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The Grand Malvici Pub Crawl

With Thea's wedding drawing closer Santi and Calypso have joined forces and decided that now is the time for a grand Malvici Pub Crawl..and potentially brawls. Come down and join us starting out at the Fox for a night of drinking, mischief, potentially mayhem and a grand excuse to indulge in drink, food, companionship and maybe a broken nose or two.


April 7, 2021, 6 p.m.

Hosted By

Santi Thea Calypso Martino


Giada Calla Poppy Eirene Domonico Drake Cirroch Volya Mihaly Antonio Esme


Wyvernheart Malvici Saik


Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - The Black Fox

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Word had been going around the last few days, A plan of some members of the Malvici family set into motion for one last hurrah before sending Thea off to her new life and wedded bliss. Unfortunately or perhaps fortunately depending on ones view this meant not some tea party or outing to some relaxation endeavor at one of the many baths in the city, No instead it meant a gathering forming outside the black Fox in the form of a few carriages standing ready to ferry those who gathered off to their next venue.

Standing just inside of the door of the black fox the welcoming party that was there to greet people consisted of Santi and his massive mug, The man standing there waiting for people to begin to arrive already seeming to be working on his first round of what given the size of the mug and the man was likely to be many.

Calluna, A Young Highhill Mastiff arrives, following Drake.

Looking worse for wear, steps Thea. Pale. Tired---Sickly. WTF, THEA! Those that know her well will likely know THAT look, but she doesn't let it bother her. Nope. She's here to have drinks and--Seeing the giant at the door, she hikes a brow. "Santi, are you here to greet people or scare them,"the youngest Malivic teases.

Carissa, a Southport bodyguard, Planchet the Lycene maggiordome leave, following Eirene.

Carissa, a Southport bodyguard, Planchet the Lycene maggiordome arrive, following Eirene.

Calla arrives early enough, wearing a wine red and purple seasilk gown in a somewhat Lycene style, to blend in with the Malvicis. Her hair is a shiny toussle of thick saffron waves over her shoulders, and amber eyes quickly alight on Santi just inside the door, eliciting a bright smile before giggling at Thea's comment. "I don't think he's that scary... like a big stuffed bear." She offers with a teasing twinkle in her eyes as she looks at Santi. "I hope I'm not too early."

Poppy doesn't know Santi but when hearing word of pubs and drinking Thea under the table she's there. Spotting Thea, she gives a giant wave and hollars smiling "Hullo Lady Thea!" After she grins at Santi, assuming he's the host. "Are we drinking here first? Shouldn't Thea have a drink in hand?"

Eirene wears her longcoat open today, showcasing the steelsilk and rare leathers she wears. The shadowmeld at her throat steals a little of the color from her tanned cheeks, or maybe that's just from being indoors during the winter months. She didn't bother to dress up or leave any of her weapons behind. "I've been wanting to do this since I was pregnant with Jace last year," she proclaims in her raspy drawl. "What's first?" Eyeing Thea, she starts to frown. She's seen that pallor before.

Domonico enters just behind Thea, eyeing his younger sister and her tired expression before he pats her shoulder, "I am pretty sure Santi is here for both currently." He nods to his cousin before sweeping his gaze over the rest carefully, seemingly sizing all of them up before he says to Santi, "How many have you had already?"

Calypso manages, somehow, not to be late. Probably being on time is luck or an accident, depending on who you ask, but the point is that she actually turns up before the party gets on the road. Her hips sway with her long, unhurried stride, while her hand rests casually on Truestrike's hilt. Not in a threatning way. Just... that's where it naturally winds up going. She's exchanged her shaggy coat for a less shaggy leather one. She just about (but not quite) runs into Thea when their paths converge. "You look like shit, Thea. What have you and that Oathlander been getting up to?"

Drake heard about a pub crawl. Realistically, this may be his last hurrah as a single man. Of course his wife-to-be is also on the pub crawl because her family is organizing the pub crawl, which is a complication. But... nonetheless, he's here, and, braced to get razzed by anyone and everyone in the process. He goes right for a drink... but then notices Thea seems to be a little under the weather. He shows immediate concern, and helps her to a seat.

Invited by Duchess Calypso, Cirroch strides through the doors with the mini bosses (guards) and assistant in tow. Clad simply in a garnet red tunic with black and red dyed leathers, the Sanna sigil hangs from a pelt from the belt at his waist. Cirroch heads to where Thea and Eirene are, sending his assistant over to the bar to get the goats horn filled.

The greeting Santi is given by Thea would normally earn a response of the smart ass variety, And his lips even begin to shift and part that is until he sees her. The man's eyes narrowing briefly on Thea as he gives her /the look/. That look lasts only a few moments though and he motions her inside with a wave of the mug, "If they can't handle me greeting them then they sure as fuck aren't gonna handle the crawl and one stop I got planned along the way.. Now best hide inside before Eirene the Genteel sees ya." When he spots Calla and hears her question Santi smirks, "You do know bears maul folks right? And aren't above grabbing them and giving a rough old shake right?" The man giving a wink to the woman as he tells her that before he is looking to Poppy hearing the question he just grins, "Here first, and trust I can count on you to helping me keep her hand with a drink or two at the ready?" His brow lifting before it falls back into place. Stepping back from the door he motions over the bar, "Already paid ahead for two rounds, So everyone get a drink in hand and let's start this off proper like with a fucking toast."

Thea snorts at Calla. "I don't know what teddy bears you have. They must be terrifying,"though her face shows she's not serious. There's a slightly guilty expression at Eirene, but she smiles nontheless. "Shit. Really? I wasn't expecting this many people,"Thea admits, going to awkwardly hug Poppy. "I'm getting it, I'm getting it!" as Drake helps her to sit. Looking over to Calypso, she chuckles. "Nothing. Apparently it's what happens when I leave him behind. Looking over to Domonico, Thea asks her brother,"HOw do you know when he's had too much? It's likely hidden in that mug..."

