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Saffron Chain: A Seminar

The Saffron Isles recently joined the Compact, but the lands off our eastern shore are not widely known. The Scholars of Vellichor are hosting a symposium open to all to learn about the islands and their people. Everyone is welcome, and questions may be submitted in advance via @mail to Sina and Delilah to help coordinate an agenda.


July 13, 2020, 8 p.m.

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Aswin Catalana Rowenova Appolonia Ian Wash Gianna Lisebet Azova Kastelon Nina Lucrezia Adrienne Thea Lou Sina Orick Haakon Zoey Fray Viviana Tolv Amieli Tiye Matteo Kiera Cadern Tyche Mikani


Society of Explorers Scholars


Arx - Ward of the Compact - Vellichorian Academy - Hall of Tutelage

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Comments and Log

Octavian, a silken spaniel, an aid in Kennex livery, 2 Kennex corsairs arrive, following Zoey.

Zoey arrives, following Ian.

6 Black Fleet Reavers arrives, following Lucrezia.

Ian comes in with Zoey, his attention fixed on his own footsteps in a way that gives off a sense of him being alone, even though she's right there. He looks up and scans the hall as he gets inside.

Wash is here early, saving a seat beside him for Catalana. She'll be along, eventually.

6 Black Fleet Reavers arrives, following Viviana.

Resolute, an Oakhaven bloodhound arrives, following Kastelon.

Gianna dismisses her assistant at the door and makes her way into the hall. Where to sit? She casts her gaze about and strides over to the couch, settling down there with a flick of her hair over her shoulder to show off her earrings.

Gianna has joined the couches embroidered with an ivory rose.

Lisebet slides into a seat, not expecting Harlan to join her all things considered. She smiles though at those she recognizes, relaxing thoughtfully. The petite duchess has been more quiet than not these days, though she's around. Seen here and there

Aswin Ulbran has been here for a while, waiting for the start of this little gathering. He is a completely new face within the Vellichorian Academy, and likely looks a good deal out of place as he leans against a wall with his arms crossed over his chest, watching as people begin to filter in.

Willen arrives, following Lou.

Azova quietly arrives and takes a seat somewhere, quill and paper in hand so that she can take notes. A brief smile and wave is given to the Kennex' family as they arrive of course, but otherwise she's quite silent.

Appolonia mouses in, having arrived alone, but then she comes here often. She looks -- well the polite thing to say would be ill but the actual accurate reason is 'hung over'. She is perhaps here to sponge up learning to displace the dregs of bitter wine.

Kastelon walks in with his dog at his heels. For a moment he might be about to sit down next to Gianna, but he sees all the mirrorsilver and onyx, and goes to sit somewhere else.

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Nina is here to learn! She has a little journal with her, carried under her arm, and is in a little simple summer dress to beat the heat outside. She's bold, so she walks close to the front like some kind of teacher's pet.

Lucrezia slinks in the back and sneaks into a seat where she slumps down low, so low to hope not to be seen by anyone *especially* family.

Nina has joined the couches embroidered with an ivory rose.

Adrienne, arriving alone, surveys the room when she arrives, taking in the crowd and the building with a princess's lack of urgency. The soft swish of chiffon and the gentle clatter of chainmail echo with each step, a glint of mirrorsilver seeming to capture her attention as she slants a glance Gianna's way, but it's towards Kastelon's less glamorous table that she moves. "Lord Keaton. Would you take my company?"

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Thea has quietly stepped inside, trying not to make a sound really. She scans the room looking for people she knows. Seeing Azova and the Kennexes, she offers them a brief smile and wave, before finding the couch. Comfortably she settles, taking out a journal from her satchel.

Lou strides into the hall of tutelage, a purpose to her step. The Grayson princess who hates to be called princess takes a moment to look around and see what seats are available given that she's arrived somewhat late, though noticing the person who set up the event hasn't arrived yet she doesn't blush! She spies a few familiar faces, and wiggles fingers in the direction of those she knows even as she's still deciding where she should sit.

The Hall of Tutelage has been set up to welcome visitors, with a sideboard along one wall displaying a variety of chilld fruit juices in ornate pitchers, and a myriad of snacks and savories. The deks and seating have been arranged to face a podium at the front of the room, though they allow for smaller groups to sit and chat. The hour arrives for the event, but Delilah isn't here! Uh oh! Luckily, Sina arrives just in time. The Archscholar is dressed in simple black today, her long hair braided and pinned out of her face. She makes her way toward the front of the room, leaving her three Templars at the door. Her silvery eyes glance around while she waits for people to get settled and find places, her features composed into a calm expression.

"Hello, everyone!" she says brightly. "You are all here to hear about the Saffron Chain, and Duchess Delilah will probably be along shortly." Her expression turns a bit sheepish then. "I'm afraid that I actually don't know enough on the subject myself to host this seminar. I was hoping to learn a few things too! But I'll do my best to answer any questions that I can. Please find a seat, and help yourselves to the refreshments."

A narrow shouldered gentleman with a ruffled mop of brown hair styled into expressive chunks that defy gravity. Orick is relatively well dressed without any showing of finery in his simple attire. Orick is tall and lean, the type who looks like he might be knocked over by a strong breeze, he carries himself with a natural stoop to his shoulders... the posture of someone who has spent his life pouring over scrolls and little else. He moves to quietly find a seat, seeming rather unfamiliar with the place and looking around at everything with a curious flair.

Azova has joined the a polished wooden table for small study groups.

Haakon had arrived early, cutting an unusual presence in his Prodigal attire: far more soldier than scholar. A hand is raised in almost lazy greeting to the Kennexes as they enter. He mercifully remains silent when the host commences the meeting.

Zoey measures her pace to match Ian's, directing him toward the small study table.

Fray sticks out like a sore thumb in this building of learning, covered head to toe in battered steel armor, creaking with each movement, sitting at a bench corner.

Zoey waves back to Haakon

Zoey has joined the a polished wooden table for small study groups.

Nina decides to sit near Gianna, finally settling on the couch looking alert and smiling at those nearest her. She faces the front with her notebook open. When Adrienne enters, Nina gives her a wave as well, though Nina realizes she's seated elsewhere.

2 Kennex corsairs, Jane arrive, following Catalana.

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Striding into the Hall, Viviana pauses momentarily just a few steps inside and lets her lonely emerald eye roam the nearby faces. An easy grin curves the Sword's thick lips as she spies some familiar faces and she makes her way over towards Appolonia. An elbow nudges ever so (not) gently into the Seraceni scholar's side as the duelist greets her, "Looks like you had some fun last night, cousin."

