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Thrax Dinner: Family and Friends

Thrax family, vassals, and friends are invited to gather around the table for a hearty dinner, discuss anything pressing, socialize and general fun times. Food will be aplenty and drinks well stocked.


Feb. 17, 2020, 7 p.m.

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Alarissa Ian Denica Wash Carita Catalana Aethan Zoey Quenia Victus Mikani Rysen Thea Juliana Skye Porter Cecilia



Arx - Ward of House Thrax - Thrax Estate - Dining Room

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William, a taciturn quartermaster arrives, following Aethan.

4 Redoubt Buccaneers, Luna, the Darkwater Assistant arrive, following Carita.

2 Kennex corsairs, Jane arrive, following Catalana.

Jayne, Burly Sailor, Catalana arrive, following Wash.

Dinner at the Thrax estate is a far less formal affair than say what you might find in Grayson or even within the walls of Valardin. Here, it's lucky if the family can manage to be in the same room when dinner is served and especially as the compact and the isles gears up for purported or potential war.

Victus' seat is devoid of it's owner, but the more normal sized one kitty corner to it's right is occupied by the Princess Consort of Thrax as servers filter in and out, laying platters on the table between the large roasted boar, and the enormous eel that's turned in on itself countless times over. Fare for everyone, sea and land lovers alike, abounds and already a few member of the family have come in, grabbed plates and left to tend to meetings or a bite to eat before some other affair they have to attend to.

Ian comes in with the... what's a group of Kennex called? He comes in as part of that. He's cheerful (for him, anyway), and the light flush on his haggard features might suggest at least a part of why. Someone has gotten a head start on the evening. "... blasted sorry to have missed it," he's saying to Aethan as everyone comes in.

Denica comes from the bedchambers, doing some last minute adjustments to her hairdo before moving closer to the table. She has her trusty sketchbook under an arm, taking it into her hands as she curves herself for a polite bow in Alarissa's direction before making herself comfortable at a seat.

A group of Kennex is called a gaggle. Wash gaggles along with the rest of the purple, white and black Kennex Geese.

Carita's not far behind that gaggle of? murder of? flock of? Kennexes, dipping a curtsy for the High Lord and Lady, Denica, Aethan, and the other Kennex folk before finding a seat to settle in, warm smile curling her lips.

Catalana nod not get the memo about dressing like Kennex Geese, well maybe she did and she ignored it. Dressed in silvers and ocean blues, she comes in on the arm of Wash and has already managed to procure a glass of wine before entering the room. She too curtsies to the Thrax family and finds a seat.

Rysen arrives, following Mikani.

Next time you won't," Aethan replies, and it sounds a little bit like an order -- if such a thing could be ordered. Whatever they are talking about seems to have made a serious impression on him. He's looking much the same as he always looks, impassive to the point of flat, but he bows to Alarissa when they enter, saying, "Your Highness," before he moves to take a seat with the other Kennexes.

Captain Curls, an attentive, ebony guard poodle arrives, following Quenia.

Zoey glides in with the rest of the pack, because Kennexes more in packs, head high as she does. She drops into a practiced curtsy for Princess Alarissa before finding a seat for herself.

Jayne, Burly Sailor have been dismissed.

Everyone else bowing seems to remind Ian that he should be doing that too. He inclines his upper body a little bit over his cane and follows the others to their seats. "I'd have been there if I'd known how short on time we were." There's a hint of genuine regret in his tone somewhere, but not enough to counteract his good humor.

Octavian, a silken spaniel have been dismissed.

2 Kennex corsairs have been dismissed.

"Duek Regent, Washburn. Catalana. Lord and Lady Kennex" Alarissa dips her head to both even as a servant is sliding a plate in front of her. Denica gets a smile as the artist emerges. "I need to see to a portrait done of Victus and Scarf. Lilybelle unhappy in the background. How are you?" She asks the other Princess. Beneath the table a small goat settles at her feet. She makes time to greet everyone. Her left side obscured by a fall of seasilk. "His Grace sends his apologies, but he is occupied. And Catriona will be here, soon enough I am sure. Please make yourself comfortable. If there's anything lacking, ask a servant and we'll see it brought out for you."

Dressed in her green hued Lycene style brocade dress, Quenia just miiiiight be a bit out of place at a dinner in Thrax territory. She glides in gracefully, looking somewhat more rested and self-assured than she has in the past month or so. And tonight? Well, tonight she's decided to go out and be social, and so here she finds herself, stepping just to the side of the entrance to see just where she might fit at the table.

Catalana smiles a little more with Alarissa's greeting, briefly murmuring to Wash, "I do love when I hear people use your proper name." Her attention is then caught by Quenia's enterance. Her lips curl into an even warmer smile "Marquessa. What a pleasure to see you here."

Victus is cutting a calm gait through the dining room once dinner rolls around. His head is down and his hands are tucked into the pockets of his coat. There's a nod of greeting for those he passes, but for the time being the Prince is staying quiet. There's a hint of a smile cut across his scarred face. Around his shoulder was the shiny, sleek otter companion. While trailing beneath his coat was the grumpy form of his feline friend. Bringing along his own little zoo to dinner.

Wash bows to Alarissa when he is acknowledged. "Thank you for your hospitality Princess." Wash says politely. He stops at the table and pulls out a chair for his wife. "Only person outside of my father that still calls me Washburn. Is that why you want to spend next spring in Bastion?"

Mikani comes with Rysen on her arm. How many people get to walk around with a Bardic Knight on their arm and a handsome one at that. Mika grins as she and Rysen have been talking about something before the two of them enter. Rysen adorned in his usual Black Northlands Garb and Mikani in her Umbra garb that speaks to both her Isles childhood and her Northlands current life. The pair do have a very striking appearance. Mikani does take Rysen to greet the High Lord and Princess Alarissa before they go and take their seats.

"Oh, I've been doing great." Denica replies, returning Alarissa's smile with one of her own, "I've been doing some portraits for friends and found myself briefly embroiled by the glitter war." She recalls, nodding with a smirk to the painting suggestion, "I like the idea, it reminds me of a piece I made for the Ebb and Flow a long time ago." Her eyes shift to catch sight of Victus as he comes in, dipping politely her head in his direction.

"I wasn't sure I was going to make it, though I'm glad things freed up and I was able to come," Quenia smile warmly in Catalana's direction. She offers a curtsey to Victus and Alarissa, being this is their home, and decides to sit near the Kennex crew. She gives a nod to the others as she takes a seat nearby. She raises an amused brow at Denica, "Glitter war?" she asks, clearing not having heard about this occurance.

"Thank you for inviting us, Your Grace, Your Highness," says Rysen after bowing respectfully to Victus and Alarissa. He offers a warm greeting to the Kennexs, and takes a seat beside Mikani.

"I know. I didn't realize it, either. We were just lucky." Aethan settles into the chair, though as soon as he does, Victus enters, and he rises again to bow, with a murmured greeting. He sits down again then, inclining his head to Quenia when she enters, and then Mikani and Rysen as well.

"I think that portrait is still on our wall," Ian says to Denica, after settling into his chair. "Nobody will let Porter take it down. Porter welcomed himself back home by knocking on Aethan's door and throwing glitter at him." The latter part is directed at Quenia, although his tendency not to change intonation when he switches between thoughts makes that less than obvious. He nods to Mikani and Rysen as they come in, as well.

Carita rises from her seat to curtsey to the High Lord as he enters, and as she settles, lifts a hand to fingerwave in Mikani and Rysen's direction before she turns her focus on the table's talk of glitter. "Is this the reason Lord Evander warned me that entering the Kennex Kay would only result in being covered in glitter?" Her question seems to be for Catalana and Denica both.

After returning to her seat from rising to greet the High Lord upon his arrival, Zoey says, "That glitter has been haunting us for weeks now."

"You are Washburn and you will always be Washburn to me. By blood, I've earned that right to call you such. And I'll teach Astrid to call you that. The whole lot of my children." And then here's Victus after all and there's a -really- pleased smile that he's arrived. "Yes, I remember the paintings in the ebb. I deigned to step foot in there to see them. I always adore your work when you do it." Here's Carita and Rysen with his wife, Quenia gets a brilliant beaming smile. "The Lycene are invading!"

Quenia grins widely at Alarissa. "I promise not to be too intimidating in this invasion," she tells her, eyes dancing mischievously. She glances over at Ian and ohs softly, then gives Aethan a sympathetic look. "It must have taken the staff ages to get all that glitter out of your clothing. I'm sure you're still finding out everywhere."

"Lovely." Wash replies. "Not that I am intimating that anything should abrogate your rights cousin." Wash cranes to see who is here and seems delighted. "Igniseri! We are saved!"

Catalana beams at Alarissa's words, "As they should. I like hearing him called Washburn. It reminds me of the young prince who stole my hand." She teases Wash, "You made many men cry the day you sat next to me at dinner." She groans softly at Carita, "It is dreadful. I believe the flakes are buried into my skin. It just never leaves the house." She gives a welcome nod to the Northlanders before helping herself to the eel's eyeball.

"Yes, from what I gathered, Lady Thea and Lord Porter are contesting to see who looks better in glitter." Denica explains, a wry smirk forming over her face and widening into a smile as Ian reminds her of that portrait, "Well, it's only fair to have his brothers join the fun. I commented the other day that we might be on our way to a full glitter festival."

