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Time to Dance!

Have you been dancing the same three dances at every function for the last few seasons? Have you avoided events entirely for fear of boring potential dance partners to sleep in the middle of the dance floor?

Worry no more! Come to the Elysian Ballroom, brush up on the latest dances, and make new friends in the process.

All are welcome, come in comfortable attire and ready to have fun!


Jan. 8, 2022, 6 p.m.

Hosted By

Keely Cesare


Aconite Grady Temira Ilira Edris Monique Cristoph Noah Udell Artorius Mattheu Jaenelle Deva Corban Liara Oriana Maharet



Arx - Ward of the Crown - Whisper House - Elysian Ballroom

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Comments and Log


One of my greatest fears is loss or lack of control. I know it's an irrational one; we as mortals have never had full control. It should be a lesson, then, that I am at my best when I lose mine.

The dance hosted by Princess Keely was magic. Her Highness, Softest Cesare, and Lord Mattheu all led exquisite demonstrations for their chosen choreography, and I was spellbound to do naught but follow.

It's funny, I am often so tense in social situations--this instance was no exception--at least in the beginning. The hardest part of attending an event is taking myself there. Many folks are surprised when I confess this, and I'm just like, 'Thank goodness, I am not so see-through as I feel!' A smile can be a fabulous mechanism of defense. But last night, mine had no need for artifice.

When I perform, all the tension in my body, heart, and mind releases. I imagine those first steps of a dance to me are what a bird feels when they take flight. Perhaps that's why Lord Rivenshari's dance compelled me deepest. Every dance is an ode to the balance between order and chaos, but the Rivensharis hold a particular proximity to it that manifests breathtakingly in their way of entertainment. The name of that balance is freedom, and I live for it.

All I've left to say to the ones who were there, is thank you. It was a wonder to be free with you.

Dolente, a mourning dove, Dolce, a collared dove, Appassionata, a trumpeter swan arrive, following Cesare.

Rupert, the Laurent Archivist, 2 Valardin Knights, 1 Laurent veteran guards arrive, following Cristoph.

Grady finds himself, upon entry into the ballroom, promptly relieved of his scarf. There's a brief (gentle) disagreement over his coat, which he's not willing to give up and isn't really outerwear, and then he's herded, with noises of confusion but not really protest, into the center of the room. And now he's here! In the middle of the room. Ready for whatever the event has in store.

Temira mutters, "sounds good"

12 House Velenosa Guards, Ibasia, the Velenosa Lady-in-Waiting, Ellani, the palm sized spider arrive, following Jaenelle.

Jordan, apologetic Gentleman of the Chamber, Jaenelle arrive, following Noah.

12 Grayson House Guards arrives, following Liara.

Ilira stands arm in arm with Temira in the circle, murmuring something to her that elicits an impish grin.

2 House Deepwood Guards have been dismissed.

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Cesare checked dexterity + sewing at difficulty 9, rolling 33 higher.

Cesare drops Setaran folk dance.

As guests filter in, Keely warmly greets each person by formal titles as event staff take their coats and outerwear, and she gently directs them to stand in a large circle around the outside of the room where they presumably greet their fellow circle-standers.

Once everyone is in place, the princess slips past the circle to stand at the center of the dance floor, and turns slowly to address the group in an elevated version of her usual soft tones, her cheeks steadily growing redder the longer she speaks. "Welcome, everyone, and thank you for coming! This should be a Very Fun time for all of us." She smiles a bit self-consciously, glancing briefly at Cesare before continuing. "We are going to learn three new dances today. The Softest Whisper will begin with his, a lovely Setaran folk dance. We will practice it a few times, but feel free to take breaks and avail of the refreshments." She pauses to give a subtle gesture around the room to indicate the various tables laden with food, and the well-stocked bar. "Once that dance has been thoroughly practiced, we will switch over to The Badger Waltz. Which I will be instructing." Her voice breaks very slightly upon uttering this last statement. She clears her throat. "That is a partner dance, so I will assign partners at the start of it. After that, Lord Mattheu Rivenshari will teach us all a Ravashari dance with bells! This dance may also be done with partners, and so we will switch pairings for it. And then after, the floor will be open to free dancing and everyone is welcome to linger and enjoy the snacks as well." There is another pause in which she seems to have run out of information to share, and her fingertips subtly curl into her full skirts as her dark eyes dart from face to face. "With... without any further ado, Whisper Cesare," declares the young Grayson abruptly. She makes a slight gesture toward the Softest Whisper, then hurries to join the outer circle, her face flushed a brilliant crimson and her delicate hands rising to lightly applaud the first instructor.

Edris is standing where he's been directed to like a good knight. Though there is a bit of a reserved expression on the Elwood lord's face, of course he wouldn't rather be out running through the woods or swinging his sword at something, learning how to not mash other people's toes on the dance floor is also important. Look, he's even half-smiling, practicing his charm! The half-smile quirks up to almost a full one, briefly, for the Redrain Princess he's escorted in, and he murmurs something quietly to Deva before straightening and awaiting instructions. When the name of the dances are given by Keely, he does perk up quite a bit at the Badger one. But he follows Keely's lead and claps along with her, as his gaze is given to the Cesare.

Monique has found a place in the circle to be as scandalously dressed as she is in black umbra, gathered and cinched front and back with a single ring of silver each. Sides and waist are left bare with those V-shaped slits and endless legs on display, poised and ready to move as directed. Her crimson hair flows loose, glinting against a decadent collar of emeralds that holds the gown in place around her neck, reflecting her eyes that sweep the circle indolently and rest on Cesare at Keely's introduction.

Ilira's slim brows quizzically arch at the title of the first dance. She sways slightly as she leans against Temira, the diaphanous skirts of her celestial gown rippling. A slight, mischievous smile lingers on her lips.

With the introduction of today's activities well underway, Cristoph waits in the circle as politely and appropriately as everyone else. As the instructions flow over them, he considers some of the others present with a light interest before centering himself back on Keely again.

Noah does not react. So stoic. So bored. His blue-gray eyes move over the instruction as he keeps an arm around Jaenelle, for now. The mention of being coupled up, arches one lone left brow before it settles back down and his head drops near to his wife's.

Udell listens to Keely's introduction, the mention of dancing causing him to immediately stand off to the side although the promise of a badger-themed waltz brings a somewhat wider grin upon his face than what was present before.

Artorius isn't a wall flower today, which is to say he came out of hiding to dance. His eyes do follow Keely as she announces the general agenda of the afternoon, his hands tugging on his jacket collar as he looks among those gathered. He's waiting for further instruction, an aloof smile on his expression.

Cesare steps forward, tambourine in hand, looking very pink, except in an entirely different way than Keely. "This is a fairly well-known folk dance of Setarco," he introduces. "It was originally meant for courtship, and was danced in groups for prospective suitors. First I'll demonstrate the steps for you." He unbuttons the bottoms of his wide-legged pants to reveal bare feet, and strikes a pose with hand holding tambourine upon hip and the other free in the air. He crosses his legs at the ankles and rocks forward onto his toes, before uncrossing them in a hop, and landing on his heels instead. This movement is repeated for several stanzas, accompanied by the beat of the tambourine against his hip, until the music comes to an end, at which point he takes ahold of one of his ankles, leaps through it with his free leg, and then executes a spin.

"Easy enough, yes?" he asks.

Then the fiddler and drummer start up again. This time, the pace is... notably faster. "Yes, that's the catch," the Whisper says laughingly. "Each round goes faster and faster, until only one person is left. So we'll begin at the slower pace, and see who can keep up!"

Mattheu stands perched upon one leg, with the other tucked up into a sharp bend to his thigh and smiles with soft nod to Keely as she introduces the instructors and their dances, raising his hand a little before speaking. "The Rivenshari dance doesn't require a partner per say. It's simply easier to have someone to look to and focus upon when sharing the dance." His lips curl to a smirk as he explains further then relaxes to have both feet upon the ground, bells upon his clothing jingle and sing out at he moves. A small bounce in place while looking to Cesare.

