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Assembly of Peers: March 1016

Assembly of Peers, Valardin Hosted Edition. Come one, come all. Hear the news and bring up your concerns.


Sept. 18, 2021, 8 p.m.

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Raven Ivy Medeia Mattheu Sydney Lucita Natasha Tovell Orland Nigel Gaspar Titus Samira Ryhalt Thea Mathis Liara Lou Volcica Thesarin Deva Patrizio Felix Corban Edris Cillian Jaenelle Felicia Cassiopeia Arman Mia Bianca Michael Aedric



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Assembly of Peers

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Comments and Log

Raven arrives with her Reavers and Tovell. She and Tyvall both paused before entry to peacebind their weapons as any good soldiers would do. Raven inclines her head to Tovell then turns on heel and makes for the Setarcan benches.

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Ivy enters amongst the gaggle of Grayson fealty members lead by Mia. She sketches out a bow towards the Marquessa and murmurs something to her quietly before peeling away from the group to move towards the Valardin benches.

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Medeia and Haakon are already settled at the Thrax benches, having arrived somewhat early. They're engaged in quiet conversation with some of the other Islanders around them.

The soft jingling of bells follows in every step Mattheu Rivershari takes as he looks to the grandness of the hall then seeking where he is to sit.

Striding into the Assembly of Peers with an easy gait, Sydney is dressed in supple leather and elegant steelsilk, and looks... like she probably is feeling cold as /fuck/. Which isn't overall a surprise, given the driving snow outside that's currently yet to melt in her long red hair, but will surely spell an overall damp assembly. Despite the prickles of gooseflesh on her arms, however, a cocksure grin features on her expression as the overdressed commoner offers a smug little wave of her hand to those of nobility whose eyes happen to veer in her direction - save for those she recognizes, which are given a more genuine smile. She then seats herself coarsely on the commoners' bench, one leg folded over the other, a yawn dominating her features. Off to a good start.

Lucita quietly makes her way in to a seat amid the Lycene benches. A graceful curtsy is given any royals by whom she passes close enough for that to be relevant. Once in place she looks over toward Gaspar by whom she sits and reaches discretely into a pocket of her cloak to set a flask down within reach of both.

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"Thank you, Your Grace. I also hope the same." If there are any apprehensions there, it doesn't slip past Natasha's pale expression as she takes a seat, a quiet murmur of greeting towards Patrizio returned to him as she settles in her seat. Liara's arrival prompts a dip of her head. "Your Grace."

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Tovell returns Raven's nod, peacebinds his sword, and breaks away from the Reavers to take a place on the Valardin benches.

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Orland is sitting with his neo-noble counterparts at the Pravus seats, both Marqussa Cassiopeia and Lord Titus. He's engaged in quiet conversation with them, having arrived earlier than the official assembly as well. Many of the bigger names earn the side eyes from the Lord Amadeo.

Nigel arrives shortly after Liara, casting a glance about the Assembly before moving off toward the Grayson benches and settling in among his siblings.

A smile was given to Lucita as he gently leaned against a shoulder in fond, silent greeting. Gaspar looked down to see what the baroness had pulled from her pocket and the marquis' eyes went wide.

Titus has no warmth to the too pale and gaunt face that's quite frozen with a seriousness to it as he looks towards the high lords while talking quietly to the southern peoples near him.

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Samira steps into the building looking as though she has just rolled out of bed - entirely likely, given the artist's penchant for keeping odd hours. She strides straight toward the seating reserved for commoners, greeting her companions with a waggle of her fingers and a few low remarks. Plopping down into a seat to await the beginning of the meeting, she hides a yawn behind her fist before running her fingers through a few tangled strands of hair.

Ryhalt takes a seat in the Valardin area with his typical warm smile.

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Thea gives a respectful nod to Liara as she enters before returning to her family and fellow Oathlanders. She looks to Kiera and smiles faintly, assuring her.

Mathis may have missed some kind of memo, because he mostly looks like he fell into a pile of clothes and came out the other side wearing a motley assortment of whatever stuck. But the Archlector of Petrichor nonetheless crosses the floor in ground-eating strides and takes a seat at the Godsworn Benches with a look of vague weariness about the whole situation. Hands in his pockets.

Tovell, as a matter of fact, would have sat down at the Commoner benches. He knows better.