Drake also has his arm... not bandaged up, exactly, but covered, and he's being ginger with it. It is unclear what those two get up to. Nonetheless... he's got whiskey in hand fast, and raises it when Santi instructs. "I've had enough of bears for a while," he says, shaking his head slightly.

"One. Fucking. Time. I watch my mouth once and now I'll never hear the end of it," Eirene replies to Santi. She spots Calla is along and offers a short nod. Not the hostility from before, just an acknowledgment of presence. The rest of the Malvici are given a lazy grin as she strolls to the bar. "Sweet. I'll take a whiskey, double," she orders from Julius so she can raise it in toast. Poppy is given a lift of the chin, versus a nod. "Haven't seen you in ages. And Drake," she grins, "glad you could drag your ass along."

Awkward hug? Pfft. As if! Poppy wraps her arms around Thea and squeezes her into a bear hug. Albeit, a tiny bear hug, but one nonetheless! She releases Thea once she's good and proper awkward and flops onto a bar stool with an order of whiskey coming her way. "Ya'know, in the north there is a wild and savage...I suppose tribe... called the teddy bears. Few live to tell the tales about them."

"I was talking about the stuffed cuddly kind." Calla replies with a wink back in Santi's direction before she goes to the bar to get a glass of red wine to start her off with this evening, giggling at Thea's comment on the way, but only answering with a shrug of her shoulders. Once her drink has been aquired, she returns to the group, somewhere loosely next to Santi. Upon spying that short nod from Eirene, Calla acknowledges it with one of her own.

Calypso gives Drake a brief and pointed look that makes it crystal clear that she's sure he's to blame for Thea somehow. Then she turns away to order a drink: "Get me a rum. Let's get this party started."

Cirroch quickly looks to Calla when Santi is referred to as a stuffed bear, "I don't know the man, however if that's your opinion of what a stuffed bear looks like then might I introduce you to a live bear?" He winks to her then shifts focus to Calypso as the goat's horn is returned to him filled to the brim of a clear as ice water whiskey. Raising the drink as Santi requests. "Who should I be prepared to be carrying between locations tonight?"

Domonico has a very small cup of wine which he raises in the toast before finishing it. There is a moments consideration before he speaks up with, "I remember fighting a monsterous tainted bear near Saikland Green. Tore Miranda up something horrid before I got there. T'was a hard fight. I never want to particularly want to get in a clinch with a bear again. Well... one like that anyway." He smiles thinly before he watches Drake assist Thea. Domonico's hand, like Calypso's, naturally rests on the pommel of his sword.

"You better believe I'm thrilled about the snow being gone. What? No, that's weird. The snow just melts away after literally a few days? You don't find that weird? How do you not think that's weird. It was dumping snow like four days ago and it's gone. Weather is damn weird in this city." Volya says to someone in the doorway that he had been walking with, clearly the meaning to depart from his walking companion. Giving a way, he closes the door behind him, stopping short at the crowd in the bar. "Huh. That's a switch." And then he's moving on towards the bar, ducking and scooting around occupants. "Scuse me. Yep. Just lemme scootch on past ya, thanks."

Santi looks to drake hearing that comment blinking once before Eirene's commentary on his new name for her has Santi giving a low chuckle, The man's rough edged voice sounding out moments later as he calls out after the woman. "You bet your ass you won't live it down. Gonna sing your praises until all the compact is calling ya Eirene the Genteel. Or.. pay off the right fucking bards." The man teasing before he is looking to Thea giving a nod of agreement to her mention of his mug. That large rubicund creation raised and a long sip taken before Poppy's mention of teddy bears even as Calla gives her justification has the man motioning from Baroness to the northern lady as he states, "See..right there Baroness, teddy bear killers. Besides not sure many teddy bears wear armor like I do." the man giving a little shrug of his broad shoulders as he points that out. The larger Malvici heading for the bar. When he hears Cirroch's question he points out quickly, "No one, Got carriages."

Drake seems to genuinely care about if Thea is okay, but he's also rather interested in the drink, that's for certain. He smiles a bit. "At any rate. It's a spring wedding, just as I hoped it would be. And close to my birthday as well, so we have a lot of reasons to celebrate today."

Thea squints at Poppy. "What are you talking about,"before her gaze swivels to Santi. "What drink?"as she's about to order vodka. Thea then grins at Cirroch, impish. "probable my Duchess cousin." Hearing Volya, she waves,"Snow gone is a reason to drink more,"before Thea winks at Drake. "Thank gods."

Calypso knocks back her glass of rum the moment it's in her hand. This is not a 'sit around sipping at a drink for hours' sort of occasion, after all, and in for a penny... Her dark painted lips curl up at the edges in a small, self-satisfied smile when Cirroch comes over. "Let me get a few more drinks in me, and I might let you throw me over your shoulder." Then she cups her free hand next to her mouth and calls out to Domonico even though he's, like, right over there. "Domonico! Tell me I'm finally going to see you get shitfaced tonight."

Poppy takes a sip of her whiskey before replying to Thea. "The teddy bears. There's a whole legend about them. Ask prince Artur Redrain. Though there is some rubbish in the story about bears stealing picnics..." she peaters out. She takes a big gulp of the whiskey and warns Santi, "Calling her genteel will either have us carted away as crazies or dead from a glare."

Eirene motions towards the door and outside world. "Fucking Lucy wrote a song about me already called Rattlebones. She taught it to my damn kids," she bitches at Santi, scowling over her whiskey. "We should 'play never have I ever'," she says to Calypso, eyeing Domonico with a grin. "I bet he'll have to drink more than most of us," she says of the reserved one of the family. As for Voya's comment, she shrugs. "This city's got all kinds of weird shit going on. Probably has to do with the same thing that makes the sparkle glass lights work."

