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The Return Home

In war, not everyone can go. The medics that remained behind prepare for the return home, ensuring everything is ready when soldiers and sailors are brought in for their injuries.

(OOC: During the battle scenes, medics and anyone else who has remained behind is welcome to stop in and RP. Once the battle scenes conclude, all injured characters may come for healing. There WILL be a process to keep chaos to a minimum. There will be an IC expectation so healers can get in on the action of the bigger story. I will be posting a better explanation of event expectations.)


April 30, 2021, 6 p.m.

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Evaristo Clarisse Kiera Merek Bonibel Shyanne Cecilia Giada Veronica Sabriel Kastelon Reese Felicia Tikva Gael Thea Deva Rinel Ivy


Mercy Physicians


Arx - Ward of the Compact - Saving Grace Hospital - Lobby

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Comments and Log

Even in war, there are those that must remain behind to ensure life continues. For the Physicians, that means having some of their medics stay in the city to see to day-to-day operations of Saving Grace hospital and the Lowers Clinic. Lady Medeia Eswynd, Physician is managing the Saving Grace today. She stands at the desk, looking over a list.

Evaristo has just arrived, looking around with some excitement - and spotting Medeia he struts over, holding up some items. "Lady Medeia, look!" he says, proud as a kid, showing her some medical instruments - ominous looking medical blades, and a forceps with filed teeth. "I come prepared."

Medeia wields curved bone saw with lower jaw hand guard.

Clarisse has made sure to come to the Saving Grace, prepared for a long shift, to help those who will need them, dressed in dark crimson robes, with belts and loops and pouches at hands reach with balm, bandages, potions and a calm word to offer those who need them. She offers a warm reassuring smile to Lady Eswynd. She seems to recognize some of the tools that Evaristo is showing her, "Good Day Lady Eswynd, I am here wereever you need me today." She offers a smile to Evaristo too.

"Messere Evaristo!" Medeia looks up as she hears him, a genuine smile lighting her face as she sees his excitement. "Oh! That's... That's going to be useful." She's about to say something else when Clarisse greets here. "Lady Clarisse, so good to see you. I'm glad to have both of you here to help, today. Something in my gut says they'll be returning soon..." A flicker of worry darkens her eyes. "Mm. For now? I am hoping we can get the few patients here up and out so things are ready." A glance around confirms there are three currently in beds. "And then getting supplies refilled."

Evaristo polishes his medical tools a bit, and then tucks them away in a small case, nodding happily at Medeia. "I mean... I probably won't cut into anyone, I'd be of better use being your assistant," he admits. He bows now, to her and Clarisse both. "I'm ready to get to work."

Clarisse nods reassuringly to Medeia, "I would be glad to have them home today but in one piece also. But we should have beds, blankets, bandages all ready to go and within easy reach incase you are right Lady Medeia." She looks over where the three patients are resting and nods to her. "IF they are ready, I am sure they would be more comfortable at home." She smiles at Evaristo offering to be Medeia's assistant. "You are so eager Mister Evaristo, it is so nice to see you by Lady Medeia's side. We will need all the hands we can get if she is right about their arrival today."

Medeia nods, watching as Evaristo puts the tool away. "I would be delighted to have you as an assistant. Lady Clarisse? Can you check on Goodman Lawrence? He's the one in the bed just over there," She points, "With a broken arm. He was sedated, but should be able to be roused." Then, she takes a couple steps toward a different bed. "Evaristo, come with me to check on Lady Olinda. She had a fever and complaint of stomach pains."

Evaristo checks intellect and medicine at normal. Evaristo is successful.

Evaristo lazily strolls alongside Medeia. "Oh, this is all new and exciting - though do not misunderstand me, I realise the gravity of the situation. But, I feel excited to be of /help/," he admits, looking almost a bit surprised about that. He nods, giving Lady Olinda his most charming smile as he steps up. "Good day, my lady, I hear you have a fever, and a stomach ache?" He asks her some more questions, and examines her - without getting too invasive - and then rubs his jaw thoughtfully. "Uhm... So, I think this is something... it's like when you can't eat some things cause it gives bad pains? Like apples, and paprika... I donno if it's got a name, but Lady Sunniva told me about it." Gall bladder issues, basically. Easily sorted, if avoiding some foods.

Clarisse bows her head respectfully to Lady Medeia and is contently to check on Mister Lawrence, as she moves closer to him to check his vitals, breathing, heart rate, making sure that his arm is set comfortably so that it is close to his shoulder and secure in the sling. She is set to reverse the sedative, and gives it a few moments, "Mister Lawrence." She offers softly trying to rouse him from his drug enduce slumber slowly. She gently brushes some hair away from his face, and waits for him to begin to wake. "Mister Lawrence it is time to wake."

Clarisse checks intellect and medicine at normal. Clarisse is successful.

Medeia checks perception and medicine at normal. Critical Success! Medeia is spectacularly successful.