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Liara shows up to the Assembly just on time, with smiles offered to a few peers on her way over to the middle table, including Thea, and a light incline of her head to Natasha. Then she settles down, and exchanges some words with the others already seated.

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Giving those at the Voices table one last look, and then a brief nod, Princess Alis Valardin stands up from her seat to address the Assembly. "Thank you all for coming; we have only one matter of business so far to attend to from the Great Houses. But before we begin asking each to advise if they have any updates to offer the assembled peerage, I would ask Archlector Mathis to lead us in prayer and invocation to begin the evening." Towards the godsworn, she gives a knightly bow of respect before lowering her head to hear that which will be offered from the Faith.

Lou is quietly watching those who are arriving. Her attention falls on one person or another, her gaze a touch curious. Her hands are folded in her lap as she she's seated at the Grayson benches, waiting for the proceedings to begin.

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Volcica steps in, quietly making her way to the Redrain section to find a seat. Jusssst as Alis begins.

Thesarin enters with the rest of the gaggle of Rivens, looking characteristically as though he'd ignored his mother's warnings about scowling until his face stuck like that. His reception probably isn't much better than his demeanor, given the current sentiments from both Peers and plebs toward the unashamedly Prodigal. He has at least dressed in a wealthy Crownlander's winter clothes rather than hide skirts, but that does little to make him look less as though he's walked out of the Grey Forest and over toward the Grayson benches, settling down in silence.

Deva directs some more finger-wiggling gestures at the Redrain benches, accompanied with quick and fond smiles, before she snaps her attention to Alis and then Archlector Mathis. Shifting in her seat, she takes on a more somber and respectful expression as the proceedings kick off.

Listening while Alis opens the matter of the Assembly, Patrizio's settled with his familiar leather folio before him, looking perhaps a little less bright than when he'd entered, but there's it's clear attention to what's going on. The mention of the Archlector has his head lifting, and the jade eyes shift over to consider the godsworn, before he too lowers his head and closes his eyes.

Felix makes his way in a bit more slowly than he generally does - a slight limp accompanying, though he looks no less cheerful than usual. He doesn't linger, however, giving a wave to a few people before he moves to the seating set aside for the Faith, settling in with a sigh of relief.

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Akkar, Dodger, a black-and-tan terrier arrive, following Cillian.

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Reedy, a King's Own aide arrives, following Corban.

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With the opening benediction requested, Natasha's fingers link into one another on top of the folio resting in front of her place upon the table, her eyes closing. There's a small shift on her seat as she does, a faint twitch on the corner of her mouth; the princess, today, seems to favor her right side, her left shoulder held somewhat stiffly. It doesn't seem to prevent her from offering her devotions, however, when she's still able to lower her head quite low when prayers begin.

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Having seen to the security of the outer parts of the Assembly of Peers, Sir Corban Telmar moves to take up a position just behind and to the right of High Lord Alis, just as he does with the King or the Lord Commander when they chair the Assembly. He nods to his brother, Tovell, as he takes up position on the other side.

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Mathis stands, rising to his full, impressive height. His rich, resonant baritone rings out across the peers, carrying easily over the space and all those assembled. "Peers of the Realm," he addresses, turning his hands palm-up. "Faithful. Let us raise our voices in chorus to the gods today as we come together. Let us remember that just as Mangata's rain nourishes the crops which Petrichor gives to feed us; just as Vellichor blesses us with knowledge and Gloria gives us the strength to defend that knowledge; just as Jayus asks us to raise our voices in song and Gild gives us the means to sustain our artists; that we here are all joined." He clasps his hands together. "The farmer who brings food to the table; the cook who feeds his liege; the liege who protects his people; and the knight who protects his liege. All of these need each other to function. Together we are bound, together we are strong, just as our Gods of the Pantheon are joined together, and as we join here today to strengthen our Compact. May the Gods bless us with their wisdom and lend us their strength."

Raven fidgets where she sits with the other Setarcans, bundled against the cold and restless. She seems distantly troubled by something and her verdant gaze continuously roams across the crowd.

The chatter in the Assembly of Peers pauses as the door guard announces, "Highlord arriving!" Their fealty respectively rises while until they are seated.

