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Carnival of the Iron Guard

The Lyceum gate has never been more protected than it is now with the presence of the Iron Guard stationed outside it. Archduchess Jaenelle Velenosa wishes to celebrate all they do by hosting a carnival in the exact same place they have set up their helpful harassment. There will be dancers, sinhers, musicians, people juggling sharp objects, and as much wine as anyone can drink. It will be beautiful chaos.


Sept. 26, 2022, 8 p.m.

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Alantir Lucita Keely Acantha Raven Ailys Leonaess Evelynn Alis Edris Berenice Pasquale Caspian Kael Ann Jasher Denica Titus Cristoph Aconite Vulpiano Noah Artur



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Lyceum Way South

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6 House Velenosa Guards, Benvolio, a beleaguered valet in search of a better job arrive, following Berenice.

Benny The Beaver arrives, following Acantha.

There should be no surprise that Jaenelle's idea to make things more orderly and easy on the Iron Guard who have set up shop outside her ward is to invite the entire city to the same area to enjoy the evening. Anyone without a glass in hand is given one, anyone without a dancing parter is approached. The music remains loud, floating through the street, while people share food and company. Jaenelle, wine in hand, is speaking to one of the jugglers, "please dont get close to the horses, they dont have a sense of humor." Then she turns to look at Alantir, lifting up her own glass, "you look thirsty." She is so helpful.

In the hours following the Grand Duchess' declaration to hold a carnival north of the Lyceum Gate, the Iron Guard has doubled the number of footmen, cavalry, and archers stationed at its impromptu checkpoint. These measures, perhaps extreme to some, were deemed an immediate military necessity to accommodate the projected number of commoners and peers expected to be in attendance. The bulk of these troops, easily distinguishable by their half-plate and steel chainmail hauberks, patrol the side streets and perimeter while mounted counterparts surveil from major intersections. Their only orders, given prior to deployment, were to maintain peace and refrain from partaking in any of the festival's revelry. As such, their countenances are somewhere between grim and dour, many no doubt mentally preparing themselves for having to detain and escort drunken merchants from the premises.

Alantir Valardin sits atop a brilliant golden stallion somewhere near the southernmost intersection. With helm on, visor down, and gauntlets clasped securely to the reins attached to saddle, he could be confused for a statue -- until he turns his armet toward Jaenelle and shakes his head. No joy. Only business.

Lucita ambles in from the Lycene district as the noise of the crowd draws her attention. There is a soft laugh as she spots some of the shenanigans and accepts one of the glasses of wine thrust into her hand. Instead of joining the dancing, she seems more drawn to those who are making music, nodding at some of their passages and her shoulders tensing to a point of almost wincing at a few musical errors though she says nothing and overall seems appreciative.

A small crowd of Oathlanders wanders along Lyceum Way, with special guest Keely Grayson. The young princess is on the arm of Kael Keaton, having a quiet but lively-looking conversation with Alis, on the arm of Edris, though their amusements certainly can't be heard above the rollicking ditties sounding out over the street. Cristoph is also amongst them, sharing Looks of varying blends of exasperation and mirth with Kael now and then but otherwise not offering much in the way of verbal input, making it clear who the adults in the group are. "We should find Her Grace-- the Archduchess Her Grace, I mean, not -you- Her Grace," Keely is telling Alis as they near, peering around the Marquis Keaton in order to catch a view of the travel-sized Highlord as she speaks.

Acantha and Benny had been on business elsewhere, but the large crowd was something that drew the attention of most people passing this way. The Countess isn't dressed like she usually is, she's in her leathers today and Benny has been released from the backpack so that he can waddle alongside the woman as she looks over what exactly is going on. She looks down to Benny and then reaches into the bag for his treats to give him a carrot, because keeping him out of trouble was the good thing to do.

Raven is on hand to keep an eye on things and perhaps to temper the merry atmosphere with her surly glower though as she makes sure the guards under her command aren't too heavy handed it seems as if both revellers and Guard alike are subjected to the slow, irritable burn of her ire. Alantir is given flat stare as he arrives before her attention turns, "No, They were checked, we're not checking people thrice." she tells guardsmen nearest to her. The Blackheart is not known for sunshine and cheeriness but she seems particularly glowersome tonight.

This isn't exactly Princess Ailys Grayson's scene, and her presence might seem a bit unusual to those unaware of her recent liaison appointment. But she has a glass of something in her hand and gets swept amiably enough into a couple of turns of dancing before extracting herself near the knot of Oathlanders and her cousin. "Keely, Alis! Edris." The others, who she knows less well, receive a solemn incline of her head in greeting.

Alberico, the Malespero aide, Louis, a Malespero Armsman, Mar, the Magpie arrive, following Pasquale.

It was hard not to be swept up by the merriment that seemed to be lurking around every colorful popped up tent, tawny eyes took in the affair with all wonder and a brilliant smile. It dampened however as Leonaess remembered why she was here and settled herself off to the side where on behalf of the Iron Guard she was setting up a medical tent for the unruly and too intoxicated.

For the moment things seemed to be particularly calm, the physician settled near a crate of supplies and trying not to tap her foot to the music that seemed absolutely everywhere!

2 Arakkoan Free Guards arrives, following Caspian.

Mar, the Magpie arrives, delivering a message to Caspian before departing.

Lucita is not misbehaving in the least. She has set aside her glass of wine and is clapping to the beat of some of the music being played and staying out of the way of the dancers, the guards, the ones serving wine and everyone else, as much as she can.

"Your grace. What a wonderful event you've held." Evelynn walks over to the Archduchess with a warm smile, a glance over at the layout before her attention returns to the woman. "It's not often you find someone in an esteemed position praising the land's... warriors." Despite the pause before the word, her expression is vibrant.

Alis trades jokes with Keely as they make their way to the Lyceum ward, one arm tucked under that of Edris' while they make their way into the merriment. "Since you already found me, I rather figured. You haven't lost me yet." she quips, standing up on her tip toes for a moment to demonstrate where she is. Just in case. "Ailys! Hi!" She welcomes the Grayson Princess towards them by waving her closer. And of course, she waves cheerfully at Alantir. Lookit him all on his horse. Is it a high horse, or a low horse though. Inquiring minds want to know!

Crowds that don't involve people waving pointy things at each other and a lot of bellowing aren't really Edris' thing, though the crowded nature of the imprompty festival doesn't have him wallflowering, there is a certain level of watchfulness to the tall Elwood knight that he doesn't even try to hide. At the same time, he is making an effort to not be too terribly dour, though the Keaton blood in him certainly makes his Serious Face quite serious indeed. He escorts Alis with a practiced ease, his steps matching the Highlord's and his attention to where she might indicate she wishes to travel along with Kael, Keely, and Cristoph, as well as keeping an eye on their surroundings. When Ailys approaches though, a brief smile is teased forth, and he raises a hand in greeting until she draws near enough for him to offer a deep bow of his head. "Your highness," he greets her. "What a pleasure to see you."

3 Thrax Guards, 1 Thrax Elite Guards arrive, following Jasher.

Berenice comes to the party from the Velenosa Ward, rather than the reverse, in a dress of beautiful watercolor effect that seems to celebrate the season. There's something distinctly feline, a touch smirkish, to the curve of her smile as she moves through the checkpoint, clearly /daring/ one of the guardsmen to try and conduct a patdown of the Voice of Velenosa. Her gaze drifts across those gathered, finding Jaenelle swiftly with a look of clear, approving humor, and eventually also finding Edris with a touch more surprise. But it's Jaenelle she approaches first, as of course she must and will. "Has anyone tried to search your person yet?" she wonders of her liege.

Pasquale has a rather significant limp when he slowly makes his way into the area of the gathering. He takes a moment to look around, waving off an offered drink, before deciding to make his way over to wherever Jaenelle is. Leaning heavily on his cane with every step. "What a good idea." He says as he gets within speaking range of Jaenelle. His features drawn with the discomfort of walking. "Archduchess." he nods to Evelynn then. "Duchess Evelynn." and then Berenice. "Princess."

Caspian rushes into the intersection, looking around and slowing as he takes in the chaos before him. he whistles softly through his teeth, though a grin does tug at his lips. he cranes his head, looking around and trying to spy someone through the throng. thats a futile attempt, so he shrug and begins to mingle, ears and eyes open as he looks round. He is not above dancing, laughing and singing with the rest, but he does continue his search, heading toward the iron guard checkpoint.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Caspian before departing.

Once, twice, Kael looks as though he might interject the animated conversation between Keely and Alis, and both times he is halting and just senting a rueful little look to Cris with a slight smile. This seems to suit the Marquis Keaton just fine though, serving as a humble escort this particular evening. Eventually he finds his voice after Keely is saying that they should find the other 'Her Grace.' "You know," he comments to the Grayson, his voice somewhat thoughtful, "I do not believe I have ever actually met her. Of course in passing, but..." It is here that he trails off, his shoulders rolling in a shrug as he continues to muse. Not too long though because when Ailys is sending her greeting verbally to the others, he nods his head politely in response.

Acantha decides that it is too busy to let Benny waddle along. She steps off to the side and removes the backpack that he usually rides around in and crouches down to open it for him, "We don't need you stepped on or you getting too close to horses or things like that." she tells the Beaver. He makes a noise that sounds like discontent, but he waddle walks into the bag. Once he's secure, Acantha slips it back onto her shoulders, allowing her companion to stick his head out and peer at people as they wander through things.