Medeia stands back a few steps, letting Evaristo take the lead. She's listening and watching carefully, ready to step in when needed. Her head tilts when the potential diagnosis is delivered. "I agree. This is her first time in for such a complaint. Lady Olinda? I would like for you to keep a record of the foods you ate over the last few days, or that you eat regularly. And for the next few days, as well. If your symptoms persist, we will review that record and begin to see if we can pinpoint what is causing this. In the meantime?" There's a pause while the petite physician moves toward a cabinet and takes out a bottle of something dark. "Take this with you. It will ease your stomach and help you sleep to beat the fever." Goodman Lawrence is not particularly pleased to be woken up, and so Medeia keeps an eye on Clarisse while she deals with her own patient.

Evaristo beams proudly, but then tempers that and gives the lady with the stomach ache a kind smile instead. "You're going to be fine," he tells her with a firm nod. Then he asides to Medeia, with a murmur; "Wow. It seems I actually did pick up more than I thought. Or, I was lucky. My mom used to have that same thing, it took us forever to figure out it was some of the foods she ate."

Clarisse checks dexterity at normal. Clarisse is successful.

Winter, A Highhill Puppy arrives, following Kiera.

Clarisse smiles reassuringly at Mister Goodman, as he seems to react well to the reversing agent she administers to him, "How are you feeling Mister Goodman," He seems a little loopy as he is waking up and pulls Clarisse closer with his good arm to try to kiss her. "I am doing just fine Sweetheart! Oh you are a pretty thing? Are you going to be my nurse?" Clarisse just shakes her head, used to patient advances and manages to dodge the kiss easily, "Are you hungry?" She offers while she is trying to rouse him with being pulled into his arms. "Now Mister Goodman, its time to wake up, if you are feeling up to it. How are you feeling?" She has impeccable bedside manner, her voice gentle and she is very patient with the man. "Better now that I have an angel looking after me!" Clarisse can't help but laugh at the compliment. "You are such a sweetheart Mister Goodman. And I think you are starting to feel better too, we can give you some time to wake up a little more, and then we can begin getting you ready for returning home to heal. How does that sound?" She seems very satisfied with his recovery so far. "It will definitely take atleast a couple months for your arm to be fully recovered so you will need to take it easy."

Lady Olinda nods feebly at Medeia's instructions, looking up at Evaristo gratefully for his help. She takes offered bottle and sits up slowly. "You may want to take a few sips now, and take a few minutes before heading home. But I would like to see you in... Five days? Will that work?" Medeia looks up at Evaristo and nods. "A bit of all. Luck, learning, experience. All of those things will help a medic be successful in tending to the care of a petient. Sometimes the cause is obvious. Sometimes? You ask the questions you asked and figure it out." Her tone is lightly congratulatory, chin dipping to acknowledge the good job he did. "Let's go see if we can help Lady Clarisse with her... suitor."

Kiera wallks in in a suit of armor despite the fact this is not a war zone. She is taking no chances and her face is all business yet when her eyes land on the patients in residence. She smiles warmly

"Hmmm, yeah. It is funny, I used to think that healers were basically... I donno. Crazy," he says with a little laugh. "I mean, it's so much blood and gore, and all that RESPONSIBILITY," he muses. He nods and smiles at Kiera, then bows to her.

Clarisse is careful to extracate herself from the one handed hug and advance of Mister Goodman, as she finishes checking over his finals. "I think in an hour or so Mister Goodman, you will be ready to head home, but I do want you to check in in two weeks, okay. I want to make sure you are mending properly and try your best not to use this arm for awhile while it is healing, otherwise you could injure it worse." She gently squeezes his good hand. "And we don't want it to be hurt again." She offers with a gentle wink, as Medeia and Evaristo are walking up to her.

"Welcome Lady Kiera, I have a feeling some of the ships will be returning soon. I am getting the patients here cleared out as I can so we can ensure everything is ready for transports from the docks. Come in and get settled for a moment." She gets to Clarisse just as the other woman is finishing up her assessment. "All good here? Would you have Lady Kiera help you with checking all the cabinets on this side to ensure they are stocked?" There's a gesture in the direction of the guild offices. "Any needed supplies can be found in there, we will also need many buckets of water ready to go. Take the nurses that were attending to Lady Olinda to take care of that."

Kiera nods and takes up the record book. If there's one thing Kiera is expert, it's taking notes and keeping records, so this is the perfect task with which to center herself. The weeks of preparation and the steady stream of donations from the people of arvum show in the well-stocked supply cabinets as she marks off stores of bandages, thread and salve

Merek walks up to the place and begins to adjust his dark attire on, while he takes the time to put on his apprentice robes for the physicians. '

As Clarisse finishes up with Mister Goodman and getting him ready to go home, she nods to Medeia, "Of course Lady Medeia. I am happy to help." She offers reassuringly, as she begins to head toward the guild offices to gather the needed supplies and make sure they are ready for the onslaught that will be coming. "Mister Goodman will be just fine." She smiles at Kiera as she is already starting to head in the direction to help make sure everything is prepared. "It is good to see you Lady Kiera, I am glad we have you here helping us. We will need all the help we can get."