Rysen offers a smile and dip of his head to Carita. Glancing to Ian, he laughs softly, and says, "So that's how you became so glittery." He watches as Catalana reaches for the eel eyeball, and his fair complexion grows a bit paler.

There's a wry pull of Aethan's mouth when Quenia says this, and he nods. "Porter cleaned some of it," he has to concede, slightly grudgingly. "Luckily for him." And in fact, he may have a fleck or two still hanging around -- pink glitter, to be precise. It will never go away completely.

Mikani grins at Carita and bows her head at her former Liege. She gets a mug of tea and enjoys the first few sips of it before she cradles the mug between her hands. "I am just glad that I have missed the glitter affliction." She grins at Rysen and murmurs to him softly before her eyes alight on Wash. "Not that I was asked ... I will say that I like Washburn because it makes you sound more like the dashing pirates from novels."

Ian moves some fish onto his plate to go with a handful of vegetables. He hesitates for a moment before taking what looks like a fried baby squid because there aren't enough of them on the serving platter for EVERYONE to have one. "Every time I think it's all been cleaned up..." He eyes Denica. "A festival. The gods help us all."

Catalana notices the northern lord go pale, so certainly makes much more of a show of sucking it and chewing it with exaggerated mmmhms Mmm noises. Getting a fork, she plucks the other eyeball out with a squishy squelch noise and extends it to Rysen, "Here lord Rysen. It's an islander delicacy. You must try it." Then to Quenia, she totally tattles on Wash, "Lord Wash was rating his favorite Igniseri's and you weren't on his list."

Quenia does her best to cover a small chuckle behind her hand as she notices the pink glitter on Aethan's clothing. Once settled, she wisely nods in her head in his direction. "No doubt, you'll be finding it for ages to come. The stuff is notorious for always hanging about. Or, sweeping off onto something else to annoy others." She accepts a glass of whatever wine is being served, and settles for some of the seafaring delights for her dinner. "I ran into Porter and Ian last week at the training center, though it was nothing so notable as anything like that. Porter was busy getting himself tuckered out while Ian helped me a bit with my sword forms. I'v been dusting off the rust a bit in preparation for things to come over at Granato."

"Only because I never named my first favorite." Wash points out. "Let's not get into it again anyway."

"Do you know how things are going with that?" Ian asks Quenia. Presumably, 'that' refers to Granato, but his tone of voice doesn't do much to really clarify. "Any idea how much time you have?"

Rysen checked stamina + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 9 higher.

Rysen glances at Mikani and then back to Catalana. "Why... thank you, Lady Catalana. You're... most generous." He accepts the squishy eyeball and without looking at it, puts it in his mouth, chews and swallows. "It's... delicious. Thank you."

"Oh, glitter -never- really leaves, as you said," Carita adds to Quenia's remark, as she dips her head respectfully in the Marquessa's direction, a warm smile after that. "Carita Darkwater," she introduces quietly. She takes in the meal and the endless swirls of the eel, "No tiny octopus tonight, Princess Alarissa?" Is asked with eyes sparkling with amusement.

Zoey quietly serves herself while she listens to the conversations around her. While she manages not to change colors when she sees them, dishes still resembling the sea creatures of which they are comprised are noticeably absent from her plate.

Quenia raises both her eyebrows at Catalana's accusation regarding Wash and his favorite Igniseri. "It's because I make you tell stories at dinner, isn't it?" she asks, looking somewhat forlorn about the matter. Well, maybe mock forlorn. "I can't promise never do that Washburn, never. Your stories are just too good." Then there's Ian distracting her a bit. "Er. Corban is sending a team out going in search of Thornweave around Granato, just in case they have shown up. The Mirrorguard is about to go do some patrols themselves to see if they can find them. We'd welcome outside help; and I can say this being a leader in the Mirrorguard. So if you know of anyone that wants to give aid and go help scout, do let me know."

"No, no octopi. Though I can see if the kitchen has any if you like?" Alarissa smiles to Carita, listening to the conversation around them as she eats, that left side never moving.

Denica falls silent for a moment, listening to the conversation happening around the table as she carefully arranges the food into her plate, changing the design a couple of time before she is satisfied. Once the arrangement is in position, she moves the plate along the table, checking for the right light settings before pulling out the sketchbook so that she can begin to draw.

"Mm." Aethan nods again at Quenia's words, letting out a little huff of what might be amusement, though it's hard to tell. It's very faint. He reaches for a glass of water, taking a sip, though something has his eyebrows raising, and he shifts in his seat to glance under the table.

Mikani nibbles at her plate. Like Zoey her dish seems void of heads and eyeballs. Her dark eyes watch Rysen as he tries the eyeball and she seems to grow paler with every chew Rysen takes. When he swallows and things seem to stay good, color returns to her face.

Ian offers one of the fried squid to Carita. "These are usually pretty good. I think the cook here has a special recipe." He's gonna take one for himself now, damnit. He nods to Quenia as he does so. "If I haven't shipped out on the Eurus thing when you go, I'd be willing to help out." His gaze slides sideways to Aethan. "I've already missed enough action as it is."

Catalana peeks at Quenia, "If you need someone to you know, smile and play fainting damsel for them, I can. I'm not that great with a weapon." She counters Wash after. "Pretty sure you said Lady Juliana was your favorite." She finally looks horrorified at Rysen, "You're meant to swallow them whole. Like oysters."

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes arrives, following Thea.

Quenia inclines her head a bit absently at Ian. "Are you alright Lady Mikani?" she asks, concern in her voice, as she eats some of her own seafood delights. They are not as fanciful as the ones Catalana is eating or giving to Rysen though. To Ian she answers, "I shall put your name on the rosters of people interested in undertaking this mission. Thank you for helping," she says with true gratitude in her voice. "In the meantime, the Lyceum is working on building watch towers to go all the way across the hundred cities." She smirks, "Or, whatever number we are now. To warn us all of the dangers we might be in. Granato wasn't the only city listed to be in danger from them." She blinks at Catalana and shakes her head. "Oh, no. You don't want to be a damsel with them. Not with the vines they grow that eat people."

Wash sighs. "Here I was hoping that someone would still call me Wash. Juliana said she was my favorite. I believe I relegated her to third place."

Rysen's eyes open wide. "Oh, I... I'll definitely do that next time," he says to Catalana, as his pallor changes to a flush of embarrassment, and he glances at Alarissa, praying under his breath to Lagoma that she didn't notice anything that might be considered a breech of decorum.

Alarissa noticed, there's a smile to Rysen. "I can't remember if you've been exposed to the tradition of first time guests and new family members."

Aethan nods distractedly in response to Ian, but he does seem concerned about whatever it is that's under the table. He shifts in his seat, as though he's moving his leg, before he looks up to Alarissa. "Your Highness," he says, in a lull in her conversation -- if there is one, if not he just says it -- "there seems to be a goat under the table who may need fed."

She's late she knows, but-sineone left a child with her! A baby! Thea eventually does step in though, a curtsy and all to Alarrisa. A nod of her head to the others,"Good evening. I'm so sorry I'm late,"Thea apologizes with a brief smile.

Mikani waves her hand. "I'm fine. Second child isn't treating me as nicely as the first one did." She admits with a soft flush of her cheeks.

Wash has joined the Dinner Table.

Zoey has joined the Dinner Table.

Rysen sits up straighter in his chair. He glances to Mikani, and then to Zoey, before turning again to Alarissa. He opens his mouth to speak, and breathes out in relief when Aethan mentions a goat beneath the table, hoping it will draw Alarissa's attention.

Carita has joined the Dinner Table.

Catalana is about to spear a fish eye for Rysen to try again with but a sudden thump thump on her skirt has her glare at Wash and a murmur. "Can't you wait until we get home?" When it continues, she looks under the table and begins to giggle at Aethan's misfortune. "Oh. He's stealing Aethan's pants."

Mikani has joined the Dinner Table.

Thea has joined the Dinner Table.

Carita shakes her head, "It's really not necessary to trouble your staff," she begins with Alarissa, "I just recall it being a newcomer dinner trial." The fried squid is accepted with Ian's offer, along with a bit of eel plucked from the platter, "Perhaps you'd like some roasted boar?" There's a knowing grin for Rysen before leaning to whisper something to Aethan, her brow furrowed quizzically.

Wash nods. "Yes. That's the goat." He tells Catalana.

'A goa- Oh." Oh. Alarissa's eyes go wide as she shifts to peer under the table. But it's so large. "Daisy. She's been wandering since the Keatons sent her over. She's... enthusiastic." Is putting it nicely. "I lost a dress to her already." Mournfully spoken. 'And the arm Astrid made for me." Not so mournfully said. 'Such a shame." She gestures to a servant and points toward Aethan. "Lock it in a closet or something? And see some octopus if there's any? The smaller the better."

And there's a servant apologizing to Aethan and going down to a knee to try and get the little goat.

Who bleats their objection and scrambles away. Bleating. Repeatedly. Loudly. With enthusiasim.

Tyce the gruff and disapproving, 2 Scarlet Phoenix Guard, Argent, a silver hound arrive, following Juliana.

Ian takes a squid for himself. Settling back, he looks under the table. "Duke Gr -- Duke Harald ate one of those little goats. He said it was pretty good."

Quenia glances over at Wash, and says with a straight face. "Well, I mean, if I'm not your favorite I don't think I can call you by your preferred name anymore. I mean, you did, I think, know me longest." She blinks when Catalana and Aethan mention a goat, and then her eyes widen when she mentions that the goat is stealing Aethan's pants. So, she does what any good Lycene would do, and looks to see if that's happening.

