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Meet a Candidate!

Come and enjoy some drinks, food, and conversation on a night at the Trader's Tavern! Raja Culler has set up a meet and greet. Come ask your questions. Come learn what Raja stands for!


June 24, 2020, 7 p.m.

Hosted By

Raja Apostate


Rowenova Zoey Insaya Ras Auda Samira Yasmine Svana



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Traders Tavern

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Sir Floppington the Soulful Hound arrives, following Rowenova.

Showing up, Nova -- of course -- hits the food table first and loads a bowl up with the offered stew as well as a side dish of berries and cheeses but skips the bread and anything else which might be grainy or sugary. She picks up a saucer with a tea cup, too. Then, with all that on her balancing arms along with Sir Flop in her wake, she moves closer to where Raja is.

Zoey does her best to be quiet and unimposing from her seat in the corner. She is hear to support her protege, and nothing more. Nova gets a smile and a wave when their eyes met.

Insaya sits with a knee curled up underneath her. Having spent at least a portion of wee hours of the morning in a state of high alert in the woods, she has that never-went-to-sleep but still wired look about her. She raises her cup toward Nova in acknowledgment, and asks of Zoey, the nearest other person sitting, "Pardon, m'lady, but do you know the candidate well?"

Matching gazes with Zoey, Nova smiles and lifts some of her dishes on her arms, doing so in a sorta greeting which she also extends to Insaya, too, before settling down at a table with her spread of grainfree/sugarfree food and tea.

"Relatively," Zoey answers Insaya with a smile. "I am her patron. I came to be supportive of my protege."

Rowenova has joined the Large Table.

Zoey has joined the Quiet Booth.

Ras wanders into the tavern and appraises the assortment of food on the table. He helps himself to an apricot, and waves to Rowenova. The conversation between Zoey and Insaya gets a wary look.

Now that her dinner ware is set down on the table before her, Nova can do a real wave (which she lifts to Ras). She smiles softly before she starts in on the food she has acquired, curiously regarding the others with her eyes while apparently adroit with the spoon to continue souping and stewing as needed without even looking.

Sir Floppington lays down at her feat under the table, of course.

Lamora arrives, following Auda.

"Oh really? Did you encourage her to make this run?" Insaya asks. Grain-free, sugar-free? No. Not really. Insaya brought her thimble of liquor with her, and has the crumbs of something sweet on her hood. Sporting her raccoon-eyes, she is staving drowsiness off at best she can. But the seat underneath her is mighty comfy.

"I will be honest, I did not even know about the election until this event was announced," Zoey answers. "I typically make it my policy to stay out of common folk's business unless invited to be a part of it. Butting in is rude at best."

Ras takes a few steps and turns to lean against a wall, from which he can observe the ongoings in the common room of the tavern without fully settling himself anywhere. He glances down at the apricot, and splits the plump golden fruit with both thumbs pushing in around the stem. Drawing out the pit, he bites off a small sheaf of flesh that clung to one ridge and then flicks the stone unceremoniously aside while eyeballing Zoey.

Auda steps into the Tavern, glancing around with bright green eyes. She nods to those she knows, gravitating their way in time to hear Zoey's words. There's a.. faintly confused glance shot at the Kennex. "..Why are you here, then?" She's not hostile, just.. trying to figure it out.

From her food on the table, Nova looks up and to Auda and Samira, doing so with a welcoming smile before she goes back to chowing down on her vittles.

Zoey's eyes move to Auda when the question is asked. "I simply want my protege to know that I support her, and that my assistance is available to her should she want it," she replies. "Like any good patron should."

Ras stuffs half of the apricot into his mouth, shoves it into a cheek, and chews ponderously.

Insaya says, "The Kennex family has long been on the progressive edge of Isles politics. I was sorry to hear about your relation. I didn't know him, but very, very few people deserve that sort of end." She inclines her hean, and then leans back, to support the wall. "Floppy! Floppington! Here, boy!" she gets down with a knee on the ground.

