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Lady Oili Acheron

Our world is always talking to us. Stop and listen sometimes.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Noble Shamanistic Healer and Naturalist
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Acheron
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 43
Birthday: 07/14
Religion: Shamanism
Vocation: Priest
Height: average height
Hair Color: red
Eye Color: brown
Skintone: ashy

Description: Weathered and brow beaten into subserviance, this is not a dainty face. It has forehead lines, eye bags, and cracked lips. Veins protrude over the aged pupils as they work their way around to the back of the eyeball, small, thin eyebrows standing guard to keep dirt out. Her long, red hair has frayed and split at several ends as more and more braids are added to attempt to hide instead of repair the damage. She has several wraps around her wrists and hands, all visible parts looking weathered and used. There are several necklaces made from various rocks clearly on display across her chest.

Personality: Once, long ago, Oili might have been an exuberant child filled with the mirth of spring and laughter of fall. She might have had dreams of becoming a princess, hair billowing down the side of a tower to allow a charming knight to take her away to an extravagant land far away. Then, as if a mirror was smashed, the wars began and her mirth changed to melancholy, her laughter to gloom and her dreams to hatred. A woman whose dreams were snatched away, she devoted herself entirely to one task at a time, working down a growing list of small but necessary tasks. It's good for her to work, because without work she becomes nothing more than a bundle of worry and missed opportunities.

Background: Oili was a relic from the foregone years in the Cliffmore home. Having no direct relationship to any of the living family and older than most of them, she was a background nobility character that plied her trade in spirit worship quietly so as to not bother anyone around her and patched up the knights and hunters that would occasionally be wounded by the Abandoned or animals in the hills around them.

As an aged, widowed woman with no direct ties to the house, there were fewer suitors at her door each year, which allowed her to pursue her own ideal of nobility. Mostly, it involved becoming intimate with the wilderness surrounding their home and the occasional sprint from an Abandoned patrol. Perhaps it was a silly thing for someone in her station to document the flora and fauna of the hills, but she wanted to do it, if no other reason than it allowed her to pass the days.

When Cliffmore lost their liege, and protection, she slipped back into a mood, interacting less with the rest of the family. She performed her duties - some even said better - and she volunteered for other duties she need not do to take her mind off the situation. When the avalanches happened, she was presumed dead for good reason, though that wasn't to be her lot in life. She managed to make it to Aviaron's Peak eventually, only to find a new liege waiting on her. Bending the knee was an easy decision, deciding her place would be the harder one.

Relationship Summary

  • Rowenova - Rowenova and Oili are fellow naturalists who share their love for the woods over their love for the city. They were fast friends. Rowenova fills in one of Oili's blindspots with her knowledge of marriage and men.
  • Kenna - The ever bursting sunbeam of the Acheron house and perhaps one of the few people that can coax a smile out of eternally brooding Oili.
  • Rhea - Rhea is the leader of House Acheron. Her tongue: Sharp. Her wit: Unquestionable. Yet no one can doubt that Rhea cares only about the people in Aviaron's Peak and their well being.
  • Riagnon - One might pity poor Riagnon for his choice in wife. Let his demeanor fool you not because he is a true northern husband able to dance with the best of the northern wives even on a bad day. That he can do so while maintaining his composure is a benefit really.
  • Rukhnis - Oili has met several people who claim to be healers. Rukhnis might be the only person who actually rises to the standard. It's a topic that Oili is opinionated about and Rukhnis has managed to break through every standard she holds. Oili might think that she's hiding some baggage but Rukhnis can keep that to herself. All Oili cares about is how great of a healer she's found.
  • Eleanor - When Oili needs advice on how to look like a lady, she asks Eleanor. Eleanor is, to Oili, the best representation of how a lady should look.

  • Ally:
  • Jules - A merchant from House Crovane that serves under Mikane Crovane and a friend. Jules and her have been involved in business dealings around Aviaron's Peak and beyond.
  • Mikani - Mikani Crovane has a bit of a short temper but Oili has come to appreciate that side of her. It's through this short temper that Mikani tends to exhibit bursts of extraordinary bravery that would put any soldier to shame. Oili has great respect for Mikani. Both for her bravery and work as a shaman.
  • Name Summary
    Rukhnis A woman severely tempered by her experiences, but not entirely hardened by them. It seems she has made her way with self-reliance and determination as well as compassion for the suffering of others, all of which are excellent traits for any healer.