Champion, the tiny yappy puppy arrives, following Porter.

"Greta" Alarissa nods to Ian. "She was filled with Ennui. She was not destined long for the world."

Thea is already turning for the goat,"So--goat? Can I borrow him?" There's already plotting in her head, you can practically see it as she turns to start putting food on her plate.

Carita's face reddens with something. Pain? Yes. Most assuredly. Or surprise? An odd mixture of both. "What a delightful goat you have." She tells Alarissa before she clears her throat.

Wash stands up. "I want to hereby announce that I, Wash Kennex, prefer Quenia Igniseri to all other Igniseris." Wash raises his glass. "Not only because she was the first I've seen to brave the Maw for pleasure rather than business."

Ian gives Alarissa an inquisitive look. "Was it the an-whatever that made it taste so good?" As Wash has raised his glass, he instinctively does the same.

"Well the only way to find out is to go and see." Juliana's voice preceeds her by a step as she enters the dinning hall, the Igniseri lady seems to be talking to the dark haired moppet that rests against her hip, wearing yellow bunny ears and clutching a toy boat in her hands. Both females turning their blue gazes towards the table as soon as they do. "Well isn't this a beautiful table?" Juliana smiles to those within with a smile.

Aethan looks over at Catalana with slightly raised eyebrows, but there's another little huff of amusement before he leans in a little bit toward Carita when she speaks lowly to him, responding in kind as he moves to allow the servant to get the creature from under the table. Luckily for everyone here, he still has his pants.


The sound under the table of the baby goat as it scrambles about and the servant popping from side to side of the guests as if he might catch the little thing.

Rysen pushes his back from his chair startled, as the sound of bleeting comes from his section of the table. As the servant jostles Rysen to his right and left, Rysen grins, and says to Mikani, "Are all the Thrax family dinners this exciting?"

"Well then, it seems Daisy didn't quite steal Duke Aethan's pants, so no replacements are needed," Quenia boldly declares as the Aethan rises from his seat to accommodate the servant. She moves a bit out of the way, turning to face Wash just as he makes his announcement. She beams up at him and claps her hands together. "Oh, wonderful!" she calls out to him, noticing just the Juliana's arrival. "Wash has decided that I am his favorite Igniseri, cousin."

Catalana gives an easy laugh at Wash's announcement just as Juliana walks in. She wiggles her fingers to Juliana, "You have the most fantastic timing Lady Juliana. Here, come sit with us. Lord Rysen was just trying some eyeballs and a goat is enjoying the Duke's pants."

"We are partly a zoo." Comes a dry quip from Victus at the head of the table. He's mostly been eating in silence, though Scarf has been consistently noisy with his 'eee eee eee' and grabbing at silverware. The otter has worked up a collection of forks and spoons stashed away in its sash.

2 watchful Blackshore guards arrives, following Skye.

Juliana arches her brow, those eyes turning to Wash. "I swear I am docking the lot of you." is her answer to the favorite of anything, though there is a good natured amusement in the wickedness of her smile. Quenia gets a kiss and a pat by Bastian but as Juliana moves towards Catalana, the child lurches for Zoey. "Abmirl!" claiming in a loud voice.

Wash sits down again with a thump. "I'm a useless lump at the best of times." Wash assures everyone listening to him.

Mikani laughs softly, "Usually." She grins at her husband. "Though usually I have more rum in me." She winks at Rysen before kissing his cheek.

There's a bucket being placed near Rysen, the scent of saltwater and within the depths of the bucket, some moving, some just loungings, little octopi that are bite sized.

The Kennex's are all here, Carita, Quenia, Thea, Juliana has just come in with a child on her hip. There's a small goat - likley - running around and away from a servant and bleating loudly. Scarf the otter is beside Victus, eee'ing like a squeaky toy and collecting cutlery and a giant roasted boar and a roasted eel partially being eaten front and center on the table.

A small goat barrels out from under the table, rocketing toward Juliana and child.

Quenia glances over at Victus. "But what a fine zoo it is," she tells him. She smiles again at Juliana for the kiss, then turns to Wash. "You were hardly useless when you were off fighting pirates for me," she tells him. "You, Aethan, and Ian all did wonderfully well, and I'd be glad to have you among those aiding Igniseri all over again." She looks then to Carita, "How have you been? And House Darkwater? Not glitter infested, I hope?"

Catalana disagrees with Wash as she slides him a glass of wine. "You're good with boats and you did make some very pretty babies." There's a pat pat to his hand before turning to Rysen and the live octopi. The excited gleam in her eyes as she watches him.

Skye arrives not so fashionably late in a flurry of skirts and smiles as she bustles into the family dinner. She looks a little out of breath, her frail frame a bit strained from her quick walking. She manages to dodge the bleating goat with wide blue eyes, "Oh my..." She looked as if she was about to speak but the strange fleeing goat caught her tongue. There's a pause, a blink and then bright smile again as she regains her composure. She looks to her patron, Princess Alarissa and then quickly to Victus with an apology and deep curtesy, "My apologies for my lateness."

Zoey laughs and catches Bastian. "Oh, Tia! Sweet little lady!" she says to the toddler.

"I heard you did pretty well against that... whatever it was. Demon ship." Ian reminds Wash of this. He's probably not in a good position to interfere with the goat charging towards Juliana, unfortunately. "I heard you took over for a while there and held things down."

Rysen smiles at Mikani after she kisses his cheek, but his eyes widen as the bucket of octopi are set beside him. He swallows, and adjust the fur-trimmed mantle resting over his shoulders.

Rosalba, a creamy-white raven with strikingly-alert azure eyes arrives, delivering a message to Ian before departing.

"Sorry. I think you misspoke. Ian and Aethan did all the work there." Wash explains. "And I credit Catalana for the babies' good looks. And I'd give at least half the credit to Baroness Skye Blackshore for the fact that all five caravels I oversaw turned out seaworthy. As for the demon ship... it was there for Aethan I think. I was just a good second mate."

Rosalba, a creamy-white raven with strikingly-alert azure eyes arrives, delivering a message to Zoey before departing.

Thea reaches for--is that rum--when glitter is mentioned. She stifles an amused grin behind her glass as she takes a sip. It will never get old. Hearing Skye though, she gives a sincere smile,"Baroness Skye, hello. It's been awhile." Thea meanwhile eyes Rysen, a glint in her eyes,"Everything alright?"

"No apologies necessary, Baroness Skye." Victus cants his head toward her as he says so. "I'd heard your military buildup went very well. I'll have to steal the idea. We've only managed to press some three hundred infantry into service this past week." He punctuates his words with a bite of octopus. Scarf the otter holds out a single spoon for the Baroness. A gift.

Juliana lets go of Bastian letting Zoey take her as the goat charges, then taking a step to stuff herself between the Zoey's seat and whover is beside Zoey, with apologie or explanation simply grabs whatever eatable or semi eatable is within reach and drops in the goat's path.

Catalana regards Wash for another moment, "You're really really good at causing chaos. I think you may be a bigger trouble maker than Porter." She looks back and encourages Rysen not at all, "These are best savored in the mouth for a moment before swallowing whole too."

Mikani leans over to Rysen, "You know you are suppose to have one ..."

Skye brigthens even further at the announcement that she was able to help Wash at the caravel. She quickly finds her seat and admits to the group, "Oh yes, we were able to find some efficiencies during the building process that allowed us to work in streams, on different areas of the caravels at the same time." She gives a quick smile to Thea. Then pauses in a bit of awe as even Victus recognizes her accomplishment. She takes the spoon solemnly from Scarf, murmuring a soft thank you to the kind otter.

Oh, look. It's Porter. He does eventually show up, taking a chair from somewhere and dragging it across the room to where Aethan is and cramming his seat next to his. He also subsequently has to cram his entire body into that spot too, but sometimes sacrifices have to made if you're going to sit next to your big brother and his pants. He looks over at the goat, "Nice goat!" he calls out and reaches to pour himself something to drink.

A servant comes bearing a messenger, stopping by Alarissa's chair to offer it over to the Princess Consort. The seal opened for her, she takes it up and then murmurs to victus before rising. "I am afraid I have to see to something. Rysen, you are the octopus eater this night. Remember, bite fast, before it bites you, and swallow some wine after or rum, to drown it."

Even as the food is dropped, the little baby goat is diverted and stopping for the food that Juliana dropped.

Maxene, the steadfast ladies maid, Pellinor, 3 Thrax Guards, 2 Thrax Elite Guards, Tracker, a Kite of the Cloudspine, a stoic Ostrian gelding, A Pridehall Highlands Cow named Sunflower, Daisy, the overly enthusiastic Keaton pygmy goat leave, following Alarissa.

Denica is midway through her sketch when she notices the eel might feel a little lonely in her plate, remedying that by adding some octopus to it. The artist lifts her head from the plate, waving to those she hadn't properly greeted yet, "Oh, Thea! You're here!" She says, "And Lord Porter, so are you! I'm sorta glad there isn't such thing as glitter food."

Carita's smile curls at Aethan's response, her own curling a little higher, before she turns her attention back on Quenia. "Oh no, glitter wouldn't dare infest Darkwater. We're far, far too menacing. And serious. Also seriously menacing. A deadly combination. The Watch and I are fine, at least at present." She lifts her shoulders in a delicate shrug before she smiles Juliana's way, dipping her head respectfully, "Lady Juliana, it's been far too long." As she notices Skye, there's a brighter smile for the vassal. "She did /amazingly/." she praises Skye to Victus.