Ian scans the people, looking for someone in particular. Delilah, probably, since she called this meeting. He looks to Sina when she starts talking instead. "I don't think the Duchess had a lecture in mind. I think the idea is that we're supposed to be teaching each other." He takes a couple of steps, moving to where he can generally be seen, and raises his voice enough to be heard. "Stormward borders the Saffron Chain and stretches a short ways into it, but I'll admit that most of what I know about it is where the pirates my brothers and I used to chase like to hide out. I mostly came here to volunteer myself as a ferryman."

Gianna leans over to murmur a greeting to Nina and Thea as she crosses one leg over the other and arranges her skirt.

Tolv more or less wanders into the hall in a way that doesn't really suggest any purpose. He grins when he does so, however, and makes his way to a table without any fuss, where he promptly drops into a seat with far more confidence than he really should have that he won't miss it and end up on the floor.

Movement captures Adrienne's attention and she turns a pale, curious look over to Nina. The glance warms and she returns Nina's greeting with a polite tilt of her head.

"I DID," Appolonia says to Viviana with widening eyes. "It's obvious, isn't it? I don't smell like rum right now, do I?" she asks her, in confidence, even as she slouches over to a desk and, as she has done before, sits on it. (The desk, that is; not /at/ the desk. Grammar.)

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Leaning against the wall, Aswin watches as both Sina and Ian make their way out to speak their piece, nodding his head toward both for what they have to say. "If there is an expedition to be made there, I would also like to volunteer my services along the way, Lord Ian," he says.

Once he finds his seat Orick takes out a sharp brown and white hawk feather quill in a pot of cobalt ink, he also takes out a book as if he meant to take notations during the seminar. He sets up his space at the polished table with a persnickety presence, moving his ink pot and book so as to position them at a perfect ninety degree angle to each other. As things get underway he offers politely spoken introductions to those seated nearby.

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Now that most people have settled, the pathfinder of the Society of Explorers makes her way over to the polished wooden table, and settles down. Lou nods to the occupants, offering a warm smile to each person. She then looks up the front at Ian as he declares it's to be an informal discussion, interest clear in her eyes.

Kastelon nods to Adrienne. "Of course, your highness." He shifts over on the bench even though there's room.

Fray casually traces her hollowed eyes over most of the new people she's yet to meet, remembering a few of them from last night's spar.

Lisebet recognizes a few new faces from the Gold Hart the day before, and of course she knows a few others, here and there. A messenger comes in for her, and she pauses to see what it is.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Lisebet before departing.

Wash has saved a seat for Catalana as well.

Catalana slips in quietly as Ian speaks. Her lips purse faintly in disappointment at the lack of lecture but quickly smiles again. Her eyes briefly find Aswin and she nods in greeting before slipping into a seat beside Wash.

"Horribly so," Vi answers the Seraceni woman easily at the inquiry about how obvious her state is. "And of course not. Trust me, I can smell rum a league away." The Sword of Setarco flashes another grin at her cousin and follows the woman towards the desks, but opts to remain standing for the moment. Lapsing into silence, the Sin looks towards the front of the room to listen to what is being said. Spying Nina near the front of the hall, Viviana waggles her fingers at the bard in a wordless greeting should she happen to look around.

Ian scans the room, waiting to see if anyone's going to ask questions or otherwise volunteer to be the seminar's first 'teacher'.

Haakon cants his head curiously toward Aswin, echoing aloud, "Expedition. There were a reaving into the Saffron two week past, and there will be another two week hence. Not sure if that's what you'd call an expedition," the Eswynd muses, dryly.

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Amieli is surely somewhere in that stream of entrances, for she follows the majority of the crowd to the tables with a polite smile for anyone who happens to notice her.

Nodding to Ian, Sina gives him a grateful smile as he begins speaking of Stormward, and its bordering of the Saffron Chain. "Yes... and to be clear, the Saffron Chain is an archipelego, located to the south of the Compact, beyond the Lyceum. Not to be confused with the Mourning Isles, which are further to our East," she points out. "They say that beyond the Saffron Chain lie the Suthryn Wastes, and beyond even that, Cardia. Scholar Tomlin wrote a little on the subject. This, along with what Lord Ian mentioned about the pirates of the Saffron Chain, are pretty much the extent of my knowledge. If anyone would like to tell of their own knowledge or stories about the Saffron Chain while we wait upon Delilah, you're welcome to do so," she says with a smile.

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Orick looks over pointedly at the mention of expeditions, "I had hoped I'd find myself amoungst explorers at this gathering..." He inclines his head to Lou just a touch as he offers his introduction, "Professor Orick of the Apothecary College, formerly of Tor, recently arrived in Arx and terribly curious about exploring the wider world. One city after another hasn't done much to assuage my desires to see the world." He falls quiet to listen to the talk of the Isle of Echoes when Catalana asks about it.

Lisebet is listening, people watching. She on purpose picks a spot where she doesn't really know folks well, and settles in with a bright smile.

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Nina turns and looks at Viviana when she gets a wave from her. Then she speaks up, if just for a moment. "Myself, I am a bard!" she says with bright cheer. "So I'm always looking for interesting stories! I'd love to learn about the legends from far-off lands."

Catalana looks over to Ian fleetingly with interest before nodding to Lou and softly mentioning. "I'd love to go, though I think Wash may forbid this one." She looks at Wash after with an assumption of a no. "Still, the isle of echoes holds my interest as much as the Saffron Chain does."

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From where he stands, Aswin looks around the room, watching as people begin to introduce themselves. "Well... I am not certain that there is a lot known, as of yet. I believe that is why Duchess Delilah set this meeting up, so that we might learn something of what each of us knows..." he says. "I am hardly a good teacher, but I will say that from what little I have learned, it seems that the Saffron Chain used to be one large landmass that saw tragedy befall it. Talk of liquid fires and earthquakes that saw some of the land sink beneath the oceans..." It is clear the Ulbran does not really know the protocol for this stuff.

"I'll admit to being interested in their music and culture," Gianna adds, her voice easily heard. She adjusts her dress' single sleeve.

Ian takes a seat as it looks like discussion might be about to spark. He's attentive, electric blue eyes constantly moving from person to person, although a lot of this is probably going to go over his head.

Fray shifts in their seat, undisturbed about the creaks of their armor echoing throughout the room.

Catalana gives a nod of confirmation at Aswin's words. "Missure Aswin and I have been researching an ancient civilization that lived in the Saffron Chain around the time of the reckoning. We discovered there was an island the size of Setraco that was sunk during these liquid fires and earthquakes."

