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Rinel Tern

Knowledge cannot be gained without destroying what ignorance clung to.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Scarred Theologian
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Tern
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 31
Birthday: 10/27
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Scholar
Height: tall
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: green
Skintone: brown

Titles: Legendary Theologian

Obituary: Left Arx in pursuit of her studies.

Description: Rinel is tall and slender, with nut-brown skin and the build of a woman accustomed to long treks. Her hair is a dark mahogany, frequently pulled back in a ponytail, and brilliant green eyes are set above a long and straight nose in her narrow, expressive face. Rinel's fingers are thin and dexterous, and her body slim and willowy.

Events have left their mark on the woman, and she walks with a noticable limp. Her right calf is rarely uncovered, but when revealed it displays the telltale signs of atrophy. The skin cleaves closely to corded tendon and emaciated muscle, and extensive scarring is visible all about the area. More inescapable than her limp, however, is the circular pattern of scars that frame the woman's face. Small, pearly white triangles, spaced at regular intervals, mark Rinel's face, starting at her forehead and making their way past her temples and cheeks to meet just below her bottom lip.

Personality: Rinel is a perpetually curious and often careless seeker of truth. She smiles frequently and freely, and little is required to interest her in a task beyond the chance at learning something new. No job in the pursuit of knowledge is beneath her, and she will overturn rocks to study worms as gleefully as she will uncover an ancient codex in a long-forgotten library.

Background: Rinel was born to a common merchant family and grew up happily, well-fed, and loved. When her skills at sums and ledgers became apparent at an early age, her parents arranged for her education. However, Rinel's penchant for adventure and escapades frequently interrupted her studies, and an unfortunate incident with the axle of a visiting scholar's carriage threatened to bring an end to her idyllic youth. Fortunately, the scholar was amused at the boundless curiosity of the girl who had consigned him to foot travel, and he offered Rinel a world to experience should she join the discipleship of Vellichor.

Relationship Summary

  • Brigida - The latest in a long line of those who would guide me. This time, I won't be a disappointment.

  • Frenemy:
  • Derovai - The single most frustrating human being that I have ever had the displeasure to meet. Made significantly worse by the fact that he is highly competent at what he does.
  • Duarte - The Count Bravura and I have maintained the most graceless waltz of feigned disinterest in each other's doings--yet I find myself constantly drawn into conversations with the man. Which of us is the rose, and which the hand bloodied by its thorns?

  • Deceased:
  • Wynna - Why?
  • Driskell - My former mentor. A brilliant priest. A traitor and demon. Gods have mercy on his soul.

  • Ally:
  • Sparte - A curious combination of pragmatism and ideals, of curiosity and caution--but above all, of loyalty with no qualifiers. There are two people in Arx to whom I would trust my life without reservation. One is a Highlord. The other is Sparte Fatchforth.
  • Felix - An anchor of calm who has become a bastion. I am honoured to work at his side. He is as righteous as he is wise.
  • Alarissa - To the Princess Thrax I owe debts that cannot be paid in this life or the next. I will still try.
  • Monique - My lady.

  • Friend:
  • Echo - Like a young sister, full of energy and joy.
  • Violet - Fellow Echo-wrangler, and an unexpected but valued friend.
  • Elisha - Like a younger brother. I need to be there to help him when he stumbles.
  • Ras - So young. He will grow up to be a good man, if he can keep his temper in check.