Brutus, a large regal looking rooster with ebony coloring arrives, following Bonibel.

Evaristo busies himself with moving some of the supplies and anything else asked of him for now, a bit lost in his own thoughts but kept focused by direct orders now and then.

Now that Evaristo, Kiera, and Clarisse are focused on supplies, Medeia goes to check on Lady Olinda again. Finding her in better shape, she sends the woman off home so that the bed can be prepared for whoever might inhabit it next. Before going to check on any other patients, the Physician steps back toward the desk to write some patient and shift notes.

Bonibel steps into the Hospital, the petite Northerner checking her medical pouch again as she heads the direction of the other healers. Her hazel eyes scan over the room inquisitivly.

Clarisse is busy along with the other healers, preparing supplies and ready the hospital with make sure all the nearby shelves are prepped. It is easy for her to work among the healers as she know what is needed, and where it should be, so that it is within arms reach, her tools at her side in her own pouch. She does offer a smile to the recently arrived Bonibel though she doesn't know her.

Bonibel takes Package of Medical Textiles, Antiseptics bundle, A flat laethern box with wax packets, Flexible Catgut Sutures, A pretty little peter-and-glass bottle filled with a viscous liquid, Garden's Nectar - An Apothecary's Treat and Bonbon's Beard Tamer, a woody scented hair oil from A water-proofed medical pouch.

"Mistress Bonibel!" Medeia is attuned to the sound of the hospital entrance being used, looking up whenever she hears anything in that direction. "This is a lovely surprise. How are you?"

Evaristo takes a break for awhile and moves to a corner and sits down murmuring - while holding the skull pendant he always wears. He's praying, clearly, but it isn't for very long before he's back to work.

Bonibel smiles, "Ya. Thank y' for organizin', Lady Eswynd. Doin' all right." The usually impish smile on the strange Northerner's face has been washed away by a sober wide-eyed expression. She still has no time for unnecessary annunciation. "How're y' considerin' the circumstances?"

Kiera nods to clarisse "It certainly beats pacing the manor. then she notes evaristo praying and stops to murmer her own.

Clarisse is the silent type, going about doing what is needed to prepare, and listening to snippits of what is being said as she can, but she is focused, determined, and quietly offering a prayer to Lagoma as she does, to pray for not only wisdom, grace and for them all to be not only hands to be Lagoma's healing instruments this evening to help those they can but to show growth and compassion to each person's life they come in contact with.

Q-bert an Albino Possum arrives, following Shyanne.

Kiera alternates between counting and praying, praying each time a cabinet is finished until the task is complete

Medeia shakes her head slightly, smiling. "No need to thank me. This is my duty." She makes a gesture toward the office doors. "You may put whatever you need to store in the offices and then I will have a task for you." Another look around shows that Kiera, Evaristo, and CLarisse are variously busy. "Lady Clarisse, once you have finished that cabinet, please see to Goodman Lawrence?"

Shyanne moves to report to the hospital, "where can I be stationed, came to help."

Clarisse returns a smile and nod of her head respectfully to Lady Medeia, "Of course Lady Medeia." She then returns to check on Mister Goodman to make sure that he is woken enough that he can be discharged from the hospital. "Well you are looking much better now Mister Goodman, and much more awake. I think I can sign your discharge now, with orders to return in a few weeks for a checkup." She offers a gentle squeeze of his good hand, so she doesn't hurt him. "And orders to be more careful where and when you are climbing, so you don't repeat any broken bones."

Bonibel puts a silk lined shawl of fluffy fox tails in A water-proofed medical pouch.

Bonibel puts Thick leather gloves in A water-proofed medical pouch.

"Thank you Clarisse." Medeia turns back to the desk, filling out additional shift notes. "Hm." She glances around, noting that one last patient needs to be cleared out. "Lady Kiera, Evaristo, take all the time you need. Let me know when you are ready for your next task." Her gaze turns to see Goodman Lawrence discharged and sets to writing more shift notes while addressing Clarisse. "Lady Clarisse, Mistress Corine is the last - I hope - patient we need to clear out before the ships dock. Can you and Bonibel see how she is doing? She has a rash on her arms that the nurses couldn't identify."

Bonibel heads to go drop her shawl off and her apron on before piling her locks atop her head and pin them in place before washing her hands. A quick stock is taken of her tools and she returns back to Medeia for instruction.

Kiera nods to Shyanne "We're happy for the help, though there are only a few patients right now. we're prepping the facility

Clarisse smiles up to Shyanne and Bonibel and Kiera, "We could really use your help if you are able to do so Miss? I am afraid I do not know your name." She offers for her to follow while they go to assess the rash for Mistress Corine. I am Lady Clarisse Charon, and this is Lady Kiera, and I am afraid I have just met Miss.. " to Bonibel, "So she may have to introduce herself but let us check on Mistress Corine. Please tell me what is your area of expertise?"

