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Duchess Clara Crovane

"Well yes, I know its still alive but times like these call for a magnifying glass, scalpel, and... or a sword. Fine, let's kill it."

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Wild Noble
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Crovane
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 23
Birthday: 12/6
Religion: Shamanism/Pantheon
Vocation: Shaman/Medic
Height: average height
Hair Color: brown w/blonde highlights
Eye Color: white
Skintone: ivory

Titles: Voice of House Crovane, Crovane Minister of Fealty, Shaman of Winter, Duchess of Stormwall

Description: Clara stands at 5'2" and appears to weigh about 100lbs. Mostly smooth and silky skin takes on a milky-ivory color in the winter and a bronze sun-kissed color in the warmer months. She's thin but not entirely lacking in muscle and she moves with the grace of a tiny but determined predator. Her very long brown hair falls down passed her rear in rich waves that have lighter brown and blonde highlights to give it depth and dimension.

Perhaps Clara's most striking feature though is her eyes which are glazed over and white. This can make her repulsive to some people and mysterious to others but unless she's asked she tends to ignore the attention given to them. Rumor has it her eyes are a side effect of her birth, having been born and not breathing. Others say it is a sign she is touched by the Spirits or Gods. The truth of it is that it is unknown why her eyes are white.

Personality: Clara is a curious young woman with a wild side. She loves to be adrenalized, she loves a good fight, a good swim, or a nice climb... whatever gives her the rush that comes with moving her body or taking risks. She also enjoys helping people because while she is curious about death she doesn't feel the need to kill things herself or watch people suffer. She just seeks to understand that grand happening in life that all eventually must meet. What does death mean for those still alive and where do people really go when they die?

Background: Clara was born to the Crovane family only a handful of years ago but she would not start breathing when she was born. It took a little bit of work from the midwives to get Clara to take in her first breath and by that time they had nearly given up hope that she would survive. The result of this experience was that Clara's eyes turned white and everyone expected she was blind.

She is young and still learning about the world in a very hands on way. While she doesn't mind being a lady she doesn't specifically want to be a politician and she has made that clear with starting to learn the sword young as well as preferring sitting in cemeteries and stitching wounds to listening to people talk about the various problems in society.

She began learning the sword when she was 12 years old, a compromise her parents made with her when she wouldn't sit still long enough to learn about being a leader or try to better understand how to bring in money, through the people, for the house. Learning the sword was a way to help her learn to focus her abundance of youthful energy as well as make her useful to the family.

When she was about 15 years old she showed an aptitude for medicine, a love for plant life as a healing source, and a desire to help people. This lead to her start into studying medicine closer and eventually becoming a novice medic. Barely an adult, Clara has been sent to Arx to experience the rich diversity in culture the city has to offer.

Relationship Summary

  • Cleo - No words.
  • Eirene - Oh she's hilarious!
  • Jeffeth - We had a walk and a drink, there was flirting and it was fun.
  • Orazio - Speaks too many words that all mean the same thing.
  • Paige - We are watching every step.

  • Family:
  • Jorygg - My cousin, like a brother, I'm more or less his daughter's aunt figure.

  • Sibling:
  • Adohan - Cousin-Brother
  • Fianna - That Sister Creature
  • Ann - You're doin' it right.
  • Asger - You're doin' it wrong.

  • Client:
  • Jonathan - I hope he and his family are doing well.

  • Mourning isles:
  • Ford - Primary Thraxian Peacock

  • Friend:
  • Cullen - Relax. I'm not gonna eat ya!
  • Fredrik - A Great Friend
  • Arik - He's growing on me... brat.
  • Antonio - Stop it, you're making me laugh.
  • Darren - Like many of the Redrain I have known him for a very long time.
  • Corban - One-hit Dire Bear Buddy! <3
  • Khanne - She dated my brother & now she's occasionally helping me with Shaman type stuff.
  • Marian - You at least saved our people and for that I am thankful.

  • Deceased:
  • Fergus - I will miss you, you might as well have been a big brother.
  • Freja - We will miss you.

  • Protege:
  • Asher - Don't touch.

