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Marquessa Mia Riven

Cooperation is not a luxury, but a requirement. Make it work.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Unstoppable Countess
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Riven
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 37
Birthday: 3/14
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: average height
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: black
Skintone: golden

Titles: Marquessa of the Twainfort

Description: Long, thick, straight hair falls in shining black waves to the midst of Mia's back. The gossamer cascade shapes inward around her high cheekbones, lending to the gently oval shape of her face. Her golden-toned features are softened by the slight downturn of her nose over the bow of her full lips. Her eyes narrow in a slight curve, gleaming black beneath thin brows, framed by thick lashes. Lean but shapely, there is something about Mia that suggests directed motion, a contained grace and a strong likelihood that wisdom lies in removing oneself from her path.

Personality: Mia Riven will take no shit from anyone, thanks. Her cool reserve is a frosty, snarky edge over a bite that can go about a foot deep -- yet beneath that surface layer of ice, there is a passionate, fiery soul, who will stop at nothing to achieve her goals. That said, while she is hardly warm, she is duty-bound and loyal -- heart-achingly loyal -- to her ideals and to her people. Once her heart is won, the compassion that she can give is simply unending. Mia loves power not for its trappings or for the mantle of authority but for the ability to help; the ability to make a difference. Change drives her as a concept in her life. She never wants to hold still.

Background: Mia inherited the countship of the Twainfort when the adult Rivens all died along with the Deepwoods under the swords of Abandoned. It's the kind of beginning, in fire and death, that would make this story make all the more sense if she grew into a vengeance lustful soldier, ready to put every Shav'Arvani settlement to the sword. But that is not what she did. When an outrider from the traveling camp of deserter Abandoned came to the fort, Mia did not just meet with him; she insisted on returning with him to meet with his leader, fearless and insistent. At 17, she brokered a deal with Thesarin, leader of the Abandoned rebels, that would one day bring his followers and her people into one unified countship, under he and her as Countess and Count. If she fell madly in love with him that night, well, it wasn't her fault she was 17. But she was more than a headstrong girl with a crush: she was the Countess of the Twainfort, mistress of the Twins, and she would do everything she could to prevent the tragedy that had struck her family from destroying their legacy. The countship would be secured and her borders would be reinforced.

After an unsteady couple of years where she balanced on a precipice of war, chaos, famine and open revolt, Mia Riven married Thesarin and brought his people into the fold. She ennobled them all with the strength of her liege's lieges behind her, and created a new County, a new House, essentially, for the Twainfort: "Kin in Honor," those who had been the Greenwoods and those who had been the river traders.

At 19, she married Thesarin. At that point, she completely hated him, as only a 19 year old girl can hate a man who does not love her. But she loved her duty, and she loved her countship, and she knew what was best for her people.

Together, they grew. Whatever their private romance or lack thereof, they developed over time into an astounding partnership, filling in the gaps in each other's strengths, and showing their people with open progessivism exactly how to integrate the customs of the Prodigals with the customs of the Compact: uniquely, individually, with respect for the humanity of all -- and in accordance, of course, with the laws of the Faith. If anything, bearing children (first, her heir, Vahari, and then two more) only made her feel this all the more fiercely. Mia is a mother who will protect her children; she is a leader who will protect her people; and she is a passionate idealist who will protect the Compact. These all go together.

Relationship Summary

  • Ezra - The words "charmingly infuriating" come to mind.
  • Nigel - I will try to be worthy of it, for his sake. Maybe one day I will be.

  • Friend:
  • Corban - I have learned through experience that the world is a safer and kinder place when he's with us.

  • Spouse:
  • Thesarin - He has given Riven a future. That is enough.

  • Family:
  • Vahari - My eldest and my heir. She will be my legacy, long after I'm gone.

  • Ally:
    Name Summary
    Alaric An inspiration to never stop moving forward, an excellent and multi-talented administrator, a trusted and reliable ally of House Grayson.
    Aleksei The Countess of the Twainfort seems to be pretty savvy with her questions, and she's clearly got a lot of steel underneath all of it. Not even underneath. The steel is pretty visible. She's pretty steely. (But she also immediately fell in love with Peanut, so.)
    Alexis Kind, polite, and... Wearing oversize armour to a battle she did right to stay away from. I like her, though. She seems to have a good heart, and she focused on the important bit of a rescue mission - the rescue.
    Cristoph She tells me that I met her while I was unconscious after the tournament. Sadly, I don't remember. Fancy that! My more conscious impression of her is that she's a lovely woman and funny to boot. I look forward to future engagements.
    Esoka Countess Mia and her House Riven is the foundation upon which Esoka has built her life in the Compact. It hasn't always been easy but, after all these years, she is as staunch an ally and defender of Mia and her people as you'll find. And what's more, she considers the countess a friend.
    Jael She went through a similar ordeal to mine at the melee, seeing a loved one downed, so I felt a connection with her immediately. I wish I could have paid more attention to her conversation about the Abandoned tribes. I know so little about these things, and it makes me think about how I approached the journey to the Eventide.
    Killian With the way she charmed those shav, I would wonder how long it would take her to charm the birds and squirrels down right out of the trees..definitely an asset!
    Laric At least one person at the table was above talk of webbed toes, thank the Gods.
    Lou I first encountered her during the Grayson mission I was on, that involved the Red Boar shavs. She was among those that helped save me, nearly getting herself cleaved in half. She has heart and spirit though, and the world needs more people with heart and spirit.
    Mason There are many that are curious about Eurus and the culture within. Rarely does Mason find someone that is more interested in learning about his experiences coming to Arx and the challenges he faced in the beginning. It takes a person with much empathy and consideration to focus on such a thing, and Mia did it in the genuine interest of improving the lives of others.
    Reese She is eager to help and seems quite intelligent and thoughtful.
    Rymarr A loyal vassal whom I've only had the opportunity to meet once or twice. I do hope that she'll get her children to Arx and remain for some time. I imagine that she and Samantha, working together, can accomplish even more than my wife already has. A true force to be reckoned with, I would think.
    Saedrus Countess Mia Riven is just sublime company. The young woman has a lovely smile and easy sort of nature in conversation, she is interested and interesting; I always enjoy that in someone. She also has divine taste in dessert, I cannot approve more.
    Thena I got to meet her for the first time without being covered in her husband's blood at the KoS exhibition. She's forthright, doesn't seem like she puts up with bullshit, and isn't afraid of a little gore. I like her.