Orick falls quiet and reaches to grab his hawk feather quill from a cobalt ink pot so that he may take some notations in his plainly bound book. His gaze is focused on his writing but the sharp expression on his brow suggests he's listening closely to everything around him.

Scribble, a Delicate Social Butterfly, Pearl, a Maelstrom Forest Cat, 2 Armed Confessors, 2 Bisland pride guards arrive, following Delilah.

Lou says a few words at her table, then rises when it seems like no one else is going to get up and talk about things. She takes a few steps forward to the front, offering Sina a respectful nod and a smile, then turns to address those in the room. "Truthfully, my knowledge of the Saffron Chain only extends to the two islands that I've been researching for a project that may or may not benefit the Compact at large. It remains to be seen. So, my knowledge is very limited to these two Islands and I'm certain there are others here who know extensively more than I do." She pauses a moment to allow her gaze to sweep around the room. "But, I can speak of Brightshore and the Isle of Echoes an the very small bits I do know, and also encourage anyone else that has anything to share to step forward. After all, the Saffron Chain may become quite busier as time progresses in short order."

2 Pravus Honor Guard, Abram, an ornamental hermit arrive, following Matteo.

Lou Grayson's contributions to the discussion draw an earnest look from Adrienne as she makes conversation with a bloodhound - and the humans at her seat, too.

As people speak up and introduce themselves, Sina acknowledges each one with a nod and a smile. Her attention focuses on Orick first as he speaks about Explorers. You are in good company then, Professer Orick. There are a few explorers here, though I am unaware if there are any expeditions planned officially for the Saffron Chain yet." She sees Lou and smiles with a dip of her head. "Perhaps the Pathfinder of the Society of Explorers may have some insights?" She glances to Aswin and nods to him. "That is the kind of interesting information we are looking for, I think," she says with a beam in his direction. she looks to Catalana as she speaks up, and nods thoughtfully. "There are hints and tidbits in some documents that I have read about civilizations that live there, and there was potential for a treaty of sorts between them and the Lyceum at one point. But that all came to naught during the Crownbreaker Wars." She turns her attention to Lou then and smiles. "The Isle of Echoes and Brightshore are certainly intriguing topics if you wish to share, Lou," she says, and cedes the floor to the Pathfinder.

The Sword of Setarco finds herself looking to Aswin and then Catalana when the Kennex woman speaks up about the ancient civilization. "That certainly sounds like a less than pleasant fate." A little pause, and Viviana muses aloud, "Would this civilization of yours have something of a fascination with serpentine imagery, that you are aware of? We've stumbled across signs and remnants of such a civilization repeatedly in our efforts around the Chain."

Tiye Moretti slips in to the room, her entrance surprisingly quiet and free of showmanship considering her bardic profession and usual boisterous personality. Instead, the woman slips in near-silently amongst the audience, looking for a free seat where a fresh arrival won't be too distracting.

Tolv half turns in his seat to regard Lou more directly, though nothing has stopped him from continuing his nearly silent staccato of finger raps on the table. He's polite enough, presumably, to not be any more disruptive than that, though he tips his head toward Viviana when she speaks.

It's simply been one of those days when a curious amount of correspondence flutters around exactly ten minutes before a seminar and finally ends up dispatched, along with a courier who gets strict instructions not to come back for, at minimum, an hour. Maybe two, maybe four. With that Delilah disengages from work, and zips further in, gliding up to Sina and offering an apologetic word or two that probably involves 'Overworked' and 'Charge them double next time.' Nonetheless, she gives a friendly wave to everyone already settled in. "Warmest greetings to everyone already assembled, and you have my deepest apologies for being a few minutes tardy. Hopefully you are all settled in and I can make it up to you with some actual information as much as we can be. So, let it be known we sent out word to a few varied parties to share or come along. It's without question that the recent events of several months, including the liberation of the Saffron Isles, generated a /great/ deal of interest in them."

She gestures to the departing messengers. "I receive two or three of those every week with inquiries about the culture, geography, and the rest. However, this is very much an open forum as such things tend to be, because no one can truly claim to be an expert about the Saffron Isles, save those who live there and have journeyed far and wide. They are more than a source of legend for us, hence the nature of clearing up what information we have, what we wonder about, and what we might need to ask in future."

Late is a state of being for Prince Matteo Pravus. Late, and just a little drunk. He shows up into the Hall of Tutelage with a hint of wine on his lips, making is way towards a desk. He huffs out a little laugh as he drops into one, leaning back and scrunching his nose up a bit.

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Catalana interestingly turns her attention to Viviana, her fingers flitting to the serpent locket around her neck. "Yes. Very much so. Why? Have you heard of them?"

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Tiye pauses in her search for seating, her attention seemingly drawn by mention of 'ancient civilizations' and 'serpentine imagery'. She gets a thoughtful look, before settling down near Aswin.

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Wash doesn't have anything to add here but an eyeroll, presumably at something said at his local table.

Lisebet is obviously conversing with those she's seated with, but she's listening to the overarching conversation quite curiously.

Lou dips her head in Sina's direction at the introduction. "I am Lou Grayson," noted titled of princess left out. "Pathfinder of the Society of Explorers. Over the last few years I've been delving into the history of Eurus and the potentiality that Alaric III was alive. As it has been announced recently, he is indeed alive, and also the Dune Emperor of Eurus." She pauses there a moment to let that sink in for those that might understand what that might potentially mean. "It has been in House Grayson's interest to find a safe way to travel to Eurus that doesn't involve some of the many dangers that the normal route takes." She doesn't speak of those exact details regarding that, but goes on. "And so in our research we discovered a southern route to Eurus that takes several months of travel to get from Arvum to Eurus. During those many months of travel there were two stops that sailors used to use. One was to an inhabited island called Brightshore and the other was an uninhabited island called the Isle of Echoes. They are the halfway points between Arvum and Eurus. Each has its own set of difficulties as well."

When Matteo enters, Thea lifts her eyebrow just bit. She simply shakes her head but relievedly sees Delilah. Then resumes back to listening.

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Matteo's gaze catches on Thea, grinning crookedly even as she brow quirks, and sketching a casual salute to the Malvici lady.

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Orick's hazel eyes flick between his book and those who speak but he barely turns his head as he listens with most of his attention still trained on the page and the scratching of the quill. He is a tall fellow and so he seems naturally suited to the studious stoop he assumes to pour over his work, only taking a long pause when Lou goes into detail so that he may watch her speak as he absorbs every word.

Nina nods at Lou's information. She takes down a few small notes in the journal she brought, careful to balance ink in a way that doesn't bring it too near to her dress.