Calla giggles softly at Cirroch's reply. "I've never actually seen a live one, so I'd certainly take you up on that."

Domonico looks over to Calypso and shakes his head, "No. Not tonight. I am not in the best of minds to get drunk at this time." He looks across to Santi and Thea before adding to Calypso, "Besides, someone better keep an eye on these two."

"Ah Joker." Volya greets to Thea, having only seen her now. "Your ability by sheer presence alone to give me paranoia is something I respect. What's ah," he gestures at the group at large. "What's...all this about? I come to my favorite place for my usual round or inebriation, self-loathing, and angst, and I really can't do that with all the voices." He glances back towards the door. "I don't know what the hell that is, but what a shocker that I wouldn't." he states to Eirene easily. "Just another reason that I will forever hold it against Vitalis for bringing me here."

The goat's horn holds nearly a full flagon and Cirroch is in the middle of a /Sanna sip/ to which might be guzzling to anyone else. Bringing the horn down to wipe his mouth with the back of his hand. Calypso is given a smile to maybe being allow to carry her, Cirroch leans closer to Calla for an aside, then looking to Poppy with a raised brow as she peaters out about the teddy bears stealing picnics. Looking over to Santi, then at his horn holding it up for a moment to the man's mug. "Another proper sized drinking vessel! Finally someone that fucking understands that one does not simply drink without passion."

Hearing the comment from Calypso spoken to Cirroch has Santi glancing between the pair, his dark gaze seeming to dance with mischief and amusement a moment before he is calling out, "General, I applaud you on the fast work finding your northerner." With that said the large man's head ducks as if that could help him not stand out as he moves for the bar motioning Calla along with him, The large mug in the end offered out to the woman as he calls out, "Alright so who wants to toast Thea first!? And better yet, why aren't we all raising fucking glasses in here." The man's last words near growled out before he is looking to Domonico almost as if hurt, "Come now cousin, What ever could me and the general cause with a night of drinking around town that could trouble you into sobriety?"

Thea tells Drake as she looks at his hand,"Clearly Dom is talking about you,"joking, though her eyes aren't AS bright as they usually are. There's a brief glance to her brother however, telling him,"All the more reason you SHOULD let loose. How often will your favorite(only)sister run off and get drunk and married." Once. Hopefully. Thea is really squinting at Poppy, taking a biggger drink,"Teddy. Bears. Vicious? Are you sure you haven't started drinking earlier? Anyway, how are you? I haven't seen you,"as she drifts over to Santi, giving him a reassuring nod of her head. But it's Cirroch and his approval of Santi's mug that causes her to laugh, lifting her glass.

Calla blinks a little bit when Cirrock leans in, her smile deepening before she lets off a giggle, cheeks turning a bit pink, before replying in kind. When motioned by Santi to follow him, shaking her head when he offers her his mug. "You know I can hardly pick that thing up." She protests, holding up her very sensibly sized glass of red wine, which she raises in preparation for the toast.

"Oh no you don't," Calypso laughs to Eirene. "We'd get too drunk to figure out how to make him drink after a few rounds of 'Never have I ever been in dereliction of duty', or 'Never have I ever finished a fight with my shirt on'." She crows an arrogant laugh to Santi that sets her eyes glittering like sunlight on ice. "I don't mess around. You know that."

Eirene grins back at Calypso before shrugging. "Figured it's worth a try," she says. She lifts her double whiskey in salute and waits for someone to take the plunge as it were. Cirroch and Santi's mug comparison has her sniggering to herself.

Poppy flushes with mild embarrassment and quickly finishes off her whiskey. "It's the north. It's likely true. I've seen some weird shi- stuff in the Everwinter. Giant birds. Water dogs. " She coughs as the whiskey burns on the way down. "I've been in the north. Working with some tribes to secure unlimited access to those ever cure flowers."

"Riiiiiiiiight." Volya had only walked into Poppy's comment having just got here, but the couple of blinks and a headtilt has him looking dubious. A small clap follows, as if that was a mental palate cleanser"And on *that* note, I can already tell I should be drinking. Cognac. That'll do me just fine. Fire that up an throw it at my head." Which is probably some kind of parlance because a glass has already been set out for him, because that's how often he's probably here.

Eirene adds to Poppy, "You can say shit, it's okay. We all cuss like fucking sailors." The woman is given a wink. "And don't let Santi hear you holding back either."

"And also Lord Volya, I'm not really that scary,"Thea declares, to be honest. The toasts may be a bit terrifying. "Shit," Thea tells Poppy with a grin, "You can say shit."

Domonico looks a little darkly at Calypso's 'dereliction to duty' comment and bristles a little bit before taking a breath and smiling slightly, "I am staying sober because firstly, someone has be designated sailor when you all decide that hopping on a boat is a good thing. The other reason is Palania has not been sleeping well and I have instructed Grumio to fetch me if she gets particularly distraught." To Eirene he says, "*I'm* a sailor and when do you hear me swear hmmm?"

"You're terrifying and you know it." Volya states with a finger wagging in Thea's direction. "Heard enough and seen enough to know. Sure someone can threaten you with glares and weapons all day long, and realistically, that's just a good time in my mind. But if you really want to leave a lasting impact, it's far more sinister to leave a person with perpetual and everlasting paranoia of 'when is it going to happen again'. See, that's your legacy, I say embrace it."

Poppy mutters, "If ... ... wish to ... Thea give her ... and talk to her ... ..."

Drake is drinking pretty quietly, for a second, while he looks around at all the conversations going on. His right hand seems to be hurt but he still favors it, so it can't be that bad.

