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Assembly of Peers XII

Come join the leaders of the Compact - The Faith, the Great Houses, The Crown and the Peerage as they discuss the future of things.


Feb. 15, 2020, noon

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Catalana Berenice Sydney Peri Margot Rysen Ophelia Shard Dianna Evaristo Lucita Ryhalt Madeleine Gabriella Venturo Lou Oili Domonico Alban Calista Verity Raven Kaia Ailith Calypso Eshra Alarissa Edain Graziella Lenne Gideon Cassimir Irisa Mirella Sebastian Miranda Rayne Sabrina Belladonna Darren Apostate Liara Martino Sina Volcica Prism Mikani Raja Thea Preston Mabelle Valencia Tyrus Amari Vitalis Rosalie Rowenova Emele Iseulet Alis Marius Richard Cillian Tyche Viviana Jeffeth



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Assembly of Peers

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Margot has joined the Voices of the Realm.

Lou has joined the Grayson Benches.

Catalana moves with an easy grace as she steps into the hall. Noting how full the benches are getting, she makes haste to the benches after bowing her head to the King.

Berenice steps past the threshold of the /particularly/ full Assembly of Peers, clad in the rarest of Lenosian spidersilk that has been dyed in the rich hue of Velenosa purple. She moves gracefully down the aisle of the Assembly, slowing near the Lyceum benches for a moment to offer a warm smile to a few of her cousins there, before she moves on to continue to the front of the hall. She takes the steps up to the large table there reserved for the Voices of the Realm, offering a deep, graceful curtsy to the King and the High Lords there before taking a seat in readiness to speak as Voice of the Archduchess of the Lyceum.

Sydney picks her way into the assembly hall, elbowing and shoving where she has to in that rude commoner fashion in order to claim herself somewhere to sit - which given the sheer volume of /people/ this time around is a tall order, hissing, grousing, and griping as she goes. "Don't just mill about, you're in the bloody way. For the love of... would you /sharding/... argh!" She stomps over to the Commoner's Bench and claims a seat. Gracefully. Full of grace.

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Peri makes her way to the Grayson benches and settles in for the assembly.

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Margot looks around and notes Victus is not here. She curtseys to those at the high table before she moves over to the head table to take the Thrax seat.

Rysen enters the Assembly of Peers with Mikani. His black mantle, trimmed with white fox fur, flows with his movements as he makes his way toward the Redrain benches. The Crovane retainers Lygeia and Damien, part from the lord and lady, making their way to the commoner benches.

Rysen offers a respectful bow to those seated in the area assigned to the Voices of the Realms, and takes a seat at the Redrain benches.

Ophelia Velenosa arrives with Venturo Thayne and sweeps her gaze over the immediate area with a cheery smile. Familiar faces are noted and fingers are waggled at them before she makes her way over to the Lyceum benches with the infamous brewmaster.

Shard stalks into the Assembly at a brisk sort of pace. It's not temper, exactly, but there's definitely a cloud of something dour hovering around her as her gaze sweeps the room in general, and then she turns to take a seat at the commoner benches.

Emele has joined the Commoner Benches.

Indeed, Sister Dianna Godsworn - dressed in deepest umbra and stygian, sinks into a curtsy meant for the king and queen. She slips aside to the Godsworn benches and settles in near Preston and Sina.

Rysen has joined the Redrain Benches.

Santino arrives, following Calista.

Evaristo weaves through the crowd, upnodding, bowing, grinning, pointing a finger and winking... but he too slinks into the commoner benches and slouches, stretching legs out as far as he can.

Calista has joined the Lyceum Benches.

Lucita steps lightly into the hall, impeccably groomed and having a serene expression warmed by a slight smile. She gives a curtsy as is appropriate when in the proximity of those who are royal as she makes her way toward a seat in the Lycene benches.

Ryhalt takes a seat in the Valardin area with a distracted air.

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Madeleine slips into the Godsworn benches and gives a slight dip of her head to those she finds there. She's quite happy to keep out of the way.

With the final piece of her armor completed with perfect timing, Gabriella Pravus sees no reason -not- to wear it beyond simple practicality of 'a packed assembly full of a sweltering volume of people.' If the heat is getting to her under the layers of alaricite adorning her, though, the Setarcan knight certainly doesn't see fit to show it; Gabriella is practically beaming like a sunny day unto herself as she strides into the Assembly, Gluttony peacebound with all due care and stride as confident and controlled as ever as she makes her way towards the rest of her family in attendance. Her smile almost indefatigably bright. Maybe she just likes to suffer. Seems a strong possibility.

Into the Hall Venturo comes with Ophelia, that pale green gaze sweeping around those gathered about. It's a brief lean in to whisper something to the princess as they walk onwards, before he goes to join her at the Lyceum bench. Familiar faces are given a nod, his attention lingering here or there before he settles down into a seat.

Alaric looks about, having been settled quietly at the table for the Voices and Heads of the realms. As he stands he clears his throat. "Good day all. I know we have much to discuss so, let us waste no time." He turns over to the Godsworn benches. "To begin, would the Faith do us the honor of calling us to begin through a blessing for today's proceedings, and then we can get on to the matters of business?"

Lou strides in and goes to take a seat at the Grayson benches. Clearly she doesn't care about fashion as she's dressed in her armor; which is her typical garb.

Lenne has joined the Redrain Benches.

Oili rolls into the assembly very quietly and slinks her way around to the redrain benches in an attempt to draw as little attention as possible. Slinking through this crowd turns out harder than she thought so she settles for not slamming into anyone and settles into a seat with a sigh.

Domonico sweeps his gaze around the room as he follows his family into the Assembly, attired as he always is, ready for war. He follows the others in and sits, stiff backed and alert.

Gabriella has joined the Lyceum Benches.

Alban looks over at Ryhalt as he arrives, and then leans over to whisper something to the Duke.

Leonardo, a kindly, old librarian arrives, following Cassimir.

With a confident sway and saunter, Calista Fidante arrives to the Assembly of Peers, decked in the darkest colors of night. Her red lips quirk into a surreptitious grin as she quietly greets those family faces in the crowd before taking a seat at the Lyceum benches.

Roran has left the Godsworn Benches.

Verity arrived in the Commoner benches... at some point. It's so very easy to lose track of people in the crowds, and Verity is a very average courtier when one takes into account the usual standards of appearance. Sydney's blustering entrance prompts her to raise her hand and gesture in a greeting as pleasant as Sydney seems annoyed, though undoubtedly they're both gracefully full of grace.

One certainty remains true -- Raven does not sit for as long as Belladonna stands, ever a staid, constant presence at her patron's side. Dressed darkly, though with some effort at the seams that someone impressed vanity on her for the big event (it was Graziella), the woman's expression is ice. Ice that only thaws, however briefly, when Belladonna fusses briefly at her clothing.

Raven has joined the Lyceum Benches.

With the aid of her husband, Kaia would gracefully take a seat by the Lyceum benches. A small cordial smile given to all the known and unknown faces seated about; and, a bow of the head in respect given to their Duchess.

Cassimir has joined the Lyceum Benches.

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Ailith rises from the Godsworn benches to address the Assembly -- a gentle signal of her hand requests for silence during the benediction -- "In the name of Petrichor, who has given unto us dominion, I hereby consecrate this ground. Let all who abide within be bathed in the light of the gods, and be protected by the holy sacrament of Sanctuary. Until this Assembly be lawfully dismissed, to shed blood or begin violence on this ground will be the darkest sin, and shall be punished accordingly. We ask the Gods of the Pantheon to bless all present, and these proceedings. May Vellichor's wisdom guide the choices made here today. We pray to Limerance, that any oaths this evening be held true. We pray to the Sentinel, to judge those who speak falsely. In Gild's name, we extend guest rights to our visitors. May the Gods look on this Assembly with favor, and bless our choices this day." She bows her head in prayer, acknowledging the pantheon and their favor and blessing, then returns to her seat, settling alongside Dame Marra and her Godsworn brethren.

Calypso rises respectfully with the entrance of the King. She sneaks a drink from the bottle she has with her between sitting down and bowing her head for the opening prayer.

Lady Eshra Rivenshari, in all her bells.. which can not be heard over the sound of the crowd, slips into the seats of the Valardin house and sits with a nod to this already there.

2 Grayson House Guards arrives, following Lark.

Octavia has left the Thrax Benches.

Alarissa waits at the entry way until Ailith is done with the faith's invocation before easing her way through the crowd and to the bench so she can take a seat.

