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The Playwrights, a Comedy in Three Acts - Opening Night

Posters go up all over town. At the top "THE PLAYWRIGHTS," under that "a Comedy in Three Acts," and under that "the Blackrose debut of Niklas Kennex." The poster itself is dominated by a painting of two men (though one looks rather like Lumen Whisper), one short, dour and ill dressed, the other tall, smiling and perhaps a bit dim looking. At the bottom are more words. "Come MARVEL at the WIT of the playwright Lady Monique Greenmarch called 'a gift from the gods and the spirits'! Come LAUGH at the COMEDY STYLINGS of an ALL STAR CAST! Enjoy ORIGINAL MUSIC composed by THE NIGHTINGALE! Come SEE the PLAY Playwright Bastien called 'mostly unobjectionable!' Making its debut at the Blackrose Theater!" And then there's a day and a time that coincidentally lines up to 7 EST on Monday the 9th.


July 9, 2018, 7 p.m.

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Lumen Titania(RIP) Gianna Porter Rook Snow Gareth Aurora Merek Alarissa Simone Ford Lethe Yasmine Wylla Tikva Ian Karadoc Alessandro Amari Quenia Alessia Zoey Octavia Constantine Sabella Micaela Grazia



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Blackrose Theater - Auditorium

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Comments and Log


The opening of The Playwrights was an incredible success. The Bard's College was happy to lend their hands to musical accompaniment.

If you couldn't see it on opening night, do attend another showing. It's quite funny, and the music is wonderful.

Simone has joined the Noble Seating, House Right.

Meandre, an albino python arrives, following Aurora.

Harlen arrives, following Duarte.

Alessandro has joined the Noble Seating, House Right.

Alessia enters the Blackrose, dressed in her user leather garb with a silvered fox fur cloak draped around her shoulders. She gracefully makes her way to the Noble Seating, House Right to take a seat by familiar faces.

Duarte has joined the Noble Seating.

Sabella has been here for quite some time, but as people start to arrive she comes out from a little side doorway in the stage and goes over to sit in the noble seating, beaming and waving to those she knows. Which is like, everyone!

Confessor Imori, Confessor Warren, 5 Armed Confessors arrive, following Tikva.

Merek has come in his silks and velvet-fireweave, walking into the main Theatre. He looks around a bit, seeking a nice seat for which to watch the proceedings. He checks to also see if anyone is serving drinks for the beginning, and he finds some milk to drink.

Lethe looks around for a good seat as soon as she arrives to the event. She smiles as sits down and hopes to soon be entertained.

Zoey murmurs quietly to Ian and motions him towards a seat at the end of the row. Surely he can sit for a little while at least. She takes her seat and pulls a bottle out from her satchel. After pouring a bit into her ever-present silver travel cup, she hands the bottle over to the next Kennex in line.

Yasmine giggles at whatever Rook whispers into her ear and gives him a kiss on the chin before she scurries off backstage to change into costume and prepare herself for her performance.

3 Armed Confessors, Confessor Jayson, 1 Grayson House Guards, Confessor Wick, Confessor John, Confessor Burne arrive, following Gareth.

Gareth has joined the Noble Seating, House Right.

Aurora has joined the Commoner Seating, House Right.

Grazia arrives imperiously and glances about for an appropriate seat with potentially interesting company before moving to sit down.

Titania comes walking into the theater looking about spotting a few people she makes her way over to sit in the boble searing on the right side.

Yasmine has joined the Stage.

Amari slips in and finds a seat next to Lethe, murmuring a polite greeting as she settles in. Then it's people watching for her, for the most part, all eyes and bright smiles. There's many polite nods in reserve for anyone she happens to know.

Porter has joined the Noble Seating, House Right.

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Zoey gets a bottle of Riven Reserve pear brandy from a monogrammed black calfskin satchel with silk lining.

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Alessandro comes into the theater, Simone on his arm. He has a wide smile on his face, and he turns toward his companion to murmur something low to her, scanning the house for a seat. He nods toward the seating on the right with a questioning look, and when confirmed, he starts them that way, settling into an empty sat.

Micaela has joined the The Queen's Box.

Zoey drops a bottle of Riven Reserve pear brandy.

Simone enters with her hand tucked into Alessandro's arm, looking around the room quietly. She leans toward him to listen then nods with a warm smile, as they head toward the noble seating.

Coral, a critical clerk arrives, following Karadoc.

Alarissa has left the Noble Seating.

Resplendant in skirts, gloves and a truly fabulous hat with a truly fabulous plume, Tikva has demonstrated at least this much giving a fuck about her newest family member, and does so in style as she joins the swarm of fellow nobles zipping around the noble boxes.

Alarissa has joined the The Queen's Box.