  • Enemy:
  • Azazel - Oh, we know each other well, Devourer. I remember my place. But I remember you, too.
  • Name Summary
    Adora Well, some people'll do anything to get out of a marriage agreement. I don't like her.
    Aeryn An oathlander that knows about honey! A woman after my own heart. I can't wait to get to know her a little bit better, I bet she knows a lot more about honey than I do! Exceptionally easy to talk to, and I can't wait to see what else she knows about honey!
    Aethan Has the appropriate reaction to talk of demons. That is, not flippant.
    Agatha She seems like an eager scholarly type that wants to learn things, and pious too. She was after that handmaiden of Abbas' to learn stuff
    Aisha She seems very reserved even when permitted to express herself. Though, she is respectful.
    Alaric One must marvel at Rinel Tern and her ability to somehow, nearly always, land herself into some form of trouble by her words alone. Even when she is possessed of the best intentions, it never ceases to fail that she inevitably provokes the ire of another around her. Fortunately, this time, it was all a misunderstanding. Perhaps there is a sliver of hope yet for her.
    Alarissa By and large, one of my favourite commoners in the city. If ever I go on anothter exploratory voyage, it is she who I would want by my side.
    Alban An interesting young woman, quick to offer proper observances, but also an unknown. Just what did she do to deserve penance, now I am curious but... I shall not pry.
    Aldwin Remarkably astute theologian.
    Aleksei Good gods she's a lot.
    Alessandro Willing to indulge the slight eccentricities of nobility, and an excellent conversationalist.
    Amanda A very jealous woman. A perfect match for her paramore.
    Amari The scholar has a firm and extensive grasp of history.
    Anisha A fiery speaker and disciple of Petrichor, fearless in her rhetoric. Maybe a smidge too fearless. Still, she seems to possess some self-awareness, at the very least. And as I told her, one can learn from examples as well..
    Ardee A gentle spirit. Mended my wounds without my having to even ask. A kind heart.
    Ardoin A great scholar with a sense that one's sense of deeply ingrained morality is more important than the fickle conventions of the city. Gods know I couldn't agree more. I am sure we'll have more to discuss.
    Armani A very quiet person. IT is hard to get a grasp on her.
    Astraea She's very sweet and humble. I've met a lot of the faithful but never someone who so perfectly embodies the Orthodoxy. Such a refreshing encounter, and to meet someone who is so beautiful yet modest. Wow. I was enchanted by this woman and that's not a compliment I have ever given.
    Avary I love to see someone think beyond the constraints of the Faith. While there are some things that should not be disturbed, sometimes knowledge is only gained by gently questioning things and learning more. I'm very pleased to see her taking these tentitive steps.
    Barik A little scholarly woman. She seems gullible, but that's as far as I'll go- she 'seems'. Remains to be seen if she is.
    Barric She seems a bit spacey, but perhaps she was just overwhelmed by so many new people or thoughts of new languages and stories. She is a scholar after all.
    Bethany I hope she doesn't let this world tear her down. There's too much of that lately.
    Bhandn She offered knowledge to an ignorant mind, and I quickly discovered just how vast was the difference between us. At least I was able to partly repay the favor.
    Bliss Very much an Oathlander, and has that quiet sort of curiosity about her. I wonder if she's unbreakably rigid in there or if there's something to her that would feel more familiar to me. Scholar is likely a good vocation.
    Brigida A bit dramatic, very much orthodox, but her heart is in the right place. And minds are easier to move than hearts.
    Brigida Of course the joys of spring can cause one to laugh out loud. At least she had the decency not to do it in the room though.
    Briseis This disciple seems really knowledgeable about Faith matters, and I look forward to picking her brain more in future!
    Caith Poor thing, she's so nervous about behaving properly around her betters! I just want to hug her to pieces until she's not nervous any longer. Oh! And she's a scholar -- maybe someone I can go to when I need research help!
    Calaudrin She's very rude.
    Calypso I never know how to handle it when I'm not the person in the room who's making the bulk of the bad life choices.
    Cambria Few have so engaged me in deep conversation in a long while. For that, she has my appreciation. Only time will tell if there may yet be more.
    Carmen Crippled, feisty, physician, scholar. I'm confused but fascinated.