Prince Edain Valardin, large and in charge, highlord of the Oathlands, Chief Knight Extraordinare of the West, has been a solemn presence at the table of the Voices of the Realm. As Ailith rises to bless the assembly before its proceedings, he bows his head in reverent silence. A brief glance is cast into the Valardin fealty seats, brows lifting marginally before his attention is averted to his table.

Graziella arrived early (tugging Raven enthusiastically in her wake), and has been seated at the Lyceum benches with her family for a few minutes, wide-eyed and taking everything in. Her beaming attention has rested on Raven with annoyingly cheerful encouragement for most of the time she's been waiting, though when Graziella notices the arrival of her sister, she gives Gabriella a wave as well. "You look lovely!" she enthuses, before quieting for the prayers.

Lenne enters with a certain quiet bustle, seemingly just at the announcement of the traditional prayer. Good! She isn't late. But sadly, there also isn't time to dawdle or hunt for familiar faces in the stands. She just makes her way toward the the Redrain section, to sit amongst her family and peers, though even greeting them will have to wait for after the prayer is done, of course.

Margot bows her head reverantly as the Seraph presents the blessing.

Gideon has entered briefly behind Margot, his lone eye scanning the room as he breaks off to let her get to the table for voices, making his way towards the Thrax benches. His crimson armor clanks under the quiet chatter, but has made some noise during the consecration. He comes down rather heavily in the Thrax seating and bends forward, resting an elbow on his knee to quietly watch the display.

Rysen bows his head as Ailith prays. At its conclusion, he smiles to find his sister arriving to sit nearby. He then turns his attention to Alaric.

Sebastian has joined the Lyceum Benches.

Cassimir deftly maneuvers to his reserved position beside Countess Tyche Inverno, and dips his head during the blessing which commences at that time.

Irisa rises for the prayers. Head bowed, she stands solemnly and looks to be in no rush. Once over she looks to bow deeper once before taking her seat again.

"Not to mention that blood is incredibly hard to clean up, and I prefer not to put that on those who take care of here." Alaric smiles just a little bit as he puts his hand over his heart and bows to Ailith. "Thank you Legate." He looks about and purses his lips a moment. "There is much to discuss I am sure. These are busy times. I am going to take the rare privilege of speaking first, as I believe that my topic at hand will address some of the other items and create a trickle down effect."

"As House Velenosa has released previously House Pravus from their writs of service. As The High Lords have asked me to wait until The Duchess Belladonna Pravus and her kind have offered more than words but instead also action in bringing the Saffron Isles into the Compact and we have seen clear evidence of their commitment to do so with the footholds they have created at great coss to their resources and people. As the Faith has previously affirmed by all rights and matters set forth that the requirements of House Pravus to be elevated to the rank of Great House have been met, I call forth Duchess Belladonna Pravus to swear her oaths of service to the Peerage, to the High Lords, to the Faith, and the Crown, and to be elevated to the rank fo Archduchess Belladonna Pravus."

Mirella bows her head during the prayer, glancing over to the Lycene benches with a wispy smile afterwards.

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"Not to mention that blood is incredibly hard to clean up, and I prefer not to put that on those who take care of here." Alaric smiles just a little bit as he puts his hand over his heart and bows to Ailith. "Thank you Legate." He looks about and purses his lips a moment. "There is much to discuss I am sure. These are busy times. I am going to take the rare privilege of speaking first, as I believe that my topic at hand will address some of the other items and create a trickle down effect."

"As House Velenosa has released previously House Pravus from their writs of service. As The High Lords have asked me to wait until The Duchess Belladonna Pravus and her kind have offered more than words but instead also action in bringing the Saffron Isles into the Compact and we have seen clear evidence of their commitment to do so with the footholds they have created at great coss to their resources and people. As the Faith has previously affirmed by all rights and matters set forth that the requirements of House Pravus to be elevated to the rank of Great House have been met, I call forth Duchess Belladonna Pravus to swear her oaths of service to the Peerage, to the High Lords, to the Faith, and the Crown, and to be elevated to the rank of Duchess Belladonna Pravus, Highlord of the Saffron Isles."

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Jewel, a Maelstrom Forest Cat arrives, following Miranda.

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There's undoubtedly more people than not surprised at Lord Sebastian's lateness to the Assembly. Still, it doesn't mean it doesn't earn him some looks, all of which are met with an effortlessly charming smile as the silk-clad Pravus makes his way over to join familiar faces at the Lycene bench. And what timing he has -- turning his head as the King begins to speak of Pravus, and his Duchess, his smile blooms as he offers a deep bow to the King. For all that he's late, he looks collected and at ease as he settles into a seat.

Miranda has joined the Lyceum Benches.

Miranda sneaks into the Assembly and slides into the Lyceum benches...

I don't wanna bother but is this ok? "The young Bisland arrived a little late and was heading to the Grayson benches, sitting down he was listening to what was being said trying not to interrupt"

Jared, an overworked-looking, nervous Apprentice Whisper arrives, delivering a message to Natalia before departing.

Domonico waves to his best friend and gestures Miranda over next to him and the formation of Malvicis.

"The young Bisland arrived a little late and was heading to the Grayson benches, sitting down he was listening to what was being said trying not to interrupt"

Sabrina enters in silence, without a whisper of apology in her stride for being late. Quietly making her way to the rows reserved for those of the Lyceum, she settles in beside Tyche with a nod and folds her hands in her lap.

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Belladonna eyes the king, and nods as she is beckoned. The blonde eyes her family once more, before she moves towards the ruler of the Compact, her stride confident and simple all in the same, no Setarcan swagger or Lycene allure in it. Hands clasped before her, she bows towards the monarch.

"The Pravus family is more than ready to swear its Oaths of Fealty to the Crown, and be from this day and forever more be recognized as a Great House of the Compact. I, as Archduchess of Setarco, Highlord Belladonna Pravus of the Saffron Chain, swear before Limerance to protect this Realm at any cost and serve the Crown with fervor. We shall always defend its people from all who would do them harm, protect those who cannot protect themselves, and if my King calls his banners, we shall answer with the full might our enemies have come to expect. The Great House of Pravus will share its wealth, spill our blood, spread the Faith forth, and honor any tax by our liege. We shall support the Crown in all things, and make the Compact greater by our presence among the Great Houses."

The woman remains with her head bowed down as she utters the words, eyes closed as she awaits the King to continue with the ceremony.

Alaric looks to the benches of the Godsworn, before turning back to Belladonna. "I stand corrected then. Archduchess of Setarco, Highlord Belladonna Pravus of the Saffron Chain, the Crown accepts your oath of fealty and will, as with all great Houses, hold you to it. Those who swear to you will be expected to follow your example, and we will look to you to keep them in line with the precepts of the Faith and the good of all. Welcome, Archduchess Pravus, as the sixth Great House. A first for our Compact. Take your seat with the other Great Houses and we will see to it that for the next Assembly there is more room for your people."

He looks about..."I will begin then with opening the floor to the Houses. Let us begin with House Redrain. Have you any matters you wish to present to the Peerage?"

Belladonna has joined the Voices of the Realm.

Lou is very, very quiet throughout all of the proceedings, watching with a solemn intensity, taking in all of the high lords and their seconds seated today.

Margot dips her head to Belladonna from her seat at the table as the newly sworn Archduchess joins them.

Belladonna smiles and dips her head to Margot, and then the others, as she finds her seat and takes it. The woman has a wide smile on her face, and that is after fighting it a while. While Darren speaks, Belladonna closes her eyes for a moment, exhaling slowly. After a brief moment, she is paying attention again.

Darren is silent throughout Belladonna's oath, though his eyebrow does arch momentarily at the title she chooses for herself. He rises as he is addressed by Alaric. "Thank you, your Majesty. House Redrain has no matters to be raised at this time," he says, dipping his head before returning to his seat.

Edain rearranges himself at the table, welcoming the newly elevated highlord with a bow of his head. "Congratulations, Your Grace," he utters with soft-spoken earnesty before his attention is upon Darren when the Prince of Farhaven rises to speak briefly.

Alaric nods to Darren, as he rises again in a game of royal whack-a-mole as when Darren sits again he stands back up. "House Velenosa. Have you anything to present today for discussion?" To which he then settles back down.

There's loud applause by a majority of peers as the new Archduchess Belladonna Pravus takes a seat at the Voices of the Realm. It is notable that a number of Isles Peers and firm traditionalists do not applaud however, and head for the exit. Some visibly storming out of the Assembly.