Micaela saunters in, looking around the theater before selecting a seat in the upper box, which allows her both a perfect view of the stage, and an excellent view of the patrons below. There's a sly smile on her face as she sips at a glass of wine and flips through her program incuriously.

Aurora comes from the back of the house, sweeping passed the curtain and hopping down the steps leading from the stage. She heads towards the seating area Rook has settled into, pulling material from the places she seems to hide material which is everywhere. "At least no one will be naked."

Most of House Kennex is gathered on the right side of the house, more-or-less eagerly waiting for their famous playwright's play to begin.

Quenia is dressed for an evening out, wearing her wispy, glittery layered and flower blossom seasilk dress. She comes in alone, without escort. She pauses just to the right of the entrance to allow people through to see where she might find a seat.

The theater is filled with the idle chatter of people finding their seats, getting here fashionably late, making life hell for ushers and all the sorts of things that entitled people do to make things difficult for everyone, and the things generally unentitled people do when given the chance. And the unique setup at the Blackrose gives commoners that chance. Fortunately the positive word of mouth means that no one is coming in obviously carrying baskets of their fruits of choice, but the rougher sorts certainly look ready to boo if they get bored. Ushers let people sitting know that the show will begin promptly in ten minutes, so if anyone needs to attend to anything, they should probably do it sooner rather than later.

Rook looks to Aurora with a glance and stage whispers, "I would -hope not-," before his eyes are on the stage.

Karadoc enters, with that fresh just rolled out from beneath a rock (or bed) look, put-together while not trying very hard. Seat found, dropped into. Flask withdrawn and sipped from.

Wylla has seated herself in the right area of the commoners' seating, and when Aurora says what she does, the redheaded Archlector balks for just a moment. She stares, words not quite managing to form at first beyond a meager little, "I..." Rook and Yasmine are shot a plaintive look for help as she smoothes out her robes. "This didn't seem like that kind of play." She's starting to crimson already.

Alarissa's made her way in, not to turn down a personal invitation by the playwright. All aeterna and stygian, she's looking about and murmuring to the usher when she spots someone. Soon enough though, parting through the crowds, she's up high as well and taking a seat adjacent to Micaela.

Karadoc has joined the The Queen's Box.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Quenia before departing.

"I assure you, the costumes are amazing" Aurora assures Wylla with a smile of reassurance. "I just meant that if the entire play falls apart. If the stage shatters and falls beneath their feet. If someone dies on stage. At least they are wearing clothing so that is part of the experience that was successful and everything else should just go from there." Is that reassuring smile working?

Lumen has joined the Stage.

Quenia has joined the Noble Seating, House Right.

Wylla doesn't look too convinced, despite something Rook says more quietly in the seats. She eyes the stage with clearly growing trepidation. "Maybe I should have had a word with the playwright, um, before..." An awkward little flutter of her hands follows as she listens to Aurora. "Surely someone won't die." And then Rook gets a vaguely aggrieved look for whatever reason.

It takes some time, but Quenia finally decides to join the noble seating on the right side of the theatre house.

Professional shushers start shushing the hell out of people as the theater lights dim and the lights on the stage come up.

The play begins in the streets of the Upper Boroughs where Lord Eduard Planchard and Mistress Juniper Bailey are having an idle conversation which establishes their friendship and their mutual friendship with Master Ashby Ravelin. It is quickly evident both that Lord Eduard is not the smartest of men and that Mistress Bailey, and most people, still seemingly considers him pleasant company. Mistress Bailey is indicated to be a renowned jeweler, whose origins in the Lowers and whose high dollar clients mean she is comfortable with people in all strata of Arx society. Master Ravelin comes in at one point and though Lord Eduard is happy to see him, it is made clear that Master Ravelin only barely tolerates the presence of the other man. Both men are playwrights and have recently released plays to great success, with Lord Eduard's latest, a tale of an old knight roused from his retirement to go off on adventure, being his biggest hit yet. Master Ravelin's latest play, a grim tale of suffering and pain and longing with a climax that made audience members weep and faint, is also a success, though no bigger than his previous play. As such his reception to Lord Eduard's play is exceptionally barbed. After some conversation between the three, where Mistress Bailey carefully maintains friendly banter with the two very different men, Sir Miles shows up. Sir Miles is a doughty knight who it is revealed recently won a challenge in a surprise victory and it is quickly clear this victory has gone to his head. He brings the news that the King will be making an announcement shortly that will be of interest to both men. Most of Sir Miles' time onstage is spent failing to flirt with Mistress Bailey while being aggressive toward both of the other men. As the act continues the three leads' characters are demonstrated through conversations with one another, with much comedy coming from the broader character of Lord Eduard and the rapid fire cynicism and frequent withering insults of Master Ravelin.

Octavian, a silken spaniel arrives, delivering a message to Ian before departing.

