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Marquessa Iseulet Seryn

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness because it shows me the stars.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Ambitious Courtier
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Seryn
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 21
Birthday: 11/01
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Courtier/Musician
Height: average height
Hair Color: honey blonde
Eye Color: cerulean
Skintone: tanned

Titles: Marquessa of Elune, Defender of Elune

Description: Iseulet possesses an undeniable allure that stands out in a sea of beauty, easily setting her apart. Her features are set on an exceptionally symmetrical face, though her eyes are probably her most striking feature - almondine in shape and cerulean of color, they sometimes shift toward stormy hues or limpid shades betraying her emotions long before her sweet mouth confesses them. The tiers of these lips are full and pillowy-soft, and her voice as honeyed as the words she utters; as clear as a bell and rarely harsh of tone. She is graceful and slender of limb and toned of physique, and not lacking in enticing, feminine curves. Her sun-kissed skin is smooth and practically flawless, glowing with health and youth and is only complimented by painstakingly groomed golden blonde tresses that cascade down her back in a smooth, silken river well past her hips.

Personality: Iseulet carries herself with the regal poise of a Queen though there are some that would say more like a cat. They might not be wrong, as there is definitely something about the way she moves that evokes leonine temperance and grace. This capricious nature is moderated by a coquettish disposition, a wicked wit, and sharp sense of humor. Recent years in Arx have worn away her cynicism and polished her rough edges to reveal her as a sophisticated woman. Looking past her outward charm, many find that she has a surprising mind for numbers and business, her intelligence parallel to her beauty.

Background: Iseulet's mother was a merchant's daughter with a taste for the finer things in life. Following a series of unfortunate financial decisions after her father died and she took over the business, she found herself indentured into the Blackshore House and serving at the keep. Her indenturement only lasted for five years, but during this time she managed to catch the Baron's interest and nine months later, the twins Iseulet and Thesbe were born.

The Baron never denied his parentage but he didn't seem to be interested in doing more than passing coin to their mother to see that they were fed and had no interest in them past doing his duty. His eyes were set on possibly marrying another noble, but judging from the stories passed down to Iseulet and Thesbe this was possible for the best, as he was known for his madness, cruelty, and malice.

Iseulet and Thesbe's mother took her payoff from the Baron and invested it into a pub on Blackshore Isle that served sailors coming in and out of port. It was a struggle to make ends meet and it's where she learned how to sing for her supper, but it gave Iseulet an early exposure to stories of adventure, excitement and intrigue on the mainland that instilled within her a wanderlust. A wanderlust that lead to Iseulet convincing her sister to escape the tiny island and go on an adventure of their own. They were 16 and ran away to the mainland and traveled Arvum together until rather recently.

The cataclysm that hit Blackshore Isle took the lives of both parents and much of their family (what little they knew) and after hitting a rough financial patch the two decided to head to Arx to join their cousin and the new Baroness, Skye. Upon arrival, they were welcomed warmly and found a family they had never known before. When the will of Iseulet and Thesbe's father surfaced requesting them to be ennobled, Baroness Skye was gracious enough to extend both the offer of legitimization. Iseulet accepted and set to work helping rebuild Blackshore.

Along the way, she was named Blackshore Minister of Coin and found her calling as a courtier and truly blossomed, founding The Empyrean and began to reach for the stars in a way she never thought possible while her father was alive.

Relationship Summary

  • Valdemar - A man that has invested in me and that I gladly invest in, in return.
  • Vanora - Not technically my Patron, but the woman that took an interest in me to begin with and very much like a sister to me.

  • Family:
  • Romulius - Cousin
  • Dycard - Cousin
  • Thesbe - Twin sister - very much missed. I'm a terrible sister for neglecting her.
  • Aric - Saved Thesbe and me once upon a time.
  • Oswald Blackshore - Father. I bet you never thought I'd do this.
  • Kael - Cousin.
  • Skye - Cousin
  • Conelius - Uncle

  • Deceased:
  • Jasper - I'm so sorry. I'm glad I got to make it up to you and your family, but I'm sorry I never got to say goodbye.
  • Col - I wish I could have said goodbye.
  • Elara - Everyone leaves. It's just a matter of when.
  • Prisila - I miss you more than you could imagine.
  • Alrec - Sigh. I'm sure you had your reasons.
  • Faruq - You too?
  • Ford - Should have done it.
  • Itzal - I hope the ending suited you.
  • Jacque - Sigh. You're still missed.
  • Seth - I hope you found your peace.