Shyanne smiles a little as she moves over closer to Clarisse, "Lady Shyanne Eswynd." she introduces, before she looks over to the others and she grins a little turning her purple eyes onto Corine

Bonibel nods, "Y' got it." She steps over with small quick steps and looks up at Clarice with a tilt of her head. "Everythin'. Specialize in herbal treatments but there aint anythin' I haven't had t' do." Her answer might seem overconfident but it's delivered solemnly, "Bonibel Barleycorn." She introdices herself. "Just point me at what needs' doin'."

Kiera nods to Bonibel "I'm certain those fighting will be greatful for the pain relief provided by such remedies Messere Barleycorn. Per chance are you a member of the apothecary college?"

Clarisse smiles at Shyanne and Bonibel, "Well how about we see you both in action and you can help me diagnosis what this rash may be that Miss Corine has developed? She smiles to Lady Kiera as well as she knows her skills already. But she is also very interested to hear Shyanne's reply to Kiera's question.

Shyanne shakes her head "I am no alchemist... just a shaman healer Lady." She pauses "I am a tracker actually."

Clarisse checks intellect and medicine at normal. Clarisse is successful.

Bonibel checks perception and medicine at normal. Bonibel is successful.

Bonibel says, "O'Course. They've got all th' books." Boni says to Keira. She rolls her shoulder and heads the direction of poor Mistress Corrine and her rash. Despite the tightness in her face as soon as she's next to the woman she greets her with a beaming introduction and easy confidence, "Bonibel. Nice t' meet ya, may I have a look?"

Shyanne checks intellect and medicine at normal. Critical Success! Shyanne is spectacularly successful.

Shyanne looks over to Clarisse and then her eyes move to Kiera before she looks back to the person in question, "hello Mistress" she says softly her eyes move over to Boni and she grins a little waiting a moment as Bonibel looks over the woman. The little chubby healer moves, over to Kiera "are you an alchemist?"

Bonibel works friendly like. It's hard to even tell if she's doing much beyond chatting. Somehere in there the woman's wrist is held carefully in Boni's hand while Shyanne also works with the patient. She smiles a bit at the other and hums softly to herself. "Let me leave y' with my friend here while I go make y' some tea and a poultice t' help with the itch and sting." Hazel eyes flit to Shyanne and she gets up to head over to the nearest mortar and pestal.

Medeia remains at the desk, supervising.

Kiera laughs "That they do. We've found some interesting mushrooms while exploring the high hill region that we believe might have medicinal uses. we've asked professor orick to gather members of the apothecary college to come take a look

Clarisse smiles at her and nods to Bonibel as she approaches to look, even her own observations, she recognizes the rash at first glance, but looks to the other ladies to see what their assestment of the rash is, so that they may all come to the same agreement, as the question wasn't directed from Shyanne to herself but Kiera instead she is happy to see how Shyanne and Bonibell treat the situation. "We will have you some relief soon, Mistress Corine, and then you will be able to go home to rest."

Shyanne nods her head as Bonibel, her eyes look back to Clarisse "its just shingles, Bonibell's got it." she smiles as she ducks back out of the room not to crowd it.

Kiera adds "as I am not an apothecary, we need folks wth that skillset to assess the spectrum of pussibilities

Boni uses what's on hand and available though she does pick a bit or three from jars and vials of viscous liquids in her pouch as she bustles to grind things together. Thgouh it seems quick everything is very precise. She even shiffs things a few times before adding more of a few dried lemon balm leaves and various flowers to the cold compress. The tea is a more involved process but it receives the same attention to detail and is notiably making mroe than will be needed for a single treatment. It's going to take her a little while.

Clarisse smiles at the combination of skills between the ladies and nods approvingly to them. "Very nicely done, I would suspect your years of skill, far exceed my own years, but I am confident your talents will be very valuable tonight. If you can focus on making necessary balms for us Miss Bonibel, and you, Lady Shyanne I suspect can help with quick and accurate diagnosis, and speaking with the patients. We will need to make sure that we do not get to over confident though and overlook anything. Our friend need us to make sure we do not get miss anything vital. If you are not sure, do not be afraid to ask tonight. It is possible to encounter things we could be unfamilar with."

Bonibel nods. "All right, but y'let me know if anyone needs stitchin', amputation, anythin' like that too." She lifts her small hands and wiggles her calloused fingers. "Steady small hands, good at the delicate work. Throw me at somethin' if y' need me to."

"I could use a volunteer to check the docks for any word of ships spotted coming into port." Medeia looks up from creating more patient notes for Mistress Corine.

Clarisse smiles at Bonibell and reaches out to squeeze her hand reassuringly, "Your talents will definitely be needed and appreciated greatly," She then looks around at those with them to see who might be willing to volunteer or she will go if it is needed. "IF there are no volunteers I can go for you Lady Medeia."

Shyanne nods to Clarisse "you should if you can.. I think I would be best off here."