The Sword of Setarco offers a nod to Catalana, and perhaps some others in the room, but lapses into silence for the moment to turn her lonely eye towards Lou as she speaks. Viviana remains silent, cocking her head as she listens to the Grayson woman.

"This is particularly relevant to the conversation, because before you can reach either of those islands, you need to make landfall at the Easternmost island of the Saffron Chain, both for resupply and that's because where the course is set." Wash adds.

Kiera enters quietly and slips in to the table with those from valardin

"Brightshore is named for its flowers and foliage. It's supposedly a beautiful stretch of land. However the people there are quite wary of strangers. In order to dock on the island, you need to go through several tests to see if one is tainted. If you are deem tainted, you may not disembark your ship which puts a pretty big damper in attempting to use the place to trade and restock supplies." Lou goes on without stopping, looking around the room. "However, should you supposedly pass, the island offers all sorts of treats, treasures, hospitalities, and parties. There is currently an expedition to Brightshore, to see what state it's in, if it's still inhabited, and if those customs are still in use, already planned; though before anyone asks that expedition is already full as we've been planning it for the better part of four or five months or so now," she says with a rueful but also gentle touch.

She takes a breath before going on. "The other island is the Isle of Echoes. As I mentioned, it's not inhabited, but the report we discovered suggested there's a reason for this. One that most would probably not believe, but I've seen enough strange things in my life time to consider that the possibilities are true. The stories we discovered suggest that the island itself is. . . a bank of knowledge of sorts. Inhabited by ghosts who will share that knowledge with you, if you believe in such things." Lou is being very, very careful about her choice of words here, which some might note. "And to walk on the island yourself is to be confronted with every mistake, regret, or choice you've made in your life. A person could get caught up in listening to the stories of the ghosts and learning from them or caught up in their woes. Both offer a trap of sorts. So there's no problem disembarking on the island, but you may not ever embark on the ship again if you don't have the strength to resist either what's being offered or falling into your own woes. At least, that's how the tale read when we discovered it." A pause, and she adds, "And that's all I can offer on the Saffron Chain except to say that someone else is organizing the trip to the Isle of Echoes, as I recognize that I just might never leave if the offer of lost knowledge really is that great."

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Tiye listens intently to the discussion about Brightshore and the Isle of Echoes, clearly absorbing it all like a sponge as bards are wont to do. Still, she can't quite keep a small look of disappointment from her face as the topic has seemingly moved past lost ancient civilizations that venerated snakes.

Gianna frowns slightly, leaning back in her seat on the couch, a small line appearing between her brows. Her hands rest on her knees. The expression is dispelled when Nina says something quietly and Gianna replies.

Orick sits up a bit taller in his seat and raises his quill as if he has a question for the speaker.

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Nina looks really interested, blue eyes going wide, as Lou talks about what seems like ghost stories. She forgets to write things down.

Orick sits up a bit taller in his seat and raises his quill as if he has a question for the speaker. (re)

Just as she was discussing the Isle of Echoes to those on the couch, at least she thinks, Lou mentions it. "Oh good. I sort of had it right. I've just sort of refered to it as Creepy Island to be honest."

Thea claims Creepy Island..yep!

Ian speaks up without standing: "I'm leading a team to the Isle of Echoes. We're going to see if we can figure out a way to make it reasonably safe to resupply there, just in case the people on Brightshore don't want anything to do with us."

Lou tilts her head at Orick, "Yes?"

Catalana looks over at Ian, "Mind if I join your team?"

Lucrezia has been yawning so loud tears form at the corners of her eyes through most of this until Lou speaks of the Isle of Echoes. While she doesn't straight up straight to listen, keeping slumped low in her seat, she does listen with sharp interest.

"Now, if I am to understand, you are saying...-" He looks back down at his notes fleetingly to confirm, "When you use the term ghost is it to acknowledge these things were once alive or are they some other sort of..." Orick trails off and rolls the white and brown hawk feather quill through the air as if searching for the correct word choice, "Being?"

Thea is already looking to Ian when he mentions he's leading said team. One can already assume what she's suggesting without her even speaking, but she does so anyway,"If you need me, just ask...,"the Malvici offers.

Kastelon is sitting on a bench, talking quietly to Adrienne as he watches those speaking in the hall. His gaze sweeps over Ian and the other Kennexes, including Wash.

"That is likely to be a very dangerous trip, and I suspect a shortage of supplies may be the least of the dangers," Viviana offers her two silver of commentary aside to Ian with a nod for the man when he claims to be leading the trip to the Isle of Echoes. After that, she turns her attention to murmuring with Appolonia for a moment.

"Having an understanding of the geography of either route is going to be significant for further ocean-going travels, even if trade is not an option. Resupply for water or a safehaven in the event of storms, for example, is a very real concern when it comes to plotting such maritime journeys," says Delilah, following up after Lou and Ian lay out significant details. "A good many people have expressed their interest in seeing either of these places, though our records at best have been fragmented and scattered." A hint of a smile shows, flickering in place.

"Ghosts and spirits have an interchangeable description when it comes to many records. The typical one applies to an echo, if you will, of someone who has passed onto the Wheel. There's a great deal of theological philosophy I could apply here from the perspective as a Scholar or adjacent to the Harlequins, but we can keep it that way." Fingers curl. "It's commonplace to use terms differently in records as well. We have heard of a lost civilization in the Saffron Isles using serpentine iconography and geography, to the point some are called snake /people/. Were there snake-folk there? One could make the argument the shields and devices we use in our heraldry often suggest our names. Graysons being Griffins or Badgers, of course. They certainly used the serpent and snake motif enough."

"I think the writer used that term because they did not know what else to call it. I believe calling it an echo of a person is more apt, given the name of the Island. But there was definitely the suggestion you could see the echoes and learn from them," Lou remarks in response to Orick's question. "And the last time anyone used this route was just over 200 years ago, so consider what might have been lost in terms of knowledge which could potentially be rediscovered again just by visiting the island. /Possibly/. This is just assuming the journal we found wasn't just some mad ravings, but the information on Brightshore seemed pretty up front and solid."

Ian gives a slight shake of his head to Catalana. "Like with the Brightshore trip, this has been in the planning stages for a while. I've already got my crew filled out." (OOC: Ie, action already submitted.)

Orick looks at Lou with a studious determination to understand and when she continues to speak at length he returns his gaze to the book's pages so that he may record some of what she is saying, commenting softly at the end, "I've always been fascinated by the work of the Scholars, I should make the time to get omre involved with it." The talk of expeditions just gets a side eye and he seems overall too sheepish to volunteer in the heat of the moment.