Mikani takes Hurstwic Black Strawberry Rum from Black Leather Holster Hip Bag with Crimson Accents.

"It's the goat!" Wash protests to Catalana. "I swear. Two or three of those times at least."

The servant also has messages for Ian and Zoey, let's say, rather than a bird flying through repeatedly. Ian looks at his and murmurs something to said servant. "Tell her..." Dictating a reply, probably. Then he turns his attention back to the table, noting Porter's arrival. Porter's arrival is not easily missed. "Porter. Hey. Did you hear we missed an adventure?"

When Thea address him, Rysen nods, forcing a smile. "Yes, yes, Lady Thea, just fine thank you. How are you," he glances down at the octopi again, "are you doing?" He raises his eyes again to Thea. His gaze shifts from Catalana to Mikani, but Alarissa's words bring beads of sweat to the Crovane lord's forehead. He takes a glass of rum in hand, and, though he hesitates a moment, taking a deep breath, he thrusts his hand into the bucket, grabs an octopus and chomps on it, probably with unnecessary ferocity, and then downs the whole glass of rum.

Jules smiles to Zoey. "She has been asking for him for days. You don't have to keep her, I can take her back." then smiles to Carita. "Countess, it's lovely to see you again." then pauses to press a kiss to Denica's cheek since she is the actual only blood realitive here but doesn't interupt her filling the Princess' plate before finding herself a seat.

Skye blushes a bit more as Carita praises her to Victus and there's a look of solidarity given to her liege. She then turns her attention of getting an octopus for her plate. She uses the spoon that Scarf gave her to distract the beak by letting it latch on. Then her other hand pulls out a knife and proceeds in quick succession to remove the tenticle one by one, allowing them to be taken in bit-size bits so she can each in a measured lady-like, yet somehow eerily vicious way. For anyone watching Skye, it's clear that octipus is a favored delicacy.

Catalana scoffs at Wash, "Normally it's poor Sir Ham who gets the blame." Seeing Porter cram himself into the space at the table, Cat's eye for etiquette twitches. Instead of lecturing her cousin, she focuses on eating some more eel and one of those deep fried octopus."

Zoey bounces Tia on her lap. "You know all you have to do is write and I'll be there with both little ones in tow," she tells Juliana with a bright smile. "And Uriel loved the hood. He wore it to the bardic fire the other night."

Quenia smirks a bit at Wash. "You did wonderfully," she insists, not letting him scoff at her credit. "And I'd have you back any time." She looks to Porter and grins a bit. "Good to see you again. Hope you healed well from your session at the training center," she tells him. "It looked like you were getting a good pounding out there."

Wash just picks at his food thoughtfully. "The birthing did catch us unawares. Or did it? Were the balean simply waiting for us to be there to protect them?"

Thea grins at Denica,"I appreciate your work and the newest to come,"looking to Carita, she promises,"I wouldn't dare." For now anyway. Start small. Thea sips her drink and blinks and Porter and almost says something--that would be funny. But stops. She smiles at him instead before answering Rtsen,"Fine thank you. I was busy. Marquessa Arcadia somehow left me in the care of her child. I'm not sure if she appreciated how I returned her.."her gold-flecked green eyes shifting.

When Porter comes in, Aethan gives him a look that's almost like relief, which may or may not be odd to some people there. Including Porter. However, all he says is, "Porter," and inclines his head to his brother before he looks over at Carita again when she murmurs something else to him. He answers, shaking his head a little bit.

Mikani gives Rysen a fond kiss after the octopus is well and truly gone. "You did well." She murmurs to him with great love in her voice. At Thea's announcement Mika turns her head and looks curious. "What way did you return her?"

"If so, they could have waited a bit longer," Ian gripes to Wash. Maybe someone is a LITTLE upset that he missed the action. Just a little.

Denica turns, caught by surprise at Juliana's kiss, but opening up in a smile and waving to her cousin as she turns back to sketch a bit more, "Oh, I have a few ideas, just you wait." She comments to Thea, smiling turning a little wry. Mikani's question gets her curiosity and she falls silent once again to listen for an answer.

"Protecting them while they spawned was our purpose in being there," Zoey tells Wash. "Though I'll be honest, I thought we had more time."

"Was it possible we were going to be eating glitter food, Princess Denica?" Porter manages down the length of the table. "That sounds unnecessarily gritty. I think I'd have to take a hard pass." He starts drinking and his attention shifts to Ian next, quickly shaking his head. "No, I didn't hear we missed an adventure. I'm sure it was boring without us," he comments and laughs, giving Aethan a light elbow before he leans over to say something quietly to him. When he's done, he turns his focus Quenia-wards. "Oh, sure. I'm good. I've continued my losing streak though, it's extremely impressive." She's a given a thumbs up.

"I am glad he liked it, I can't get her out of hers." Jules settles into her seat, giving Catalana a slight shoulder bump as an hello and then finger waving back to Denica. If Aethan looks over, well she simply sticks her tongue at the Duke. While she continues to talk to Zoey. "You are welcome to come by any time. But I will get better at writing when we have time. With winter coming there will be a lot of that."

Bastian, simply grabs whatever is in reach on Zoey's plate and stuffs it in her mouth.

Catalana agrees with the other Kennex, "I'd had hoped to come to the shore and speak with the leaders more. Work out something much more long-term." She touches Wash's hand briefly, relief in her eyes at Wash, "I am so proud of how Ev did. I've never seen him on a boat like that."

"I well--set her lose in the training ring with water so she could play in mud and get her cookies,"Thea explains. Who said she was bad with children! Thea listens to Ian and Zoey as well and shifts a bit.

Ian snorts. "After all that excitement, I'm surprised he's not dead." He pours a glass of rum and slides it towards Rysen.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Thea before departing.

Quenia chuckles softly at Porter. "I'm sure eventually you'll see a winning streak," she tells him with a wink. "Then you'll give Ian a run for his swordsmanship." She picks up her glass of wine and takes a sip then, glancing between the two brothers. "We had just been talking about the glitter and how it's still aaaallll over Kennex Kay just a bit ago." She glances curiously between Ian, Wash, Zoey and Catalana when they discuss adventure. "What sort of thing were you doing?" she asks curiously, not catching all the tidbits.

Skye gives a curious look to Porter when it's mentioned that he's Aethan's brother. She makes a point of not staring too long because she has her hands full with the octopus in front of her. She continues her macbre slicing and dicing the little beast with her knife, feeding herself the little bits with her knife while continuing to pin it with the spoon. At the mention of children, there's a quiet look of wistful envy as she listens to the parents and fond relatives talk about the kids. The young lady doesn't comment on such things. She does comment to Carita and other nobles, "Blackshore should have our first production of cherry wine that's available for more than just our private cellars, thanks to Lady Zorianna who sadly couldn't be here this evening." She pauses as Quenia brings up some adventure that many at the table went on.

"So Evander wants to collect his scrolls when the all hands rings out. He doesn't even have time to leave ship. He comes on deck with a pile of scrolls while we're clearing the breakwater." Wash is already trying not to laugh telling the story. "I offered to put him in an away boat and he just looked at the scrolls like I'd personally threatened to set them on fire." Wash takes a drink and continues: "But then we brought the fleet to bear on the enemy, just blocking their approach and things got... a little crazy. I had to take command because Aethan was going one on one with them in his head. I needed an able hand to relay signals to the fleet to keep them betwixt the island and the enemy and guess who stepped up? Evander. I didn't even know he'd studied the flag code."

"Well, if I had some glitter food with me, I might as well throw it at others." Denica says with a slight shrug, "You know, to make them all glittery and tasty all at once." She adds, turning back at Thea, "If I ever become a kid again, I want you to be my nanny."

Rysen takes a deep breath as he continues to work his way through the bucket. He accepts the rum from Ian with gratitude shinning in his grey eye, and then continues to listen to the conversation around him.

"It took no small amount of convincing to get him onboard," Zoey tells Catalana as she wipes Tia's hand with a napkin. At Quenia's question she beams and replies, "Protecting the Balean while they spawned. They were being targeted..." She stops there and looks to Ian and Aethan, clearly unsure if she should name the threat aloud.

If looks could kill, the one Catalana shoots Ian at the excited to death comment would have him buried so far underground. Her chin lifts in clear pride for her brother. "He did brilliantly. We wouldn't be here without him." She looks to Wash when he laughs too. "He did amazing."

Quenia gives Zoey something of a quizzical look. "What are Balean?" she asks, looking between the set of Kennex all over again.

"It's a giant fuck-off whale." Victus pipes up. "And it gets to be its own island."

Thea blinks at Denica,"Um. No. Arcadia just messaged and say her child is climbing curtains. So-I dont think-'"Gods! And then Thea pauses to drink and listens to the tail she may or may not have been a part of. Not a large one, but she went...maybe.

And Ian, blissfully unaware of the look Catalana gave him. He tops off his wine. "It was the same situation as the lodge," he adds to what Zoey says. "The Horned God was after them because they were all in one place. We'd sent a group out to find out what the people who asked us to protect them were going to need, how many ships, that kind of thing. They got there and found out there wasn't time to get anyone else in, so they worked with what they had."

