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A Yo Ho Ho, and blow of your boat

Come spend an evening around the fires of the Rivenshari to share in Bells and laughter, songs and stories, dancing and cookies.

Bring your best boat (toy) for a race upon the creek. And be ready to sneak away with some of Amelia's delicious ginger cookies.


June 16, 2022, 9:30 p.m.

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Keely Mabelle Medeia Kiera Patrizio Noah Dino Gabriella Aella Rosalind Mirk Romulius Amari Poppy Wash Artorius Eshra Athaur Drake Cassiopeia Jaenelle Neve Mikani Teague Caspian Catalana Calandra



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Rivenshari Expanse

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Winter, A Highhill Puppy have been dismissed.

Angeline have been dismissed.

Teague checks dexterity and performance at normal. Teague marginally fails.

The Rivenshari expanse has a low amber glow surrounding the creek running front of the large gates and through open fields behind leading back to yurts and small buildings. Soft waters of the creek are lit by torches running its riverbeds while several strings of bells have been hung off of the low bridge crossing over it. Rivenshari children run along edges of the creek cheering on their boats while others at the bridge drop rocks and sticks upon the few boats that come close to making it under, followed by loud cheering for the boats that make it past the obstacles while Violeta fishes them out and hands the small boats to their victors before they run back to try their luck again. Leaving Violeta to sitting back down upon a large boulder with basket of smaller rocks nearby.

The outdoor kitchen is filled with laughter and song while Rivenshari all pitch in to help lay out food, a nibble in tasting for their guests, and possibly to distract Amelia while others steal a cookie. Even the tables have small bells dangling from them, children climbing under to hide and grab at the platters with roasted apples and peppers, cabbage rolls stuffed with fish, an assortment of cheeses, breads, and the famous ginger cookies.

A large welcoming smile for guests arriving from Mattheu while Violeta cat calls him in Ravashari, business as usual for those that have had the pleasure to meet the tall colorful woman who follows the Rivenshari lord around, always with a quirk of smile, joke to be had, and natural prankster.

A light breeze catches bells in trees and along the gates leading back to rest of the expanse, Mattheu stands upon a make-shift platform running over the creek. Turning his face to allow the breeze to catch upon bells in his hair and smiles as his short brown locks flow easily without his headscarf in the way. A wide smile to all, with a few words back to Violeta which turn into a laugh. "Welcome all. Friends, and soon to be friends. Welcome to our expanse, there's food by the fire. A game upon the creek in a bit. There's bells for you to take from the chest by the fire. May you wear them as you please. If you wish for a drink there's several liqueurs in there too." He laughs as Violeta gets up from the bridge to grab a bottle of the pear liqueur before its all gone.

That crown is on the mountain's head as he dances around now he is enjoying the bells in his hair. Teague is lost in pleasure at the jingle jangles, as he throws his head back to let out a mirth filled laugh. "LORD MATTHEU! IT IS EVERYTHING I HOPED AND DREAMED OF! THANK YOU FOR THE BELLS!" His voice is filled with so much mirth, his face light up like a kid standing in a candy store as he dances and prances around with twists and turns. His right hand with the bottle, as he dances with himself taking long swigs he is lost in the moment already! A yell of pure happiness coming from the warrior, as he leaps into the air with a twirl and a spin. "TO THE COMPACT! TO ARX! TO RIVENSHARI!" His hand is lifting that bottle high as he states this with pure love and mirth filling him as he spins once more! That is when he tumbles as one foot is comes up around the other as he rolls with a happy content chuckle, as he lifts the bottle above him to drink it slowly as he rest now with a wide smile.

2 Kennex corsairs, Jane, Mildred the mousy librarian arrive, following Catalana.

Catalana arrives, following Caspian.

6 Grayson House Guards, Wyla, a small wisp of an assistant arrive, following Keely.

Caspian takes Rivenshari Pryania 'Pear' Liqueur from Wind Dancer Chest.

Caspian takes A small braided crown of orchids with bells from Wind Dancer Chest.

Neve trades out a single bell of the orchid crown offered to her on arriving, weaving a few sections of hair through to help keep it in place. She smiles to Mattheu when she greets him, eyes bright. "I feel like I've been waiting ages for this!"

