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Baroness Skye Blackshore

I desire things that may destroy me in the end.

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Pioneering Shipwright
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Blackshore
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 25
Birthday: 9/13
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Shipwright
Height: average height
Hair Color: chestnut
Eye Color: cerulean
Skintone: porcelain

Titles: Baroness of New Hope

Obituary: Missing and feared lost as of April 25th 1016 AR, when her ships pursuing pirates into the Darkwater Deeps were lost in a sudden, odd storm.

Description: Delicate fine features are at odds with the fire that burns in her cerulean eyes. Thick chestnut locks twist and turn on her hair, falling light a waterfall around her shoulders and down her back. Pale ivory skin without a freckle to mar the palette. A proud nose and soft pink lips that smile when the wind blows through her hair. Her body curves like an hourglass giving her a narrow waist that shows off Thrax fashion well. Willowy arms move down to painter's hands that sometimes are stained in quill ink from her drawings. Her petite feet match the rest of her frame, leaving her to look up when she addresses her brethren.

Personality: Lady Skye Blackshore has a firm resilience in her voice that shows that despite her young age, she knows her mind and isn't afraid to say it. While not the most conventional of ladies, she will respect her elders provided they respect her and tries to follow social niceties. Razor sharp wit and keen mind are her hallmarks. When she's working on a project, nothing gets in her way.

Background: Skye Blackshore came into this world on a rocking ship in the middle of a storm that almost split her father's ship in two. Lady Florence Blackshore was sick from the rocking and had to give birth to the fiery little baby that roared her way into this world. That moment in time seemed to set a precedence because she took her toddler years by storming, making her mother fear that the little girl would pitch overboard if she took her eyes off her. She used her two older brothers to help reign the little hellion in. Her father, Lord Cornelius Blackshore, served as a naval architect for House Thrax so his duties took him all over the Mourning Isles. To Skye, he was the hero who loved his wife deeply and took them with him wherever he went so he wouldn't have to be parted. While she did find land when he would consult with the different ports, she spent most of her childhood on the water. She dressed like breeches and chased after her two brothers. Her mother desperately tried to get her to be a little lady but the tom boy inside Skye would have none of that. Her mother's declining health and father's distracted parenting left the girl more often than not to hang on the sailors on her father's ship and learn a host of profanity that no little girl should know.

When she turned eleven, Skye's life took a drastic change. Her mother's waning health got bad enough that Cornelius could not in good conscious keep her on the boat. He deposited mother and daughter at his family estate and then took her brothers with him so in one fatal swoop, the little girl lost most of her family to the sea. Her mother and her took residence in the tower at Blackshore Keep, Skye becoming a nursemaid to her ailing mother. The frustrated pre-teen only got relief in the library that had all kinds of books on nautical subjects and her father's journals on his early ship designs. She memorized the drawings, started to make some of her own. Her absentee father came when his schedule would permit but it was months at a time that she would not see him. Instead Uncle Oswald, the Baron of Blackshore, took the authority figure. His strict discipline insured that this wild hoyden turned into a beautiful young lady. While at first, he was a gruff, but loving uncle. Over time, as his madness set in, he was prone to vicious displays of violence that scared the young lady.

It wasn't until Blackshore Keep was destroyed by dragon fire that she was forced to come to the city after taking her mother's ashes to her childhood home. Count Turo Navegant, her cousin, took the young lady in as his ward. While attempts were made to find other members of the Blackshore family, none could be found. Skye still holds out hope that her father and brothers will be found, but as time passes that hope has started to fade. Recently Skye was named heir to Blackshore, making her Baroness. An expedition sponsored by the Society of the Explorers, lead by Sparte Fatchforth, found that while 5-mile radius around Blackshore Keep was destroyed, there is still viable 95-mile radius of land that can be rebuilt on. She has established an outdoor shrine to the gods and dock at the future site of New Hope. In the coming year, once things have settled, she will start the journey of rebuilding her barony. Perhaps find a husband that will marry into the family and help her breed the next generation of Blackshore.