Very belatedly, Aethan does look over at Juliana, just in time for her to stick her tongue out at him. He blinks, his head tipping to one side, but he does have to let out another one of those little huffs. Laugh-adjacent. Whatever Porter murmurs to him has his eyebrows raising, and he glances over to Ian, before he murmurs something back. But he doesn't interrupt Wash's story.

Juliana glances back towards the conversation, mostly she is keeping an eye on her daughter to make sure the child doesn't become to much of a pest. Right now, Bastian is just watching Ian with interest was Zoey cleans her hand.

Glancing to Denica. "So Deni, tell me Redrain is going to send a team to the race and make these Kennex actually have to work to win?"

"Lady Crovane was there too." Wash points out. "And we were very glad to have her."

"They are... enormous whales," Zoey agrees with Victus. "Said to be sacred to Mangata, hence the Archlector accepting my invitation to join us. And, as Ian said, what was supposed to be a fact-finding mission resulted in our little band acting to protect them." Her gaze moves to the Crovanes. "Yes! Lady Mikani, tell your part!"

"Oh, I wouldn't place any bets on that, Marquessa," Porter replies to Quenia with a laugh before taking another swallow of his wine. "But I really appreciate your faith in me." He leans just a bit toward Aethan, listening to anything he might have to say. But as he does so, his eyes travel the other people at the table, landing on Skye when she gives him a curious look. He gives /her/ a curious look back, complete with one lofted eyebrow before he reaches out and takes a bit of something. Then he turns back to Aethan again and he's laughing now, but looks serious.

Skye looks fondly on at the group that protected the Baelan, clearly impressed by their efforts to save the giant whales. She frowns darkly at the mention of the Horned God and murmurs a soft prayer of thanks to Mangata for keeping those brave heroes safe. She flushes a bit when Porter catches her staring and turns her attention back to the octopus, nothing to see here.

Quenia inclines her head to Victus, giving him a greatful look. "Thank you," she tells him. She then turns her attention back to the story. Her attention goes to Mikani when she is pointed out, though not before looking to Porter, chuckling softly. "I assure you that I likely have more rust than you do when it comes to combat," she tells him, giving him an amused look. "So my faith is well placed." But she quiets down when Mikani's about to tell her side of things.

Denica shifts her eyes from one person to the other, the tale about a whale island and The Horned God seems to captivate her. However, it's Juliana's question that gets the Princess to smile again, "Oh, no need to rely on the Redrain." She says, rather proudly, "I shall be racing myself, though my team is not complete yet, we have the best navigator and combat medic in the city. So victory is assured."

Ian is just as insensible to being stared at by babies as he is to death glares. "I heard you got through to the marin'alfar. I wasn't sure they were going to have any help to spare for us." His gaze slides towards Denica. "You've got Lady Eirene on your team?"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Quenia before departing.

"Maybe this is the best time to get the most input. I've been asked to do the taste of Arx for Thrax. Does anyone have any ideas for food or games?" Carita asks, before smiling Skye's way. "Oh, I keep meaning to write back to her. Thank you for reminding me. I'm certainly looking forward to Blackshore's new wine. Do you think she would appreciate my writing to Venturo on her behalf? He's something of a master brewer, he might be able to give her some tips?"

Thea squints at Ian as she just says,"Next best thing,"listening to the stories around her.

Juliana smiles brightly to Denica "You are!? Wonderful. you can't have the best combat medic in the city. She is not allowed to be on a team. But if you have Eirene that is impressive!" looking over to Ian as Bastian suddenly holds out her toy boat to the Kennex Lord and Juliana just takes a sip to hide the smirk.

"Lady Thea, actually. And my navigator is Lady Tescelina." Denica reveals, cheeks tinting a little, "I also hope Princess Zara can join us, as well as Lord Domonico, but I haven't managed to meet with them yet."

Skye turns her attention to Carita as she mentions that Zorianna reached out, "Oh yes, I suggested that she reach out because of your network of traders." She bounces a little in her chair at the mention of a possible collaboration between Zorianna and Venturo, "Oh yes, that would be lovely. I think Master Venturo might be able to teach my dear cousin much."

Quenia glances over at Carita, and hmms softly. "I'm afraid any ideas I might have would be put to use should Igniseri get involved. Though, something sea themed, of course, for anyone in Thrax, unless there's some other delicacies you're holding out on?" she asks. "It'd probably be a good time to introduce a new Igniseri wine. We haven't done an unveiling in quite some time, though I've been uninspired on new vintages lately."

This time, the semi-laugh from Aethan is more of a snort as he continues looking at their youngest brother, studying him for a few seconds as he murmurs something back to Porter with a nod.

"Oh," Ian says; whatever moment of apprehension there might have been is gone now that he knows he's not competing against Eirene. He doesn't notice the toy being handed to him -- his gaze tends to skim over the young children almost like they're not there, or not worth paying attention to. He does (eventually) notice Aethan and Porter, though, and narrows his eyes. "... What?"

Mikani flushes softly as everyone looks at her. "Well I notified the Marin'alfar that we were going to see about the Balean. They sent me two ... what looked like balls of seaweed." Mika makes a motion with her hands about the size of them. "I was there as the Archlector did a blessing for them. It was beautiful. Anyway, after the babies were born, their parents brought them to the surface and they looked almost dead. I knew that was what the Marin'alfar gave me the seaweed for." Mika smiles at the memory. "So I was able to get to the calves and coax them to eat the seaweed balls. The seaweed helped give the calves strength and they both survived." Mikani grins remembering the calves swimming way with their parents after it was all done.

Quenia smiles a bit at Mikani's tale. "That must have been some sight. I'm looking forward to doing some actual adventuring, once the threats pass. I'm tired of being cooped up at home, and there's a handful of places I want to go. One is an uncharted island over by Caer Morien, and the other is a castle - though one that's likely very dangerous to go to - here in the Bay of Thrax. But, I'm still undecided on that one. It . . . " she trails off, then decides not to speak on it any more, shaking her head. She takes a sip of wine instead.

Thea amusedly sees Ian's face as she says says,"You know Eirene has trained me yes? And I've trained some of our guards? And she's asked my help for a few things.."she smiles bit. "You should worry a bit..".

"They followed us all the way out to sea again." Wash says. "Long as a caravel. As I understand it, the shav tribe will bend the knee now."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Thea before departing.

While Porter continues to converse very quietly with Aethan, he's still watching and occasionally commenting to the other people around him. That said, he catches Skye catching him catch her looking at him initially. He lifts a hand and waves just as she turns back to the octopus. When Ian speaks to them, he lifts his eyebrows and shakes his head. "Nothing, nothing at all."

"Not to mention I'm the Captain." Denica says, folding her arms in protest, "Or at least the mastermind who orchestrated this team. We haven't decided my role yet."

Catalana agrees with Wash, another spearing of octopus, "Yes. But I'd like to know more about the breeding seasons and what type of protection they need. We were truly lucky to survive really."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Thea before departing.

Skye nods in agreement with Quenia when she mentions that she'd love to do some adventuring, "Oh yes, it's been some time since I felt like I could get away and have an adventure. Between my duties to Thrax's infrastructure, the shipyard on Blackshore and my own responsibilities, it just feels like it would be too much to join an expedition with the Society of Explorers." She pauses as Porter waves to her and then waves back in the hand with the knife that has a wigglely octopus on it before biting into it.

Juliana pauses a moment as a messager step in, the missive opened and scanned is handed back and sent down to Quenia to read. "Looking back to Denica. "Lady Thea is very accomplished." smiling to Thea. "I look forward to seeing you all do well." taking another sip. Not noticing that Bastian is now frowning at Ian as she holds the small wooden boat out to him.

"Now -you- sound like Evander." Wash tells Catalana.

Catalana checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

There is the smallest of scowls at Wash. One that says he'll pay for that later. Instead she picks up a forkful of eel and tells Wash cooly, "Considering we're siblings that should hardly be surprising."

Ian nods to Thea. "I'm sure she trained you well." But he doesn't have that look like he was suddenly given pause, still. "She -is- his sister," he reminds Wash at pretty much the same time as Catalana reminds him. He's also keeping An Eye on his brothers, damn it.

Rysen listens to Zoey, Porter and Mikani's account of their adventure. He smiles when Mikani tells of feeding the calves, and seems very happy to be finished with the bucket of octopi, though the rum that accompanied them to their final resting place is revealed on the slightly drunken expression on the lord's face.

1 Kennex corsairs arrives, following Cecilia.

"Mm." Aethan nods in agreement with Porter's response to Ian, and doesn't offer anything further, though he does lean in toward Porter when he speaks again. He's still looking at Ian when he replies, and he's actually smiling. A little bit.

Quenia leans in to Ian, saying. "I daresay they may be plotting some grand scheme against you."

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"No shit," Ian grumbles to Quenia. "I'm not -that- dense." But he's keeping An Eye on them! So don't try anything! Especially not with glitter!

Quenia mutters, "You know ... worse than ... ... gets all over ... Sand."

Thea smiles at Juliana, thanking her. Standing however, after skimming her latest message, Thea apologizes,"I'm afraid I'm needed elsewhere." She bows her head and with a smile,"Thank you for the invite..."

Quenia lowers her voice a bit, then gives Ian a practically beaming at him. But then that beaming smile deflates a bit. She gives Aethan and Porter a considering look.

"What are you two conspiring about over there?" Zoey asks toward Aethan and Porter while still handling the toddler.