A stalemate, it would seem, as Jaenelle gets a no from Alantir, and yet, it doesnt seem to dampen her brilliant smile or the challenge she is now faced with. "Soon then," she promises. Turning towards Evelynn, there is a polite dip of her head towards the woman as she greets, "I find that everyone should have a day where they are celebrated for what they provide for the city, and how deeply they care for the people within it. I just wished to give them a chance to relax, they have been everywhere in the city recently, it is a thankless job." At Berenice's approach, a glass of wine if passed to the other woman, "yes, actually. Prince Alantir has remarkably soft hands and a gentle touch you would never expect from a man who held a sword for most of his life. It was so well done, I have invited him to live with us." At the gaggle of people from the Oathlands, Plus Keely, there is a lift of her wine glass, "unless Her Grace wishes to play one of the games for him? I am sure we can come to an arrangement," she grins at Alis then, before offering polite dips of her head to Kael, Edric, and Cristoph. Keely gets a hug, and a second glass of wine to pair with the first one she holds.

Raven checks composure at hard. Raven fails.

The checkpoint, despite the ruckus, remains operational. Those seeking to cross from the city proper into the Lyceum Ward are intermittently stopped, frisked, and interrogated. These exchanges, an affront to some, appear to be brief in duration and resolve without (terribly excessive) confrontation. Of course, the increase in foot traffic also necessitates a general uptick in alertness and unease. It's difficult to keep an eye out for shady characters when the streets have been flooded with writhing, festive bodies. There's laughter, shouting, and singing -- all contributing significantly to the probability of sensory overload.

Perhaps, then, that is why the Valardin prince has opted to remain mounted. A better view of the field. Heightened perception. Alternatively, it's merely a means for the man to avoid having to engage with the crowd. Alis' wave, from further down the path, is returned with a rigid raise of gauntlet and forearm.

"Archduchess." When they are near enough to Jaenelle, Alis is sure to give her respectful and amused greetings to the other Highlord. Her smile then turns towards Evelynn whom she dips her head at politely. "Duchess." And then Pasquale. "My lord." It's an attempt to greet just about everyone she remembers by sight, but there are so many! Hence, why a glass of wine is snagged from a passing server and then two. One to foist off on Edris for him to try. Or, hold onto and pretend to try; how many people really pay attention to who is drinking or not. "Wait I'm sorry. Game? What game? Wait, you're not asking me to pat you down are you? I'm sure we should try and sell tickets for that beforehand."

Raven does NOT watch everything from horseback but she has claimed a barrel of something and now stands on it to see over the crowd, arms crossed, scowl affixed. At Jaenelle's commentary she starts to cackle-oh, no, it wasn't a laugh, it was a hacking cough that set her shoulders shaking apparently. Cough. Sputter. That totally was not laughter.

Ailys tries vainly to tuck away a few stray curls that have escaped from her braid, looking faintly flustered by the crowd. "It is good to see you too, Lord Edris. It is quite a to-do. I am not sure whose glass this is." Her gray eyes flick briefly to the glass of booze clutched in her hand. "Mine now, I suppose."

Ann steps into view. Is she here on business? Maybe. Maybe not. Perhaps she came to see her favorite niece as she makes her way to the crowd to offer her own hellos and the like to Jaenelle the hostess with the mostest. "Looks like you have had quite the turn out my dear." Auntie Ann is amused even if others not very much so.

Caspian spots the woman standing on the barrel... or maybe its the coughing. either way, he cuts his way through the crowd and pops up by Raven. he has two mugs with him, full of something that sloshes. dont ask where he got those. he grins though, "hey there! you seem to be couching, have a drink." he grins up at her, offering the mug up and giving a smile. "its a damned fine party aint it. lots of people about to make sure no one gets out of line."

"Well, he can hardly be worse than your current one," Berenice says to Jaenelle with breezy humor, taking up that glass of wine without hesitation. "I believe the Archduchess is offering you the chance to win back your kinsman, your grace," she says to Alis by way of greeting. "Since she has apparently laid claim to him." Which, by Berenice's tone, is entirely reasonable! It's only her right. She has party-warm greetings for everyone she knows, as socialites are wont to do, but there's a particular warmth and familiarity in the smile she offers to Edris. "Lord Edris," she greets him. "It's marvelous to see you at a Lycene party! We so rarely run into each other at social engagements."

Jasher has been here from the start, garbed in armor and with a peacebound alaricite longsword hanging from the sword belt secured around his waist. Much like the contingent of guards strategically stationed along the street, the expression the prince dons is in direct conflict with the mirthful tone of the event taking place. He is neither garbed in any attire denoting his affiliation with the Iron Guard nor, clearly, here as a participant in the fun and games. He stands beside a medical tent erected along the fringes of the activity, perhaps preferring to remain out of the way while patiently observing the comings and goings of persons both familiar and unfamiliar.

Lucita overhears 'patdown' and lifts her gaze to the sky, a tiny shake of the head given. "I debated resorts to near indecent Lycene garb that would not require a pat-down to confirm nothing for which the Iron Gard should be watching for is present. Then I decided no. Gunther the dog that used to walk Iron Guard rounds was recognized by some of the older guard members when I was walking with him. Perhaps they decided it was not worth Gunther gnawing at a wrist if they tried it.

Edris offers a deep bow to Jaenelle; and it would seem the ranging knight isn't totally lacking in courtly grace, as he does know how to hold his wineglass that Alis has handed him without dumping it on the ground or on himself to do so. So too is Berenice give a respectful bow. "Princess Berenice, enchanting as usual," he greets her warmly, in turn. "'Tis true, your highness. Perhaps a Lycene party for the Iron Guard might not involve anything that would take me to my fainting couch too soon?" He does offer his glass to a clinking toast with Ailys, since she's within range. "Indeed," he observes with another smile to her observation. "Let us hope it is a good one." One brow raises at Alis' guess of the game to be played. Let it be noted that is is totally not objecting at all.

Raven looks down and smiles warmly, "Champ! hi! I thought you were busy? go party, Go have fun." her nose wrinkles, "I'm on duty. I may need to handle rabble rousers or extract poles from puckered assholes. You should go have fun. Oooh, It's cute you believe that's why we're here." She reaches over and pats Caspian's head with a fond smile.

Denica is a lot smaller than her cousin, Jasher Thrax. Yet, the dainty little princess stands at his side, positioning herself in a protective manner. In no capacity, other than cousin. It's subtle, but not as much as she probably thinks it is. Rather, she has an unusually neutral expression on her face, leaning in to whisper something to the taller man. Her eyes dart around, blinking a few times to take in the entire spectacle in front of her. One hand is casually slipped into the pocket of her vest, causing the coat she layers on top to bunch behind a bent elbow.

Raven mutters, "... guess is ... here ... the ... ... a tiny sword and doesn't know ... ... the ... of the dingy it's ... ... of ... ocean."

The sound of a cracking CRUNCH is heard and soon followed by a yowl as Leonaess tends to setting a broken nose, "Well, perhaps you should drink a bit more water and less wine before attempting to juggle again." Sweetly advised to a rather flamboyantly dressed guest who thought they could juggle better than the entertainment. Touch is gentle and light as a salve is applied to the rather nasty bruise already forming. Shooing the patient off does she step out to survey the crowds, glancing towards Jasher with a beaming smile, "Prince Jasher, correct? A pleasure to see you here again." Peering over to the petite Denica, who is given an appreciative nod as statures respect statures, "And Princess Denica, hello!" Airy lilt is buoyant, Oathlander in flowered accentuation.

Caspian sighs, and motions her to stoop slightly and speaks softly then eh smiles. "So.. take a drink and maybe come take a walk around the merry makers with me? you know.. investigate for problems?"

"Oh my. I'm afraid I've forbidden our remaining Princes from leaving the family, since they all seem to marry out. You already have Beaumont, so I'm afraid I must object to allowing Alantir away from the heavy chains of duty to House Valardin." Alis says it with a heavy, sorrowful tone of course, before smiling with irreverent humor for a moment. Edris' brow raise is countered with an elbow to the ribs. A light one! She would not want him to spill his drink. "Perhaps a game of guess the liquor, so that Princess Ailys knows what's in her glass." is suggested next, as a possibility.

Whatever Ailys was handed isn't wine, and her glass makes more of a hearty *thunk* than a clink, but the sentiment is the same and she takes a small sip after toasting with Edris. She perks a smile at Alis' suggestion. "It's brown."

Kael steps neatly off to the side when Jaenelle and Keely hug, just like an old pro. That being said, the Keaton is greeting the Lycene Archduchess with a precise bow, holding it for a few seconds before he rises to his full height. The others that are near her are greeted with a nod of his head before he takes a deep breath and starts to look at the grand chaos that is around them. His weight shifts from one side to the other and he takes on a far more watchful role.

"Lord Pasquale, the good Prince and I have come up with an agreement that if any of his guards break anything a merchant, crafter, or business owner may be transporting to or from the gates of the ward, the Iron Guard will assume full responsibility and pay the price in full to make sure there is no loss of revenue to people who are already facing an economic crisis," and here Jaenelle looks back towards the far too serious Alantir and sighs heavily as if he is literally causing it himself and it certainly wasnt a Herald to blame. "If the Lyceum goes broke because his guards seem a little rushed, and there was no agreement in place, I dont know what we would have done." She even places the back of her hand on her forehead and leans against Pasquale as if without him she would become a wilting flower. She straightens and takes another calming sip of wine as if she didnt just almost faint, "yes, exactly, a game to win him back. If you lose he must remain in the Lyceum ward and estate for a week. If you win, well you get him back, but I also donate a million silver to a charity of your choice. Or give it to you so you can buy a new cousin because lets face it, he wants to stay here and I cant very well say no, can I?" She turns to Raven with a grin from where the woman is perched, "see what happens when you left? Pandemonium!" When Ann approaches, there is a warm smile for her aunt, "you look beautiful. I think people are just curious at what the loud music is, and the wine certainly helps draw the attention. Most arent even going through the gate, but we are safe." Jasher is suddenly given two glasses of wine when he approaches, and Lucita is handed a very long poll and informed that there is a plate at the top and she is now charged with making sure it is safe. If the plate drops she has lost the game! "Marquis Keaton," Kael is greeted being so close to Keely that he is, "what is your favorite color?"

