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Impromptu Southport Training Center Spar

General Calypso is feeling fighty and has decided to set up the Southport Training Center for an impromptu spar and training match. All are welcome. Come join to fight or watch as your heart desires.


Feb. 3, 2018, 5 p.m.

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Isabeau Ignacio Astraea Estaban(RIP) Luis Waldemai Artorius Caelis Duarte Xander Abbas(RIP) Lucita Juliana Delilah Anze(RIP) Derovai Thorley Avaline Aiden Emily Rey Orathy Bianca Eirene



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Southport Training Center

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Comments and Log

6 Thrax Guards arrives, following Abbas.

Eirene scoffs at her niece as she makes her way down towards the ring. "Because I know I'm shit at melee that's why," she retorts with a faint smile.

Rohm the Blackguard, Karrigan's Watchful Avalanche, a Snow Shepherd puppy of ultimate fluffiness arrive, following Caelis.

Rey comes into the training center, and between the mercy's robes under her white, fur lined cloak, and the doctor's bag she's got with her, it's pretty clear what she's here for. Sent, no doubt, as the mercy on duty.

Calypso grins a little at Eirene. "We all have our talents. I think I just barely scrape by when it comes to a one on one. I'd be interested to see a joust." She says idly. It looks like the Malvici Soldiers have finishes setting up a few areas to spar, or joust or even multi-fighter match. Spotting Rey she inclines her head. "Lady Rey, thank you for coming."

Abbas arrives in his armor with his axe in hand. Ex-reavers surround the Thraxian Prince with axes and maces at the read. Two more with short bows flank them. They have arrows knocked in a loose yet on guard fashion. They look to be in a dire mood as they arrive. On guard. Something has them incredibly on edge. The tentacled helm of the exotic hide of the deep resides on the ex-Warlord's head. He peers through radiant green lenses in the eye sockets.

2 Igniseri scarlet phoenix guards, Philomel, the Nightingale, Micana, the efficient amanuensis, Golden, a juvenile Oakhaven bloodhound arrive, following Lucita.

Artorius enters the training center wearing his armor and a sheathed greatsword leaned against his shoulder rather easily. When he sees many of his family here....and apparently what he can smell to be a sparring tourney, he laughs aloud. "Hah! I can see my instincts serve me well. Good to be here." he appraoches Calypso and Eirene, a warm smile touching his features. "It's good to see you both."

Rey smiles to Calypso, and executes a curtsy that's pretty good, considering she's doing it with a heavy bag in one hand. "It's my pleasure." She notices Abbas and gives him a big smile and a wave. Tense? On guard? All of that goes right over Rey's head; she's in a bright and sunny mood today.

Walking down to the training center, Caelis seems chipper. She's out of armor, likely because it doesn't fit anymore. Tucking into her cloak, she lifts a hand cheerfully to her family. "Thought I could at least watch, even if I'm out of breath from the walk." She calls out and ambles over to her cousin and Aunt. Artorius gets a crooked smile. "I pity our mother that she did this twice." She remarks and nods a greeting to him.

Calypso inclines her head to Abbas as she sees him and his incredibly on guard retainers. "Prince Abbas. Are you expecting an execution? This is a friendly match." She says respectfully, but firmly. As Artorius approaches she nods. "Count Artorius, Princess Caelis. Good to see you both."

Ignacio arrives into the Training Center, carrying himself in a rather relaxed manner with a smile on his face. His smokey emerald eyes look over the people that have arrived, he himself wearing no armor. For the moment he remains quiet, perhaps getting a feel of the environment.

Estaban comes walking into the training center with his armor on, he has his bow strapped to his back and sword at his waist. His eyes looking around as he walks along with his wife on his arm. He looks tired but there is a hit of a smirk on his face as he spots people.

Eirene eyes Rey suspiciously. "My people have it covered," she says of her own medics. "But fuck, if you need practice I ain't going to stop you." Her gaze falls to the pregnant niece and she shudders. "Stop reminding me That's my eventual fate." The eldest of the Malvici's moves to the side and starts stretching out. "I guess I'm up for a bout against someone. Just for shits and laughs."

The former Warlord of Thrax makes his way towards Calypso and as he nears he lowers his axe to show he is no threat. And he leans in and murmurs softly to her. When done he catches the sight of Rey and inclines his head in her direction. There is no seeing his face but one can imagine his stance suggests no smiles. "I will fight." He offers out.

That "welcome" from Eirene takes a lot of the wind out of Rey's sails. She literally looks like she deflates a little bit. "I thought..." She trails off, and then back away a couple of steps. "I don't want to get in your way. I'm sorry."

"Our first contender... and our second. Lady Eirene, Prince Abbas. Feel free to take the pit. Winner chooses the next combatant." Calypso says, gesturing to the pit.

6 Malvici Guards have been dismissed.

Adjutant General Vincenzo di Malvici have been dismissed.

6 Thrax Guards have been dismissed.

Lucita is dressed warmly, wool-blend garments, nice warm cloak. She smiles as she glances around. A curtsy is given as she nears any royals. She glances toward Estaban to murmur. "This should be interesting. I'll just watch, I think." She gestures toward her dress, clearly not prepared to spar.

As he spots Lucita, Ignacio wanders his way over to her, "How are you Baroness?" He asks, shifting his gaze over to the others that are preparing to fight.

Artorius chuckles softly to Caelis but greets her with a small hug. "It's good to see you." then a nod to Eirene and Calypso. Though when he hears that Eirene and Abbas are going at it? he smiles wide. "Oh...I haven't seen Aunt Eirene spar in a while." he sits down next to Caelis, a wide grin on his face.

