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Lady Temira Eswynd

I never wish to fall asleep in the same place I woke up.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Prodigal adventuress
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Eswynd
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 26
Birthday: 8/29
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: average height
Hair Color: blonde
Eye Color: hazel
Skintone: fair

Description: Of average height, with a full, athletic build, Temira is no waif. Blonde hair falls in straight locks nearly to her waist when left unbound, while expressive brows are slightly darker above curious hazel eyes. Fair skin has a slight tan, her small nose tends toward the ruddy when exposed to either sun or drink. Her voice is a husky alto, and small resting movements speak to a restrained energy.

Personality: Temira is one who can both love the old and still be excited for the new. The unknown is a challenge to her, the unknowable is a puzzle to be solved. Blessed with a more agreeable manner and more playful wit than most of her kin, she's facing a wide new world and can't wait to sink her teeth into it.

Background: The first child born of her father Branimir's second marriage, Temira was blessed by fate with few expectations or responsibilities. Her early life was far from luxurious, but she grew up as comfortable as any could among the Abandoned. Aged 8 when Branimir lost his eye and faced a change in perspective, Temira was doted on and indulged in her adolescence. She didn't always have her way, but the young lady was given more freedoms than she might have expected, despite the efforts of her mother to keep the exuberant noble respectably grounded.

In adulthood, she contributed to the House as best she could, more than once traveling with a trade ship to rival lands and returning with detailed accounts of their wealth, defenses, warriors, and ships ahead of an Eswynd raid. In her family's halls, she was a singer of songs, and teller of tales, whose taste for the unknown tended to exceed that of her more practically-minded kin.

When the Eswynds turned Prodigal and knelt to House Tyde, Temira was excited by the prospect of a new world to be explored. Devouring the details of Arvani life she could glean from her near-sister the Marquessa-Consort, it was only a matter of time before Temira found an excuse good enough to bring her to the vast city of Arx, and now- finally- she has her opportunity.

Relationship Summary

  • Branimir - father is one-eyed but big hearted.

  • Family:
  • Norah - the fun one!
  • Oskar - Lord of the hall
  • Medeia - kind hearted

  • Friend:
  • Carita - glamorous!
  • Savio - We will always have each others back.
  • Caspian - Sparring partner who gives support when needed
  • Kastelon - Your advice is always welcome and appreciate.
  • Cassiopeia - A friendship flourshing with memories to be made.
  • Ilira - I cherish our friendship from the bottom of my heart.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Sorrel - the princess who introduced me to the Bardic Circle.
  • Raven - Your company is always welcome

  • Sibling:
  • Haakon - near-brother I like to poke fun at his stoic nature
  • Odin - loud like father and a good brother.

  • Patron:
  • Mikani - As your protege, I shall make you proud.
  • Name Summary
    Caprice A woman who plans her return to the fray while her bones are still mending is a woman worth knowing! I look forward to bumping into this Eswynd lady again.
    Caspian The golden haired archer of Eswynd. There is a vibrancy to her that makes you want to grab every moment and make the most of it. She is struck with the same wanderlust i find myself having. The same need to know the answers to questions we weren't even aware of.
    Celine A lady of House Eswynd who revealed that even reavers are allowed to have a softer side.
    Corrigan A scholar. A reaver. A tease. A peer. Totally a potential recruit.
    Erik Bong! Truly, that is what I immediately think of when I hear her name. That and a musical sparring match!
    Grady The Eswynds seem to be a hearty lot. I can't imagine breaking my arm and just brushing it off and going about my business clubbing ruffians.
    Haakon She's a deft spy and a steady blade-hand.. Which only makes her bloody cheer and noise worse: I know she *could* be quiet and discreet, and chooses not to be.
    Jasher Lady Temira is an impressive scout that takes fearless initiative. I certainly trust in the keenness of her eyes.
    Mabelle A spirited young lady with a refreshingly amusing antics. I this she's ready to devour the city. I hope she finds what she likes.
    Mattheu An interesting lady of the wind, not of thrax, but enough to follow what they might have to say.
    Medeia I forget sometimes that not all the Eswynds are dour, cousin Temira is a breath of fresh air (and a sight to behold singing while standing on a table).
    Raimon First seen at the Naval Blockade of the Ivanite Remnants, the Lady Temira Eswynd knows her sailing warfare, it seems. A crack shot with a grapnel, an ace sailor, and not too shabby in melee either. Impressive.
    Savio A brave fighter and a fine credit to my friends in Eswynd. Looking forward to seeing more of her in the future!
    Terese I quite like the Lady Eswynd. I can see us becoming fast friends though I confess maybe I might be a tad jealous but I shall not dare tarnish my reputation to admit it
    Theophania She seems incredibly sweet, disarmingly and almost alarmingly so in comparison to her professed experience in bloodshedding and reaving. If she had not already captured my interest, this piercing contrast would draw me in deep. I feel as if I must get to know her better.
    Zakhar Must be a different sort of an Eswynd. Says please when seeking help...