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Win a Caravel

Lady Juliana Igniseri has decided to host a new race. This will be a crew race that starts and ends in Arx with a midway layover in Stormward. The grand prize for the crew that wins this race will be a Caravel, named for your team. Choose your crew name well. There will be a second place prize as well but that is still to be determined.

1 This race will be held in 3 parts, at the moment I am thinking every other week. With a Ball at the end for the 4th event.
2: Entry fee of 250 military resources due at the beginning of the race.
3: A crew of 6 players, will be declared at the beginning of the race. Though only 4 will roll at a given event, the 2 extras are is to help each team with scheduling issues. All six are welcome in event for RP purposes.
4 Any person, house or organization is welcome to enter a crew.
5 All racing vessels will be Longships.
6: Like all voyages there are dangers, it is possible that such things can befall your crew and ship.

Please message Lady Juliana with any questions.


March 7, 2020, 6 p.m.

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Arx - Ward of the Compact - Isles Canines Headquarters

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