Whatever Aethan says to Porter, it has him leveling a look on Ian from across the room. It's a /knowing/ look. Then it breaks out into a broad smirk, one that he covers up by taking a drink out of his glass of wine. He tips his head to his oldest brother, leaning closer again. When Zoey speaks to them, the smile turns innocent. "Nothing. Just catching up."

Ian might be keeping his attention on his brothers.. which lets agree is a good thing. But he is totally missing the threat from the Lycene/Thrax hybreed sitting in Zoey's lap.. about the third time he doesn't acknowledge that she is trying to give him one of her most prized posessions, Bastian launches that little wooden ship at his head, with the precision only toddlers have.

Cecilia makes her way into the dining room fairly quietly making her way towards a seat near her cousins, nodding politely to Thea as the two cross path and offering polite nods or subtle waves to those who turn to her on her way to her seat.

Quenia mutters, "Well, then. If you could ... me their ... I ... ... bunch ... ... sitting in the Igniseri ... I ... ... ... they ... a ... ... ... ... wardrobe, ... you could ... their ... wardrobe. And, I don't ... a wardrobe ... the masculine variety."

"So I missed the assembly of peers. How did that go?" Wash asks, changing the subject now that the conversation and slowed.

Thea offers a slight smile to Cecilia as she passes.

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Ian checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 40, rolling 1 higher.

Catalana straightens a little and looks over to Wash again, "Well. Octavia yelled at me when I said Ford was a bad leader."

"Belladonna gloated." comes the answer to Wash from Juliana without even looking up.

Catalana agrees with Juliana, a rare scowl on her face, "I wanted to throw my shoe at her face."

Skye finishes her meal, and then quietly thanks her hosts before finding a way to slip out of the room so she can try to catch up with her liege. There's another glance over at Aethan and Porter, curious even as she makes her way out. She doesn't stick around to see if they return the look.

The most impressive thing about the way Ian casually moves his head out of the way of the flying boat is, really, the fact that he REALLY didn't look like he was paying attention, and the damned thing came out of what should have been a blind spot, besides. Uh. Whoever's on the other side of him, though, might be screwed.

"So Pravus is now lord of all the Saffron Chain?" Wash asks. "Is that what she was gloating about?" Wash shrugs. "Niklas would probably throw a shoe at you for saying that as well."

Quenia checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 40, rolling 9 lower.

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"And then someone called Prism showed up." Zoey realizes with horror that she completely missed the warning signs of toddler violence and cringes.

This last thing Porter says draws a real laugh from Aethan, though his expression does look...a little bit fond. Or as fond as it ever gets, which is probably not as fond as some other people's, but it's enough to tell. He glances to Zoey then, and shrugs, holding a hand out as though he has no idea what she means.

Denica stands up from her side of the table, leaving the plate barely touched. "I feel like getting some rest now." She announces, with a polite bow, "This was a most enjoyable dinner, I even managed to practise my skills while eating!"

Stojan, the assistant, 3 Thrax Guards, Damaia, the assistant, Lady Snow leave, following Denica.

Catalana doesn't really need to remind Wash, but she does, because she can, "He murdered people at his dinner table, breaking oaths to gild, he almost destroyed the house, and how many scandals did he invoke? Though, Octavia is cut from the same cloth." She then answers Wash, "Belladonna was gloating because she can. One of her comments was on the necessity of war and basically a speech on power. Funny, I don't see her offering Pravus's aid now she has brought war to our doorstep."

Quenia just happens to be sitting next to Ian and had been chatting quietly with him, and she completely misses that he moved ever so slightly out of the way, and so also missed the flying object which then clips her on on the shoulder. She blinks, looking somewhat startled. "What the....."

"Sorry about that, I didn't -- " Ian seems about to apologize to Quenia for not successfully catching the boat. But Zoey says Prism's name, and his attention snaps straight to her. "Shit. Prism was there?"

"Time and place. That's all. Time and place." Wash answers with equanimity. "Someone tell me who Prism is? I don't pay that close attention to all the gemstones and metal codenames."

Mikani sips her tea as she listens to those around her.

"She was," Zoey confirms as she gets up to collect the ship and hand it and its pint sized captain back to Juliana. "Who is she?"

"None of the Islanders took well to the announcement." Victus muses from his end of the table. "I'm told several nobles staged a walk-out. It is going to be a difficult transition for traditionalists, without the Saffron to provide new thralls." Somehow, the High Lord's words don't seem entirely miffed about that. "Prism is Skald's Seraph. They used to go to Freja's talks on Shamanism when she was still alive. She seems keen to begin a war of liberation against the Eurusi."

Ian shakes his head slightly. "All I know about her is the last time I saw her, she was hanging out with the blue stone fractal and another woman who I think might have been a fractal, although I'm not sure. She kept trying to feed me cookies." He downs the rest of his wine. "Supposedly I'm lucky to have walked out of the Ambassador alive. Because I didn't want the cookie."

Juliana who was about to add to the comments about the Assembly doesn't as she has Bastian being handed back, the child clapping her hands. "Queen boat!" squeeling once to Quenia's /catching/ of her boat. Bouncing the little girl with a smile to Zoey and pressing a kiss to her dark curls.

Catalana answers for the room, "She is the....what Victus said. Aleksei said earlier to me that when she was mortal, the queen of endings made her easy for Skald to find on the wheel. She is made entirely devine." She looks to Wash, "She asked us to forgive and redeem the slavers. You can only imagine Prince Tyrus's reaction. Prince Gideon further called it a pissing contest when everyone started to pledge to her." She looks to Victus, "Duchess Margot did well to ask questions rather than pledge mindlessly."

"A war of liberation against the Eurusi?" Wash says, mulling over the idea in his mind. "The logistics of crossing the ocean... it's insane. But... I could do it." Wash says. "I have already been planning a small voyage, scaling it up is just a matter of logistics."

Quenia rubs her shoulder a bit, nodding absently to Ian. She looks to Zoey, then Ian, then Victus when everything about the Assembly is explained. She frowns only the tiniest of bits when Skald's name is mentioned, noticeable to those most perceptive. "Surely after we've handle matters here in Arvum?" she asks, furrowing her brow. "Fighting a battle on two fronts is no easy task, as was seen during the Gyre war."

Zoey's brow furrows as she returns to her seat. "What was this Seraph doing in the presence of fractals?"

"I did say the timing was suspicious," Ian says. His light-ish mood has turned severe. "That this mess with the city of chains starts -right- as Thornweave is getting ready to make a move in the Lyceum." He just shakes his head to Zoey. He has no idea.

"Prism is a representation of power that most can only aspire to currently. Powers of magic and a direct link to the Gods, given that Skald... Lives here, in Arx." Victus rolls his shoulders in a shrug, pushing aside his empty plate for the time being. "Hence she's very appealing to ally with. Especially when it's on so hot a topic as anti-slavery. I imagine it's half those with actual good intentions and half those who wish to earn good graces from those who communicate with the only thing higher than Kings and Queens." The Prince nods toward Catalana. "I'd heard. Not a good look for either of them. I'm pleased by Margot's conduct. Nonetheless, Preston has already called for the crusade. The Templars are mobilizing. They'll attack the Eurusi in the isles and then move onto the East. Somehow. Someway. This is why expansionism is dangerous."

The real laugh drawn from Aethan is met with one from Porter, though this time it's kept low and actually polite while they resume conversation. As the topic at the table turns to more serious matters, he glances from one speaker to the next while being careful not to interrupt.

"It's not a war on two fronts if you're fighting the same opponent." Wash explains. "It's strategically viable to threaten them where they are weak instead of just fend off their attacks. A hound has to be successful every night. The fox needs to win just once."

Quenia glances at Ian, biting her lip a bit. "Not just the Lyceum. There's a group of them in a clearing in the woods at the Bay of Thrax too." Which is very oddly specific information. Though Quenia says noting more on that at the moment.

Juliana quietly feeds bits to her daughter while listening to the conversation. Side eyeing Ian at one point with a small arch to her brow but otherwise she is simply listening.

Ian rubs his forehead. "Shit. That puts them blasted close to Arx."

Quenia nods solemnly to Ian. "The information is making its rounds to the appropriate people," is all that she clarifies on that matter as well. "Or, at least, it should be." She furrows her brow, and bites her lip again.

Catalana remarks to Victus, her hair tossed over a shoulder briefly. "While I can't say the Templars are wrong in wishing to eradicate the Eurusi, I do worry for their enthusiasm. Eradication of slavery is not a matter to take lightly or to go into easily. Have they thought of the displaced? of the casualties? I'd imagine most of the armies are slaves themselves." She stops to sip some wine, "And while I personally doubt the duke of Sungreet will turn the fleet away, the question is to give him the time to do it, and support if so. A bunch of crusading Templers won't do that."

"Its fucking dangerous is what it is." Victus replies to Catalana tersely. "We've no adepts. We've no mages. We don't even have Brass' weapons since the man has gone and vanished. Metallics are fucking off to god knows where, we're fighting to keep the Isles from eating themselves, the Eurusi are invading, and they want to sail across the ocean and fight the Abyssal magic-users? With regular people and regular steel?" There's a grumble of frustration as he runs a hand alongside the side of his face. "Why the King didn't just listen to the other Great Houses when they unanimously voiced their discontent..." Another grumble passes on before he leans back. "What's done is done. The future can only be prepared for so well."

There is still a bit of food on Zoey's plate when she pushes it away from the edge of the table. She picks up her wine glass and whispers something to Ian before sipping it.