  • Northlands:
  • Jules - A really nice person that serves the family.
  • Name Summary
    Aahana I only got to meet her briefly but her eyes are something that will always be something I remember, in a wonderful way due to the uniqueness of them. I hope to run into her again very soon.
    Adora I don't like her.
    Aella It was a pleasure to met the lass. Bright and intelligent, she seems like someone Rosa would get along with. While she may prefer the land and I the sea, we both share a strong love of our families, and I can respect that, immensely.
    Agnarr Doesn't look like her brother, or too Crovane at all. The opposite side from Brier, most like. Might be a decent drinking companion.
    Aiden Does a fascination with death means she is capable of missing out on life, or does it mean she is better able to live while she is alive and not be afraid of death? All the same, she proves to be shocking company when being forthright about who she is. She has a good method to etch an image of herself in one's mind for a long time!
    Alarie She's got weird eyes, but good taste - obviously - and trading some time, for a dress. Would that all nobles were like her.
    Alessandro Very pleasant company, clearly intelligent, and wishes to help those who depend on her. All worthy qualities.
    Alexis Small, but fierce. Like me and Alis. Maybe she can be an honorary member of the Ankle-biter's Brigade?
    Ann I haven't gotten to spend as much time with Clara as I would like, but I already love her like a sister. Plus, she's a /lot/ like Asger - so really, whats not to love there?
    Arcadia Kind and so interesting. I'm looking forward to meeting with her more and more.
    Arianna She's not like most northern women. A bit feisty.
    Ariella A kind northerner with a surprisingly raucous sense of humor when it comes down to it. Need to get a few drinks in her and see what happens.
    Arik Another Crovane, not quite like her brother but I should probably say hi... Sober.
    Artur I never really got to know Clara very well when we were younger. Those eyes would make her stand out almost anywhere, but she's got a big personality to match, which is good. She seems to cleave to a lot of the more shavlike elements of the northern culture, like many of her house.
    Asher Excitable, energetic, and playful. Would love to see what she can do when she has a mind for it, wherever she puts her focus.
    Aslaug Lady with white eyes. Not blind, somehow. No fuss, bare feet in the dead of winter.
    Aslaug (A sprawl of earth with flowers and grass sprouting upwards. A singular patch in the center is flattened by a boot.)
    Austen A sharp-tongued woman, though smart. I was perhaps a little too quick on the draw with my sword around her, however.
    Barik She's unlike other ladies. Holds onto a fascination of charitableness, and a need to preserve things around her. I hope her nature doesn't get the best of her at times, I suppose I'll find out as time passes.
    Berenice Interminable. Ugh.
    Cassian Well, she's not shy, there's that going for her.
    Cirroch A shaman and healer who appreciates how a well placed axe can solve many problems.
    Cleo She hates the heat! I hate the heat! We will be fast friends! And she is so pretty! I wonder...
    Clover Teases Clover just as much as her brother does. She seems nice, however, despite the teasing.
    Cullen A kind and friendly enough Northerner from the House of Crovane. Accidentally brought up a very painful subject for me, but made sure to attempt to try to make me feel a bit better, despite clearly seeming awkward and sincerely sorry for doing so. It's not her fault, but the gesture was appreciated.
    Cullen A rather impressive daughter of the North. Whip smart, beautiful, a scathing sense of humor and devoted to work and those she is close to. I am quite pleased and honored to know her - but that temper....she's a firestorm.
    Daemon The first time I'd met the lady, she was horribly drunk and proceeded to get into a fight and lose. Nonetheless, she kept her chin up while doing it! She's certainly someone I'm hoping to see again, if only for her 'whiskey' charm. Hohoho.
    Darren Oh, she knows I'm fond of her. I do enjoy the bold ones, who live their lives on their own terms and speak their minds, and she is certainly such a one.
    Darren A sad occasion to see the Lady Clara, but her good humour and upbeat attitude shone through nonetheless.
    Domonico She wields that axe with skill. I approve of her.
    Drake A healer, and one might assume from that and her dainty stature that she is not one to be feared... but then I learned that she carries an ax, and she seems to know how to use it too. I wonder what story there is behind those eyes.
    Duarte A garrulous lady of Crovane who was more than a little ready to meet new people and establish rapport.
    Dycard Charming, straightforward, and clearly comfortably at ease with her partner. /And/ she runs a delightful pub, to boot.
    Edain At first glance, to look between myself and Lady Clara is a study in contrast. In this Compact, we must unite around our similarities and celebrate our different strengths if we hope to be our best. Clara understands this, and I can tell she believes in the greater good as I do. I look forward to our partnership, and may all the Peers of the Realm heed our example of cooperation and triumph in diversity.
