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Patrons and Proteges Night

Welcome one and all to a celebration of a fine Compact Tradition: Patronage. As requests for proteges and patrons are frequently exchanged, Whisper House wishes to provide a venue where existing patrons can display the talents of their proteges, and where those seeking to become one or the other can find a matching counterpart.

Paying Members of Whisper House are welcome without further question. Non-members will be asked to declare whether they are part of an existing Patron-Protege bond, or are seeking a Patron or Protege.

If a Patron-Protege pair wishes to display the Protege's talents, it is asked that they please contact Whisper House via Softest Whisper Anisha ahead of time.


July 6, 2020, 4 p.m.

Hosted By

Anisha Bliss Evangeline Selene


Marian Sapphira Wulfrum Lora Ryhalt Thea Drake Kenjay Bahiya Viviana Valda Monique Amieli Delia Svana Piccola




Arx - Ward of the Crown - Whisper House - The Arcadia

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Comments and Log

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes, Rocco, the rascally assistant arrive, following Thea.

Patron and Proteges night! The Arcadian is lit by numerous lamps, illuminating the varied path, and servants graciously nip about with trays of drink and appetizers, for the guests to enjoy themselves. At the doors, an inquisitive apprentice Whisper inquires as to the status of the people attending, handing out little pins - a star for those seeking a patron, a sun for those seeking a protege. No marker for those coming just to enjoy the event, alas.

Anisha herself is near the centre of the gardens, flittering about as the room fills, offering gentle smiles and little waves, her umbra and brocade fluttering as she moves along.

Marian arrives at the gardens, dressed in her blue silk and white leathers. Her blood red hair is braided with pearl drops decorating the coil. Her keen green eyes scan the crowd as she takes others at the event. It appears at this time, no protege has accompanied the warchief to the event. She murmurs to the apprentice handing out the pins, "A sun and star please." Indicating that Marian is open to taking a patron and hopes to find a protege at the event. She smiles to Anisha, their hostess, once she pins herself with these symbols.

Sapphira smiles warmly as she slips into the room, her skirts of lavendar, rose, and ivory seasilk swishing softly about her ankles. Her matching slippers make barely a whisper on the floor as she confers briefly with the apprentice Whisper, accepting a star-shaped pin, which she pins in place next to her musical note pin. As always, she has her gittern case slung across her back--after all, one never knows when a bit of music might be called for!

Wulfrum arrives with the scent of smoke about himself, but fortunately no cigarillo in hand. Instead he's adjusting the halfplate on his chest apparently having favored a very you get what you see approach by coming in his armor and captain's coat. "A sun for me," he says to the apprentice Whisper with an offer of his lapel to pin it too before continuing on into the arcadia itself.

Umber, a bay courser have been dismissed.

A darling cremello Artshall mini horse wearing a red blanket have been dismissed.

Also through the doors is the Marquessa di Fidante, summer-clad in aeterna with fresh roses, unwilted by the heat, braided into her hair. She confers with the apprentice for a few moments, quietly, pensive-seeming about taking one of the tiny suns, which she carefully affixes to her collar as she moves deeper into the garden.

With his oft-present smile, Ryhalt enters. He pauses at the door and answers the apprentice, "A sun, please." Receiving the sun, he dons it. "Thank you." That done, he moves on further into the hall.

Stepping into the garden today, dressed in a gown because well--it's been hot! Thea has no qualms dressing for comfort, don't let anyone tell you different. Stepping over to the Anisha, Thea greets her with a polite nod of her head,"This a great idea. A sun please..." There is a brief smile there, because this should be a great idea. Really.

Drake is looking for a protege at the moment so the sun is the pin he ends up taking. Looking around he wonders if he should have brought a weapon in order to indicate his specialities but at the moment he is unarmed. People who know who he is would recognize him as a Champion at least but he seems for a moment oddly unsure of how to handle this event, which is a bit strange as he usually blends in well to most social situations. The matchmaking perhaps just seems so formal. When he takes his sun and looks at Thea doing likewise though he seems to feel a bit better.

Sapphira is beginning to wonder, as she glances about the room, if she is the only one wearing a star pin. She shrugs ever so slightly and just smiles to herself, availing herself of a glass of white wine, which she twirls between her fingers. She sips slowly, determined to savor the vintage as she peers over the edge of her glass at everyone, keeping a light smile upon her face.

Anisha brightens happily, upon seeing her apprentice so busy, picking up a glass of wine from a passing server, and taking a small smile. "Oh, this is a thrill. So many folk coming to my little garden party. So many suns and stars." She raises her glass to Marian, applauds Samira displaying her fashion, and idly loos to Thea when she's greeted.

"Hello, Lady Thea - and yes, I figured it would be. I see so many calls for proteges and patrons, and I so often describe my job as getting the same people in the same room - and so, here we are." She concludes, with a slight chuckle. "I do hope everyone will enjoy. I haven't had anyone want to show off their protege yet, but in a spirit similar to my mirrormask debate, I might lead a discussion on what makes a good patron, or what makes a good protege," She happily declares.

Kenjayarrives, clad in scarlet and orange Eurusi-style silks that somehow manage not to clash with his hair, with pieces of plate armour that were never designed by an Arvani smith. With him is Bahiya, her hand on his right arm, above the gladius at his hip. "Many thanks," he says to the greeter, with a tinge of Eurus at the edges of his Arvani. "For myself, a sun and a star, if you please."

Thea nods her head, a smile regardless,"I have a patron. She does great things for myself. Princess Isidora. I can't speak for others however." She steps aside for others, nodding to Drake. She offers him a wave of familiarity and heads over there for a bit.

Bahiya holds up her free hand as Kenjay guides her into the Whisper Hall and the event room, her be-ribboned visage tilting so her ear might catch the options. "Neither for me," she says quietly. "I am afraid I do not know enough about the Arvani tradition to say what it is I would look for." The diplomat grins as Kenjay makes his wishes known as both a seeking-Patron and someone who seeks patronizing. "Your highness," she teases, her grin growing. "Ambitious."

With an easy grin curving her thick lips, the Sword of Setarco makes her way into the Arcadia and pauses briefly to wait her turn with the apprentice before answering, "A sun for myself as well, I think." Taking the little pin between her fingers, Viviana lifts it up to scrutinize for a second before pinning the thing through one of the button holes of her coat, rather than through the material.
With that done, the duelist makes her way further into the Arcadia, a hand coming up to waggle fingers at Anisha in a wordless greeting before her lonely eye alights momentarily upon Marian, "Princess Marian, I don't believe I've had the pleasure of your company since you trounced me in the Tournament of Roses. You've been well, I pray?" The duelist's grin grows a touch wider for a moment as she addresses the redhead.

Perhaps later than many, but still not quite fashionably late, there arrives Valda, shaman of House Halfshav. When stopped at the door, she accepts both a sun and a star, stepping out of the way for other newcomers as she takes a moment to fasten them in place. Merely a commoner, it is perhaps odd to see the sun on her, but she pins it nonetheless. After, she lingers in her little out-of-the-way corner to observe the crowd for the moment.

Kit, the grey fox, Primus, First of Monique's Assistants, 1 Greenmarch Guard, Tertius, Third of Monique's Assistants arrive, following Monique.

"I might already be in talks for a patron so I am going to hold off on that." Drake easily shrugs. "You find you get a lot from the arrangement?" he asks Thea. "I am looking in particular to learn more about the needs of a general and so-on, now that we have lands to protect directly. But for a protege, I think I'd honestly prefer a craftsperson or someone with merchantile leanings. I could train a knight, but I'm not really the best at teaching."

Marian gives a bow to Viviana after her greeting, "It has been some time." She takes a glass while her eyes continue to scan the room, "I see we're both seeking proteges." She also fingers her star pin, "And I'll take a patron as well but my priority is to find a protege." She's standing strategically to the side as she watches the newcomers arrive, noting the pins that they take.

"Since I'm learning more about alchemy and such and have plans with such, it serves me well,"Thea admits to Drake when it comes to her Patron. "As far as a protege, for myself. Yes. I think for myself, I could lean either way. I'm not an awful teacher, so I can teach them about combat medicine or even sailing if they chose. Leadership. But perhaps I can them in something, if they are crafter and such...Doors can always be open.."

"And with gods and Whisper House willing, you'll have a protege by the end of the night," Anisha assures, with a slight chuckle to Thea, raising her glass t Drake when Thea waves to him.

The Softest turns from the Malvici, and regards her other guests, wiggling her fingers in greeting to the Sword of Setarco in turn. "Enjoy," She calls to her, and wiggles her fingers to Marian as well. Considering the Northern Shaman, raising her glass in greeting to Valda. Right now, she's a whirlwind of hostessing - everyone needs their due.

"Madame Ambassador," She calls out, as she steps towards Bahiya and Kenjay. "...And I seem to recall reading a white about the reclamation of a title, is it, your highness?" She inquires looking to Kenjay, with another smile for him. "Welcome to the Patrons and Proteges night. I see there's ambition here. I'm thrilled to hear what you both think - you especially, my lady." She assures.