Caspian snatches up the crown of bells and immediately put it on his head. "This is AMAZIN! i am like a less handsome and noisy lord Matthey!" he laughs merrily, giving a twirl and jingling as he does. he has a small back that he brought with him, a bag he keeps very close and secretive. "Lord Mattheu this is marvelous! thank you for opening the gates!"

Catalana takes A small braided crown of orchids with bells from Wind Dancer Chest.

Catalana laughs low and throaty when the bells are placed upon her head. "How lovely." She teases Caspian and assures Mattheu, "Caspian is a pale imitation of your handsomeness My lord. Thank you for the invitation here." She poses for Caspian and twists her head left and right for him to hear the bells. "What do you think?"

Keely slips a bit timidly into the expanse, hanging about on the fringes for a time as her dark eyes take in the festivities. She eventually takes a breath, edging her way around the outskirts until she finds her way to Mattheu, stopped to be handed a familiar-looking crown of her favorite flowers. She looks rather flustered by the time she gets to her protege, and rather than voicing a proper greeting, she simply sips something into his hand with a small smile and then tries to find somewhere out of the way to wallflower.

Keely gets A small braided crown of orchids with bells from Wind Dancer Chest.

Keely gets Rivenshari Pryania 'Pear' Liqueur from Wind Dancer Chest.

Teague leaps up as he watches Neve. "LADY NEVE DO MY HAIR." He rushes forward mountain of happy as he spins around his long hair is whipping around his head, as he looks down at his beard. "Or shall we do the beard! Or shall we do both!" His eyes so wide as he looks at everyone, all of it taking it with a throwing his head back with a mirth filled howl of joy. "CASSSIE this place is amazing!" He grins at his friend as he looks over at Caspian. "Master Wild, this place is so amazing. There is going to be boat racing, I heard on the grape vine." His eyes twinkle with nothing but mirth as he stands there to see if Neve will assist his hair and beard in the bell process! "Yes Caspian much less handsome!" He grins as he nods towards Catalana and then he grins at Keely. "Princess Keely, it is good to see you twice in such a short time. I feel very honored!" His voice is rings out towards the princess, as he stands there still now well not totally he is bouncing from foot to foot as he waits for the braiding of the bells!

Jenkins, an armed champion, Talidan, a crotchety old man who shakes his cane arrive, following Nazmir.

While Matti played the part of host, The Marquis took the rare opportunity to not be the center of attention. Or at least as minimally center as the flamboyant man decked with a plethora of bells can be anyways. At the moment he was circling a campfire off to one side, playing his guitar and singing a song in Ravashari to a circle of young children, who laughed and squealed at Athaur's antics among them.

"I'll be right there!" Neve promises Teague with a laugh at his demand for styling before practically skipping on her bare feet to go meet the tall man with the booming voice. "How many braids will it be today?"

Medeia arrives with what appears to be a small party of her own in tow. Two toddlers are set down by her guardsman, Loryk, who immediately run off to find Rivenshari children to play with. "Lord Mattheu!" She calls out to catch his attention, and once gotten, Klavdiya thrusts a squirming cat out toward him. "Do you recall the day your patron homed one of my cat's kittens? She had hoped for you to take one, too. This one..." The cat is pointed to, still squirming, "Seems perfect for you. It stowed away on a ship for months and became an excellent rat catcher. His name is Virgil." There is little indication that the lady is going to accept anything other than Mattheu taking the cat. She gives him a winning smile before looking around and spotting the aforementioned patron. "Princess Keely! How lovely to see you. And Lady Catalana! It has been far too long. Lord Teague, Master Caspian..." Her eyes skim the crowd, pleased to see so many unexpected faces. "How very lovely this is."

Mattheu doubles over in laughter as Teague finds the BEST spot upon the gardens to sit with his drink in hand. Calling back to Caspian with that grin, "Come now Caspian. You've got many admirers that would say otherwise." Then a look to Neve with which bell she chooses from the silken flower, "Lady Neve, it's good to see you again." Mattheu nods to Keely, capturing her before she's able to run away completely by throwing his arm over her shoulder to whisper to her.

Virgil - an agile wildcat kitten have been dismissed.

Teague runs his hand through his beard as he thinks long and hard. "Well, this is a formal party." His voice is booming as he grins at Neve. "Let's do the braid it has yet to be braid since I grow it out and I think the bells will do well there." His hand is brings out a few that he smuggled in his pockets with a wink at her. "I wanted to fit in, but Lord Mattheu was kind of enough to provided. But we shall use these if no-one minds." His eyes on the Rivenshari, to make sure he is not offending as he turns now to the newest person to great him.