Name Summary
Aerandir A youth, of blue blood; her concern for his lordship Ian in the wake of his generous drinking telling of her kindness. She seems an amiable sort, and appears familiar with most of the gentry.
Aethan An accomplished co-hostess and game runner, and makes sure everyone has a good time.
Agatha A baroness on her way to being a well rounded leader. She seems forward thinking and very focused on doing right by her people
Ajax A woman of elegance whose beset by grief. So unfortunate, but perhaps she'll find it in her to smile again?
Alaric I had to be nice to her. So many things I could have said or done to tease her but...she just is too sweet. So kind it is.
Alarie A lovely woman, an interesting woman. It will be interesting to see what other fashions it is that she will want, but being thraxian, means that I'll customize something for her and she is welcome in my shop at any time.
Alarissa The now Baroness of Blackshore, she is rising and journeying beyond all standards and expectations that were ever set.
Alecstazi Baroness Blackshore. She did not like me before, that much was apparent. Apparently pity softens her heart.
Aleksei I've mostly seen her why she's been keeping her prayers. So I can say that she's quiet and respectful!
Alexio A charming Baroness with a commendable compassion for her Barony and its people. I would like to learn more of her sometime. She seems like she would be a very good friend to have.
Amari Wonderful archery party guest, it was fun to finally get to socialize with her and her bow was the cutest.
Amir A lot of fierce and determined in a tiny package. Worth knowing better.
Amund Respects people who fight for a living. Was somewhat taken aback by a choice of words.
Andry I hope she recovers from her injuries soon.
Angelo I am in awe. Beautiful, extremely talented in so many ways, yet also humble and devoted to the Gods. She is a treasure, and a woman I intend to see much more of.
Apollis She seems hung up on the fact that I don't know how to sail. She was nice enough to offer to teach me. I might take her up on it.
Arcadia Polite, kindhearted. A curious history between her and Kincade which I'm dying to know.
Ardoin A beautiful and charming young woman is the Baroness Blackshore, and her artistic talents are truly amazing. For all that she is, she seems remarkably humble on top of it, with a rather kind disposition. I've no doubt there's a powerful intellect and will behind it, though, given how far she's come. I am quite interested in getting to know her far better.
Arianna The lady is very quiet to have snuck up on me like that and she's got keen perceptions. Both are very useful skills to have but I am more curious about her origins, surely she's had enough questions about the Blackshore line.
Ariella A canny Baroness in a barony that needs one. Cares a great deal about her family and her people.
Armani A cheerful little thing. She might be fun to see if she can be flustered.
Artur A sweet girl, though she has a sad story beneath it all. She came into The Spirits looking for Princess Cassima, who was looking for my sister, Priness Gwenna. We got talking and she didn't even notice when Cassima left without her. She's fun, easy to talk to and an amazing artist!
Artur Met her on the beach - I enjoyed her questions and stories. I hope she finds all she needs in the guidance of being the Baroness of her lands, and happiness for herself.
Asher A curious woman. Literally! But seems like she has a good head on her shoulders.
Astraea The Lady is real nice like. She seemed very inviting and welcoming from the moment we met. I like this air of honesty and straight forwardness about her. Even though she seems very sweet, I think she is quite dangerous with those hairpins. Impressed I was to say the least.
Aswin A nice Baroness. She seems genuine in her desire to help those in the Lowers. I would be interested to learn more.
Austen One of the kindest and gentlest people I have ever met, though she has a wicked sense of humour.
Barric She seems to love her family, and is devoted to it, from what I understand even dragons cannot keep her down. Amazing.
Bastien Ah yes. Nobles coming down to the Murder to share their woes. Always a pleasure.
Berenice So shy and darling! I imagine there's quite a resplendent flower in there trying to blossom.
Bethany A gentle baroness, very feminine with a fondness of tea. I should note her as a favored customer.
Bhandn How can she be all smiles over an attempt on her life? Then again, I can hardly claim to be permanently fearful for my own, over the years.
Bianca Gracious and encouraging. Even in the face of my tragic blunders.