Kiera blinks "Where are fols needed to go?

"Thank you, Lady Clarisse." Medeia nods, and has the rest continue to clean up and restock cabinets once Mistress Corine has been released. Things are quiet, steadily getting tasks accomplished, until Clarisse returns some time later.

1 Kennex corsairs, Wyatt, a large Kennex Laika Hound, Mary Lucennia, an alluring lady's companion arrive, following Cecilia.

Clarisse takes her leave from the Saving Grace to head to the docks, making sure to run back as quick as she can to alert the staff when the wounded are about to come in and they need to ready themselves to jump into action. "They are coming!" She isn't sure exactly what they will encounter yet but has some idea from previous injured on the docks but anything could spring on them now.

Bonibel looks up from where she's working with the other medicinal alchemists. She smiles at Clarisse before returning her focus to her herbs as well as steralizing needles and preparing sutures.

Cecilia enters wearing a dress of aeterna. She moves to put her hair up tighter as she looks around the room. "Well prayers are done."

Medeia rises from the desk and quickly tisies up the various notes and files. "Alright everyone! It will still be time before the ships dock and transport begins. We will likely get smaller injuries first, as people who can transport themselves will get here ahead of any being carried by litter or in a cart." Her eyes scan the assembled, giving Cecilia a smile. "Lady Cecilia, welcome, you seem to be just in time." Taking a steadying breath, the lady asks, "Is there anything anyone is unsure of? Ask now."

Bonibel shakes her head to Medeia. She's no Mercy, in fact before a few months ago only the Lowers had heard of her. Despite her urgent demeanor she also seems rock calm.

Clarisse is in that stage of prayer again as she quietly readies herself for those that will be encoming. Her dark brown eyes closed, and her hands clasps in front of her, waiting for the injured to arrive. She is not about to leave until the last patient has been seen, so long as her energy holds out for her.

Medeia looks to both Clarisse and Cecilia. "I'll need you both to assist me as they start coming in, to keep things organized." Her gaze passes from one to the other slowly. "Lady Kiera, Mistress Bonibel, find a way to prop open those doors in and the ones to the operation theater."

Cecilia nods to Medeia as she readies her instruments. "I will do what you need."

Shyanne mms a little as she looks to Clarisse, "I will help ya, if you don't mind. If you need anyhelp let me know?"

Kiera gets some emptty supply crates and starts moving them to hold the doors open

Clarisse nods to Medeia and looks over to Shyanne, "if you can stay by my side Lady Esywynd and Miss Bonibel, would you join me in the Theatre to help with the wounded as they come in, to free up room here.?

Bonibel nods as she finishes up preperations and pauses to very clearly explain to the poor other alchemists and herbalists in pedantically forward detail about /everything/ she's made and how to use them. After that delay she's off to open the doors with a chair and help Clarisse out in the Theater.

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Veronica has joined the line.

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: IF YOU ARE INJURED: Use "line/getinline" to join the line so that you will receive healing. Once it is your turn, you will be assigned ONE healer, which you will both be notified of by IC emit and OOC page. Once you have permitted your assigned healer ("heal/permit <name of healer>"), they will heal you and it will no longer be your turn. If, for whatever reason, you are dissatisfied with the roll you received, you may rejoin the line. No one will question you or judge you for doing so. There is no need to announce that you are doing so. If you receive a successful heal roll, you are encouraged to pose out as having been discharged/released into the care of your family/whatever makes sense to you. SOME OF YOU MAY BE SENT TO THE OPERATIONS THEATER

IF YOU ARE A HEALER: Please let me know by page when you arrive by sending me ":has arrived to heal." If you fail a roll, please scream inside your heart and then pose needing help from another medic. I ask that you not provide heals outside of the line assignments to reduce confusion.

FOR EVERYONE: I ask that chatter about the battles be kept to the Events channel instead of in OOC. There is going to be a lot going on, I expect quite a few people to be in line, and likely many questions and such that I'd like to keep OOC clear for. This will go until the line is empty. Thank you all for your patience as we work through this major event with the new check system in place.

Sabriel has joined the line.

No longer cleaned up and purtified, Giada enters in her usual black get up. Without a word, she moves to Medeia's side. "So, ships will be coming in with more patients soon, assuming the flotilla didn't get fucked all to pieces on its way back. I've got my foreman working the docks, so... I'm here to help heal."

True to Clarisse's word, and following the confirmation from GIada, Medeia nods and dispatches a few of the medics to the operations theater. "Alright, let's get this done."

Alberico, the Malespero aide, Louis, a Malespero Armsman arrive, following Pasquale.

Turn in line: Veronica

Alberico, the Malespero aide, Louis, a Malespero Armsman leave, following Pasquale.

Medeia points kiera in Veronica's direction. "We have a patient! Lady Kiera, please take them to get checked over."

Kiera checks 'recovery treatment' at hard. Kiera fails.

