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Princess Adrienne Pravus

There is no night without the dawn.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Realist Princess
Fealty: Pravus
Family: Pravus
Gender: female
Marital Status: Married
Age: 23
Birthday: 10/3
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: 5'8"
Hair Color: Pale blonde
Eye Color: Pale Gold
Skintone: Fair

Description: Austere, otherworldly, Adrienne does not have the sweet or sultry appeal that makes men fall in love with her. She is the saint cut in marble that they worship, an untouchable creature to a world in need of faith. Pale hair, long and wild when set free, flows away from her face. Her piercing eyes are too large for delicate features and of a gold so faint they nearly seem colorless. Graceful, Adrienne has a windswept quality to her movement.

Personality: Princess Adrienne is kind. Some wear the mantle of kindness as a sort of social responsibility; others as a cynical necessity. She cares - and persists in caring no matter how much her life has tried to break her of this. To those in her company she brings a compassionate ear to console and warm wit to cheer. Despite this, Adrienne has many fond acquaintances yet few close friends.

Devout, dutiful, and steadfast - at times to a fault - Adrienne works hard at whatever she is set to do. She has studied music under masters in gilded, high-vaulted chambers. She has tilled fields when winter illness has left a village too shorthanded to do so for the spring. The trappings of royalty are a blessing; she would use her influence to repay the world a thousand times over for this gift.

Background: Bright, charming, born to Valardin, and gifted with a beautiful voice, Princess Adrienne might have been a storybook princess come to life. She knows, however, that fairy tales are for children. This knowledge has been painfully earned, brick by brick, as she has attended to the aftermath of raids and massacres, wars and illness with a Mercy's training so easily acquired in Sanctum.

Adrienne left a courtier's life to others of her family and joined those with their hands in the dirt: a duty to her family name and a calling - or better perhaps described as a prayer - to be able to prevent suffering before it strikes. She has travelled the Oathlands to maintain her family's presence, listening to the needs of the many vassals and small villages in her purview. She has also studied wherever time and location would permit. Sanctum is a haven of knowledge, but the many Valardian domains have also invested heavily in education. Ignorance, when such resources are available, is a terrible sin.

There is still work to be done in the Oathlands, but as the world turns its eyes to Arx, so must Princess Adrienne Valardin. Trouble brews. She would go there to stop it if she can.

Relationship Summary

  • Vitalis - my remarkable protege, a man of questions
  • Apollo - my grandprotege, he of otherworldly talent and fine tea
  • Ripley - my great-grandprotege, a diamond in the rough

  • Family:
  • Katarina - my exotic and glamorous cousin, as wise as she is beautiful
  • Talwyn - my brilliant cousin, shining ever bright
  • Zara - my Gildian cousin, a rock against the storm
  • Alis - my fiercest cousin, formed from equal parts fury and sunshine
  • Sorrel - my family however many times removed, terrifying in talent and knowledge
  • Philippe - my uncle of few words and endless wisdom
  • Sirius - my cousin growing from young man to adult before my eyes

  • Acquaintance:
  • Theophania - my uncle's Master of Coin is a master of coin
  • Verity - my uncle's unparalleled aide
  • Bianca - an incisive and insightful mind

  • Friend:
  • Sebastian - my husband in peace and in war and on whom so much depends