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Edris checks dexterity and performance at easy. Edris marginally fails.

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Grady is here for it! It might be a disaster, it probably WILL be a disaster, but he's here for the dancing. Even the super fast, dexterous Setarcan dancing! He smiles with the enthusiasm of someone who is really delighted to be here. He attends to the instruction and then executes it in... Well. He looks pretty good doing it, and that's important part, right?

Corban checks dexterity and performance at easy. Corban is successful.

"Most likely, yes," comes Jaenelle's reply to Noah, her tone touching on amusement despite the slow clicking of her tongue in regrettable disappointment. She matches the moves provided by Cesare easily enough, though she peeks towards her husband to see if he has fallen down. "Have I ever told you my favorite dance?" she wonders to Noah casually when the last step ends. "Not that you'd be good at it," she adds easily afterwards.

Cristoph watches the instruction given with an intense edge to his expression, as if he's taking this very seriously and plans on memorizing as much of it as he can to his mind. When it's time for those involved to try it for themselves, he gives over to it without falling flat on his face. For now.

Deva has her dancing shoes on-- or, rather, shoes she is trying to dance better in. Nice shoes. Not boots. She has pleasant smiles for the hosts, Keely and Cesare, and does a few idle stretches on the sidelines before the dancing begins. Whatever Edris whispers to her triggers a quick grin of amusement, and a quietly but quickly murmured response. Her gaze lights up with curiosity as the name of the badger dance is mentioned, and she spins around to see who else might be just as charmed. There is also a fingerwiggle in passing for Cristoph in the midst of her own attempt at the dance. Her own performance is remarkably unremarkable.

Noah smiles for Jaenelle but then he shakes his head. "You have not told me, but if you are slowly removing ---" His voice trails to wiggle his brows at his wife. Then he moves through the steps. For a moment, his eyes cut towards Cristoph, perhaps thinking about running into the Duke.

Keely watches the instruction with slightly widened eyes, her eyebrows high when Cesare does his ankle hop thing. She has to fight with her rather full skirts to execute the motion, but somehow manages, and looks rather surprised with herself when she lands upright.

Monique's eyes land on Cristoph next as if she fully expects the Oathlands Duke to be on the floor. But as he executes the series her regard becomes something more impressed, offering up a quiet round of applause. "My compliments, Duke Laurent. Showing up for the Oathlands," she says lightly. "Ten thousand silver to the charity of your choice for each round you continue to impress with your footwork."

Mattheu watches Cesare with a grin, then looks down to his own feet and kicks off his boots and sets them aside. And with a hop of jingling bells singing in each movement and motion as was demonstrated he sets to laughing and spinning.

And cross and forward and hop and. Sir Corban Telmar is light on his feet, yes, but his is the deftness of the sword fighter rather than a dancer. His brow furrows and he concentrates on the steps, managing to move through them

Having listened to all the introductions with a light smile as she watches her younger sister, Liara then turns her gaze to Cesare, whom she observes quite intently, and even before the cue to start trying the dance is given, she imitates the steps, on the spot. When she does get going, she manages it quite smoothly, hop and all, even if she is wearing boots rather than bare feet. She calls lightly over to Grady, "Despite your protestations, I am convinced you have always been able to dance well, my lord!"

Edris narrows his eyes almost fiercely at Cesare as he poses and crosses and rocks and hops. It isn't /quite/ a scowl, if one knows other people that need to make such a face when they need to concentrate and focus very hard on something. At least he does NOT stick his toungue out or anything super embarassing like /that/. But nothing ventured, nothing gained. Edris shrugs lightly, and perhaps internally, and does his best. He does okay-ish on leg crossing and rocking and hop, but the first time he attempts the grab-your-own-ankle and leap through with the other leg, his previously somewhat elegant-ish held upward arm wildly windmills and waves. He doesn't quite fall, but, he does need to lean forward quite a bit to keep his balance--meaning that not only does the person nearest to him have to side step quickly to avoid being whacked by the windmill arm, and his gaze is probably at a very unbecoming angle to nearby dancers before he rises quickly with a slight flush to his skin. Courtship dance indeed.

Cesare checks dexterity and performance at normal. Cesare is successful.

"Well done," Cesare calls, at the end of the first round, jingling his tambourine. He is kindly not making everyone else do the tambourine part. A gesture of his hand to the musicians, and the next round begins, at a quicker pace than the first!

Artorius takes some time to try the ankle hop thing, having to watch everyone else replicate it before he goes ahead and tries it. He's near enough to Keely to flash her a grin when he manages not to take himself out, or anyone else around him out, when he does the dance steps. He tilts in her direction and speaks with her quickly.

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Noah checks dexterity and performance at normal. Noah is successful.

Artorius checks dexterity and performance at normal. Botch! Artorius fails completely.

Deva checks dexterity and performance at normal. Deva marginally fails.

Mattheu checks dexterity and performance at normal. Mattheu is successful.

Keely checks dexterity and performance at normal. Keely is successful.

Liara checks dexterity and performance at normal. Liara marginally fails.

Monique checks dexterity and performance at normal. Critical Success! Monique is spectacularly successful.

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Cristoph is unaware that Noah is possibly thinking about running into him, oblivious and assuming that he's perfectly safe here on this dance floor from any potential dance related assassination or assaults done to his person intentionally. Instead, he focuses on the class that they're attending, happy in his bubble. "Thank you, Lady Monique. No doubt my early success tonight is due to all those years I was forced to learn the intricate steps to the Honeybee Quadrangle performed at Artshall ever spring." He sounds serious, Monique. But is he really? He catches Deva's finger wiggle and lifts his hand, waving to her in kind and offering a smile. Clearly the Honeybee Quadrangle has not prepared him for the increased pace of his dance! As he stumbles over his own feet and collides directly into Deva. "I was planning on coming over to see hello," he laughs, catching her at the elbow so that they don't hit the deck entirely.

Grady laughs cheerfully at the tail end of the first dance, and performing the leap with... okay, again, it looks pretty good, and that's time important part... he sketches out a playful bow to Liara. "I will hold you to those words, Your Grace, in a few minutes time when I've managed to trip on my own knees or something. And then they're going again, and faster. Once again, he squeaks through more on flair than sure-footedness. He's got a lot of flair, though.

"What in the world is a quadrangle?" Deva is so busy trying to puzzle this out, while also smiling at both Monique and Cristoph, that she spins and -smack- right into Cristoph with a bony shoulder before he keeps them upright by the elbow. "You could have said hello from over there!" she wheezes a laugh, tucking her chin inward to halfway conceal the amusement all over her face.

Oh, but then the music gets faster. Heel. Cross. No. Toes. Forward. No cross heel toes step? Corban becomes hopelessly lost in the rhythm of the dance and finds himself cross-legged at the wrong moment. Though he tries to be good natured about it, removing himself the dance floor with a little humble wave, his cheeks are bright beet red.

"Oh gods," Ilira laughs, her eyes sparkling as they follow Cesare's demonstration and then flicker over the others around her. With a smile that's just a little devilish, she watches the rest for a moment before hiking up her skirts to midcalf and pouring herself into motion. The dark-haired wildling dances like she was made to, insinuating herself into the dance with smooth, silken movements and lithe, fluid gestures, each step balanced at her core as they flow one after the other. She crosses her ankles, hops, lands on her slippered heels and rocks forward, then does that intricate lift of the leg and hop with immaculate precision. As the music picks up, she tosses her head back with another rich laugh and improvises her own little spin.

This time, the steps don't go so well for Liara, and she gets her ankles tangled with each other, leading to a light stumble, though she at least does not fall over. This elicits a low laugh from her, and she goes on to respond to Grady, "Not before me, it would seem!" She draws back a step, watching the others with a smile.