Catalana counters Delilah with an eager smile. "There was snake people. I've found evidence of an ancient Nefer'khat kingdom that lived there. I know, I mean, believe they survived and have descendants in the chain now, but I don't have proof of that part. I do however know there is an old song that mentions the people and the location of the palace."

Gianna tips her chin up and calls out to Catalana, "I would be very interested in learning that song and adding it to the College's collection. Sometime."

Tolv stops drumming on the edge of the table, and abruptly leans forward. With his elbows on the table. The man is hopeless. "Snake people?" He blinks, and peers at those sitting nearby. "Badgerpeople?" And then Catalana speaks, and he peers brightly in that direction with only a slight wobble of the chair he's sitting in.

"I'd love to hear that story," Tiye notes aloud, offering Catalana a bright smile. "Bard can't really afford to turn down material, after all! Especially not when it's about strange lands and stranger people."

"Shapeshifters, I think," Ian offers. He idly rubs his left arm. "I know there are wolves. No reason there couldn't be others."

A song! That makes Nina perk up somewhat, her eyes going wide. The part that registers NEXT is 'snake people', and that makes her brows knit.

Orick looks over sharply at the mention of shapeshifters and he gives Ian a skeptical look but doesn't say anything, turning back to his book and choosing to write something down instead. Scrit-scratch.

"We haven't happened across any actual snake people, as of yet." The one-eyed Sin remarks in dry amusement, after those comments, before she adds, "But we have seen the iconography all over various part of the Isles, as we've been expanding down there. We have people looking into the significance of it, but I'm uncertain we've learned anything of particular note as of yet. If you wouldn't mind sharing a bit, it would be appreciated," Viviana adds that last bit in Catalana's direction.

Tolv tips his head toward Ian. "...Oh, right, those." His foot taps several times against the nearest table leg. "I've never heard of other types, really. Do they ea--" The man stops himself. "Do they have better table manners?"

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Kiera looks up from her table "more shifters?" she says. while she has listened attentively to the rest, this gets even greater attention

"Oh, there's all /kinds/ of them," Tiye assures Ian, with an enthusiastic nod. "Or so the old tales go. Who knows how much truth there is to ancient folklore, of course! But stories like that make for /excellent/ material when you need to come up with an entertaining tale spur-of-the-moment to earn a meal on the road."

To Tolv, Lilah replies, "The Graysons are colloquially known as the Badgers or the Griffins due to their shield. If our Pathfinder happens to be wearing a ring, you could ask her to show it." She casts a smile over to Lou. "Alternately we know the Valardins as the Dragons of the West. We don't necessarily mean they /are/ literally griffins, but they have actual animal attributes. It could be metaphorical. In the case of the kingdom in the Saffron Isles, as Lady Catalana says, there appears to be a much more concrete connection than simply metaphorical. There could be a religious aspect to it as well, something that is significantly bound, no doubt, to the cultural elements found in Nefer'khat."

Seeing as how the topic has shifted to Catalana's research for the moment, Lou nods to those who've heard her out and goes to retake her seat at the table she's at. "As far as Grayson's being Griffons goes, I think that has a lot to do with the fact that Queen Alarice was a griffon rider. But that's a discussion for someone who knows more about Alarice than my one tidbit of historical knowledge. Saffron Chain," she politely tips the topic back to its intended course.

Dragons? House Valardin's unlikely spotlight in this conversation has Adrienne looking away from whatever has captured her attention and back to Delilah and tap-tap-tapping Tolv. A smile flits across her eyes, chin dipping in acknowledgment, before she murmurs something to those at her seat.

Cadern picks his way into the Hall with interest looking around and searching for a seat. He looks pleased at the topic and smiles, "Well this should be fun." He glances around for a moment and drops over to a set of couches grumbling, "I hope I didn't miss too much conjecture."

Tolv turns a crooked grin on Delilah. "That's right, Nefer'khat. ...I don't know much about any of that. I completely understand." He leans back. "Shapeshifters, wow. They're just everywhere, aren't they?"

From where he sits, Aswin clears his throat before asking, "As we said earlier, Lady Catalana and my own research point toward a cataclysm of liquid fire and earthquakes that led to the Saffron Chain being split apart and sunk into it's current state. Does anyone know of any other instances of such disaster happening in the history of Arvum's geography?"

Lisebet listens quietly, glancing up, especially as the Valardins are mentioned, but she doesn't add anything. Perhaps her knowledge has already been all covered.

Nina, at this point, is just writing furious notes. (Dragons + snake people + islands + shifting??)

Ian looks over at Sina. "If the Scholars ever want to send some people to study this snake iconography, I can make sure there's a ship and enough of a military presence to discourage anyone messing with them while they do their work," he offers.

"Nefer'khat is something of a very particular situation, though we have Lord Cadern who can probably speak every bit as illustratively about the use of different faunal emblems among the Khati as anyone." On the spot, that's Lilah turning the tables on the late entry. No grumbling needed, she flashes a smile his way. "We do not have /definitive/ proof that the people who settled in the Saffron Isles have any relationship directly to Nefer'khat, but we have seen parallels there that could suggest they hailed once from those lands, or had a connection. Descendants, perhaps, or people with a likeminded set of beliefs."

She turns her attention to Aswin, nodding in encouragement to him. "Such disasters involving massive earthquakes and volcanic eruptions? I don't believe we have many places with such habits, though I have heard some Scholars suggest the abundance of hot water springs in places could be fueled by an excess of heat that likewise causes such eruptions."

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Orick glances back over to Ian and he has a wry grin on his face but his tone is effortlessly polite, "That's a noble offer but promising to protect men's lives in the wilds is no small boon. Requires a great deal of trust." Then another deluge of information is starting and he goes back to writing it down for later consideration and study.

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Tiye blinks, looking over at Cadern with new interest. "An expert on Nefer'khat? I'd /love/ to sit down and have a /really long/ discussion over drinks someday," the bard offers cheerfully. But her attention drifts back to Delilah. "What sort of parallels, then? Other than just... well, snake iconography and all. How do you know they didn't just adore snakes? Snakes are, after all, extremely worthy of being adored."

Ian rolls his shoulders to Orick in a slow shrug. "I'm not saying there'd be no risk. I don't know everything they might run into. I'm good at what I do, but I'm still just a man."