  • Ally:
  • Siobhan - Despite what she may have you believe - a good woman.
  • Dacian - Fine. We're in this business together then.
  • Maerigan - What a tangled web we weave!
  • Sorena - Fish are friends, not food!

  • Friend:
  • Duarte - Oh what am I ever going to do with you...
  • Raja - I am glad to count you among them.
  • Ilira - A beautiful and dear new friend and a delightful companion.

  • Protege:
  • Neviah - Beautiful and solemn and fragile.

  • Oathlands:
    Name Summary
    Aahana A stunning woman who I am excited to speak with about the Empyrean and all the other treaasures her mind holds within!
    Adora What the fuck is an Empyrean? Who brings a sick cat into a bar? I don't like her.
    Aethan Most people probably think she's sweet. I think she probably isn't. But that's all right. Too much sweetness in Arx anyway.
    Agostino Her reputation for charm, ingenuity, and beauty didn't do her justice. The people of Estroch are fortunate indeed to have her leading them.
    Alexio A charming woman that I have grown to appreciate as a possible friend. I look forward to learning more of her.
    Alrec There are few jewels worth going to war for, but for Lady Iseulet Blackshore I would rip Arvum in half.
    Amanda A true beauty, doing great things in the city.
    Amari So glad she found her way to Keaton Hall. She strikes me as very sharp and well able to tame a certain Felhound.
    Amir An intriguing guest at our brunch. I hope she returns for future events.
    Appolonia A diplomat of some stripe with effective if unorthodox methods. Still effective is effective and who am I to cast doubt on such.
    Arcadia I've run into her a few times, she seems the typical Thrax lady. Quiet and bookish.
    Ardoin An exotically beautiful woman with a quick wit, I wish I had gotten more of a chance to speak with her. She seems quite the charming conversationalist, I do so treasure that sort of person.
    Artorius A wonderful woman who, like I, has suffered intense heartbreak in her life. Though when I see her now, I can only feel joy. I would very much wish to finis that picnic with her sometime.
    Athaur It has been some time since we have had a chance to socialize and she is much as I remember. Charming, Intelligent, and shrewd.
    Austen A most kind and charitable woman, who honours the Blackshore name. She has excellent bearing and a softly inquisitive nature. I am looking forwards to visiting the Empyrean once it is complete.
    Baldessare Marquessa Iseulet brought forth a proposition that I admit I laughed at. And then I heard her in person and now... I'm not laughing.
    Barric A new Lady who should have been a Lady from the get go. She is smart, driven, determined, and she is creating something wondrous. I am pleased to be able to help, I could help more if she would relent to being my protege.
    Bethany She certainly throws an interesting party.
    Bethany A most beautiful Marquessa who has vast operations of charity work. I approve
    Calla We have far too much in common for me to dislike her.
    Calypso A woman coming into her own, rising from the ashes. She has aimed her arrow for the stars. I believe she understands the scope of what she is undertaking and I cannot deny my respect for that and her.
    Caspian She quite impressed me during our first meeting. I am interested in working with her in the future.
    Col I have known the Lady Iseulet Blackshore since before she was actually the Lady Iseulet Blackshore. While the events that happened then can never truly be undone, they no longer matter. The woman I meet now is the woman I always saw her as even then. Finally able to stretch her wings and sing. What the future holds is like a dream waiting to be made reality once more.
    Coraline What a remarkable woman, intelligent, articulate, and willing to speak up. I am so hoping I get to know her better.
    Cornelius My dear niece. She has shown admirable strength and resolve in surmounting the breaking of Blackshore Isle, having found herself in an excellent position of power and repute under the auspices of purely her own merit and wiles.
    Dante Beautiful, steady, and quick witted. Were she a weapon, she'd be deadly and sweet as honey. Perhaps she is? Probably not. Though, I've always been a bit of a fool for a well laid joke, a kind conversation, and that piercing cerulean gaze.
    Delilah A woman who could outshine a Whisper and outcharm a Lycene fox. I've watched her do it, shining as bright as the sun over noble flowers.
    Domonico Friendly and eager to introduce people. Would make a great host.
    Donato Make your eyes fall out of their sockets beautiful, smart as a razor whip and as charming as a Lycene! No wonder she's so se...successful!
    Drake Wonderful hostess. Her story holds tragedy and I am privledged that she felt brave enough to share it.
    Drusila Bold. Beautiful. I aspire.
    Duarte What a lovely young lady.