Quartus, Fourth of Monique's Assistants arrives, following Delia.

Once she's found a place to loiter, Lora does almost exactly that. It could well be that her study of the growing crowd is purposed to pick out sun pins from stars, but perhaps it just allows her the opportunity to examine everyone for a couple of moments without being overly forward. There's particular curiosity for the Eurusi, and a few lifts of one hand by way of greeting to familiar faces. Thea in particular, and her companion. "Lady Malvici. And Lord Wyrm.. no, Wyvernheart, is it? I am fair curious; why do you find teaching or learning something in particular from your protege or patron so compelling?"

Wulfrum like Valda lingers further from the introductions and the like instead claiming a mug of ale while considering the sea of sun pins. "It would appear the stars are in high demand and short supply." he comments to Valda before drinking from his mug of ale.

Kenjay turns to offer Anisha a smile at her greeting to himself and Bahiya. "I see you have taken to reading my journals, Softest Whisper," he replies to her, with a polite Eurusi-style bow. "I am flattered by the attention you have paid to a mere newcomer to Arvum."

"And we're certainly not alone in that. But, all the same, protege found or not, the idea made for a good excuse to get out and be social," Viviana offers in response to the legendary Redrain warrior. "I almost decided to copy you when I saw that," she adds, at mention of also seeking a patron. "But I suspect it'd be a touch uncouth for me to accept patronage from anything less than a High Lord, or the King himself, and I haven't seen any of them walk in yet." A hearty laugh slips from the one-eyed duelist on the tail end of her words, before she flashes a grin at the redhead. Turning momentarily, the Sword grabs a drink before letting her gaze return to the people trickling in, a grin offered to any familiar faces.

Monique arrives, draped in finery and looking for all the world as if she'd never wish to be anywhere else. Her gaze finds Anisha and her emerald eyes light. "Well, you've attracted some impressive people, Softest Whisper! My congratulations in advance for a successful and enjoyable event. That's how much confidence I have in your skills," the Greenmarch tells her with a cheshire grin, before her gaze lands on Marian. "Mar!" There's not much that could stop the Minx from launching herself at her sister bodily.

Sapphira ventures a little further into the social fray, with a few more star pins besides her own making an appearance. She is content to simply mingle for the moment, humming the beginnings of a light, lilting little melody. Her fingertips tap lightly along the side of her wineglass, making a musical clinking noise in a lively triplet cadence. This would, she suspected, be an evening worthy of song.

"Ah!" exclaims Bahiya softly as Anisha greets her and her companion. "Whisper Anisha, hello!" Her smile is bright, feeling Kenjay bow at her side and speak to the Whisper. "Indeed, it is quite generous of you to host such an event. It is my understanding the Whispers are both a boon to their patrons, as well as patronizing others. It makes much sense, and I am happy his highness, Prince Kenjay, invited me to join him." The ambassador gives Anisha a deep, respectful bow, her hand returning to tuck into Kenjay's elbow shortly after.

Thea turns to Lora and bows her head, greeting her with a slight smile as well. "Baroness. Good evening." First thing first afterall. "I think you have to give to gain, yes? If you're going to take on a protege, you have to ask yourself why? What are you going to be able to offer them and vice versa. My Patron teaches me what I don't know, and it's wonderful. She helps me in my projects. Projects I'd have no way of doing on my own." The Malvici nods her head,"I'd hope to be able to teach or do that for someone else as well. They help me, I help them..."

"It's Wyvernheart now and, yes, it's a bit of getting used to. But I don't really know - I have never had that relationship before. I imagine that -- what I'd hope to get out of a protege is having someone who can handle a few things I can't. And what they'd learn from me, well, I'm good on a horse and I know a lot of people?" Drake raises an eyebrow, and then shrugs a shoulder.

Then, he sighs. "Admittedly I'm a bit new to this." He does smile as Monique enters, as he hasn't seen her in a while but she's been quite celebrated of late.

A pleasant smile and nod is returned to Anisha as Valda notes the greeting acknowledgement, but she deigns to avoid interrupting the hostess unduly at the moment. Wulfrum gets a nod as well. "I'm a bit surprised," she admits to this, "I would have expected the other way around." She looks thoughtful a moment, then wonders, "Are you seeking anything in particular, Sir Sun?"

Marian laughs deeply and agrees with Viviana on the difficulties of finding a patron, "Yes, it would be difficult." She pauses as she spies her sister arriving, "Excuse me..." Then moves to catch her sister who's hurling her body at her, "Minx! You didn't tell me that you were coming to the event." She gives a fond hug and lets go, "It's been far too long since we've teamed up." She motions to those seeking proteges, "Maybe you can help me find one that will benefit from my teaching."

"I pay well to have copies of journals of interest delivered," Anisha admits to Kenjay. "So I get a little tome with various intriguing entries several times a week. Elevations in House and Title are _naturally_ of interest to me. For example, Lord Drake there recently became a Wyvernheart rather than a Wyrmguard," She notes, gesturing over to the man. And upon spotting Lora, she brightens considerably, raising her glass in greeting to the woman. Giving a nod of greeting to Wulfrum as well.

"I see a few people I haven't met yet. That is another benefit of this, I wager. Letting people meet and form connections, over similar interest, even if there is no patronage bond."

She's barely finished speaking when Monique arrives, and with a thrilled little noise, she embraces the Minx and gives gentle kises to either cheek. "SO good to see you, my lady! Thank you for your compliments and for choosing to visit us today! I am THRILLED to see you."

SHe s not the force that can stop Monique's family reunion, so she does not even try, glancing idly at Sapphira as she listens to Bahiya.

"I have hopefully been a boon to both Princess Reese and Emissary Jadara in my time, yes," Anisha agrees with Bahiya, looking back to her and quirking her lips. She returns the bows made by Kenjay and Bahiya, attempting to mimic the Eurusi lilt.

"I will be stepping round and about - but if either of you need advice or help, I shall be glad to do what I can."

Amieli steps into the summer night of the garden. Dressed in dark gray--plain, but silk nonetheless--the quiet Igniseri indicates her interest in the star pin first. She completes the pair of star and sun only hesitantly, with a somewhat bashful but appreciative smile to the apprentice. Then she wanders into the Arcadia proper. A similar smile of greeting is presented to anyone she crosses paths with, familiar or otherwise; she meanderingly gravitates toward a bench among the trees, one facing the bulk of the crowd through which she unhurriedly weaves a path of pleasantries.

"I am not Mistress Star." Wulfrum replies after his drink and a look around the room with consideration on an otherwise natural severe visage. "Someone who does not require handholding, has a mind as to what they want, and a willingness to attend to this or that in relation to my own projects. As a county lord, I am not sure I will be able to compete much with some of those in attendance. I am Lord Wulfrum Darkwater." he turns his attention back onto Valda and her star pin.

Ryhalt smiles as Anisha makes her rounds in greeting everyone and inclines his head in recognition of Lora. He chuckles as he also notices there are more seeking proteges than patrons this evening.

Of course Monique squeezes Anisha back before she launches herself at Marian, returning her sister's hug with great emphasis. "I've missed you /terribly/. I'm never leaving your side again. And of course, there's no one better for a patron than you. Anyone would be lucky to have you! Because you know /me/." Vain Minx is vain. "And of course, because you're Voice to a High Lord and command armies and constantly throw yourself into danger in valorous pursuit of honor."

"Curious," Lora answers after both Drake and Thea have given her their answers. "I don't disagree. Evidently I have difficulty articulating that idea, as I've been unable to find another protege and it's been... almost a year now." The notion is accompanied by a subtle flicker of something bittersweet, but she doesn't dwell on it, only tilts her head at the pair of them. "One would think there would be more people seeking patrons, and in fact is the other way around. A strange situation we have curated for ourselves." She offers one of those little waves of hers to Anisha, and a slightly more formal tilt of head to Ryhalt.

Delia Whisper shows up fairly hot on Monique's heels, whether by fortuitous timing or prior arrangement, though when the Greenmarch sets off for her sister, Delia simply smiles at the sight and goes her own way for the moment, off to greet Anisha with a mild, "Hello. Quite a turnout."

Another bow from Bahiya in Anisha's general direction. "Again, my gratitude, Softest Whisper. Perhaps in time I will take one or the other myself, but I seek a measure of independence first as Prince Kenjay steps into his roll with House Redrain, something I observe it with great pride. Perhaps in the future someone will find me worthy to take on, or worthy to learn from. I am in no hurry, I am certain I will prove both in time."

Thea sees Marian and Delia and offers them both a slight smile. A wave as well if she sees them. Amieli as well. "Yes well-I'm not sure why. I know Martino has gone through a few as well. I'm not sure why really, but such is life. Perhaps not a fit or they drift home.."