Sina tilts her head slightly, listening to the talk, and not speaking much. She listens to Lou and her description of the Isle of Echoes and Brightshore, seeming to already be aware of this information. The discussion of snakes, however, does seem to draw her attention, and her silvery eyes move from person to person as they speak. "Well," she says, "serpents of course are often associated with House Thrax. Perhaps there is some relation there," she muses, before turning her attention to Ian. "That would be an adventure, wouldn't it? I think my Scholars would be up to the task, if any wished to make such an expedition. Your offer of protection is appreciated, Lord Ian," she says warmly. She looks to Catalana then, and adds, "Do you have a copy of that song you might be willing to share?" she asks with interest.

"Aren't they?" Viviana offers aloud on the tail end of Tiye's words, a lopsided grin curving the Sword's thick lips.

Cadern waves at Tolv a bit at that and he grins, "Aren't they though?" He says before glancing back wathcing Nina furiously scrabbling for notes and he grins, "Isn't it fun when you find a fascinating area?" He only tries to peek at the notes a little bit. He blinks at that, "Wait what? I was here to give snarky retorts, opinions and wild speculation, not useful and coherent information." He considers that, "The Nefer'khat aren't limited to animal Prima, there are plenty of primordial spirits and other aspects that they found common ground with. Honestly I think it's our own fascination with them which makes their stories permeate our own more than anything. The stories of 'flame blooded' or 'veins of ice' or 'solid as the earth' are much easier for us to ignore as euphimisms, compared to tales of 'men and women who are 'cat like' or as fierce as wolves, or you know...winged." He considers Delilah's comments and he pauses, "As for the Saffron isles, I think it's safer to safe that refugees or those who left Nefer'khat were amongst several who settled in the Saffron island, and then what became post-cataclysm the saffron isles." He beams at Tiye and assures him, "I'm always fascinating company, but I've been told I'm often better in small doses."

Sina finds a seat to settle into, now that the discussion has gotten going. Her attention turns to Cadern, while she sends her assistant Jacinthe to go and grab her a glass of chilled juice.

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"Snakes are just great," Tolv agrees, in a very distracted, if enthusiastic manner. He grins back to Cadern. "That's right," the man raises his voice just enough to carry over to Tiye. "Marquis Cadern Blackwood knows all sorts of very useful information."

"An entire culture's devotion to a specific animal tends to follow with a religious or a social aspect, if not one routed in historical reasoning. The very hero tales reclaimed from folklore, for example, give us fragmentary glimpses about the position serpents held. With due respect, I am by no means an expert on said tales, and they are others rather than mine to divulge." This being a cause for Lilah to nod to Aswin and Catalana with something akin to the bubbling excitement of a child fully aware of what a present is, and not about to tear the wrapping or ribbons off herself. "They are delightful, I won't lie about that. But sometimes there can be a deeper reason beyond looking fabulous on the drawing room wall or the wall enfolding a city. If you believe, perhaps, they have protective qualities? The story thickens."

She grins Tiye's way and nods to affirm whatever Cadern has gotten himself into. "He really is."

"Honesty is good though." Orick asides over his shoulder to Ian without looking up from his writing again for awhile as he records the things Cadern rattles off with a zeal. His writing is tiny and cramped, allowing an ample amount of it to fit on one page at a time... he is also left handed to he records his notes backwards to keep the ink from smudging, writing from right to left instead of left to right.

Catalana curls her fingers against her locket again. "I believe this settlement to be like Duchess Delilah states. That they were one who split from the Nefer'khat and made their way to the Saffron Isles. I believe they perished around the time of the reckoning as there was a mention once of fighting demons and that their settlement has never been able to be located, even though there are tribes that worship the snake people and tell similar stories to what I have found in the records." She smiles and nods in agreeance. "Marquis Cadern has been extremely helpful with research and filling holes in my knowledge." She takes a breath and continues. "The song mostly speaks of the ship they came on and how it made a central part of their home. I have also found work by Archsocholar Pye who speaks of a fued between house Thrax and House Marin before the reckoning and calling House Marin the great house of snakes."

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The Sword of Setarco cocks her head while listening to Catalana's explanation, and then muses aloud, "Now I'm curious if there's any remnant of this ship of theirs to be found in the Chain anywhere." A grin briefly touches Viviana's thick lips before her attention drifts, her lonely eye straying to Sina as the Archscholar settles near herself and Appolonia.

Wash says, "Dibs!"

Lou tilts her head at Catalana, "I mean, there's a lot of talk about demons killing out entire sets of people in history, and we've discovered that they weren't all killed like we thought. Dwarves come to mind." Oh yeah, she said that. Live dwarves. "And I only say that because it seems relevant here, given the family of five I helped to rescue. Or the people of Uanna, who we discovered some escaped to Whitepeak after the dragons of Cardia turned their lands into the Suthryn Wastes. So there's a good possibility that your snake people might still be alive, somewhere, and you just don't know it."

Lou ers. "Not all of the Uanna, just some of them, mind."

Cadern assures everyone, "And quite a bit of useless information. But that's the fun of being scholarly for all of you, I get to talk and you get to sort it out." He says brightly as he settles into his seat. He glances to Gianna and smiles at something she says. He glances to Catalana and smiles, "Py always has the most interesting things. Yes I imagine the Thrax might have the most to say on the subject." He nods, "Stories end but they also have a way of surviving. It's an easy story to tell... that a group of people were wiped out... but threads can remain an ember.. that can survive anything. That's the delight of stories... and what's a little thing like historical accuracy in the face of a good story."

Sina listens to the talk of snake imagery, and snakes associated with House Marin and the Saffron Chain. She looks avidly interested, and even pulls takes her writing case from Jacinthe, who has brought her that glass of juice, to take some notes on what Catalana said about that song, and a few other things. There is a focused thoughtfulness to the way she hastily jots down notes.

Tolv's grin has faded, though there's still an almost vibrating intensity about him. It might just be that he's rapidly drumming on the edge of the table again. "It's hard to kill off an entire group of people," he supplies, "individuals tend to slip away, even when you're looking very carefully. It's strange! You'd think it would be easier. But it's very good for us, I suppose."

Catalana confirms without thought. "They are. Two people escaped. A servant boy, Eioln and the princess, Jihassa. I believe that they continues to move throughout the Saffron Chain. There seems some tribes that have a possible connection to snakes."

Lilah nods in accord to Lou's statement. "It seems likely in some respects they might have become settled elsewhere. For example, as the Archscholar notes, the similarity to certain Mourning Isles houses. Further, we've seen old houses displaced from their lands turn into the shav tribes. Their histories can be rich, if lesser known."

