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Prince Artur Redrain

Look, it's not that I don't understand that responsibility is important, it's just that I also understand that it's really boring...

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Sprightly Swashbuckler
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Redrain
Gender: male
Marital Status: Single
Age: 25
Birthday: 12/13
Religion: Pantheon / Shamanism
Vocation: Knight
Height: 6'0"
Hair Color: dark blond
Eye Color: warm brown
Skintone: fair

Description: Artur is narrow, slender and lanky, with a sharp bite to the angle of his hips. Everything about him is long: long legs, long torso, long arms, long, slim fingers. Energetic, dynamic in motion and closely muscled, his lanky height is wiry and tight, rather than built heavily or bulky. Freckles spatter his high-boned, sharply angled features. His brown eyes are striking in clarity and color, their warm hue suggestive of cinnamon. His hair is kept short, neatly trimmed and darkly golden. There's a suggestion of coltish youth and abounding energy to his body and carriage.

Personality: Artur struggles with directed focus on many things in his life because there is so much to do and learn and be. Fancies tug at him like will-o-the-wisps, and he'll chase them with all the energy of an overgrown fleethound until the next one catches his attention and turns him after it. He can frequently get cheerfully lost down logic trains that make little sense outside his own head, and also, he's very bad at jokes, not because he doesn't enjoy humor but because he tends to "get" them about twenty minutes after everyone else in the room, sometimes with a loud "Oh!" and then a now-completely-inappropriate chortling laugh. Warm and friendly, frequently hyperactive almost to a point of manic in his energy, he can be contagious in his enthusiasms, and it's very easy to get caught up with him in his energy. Sometimes people go along with his ideas only -- once out of his company and no longer subject to the Arturian common sense jamming field -- to stare around and wonder what happened.

Background: Artur was a happy child, with the joy and energy of a young boy raised by parents with a good balance of benevolent distance and bland-edged discipline. His closest supervision was from a crotchety old shaman whose stories evolved as Artur aged, retaining his attention cleverly by incorporating more boogers and farts once Artur reached a certain age, and peppering his storytelling with blood and guts liberally throughout his childhood. Indoors, Artur had a little sister to equal parts torment and defend; outdoors, he had worlds to conquer, many of them entirely fueled by his own mind.

As a boy, every day of his was filled with imagination games. One day he would be an evil wizard bent on world domination -- "please make sure you clean your hands and wash behind your ears when you're done building your sorcerous tower, dear" -- and the next day, a shining beacon of purity and light, showing the world the benefits of a true paladin -- "what a clever sword, Artur, did you make it from a stick?" -- and the day after, a secretly infiltrated dwarf agent, stealthing through the manor with daring surreptitiousness -- "we can see you hiding under the table, my prince, as I'm afraid your boots are sticking out." As he grew and learned his lessons and studied with swordmasters and trained in (oh no) etiquette like a good prince, his imagination games grew no less colorful, if they grew subtler; in his teen years, his flights of fancy he kept to scribblings in his journal, artistic translations of this visiting diplomat into an elven infiltrator bent on seducing his mother, or that complex arithmetic economics problem being illustrated with dragons and eggs instead of sacks of grain. He doodled constantly, and made stories in his head, and although he wasn't secretive about them, he became aware as he moved towards adulthood that they were -- if not childish things to be put aside -- private treasures to be kept to those he trusted. "Today, I shall go on a hunt," would be his itinerary, and then instead, while hunting pheasant he would imagine himself agriffonback, chasing the winged terror of a dragon marauding the countryside. "Today, I shall go with my father to an important meeting," would be the plan, and in his head, one of the councillors was replaced by a luring mirrorborn with destuctive appetites (the drawing from that day was paticularly spooky and splendid).

Yet still, even as he grew to adulthood, his imagination pictures stayed with him. Even today, as he rides towards the capital, he imagines himself alive with derring-do, questing for adventure, rather than doing what he is supposed to do exactly, which is go to Arx and support the North's political, economic and military goals potentially by securing an alliance somewhere in the Southlands.

Relationship Summary

  • Gwenna - Younger Sister!

  • Acquaintance:
  • Adora - Maker of most excellent bookcases!
  • Amund - A sellsword, but reliable and easy to work with.

  • Family:
  • Marian - Badass Dragon Lady. Teaches me swordsmanship.
  • Echo - Tiny cousin with the enormous blade.

  • Friend:
  • Aiden - One of my closest friends and a trusted adventuring companion!
  • Aksel - A solid friend I can always rely on in a pinch.
  • Arthen - A man after my own heart! A lover of stories and adventure.

  • Protege:
  • Alessandro - My brilliant protege! A financial mastermind and a wonderful friend.
  • Name Summary
    Aedin A clever and entertaining prince.
    Alessandro Prince Artur's sense of adventure is boundless and infectious. It is one of his greatest gifts, as well as making the people around him feel as though they are vital to those adventures he craves. I am honored to count him among my friends.
    Amund Life of the party, brave and gallant. Artur Redrain is one of the best damn knights on the continent and he should know it.
    Arcadia Joy! My adventuring friend is back! No more wife talk. No more love talk! Just fighting foes and exploring forever and ever!
    Braelynn I have never seen a more livelier man in my life.
    Dariel As excitable and bright as I remember. Nothing like like the Northerner stereotype.
    Elgana There are so many words to describe Artur: outgoing, playful, thoughtful, and adventurous, to name a few. It is no small wonder he's always been amongst my favorite within our family. I treasure him and would do anything to see his dreams come true.
    Evaristo The times I've seen him, he's always been so ENTERTAINING.
    Helena One of my favorite cousins, Artur is one of the happiest, warmest people I know, the best storyteller I've ever met. My life would be much less colorful if he were not in it. Long live the pajama prince!
    Mirari An generic prince who clearly values and cares for his family. He also an eye for fine jewelry. Anyone lucky enough to have a piece made by Joscelin has excellent taste.
    Reese It is nice to see Prince Artur again. He really loves hot chocolate and cream, which I agree with and find that to be good taste. He seems relaxed and easy going and probably makes for good company.
    Sabella Such a fantastic storyteller I wonder sometimes how he is not a Grayson! He's delightfully upbeat and cheerful. I often feel like he's a long-lost brother of mine!
    Shard Well, he's...eager. He's very eager. Friends with Aiden, and he enjoys stories about Weostahn.