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"Thank you, Archlector Mathis. May we always remember the wisdom of your words of prayer." Alis murmurs, giving the man another nod before proceeding. "House Valardin has nothing to offer by way of update for the Assembly today. So I will ask House Grayson to speak next. If you could let us know how things go with rescue and rebuilding at Bastian, Your Grace? And anything that may be needed from us in terms of assistance?" she wonders, expression somber. "And anything else you feel of import to advise the Assembly of."

Lucita follows the customary procedure for the opening prayer and falls silent to listen to the assembly speakers.

Edris listens intently to the invocation, nodding along solemnly, as one might expect of one standing amongst the Oathlands delegation. He bows his head deeply at its conclusion, as if in whole hearted agreement, though his dark eyes next turn to regard Liara as she is invited to speak.

Sydney clicks her tongue a touch too audibly, but her words are kept to a sensible volume.

"Oh, that was very nice," Deva murmurs of Mathis' invocation. She even seems to make a few notes, and when finished she bows her head to the archlector respectfully. There is also a grateful expression for Corban and Tovell. Then she eases back, watching (and even mostly sitting still) as Alis brings the meeting to a start.

Cillian is slightly late but the leather clad lord slips in and moves to sit down silent in his movments his hazel eyes looking around while he listens.

Mathis breaks into a broad smile, nods respectfully, and takes a seat again, sticking his hands back in his pockets and listening to Alis as addresses House Grayson.

Liara gathers herself to her feet with a small duck of her chin to Alis. Unlike the last Assembly, both her arms are working again now. She then speaks up to the gathered peers:

"The enemy retains a substantial presence in Bastion. Plans are under way to thoroughly scout the city, determine our foe's exact strength and disposition, and once that is complete, to strike and reclaim the city."

"Many people have offered assistance. In these initial stages, people possessed of particular individual prowess would be most welcome for this examination of Bastion. Thereafter, a military campaign will begin, and only then will we move to rebuilding."

Her next words are offered along with smiles to peers she spots here and there in the Assembly. "I thank the many who have offered aid with refugees and with rebuilding. Would that we could commence on rebuilding immediately, but the enemy must be removed first. Still, House Grayson most appreciates the generous offers so far."

Having said her bit, she resumes her seat.

Raven grimaces and there's a slow steamy exhale breathed to life at the announcement. It's almost as if the prospect of returning to Bastion wasn't a particularly appealing one.

Lou is seen nodding in agreement with many things Liara is saying about Bastion, having been part of some of that planning process these last few weeks.

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"Thank you, Your Grace. We look forward to assisting with removing the foul presence of the enemy from Bastion so that the rebuilding can begin." There's a note of fervency there perhaps, as Alis addresses Liara. "Princess Deva, if you could address the Assembly with anything Redrain wishes to bring forward?"

Liara's report is the first to reanimate Natasha from her seat, stylus removed from a small journal that she keeps next to her right hand. Writing a quick note upon a fresh page in a flowing script, she waits only for the ink to dry before the cover is replaced, her attention returning to her peers once more.

"Certainly," Deva rises when addressed, bowing her head to Alis and then the assembly. She seems to favor her right leg, and leans a palm on the table to help keep some weight off of it. "Redrain does not have anything to update the Assembly with at this time." Her attention then drifts to Liara, and she gestures toward the Grayson high lord with a determined expression. "I would, however, like to express that Redrain will also assist with military efforts to remove the enemy from Bastion. I saw what happened with my own eyes. We stand together in the face of this evil."

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A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Tarik before departing.

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Sydney tongues at her teeth and sends a rather strained look over to Samira, "Oh, Sami. I never have enough alcohol to make it through one of these without grinding my teeth. 'Course, any /more/ and I'd end up positively sloppy." She does, however, take up House Waterfall's flask from its place on her belt and have a swig of the contents.

Alis glances at Deva with somewhat softened expression as she offers forth that unwavering support as well to the Grayson Highlord, and with a fleeting smile given turns her head towards the next in order at the table. "Archduchess Jaenelle, is there anything Velenosa would like to bring to the attention of the Assembly?"

Jaenelle stands from the table and shakes her head, "nothing that I am aware of or can share at this time. Thankfully," she says with a grin and a dip of her head as she settles back down. Short and sweet tonight apparently!

Volcica nods with Deva's words, clearly feeling the same. A little shadow passes over her features, but it fades to.. gentle worry? barely visible.