"I was just saying the same. Its been a while sense I've seen any of you in the center. Slacking on our training." Calypso shakes her head as she steps back from the pit to give Abbas and Eirene their room.

Astraea arrives quietly, wearing simple attire, and meanders around. Waves and flashes of her pearly whites were given to Eirene, Rey, Abbas and Calypso. Caelis is spotted and without hesitation the northerner heads her direction but not before giving her greetings to her kinfolk and their company. "Luci! Pleasure see you here cousin." A kiss was given,"Good sir," offers the white haired princess to Ignacio. Then she's off, headed toward Caelis and Artorious it seems.

There is a slow nod To Calypso as the Thraxian readies for where the match is to take place. His ex-reavers spread our warily and surround the pair in the stands.. They do not watch the contest but their surroundings. And they do so with militant gazes. As the tentacles hang at Abbas' chest he tightens his grip on his axe. Abbas does not offer words or so much as a nod to anyone else. He grips his axe and simply begins.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Rey head down and well admonished, Rey slips back out again.

"Right? It'll be interesting, especially against Prince Abbas." Caelis notes and sits with her brother. She makes a face, trying to get comfortable with a crooked grin for Eirene. "The best part is the kicking, and the vomiting." She assures her aunt in her sweetest voice. "And the lack of sleep." She looks to Calypso with a chuckle. "I think if I tried to spar now his Grace might tie me to the bed...actually, that's not a bad idea." She remarks and smiles to Astraea, patting a spot next to her.

Estaban gives Lucita a kiss to the corner of her lips, "Cheer for me." he winks and moves to start getting warmed up stretching and such, "Dutchess Calypso, will we have a group fight perhaps?" oh how he opes so.

Lucita gives a beguiling smile as Ignacio approaches. "Oh, I'm very well, my friend. How are you today?" Once she finishes smiling she blinks and pats Estaban's arm as if catching his attention as she says. "Lord Ignacio Fidante! A pleasure to see you again. Have you met my husband yet, Baron Estaban Saik?" She looks toward Estaban and murmurs. "Lord Ignacio is Tor's Knight of Roses and can tell some amusing stories to rival some of yours. And of course will cheer for you, Estie!"

Carissa, a Malvici bodyguard have been dismissed.

Calypso inclines her head to Estaban. "Perhaps. Lets see how the fights pan out." Spotting Lucita and Ignacio mingling near by she inclines her had to them in greeting. "It is nice to see you." She says before nodding to Asterea. "How fares the North in its preperations for war?"

Conker, the Ornery Red Squirrel arrives, delivering a message to Calypso before departing.

Artorius gives a small shake of his head to Caelis, partially amused before he looks to Astraea, offering her a kind smile. "Greetings." he nods a few times. Then? his eyes are on the fight, a wide grin touching his features.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Eirene wields the Flame-Mender.

"I am doing well this day Baroness. I do not recall meeting him and I am sure someone as charming to win your hand is someone I would have remembered." Ignacio says to Lucita with a sincere smile as he shifts his attention over to Estaban, "It is good to meet you Baron Estaban, perhaps when less is going on, we can sit down and tell stories."

Eirene unsheathes the flame-etched longsword, nothing too fancy in metals, and nods to the Thraxian. "Fine. Now you can chop me up and we'll laugh at how badly I do against you."

Estaban nods to Calypso and looks to Ignacio, "It is a pleasure to meet you Lord Ignacio, I look forward to hearing some of your stories he grins and looks over to see how Eirene and Abbas are doing.

Eirene takes minor damage.

The Thraxian prince despite the posture comes out defensively at first to ascertain his foe. The ex-Warlord holds his ax low and dances backwards in his exotic armor. The armor of a man used to the pitch and yaw; escaping the weight of plate and heavier armors sure to drown. As he tentaively reaches out he catches the edge of steelsilk with his barbed axe and he delivers the tiniest of scrapes. He hisses through the tentacled mouth of his helm and prepares to get more aggressive.

Calypso humms as she watches the beginnings of the fight. "You really do expect Reavers to step out of the gate more aggressively." She comments idly to those gathered around the sides.

Eirene's bodice of lovely damask steelsilk does its' job, offering protection against the scrape. Otherwise she's not able to get the flame-marked blade through the Thraxian's defense. She fights in Southport's fencing style, with quick footwork and a more speed over strength style - but it's not getting her anywhere against him.

Eirene takes moderate damage.

Lucita knows the drill, visit later, watch the spar as long as people are standing and weapons are swinging. A quick glance to the two men by whom she stands but manages to indicate some of those present to Ignacio. "That's Lady Eirene sparring. She is cranky, down to earth, no-nonsense sometimes but if you ever get hurt or sick, she's the one you want tending you. I like her and sometimes volunteer to play for her patients at the hospital. And you know Duchess Calypso Malvici, yes? She is a good general and has been suggesting ways for me to be less defenseless. And oh, you have to meet my cousin, Princess Astraea Redrain. We don't look a thing alike but she's family, we both grew up in Granato.

Ignacio nods as he watches the fight in the ring as Lucita points out the individuals, observing the direction the fight seems to be going, but makes no comment on the match its self, "A useful trait, to know how to hold a blade and to know how to treat the wounds blades cause."

"I think I prefer competing against Prince Abbas on boats." Caelis decides as she watches her aunt face him. She nudges Astraea slightly. "This is my brother, Count Artorius." She offers and rests her hands on her belly like an arm rest. "Wait till Auntie gets annoyed. I bet she nicks him at least once."