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Shard checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

Belladonna smiles at Edain and nods, eyes wide as she focuses on the man for a moment. "Thank you very much, Prince Edain. Now I suppose the true tests begin, mm? So exciting." She crosses her legs, hands resting atop a knee, while eyeing the rest of the Assembly for a brief instant. If she notices people leaving, Belladonna doesn't seem to mind them much, gaze focusing on her family and allies for the moment.

Shard checked composure at difficulty 20, rolling 2 lower.

Berenice rises from her seat at the table when Velenosa is called upon, offering a warm smile of welcome to Belladonna. "House Velenosa wishes to formally welcome and congratulate House Pravus on their elevation. The safety and prosperity of Velenosa's vassals was always foremost in the heart of the late Archduchess Eleyna's heart, as the Compact saw when she raised banners in the protection of Setarco during the Gyre War, to ensure its survival, and Archduchess Jaenelle has only shared and continued that wish. We are proud beyond measure to see the work of their growth and rebuilding, and to see a historic duchy of the Lyceum grow into a Great House in their own right." She offers a graceful, respectful curtsy to Belladonna. And then, returning her attention to Alaric. "House Velenosa has no further business to present, however. Thank you, Your Majesty." And she seats herself once more.

Gideon like any true gentleman, lifts a flask to his lips as the angry people start to walk out, giving them a sideways glance and a generally unamused look. He clapped a little at the announcement as many did, but only pays any attention when the new Duchess makes their way to the table of Voices, lifting the flask briefly and generally to the table before settling back to watch the Velenosa's address.

Berenice is overheard praising Belladonna: We are proud beyond measure to see a historic duchy of the Lyceum grow into a Great House in their own right.

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Natalia is overheard praising Belladonna.

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Alaric nods to Berenice and rises again, then. "House Grayson. Are there any matters that need to be addressed today that you would wish to discuss?"

Edain is overheard praising Berenice.

Edain is overheard praising Belladonna.

Belladonna raises an invisible glass to Princess Berenice's proclamation, seemingly quite pleased with it!

Sebastian is overheard praising Belladonna: Cunning is no sin.

The whole elevation of Pravus seems to hold Kaia's attention; and, then, when the room stirs with palpable discomfort her eyes warily follow the islanders and traditionalists as they storm out. Her gaze snapping back to her husband, murmuring something to him, before her eyes shift over to the Grayson benches with concern. From afar, she seems to be trying to get a better look at those seated there.

Graziella is overheard praising Belladonna.

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Although quiet up until this point, Liara rises to her feet, hands left to rest on the edge of the tabletop, "House Grayson notes its concerns regarding the Skal'dajan fleet, and requests that a line be drawn. We do not wish to see the unhindered approach of foreign armies become a matter that can be determined by a single House opting to welcome them. Whether it be further forces dispatched by the Dune Emperor, or by any other power from beyond Arvum, we ask that the Compact treat them in the very same way: they must be sent back where they came from. If they wish to talk, let them come as a reasonable member of the Compact might, and not arrayed for war. Let it be in breach of the Compact's laws to harbour a foreign army."

Liara's words bring Rysen's attention from the peers at the Redrain Bench, and his grey eyes shift to Margot, and then to Alaric.

Inhaling slightly, Martino's lips twisted for a moment as his sharp green eyes tracked some of those that left before leaning forward to discuss a few matters quiet with his fellow Malvici. Eyes rolling for a moment to the sister and the brother as they turn attention upon him. A faint smirk to Kaia as he notices her chin lift up to peer over and returns a hushed murmur.

Sina observes the proceedings from the Godsworn benches with the solemn quietude of a portrait, her features painted into an expression of grave regard as the traditionalists take their leave. She does not seem particularly surprised to see it happen, silvery eyes tracking their progress, before she allows her gaze to drift back to the high table where the highest peers of the realm are seated. She sits with her hands folded neatly in her lap, her spine straight. When the matter of the fleet from Skal'daja finally is brought up though, her gaze becomes a bit more sharp, her interest focusing in to see what Alaric's response will be.

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Margot looks up at Liara's rise and nods. "Thrax entirely agrees and thanks Grayson for raising this issue. We have no intention to harbour the Dune Emperor in our waters and have been very clear that any who give them safe haven will be treated just as harshly as they Eurusi who should they refuse to leave."

As Liara rises and broaches the topic of the Skal'dajan Fleet, the Prince of Sanctum discreetly gestures for a military adjunct originating from the Valardin fealty seats to hand him something. He promptly pours it into his teacup and, with his attention upon Margot and Liara, drinks his steaming cup of tea. It's just tea.

Alaric nods to Liara. "I anticipate the discussion regarding the Skal'dajan fleet to be a larger topic, and is part of why I am saving House Thrax until last for today's matters. We will have to rely upon our sea-faring Houses to be the start of that line. However...there is no one house that is going to bear this alone as one House does not hold back an Empire." He listens though to Liara's words and nods his head. "I will echo your last sentiment, however, Princess. Let the whole of the Compact known that it is one thing to treat with or meet with allies and enemies alike. However, any found to go past 'discussion' and found to be aiding, harboring, or assisting in any way a force who has already made it clear its intentions to bring Arvum to heel under their rule, will indeed be guilty of Treason against the Crown. Politics aside, there are too many things going on and while I am all for niceties and the games of statecraft...this threat is not one of those times." He nods firmly to Margo and Liara's words. "Have you anything else, Princess Grayson?"

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Belladonna exhales in an exasperated manner at the mention of the Dune Emperor and Skal'daja, before she nods at Liara's words, "The Princess of Bastion raises a very strong point. From my findings, if we have any clear, obvious tactical advantage against the Dune Kingdoms is our unity of purpose and ideals. We must make use of this if we are to survive their might. We must do this as one."

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Catalana slants her gaze towards Belladonna when she speaks. Her lips compress into a firm line before focusing her attention towards Margot and Liara.

Volcica steps into the Assembly, quietly making her way to the Redrain seating. A curious glance is cast Belladonna's way, before shifting over to the speakers.

"We are grateful as to the clarification," Liara says, with an incline of her head to Alaric. Then she does indeed raise one more matter: "House Grayson also notes the engagement by foreign entities with the Abandoned. Some now pledge fealty to a foreign power, and others still have moved towards the Abyss. One hopes that there are yet many who may be brought into the Compact as Prodigals, or otherwise stand against the same evil that we face. Though House Grayson does not ask for any immediate action, we ask that consideration be given to the matter of Abandoned, and whether a change in law may be warranted, insofar as it is in line with the teachings of the Faith - whether it be to treat them more firmly, or to enable engagement with them in a way hitherto not seen." And that said - either pleasing or seriously alarming more orthodox sorts - she eases back into her seat.

"I will fight beside you," comes a voice from the benches of the Lyceum, and that voice is clear as clarion, resonant, powerful. Bold though it may be to speak uncalled in the Assembly of Peers. Prism rises from her seat there, in the audience, and looks over to the Peers. "It is time that Skal'daja be reborn."

Shard sits up slowly from her previous slump, but very, very straight.

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Glancing over to the Lycene benches from the Godsworn benches, Dianna's gaze sets on Prism, curious - then flicks to Alessia, her twin.

Rysen turns to gaze on the speaker from the Lycene benches, bedecked in masterfully crafted alaracite. He glances then toward Mikani, and then returns his attention to Voices of the Realm.

Evaristo raises his flask of whiskey in a toast to Prism there from the commoner benches.

Margot's peircing blue eyes turn towards the Lyceum benches, and the woman there, the duchess just watches and listens taking in before speaking.

Calista certainly was not expecting the clear and powerful voice from Prism at that moment and it steals the duchess's attention from other conversation at the bench. She glances to up to the woman with starlight in her hair with a look of admiration.

Darren's head turns towards the speaker, surprise etched on his face that someone would speak. His attention turns back then to Alaric, curious perhaps to see the King's response.

Preston is overheard praising Prism: To fight Eurus? What an excellent Choice.

Calypso's eyebrows raise with interest as Prism rises, but not surprise.

Ailith is overheard praising Prism.

Calista is overheard praising Prism.

Lou glances over at the speaker, tilting her head as she regards Prism. She doesn't know this woman, but the look she gives her is rather curious.

Shard is overheard praising Prism: Hey wait, is that--?