Braden A Baroness with more knowledge on the subject of Archery than I knew existed. And beautiful.... How would I ever stand a chance.
Brigida Playing games at the worse time. I despise that.
Cadenza So sweet and so intelligent. Needless to say I can't wait to sit down with her and get to know her more.
Calaudrin I didn't think she'd give Esoka a run for her silver like that. Good show of it for sure. I hope she gets the experience in that she wants before Sparte's expedition kicks off.
Caspian I didn't realize she was also an artist along with being a good person!
Catalana So genuine and sweet. She was so comforting in a time I needed it the most.
Charlotte A kind and interesting lady. A family friend, or maybe we're extended family by marriage? I don't know. Still. I liked her a lot.
Cleo A Baroness and Sculptor, she was very kind in explaining the titles to me. I hope to be able to return the favor and teach her something some day.
Col Quite the social Baroness, effortlessly easy to talk to and quite charming. Her care for the orphaned children of the Compact is inspiring and I hope I can do my part to assist with her plans. They are good ideas and inspiring for us, as well as the Orphans.
Constantine She shows a clear love for her people and a quiet resolve for the stability of her house. Both traits I view as extremely positive. I look forward to our future work together.
Coraline Seems to really know her fighting, and learning healing! I will have to ask her about that, it seems we share a lot of similar interests.
Cornelius She has grown an admirable amount of verve and power, as well as a cleverness with words and diplomacy. I am excessively proud of my daughter.
Costas A canny mind with the ins and outs of ships for one so young. I could use a hand like that, and what's the point of all this glad-handing about all the folk of different stripes getting along if we can't take a little advantage.
Cristoph A cousin of Count Keaton and yet another member of his family that's proven to be good company. She gave the gauntlet a go and was a good conversationalist.
Cullen Rather talented artist and leader of people, she'd have to be the latter to have the determination to rebuild her destroyed barony. I've no doubt she'll succeed, but swordwork might be a different matter entirely...
Daemon She enjoyed my tales and she watched them with wonder. She's a Baroness, one who respects those above her quite a bit. I enjoyed her company as well. Someone being enthusiastic about one of -my- stories is something to be celebrated!
Dante The Baroness of Blackshore - I have heard of her kindness, intelligence and grace. Meeting her and observing her firsthand really illustrated those traits she possesses. After finding out about her tragic past and what blights her lands, I should be honored to assist her. Perhaps a new friendship in the making.
Darrow The last surviving member of the Blackshore nobility - one who hopes to rebuild from nothing.
Domonico Restraints at a dinner party? This Baroness may be trouble.
Dorian A noble with artistic inclinations. Charming company, flattering, and very well dressed.
Draven She seems nice! Talked to me about Dragons! And Toxic Gas! I'm going to try and help!
Duarte Apparently soft spoken and shy but I doubt it's the truth. There is nothing quite as successful as an unassuming social veneer.
Dycard My dear sister. A better socialite than I - or one with more restraint than me, at very least.
Echo She's faced some recent hardships but she's still smiling as bright as day. It's a very difficult thing to do. I hope that the gods treat her gently, next.
Ectorion A designer with a love for the water. She's skilled and passionate about her subject, and I look forward to seeing her designs become reality.
Eddard A sweet young lady, a bit....well. Self-conscious perhaps? I am sure the large group setting didn't help the matter. I will want to make a second meeting.
Elgana Kind and artistic. One can tell that she truly cares for her people and wants to give them back all that she can. There could be no better hands than hers to raise them up from the ruin and bring them into the bright light of the future.
Emily The Baroness Blackshore seems to be handling the loss of what was once the seat of her family's home rather well. I like the name of the new seat she has chosen. New Hope. Even in the face of losses we must stay focused. I look forward to speaking with her again.
Enoch Baroness Skye Blackshore. A rather lovely young woman who knows my cousins Alarissa and Sabella both very well, the former being her mentor and the latter being a dear friend. We spoke long about our backgrounds. I would be happy to perhaps have a drink with such a knowledgeable woman sometime.
Estil Darling cousin, demure to a fault. I am certain my brother would be happier if I had half her sense of quiet decorum, but I'm of the opinion that at least *one* of us has to be blunt.