Noah grins at Jaenelle a bit but then he looks over towards Liara as she laughs. His eyes back towards his wife as he makes it through the steps. Sort of a 'see' kind of look on his features for a moment.

The Count of Magnotta has no moves, at this pace. Slow and steady is the only pace that seems to go hand in hand with success. The faster normal pace, has him trying the ankle hop thing and in effort to NOT kick someone, he goes down in a whirling spin of red leather of his jacket to kiss the floor. The THUD he makes hurts. It hurts everyone who hears it. That was definitely ELBOW hitting the floor and maybe some knees too. Artorius takes a moment before he pushes himself up onto his knees, one eye closed as he winces through the embarrassment.

"An extra hundred thousand silver if you'll demonstrate the Honeybee Quadrangle for us after," Monique says to Cristoph without missing a beat in the increased tempo of the song, umbra skirts flying, long lengths of tanned leg revealed. Laughter follows as he and Deva quite literally dance into one another. She dances out of the way, towards Ilira. "Stunning, darling Ilira."

Jaenelle rolls her eyes at Noah's words even as the music speeds up and the movements are done in a quicker pace. "Lenosia Tango," she answers without losing her step or tripping over herself. She does grin at Noah when he seems rather proud of himself, and she offers him a soundless clap. "So far so good, Chaos. You didnt kill yourself yet."

Somehow, Keely remains upright as the pace of the dance continues. Her dark gaze is somewhat rueful when it flits to the center of the circle and lands upon Cesare, but she manages to stay upright. A soft gasp is drawn past her lips when Artorius goes down, and she turns swiftly to bend a bit and offer him a hand up, her smooth ivory brow taking on a delicate crinkle. "Are you all right, my lord?" she murmurs quietly, evidently finding no amusement in potential injury.

Laughing and jingling, Mattheu manages to get a few hops in the correct order. Though appears to be off on his own dance or version of what Cesare has shown. A hop to his left foot with right tucked up, then hop into the air with a spin to almost land on his knees instead of feet. Each little flub is accompanied with a further laugh. Then stopping to place both feet on the ground and try again to keep up.

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"Yeah," Artorius takes Keely's hand, "Actually no. That's enough dancing for me." He rubs his knee and might have put a whole through the material of his pants. Sheepishly, he nods to Keely, "It's best I stick to what I know."

Monique checks dexterity and performance at hard. Monique is successful.

The next round of music is even faster - and in this round, Cesare gets his pant legs tangled up in his own ankles when he jumps and ends up /throwing/ the tambourine. He tries valiantly to catch it and pretend like it was intentional, but it lands in the chocolate fountain instead with a /splort/ and a splattering of chocolate. This just makes him laugh, covering his face with both hands.

Though he stands to the side for the next round, Edris does manage to at least keep the beat with a clap, possibly meaning to encourage those continuing on. He looks with empathy to Artorius. Smacking into a polished floor just never feels great. As others step out as well, he nods to them respectfully. "All in good fun," he observes, quietly.

Artorius has joined the Semi-circular Bar.

Liara offers a flutter of her fingers in a wave on noting Noah's gaze, and then turns her gaze on about the various dancers, smiling as she just observes now, what with having tripped over herself. She offers a light clap for Monique's performance. "Spectacular, Lady Monique."

Jaenelle checks dexterity and performance at hard. Jaenelle is successful.

"Oh dear." Grady's eyebrows draw together at the sound of that thud and crack. "One would think these events weren't anything particularly dangerous, but it does seem, doesn't it, that someone is always getting hurt." But he's a slave to the music! When it picks up again, he picks up his pace as well. By now, everyone's moving so fast that nobody's REALLY going to notice, not really, if he doesn't hit every step just as it ought to be hit, and he's a good enough performer to know where he can afford to fudge and how much. The result is that somehow, SOMEHOW, he doesn't lose track of himself and even manages that leap at the end. He's a little out of breath by now, though.

"Yes but it was much more /exciting/ this way!" Cristoph claims, laughing brightly as both he and Deva find a way to steady themselves in this dancing chaos. He turns a little, looking over in time just to hear Monique's newest offer of charity and then Deva's question. "I'm very sorry, I can't give up the secrets of the dance outside of spring in Artshall. Everyone will just have to travel to the Oathlands if they truly wish to know." After that most recent collision, he seems to be unable to truly catch his rhythm again. He has not a shred of embarrassment or concern over it, and when he stumbles, he stops moving so that he can simply laugh so more. "Gods, some of the people here make it look very natural."

Artorius walks off the dance floor and heads straight for the bar. That's practically the only way to nurse the humiliation and stick to what he's good at. He has a whiskey in hand and takes a seat, where he can watch the events without injuring himself further.

Ilira casts her own rueful look toward Artorius's tumble, but then a fiery-haired Minx is headed her way and she artfully spins to face her on one foot. Cocking her head to make direct eye contact with Monique, she arches her back and sways her hips, incorporating her own flavors of movement into the choreography. She glides forward, crosses her ankles, hops, spins, and lands artfully on her toes before the Minx, grinning broadly up at her. "We should dance together for the next one," she remarks warmly, gaze sweeping momentarily to Cristoph. She flashes the Honey Duke a wide, radiant smile and then falls back into her dance, her curls tumbling.

Noah shoots a larger grin at Jaenelle. "I could tango with you. It's the dance of passion or something like that." He watches as the steps get more complicated and faster. However, Noah was a Grayson before a Velenosa and competition is -- actually it is not in is system. His ego of arrogance just manages to take him through the steps. He adds an additional 'flair' at the end. It shall never be seen again.

Oops. Keely got distracted trying to help Artorius back to his feet, and as she attempts to get back into the dance she trips over her floor-length hem and stumbles a few paces out toward the center of the dance floor. She seems to welcome this opportunity to catch her breath, clearing her throat and slipping off the dance floor to stand back with Liara and watch, adjusting her clothing and fanning her deeply flushed face with a delicate hand.

Monique's smile turns from Ilira to Liara, widens. "Thank you, Highlord. And might I say, that pendant..." There's a wistful envy as she dances past Liara, her gaze lingering covetously on that gleaming ruby and the woman wearing it. "Gah! You'll distract me to no end." With a monumental will, the Minx turns back to the dance and Ilira. "You know I'd dance with you any day but I'm not entirely sure the world could handle the heat," she teases, light and slightly out of breath.

Mattheu listens to the change in speed, and watches Cesare toss the tamborine into the chocolate fountain. And walks over to get the tamborine, shaking some of the chocolate off of it in a spray of further painting the floor with the sweet sugary mess. Handing it back to Cesare with a grin. "This is a very interesting dance."

Deva just stares blankly at Cristoph for a long, long moment. "Must there be a quarter moon and a raven crowing four times before dusk, before the dance can be shared?" This is a very serious question, as evidenced by the silly laugh that follows a few empty beats later. She too has relented in her mediocrity, and spends some time swaying supportively on the sidelines while the more skilled take the floor. Spying Liara, she grins and waves across the way at the Grayson.

Cesare is laughing and fanning himself as the tambourine is handed back over - he passes it to a waiting Apprentice; there are several others immediately wiping up the chocolate spill in the wake of disaster, even as the music whirls to a fever pitch in yet another round.

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Ilira checks dexterity and performance at daunting. Ilira is successful.

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"Something like that," Cristoph tells Deva before winking. Then he's stepping to the side and waiting for the next dance to start, he's going to need to catch his breath. He moves off to find himself something to drink very quickly, just a light splash to stave off dehydration. While enjoying his refreshment, he hears that commentary from Ilira and lifts his drink to her, "It would be an honor. If your talents aren't snatched up by someone else."

Monique checks dexterity and performance at daunting. Monique marginally fails.

"Or something!" Jaenelle agrees, the steps coming even quicker, causing her cheeks to take on a light blush from the movements. She manages to keep up, despite Noah's attempts to distract her with his odd bit of flare that makes her laugh. "What was that?" she teases, stopping all together as she watches him, "you should do that again."