    Caspian In some ways she is like her friend Wynna and in other ways she is completely different. Much shyer, or at least more flustered, but more willing to me, at least. She seems to be a good person.
    Cerdensulathara Something about her demeanor seems like Kin to me. I like her.
    Clara I don' even want ta know what I know about what happened with the unicorns...
    Corrigan Nothing quite like being lectured on the law by a civvie.
    Cristoph I have no idea what she was talking about at one point, but it's good to learn new uses for honey! It's clear that I'm going to need to start studying up.
    Cullen A fellow Oathlander and a scholar of Vellichor. Forthright and intelligent, I felt at ease speaking with her, even with potentially difficult topics. A refreshing change in a place where I usually have to feel on my guard. Plus, her wisdom is evident.
    Cullen A fellow Oathlander and scholar. While we've the past about some things, I do hold her in high respect, and am quite glad to know her. Very intelligent and an interesting person to talk to, when she's not throwing out openly bigoted statements. Even then, I can take it. To a point.
    Cullen A wise young scholar from Oathlands stock as well, I imagine she's seen much. Her own experience of penance was undoubtedly a growing one, if rather avoided, like my own. I respect her for it.
    Cybele Rinel comes to Cybele in the arms of Knights of Solace, wounded, upset. Rinel is facing many wounds, of body and soul alike. Cybele has mended flesh. Cybele will aid as she can. But only Rinel Tern can truly mend the soul.
    Daemon A scholarly woman who I've now learned is very unafraid of speaking her mind. She does her patron deity proud with that skill.
    Dante Unique in every fine way. Everything I am not, I think? Or everything I wish I were? Thoughtful and utterly kind. A healer where I so often must wound. A creature of hope and sacrifice... that... that is what I envy in her. I can only crave to be so undaunted by the world. By loss. By war. By death. She can find, in the smallest bits of life, the greatest meaning. How can anyone not treasure that merit in another?
    Delilah A scholar who clearly does not like what lies underneath the city. I don't know much more about her than that. She's /very/ not interested in going down there - And who would blame her?
    Delilah Why should it be in grief and sorrow our paths must cross? A confluence of unfortunate tidings brought us to the same shore, mourning the same gentle, kind spirit. If there is any consolation in this desolate truth, it may be that cleansing tears honour a bright life passed and, in a final stroke of grace, granted the chance to meet someone who knew a mutual friend well. She honours that memory.
    Demura A gentle little flower who seems to get slapped down a bit while she's trying to bloom. I imagine at some point, she will grow some thorns.
    Denica A scholar and an educator in faith. I could probably use some lessons myself, perhaps I can convince her to do so?
    Denica She seems quite... skeptical of me for some reason. Perhaps she will be think me less shady when she gets to know me.
    Domonico A scholar of Vellichor. An admirable and important role to play in the Compact. I wonder how she got injured like that though.
    Draven A scholar! I feel bad! She had to do some really bad Stuff! I hope she is okay! She was angry when we met! And her leg hurts!
    Driskell A young scholar which has promise in Driskell's gold eyes, indeed there's great potential for many things. But will she decipher and crack the power of the coin? Will she find the truth in the star? Driskell encourages the Oathlander's strong convictions for some reason, even if others might find it peculiar that he of all would be desiring to keep an eye out on this student. What designs does the Prelate have? Who could say, it all comes to the power of Choice.
    Duarte Devout Oathland Orthodox. I first thought her odd but have come to feel she is merely struggling to acclimate to different culture.
    Dycard Calm, diligent and clearly used to patching up the injured. Seems inflappable - except in the presence of a certain Archlector. Which in fairness, is understandable.
    Echo A beautiful woman who is far too proper for her own good. I feel almost guilty sitting down near her! With time I'm sure she'll get less tense around me.
    Eleanor Perhaps little overwhelmed by the city, but I'm sure she'll settle in. Seems to have a decent head on her shoulders.
    Elgana Charming in a rather adorable way when she is in her cups. She seems like great fun. Time will tell.
    Ember I think she was drunk, or wired, or just really excited about Lichen. I can't rightly tell, but Soren says he's going to help her get her weeds. Hope she's not going to smoke them.