Something in the current discussion causes Tiye to frown. She looks as though she's /about/ to say something, but then thinks better of it. Instead, she tacks in a different direction, asking, "You're saying there's maybe a /living/ snake person from this ancient place still wandering around the Saffron Chain, stuck in hiding?"

Tolv murmurs, "That would be lonely."

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"And probably terribly dangerous, how would a species of one sustain itself? Are they believed to be unable to die?" Orick wonders as he pauses in his writing to redunk his quill in the cobalt inkwell he brought with himself.

Catalana considers with her head tilted slightly. "I am certain they can die. I imagine it would be their descendants. The traits traded down to the younger generations."

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Tilting her head thoughtfully at Orick's words, Sina notes, "Snakes are known to shed their skin. I imagine one might see a certain kind of symbolism like that. I wonder if reincarnation ever played a theme in their religious beliefs?" she ponders, as she writes down more notes. Occasionally, she murmurs a few words quietly with Viviana or Appolonia, when the latter is capable of chatting.

"So you think there are a /bunch/ of snake people out there?" Tiye mulls this over. "Or maybe just people who don't even know they're Serpents, I guess. You might /never/ find them, out there among all the different people in the Saffron Chain."

Ian has settled in to listen as the conversation starts to go over his head.

"None of us even knew the Marin'alfar existed until a few years ago. The ocean is a big place." Wash points out.

Better late than never and all of that. Tyche's motto for this evening, as she slips quietly into the lesson on the Saffron Chains, finding a lovely piece of wall to keep company until she understands what's happening and where she should go.

"We thought that about Whitepeak, the ancient mystical city in the clouds, too," Lou points out to Tiye. "But we found it. And now there have been three expeditions to it and several more in the making. Generally speaking, depending on how you go about looking for information on a thing, if there are enough breadcrumbs, eventually something useful can be found to make all of the confusing information click together."

Orick comments to Tiye, "It stands to reason, there can't possibly be only one... unless its the last. Its more likely they are either all gone or living in small pocket societies. If they act as normal men would when present with the need for society."


Cadern points out, "What a life means to us may not be the same for all people. In some cultures there are titles and things that...continue beyond what we consider." He shrugs and he smiles, "I find it's difficult to say what someone can and can't be until you hear their story for my part." He says with a shrug, "I've found more than one story that goes back far beyond what we think of as... history."

"But that's just on a mountain, right?" Matteo questions casually of Whitepeak, shrugging a shoulder a little. He's not super impressed by mountains, apparently.

Catalana glances at Aswin, 'There seems to be a tribe that is linked to snakes. The Nehebka people. They seem to possibly be a starting point."

Lou stares at Matteo a moment when he calls Whitepeak 'just a mountain' and shakes her head. "No. It's an actual city. A city that once housed various wonders that were created by the Metallics and many others like them. I'll hold a discussion on Whitepeak another time though. And gladly show off one of the wonders I brought home with me from the city on our maiden voyage there."

"A good many things don't look all that particularly impressive from afar. Try climbing the mountain, my lord," Lilah directs this to Matteo, "and you might find yourself cursing your boots and the sky a little bit differently to appreciate the feats of engineering that amount to it. However, when it comes to the Nehebka people, Lady Catalana, would you and Master Aswin care to speak of it?"

Mikani slips in silently and takes a seat by Zoey.

Thea is listening to all the--stories about snake people?

"No thanks," Matteo answers with a breath of laughter, shaking his head. "Climbing a mountain seems like a lot of work." He flashes a bright, crooked smile to Lilah as he leans back in his student's desk, cramped as it is.

Ian braces on the desk he's sitting at, using it and his cane together to lever himself to his feet. He picks around towards where Lou sits so he can ask her a soft question.

Wash puts a hand on Catalana's arm supportively.

Tolv shakes his head and rests his scruffy chin on one fist. "Lonely," he says, as if actually contributing to this conversation. "What would one snake even do?" Something at his table has him tipping his head again, and grinning.

Lou glances up at Ian as he comes to settle next to her and leans in a little bit to hear his question.

"Bite you?" asides Lilah, unable to quite resist that much.

Some aspect of the conversation causes a momentary shadow of annoyance to cross Tiye's face, but she continues to listen attentively.

Catalana defers to Aswin completely. "He is the expert on this tribe. He was the one who brought them to my attention and linked it to my own interest." She gestures to Cadern too. "The Marquis has given me a possible location as well for this lost kingdom. I'm currently awaiting to speak to some at Maelstrom to see if they have seen this ship before."

"I *assume*," Tolv says, with a certain amount of gravity, "That snakes have better table manners." He blinks. "Or they bite you, yes, they could do both."

Considering Catalana from where he sits, Aswin tilts his head toward the side as he considers. "We have not made much ground in reference to the Nehebkha, though it certainly does seem to be a possible starting point..." he says slowly. "Or it may be a dead end. Brother Stanislasz Redreef mentions the tribe in his writings describing the Days of Fire that destroyed the Saffron."

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Tiye checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 14 higher.

Tiye frowns. That's /definitely/ a frown. The bard looks as though she's trying to reconcile two puzzle pieces that aren't quite from the same puzzle and don't fit together. But she continues to listen.

Cadern raises a brow and glances to Aswin, "Days of Fire? THAT sounds like a tale worth telling. But yes it does seem to have fallen into quite the inferno." He says agreeably." He glances to Catalana and he smiles, "It's all little puzzle pieces that is what makes it so fascinating."

Ian clears his throat, hems and haws a bit, and sounds like he's awkwardly trying to explain himself to Lou about something. Then he excuses himself and withdraws to pick his way back to his seat and be awkward over there for a little bit.

Cadern also helpfully offers to Tolv, "I imagine it depends on the snake."

There might be a small bit of a smile and an slightly amused expression in her eyes as Lou watches Ian hem, haw, and start to move back to his other seat.

"One has to imagine. To paint all snakes with a singular brush does them and the paint a disservice, for they very much all belong to themselves," Lilah says with an easy kind of grace.

Gianna listens attentively, lounging as she is on the couch. Perhaps not as attentively as she was in the beginning, but attentively.

From her quiet seat, Adrienne raises her voice - precise and tinged with an accent of the Oathlands, "If I may intrude on the converation, we have a question at our seat - about the trade goods found in the Saffron Chain and other ways greater ties with these islands may benefit the Compact." Evidently, the Valardin princess is unconcerned by hijacking a conversation.

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Fray is very surprised at how quickly Adrienne brought up the subject into the conversation.

"Yes, excellent, back on subject." Wash says, leaning forward. "What do you mean by trade goods? Stolen from reavers and slavers type goods, or, we landed here and found out the beach was made of diamonds?"