"New House, new rules... new bedroom," Drake says, making the last part a little quippy, but then his face goes more serious again, "New, responsibilities." He shrugs. "I may not have luck today considering, but at least people will know I'm on the market. So to speak. In the mean time, I suppose I can just meet the people here I haven't spoken much with." He makes eye contact with Lora. "How do you and your patron get on then, tell me about it?"

Kenjay inclines his head to Anisha. "To find myself of interest to one so elevated before my own elevation is flattery indeed," he replies to her. "Thank you, Softest Whisper, for your time at this busy event."

"Of course," Viviana answers the Redrain woman with a salute of her glass before watching her step away to intercept Monique, the Sin watches the pair for a brief moment before letting her attention wander. Lifting her glass for a drink, Vi watches Anisha's progress through the gathering before letting her attention drift to the other little groups of people forming.

"Valda Nylund, Shaman to House Halfshav, Retainer of Lady Rona Halfshav," is Valda's introduction, spoken softly and without undue pride, in return to Wulfrum, "It's a pleasure to meet you. Whether Sun or Star, I suppose my own interest lies in someone who lacks experience with the Northlands, that we might compliment each other's lack. I want to grow more familiar with activities outside my own House."

Monique catches sight of Delia next and though she doesn't leave Marian's side, she does call out to her protege. "Sweetest Whisper Delia! As if you could sneak in anywhere, so radiant is your beauty and natural charm." Is she bragging? She's bragging. "Come and meet my sister and- oh! Ambassador Bahiya and her valiant protector, now-Prince Kenjay Redrain." Monique catches sight of the Eurusi contingent and warms. "Looking very regal, my goodness."

"A wise attitude, my lady," Anisha agrees with Bahiya, with a little smile. "As I said - either way it provides a good opportunity to mingle, and learn, mm?" She quirks her lips, and sips her wine, and brightens as Delia steps up. "Whisper Delia. Welcome. It has been quite a turnout, though for the moment our suns outshine our stars. I'll have to look into ways to solve that particular issue before the next trip," She admits. "And I am seeing a couple of people I have not been introduced to." Apropos. "Prince Kenjay of Redrain, Ambassador Bahiya, may I introduce you to Delia Whisper, protege of Lady Monique Greenmarch," She offers. "Delia, this is Ambassador Bahiya, who works with Crown Prince Damik, and her companion and guide, Prince Kenjay," She explains, gladly. Inclining her head to Kenjay. Quirking her lips a little.

"I was going to do a slight wander - I might just gravitate back to the center and let people come to me. SHall we?" Anisha inquires, and she does, in fact, take a few steps towards the center, spotting Amieli, and giving her a bright smile and a wave of greeting as well. "Usually people do break up in various clusters, so I imagine there'll be hushed conversations before too long."

"A patron to expand your horizons. It is a common desire for patrons although lately I have heard a more goal-oriented tact for pairing has been popular.." Wulfrum agrees with a look to the gathering around Anisha and then back to Valda. "Do you think you would enjoy explaining shamanism to your non-northern patron or teaching them of the north or were you hoping moreso for someone to share with you and less teaching yourself?"

Seeing that none have approached Sapphira yet, Ryhalt makes his way over to her and smiles. "Hello, I'm Duke Ryhalt Farshaw." He gestures to her instrument strung over her shoulder. "I see you came prepared to demonstrate at least one skill, if asked. What are you hoping to have in a patron?"

Delia gives a wiggle of her fingers to greet Thea, then, totally failing to go unspotted - it must be the hair - she turns to greet people following the introductions, with a graceful curtsey. "Prince Kenjay, Ambassador, it is a pleasure, I am sure. Did I happen to spot you in Sungreet? It was all so fast-moving that I really do not quite recall." She then offers a broad smile to Monique, "A wonder that your own does not outright eclipse it. Hello!"

Another careful tilt of the head indicates Lora's agreement with Drake's lament of all the new things. There's even a slight quirk of a smile. "I'm quite familiar with that tune," she tells him. "For most of the same reasons, in fact." No point in dwelling on that though. His other question is considered for a trifle longer before she says, "Ours is more of an enduring friendship, as my relationship was with my last protege, Josephine Arcuri. As Lady Malvici said, there's an element of reciprocal aid, though it seems more ephemeral than simply saying 'I call upon this person when I need this particular thing' and more 'I thought of them today when this happened.'" Even after saying it, she reflects for a couple of moments before shaking her head. "I've spoken with a handful of people seeking patrons since she returned to the Wheel, but they've wanted other things."

Sapphira lofts her eyebrows, mention of the Northlands catching her attention. She smiles lightly, canting her head as she listens. "Forgive me, but what House might that be?" she asks, approaching Valda. "I must admit to some lack of familiarity with the Northlands, though that is slowly being remedied by Limerance's grace in bringing Lord Oddmun Sanna into my life." She smiles warmly to all nearby, dipping a curtsey by way of introduction. "Lady Sapphira Whitehawk, songbird of House Whitehawk."

There's a grin from the Ambassador as they are introduced to others, and she catches the sound of familiar voices headed their way. "Well met," she says to Delia. "We were in Sungreet and left with the Crown Prince, but if you saw us or not, I am afraid I would not have known." Her eyes, covered in ribbon, face towards the sound of Monique and her approach. "We only heard of the Minx that did the Great Convincing in the aftermath, at least by name. A wonderous thing done, we did not hesitate to board the ships to Arx."

Cornelius, a studious looking attendant arrives, delivering a message to Viviana before departing.

Bahiya claims that last.

"Hm. And what kinds of things are people looking for?" Drake asks Lora. "I suppose if there's not a match for you there might be one for someone else out there." He listens in a bit at Bahiya describing her situation; he hasn't met her yet after all and it's quite interesting. "Lady Monique is certainly gifted in persuasion," he says with a small laugh.

Kenjay inclines his head deeply to Monique when she catches his eye, then again to Delia as she is introduced. "Whisper," he greets Delia, with his Arvani tinged with Eurus, rather less Eurusi than his outfit. "It is an honour to meet you."

"Ideally, it'd be a bond of mutual growth," Valda answers to Wulfrum with a small smile, "Though I admit that I haven't had much need to teach others about my ways, so I can't promise experience in that regard." Then there is another joining the conversation, and a friendly smile is given to Sapphira now. "My fealty is to House Halfshav, though I myself am a Shaman and a commoner," she explains before introducing herself again, "Valda Nylund. A pleasure to meet you, as well."

"Delia Whisper was part of the group that helped secure our passage out to your ships at Sungreet," Monique says of her protege, "working alongside Anisha Whisper. They are worth their weight in dragonweep, both of them." And she sweeps Kenjay a deep curtsey, because new-Prince, and possibly partly to see how he takes it. "I think you ought to convince the Ambassador to consider my sister Marian for a Patron. Not only because I think there's no one better, but also because it could help you re-integrate into your House. And because my sister could use someone as brave and steadying as Ambassador Bahiya. Might keep her out of trouble," the Minx teases, her gaze straying to Drake, grinning. "Ah, well, you just have to know how to give people what they want. I think you're no slouch at that, hm? Congratulations, by the way, on your new House. That's quite a feat."

Lora's smile twists, becoming ever so slightly crooked. "If I knew, Lord Wyvernheart, perhaps I would have been better able to convince one of them. Alas. Every one did find another patron, in the end. But I remain hopeful." Her gaze drifts then, she, perhaps, once more picking out star pins.

Wulfrum nods to Sapphira as she joins and Ryhalt approaching shortly thereafter. "Lord Farshaw, Lady Whitehawk." he guesses with an additional, "Lord Wulfrum Darkwater and it would sound like Mistress Nylund might be a fair match for one of you." a drink of ale and a look towards Monique and Delia making the rounds.

"The Great Convincing? That sounds like a name for a book," observes Delia, with another quick smile. "Though whether the book would describe that one particular event or instead the entirety of my most marvellous patron's life is really a very different matter." Then the conversation turns the Whisper's attention over Drake's way. "Oh, I had heard about the new House. Well done indeed."

With that set of introductions made, and her excuse reiterated, Anisha heads on up towards another set of suns and stars in the making(?), stepping towards Sapphira and Ryhalt and Wulfrum and Valda, and upon seeing Amieli still in her spot, gesturing for that one to join her. "Lady Sapphira, what a thrill to see you - I did receive a letter from Lord Oddmun saying you might," Anisha offers brightly. "Do you know if he'll be joining us as well? I imagine a horse-lord of Sanna such as himself would have much to offer either as a patron or as a protege," She notes, and sketches a curtsey to Ryhalt, looking him over. "A man of your stature, with such a wedding band - ah, yes," She gives a nod of thanks to Wulfrum. "Duke Ryhalt Farshaw, no?" Looking over the others, she sketches her curtsey. "I am of course familiar with Lord Wulfrum, but I admit I haven't had the pleasure," She offers to Valda. "Softest Whisper Anisha, your hostess. A pleasure."