Quenia rises from her seat and makes her way to take a seat near to Grazia instead. "Duchess," she greets warmly. "I've had the opportunity to speak with Fecundo a few times this week. He's rather delightful. I had the pleasure of escorting him to Guildmistress Joceline's wedding so he could become accommodated with people."

Halfway through the first act the three main characters are present as the King makes his announcement. There will be a contest for the city's playwrights, and whoever writes the best play will be given the title of Royal Quill, along with all of the social and material riches this would bring. Lord Eduard is excited for the opportunity to prove himself to his House and to himself. Master Ravelin is also very excited about the contest, though he hopes to write a searing excoriation of the nobility and the system just steeped enough in opaque symbolism that his being named Royal Quill will be the punchline of a joke that will play out for years to come. After hearing Master Ravelin's plan, Mistress Bailey lets slip to him that the King was a great fan of Lord Eduard's most recent play, but found Master Ravelin's rather dour and gloomy. As the first act comes to an end Master Ravelin decides that if he is going to win the contest, he needs to see to it that Lord Eduard cannot participate.

End Act I

Constantine lifted his hands in a hearty applause as the first act came to a close!

Octavia applauds politely at the end of the first act, then leans over to whisper something to Ford as they wait for the second to begin.

Cabbit, a nub-tailed tabby kitten, Laudine, a stern middle-aged maidservant leave, following Tabitha.

Sabella also claps loudly! She looks around beaming at everyone else in the audience like, did you see that amazing first act?!

Porter applauds politely at the end of the first act.

Ian claps politely as the act comes to an end.

Alessandro joins in the applause following the first act.

Zoey applauds for the first act, taking great care not to slosh the brandy in her cup.

Gianna is seated with the others from the Bard's College; she plays along with them, resplendent in black silk with duskstone. There's a bit of music to close out the first act.

Tikva shouts from nearby, "Killing it, guys!"

"I'm not entirely sure I believe that Master Bastien would be even remotely convinced to compete for the title of Royal Playwright," Micaela can be heard to be commenting from the box while the applause sounds.

"Ah, I do recall my cousin being quite charming when last I saw him in Gemecitta," Grazia replies to Quenia, absently applauding between acts. It's a good time for a quick conversation. "It's a pity he didn't manage to come. I suppose there's always next time."

Snow has joined the Commoner Seating, House Right.

Wylla has become even redder for some reason as the first act carries on. Her chat with those at the commoners' section is subdued, most of her attention on the play. "That Mistress Bailey seems suspicious," she observes. "She's spending time with Lord Nikl -- Edouard -- but she told the other playwright what he planned to do." She applauds when the act ends, saying something at the commoners' seats that's muffled by her clapping.

Snow darts into the theatre, clearly looking late as he slips into one of the back rows of the commoner's seating towards stage right.

Quenia thought she had been quiet and realizes she hadn't been. She seems to wither a touch under Gareth's look, and she flashes him an apologetic look. She nods quickly in Grazia's direction, and murmurs in the seats this time!

The second act begins with Master Ravelin and Master Trapp, a fellow of questionable moral fiber and flexible ethical sensibilities for the right price, discussing the situation. Though Master Ravelin repeatedly insists he does not wish to see Lord Eduard killed, he also makes it clear that he doesn't care if the Lord is injured. Over the course of the act several increasingly vicious attempts to remove Lord Eduard from the competition take place. The first attempt ropes in Sir Miles in a simple attempt to embarrass Lord Eduard socially, with the intent of shaming him into hiding himself away until after the contest has ended. This backfires due to the young lord's lack of self-awareness and general shamelessness. Rather than being embarrassed he is amused by the attempt and much backlash returns on Sir Miles, who becomes a laughing stock. Sir Miles storms off, vowing that he will issue a challenge to regain his dignity as soon as he can figure out who to blame. Both Lord Eduard and Master Ravelin work on their plays, each coming to Mistress Bailey to discuss their progress. Lord Eduard feels his play is coming together, but is concerned that he doesn't have a good third act.

Next is an attempt to injure Lord Eduard, which fails when Mistress Bailey recognizes the toughs that Master Trapp hired to assault the young lord. She uses the fact that she knows their mothers to shame them into going back to Master Trapp and visit on him what was meant for Lord Eduard. By the end of the act a figuratively and literally beaten Master Trapp attempts to accost Lord Eduard in an extended scene of slapstick wherein Lord Eduard never realizes he's in danger, narrowly avoiding multiple attempts on his well being. Ultimately Master Trapp is undone by the lord's genial dimwittedness and succumbs to his own bumbling, when a straightforward attempt to simply shove Lord Eduard out of an open window sees Master Trapp falling to his own death. Elsewhere, Master Ravelin speaks to Mistress Bailey and, though he seems distracted by Master Trapp's inability to get the job done, Mistress Bailey assures him that his work so far is his best yet. In the final scene of the second act Master Ravelin realizes the depth of Master Trapp's failure and comes to the conclusion that he is going to have to murder his friend himself.