The Thraxian after sizing things up comes back with a more balanced approach. Abbas starts to circle at a trot to try and keep the woman on the move. And he comes in and swings with a miss that catches Eirene just a hair of balance. The Thraxian then draws back a step and with the spike butt of his ax he gets in close and brings it down on a steelsilk shoulder to the satisfaction of a crunch. He takes advantage of the armor's natural weakness.

Calypso inclines her head to Ignacio when Lucita introduces him. "I don't believe we've been formally introduced. But our families are bound now. We should get to know one another better. Whenever you'd like to use these training facilities, please be my guest."

Eirene grunts. That blow to the shoulder hurt, sending her back a few paces with a guarded roll to see if it's still useable. "Good hit," she acknowledges. "Got past my guard." So far, he's had little trouble deflecting her blade whenever it gets close. "You'll likely win," she says without any shame. "I'm a doctor, not duelist."

Artorius watches the combat with interest, though Astraea's humility turned his attention to her with a small, but no less bright, smile. "A pleasure to meet you, Princess. My sister speaks plenty of you." he grins, before he looks to Estaban, giving the man a small smile.

Lady Juliana Pravus steps through the door, dressed in leathers with her dark hair braided loosely back, blue eyes sweeping the grounds to catch sight of those few she does know. However what draws her attention to keen focus as Prince Abbas as he circles in combat her dark brows arching a bit and even though she starts to make her way slowly towards the Lady Lucita, her attention doesn't shift from the big dredlocked Thrax.

"Nice to meet you Count Artorius." quietly states the northern-but-southern princess. "If Princess Cae talks about me I'm surprised." A gentle nudge is given to the woman she sits next to before she gestures to Abbas and Eirene. "I've fought the Thraxian before but I'm not familiar with your aunt. She's quick."

Calypso spots Juliana coming through the door. "You look dressed to fight, Lady Juliana. Do you intend to take the ring?" She asks before turning her gaze back to the fight at hand. "Lady Eirene is rather slippery today."

"It is good to meet you Baroness. I believe I will take you up on your offer. This is a nice facility." Ignacio says, only briefly taking his attention off the fight to give Calypso a polite nod.

Eirene takes moderate damage.

Calypso inclines her head a touch to Ignacio. "Duchess." She corrects lightly. "And I look forward to seeing you here more frequently."

Ignacio clears his throat, this time pulling his full attention away from the sparring match, "Yes. Of course Duchess. I did know your title but I had become a bit distracted. I apologize." He says with a smile to her.

Juliana pulls her eyes from the spar as her name is called, her gaze landing on the Duchess with a smile and bow of her head. "I am pretty sure that I am not on par with the talent here today, my Lady. It's nice to see you." then a glance back. "My brother seems to be doing well."

The reaver prince does not seem in a hurry. Abbas is a mess of bouncing tentacles and dreadlocks that hang over his shoulders. The red hued beast moves in and out and finds a few glancing blows that do not pierce the steelsilk. Where others talk and banter the Thraxian does not. He works. As he finds the woman agile he waits for an opening and as he stutter steps in he finds her reacting just enough that he can brings his axe in and land it with a solid /thud/ into the armor. He growls a bit and has a time of working it free. One of the barbs hooked and caught in flesh underneath. A booted foot comes up and he kicks his blade free violently. A little bit of tattered skin on the end of the wicked barb. The man then backs away and takes some distance. His hands shift and he holds the grip violently as he sees the first signs of tiring in the woman. His next assault to be more aggressive than before.

Calypso returns the smile to Ignacio briefly before turning to Juliana. "He is always incredible to watch. Though, perhaps holding back a bit. I've not seen him fight so defensively before. Still it is fascinating to see how training on a ship verses training on a field changes ones style."

The Malvici medic has a right to be tired. There's been a lot of traded blows but none she can get purchase on with the mundane steel blade. When his axe finally does land and with a bit of umph behind it, she grunts and pulls an exploratory hand away to note the blood on her black leather gloves. "You've got me to firsts," she says with no trace of emotion. "Want to call it or keep fighting?"

Not typically one to appear at such events is Duarte - who...kind of just showed up. Has he been there the whole time? Anyway. He's there now, watching the spar with only some interest.

Estaban looks to Artorius nodding his head to the man a small smile coming to his lips then his eyes go back to Abbas and Eirene watching them spar.

Eirene adds, "Or I can try to switch to the rubicund and see if it gets through that pretty squid shit of yours." Her head lilts towards her long-knife.

Calypso raises a hand in greeting to Duarte as she spots him in the crowd gathered around the pit.

As the woman calls firsts there is a change in what have been an onslought... he turns and backs off. "Change." Abbas answers her. Then he backs away to give her the space she desires. And with a wild ferocity he charges her as if he were jumping over the rails to take a fat dromond prize with his next series of blows.

Eirene wields Vulture's Talon, a rubicund dagger.

Artorius keeps his eyes on the exchange, chuckling a moment. Though he looks to Astraea, smiling softly to her. "Eirene doesn't often spar..or fight, for that matter...I'm happy to see her doing so well, all things considered." he watches closely...thoug hhe's so focused on the duel, eventually, he chimes. "So then...I wonder who I should face.."

Eirene sheathes the longsword and switches to a closer-quarter blade, planning on giving up her ranged distance for her speed. Likely won't do much but the rubicund stands a better chance of getting through his protection; if she can get through his guard first.

Eirene takes minor damage.