Marian gets distracted for a little bit, having to step away to attend to house business. In time she makes her way back into the event. She waves to those that greeted her earlier, apologetic for letting others get in the way of her mingling. She gives a deep smile as she overhears her sister's fine praise for her matching with Ambassador Bihaya. She does let the ambassador know, "I am seeking to improve my grasp on Eurusi and learn more about the Dune Kingdoms." She chuckles as she thinks on her weaknesses, "My diplomacy certainly could use some tempering."

"Well, I may have learned a thing or two by watching you," Drake says to Monique, giving her a slightly crooked smile. "And I thank you." He nods to the words of congratulations. "We did have some foundations to work with, but the new castle was largely built from the ground-up. Too much damage and destruction to the original. After the building is done it's not really so much responsbility for me compared to my brother. " To Lora, he adds: "You'll find the right sort at some point. We'll hope that both of us will."

"You are quite gracious to suggest such an honor," Bahiya tells Monique, the ambassador bowing from the waist, her free hand on her heart. "But I am as yet unready for such a thing, though your description of my influence on such a prestigious person as Princess Marian humbles me." Her head tilts as she listens to the others, voices she does not know, tilting her head at Kenjay to see what he describes unfolding around them.

Kenjay bows to Monique in return to her curtsey, another of those fluid Eurusi bows that doesn't move the elbow Bahiya holds. "The Ambassador is as yet learning about Arvani customs such as patronage, and already has a tie to House Redrain. It was a kindly-meant offer, though, and for that we thank you," he adds to Bahiya's own words.

As Anisha comes over to join their group and asks after his name, he inclines his head, grinning. "You are correct, Softest Whisper Anisha. Thank you for providing this opportunity today. I have been in search of one or more proteges for some time, but various events in the city have prevented my seeking in earnest."

Bahiya is overheard praising Anisha: A gracious hostess.

Bahiya is overheard praising Kenjay: A Prince of honor and courage.

"Lord Farshaw, an honor to meet you," Sapphira offers, turning her smile upon him, with a curtsey in a swish of softest rose, lavendar, and ivory seasilk. "There are many things, I think, I might hope to have in a patron, though I will consider myself blessed by one or two. I've recently begun to take up the study of medicine as well as music, and know all too well that skill could use some polishing." She wrinkles her nose slightly, with a wry smile. "Especially with some of my kin oft finding themselves with a taste for... dangerous things." At that, it is a rare whisper of grief that passes like a cloud on a moonlit night across her features, only dimming her smile for a moment before the sun emerges once more. "Of course, there is always musical performance. It would not do to rest on my laurels. And I'm afraid while my skill with song is my strength, my skill as a diplomat is abysmal."

She looks about to turn back to the others speaking nearby, only to find Anisha approaching. "Softest Whisper, a pleasure! Aye, he did mention this gathering to me, but I believe he himself was drawn away by other matters. He wasn't certain if he would be able to attend or no." She sighs softly, shaking her head. "I do miss his company so...."

"Gracious," Monique echoes with a laugh. "Gracious has rarely ever been used to describe me, though you're both kind to say it," she says to Bahiya and Kenjay. "Opportunistic would be more apt, I think, though it just proves your diplomacy that you don't use it." She adds, to Drake, in question, "What further plans do you have for your new House?"

"Eventually," Lora agrees with Drake, tempered by, "Perhaps." There's a very slight, sort of formal bow of her head to Monique. "You know, the Marquis was rather disappointed that he did not go with you. Thank you for not taking him." How serious this is might be hard to decipher, save for that very slight curve of the corner of her mouth that isn't quite a smile, but comes close enough. She spends another moment then watching the Eurusi before slipping away, possibbly in search of one of the other stars she spotted before, as it isn't long before she's picked Amieli out of the constellations and offers her one of those very formal tips of her head. "Any luck?"

Marian assures Bihaya there is no offense, "I don't mind at all. To have you staying in the ward is honor enough." She does admit to her sister, "I should probably go to more events like this. Part of the reason why I don't have more than one protege is because I'm always working."

"Valda Nylund, Shaman of House Halfshav," Valda introduces herself yet again, this time to Anisha, "Thank you for hosting this. It seems a much-needed affair." Her voice is soft, if friendly, kept just to a volume where she can be heard.

Thea eventually spies Monique. She gives her slight smile to the Lady and chuckles,"You are a lot of things. Gracious is there, but not at the very top,"the Malvici teases. She steps off to start chatting with others.

Marian checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

"Softest Whisper, I have been remiss in writing you. It looks as if you have captured the sun but the stars are hard to find in all this radiance." Wulfrum suggests having just finished his mug of ale and handing it off to one of the attendants likely in the arcadia. "Still it is quality over quantity and I see a few stars with suns, so pairings may yet be made." the older Darkwater listens to the exchange between Sapphire and Valda even while addressing Anisha.

One of those pleasantries is certainly for Lady Thea and her wave, another for Anisha in the form of a mirrored smile; Amieli seems content in her state of ungroupedness, either not quite willing or brave enough to fully commit to any of the ongoing conversations and instead drifting idly between them.

But she picks her way toward Anisha when beckoned, a less perfunctory greeting in the bow of her head.

"A lovely evening, I hope, softest, lords, lady, messere?" she asks softly, fitting the words somewhere after Anisha's more impressive centerpiece. "A pleasure to see you again-" and a smile for Lord Wulfrum. "-or to meet you, Lord Wulfrum. Amieli Igniseri. Ah-seeker of patronage and I suppose a protege, even if I must confess to feeling somewhat ill prepared for mentorship of any description."

Drake seems glad that Monique asked - perhaps this is a useful way of demonstrating that he doesn't... NOT, make plans, after all. "Building up a navy, for one: we have a port that needs a lot of work there. Raising dogs: Highhill at one time was known for the fine mastiffs. I haven't these skills of course.... so we'll also have to make sure we hire people on to support the efforts. And." Here, Drake pauses, and then folds his arms, considering how to word it. "There's still a lot of gardening to be done."

Marian is smiling and chatting with the group, pausing as her sister leans in to mention something to her. There's a nod, a pause and then the words burst out of her mouth, "You're geting married?!?" As if the warchief is completely shocked that her minx of a sister is considering such a thing. She can't even reply to Monique's question for a moment, there's just that look, the look that Marian gives her sister when she springs something on her. She rubs the bridge of her nose with her hand and then finally adds, "Of course I'll help." She then impulsively hugs her as if she's happy for her sister.

The ambassador shifts her attention to Marian, Bahiya bowing to her as well. "Thank you for understanding. I am aware of the honor," she includes Monique in this. "When I am better educated on the customs of the Arvani, perhaps then." Straightening, she smiles. "Opportunity is wise in the current political climate." At Marian's comment on Monique's upcoming marriage, Bahiya's smile brightens but the diplomat says nothing even as her features, ribbon and all, suggest a kind of knowing.

"As I said previous, I keep seeing the calls for proteges. I figured getting people in the same room might be helpful - and looking at it like it is here, I'm glad I didn't pick up a sun myself. But the truth of it is - I'm too busy to give a protege the attention they deserve, right now, even if I might have designs on a few people. As it is, well, I'm happy to serve as a gateway, introducing people - and hopefully, even if not all stars and suns find each other, there will still be good food, enjoyable music, and swell conversations to be had, mm?" Anisha assures Ryhalt, with a little smile.

She turns to Sapphira and nods, offering a gentle pat of the hand. "I am glad to have you here," She admits. "And sad he could not come - but there will be other nights." She glances at the party. "I was considering whether I'd need to start a discussion on the patronage system, but people are mingling wonderfully." She admits.

The Softest Whisper gives Valda a smile, bowing her head. "A Shaman! And seeker of both. How thrilling. I've always found shamanism somewhat fascinating. Someone once told me it's not so much worship as... Respect where respect is due, mm?" A chuckle.

"...A much needed affair that will be repeated and refined. I hope you will return even if you find your sun - and your star."

The Softest Whisper once more grins to Wulfrum. "Arx has, I suspect, the highest concentration of Peers in Arvum. Even with nobility engaging in patronage links with each other, there will be strong desires for more," She admits. "But I do see a star or two tonight - and here comes another." Beaming to Amieli.

"My lords, my ladies, my messeres. I give you Lady Amieli Igniseri, potential star, potential sun, delightful conversationalist and intriguing member of the Lycene Peerage." She practically purrs, putting a hand on Amieli's shoulder.

"Lady Amieli, this is Duke Ryhalt Farshaw, Lord Wulfrum Darkwater, Lady Sapphira Whitehawk, and Shaman Valda Nylund."

She pauses, giving the woman a gentle squeeze - and addresses both her and the rest of the group. "...If you need any advice discussing what you feel you have to offer, on either side of the bond, please do not hesitate to ask. I have studied the matter somewhat, and been protege to two lovely patrons."