"Lady Medeia Eswynd. It has been too long, very much so!" Teague beams at her with a slightly dipping of his body, as he offers his beard towards Neve it is bushy and long as he has been spending much time growing it out as of late. "I do hope this evening finds you well. Enjoy the bells, they are quiet amazing! They make one feel alive, and free and fast of feet!" His voice is booms out once more as he throws his head back into another mirth filled laugh, and than he bends down for Neve as the mountain of a man grins at everyone.

Caspian looks to Catalana and laughs merrily, "you look marvelous Lady Catalana! bells suit you i think! perhaps the Thraxian ships should adorn themselves with bells! it would make the long days at sea far more musical!" his gave flicked to Teague and he nodded his ehad "yes there is! i bear a token from Lady Cassiopeia for just such an event! and the beard.. definitely the beard! that when why i am besting you in the training center and tugging you round by your beard i can dance to the tune!" he laughed with playful ease, teasing the big man. his gave traveled to mattheu and he beamed, "nonsense my friend! nonsense! and Lady Medeia! its good to see you in good times! normally i feel we run into each other when someone is bleeding profusely"

Jenkins, an armed champion, Talidan, a crotchety old man who shakes his cane leave, following Nazmir.

Catalana is clearly delighted at seeing Medeia. "Lady Medeia! It has been far too long. I hope you are fairing well?" Teague's booming has Catalana stepping back a moment and perhaps ordering a small amount of cotton for her ears before returning. She gladly accepts a warmed cup of tea and shakes her head at Caspian, "I doubt the bells would make us all that fearful. That, or we'll be confused with the Rivenshari and then we will have a whole mess out on the water."

Kiera walks in with a bright smile wearing a free flowing silk dress and navigator's hat at a jaunty angle. taking the hat from her own head . she stands on tip toe to place it on Matti's "yours I believe. . You're far too tall you kknow

Neve chuckles and gets to work coming Teague hair with her fingers, adding the smuggled bells as she weaves strands together. "Careful now, you don't want more jingle than the Marcus over there," she warns with a nod toward Athaur. "There's rules where these bells are concerned, you know."

Athaur pauses his song as Medeia's children joing the gaggle that surrounds him. "Hmm more of you little ones are coming out of the reeds now. But I suppose it would be best for a song that all could enjoy." He strums a few more notes before setting off into another song, some sort of silly story about a dog that wants to be a knight.

Mattheu ruffles the hair of a pair of boys that run up to him showing off their boat and the broken one that got hit by the /falling rocks/ both are laughing as the talk fast about their race. "Aegis, Hyar. You remember the Eswynd children?" Then there's a wild cat thrust into his face and the boys stare at the cat before running off to play with the other children. Mattheu takes the cat and holds it as if he's not completely sure how to carry the animal, trying to figure out if Virgil will fit in one of his pouches. A look over towards Keely with grin, "Ah. I will need to thank my patron as well." He turns quickly to nod towards Catalana, "It's good to see you again Lady Catalana." Calling over to Teague, "Formal party? Here?" then interrupted as Kiera places his own hat back upon his head, "Lady Kiera, you're starting to wear many bells like my family." with a nod towards Neve, looking over to his brother. "Athaur! You've a small horde following you. Have they had their cookies yet?"

Teague nods towards Kiera. "Lady Kiera it has been too long. I hope you have been well." As he looks over at Caspian with a soft chuckle. "Have you not spared Lord Mattheu, with these bells you will never touch me again. They get great power, great power! At least I have to tell myself that anytime I spar him." His head is thrown back for a little laugh, as he stops himself for the bear braiding. "Lord Mattheu I speak in Jest this is a wonderful gathering. You honor us greatly, thank you for throwing this!" His beard is steady this time, as he looks at Neve. "Oh is that how that works. I have not had much time to ask, for each time I meet Lord Mattheu he beats me in the ring. Than I pant for a bit. I'm getting old."

Kiera takes A small braided crown of orchids with bells from Wind Dancer Chest.

Teague is overheard praising Mattheu: THROWS THE BEST PARTIES.