Sir Floppington does that thing where he is laying down but does not want to really get up just yet, but he still crawls along the floor, doing so until finally out from the table most the way within petting reach of Insaya there, wagging profusely so much that he hits Nova on her boots: she does not mind!

"It's not MY fault he wasn't paying attention. Seriously, get in the way and then blame ME? People these days, you know?" Samira grouses as she steps into the tavern. At first glance, it may appear that she's talking to herself, unless one were to take note of the tiny mouse poking his head out of her pocket. She shakes her head, a determined clearing of thoughts, before sweeping a glance over the establishment, appearing pleased as she spots several familiar faces. She returns Nova's smile with a small grin and steps away from the door to make room for other newcomers.

Ras gulps the masticated apricot pulp from his cheek, and gives his second apricot half a solemn look as if making the weighty mental decision whether to take a bite from it or just eat the whole thing. Finally, just staring at the sweet and slightly mushy fruit is too much, and he stuffs that into his face, too. Chew, chew, chew. He studies the room, noting Samira's mousey with a flick of his pupils.

Insaya gets a booze bottle with apricot brandy inside from unremarkable cloth pouch.

Auda nods, not looking entirely convinced at Zoey's answer. "Fair enough, I suppose." She steps over to the table of refreshments, pouring herself a glass of red wine. "I'm really looking forward to the elections."

1 Silvershields arrives, following Yasmine.

Insaya coos, "Good boy, good dog. Awww, look at you, big sad eyes." She lets his sniff her hands if he likes before lavishing affection on the pooch.

Sir Floppington will take a sniff but not very long before he is trying to simply position his noggin right there under Insaya's hands while looking up with the soulfulness so present in those deep optics right now. So soulful.

"If my presence here is disruptive or unwelcome, I can go," Zoey offers to Auda. "It is not my intent to cause discord."

Rowenova says, "I think you are fine, Lady Zoey. I think it is admirable to be here to be supportive. I support you being supportive."

"It's not either of those things, really. I figured some nobles would show up to these sessions, and a patron makes extra sense. I just walked in at a strange point of the conversation." Auda smiles, giving a little shrug. She looks to Sir Floppington, and then to Rowenova. "I'm surprised they let Sir Flops in."

Ras swallows his second mouthful of apricot. Then he shifts off the wall, and looks between the table and the exit.

Despite her amiable grin toward Rowenova, Samira keeps her distance from the hound, making a wide arc around him on her way toward the bar. She offers a nod of greeting to Ras, smirking. "I was gonna ask if you were saving some for later," she teases, puffing her cheeks wide to indicate the whole piece of fruit stuffed into his mouth. She leans lazily against the bar, an appraising gaze sent around the establishment.

"There are always a few curious folks, it seems," Zoey says with a nod. Rowenova gets a beaming smile. "Why thank you, Scout. I appreciate your support of my support."

Yasmine sweeps into the tavern, a finely-woven basket hung from her bent arm. "I hope I'm not terribly late for meeting our candidates," she murmurs, taking stock of her surroundings before an infectiously charming smile dimples her cheeks with ease. "I'm glad it has such a wonderfully turnout," she tells Ras, maneuvering around to deposit herself into his companionship with an arching wave to Auda, Rowenova and others familiar to her.

Insaya plants a kiss on the top of the pup's head between his ears. "Well, my bed is calling. I'm going to go doss down until my landlord wants his coin." She scrubs a hand through her hair. "Shame I missed it."

3 Armed Confessors leaves, following Insaya.

From where she sits with her food at the table, Nova forks some berries along with some cubes of cheese in the second bowl then glances back to Sir Flop. "Yeah, there are plenty places who have been turning their noses up at him." Then, she looks back to Auda, "But, we live in close proximity, have been regular customers, even been here when the Crown Stablemaster had his dog. Also, another time, His Majesty complimented Sir Flop in this very tavern, too." Then, she motions around to indicate the place. "Plus he is a good boy, and so seems alright here." She smirks faintly to Zoey, then. "I appreciate that you appreciate my support of your support."

Ras nods slightly to Yasmine. "Want an apricot?" he asks her, seeming to decide to move for the table rather than the exit. He selects two of the small plush-skinned fruits and tosses one her way, without waiting for an answer.