Ryhalt smiles as Wulfrum greets him. "Hello Lord Wulfrum." He smiles at Valda, too. Respectful, he listens as Sapphira answers his question, nodding at points in understanding. He chuckles faintly at kin for a taste for danger, sharing a slight grimace as he nods in understand that hasn't always gone well. "Sounds like a combination to keep you quite busy since I imagine both take long hours of dedication to grow and perfect?"

After taking a moment to simply loiter and listen, largely to the exchange between Monique and Drake, Delia offers to Drake, "If you find yourself in need of aid to get competent people in to the new domain, I may be able to provide. I know quite a range of people outside of the city."

Thea pauses and glances at Marian and chuckles a bit. She glances over at Monique as well, her eyes giving away whatever serious expression she may have,"Congratulations." She mentions to Drake easily,"You know, Martino knows about ports. He built the largest in the Lyceum I believe. In Southport. I and a few helped.."

Monique looks eminently pleased, as if Marian's reaction is exactly the reason she waited so long to tell her sister. Smug. It's a smug look, as she returns the hug. Do her bones crack just a little under the pressure of Marian's "hug"? She glances to Lora, grinning, "His letter was very well received, and I'm grateful you allowed him that much. I know how dangerous it was." And to Thea, a green-eyed wink. "Very low down on the list, if it exists." There's a nod between Delia and Drake. "You couldn't have better aid than Delia, I promise. I would be dead, drowned at sea, or dead in port at Sungreet, were it not for her efforts."

"Lady Igniseri, high praise from the Softest Whisper but I'm afraid to high a pedigree for my own desires." Wulfrum states with a motion to Sapphira and Valda with a hand before tucking both into his coat pockets inspite of the summer warmth. "These two however are within your realm." and for Anisha once more, "I would have been pleased to see a Whisper seeing patronage even an Apprentice but then again I suppose they might be mobbed by interest."

"I believe I recall that work," Drake says, rocking back on his heels as Delia mentions the port. "Perhaps he'd be a good person to consult with on the matter. He raises a brow at Monique's compliments to the woman. "Ah, really." He checks her out - respectfully, of course, this is certainly a business situation and not the pub, but he sometimes can't help himself. "What do you consider your specialties, if I might ask."

Marian lets go of her sister before she crushes her. She sends her a look that guarantees they're going to have a longer talk later. She then apologizes with a bow to anyone looking her way after she gets herself together. She clears her throat and then gets back to the matter of finding a protege. She tells her sister, "Ideally, I would like someone from another fealty, looking to improve their martial skills or leadership of warriors. In turn, I would like to perhaps lean more on the side of diplomacy."

"Worship means little to the spirits," confirms Valda to Anisha, smiling to the Whisper still, "It's a good way to explain it, if one were to try to explain it in a single sentence." A polite nod is given to Amieli next, "Lovely to meet you again, Lady Igniseri."

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"The proper presentation of people and diplomacy," Delia answers Drake, smoothly, then with a wink to Monique, the Whisper also claims, "Further, I can take an already impossibly daring plan and make it even more daring again. In the case of finding able people to populate and improve upon your domain, I don't think that the requirement for being daring would be quite so strong, however."

"And so you hear," says Kenjay to Bahiya, "That patrons and proteges both seek someone who complements them, the patron to open doors for the protege and the protege to be worth opening doors for. Most seek a mutual tie, but all should be aware of what they offer. I offer knowledge of Eurus and Eurusi, the ways of the champion and of honour, and a little of the diplomat's graces. And an experience that few Arvani have ever returned to tell of."

"Lady Amieli, well-met." Sapphira smiles, offering her a curtsey of greeting. "Forgive me if I have not addressed so many by name. Such large gatherings can atimes be a bit bewildering." She tucks a stray wisp of ash gold behind her left ear, the errant curl refusing to be contained by anything known to womankind.

"Indeed, Lord Ryhalt, both would require considerable dedication, but both are worth it. It was a recent duel, actually, which prompted me to seek instruction in the medical arts. A song might heal the soul, but it would do little for a broken bone or fever." Her nod is slight, but her eyes bespeak an understanding which few if any at all should ever have, of kin having a taste for danger.

For the moment, she falls silent to listen and observe, taking a careful sip of her wine. A fine vintage, the likes of which brightens her smile and lends a sparkle born of simple joys to her eyes. That moment passes quickly, however, as she turns to Wulfrum. "My Lord, I doubt that I would be so mobbed by interest. However, others might perhaps be so fortunate, and indeed, I wish them such good fortune."

Drake smirks a bit more. "Oh, well, that is an amazing talent," he says. "I'm not sure personally I need the kind of protege that will make my silly ideas even wilder," he says with a laugh, and then glances to Thea as if he's getting confirmation. "But who knows. I've already been told what we set out to do was impossible. I'll keep you in mind if we need to make some more connections, though. It's going to take a lot of talents to build up a new House."

"I imagine that does give a very truncated understanding, alas. I have had the pleasure of Elder Mirk Halfshav's company, and I've discussed the matter with a few others of the Northlands, but I am always eager to learn new perspectives. I was also told there's as many shamanic paths as there are shamans - and at least a few more," Anisha happily chatters along with Valda. She gives perhaps the smallest of pouts to Wulfrum, but it doesn't last long, offering a small smile. "I do know we have at least a few apprentices about that I should check up on - but running Whisper House is not entirely unlike trying to shepherd an I-do-what-I-want of cats. We are by nature an independent and varied lot, always seeking out goals of our own, or that of clients." She admits. "But this will not be a one-time affair. I am thinking perhaps once every two months or so," She admits. "To give the natural ebb and flow of the city a chance to settle," Tapping at her lips, taking a sip. "...And you're not wrong - I'd barely been in the city a week before I received my first offer of patronage. I suppose there is something alluring about a Whisper," She muses, glancing over at Delia for a moment.

Sapphira gets a gentle squeeze of the shoulder in turn, and chuckles. "It is an art, but eventually you will learn to let the sussurus of distant conversations wash over you. You'll hear your name, if spoken, and be able to bring those near you, direct to you, into sharp focus. That said, it _can_ be exhausting," She admits, with a little smile.

The Softest Whisper glances to the conversation between Sapphira and Ryhalt, and nods. "I have considered perhaps learning the healing arts myself. After Sungreet..." She falls silent for a moment, a hint of melancholy, which she forcibly shakes off, to let her smile return to her face. "...It's a useful skill to have," She concludes, leaning towards Amieli again.

"It is my firm belief that anyone will be able to stand out. The proper patron will allow you to shine. And you are, as Lord Wulfrum notes, a lady of not insignificant standing - your presence alone will buoy a person by your name and willingness to stand with them."

Winking at Drake, Thea says"Everyone needs someone to encourage that." But with an agreement, the Malvici says,"The best things come out of hard work. And dedication."

Marian gives one last look around the room before telling her sister, "I'm afraid I must be off." She gives a bow to the ambassador and Kenjay, "I hope you find what you seek." She then makes her way over to say goodbye to her hosts before heading out of the gathering.

Marian is overheard praising Anisha.

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Bahiya's smile tempers to something gentler, understanding in her features. "Few Arvani -survive- my friend," she murmurs to Prince Kenjay. "With dignity and honor intact. It is a thing of wonder, awe; nothing short of miraculous, what you've done, your highness." She squeezes his arm. "You bring honor to those around you, and you will bring the same to House Redrain and to Arx herself." Sincere and true; she means every word.

Drake says something else quietly to Thea, and then nods to Delia, and to Monique. "It has been good catching up with all of you, but I think the search may continue for some of us. Another time and we can catch up further, I'm sure."

Sapphira lofts one eyebrow at Anisha, smiling to herself. "Mirk, as in cousin to Lord Oddmun? That is the only time I have heard the name, truthfully. He's spoken well of his cousin...."

"It's true, or very nearly so. My clan entrusted me with keeping our own path alive, though much of our history has been lost to the ages. I hope, some day, to try to find what was lost," Valda confides in Anisha, her voice quieting further as she does so, "But until then, I hope to involve myself in whatever ways I can with my particular abilities."

Monique gives Marian a deep, fond smile as she departs, and turns her regard between Drake and Delia with approval, nodding. "Of course. I wish you luck with it, and I know Delia Whisper will be a great help to you, as she is constantly to me. Speaking of which, Sweetest Delia, will you be attending my little gathering in the coming weeks? I'll need you to keep me from destroying the world," she adds to Delia with a wicked grin.

"That would presumably be the one. Elder of the Spirit Walkers, Lord of Halfshav, tends to prefer to be called Elder." Anisha agrees with Sapphira. "He's a very learned and wise man, I've always had an interesting time meeting him," She admits.