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"Alright then." Short and sweet just like Alis! No wait, she's just short. "Princess Natasha, is there any business House Thrax wishes to address the assembly with?" She seems intent on making sure things move along smoothly, at least.

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When called upon by Alis, Natasha rises from her seat and addresses the rest of the Assembly, precise mezzo-sopranic diction rendering her normally noticeable Islander's cadence into a subtler touch: "House Thrax has no pressing business to present to the Crown and the Peerage at this time. To House Grayson, in light of the most recent update, House Thrax reiterates its offer of assistance in the form of military and related aid."

Edris listens solemnly as Liara speaks, and then nods to Deva's words in support. His gaze turns towards Jaenelle first and then Natasha. His expression turns very thoughtful, with a faintly puzzled frown as if perhaps the Assembly is not quite so fearsome as he had been warned, after all, at least in regards to time.

"Thank you, Your Highness." The only one left in the hot seat is Pravus, and Alis turns her attention to Patrizio. "If you would be so kind as to present the business House Pravus wishes the Assembled peerage to address?"

Liara offers a duck of her chin in quiet acknowledgement of each offer of support, from Alis, Deva and Natasha, although she doesn't seem keen to interrupt proceedings otherwise. Instead, she waits until the great houses are nearly all done, and then offers a simple, "Thank you," along the table, the two words meant for those seated nearby, but audible enough for others in the chamber too.

Raven has remained restless and alert throughout the Assembly but her lips purse and the alert straitness of her back eases and she makes a brief comment and offers a one-shouldered shrug to those seated nearby, her restlessness seeming to ebb a bit and her posture becoming more relaxed.

A breath, and Patrizio rises from his place. "Your graces, your highnesses, good sirs," says he, as he turns his attention out to those at the other benches. "Lords and Ladies of the realm, and citizens of the Compact. I will cut straight to the point on the matter that I think most of you wish to hear me speak about on behalf of my House - the matter of the Marquessa Inverno's proclamation on behalf of the Choir and our Archduchess, inviting others to join us in a moratorium to ennoblements." He's quiet for a moment, as there's the drift of those jade eyes about the room as if to gauge the temperature before he continues. "Pravus speaks with one voice on this. We are not seeking to force this matter upon others, but simply..."

His hands spread briefly. "We wish to make sure that those elevated to the nobility are aware of, and prepared for, the weighty chain of responsibility that comes with such a thing. That those we choose to so honour represent the /best/ of what our Compact has to offer. There are those who have proven worthy for such things, and doubtless in the future, there will be others. We have had a recent era of expansion and... Pravus feels that it is wise to give time, especially in light of the challenges we face currently from without, to give time before we seek more such worth individuals."

And with a dip of his head to all, and a breath, the prince of Pravus retakes his seat.

"Just to be clear, it is not being suggested that the Assembly adopt a new law, or change an old one. But, that we offer a promise to wait until the current situation has stabilized, before making any elevations of individuals or Houses that would threaten our current stability." Alis addresses Patrizio directly with the question.

"Pravus is not proposing a new law, or a compulsion for the Houses of this compact, no." Patrizio's head turns to regard Alis, and he respectfully dips his head briefly. "We would not be so bold as to insist to others as to be required to yield their sovereignty over such things. We state what we will do, and invite others to join us."

Felicia can't quite help the way her lips purse slightly at Patrizio's words, attention flicking from Patrizio, to Liara and then over the other assembled Highlords and their representatives. Though she straightens in her spot on the commoner's benches she elects to remain silent.

"Thank you for the clarification, in case it was a concern to anyone. House Valardin is in agreement with the concerns put forward by House Pravus and will similarly refrain from elevations for a time. Unless, of course, there is an exceptional case to be made. Do any of the other Great Houses wish to speak on this matter, or any others, before we open the floor to the assembly at large?"

"His Grace, Prince Victus Thrax, issued a proclamation three years ago decrying the creation of new nobility if it cannot be proven that the individual being elevated holds blood ties to the existing houses of the Peerage," Natasha remarks, dark eyes swinging in steady regard to the Pravus prince. "It has been House Thrax's policy ever since, and more paramount, now, considering current concerns regarding the realm's stability. As such, House Thrax supports the proposed moratorium, and any other effort that curtails future ennoblements without proven blood ties to the nobility."