There is a small pause from Santi, His eyes drifting from mug to horn and back again before finally that dark gaze lifts to focus on Cirroch. "What's the bloody point if I have to refill my mug every three drinks right? Besides look at that glass there." The man using his mug to motion to a normal sized mug, "Can't very well bash someones fucking head in with that now can I? Thing would break first..this, won't." His mug is given a tiny shake before he is glancing to Calla grinning, "I know Baroness, But it's got something far better than wine in it for you to try." Soon though as none other stepping forward Santi raises up moving to settle one foot on a stool and raise up above the others even further. His gaze briefly dropping to Eirene and Poppy as he nods, "She's right, ya either say shit or ya get a nickname like Eirene the Genteel there.." The man winking to Poppy as he tells her that before his voice sounds out loudly. "Alright alright.. I got a toast." The man's eyes sweeping over those there before focusing on Thea, "I've known ya a long while now Thea, Like a little sister you are some days.. And ya grown into a fine damn woman. Fast and decisive like a good hawk should be, And with balls bigger than half the compact. Ya are gonna do fine out there in the new path your life's taking you on. And anyone who says otherwise can get fucked."

"Domonico! When have you -ever- known me to make a bad decision while drunk?" It's saying something about Calypso's ability to put on a serious face when she has to that she's able to ask this of Domonico with a dead-straight face. Then she gets another drink, which shouldn't worry anyone -at all- after what she just said.

Drake raises his glass in the toast. "I'll do my best," he says to Santi, "To live up to that on behalf of your family."

Even as Poppy is right next to him, Cirroch still nearly yells across to her. "Ah! Everwinter. We're a little westish from you." Cirroch then tries to show with his free hand where the March is located in the mountains, finally giving in, "Just come with when we head to the Edge of the World for the False Thaw, it'll make more sense..." He trails off as he's not about to try to explain just how crazy the people in the games are. Looking over to Santi, "Why are you wasting your drink on someone's head? Use your own fucking head! Then keep drinking." Cirroch might appear to be upset that Santi suggested to possibility of spilling his drink for a fight.

Thea lifts a brow. "Sailing sounds like a GREAT idea for later. I can totally take my boat out." This is going to go swimmingly. There's a quick glance to Drake's hand, one done out of habit now, to check on it. When Santi is taosting her, Thea's cheeks turn a bit red. Because well---attention. She laughs at him helplessly, nodding,"We discussed the balls, but thank you. You're like the obnoxious brother that won't go away. I'll take it....Thanks Santi!"

"*You* are an admiral", Eirene retorts to Domonico. "That means you have to set an example nobody will follow," is her joke. Then there is a toast and she lifts her glass. "Hear, hear. To someone who could be like, my kid, if I was way fucking older. A damn fine soldier, medic, and good hearted soul. Just watch for the fucking glitter pranks," she says of Thea.

Poppy murmurs something to Volya with a devious smile and look at Thea before lamenting with Cirroch. "Far to west. It's always so dang hot down here." As if just rembering the stifling heat, she pulls her blouse briefly from her chest. "Poppy Stahlben." She offers to Cirroch. "From Bonespire."

Santi wields Malvici Mischief Sack.

Santi checks willpower at daunting. Santi fails.

"Oh..." Calla replies with understanding when Santi explains, but she'll have to try it later because he's then hopping onto that stool. When the toast is given, she takes a long sip of her wine with a little giggle at Santi's choice of words and then a louder chuckle at Thea's repli. Letting her gaze wander then, she offers a smile to Calypso then Domonico rounding off those she knows.

Calypso hasn't given up on convincing Domonico to get drunk. She links arms with Cirroch. "What if I get Cirroch to promise to throw me over his shoulder and cart me off if I try to swear feal -- THERE HAD BETTER NOT BE GLITTER IN THAT."

Cirroch turns to Poppy, finishing the second half of the horn. "Marquis Cirroch Sanna of Giant's Reach. A pleasure to meet you. And not to be the only sane one in this group." A small smile is shared before he nodding, "It is much to warm here, I might need to shed the tunic."

*** Santi has called for an opposing check with Thea. ***
Santi checks dexterity and medium wpn at easy. Santi is successful.
Thea checks dexterity and dodge at easy. Thea is successful.
*** Santi is the winner. ***

"Yeah nah, I'll pass." is Volya's comment to whatever whatever was whispered to him before watching on, clearly not having much of an idea of what he had just walked into just yet. Eventually he wanders over to Drake is, since he's pretty much the only other person he's met here who's not named Thea. "Drake. How's stuff. Been a hot minute since that whole thing Lianne threw." he gestures with a towards the group. "So what's this all about?"

Domonico nods to Santi's toast before giving Calypso 'the look' when she mentions the bad decisions. He sighs before given Eirene a slight smile, "Very true. If I do swear gets attention so I wield cursing like a surprise force held in reserve." He nearly gives Calypso ANOTHER look after the mentioning fealty but instead just takes a step back to avoid the mischief sack.

"Pub crawl," Drake says to Volya, vis a vis... the group situation. He gets himself a refill, as he does. "Someone's getting married, and .... a few other things." Is Thea in a tussle? Well, surely it's a friendly one, and Drake has to balance his protective instincts with his understanding of her family's usual methods of engagement. He just looks over to check in.

There is a brief glint in Santi's eyes as he hears Eirene mention glitter, As if suddenly a realization dawned upon the larger Malvici. With a brief yet almost apologetic smile given to the man behid the bar the large Malvici is soon climbing up ontop of the bar. The Malvici offering up a little dance of shifting undertunic and armored skirting as he makes his way down along the bartop closer and closer to Thea. His mug is waved and it almost looks as if he is just giving into the spirit of the moment, Meanwhile though that free hand of his reaches back and unfastens a sack fastened to his harness. And it's as he stops right infront of Thea and turns to make his way back down to his seat that the sack is brought in a underhanded swing out to smack the woman upside the back of the head sending glitter flying as the sack meets with Thea.

Eirene checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Eirene is successful.

Calypso checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Calypso fails.