2 Redrain Guards arrives, following Artur.

Caspian mutters, "... know. you are ... and he will quickly learn ... ... ... have ... to ... ... begin with. but no need to punish yourself ... ... ..."

Raven smiles sadly, "I see better from up here, Champ. I may patrol a little bit later but for now I think I'd rather have the vantage point. It's ok. Go have fun."

When Raven's addresses Raven she bows carefully from her barrel, "No, no, Your grace, This is Stew, not pandemonium but I'm guessing there will indeed be chafiing."

Briar, the fleet and agile shrike, Alejandro, a gravely sober middle-aged Torean arrive, following Aconite.

Caspian looks around as as he spies Jaenelle and Ann. He gives a warm smile to the pair and bows. "Archduchess! lady Ann! its good to see you! marvelous event this! its refreshing to see such life and vibrancy, especially after so long at sea!" he glances to raven again as she whispered something and nodded. "right.. fair. i'll find some cider or something"

Keely squeezes Kael's arm excitably when she spies Jaenelle, only to release it a moment later to return her embrace warmly, and to add a familial cheek kiss to the mix. "This is so delightful!" she enthuses softly as she gestures around, hurrying back to take Kael's arm and tug him gently forward. "Have you met Marquis Kael Keaton? Marquis Keaton, this is the wonderful Archduchess Jaenelle Velenosa. Archduke Noah is her husband, you already met him." Amid the chatter, she offers Ailys a jovial smile and a little wave. All of this happens in a timely manner and no one is ignored on purpose! As such, there are also warm smiles for Berenice and Lucita when she spies them.

Pasquale follow's Jaenelle's gaze over across to the guards when she explains the reasonable measures taken. "And what about all the people who are forced to let strange, inimidating, people touch them for no apparant reason? What compensation do they get?" Pasquale is the one to wilt when Jaenelle leans on him. A distinct grunt of pain escaping his lips before he resets his feet.

"As well as you m'dear." Ann says that to Jaenelle when she gets a compliment from her niece. A finger wave for Pasquale when she spies him in the crowd. Waves and smiles given to all she knows but soon she's backing up to where the rest of the Inquisitors may be. Even Raven and Caspian get a wave and a smile.

Acantha's asked a few what was going on and got the answers, she's off to the side and not getting in the way of those that are celebrating. Her gaze goes out over the crowd, but she doesn't see anyone that she recognizes. Not a surprising thing these days. She looks over her shoulder, making sure that Benny is sticking to eating the carrot and not the straps on the backpack.

Edris probably makes a satisfying grunting sound as he's elbowed. But an Oathlander might simply not be an Oathlander if he didn't immediately guess "Chocolate milk," to Ailys' hint and Alis' suggestion. His expression is so deadpan, he might be serious. But maybe only those nearby close enough to see his face might catch his wink at the Grayson princess and Valardin highlord. But like his Keaton cousin, he seems to be vigilant in his guard, though this now encompasses the group near by as well. He does, however, take the opportunity to take a brief sip from his glass.

Jasher bends at the waist to quietly reply to his vertically challenged cousin. Often as her words have the effect of prompting the man to unleash what small measure of levity he is wont to express in public settings, just now, the opposite is true: the frown tugging at the corners of his mouth only deepens. On straightening his spine from its lean, he turns to address the blonde woman that ventures to make his acquaintance. "Madame Leonaess," he guesses admirably, just as two glasses of wine are unexpected thrust into his hands by his preoccupied cousin, and the originator of his very impromptu party. He first appears surprised by the gesture, severe mien supplanted by upraised brows and slack jaw. Once his composure is restored, he hands one of them off to Denica standing at his side. "Cousin," he says by way of greeting as she flits away, lost in conversation. Now, turning back to Leonaess, he continues to say, "How very kind of you to spare drunken fools their just rewards." Is that the threat of a smile tugging at the corner of his mouth? No...maybe.

Two non-Arvum persons enter the merry gathering happening as Titus makes an appearance with the whisper Aconite by him, although he's stopped by a pair of rather dashingly dressed Lycene. "Anything to declare?" one of them ask the Warmonger who lifts a brow on the pale gaunt face over one crimson eye. "Don't worry, just a routine pat down, we're sure you'll be fine." the other says to Titus who replies in a flat tone from decayed lungs, "What?" A pat down begins, which is given great performance by the two Lycene.

There's an exaggerated gasp as one says "What's this!?" as they touch the left rib area and belt of Titus and begin pulling out a bright red silk handkerchief, and then a yellow one, two white and a royal blue until finally after many many handkerchiefs later which have spilled on the ground between Titus and Aconite, the final one which is a purple with an embroidered fox is shown. The fox handkerchief is shown with a triumphant wave in the air. "Attempted smuggling of more than ten silken handkerchiefs without a permit is normally a silver knight, but being caught?" There's a tsk tsk click of the tongue in mock disapproval as if Titus was known for being an amazing smuggler of silk handkerchiefs, "That's a one gold count fine my lord."

Titus looks at the pile of handkerchiefs on the ground but reaching in a pouch, he produces a single gold coin. "Iron will not ever bend, a strong and lasting shield. May we remember as Arx endures." says the Warmonger with a decayed whisper, handing over the gold coin to the performing Lycene guards. "And may your next investigation be even more fruitful." He gives a pointed finger to someone random in the crowd, as if the Sentinel itself was inspiring him. Most probably not.

"Cousins. It seems you can purchase them anywhere!" Alis exclaims this as if it is a fascinating new fact that she was unaware of. "Perhaps I should go on a spending spree." She directs her gaze towards Alantir here, with a glance that suggests they might later be discussing why she is trying to come to his rescue here. Does he even want to be rescued?? Who knows. "I suppose that depends on the game, Your Grace. But let it never be said that I do not love my family enough to try." The solemn and dutiful facade is cracked again however, at Edris guess of chocolate milk, which prompts a bit of choked laughter since she happened to be taking a sip of wine just then.

"Well, it sounds as if he's already in the Archduchess's possession," Berenice says, looking from Jaenelle back to Alis with sympathy, as if losing one's cousin to Jaenelle is an unfortunate but rather inevitable consequence of...having a cousin? Who knows. Her smile widens with mirth as Jaenelle lays out her terms for the contest, and she nods approvingly at how FAIR and GRACIOUS it is. As if it's not at all built upon a fradulent claim of ownership. When she hears Keely introduce Jaenelle with the detail of her husband, she does add, "The current one, at any rate." She takes a cheery swallow of her wine and returns her attention to Edris. "Do you think you might be in need of one?" she asks him of his mention of a fainting couch, eyes widening innocently. "I could have the servants fetch one from the Velenosa Estate. It's closer than your own, after all."

Kael looks, for just a moment, as if the query from the Archduchess was a trick question. So much so in fact that he is shooting a sidelong look toward Keely as though she might be the origin point of this particular question. Still, he bides his time through the more formal introduction and dips his head politely, deeply, afterward. Even if greetings have been established and so forth. "We are familiar," he says to Keely with a slight smile to Jaenelle. "Though I do not believe we have ever had a true conversation. I would say that it is something that should be remedied, but -" Time. Place. He gestures to the proceedings. His eyes flick to the rest of the Oathlanders he arrived with before turning back to the Archduchess. "My favorite color, expectedly, is green. Before I took my role within my House, brown."

Ailys arches one dark dubious eyebrow at Edris' guess, then catches the wink, glances down at the glass and tamps down a smile.

Lucita gulps, wyes widening as she is given a pole and a plate spinning atop it. Her lips part and frame a soft gasp. "You.. You've got to be kidding! Her hand shakes a little which actually is advantageous as it helps the plate keep spinning its wobbly awkward way.

Lucita checks dexterity and athletics at hard. Lucita is successful.

To the east, near where the cobblestone path abuts a number of shops that had been preemptively shuttered for the evening, a drunken man swings at a harlequin. Words must've been exchanged. Accusations. For a moment, it appears as if a brawl is about to take place -- but then a handful of guardsmen intercede. Their justice is swift. A retaliatory strike. A barking order. The entertainer, flamboyantly-dressed, begins to sob. Both are promptly escorted away from the mass of writhing bodies. In their absence, the onlookers return to their general revelry -- almost as if the confrontation had never taken place.

Alantir, having observed the exchange from a considerable distance, maintains his vigil. That the Grand Duchess and Highlord of Sanctum are discussing his private affairs does not escape him, but the knight appears to have no immediate opinion on the matter. Or, more realistically, he does not find this place to be the appropriate environment to share it. Then again, it's difficult to discern anything about the prince beneath all that diamondplate.

Helm shifts toward a display of strangely-colored handkerchiefs and applause. No need to worry. Yet. Another introduction and celebration.

Alis takes another stab at guessing what's in Ailys' glass, leaning forward a bit to peer at it quite cautiously. "Not whiskey. It doesn't quite have the right scent notes for whiskey." she muses. "Or is it a /new/ whiskey."

Belatedly Evelynn turns to look at Pasquale and her eyes narrow for a little while. "You look... hale, my lord." Her lips curve. "More than ever in fact. Keep it up, will you. I like seeing my friends this way." She grins as she walks around the room and studies the other guests. "Princess Keely." She gives a head nod but there is little warmth in her expression. Then onto Denica. "I'm remiss that we haven't been in touch, your highness." Her features seem suddenly melancholy.

Alantir, the man whose expression cannot be discerned from behind his diamondplate helm, suddenly will have a man juggling pins right in front of him. He seems to be trying to annoying the Iron Guard. He juggles very, very, very, very closely to him.