Valda's confiding has the Whisper leaning in some, quirking her lips at the woman's words. "Oh - oh you _should_ be seeking out Lord Mirk, then. The Elder is quite schooled in esoteric matters," She murmurs quietly in turn, with a little wink. Hushed words exchanged - and she gives a curtsey as Marian leaves, looking to the other group. Overhearing Monique, she raises her voice. "I did promise to hold your hair, did I not?!"

Thea smiles over at Valda, telling her,"I've gone as far as Bonespire. And Twilight Dale." The Southern woman tells her with a nod,"I admire many from the north. With their way of suriving. And the cold...." There is a shiver but she does admit,"I wouldn't mind going again again." No one didn't say Thea didn't like adventure! With a nod of her head and depart to Anisha,"Thank you for this. It was a great idea..."

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Wulfrum looks out over the room before nodding to those around himself, particularly Amieli and Sapphira and Valda. "I think I will try another gathering to spy a protege but to the three of you good luck in your pairings and given how many suns there are in the room it seems there is no rush to find the perfect patron for you each."

"I am for my own part very spoken for, although if you are in need of a protege, however mellow, I wish you every success in finding that right person," Delia says to Drake, along with an easy smile. "Perhaps I shall happen across an especially promising person and point them your way." Then she turns to regard Monique, arching one eyebrow, serious at first, though her features quickly betray amusement, "But look at what a year you have had! I would say it went really rather well. Could it have been even better?"

Ryhalt nods as Sapphira explains what has gotten her into the medical arts and again as Anisha expresses a desire to perhaps try, also. "Seems in the days to come those who know at least a little of medicine will be in high demand." Curious, he looks to Anisha. "As there are no private places provided to speak tonight, I presume we are to contact each other later, if there is an interest in discussing a possible relationship?"

"Very spoken for," Monique echoes Delia covetously, before adding to her lovely protege, "and do you know, I don't think it could have possibly been any better... but it's not over yet," she says with a grin and a laugh to Anisha's call. "Don't think I won't be holding you to it, Softest Whisper! The least glamorous job, so I'll make sure to compensate accordingly." But before she can elaborate, a messenger comes to fetch the Greenmarch and she chuckles. "I'd better go prepare."

Monique is overheard praising Anisha.

Monique is overheard praising Delia.

Anisha brightens as Thea steps over giving a nod, and giving her a squeeze of the hand. "Thank you for coming, Lady Thea - I hope to see you next time, as well," She assures, with a smirk and a twinkle of her eye. Looking to Wulfrum, she bows her head. "Thank you for coming, my lord. May you have better luck next time." She assures.

She beams to Ryhalt and spreads her hands. "I've known the desperation of not knowing what to do, when someone is fallen. I'd like to avoid that again." Anisha taps at her lips. "There _are_ a few nooks and crannies here and there for whispered discussions, but I have found that the Reflecting Pool and the long-ship bench both make for excellent scenery and give a good notion of a private spot," She points out.

She blows a kiss to Monique, and winks to her. "For you, anything!"

"I've heard wonderful things of the Elder, though I've yet to meet him personally," Valda agrees with Anisha and Sapphira, along with a nod. A nod follows to Anisha's quieter words. There is a brief, subtle upturn at the corner of her lips. A knowing sort of grin. "I ought to speak with him on the matter, yes. Though I feel I should be doing more for the House before I start on a personal project of the like..."

Then Thea, who earns a softer smile from Valda, "I do miss home. I very nearly got to go on an expedition up North recently, but there wasn't enough time for me to make arrangements with Lady Rona to let me."

Her smile fades some at Wulfrum's words next, "Thank you, Lord Darkwater. I hope your own hunt succeeds soon."

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While Prince Kenjay stands stunned at Bahiya's words, the ambassador, seeming not to know it, tugs gently on his arm. "Would you like to stay, your highness?" Her lips curl at the address. "I can find a page to lead me back to the villa if you'd like. But you did promise me tea at the Roost, and I promised to pay for dinner there. The cooked hoppers are delightful."

Sapphira checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 20, rolling 10 lower.

Kenjay pulls himself together at Bahiya's question, and turns to offer the assembled another of those fluid Eurusi bows. "Thank you most kindly for your welcome," he says, "And to Whisper House for hosting this gathering." And then to Bahiya, as they turn away towards the exit, "I did indeed, and I have not eaten hoppers in some time."

Bahiya bows in mirror to Anisha. "Indeed. A gracious hostess for such a wonderful gathering. Our deepest gratitudes for making us feel so welcome."

Kenjay is overheard praising Anisha: A most interesting gathering.

Sapphira goes deathly pale as she hears mention of the Roost--and of the crunchy snack that figured so heavily in her evening there. Her hand flies to her mouth, the mere memory enough to turn her stomach. "If my Lords and Ladies would be so kind as to excuse me..." With that, she turns quickly and ducks outside, before worse might happen. Oh, dear.

Ryhalt glances at the water areas that Anisha indicates and chuckles. "Some, yes. But, perhaps another time." He nods as Sapphira excuses herself and all but flees. He furrows his brow slightly.

Kenjay watches Sapphira dart away, then looks to Bahiya. "I do hope it was not something we said," he murmurs.

The ambassador looks startled. "Was that a person? I thought there was a gale with a window open-" she confesses, voice trailing off as the pair head out.

Bahiya claims that too.

"Thank you," Amieli says politely, if a little surprised. She looks around at the group, as if searching for where a needle might be threaded--and the answer appears to be in Sapphira's reply to Anisha. "I think an enduring relationship in either direction would be most welcome, and knowledge which interests me, as protege or patron," she confesses afterward. "As opposed to the practice of any one skill. I can only hope it to be as relevant as medical practice."

A smile for Lady Thea: "Ah-next time, most adventurous cousin." And another for Lord Wulfrum. "I am certain you will find someone, my lord. Good night."

Sapphira's departure is instead observed with a concerned expression. The Igniseri seems about to respond, but then she is leaving and there is no time.

"I hope she will be well." Faced with the decision of worrying or preserving Sapphira's image, Amieli searches for a middle path.

Anisha bows to Bahiya and Kenjay, offering a smile. "The quality of a hostess is shown in her guests. You have honoured me by attending," She assures the pair - before giving a curious glance after Sapphira, as she certainly hasn't had to deal with unusual fare yet. Clearing her throat slightly, she blinks, and glances to Ryhalt. Then offers a mild smile. "I will make sure that the private areas are more easily found next time," She assures him. "But then, for a proper patronage bond, I expect such a thing might be worthy of more than one night's conversation, too."

Anisha offers Amieli a nod and a smile. "I - I am certain that things will resolve. And I am going to keep doing this. Maybe discuss themes, to attract proteges-to-be uncertain of their worthiness. It does take some vulnerability to put oneself out there."

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And so the Ambassador and the Prince depart in Sapphira's wake, albeit less swiftly.

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There is a look of concern on Valda's part at the rapid departure of Sapphira. As others filter out, she looks curiously to Anisha, "Are things winding down, then?"

Ryhalt nods in agreement with Anisha, smiling. "Quite true. The relationship shouldn't be entered into lightly lest it will be certain that one party or the other will be disappointed. Is a good start tonight, however."

"I thought that was a really splendid showing," opines Delia, slipping over towards those still present. "I might say that it would be quite proper for someone from a ducal house or a march to take as a protege a peer from a county or barony. Some food for thought for a few, perhaps."

Anisha considers the slow motions and movements, and gives Valda a nod. "It would appear so - we can come together in smaller groups once more," She gestures over to Delia, so her fellow Whisper may join them. "For an inaugural event, it wasn't terrible at all." She grins. "And I imagine it will grow and shift as people become more aware of it - if nothing else, we might have people reaching out to Whisper House. Tamorin has taken notes of those attending, and their pins, so I will be able to form a directory of seekers. In time, perhaps we may be able to point people more directly at each other. It is the kind of thing we do," She admits, with a little smile. Inclining her head to Ryhalt.

"I am glad you came, my lord. It does help to have a few high-ranking nobles and heads of house - Patronage is ever a cascading waterfall, and we all benefit from it." She notes. "For example, just because you are all here, the Duke could take the Lady Amieli as his protege, assuming there was a satisfying convergence of interest and talent. And then Lady Amieli could act as patron for Lady Valda. Indeed, I have - " Delia joins them, echoing her thoughts, and Anisha nods, pleased. "I might make that a theme, too. Noble Proteges and Patrons of the High Houses, or some such?" She muses. "I expect that it is a matter of seeing it through, letting word spread more than it already has."

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A nod is given to Anisha from Valda at her confirmation, though there is some interest at the proposal. "Lady Amieli has seemed quiet lovely in our previous meeting, I do admit," she confirms, giving a thoughtful nod.

Hearing Delia's comment, he nods in agreement with her. "It would allow the most to be involved. After all, the relationship need not be just between the patron and protege, but involve introductions between their patrons and proteges, also." To Anisha he also nods. "Indeed, it was a success. I would be happy to include Whisper House in those giving my name to someone with interest. It was a pleasure being here. Thus far I have been seeking only through word of mouth of friends and family, but it's time to be more aggressive about it as I have some ambitions I need some assistance with and would also like to help in return."