Etienne Strong and dedicated to her purpose, charitable and generous to those in charge.
Evaristo Sweet and lovely and an explorer - maybe we'll go on adventures!
Evelynn She is a kind woman, easy to speak with and is very sympathetic to the pain of others. I can only admire her resolve after the horrors she has experienced.
Faruq As charming and considerate as the other members of her family I have met. I hope to get the chance to speak with her when we are not surrounded by such a chorus of voices and fighting!
Felicia Seems to favor a bow, didn't really get a chance to talk to her, shall have to correct that soon.
Gareth A baroness who seems dutiful and single minded in purpose. Restoring her lands. It is good that Thrax has such a vassal.
Gianna She seems rather smart.
Gretchen I'd love to get my hands on her hair!
Gwenna Baroness Skye Blackshore is a friendly and warm noblewoman who I got to know a little bit during a game of Questions at a Harlequin's picnic. She was quite skilled at it! No doubt she is a woman of conviction and I suspect much of the gains of House Blackshore are due to her leadership.
Haakon She's a big thinker. Not sure how practical all the ideas are, but they're damned sure big ones. She also has gloves. And dogs.
Harlex A baroness and a fan of dogs. Kind to speak with me on one of my off days.
Icelyn An archer. A woman who has fought the ills life throws at her and come out kind and wise for it.
Ignacio She seems a little quiet and perhaps shy, but I can see the hints of someone fun below the surface. I am sure she would be a good person to get to know.
Imane An artist and a Baroness. She seems to be a very nice woman, if not a little shy. I don't envy her the duties and responsibilities that she carries, but I'm happy that she's able to work and find something interesting to do when she has some spare time. Her art seems complicated, but meaningful, isn't that the best kind?
Ingvar A practical minded, pragmatic Baroness. Beautiful certainly, optimistic and intelligent. A credit to her lands and people, someone I ought to get to know.
Iseulet Seems a good sort. Can only be a better Baroness than my father was a Baron - time will tell. She's still young. We have a lot to talk about and to catch up on - at least it seems we'll get along well.
Itzal A Baroness of the Thraxian fealty, she unfortunately had to go soon after we met, but she enjoyed my music. So clearly she can't be all bad!
Jacali Aren't but a slip of a thing, her, but she does seem to have herself somethin' useful about her.
Jael Related to Kael somehow; he's very protective of her. She seems very serious, but hard-working. I know she has a hell of a task ahead of her but she seems suited to it.
Jasher A gracious host, tireless with her brother to see themselves above their difficulties. I wish for their victory.
Jeffeth A delightful young Baronness with an open and caring heart. The world needs more nobles like her.
Jordan For all that she is delicate, there is definitely a fire inside her that's admirable. And she's very good looking, too, even if she was surprised when I tried to keep her sword from accidentally poking me in the ribs for some reason.
Joscelin The best kind of shrewd woman, with her peoples' interest at heart, there's little I think we don't agree on in terms of helping her holdings rebuild.
Josephine Such a lovely young woman and so caring. Her concern for the plight of those in lesser circumstances than her show the depth of her heart.
Jules You asked her opinion on a matter to try to convince Mikani of a matter and learned she already knew Mikani. She seems quite pleasant but to top it off, Lady Mikani seems to like her so you do too.
Juniper The Baroness of Blackshore seems both devout and graceful! I had no idea she'd made the bench in Lagoma's shrine. Such talent!
Kaia What a wildly beautiful and classy Baroness! I adore her hair! I am looking forward to knowing more of her. I suspect she might make a great friend.
Kaldur Rosy-cheeked. Perhaps of fragile constitution? She seemed excited about some news she'd gotten.
Kenna I met the Baroness first in the Shrine of the Queen of Endings. Perhaps not the most jovial of settings. She took my poor Princesses' misbehavior in stride, and seems to be bearing up well under what sounds like more sorrow than any woman her age should be holding up.
Kutazer She is quiet, polite, and enjoys a good story, I also think she is stronger than she gives herself credit for and capable of amazing things.