Aconite side-steps to allow for Titus to be searched. She looks away while the scarves are drawn one by one as a small smile brightens her features. She waits until it's her turn and she murmurs, "Watch out, I bite." The humor an attempt to hide the rising unease while she's patted down. After the check Aconite gathers her dignity and grabs Titus' elbow to move away from the gate. She sweeps the crowd with a dark gaze before turning back to Titus with raised brows. She murmurs to the Varvici Warlord. Smiling and raising a hand to Keely and Raven in a greeting wave.

Caspian looks over to the sudden exclamation in the crowd and laughs in delight at the display by titus. he claps loudly and cheers, though his voice might be drowned out in the hubbub. he grins to raven before slipping away to find Titus and aconite. "Hello! lord titus that was marvelous! and Softest whisper.. it has been FAR to long!"

Lucita checks dexterity and athletics at daunting. Lucita marginally fails.

Lucita says, "Who thought of this? I hope it is a cheap plate, nothing expensive... ahhh, OHHH, I can't keep this up long! Actually I don't understand why it has not already fallen!" She steps back, eyes fixed on the wobbly plate at the end of the long pole Jaenelle had handed to her.... The longer she tries to keep it spinning, the harder it gets. "Watch out, it is falling!""

Turning a warm smile to Leonaess, "hello," she says seeming to be sensitive as to how busy she is. "I hope you are well, Madame Leonaess," she speaks in an easy and friendly tone. Her gaze drifting about and then she's got a drink in hand and she holds it easily betwixt two paint-stained fingers. She cants her head to the side when her cousin says something to her. Brows knit together and then she responds to him, there's a brief smirk and then she's unusually serious. As she brings the glass to her lips, taking a small sip she notices Evelynn's approach. Her neutral expression brightens and her eyes sparkle a little. "There's always time to connect, Duchess. My offer remains open.," she meets the woman's gaze and then a pause and she looks at Jasher and then back at her. "I've heard you are hosting a ball, I am sure we will make the trip so to be in attendance."

Alantir checks composure at normal. Alantir marginally fails.

Edris peers down at Ailys' glass as well. "A stout of some kind?" he ventures. The shouting definitely draws an eye here and there, but with the thicket of guards around as well, he doesn't seem to visibly tesnse up. "I think that most likely I will not," he assures Berenice, though his smile is somewhat crooked, it is still warm. "Though that is by no means a challenge. I know better than to throw that gauntlet down here."

Raven is unaware of the harrassing of the Captain and instead issues a sharp whistle and points at one of her guards, "If you see a scuffle between guard and citizen try to redirect, if you see anything getting out of hand report to me promptly." she remains oblivious to her superior's situation.

"You can try it," Ailys offers magnanimously to Alis. "It does not taste too bad, and I'm sure the alcohol will have killed off anything dubious by now." It is brown, and clear with a golden undertone, giving off /strong/ boozey vapors. With Edris weighing in again, she offers the glass to him as well.

"In honor of Noah, the performers over there will be tossing daggers at people whos job it is to stand very very still, I thought he would approve," Jaenelle informs Berenice because they both know he would definitely approve and be a little sad he missed it. "The people who must suffer from the pats and questions get to know that I have condemned the Iron Guard Barracks for the remainder of the time that the Iron Guard will be here. For safety reasons. It was falling apart I have been told. But as with this check point, though it may be disruptive in nature, it is for the benefit of all involved to make sure that things continue to move swiftly with duty at the forefront. I am certain once the check point leaves the poor Lycenes alone, freeing them from harrassment, the construction will be completed. Green," the Archduchess easily turns from one man to another and she speaks to Kael, "mine too. Brown though?" she looks disappointed. "It is amazing how we have not had the pleasure of speaking at any length of time, it is something we should fix. I have heard that there are shields that make excellent boats in the Valardin dining room. I will meet you there at a later date." Caspian is waved towards when he moves closer, "you dont look like youve had enough wine, Caspian. Perhaps you could entertain us with some sword play should another Champion be around. It has been far too long since there was a challenge to show off the Champion's skills." Even as Jasher greets her, there is a softness for both of them, "I look forward to coming to the dinner, it has been far far too long since the Thrax chefs made me eat tiny song birds."

Acantha's got a smile on her face as she finds a path that leads out of the festivities and whistles a soft tune as she does. The Countess had things to take care of back at home sadly.

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That bare quirk of amusement upon the taciturn Sword's lips causes Leonaess to laugh, shoulders lifting in a shrug, "I can't necessarily blame them when so much excess is suddenly at their fingertips. Besides, I don't mind the challenge to see how I weather in such chaos." Just then a young woman who appears to be in tears, babbling incoherently about catching a lover doing something rather with another, plops down with gown torn and knees bloody from some tumble. For a moment all the Spirit Caller can do is inhale abreath, willing calmness into every fiber of her body before the gilded healer kneels down to get eye level, "We'll clean your knees up." And as the crying continues with each dabbing of the mild scrapes, there is a blink and in her softest voice, "Do you want a hug?" Instantly does the noble creature thrust herself at Leonaess who gives a soft pat-pat, "It's alright, my dear, she probably isn't as pretty as you anyways."

With the momentary drama dealt with, attention goes back to Denica who receives a high browed answer, "It's certainly going."

"Why thank you Evelynn." Pasquale replies with a slightly uncertain half-smile. Unsure if this was a comment on his leg or his lungs and assuming the second. "With help from my friends i'm sure it will continue." He turns his gaze back to Jaenelle and then nods. "I did hear about the terribly worrying state of the barracks. It's lucky you spotted it before we lost such a vital part of the city." he pauses a moment. "Oh? Just what are they looking for? What danger is so serious that they must do this? Every answer i've heard has been terribly vague."

"I have always been a people person, you know." Evelynn says with a wry smile, fanning her face idly as she looks around the square. "I would love to have you as a guest but there's no pressure of course." She rests a cold hand on the woman's shoulder. "It's just been so stressful for everyone I was drawn to the idea of pulling people's attention from the matter of war and other things." She tilts her head. "I'm sure it's a tough subject for many involved here." She says as though some sort of onlooker rather than a participant.

That a juggler has approached the Valardin price does not go unnoticed. The stallion, however, remains unfazed. It is a Moore lusitano, armored in a manner similar its rider, and comes from a long line of rigorously-trained Oathlands thoroughbreds. Alantir, however, shifts uncomfortably in his saddle. "Maintain a respectful distance, sir," the knight asserts flatly. But can the entertainer hear him over all the joyous festivities and uproar? This remains to be seen.

"Your Grace, I'm truly touched that you would subject yourself to the known horrors of our dining room. Again. Voluntarily, even." Alis raises a hand to her heart, because that is just a special moment right there. "Perhaps I can call it a 'shield dinner'. I don't know why yet, but we can figure all that out later. You're welcome to join us as well of course, Princess Berenice. I'll be sure that there are fainting couches nearby." An eyebrow is raised towards Edris there, since she suspects there's a story to needle out of him later about such things. And as for Ailys' offer to try the drink? Of course she does. In fact, she trades glasses with the healer princess just so that she can sip the brown liquid tentatively.

Whether or not the juggler hears Alantir is up to debate. A kind and gentle soul might argue that clearly they did //not// hear him, because the juggler begins throwing his pins over the prince and his steed and then dashing to the other side and catching them again. This is behavior that all horses and people on horses clearly enjoy and he continues to do it, not maintaining a respectful distance in any capacity.

Raven scans the insanity with a press of lips and a heavy sigh, rolling her shoulders and tilting her head this way and that as she works tension from her neck and shoulders. The whole while she remains standin on her barrel by the entryway to the Lyceum ward. Verdant gaze alert but there's too much chaos for her to spot it all.

"Champion Wild, it truely has been. But I understand why you're too busy for riding lessons. How have you been?" Aconite inquires with a fond smile. The tall Whisper again glances over the crowd. She curteys to each group of Peers that are within her eye-line. A quick glance over her shoulder is given. Alejandro haing made it out of the inspection with relatively little trouble.

Titus listens to Aconite's whisper as he watches for a moment Lucita's display of plate spinning., agreeing with something she says. "She's tremendously talented." he says, but hearing Caspian, the voice actually causes him to smile. "Why Caspian Wild, in the flesh. And here I was hearing stories of how wings of fire spread from your back as you vaulted across lord Dewy's ship and fought through at least thirty knights to single-handedly with your fist bash down the hull door and with your teeth as you smiled, broke the iron chains of the thralls below." He gives a strong handshake to the liberator, a pat on the shoulder showing a display of affection. "Your story I think will be retold many times after you're gone as parents teach their children and those teach their grandchildren on the day they had their bindings broken and freedom given. Well done, Caspian. Well done."

Alantir checks composure at hard. Alantir is successful.

Jaenelle is overheard praising Alantir: Nice hands.

Lucita says, "WATCH OUT! Falling plate there. Please don't let have hit anyone, or knocked over all the bottles of wine.""

A brisk stride brings flowing greys and blacks to a halt as the platinum brow rises rather sharply, as if the man has only noticed the festivities in the present moment. Vulpiano inhales rather sharply, exhaling heavily as slate-grey eyes scans about the grounds that have been set up for the populace. The man grants a simple smile, cold and never reaching his eyes, toward would-be passerby; instantly reverting back to a sense of neutrality on his faces as his brisk pace has settled to a slow crawl amongst the carnival goers.

Kael looks on the cusp of offering some counter to that suggested locale, but after a momentary pause he bows his head in acknowledgement to Jaenelle's words. "As you say," he agrees, with a polite smile offered thereafter. Note that he is almost instantly sending Alis a look after, amusement evident in his expression as soon as he hears her words. The Keaton is back to being watchful then, just glancing across the area as a whole and taking note of the individuals near before finally shifting his entire focus to the Grayson on his arm. He clearly checks in, murmuring a few words to her that are ending with, "...doing well?"