"House Velenosa fully supports a formal declaration of Eurus as enemy of the Compact," Berenice says with an inclination of her chin to Liara. She -- does not immediately comment on the prospect of adjusting matters surrounding the Abandoned. And then her gaze turns to Prism there in the crowd, and her brow arches. There is a slight /coolness/ to her manner at someone standing up in the /Commoner benches/ to /talk out of turn/.

Sina glances over and takes note of Prism as she rises and speaks her willingness to fight alongside the Compact against Skal'daja. She watches the woman of starlight and alaricite curiously. Her gaze passes briefly over the other Godsworn near her, and then she glances toward the King and the High Lords of the realm, watching for their reaction.

Mikani glances at Rysen before she turns her attention back to the proceedings.

Gideon is overheard praising Prism: Finally something exciting happened, someone said it.

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Raja pauses in her whispering among the common benches and looks up towards the speaker, Prism. She blinks at the woman and glances to the people around her curiously.

Leaning back a bit on her seat, Liara gazes up towards the commoner benches and Prism with arched eyebrows. Then, a beat of pause later, she wonders aloud, "How?"

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Thea turns ever so subtly and discreetly looks at Prism. A flash of curiosity crosses her features as she turns back in her seat. Thea lifts her eyebrow a touch but says nothing.

Margot smiles slightly, though like most of the Voice's expressions, the gesture is small. She nods a touch after a moment's consideration and shifts her attention to the King. Her lips move to speak some soft words at the table.

Preston pushes himself slowly to his feet, the young lad in linens "If it pleases your majesty, the Holy Knights of the Temple, who I hope have recognition of this august body, would request you allow the woman to speak if she wishes." And Preston gestures across to Prism, bowing his head respectfully "She is a friend of those who would choose to follow the commands of the Gods, as I would hope is true of each man and woman here. And of our Compact, if it is to mean anything."

Alaric looks over to Prism curiously, then the others, along with the mix of enthusiasm. "We're always happy for more allies," he offers. "And since everone seems curious to what you have to say we can put aside the etiquette of these things to get to the heart of the matter. Who are you, and how may we count on you, speaker with the strong voice and the support of the Faith?" His tone is not confrontational however. If anything...he seems intrigued by the interruption and gestures for the woman to come forth as he settles down.

Peri mutters in confusion, and she gawks at the astonishing looking woman.

Oili stares quietly at Prism, scouring her figure with curiosity before returning to more local matters.

Alban turns to gawk at the speaker, and then at Preston as he speaks up on her behalf. The man makes a quiet hmmm, but otherwise remains silent as Alaric addresses Prism.

Prism walks forward, upon footsteps soft and silent, the skirts of her gown aglow behind her. That light gathers in the fair of her skin, illuminates the dark of her hair and the steel of her eyes. "They will come to break you," she says. "To chain you. They will come to take your hearts from you, and I know that you will fight them. You will think: They have come to break us. We will break THEM. We will chase their darkness from this world with every light we can kindle." She lifts her staff, and there is a spark of color, wondrous. "But I call upon you to do something more than destroy them. I ask you to save them -- for once, they, too, were liberators."

Miranda's eyes narrow a little at the request of Prism. She watches the starlit women with some fascinated interest, like most folks here.

Volcica is overheard praising Mirk: An illuminating light of knowledge.

Raja is keenly interested. She leans forward, her arms draped over her knees. Her dark gaze becomes set on Prism, clinging to her words as a man stranded in the desert drinks from a glass of water.

Mabelle is utterly charmed by all the glow and illumination surrounding Prism, but her words turn her expression to one of captivation for substances rather than the show.

Rysen listens to Prism speak. The poet does not seem fully able to suppress a degree of wonder and inspiration at her words.

Calista marvels at the spectrum of light and is moved by Prism's call to arms and call to save.

Lou continues to watch Prism, but as she does, and as she listens, a small inkling of knowledge starts to kindle upon her brow, and her eyes widen ever so slightly.

Alaric takes a deep breath. "I'm all for a good redemption story," he says simply. "And I will admit to those here now that one of the reasons I push for peace and for the embassies has nothing to do with not wanting to fight...but with concern over what we will have to fight next. truth these are small compared to the things I fear the Abyss may send after us still. If there is a way to free Eurus from the chains that bind it, and that rather than conquer a people we may free them so that they may face these future demons...literally...with us...then I am all ears on how this might be done." He looks to the others in the room however.

Volcica watches Prism with dark eyes, curiousity and awe shining through a relatively cool expression. The Voice of the Bonespire is rarely visually expressive, but it's hard not to be in the presence of the Seraph.

When a voice suddenly rises above all others to declare their support against Skal'daja, Edain's expression is one of mild disapproval for the breech of ettiquette. It softens marginally when his gaze finds the source, and Preston speaks on her behalf. The Highlord leans forward, expression one of deep contemplation as he listens to Prism's words. "You ask of us to deliver mercy onto an enemy that would seek to destroy everything in which we stand for. Eradicate the very nature of who we are, and enslave us," he says, his frown deepening. "To save them - liberate them. Yet, I ask of you to explain how we would do so when they come upon our shores with a singular purpose?"

Valencia's expression seems to quieten at Prism's presentation, her large dark eyes silently contemplative as those around her react and thoughts shared. No awe or inspiration found here apparently. But she seems to listen despite the cool candor of her features.

Belladonna cants her head to the side, eyeing Prism. "My fellow Peers raise interesting questions. How can we make them listen, if we are barely in the position to defeat them with all the forces we have? I suppose we lack the insight, so if you could, please impart some unto us? A creature so impressive is sure to have more than fervorous pleas to give?" Belladonna, although she does sit comfortably, does seem interested in the woman, eyebrows arched with a gentle smile upon her features.

Calista is for all intents and purposes engaged in this topic. Awake and alert, she watches the other peers and her attention falls on Edain who nearly reads her mind, yes how can we do this? She wonders and the Prince of Valardin asks the question on her mind.

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3 Thrax Guards arrives, following Tyrus.

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Thea watches Prism with curiosity, listening as she quietly converses with her family.

"If you will choose this path," Prism says, "If you will choose the light of redemption over the shadow of destruction, if you will swear yourselves before it, you will have my blessing -- you will have, all of you, the Blessing of Skald. And though you will not be able to touch it, feel it, /wield/ it, it will be there, at your darkest moment, and it will be the light that kindles the flame of rebirth." The silvery hue of the moon seems brighter, through the windows, than it did before -- brighter, even, than the flames of the Assembly, in all their gold and amber. It follows Prism to where she stands, before the Assembly, a trick of timing, perhaps, but ... "I ask you to take more on faith than you may be willing. I know it will not be a decision you make lightly. But I hold my hand out to you in offering it -- now, and forever."

Catalana watches Prism for the longest moment. Her fingers twining around her locket as she speaks. "How can we afford to not try? They sit on our shores because their slaving ring was taken. If we defeat them, it is a another civilization that will suffer for it. There should be some greater purpose rather than just stop them."

Tyrus sits down at the Thrax benches just in time to hear Prism's words... and to say his gaze darkens would be an understatement. His face hardens, the once slave looking away from the woman.

Shard stands up from the commoner benches. She doesn't /say/ anything, so at least she has that small amount of sense, but she does look straight at Prism and thump a fist over her heart.

Alaric cants his head towards Darren, a moment, at something said quietly at the table and then he looks to the Godsworn. His expression is that of the 'your turn to talk' variety.

Rysen looks from Preston, Ailith and Sina, then finally to Prism. He gives a resolute nod.

Raja has something stir from deep within her. It's as if everything is coming together for her. So, she suddenly stands up and she calls out from the commoner benches. "I will stand with you. I will fight for the salvation of Eurus." It was likely not the best time to do this. It is probably against the rules. Then again, when does a Culler ever follow the rules?

Amari stands and gives a slight bow of her head to Prism. Nothing grand is said. That's the extent of the gesture before the Knight of Oakhaven takes her seat again.

Sina exchanges a brief murmur with Ailith, and then turns her gaze to Prism, listening solemnly as the woman steps forward, glowing with that ethereal starlight. Her own features are raptly attentive, watching Prism's every movement, listening to her every word. There is a light of hope on her features, and her silvery eyes glimmer at the edges with a hint of emotion. Abruptly, she rises to her feet as well, and states, "When the clock tower fell, and we lost Copper, and the day the Eye of the Prophet posted his notice on the doors of this Assembly, I and others had a vision. A series of visions. Among them," she says, speaking out where normally she wouldn't, "there was a vision of a comet leaving behind a trail of glittering light over the Dune Kindgoms of Eurus. A hundred thousand slaves saw that light, and in their hearts, they felt an emotion they have not felt often in their lives... hope. We mustn't fail them," she speaks out in strong agreement with the glowing Prism. "We must be their hope. I choose to stand with Skald."