Raven's lips press and there's an active flash of Annoyance across her features for some reason as she listens. She discretely fishes out a flash and pins it between her knees so she can distinctly less discretely unscrew the cap for a sip.

Deva listens to the discussion with a thoughtful expression that is more reserved than usual. Her pen drags along a page in quick motions. Eventually, she'll (probably) realize she has smeared ink all over her left hand. For now, she is completely oblivious as she gestures as usual while speaking. "House Redrain understands the concerns expressed, and we agree to appraise such rare matters with the proper and necessary care and scrutiny for they are not matters to be dealt with lightly."

Liara speaks up, "I trust the peerage to conduct themselves appropriately and not to take lightly their capacity to raise an individual to the nobility. I am deeply concerned by nobles that are themselves newly elevated, or otherwise Prodigal Houses, elevating commoners to the nobility, and wish to see a firm end put to that trend, because it appears that they ill understand the responsibility granted to them. I would be most alarmed if they prove unable to conduct themselves appropriately even after his."

"The Lyceum is filled with fiercly independant people, who believe in the right to choose what is best for their houses and people. I have no say in their decisions, though I have the strongest of faiths in what they choose and how they lead their people and I am but a guide should they require someone to discuss matters with," Jaenelle says, as she most definitely does not have any say in vassal house's decisions. "House Velenosa though, believes that the Lyceum has spoken regarding this, and are no longer amused by such."

"Well said, Your Graces and Highnesses." Alis nods her agreement with Liara and the others there, glancing at the others that occupy the table. And unless there there is more sentiment to be spoken - she addresses the rest of the gathering again. "Those who wish to speak may now address the Assembly. Please indicate your interest and wait to be called upon."

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Raven continues to steal sips from her flask and look less than impressed both with the cold and the public flogging of what many consider to be a dead horse.

Patrizio's hand is in motion with his writing implement once more within the leaves of his folio, not even this time looking up when there are the declarations in favour of the Pravusi proposal. But a pause in the writing for a moment as he lifts his head, and turns his gaze instead to the assembled beyond the Voices.

Felicia's eyes go between the Highlords table and the Grayson benches with her lips pressed together but for the moment maintains her silence.

Sydney seems to be muttering to herself from the Commoners' benches, an ill temper about her. Eyes squinting in rather naked disdain. The commoners do so love to grumble at these events.

Cassiopeia doesn't lean into the conversations around her, but rather she engages with it in small divergent spurts. A quiet murmur, but mostly she watches the proceeding with silent observation now. Thoughtfulness. Her expression is blank and her features are neutral, but they don't mask the warmth underneath and sharp consideration she gives everything. The Arakkoan Marquessa never brought books or notes, but she is fully immersed in the details she bears witness.

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Like many of her companions at the commoners' seating, Samira wears a disgruntled expression but seems to have no intention to speak more loudly than the conversation being held with her benchmates. She mutters low to Sydney and the others seated beside her, her quiet commentary sprinkled between swigs of her flask's contents.

Arman enters unobtrusively and seats himself without fanfare at the Lyceum benches.

Felicia does, finally, elect to rise from her seat, perhaps in silent request to speak.

Axelle, a personal valet arrives, delivering a message to Lou before departing.

Alis watches Felicia rise, and politely addresses her. "Dame Felicia, unfortunately you would need a member of the peerage to speak on your behalf. Is there someone who will volunteer to do so?"

Felicia dips her head in acknowledgment of Alis' words with a small and wry smile, but doesn't elect to resume her seat. Instead remaining as she is, hands clasped behind her and at attention as her gaze goes over the Assembly.

"I will," comes Mia's voice from the Grayson benches, the Marquessa rising to her feet. "Dame Harrow has served the Compact long and well, and her bravery at Stormwall saved my life. I am willing cede my time on the floor to her, for whatever she may have to say."

Thesarin stands from the Grayson benches, still looking big dour, scowling, and generally Prodigal. "I'd volunteer."

%Felix, while he has been paying attention, has not been too engaged with the goings on of the conversation. When Felicia stands, however, he sits up - and, after a few moments of the inquiry being asked for someone to speak up for her, and looking out over those gathered, rises to his feet with some effort, settling in with a faint smile - especially once others do, which allows him to sink back with a faint sigh of relief at no longer being on his feet.

Alis dips her head in acknowledgement towards both Mia and Thesarin. "Thank you. Dame, you have Marquessa Riven's time on the floor to address us."