Caspian looks to Jaenelle and grins, bowing lowing with a smile. " always archduchess! im always happy to entertain! and give me time and im sure the wine will catch up with me if given a moment." he laughs merrily, looking to Aconite and smiling with a a nearly palpable warmth. "i have but.. i have missed those lessons. and i look forward to renewing those. im glad to see you are well!" he looks to Titus and actually FLUSHES slightly. "I.. i had not heard that version before! i can assure you it was nothing quite as dramatic as that.. though by the powers it is a good story! but thank you." he bows his head, his smile threatening to escape his face it was so broad"

Jasher's only reaction to being signed up for a ball without his express input may be evinced by the very slight widening of his eyelids. The wine held aloft in his right hand is raised half of the way to his lips when he realizes that he has not yet formally greeted Evelynn. "Duchess Evelynn, a pleasure to see you," he says while bowing stiffly, but politely at the waist. He says nothing though the conversation turns toward obvious, present troubles plaguing the Isles. To Leonaess, the prince says, "You appear to be doing quite well under present circumstances. If any of them start to become rowdy, let me know." He inclines his head and then raises the wine glass to his lips at long last for a first taste. "I am pleased to hear that you plan to attend the dinner, Jaenelle. Duty has kept us both fairly preoccupied. It will be a good opportunity to catch up on things less political."

"Well done, Lucita!" Jaenelle comments to the woman as she holds the plate in the air, "you did it a lot longer than I had the other day when I was annoyed and trying not to light things on fire. Things got lit on fire," because the plate didnt stay up as it was meant to. "You honor me with your honoring, Your Grace," Jaenelle tells Alis with a grin, "if you'd like, sometimes I enjoy laying under the potted plants in the Velenosa's Audience Hall, making terrible noises that no one seems to know where they've come from yet. If you get permission from your House guards, and I get permission from my House guards, maybe youd like to come over some time and enjoy the garden?" At Caspian's agreement to get drunk nd stab things there is a bright smile for the man, that turns into laughter for Titus' story, "what a wonderful tale and I am certain it is even better than that!"

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Ailys holds Alis' glass politely when they trade off, investigating the contents but far too polite to drink from it.

"I'm not terribly worried about needing to faint /myself/, although I admit myself fond of a good swoon for dramatic effect," Berenice replies to Alis airily. "But Lord Edris, as we all know, is of a quite delicate constitution." That innocence remains in her dark eyes as she looks back to him, but there is a clear warmth and humor dancing behind it. "But /maybe/ he'll be brave enough to ask me to dance. There is all this /music/, after all." It's not exactly a /ball/ with a formal dancefloor, but she's clearly undaunted by the challenge.

It's difficult to ignore things when they are constantly thrown directly in front of one's face. Fortunately, Alantir seems to have some experience with annoying interlopers. Despite the entertainer's persistence, the prince manages to maintain his cool -- attention instead diverted toward a gathering somewhere in the distance while the juggler dashes rapidly from one side of the stallion to the other. There was no need to deliver another warning. If he ignored the stranger, the stranger would surely seek an audience elsewhere.

There's a brief empathetic look at Leonaess and the situations she's working through at none stop and a silent nod echoing Jasher's comments. Turning her attention back to Evelynn, she smiles easily as the woman rests a hand on her shoulder. "These opportunities to come together, are few and far between. I've no doubt it will be a night to remember," she says thoughtfully as she casts a glance over to Jasher as he talks to Jaenelle and then Denica looks back at Evelynn. "My cousin Jasher and I are hosting a family dinner in a few weeks, if you are in the city-- it would be lovely to have you. It seemed appropriate to open our doors and take a moment to appreciate each other.," her smile never quite fades though her eyes betray her emotions, vivid like colour on a canvas.

Raven spots Evelynn as she mingles and should she pass close by the Blackheart will bow as the Duchess passes. She remains atop the barrel unconcerned if this barrel was destined to be elsewhere-it's her makeshift sentry point and thus hers now. Aconite is spotted with a slight uplift of eyebrows and a fingerwave before her gaze roams onwards.

Alis is drinking from Ailys glass, so she shrugs when the other woman looks down into her glass and upnods at her like she's giving permission. At this point why not? Her humor returns in full force at the description of Edris being of delicate constitution, as she struggles to hold back some laughter. No doubt he might even feel her shoulders shake a little with the suppressed laughter while she clears her throat. "Do be gentle with him, Your Highness. We would not want him struggling to make it back home if you cause him to faint from dancing." she points out, eyes dancing with a bit of merriment before she murmurs something towards him and then addresses Jaenelle. "This sounds suspiciously like a play date, wherein we traumatize people in your audience hall. I'm absolutely game for that." she decides, sounding cheerful and then winking at Kael and Keely.

The stranger juggling around Alantir doesn't quit, instead taking his lack of action as invitation to wave a friend over. There are now two jugglers and they are both performing their act around him with great efficiency and flare.

Aconite lifts a hand to hide a tiny laughing smile at Caspian's reaction to the Warlord's compliments, "Maybe you'll tell us sometime, the real story, just to keep things straight. As soon as you're taking a break from the cause let me know. I doubt I'll be going anywhere for a bit of time. A back and forth between her at Titus makes Aco shake her head with a smile. Spotting Raven's wave the Softest Whisper inclines her head.

"Prince Jasher, it's a pleasure to meet you officially. I've heard you gave quite the fine exhibit of your talents." Evelynn nods in response to Jasher, her voice warm. "Capturing that dull creature. What was his name? Isac? I don't know." She doesn't seem inclined to find out since her attention turns to the host of the event, eyeing Alantir curiously. "I won't miss it. I assume in your family's estate. I've always wanted to get to know you all, as you are." She gives the woman another pat of the shoulder. Seeing Raven she gives a vague smile but passes by and makes her way to Alantir. "You're the Lord Commander? I'm so glad to see someone taking such a firm hand against the criminals of the city. You know the other day, I saw someone steal a feather from a bard's hat to chew on. What is the city coming to?"

Through the bustle of the crowd, Keely likely misses some greetings but don't worry, she is already mortified and sorry even if she doesn't realize it yet. Aconite receives a gentle nose scrunch and a dip of her chin in greeting, and then her attention is turned back to Kael. Also at some point she finds not one but two glasses of wine in her hands, and she looks down at them in mild dismay before just giggling and holding one up to the Marquis in offer. She murmurs something to him with a playful curve to her lips. She has lost track of... every conversation, but that is okay! She looks like she's having a great time regardless.

"Will do though I don't envy them the scruffing they'll receive from you." A look of mock fright is passed towards the Prince Jasher, lambent gaze filled with mirth before they grow concerned as two youths drag their friend, glassy eyed and green in the face, towards Leonaess.

Stepping away from the friendly Thrax duo, the teenagers are quietly spoken to, and their friend is settled out on a cot with a bucket at his side with a compress applied to brow. A tsk as Leonaess reaches out to tap the shoulder of a patrolling guardsman, "Keep an eye out for a blonde man with diamond earrings selling haze." With that passed along, attention is split between the crowd and her new charge.

Tacit permission given, Ailys takes a very small sip from her borrowed glass, watching the exchange between Alis and Berenice regarding Edris' fate with a gleam of amusement in her expression.

Alantir checks composure at hard. Alantir is successful.

Titus watches the flush to Caspian's cheeks, "Being a hero of the moment might seem fleeting or just the regular thing you do, but to those you rescued, you'll be a hero for a lifetime. I look forward to another day when you and I fight again. Perhaps you'll have an invitation to come to Caldera and southern adventures to be found." Hearing Jaenelle, he bows his head respectfully to his grand-patron and says "It's always an honour to be in your presence, your grace, and you define that title effortlessly. If there is anything the Vaevici might do for you, we would be honoured to receive and respond to a messenger to assist"

To Aconite, his voice carries a slight serpentine whispered tone, a few words made out such as vipera and a crown of a thousand jewels.

Jordan, apologetic Gentleman of the Chamber arrives, following Noah.

The Elwood knight takes the offered glass, briefly, for a courteous sip as trades are apparently going around. And then he does his best sommelier impression. Which is to say, not a very good one at all. He squints one eye a little too genuinely, which is followed a knitting of his brows. He /might/ even be tempted to swish like some backmountain denizen but luckily he remembers the company he keeps at present and swallows it instead. "Hm," Edris comments, not yet forming his third guess about Ailys' drink. When it comes to festival dancing, however, the smile returns to his face. "Usually better fun under the open sky, your highness," he offers to Berenice. "And at least if one stumbles there might be a loose cobblestone to blame. It would be my honor if you would accept my invitation to a dance. I may not know the steps for a Lycene folk dance, but let us see if the instruction that Princess Keely's and Her Grace's gatherings have improved me at all." He offers a deep bow to Alis, as well as a lingering smile, as she releases his arm, but then offers another bow to Berenice before offering her his arm in turn. "May I, your highness?"

"No, my lady," Alantir replies, helm canting in Evelynn's direction. "The Lord Commander, Baron Silas Whitehawk, is otherwise indisposed. I am merely one of his watch captains," the prince explains, offering the stranger a semi-formal bow. As she had wandered to him from the direction of Leonaess' tent, alongside Prince Jasher Thrax and Princess Denica Thrax, he suspected that the woman held some affiliation with the Mourning Isles. It's a strange sight, in man ways -- Oathlander royalty, mounted and still atop a brilliant golden stallion, while two jugglers unabashedly toss their instruments over his rigid and unflinching frame. "If you are capable of remembering details about this thief, I am happy to collect them and prepare a report." He offers no opinion on the state of crime in the city.

Lucita notices some slivers of glass from the shattered plate clinging to her outfit. Discretely she withdraws to tend to this.

