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Prince Gareth Grayson

It is dangerous to be right when a Grayson is wrong.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Scarred Royal Inquisitor
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Grayson
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Lawyer
Height: 5'7"
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue-violet
Skintone: Weathered and scarred

Description: Like the shade of a hero from the stories, Gareth is not the man he was born to be. Hints of that attractive glory still remain in the hard set of his jaw, the deep rich blue-violet of his eyes. His blonde hair is almost always kept shorn to stubble on his head, and his eyes are more cold, hard, and foreboding than filled with joy. He moves stiffly, his hard body showing the suffering he has gone through. An ugly, formless burn scar covers half of his face, like someone pressed it down onto a hot brazier for fun. Other scars from cuts, burns, and all manner of cruel torment criss cross his arms and shoulders, only a few faded into obscurity. There's a sharp intelligence in his features, however, and a force of will that keep him short of being a monster.

Personality: Gareth is a man who has little time or energy for beating around a bush. Well, unless a person is tied to that bush and under suspicion of consorting with demons. He is relentless in the pursuit of truth, and to wipe the scourge of darkness from the face of Arvum. For all his fierce and sometimes violent acts in the name of the Inquisition, he gets no joy out of it. It is a duty, a necessity, and not one to revel in. He sees people on the street and catalogues them in their minds, how he would extract information, and what their sins may be. Most people stay away, simply because his scarred body is intimidating. He uses their fear when he must, and hardens his heart to keep him strong. Perhaps saddest of all, he does feel joy, he can still laugh, but it takes a rare person to bring that out of the places he's buried it.

Background: Dashing young Prince Gareth Grayson was another bright royal scion, a rising knight looking to make his mark in the most prestigious House in all the realm. Bold and reckless, Prince Gareth was eager to take the fight to enemies of House Grayson, to remind everyone just why House Grayson was the greatest house. He felt immortal as many young soldiers do, and took to patrolling the barely civilized borderlands with a relish, fighting back against the shavs attempting to prey on distant vassals of House Grayson. Initially he found great success, was wildly popular with the men under him, and couldn't even see why so many helpless peasants were so terrified of the hardscrabble Abandoned that turned to brigandry and would melt back into the Gray Forest after their raids. And one fateful day, responding to a minor raid, he lead his detachment into the heart of the Gray Forest to ride down the raiders... and found himself and his twenty men surrounded by hundreds of Gray Forest Reapers. It was a massacre, and Gareth himself was only spared because apparently the Reapers knew 'an idiotic prince' was headstrong enough to run right into a trap. He was beaten, tortured, and in the end had the humiliation of being ransomed after a captivity that saw the bright and bold optimist die and something far harder be reborn in its place.

Gareth was left scarred and broken, his constitution never quite recovering, and his dreams of being a great knight forever shattered. In its place, the sickly and infirm Prince Gareth surprised his relatives in House Grayson by deciding he would pursue a different calling that traditionally no Grayson had embraced- the Inquisition. His body might have been shattered, but his mind was far sharper and more dangerous than it had ever been before his captivity, and he showed an alarming eagerness to turn that mind against the enemies of the Compact. As far as Gareth is concerned, no bards will ever compose songs about the jobs he now chooses to do, and there might be stories, but they'll be the ones children are told to get them to behave. Someone has to do the dark work for the Compact.