After a brief moment, Volcica rises just long enough to say a few words. "House Stahlben will stand with the Light, and seek the salvation of Eurus. As a Voice of the Bonespire, I make this oath." Once that's said, she's sitting again.

Vitalis leans away from whispering to Alessia. When Sina speaks, he intones, “We remember.”

When Sina speaks, Mirella turns her gaze towards the Archscholar. A dark eyebrow quirks fractionally before the raven-haired Lycene turns her scrutiny around the room with calm yet appraising eyes.

Ailith stands from her seat when Prism entreats and the Legate smiles gently, serenely. "The chains of slavery cannot last and must be broken to deliver hope to those who see only hopelessness. Redemption is among the most difficult of paths and one that requires strength of Faith and awareness of the love by the Gods. When I had heard of Eurus approaching and a House of the Compact, including a godsworn orthodox among them, siding with such a darkness -- I sought the truths of our Gods. The God urge us to remember their love and share it with others -- their aspects, their gifts. Freedom and Liberty are among them as is Hope." She takes a soft breath. "The innocents need our help for the grace of the pantheon is offered to any who reach for it and accept. It is time to give them our light -- and it is a time to defend from such darkness."

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Margot folds her hands on the table and considers the brilliant woman as the words and questions are aired around her. Her head tilts a touch to the side, "I have no doubt that the Eurusi are doing what they believe is right," The duchess finally says. "Just as we are. I even believe, though it is incomprehensible to many that Helianthus does believe he is doing what is right. There are very few who set out to be monsters, and many who got there by following the path of best intentions." The woman says in a voice that is clear without being loud. "I suppose that means that there is the opportunity to redeem any who are not so far gone that they believe genuinely that they are doing what may be best, and more so that there is an opportunity now for us to learn from the mistakes of those who have walked this path before us."

Alaric rises quietly, "I am moved by everyone's enthusiasm and hope to see such a difference. However, I would also remind people that there is an order to things, and that as we prepare for war, whether it be to protect ourselves or to free those under the hand of Eurus, that the oaths sworn needs to also be kept in mind to the oaths of their fealties. That The Crown declares when we go to war. And that we are here now listening to The Faith and apparently The Seraph and that we should listen in full before jumping in so quickly with promises that may not entirely be yours to keep." His tone, for the moment, is if anything conciliatory as he looks to Prism and Ailith and settles down once more to hear their words before responding.

Belladonna looking at Prism, Belladonna frowns slightly, pondering on the woman's words. She does, however, answer Catalana while she thinks, "There is a greater purpose to defeating them. Defeat will show their ways to be weak. Defeat will empower their servants to rise up, it will show a new way has come, and a new path has been opened for Skal'daja as well. If the mighty slavers fall to the free Arvani, then this means we are superior, and that bondage is a practice better left in the history books. Defeating them goes a long way to destroying their way of life. A difficult proposition, but achievable." Belladonna then sighs, and looks at Prism, "And of course we would all rather be blessed by Skald, especially in our darkest moments, but if you wish for redemption instead of destruction, there must be more than pure wishful thinking involved. It is our men and women going out there and dying by their feet in the name of Choice. If we are going to send them out to bleed and die, we must have more than hopes and dreams." Although Belladonna tries to keep her smile, the subject is somewhat touchy to the newly-minted Archduchess and that is obvious.

As the King speaks, Raja clears her throat and quickly sits back down. Though her fire is not diminished.

Catalana slides a cool look towards Belladonna. She does not issue a reply publically to her words, since it would be against the order of things.

s Preston rises from his seat and gives the King a gentle bow of his head "Your majesty. Happily I am bound by no such problems. Blessed Astraea has named the fight against Eurus just and righteous. And Prism stands to ask for us to defend ourselves and press on to liberate - not to conquer. I agree. More than that, I see it as a holy duty. I serve all the Gods, but many here will associate me with Gloria. She commands we must protect the innocents. If we do not liberate Eurus, and honour Skald, we will be damning the innocent. Perhaps when free they will choose to be our enemy still in whatever new form they take. But they will have made that choice freely." Preston pauses "There is no choice but to crusade for the relief of the Isles from the Eurusi threat. And then to find a way to liberate Eurus itself. If the Templars must march alone, with our...I believe 5 ships?...then so be it. I say war. I say crusade and I say liberate."

Margot quiets again and leans back, quiet again and turning an apologetic look to the King.

Having said her peace, Sina resumes her seat. It's /rare/ for her to speak up during such situations, let alone an Assembly of Peers. Her features remain alight with purpose, however. The still portrait is gone, replaced by an animated focus of determination in the wake of Prism's light of offered hope. She does not look apologetic, but she doesn't speak further, having said all that she needed to say.

Gideon quirks his brow at the crusader talk, glancing to Margot, then to Alaric, a bemused grin coming for all of this enthusiasm.

Lenne has been rather quietly, eyes never quite leaving Prism. 'Tis not every day one can look upon a Seraph. And a beautiful lady of light is a rather more immediately approachable one than a giant whale singing at you, as it turns out. Still, the request makes her head tilt. The Gods seemingly ask things that are not easy. Which, perhaps, is expected. Still, what can any faithful do but try? Alaric's talk snaps her attention away. And a frown creases lips immediately, though it is quickly schooled away. It's so inconvenient when reality is trotted out. Drats. Though it seems hopeful pledges do continue to roll in, to counter more grounded talk.

Alaric for now looks to the other nobles and the Faith, looking between them and Prism. He seems to want to hear from those who have things to say before speaking up further.

Rising from the Godsworn benches, Dianna curtsies to Alaric and the table of High Lords and Ladies, then turns her attention to Prism. "As you have asked the Godsworn to speak, and I am of the most newly-sworn, I shall speak. I cannot speak for any others, nor do I choose to - so I speak for myself. This, that you suggest, Seraph, is the first suggestion that makes sense. As a Mirrormask, I yield to your wisdom - and shall speak henceforth against war. The small voices, the distant hope and faith in what is good and best, I have found - difficult as it may be - are always best heard and held to. I am with you, Seraph. With you and Skald, in whatever you request."

"You are rulers of men," Prism addresses the Assembly table. "You wish for facts and certainties, out of love for your people, out of /duty/. You want more than a promise: you want a /plan/. And I cannot give you this. But my promise holds." She turns back to face the room at large, each man and woman at each bench, low or high. "Your leaders stand before you, brave and just. But every one of you is a leader, every one of you carries a torch forward into the future of this world, and every one of you will be ale to make a choice. It is by the power of your choices alone that I will bring this blessing -- by your will, will I be empowered. If enough of you choose, it will Be. If not..." She looks back to the Assembly of Peers. "...You will carve your own path forward."

Shard remains standing for a time, with her fist over her heart in some sort of salute whose meaning is probably only known to her. Her eyes narrow faintly as various people speak, though her eyebrows do jump a little when Preston does. Surprise? Maybe? When she does finally sit down, it's slow, almost reluctant, and her fist does not drop from her chest until she's all the way back down on the bench.

"House Redrain does not seek conquest," Darren says, rising slowly to speak, pitching his voice to carry. There's a tilt of his head to Alaric. "And respectfully, we disagree. The Crown does not decide when its vassals go to war. House Redrain has played its part in the protection of the Compact and will continue to do so, but we shall walk the path of liberation before Skald. We *shall* aid in the liberation of Eurus." He dips his head to Prism and retakes his seat.

Volcica is overheard praising Darren.

Margot looks over to her brother in law and then to the roof as if in prayer and back to Prisim, "Sereph, I need to clarify. We must kill and fight those who threaten our people first should they assult us. Then we can make our way to Eurusi's shores to see to her people. Is this acceptable within the scope of your promise?"

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And there it is, the woman is named, and Lou's attention is all the more hooked and she takes a better look at Prism, with a certain understanding falling over her now.

Rosalie rises from hesitantly from her seat and looks to Alaric for permission to speak, remaining quiet until given leave.

Rysen is overheard praising Darren: The wisdom to follow the path of freedom and liberation under the blessing of Skald.

Domonico listens and observes the proceedings intently, hand on his chin, eyes flicking from speaker to speaker.