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Vulpiano fixes his eyes upon a traveling tray of wine glasses that traverses its way amongst the festivities. Only, it is in the wrong desired direction. The man fixes toward the server with the tray, a curt hand dismissing some merchants hawking their wares and some derisive glares at some rambunctious carnival goers. Still determined, he presses on to claim a glass of wine, fixing to halt the server by way of a disarming purse of the lips and a shrill whistle. It is quick and loud, but manages the attention of the oblivious server. And the glass is retrieved with a small tip of silver for the server's trouble.

The Thrax princess beams a little when Evelynn confirms her attendance. A decisive nod confirms the location. As the woman walks off to talk to Alantir, the princess's gaze darts briefly in his direction. Then she's sweeping the crowd with alert azure eyes. Across the way, she clearly catches sight of something or someone and Denica lights up. Paint-stained fingers lift and she wiggles them at Keely, trying to catch her attention to share a not-so-secret smile.

Aconite smiles to the Archduchess and curtseys deeply. Keely is offered a warm smile in return before her head tilts to listen to Titus and the Whisper nods her agreement with whatever he says. A quick murmur his way and she asks of those nearby, "Please excuse me." A small squeeze of Lord Vaevici's elbow is given before Aconite pulls away to start winding her way through the crowd and towards Tor Plaza.

"So do you really not know what it is?" Alis is genuinely curious when she addresses Ailys, now playing musical glasses once again. Until finally she sighs and beckons over a server to just trade the old wineglasses for fresh wineglasses. And now she'll be holding two until Edris returns. Or, she'll drink them both. Whichever happens first. "It could be an aged whiskey I think. But whatever it is, it will get you drunk quickly." she offers, because those fumes. Whew.

The jugglers continue their work and when even TWO jugglers doesn't get a reaction out of Prince Alantir, they sweep into courtly and elegant bows after catching their last pins. "A worthy audience, my lord," one of them singsongs at him and then they depart, leaving the man to his duty.

"It is exactly like a play date, since none of you have returned my messengers to steal a ship again and sail it somewhere else," Jaenelle accuses Alis. She knows what she did, or didnt do. When the jugglers get closer to Alantir, she offers then glasses of wine, where does she keep getting these!? and shoos them away before asking very politely, "Prince Alantir, you are giving me a height complex, that should be a crime in itself. I wish to make a citizen's arrest. Please get off the horse at once." As Jaenelle continues to make her rounds, she spots Vulpiano and offers the man a polite dip of her head in greeting, "I believe we have met once or twice, it is nice to see you again Master Vulpiano." She hadnt forgotten Pasquale's question of before and shakes her head, "I did not go to the meeting, though perhaps Prince Alantir could answer this question for you. The whys are not always easy to respond to. Sometimes it can be a terrible duty to answer the why, because it is an answer that none will be satisfied with."

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Raven hops off her barrel and towards where there seems to be a dispute between a Guardsman and a would be merrymaker. Raven inserts herself between the pair and grabs a satchel that had been the object of contention. Raven gives it a cursory glance and then shoves it back and directs the guard to keep making the rounds before she hops back atop of her sentry barrel.

Kael tips his head back to Alis, offering her another grin, even if he's in quiet dialog with Keely. It is a brief thing, but whatever was told to him has him thus mollified. Also? He is ruefully the recipient of that glass of wine. "Thank you," he tells the Grayson princess, amusement audible in his tone. While he does not immediately drink he certainly does a fine job of being an extra hand to hold it. From his height vantage he catches sight of Edris asking for a dance. He squints a bit as if to make certain that, yes, that is what his cousin is doing. In a way that is absolutely not discreet at all, he begins to try to turn Keely to make sure she does _not_ see that dancing is going on.

Noah mutters something to Jordan as he walks into the area. His blue-gray eyes sweep the area and pause on a few things. The first is someone telling him about dagger tossing or some such. The other is Evelynn. His eyes follow her for a longer moment and finally, but not least -- his wife. It is there that he just suddenly appears beside her. As if he found a shadow to walk into and then back out of.

Caspian looks to Titus and nods his head "my lord there is nothing that i would like as much as to go on adventures with you. your words mean more than you might know. so.. thank you. and i do truly hope we draw swords together again. it was an honor, and always will be." he looks around a moment, and draws a breath, "Well.. this was a truly eventful night.. but.. im afraid sleep is now demanding me." he grins and raises his voice a bit "i shall bid EVERYONE a marvelous evening and a lovely time!" he laughs merrily before turning and slipping out

"Oh, right. My apologies, I don't spend enough time in the city. While either way, good job." Evelynn smiles warmly as she casts a gaze toward the tent she came from and responds with, "I'm Duchess Evelynn Helianthus." Her head tilts. "As far as the criminal. He seemed like some common street rat. Greasy brown hair, angular face, high cheekbones, brown eyes, often wears black." She chuckles. "It's hard to miss someone who does something that strange right..." Her hand rises when she notes the Archduke-consort watching her. "How long have you been in this position, my lord?" She studies Alantir, as though waiting for his name.

Ailys trades back glasses. "Someone put it in my hand while I was walking over here." She pauses, then finishes off the remainder. "I think I am going to walk home now before it kicks in all the way." It's not a great plan, but it's pretty likely that no one is going to leave a Grayson princess passed out in the road.

"Don't worry, my lord," Berenice assures Edris. "If you stumble, I'll cover for the gaff." She shoots an amused look at the others, particularly Jaenelle and Alis, before stepping in closer to take Edris's arm. "My thanks, your grace, for lending him to me," she adds warmly for Alis, as the one who arrived with claim to his escort. However crowded the cobblestones, she seems to take to the idea of dancing with bright anticipation; it's possible she may even know a few of the folk dances that wouldn't be expected at an actual ball, but are right at home here at a festival. If nothing else, she will never lack for enthusiasm when it comes to dancing.

Whatever distress that is settled in the man's features seems to dissipate, albeit briefly, now with wine in hand. Vulpiano turns from the server, now free to scan about the esteemed guests before slate eyes fall upon the Archduchess. A respectful bow of his head is given before addressing both she and the Archduke Consort. "Indeed, Archduchess. It is a pleasure once more. And your Highness, a pleasure to make your acquaintance as well. Vulpiano Rossetti." His focus is brought to Noah as he, too, is offered a bow of his head in respect before the attention is settled on Jaenelle, "This is quite the extravaganza that you have called. I had overhead it is in favor of all the blessed work the Iron Guard do for the city." He sips lightly at the Lenosian red, slate eyes fixing around his surroundings for an idle moment.

Jasher tilts his glass of wine just so as to form a miniature maelstrom of its alcoholic contents. He remains attentive to the Duchess while she is yet standing within conversational distance of the Thrax cousins, and in the aftermath of the compliment paid to rumored talents, he tentatively smiles, though it does not touch his eyes. "The pleasure is mine. It was a stroke of luck, indeed, that we managed to capture Lord Isar that day." As the Duchess has opted to wend her way toward Alantir, the prince falls silent and still as stone, with the exception of the repeated raise of his glass to thirsty lips.

Alis appears momentarily busy trying to recall a message about stealing a ship and sailing it somewhere, and her eyes squint with the attempt. Until, she shrugs. "Well then, a play date it is. I shall endeavor to learn the art of making sounds that traumatize those who frequent your audience hall." is promised, before the Archduchess continues her rounds. And, she turns to her companions who are not yet dancing. "You'd make a very fine wineglass holder if we were to give you another, Marquis. Just so you know." With the glass she's sipping from now, she holds it up in toast towards Berenice. "Of course, Your Highness. Just so long as you return him." she quips.

Does Keely see the dancing? It is hard to say, but as Kael is turning her, she lights up-- because she catches that wave from Denica and pops to her toes, boldly lifting a wiggle of her own delicate fingers -above shoulder level- because she is that enthusiastic about seeing her friend. "Kael, look!" she is being breathlessly informal, gesturing dangerously with her wine glass in the Thrax princess' direction. "Denica is here! Oh and there is Prince Jasher too." And as she is turning to look back up to the Marquis, she catches sight of someone else, and her beaming smile somehow brightens even more radiantly. "NOAH IS HERE!" For her, this is shouting excitably. For nearly everyone else, her voice is a slightly elevated above a conversational level as she exclaims this. Nevertheless, with her wineless hand around Kael's elbow she is trying desperately to wade through the crowd to get to her cousin.

"Careful, you keep drinking like that and I'll have to put you in the back with that poor sick kid." A puff of blonde appearing at Jasher's other unoccupied side, bright eyes drifting up briefly with teasing reflected before Leonaess casts attention back out over the turbulent crowd shifting this way and that like a wave.

"Prince Alantir Valardin," the knight conveys to Evelynn, shoulders and posture visibly relaxing when the jugglers make their concession and disappear into the crowd. "Brown hair, angular face, high cheekbones, and brown eyes. Male. Could you estimate his age? Was he alone? Were there any other distinguishable features?" At the behest of Jaenelle, the Oathlander begins the slow process of dismounting, sabatons soon striking the cobblestone path beneath them. He then straightens his back and turns to face the Duchess. "The appointment occurred recently, my lady. I am nonetheless eager to breathe new life into the Iron Guard, especially in light of the instability that has seized nearly every corner of the Compact," he conveys, voice muffled by armet. "The security of the capital is of paramount importance to the Crown."

Attention shifts to Pasquale. "Forgive me, my lord. What was your inquiry? I am happy to provide an answer, if capable."

Pasquale asks Alantir. "What are you actually looking for Prince Alantir?"

Most people might be jumpy when someone appears beside them suddenly, though Jaenelle seems quite used to the behavior and does not seem concerned when she looks over at Noah. Granted, if she hadnt looked over and noticed Keely's shout would certainly have given him away. She tells her husband, "if you ever need to be sneaky, I would advice against taking your cousin with you. It would not work and I am afraid youd both be captured because she gets far too excited aat your presence each time she notices you." There is clearly a fondness to the woman's words as she speaks about Keely. "No. I will not be that excited for you to show up. You'll get over that disappointment." When Alantir dismounts, Jaenelle lifts her glass in what appears to be a small victory dance. She wiggles and everything, before returning to a more serious expression, "I have invited Marquis Keaton to dinner at Alis' house," Jae then informs Noah, because he could probably come too.