Turn in line: Sabriel

Veronica can't currently walk unaided as her right leg has been absolutely mauled enemy attack. She's leaning on one of her armsmen to bring her into the hospital--someone did enough field treatment to keep her from bleeding out, but she'll collapse into an available bed, white-faced, and accept whatever then comes.

Veronica has joined the line.

Cecilia checks 'recovery treatment' at normal. Cecilia is successful.

Connal, a Northern Wolfhound, Honeymare, 1 Ravenseye Warrior arrive, following Rosalind.

Kiera rushes over to look at Veronica's injury and instantly realizes the break it's to bad for her to set manually "This we'll likely need surgery. Someone get a surgeon

Medeia checks 'recovery treatment' at hard. Medeia is successful.

Kastelon has joined the line.

Connal, a Northern Wolfhound, Honeymare, 1 Ravenseye Warrior leave, following Rosalind.

Brutus, a large regal looking rooster with ebony coloring arrives, following Bonibel.

Turn in line: Veronica

Q-bert an Albino Possum arrives, following Shyanne.

2 Farshaw novice guards arrives, following Ciaran.

After assigning Cecilia to heal Sabriel, Medeia steps in to assist Kiera with Veronica. THere is much bandaging to be done, but soon the Keaton is ready to be released.

Treb, a restless direhorn, Rascal, a large striped skunk, Dash, a Kite of the Cloudspine arrive, following Ivy.

Turn in line: Kastelon

There is an irony in the way the Blood Price, an heirloom blade that had drunk its fair share of souls since its forging, is being used as a crutch to support Sabriel as she wobbles unsteadily from dock to hospital proper. The grimace on the woman's face is equal measures pain for the insult to the weapon and for her own injuries that have left her staggering with each step and full of trepidation for each pained breath. For assistance in travel, she refuses everyone with a snarl, lashing out like a wounded hound with snapping teeth and a half-hearted swat of the hand.
At least until she enters the hospital proper.
Sabriel slumps and waits against the nearest object that can support her weight. Her gaze is anchored at a spot on the ground.
Sabriel eyes whomever attends her warily but does not resist whatever poking and prodding is required. Questions are answered as best as she can manage pain is bided with a hiss through gritted teeth.

Evaristo checks 'recovery treatment' at hard. Botch! Evaristo fails completely.

Giada sighs when she sees a certain raccoon sneaking in. "Out, gods." The raccoon chitters and leaves as someone rushes in.

Trouble, the waddling raccoon have been dismissed.

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Cecilia moves to help Sabriel to the nearest table. "Hello ... I'm Lady Cecilia Kennex. I will be healing you today." She says in a way that might make someone laugh if they needed to. As she gets Sabriel to the table she helps the woman up and starts to assess and clean the wounds.

Boni looks over her shoulder as the first few arrivals begin. The small Northern Apothecary is over by the medicines. Making sure equipment is ready and waiting to be called in if needed.

Veronica is at least reasonably patient with being tended. She's obviously a person who doesn't like holding still in general and this injury that limits her mobility is going to make her annoyed and annoying to be around for quite some time. But! She at least is willing to cooperate with trying to get it to heal properly. She'll like still for a bit, gasping from the pain of it all, and then allow her armsmen to assist her in rising once more, and bearing her towards the exit and bed, no you're going to bed, stop arguing about it Keaton.

Medeia checks 'recovery treatment' at hard. Medeia fails.

Evaristo is there, to look over the ones coming in - but he's the least experienced healer, and knows his limits. He will send anyone TOO hurt onwards directly, but if it's smaller cuts, he can handle it.

Cecilia checks 'recovery treatment' at hard. Cecilia is successful.

Giada checks 'recovery treatment' at hard. Giada fails.

Shyanne checks 'recovery treatment' at hard. Shyanne fails.

Bonibel checks 'recovery treatment' at hard. Bonibel is successful.

Ivy checks 'recovery treatment' at hard. Ivy is successful.

The various medics are lined up and dispersed as necessary. Medeia is doing her best to coordinate them as the patients begin to trickle in. Kastelon is directed to a bed with Evaristo when he arrives.

Petroc, the most unassuming man you have ever met arrives, delivering a message to Kiera before departing.

Kastelon smiles - well, as much as he ever smiles, and as much as he can really with a good portion of his face obscured behind a bandage as he's nodding to Medeia when he comes in. There's the slow, slow limp over towards where Evaristo is, and he hops up onto the bed. "I wasn't seeing this in my future," says the Keaton lord quietly, even as much as one hazel eye blinks at the healer.

"Vice-Admiral Stormborn," Sabriel manages to grunt out while trying to twist her face in to a smile. All that comes out of the effort is a half-constipated look and a groan as her internal organs continue to remember the after-effects of the infernal Eurusi magic. Once treatment is complete, it does not take overly long for a Proscipi representative to come and collect the severely injured woman.

Bonibel ducks over to help Evaristo real quick, noticing his favoring certain spots and with friendly but somewhat dominering efficiency she applies some poultices and wraps them in linen bandages before zipping off to work on more herbal support.