Laric The task she has taken upon herself will be difficult, but she seems to have no shortage of willing hands to help her.
Leola A driven young woman who wants to reclaim her home. I'd wish her well, but some blasted crags need to be abandoned and never touched again. I hope this is not one.
Liara Mild-mannered and possessed of an easy smile. A shipwright, seemingly, though she spoke only briefly of that.
Lorenzo A talented and interesting woman, but she needs to have more confidence. I think her artwork is quite lovely, and I hope that one day she'll allow more people to see it.
Lou Lady Skye is a delight to speak to, and very inclusive. She approached the Society to help with a project of hers, and I cannot wait to talk to her about it.
Luca The Baroness of Blackshore is a remarkable creature. That she isn't wed is as mysterious as it is confounding. Perhaps her closet is full of more skeletons than I can imagine. Maybe she devours those who court her? Secretly, perhaps, she is an assassin of inexplicable accuracy, leaving no trails of fame in her wake? I'll get to the bottom of it, no doubt. Sticking my nose into other people's business is my job. After drinking, and napping and fighting with the sword. I'll have to see her more, to do so. Someone should warn her.
Lucene I'm glad to see her stand up to her fathers unpleasantness. She carries her title well, and I have no doubt that she will continue to see Blackshore grow in the coming years.
Lucita Artistic-she was sketching the titanic skull, Interesting in conversation. A Thrax though do not know which side of the Thrall controversy with which she aligns. Will practice my diplomacy lessons here and try to maintain cordiality regardless!
Mabelle A tender young girl who seems to be in need of guidance and a friend. I hope to be able to provide both.
Macda Strong and thoughtful, I do hope the Baroness is back to the bow before the spring melts.
Magpie Magpie has a hard time being fair to nobility that he thinks are talking down to him or trying to pretend they're no different. It could have just been a bad day or misunderstandings, but he's not convinced that Skye truly understands the chasm that exists even between 'poor' nobility and commoners.
Malcolm Baroness of New Hope's got a down-to-earth quality that I ken makes her good folk. Likes stew AND dogs. Really -- is there anything better than that?
Malika A charming woman with a skill in games of strategy. Both graceful and inviting in conversation.
Marcas A pleasant and humble Baroness who is willing to learn to get better with her sword - that, along with her obvious keen intelligence, will serve her well to make up for any time lost from some ignorant uncle killed by a dragon. Sounds like he had it coming. I'll teach her more, should she wish it - people who are willing students are always the best kind.
Margerie My firstimpression cannot be someone's family. The woman herself is sensitive and apparently earnest. It may always be a dance between my wish to support the person while feeling such fury for what I've lost due to her kins' actions.
Martino A curious Baroness who seems to know the bow and speaks of artistic works she has made. Seems excellent as well at engaging the whole room.
Merek {_She seems to be doing well enough at the Gauntlet for Explorers, though I think she and many others have expectations of my riding abilities that are not there. Beauty is just a good horse and likes me is all.
Meriah Eager to help in the right ways and not eager to hurt the less fortunate. I like her.
Michael Something about her makes me nervous. Shes steady and stalwart. Lovely, but in a way thats otherworldly.
Miranda Baroness of Blackshore who, braver than many in her position, seems like the sort who will not just sit at home and let others do the tough work. People need to see their lieges for additional motivation.
Mirari A very polite and pretty woman. I hope she comes back to visit when her scent runs out.
Mirk Explorer, agriculture expert, and baroness. An interesting combination, that. I found her helpful and courteous, even in the face of unusual requests.
Monique I do love secrets and I think this one has them in spades. Still, I can't help but wish she had a Queen Genevieve. There's something about Skye that needs protecting.
Mydas Her knowledge of the sea and its inhabitants impress, as do her ideas. A talented lady, one to count on in such matters.
Nico I can't seem to stop running into important people. I'm just happy she didn't seem upset by my lack of manners. She's beautiful like a lot of the nobles I see around her, delicate features. I didn't get to spend much time with her, but she seems like a lovely person.