Noah checks dexterity and performance at daunting. Noah fails.

It's not that Grady can't keep up with the speed of the dance. He lost his ability to keep up with the speed of the dance a couple of rounds ago, and has been coasting by on pure 'fake it 'till you make it'. But he's also tired, and so while he does get through all the steps with the same creative fudging that hides that they're far from perfect, he's too tired to do the leap at the end. In fact, he's so out of breath that he doesn't even TRY the leap at the end. He laughs and takes a step back, holding up both hands, while he tries to catch his breath.

Liara aims a gentle nudge at Keely as she comes over, and casts a quick, warm smile aside, though her attention's otherwise largely set on those still dancing. She offers Deva a cheery wave and wiggle of her fingers, then there's a grin at Monique's words, and a cheerful reply, "Thank you, my lady. My compliments on your gown. It is a remarkable cut!"

Mattheu shrugs as the music picks up, another look at his feet and right from the start trying to cross his feet finds him wobbly. Starting again, and he gets his feet crossed, then that hop proves to difficult in untangle his feet at the same time. Landing on his knees and sliding across the floor some as bells both jingle and scratch along the floor of the ballroom. In a laughing fit he rolls over to sit down upon the floor and surveys which bells might need to be reattached. Spotting one sitting in the middle of the floor he starts to crawl towards it as another dancer kicks it across the room.

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Artorius slips away from the bar and drifts out.

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"It was the /proper/ way to dan--" Noah offers towards Jaenelle as she laughs with (at?) him. The words trail off as he starts a complex triple spin for the win. The first spin works. Yay! The second one manages to catch him in the ankle. This causes the third to be where the /great/ Noah Velenosa finds himself on his ass looking upwards. "Huh." The one word leaving his lips as he looks at Jaenelle. "Is this how the world looks for you?" Short joke.

"You were all truly excellent," Cesare cheers, clapping both hands together now that his tambourine has been removed for cleaning. "I would like to note that this dance is traditionally done on the beach, so that when one inevitably falls, the sand makes for a soft cushion. Perhaps next time we will have to find somewhere sandy to dance. Now I leave you in Princess Keely's very capable hands."

Grady finds a handkerchief somewhere in the prodigious pockets of his oversized coat, and mops his brow, like a man who's run a marathon. This kinda IS a marathon for him. He'll get his breath back eventually, though.

"I think the world can stand to burn for a little while," Ilira smiles at Monique in answer to her comment on heat, and tosses her raven head as she flows into the final and fastest portion of the dance. Her eyes are sparkling and her smile is effulgent as she whirls through each step--cross, hop, land, spin--her movements an artform unto themselves. Her curls and silks cascade with her, around and around until the very last step, upon which she rests with poised grace and a triumphant blaze in her eyes. Flushed and breathless, she settles in preparation for the next dance.

Monique bows her head to Liara at the second compliment. And she does attempt the increased tempo of the dance. Pride, vanity, ego all in abundance and all pricking at her, the way they do. She steps, she sweeps, she spins but that final jump? It's the Minx's undoing. And *almost* a full peep show for the entire audience when the front panel of her umbra gown wraps around her arm and pulls sideways. As it is, there's more backside skin than usually shows before the Greenmarch manages to right herself, in time to catch the end of Ilira's stunning performance. "If this is the world burning, I say let it."

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Keely drops The Badger Waltz.

Jaenelle steps directly on Noah's stomach when he looks at her from his back, not hard enough for internal injury but certainly with enough pressure to make him oof. "Yes," she tells him then with a somber nod, "I never get to see the top of anyone's head. Its terrible." She doessnt even offer him a hand to assist him up, leaning down slightly to say something softer before she straightens with a grin.

Everyone is summoned back to the circle around the outside of the dance floor. Keely walks around from the inside, speaking softly and briefly to each person as she assigns dancing partners, smiling warmly and making introductions where necessary.

Once everyone has been thoroughly partnered, she approaches Corban with a small, self-conscious smile, and extends a hand to slip into the crook of his arm. She murmurs something aside to him before the pair make their way to the center of the dance floor where they draw to a halt to face one another. "This dance is called The Badger Waltz," she announces as the band begins to play an easy, playful waltz. And so the instruction begins...

Nox, a kitten black as pitch with star-dappled fur arrives, following Oriana.

Sir Corban is apparently the teacher's pet, for he is picked from the crowd to go along with Keely in the next dance as the assistant instructor. He flashes her a smile, placing a hand over hers for the moment, and then faces her when the music begins. Showtime.

Continuing to watch the remaining dancers with some interest, Liara offers up some brisk applause for Ilira at the conclusion of that dance. When it comes time for the next one, she strolls on over to the circle to watch Keely deliver the instruction, smiling all the while. A wiggle of her fingers is given towards Cristoph at the assignment, and she slips over that way.

Noah scoffs at something Jaenelle says as he comes to his feet. There is a look around the floor for Deva when he is to be partnered with her. He mutters a comment to his bride but he walks in Deva's direction. "I believe, Keely volunteered you as tribute. I trust you are not going to need to use your feet soon."]

Edris continues on clapping to the beat to encourage the much fewer remaining dancers. He may have two left feet when it comes to dancing, but he can still appreciate artistry and talent! Though as that music ends, and their attention is summoned back to the circle, he seems happy to oblige. When he is introduced to Jaenelle, he offers a courtly bow. "Your grace," he greets her. "I apologize in advance, for not being quite so attentive to previous lessons as I should have been. Though it seems you are light enough on your feet that I hope that there shall be no catastrophe."

Cristoph has finished his drink and claps with energy for Ilira's completion of the dance. "Very well done!" he calls out. As the newest set of instructions begins, he walks to the circle and listens for the partners to be called. As his name is paired with Liara's, he turns in the direction of the High Lord and bows his head respectfully. "An honor, your grace."

There's enough time during the pairing of the people for Grady to get his breath back. The smile he gives Ilira is unrestrained, allowed to take up all of his thin face and light his eyes. The way he carries himself as he extends a hand to her, straight and with more elegance than is his custom, suggests he's done this dance, or one similar to this dance, before. He's a Crownlander, so it stands to reason.

At the assignment of partners for the next dance, Monique seeks out Mattheu. "Lord Rivenshari," the Greenmarch greets him with a scintillating smile. "I have seen you dance before this and I know we shall make them all weep for the beauty of it." She extends a slim hand to the bell-bedecked Ravashari. "Shall we?"

"As long as you don't need to use yours either," Deva replise to Noah, a glimmer of amusement in her eyes. With a lift of her chin, she nods and meets him halfway for the next round of dancing. "We may end up trampling each other in the end. I suppose we'll see!" She straightens with a toss of her hair and a deep breath to steel her resolve.

A hearty helping of applause comes from Udell at the end of the first dance, his laughter sounding before the pairing for the second occurs, silencing himself once again from his perch at the side, his hands clasping each other before himself as he watches the badgery dance owlishly.

"Lord Edris," Jaenelle greets as she moves towards her assigned partner, offering the man a smile and dip of her head. "Dancing is one of my most favored hobbies and even I stumble at times with new dances, My Lord. I would not worry over missed lessons as long as you enjoy the moment. I promise that if something goes terribly wrong, I'll catch you," she says with a grin and wink.

"Lady Greenmarch. My sister speaks highly of you." Mattheu nods softly in a small shower of jingling bells, then extending his hand to take hers. "We shall, and it will be accompanied with the jingling of bells. Even the winds may weep."

Ilira fluffs back her curls with a dainty, bejeweled hand which she then extends to Grady, beaming. "I have never even heard of this one!" she admits with a bright laugh, taking his hand warmly in hers and sweeping into a fluid curtsey, her hair dusting the floor before she rises. "But you have, I gather," she remarks with a slight tilt of her head and a glimmer in her eye.

