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Marquis Cirroch Sanna

Truth is a pretty good weapon. Axes are better, but truth is pretty good.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Big Axe, Big Personality
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Sanna
Gender: male
Marital Status: Married
Age: 29
Birthday: 3/3
Religion: Shamanism
Vocation: Noble
Height: 6'3"
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: brown
Skintone: brown

Titles: Marquis of Giant's Reach

Description: Big and broad, with sturdy strength to the bulk of his arms and shoulders, Cirroch cuts a larger than life figure to go with his larger than life personality. He has heavy black eyebrows over deepset eyes that seem to frequently carry the brightness of a laugh in their deep brown depths. His hair is kept very short, clipped close to his head in a no-nonsense way. His voice booms, resonant and liquid in its depth.

Personality: Cirroch has a bullish nature, grounded but vital. He has a talent for filling a room merely by entering it, with deep, resonant volume and ready eloquence to the command of his tongue. He can be stubborn, he can be proud, and he can have a temper on him. Nothing infuriates him more than being deceived, unless it is being denied action where he thinks action ought to be took. He has a pragmatist's steadiness behind his grand gestures, though, that helps keep his life running smoothly. There are ways that simplicity defines Cirroch's greatest desires. He loves women who can fight him, whiskey that burns on the way down, fast horses and smart dogs.

Background: Cirroch was always going to be the March of Giant's Reach. Actually, he was the March of Giant's Reach by the time he was ten. It's a risky proposition, being a ten-year-old with a regent, but there were a few things going for Cirroch: first, his regent was his uncle Talward, whom no one wanted to cross and who loved his deceased sister more than life itself, and second, he was a pretty clever and aspiring ten-year-old, and put off the fears of his vassals by being aggressively interested in warcraft from when he could first walk. He developed an interest in statecraft as well, although it was admittedly much /later/ in life that he wanted to attend his own meetings and councils. By the time he was 16, there were few who feared his ascendance to the seat he held in name, and when he reached majority at 18, his uncle retired to be feted for a job well done, and Cirroch took the reins fearlessly.

Yet there's a difference between reigning and aspiring. Cirroch made mistakes. He lost men in battle. His pride, at one very dangerous point in his youth, very nearly led him to a breaking point with his Halfshav liege. He needed seasoning. He needed temperance. He needed, according to his younger sister Tila, a WIFE who could MANAGE him.

It's amazing how long you can stall from a topic that you don't want to address. He very nearly had a treaty negotiated with the Nightgolds for a wife of his rank only to have it fall through on some stipulations about mining rights that he refused to let go. He very nearly had a treaty negotiated, later, that would have had him wed to the sister of a Velenosan count, only to have her cry off for a number of reasons, some related to, frankly, the cold weather of the north and the total absence of seawater anywhere around Giant's Reach. The more political necessity requires producing an heir, the more intransigent Cirroch seems to grow on his own behalf. Maybe he can marry someone to Tila and just have her produce an heir so he doesn't have to bother.

Relationship Summary

  • Tila - Busy-Body Sister

  • Friend:
  • Sasha - Love of my life
  • Name Summary
    Sasha Upon returning to Arx from Giant's Reach, I'm ever more appreciative of your patience with me and your duty to your people.