    Emilia I was happy when she instantly recognized what I wanted to do. Her kindness will live long in my memory.
    Emmelline She seems a good-natured sort of person, who is easily forgiving.
    Etienne This Scholar is an exemplary example of a dedicated seeker of knowledge and fearless pursuer of personal truth, despite what others may think I respect her courage in facing what others want to push away.
    Evaristo Drinks like a champion! Good eyes on this one, I should pay more attention to what she says in the future. Might save me a stabbing.
    Evelynn Someone interested in scholarly pursuits, her and I should talk more.
    Faruq It is a pity I first met her during such a hard time for her. I would like to have known her before the weight of this loss had fallen upon her.
    Faye An interesting woman, very knowledgeable, but she seems filled with sad memories. I wish there was something I could offer to comfort her.
    Felicia Brave enough to get out there and fight, even if I feel like I kicked a puppy in attacking her.
    Fiora She tried to be nice, and I think she may have been the only one in the room who understood.
    Gabriella A firebrand that makes her mark on all around her with the scathing heat of her words. I know not if it is with purposeful intent, or little more than the wild lash of the wounded -- but there certainly is beauty in the fearlessness of it.
    Galatea She is a bit prickly, but then, so am I. I suspect she is extraordinarily knowledgeable. One only gets kicked out of the Scholars for having very well-reasoned but politiclly unacceptable opinions.
    Gareth A scholar. I'm sure I will find something about her to annoy me soon. Who knows, perhaps she'll prove me wrong. Doubtful.
    Genevieve She seems really nice, and not just because I'm drunk. Although I am very drunk.
    Gilroy Yikes! Just yikes!
    Gregory Seems like a nice person and good at explaining theological concepts. Am yet to find out the reason for their disagreement with The Faith, but I'm sure it will come up in time.
    Gretchen A knowledgeable former scholar who I should have been more friendly to had I not met her on the worst day.
    Haakon Don't like her. She climbs with the grace of a sack of gravel, but still. She didn't die, and that's something.
    Hamish I had been warned. Though those doing the warning insisted she was orthodox.
    Harlex I know that look. In the eyes. She has been made a witness, like me, and she will carry it for a lifetime. Shame, seems such a kind Oathland's girl.
    Ignacio Seems to be a kind person and was very willing to help those whom I am close to. I think I would like to get to know her better sometime.
    Iseulet Saving a life no matter how small. I don't know why that makes me like her.
    Isidora A great level headed physician. Glad to work with them.
    Jacque A scholar. Defiant, staunchly Orthodox in her religion.
    Jacque She does the Scholars honor with her diligence and clear love of knowledge and the discovery of it. Someone that would be useful in helping me when I need to find out more, I hope.
    Jeffeth A disciple who knows a lot and makes sure everyone knows about that. Whatever way she can.
    Jennyva I met her at the Ambassador, though she was very much half asleep. (Still, managed to make me laugh) I wonder why she's using a cane... I hope she's alright!
    Jev She looked at me funny then got embarrassed. I looked myself and didn't see anything. I wonder if my hair is messed up? Do I smell?
    Jordan Caring, but demanding in a way.
    Kaldur Kindly. Indulged Jairo with the gift of a bug after he pulled her into a potted plant.
    Katarina Katarina believes Scholar Tern lives for moments to be contentious and OFFENDED BY EVERYTHING in her discussions. Very seldom has Katarina seen her in an environment beyond that of forums where she was NOT in the midst of speaking on a matter the scholar finds rather abrasive to her Orothodox sensibilities. Still, Rinel is somehow a most welcome presence for the simple fact that Katarina is kept on her toes. Always. When Rinel is around.
    Kenna At first she struck me as the quiet sort, but as I keep bumping into her here and there I'm starting to think there is MUCH more to the picture than I had originally assumed! Hot Coals however, are very much //not// her thing.
    Korka Perronne is puuurrfectly amazing. I admit I was intrigued, in a very good way and she seems to have an excellent caliber of friends. I should see if I can join that list.
    Kritr She's not as scared, simple or small as she looks.