Nierzen I'll talk more to her later. Whose family gets destroyed by a dragon? She doesn't talk like a silk... well, mostly not.
Niklas The Baroness of New Hope. She has been through hell and come out stronger for it. I wouldn't call us friends, but I admire her leadership considerably.
Niklas One of the first people I met on coming to Arx. A strong baroness in a tough position.
Norwood She seems composed and clearly has a big heart for animals and people.
Orathy A silk, born with a birthright above someone like me, she had the happiness of an easier life radiatin from 'er. So then, our conversation of self worth 'n value not dictated by birth or fortune, was a right ironic one, reckon so.
Orazio An enthusiastic young noblewoman. Orazio's not unaware of the tragedy that's claimed her family, and he admires that she can remain optimistic and sunny, at least in public, in the face of it.
Oswyn Sharp and determined.
Petal She is very lovely and I think that she looks good in clothing. It is a pleasure to sew for her and it is kind of her to credit me.
Poppy It was a pleasure to finally meet the Baroness. She is exactly how I imagined her to be. I do hope we get more time to talk over our mutual interests.
Porter I see you, seeing me, see you, while you were seeing me. Nice octopus.
Preston Baroness Skye was with us at the Lodge - and she fought well, even placing her own life at risk. Thankfully she was saved, sadly not before she got a few solid hits against her.
Quenia I met her during the wartime vigil Princess Alarissa held within the city. She was quiet, and contemplative.
Ras Volunteers at the Commons Clinic sometimes. Not bad, for a silk, probably cuz of what she's been through.
Raymesin Baroness. Lost someone dear to her. Has an eye for artistry.
Revell I can't believe a /Baroness/ does work in the Commons Clinic. She fluffed my pillow! Mine! I've heard so many good things about her, but seeing her in the flesh makes me wonder if word of mouth could actually do her justice. I wonder how a man like Cornelius could produce so many lovely children.
Rook Out of her element, thrust into a position with nothing, all alone. She needs guidance. Rook's a fascination for the disenfranchised, having come from a position of hustlers. Why not help yet another? Maybe she'll even be able to make it without collapsing in on herself like a flan in a cupboard. A wilted sunflower with no sun. A souffle without-- you get what I mean.
Roran A talented young woman and one of the first offerings in my request for bench designs. Endearing.
Rosalie I think I've found a kindred spirit in the Baroness. We have such similar views, and we were able to bounce ideas off of one another without stepping over the other. I cannot wait to start really working together with her for the betterment of both Redtyde and the Isles.
Rue Nobles like Skye are slowly improvin' my perception of Thrax. Her devotation to family and doing what's right is heartwarming.
Sabella An amazingly dedicated Baroness that puts so much of herself out there for her people. I am in awe of her resilience and strength as she works to rebuuld her home. On top of all of this she is friendly and generous and wonderful and while I don't see enough of her I am delighted to count her as a friend!
Sabella The Baroness is an amazing woman who has done so much to raise up her house that I wonder if she ever sleeps! She's so charming and dear, I am lucky to count her as a friend.
Samael I met the Baroness when she needed some legal advice. She seems like a nice person who wants to do the right thing. The Compact needs more rulers like that.
Sanya Creative and a proponent of unity. The Isles are surely lucky to have her.
Saoirse This is Lady Felicia. She seems quiet.
Saya Gloom-child, cursed-girl. Fulfills her own prophecies perhaps.
Sergei Cheerup buttercup. The girl needs a little perspective I reckon. No question the story's tragic, but blessed Lagoma, she's alive. That's a start, right?!
Seth Lady Iseulet's cousin and one who seems to care for her very much. She is also the Baroness of New Hope in the Isles. From what I can perceive of her, she has a good heart and as a Thraxian, is that what you call them? As a Thraxian woman, I'm sure she's had to endure a lot of hardships.
Shae I think I frighten her. Maybe I can make this worse.
Sheena My interaction with her was limited. She seems to know Guildmaster Joscelin quite well.
Skapti Young woman. Seems a bit out of sorts, but given what happened to her family, can't blame her there. Face seemed to light up though anew, when Turo mentioned ship building.