Lou watches curiously as Felicia rises and Mia cedes her time.

There is the dip of a bow to Alis at the recognition, though Mia does not resume her seat. No, it seems she means to stand for however long the copper-haired knight chooses to speak, her husband at her side.

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Felicia offers a deep and respectful bow in the direction of Mia and Thesarin,"Marquis and Marquessa Riven, I thank you both." she addresses the Assembly in an even tone,"Honored Peers assembled here, this is a matter that is close to my heart. As more than a few of you are aware, I have spent years investigating the history of my family, to find proof of their own noble heritage. We are sworn to Grayson, and serve the High Lady faithfully." this accompanied by a bow in the direction of Liara,"And I understand that it might be some time yet until we may be seen as suitable to join the Peerage. As such I would like to seek clarity of the Peerage's feelings in this regard. Is the restoration of one to the Peerage to be considered the same as the elevation of a commoner?"

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Fiore, the elegantly long-limbed androgyne arrives, delivering a message to Mathis before departing.

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Bianca looks up from the godsworn benches, interest etched on her albino features at Felicia's question. Her silver eyed gaze strays along the various noble benches, watching the reactions.

Dame Harrow's request for clarification seems to have sparked a quiet discussion among the Voices table, with Natasha leaning forward on her seat to listen, before speaking quietly to the rest.

"I think, Dame Felicia, you ask an important question. It is not quite the same thing, no." Alis offers thoughtfully, after conferring with others at the table. "It should be noted that simply because there is a past noble tie, does not guarantee an elevation, but it does present an opportunity to make your case. It is, of course, up to Princess Liara as the Grayson High Lord in the end, whether or not the evidence presented and the deeds of the House are worthy of an elevation."

Raven nurses her flask and watches the Voices for a moment or three before her gaze sweeps across the assembly to see what the Peers seem to make of the notion.

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"Thank you for your time." Felicia offers in response to Alis' words. Dipping her head once more before resuming her seat without further interruption.

Turn in line: Felicia

Michael mutters, "grumble grumble grumble"

There is a moment of lingering silence from Mia as Felicia resumes her seat, a long look of consideration before she makes any movement of her own. But eventually, eventually, she looks to the Voices of the Realm and asks, "If I may add something, Your Grace?"

"You ceded your time, Marquessa." Alis reminds Mia. "You may make one statement, and please keep in mind there are others in line waiting to speak."

Liara ventures some words of her own, "Dame Felicia and the Harrows have been diligent in their service to House Grayson and will surely continue to be." A beat of pause, and she adds to this, "Many serve their Houses diligently. That in itself is not reason to elevate an individual. However, if the deeds of those concerned are so great that they will be remembered even centuries from now, why, then, I believe that then is an appropriate time to consider the matter. I offer this not as discouragement but exhortation to undertake magnificent deeds such as may only be seen once in a generation."

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Caine Arnasis, a foul-mouthed assistant arrives, following Mihaly.

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There is a sharp nod from the woman at that. "I freely acknowledge that the past of the Harrow family is not mine to weigh, nor their future mine to determine. As you have reminded us, Your Grace, that is for the High Lady of the Crownlands to decide. And as you, Your Grace," Mia says, now speaking to Liara, "have wisely pointed out, such magnificence is rare indeed. I would like it entered into the record that I have personally seen Dame Harrow face down shrieking hordes of the Compact's enemies, when lines of other defenders broke and crumbled. I have seen her shelter the fleeing wounded, giving them a chance at hope. I have seen her stand between scrambling medics and certain death. I have seen her do this not only in service to her lords and their lands, but to Houses and Peers she owes no loyalty to. And as I have said, she is the reason that I am able to address the Assembly today, rather than counted among the scores of dead at Stormwall. It is my firm belief that if there are so many with great aspirations across the realm, to display even a fraction of her bravery, dignity, and committment to this realm would be a fine beginning for them. Thank you." And so having said all she meant to, Mia thus resumes her seat and her silence.

"That is indeed a humbling list of heroic deeds, Marquessa. Thank you for speaking on Dame Harrow's behalf." Alis smiles at both Mia and Felicis there, before gesturing towards Aedric. "Thank you for your patience, my lord. Please let us know what you wish to have addressed."