The snort Ian gives at the idea of said information actually getting where it needs to go makes it clear how confident he is in THAT. "Let me know when you send your scouting party out. I'll be there." He nods as Quenia whispers to him, and murmurs something in reply. Then he looks quickly Victus-ward. "I heard from him the other day. Brass. If he's not in town, he was." Then he returns his attention to Quenia. "When you get the scouting party together, and the other thing if you want my help, I'll be there. We need to get on top of this Thornweave mess before it gets more complicated than it already is."

"We do have the spellsingers, but they can only be in one place at a time. Has anyone asked them for help? I know my cousin, Lucita, would give aid where she can, should she be able." Quenia speaks up after a moment of quiet conversation with Ian. She nods to his spoken words. "I will," she promises him then frowns a bit.

Catalana usually enjoys Victus's bluntness, but this time her face mirrors his tenseness. "There seemed little order at that assembly and that each ward more interested in their own interests. Prince Darren even claimed it was their choice when to go to war, not his majesty's." She looks to Ian, her eyebrow raised in surprise. "I don't feel this is a two front war. It's chaos and there'll be casualties far greater than anyone is anticipating."

"You heard from Brass?!" Victus' tone takes on a new pitch as he whirls around toward Ian. "You heard from Brass? Nobody has heard from Brass since the abolition was announced! Not the Legates not the King -- what did he say? Where is he? When the hell is he coming back?" Before another word leaves his mouth, the Prince quickly breathes in and settles back down. Deep inhale. Slow exhale. Recompose. After a beat, he shares a look toward Catalana. "I'm not surprised. The High Lords and their Voices were one and all in disagreement with Pravus' elevation, the King pushed their ascension through via brute-force authority. It's spent quite a bit of goodwill. There's blood in the water now, it probably won't be the last time the line gets pushed." To Quenia, he offers a pained look. "I fear that we only have a dozen of spellsingers to a nation of magic users, unconstrained by the poison as we are."

Juliana is quiet, her gaze lifting across to Aethan more than once during the current conversations though it keeps dropping again to the greedy little moppet that has decided that octopus is the best thing ever and keeps taking the little squigglies with a wide mouth.

Quenia nods her head slowly. "True, but won't they be constrained by the poison coming here? So they'll be at as much danger in using the magic as anyone else, so that may hamper them a bit." She offers that small bit of hope. "One day I really will get to my own cleansing," she smirks a touch.

Ian gives a slight shake of his head and seems to be about to say something when Victus... does Victus. It's not that Ian looks afraid, exactly, but he's suddenly sitting up straight, his chin at a level angle. He looks obedient. "It was a reply to a question I sent him over two years ago. It came the same day as the Assembly of Peers. By messenger. It's possible he's just gotten back into town."

"Hamper maybe.. but they have experience where we do no. So I doubt that evens the playing field." adds JUles as she glances to Quenia.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Victus before departing.

Ian fishes a piece of paper out of an inner pocket of his coat and hands it over to Victus.

Catalana regards Victus, "My understanding is that the entire compact opposed the elevation except Pravus themselves. I will be curious to see who will follow, and what gains that they could receive." She looks again to Ian, her lips compressing and saying nothing. Instead she speaks with Queenia, "There is only so much a spellsinger can do and from Lucita's tales, it weakens them greatly each time. For a task of this magnitude? The outcome would likely not be favorable to any."

Quenia shifts in her seat. "So far, I've heard that only Iverno is going with Pravus right now. The other vassal houses are yet to be decided. That doesn't meant he others aren't, that's just the one I heard about."

Juliana turns her gaze towards Catalana. "There were those in Pravus that were also against it. Just whenever they opened their mouths, they were either demoted, pushed aside or married out. Then others choose to remain silent in order to be able to monitor from the inside."

"Not everyone," Zoey says to Catalana quietly.

Feeding Tia another bite, Jule continues. "Duarte went with Pravus, Malespero stayed with Velenosa. Those two I know for sure."

Catalana gives a sympathetic look to Juliana, "That is how it goes when power corrupts. When things weren't well in Kennex, when Ford tried for more power, he basically seperated the entire house. I lived at Tyde tower for over a year." She asks after a moment, "The family that has stayed silent, what do they plan for now?"

Victus looks over the paper, and the look in his eyes is noticably calmer. "I... see." He doesn't bother to hide his disappointment. "I apologize. Brass pledged that he'd be on the front lines with us, the Mourning Isles, when the time came that we'd need it. The silence hasn't sat well with me." He leans back into his seat. "Would really love to know a damn magical knight would be riding into battle right now." He swipes a goblet of wine off the table and is quick to down a swig. "The silver lining of Pravus' ascension is that the peerage against the abolition can no longer find their thralls in the Saffron. It was one of their largest stretches of real estate to plunder. Hopefully now that the supply is cut off, the alternative options are much more appealing." Victus shrugs. "Probably not, but you need some optimism."

"We haven't really needed him yet," Ian points out to Victus. "People like that who I've talked to -- magic people -- don't seem to like making commitments. Because they think it gets in the way of choice somehow, although I don't get how. Nobody sticks around to explain. You just have to take it on faith that they'll be there, I guess." He rolls his shoulders, clearly not entirely happy with this aspect of 'magic people', but resigned to it.

"What about Seraceni?" Wash wants to know. "Any word on Captain Dio?"

Quenia gives Juliana a curious look and hmms softly at that, and nods. "Granato is facing some of the same kind of thing, being pitted against Sylv'alfar elves. We've been given that everyone in our city is going to be slaughtered, and we haven't magic, adepts, or anything to fight against them. But, we did devise a way to fight them, using their own magic against them without using magic at all. With the College of Tor, and others, we created a way to combat the vines and thorns they can magically make to eat and kill people and power their creations. Not that they will use that method in Granato, but it is a non-magical means of fighting them." A pause then she considers. "If enough people swarm their ships with fire arrows, they can't put them all out. But, I suppose that goes against what this Prism wants you to do."

Juliana liftes her gaze to Catalana her smile softer. "Don't feel sorry for me, I have three beauiful children and a husband that loves me very much. Not everyone can say that. I too lived outside of Pravus for a year.. it helped me realize a good many things." pausing to the other question. "What? I can't really go into much.. I won't betray confidences. But there are more important things in Setarco to monitor the well being of that Bella's power grab."

Quenia tilts her head, then asks, "What about the siege engines? Can any of them be modified to work on a ship?" She looks around the room. Of course now the architect is gone!

That gets Juliana's head turning quickly to Quenia. "The Gyre had siege engines on their ships. I would say talk to Master Meadson, if anyone could do it, he could."

"Siege engines on a ship are all but useless in naval warfare." Wash asserts. "But they can be used to siege a port effectively." Wash asides. "That's how we took Ten Hammers."

Ian nods to Quenia. "Dromonds take some of them pretty well. We can do it in the Kennex shipyards."

"Catapults? Ballistae?" Quenia asks Ian. "I'd consider those seige type weapons. Could the caravels handle them?"

"Stick a harpoon on a caravel, and you'd have a handy way to force a boarding. Have to be certain that you have numerical superiority though. Otherwise it's grabbing a shark by the fin." Wash adds, he's very engaged by the discussion of strategy and tactics at sea.

Ian nods once to Quenia. "Ballistae would be easier than catapults. You have to worry about your own sails and rigging. Have you met Count Orrin? He'd be a good person to talk to. Or..." He looks to Wash. "You worked with him pretty close, right?"

"Yes. True." Victus cants his head to Ian. "Still. An invasion of slavers? Seems exactly his style to start intervening now." But there is time yet. He'd also nod toward Juliana then. "Aye. And the Gyre's ships were half-functional wrecks. They tore through several of our hulls before we could bring them down. It's worth thinking of."

Aethan has been listening to the goings on, and after whatever they were whispering definitely not about Ian, had been more serious. Now, though, he stands up. "Prince Victus," he says, inclining his head. "Thank you for dinner. Let me know if you have specific orders for the Kennex ships; they're at your disposal."

Quenia grins at Juliana and her suggestion, then looks to Wash, Victus and Ian. "Sounds like there's a good plan in the making for doing something non-magical to help the ships. I can't help with the magical part, but we know from the past that mages are not the be all end all too. They can be killed." She furrows her brow, then asks, "I don't suppose anyone has asked the Nox'alfar to be the magical counter parts for us? They are supposed to be our allies and help with things like this yes?"

Catalana is quiet now, she really knows nothing about ships or tactics. She does however watches Wash with a slight smile.

"It's too bad we can't shoot thraxxian fire somehow," Ian muses. "That stuff burns on water. It wouldn't matter if we missed." Then Aethan's getting up to go, and this gets a startled look from him, and then a nod. "Aethan."

Juliana falls silent as well, her knowledge comes from standing on a ship that went down due to the gyre siege weapon. How they did it, that she can't answer but she does actually give Victus a small nod at his comments.

When Aethan starts to get up, Porter finishes off that wine in his glass. "Prince Victus," he says and bows. It's clear he's going to follow his older brother on his exit out.

William, a taciturn quartermaster leaves, following Aethan.

Champion, the tiny yappy puppy leaves, following Porter.

"Count Orrin and I are agreed to share and share alike when it comes to military innovations at sea." Wash agrees. "Seliki are good partners."

Catalana murmurs to Juliana in the quiet while the others talk boat things. "This is why they drop me off on the land to try and sweet talk whoever is doing stupid things to stop." While speaking, she folds a napkin up into a small sailboat and presents it to the toddler. Since her other ship was lobbed off under the table where the goat has likely eaten it.

