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Lumen Whisper

Real magic is creating something from nothing. It's like when the stage magician pulls the rabbit from the hat.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Courtier Cuckoo
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Whisper
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Courtier
Height: 5'8"
Hair Color: Raven
Eye Color: Midnight
Skintone: Warm Brown

Description: Lumen's thick black hair is kept short and often swept into an updo to accentuate her delicate, swan-like neck. Long of limb, what in youth might have been awkward and gangly now works to her benefit and allows her to stand tall and elegant of bearing. At first glance, the young woman's gaze may appear black. With any prolonged eye contact, it reveals itself to be alight with twinkles of molten gold and silvery blue -- a dappling of distant stars in a night sky.

Personality: Lumen is a gentle, kind individual. In her whole life, friends and family have never known her to speak ill of anybody or anything -- not only merely by virtue of political adroitness that she does possess, but out of sincere good-will. To the great disappointment of her naysayers, her charms are cut with an air of integrity that few possess.

Background: Lumen is the natural daughter of Lord Nathaniel Bisland. The relationship between Lord Nathaniel and Lumen's mother, a popular house servant at the time, began as an idealistic, youthful trist. The two burned hot and heavy, carrying on in secret despite knowledge of the disapproval they'd receive from family and peers, and like many such love affairs it fizzled out... just not before the naive young duo made the life-altering decision to bring a child into the world. Long after the romance-induced fugue state had lifted, Lumen remained.

Fears that the child's existence might negatively impact a potential match for the young Lord were eased just a few years later when he wed Lady Esmeralda. Though many have been known to slip up over the years, referring to the courtier as 'Lady Lumen,' Mistress Lumen was never legitimized.

As a point of honor and in reverence to Limerance, she was acknowledged by her father and his kin from the time of her birth. Raised alongside Nathaniel's legitimate children, Lumen's early life had some but not all of the trappings of noble privilege. She was provided for and finely educated -- but never spoiled to such a degree that the girl might foster any delusions of grandeur. Her fate would be a respectable but Common nonetheless. A solicitor? A learned scholar? A knight, perhaps, should the propensity reveal itself.

It didn't take. Proximity to nobility was rocket fuel. Lumen proved herself an innovative and imaginative social climber, honing her own natural graces and inventing from thin air those she lacked. Gradually, she traveled in higher and higher circles, wearing finer and finer things, speaking less, and listening more... until as a young woman, she was accepted into Whisper House. The honor came following the successful trade negotiation between two rival lesser houses, a pact deeply impacted by Lumen's peacekeeping efforts. Now, she's sought after for her poise, discretion, and renowned discerning presence.

Relationship Summary

Name Summary
Caspian A whisper, you don't see many of them around! She seems interesting, a diplomat with a playful nature. I'm sure she's popular!
Emily She is pleasant to speak with and I find her to be curiosity. Adventures she says. I would like to think there may be some more detail to these in the future.
Saoirse A very pretty Whisper, though quite modestly dressed. Specializes in mediation and diplomacy.