Felicia's distracted from the commoners benches by Mia's words, and offers the Marquessa a seated bow from her spot in acknowledgment.

Turn in line: Aedric

Aedric Blackshore is a tall and sickly appearing man who, by some miracle, maintains capable of ambulating despite his general pallor and gaunt features. When addressed, he stands and offers a polite dip of his chin in greeting. "My lords and ladies. Voices of the Realm. The abdication of responsibility and collapse of a fundamental institution of governance is, of course, a grievous offense. This is known to us and need not be contested. The comments made by Pravus' representative to this body are most welcome and provide some degree of reassurance to those assembled. As a skeptical man, though, I wonder -- what disciplinary measures, if any, were enacted upon the parties involved? What disincentive, beyond a posthumous proclamation and promise in the presence of peers, exists to discourage such behaviors?" He pauses, perhaps to give the audience time to reflect. "And what of they who used their authority to elevate? Are they themselves absolved of their involvement? Are we meant to forgive them, or should they by some mechanism be held accountable for their actions?" Though the questions are certainly pointed, his tone remains neutral throughout. "I respectfully implore you to consider these questions when reflecting upon recent events and thank you for an opportunity to speak openly on a matter of great political significance to our Compact."

Patrizio's brow furrows faintly when he's listening to Aedric, setting down the stylus in his hand to let his fingers lace together for a few moments as he considers the words.

"Thank you, Lord Aedric. I would remind everyone that each Great House governs their own vassals, and that each vassal house also governs itself. We are bound by oaths of liege and vassal; something that works in both directions as each have both responsibilities and privileges as a result." Alis points out, before continuing, and nodding at Liara in agreement. "We do not know what words have been spoken, or measures taken, and that may well remain between vassal and liege and not be for the Assembly to hear of as a whole."

The questions posed by her uncle-in-law to the Assembly are ones that sparks a curious light in Natasha's eyes. Her dark-haired head inclines towards Liara's direction when the High Lord of the Crownlands speaks, responding quietly before returning her attention to Patrizio to wait for his response.

Liara says something or another to the others at the middle table, though her words are kept quiet, and when Alis speaks up, she listens attentively, giving a duck of her chin in agreement afterwards.

Lord Orland Amadeo has been relatively quiet, but 'Traditionalist' and 'Ivan' can be heard with an upnod toward Aedric.

Medeia, who had to this point been mostly quietly listening, stares hard at Orland, her ears particularly attuned to the words he said. A disappointed shake of her head follows.

Deva is clearly listening, with a glance toward speakers and toward the rest of the table, but she seems to have little to say on this particular topic. Only now does she realize she has ink on her hand. Unfortunately, she does not realize she has accidentally transferred this to her cheek. She scrubs at her hand, at any rate, and nods a few times to other voices of the realm as they engage in some discussion on the matter.

"I believe that whatever punishment that can be given has in the form of suffering to the Bravura's people," Jaenele says without amusement. "The people who are terrified that their Count has spoken without thought, that their lives may change in the future from stupid words spoken. So perhaps instead of calling for heads, or that of a whipping boy to showcase how disappointed we are of such idiotic statements to the public, we might also consider offering aide to those who have actually suffered as losses are felt to the population."

Felix just continues to watch the floor, his eyes shifting to those who are speaking, though there is an occasional glance to someone other than, lingering here and there before moving on. As almost relaxed as one can be while seated and leaning slightly to one side, fingers tapping slowly on his leg. There is a small nod, almost to himself, at something stated, though by who it is hard to tell.

At the table with the other Voices of the Realm, Patrizio's nodding quietly as the conversation there, before there's a shake of his head. "Pravus is not proposing a change of the law here, my lord. We are asking for a voluntary act. As such, we would think that these matters need be handled as each domain feels is appropriate. And if need be..." There's a brief dip of his head to those at that table where he sits. "If the situation changes, it can be addressed at that time. However, each house's sovereignty need be respected within our Compact. Such was our intent in how we put forward this matter for consideration."

"Well said, Archduchess." Alis inclines her head towards Jaenelle. "And you as well, Your Highness." To Patrizio. After a moment of quiet discussion at their table, Alis stands up again to face the assembly as a whole. "Thank you all for coming, and for sharing your concerns and opinions with us. With no other matters to address, I call the Assembly to a close." is declared. And if she had a gavel, she'd bang it against the table.

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