Svana takes in everything as she wanders in, looking at the satyrs with great interest for a few moments, pointing at them to two little heads scantly visible in the carrier she wears. She murmurs something to them in a foreign language before moving further into the garden. The bath and reflecting pool draw her gaze next, and she follows her whimsy by striding over to look at them, kneeling down by the side of the reflecting pool. Svana looks toward Anisha and grins. "I can't help myself. Whisper House is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been."

Delia gives an agreeable bob of her head to Anisha. "I think this format is quite appealing. It places no particular burden on any attendee while still making them known." She then inclines her head to Ryhalt. "Quite so, my lord. Were you seeking individuals with a particular aptitude? I may be able to point somebody suitable your way, should I happen across somebody seeking a patron."

"Even if we don't offer you a protege, my lord, I am certain that Whisper House can find those to help with your projects," Anisha suggests with a little smile to the Duke and chuckles at Valda's voicing towards Amieli. "See? I knew you'd have plenty to offer, my lady," She tells her. And when Svana enters, there's a bright smile and a wiggle of her fingers. "Oh, yes," She agrees.

"Whisper House cultivates itself as the pride and pinnacle of Arvani civilization. We need to radiate elegance and class." She assures. "Have you met Duke Ryhalt Farshaw, Lady Amieli Igniseri, and Shaman Valda Nylund?" She inquires. "My lord, my lady, messere. Allow me to introduce Svana Grayhope, whom I consider a dear friend. She is an apt merchant and a keen artisan. Alas for tonight, she has found patronage with Master Apollo of the Crafter's Guild," She notes.

The compliment from Delia has the Softest Whisper beaming. "As I said, I think I can refine it further, but I am glad people enjoyed."

Svana bows to Anisha, then to Ryhalt, Amieli, and Valda. She smiles at them all warmly. "Thank you, Anisha. I believe that Duke Ryhalt and I have met once before - at Bold Expressions." She grins and nods to the carrier she's wearing. "This is Elanne and Rowan, my little ones." Newborns, from the looks of it.

Amieli gets a long look and Svana bows to her. "A pleasure, m'Lady... and Shaman Valda... I am sure I should know you. Your name sounds quite familiar." Her own accent is very thick and Northern.

Ryhalt rubs a sidewhisker as Delia asks after what he is seeking. "Given the climate of war, someone with a more military bent. Not going to pretend that Farshaw will be fielding armies to make a difference, but we are expanding and need to protect our interests, if nothing else. Also, possibly someone with a more social inclination. While not my particular strength, I could provide a budding socialite with a means and place, contacts to thrive. And, always am able to help advise or teach someone with economic interests as that is my strength."

Ryhalt smiles as Anisha introduces them to Svana, nodding to the woman. "It has been some time. Condolences for your loss and congratulations on your new shop. And congratulations on your new babies, you must have your hands full indeed!"

Soot, a stately runt of a raven have been dismissed.

Valda finds a polite bow in turn for Svana after introductions are made, "It's a pleasure to meet you." The little ones are given a brighter smile, "Oh, little ones... it used to be my charge to watch over the little ones, before I came to Arx."

"Oh, yes!" Anisha brightens at the sight of the newborns, cooing only a little, and trying to keep from waking or disturbing the babies, though there's definitively some happiness there. "I was named Best Liar to Lady Eirene's children," She notes to Svana. "They're a fair bit older and a delight. But perhaps I can be auntie to Elanne and Rowan as well?" She leans back a little and chuckles. "Whispers do not marry, or have children, but at least I can live vicariously through my friends," She concludes, with a small grin.

She gives a small nod to Ryhalt. "The more socially-minded quickly tend to find themselves a patron, in my experience. But there's room for everyone, and certainly, having a knight or general as your protege will reflect just as well." She notes. Glancing to Valda. "You have practice as a wet nurse, then? Or merely other aspects of caretaking for children?"

"Two paintings need not be the same, even if they are painted by the same artist?" Amieli carefully encourages Anisha, but the smile is for both whispers. "The foresight in inspiring long-lasting connections in this way is ah-inspiring, in and of itself. Thank you both."

Somehow Amieli is not blushing at Valda's remark. "Thank you. The compliment is most certainly reciprocated. Both of you have been excellent sources of company and conversation, and reasons anyone should feel welcome in Arx."

Svana's bow is met with a dip of the head. "The pleasure is also mine, messere Svana," She says, smile warming. "I believe we may have been present in each other's general vicinity on occasion, but I am pleased to meet you in name."

There is a look for her children--a silent melting in the eyes upon being confronted with adorableness. "And yes; congratulations."

Amieli is overheard praising Anisha.

Amieli is overheard praising Whisper.

Amieli is overheard praising Delia.

Delia bobs a nod to Ryhalt. "I shall keep an ear out. The Softest Whisper does have a point, too. Finding an able soldier as a protege may be easy enough, since they are not always given themselves to actively seeking a patron, in my experience."

Svana smiles gently at Ryhalt. "

Svana smiles gently at Ryhalt. "Thank you for your condolences. Jules has left behind the best of his spirit in these two, I think. Elanne looks like him... all him, little traitor," she says teasingly. "And thank you for the congratulations. They are most appreciated." She turns to Amieli and looks at her closer, then nods and smiles. "You're right. I believe I was with my friend Cocine, making a scene no doubt the last time I saw you. A pleasure to finally know your name, m'lady." She murmurs a soft thanks for her congratulations, grinning.

Rowan smiles at Anisha toothlessly, thus truly cementing Anisha's place as auntie already. Svana looks to Valda, chuckling. "I never thought I'd be a mum in truth, let alone this young, but I enjoy it. Would you like to hold one?" She chuckles at Anisha too, winking. "I did see something about that in the Whites. You can be most enchanting auntie to mine! Just don't tell the others."

"Agreed," Anisha laughs with Amieli. "As an artist myself, I certainly see the truth there. Mind, I've been mostly working on sculpture lately. I should consider getting back into painting." She muses. "Did you ever see the piece I did for Master Apollo, Svana?" Anisha inquires, with a small grin. And at Amieli and Svana forging a connection, why, she looks proud as a mother hen. "There we are," She purrs, almost cooing as much as she did over the babes, and she grins to Dlia. "I will see about putting up a roster for internal House use," She suggests to Delia. "And then we can advertise our desire to connect people. I'm sure it's something they'll appreciate, even pay for." A wink there. And more wiggles of her fingers for the babies. "Messere Jules was a complicated man," She murmurs, quietly. "I am glad you have Asher, and the children." She decides. And, of course, she agrees to Svana's request, giving her a little nod and a sly wink.

"Cocine - I've heard that name. Master Apollo wanted me to speak to her, as well."

Ryhalt grins at Delia. "Thank you, I would appreciate the help. Yes, I get that impression, too, just seeing the varied classifieds that go up." He nods in agreement with Anisha's words. "Indeed, the more social of folks are in very high demand." To Svana he says, "You're welcome and indeed, I trust that they do." Taking note of the time, he says, "For now I must excuse myself. It was a pleasant evening and look forward to another in the future."

"Not quite that young. Though I often acted as a different sort of nurse: I do have medical training, that I might better care for the young ones," Valda admits to Anisha with a small smile, "I miss it, some days. Others, I'm glad for the relative quiet these days." A nod is given to Svana, accepting the offer of whichever child is given.

Delia nods agreeably to Anisha and then offers another smile to Ryhalt. "Very good. I do not have anyone in mind this instant, but I shall be sure to direct a suitable individual your way if and when I happen across one. Perhaps, indeed, one of the peers from the newly formed House Wyvernheart may be interested? Idle speculation on my part; I just happened to speak briefly with one here earlier."

Piccola is late; really late.

She has a damaged look on her: face is bruised up, with a shiner and a swollen lip. But she's here, a little beaten up and dressed -- what is she dressed in, is that really just a tunic or -- it's like she woke up, got into a fight outside of a bar, and then rushed over as if nothing at all had happened. Not that she's embarrassed by her appearance in the slightest, but she look like the sort of person that no right-minded protege-candidate would want as a patron.

Unless they like horses, because she kind of smells like one.

The tanned Northerner glances at Anisha and shakes her head softly. "I haven't seen that piece, no. I shall have to remember to ask him about it!" She smiles, though her smile dims a bit when Anisha says that Jules was a complicated man. "An understatement. But..." Svana returns to smiling after that, turning toward another topic. "Asher is a good father, good man period. I'm glad I have him too." She bows her head to Ryhalt and grins, then pries little Rowan out of her Everwinter-themed carrier and offers him to Valda. He's darker than his mother, but with similar coloring. He squeals immediately and kicks his chubby legs a bit, nestling into Valda's arms. Svana adds as an aside to Anisha. "Cocine is very talented, and fiery. You'd like her."