"That is a most striking coat, Duke Laurent," comes Liara's reply to Cristoph, along with a flash of a smile, once the initial demonstration of the waltz is finished. Then she lifts a hand, going on in a presumably joking caution as she gets ready to actually try some dancing, "I am wearing boots, a most novel experience for a dance; I shall endeavour not to cause harm."

Edris touches the fingers of one hand over his heart, before he offers to take up the starting position, though he waits for the Archduchess to accept of course. "I appreciate your chivalry, Your Grace," he says. Though the reseved manner remains, the brief smile he offers lights his eyes.

Oriana enters the dancing and she smiles a bit, looking about for those who are dancing and she moves into line to dance. She watches Mattheu head off to dance with the lady her eyes flicker a bit as she looks down to something handed to her "hrm....Udell?" she asks looking about

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Noah takes a deep breath as he lowers in a bow before Deva. "My feet are use to be stomped all over. Have you met the Archduchess? She beats me when no one is looking. Leaving bruises where no one can see."

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Cristoph checks composure and performance at easy. Cristoph is successful.

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Noah checks composure and performance at easy. Noah is successful.

Keely checks composure and performance at easy. Keely is successful.

Deva checks composure and performance at easy. Deva marginally fails.

Edris checks composure and performance at easy. Edris is successful.

Jaenelle checks composure and performance at easy. Jaenelle is successful.

Udell stands in his place before an attendant taps on his shoulder and whispers something into the Archlector's ear. He looks at the interloper with an almost withering look before Oriana is pointed out, causing him to approach and say, "My lady, it seems that I am being asked to participate. I trust that I will not embarrass you too badly, hm?"

Monique checks composure and performance at easy. Monique is successful.

Corban checks composure and performance at easy. Corban is successful.

"Thank you, it's one of my favorites," Cristoph replies to Liara as they begin to settle into the earliest steps of this dance. When she mentions her boots, he makes a show of tipping his head so that he can look down at them. For what he sees, she receives a broad smile. Then he indicates his own footwear, "I'm often wearing boots. You can pair them with nearly anything and if anyone tells you otherwise? They're just jealous you have better boots than them."

"If the winds weep, do we call their tears rain?" Monique asks of Mattheu, settling into the playful philosophy as she settles into his arms, an instrument made to be there. She leans in to whisper something softer, tilting into the playful dance and choosing her moments to converse quietly.

"Not as familiar as I'd like," Grady admits to Ilira. "But with such a lovely partner, no one will notice, will they, if I miss a step here and there." It's nice and slow at the start, however, all proper form and frame, and keeping one's gaze fixed over their partner's shoulder.

Deva is so taken aback by Noah's comments that she just stares. "I think you'll have to come up with a better joke than cruelty! I am very well acquainted with the Archduchess, if you'll recall." And she tosses a smile over at Jaenelle and Edris during the waltz. She fumbles it, and grumbles something about the lacing of her sandals as she lifts her skirt an inch or two off the floor to inspect.

Instruction underway, Keely demonstrates a curtsey to Corban, smiling up to him with an expression full of nerves. She steps in to join him in a ballroom partnering position, then gives a small nod as they begin moving around the center of the dancefloor in a simple waltz, pausing every few measures to tip out toward the larger circle, and then doing swift twirls as she tries to call out her instructions so everyone can hear. Every once in a while she leans in to murmur to Corban with a soft laugh.

Oriana looks across the dancefloor and then her eyes meet Udell "ooh they are making you?" she asks as she touches his arm "I am not sure how I will dance either perhaps we can try not to embarass eachother together." she laughs, "shall we try?"

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Noah smirks at Deva. "Oh, it's justified, it's not cruel. I'm the monster at the end of the story, have you not heard?" He arches that left brow. Then she's mentioning her sandals and he lowers his stance. If she doesn't stop him, he will attempt to tighten the straps on her sandals.

Udell checks composure and performance at easy. Udell is successful.

Liara exhales a low laugh at Cristoph's reply, and gets started on those first sections of the dance - smooth going, to start with! Sound timing, and each change of direction is done easily. As it comes to the bit with the twirling in circles, a thought apparently strikes her, and she wonders, "Was there not, at one time, an incident involving slippers, and possibly also socks?"

Mattheu laughs softly as they begin to step into a twirl. "The rains might be the wind's tears, I would hope that if this is the case that they are happy tears. Otherwise the rivers and seas which will travel upon would be fed by sadness." He then settles to the quieter conversation as they spin again.

"I can't help it if my influence on fashion causes duels over socks and slippers across all of the Oathlands," Cristoph replies to Liara with an entirely too innocent expression. It transitions into a more genuine smile as he goes on to say, "It was probably some easy coin for the Champion's Guild. And a good bit of fun between myself and Prince Edain."

Jaenelle begins with the curtsey towards Edris, moving then to take the first hand hold of the dance. This dance is a bit more complex, with the spinning and directional changes. Then there is the hop. The Archduchess moves through each step as they are intended to do, slow and steady in the pace to learn the moves before they take hold and move more gracefully. It goes smooth, each time she is spun her skirts flare out around her legs. "And there it is," she says to Noah as they move past he and Deva, the latter getting a bright smile, "Deva," is said in greeting. Then she and Edris have reached the last step, the dreaded dip!

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"Yes, I am sure that we will be able to manage for a time.", Udell assures Oriana as he takes position, while the movements are far from practiced and fluid, it does not seem to be the source of much ridicule one way or the other.

Deva checks composure and performance at normal. Deva fails.

Liara checks composure and performance at normal. Liara is successful.

Keely checks composure and performance at normal. Keely is successful.

Cristoph checks composure and performance at normal. Cristoph marginally fails.

Monique checks composure and performance at normal. Monique is successful.

"I might be more likely to miss a step or fumble a spin on this one," Ilira chuckles, her voice dropping to a more intimate murmur. There is a natural romanticism to the way she waltzes, close to her partner with her hands in the designated positions. As she moves, she undulates smoothly up and down on her slippered toes so that each step eases effortlessly into the next.

Jaenelle checks composure and performance at normal. Jaenelle is successful.

As Keely leads the dance, Sir Corban is sure to follow, moving through the steps along with his partner. He occasionally calls out tips as to how to be the non-leader, and he is, at least, a better teacher than a dancer.

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Monique flows along with Mattheu and his bells ring clarion along with their movements. At one point they glide by Ilira and Grady and the Minx leans back in the dance to whisper something to the other woman, grinning, before gliding away on the skill of the Rivenshari Lord who she maintains a whispered conversation with.

"We're all monsters in someone's story," Deva counters Noah very abruptly and seriously, and it sounds like she means it! She is distracted for a moment, gaze bouncing off and away, but as Noah offers to help she strangely declines and scoots back another step or two and tries to wave him off. "It's fine! I'm fine," she says hastily, and crouches to awkwardly do her own thing, making it all even more awkward. Although she tries to go into the next dance with a straight face, she can't manage it and parts from her assigned partner with an apologetic frown. "Sorry. You should get a better partner. I should get going," she concludes, and is just a step away from making a dash for the exit.

Oriana checks composure and performance at normal. Oriana is successful.

Grady isn't particularly strong, but fortunately Ilira's not particularly heavy, and the upshot is that the lifts are all performed with proper form, and without leaving him out of breath. He knows the dance well enough to work through the knotwork of steps and turns to get into position to promenade.

Edris checks composure and performance at normal. Edris is successful.

This is clearly one of Keely's favorite bits, as evidenced by the wide grin that takes her young features. She emits a faint, delighted giggle each time Corban lifts her by the waist in their twirling hops, steadying herself on his shoulders and peering down at him with dark eyes. She continues calling out instructions, though she is having a harder time now that her breathing has become a bit shallow. She does more chatting with her partner during the promenade, speaking easily through the turns and switching sides as if they have practiced this quite a few times already.