    Lou When I first met Rinel, it was all she could do to say my name without my title. Now, she comes into the Explorers Hall with a wave, and an excitement about having discovered something new. I'm glad she feels more comfortable here.
    Lys She believes certain things. Very. Intensely. Those things she believes.
    Mabelle Strange one, but she seems to have a good way to handle animals. That's useful.
    Macda Everywhere I terned there was a scholar. Kidding, I've been ill with Valardin princess symptoms. But much like the patience of this Goodwoman, it shouldn't be overstepped because there is always something to be gained on good terms.
    Magpie Magpie isn't sure what to think of Rinel. She's obviously extremely knowledgable about things but perhaps a bit too much focus on the details and not enough on the bigger picture. Then again, people that only look at the big picture rarely accomplish all the little details that are needed to keep the wheels turning. Still, it's good to know super smart people that know lore. Very good.
    Margerie A sweet young scholar full of curiosities and a wonder that is such a rare treasure
    Melody The Scholar is imbued with all sorts of knowledge, but I can't help but feel that she's a touch too trusting.
    Mercedes An Oathlands Scholar. Polite, courteous and in possession of a keen mind -- she has some unhappiness in her past but I did not press. It is possible that she gives people the benefit of the doubt more readily than they deserve; I hope that does not come back to bite her as she seems a rather pleasant woman.
    Michael An inquistive young lady. If you need to find out something, sending someone known to ask a great many questions might be the best way to go about it.
    Miranda Chunk is her cat (or she is his) and seems to adore meeting his siblings. His greeting with Jewel was priceless. I suppose Rinel and I will have to see each other often so our kitties can have play-dates!
    Mirari A sweet and kind girl. I shouldn't want to corrupt her, but I am so tempted.
    Mirella A woman of strong convictions, but willing to listen to my thoughts. She could have turned me away, but instead she was welcoming and open to discussion. I truly respect and appreciate that, and I hope to speak with her again.
    Mirk Strange woman. Has the courage to speak, and share knowledge, but deeply affected by it.
    Modi A scholar with a cane. She goes click-clack. Clickity clack. Clackity clickity click clack click clack whick whack paddywhack clickity cloo. She seems pleasant, if stern.
    Monique Rinel makes a hell of a first impression! I've never been threatened by a broom before, but it was very flattering!
    Nicholaus A peculiar sort, and a clearly knowledgable woman. Very intriguing -- if perhaps a little odd.
    Niklas Scholar Rinel is a kind and sweet woman and a good friend. Though I think she might like my pelican more than she likes me.
    Norwood A sweet and pleasant sport who is very intelligent and wonderful to be around.
    Nurie An Oathlander through and through. I thought, at first, that I had offended her in some way--but now I think it was because Count Bravura was there, and nothing at all to do with me! I have not met many Scholars before, I shall hope that we'll have the chance to speak again!
    Ophelia The Archlector of Petrichor's protege is observant and bright, even if she does get smacked upside the head every so often. Perhaps I can give her a few tips on how to avoid contact with that infamous walking staff. Or perhaps she can give /me/ some advice since I tend to need it at times, too!
    Orathy Blinded fool, aye, tangled up so much in faith doctrine that they ain't even likin to hear people questionin the gods. I reckon I will not hold me tongue, less someone be cuttin it out.
    Orazio Young, a touch awkward, but passionate. Orazio finds her rather entertaining.
    Orelia Damn. And people say -my- mouth will get -me- in trouble!
    Orvyn Eager to teach and offer advice no matter the situation. It is likely that the Scholars have grown in their knowledge through her works.
    Oswyn Another Scholar and a healer, too. Good to work with.
    Otakar Definitely a pleasure to talk to, and seems quite intelligent and eager in her duties and vocation. Just...don't say the wrong thing about a very specific subject...
    Ouida Her grief is moving, and fresh. It is hard to not have it pierce the heart of an onlooker such as myself. And yet, she puts one foot in front of the other, and does her duty, as we Oathlanders do.
    Pasquale A scholar. She seems cordial and dedicated to her duties, including sweeping.
    Petal I hope she does visit my shop. I don't know her well yet, but I would like to know her better. She notices things.
    Petra The wind whispers that she is curious; there is eagerness there. If I need help looking for answers, I think she is someone I could seek out for assistance.