End Act II

How does one do justice to a man as complicated and deeply, deeply, deeply feeling as Bastien--err... Ashby Ravelin. For her part, Lumen is bringing the brand of demure preciousness she's best known for to this all-around lovable grump! The whisper hides the tender, longing heart of Lord Niklas uh(!) /Eduard/'s best friend forever behind a protective armor of condescension, theatrical arm-crossing, and childlike pouting fits. (Just like the real Bastien!) It's not SO thorough that the audience won't be able to see the genuine man beneath, longing for others to reach out to him for unsolicited companionship.

Again, Constantine was quick to his applause at the end of the act. A broad smile accompanying his show of both appreciation and support. OH! And there's a bottle of brandy. What a pleasant evening.

1 Greenmarch Guard arrives, following Margret.

Margret has joined the Noble Seating, House Right.

Zoey sets her cup in her lap and claps politely for the second act.

Ian applauds politely as the second act closes, despite having looked distinctly skeptical through the entire, er, 'fight scene'. There's a point to all of this that he has definitely failed to grasp.

"Bravo," Micaela calls out from her seat at break between scenes. "Masterful job of Ashby! Masterful! Bravo!"

Snow claps and looks interested though the context of the play seems to be a bit lost on him, though...he did come in late after all. Still he looks interested from his place in the commoner's seating.

Alessandro applauds at the closing of the act, catching Sabella's eye to give her a wide smile before he turns back toward the stage.

"At least Master Ravelin is easy on the eyes," Grazia remarks dryly to Quenia, studying the stage for a moment. "There's the real talent here."

Sabella cheers loudly at the end of the second act, saying to those around her, "Mistress Bailey is my favorite, isn't Yasmine wonderful!?"

The entirety of the third act takes place over the course of the day of the contest. Lord Eduard has written his third act but is nervous that the whole effort falls apart by what even he considers a very cliche finale. Master Ravelin is far more concerned with getting rid of Lord Eduard, who he considers his only competition. The men have their efforts disrupted by Sir Miles showing up backstage and demanding they both accept challenges. Lord Eduard is oblivious to Sir Miles' concerns and encourages him to get over his embarrassment, while Master Ravelin gives the knight nothing but scorn. Though Mistress Bailey makes a game attempt at easing his ego and temper, Sir Miles leaves in a fury and vows that he will see both playwrights pay. Once he has left, the competition begins with Lord Eduard's play. Backstage Lord Eduard paces, his anxiety rising as he knows his play simply isn't good enough to win. Mistress Bailey reports that the King has enjoyed the first two acts and is looking forward to the last. As the final act begins, Master Ravelin enacts an elaborate and ridiculously overwrought murder attempt at the same time as Sir Miles charges on stage demanding that his desire for justice be satisfied. What follows is an exercise in farce as the two attempts on Lord Eduard's life result in a third act that may not make a lot of sense, but is so packed with ludicrous action that it earns a standing ovation, with the King heartily exclaiming his approval. A dumbfounded Sir Miles stands in front of a roaring audience, suddenly the toast of Arx for his transgressive performance as Shrieking Oaf #1.

Porter laughs at the slapstick, following that better than the intrigues.

Amari isn't stingy with her applause at the end of any of the acts, and there's a surprised and delighted laugh from her when Master Trapp falls to his death in the 2nd. She clearly didn't expect that ignoble and sudden end. Murder attempts in the third act have her watching intently, expression thoughtful and at times, darkly amused.

Zoey picks up a bottle of Riven Reserve pear brandy.

When Master Ravelin's play follows it only gets through the first act before the King demands it be stopped. The playwright was so obsessed with getting rid of his competition that he forgot to layer in the sweet on top of the bitter in his own play and his performers spend forty minutes viciously attacking the peerage in attendance with nothing to cushion the blow. When his play is stopped Master Ravelin verbally assaults everyone in attendance and is taken into custody by the Inquisition for his own safety as much as anything else. The King comments to Mistress Bailey that he was surprised by both plays, as he rather liked Master Ravelin's previous effort and has always felt Lord Eduard went soft in the third act. He then asks Mistress Bailey if she is ready for her play. She answers that she is and her play, The Idiots, is performed. The play is very much like the play the audience in attendance tonight has seen, featuring a dimwitted Lord Dalcop and Master Roundel (played by the actors performing Eduard and Ravelin, but swapped) whose rivalry leads to over-the-top disaster. The King clearly favors Mistress Bailey's play and awards her with the position of Royal Quill. Lord Edward, ever kind and ever dim, happily congratulates her. Master Ravelin berates Lord Eduard for failing to understand that Mistress Bailey took advantage of them both. As she leaves, Lord Edward muses that he's okay with losing because he's still handsome, noble and rich. Master Ravelin screams profanities as he's taken away. The play ends with Mistress Bailey giving a shrewd smile, putting a golden quill behind her ear and sitting down to write.