Eirene manages to not get glitter on her. Excellent. She's halfway between laughing at Thea and glaring at Santi.

The word glitter has a look of horror on her face. Sitting next to Thea, Poppy dives off the stool. Just in case.

Poppy checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Poppy marginally fails.

Calla checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Calla is successful.

Calypso is interested in not getting doused with glitter again, but she's more interested in protecting her drink. Her drink is protected, but she is now a Sparkly Duchess. She's also a Swearing Duchess, more than making up for Domonico's reticense in that department.

"So it's kind of like a pre-wedding reception then, eh? Which isn't y'know, a terrible idea or anything." Volya asks, taking a drink from his glass and watching with other man. "So who's getting married? I probably shouldn't ask, but who's getting hitched to who isn't something I normally keep track of. I mean, is it bad that I don't really know who the head of most houses?" A pause. "That's...probably bad."

Calla manages to get out of the way of flying glitter, giggling softly as the festivities are already getting a bit rowdy. With a shrug, she downs the rest of her wine and then discards the empty glass before going up to Santi again with a wide grin. "Ok then, let me have a taste of what you got in your mug that's so special then."

Drake raises his cloak in one arm to deflect glitter. There MIGHT end up with some glitter on the cloak, but it's still a graceful motion, considering. He laughs a bit, at the situation, and Volya's question. "Thea and I are," he says, and chuckles agin.

Thea is actually laughing at at her family for a moment. She's about to tell Dom something and something else to to Volya and Drake before...she's accosted by GLITTER! A lot of glitter. Heavily. On the back of the head. Justled foward. The woman is currently weak you know! "Oomf!" Thea cries, all sparkly and shiny. There's glitter in her hair, leathers. Crevices. Oh the crevices. And she's LAUGHING!

Poppy misses most of the glitter but she is on the floor and her drink is spilled. "Fuck."

"Motherfucker." Calypso brushes at the glitter in her hair, raining it down like unicorn dandruff. "I JUST got the glitter off my coat from last time." She still has an untainted drink, though, and decides to knock it back before that becomes no longer the case.

Domonico watches the glitter fly, shaking his head in despair but with a smile on his,face nonetheless. "Be careful Baroness Calla. Santi drinks either strong coffee or strong alcohol... nothing else really."

Eirene finishes her whiskey and asks for a bourbon, neat. The eldest of the Malvici sniggers at Thea's sparkly status. "Just think, Drake, you'll be finding that shit in your bed for months to come," she tells the groom to be. Volya is met with a toast of her new drink. "Welcome to a Malvici party. Someone either ends up stabbed, dowsed in booze, or glittering. Sometimes all three."

Cirroch somehow has managed to be missed by the glitter attacks, smiling as the rest are dodging the swings of glitter. Looking down to Poppy and handing the freshly filled horn to her. "Drink up, this should hold you until we can refill that small glass."

Volya had his back turned to the whole affair while the glitter is being thrown. His face suddenly goes flat, starting at Drake. His lips thin out, looking down at his glass at the realization that it's now glittery. "Let me guess." he sighs. "My back now look like the ass-end of a fairy doesn't it?" he can't look, but he suspects. Eirene is looked at sidelong. "So I've gathered.

Protop: his back is covered in glitter.

Calypso sets empty glass #2 on the bar with a firm hand, and then, without making any real effort to get the glitter off of herself, decides that she's just buzzed enough to go on a hugging spree. Let's see. Who dodged?

Drake tilts his head around to see Volya's back. "I don't know. Never met a fairy." He winks. "They probably have great arses if I had to guess. But it might look something like that from a..." He wiggles his hand. "Coloration perspective." He looks at Eirene. "Ah, yes, and cleaning it off the floors I bet. Blood is easier to mop up than glitter." Drake drinks thoughtfully. "Might be a new house motto."

A rather pleased look forms along Santi's lips as he moves to climb down from the bartop in the same spot he had climbed up, The man reattaching the glitter sack to his harness as he hands the mug over to Calla. "Now that came from Southport, And is meant for celebrating." The man telling her as he offers her a sneak taste of the Ouzo to come. The Malvici moments later looking to Thea noticing her laughing and then to Poppy hearing her cuss. "See now that's more like it, Say it again nice and loud for us?" A wicked grin of mischief settling along his lips before he notices the cursing from Calypso, "It looked like it was missing something General, Besides now you can make the big northerner sparkle as he carries you later."

Poppy looks mortified and slightly irate at herself. Instead, she smiles sweetly at Santi. Hands back the now empty glass. "Excuse me." And attempts to steal the man's giant drink.

"I think I can handle myself, but I thank you for your concern, Count Domonico." Calla replies with a smile flashed in his direction. When Santi's mug is then handed over, she tries not to look like she's strugglign too badly as she tilts it as much as she can to get a bit of a sip of the drink it contains. "Oh!" The baroness exclaims as she wrinkles her nose a bit. "That's certainly... unique." She offers diplomatically before handing the mug back to Santi.

"Oh, I'm not mad." Calypso saunters up to Santi with a slowly broadening grin. "I'm just so, SO happy that you're back in town." She opens her arms wide. He's going to have to run if he wants to avoid being enveloped in a BIG GLITTERY HUG.

Smacking his lips, Volya just drinks from his glitter infused drink. "Cool." he utters, tracing a finger around the rim of his glass, rubbing it and his thumb together. "Cool cool cool."Joker, you're the posterchild for why wolves eat their young, I just want you to know that, you goddamn terror." Drake is just shrugged at. "I should be mad, but well, you can't tell a storm to not be a storm. Kind of like you can't tell Thea to not be Thea. I say this lovingly, yet with the hint of homicide."

Eirene turns about so she can lean against the bar and watch the room. She's just soaking in the scent of liquor, the sound of laughter, and the sparkle of glitter in the dim light of the bar. She looks content, which is a rare look on her usually smug or scowling face. Volya's comment is met with a chuckle.