Ryhalt inclines his head to Delia. "I look forward to any news you may have." Of the new house, he nods with a grin. "That is entirely possible. I'm bound to the Wyrmguards via marriage, so wouldn't be opposed to helping one of them or their vassals." As it is time to depart, he says his farewells and strides out, still grinning.

Anisha bows her head to Ryhalt. "It was a pleasure having you, my lord. As I've said to others - I hope that even if you do find what you're looking for, you'll consider revisiting future events. I imagine we can put on displays. Perhaps put it somewhere a spar could be part of it for two martial proteges," She muses. "I will also start cataloguing the people looking for patrons and proteges as they pop up - nothing like being able to point people at each other."

She looks to Valda, and nods. "I might lean on you, then, at some point." She muses. "For these medical lessons. We'll see."

She chuckles to Svana and nod. "I'll have to have you make introductions, mm?" She grins.

Delia gets another smile and laughs. "Yes, Lord Drake is a dear - and a champion. And as far as I know, he has no patron or protege. Might be worth reaching out to him." She agrees. "Delia is just... Everything I wished to be as a Whisper when I first arrived in town. People kept asking if I knew her. It was a thrill." She offers her colleague a soft and happy look.

And then there's a Piccola, and Anisha brightens - until she sees that beaten face.

"...Lady Piccola, what in the world... Have you been dueling? Sparring? Are you alright?"

"Thank you," Valda offers Svana, accepting Rowan gently, but with a practiced manner. A nod follows to Anisha, along with a smile, "Of course. I'd be happy to help." Then attention turns to the newcomer, and a brow is raised at her state.

"Farewell, Duke Ryhalt," Amieli says-and is then distracted by Piccola's arrival. "And good evening, Lady Piccola. I hope you are not too badly injured?"

"I'm fine," says Piccola, with a dismissive gesture of her hand.

"Sparring and training," she explains shortly. "Thank you. And sorry, your Softest -- " She stops herself, and winces, because that just doesn't sound right to her. " -- Anisha." She straightens. "Sometimes, things get out of hand, and then I don't see one of the Mercies, and just -- " Shrug. " -- well, whatever, I guess." She's a bit flushed in the face, though. "I came as quickly as I -- oh." She holds up her hand, and smiles apologetically at Amieli. "Lady Igniseri." A short bow at the waist follows.

"I missed everything," she concludes, rather than asks.

Delia offers a neat curtsey to the departing Farshaw, then quips to Anisha, "Would that I could claim to make everything thrilling. Afternoon nap? An unprecedented thrill! That may take a little doing." She turns to greet Piccola, querying, "Not necessarily. Were you in search of a patronage arrangement?"

Svana's babe happily nestles into Valda's arms, and she laughs softly. "You've got a fan, Shaman Valda. He's easy that way." When Piccola makes her entrance, Svana looks at the other woman uncertainly and her brow creases with concern, but she says nothing. Finally she smies and lets Delia and Anisha handle it; they've been trained to do so. The new mother watches with some curiosity.

"Don't underestimate napping, dear Delia, I might take one after I'm done here," Anisha warns the Whisper. Looking to Piccola, she reaches out and gives the woman a squeeze. "You didn't miss everything, and there will be more nights like this. More seekers will come. And you will enjoy yourself. See, Delia has you," She assures. "...I'll let you mingle a little, and discuss some of the logistics with Tamorin. Delia has you in good hands." She assures. "Svana, Lady Amieli. Lady Piccola Tessere. another dear friend of mine." And with that sorted, Anisha does step aside for a moment, to talk to Tamorin as promised.

Piccola takes and returns the squeeze, murmuring to Anisha, "I owe you."

Thereafter, she straightens and bows stiffly to Delia. "Greetings, Delia, was it? Yes, I am Piccola of House Tessere." Note the lack of the 'lady' title. "I am, actually, looking for a protege. In all honesty -- I seem to recall the rules of this event -- I have a protege already. It's -- " She frowns, pausing a moment. " -- it's complicated." There's probably a story with that. And then, she turns her attention to Svana. "I feel as if we've met before? Or that I've seen you before."

A curt bow is given to Svana: "M'lady."

"He has a fan, too," Valda offers sweetly back to Svana, swaying a little side-to-side to rock the child. Otherwise, she quietly listens to the others for the moment.

"I look forward to hearing all about the thrill of your nap, how you reclined just so and had some thoroughly exciting sleep," Delia quips to Anisha, then Piccola takes her full attention. "Yes, indeed, I'm Delia Whisper. What do you seek in a protege, my lady?"

Svana shakes her head gently. "No Lady here, in fact quite the opposite. We have seen each other many times before." She bows to Piccola. She raises a brow when the woman mentions that her protege status is 'it's complicated'. Svana chuckles softly at Valda. "He loves women, with one major exception; he's quite a daddy's boy. They both shriek for him as soon as he comes in the door. At their age, it's near preternatural, I fear." She laughs at that. "I suppose they're getting to know our voices now." Turning to Amieli, Svana smiles happily. "I do hope that the next time you see me out you will think of sitting next to me! I have not had the pleasure of speaking to many Igniseries, m'Lady."

"Someone that can help me where I'm weakest."

Piccola sighs exhaustively, as if that might include a wide range of gaps in expertise. Except for getting punched in the face; she's got that down pat. "I'm not particularly good at many things which other nobles take for granted, Signora Delia. Being genial; presenting oneself appropriately; not offending unintentionally." Predictably. "I seek a relationship where we can learn from one another, or seek to; in honesty, however, I know of few who would be interested in what I offer."

"So I'm trying to be open-minded."

Delia's either not fussed by that revelation from Piccola or pretty good at not looking fussed by it. She just smiles and replies, "Some patron-protege relations are centred around one filling gaps in another's knowledge or abilities. They can be quite complementary. To take a guess from your garb and weapons, I would surmise that you are a warrior, my lady, and being of a marcher House, perhaps a commander too? One might very well find a person eager to take the advice of one with such experience, whether it be a merchant who seeks guidance on how best to protect their cargo, or a peer from a barony who wishes aid with securing their holding. Of course, I may have surmised wrongly."

The bruised-and-battered small woman nods her head at Delia, eyes wide.

"Actually, that's a fairly good estimation." Piccola chuckles. "I suppose my earth-shattering reputation precedes me. Else I am getting far too predictable." She crosses her arms over her chest. "I'd like to find someone that I can learn from, as much as I can teach them. Doesn't serve anyone to sit on knowledge." Short laugh. "I suppose the next step is to find a merchant or peer -- or anyone -- that fits the description of what I'm looking for." A wry smile forms on her face.

"Maybe I'm too picky or undesirable."

"I doubt that you are so hard to get along with," Svana says to Piccola, smiling at her. "Don't be afraid to shake things up, m'lady." She offers her arms toward Valda to take her little one back. "I should be going now. Thank you, Delia and Anisha for inviting me. It was lovely. I shall come back soon. It was nice to meet all of you," Svana says, giving a deep nod of her head to Amieli, Piccola, and Valda.

"Not at all, my lady. Being picky in this instance is wholly desirable for all parties involved," Delia assures Piccola. "It may be rather an unhappy association, otherwise. I'm afraid I have another engagement that I really must keep, but I shall give that matter some contemplation, and see if I happen across anyone that may be suited." Then the redheaded Whisper makes to go, with a smile in general to those present. "An absolutely delightful function. Thank you, and enjoy the rest of it."

The little one is handed back to Svana. With that, she adds regretfully, "Yes. I should be going, as well. Still, this was nice." She smiles over to Anisha now, "Thank you."

"I would love nothing more than to have the luxury of pleasantly familiar faces in a crowd; thank you for the offer of company," Amieli replies to Svana--characteristically subdued and polite, but something more subtle warms the formality and makes it a little more genuine. "Thank you," She repeats. "And may that time come to pass soon, Messere Svana."

Bryn, a flustered lovelorn Prodigal assistant, Misty, a sweet-hearted, but bossy Mistward Labrador leave, following Svana.

"And thank you for your insight," Amieli replies to Delia when it becomes apparent she too is departing. "This would not have been nearly as delightful a function without it."

Piccola adjusts the bow on her shoulder.

"Were I more timely I would have likely engaged a little better," she says self-efficaciously. She laughs quietly, and mostly to herself. "Can't win everything. Can't be everywhere at once, I suppose." She lets out an explosive breath, turning her attention after to Anisha. "Well, I still owe you for even letting me past the door." She gestures at herself ruefully. "And dressed like this, no less." Chuckle. "I suppose I probably wouldn't have impressed a potential protege, regardless, but -- "

" -- don't know if you don't try."

Anisha returns from her workings with Tamorin, and looks to the others still present. "Well. I think I'll certainly call that a successful first night, and end the official bits here. Though, of course, there is still food and drink and good company. I'm sorry I had to step away. Is there anything I can help with?"

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