    Dycard My cousin keeps her cards close to her chest, and defends herself if anyone attempts to peek at her hand. A not unreasonable reaction. That said, there is genuine warmth and compassion to her, beneath the layers of armour.
    Dycard I finally found time to reconnect with my dear cousin and managed to look like a complete idiot with my vague ambitions to politick and help with House Blackshore's affairs.
    Edain A fine singer, and tea enthusist. Her stories of Blackshore before it burned are very fascinating.
    Elias Hmmm, finally a person who holds a proper conversation with me. One of the few decent people that I met in Arx. A graceful lady who knows how to act, she reminds me of the peaceful warmth of spring. At least that is what I felt from the first meeting, women are strange anyway, you cant really deduce what is actually on her mind.
    Erik Valdemar's protege and the founder of the Empyrean. She possesses some nice social skills and is a very pleasant company, I'll make sure to pay attention to her.
    Estil It is always a pleasure, and sometimes a surprise, to meet with more family than I expected to encounter. That might be naive of me. Still, more pleasant faces populating our home shall surely bring about comfort and entertainment on the days I cannot make it out the door. I look forward to shared moments around the dinner table, et cetera.
    Evaristo Marquessa Iseulet is an admirable woman, that has built herself a small 'empire' from the start.
    Evelynn As beautiful as she is resilient, there's much to be admired here.
    Faruq My cousins best friend by her account. All I see is a charming beautiful woman whom from what I understand has created a whole thriving business mostly on her own. Impressive! A formidable woman whom I shall have to get to know.
    Faye A woman with secrets and a strange family. She seems... helpful, for now. Perhaps one day I'll be able to unravel everything hidden here.
    Gareth A proper lady. Knows when she has inadverdently RUINED someone's day and knows how to make up for it, despite not being in the wrong. A lady fitting her position, I am sure. Which is to say, tolerable.
    Gaspar It almost hurts how lovely she is. It's one of those..painful detachments that seems to make nearly everything else pale in comparison. But she is warm and kind. I feel like we can get coffee together on a regular occurence.
    Gianna Lady Iseulet manages the Empyrean and would like me to sing there from time to time. We seem to share a great love of music.
    Giulio A demure young woman of the isles, with, perhaps, the smallest bit of... sarcasm. How could I not appreciate such?
    Grady Elegant, poised, and as Lord Odin never tired of reminding us, unmarried. I'm afraid recent events haven't made finding a suitable match any easier.
    Grazia A slightly odd woman who seems convinced that dragons destroyed her home. She seems a bit out of place, though, so perhaps whatever horrors she has suffered will heal in time.
    Haakon She wears a gown worth more than a ship. Perhaps more than several ships, and keeps the damndest excuse for a cat I've ever seen. I wonder if Arx makes folk go mad, or if only the mad are drawn to Arx.
    Harlex There is a mystery here that I am loathed to breach.
    Hickson Intelligent, well organized and inspiring, she will perform wonders.
    Holt Nico likes her. Hell, I like her too. Maybe the two of us can win the lady's favor sometime.
    Ian I keep thinking she's Lycene. Runs the Empyrian.
    Ignacio Lady Blackshore is a very ambitious woman. I have taught her some of Lyceum, but I believe she still has much to learn about our ways. Either way, I am interested in seeing what she accomplishes.
    Ilira She is striking, in presence alone. Though some may balk at her keenness of wit and charm, there is a softness and warmth that wholly endears me to her. More tea in the garden is in order.
    Ingvar My brother's protege, but far more than that. Enterprising and with a lot of energy and initiative, a performer and a beauty, clearly full of charm and wit - I wonder how many stories lie within? Many, I do believe. I shall find out.
    Isolde A starlet, having risen while I was away. Her accomplishments impressive and her warmth divine. A new friend. A new ally.
    Itzal She wants to be married some day! She also said other things, but really, there's potential for quite a romantic tale in there. But how shall it end? A mystery!
    Jacque Seems to be a pleasant woman, going by her look she's likely Thrax. I don't know her well, though, but if she's getting along with Demura, surely she must be nice!
    Jaerith A gorgeous woman whom I could watch all day, and yet she is so much more than the beauty on the outside. I look forward to seeing what lies below.
    Jasher A woman who has the duchess Malvici's esteem is a woman to watch.
    Jeffeth A very lovely lady. She was a bit distracting, but seemed good natured and didn't seem bothered by my clumsiness.
    Jordan Enterprising Blackshore off-shoot. Likely she's got very good business sense to do business with the Crown and succeed at securing her sister a store. Fulfilling one's siblings' dreams is respectable.