Eirene takes minor damage.

Eirene checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 50, rolling 0 higher.

Eirene remains capable of fighting.

Duarte bows his head respectfully to Calypso and raises a hand in kind.

"Oh, now she's cross." Caelis notes to her brother with a smile. "Squid shit." She shakes her head and looks between Astraea and Artorius. "Why surprised. You helped haul me back onto that horse so fast our enemies couldn't catch us. Of course I talk about yo, Princess." She looks at Artorius and eyes the group. "The prince strikes me as a heavy, like you. Or you can throw Baron Esta around for old times sake."

"Yes, he can be.. he also knows it." Juliana chuckles with affection and amusement as she steps close to Lucita, touching the lady's arm in greeting but focused again on the fight as the Eirene changes weapons. As Duarte's wave catches her eyes, Jules glances that way, her own easy amusement shifting to an underlying tension before pointedly looking back to the fight.

What happens next is almost feral. The ex-Warlord begins to chop at the woman with his axe like he was trying to fell a tree. The violent motions begin to leave him winded but blow-by-blow each force of his swing causes a little damage and he grunts with effort. And then finally as she is on the backs of her heals the man swings his body around like he is hurling a shot put and he feels the blade crunch through steelsilk to sink deep. The brutal blow would have split a tree larger than a sappling. And the panting reaver prince stops his brutality as soon as it is done. He tosses the axe down and motions one of the healers over, "Tend to her." He pants. "You fought well..." And as he turns to give the healers their space he looks around, "You will fight me." Abbas tells Artorius. A look is given to Astraea and he gives her a nod. Abbas tugs the helm free to catch his breath. A smile and a wink sent to Jules.

Lucita is standing with Ignacio and Estaban as Juliana approaches. She gives a warm smile to her and introduces a few more. "Lord Ignacio Fidante, this is the lovely and charming Lady Juliana Pravus. Over there is Princess Caelis Valardin who is married to Prince Edain, and I think I caught a glimpse of Count Artorius Magnotta. Had to think a few minutes to remember his last name, got distracted watching the fight. And Cound Duarte Amadeo. I think that's everyone here. So many names, if you are like me, it will take some time to remember them all.

Calypso applauds when the fight is over. "You're a lot more agile than I remember, Lady Eirene. Well fought." She nods to Abbas then. "That ending there... that is what I remember. Well fought Prince Abbas." And as Abbas calls Artorius forward she nods to her cousin. "Count of Caer Morien. I look forward to seeing you light the way."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Abbas before departing.

Eirene is breathless and on her back by the end of the fight, with nothing to show for it on either of her blades. But she held up against his onslaught for much of the battle, as best she could. As her Phoenix come over to see to her, she points to the one of the lot she trusts the most to tend to her and reluctantly accepts their help. Mostly she accepts a cup of wine. "Fucking brutal," she says with a bloody smile to Abbas, brushing away a bit of it from her teeth. "I'm going to feel that for a while."

Gustaf arrives, following Anze.

Artorius smiles softly as it appears that the fight is over. "Well done! the both of you. what a bout!" he nods a few times to her before he looks over to Calypso, a small smile on his face. "Heh...then I suppose I wil lgo next!" he says good naturedly, hopping down into the ring in his armor, tattered cloak around his shoulders. sheathed greatswored easily in a relaxed position. "Now...I wonder who will fight?" a smile then.

Gustaf have been dismissed.

"Lady Juliana, it is good to meet you." Ignacio says as he is introduced to her, flashing a smile to Juliana before looking back to Lucita, "Oh, yes. I don't believe I will remember all the names today, "But it is still worth the effort."

Calypso gestures towards Abbas as she replies to Artorius. "The Prince of Thrax has challenged you. I'd like to see you unseat him from this short-lived training center throne." She flashes a grin towards Abbas.

In normal moments the guard of the Thraxian would be cheering for their infamous leader. In this moment Abbas scans around after the match and checks the crowd. His mannerism more than a bit strange and paranoid. He makes his way to his axe where it was discard and picks it up. His face is covered in a sheen of sweat that causes his bronze skin to glisten. He moves to a bucket of water and lifts it. He dumps the cold contents over him and in the winter cold steam rises from where the water shocks vitality back into him. Abbas flashes a smile, "I have missed your personality. It has been some years since we have spoken. If you forgive me... it is time I begin again." And with that just as Artorius is asking what individual he will fight next Abbas makes that easily known. He comes at him in a balanced attack to weigh his metal.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Now that the sparring has discontinued, Duarte takes the opportunity to review the attendees. His name is mentioned in passing - he responds to this with a friendly-looking bow of his head. Seeing another fight begin, his attention returns to the ring.

Anze enters the training center quietly and moves to the side towards the benches as he glances towards the people sparring with one another.

Artorius wields Arbiter, The Hawk Guard's Blade.

Juliana chuckles softly and shakes her head at the wink sent towards her by Abbas. "He is going to be impossible to live with." teases before her gaze slides to the introductions, head dipping with a smile. "Lord Fidante, pleasure indeed." her own healers eye turning towards Eirene watching but staying back, knowing it's doubtful that she would be needed. Then Abbas is going back to the ring and the girl looks back with a tilt of her head settling in to watch.

Artorius takes minor damage.

Calypso glances back towards the entrance when a familiar figure walks through. A moment of genuine happiness flashes over her features as she catches a glimpse of Anze before her features steel again. The majority of the onlookers are gathered around the fighting pit, and she stands with them.