1 Kennex corsairs, Wyatt, a large Kennex Laika Hound, Mary Lucennia, an alluring lady's companion leave, following Cecilia.

Evaristo takes ONE look at KAstelon - blanches a bit, and then shouts. "HELP!"

Evaristo checks 'recovery treatment' at normal. Evaristo is successful.

Bonibel checks 'recovery treatment' at normal. Critical Success! Bonibel is spectacularly successful.

Winter, A Highhill Puppy leaves, following Kiera.

Clarisse checks 'recovery treatment' at normal. Clarisse is successful.

Shyanne checks 'recovery treatment' at normal. Shyanne is successful.

Clarisse is impressed by Bonibel's technique as she watches her helping the less than easy to deal with Sabriel, and the wound seems to look well in hand with the fellow healers attention. "Well done Miss Bonibel." She offers reassuringly smiling at her.

Kastelon is very often inscrutable, but there's the faintest whiff of amusement when Evaristo is shouting for help, while he's settled there. "It's really not that bad."

Mary Lucennia, an alluring lady's companion arrives, delivering a message to Shyanne before departing.

Shyanne gets a letter, then she moves a moves to the door, "I have to head out..." she says quietly as she moves along

Q-bert an Albino Possum leaves, following Shyanne.

Bonibelworks with the same effeciency on Sabriel. She's not rude, in fact, she's quite steady and reassuring but here's not an ounce of unsurity in her bedside manner. Catgut sutures and bone and steel needles blended with various herbs, oils and poultices are stored in her medical pouch and belt.

There's a minor hustle as a letter arrives and requires several healers to be dispatched to the House of Solace.

Evaristo is overheard praising Medeia.

Bonibel checks with Medeia before she does, "Lady Eswynd, is there anythin' else y' need here before I go check on the Solace House? I'll be back t' make sure the remedies remain stocked.

Evaristo is overheard praising Medeia.

Clarisse is overheard praising Medeia.

Alena Sparks, unamused first mate, Silk, the Seafaring Spider, Midnight Sea, an Ostrian gelding leave, following Evaristo.

Clarisse is overheard praising Evaristo.

Clarisse is overheard praising Bonibel.

Clarisse remains at the Saving Grace incase there are other wounded that Medeia may need help with that trickle in. She remains to offer her support here not just for the wounded from the war but any who may need them.

Medeia gives a smile to Bonibel and dips her head, allowing the woman to take her leave to help at the House of Solace. There's a grateful nod to Clarisse for staying. "Alright, I need the nurses to bring in more buckets of water and that bed needs to be changed!"

Clarisse is looking around and helping the nurses with changing the bed, not afraid to get her hands dirty by helping where the need is greatest. The beds need changed with fresh linens, tooks cleaned and supplies replaced so they are ready for the next wave of incoming patients.

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes, Rocco, the rascally assistant arrive, following Thea.

Tarik has joined the line.

Turn in line: Tarik

Bonibel returns quickly from the House of Solace, checks in with Medeia and gets back to work and waits to be called if needed.

Felicia has joined the line.

Tikva has joined the line.

Thea checks 'recovery treatment' at normal. Thea is successful.

Turn in line: Felicia

Lucita has joined the line.

Reese arrives at the hospital

Deva has joined the line.

A fresh wave of patients coming in from the docks finds the medics springing into action. Thea is dispatched to work on Tarik, while multiple others check on Felicia.

Reese arrives a the hospital while limping and looking injured. However she is not as hurt as many and seemed able to get herself here. She doesn't line up for healing yet, letting those more seriously go first. The girl does find a find a place to sit though as her leg is bleeding and standing likely is painful.

Turn in line: Tikva

Bonibel puts Bonbon's Beard Tamer, a woody scented hair oil in A water-proofed medical pouch.

Rinel checks 'recovery treatment' at normal. Rinel is successful.

Turn in line: Lucita

Felicia is relatively uninjured compared to many of those coming in, minor injuries over all, it's mostly just htat she's unconscious.

Medeia checks 'recovery treatment' at normal. Medeia is successful.

Medeia checks 'recovery treatment' at hard. Medeia is successful.

Medeia checks 'revive treatment' at hard. Medeia is successful.

Medeia checks 'revive treatment' at hard. Medeia fails.

Thea checks 'recovery treatment' at normal. Thea is successful.

Tikva is pretty bloody and bashed up, and has apparently exacerbated the arrow in her side problem by trying to sing an entire concert for some reason. Jeez, she's weird.

Reese looks to Felicia with concern as she lays passed out. She tries to check on how Deva, Luctia and Tikva are doing too. She over all looks concerned right now and troubled.

Rinel checks 'recovery treatment' at normal. Rinel is successful.

Ivy checks 'revive treatment' at hard. Ivy is successful.

Bonibel checks 'recovery treatment' at normal. Bonibel is successful.