End Act III

The curtain goes down.

Merek has left the Commoner Seating, House Right.

The curtain goes down, and the music swells in triumph, then calms to be a lighter backdrop suitable for conversation. Gianna keeps plucking her gittern and lifts her chin to peer out at the audience, gauging their reaction.

Octavia rises quickly to her feet at the end of the third act, applauding loudly to the twist. The slapstick wasn't to her taste, but the inversion certainly was. "Well done, Nik!"

Wylla points out, her voice echoing at just the most quiet of moments in the play -- timing! -- "I told you not to trust her!" But whether she's speaking to the character of Edouard or of Ravelin is unclear, and then she realizes she's spoken up too loudly, and drops into her seat, clearly embarrassed. Her applause is quite hasty when the curtain drops.

Towards the end of the third act, Zoey lifts an eyebrow and begins to drink more slowly. There's even a pleased sketch of a smile when Mistress Bailey is asked to put on -her- play. She brings her hands together in applause for the whole shebang, rising graciously to join the ovation.

As the curtain falls, Alessandro rises quickly to his feet to applaud. "Bravo!" he calls, still laughing from the last act.

Ford rises to his feet and applauds, taking a pause in the clapping to stick two fingers in his mouth and give a very loud whistle.

Sabella also stands pretty immediately, applauding and cheering as loud as she can, "Excellent show! Amazing work everyone! Bravo!"

Porter generates quite a bit of applause, rising to his feet a moment later and continuing to clap.

After a few minutes the curtain comes back up and Niklas Grayson (Kennex, for the night) steps out and takes the stage. "Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your attendance! Master Bastien, unfortunately, was called away just after the end of the third act, but I have stepped in to take his place in calling our actors to the stage for their curtain call." He steps to the side so the actors can come out from backstage to take their bows as he introduces them one at a time. "Master Alejandro Rosetti as Lord Eduard Planchard! Lumen Whisper as Master Ashby Ravelin! Mistress Yasmine Rovashani as Mistress Juniper Bailey! Master Jareth as Sir Miles Gloriosus!" And some other people as Master Trapp and the King! Those guys? They were great!

Constantine was not afraid to be a bit on the raucous side once the curtain fell. He rose with other audience members for an ovation.

Merek applauds, then he moves on towards the main street.

Rook slowly rises, straightens and claps avidly for those on stage. There's a prideful look and he leans to tap Aurora on the shoulder, a discrete courtier's nudge to prompt her to stand, and stop sewing.

Sabella is overheard praising Yasmine: Amazing performance! My favorite!

Simone stands to applaud the play next to Alessandro as the curtain fell. Her eyes twinkle with humor, obviously having enjoyed it.

Ian applauds politely, again. He did at least look distantly amused at some of the slapstick, so there's that. Once the play is done, he braces himself with his cane and rises, then slips out.

Yasmine performs a flourish of a bow, laughing as she does and giving a little wave out to the audience.

Amari applauds the final act, and the twist at the end, not looking at all as though it's forced. She liked it. There's more applause from her after the actors return and are revealed.

Ian has left the Noble Seating, House Right.

Sabella is overheard praising Lumen: Absoutely perfect portrayal of Master Ravelin!

Alessia is overheard praising Yasmine.

Alessia is overheard praising Niklas.

Sabella is overheard praising Niklas: MOST BRILLIANT PLAYWRIGHT EVER!

Alessia is overheard praising Lumen.

Lethe stands and applauds as the curtain goes down. "That was amazing." She looks at Amari with a grin.

Alessandro is overheard praising Niklas: A tour de force!

Gianna is overheard praising Niklas: Hilarious play! Great music, too.

Titania stands up clapping her hands a grin from ear to ear as she does so!

Snow stands and makes a polite clap for the actors before he settles back down and turns back to his conversation group.

Constantine is overheard praising Alejandro.

Constantine is overheard praising Yasmine.

Constantine is overheard praising Jareth.

Constantine is overheard praising Niklas.

Snow is overheard praising Niklas.

Sabella is overheard praising Gianna: Great musical interludes! Really worked amazingly well!

Constantine is overheard praising Gianna.

Niklas is overheard praising Yasmine.

Aurora is overheard praising Niklas.

Niklas is overheard praising Lumen.

Aurora is overheard praising Yasmine.

Sabella is overheard praising Aurora: The costumes were to die for!

Simone is overheard praising Niklas.

Tikva is overheard praising Niklas: Sponsor of a delightful evening.