Ailith lifts the united tapestry when the Peerage addresses 'hopes and dreams'. "One need only to the Great Hall of Heroes to see what's achievable by faith, hope, and dream. In the Oathlands, a man defended a bridge alone with only his weapon -- to prevent the enemy to passing. He only had a hope and a dream, but did what was right." She looks to each Great House Leader. "Each of you know your heroes stories. When there is a time of great darkness, it IS hope and faith that provides a shield, strengthens the hand upon your sword, offers a ward to the downtrodden, and shepherds the lost. I saw how faith defeated overwhelming odds when even our Seraph thought assuredly we'd die. I've witnessed a temple overran by darkness and through determination, hope, and guile drove away our enemies to restore a light of hope. I will say to each of you when we fought the Gyre King, there was a sliver of a plan and mainly faith that guided us to his end. When the Gods, even their Seraphs, offer you hope -- perhaps it is time to believe in hopes and dreams for along the journey, you will discover those answers, you will find a road lit. A leap of faith is not easy. Though I encourage each of you as leaders to present that light and hope. It is a choice."

Lenne is overheard praising Darren: A high lord who represents the free-wheeling heart of his people!

"My dear Darren," Prism says, as he speaks, as he declares himself to freedom. She lifts one hand to her heart, fingers outspread. "Hold this promise in your heart, for I am not a keeper of promises -- I do not chain a man to his promise, but let it be a promise that you make, again and again, that you resolve yourself to each day, anew. For these are the strongest choices: the choices that we make again, and again, under great adversity. But if you make these choices--" Now, she looks back out at the gathered crowds. "--I will know it. I will feel it, in my heart. And then, I too, will fight. Though blood must be lost, yes." She looks to Margot. "By both sides. Though swords must be raised. I ask you, still, to hold this purpose in your hearts. To /believe/ in the path that leads back to goodness. Even for Skal'daja."

After a small bit, Lou stands from the Grayson benches and waits to be recognized.

No one could accuse Sabrina of an over infatuation with politics. Without a book in her lap to consume, she turns her sloe eyes on the crowd, each speaker observed more for the passion and character of each than for the multitude of stances taken or political pirouettes performed. With growing frequency, the doors to salvation earn her stolen glances, only to wander toward Tyche and be quelled.

The commoner benches don't have a voice. That hardly seems to matter, after what Prism says. Sydney stands sharply from the bench. She does not speak, not make a fuss. She merely stands, and stays standing.

The chatter in the Assembly of Peers pauses as the door guard announces, "Highlord arriving!" Their fealty respectively rises while until they are seated.

Gathering herself to her feet, Liara speaks direct to Prism, "How do you propose that we get soldiers to Eurus? Would that it were straightforward. On the morning that I called House Grayson's banners, I had been dwelling - not for the first time - on whether it would be possible to save the remaining Dune Kingdoms, if any, from the Dune Emperor's onslaught, and how to aid the Warrior of Dawn. The arrival of the Eurusi rather dealt with that question. I am as hopeful as the next person, but with the means that we currently have, simply defending our own shores is a great undertaking in and of itself. Would you have us leave them?"

Tyrus is glaring at Prism, the anger writ on his face easy to read even from afar. "Redemption? The redemption of slavers, of masters who have built their wealth and homes upon the blood and bones of those they have ground into dust? Why, pray tell, should they receive greater redemption, greater purification, than the ones they've allowed slaves all this time, the Wheel of Death? Why should they be spared of this end, why not indeed destroy them one and all and see them cleansed and reborn after the Queen of Endings is done with them?" His voice lowers, yet still easily audible, the wrath born of loss giving new strength to his voice. "Where have you been all this time that they kept others in chains? Where were you a year ago, two? You weren't there. You weren't there as slaves died. You weren't there to hear their last words beg for pity, for mercy, for just a bit of kindness. You weren't there to hear the slavers' response, the whip that made them finally silent. Let them be destroyed. Let them find redemption in death. It's the least they deserve." The echo of his words are not yet faded that he already turns and leaves, uncaring for whatever response his outburst might cause.

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3 Thrax Guards leaves, following Tyrus.

"House Valardin has always prided itself upon forging a path that aligns with what is right and just in accordance with the Gods. We have no interest in conquest, nor do we intend to rest idly by while there are hundreds of thousands of innocents who suffer under the oppression of Eurusi rule," Edain speaks with conviction, gathering himself to a stand to give his address shortly. "To that effect, I will not blindly pledge my people to a war or cause without full understanding of the consequence of the Choices we're asked to make." He turns to look upon Prism directly, "House Valardin will keep your words at heart."

Valencia checked composure at difficulty 10, rolling 16 higher.

Shard checked composure at difficulty 25, rolling 11 lower.

Gideon finally gives up in the face of the constantly shifting showmanship in the room, sighing. "Is this some kind of self righteous pissing contest?" He blurts out in a blunt tone. "For fucks sake there's a difference between fighting a war and fighting in a war. Blessings, crusades, chains of fucking promises, if we're going to fight, we don't need convincing." He spreads his arms out, rising up, his eye setting on Alaric. "My King I beg you to just call us to arms instead of killing us of old fucking age listening to this. If you're a respectable leader, a feared one, or even acceptable, your men don't give half a shit about the 'redemption.' They're going to come back caked in mud, blood and gore and none of your pretty words are going to make them sleep any better when it's done."

Alarissa rises partway through Tyrus' outburst. When he explodes and takes off, there's a formal bow of Alarissa's head to Alaric. "House Thrax apologizes for the unpermitted outburst of their Prince and the addition of breaking of the rules regarding speaking in the assembly your Majesty." The corners of her mouth tight. And she turns then, working her way out through the throng of people, twisting and turning as she goes to try and catch up.

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After hearing out Prism, a Northern scout in a wolf-pelt headress as well as the soulful hound alongside her both stand up, too.

Ryhalt nods as his high lord, Edain, speaks, but offers no words out of turn himself.

Shard gives Sydney a slightly wary, slightly uncomfortable look as she stands up, but that would seem to be her only reaction. That is until Tyrus speaks. She shoots back up to her feet, staring at the man, then glowering darkly. She only just holds back whatever she's going to say, but well, now there's three commoners standing again.

Gideon is overheard praising Tyrus.

Courvoisier, a fluffy golden cat with a flat face, Beelzebubbles, the feline overlord you've been waiting for arrive, following Iseulet.

Raja furrows her brows at Tyrus. She simply drinks from her flask.

Lou now raises her hand and waits to speak, being polite about it and attempting to follow decorum even if others are not.

Catalana there is a tenseness that just increases in her face as first Tyrus explodes and then Gideon. She looks to Margot with terse apology before murmuring loud enough to Zoey that she needs a drink after this.

Emele appears to be doing her level best to get all this on one sketchpad. It is apparently taking some work.

Margot nods slightly to Prisim. "I serve a man who killed father and dethroned my husband, a fact that would be bitter and heavy for many but is not for me. Because I know that man did what was right from his perspective at those times, and I have come to watch that man grow and learn and shape himself into a magnificent leader by taking the lessons of his actions into himself and allowing them to make him greater. I hold your promise in my heart every day Sereph Prisim, as I choose to live without anger, or bitterness, or resent. I choose to take every day as an opportunity to better the lives of my people, even when that means balancing conflicting desires, even when that means sometimes considering problems from the perspectives differant than my own." She holds her hand up towards the Thrax benches and the angry words there. "Some would have called us slavers until not too long ago. But wiser heads prevailed and the leadership of the Compact considered that traditions that were appauling to them did not make us evil people, it just meant our views did not align with theirs. And our High Prince made the choice that our membership to this body was more important than those views and took steps to correct that differance."

"The Skal'daja That Was, was never given a choice," Prism says, and sorrow hangs heavy in her voice. "Before Skal'daja put any man in chains, Another put Skal'daja in chains. You will see this, in time." She bows her head to the Assembly, to rulers and duchesses and Kings, and says, "I do not speak to your armies today, but to your hearts. And now my words are spoken." A cloud must pass in front of the moonlight now, because it seems darker, some of the magic of the moment faded away, and with that returning darkness Prism retakes her seat in the benches.

Iseulet sneaks in over at the back!

Sina merely sits quietly now, and listens, watching this or that person speak, whether it be in anger or awe, conviction or uncertainty. She watches it all, and her dark brow knits with concern. Yet, she says nothing else, observing. The normally quiet Godsworn has gone back to being quiet.