Domonico nods to Calla following her reply before he leans against the wall, mirroring Eirene from another angle. He still looks tired as he watches the proceedings but has a small smile on his face.

The mug is handed off to Calla and before he can take it back from her he sees that look on Calypso's face, the larger man muttering under his breath. "Fuck.." And soon he is moving to retake his mug and step behind the unglittered Baroness putting her between himself and the glitter bear hug waiting to happen that was Calypso.

"Unfortunately for you, if anyone wants to harm my wife they'll have to go through me," Drake says to Volya. It's so deadpanned, as Oathlands humor is, that for a second it's hard to read as a joke. It's a joke-not-joke. But... Drake isn't very intimidating, really, so then he just laughs. "So keep the homicide friendly, eh?"

Thea takes a larger drink from her glass, leaving it more than half empty. "Glitter sticks best to wet skin, or damp,"her eyes on Cirroch and Calypso. "Domonico,"she can be heard, calling out to him, her voice not as loud as it usually is. "Have A drink, brother. One. It won't kill you." There's a chuckle at Calla as well, grinning,"You certainly can. Having another drink,"finishing hers off. "I will take that as a compliment,"the now Malvici tells Volya with a laugh. "Don't worry Drake, I'll make sure I share the glitter with everyone in the house fairly." But ooohhh! "He needs a large hug, Caly! Santi missed you a great deal,"Thea cheers, watcing Poppy too. Curiously.

"Huh? What--?" Calla blinks a bit in confusion as the big Malvici lord insinuates herself between him and the Duchess.

Calypso is absolutely unrepentant about making Calla a casualty in her quest for glittery vengeance. She brushes by the baroness, leaving a smear of glitter on her nice clothes, and envelops Santi in what's really more of a grab than a hug, and while hanging on, shakes her head like a dog shaking off water, sending a cloud of glitter all over him. Then she steps back and pats him on the chest a couple of times. "Good talk. Eirene! FAVORITE AUNTIE!" She's not nearly drunk enough for Extremely Earnest Affection, but she does a pretty good imitation.

Laurene, a military adjutant arrives, delivering a message to Drake before departing.

Drake gets a messenger, which calls him away from his stool. this is a very convenient reason for him to duck out for a second among all the various confettis being thrown, and look concerned and important at a letter (while already three whiskeys in).

Domonico holds up his small cup to Thea, mostly drained of liquid now. "I have had the one already. I was not going to attend without having at least one."

Santi's efforts to avoid becoming more glittered than he had with swinging the mischief sack were in vain as soon Calypso is brushing past Calla smearing her with glitter before enveloping him in it as she shakes her hair sending it into the air and onto the man. When Calypso moves off the large Malvici smirks calling after her, "Oh just wait until we get to the mud pit General.." The man teasing before he spots a lone Poppy who lacked any glitter. The large Malvici leaning in to whisper briefly to Calla before he slips off. One hand reaching back to fish the sack open grabbing a fistful of glitter that is soon spread across his chest and rubbed over his arms. Yep someone is glittering himself..

"My homicide is always friendly. At least for Joker, I can't say the same for anybody else. And by friendly, is throwing her into a snow drift come next winter." Volya promises. "Or something else. I don't know, but it'll be something." Apparently, the man appreciates deadpan. "Yeah, you would." he responds to Thea. "Anyways," he goes back to Drake. He's about to say something and the man looks to be heading out.

"Fine," Eirene says, giving a long suffering sigh and setting her drink aside to keep it glitter-proof. Why waste good bourbon. "Like I said. Glitter, alcohol, and stabbings. And I already smell like booze, and I don't want to be stabbed... Besides, I'm your only auntie here so I better fucking be the favorite, Caly." She opens an arm for Calpyso, shrugging as she doesn't try to duck out of the Glitter-Duchess hug. She glances sideways at Drake ducking out and frowns, but it's brief before she turns back to her niece (her actual niece, not her cousins twice removed or something like that.)

Drake is not, to be clear, actually leaving. Someone even hands him another drink. But it looks like he's very concerned with the message (which probably wasn't that important really) and is just trying to be very serious before he puts it in a pocket, and then returns back to the conversation at hand. "Sorry about that," he says to Volya, now standing at a safe-enough glitter distance.

Cirroch has managed to get a small cask of the whiskey and is pouring it directly into him, bypassing the horn which has been misplaced or handed off to someone. Either way the antics of the Malvici's was enough to allow him to snag the whiskey. With it tucked under his arm like a small dog, the cork is popped back into the barrel. "I've got the travel size drink ready! Where's the party heading to next?"

"Have I ever told you HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU?" Calypso advances on Eirene, grinning from ear to ear, all while glittering gently in the light of the tavern, and gives her a great big, sparkly bear hug.

Calla doesn't look too fussed when she gets glittered by the Duchess, giggling softly to whatever it was that Santi whispered to her before moving past. As the Malvici glitter-hug fest continues, the Baroness watches with silent amusement from the edges.

Thea looks up to Drake, head tilted. Flecks of glitter seem to be sticking to her face everywhere. "Everything alright,"she asks with a lifted eyebrow. "And one more then,"she says, grinning as Calypso goes to hug everyone. "Drake needs one too,"she tattles. Oh yes she did! Thea starts inching toward Domonico, innocently-ish. "I have no idea. I'm just you know, following."

Poppy checks perception at normal. Poppy is successful.

"Mm-hm," Drake says to Thea. Then... he's quite open about it, for a second. "I'm commissioning a new sword is all," he says, laughing a bit. "Can't imagine why I'd need that, but, since it's like to be an expensive one, a little conversation is needed."

"You're marrying him," Calypso calls back to Thea. "He's your responsibility. Go get him." She's on her way back to go get the bar, or possibly Cirroch, who's over in that area. No, it's definitely Cirroch. She's still got that look in her eye.