A bloodhound with soulful eyes rests his head on Adrienne's knee. She pats him affectionately, fingers scratching behind a floppy ear as she looks over to Wash. She is not in any hurry to reply, tone thoughtful when it comes. "I'm not sure what I mean. Goods not found in the Compact that we might now have. Tangibles, as well as information and strategic advantages, of course."

"I think that is the question, M'Lord Wash," Lisebet adds. "What are the benefits to the compact that we are seeing or expect?"

Lisebet's answer, overlapping with her own, earns the Duchess a brief and fond look from Adrienne. She tilts her head graciously.

Tiye rises from her table, murmuring something to Aswin and Ian. Then, with a sunny smile in place once more, she waves to a few others and slips out towards the door. And if that smile's just a bit dimmed from its initial brilliance when she entered the room, well, doubtless it's just because she's remembered something she has to rush off to.

Kastelon looks from Adrienne to the others answering her, while stroking his beard thoughtfully as he sits nearby.

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Tolv purses his lips, an unspoken question lingering, but as the topic shifts again, he flashes Cadern another grin and slumps back in his seat. Apart from the incessant finger tapping, he's completely silent.

"Rare seeds, rare plants, would be useful in my studies." Orick offers, not knowing what could possibly be there but intrigued at the talk of distant plants and diamond beaches.

Aswin's brow furrows visibly at the abrupt change in conversation, his eyes shifting rapidly between a few of those who take up the conversation thread regarding trade goods. As Tiye rises, so does Aswin and after offering a nod toward those at his table, he follows Tiye out.

"Every Great house has experience with the wilds and shavs that live in them. My understanding is that if you built it, maintain it, guard it, and it's near enough to your borders, you own it. Every island expansion, every tribe that bends the knee has followed this rule as long as I've been alive." Wash doesn't vouch for how things were before he was born, or ... interested in politics, which may be a more accurate limiter of his understanding. "Though, shavs are now people, not commodities, so that has changed a little bit."

"These seems like a question best directed at House Pravus," Ian suggests, after nodding to Tiye and giving Aswin a shrug. "The islands Kennex brought into the Compact don't have anything you couldn't get elsewhere in the Isles, and trading outside of the Compact is supposed to be illegal." His tone acknowledges that people do it anyway.

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Adrienne's gaze travels over the Kennexes before she concedes to the point with a fleeting glance to Lucrezia and the other Pravosi in the room. Her tone warms without a smile as she turns a palm upward. "Perhaps if I rephrase the question. We're all here out of interest in the Saffron Chain - but what is that interest? Is it simply discovery of the unknown?" It's a polite question and skeptical.

Tolv glances toward Wash, then frontward. "Hm. How much, I wonder."

"The climate in the Chain is different, there are likely fruits and plants that grow there that don't in the Compact. Or so I have been led to believe. I'm no scholar, I could be woefully mistaken," the Sword of Setarco offers aloud with a vague little shrug of one shoulder. Viviana continues a second later, "As far as advantages and the like to be found, spreading the good word of the Faith and bringing heretical shavs to heel is always good for the Compact. Particularly since the Isles are such a dreadful haven for slavers. More land, more people." A little pause and she adds, "In theory, regarding strategical advantages, the Chain may serve as something of a buffer, should Cardia ever decide to truly look our way. Or maybe not." Trailing off, the duelist murmurs aside to those near her at the desks.

Matteo's brow lifts a little, and his gaze slides too towards Lucrezia and Viviana, curious. He leans forward a little, just a little, but then shifts again to lean back as he waits for others to speak.

Sina glances to Adrienne as she asks her question as to why the discussion is happening. "I think it behooves us to know as much as we can about the Saffron Chain, as they have apparently been welcomed into the Compact through the works of House Pravus," she notes. "And yes... curiosity. Knowledge gained. There is always a thirst for knowledge of things unknown. It is important, to record what we learn, that we might recover the histories lost during that time. It is a Scholar's duty, and an Explorer's passion, I think," she says with a smile toward Adrienne. "That is why we are here... to learn from one another."

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Lucrezia rolls out of her chair with the grace that only a sailor possesses and strolls out. Mission complete or off to find trouble?

Turn in line: Nina

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Fray stands up from the bench they occupied themself with, starting to head out. The information they came for ended up being speculation at best.

Kastelon gives a click of his tongue to the bloodhound as he rises. "It was an honor to sit with you, your highness," he tells Adrienne, bowing his head to the Valardin princess. He seems set to depart after Fray.

Tolv hops to his feet with no effort whatsoever, but a considerable energy that nearly knocks his chair over. He grins brightly to everyone still at the table where he was sitting, and then ambles out.

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Nina takes notes carefully, and then, as things start to part, she's still looking for a moment at her book to make sure she didn't miss anything. "I do like hearing these legends, but there's so much more out there to learn!" She looks for Gianna for a moment. "Oh, Gianna, before I forget, we should also discuss the musical information I discovered recently!"

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"Oooh. Yes, we absolutely should," Gianna tells Nina. "We could have a drink in the office sometime soon?"

Nina nods enthusiastically to Gianna. "Absolutely! I think with a little effort... maybe we could even... go on an adventure?" She looks a little unsure, but she's trying. She gives Delilah a curtsey. "Thank you very much for the informative session!"

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Matteo eases himself from the student's desk that he occupies gracefully for all that it is small. He stretches a bit like a cat, his gaze sliding towards the exit, before he stalks his way there with others that are leaving.

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Ian braces on the table again and pushes to his feet. He makes his way over to Delilah and says something in a low voice.

Orick carefully puts a stopper in the cobalt ink and then returns the quill to a hardshell case before he slides it back into his bag. He sits for a time, waiting for the ink in his notes to dry, then he collects up the rest of his belongings and makes a quiet exit with a muttered thanks to the hosts.

Rising to the soft clink of chainmail, Adrienne brushes the fabric of her skirt with one hand. She offers in Delilah and Sina's direction a respectful and gracious half-bow before murmuring her farewells to her company.

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As the event is wrapping up, Lou collects herself and rises. She glances to Ian. "Just let me know when you want to talk and we'll make it work." Though clearly, for now, she's heading home.

Wash waits patiently for Catalana to be ready to leave. "Nightstar Lou! You will tell me how you learned the name of Cerdic boat!"

With a shimmer-wrack of movement and a tumble of her skirt, the copper-haired duchess rises from her seat and nods to Ian. "I do believe this went especially well. Though I owe you a bottle of whiskey and something, regards from my husband the duke if you're willing?"

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