Zoey chuckles to Rowenova. "I thought you might," she replies with a grin.

"There's a lot of food here," Ras adds to Samira, which might be a weird thing to say.

Nova briefly bounces her eyebrows which somewhat shifts her wolfy headdress, doing so before a half grin back to Zoey. Then, Nova finishes eating some of the food she has before holding the bowls for Sir Flop to finish them.

Yasmine deftly snatches the baked confection from mid-air, a pleased smile cresting her lips as she trails after Ras. "It's like you heard my stomach growling away," she quips sunnily, breaking off a piece carefully to toss into her awaiting mouth with a sigh of foodie delight.

"The King's compliment? That's high praise indeed." Auda laughs, looking back to the hound. "He certainly is a good boy, I'll give him that!" She's got a glass of wine, and now Auda's gravitating towards Yasmine and Ras. "Sweet dreams," is offered to Insaya with a little wave.

After the word 'good boy' is spake by Auda, Sir Floppington looks to her with those soulful eyes before wagging his tail a bit more then goes back to the eating of the stew and cheese in the bowls until they are all gone, and then Nova neatly stacks those on the table with utensils in the top bowl.

"They never said we have to eat all of it this second," Samira remarks to Ras, the conspiring look in her eyes hinting that she may be considering filling pockets before she leaves. Old habits die hard. The reminder of food captures her full attention. She slowly pushes up away from the bar and meanders toward the refreshments, taking her time in perusing the selection before plucking a piece of bread and some cheese. She watches Yasmine's deft catch and then follows it with an appraising glance toward the unfamiliar woman herself.

Ras shows Yasmine a fleeting tinge of a grin, and this time jams the entire apricot into his mouth. There's some very distorted chewing and he bounces his eyebrows at Samira as if in challenge. Half a minute later he spits the pit out and presents it to Auda with a small flourish as she nears his position.

"Worst case scenario, we do what we must to see it provided to those who won't have nourishment for the evening," Yasmine proposes in alternative solution toward Auda and Ras from over a shoulder, gliding to a nearby table and pouring herself into a seat. "Or we do a little finagling to turn this into a party," she wiggles her fingers toward Samira, having briefly caught her gaze, a glass of wine produced in hand seemingly out of nowhere. "Come to support our outstanding panel of candidates, too?"

"Thanks, Ras." Auda actually takes the pit, if

"May I be of assistance?" Zoey asks Yasmine. "As long as I am here, I am happy to make myself useful."

"Thanks, Ras." Auda actually takes the pit, if Ras actually gives it to her. She even pockets it! Who knows why, really. "Either plan is a good one, Yasmine. We could always do both, really." She grins, glancing over to all the food.

When Auda pockets the apricot pit, Nova half grins. "That gonna end up an alchemy experiment, or are you growing the community garden?"

Samira arches her brow at Ras, her competitive nature suddenly flaring. She affixes him with a look that seems to indicate a willingness to meet his challenge, whether real or perceived. Without thinking, she promptly attempts to stuff a large chunk of bread into her mouth. And then Yasmine is addressing her, causing her to rethink the error of her ways. Dark eyes widen as she wiggles fingers at the other woman, nodding, gesturing

Ras doesn't seem surprised by Auda taking and pocketing the pit. Maybe he has a decent idea why she'd do that. "It's nice folk're gonna vote," he comments out of nowhere, then narrows his eyes at Samira.

Gesturing 'a moment' to Yasmine, Samira takes several long drawn-out moments to chew and finally swallow. Clearing her throat, she brushes a sleeve across her mouth to rid herself of crumbs and then flashes a quick smile. "Sorry. Yes. It's kinda nice to see everyone fired up and actually caring about making things better. It's good to hear what all the candidates have to say." A blink as manners are recovered. "I'm Samira."

Bryn, a flustered lovelorn Prodigal assistant, Misty, a sweet-hearted, but bossy Mistward Labrador arrive, following Svana.