    Philippe Grief is a form of vandalism to the human spirit. The pain of loss, the sense of powerlessness, the abject despair that follows in the lack, these things tear away the parts of us that are noble and good. I know the deepest pits of grief. I remember my beautiful Charlaine. I may never understand why she was slain or by what cruel hand she was taken from us. But duty and honor, the grim necessity of our ongoing service to the realm, these things forced me to slay the monsters of grief so that I could carry on. I did these things not for myself but for the men and women who depended on me. There is still so much work to be done, but Charlaine would demand nothing less of me, of our family, but to press on to win an enduring peace. And so I forgive her those intemperate words, as her inability to forgive herself could punish her far more than I ever could.
    Preston Rinel Tern. Despite everything, she is someone you want to help. She strikes you as earnest, though too often substitutes knowledge for wisdom, and cleverness for subtlety.
    Quenia I had the fortune of being taught by Mistress Rinel as part of the Vellichor Academy program. She was a fine teacher who I hope to go to again for further lessons. Definitely someone I'd look up again.
    Raymesin So very, very drunk. Babbling about all sorts of things. Scholars getting shot with arrows? Meeting talking lizards? Very drunk.
    Reese Lichen and snails - I bet she could help us in the forest! I will have to keep her in mind.
    Reigna Polite, clearly intelligent and interested in helping others. What more might one ask in a scholar or physician? She seems nervous however, I hope that in time she will grow more comfortable speaking to myself and others. A hospital is one of those rare places where rank matters little. We all bleed, we all get sick, we all die. Knowledge and the ability to use it are the most important things, not circumstance of birth.
    Renato She is very knowledgeable about animals and all sorts of things, probably a scholar. I shall have to try and engage her more in the future.
    Revell What an admirable woman. I always thought I was straight forward and honest, but Rinel-- she's something else entirely. The way she stood up to the Confessor, literally and figuratively, was amazing. If I could have half her spirit, I'd be content.
    Richard I have a tremendous and rare respect for someone who chases the question to the ends of the earth for the sole purpose of finding its answer. I can only hope she doesn't lose herself in the dark.
    Rosalie Such a sweet woman, and so kind too! I should seek her out another time for tea and a chat, she seems like someone worth getting to know better.
    Rowenova Devoted to her friends and the Gods, especially Vellichor for whom she is an official Scholar. She wants to do right by them despite politics these days.
    Roxana Very religious, and very serious. I'm not really either, but find her interesting nonetheless.
    Rue I thought I'd hate her for yelling at poor Jeffeth. Guess not. She's more pleasant than I expected even though it's unnervin' how similar we look.
    Rukhnis Hers is a refreshingly straightforward and sensible voice in the midst of a hubbub of chaos and folly. And the gods listen to it as well.
    Rysen She's not beloved by the Inquisition, but her knowledge runs deep.
    Sabella She really likes Steve. I suppose even the kindest, most gentle of us must have one flaw. Other than that lapse in judgment, I like her quite a bit!
    Sabine It's curious, the people who will wander into Tehom's shrine. Reflections take all shapes, don't they?
    Salvatore Serious and scholarly, she's researching....something I don't understand. But Lady Margret seems to trust her, so I'm inclined to do so as well. An Oathlander, so who knows? Smart though, always makes for good conversation.
    Samael Unfortunately for Rinel, her reputation precedes her slightly. I won't hold what I've heard against her until I've had a chance to get her better. Denial of the Thirteenth is a little concerning for a Scholar of Vellichor, though, I will say. I've know shamans who wouldn't deny his existence.
    Sanya I encountered her a few times in the Stacks. Highly intelligent, very helpful in answering queries.
    Saoirse This common woman gave up her seat for Saoirse. As is right.
    Saya How did she just grow out of Felix's back? Why is she so jumpy? She's vexing for my calm.
    Scipio She offered me kindness and her wisdom. I am in her debt.
    Sebastian A very cheerful little Valardin writer, like a bird twittering on a branch, full of song and enthusiasm.
    Sebastian Every time I drink with Rinel Tern, bad things happen. I'm more inclined to believe it's her fault than mine.