Quenia nods after Aethan and Porter, and then as talk starts to die down a bit with their leaving she actually flushes when she notices Cecilia. "Sorry, so sorry, I don't think we've met before. I'm Marquessa Quenia igniseri," she tells the woman. "And, so sorry for talking around you and over you and such."

Juliana looks up at Aethan watching him for a moment as he leaves then turns back as Catalana whispers. Smiling nods. "Sweet talk I can do but normally I am patching them up afterwards. Which at least means I am not sitting at home worrying what is happening." looking down at Bastian claps at the napkin boat and starts to sail it along the table.

A lot of the engagement has gone out of Ian, leaving him looking about how he normally does. Flat. He's now mostly looking at his plate, but he does look up long enough to nod to Cecilia.

"Sitting at home worrying is my job," Zoey says to Juliana.

Quenia gives Juliana a guilty look there. "That's what /I/ end up doing most of the time. Someone has to stay behind and mind the House while others are out doing things, and putting themselves in danger. I mean, it's like I'm the head of house or something, and have to stay alive to keep it going," she says, her tone teasing and her lips quirking into a smirk. "I expect one day I might even find a husband and have babies, but that day is not today."

Cecilia looks up from her plate of snacks as if she'd been caught doing something wrong when she's addressed. A bit relieved when she notices its just a greeting and not some sort of scolding she lightens up and gives a smile nodding her head politely "I don't believe we have either Marquessa but it's a pleasure! Lady Cecilia Kennex." She nods in return to Ian before moving back and tacking on "Don't worry, I don't think I have much input so far as these matters go but I'm more than glad to be listening in."

"I told you, I will teach you medicine Zoey. We will have all winter." Jules smiles, then looking to Ian. "What would it take Ian?" pausing to glance to Quenia with a small smile. "You are welcome to borrow them, Quenia. Abbas has night terrors that wakes all three of them up."

Catalana considers for a moment. "Perhaps that is what I should do. Though, blood does make me queasy." Getting a message off Jane, she herself stands. "Your Lordahip. Thank you for the dinner, but I should attend this." She smiles apologetically to Cecilia, only just noticing her too. Wash gets a brief hand touch. "Enjoy the rest of dinner."

"Cecilia, do you know any of the Igniseris?" Wash asks. "Lovely people."

Quenia brightens up considerably when Cecilia introduces herself. "Oh!, Oh! Another Kennex." She gives Ian and Wash a mock angry look. "Why didn't you both tell me she was another Kennex." Zoey and Catalana are left out of the dark look. Solidarity with women, yo! "A pleasure to meet you Cecilia. I shall make sure your name is added to all of the Igniseri dinner invitations in the future. The Kennex and Igniseri are quite good friends," she informs her.

Victus gives a nod to those departing. "Be safe. Gods be with you." So on, and so on. Some of the fatigue has started to set in, and the Prince seems content to simply lean bacl and let the conversation flow around him.

Wash says, "I save all my most embarrassing stories for their dinner parties."

2 Kennex corsairs, Jane leave, following Catalana.

Cecilia shakes her head in answer to Wash "I've spent far too much time couch sitting and rum drinking, I really need to get out more." She gives a short laugh and follows up on the comments made about dinner parties "Well the embarrassing stories are the best so I'll make sure to attend!"

"When the young duke went through that phase, I told him it was my job to defend him and sat in the nursery all night for a week," Ian says to Juliana. He's gone back to toneless. "Didn't get much sleep, but it did the trick. Lord Luis might be able to help that way. What would what take?"

Rysen history

"Bring your own. No fair stealing my stories and telling them for me. Makes me wrack my brain for harder ones to remember. All the drunken stories are hard to remember. Mostly I just remember what other people told me happened and trust them... wait. That might be why those stories are so embarrassing to me in particular." Wash muses.

Quenia glances over at Juliana, and asks, "Are you sure that Luis isn't giving him the night terrors with his bedtime stories?" She seems skeptical of him for some reason. A messenger them comes and grabs her attention, and she sighs. "Or, I bet, it's Sorenello, Ennettia's child, who keep waking him up. Sorenello, who is making a mess of something as we speak." She glances to the others. "Pardon me while I go handle him. Ennettia has gone off on a vacation of sorts, and left him behind per usual."

Juliana smiles Catalana"You would need to be able to deal with blood, yes." then a glance towards Ian. "He is a little young to understand right now but I will keep it in mind. I am thinking of getting them each a dog. What would shooting Thrax Fire take? What does it not burn? How much needs to be thrown at a time? How much force?"

Ian shakes his head to Juliana. "I don't know. We've only ever dumped it out in the water or on other ships. I tried to get an alchemist to do some experiments with it once, but I don't think her heart was in it." His gaze slides down to his wine glass. "It could probably be made into a better weapon than it is."

"Will it stick to the head of an arrow?" Zoey asks. "I've never seen the stuff in person."

Before Quenia leaves she tells him. "You could ask Rowenova to help. Possibly Eirene too. They both helped with the Igniseri weedkiller. And, if you are feeling ambitious, you could ask about the College of Tor to help." She offers Ian options, then does really get up to go and leaves.

Captain Curls, an attentive, ebony guard poodle leaves, following Quenia.

"Well Ian.." Juliana turns Bastian so that she can reach the plate herself and her mother can address the Kennex Lord. "See.. I happen to be a Master Alchemist that is currently running a Merc company of ships with an income about the size of a March. So tell me.. what do you need from me to make it happen?"

Rysen rises from his seat, kissing Mikani on the head. He offers a word of farewell and makes his way out of the dining room.

Ian looks up and shakes his head. "I don't know. I wouldn't even know how to begin with something like that."

Juliana arches a brow. "Fine, then how about I get Felix and you and me and whoever else might be a good idea all in one room and we try to figure it out?"

Wash stands up. "Let me walk you out Lord Crovane. I owe you some thanks." He says, following after Rysen.

Wash has left the Dinner Table.

Ian pushes a hand through his hair. He hesitates, his gaze tending towards a downward slide, then looks up again and nods. "If you put something together, I'll help where I can. I'm not good at all this... testing stuff. Coming up with ideas. Zoey and Lady Cecilia are both a lot smarter than I am."

Juliana reaches out to Zoey and squeezes her hand but her answer to Ian is simply two words. "Bull Shit."

Mikani snaps out of it as Rysen kisses her head. She wonders a bit as to why she didn't just follow her husband out the door.

"I know my way around a market or a research library, but I'm no alchemist, love," Zoey says in response to Ian. When Jules takes her hand she smiles. "But I'm sure I could find some way of assisting. How about you, Cecilia?"

"You're better at thinking outside the box than I am," Ian points out to Zoey. "You see the answers that aren't obvious."

"Ian, you don't need to know how to do a thing to make a thing happen. You need to know, how to get the people who can do it, to work together." Juliana nods then letting go of Zoey, wraps her arms around Bastian, who's bunny hat has fallen over one eye and has gone into a one to many octopus comma.

Mikani drinks more of her tea. "Aye. That's why stewards don't get paid the big bucks but are always a good thing to have." She grins at Zoey and Ian.

Cecilia thinks for a moment before answering "Well when I studied it was mostly apothecary, I don't know if that really applies here. I'd be happy to give it a shot as well though! I think at the very least more eyes can lend more perspective."

Ian quirks an eyebrow. "How well do you think Lady Eirene's going to take me giving her orders? Because I'm not really good at talking people into stuff, just telling them what to do."

Juliana laughs. "Probably as well as Blacktongue." she moves to stand lifting the baby in her arms and looking to Celilia. "I mostly studied poisons but then I am Pravus, that is what we do.. but you are right, I am sure we can figure it out."

"I think that settles it then," Zoey says to Juliana with a smile. "Say when, and Cecilia and I will be there." She turns to Mikani. "Mika, come to a closer seat! Most of the party has left now."

Mikani stands and moves closer to Zoey with her tea mug. Her plate barely touched.

Jules leans in and presses a kiss to Zoey's cheek, then stepping around one to Ian's before nodding to Victus. "I need to get back and get her to bed. Thank you for a lovely evening. I had hoped to see my sister but if any of you do see her, please tell her I am looking for her?"

"Of course," Zoey promises. "And we'll have another play date soon."

"Of course if she doesn't show up, she can figure out what I am doing with the ships when she goes looking for them and finds them not there." Jules grins. "I will get intouch soon about this other thing." nods to Ian before she moves out of the room.

Ian looks over the demolished remains of his dinner. "It's getting late anyway," he says.

Zoey waves to Juliana as she departs. "Time to head home?" she asks Ian.

Cecilia nods at Ian's comment "That it is. I was thinking it's about time to make my way back to the Kay myself."

Tyce the gruff and disapproving, 2 Scarlet Phoenix Guard, Argent, a silver hound leave, following Juliana.

12 Thrax Elite Guards have been dismissed.

Lilybelle - The Claw of Arx have been dismissed.

Scarf, a sinewy, serious, shiny-seeking otter have been dismissed.

Mikani stands. "Well then since I will be the only one here ... I should probably be going home as well ...." She grins at Zoey and waves at the couple before slipping out.

Ian braces on the table and pushes to his feet. He takes up his cane, and leads the Kennex party out.

Mikani has left the Dinner Table.

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Zoey leaves, following Ian.

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