Eirene gingerly limps her way out of the ring and over to the spectators. Eirene's wounds are seen to with a touch of trepidation because she's critiquing every moment of her medics' work. She lets out a wince and slaps at their hand when they use too heavy a touch. "So. How badly did I suck," she asks of the spectators, adjusting her cloak back over her shoulders.

When the reaver Prince acknowledges Astraea she does the same, offering him a curt nod. "Good luck out there Count Artorius!" exclaims the woman before rising to peek over at Eirene with no small amount of concern. Then she gives up and just walks on over after hearing the question,"I thought you fought with alacrity and precision."

The measured prince comes at Artorius first with his ax. And contrary to the violence earlier he does something different. Abbas was a masterful man in the Salt, at war, and in leading men to gloried death and violence. So quickly after moving his ax in a swing to distract the man (leaning on the violence at the end of the last bout to keep him focused there) as he nears he brings his fist up to clock him right in the kisser with that squid shit. He grins as he spots some red ink sprout up from the man's mouth. After that punch Abbas quickly backsteps and prepares to fight with more violent intent.

Artorius meets Abbas head on, their weapons clashing together only once before Artorius takes a punch to the face. His head only turns just -barely- as Abbas steps away. Turning his head back to Abbas slowly and cracking his neck, he still only holds that massive greatsword with a single hand, a testament to physical strength. "Heh...not bad. Though you may want to hit harder." he smiles softly before he lunges at Abbas!

Abbas takes moderate damage.

Lucita says, "You didn't suck, Lady Eirene, it's like cousin Astraea said and you showed skill and courage, took wounds well and..." The words trail off as the next spar captures her attention."

Anze offers Calypso a return smile as he catches her look, moving to the edge of the spectators and looking around at the various people for a moment before glancing to the people sparring.

Estaban ohs, "Greeting Lady Juliana it is good to see you once again." he looks over and seems very interested in whats happening as Abbas and Artorius start to Spar, "If you will excues me a moment." he moves to stand near the ring to watch.

Artorius lunged forth with speed that should -not- be possible for a man of his height and muscle...but Artorius has years of intense training behind him, but it's clear that in speed, he's unique. He actually punches Abbas right in the face with a solid strike to knock him down, but not out, before he steps back casually, shouldering his greatsword as he smiles. "Should be attempting to hit me like that." he bows his head softly. "Now come on, and show me what you got."

Juliana glances at the sound of her name, smile offered Estaban and nod. "My Lord." offered as greeting but like him as the spar starts her gaze is drawn back to watch, teeth catching against her lip.

The comments has the ex-Warlord fuming. And in the next attack as Artorius gets that big wig-splitter in his head and he falls for the same shit he just pulled on Artorius. Only with more force than his own.. Abbas reaches down to wipe the blood free from his face. And his red fingers appear dark and sticky where they come away. There is a growl of anger in the reaver prince engages once more.

Avaline takes a moment to look around at the impromptu fight that's in progress, and she smiles for a few moments, patting at the sword at her hilt, she sways her hips a moment as she regards Astraea from her seated position beside Caelis and she grins towards her sister. "So this is where I need to go to find you," Avaline grins, looking for a moment towards the fight before settling herself down on the bench on the opposite side of Astraea, leaning over to wrap her sister in a warm hug. "How've you been?"

Watching her brother fight Abbas, Caelis smiles crookedly and looks aside. "Oh. Hello." She greets Avaline and looks to Astraea. "My brother's ferocious. He's been beating me around this ring for years. It's always fun to watch him tease someone else for a change."

Artorius takes moderate damage.

Eirene claps as Art lands a good hit. "That's the way to it," she cheers.

So of course, he then gets hit in return. Yep.

As Abbas takes a hit, Jules takes a half step then stops, chewing on her lip but otherwise just watching. Then wincing as Abbas's temper takes hold and his next hit lands.

Astraea squeezes Avaline with much love! "It's good to see you again sister o' mine." proclaims the winter knight,"I've actually got to step out for a minute. Grab something to eat and then I'll be around." Caelis is given a quick hug as well,"I hope your brother wins but don't tell Abbas I said that!" Then she's gone.

Lucita says, "Brothers tend to do that, tease a lot." She murmurs to Juliana and Caelis."

Calypso glances between Caelis and Juliana. Both of their brothers in the ring at the moment. "Ah, thats the Prince Abbas I know." She says as she sees him starting to get a little more vicious.

Abbas pulls back and spits out some blood and as they go back and forth for quite some time. The to and fro of the fight seems quite even. And then Abbas gets angry and stalks backwards. A quick tug and he pulls his helm off so he can breathe cold air into his lungs. Back-to-back fights leaving him winded. As he launches forward he deflects that massive weapon -- the force of it causes him to grunt in effort and he leans in and whispers. "Good thing about these fucking big ass swords." He takes the ax, chokes up on the grip and rakes it up along the inside of the thigh. They are shit for up close fighting. And then he feels the barb catch and with a fierce rip he tears upwards with ferocity. And he laughs a bloody laugh that causes spittle and dollops of blood to spot all over each of them from where his mouth was busted earlier.

Artorius and Abbas go head to head, though it's clear that Artorius is more testing Abbas's worth in combat then anything...especially after that last hit. Though with this new hit, Artorius rolled backwards a little bit, looking to his wound....though it's clear that he still has immensely more left in him. "....laughing so soon? It's hardly started getting fun." he stands up to his feet then and cracks his neck. Artorius was built like a tank. "On the bright side...that last strike made you look serious." a grin then as he entered a stance, one hand still on the blade as he lunged back into the fray!