When Prism takes her seat, so does Scout Rowenova and Sir Flop sits down, too.

As Amari bowed her head to Prism at the outset, she does the same to Edain from her seat in the Valardin benches, apparently supportive of his position as well. Again, no grand words are spoken by the Keaton lady, nor does she have an outburst that might interupt the proceedings. At most there's some whispers and murmured comments traded with the Laurent ladies she's sitting with.

Lenne stands. Not to be recognized, as Lou does, it seems, but more in the matter of Sydney. But if it's a matter of Choice, then it behooves her to Choose. And if it's to be a personal choice, then so be it. She represents no force of arms. No great power. Just Lenne. Perhaps it is late for it. But what is she to do? She gives an apologetic look, and murmured words to someone in the Redrain stands, but remains on her feet, even as Prism goes to sit.

"I think it comes as no surprise, that we are likely going to end up in conflict with Eurus one way or another." Alaric stands once more then, looking to those and he politely raises a hand as he looks to Prism. "But we are not our enemies. We do not enslave. We do not bind by chains. And we do not kill if we do not have to. If I hear the Faith's and Seraph's words correctly we have too choices as they lay it out. To fight to put an end to a threat...or to fight so that others may, as we have even asked now our Great House Pravus to spread, come to know the Pantheon, the taste of freedom, and the chance at choice. To this the worship of Skald and the idea that all should be free to choose and then suffer that consequence...I think that I...and hopefully we all...can recognize what is being asked. To fight with compassion instead of vengeans. To stay a hand that otherwise maybe would not. To as we have over and over, free the enslaved instead of simply conquering. I can keep that in my Heart, as we keep all the precepts of the Pantheon. And if the Gods or those they choose to aid us when we need it...then it will be hopefully that reward we earn for following their guidance. But this reminder that the Gods are still with us, that our Faith is not ignored but comes with the promise of hope when we need it most...well...that is indeed good to hear."

He looks to the others. "House Valardin. Did you have anything to bring to the Assembly?"

Darren nods thanks to Alaric for his words, but otherwise stays silent. What thoughts he may have had as to such outbursts in the Assembly as there has been, he keeps to himself. For now.

Shard sits, and she reaches up to tug Sydney down with her. She remains glowering, however, and none of the following words seem to lessen that at all.

Edain shakes his head. "House Valardin does not have anything it wishes to submit to the Assembly's attention at this time," he declines, though his gaze briefly drifts out over the benches of his fealty.

Rosalie retakes her seat as the King speaks, looking almost relieved and once more settling in for what remains of the Assembly.

Sydney is only brought back down to her seat when Shard all but yanks her by the shirt. She does sit, but remains steely-eyed.

Catalana quietly excuses herself from the benches. A brief respectful nod to the king and high lords as she makes her way out.

Catalana has left the Thrax Benches.

A change of mind? Perhaps. Lou takes her seat, but as she does there is a plotful look on her face.

Miranda stands for a moment amonst the Lyceum benches and just looks to Prism, a couple tears run down her cheeks. Her expression is soft, however, and warm, smiling. She then begins to make her way out, wobbly-somewhat. More like walking a zig-zag but not quite as perfectly patterened.

Alaric nods, "House Thrax," he intones. "Have you anything to add now in the way of business that has not already been discussed?"

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Jewel, a Maelstrom Forest Cat leaves, following Miranda.

Margot sits back and nods to Alaric, "Thrax only wishes to reaffirm that we will not tolerate the Eurusi fleet in our waters, we are ready to act with the Compact to expell them and we will punish any vassels who do not answer that call. We are doing out best to ensure the defence of the Compact's shores and appreciate any aid in those efforts."

Mikani sadly slips out.

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Damien Pierce - A Charming Assistant leaves, following Mikani.

Alaric nods to Margot. "To this it seems we are all agreed," he says sincerely and he gestures to those in the Assembly. "Do any of the nobility have matters to bring to the Peerage? If so, please get in line so that we may call you forward to discuss."

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Alaric nods and looks to Eshra. "Lady Rivenshari. What have you to bring before the Assembly?"

Eshra stands, the song of the bells she wear lost in the noise of the room. "I, Lady Eshra Rivenshari, Voice of Riva, ask that the House Rivenshari be elevated to the title of March. Years ago we, the Rivenshari made a Choice to come to the Compact, when we saw all we were was lost and the Compact opened it's arms for us. In the time since we have made the Choice to embrace the vows we have made. We have be diligent in the growth of the Riva and her people in the years since we have joined the Compact. Rivenshari has taken seriously it's oaths both to Valardin and the Crown as well as too the Faith and have worked hard to build the relationships there within. At this time we have received the approval of our Liege Lord, Marquis of Greenmarch, the Duke of Telmar and High Lord of Valardin." nodding to both Edain and Marius "We ask the approval of the Crown and Faith." her attention turning back to Alaric and Ailith as she falls silent.

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Alaric looks over to Edain, for confirmation as it were, and then looks to The Faith. "With Prince Valardin's confirmation that the rule of writ has been met and that House Rivenshari has been approved to elevate in rank and swear its allegiance now to House Telmar...does the Faith see any reason to delay or object to this request?"

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Edain inclines his head in approval towards Alaric, his mouth tempered into an encouraging smile toward Eshra. He turns then to make a discreet gesture for a military adjutant, uttering a quiet word to be sent to the Valardin benches.

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Alis stands up from the benches so that she can join the table of realm Voices, as Edain has sudden urgent business to take care of.

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Marius nods in confirmation that he approved their request and smiles at Eshra.

Gideon gets up, doing his best to give a respectful bow before he heads off towards the door himself, bringing his flask back up as he nears it.

Ailith rises as the Legate of Concepts and in a clear tone addresses the Assembly. "House Valardin, by way of Princess Alis, has notified the Faith that the fidelity oaths through Greenmarch are so released and extended their congratulations to the honor of House Rivenshari. As one of the newer Houses among the Assembly, the Faith has coordinated with House Rivenshari in the placement of our parishes and seraphs. It is our hope that in the future House Rivenshari does further encourage their members to give up shamanism to embrace the pantheon more fully and wholly. And we of the Faith shall extend our hands to assist. We see no issue in the elevation of the House as House Rivenshari has shown themselves to honor the pantheon and their fidelity oaths."

Preston is overheard praising Ailith: Ensuring prodigal houses have proper guidance on integration is most sensible and proper. So those who shall flourish have the environment in which to do so. And those who need watching are caught and placed back upon the path.

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Turn in line: Eshra

Turn in line: Calypso

Alaric can't help a little quirk o fhis brow at the comments from Ailith regarding shamanism, and even cants a curiou glance towards the guest speaker today before he looks to Eshra. "Congratulations, Marquessa." He then turns to look to Calpyso. "Duchess Malvici? What have you to request/"

There's something at once graceful and lazy about slow the way that Calypso gets to her feet, after setting the bottle of rum that she brought along for refreshment down on the bench next to her. "To begin:" Her alto voice, roughened by a life of hard drinking and probably also a lot of shouting, carries in the large space. "House Malvici would like to state before this gathering its ongoing commitment to break the chains of those enslaved, and guard the names of those whose names would be taken from them. On Eurusi soil or Arvani soil, as is necessary.

"There's been some question about another choice recently, a choice that I personally had to make. I'm going to set the record straight, right here, officially, and before all of the Peers. House Malvici will be staying with the Lyceum, under the authority of Archduchess Jaenelle Velenosa. Where we belong. And I will be staying with House Malvici. Where I belong."

There's a pause, and then the duchess continues: "Furthermore, with the approval, of course, of the Faith," a nod towards Ailith, "And Archduchess Jaenelle," a nod towards Jaenelle if she's here, and Berenice if she's not, "House Malvici extends its arms and its protection to any current vassal of House Pravus that prefers to stay within the Lyceum. We're not insensible -- I'm not insensible -- to the hard choice of whether to part with one great house and join another, and given how important choice has become in these dark days," here she gives a respectful dip of her head to Prism, "we'd like to make certain that every house feels they have one."

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Eshra bows her head both to Edain before he leaves and Ailith as she speaks. Then to Alaric at his comment, for a moment opening herr mouth to correct him then simply shutting it and nodding. "Thank you." before moving to sit down.

Alis gives a pleased smile to Eshra, and maybe a flash of amusement there at the end, while she's taking a seat. And to her old friend Calypso, a nod of acknowledgement when she speaks.