Relationship Summary

  • Natalia - You made your own bed and now must sleep in it. Do not expect pity from me for your own actions.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Isolde - A constant companion when it comes to the drinking of tea and someone that I have come to rely on in the search for truth.
  • Joscelin - A jeweller and now guildmaster of the crafter's guild. Proof talented people can go far in this world.
  • Name Summary
    Agatha He is very serious. And reading. But. Bacon. So I think MAYBE we will secretly become friends.
    Aiden He doesn't like the word Bunnies. That's one serious man.
    Alarissa Cousin and held in esteem. Time and incident have tempered him if not blunted. But he is, as ever, a precious member of my family to which I was born and thus he holds a high place.
    Aleksei Man, some people are just rude.
    Alessandro I like him -- though I am not sure if it's reciprocated. I'm glad I haven't yet been on the receiving end of the full stare, though, and I will continue to hope that I won't be in the future, either.
    Apollis Blunt, dour and incredibly not fun.
    Ardoin A Prince of House Grayson that mistook a rather too energetic gesture of mine as rude, but I made sure to smooth things out afterwards. He certainly seems interested in keeping people behaving and acting properly, I cannot object to that.
    Avary This man seems so blunt that I'm amazed that he isn't a weapon. I do appreciate the straight road to honesty, people to often hide their true intentions behind false smiles. This one will not, I gather, and I look forward to what time in his company brings.
    Barric I haven't seen my cousin in a long time, but I can honestly say I have never seen him quite this... chipper. A beautiful spring day indeed! I wish him many more such days.
    Cadenza He came....he saw....he left. I really....don't know what else to say other than he just....stared at us.
    Caith I .. don't know what to think of this man. I think he might hate me? But he came to my rescue? But he seems completely annoyed and exasperated with everything I do. He says that is just what he sounds like. And looks like. And just the way he is. So confusing. So many mixed signals. I will win him over, though. I WILL.
    Calarian Rarely do I find a person more serious than I. My cousin is that person and I dread asking him what bunny-related plaque troubles his mind.
    Cambria In short, what I have always expected a Prince of House Grayson to be. At least someone understands the words, "None Greater."
    Coraline Grumpy old goat, better treat my sister right or I will show him how rude I can be. grr
    Daemon I think people would look passed the disfigurement if he just smiled a little more!
    Dominique There is an aura around this man. I have faced numerous things, but I would not dare look him in the eye.
    Echo Stoic and without any sort of emotion. One could probably assume he's an Inquisitor without ever seeing him in his badge and outfit. That said, he is polite and seemed interested in getting to know me, so that's... Something? I feel like he's trying to read me, and I /am/ an open book, but I would still prefer to see a smile on that scarred face.
    Edain He is direct and he doesn't like.. how Duke Arn put it? 'Waste time showering off the bullshit.' He has a job to do and he doesn't have time for things that detract from that. It puts people off sometimes, but if you watch him carefully you can see how every thing is careful measured and considered and an attempt to get the maximum effect. He's very good at knowing that people let more information slip when they are on the defensive. It's what makes him good at what he does.
    Ennettia Such a shame about the face, and body, and all that. But such a droll sense of humor! Entertaining when he chooses to speak.
    Fatima Very much a Grayson prince, all gruff and proper. I am determined to find out what makes him tick and perhaps, one day get a smile.
    Faye A dedicated Inquisitor. Perhaps not excessively friendly on the surface, but I don't mind speaking with him.
    Giulio The scarred Grayson Inquisitor fits the mold most well. I suspect he is better at terrifying people than I am -- alas. It is good to see him returned to the fold. I do look forward to working with him further.
    Gwenna Prince Gareth Grayson is a fascinating person. His physical appearance is a story I am certain he has told too often, and one I won't bother him with asking. He is not warm nor personable, by any means, yet he is still quite engaging. His words belie an intelligence and the way he handles a sword hints at a martial prowess, even if it may have been in the past. I'd ask to meet up with him again were I not mostly sure he'd just scoff in my face.
    Ian Looks like he's been to the Abyss and back. Bet there's a sword in that cane.
    Ignacio The man has a presence. He seems to be honorable and polite, but there seems to be something more under the surface. Not sure what...
    Jordan Inquisitor, Grayson Prince. Mostly seems like it's an individual that could use a couple of barrels of whiskey or moonshine or some other rotgut to cheer up. I bet he laughs very loud once he's in a few cups. But he doesn't seem like a drinker.
    Joscelin I found him charming, intense, passionate, and fell for him the moment I met him. Like one of those stars shook loose from the heavens, landing in the dirt with all the power of the Gods. But it's never like it is in the tales. I learned a hard lesson about what I'm worth to others from him. The first of a few such lessons from the Grayson family, none I'll likely forget ever.
    Kaldur Scared and scary appearance. He seemed to only grudingly tolerate Luca's needling. Outwitted the Fox Prince in the end.
    Kia He scares me.
    Malesh A very focused and dedicated inquisitor.
    Marcas Serious and dour...traits I recognize, but his seems to be buried in something I do not wish to touch. A scarred Inquisitor with that disposition is guaranteed to kill any joy to be found.
    Mirari Cold, a bit impersonal. I suppose one has to be in his line of work. Despite that, I'll make sure he's clothed in the fashion he ought to be. We'll see what happens after that.
    Mydas Scarred, crippled, to stop there would be a mistake. The man's an Inquisitor, and one with a sharp and clear mind. Future cooperation should be successful indeed.
    Oriana Grim demeanor. Grim face. Grim sense of... no sense of humor. I suppose it gets wrung out of you in his line of work.
    Petal He is rather intimidating. I wouldn't want to every cross him!
    Petra History writ upon his face but the scars are deeper than that. Everything about him is walled out so I cannot see what is behind him nor ahead. This is intriguing. I would like to know more.
    Reese My Inquisitor cousin, who I do care about as a cousin, but that doesn't stop me from being a little frightened of him!
    Reigna Prince of Grayson, Inquisitor. Cold. His voice is even no matter his statements. He is all about his work, relentless in his pursuit of truth. The space he chooses for himself gives nothing of the man himself. Fitting, I suppose, given his profession.
    Rinel His burns are far less frightening than his demeanor.
    Romulius He's not broken. He says he is, but he's not. A broken man has no fire at all. This man has fire. It might be covered but it is there. Just because someone changes, doesn't make them broken.
    Saya *Quiet, terrified, whispering.* He's so scary.
    Sparte He seemed very friendly for an Inquisitor. Not meaning he smiled exactly, more that he was agreeably stoic. I'm sure we'll get along great.
    Sunniva The Prince is rather direct in his views. This is not something that is to be frowned upon but his delivery could use some work.
    Theron Prince Grayson, inquisitor. I've heard about him from Joscelin, before, but he seems well-mannered, self-contained, extremely polite. And smart, of course. You can't deny that.
    Thesarin The parts of war that get skipped in the songs. But it seems they burned out his folly, along with his face.
    Viktor Stern. Severe. Rigid. I like him a lot. More nobles and royals should be like him.
    Vitalis The Inquisitor seems a stern but just man, understanding what his job entails and how it may affect others. I'm glad there are those willing to do it, and I am grateful to him for it.
    Zaina I'll never tell.
    Zoey I was quite prepared to like Prince Gareth. But he wields his title of Inquisitor like a cudgel and uses it to bully those around him for little apparent reason.