Simone is overheard praising Lumen.

Aurora is overheard praising Lumen.

Constantine is overheard praising Aurora.

Simone is overheard praising Yasmine.

Margret is overheard praising Niklas.

Alessia is overheard praising Aurora: Wonderful costume work!

Gianna is overheard praising Aurora: Lovely costuming!

Rook is overheard gushing, as usual, about Yasmine. He also adds 'There was a Whisper in this play, you know' to some random neighbour of Lumen.

Margret is overheard praising Lumen.

Octavia is overheard praising Niklas.

Sabella is overheard praising Tabitha: Great sets and props! I want that quill!

Octavia is overheard praising Lumen.

Gareth is overheard praising Niklas: It will do.

Amari is overheard praising Lumen.

Constantine is overheard praising Tabitha.

Octavia is overheard praising Yasmine.

Margret is overheard praising Yasmine.

Sabella is overheard praising Niklas: Did I mention that's my brilliant husband?!

Tikva is overheard praising Lumen: Brilliant emotive work. Also she made that costume look great.

Amari is overheard praising Tabitha.

Tikva is overheard praising Aurora: Lovely costuming job!

Amari is overheard praising Gianna.

Octavia is overheard praising Aurora.

Octavia is overheard praising Gianna.

Amari is overheard praising Jareth.

Tikva is overheard praising Yasmine: Beautifully acted, of course!

Micaela is overheard praising Aurora: The costumes were gorgeous!

Amari is overheard praising Alejandro.

Amari is overheard praising Niklas.

Gianna is overheard praising Lumen: Wonderful acting!

Yasmine is overheard praising Niklas.

Yasmine is overheard praising Lumen.

Gianna is overheard praising Alejandro: Great talent!

Yasmine is overheard praising Bastien.

Yasmine is overheard praising Alejandro.

Snow gives a bow then after that's done he makes his way out of the seating and out to the street.

Snow has left the Commoner Seating, House Right.

Yasmine is overheard praising Jareth.

Yasmine is overheard praising Aurora.

Yasmine is overheard praising Gianna.

Gianna is overheard praising Jareth: Excellent performance!

Octavia is overheard praising Jareth.

Tikva is among those who has to sneak out early due to other commitments, but she leaves blowing kisses and speaking highly of all involved.

Tikva has left the Noble Seating, House Right.

Confessor Imori, Confessor Warren, 5 Armed Confessors leave, following Tikva.

Porter is overheard praising Gianna.

Porter is overheard praising Niklas.

Octavia is overheard praising Alejandro.

Carita is overheard praising Lumen.

Octavia is overheard praising Tabitha.

Sabella keeps applauding, beaming down at the actors as they take their bows, "That was so brilliant! Even better than all the practices I saw! Or the ones on the road! Maybe its this theater but it just was just all perfect!"

Once the actors have had their chances to soak up the attention of the crowds, Niklas retakes the stage and says, "There are, of course, others to thank for this evening. Mistress Aurora Thornburn was the genius behind our costumes tonight! Lady Tabitha Whitehawk made our brilliant sets! The Nightingale, Gianna Whisper, provided us with her peerless musical talent! Master Bastien directed and so far as I know no one broke down in tears during the entire rehearsal schedule!" Niklas pauses her to glance over to Yasmine and Lumen for confirmation. Then back to the crowd, "And of course thank you to Mistress Mae Culler for the use of the beautiful and historic Blackrose Theater!" Then he points to the crowd, grins and says, "And most of all thank you! Without you, none of this would have been possible!" He's pointing at the crowd, at everyone! But mostly Sabella.

Titania is overheard praising Gianna.

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Titania is overheard praising Jareth.

Titania is overheard praising Aurora.

Karadoc has left the The Queen's Box.

Coral, a critical clerk leaves, following Karadoc.

Titania is overheard praising Tabitha.

Constantine is overheard praising Tikva.

After she finishes applauding all those involved in the play, Alessia drapes her cloak around her as she prepares to take her leave. Waving farewell to the people beside her. "I'm afraid I must leave early, your highness. Your husband did a great job." She commets to Sabella before leaving.

Amari is overheard praising Aurora.

Titania is overheard praising Niklas.

Behind Niklas, Lumen pretends to still be wiping away tears from said rehearsals. Poor Lumen!

Titania is overheard praising Lumen.

Niklas is overheard praising Aurora.

Niklas is overheard praising Tabitha.

Niklas is overheard praising Yasmine.

Niklas is overheard praising Lumen.

Niklas is overheard praising Gianna.

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2 House Mazetti Aspirants leaves, following Alessia.

Octavia has rolled a critical success!
Octavia checked dexterity at difficulty 15, rolling 7 higher.

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Octavia applauds, then waits until the house clears out, wads up some paper, and throws it at Niklas from the right balcony. What luck, it landed right on his head!