Anze folds his arms across his chest and grunts and shoots a look at Calypso at whatever they've been whispering about.

Artorius takes minor damage.

Eirene has wine. And some compliments. She nods accordingly and runs a hand over her sweat-slicked braids. "Thanks," she says with a faint nod. "My head's still ringing. I haven't done that in a while..." Her blue eyes glance towards Duke and Duchess Malvici and she raises her eyebrows in silent question.

Artorius takes serious damage.

Artorius checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 1, rolling 94 higher.

Artorius remains capable of fighting.

Lucita's murmur has Juliana glancing to her with a wrinkling of her nose, hand reaching out to the woman's arm then as Abbas hits again, fingers tighten so that she pulls back crossing her arms around herself. "He and Bas both, but very differently." remarked about the teasing before she shakes her head. "Bas is also no where near as vicious on the field."

Calypso arches a brow at Anze, whatever hes saying to her has her taken aback a touch.

Artorius has rolled a critical success!
Artorius checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 97 higher.

Artorius remains capable of fighting.

Abbas takes minor damage.

Avaline gives a smile to Astraea as she leaves, giving a wiggle of fingers as she departs, and so Avaline closes the distance between herself and Caelis, nodding her head. "Hello! That was my sister, so you might've heard of me? Princess Avaline Velenosa. A pleasure," she smiles a moment looking towards the fight. "Which of those men is your brother?" she wonders.

Artorius checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 38, rolling 59 higher.

Artorius remains capable of fighting.

Abbas takes serious damage.

Artorius checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 43, rolling 34 higher.

Artorius remains capable of fighting.

Grinning to Calypso, Caelis leans over a little. "He's so much nicer racing ships." She notes of Abbas and watches Artorius adjust. "Stop playing so nice!" She calls out to her brother. Though she whistles low at Abbas. Looking to Avaline, she waves Asteaea off and nods to the one stubbornly still on his feet. "Artibutt." She murmurs and offers the Princess a smile.

Artorius checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 44, rolling 41 higher.

Artorius remains capable of fighting.

Abbas checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 27, rolling 4 lower.

Abbas checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 1, rolling 40 higher.

Abbas remains alive, but close to death.

Abbas falls unconscious.

Calypso murmurs in Caelis' direction. "Nice? That didn't look nice at all."

Duarte's interest seems to pick up when the bantering ceases at the spar turns into an all out brawl. His attention is once again relaxed when Abbas falls.

There's a little laugh. "Oh Artorius?" Avaline wonders, lifting an eyebrow and tilting her head as the fight seems to be drawing to a close. "Well he's a good fighter it seems. Hopefully he can handle himself on a battlefield as well, and the other must be Prince Abbas?" Avaline crosses her legs as she watches the bout. "I've never met him before. I only know him by reputation."

Caelis shrugs to Calypso. "Which one? Last time I competed against Prince Abbas he at least provided dinner. And if Artie's not breaking people or doing the other thing, he's really playing nice. Remember the time he just dropped Baron Estaban with a hit? That wasn't nice at all."

This fight got really intense really quickly!

Abbas seems to just get more angry as Artorius taunts him, and of course, Arty loves the trhill of the fight, so he meets him head on. Abbas seems to have the initial advantage, striking Artorius more than once with his weapon, Though for some reason....Arty just -won't- fall! eventually, they get into a head but match at some point with Artorius just smiling all the way through, even if Abbas is starting to tire....then, Abbas suddenly decks Artorius right in the mouth with the butt end of his weapon, causing a serious whiplash that should have ended this fight...

If these two weren't freaking buildings whacking at each other.

Artorius's head snaps forward with a finally -serious- expression as he drives his knee right into Abbas's gut, the sound of a bone or two -possibly- cracking along with the wind being fully knocked out of Abbas, Artorius knows when a fight is over...and so, he just lets Abbas drop to the ground while Artorius stands tall. shouldering that blade as he looks to Abbas. "Nice fight...let's do that again sometime." he looks winded, but he's also quite calm...he spent the past year managing his temper.

Calypso snorts at Caelis. "I do remember that. Duke Anze has done the same to me a time or two. I had to hold off from sparing for a while it was so demoralizing."

Lucita's eyes widen and she pulls in a quick breath as the fight heats up and the final blows are exchanged. "Remind me to never try to spar any of them..ever."

Avaline winces towards Calypso and she gives a little nod. "The sacrifices we make for the sake of leadership," Avaline says, chuckling a moment. "Well I promise if we spar it won't go so poorly for you. Perhaps if you've the time we could test blades together, General?"

Estaban whistles and claps his hands together as Artorius and Abbas go at it as a grin spreads across his lips. He is into this not hearing how he last got one shoted nope didn't hear it!

Anze smiles at whatever Calypso says in whisper to him and chuckles a bit at what she says to Caelis. "Aye. I thought she was makin too big a deal about things, but, you try an not argue when pretty girls you like disagree with you."

Eirene claps slowly as the fight goes supernova. "Damn, boys," she says with a low whistle. She points to two of the more senior Phoenix medics and motions them over to see to the pair. "You fuck up, you're on latrine duty. And you'll have a Thraxian prince glaring at you in addition to myself," she admonishes.

Eirene is slowly impressed she survived as well as she did against that kind of brutality. It's just now dawning on her...

Jules watches intensely, her breath catching as she watches Abbas loose what control he has on his temper and come at Artorius full on. "Abbas!" coming out involuntarily as she takes another step that direction but then that knee to the gut and the sound and Jules comes to as stop wincing and watching as she holds her breath and waits.