Snow She is running in clothes and looking like a strange creature. I wonder if she is a noble? She seems so carefree.
Sparte Quite the adventurous mind! Although her bright demeanor is a bit offset by that marine following her around.
Sunniva The Baroness has a keen eye for the creative and I am not ashamed to say her design for our fountain has me excited. She seems like a rather pleasant woman and tea when business is not being bandied about will have to happen.
Svana A noblewoman who was most kind to me at the market and went out of her way to show concern after I'd had my newborns. Bless her.
Sydney We don't see eye-to-eye on some matters, but I can tell that her heart seems to be in the right place, else she wouldn't be helping by running a clinic in the Lowers to begin with. Kind, and certainly less naive than the average silk.\
Talen Found crying in the library of the Velenosa estate, she nonetheless had a problem worth frustration. Baroness of Blackshore. For how long, that truly depends. The Thraxian way of being strong enough to take and keep what you want applies. Talen will watch with interest.
Talwyn Those whose hands are driven to create by Jayus are a wonder to me, working in a way I find an absolute delight. I will have to see her works across the city - it is the least I can do for someone who reacted with such heartfelt emotion to my music.
Talwyn Very difficult to praise and that makes her a delightful challenge. She has overcome troubles, loss and attempts upon her - but remains strong. Leading her people. Doing better. A fine ally of House Thrax
Thea Seems very nice. Easy going in nature. I think I'd like to get to know her better
Theron Nice lady, seems to have unwavering support for her countryman so I can't begrudge her that sort of patriotism at all. Wish her the best, thus.
Thorley The baroness that has lost so much, yet is trying so hard still. She is an example we should all strike to be.
Tomwell Seems a rather single-minded sort of lady. Intent. Intense? Could lighten up a bit, but I have to respect her dedication to a goal. I'll try to help her cause, if I can.
Turo If she were my only family, I'd be blessed. That I've been blessed with a family which includes her makes me the luckiest man in the Compact. I'd fight the world for her.
Valarian Just as pleasant as the last time I spoke to her, but less distracted. Less people will do that. Seems to be very caring of the welfare of others in general. Trying to rebuild a destroyed holding has to be difficult. I'd say I don't envy her the task, should be at least not dangerous, and pay off eventually.
Valdemar Friendly and efficient. Thrax chose well with this minister.
Vanora The Baroness Blackshore is sweet and personable, and I am pleased to call her my vassal.
Vayne An astonishingly talented artist who would benefit from embracing a sense of pride. Her discomfort with praise will hold her efforts back as she'll never feel fully comfortable in her skin as an artist. Perhaps she'd be willing to engage her reflection in this matter.
Victus She's her uncle's daughter, but I can see the hope she represents clear as day. You'll be hard-pressed to find a better shipwright.
Videl It seems Baroness Blackshore loves gardening, I wonder whether she considers her domain like a garden to be tended carefully.
Vincenzo Dawnstone and Cotton. There is a freshness to this one. A sweet innocence that brings the dark of night into the light of a new day. She is earnest, sweet faced. I wonder, as I must if it is an act. If it is, it is an exceptionally good one. I almost hope it is real -- but then I do not, for I would hate to witness its demise.
Violet The Baroness seems a bit reserved, maybe shy. But was a quick study in the art of archery.
Vitalis Bold as a lightning stroke when surrounded by pirates and stormy seas, she hesitated when asked to sing a song. But sing she did, and well enough. Her brother can stick it in his ear.
Viviana A very pleasant Baroness, far more than I tend to expect from Thraxians.
Wulfrum A credit to the trend of women ruling houses in the isles. In the face of astonishing revelations her composure remained intact.
Yasmine A firm backhand isn't the best way to introduce yourself to a noble lady, but when an ax-wielding cake-murderer causes her to swoon, ones does what must be done!
Zalika A Lady of Blackshore who is fond of my cousin. I just hope she is fond of what I make her.
Zoey Gentle but with a steel backbone. I like this one!
Zoey Brilliant and creative, but humble enough not to be arrogant about it.