There's evident amusement in the smile Liara gives at Cristoph's reply, and while her focus is on the next steps of the waltz - this part involving some lifting! - she goes on to cheerfully suggest, "Perhaps the Compact needs more slippers. I wonder how a slipper-focused party would go."

Cristoph doesn't do as well with the lifting as he might have hoped and there's a bit of a stumble, and a slip. But Liara is much more graceful in her boots than he is in his own, and he laughs afterwards, going on to continue the conversation. "Perhaps! I would never object. We did have a pajama party once shortly after. It was well attended!"

Ilira follows the intricacy of Grady's steps with elegant fluidity, her cheeks flushing warmly as she tilts her head back on another of her sparkling laughs. "You're excellent!" she compliments her partner, her curls and her skirts swirling as she lifts from the ground in one of the spins. Cocking an eyebrow back at Monique, she murmurs something in kind and comes away from their exchange with a rich, mischievous smile on her lips.

Noah gives a bit of a smirk towards Deva. "You running away, Little Mouse?" If she allows, he will attempt to wrap an arm around her waist. "I'm bound to step on your feet soon. You are just making me look like I know what I'm doing. I do not." He lowers his voice towards Deva's ear.

Edris seems to be capable of a simple waltz, and familiar enough that as he takes Jaenelle's advice, he does indeed relax into enjoying it. He offers a wink over Jaenelle's shoulder to Deva as they are further away, though as he and Jaenelle come closer to Noah and Deva enough to speak, he also offers a greeting to Noah. "Your highness," he offers in greeting, before he lifts her in the hops, and begins the promenade. He is distracted, but manages to keep his footing; though perhaps that is as much to the credit of his luminous partner as to his own ability.

Following along, as instruction is shown. And Mattheu looks to Monique as he lifts her into a small hop. Then even though its not his part, adds in his own hop giving more jingling of bells in their dance.

Ilira grins over at Mattheu and Monique and lifts her own ankleted foot to jingle her bells merrily.

Oriana dances with her partner moving along with him gently one movement and then another, she smiles a bit as she twirls a bit and waltzes nicely with the man she had chosen to be her dancer. "Well we seem to be doing well."

Liara takes the stumble with good grace, and an easy laugh of her own, and she replies to Cristoph, seemingly enthused, "An excellent idea. Perhaps something in that vein would be in order for something soon. I must suggest it to my sister. She has a marvelous talent. Animal-shaped slippers come to mind."

"That is literally the worst thing anyone has ever called me and I've been called a lot of awful things," Deva blurts, her laugh a wheezy one for Noah. The steps that follow are stilted and graceless. her response is a quiet one returned, punctuated with a crisp nod of affirmation.

"Surrounded by bells and beautiful dancers," Monique laments as she is lifted with such ease by the Rivenshari and Ilira sweeps by with her own bells. "Gods and spirits, what a challenging life I lead!"

Phases 6 and 7, check composure + performance at hard

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Noah checks composure and performance at hard. Noah marginally fails.

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Oriana checks composure and performance at hard. Oriana marginally fails.

Udell nods with a warm smile for his partner as he lifts Oriana during the hopping bit, managing to loose a chuckle as he glances to the others before his amber eyes once again rest on her as he says, "Perhaps it is a blessing, although my work is often hard on the souls." He cannot help but seem to insert a pun at the expense of the crowd.

Ilira checks composure and performance at hard. Ilira is successful.

Corban checks composure and performance at hard. Corban is successful.

Grady was doing great until the speed picks up again. He's tired. Did I mention that he's tired? Tired, and as such quickly falls out of step, overspins, and ends up on his butt. He's laughing as he picks himself up and slinks out, though, so nothing hurt but his pride, probably.

Udell checks composure and performance at hard. Udell fails.

Noah stumbles in this area of the dance. He meant to step left, but leaned right. It's just not a good time. It ends up with Noah spinning them towards the door. "Oh. So you want me to call you it more? What part do you not like? Little? Mouse? I swear it's not because you have whiskers." There is a feel that his moves may toss poor Deva out the door.

Cristoph checks composure and performance at hard. Botch! Cristoph fails completely.

Liara checks composure and performance at hard. Liara is successful.

Ilira bursts into a joyful fit of giggles at Grady's fall and drops gracefully down with him, taking him by both hands to help him back up. As he departs, she flutters her fingers vivaciously after him and calls, "Thank you so much for dancing!" And then spins into the waltz on her own.

"It was just a matter of time that he was going to create a diplomatic multifealty incident," Jaenelle informs Edris as they straighten and continue through the motions of the dance, all elegant and even. She seems resigned that her husband is a man who starts wars by simply dancing, and her eyes fix on him and Deva, losing count of where her feet should be or which turn this is. Her brows furrow as she stares at Noah, and the woman who usually isnt flustered appears so as she looks back to her partner, as if attempting to determine where she is and what they are doing. A spin, according to what others around them are doing.

Oriana laughs a little as she and Udell dance, she trips, and her trip causes her to loose a beat.. she was able to marginally stay on her feet however she reaches out suddenly to stop Udell from falling on his face! "oooh watch out!" she says

At some point, all the attempts to be heard are a bit much for the soft-spoken Keely, and on top of the spinning and hopping and twirling, she loses her footing as she spins toward Corban in preparation for the dip and begins falling back with absolutely no control or grace.

Deva is not helping Noah dance any better, seriously. Her expression grows increasingly frustrated as he eggs her on, and there is a moment where she twists and jams her elbow into his chest. Is it an accident? Probably not. But he's done a good job of getting them closer to the door, so wordlessly? The Redrain grooves right on out with a spin that wobbles and may end up in an unfortunate tripping session down the hallway. But she's out!

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This was going well and good! "Oh, brilliant idea. Animal slippers? I love it!" He loves it TOO MUCH and stumbles over his own two feet, possibly taking Liara down with him if she doesn't react in time.

Noah is overheard praising Keely.

Spinning himself and Oriana around perhaps a bit TOO forcefully, Udell stumbles and trips on her foot causing him to fall forward, his plunge to the ground halted by the steadying hand. He rights himself before laughing to her and saying with a smile, "And it seems our fortune has run its course, shall we go back to where it is safer for you, my lady?"

With a soft shake of his head, Mattheu smiles to Monique in their conversation, then with a quick wink he dips her. Bells jingling for a moment as he stops, still holding her allowing bells to sing then slowly letting her back upon feet and sending her into a spin towards Ilira.

It must be the adrenaline and the inspiration of his partner, because Edris manages to dip and spin the Archduchess, perhaps aided in the fact that his distraction is aimed in the same direction as hers. It also gives the opportunity to steer the pair closer to Noah and Deva. He manages to keep the Archduchess on her feet, though not in time to guide them over before Deva throws an elbow and is out the door. Concern definitely obliterates his reserved courtly mask, and it's not for the Prince. "I am sorry, Your Grace," he says quietly to Jaenelle--perhaps in response to the intercept not happening in time.

"They could be from all over Arvum, and guests encouraged to meet other animal-slippered people from the same places. I suppose that would mean a great assembly of bears and mammoths and other northern beings," Liara enthuses as she dances with Cristoph, and then some stumbling happens. She ceases her chatter, caught somewhat by surprise, though she's quick enough to provide a steadying hand, then simply laughs easily.

Ilira is abandoned but not for long. Monique, her body set in a beautiful arc, dipped low to the ground, outstretches a sweeping arm to grasp the other woman's fingers as Mattheu lifts her out of the dip and sends her spinning. "Dance with us instead. Lord Rivenshari is graceful enough to match us together," she invites Ilira as she tugs them both twirling back. The dance has become a threesome.

Corban has at least managed not to drop Keely or otherwise crash into her as the steps get more difficult. In fact, he looks nearly graceful. But soon. Soon. The dip.