Eirene smirks at Calypso's lurve. "Love you too," she says with a laugh, patting the Duchess-General on the shoulder. She flicks away some of the sparkle out of Caly's hair. Her bourbon is refilled and she takes a nice long drink of her own alcohol. "Are we just going to leave a trail of glitter where-ever we go? I mean, it's like the plague how it just sticks and leaves destruction in its wake." She echoes Cirroch and asks, "Yeah, where to? Shall we take over the Ambassador? Or the Queensrest. HA!" THAT idea tickles her greatly. "Let's go show up to the snobbiest bar in the city all besparkled."

Poppy was dusting off the tiny bit of glitter that had floated her way. Unfortunately, the spilled whiskey is making it impossible to remove. It's only the flash of sparkle that is Santi that pauses her midstroke. Her eyes widen "No..." Like a deer in a headlight she stands stock still. Frozen in horror as the sparkly bear man approaches her.

"Nah, it's alright. I was only dropping in anyways. Sorry to bail on you, but I guess since I know you're getting married, good luck." Volya says in a rare moment of sobreity. Or rather, an instance where he's not making light of every single situation. "People are hard to connect with. Y'know. Relate to. Understand. Cherish the moments while you can. While you're aware of them. Everlasting love is ever growing. Hang onto what you have and let it grow." He finishes his drink, setting the glass down on the table. "Catch you later, Drake." A look is given between Calypso and Eirene, shaking his head with a chuckle before heading out.

Cirroch checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Cirroch fails.

Poppy checks dexterity at normal. Poppy is successful.

Thea tells Calypso naturally,"The party don't start until Calypso hugs everyone with glitter bear arms." Which reminds her..Dom. Sneaky. But hearing Volya leaving, she waves over to him,"You are more than welcome to come to the wedding!" beofre continuing her sneak attack. Going to wrap her arms around her brother.

*** Santi has called for an opposing check with Poppy. ***
Santi checks dexterity at easy. Santi is successful.
Poppy checks dexterity at easy. Poppy is successful.
*** Santi is the winner. ***

"I'm SO HAPPY you came," Calypso says to Cirroch, still with that excellent imitation of drunken affection. He's a pretty big target, and she's not nearly as drunk as she's pretending to be, so she has no problem going in for a hug, after a shake of her head to get another cloud of glitter going around her.

Domonico notices Thea inching towards him and instinctively begins moving to keep the distance between him and glitter sis, smiling softly before he shakes his head, "No Thea... keep your distance."

With the cask tucked under one arm, the possibility of dodging Calypso is next to impossible thus instead of trying to get away from a glittery Calypso he strides towards her ducking his shouder to her waist and picks her up over his shoulder for the big hug. "You've got me Duchess. Or is it the other way around?"

"So long as I can be your cousin's plus one." Volya states, giving a flick of his hand in a wave goodbye without looking over his shoulder, then tilting his head at Calypso. "She's pretty hot." And then he's passing through the door and beyond.

Santi's movements while some might see them as a meandering through the bar others might recognize them as the large Malvici flanking the unglittered northerner that was Poppy. It isn't until she notices him and her eyes widen that the large man moves in, His movements rather quick and perhaps surprisingly so for someone his size. Santi's movements carrying him in just a few short strides to close in on Poppy as his arms move out to close around her before she is lifted up off the ground and swung back and forth in a glittery bear hug.

Poppy squeals in surprise as Santi lunges forward. Her quick reflexes has her duck just a moment too late and she scooped into a bear hug and coated with glitter.

Caine Arnasis, a foul-mouthed assistant arrives, following Mihaly.

There's absolute delight in Calypso's surprised laughter when she's summarily swept off her feet. She doesn't even try to fight it, instead just concentrating on sharing the gift that keeps on giving.

Eirene remembers what Volya said about her niece. Oh yes, she'll remember. Her eyes follow him until he's out the door and she takes a slow drink of the bourbon. She's humming to herself as wheels turn in her brain. But there goes Cirroch with Calypso and Santi with Poppy and she's just laughing in amusement. "Run, Domonico, run," she warns him. "There's no escaping it!"

Thea is obviously not one that listens and is quick to hug her brother. Just give into it Dom, give into the glittery suprise that is your sister. "That's great,"Thea calls over to Drake with a grin. Her voice is sounding tired, but she's not giving in. "I can help you if you need."

Santi grins as he swings poppy distributing a bit of the glitter covering his chest and arms into a Santi shaped outline against the smaller northerner. Finally he lowers her down and motions her along as he heads to reclaim his mug noticing Cirroch and the Duchess getting restless. "Alright let's head out, Now a choice. Mud pits or the spirits? Either way there will be drinks."

Domonico? Give in to glitter? Never. If Thea wants to glitter grapple her brother then she'll have to fight for it as the Magnotta Count uses his best footwork and avoidance skills to avoid the hated glitter.

Mihaly is late, but not because he was home playing dad, though that is usually one of his roles. He actually enters partially wearing his armor, which is slightly dirty, looking like he had just come in from the field. Probably because that wear he had been, shedding the chest piece and heavier parts. There's a slight layer of dirt on his face from where his helmet had been, which he's in the process of wiping off with a rag that he had in his pocket.

Poppy mutters darkly in some Shav style tongue while dusting off the glitter.

"If its The Spirits drinks are on me! We welcomed another Sanna recently. Just delivered another fifteen casks!" He shifts his weight a little then arm to hold Calypso and the whiskey easier.

"If we get glitter in Redrain's mud pits, it might be considered an act of war," Calypso warns Santi from her place thrown over Cirroch's shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

Poppy says in Everwinter shav, "Goat of a man. I hope someone sticks a thistle up his arse."