    Josephine A love woman from Blackshore, with a thoughtful mind for others.
    Joslyn Impressively skilled with knowledge of the occult, it seems. She didn't share her rum with me though.
    Jules A lady you met by chance. She's quite interesting and seems to have some irons in the fire. If chance permits, it's possible that you might end up being able to help her at some point. Perhaps not necessarily just in the matter for projects.
    Julian Impossibly beautiful, and apparently quite enterprising. Not sure how she isn't from the Lyceum. I will have to get to know her better.
    Kaldur The Empryrean is quite a setting seemingly expressly to set off the exquisite gem of Lady Blackshore.
    Karadoc A woman of keen intellect and honed ambitions. I don't mean to compare her to a weapon, even if she is. Although, no. With all of her dangerous charms she's a serpent - and I consider getting bitten. Often. (IN a polite way, of course. Yes.)
    Leonidas A Blackshore Lady. Easy on the eyes and VERY easy to talk to. HAH! I like her.
    Liara Loud and lively and somewhat irreverent. Of course, there appeared to have been a spot of alcohol involved. Undoubtedly entertaining company, still.
    Llewella A delightful brunch companion. I think we have interests shared that should be discussed later.
    Lorenzo Pleasant company to enjoy a drink with, even in the early morning.
    Luca Have you ever met one of those women that cause you to do a double-take out on the street? Meet the woman who's worth a triple-take. Surely, that's shallow of me to say. I'm sure there's better compliments to pay upon her personality and her manners and many things besides, but I wasn't able to really dig in for that stuff. After all, our meeting was brief, and at the cart of a strange trinket peddler, and I was rushing off. A shame.
    Lucita A friendly women who seems to enjoy nice clothing. She is a good conversationist and is a musician, likes music. So nice to find a fellow music lover.
    Lys An incredibly smart, beautiful, and economically savvy woman! And she has the best dresses!
    Mabelle Fashionable and beautiful. Seems to be a fountain of knowledge.
    Maerigan Graciously, has taken me under her wing despite my cold and distant nature. Reminds me of a grandmother figure.
    Magpie Magpie heard about Iseulet before he met her, and to be frank his initial impression was that she wasn't being discreet enough with things. After meeting her he told her as much. She was surprisingly receptive and the man feels a desire to help her out, because the world is cruel and maybe he has some sympathy for her story. Time will tell how things go, but for now the smuggler is rooting for her.
    Marcas A woman as beautiful and warm as the islands from where she hails, and an ideal late night companion for good conversation over drinks. I hope to see more of her.
    Marian She's a fresh face in Arx who seems to have many possibilities ahead of her. Even with the war coming, there is a brightness in her eyes. I hope she finds life in the Thrax Ward to her liking. After all that tragedy something good should come out of it.
    Martino There are some Thraxian Ladies who are very much good fun. This one is one of those in particular. Keen eye, good taste in fashion. A lot of cats...
    Mattheu If it wasn't for the difference of voice and dress, I might have sat by the wrong sister... She's fierce and strong, and able to show another side that I could see to be rare within her to do so. An offered side that is not lost.
    Melody Completely full of charm and delight, as you'd expect from such an ambitious woman. Congratulations are in order: Playfulness paired with honeyed words are enough to make anyone smile.
    Merek A Blackshore Lady which seems to like the couch in the Nox'alfar Embassy. I'm not sure how to feel about the couch, though it seems nice enough.
    Miranda Quiet and unassuming - this Lady seems to be burdened with the sort of friends who are not.. true friends. Sad affair that, but perhaps, given time, she will know true friendship!
    Mirari Blondes are always the most dangerous women. They look beguiling without even trying. This one has that look at first, but a closer inspection shows someone who knows what she's doing. Talking to her probably won't do anything other than sharpen that impression. We'll see though, won't we?
    Mirk A different sort of person, adept at swimming in the waters of Arx's social maneuverings. Interesting, but eccentric. I think it's safest to leave it at that.
    Neilda I like her sense of humor.
    Neviah My patron. At first, I was reluctant to accept a patron let alone a woman who seems to be my opposite in every sense of the word... But now I don't think I could have done better.
    Nico This beautiful woman saw me sparring and made a surprising offer to show pleasures to those who could best Audric. I'm not entirely sure how to feel about that, but I'm glad I was wearing my helmet to hide my burning face.