Caspian gives a shrug, "never know! bells can be quite terrifying if used correctly. imagine.. the mists have surroudned you, darkness is falling when suddenly.." he shook his head, causing a jingle jingle of bells "its honestly enough to cause men to take firght and leap into the water i say!" he offers a smirk and looks to Teague and nods, "oh gods yes! i have had the pleasure of many spars with Lord Mattheu. The first time i was confused by the shear numbers of bings and bongs his bells made i nearly surrendered right on the spot from sheer confusion!"

"Well, try having a conversation before you start swinging steel next time," Neve says with a grin, adding another of the bells before switching to the other side. "Are you ready for this boat race? I know I am!"

Looking a little overwhelmed, Keely was captured before she was able to blend in, and now she kind of hovers at Mattheu's side, lifting a hand to whisper behind it to him momentarily and then turning to offer timid smiles and soft greetings to those who have said hello. A dip of her chin to Teague, a step forward to peck Medeia's cheek, and she is quietly murmuring to the Eswynd Lady and Rivenshari Lord before beginning to slip off into the crowd.

Kiera grasps Teague's arm lightly "Lord Teague what a blessing and a joy to see you again, looking just as healthy as you ever were. i was by when you were ill helping to treat you. We must dance before the night is through

"Caspian!" Medeia feigns shock and dismay. "You say that as if those are not good times!" She quickly winks at the man before looking satisfied that Mattheu has accepted the cat. The twins, Miklos and Savja, are now following Aegis and Hyar around wherever they go, refusing to speak in Arvani and thus causing some confusion once again as the Eswynd and Rivenshari children cobble together some hodgepodge language of their two Shav dialects. With the shake of her head, the lady moves to talk with Catalana. "My lady, you sent a letter some time ago. Did I ever respond? I apologize, things have been... Well, you know, do you not? None in the Isles is free of stress, just now." Keely's peck on her cheek draws a beaming smile. "Your Highness, any chance to see you - even for a short time - is a pleasure."

Teague looks at Neve as he thinks for a moment. "Actually for now no more spars. I'm trying to be me not the man my father wished. Focusing on hobbies, and well finding myself." His voice is soft, as he smiles at his friend as he looks over at Caspian. "I will work with the warriors of my house. But that is all the war in my training. I will go off to war as it is coming, but for now I focus on enjoying my life." His voice is softly spoke, it will carry for he is allows loud but this time it is not a bellow as he smiles at Neve. "Figured I should listen to those I love and trust for once. Try to slay the shadow of the father." His eyes move to Caspian as he chuckles softly, as he looks over at Caspian. "Indeed. We will spar in time, but not this week or the next. I have a new method to my madness. We need to speak later." Than the tug on his arm as he looks down at Kiera. "Of course, I thank you from my soul for doing that and my whole house does. You have always been a wonderful soul in these dark times. I would be honored to dance with you Lady Kiera."

Athaur looks over towards Mattheu and laughs "Oh no. Not yet. We are organizing a full scale assault. Amelia shall be overwhelmed and all of the cookies with be ours."

Catalana smiles gently to Medeia and watches the children all move off, "I should of brought Grey. He is pining terribly for a playmate since Wash went to sea." She assures Medeia with a brief wave of her hand. "I honestly can't remember but we have had bigger issues since, hmm? I was just reading the report from your husband. Did I read it correctly that a shark ate his boat?"

Keely is overheard praising Mattheu: You continue to grow and impress. I am so incredibly proud of you.

Mattheu smiles to his brother, "A well sought plan. And with the young Eswynds even!" He laughs and nods to Keely after a quiet word before she slips into the crowd. He bounces in a cascade of bells singing out all at once upon as he makes his way back to the small platform over the creek. "Friends! As the creek is not deep enough nor wide enough for a full boat race, I have sized it down to a toy boat race. Splash! Blow! Sabotage your friends boats! The point is to get your boat from here to under the bridge." He points to the bridge where Violeta still sits now a few knuckles into a bottle of Pryania. She waves the bottle to the group then starts laughing. "Violeta might have some surprises for those that get extra close to the bridge. She may take bribes, she might not." Mattheu laughs himself and shrugs. "For those that are ready, line up your boats here." He steps off the platform to stand at edge of the creek while waiting for those that want to play to line up.