    Edwyn She seems like a nice enough lady. I would have thought those of the north are rowdier, but then she had said she'd been in a fight. I'm not sure.
    Eilonwy A nice lady of the Crovane clan, warm and welcoming if a bit more wild than I am. I look forward to knowing her more.
    Elgana The lovely Lady Clara is always a delight no matter what circumstance we meet under. Growing up around so many in the North creates bonds that do not break easy no matter how much time between seeing one another. I look forward to renewing our friendship here in Arx.
    Esme Healer! She came to me when I was being my absolute 'I can do it myself' self. Which meant I couldn't. We are sure to form a friendship.
    Gareth There is a small faction growing in the city that seems to be unrelated at first glance and only unified by their common cause. For some reason they want me to like them and talk to them. I am bewildered that any individuals are clamoring for such, and she is the most recent among the recruits. May the Gods have mercy on her soul.
    Gianna A spirited woman with curious eyes.
    Haizea Like being doused with cold water, but in the best of ways. A refreshingly frank young woman with wholesome character. I quite like her already.
    Ian Can't tell where she's looking. That'd be useful, in a fight.
    Iroh Lady Clara Crovane. A demoness with a blade and one of the best I've ever seen. It is no small miracle that I survived her in the tournament, and I would count myself lucky to have been able to understand her as a warrior.
    Jarel She hasn't changed in size! But the white eyed Lady has certainly grown in maturity and spirit. I am glad to have Clara as a fine Lady of House Crovane.
    Jeffeth What a lovely lady! She is fierce and aggressive, but also very kind. I think. She's kind to me at least. Either way, she seems like good company to have.
    Jordan Owner of the herb store/pub. She knows her craft, evidently, and is part of the ruling family of the duchy of Stormwall. I ought to introduce her to Lady Olivia, sometime!
    Jules Clara Fianna is a lady you happened upon and have met on several occasions. Each time she's been extremely kind and always. She doesn't seem to care for the formalities with nobility and certainly does not have a problem getting her hands dirty.
    Kaia A clever and fearless northerner that sees beyond common things. She seems reliable and quite protective of her friends, as well as deeply connected to the spiritual realm. She has my respect.
    Kaldur Oh! Those're some... some interesting eyes. Fianna's sister embodies the North in a way that's both unsettling and welcoming. Rather like the North itself. I'll be glad of her counsel in the coming year, I reckon.
    Khanne Asger's sister. Too bad we never got to talk much. I still do tell her brother what's what though.
    Killian Oh my, and who is this young morsel. Not afraid to run into trouble, and looking quite nice as she does it. I wonder just how bad that 'date' of hers was.
    Kutazer I know next to nothing about shamanism, but Shaman Clara was patient and kind in explaining. I rather like her, I hope a good friendship might grow from this meeting.
    Llyr Very forward lady. She did not to follow up that marital status question on first meeting with a proposal. A flirt, perhaps...but not a proposal. Refreshing.
    Lottie Nice enough to consider my proposal and I'm a lil' bit excited to discuss it more in depth with her. She seems real nice, though I hope I don't slip up during are talk. Ain't never seen eyes like that.
    Luca It's hard to forget eyes like those. One of the women we pulled out of the Gray Forest. She seems like a good sort, I think. Always interesting to run into someone you've done some good for. It sort of adds to perspective.
    Mabelle A fascinating woman with remarkable abilities and great talents. I'm not sure I would not go mad if I had them. I definately need to talk to her anew.
    Marian Very sweet girl and I can see that my husband is fond of her. I will do my best to help her, even if she seems reluctant to take our coin. Anyone that Fergus cares about is important to me.
    Melody She's got such an adorable accent! Seems like she's got herself a lot of work to get done, I can only hope that they're not working her too hard.
    Merek Merek thinks this Lady seems a bit like she is from the country, in a good way. She seems nice and polite enough from what he has seen as well!
    Mikani A woman with a green thumb, best rum and can see the dead. I am very impressed and glad that I will get to call her family.
    Miranda A shaman! I think she might be the second one I've met! Another handy person to get to know. I'm glad to have had this chance while we were in Pearlspire and traveling there and back.
    Mirk A shaman, and an uncommonly generous person. Shame I had to turn her down, but I'll have to make sure to finish that game of chess, and soon.
    Monique Those EYES. How can anyone see anything else when she's in the room? Those are some incredible eyes. And related to Duke Crovane! A promising start.
    Niklas A kind hearted northerner with a penchant for healing and business.
    Orazio Those eyes! A more superstitious man would be frightened by their unusual paleness, perhaps - for Orazio, they are intriguing and unusual. Still, she's a spirit-talker, which makes him wary and a bit disdainful. He's not adverse to getting to know her better, though.