    Niklas A multi-talented artist with a passion for entertainment. I believe she knows my sister?
    Norwood She's a polite young woman... but hanging on the arm of Lord Jaerith. How very interesting.
    Nuala A skylark in flight, for between fluttering conversations, she is a blithe spirit who welcomes everyone with the profuse, graceful hearkening of welcome. I don't think there are many people she is unacquainted with.
    Odin Lovely as the night sky and radiant as the stars within them. She is sweet with her words, a silver tongue residing behind perfect teeth. I was never much of a poet, but I feel as if she's made me one.
    Orelia She works hard for something we were born to and never truly appreciate. Gotta admire that.
    Oskar An agreeable and open suitor. Honesty is always refreshing. I know not much of the Seryns, but this one has a good head on her shoulders. Give it time, and she may damn well end up an actual Queen.
    Otakar Sometimes you run across someone where you have to stop and take a closer look - Lady Blackshore being an extremely attractive woman (who, I may add, is an expert at wearing practically nothing without showing everything) is someone I shall certainly have to have drinks with. Preferably once I'm dressed more suitably, and not like a steel lobster wearing bearskins.
    Pasquale Intriguing woman from the Isle of Blackshore. I know something of what it means to be handed ruin and asked to make something out of it. May she find herself and triumph within it, as I hope to do on my own island.
    Pasquale There is strength in asking for help.
    Petal Very friendly and a good customer.
    Pharamond Beauty, gravitas, charm, depth - There is much more to learn about this rare beauty.
    Poppy She's charming and kind. But so many cats. So, so many cats.
    Porter I'm almost positive she sent this wild pack of children after me to see if I'd survive or not. Well, I have news for her! ...I'm probably going to die from an infection later, this kid drew blood!!
    Prisila Everything. This woman has been the single most interesting thing about Arvum. Her and the other one. She knows the one. I like her penchant for hedonism and we have a connection that can't be denied. Now is this the point where I lower my guard and find myself smitted with the younger woman who so reminds me of me? I should hope not because one things for certain, her intellect combined with that beauty should be considered a weapon of mass destruction.
    Raja Poised and elegant, yet still enjoys a delicious drink! Interestingly, we have more in common than meets the eye. It's funny how that works eh?
    Ras I love her! Damn, the first real good lead I've got! Thought it might be her who's sprinkling silver around, but I reckon she's the type to be smarter in her charities.
    Reese She knwos Skye. She watched me spar before. I remember that, but I didn't have time to talk much. Now she is trying to paying off her debts which is admiral. I will try to help her how I can. She is well spoken and carries herself as gracefully as most princesses, actually more gracefully than many. It is her mannerism and voice.
    Reigna Another Blackshore cousin, they seem to be multiplying! Still, she seems sweet. Uncertain, however. I wonder if she knows how many waves she would make were she to press for enoblement. I wish her the best, however.
    Revell Life's not dealt her a great hand, but somehow she's managed to make the most out of her life and that's incredible. She's sweet, funny, and as willing to listen as she is willing to share. She seems emotional, but in the good way, you know? Someone who has feelings and is not ashamed of it. I'm going to get a hold of her sappy prose about love one day, mark my words.
    Richard Lady Iseulet Blackshore, bent the knee to Thrax. I understand she is a talented entertainer. I wish to see her in action someday.
    Rinel Daring dress. But she's interested in insects!
    River A strange one but very nice.
    Romulius My cousin, half, sort of. Maybe. She seems to be sweet enough and honest enough, trusted me with her dark secrets so that's something... Got to remember: I am not my father. Don't act like he would...
    Romulius My cousin, who will surely rise above us all. The world and more wait at her fingertips.
    Rook Quick witted and clever, though still a little wet behind the ears, I'm certain she'll make a grand addition to House Blackshore in whatever capacity she so chooses. Until she reaches full potential, I'll happily show her what I can.
    Rosalind She knows things and ohmygosh! She took off with the that man's otter! I loved it!
    Sabella A crafty musician who may be interested in the Black Rose! I have the best luck at running into such talented people. I quite enjoyed her conversation.
    Sabella She has such grand ideas and they become far grander when she brings them to life! I can't help but like someone who plans parties and I think we shall become fast friends!