  • Rival:
    Name Summary
    Aiden I find this woman to be compassionate to her fellow person, to so quickly lend help to someone she had barely met. It speaks well of her character, a kindness that I enjoy finding among the society. She is new to the city and has spent a great deal in the Sanctum, perhaps she'll be capable of advice in that area, should I ever need to travel.
    Alarissa A Valardin, and one that I am enamoured of from my time with the family. Though my connection to the family has perished, she is still a cousin and I would do what I can to aid her.
    Alecstazi Valardin Princess, drinking tea. I mean, stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason, right? She's just like every Valardin I have ever met. Soft spoken, demure, tea drinking. It is all such a show, I wonder, really wonder what is under that image. They can't all be so... bland is not the right word. It is a bit maddening, really. The true mirror of the Lycene.
    Alessia I've met the princess a few times now and she's consistently been friendly, gracious and an all around delight to be around. She'll be a boon to Pravus, I'm sure.
    Alexis Princess Adrienne came to me for tutelage. She proved herself an adept student, and she makes for excellent company. Quick mind, gentle heart, devoted soul. Everything we want an Oathlands Knight to be, in my opinion. Maybe I can convince her to join the Gold Order?
    Anisha Princess Adrienne is a gifted storyteller and her prize was well-deserved. I can't wait to learn more of her tales, be they her own or those she has found and taken with her in her life.
    Apollo A wonderful riding partner. I wonder if she'll unbutton a bit.
    Appolonia It was a surprise to meet her, but not a cruel one. She seems to be a sensible sort and was able to react to a horrible discovery with grace and aplomb.
    Bahiya Generous, intent. Very, very polite. Probably all a lie; the kind of person mischief erupts around.
    Bianca She shines in a way that does her House proud. Dutiful, compassionate, with the subtlest dash of wit; she reminds me fondly of home. It's the spark of curiosity I most enjoy, however; I simply hope she knows that it is fine - necessary, even - to take the time now and then to forget one's duty and enjoy those moments in between.
    Calla Princess Adrienne is not only gorgeous, she's utterly charming and friendly as well.
    Cassimir Humility is not oft a trait I would ascribe to princes and princesses. I find that she is one such exception. I hope to know her more now that she will soon become a Princess of Pravus.
    Danielle My much taller cousin. I've missed her!
    Deimos The princess isn't a fish out of water, despite her beliefs. She's a Dragon that conforms the ocean around her to the needs of her people. Resolute, earnest, tender and strong, she is everything she needs to be and has so much yet to do in this world.
    Dio Princess Adrienne possess a warmth I never encountered in one of such intelligence. She is a living ideal of Oathlands nobility, and now graces House Pravus with her leadership.
    Drake A princess of much grace, in social etiquette and upon the dance floor.
    Duarte Not naive on the mainland but certainly in these waters. Has she the good sense to recognize protection when it presents itself? We.shall.see.
    Esme Such a lovely young woman. She was sweeping the floor and doing it so elegantly. Some nobles are sure to wish they had the grace of a simple broom-mistress.
    Evaristo It is hard to get a better first impression of someone, than watching them perform a most amazingly funny play which they had little time to prepare. Well done, and thanks for the laughs!
    Graziella We were lucky to have her at the docks with us on that fateful day; my cousin found a fitting match in Princess Adrienne.
    Gwenna I heard wonderful things about Princess Adrienne, and had crossed paths with her at least once without a chance to properly introduce myself. Thankfully that was changed at Nina Autumndale's first concert in the Pravus Ward, for which I am quite grateful. She is the epitome of Valardin beauty, which is one that goes well beyond just appearance. There is a kindness to her spirit, yet I have no doubt there are equal parts steel when need be. Princess Adrienne is a pleasure to talk to and I hope I get more chances to do so in the future.
    Hamish The (now) princess is a considerable wit, even if more often than not she's making this face <:-O when I talk around her.
    Ian She's well matched with House Pravus. I'm not sure Prince Sebastian is well matched with her.
    Ilira A beautiful blonde with an eloquent stare. She dreams with potential, and it is my privilege to help her transcend them to reality.
    Jadara Valardin dress, social protocol and morality is most like what we are used to at home. She reminds me of Daobujin Bo on a sunny day.