    Selene A forthright Oathlander advocating for clear, open communication. An admirable aim in our fraught political times.
    Shard Competitively self-righteous. Frequently infuriating, though I suspect my reasons don't exactly line up with everyone else's. You can have a decent enough conversation with her, up until the point she says something that gets on your every last nerve. Much more tolerable than a lot of people I've met.
    Sirius Lo, though the time is dark, a light like hers shines still. Perhaps Vellichor hasn't yet forsaken us all.
    Sophie I see strength in her. I think there are great things to come from her, once she accepts the pain of her past and channels it into her future.
    Sorrel One of Bianca's scholars, she has a gentle temperament and a decent singing voice. Perhaps in the future, I will have the opportunity to give her voice lessons, and if she continues to show an interest in old songs and hymns, perhaps we could even work on research together!
    Sparte A fresh scholar in Arx, everything is magical and wonderful to her as it would be to a child. I hope she never loses that spark.
    Stygia Must be hard tryin' to control a person that hard. Aint got an ounce of manners either. Must'a been raised in a barn here in the Lowers.
    Sydney I hardly know her, truth told, but she went out of her way to comfort me, and small acts of kindness pay dividends.
    Tarik I do not what she has done to be outcast, but she was a definite spirit-sent. Two people have open up my eyes to the world since I have return to the city. She is one of them. I will be in her debt always. She is such a wise woman. I am sorry for her loss.
    Theo Definitely a woman of great depth. Slightly terrifying, beautiful even with her scars, though an endless enigma. She's welcome at The Red Villa.
    Theodoric A charming, opinionated lady sure of her self and her convictions unless those in perceived higher standing appear, this may be useful to know in the future.
    Theron A shy, eccentric Scholar I met at Traders' Tavern. She's friendly enough, having thought for a moment that I wasn't noble and telling me to be careful. It was very amusing.
    Thesarin Met her once. Very properly excuse-me-ed into a conversation before she locked lips with her lady. Rest of the seemed to fit that. Polite, but some passion underneath it.
    Tibault Rinel is a polite woman, and one that certainly seems to have more than she initially lets on. I value her knowledge, and hopefully one day her friendship.
    Valarian A rather non-judgemental scholar from the Oathlands. Smart and conversational, undoubtedly a good person to talk to about things when I've hit an impasse.
    Vanora She's very polite, and cannot be blamed for her ignorance.
    Vayne I appreciate when someone can be honest and direct. Even though she accused me of untrue things, and slandered Tehom in so doing, I can respect a woman who will state her beliefs. I look forward to speaking with her again in the future, and will pray fervently that she will find room to open her mind just enough to accept plain truths.
    Veronica She seems sweet. Perhaps a bit scaredly. She professes to lack common sense, but pffft, anyone who is self-aware is anything but.
    Victus Helpful Scholar. Offered her work for free. Teaches it Orthodox, but doesn't leave out any of the taboo details either. Need more like her in the Faith I think, more tolerable sorts.
    Viktor As a Scholar of Vellichor I find it odd she is so distrusting of what the Priests and Archlector of Vellichor have said before we even knew there was a Thirteenth. Then again, I understand her waryness given how manipulative our enemy is.
    Violet A scholar and a wonderful sparring partner. I greatly enjoyed our bout. Hopefully she will be open to more bouts, for I think we are about a match skill-wise.
    Vitalis A scholar who likewise maintains that information should be shared. Though I hope not to be so acerbic in my presentation of that notion.
    Wash A timid scholar, Disciple Tern. Is she overly interested in lichens, or dismissing them, I was never quite clear.
    Willow Polarizing. Has made points I strongly agree with and strongly disagree with but nothing I am lukewarm to.
    Wylla A sweet girl, but she might be even more nervous than I am! What made her so afraid? There ought to be no sadness in art.
    Zaina She is... enthusiastic.
    Zara Even her worst critic would be hard-pressed to say that Mistress Rinel is not widely read and generous with her knowledge.
    Zoey A little skittish, perhaps, but terribly polite and frightfully eager. I simply must introduce her to my father.
    Zoey A competent healer who can take charge without hesitation.