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Oriana laughs a little teetering on her feet "indeed indeed" she says before she smiles softly as she moves with the man back to some seats "That sounds great, are your feet ok?" she asks as she seprates from him breathlessly

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Monique checks composure and performance at easy. Monique is successful.

Noah is left standing on the dance floor, there is probably a country song about this. He watches Deva rush off but he doesn't seem to feel bad for it. He glances at Jaenelle and winks. However, he moves towards > Ilira <. If she doesn't stop him, he's moving to take her into the dance as her new partner.

Mattheu checks composure and performance at easy. Mattheu is successful.

Noah checks composure and performance at easy. Noah is successful.

After Liara saves his face from the dance floor, Cristoph laughs fully and completely. "Thank you, your grace. My dignity thanks you," he tells her as the dance completes. As they separate, he sweeps into a bow. A hastily delivered message has him sneaking away quietly.

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Oriana has joined the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Laughing as Corban catches her and ultimately saves her from splatting on the dance floor, Keely allows him to right her and joins him for one last spin around their one-couple circle at the center of the floor, wrapping an arm about his shoulders and arcing the other over her head as she (much more gracefully) bends back into the final dip and holds the pose for several beats.

"The last time I saw Deva leave an event, food was thrown," Jaenelle says, gathering her composure even as Noah winks at her. By her tone she isnt sure if food not being thrown is better or worse. "You are an excellent partner," she assures Edris with a smile as he gets her full attention for the ending part of the dance, "I dont think there was ever any danger of my needing to save you, when you clearly have been my hero this dance."

"Oh, do not trouble yourself. I could do very well without them, a sentiment which might save the toes of any future beauties who would find themselves likewise cursed." Udell says in an obviously joking manner as he takes a seat as well, smoothing out his cassock as he remarks to Oriana, "The Rectory will likely be abuzz with talk of it once they hear."

Udell has joined the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Edris manages to follow the lead of the example steps, waltzing with Jaenelle a final time around, and then offering a low dip into the final pose. When they rise, however, he offers another deep bow. "Thank you for the pleasure, Your Grace. And for your kind words." When he rises the fingertips of one hand brush over his heart in respect. But then his gaze moves towards the door. His smile is softer, perhaps with some memory. "Oh? Better than the plate I suppose. Unless it was an apple. If one gets hit the right way by one of those, it can hurt almost as much as a rock." He offers Jaenelle an arm to escort her back to the circle where they have been gathering, if she likes, but then after that he will offer a respectful bow towards Keely, and begin to make his own way to the exit.

Ilira extends her hand in the same moment Monique does, and their fingers meet in the middle, at first just the tips before they fully intertwine. She draws herself in toward the Minx with a fluid bend of her arm and interposes her body between the two dancers, arching all the way back so her wild hair brushes the floor. Then she bounces gracefully upright, using the impetus to lead into an artful spin on one slippered foot, upon which she hops as the dance demands. Loosely, she follows Keely's instruction, but between the three dancers there is more and more improvisation through the steps. Her gaze lifts, sparkling at Noah's approach from beneath her lashes. "Afraid I am taken for this dance, Archduke, but I promise you a rematch. Unless you wish to join us!" She grins as she twirls airily between her partners, skirts flaring diaphanously.

Edris is overheard praising Keely: A lovely and adventurous chance to step out of one's comfort zone, and learn some new dances.

Noah grins towards Ilira. "Oh, I understand. I would ditch me--" She was never with him, "-- to dance with the Minx. One day perhaps I would have that pleasure. As it is, I think I see my wife trying to escape the dance floor." Noah moves towards Jaenelle and Edris.

Ilira is overheard praising Keely: Thank you.

Evan, a veritable mountain of an Arakkoan, Estevan, an attentive young man carrying a writing desk arrive, following Maharet.

Finally standing upright, and after one last curtsey to Corban, Keely turns to address the group with a self-conscious smile. "Beautifully done," she compliments everyone, lifting her hands to offer them all applause. "And now, Lord Mattheu will thrill us all with his Rivenshari dance of bells." And with that, she takes her partner's arm and turns to join the others around the outside circle, with a brilliant flash of a smile at Mattheu on her way past.

Keely drops Ravashari fluid dancing with bells.

Liara offers a cheery wave and a smile in parting to Cristoph, then she absents herself to the side to watch as the other dances start to wrap up too, with some gentle applause offered for various dancers. Then she turns her gaze inquisitvely over to Mattheu, eyebrows arching.

Jaenelle takes the offered arm of her dance partner as he escorts her back to where they started, offering another dip of her head at his bow. "I dont remember what the food was, everyone was blindfolded. Well, except for me." But it was so long ago! "We shall have to find time to dance again, if anything to see if we could do even better than we have." As Edris turns to leave then, she gives her attention to her walking husband, brows lifting in unspoken questions as she wraps her arms around his waist, "bruises, huh?"

Mattehu brushes his hands over his clothing and gives a small hop as all of his bells, from hair to scarves to edges of pants sing out. Then taking a step back to swing his left leg behind his right he bows deeply to all in attendance with his arms spread out wide in a flourished bow. Standing back up as bells are continuing to sing and jingle, he moves his hips a little to silence them all.

"The Ravashari dance is one that is continually moving and fluid. You don't need a partner to dance with, thought keeping one to stare at and entrance with each motion will help you to know where to move and flow to next." He stands with his hands at his hips, "The best way to start is to find your hips, and place your hands there." After showing where to find hips he nods to those that are attempting, "Then once found wiggle your thighs as so your hands don't move, yet."

Ilira checks dexterity and performance at easy. Critical Success! Ilira is inhumanly successful in a way that defies expectations.

Keely checks dexterity and performance at easy. Keely is successful.

Liara checks dexterity and performance at easy. Liara is successful.

Maharet checks dexterity and performance at easy. Maharet is successful.

Corban checks dexterity and performance at easy. Critical Success! Corban is spectacularly successful.

Oriana is overheard praising Mattheu: Great Dancer

Noah checks dexterity and performance at easy. Noah is successful.

Jaenelle checks dexterity and performance at easy. Jaenelle is successful.

Sliding in a bit late, Maharet stands on the very fringes of the dance floor in an attempt to blend in with the crowd, shuffling along to the steps and observing more than performing. She does seem to watch the performance of Ilira and Corban with pronounced delight.

Monique slips away, leaving Ilira to partner Mattheu. And her destination becomes apparent as she slips up next to her ex-husband, grinning. "You did promise to save me a dance. I claim this one," the Minx says to Corban, holding out a hand. "I need to see you shimmy. It's going to be a highlight of my life, I can tell."

Keely's dark eyes flit aside between Monique and Corban, and soon she slips quietly from the circle, moving to join Udell at his seat and subtly snatching up something bubbly on her way past the bar.

Keely has joined the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Noah is overheard praising Jaenelle: To the woman that not only knows how to dance in a crowd, but knows how to dance the light into the darkness of life. The woman that holds more radiance in one uncertain smile than others might ever be gifted with in all their lives. She is the epitome of what makes a strong and glorious woman. The strength that can never be denied, for what might break one; only inspires her to more greatness.

"Oh, goodness, I do not know," says Corban as Monique approaches him. He, however, does as he hold, and apparently finds the rhythm in his hips! Is it beginner luck? Or is it Monique?

Mattheu wiggles his thighs and keeps his hands nearly level, not perfectly as /someone/ might have done. Each bell starts to jingle in his motion, "Now, remove your hands. Keep track of where your hips are and start to bring your upper body into the motion. Remember to stay fluid in your motions. As you rise your left, reach out and up with your left arm, rolling the motion back to shoulders and to your right side, then back down." He continues to shimmy and move, left leg lifting slightly then arm slipping from his side and upwards as if picking a high hanging fruit, then flowing the motion back to his right and back to feet.

Noah checks dexterity and performance at normal. Noah is successful.

Maharet checks dexterity and performance at normal. Maharet is successful.