    Samira She's a woman of strength and resilience to be able to face the world's harsh truths so resolutely. There's still much to be learned, but I'm glad we can help each other along the way.
    Santi Once on patrol, we found ourselves in uncharted territory high upon a mountain peak. We wandered for what seemed like hours, trying to find the trail - until we passed through a blind canyon and the trail broke open into a lake nestled into the caldera of an ancient volcano. The lateness of the hour caused the setting sun to be almost lost beyond the surrounding peaks; but the rays of light that managed to creep through caught the surface of the water and spread outwards, making the whole look like a sheet of glittering diamond set atop a pool of liquid fire. I thought it to be the most beautiful thing I had ever beheld. Until I met her.
    Sanya An accomplished and intelligent young woman. My family and I are blessed to have her as an ally.
    Sanya Not at all what I expected. She may be smooth and serene on the surface, but like the ocean she is easily made to... froth? She's easily set off balance. But sweet.
    Scipio Charming company over a shared meal at the bakery. I enjoyed our conversation greatly. I hope that it will not be our only one, that would be a tragedy!
    Seren While she didn't have the answers I was looking for, maybe I've found an ally in the search for the ones I'm after.
    Seth While not exactly the first time that I've ever met this young woman, she is vastly different from the one whom I had met back in Highhill. She has accomplished much for herself since that time, despite her status of birth... She is definitely one to watch for that crafty resourcefulness alone.
    Sirius A woman of splendid bearing, whose energy is frankly frightening and endearing both. I trust to hope her attitude rubs off on me some.
    Sparte A friendly sort, curious and inquisitive. I think maybe I'd crossed paths with her before and just never properly been introduced. Real shame, would've loved to have had her around for some of the debates.
    Svana A lovely woman who I would like to sit down with again in the future when we both have more time!
    Talwyn The epitome of hospitality. A gem couched in the most opulent setting cannot have her inner fire quenched.
    Talwyn I met the Marquessa when it was suggested by Miraj that I make an introduction to an eligible lady that has a land. I can safely say I am pleased that I took her advice. Because Iseulet is charming, beautiful, pleasant. She is a woman that is not afraid to speak her mind and heart. She is willing to take chance and risk. And I find myself drawn to spend more time with her. I am not sure what it here -- but I want to explore it wholly.
    Tanith A shocking face to see in the Salacious Bakery. Most Silks send their assistants to do their ordering, but this one, she came -in person-. I was quite besides myself. I'm fairly certain she stole an extra donut.
    Teagan We have a lot more in common than I'd perhaps like, if I were being frank. Sometimes looking in the mirror is a difficult thing to do.
    Thea Kind and clever. My Duchess respects her, so there is much to be said there.
    Theo Lady Iseult and I spoke briefly at Lady Lys' garden sparring party. I quite enjoyed myself.
    Theron Mistress Iseulet -- related to the Navegants. At least Lady Estil and Lady Regla. Very pleasant and amusing lady, certainly reminiscent of Thrax. Good person to know, I do think.
    Valarian Sexy, I had no idea she was a silk! But, she seems to certainly have the manners down. Seems pretty sharp too, thinks on her feet quickly. Enterprising as well. I need to get to know her better.
    Valdemar As charming as I'd heard, and already a great help. I look forward to what we might accomplish working together.
    Vanora My husband's protege has also become one of my very best friends, I adore her.
    Varosh Iseulet found me relaxing and provided some of the most useful advice about Arxian inns and an intriguing outline on her new lands. I think we can help each other with some problems.
    Vayne An utterly charming and fascinating woman. So much for us to learn from each other, and I look forward to it.
    Venturo A lovely woman of Thraxian descent who came in to see if the Raconteur matched the gossip. While it took me a full story to do what she can manage with but a smile and laughter, I do believe she found herself quite enraptured with the brewery in the end. If she becomes a frequent patron, I might even win the war against her beloved rum.
    Vitalis The Marquessa narrowly avoided CATastrophe. Well done.
    Vittorio Ambitious and driven. I was surprised to find myself in the company of the founder of the Empyrean Trade Route and that she was a fellow Minister of Coin. A lucky connection indeed.
    Wylla A lovely hostess! She laughs loudly, but I wonder if she actually means the laughter.
    Zaina She likes to talk. A lot.
    Zoey She seems kind, and a bit unsure of herself.