    Orelia She can hold her own in a fight, and I respect that. Still want to know the secret about those eyes of hers.
    Pepper One of my new "cousins", she is an interesting one. Her presence is one that defies the norm. It's too early to tell, but I feel this woman is going to make waves where ever she travels.
    Petal She seems nice. Her eyes are very interesting! I thought she was blind at first. I am glad that she is not. That would be hard to be blind. I think she will lovely in the dresses I make. I hope she orders something.
    Porter She did a real good job handling herself on that mission. There were points where I didn't think I could do anything else at all because I was too choked up. But she carried herself with a lot of dignity and composure at an incredibly trying time.
    Raja Bar fights are fun! You fight, bleed out, and then drink together.
    Ras A silk in the Murder, who sold another silk a bunch of old aeterna dresses? Weird. Got a Northlands accent, and her eyes're creepy.
    Reese A warrior in the making! With her teachers she will be epic good in no time.
    Revell I like her. There's this.. relaxed air about her, the kind you only really develop if you've been through stuff and decided that petty things are no longer worth your time. Maybe I'm wrong, but either way, I like whatever it is.
    Riagnon A gracious Northern host and surprisingly adept wrestler. Even without the axe!
    Rosalind Seems like a fun and lovely lady, Hope I get to know her better!
    Rosalind She was super kind and friendly! She stitched me up and talked like we were old friends. If I take off and get hurt again, I hope yo find her again!
    Rowenova This shaman lady with white eyes is incredibly intriguing! I certainly hope she can be thrown around less and heal well more!
    Rysen Few are as dangerous or as warm as my cousin, and none are more worthy of my trust. She has a gift for healing and herbs - and for the axe.
    Sabella I don't know her too terribly well, but she is a very welcoming host in her tavern, the Black Axe, and it always seems to be very popular during the day so she must know what she's doing!
    Sasha A brilliant shaman who I think has a wonderful outlook upon things involving the Spirits. I find her quite charming.
    Serafine Sassy pants woman with a decent wit.
    Skapti Amiable enough sort now, ain' she? Eyes are a bit off putting at first maybe, but nothin' to dwell on. Seen stranger shit, certainly. Besides, she gave me booze. Ain' gonna quibble with that, now am I?
    Snow This one needs more peace in her life, and maybe extra prayers from me. Also, no water in any close proximity...or pointy things.
    Sparte I think I saw her in the Murder? I'm not entirely sure, there were a lot of people I saw in the murder that night. Thankfully she didn't look like one of the ones bent on murder.
    Svana A foul mouth and haunting eyes, but I sense a good heart. Lovely.
    Sydney An admirer of oily chests, and one of the last standing in the Southport Bowl. Knows when to back off and play it safe, but she could stand to work on her fitness more than her tactics.
    Talen Sister to Duke Crovane, this woman seems to have a certain way of speaking - Abandoned, history of her family clinging even now. Met at the Redrain family dinner, she introduced herself to Talen and his wife, Eleyna.
    Tallius Always nice to find others who speak a civilized tongue!
    Tarik She reminds me how I should spend more time speaking to many of my Redrain nobles compared to their Southern counterparts. Her politeness seems more earnest, and without pretentiousness. This might be the second Crovane that causes me to keep spending time in The Spirits.
    Thea I well trained medic I have a feeling I will be working with again...
    Thorvald She seems like a rough-and-tumble sort, and that axe! It almost makes me jealous. I appreciate the way this Crovane lady doesn't lord herself over a man, so to speak, and she seems like a regular guest of the house, making her my responsibility to protect while she's within these walls. And she's a shaman, so I'll try to learn all I can from her.
    Tynan Lady Crovane appears to be an herbalist and apothecary of some skill, which I had heard only through rumors before meeting her. Her friendly and welcoming nature wasn't mentioned, but a pleasant surprise. Hopefully with the things she gave me I can finally overcome this.
    Valarian What a delightful Northern Lady! A great sense of humor and wit, charming and with the most beautiful smile and laugh. And put up with my ridiculous, over the top preening and boasting and ridiculous claims for laughs. One I'll be happy to talk to again, no doubt.
    Vayne Hard to describe our first meeting. I've rarely met someone as direct and unfiltered with her words as Lady Clara. She seems a delightful young woman. She brings excellent whiskey when she disturbs you late at night to ask questions about the Pantheon.
    Vercyn How did this lovely, intelligent and charming creature fall for my Arik?
    Wash If only everyone who has offered their aid could add together to put together a single vessel. Still, a kindly thought from a new acquaintance.
    Zoey I understand enough not to question why you would sleep with your axe beside you.