Mattheu checks stamina and performance at hard. Mattheu is successful.

Monique checks dexterity and performance at normal. Monique fails.

Jaenelle checks dexterity and performance at normal. Jaenelle is successful.

Liara checks dexterity and performance at normal. Liara is successful.

Noah could go dance with someone else. However, it's not nice to peel one's wife's fingers off them to do so. Instead, Noah grins at her and leans forwards to kiss the top of her head. His smile actually looking charming. He can do it! One arm reaches out to wrap around Jaenelle's waist and in that moment, it's as if the other dancers fade. "I think this is your kind of dance, Poison." His voice is a deeper rumble as he steps her through the steps easily. He moves into the 'steps' of this sort of dance as he pulls her intimately close without care to the politics of doing so.

Monique isn't even dancing. She's just staring. Staring at Corban as if she can't quite believe how well he's doing. Her green eyes remain locked on the King's Own First Captain with something like deep and utter shock.

Corban checks dexterity and performance at normal. Corban is successful.

Ilira checks dexterity and performance at normal. Ilira is successful.

Still off to the side, though available if anyone needs a partner, Maharet wiggles and jiggles her way through the dance with her eyes flicking back to Mattheu now in silent study.

It's time for another dance, and Liara slips forward once again, to engage in the dance with some apparent enthusiasm, one part at a time, the shimmy of her legs, then she starts to roll her upper body as she follows the instructions, keeping up pretty smoothly, arms and shoulders in motion too, even if she is distracted by watching some of the others.

Keely sits, smiling politely and chatting quietly with Udell and Oriana. She seems quite determined to keep her eyes off the dance floor at the moment, though she does briefly glance up as she speaks to gesture vaguely in Liara's direction, likely having mentioned her in conversation.

Corban is, it must be said, rather good at this dance. From the hips of the beginning he brings his upper body into things. Not quite as sinuous, but he manages it, winking at Monique as he does.

Reedy, a King's Own aide have been dismissed.

Jaenelle doesn't seem to overly wiggle, or feel the need to. "Yes," she states, though her nose wrinkles a bit in amusement. "It very much is, though dont tell my secrets," Then he speaks softer words of praise, and her eyes roll, "dont try to flatter me with pretty words, Chaos. I know you did something, I might not know what youve done exactly, but you did it" she easily accuses, not struggling when he pulls her closer to kiss the top of her head. "I will have you eaten by rats and your bones made into dice." Her chin rests on his chest as she looks up while threatening to end him, her voice as melodic as the music and her smile bright.

Monique meets that wink with a visible swallow and the Minx leans in to say something softly to Corban, arching an eyebrow.

Keely is overheard praising Mattheu.

Keely is overheard praising Cesare.

Noah adds towards Jaenelle. "At least I'll always be needed at game night."

2 Redreef Wardens leaves, following Griffin.

Ilira wears an utterly devilish smile as Mattheu instructs how to 'find the hips'. "I always do," she murmurs just loud enough for those mindful around her to hear. As Monique departs her, she falls gracefully still and silent, observing this new dance with a keen, rapt intent from beneath her ebon lashes. Her gaze strays once to the Minx and Corban, and a warm, secret little smile plays fleetingly across her lips. Then she moves.
Her pace begins languid and serpentine, each motion executed with seamless artistry, the muscle in her bare back flexing all the way from bottom to top in a liquid, hypnotic display. She controls every movement at her core, her slender spine undulating and her silk-clad hips circling in a mesmerizing figure-eight. Her dark, thick, wild hair cascades with her as the dance picks up speed, and she lifts her slim, bangled arms above her head to describe an artful shape midair with her fingers interlocked. The wildling lets her head fall back, dreamy eyes half-lidded and skin flushed with a rose-gold blush from the crest of her cheeks to the swell of her decolletage. Step by step, she increases her momentum, until the moves seem no longer her own as they flow and twine into a singular river of motion. Ilira exhales a soft breath, dragging a pale hand through her curls as the dance nears its close, and she her performance.

Liara is overheard praising Keely: A well-planned function with some marvelous dances!

Reedy, a King's Own aide have been dismissed.

Winter, A Highhill Puppy, Angeline arrive, following Kiera.

Ilira is overheard praising Cesare.

Ilira is overheard praising Mattheu.

Ilira is overheard praising Corban: Immaculate!

Monique is overheard praising Keely.

Monique is overheard praising Cesare.

Udell is overheard praising Keely.

Mattheu nods to each of his students with a smile, watching and nodding as each take to shimmy and flow of the Ravashari dance. "Well done Sire Corban!" He claps for the knight, then he nods to all and takes a small step backwards. "When you put it all together, it looks something of a river flowing with ease. Or the wind taking to a sail without worry of what anchors might be in place." He stops to watch Ilira for a moment, and nods in a jingling of bells towards her. "As Ilira has shown is an excellent example."

The young Rivenshari lord then shows his version as well, starting with putting his foot to the heel to of the other and in simply watching Ilira, offers her an elaborate bow, the bells upon him chime as he stands back up giving three quick hops. The bells chiming ring out and nearly silence in each hop, as if he's able to catch them at just the right moment to silence their song.

Then noding to Ilira with a mischievous grin, he starts by tapping his foot, then planting both feet to the ground. "Care to follow along, Ilira?" His hips start to weave and sway each motion a calculated direction slow to rise with quick stop allowing the bells in his hair to chime in their melodies then fade out before the next sway and tilt. As the dance builds up, balls of feet are risen from place keeping his toes locked upon position, giving a higher rise to hips as he builds up to a tempo allowing all of the bells to chime, ring, and play to each motion.

Eventually combining into a shake of wiggling, his upper body moves in the opposite direction, nearly bending over backwards completely, and a final small flip at the end. Bells flow in the swing of leaving the ground and shimming through the full flip until landing upon his feet again, now in a very deep bow and looking up to make eye contact to his audience, giving each a moment of attention as if his dance is only for them and no one else in the room, smiling for each turn and ring of bell.

The dance becomes more concentrated, direct, calculated. Enough of a push that a bell starts to chime then pulling back where it appears his feet are glued in place as the bell is quickly silenced. In doing so, each bell has a chance to ring its own melody without interference from the others. Eventually combining into a shake of wiggling, his upper body moves in the opposite direction, while he smiles and breathes through each piece of the dance.

Finally, Mattheu stands breathing a little harder and bows again. "That's what it should look like. Please, feel free to put your own spin upon each motion." He grins with a smirk, then nods to Ilira. "Thank you all, and may you enjoy the adventures the wind takes you upon."

Oriana has left the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Nox, a kitten black as pitch with star-dappled fur leaves, following Oriana.

12 House Velenosa Guards, Ibasia, the Velenosa Lady-in-Waiting, Ellani, the palm sized spider leave, following Jaenelle.

Jordan, apologetic Gentleman of the Chamber, Jaenelle leave, following Noah.

Maharet is overheard praising Mattheu.

Maharet is overheard praising Keely.

Maharet is overheard praising Cesare.

Evan, a veritable mountain of an Arakkoan, Estevan, an attentive young man carrying a writing desk leave, following Maharet.

Keely rises from her chair after murmuring some parting words to Udell and offering a kind smile to the man. "That concludes our instruction for tonight," calls the princess to the room at large, her cheeks quite rosy courtesy of the bubbly drink she has been enjoying from her seat. "Thank you all for coming! Please stay and mingle, enjoy the refreshments, and try some of the new things you learned with the new friends you have made, or old friends you have reconnected with." And with that, the princess upends her glass into her mouth, finishing her champagne and making her way toward the exit with little smiles of parting to those she passes on her way out.

Monique offers one last quiet aside to Corban, lips curving with a deep satisfaction. And then the Minx is pulling away, eyes casting out over the crowd and settling back on Ilira and Mattheu. She allows a curtsey for the Knight. "Pleasant evening, Corban."

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