Aurora stands when she is nudged, offering a bow to those who are clapping, because its what one does when people clap at you. "Forgive me, I am making a steelsilk hat. Its pretty great and I got carried away. Thank you all, it was my pleasure to assist with this production."

Gianna stands and bows as well when she's credited. When she straightens up, her lips are curved in a pleased, smug smile.

Once the applause starts to die down, Niklas moves to the edge of the stage and drops down to join the crowd, moving through to wave to his very supportive family. "Ford, Tavi, Connie! Zoey, Titania, Porter!" And Aethan, who is definitely here also! "Thank you all for coming! It means a lot to me." Niklas waves to Gareth. "You can tell me all about your favorite parts later, Prince Gareth!"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Aurora before departing.

Rogue, a black falcon arrives, delivering a message to Niklas before departing.

Sabella giddily makes her way out of the seating, heading down towards the stage and thanking everyone along the way. Thank you for coming! Wasn't that wonderful! Thank you for the compliments! He is just so brilliant isn't he? Yes, the actors were particularly amazing! The person who did the music? She's available for parties! Then she stands near the stage, politely waiting for everyone to have their moment in the spotlight, particularly Niklas. She looks up at him like he might as well be the sun and she's okay with the burning in her eyes cause she's not looking away.

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Porter grins broadly at Niklas. "That was quite the show," Porter says with a clap of his hands. "I liked all the fighting you put in there!"

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Alessandro waves to Niklas as he approaches the noble seating, calling, "Wonderful, Prince Niklas. Congratulations." He turns to murmur something to Simone then, offering her his arm with raised eyebrows, though he waits for her to give her own congratulations before starting toward the exit.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Ford before departing.

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Titania grins moving to give Niklas a hug, "It was very good Niklas, I can see why everyone is raving about it! Congradulations cousin." she pats his back and then steps bakc.

Simone smiles warmly at Niklas, "It was a wonderful play and a stellar performance. Congratulations!" Then, taking Alessandro's arm she nods quietly to his whisper and follows him out.

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After bowing a few more times and even blowing a few kisses, Lumen removes the (securely fastened) pouch of flour she'd stuffed down her pants to make it look like she was a man. Before stepping backstage and out of sight, she winks and tosses it gingerly into the lap of some unsuspecting admirer. It's a decent size!

Now that the play is done, Yasmine slips backstage and quickly sheds her costume before returning to the house. She peeks around the crowd and waves her way through it, offering grins and a few words here and there, those green-and-gold eyes bright with laughter.

Gianna is overheard praising Yasmine.

Rook lets Yasmine spend her time backstage shucking her costumes while he politely excuses himself from the benches he's been seated at, moving towards the front, to congratulate the playwright and other sponsors. "Wonderfully done, and I look forward to seeing what else we can do, when we finally can meet and have tea or dinner," shares the courtier to Niklas and Sabella specifically.

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Gianna makes her way toward Niklas and Sabella as well, inclining her head to Rook once she's there. "That went well," she says easily. An understatement.

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Niklas returns Titania's hug, "Thank you for coming, cos. It means a lot to me." Alessandro and Simone both get a wave. Spying her in the noble seats, Niklas waves over to Grazia and gives the Duchess a winning smile. "I'll sign your playbill if you'd like!" But he's pretty sure that won't be necessary so he turns, finds Sabella standing next to him, gives her such a grin then grabs her and kisses her. "You can be in the next one, I promise." At Rook's congratulations he says, "Thank you, Master Grayward. The hard work you, Duchess Calista and Sabella put into getting the city excited did no small part in making tonight a success." Gianna's comment gets a laugh. "Nightingale, when I tell my children about this I will whisper that secretly you were the star."

Rook says, "That's nothing compared to the writing and acting, I assure you. Think nothing of it. We all get excited and gush overly much when we're involved but don't have to rehearse any lines!"

Octavia wanders down towards the stage once she's successfully thrown something at her brother, offering, "I wasn't sold on the slapstick, but that twist at the end was definitely the highlight of the night. Definitely better than the plays you put on as a kid. I wish Denholm could have seen it."

"You were the perfect Mistress Bailey!" Sabella gushes to Yasmine when she reappears! "And Lumen, you were just so fantastic as Ravelin! I kept forgetting you were you! I've never seen you not smile for so long!" And then she's getting kissed and she laughs, "I think my dreams of the stage are headed by the wayside as Master Bastien will never cast me despite my talent and everyone will think you cast me despite it. So, I can't win there, but I don't need to since you're the shooting star of the two of us and I am so happy to see it!"

"Oh, by all means, Niklas, sign my playbill," Grazia agrees, as stern-faced and with such dry neutrality that she might well be joking. But it's hard to tell because her face is like an iron mask of neutrality. She waggles the paper at the playwright impatiently.