    Jourdain A niece of my father-in-law, Philippe. We have not met but in passing before now, but it has been a pleasure to make a deeper acquaintance with others of Blanchard.
    Kastelon A princess of Valardin whom with I would be honored to serve, whether it was a snowball fight or a battlefield of souls.
    Korka Between her and Talwyn I'm sure the enemy aimed at them more than they aimed at us tonight. A talent of bravery is nearly as rare as that of her musical one.
    Lisebet Princess Adrienne is one of the Valardins I had not previously met, and she is as gracious and quick as those of her kin I am familiar with. I hope to further the acquaintance.
    Mabelle The Princess surely has a good sense of smell. She herself is very pleasant and beautiful. I hope I get the chance to know her better.
    Medeia Poise, grace, kindness. The Princess is an exemplar.
    Mirella I have a great deal of respect for Princess Adrienne. She is the exemplar of what royalty ought to be in its most ideal concept; a woman whose intelligence, resolve, and poise both glorify and strengthen House Pravus.
    Neilda I didn't even know I liked the whole armor-with-silk thing until I saw her in it.
    Niklas Princess Adrienne is an absolutely lovely person and an excellent person with whom to while away an evening. Shame about the Pravus thing, but pobody's nerfect.
    Nina A lovely lady who carries herself well and seems to know many people! Every bit of what I imagined a Princess of Valardin to be! She is a great storyteller too and told a marvelous tale.
    Norwood She bolstered our performance at the fort valorously, alas, that we failed her.
    Pasquale A Valardin born Pravus who's interested in medicine and working on a cure for me. Seems nice but hopefully goes deeper than that.
    Philippe A delightful conversationalist who needs to work on her cookie approach technique.
    Piccola I did not get to speak with her, but I learned enough from watching to know I witnessed a caring woman of affluence.
    Raziel Princess of charm and praise who has shown impressive influence through the reach of her patronage. Stares, but has the manners and sense to neither act like she wasn't nor that it's entirely her right. Indicates good traits.
    Rorik I've yet to actually meet Princess Adrienne, but I've seen her around so many times now that I feel as though we would be great friends.
    Rysen A dignified princess of Sanctum, whose speech is supported by the twin pillars of eloquence and reason.
    Sabella Beautiful, friendly, clever, and quick, I'm quite sure we are going to be very, very good friends since we share so many things in common!
    Samira A silk, and it's easy to wonder if she's like all the rest. But she has an air of undeniable warmth to her and she doesn't overlook those who she could easily ignore. That's gotta count for something.
    Sebastian A Valardin Princess who has seen me at my worst. A hard thing to forgive, or forget about. Still, her willingness to engage, and the way she helped will not be forgotten. She is a credit to the Oathlands.
    Shard Not a bad speech. I'm not sure if it was concern or confusion that had her stopping to whisper, but I suspect it might have been a little bit of both. That's fine. It might clear up sooner rather than later.
    Sophie Now that I've taken vows I find I miss my cousins terribly. I will have to make more of an effort to spend time with them, espcially Adrienne. She's lovely company.
    Sorrel A bit of a distant cousin, but certainly a childhood friend, I am excited to have Adrienne here in Arx where we might go on adventures together and once again enjoy one another's company.
    Sudara Well-informed, and perfectly willing to invest time and effort in sharing what she has learned. And she's amiably charming to boot. All in all, a thoroughly impressive (and welcome) addition to the House!
    Talwyn There is little doubt that losing Adrienne to Pravus is a loss to all of Valardin. Her sincere personality and her uplifting of spirits while providing much needed information for others to use is a boon that Pravus will soon get to enjoy and I hope that she still remains close to her family as her guidance will always be welcomed.
    Tanith She saved my life, this badass with a broom. I owe her cake and tea and a round of free drinks.
    Verity I really must teach her how to identify innuendo before the Velenosans get a hold of her.
    Victus Scarf went 'eee eee eee' in her general direction. I assume he likes her. I mean, I don't know. I don't speak otter.
    Vitalis Steady like a candleflame in a still room. Fitting to meet her at the Shrine of Lagoma.
    Zoey Lovely company! Great conversationalist with a sense of humor that brings a smile.