When Keely is pointing out Denica and Jasher, Kael looks across in the direction of the Thrax - or at least where Keely is gesturing toward. He nods a polite nod of someone vaguely uncertain wherever he is supposed to be looking and responding to, but he does manage. He tries to keep up those Oathlander manners though and that, beyond all, might be what counts. It is when Keely is so animatedly pointing out her cousin that the man turns and scans the crowd before much more clearly making him out. It's far easier, you see. "So he is," Kael answers Keely just before he's being escorted that-a-way. As soon as they are in Noah's vicinity Kael is doing another neat little sidestep so that Keely can cleanly disengage from his arm and go for the aforementioned, likely, hug. "Your Highness," he greets simply, dipping into a brief and exact bow.

"Early twenties maybe?" Evelynn says after a moment of thought, swaying as she enjoys the breeze around her. "I didn't notice anything alas. But if I do see him again, I will make sure to pin point his location." Her eyes shine with excitement. "I would love to help you in your duties." She moves aside to allow him the space as he dismounts. "I don't think anyone would be disappointed by the announcement. It's a title that so many would cast aside as though it means little but it means everything." Her smile is warm when she says this. "The peerage couldn't rest easy without knowing someone who cares has taken the reigns."

"In the dining room, even." Alis interjects, at Jaenelle's proclamation.

Noah offers towards Jaenelle. "She would probably dress me in glitter and wonder why everyone noticed me, but then take credit for it." His deep voice rumbles with a slight amusement. He leans down to brush his lips to his wife's temple before looking towards Alis, "Who would ever suggest another place for meeting than your dining room?" A slight smirk before he inclines his head. "If you will excuse me--" The Archduke moves forwards to greet Keely in an act that can only be displayed as longsuffering. He even opens his arms for the hug he knows is coming and prepares to swing her into a circle. "Marquis." Kael is greeted before Noah sends him a half smile and offers to his cousin, "Keely, I would have thought you would be dancing. It is starting, you do not want to accidently insult your escort by not asking them to dance, would you?"

Vulpiano glances between both Jaenelle and Noah, offering a small smile while his eyes seem to search out the topic of the conversation that the two have begun to engage in. A polite, silent bow of his head is offered before he moves along his way into the crowd, deftly making a point to avoid any such juggler, merchant, or merrymaker in his path.

The fact of Jasher's name being all but exclaimed from across the square has the effect of distracting him from idle people-watching. He searches the crowd rather more interestedly for the source of the recognition, and, finding both Keely and Kael's gaze, raises his gauntleted free hand in a gesture of greeting. It is all he manages to display before the teasing voice at his left elbow draws his attention that way; blue eyes regard the smiling face of Leonaess for a heartbeat before he raises the glass slowly, deliberately to his mouth to take a challenging sip. "Wine is the least likely substance to affect my mind, madame. But your concern is duly noted. How fare the fools? Are things simmering down?"

"Anyone who has ever seen our dining room." That is Alis' answer to Noah's question, and completely deadpan. But as the people around her all seem to take their leave, she takes the time instead of attempting small talk with people, to look around and watch the goings on more carefully.

2 Redrain Guards arrives, following Artur.

Keely looks entirely surprised to find Noah's arms open to her as she approaches, and she looks up to Kael with bright eyes, a toothy grin, and a whisper-faint 'eeeeh!' sound before she carefully passes over her wine to his safe keeping, releases his arm and dashes toward her cousin to hop into the spin-hug with relish. Just before the Archduke lowers her back to her feet, she presses a sisterly peck to his cheek, then draws back to turn when the dancing is pointed out. "Oh! We have not finished our wine and you know very well that I would spill it halfway up his sleeve if I tried to dance before that was done," she is informing Noah with a soft matter-of-fact-ness, reaching to gently collect her wine from her escort again and retake his arm with her other hand. "You remember Marquis Keaton, yes?" And then she is looking from Jaenelle to Alis and back, tentatively asking, "What is wrong with the Valardin dining room?"

Late to arrive for the carnival, no doubt, Prince Artur Redrain does eventually make his way down toward the Lyceum gate where the carnival is supposedly under way in celebration of the Iron Guard. Outfit casually and with a pair of Redrain guards walking alongside him, the Redrain Prince eyes the various food vendors with interest, the different smells of the foods they carry reaching his nostrils and inevitably drawing his attention enough for the man to amble over to one stall and pass over a few coins in exchange for some form or other of meat on a stick.

"A core responsibility of the Iron Guard is the maintenance of the King's Peace," Alantir replies, folding arms across breastplate, "and one component of that maintenance is the prevention of crime. What you see here, behind me," he continues, gesturing over his left pauldron, "is a checkpoint. There, we randomly detain, interrogate, and search persons seeking to pass from district to district -- so long as they remain within the Crown's jurisdiction. Unlike past strategies, which have been primarily reactive in their nature, I have ordered our bannermen to employ a more proactive approach." A pause. "What we look for are dangerous goods. Contraband. Wanted persons. And, to capture additional insights, we have invited inquisitors into our ranks," he explains, head canting to the side. "Of course, a heightened presence has the simultaneous effect of discouraging criminal and antisocial behaviors."

He's boring. Perhaps the knight knows it. "We are always accepting recruits hale of body and mind, my lady," the Oathlander conveys to Evelynn. "Are you proficient with a blade? Horse? Have you any practical combat experience?"

There is a check of brow, "Well, I know that Velenosa doesn't water their wine and thus there is the chance it may just knock you on your princely behind." It was hard fought, the attempt to not smile and laugh, swallowed down even before turning away to release a minute giggle into her shoulder. Leonaess glances over to make sure that Denica is faring well before continuing the conversation, "The fools are thriving but I don't see this winding down for awhile yet - I'm more afraid it'll spread to other wards." A few other physicians have come to give aid and can be seen scurrying about the medical tent, it brings forth a sigh of relief.

"It's just... a little busy. The original builder wanted to honor all of our vassals. A noble goal, but I think perhaps a larger dining room would have helped." Alis replies in circumspect manner towards Keely. A glance is given the way of Alantir and Evelynn, just to see how things are going over there.

"Well I'm an Isles woman, I couldn't deign to..." Evelynn begins to laugh at this before shaking her head, finding the entire thing hysterical. "Gods, why bother? My husband has already alienated all of his bannermen. And right he should." She tilts her head, her lips curving. "I'm proficient in all of those, your highness." She taps against her thigh, the silk pressing against the dagger outline beneath. "You can never be too careful. Especially these days."

Successfully having caught Keely's attention, she is smiling and waving and then she is nodding in response to Kael. Taking a sip of her wine, she lets her attention drift a bit, before it returns to her cousin and she glances over at Leonaess by way of the man's question so to listen to the answer. The remainder wine is then swirled about in the glass, Denica glances down at it briefly, before taking the last slip and handing it off to someone passing by. Having caught Leonaess's response, she then lets her attention drift to the centre of the square. As Alantir speaks, explaining the purpose of the check-points in detail, she watches him in silence. Observing like an artist might a blank canvas.

"Do you realize I can close my eyes and picture the war room quite clearly, but the dining room? Not so very much. Perhaps we should host more meetings there or at least review paperwork," comments Kael to Alis as he accepts the wine glass from Keely. Now he gets to be the one with two glasses, one for each hand. He is turning back to the sight of Keely and Noah - and really, with such joy from the former who can blame him? - only in time to catch those words from Noah. Kael coughs, wait, no, that is a mild chuckle. He inclines his head to the man and it is uncertain if he is nodding in an 'a point for you' way, or to simply acknowledge that Keely is pointing him out once more. Maybe both. He relinquishes the wine to Keely, as well as his arm, and thereafter comments, "We could feast at Keaton Hall, you realize."

Alis gives Kael a look like, 'why you do this to me?', exasperated, before she drinks more of her wine.

Jasher checks stamina at normal. Botch! Jasher fails badly.

"I see." Pasquale says "So you are just assuming people have done something and are treating them accordingly."

Vulpiano finds himself present at the exchange between Alantir and Pasquale, a bystander of the exchange as he casually sips at his red before pausing just so. "The concept of prevention is something that allows for safer streets for folk to walk at night without the risk of unwanted accosting and, perhaps other dubious affairs, to be present amongst the more glamorous avenues of the city. I believe this is quite a welcome change, in order to prevent such behaviors that Prince Valardin has mentioned." Slate eyes settle over Pasquale a moment, bringing the rim of his glass to his lips for another sip.

"There is only one way to find out," Jasher says prior to polishing off his glass with relish and cupping it within his palm thereafter. He follows Leonaess's gaze as the other physicians step in and take over duties beneath the triage tent. "Well," he says offhandedly, "it seems you are given a moment's reprieve. May as well enjoy the..." Why did he stop speaking mid-sentence? And what is he so intently staring at in the distance? A balancing hand is extended out to firmly grasp Denica's shoulder as a bout of vertigo assaults his mind and balance. A quick shake of his head perhaps intends to dispel it, but it continues on and on until he forcibly shuts the spinning world out by squeezing eyelids shut tight.

Jasher checks composure at hard. Jasher is successful.

When Evelynn expresses hesitation and mentions an Isles upbringing, the Oathlander quickly shakes his head. "I am regularly bested in the ring by many of my cousins, my lady. Princess Alis, the Highlord of Sanctum, can be counted amongst them. When it comes to combat prowess, we make no assumptions regarding capability. You need only express a willingness to learn, if you haven't a natural affinity or prior service," he explains, glancing downward when she motions with her hand. "It is better to be prepared than unprepared, certainly," the prince confirms.