Yasmine quirks her lips faintly at Zoey, a touch of surprise alighting within her eyes to see the Kennex noblewoman there. "Oh, my lady. I hadn't noticed you were in attendance. I'm sure your presence provides far more support than we know, presently, at hand." The merchant princess rearranges herself within her seat, expressive features so easily betraying her lingering curiosity about Zoey before it gives way to an exuberant little laugh at Auda. "RIght as ever," she concedes. With a gentle wave of a hand, she calls upon her ever dutiful companion to begin hatching a plan. "It'll be a bit of a rush, but I don't see why we can't."

Ras might've been about to make some rather uncouth moves on the food table, but then Samira recovers herself, and so he doesn't. "It'd be nice if we could vote for who's a silk," he says next, and gives Zoey a solemn look. "Think I'd vote, uh, nobody. For that." Obviously he has no idea how things might work and is trying to extrapolate in an awkward fashion. "I know who I'd vote for king and queen, though."

"The latter," Auda nods to Rowenova. She studies Samira for a moment, probably trying to remember if she's met the woman before. "I'm Auda," is offered just in case, and to the room at large, when the other introduces herself. "I'm glad people are going to vote, too. The group of candidates is really good, and most are already working to help the Lowers."

Svana wanders in with her babies in her little cloth carrier, ordering red wine at the bar. She looks around and then seats herself near Auda, having come just to listen. Ras gets a wave, as does Rowenova. The Northern woman has a rather intense look on her face.

"I'm pleased to meet you, Samira. I'm Yasmine Champagne," comes the faaaar belated introduction from Yasmine to Samira before she gets engrossed with things.

"Well, good! Supportive and unobtrusive was what I was going for," Zoey says, dipping her head to Yasmine.

Svana drops Longboat Baby Cradle.

Standing up from her chair at the table, Nova pushes said chair in before nodding back after what Auda just said. Then, she moves to pat Svana on the back gently before smiling at the little ones. She does not say anything, but there is definite wonder there.

Sir Struttington, Esquire Messenger Peacock arrives, delivering a message to Svana before departing.

"Nice to meet you as well," Samira answers Yasmine with a bow of her head. When Auda adds her name, she smiles and lifts a hand in a wave of greeting. "I think our paths may have crossed before, but I have a terrible memory for that sort of thing. So whether we did or not, nice to see you." She plucks a few grapes from the assortment of fruit on the table, a calculating look flickering across her features as she eyes the distance between herself and Ras. Gods know what she's planning.

Ras checked composure at difficulty 10, rolling 3 higher.

Ras glances around and frowns, but it's a placid sort of patient frown, whatever he's thinking about.

Svana looks up at Rowenova happily when she comes over, then down to the babies in the carrier. She slowly unwinds the cloth and moves to hold them in her lap. "A month old today! Rowan has found his smile. Elanne... is hiding hers." She receives a messenger and looks over to Ras, then starts writing something as her glass of wine arrives. Not enough hands. But she makes it work, alternating taking drinks of wine and writing while her babes are scooped into one arm. "Auda Florin, I'm glad to see you."

"It's good to see you, too! It's hard to believe they're a month old already," Auda replies to Svana. "I think we have, Samira, but I'm not great with names, either." She grins, the expression a little lopsided, and looks to Yasmine. "It's not far to the Boroughs from here. I'm sure we could find a cart to load up."

Yasmine tucks her chin into an upturned palm, the corners of her mouth lofted into a humored smile as she slyly watches Ras and Samira from beneath her lashes. "I'm not sure if I need to start a bet on which one of you will break into mischief first," she calls over, then gives a bright laugh at Auda. "We'd get it properly distributed all easily, I think. I'm sure some dear friends of ours wouldn't mind it."

Zoey perks up when she notices Svana's entrance and crosses the room. "A month already?" she says, her smile bright. "Congratulations! Oh what sweet little ones..."

Ras's gaze drifts to the peacock, whom he views with some offense, and then fixes on Svana's babies. He doesn't get closer, but watches for a moment or two before glancing towards Yasmine and Auda. "Huh? Um, yeah. I'll go out and look for a cart."

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