Calypso inclines her head to Avaline. "Indeed, your highness. Perhaps now if you like?" She smirks a little at Anze's reply. "It was eye opening. You think you are a decent fight... but no, it turns out you have a lot of work to do."

Abbas sees a world of red through the series of punishment the men had inflicted on each other. They squared off in the middle and just traded blows like warriors of yore. An incredible bone rattling fleet until the win comes out with a huff and he finds himself defeated. The man remains on his hands and knees for a time. And it takes more than a minute for Abbas to stand on shaky legs. Abbas refuses any help to his feet. His face is painted red with blood from the back and forth head-butting. Only when he has the pride of standing again does the squid armored prince find the man that put him down, "Well fucking fought. Yes, soon as I can piss without it being red you'll get an invite to do it again." He pants.

Abbas does then receive medical assistance and he goes to sit and lick his wounds, catch his wind, and drink some water.

Avaline rises from the bench with a dip of her head towards Calypso. "I'd be honored," Avaline says. "I'm certainly no great fighter. I know swordplay well enough but I am hopeless at dodging or maintaining any kind of power for very long," she confesses. "I'm also without armor for the time, so I hope that's not a problem?"

Artorius nods softly to Abbas as he heads out, offering the man a bow in respect, before he looks off to the crowd, battered as he was, he has stamina for days. "So....who wishes to be my next opponent? Or shall I step off the field?" he asks then, shouldering the massive weapon with a friendly look on his face. Oh yes, he had some blood on him, but when has that ever stopped the Count from being bold?

Calypso nods to Artorius. "Do you mind if Princess Avaline and I take the field?" She looks back to Avaline. "I can remove my armor if you'd like a fair fight."

Caelis gets up to check on her brother. "You aren't going to top that. Let our cousin and the Princess there cross blades and come sit with me." She tells Artorius and reaches out to tow him over with a crooked smile. She nods her head to Prince Abbas. "That was well fought. Few men put my brother through his paces like that."

Juliana makes her way over towards the Thrax prince, flopping down at his side with a shoulder bump. "You are an idiot." said with a huff, then a relenting sigh and shake of her head. After all what can you do? "Love you, good job."

Jordal, a bodyguard arrives, following Isabeau.

Eirene points at both the bloodied men and then jerks her thumb away from the ring. "Sit. Drink. Let your head clear," the doctor orders. "Wine for them both, and clean damp towels to wipe the blood away." She grins at Abbas and nods, "Few can hurt our Arty that badly, nicely done Highness. And damn. I'm lucky to be alive aren't I?" She nods as Caly and Avaline prepare to fight. "Bet you will be glad for the workout now that the kids are born, eh Calypso?"

Artorius nods then to Caelis and Calypso, sheathing his greatsword with a soft smile, "Very well, very well...enjoy." he is dragged by his sister back to their seats, and Arty sits down without complaint. Oh yes, he was in pain, but he was tough as nails. "Tis only a scratch." he smiles to Caelis...he's suffered far worse before.

"I'm getting soft." Calypso says with a hing of disdain as she replies to Eirene. But she heads in to the spar pit, waiting to see if she'll be keeping her armor on or off for this fight.

The Thraxian prince begins to clean his axe of blood and flesh. His guards move to surround him with that ever uncanny paranoid presence of theirs. Abbas sits at the edge and watches the approach of Caelis, "I would hate to have been the person to court you with that savage looming over my shoulder." He offers with a bright bloody grin. When Jules tends to her well fucked-up brother he slides an arm around her and tugs her into his side. He leans in to kiss her cheek. Clear blood red Aerosmith like lips leave their imprint on her flesh in its wake. As Eirene orders wine and towels Abbas takes the wine and waits on the towels until he has had his fill.

Avaline laughs and gives a little nod towards Calypso. "If it wouldn't be too much trouble?" Avaline asks. "Steel and skill only for this one I should say. I'm not much of a fighter but it's still fun enough, wouldn't you say?" Avaline chuckles, drawing her sword from around her hip, and moving herself as well to get changed, emerging some time later with a sword in hand, and the dress traded in for a tunic. "Whenever you're ready, Duchess," Avaline dips her head.

Lucita says, "Not but so soft, climbing up on top that giant skull outside, and helping haul me up there, too."

Estaban pulls a water skin and chucks it in Artorius direction, "Nice fighting Count Artorius." he looks over to Abbas and Caelis and then looks to Calypso and watches.

Avaline wields elegant blush roses of steel sword.

Calypso wields Ancient Wolf Blade of Choice.

Princess Isabeau Valardin arrives after a fashion, again without escort saving for her single bodyguard, and takes pause at the fringes of the impromptu crowd to sort out how things are progressing.

Calypso tastefully removes her armor and sets it aside, leaving a silk under shirt and a pair of leather pants. She unsheathes the ancient blade at her hip and offers the princess a read bow. "On your mark, your Highness."

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

"Well, he did throw Prince Edain into a weapons rack...but it was only the once." She tells Abbas with a laugh. "When shit calms down I want another rematch on our ships. I'm certain I've figured out that coconut trick you showed me." She offers to him and pats Artorius' arm lightly. "Sure sure, it's a scratch. You're still letting Auntie check on you later." She tells him and looks to Estaban with a happy wave.

Said Caelis.

Calypso takes minor damage.

Avaline takes minor damage.

Avaline takes serious damage.