Armet then returns to Pasquale. "I am assuming that crime exists in the capital and that the Iron Guard has been tasked with ensuring the security of its inhabitants, yes." This was not the first time he had discussed these subjects today, it would seem. Vulpiano's input is acknowledged with a single nod. "Precisely, sir. A necessary measure; a temporary inconvenience."

Noah dusts his lips against Keely's temple in a brotherly affection. "I"m sure that, the Marquis, could handle dancing with you and -both- wine glasses. Think about it." He then nods towards Kael for a moment before he takes a step away. Slowly moving from Keely as her attention is taken. His eyes move back towards Evelynn before he offers to Alis, "I much prefer the maze." Then like a dutiful husband, he finds his wife's side.

Pasquale looks to Vulpiano for a moment before turning his eyes back onto Alantir. "Hmm. Well I do believe I shall go home. Assuming I don't get accosted by armed men on the way of course." he inclines his head towards Jaenelle and then starts limping for the Lyceum gate.

"You're awfully humble for a prince." Evelynn says with a chuckle as she paces around him, studying his horse. "I am always willing to learn. Perhaps there's some humility I could learn from you... my instinct was to say I knew all I needed to." She nods to the dance floor. "My prince, perhaps we can discuss my new position on the dance floor. As the host, surely you should take some time to enjoy the revels?" She extends a hand enthusiastically.

Vulpiano bows lightly toward Pasquale with an amenable smile, sipping lightly at the glass. His attention settles to Alantir at the acknowledgement, "If the inconvenience ensures that armed assailants do not steal away into manses and villas, with intent for wickedness, I welcome the increase in the Iron Guard's presence, your Highness." Pasquale is afforded a farewell, "A good evening to you, my lord. I did not have an issue entering the festival lane. I surmise you will be afforded a modicum of decorum in your journey home."

Leonaess checks composure at hard. Leonaess is successful.

"Thankfully I had hoped for nothing less than heroism in that regard," Edris says gently to Berenice's offer to cover for him. And then with a departing if brief smile for those they're leaving, he will lead the Velenosa princess to where the dancing is occuring. He is not reluctant or shy--in fact, it may be that he even is quick study on the basics of the steps, though his will be utterly without flair of those better attuned to them. But luckily, he has a much more skilled and comely partner than himself to show off, and hopefully that will cover a multitude of mistakes, with hopefully not too many thrown elbows or oofs and bumps against passersby.

Edris checks dexterity and performance at normal. Edris is successful.

Berenice checks dexterity and performance at normal. Berenice is successful.

Denica checks strength at normal. Denica fails.

Leonaess checks strength at normal. Leonaess is successful.

Titus has been perhaps watching other revels with a stern face, but hearing the voice of Pasquale in the crowd does get his attention. "Didn't I see you with a suspicious handkerchief, lord Pasquale?"

Whatever thoughts were dancing around in Denica's mind dispell when she feels Jasher's hand on her shoulder. There's a sudden blink, she was half listening to the conversation and she puts two and two together. Slipping an arm around Jasher's back to try to hold up the much larger man, she blinks repeatedly again. The dainty princess is reminded of her stature and strength as she tries to hold up her cousin. But, the princess cannot quite resist trying to whisper something into her cousin's ear. She's put two-and-two together. Yet, it's that little quip that has her laughing enough that she cannot bear the weight anymore. Denica feels her shoulder dropping, which will deny Jasher of any support he might be seeking. The small princess is looking a little wide-eyed at Leonaess who may need to rescue both Thraxes by the end of it.

Pasquale gives Titus a slight frown before he leaves through the gates. "Visit sometime Titus."

Alberico, the Malespero aide, Louis, a Malespero Armsman, Mar, the Magpie leave, following Pasquale.

Jaenelle sets Ellani down, the small spider skittering with a piece of paper towards Alantir, dropping it at his feet before returning to the Archduchess. She then finds another glass of wine as the dancing has started and she is without a partner for the moment. Pasquale's departure leaves a small frown on her features as she watches him walk, though she turns towards Vulpiano once more, "I did not expect as many people as there is," she admits. "But I am pleased with the turn out. Take any reason to celebrate the moment."

Berenice's laugh comes warm and delighted at Edris's reply, and she's more than willing to help him learn enough of the dance to at /least/ be entertaining. While it's not the elegant step of a waltz in the ballroom, she takes to the fair dance with a bright, laughing enthusiasm, and it seems that her graceful foot translates just as well. She draws close to Edris where she can, laughing delightedly at a moment in the dance where he spins her about, leaning in to share closer conversation with him.

Titus watches Pasquale head home, studying the face before the sound of merriment accompanied with actions of revelry pull him to the here and now. One more look before he too makes his way through the crowd to head onwards.

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Mar, the Magpie arrives, delivering a message to Evelynn before departing.

"I suppose that the worst case scenario is a bit of wine spilt and the need to retreat home," remarks Kael easily enough to Keely with a little lift of his brows as if, you know, this might not be precisely the worst idea. He leaves the matter of dancing to her, though he sends an apologetic look to Alis regarding the whole dining room matter. That said, after scanning the area once more he is offering a few words quietly to the young woman and tilting his head in query.

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Vulpiano glances over to Jaenelle as soon as she begins to speak in his direction, a platinum brow rising sharply as he offered a solitary nod. There is a ghost of a smile on his face before he manages to answer the Archduchess, "I would be inclined to agree if, perhaps, there was a curfew upon such festivities and some encouraging escorts home. One can see themselves too much into their cups with the /any/ such a reason to celebrate, Archduchess. I will admit that part of me sees this as a great exercise of the Guard's staunch reach. Able to contain such festivities from being too rambunctious while other districts are in the midst of their own affairs for the evening." He pauses in his diatribe for a sip of wine, and perhaps another glass if a server is passing by.

"Oh no." Is voiced, as she watches the stout flagship that is Jasher begin to sink and bring Denica down with him, "Hold on, we can do this together." Leonaess advises with a soft smile, hooking herself up with a grunt beneath a muscled arm. A look is shot towards the helmet plumed Alantir, petite woman waving an arm for his attention and nearly dropping Jasher in the process. Lithe princess and healer struggle to keep the burly Islander afloat.

"Let me see if I can't get you a ride on the Captain's golden pony."

Mar, the Magpie arrives, delivering a message to Evelynn before departing.

"Unfortunately, my lady, I must decline. I am here on official business, and to participate in the revelry would grant the Grand Duchess a not-inconsequential degree of satisfaction -- which I can ill afford," Alantir replies, lifting visor and offering the Duchess a polite smile. As it turns out, there /is/ a man beneath all of that armor. "But, when next you find me in a more appropriate circumstance, I would consider it my great privilege." The warmth of tone suggests complete sincerity. Shortly after, the prince is distracted -- first by the arrival of a spider carrying a sheet of paper, and then by a strange sight unfolding near the medical tent. "If you will excuse me," he tells Evelyn, politely dipping chin before collecting stallion's reins and giving the beast a gentle tug toward Leonaess, Jasher, and Denica.

"I suppose you're not dressed for it. Until next time." Evelynn muses, her arm dropping casually as she walks away. She makes her way toward Berenice with a beaming smile, waggling her fingers. "Your highness. I'm sure we've met at some point." She stares a little too intently at the princess for a few moments. "I think it's our mutual friend." Her laugh is merry.

Mar, the Magpie arrives, delivering a message to Evelynn before departing.

Ellani, the palm sized spider arrives, delivering a message to Alantir before departing.

Keely nods to what ever it is that Kael just asked her, uttering a soft, "Let me just say farewells!" before she flits off to give chase after Noah-- but only to locate his lovely wife, to plant a gentle peck to her cheek and murmur something quietly. An affectionate smile is shared with Archduchess and Archduke alike, and then she is off again, subjecting Denica to a drive-by pecking, smiling to Jasher, and giving a little chin dip to Berenice as she whisks past, circling back to the Marquis Keaton's side. After all of this, she softly declares, "Ready!" before downing her wine, setting the glass aside, and looking up to her escort almost as if in a challenge. Can he get her to where she's going before she needs to be carried? FIND OUT NEXT TIME on Days of our Arx.

Jasher manages to summon what remains of his composure and rights himself in time to avoid an impending social disaster; that is to say he is no longer dragging his cousin to the floor with his unmitigated armored weight. Instead, he resorts to using the two women flanking him as additional supports while he focuses intently upon stilling the world that insists upon spinning like a top each time his eyes peek open. He catches Keely's quick, passing smile and offers one of his own, though it comes out as more a wince than anything.

Noah is overheard praising Jaenelle.

A little flushed in the face, Denica shoots Leonaess and appreciative if not sheepish look. Shuffling a little in place, when Jasher is secured, she is pressing paint stained fingers to her cheeks feeling the heat there. Best efforts. As Alantir approaches on his horse, in the direction of the trio she stands part in, vivid blues look upwards. "Captain," she greets with an easy smile, before looking back at her cousin with an amused smirk. It's then that she catches Keely's pecking and returns it in short order, tugging at the hem of her vest to ensure she's still put together.

"Yes, of course," murmurs Kael when Keely says she needs to say her goodbyes. For his part, he has that extra glass of wine that he still needs to sip from, which he does - in high probability to ensure that the Grayson does not actually drink it, as well as being polite. Once this is taken care of, he gives it to a member of some passing staff or where other empty glasses are. He does try to be tidy, after all. He dips in the direction of the Archduchess and her consort while not actually approaching, content to be patient and just keep a watchful eye from afar. When Keely is back on his arm, he asks her, "Did you have a nice time?" before starting to stroll northward. He does not, of course, make with any sort of carrying unless necessary. He just GREATLY supports her. At least until they are out of view or it seems necessary.

Kael is overheard praising Jaenelle.

Kael is overheard praising Alantir.

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