Turn in line: Tyche

Mirella lightly raises one eyebrow at Calypso's announcement. It's not an intrigued eyebrow raise.

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Dreya, an older woman in Velenosan livery, 2 House Velenosa Guards, Ailfryd, a tall, thin man with a haugty air arrive, following Saoirse.

Saoirse has joined the Lyceum Benches.

Richard hoves his way into the Assembly, muttering apologies and 'pardon me's as he maneuvers his bulk toward the Valardin benches with a minimum of property damage, picking a spot near Drake no matter what his brother has to say on the matter.

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Cillian moves into the Assembly a bit late but he nods to those he passes moving through the crowed whispering apologies for bumps as he makes his way to the commoner benches and sits down.

At Calypso's announcement Kaia stares at her from afar with a slightly puzzled look and then glances at her husband before murmuring something to him.

"House Velenosa acknowledges House Malvici's reaffirmation of their oaths of fealty and their intention to honor them," Berenice says, her voice clear and even, from the head table of the Assembly. "We respect the choice of all vassals of an elevated house to embrace their new line of fealty or remain with the old, even if the latter may be rare. The Archduchess has made it clear to House Pravus's vassals that they welcome within the Lyceum if they chose that path, and that they have all of our hopes of prosperity if they choose to depart. Thank you, Duchess Calypso."

Calypso bows to Berenice, then gives a little upnod of her chin to Alis just before she takes her seat again.

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Alaric quirks a brow at Calypso's comments and inclines his head. "I am pleased to hear of the decision and your commitment. And while I am certain that protection will not be necessary as I do not anticipate that there should be any conflict or issues arising from the smooth transition of vassals between House Pravus and House Velenosa, we are glad to see your commitment to the safety of all." He inclines his head politely to Calypso, giving a bit of a smile to the oft-military advisor. "Countess Inverno?"

It seems almost right for the Countess of Caina to follow Calypso's declaration of fealty with one of her own, although their choices land on opposite sides of the spectrum. Tyche stands at the Lyceum benches, although that does not help her gain much height, and offers a smile to those her gaze falls on as she glances over the benches. Her interest ultimately finds the King, and she speaks clearly, "House Velenosa," a brief glance to Berenice in light of her remarks, "House Pravus, and House Malespero alike put the decision of fealty in my hands, so that I might do what is best for the people of Caina. Their confidence is much appreciated, as is their understanding in my choice to have House Inverno swear allegiance to Pravus, and the new Highlord of the Saffron Isles, Archduchess Belladonna." Dark eyes move to the woman in question, her smile widening as she dips her chin in respect.

"And on that note..." she continues after a moment, looking back to Alaric. "I remain standing before you in hopes of seeing House Inverno elevated from a county to a march. I have sought the blessing of the Faith through Legate Aurteh, the Crown, and my new liege, and will continue to serve all three as my island grows. Whatever our path against the Eurusi," she calls back to the severity of earlier, "the strength of my house will push forward the strength of the Compact."

Ailith silently nods acknowledgement to Tyche's words -- the Faith has given the blessing to House Inverno.

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Alaric nods. He looks to Ailith and picks up the nod of acknowledgement, and then looks to Berenice and Belladonna. "So that it's clear, is Velenosa allowing the existing Inverno lands to change fealty, or will these be new lands awarded by House Pravus? I'm sure this has already been worked out but I want to make sure that it is clear for the Assembly exactly how this is being addressed."

Sebastian's head tips, a half-lift of the corner of his mouth at Calypso's words. It's when Tyche moves forward to take the Duchess' place that he seems to focus, however, gaze tracking the Countess Inverno as she speaks. There's an easy smile, supporting, and certainly interested, as his gaze shifts.

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Mirella's smile is faint, but it's most certainly etched on her face with a hint of feline satisfaction as Tyche makes her request. The dark-haired Lycene's amusement at this turn of events is apparent, but she does not seem to be surprised by it.

Mabelle slips out of the assembly quietly, offering a curtsy before she leaves

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"House Velenosa is not the liege of House Inverno," Berenice says with a lift of her chin. "This is a matter that lies between House Malespero, House Pravus, and the Faith. The lands of House Pravus and its vassals were already decided upon when the Crown received House Pravus's oaths of fealty. House Inverno's elevation does not change any of these matters, as their lands are already divorced from House Velenosa's line of fealty."

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Turn in line: Jeffeth

Slipping into the overly crowded Assembly hall, the Sword of Setarco begins the process of forcing her way through the throngs of people to claim a spot upon the Lycene benches. Viviana waggles her fingers in greeting to familiar faces along the way. A little bit past fashionably late maybe, whoops.

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Alaric nods. "Very well then," he intones. "Congratulations on both your fealty and your elevation," he offers, then, and looks to those assembled. "Grandmaster Bayweather?" He looks over to Jeffeth in line next and offers to let the man speak next.

Sebastian is overheard praising Tyche: The Marquessa is wise and worthy.

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Belladonna smiles brightly at Tyche and her requests. She remains seated with a pleased look on her face as she awaits. When the remaining issues are resolved, the Archduchess of Setarco gives a little pump with her fist, breaking a bit of decorum and letting her good vibes show. It is brief, and then she returns to her state of relaxation. Belladonna seems to reach for a glass that isn't there, but nobody saw that, and she readily puts her hands atop her knee once more.

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The hulking frame of the Grandmaster of the Silver Order pushes himself up to his feet next to the other Grandmaster. A deep bow given to the Voices of the realm, and then a sort of pivoting-turning bow that one could imagine is an attempt to do an area of effect bow for all the others of the peerage. When he straights from his very normal bows, the man begins to speak in a /very/ loud voice.

"As refguees--"

Realizing he overtuned his volume by a bit there is a sheepish smile before trying again in a much more reasonable Assembly voice. "As refugees pour in to our lands, it is the duty of the Silver Order to provide succor and safe travel for those who would seek it. The Knights of Solace will be assembling en masse, to guide these newly arrived refugees away from any danger that might befall them and to safety." There's a beat as the large man looks amongst the peerage. "If any should feel so inclined as to open their arms to provide shelter and safe haven even for a short time, please send word to the Solace. Of course, more permanent residence with knee bending and all that is a bit out of my area of expertise, so I leave that to the lords and ladies of the Compact to sort. However, there are a lot of people who have been displaced and need safety. The Knights of Solace seek to provide it." The big man starts to turn around to sit down. Before stopping mid-sit, standing straight back up, "No one has to say anything right now, just. You can write me. That's fine." A warm smile, and he turns to go sit again. Before stopping again, cringing as he clearly forgot something once more. He steps forward /again/. "We will be coordinating with the Liberators in this effort to see safety and succor given to those arrived on our shores." He pauses for a few moments as if making sure he has gotten everything then gives a solid nod to Alaric, sitting back down.

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That being that, Tyche returns to her seat, now a Marquessa.

Sabrina calmly awaits the verdict, eyes dancing from her cousin to the King. The simplicity of the decision sprouts a tiny ghost of a smile at some ironic humor before she affords Tyche a light squeeze upon her arm.

As the elevation of Caina is announced, Gabriella sits a little straighter; she stops short of outright boisterous applause, despite her urge to - she knows the etiquette, mostly - but that does not stop her from offering Tyche an approving, delighted grin, or the two fingered salute of congratulations at her seat as the Marquessa's elevation is made truly official, leaning forward to murmur a few words to her -- even as blue eyes refocus on Jeffeth beyond.

Viviana is overheard praising Tyche: To the new Marquessa!

Richard doesn't show much expression, as per usual, but he does gesture toward Jeffeth with his flask and a nod as he moves back to his seat.

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Lenne raises a hand toward Sir Jeffeth, to catch his eye, following his announcement, if just to give him a nod, and make a quill-writing gesture, so he'll know to expect her letter. If there is to be coordination, best to let him know of Crovane's ongoing plans and efforts to find homes in the North, for those that want it.

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Kaia leaves, following Martino.

Alaric nods to Ser Jeffeth. "I believe there is also a plan in place with Marquessa Keaton and a few others to work on providing health care and making sure that those who enter are hale and not likely to cause further issues as they join with our existing citizenry. The care of those that we free is important and I always support those who seek to support The Knights of Solace. I hope everyone will continue to open their hearts and help us be the example of why our way of life and what we offer is far better than the chains that many of those have had to leave behind."

He looks about..."With no other business...I call this Assembly closed."

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