Eirene has a dusting of glitter on her clothes but not as much as some of the others. At least, there's none in her salt-and-pepper hair. "Mihaly! Hey love," she greets her husband, lifting her third glass of bourbon. "You're just in time for us to hit the next bar. Sounds like it's the Spirits," she says, glancing at Cirroch and Calypso. Poppy's comment is met with a furrowed brow - she clearly doesn't get the language.

Eirene calls him 'love' in public, so she must be a little bit drunk.

"Oh, are we packing up," Drake says, ignoring his messenger now to dust his cloak off. "A change of venue wouldn't be so bad." He looks at Thea. "Need help?"

Santi moves to gather up Calla, leaning forward and bringing his right shoulder to press against her stomach before his arm curls around her and he is raising up to carry the redheaded Baroness over his shoulder getting glitter across her outfit. A glance is given back towards Polly when he catches her talking in another shav tongue, "You know I do have more glitter..and another shoulder." The man deadpanning as he tells her that before moving to lead the way on for the group not telling them where he was leading and what he had sorted as their destination.

*** Domonico has called for an opposing check with Thea. ***
Domonico checks dexterity and dodge at easy. Domonico is successful.
Thea checks dexterity and brawl at easy. Thea is successful.
*** Domonico is the winner. ***

Poppy squints at Santi and complains to Thea. "Is all your family like this?" She gestures to Santi before asking her. "Where's Olivian? He'd be disappointed that he's missing his chance at revenge."

It's been a moment since Mihaly has run into Eirene in the wild, and having been drinking. The Rivens are, by nature a quiet, reserved type, and he is nothing if not the archetypical Riven. "Eirene." he greets pleasantly, moving up to her side, looking down at his feet and taking note of the glitter that's already accumulating on his boots. "I think it's been a trademark Malvici gathering from the looks of it. And it appears that Thea has already struck again, hasn't she?" He raises a brow at his wife. "What number are you on? And am I carrying you home tonight?"

Eirene mutters, "I'll ... my brother ... for ..."

Thea is busy quite weakly hugging Domonico. Her hair and leathers covered in glitter. "Hey uncle Mihaly,"Thea calls over to the man. She looks a bit pale and unwell, but she's hanging in there. Well to Dom. "Glad you could make it!" Ok, she's clearly been drinking too as she nods to Drake, a bit embarrassed. The nod pretty subtle. "Glitter war--with glitter and mud,"shes already asking. "Interesting..."

Eirene mutters something Poppy's way before she folds her arms over her chest. "Like fuck am I gonna let YOU throw me over your shoulder," she says to Mihaly. THAT is more her usual way of speaking. "Maybe three? But they were doubles so..." Her shoulder raises in a shrug. "And the glitterbomb was Santi, actually," she says, gesturing with her nearly empty glass to the large Malvici.

Domonico manages to avoid the worse of the glitter from Thea bycareful manoeuvring but there is a bit on him now. He whispers something to Thea and gives her shoulder a squeeze.

Winter, A Highhill Puppy arrives, following Kiera.

When he hears Poppy's comment on him and the men of the Malvici Family it brings Santi to spin around, The large man moving straight for the smaller northerner before scooping her up onto his left shoulder. The massive mug of his pressed against the back of her thighs as he hefts her up over his shoulder only to then head for the door. "To the mudpits for gifts and to get the real drinking started." The man's words called out loudly before he is heading off to lead the merry band of not so sobers through the streets.

Poppy grins at Eirene. "Please do." Still uselessly trying to brush off the now caked on glitter. "Why are men do intent on throwing women over their shoulders? Don't they realize it puts out feet in a better position to damage their manhood?"

Domonico finishes talking quietly to Thea before he raises his voice a little, "This is where I must leave you all. I need to be home for my children now. Look after each other."

Cirroch is determined to keep Calypso upon his shoulder, or shoulders if she's able to swing around from the perched position that he has her in currently. "This is making it harder to drink, perhaps if you swung that way?" He smiles looking over the room, then looks to Poppy, "That may be, though if that's the direction a fight is heading then I'll fight just the same. Either way, whiskey?" He hands the cask over to Poppy.

"Who said anything about throwing you over my shoulder?" Mihaly says in usual reserved tone, which his wife is no doubt used to. "I would carry Calypso or Thea like that, but not you." Ah, there's that dry commentary from the old knight. "You would be cradled in my arms." Which probably sounds a lot more romantic than it's intended on being, even if he was just being factual. "So someone not Thea used glitter? Is that becoming a family trait now?"

Thea snorts at Mihaly. "See! I didn't do it this time!" Though she's thoughtful for a moment. "Maybe I started a new family tradition."

"I'm not sitting on your shoulder like a parrot," Calypso laughs to Cirroch, without really fighting to get down, while at the same time making it as difficult as possible for him to get her into a more dignified position. If she's going to be dragged around by a Northerner, she's doing it properly, damn it.

Poppy squeals in surprise as Santi attacks her again. This time, she's up on his shoulder. Another string of Shav words is released. No need for interpretation. It's clear it's a string of cuss words.

Caine Arnasis, a foul-mouthed assistant leaves, following Mihaly.

Carissa, a Southport bodyguard, Planchet the Lycene maggiordome, Mihaly leave, following Eirene.

Sir Mayhem, A silvery marmoset leaves, following Calla.

Mr Snuffles the bumbling hedgehog leaves, following Poppy.

Petroc, the most unassuming man you have ever met, 2 Sanna House Guards, Bear leave, following Cirroch.

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes, Rocco, the rascally assistant leave, following Thea.

Calluna, A Young Highhill Mastiff leaves, following Drake.

Winter, A Highhill Puppy leaves, following Kiera.

Theadora, A young Golden Eagle, Amara, a not at all shady looking prodigal, Eos, A Malvici Shield bearer, Eirene, Calla, Poppy, Calypso, Cirroch, Thea, Drake, Kiera leave, following Santi.

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