Caspian looked to medeia and laughed, bobbing his head, "Well in truth i cant complain! every time i can think of you were either sewing me up, or instructing me not to let all that blood out of my body, or patching someone i cared about up! and since those are both marvelous thing to have happen your sentiment is absolutely true!" he looked to Teague as he spoke, his brow raising slightly. then eh strode over and embraced the big man in a tight hug. "You are far more than a warrior brother. We will sing, dance, drink, and learn all manner of things together for as long as you like" he let go and stepped back, with a smirk, "maybe we can learn to knit! i need some new socks!"

Teague has joined the line.

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Turn in line: Teague

Teague checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 10 higher.

Teague checked dexterity + sailing at difficulty 30, rolling 5 lower.

Caspian drops a toy boat made from a coconut shell and saffron silk named 'Boatio'.

Caspian checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 43 higher.

Caspian checked dexterity + sailing at difficulty 30, rolling 24 higher.

Caspian checked luck at difficulty 40, rolling 28 lower.

Neve checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 8 lower.

Catalana checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 21 higher.

Catalana checked dexterity + sailing at difficulty 30, rolling 7 higher.

Catalana checked luck at difficulty 40, rolling 29 lower.

Catalana checked composure + athletics at difficulty 40, rolling 10 lower.

Kiera smiles "We should all do well to enjoy ourselves as we can. lord mattheu has endeavored to teach me mant things during our friendship sailing dang but having fun is most important games are a foot

A little paper boat built by his hand sealed with wax. Is held above his head it is not well made but on the side is written in crude hand writing BOAT MCBOATY FACE. As he sets it down ready to watch it sail down into the river. His face is filled with mirht so proud and than it runs right into the side, as it does it the boat is going down as Teague drops to his knees. His hands shaking to the heavens in mock defeat as he grins at the others, with a wicked chuckle. "This is fun. I have a new hobby, I will master the art of the paper boat!"

Kiera has joined the line.

Turn in line: Caspian

Turn in line: Neve

Caspian takes a toy boat made from a coconut shell and saffron silk named 'Boatio'.

Medeia releases an exasperated sigh at Catalana's question, which she tries to stifle. "You read correctly. They way that man goes through boats..." She isn't actually upset. Then she notices Kiera and gives a wave of greeting before turning back to Catalana. "Whenever you have the time, I would love to know more about your inquiry." She spares a glance toward the children when it's suggested they may assault a cookie-holding person. "Miklos, Savja, /at least/ say 'please' and 'thank you' if you are going to join the Rivenshari in cookie theft." The Lycene lady has low standards for her half-Prodigal children.

Caspian takes out a fancy looking coconut based ship. Its clearly from the Saffron chain.. what with the cocnuts and Silk. And the Carving of the name 'Boatio' might also suggest its origination. he apprahces the water edges and grins, kneeling and placing the boat in the water. "Alright Boatio my friend, let the wind guide your sails! cover yourself in glory today and bring us victory!" the boat is off! Majestically it sails, sliding easily down the waterway with nary a bump along its path. firm construction and a hearty crew of ants guide it safely on! and then a errant ripple send it off course and careening into a rock. thus ended the voyage of Boatio. Caspian stood, put a hand to his heart and bowed his head. "it was valiantly done my friend..." then he burst out laughing and stepped back

When Neve presents her boat and sets it on the water, it looks a bit like something a magpie decorated. Little bits and bobs that shine are adhered to the sides of the paper ship, and a small scrap of ribbon serves as a flag atop what masses for a mast. Really it looks like she just picked a few beads from her own hair and used that on what was otherwise plain paper. When it sinks almost instantly from being too heavy to stay afloat in actual water she steps back with a laugh. "I guess I have a lot to learn about boating."

Catalana is a Kennex after all. Sailing is in her blood and she has spent most of her life with a sailing fanatic. So it should be no surprise when she pulls out a bar of soap that has been shaped like a boat with a jaunty little purple sail. Taking it over to the water, she releases it into the stream. It immediately takes off and slides down the river with little bubbles trailing behind it. "Go go Wash-boat!" It sails to the left, and she sort of waves her hand as if fanning it down and the wash-boat corrects itself. However, Catalana did not clearly think through this plan of a soap bar because it quite quickly disintergrates and starts to sink.