Rinel checks 'revive treatment' at hard. Rinel is successful.

Gael arrives atop a cot being ferried in by an accompanying group of four Confessors, each lending a shoulder to lead him within the hospital with Rinel Tern not too far on the path inside. He is entirely unconscious upon his rocky bedding, his physique bereft of pigmentation turning what once was pale flesh into sallow, almost see-through murkiness that reflects no light, but swallows it in its discoloration. In spite a variety of bandages hastily strapped all across his torso, every fissure below has drenched them heavy in his blood, and as he's finally laid out on a bed with the aid of his colleagues, Gael is unmoving still.

Turn in line: Deva

Thea checks 'revive treatment' at hard. Thea fails.

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Bonibel checks 'recovery treatment' at normal. Bonibel marginally fails.

Thea checks 'revive treatment' at hard. Thea marginally fails.

Medeia checks 'recovery treatment' at normal. Botch! Medeia fails badly.

Rinel checks 'recovery treatment' at normal. Rinel marginally fails.

Ivy checks 'revive treatment' at hard. Critical Success! Ivy is spectacularly successful.

Rinel checks 'revive treatment' at hard. Rinel marginally fails.

Ivy checks 'revive treatment' at hard. Ivy is successful.

Bonibel checks 'revive treatment' at hard. Bonibel is successful.

Medeia checks 'revive treatment' at hard. Critical Success! Medeia is spectacularly successful.

Medeia checks 'recovery treatment' at normal. Medeia is successful.

Ivy checks 'recovery treatment' at normal. Ivy is successful.

Rinel checks 'revive treatment' at hard. Botch! Rinel fails completely.

Rinel checks 'recovery treatment' at hard. Rinel is successful.

Bonibel is hurrying along. Gael gives her pause, maybe something about the wounds keeps her from focusing and she's quick to bow out of assisting the other healers with stitching, linen bandages, poultices and making sure people have the tools needed to work on those in need. The tiny Northerner bounces quickly to the next patient.

Bonibel checks 'recovery treatment' at normal. Bonibel is successful.

Thea checks 'revive treatment' at hard. Thea is successful.

Thea hurries along, tired but refuses to show such.

Thea checks 'recovery treatment' at hard. Thea is successful.

Bonibel checks 'recovery treatment' at hard. Bonibel is successful.

Another flourish of activity has the medics running as they receive several unconscious patients. They all work as a team, moving around one another in order to try to revive them and patch up their injuries. When she sees Lucita, Medeia works quickly, checking over her sister-by-marriage, but has little luck before turning her attention to Deva. "C'mon, Princess..."

Ivy checks 'recovery treatment' at hard. Ivy is successful.

Medeia checks 'recovery treatment' at hard. Medeia is successful.

Deva obviously had a rough trip back. She has clearly been stabbed, probably a lot? Healers tending to her will find an excessive amount of already existing scars from where she was stabbed BEFORE. She seems to have made a career of being stabbed. It's probably a good thing she's out as cold as she is given how much blood she left somewhere else.

Rinel has a grim expression on her face as she works. Multiple black ribbons are tied around each of her arms. Her eyes look haunted, but her hands are steady.

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes, Rocco, the rascally assistant leave, following Thea.

Ivy arrived on the ship that brought those from the bay battle back tot he city. Even after those patients have left or been taken to the recovery ward, she remains. Haggard but still alert and moving from patient to patient, trying to coax people back to consciousness, or simply trying to treat their wounds with stitches, bandages, salves, and prayers to Lagoma murmured as she works. Present and focused, she's shoved everything else to the back to give her patients the best work she can. Princess Deva gets some special attention for being part of her fiance's family.

Reese has been taken care by the healer who bandaged up her thigh and stopped the bleeding. She will likely be limping for a while, but the princess seems overall in better shap than many. "Thank you so much." She says to the healers. She gives Deva another worried look, but doesn't draw near after all the healers know more than her about her how to help.

Rinel Tern and the surrounding healers must wade through throbs of membrane and severed arteries; through mounds of fat and rent flesh, all which are often drowned beneath an unabating tide of blood erupting from each hole, each wound, each cavity in pulses. Bruises swell beneath his eyes and a variety of shallow gashes seem to zig-zag down and into his face at their beginning of his right ear. Unconscious, he looks more boy and fitting of his age than Confessor.

Bonibel works the same on everyone, even Deva. The strange Northern Herbalist with her somewhat rustic tools helping where she can and following Lady Eswynd's direction to coordinate with the rest of the healers.

Rinel checks 'recovery treatment' at normal. Rinel is successful.

Treb, a restless direhorn, Rascal, a large striped skunk, Dash, a Kite of the Cloudspine leave, following Ivy.

It takes several hours, many hands all working together, to gain some stability over the situation in the hospital. By the early morning, Medeia is able to pass off supervision to another Physician and head home. Beds are full, and more work yet needs to be done, but she is able to leave with her head held high knowing that she has helped save heroes. Those who remain are in good care.

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