Wylla doesn't move from the commoners' benches at first, seated in them a little too long. She pushes herself to rise, glancing around uncertainly. It's then that a furball of a white kitten starts to wander towards her. She stares at it for a moment, uncertain. "Did... um... did anyone lose a kitten?" She cradles it gently, as it nestles in the crook of her arm. At least her robes match the kitten's fur, unlike her usual calico.

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Zoraida, a dead-eyed Apprentice Whisper leaves, following Lumen.

Yasmine gives Sabella a beaming smile. "Thanks you, Princess. This has been one of my favorites rolls, but don't tell that to Bastien please. He didn't throw anything at me once during rehearsals, so I think that means he is starting to like me. I wouldn't want to spoil it."

Zoey finishes dealing with some very ill-mannered messengers who have followed her into the theatre, signing off on what looks like requisition forms and pay slips. She sighs and turns back to the others, only to look around and actually pout. "I missed Lumen," she comments quietly. She frowns faintly and then moves to Niklas' side, poking him in the shoulder. "I enjoyed the ending," she says with a small smile.

Ford comes up behind Nik and puts his hand on the back of his neck, giving him a little shake, "Congratulations, Niklas. You did well. Dad would be proud."

Zoey puts a bottle of Riven Reserve pear brandy in a monogrammed black calfskin satchel with silk lining.

"I am in no way against that plan," Gianna tells Niklas, her tone light.

"Ah, Tavi, you should see some of my other shows. I did a revival of The Prince's Bride and The Good Duke of Gemecitta in the Mourning Isles a few months ago, but I've been thinking of updating The Good Duke as a musical, with the Nightingale writing the music. Then again, I feel like musical may not be to your tastes either. Ah well!" Niklas smiles to Ford. "You keep saying that to me I'll start to feel like I'm doing the family proud. And thank you, Zoey! I'd like to think Mistress Bailey had a bit of you and Sabella to her. Smarter than all the men around her. Me included. Especially me!" Niklas steps away from the press and damn if he doesn't walk over, pull out a stick of charcoal and sign Grazia's playbill. PRINCE NIKLAS GRAYSON, with a biiiiiig ol' P and a similarly big G. He stops just short of drawing a coronet on the N in Niklas.

Sabella beams at Niklas when he says that about Mistress Bailey, but shakes her head, "I saw a lot of the Guildmaster in that role, honestly. That and she was a jeweler! But it's a lovely thought that shall make me happy on dreary days that I could help inspire such a thing. And I really did love your performance, Yasmine! I was so glad when I heard you were cast because I knew you'd be perfect and trust me, I know what it's like to want to win Master Bastien's praise, so I shan't say a word!"

Octavia smirks slightly at her little brother, then turns and departs the theater, clearly having other obligations she needs to attend to. Or maybe she just hates spending time in large crowds if she can avoid it. It's difficult to tell with her.

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Titania smiles at Niklas, "perhaps you and Sabella can come for dinner some night and we can talk more." she smiles. "I should get back now." she waves to them all and turns to head out.

"Well, Bastien and I didn't exactly start off on the right foot. I insulted his handwriting and told him it looked like chicken scratch the first time I met him." Yasmine is grinning without a shred of shame on her face. "I am glad you enjoyed my performance. I definitely channeled Joscelin for the part."

Wylla offers Niklas a quick smile -- but she's busy with her kitten. She eyes the door, eyes the gathering people, and starts making her way towards the former.

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Aurora slips out once there seems to be less of a play and more socializing going on. In fact, her head might be ducked and she quickly avoids eye contact with everyone!

Meandre, an albino python leaves, following Aurora.

Rook steps on over to Yasmine next and clasps her hands and says, "Does this mean you're done with the method acting now and I'll see you as Yasmine at the cottage once more, not Mistress Bailey?! Oh, and very well done, of course."

Slowly pushing himself up to his feet, leveraging his cane to rise up. Gareth stares stonily over at Niklas before giving a slow and deep nod. Only then does he start clack-clacking towards the exit.

Zoey smiles at Niklas and hugs him and Sabella before slipping out quietly.

Gianna tells Rook, "We definitely need to talk. But at another time."

Rook fingerwaggles, "Of course! Soon!" He likely always says that, but he also likely always means it, too!

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"Yes, yes. Of course. I'm back to normal now. Promise." Yasmine laughs and moves in closer to press her face against Rook's shoulder.

As people start making for the exit, surely off to watch the next exciting duel, Niklas holds up a hand to wave to everyone. "Thank you everyone who came out, thank you everyone who stuck around! Now, if you will pardon me, I'm going to go home and make love to my wife!" Niklas puts an arm around Sabella's waist, throws a cloak around her shoulders and starts for the exit.

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