"Oh. Poo!" She exclaims before turning back to Medeia and suggests as if it's the most logical conclusion, "Either give him a yearly boat allowance or suggest he funds building a port. It's how Wash manages to have so many boats these days. He was blowing through them like drinks. At least if he's building them he takes care of them better."

Mattheu shakes his head as Teague's boat finds its way into the reeds along the creek's edges, laughing with the large Northern man. "They are fun to build!" A quick glance is sent towards Medeia, "Please and thank you? Lady Medeia, they are to be stealing the cookies. It's a timed honored trad..." Instead of finishing that line, he starts laughing again as most of the Rivenshari children start chanting 'please' and 'thank you' for the most inopportune times. Even Violeta joins in while picking up a few rocks to be ready for causing waves for any of the boats that come close to the bridge.

Kiera checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 10 higher.

Turn in line: Athaur

Athaur checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 1 lower.

2 Rivenshari Clansman, Timbo, agile and cheeky rivenshari youth, Apria, Starling of the jeweled wings, 2 Rivenshari Elite Guards arrive, following Eshra.

Athaur breaks away from the children, producing a longboat with a smile. "Now, I just wanted to test my mettle against all of you. I did not intend to be a serious contender but how could I turn down a boat race!" He sets the little ship into the stream. It takes off, seeming to be speeding right along. Until it becomes obvious that it is taking on water from a poor seal and soon capsizes. Athaur's face falls.

Turn in line: Catalana

Turn in line: Kiera

Kiera checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 4 lower.

Medeia gapes at all the children, surprise clear in her expression as her attempt to instill manners into /her/ two backfires splendidly. As Violeta picks up the 'please' and 'thank you' chanting, the lady bursts into giggles over the whole situation.

Athaur is overheard praising Mattheu.

Kiera has actually managed to hollow out a piece of wood with vagually rounded meant to approximate a canoe. She seems exceeding proud as she places it in the water and it manages to float a full 90 seconds before beginning to sink

Teague watches the boat and than he grins at the others as he claps softly. "Indeed. Lord Mattheu this is amazing." His eyes twinkle as he watches his brother in trouble Caspain and than he grins at Neve. "So shall we all master the art of the paper boat with each other. Using our own rivers, and challenge at the next one." His voice is coming out as he looks over at Catalana with a dipping of his head. "Good evening Lady Catalana Kennex. That is a great name for a boat, named after a great man." His voice is filled with mirth, as he bites into his lip.

Neve has joined the nearby the creek.

Mattheu strides along the edges of the creek keeping an eye on everyone's boats. Caspian's Boatio has made it quite far, a crowd of children follow its journey each talking about the funny shell that it uses to float. Then Neve's boat is cheered for, its colors dancing along the water bobbing. Several of the children run up to her to ask about her ribbons while showing off their own bells in their hair. Violeta looks to be cheering on Boatio as well, almost forgetting that she has small rocks to add to the /dangers/ of the creek and race. Mattheu cheers for everyone's boats, pointing out the different boats to the small cat that sits poking its head out from his pouch at chest, occasionally seeking to escape the jingling upon Mattheu's clothing.

Eshra steps out of the trail that leads back towards the family yurts, on her hip a small dark haired girl, with red teary eyes and a thumb in her mouth as she clings to her mother's shoulder. From the look of it, this is something that has been going on for a bit, as Eshra looks haggard and Kaleia looks ready to burst into wails again at any moment. The two, mom walking, Kaleia on ride along start making their way towards the creek.

Catalana admits to Teague, "It's not named after Lord Washburn. His ego is inflated enough. No. It's named Wash boat as it is soap and it's primary job is to wash people. So...wash-boat." She laughs throatily and murmurs to a couple of kids some tricks to get her some cookies before straightening. "You did quite well yourself Lord Teague."

Teague chuckles softly at the joke as he grins right at Catalana. "Well done, you have fooled my trust wits. That is something to drink to, it is a good name. Even better now. Thank you, for a non sailor I think I put up a good fight." His voice is filled with mirth, as he walks over to try and steal himself a cookie.

Mattheu takes a diamondplate seax with leather wrapped antler handle from leather rucksack with pouches.

Serenade, a lovely nightingale arrives, following Calandra.

Serenade, a lovely nightingale leaves, following Calandra.

Serenade, a lovely nightingale arrives, following Calandra.

