waiting." And with that Aksel fades into the crowd to find a quiet corner to see about a certain toe. He'll attend to his own medical needs.

Cillian smiles, "I think I have seen her in passing but I do not know if we have meet." he looks oer then leans in to whisper to her, his hand resting on her shoulder as he does so.

Ilira dips her chin to Cillian, then rises smoothly from her chair, diaphanous skirts rippling about her legs. Near enough to hear Liara's quip to Kael, she huffs a quiet, hearty laugh and flashes the Highlord a bright-eyed, dimpled grin. "Woe is me. One of these days I'll wrangle you for a dance, your Grace!" She dips the Highlord an airy, elegant curtsey, murmuring something softer before stepping aside to let her go, still smiling. Her eyes flick then across the hall to Ann and Cillian at the drinks, considering.

The time comes that Lenard makes his departure. Before he simply disappears though, Lenard approaches the host in the form of Princess Keely. There's much pomp as Prince Lenard presents her with a bow, while holding up the little music box with a beaming smile, "Your highness, pardon the interruption," because he most surely is, "but I wished to thank you personally for the delightful gift and the entertainment for the evening. Regretfully I must excuse myself, but did not wish to do so before presenting you with my appreciation". After that and ample opportunity for Keely to provide an answer (or not), Lenard makes good his departure.

"Oh please, no," Keely murmurs swiftly to Kael, looking around at the floor they stand upon like it might rise up and knock them over actively for how everyone was falling before. "Perhaps just some regular dancing woudld best behoove us." Lenard approaches, and she smiles warmly to him, lifting a delicate hand in a small wave just before curling it at the elbow of the Keaton Marquis. "Thank you Very Much for coming, your highness!" she enthuses to him softly. "Please have a safe walk home. I am sure I shall see you about soon."

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