Caspian watches the boats sail with rapt attention! "Gods.. even toy boats people are marvelous at sailing!" he paused, then scooped water and splashed it onto his face, "there we go.. now its a better representation of how i end up every time i try my hand at it." water dripped down his grinning face

Catalana teases Caspian naturally, "Do you always fall in when sailing? And was it you who can't swim and forgot to mention it when learning to sail?"

Teague comes back with an arm filled with cookies as he starts to munch now, as he shoves a few to Caspian hand as he grins at Neve. "Cookie!" His mouth is turned into a wide smile, as he starts to eat a cookie trying to have manners. "Falling into water is bad. Why I have had Lord Ian tie me to the mast." His voice is booming out with the joke as he winks at Catalana. "But sailing is on my agenda to learn soon."

Caspian shakes his head, "no no! i can swim quite well!" he laughs at that "Which is a damned good thing because yes it is me who always falls in when sailing!"

Mattheu looks around to see if anyone else is seeking to put a boat into the creek, spotting Eshra and Kaleia. A jingly wave towards his sister and niece, "Hello little one." then looking over to Eshra with a small smile. "Athaur has been collecting children in song to amass a full raiding party for cookies." A look over to their brother as he continues to dance and play with the horde of children all chiming out 'please' and 'thank yous' about things that have no rhyme or reason for them.

Neve snatches one of Teague's cookies. "Don't mind if I do," she replies before taking a bite.

Calandra seems to glide right into the party, finding herself a seat, the woman dips right into it with some uncanny grace. A smile flashed to those she knows and that notice her, and inclination to others.

As Eshra and Kaleia start down the banks of the creek.. only after a momentary stop at the kitchen it seems as both are now chewing on ginger cookies. As soon as Mattheu arrives, the little girl decides to abandon her mother for her Uncle.. or at least tries as her arms lift towards him with a trembling lip. Eshra glances at Athaur, picking out her four boys easily enough and nods. "Amelia made a double batch for today. How's your race?"

"My husband is quite the sailing instructor, Lord Teague," Medeia offers, but her attention has wandered toward Eshra and the fraught child. She moves to approach the other woman with a warm smile. "A mother can see when another needs a break. Would your little lady like to come cry on my shoulder for a spell?" Her gaze shifts to the girl, her voice soft with those Lycene notes. "I am Lady Medeia Eswynd, Those two," She points out her toddlers amidst the cookie thieves, "Are my children Milos and Savja. Would you like to meet them?"

Catalana oohs at Teague and coos, "You should certainly come along to a fundraiser I am organizing. People will be auctioning off skills and dances to help those displaced or in harm from the recent attacks on Thrax's vassals. I believe Lord Wash will be offering private sailing lessons. If you're interested."

Teague looks at Catalana as he states with a smile quiet bluntly. "If you need someone to try war or the art of weapons. I will do so, I have been looking for ways to give to the compact in new methods. I would be honored if you would allow me to do so."

The line has been dismissed by Mattheu.

Teague turns now to Medeia with a soft chuckle. "I would be honored, I will reach out to him Lady Medeia. But, I will first bid on Lord Wash, for we need to give back whenever we can."

In the midst of the party Neve finds herself holding a message with the Greenmarch seal upon it. She frowns as she breaks it, then sighs when she sees its contents. She gives Teague a friendly pat and Mattheu a wave with a bittersweet smile before slipping out.

Neve has left the nearby the creek.

Mattheu looks to his niece ready to take her as Medeia swoops in to offer Eshra a moment to herself.

Calandra checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 12 lower.

Calandra checked dexterity + sailing at difficulty 30, rolling 22 lower.

Calandra checked luck at difficulty 40, rolling 30 lower.

Calandra checked composure + athletics at difficulty 40, rolling 15 lower.

Kiera stands watching the boats and those gathered but the children at play get more than their fair share of attention "Cookie theieves in training the whole loot. I must be off. I shall see you later, my friend" she hollors toward mattheu with a parting wave

Calandra rolls a few dice and winces. "Down she goes!" She calls out as she tips a little die to one side as if it is a broken and defeated ship. "I never was one for sailing." A Culler that doesn't sail, such blasphemy.

Eshra nods to the different hellos, already getting ready to transfer the child onto her younger brother when.. Medeia's offer gets a small smile from Rivenshari lady, even as Kaleia is clinging to her hair and bells again. "That is very kind of you, Lady Eswynd." a glance at the almost two year old clinging to her. A question posed to the child in Ravashari has the little face burried into Eshra curls, with a side peering out to Medeia and an appologetic smile from Eshra. "Don't take it personally, she has a tooth that won't come in."

Catalana gives Calandra a sympathetic look. "Neither. I am glad my family didn't come. The heckling would be unbearable."

A look of understanding comes over Medeia's features, then she gestures to Klavdiya to bring her the medical bag that is always within a moment's reach. "I have just the thing for that. If you will let me?" She takes the bag and begins to paw through it. "I am a physician, and I got my start caring for children..." A small jar is found, containing a goopy looking mixture. "A bit on her gums should help soothe the pain."

As Mattheu looks to his niece giving her a silly smirk and taking a small bite of her cookie as it is offered towards him before she hides back to her mothers safety.
Violeta wanders over to Mattheu with a tally sheet of all the boats, with a nod towards Caspian before looking to Eshra with a smile and making sure to drop the rocks she's still holding onto into the creek. Mattheu smiles with a laugh as Kiera leaves, waving to her and pulling out a seax from his rucksack, then calling over to Caspian. "Caspian, we've fought for fun upon many sparing pits. And today while little Boatio didn't find its journey as far as may have hoped. Boatio still made it farther than the others. I present to you this lovely Seax made by one of the cities best known blacksmiths."

Caspian gives a bright smile to Calandra and a wave, "So.. i shouldnt go telling Raja about this then?" he gives a laugh, "never fear, secret is safe with me!"

Calandra squints in warning at Caspian. "I will find the filthiest part of town and roll all your clothes in it if you do!" She threatens, she may very well be serious.

Caspian looks to Mattheu and gives a bow, his face breaking into a bright smile. "Boatio has done himself and all of us proud! but his construction i cannot claim. Lady Cassiopeia is the coconut boat master! should any seek boats of coconut, they should seek her out! this victory belongs to her!" he offers Mattheu a grin, "Thank you my friend for hosting such a marvelous party!"

Teague chuckles softly as he looks at the others and than grins at Caspian as he claps with a wild pleasure. "WELL DONE CASSIE." But as these words are spoken a messenger is shoved into his hands as he reads it slowly with a shake of his head. "Sadly, it seems the world of training is calling me. I have a troubled group of soliders that got a little too passionate at a tavern. Each of you have a wonderful evening." As he turns slowly to make his way for the exit.

Eshra blinks at the little pot of goop and gives Medeia a gratefil look as she takes it. 'My thanks, M'lady." Looking again to Kaleia who giggles at Mattheu and holds her cookie out again, though now he is gone to see to his guests. "My boys were all easy, teeth came in, ran before they could walk.. not one was as clingy as this little one. I hope that it's not the normal difference between girls and boys.. otherwise I do doubt would owe my mother an apology.

"You are quite welcome," Medeia assures Eshra, before looking back over at her two eldest. "I do not think it is a difference between boys and girls..." The lady lapses into conversation and revelry, easily finding enjoyment among the adults and children alike throughout the rest of the party. Whenever it is time to leave, she leaves with one less cat and several more cookies than she started the night with.

Caspian begins to look at the knife a bite closer now, eyes passing over the blade with a practiced eye. The more he looks at it, the more excited he gets. his fingers trace along the handle, slowly gliding along the blade. "This.. this is amazing! a remarkable weapon and gorgeous piece of art!"

Teague is overheard praising Caspian: BOAT CHAMP!

Catalana thanks Teague for the offer before retreating with her cookies and bells. "Thank you for the evening Lord Matthue. I will be sure to sing the praises of your party to everyone." She moves out of the gardens too, leaving Caspian to play with his new toy. "Try not to cut a finger off Caspian."

Eshra is overheard praising Mattheu: Great job

Mattheu smiles to Catalana and Teague, giving them both a jingling bow before they leave. Turning back quickly to dash over to Kaleia and the offered cookie with a playful look of being sad that he missed out on her offer of cookie. "Not quite a bardic night, though still many showed up and have fun. Even got Athaur to help teach the Eswynd children, and Hyar and Aegis have been creating a new dialect? mixed of Isles and Ravashari. What could possibly go wrong?" He laughs softly before looking back to Violeta who has gone back to helping the children drops rocks into the creek to create waves.

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