Duarte has remained mostly motionless throughout the proceedings excepting the occassion turns of the head to survey the facilities. Now he crosses his arms and lowers his head a touch, still gazing over the ring.

"She ain gettin soft" Anze comments over to Eirene. "She's just bein polite. Hostin all these people an all afterall."

Calypso keeps on the ball of her toes as the fight begins. This blade may not be the rapier that she has trained with for one on one fights, but she wields it well none the less. The lack of armor has her moving cautiously. This is more about evasion than brute force. But when she sees the opening, she strikes hard.

Juliana does the whole ewww thing, just for her brother's benefit as he pulls her in and leaves his blood against her skin. One hand pushing him back gently so that she can look at the wounds, muttering under her breath. Not at all complementary to the man that she is tending. "Maybe if you kept your temper in check, you wouldn't get so fucked up." states before hugging him back.

Avaline takes her ready stance, a simple blade in hand she prepares herself for the onslaught of the general. Her smile is gone as she focuses on her target, the General Calypso. She remains silent as she takes her first step and strikes hard in her direction, and it's the first small blow she strikes against her, but Avaline is unable to stop the next few strikes that hit her considerably, and she sraggers back before continuing on in her attempts.

Eirene glances at the silent Duarte before she looks back to the pair of lady fighters. "Come on, Caly, show the girl what for," she says with a grin. Anze is given a wink. "Soft. Mm-hm. Like anyone can describe any of us like that. Maybe my damn sister though..."

Avaline takes moderate damage.

It likely comes as little surprise that when Isabeau spies the state that a certain Thraxian prince is in, it's in his direction that he heads. The kindness comes in that she doesn't ask what happened; she isn't an idiot. Instead, the Oathlands princess quietly inquires of Juliana, " can I help?"

Calypso seems to be caught in a dance with Avaline. Each swing on both sides is extended and dodged and extended and dodged again. She keeps a tight stance and eventually breaks through Avaline's attack patterns and counters with a landing strike.

Avaline keeps her guard up, deflecting strike after strike, her sword moving with a steady practiced rythym. She squints a little bit and as their blades clash they find themselves for a few moments evenly matched, before Calypso finally manages another strike, which Avaline acknowledges with a silent wince.

Avaline takes moderate damage.

Artorius sighs slightly at Caelis. "Very well, very well." he says to her as to Eirene treating him. Then he watches his sister go check on the Thrax Prince. Then Estaban is throwing stuff at him, which he catches with ease. "Thanks, Baron." he lifts the drink to him before he starts to take hefty sips. He was thirsty!

Calypso lands one more strike with the flat of her sword against Avaline. Still a cautious fighter, she falls back in to the dance of the fight. Athletic footwork are how she seems to be balancing her lack of physical strength.

Avaline is certainly standing firm against the onslaught for the moment, and while she's unable to get much ahead in the way of retalitation strikes, she's managing to at least block most of Calypso's incoming hits.

Jules blinks up from where she is tending Abbas to find Isabeau, a smile given to the Princess. "Knock sense thought his thick skull?" then chuckles pressing a kiss to her brother's cheek. "He will live, he won't be happy with liveing for a little while but other than that." Her gaze flickering towards where Duarte stands, jaw tightening a bit when she finds him but forcably dragging back to the Abbas and Isabeau as she plasters on a smile. "You missed a.... gripping match, my Lady."

Avaline takes minor damage.

Calypso takes moderate damage.

Calypso takes minor damage.

Duarte is just minding his own business.

After what must have felt like an eternity since the fight began, Avaline manages to strike through Calypso's guard, even though she takes a few minor hits herself, she cannot seem to help but smile a moment before resuming her stance looking for an opening for herself to take yet another strike.

Calypso generally falls to silence when she fights. But as the flight presses on she comments under her breath. "You under sold yourself, highness."

Anze watches the spar take place with his hands still crossed over his chest, eyeing between the combatants as they spar.

Avaline takes moderate damage.

Calypso takes serious damage.

Calypso takes moderate damage.

Avaline takes minor damage.

Eirene nudges Anze in the ribs with her elbow. "Want to see how quickly you beat my ass down," she asks with a grin. She's casualyl watching the pair of ladies who seem fairly evenly matched.

Avaline takes minor damage.

"Not really" Anze says back dryly to Eirene when she nudges him.

The pair seems to clash into each other, both striking with a furious energy which leaves Avaline rather shaken for a moment, drawing a breath and giving her a little nod. "I'm doing a lot better than I thought I would," she admits, before the spar continues on, she hefts her blade, ready for anything.

"I'm fine." Abbas answers as he takes a second helping of wine. Still the Thraxian lets his sister tend to him. "Nothing I can't survive." He grins a bloody tooth grin to the women. Naturally the man does not mind a bit of doting. So he tries to tug Isabeau down into his bloody lap with a grin. "Heya princess, while I'm seeing four of you. How about a hug?" Whatever she was wearing is now not so fersh and clean. "Always had a thing for quadruplets."

Calypso looks a little out of breath at this point in the fight. Long fights wear her down it would seem. Words exchanged, she hones in and focuses in on her opponent. Readjusting her grip, she steps in for another swing.

Avaline checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 2, rolling 40 higher.

Avaline remains capable of fighting.

Avaline checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 24, rolling 21 higher.

Avaline remains capable of fighting.

Calypso takes minor damage.

Estaban smiles to Caelis when she waves over to him, he looks to Arturios and Abbas then back to the spar.

Avaline checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 84, rolling 30 lower.

Avaline has rolled a critical success!
Avaline checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 47, rolling 214 higher.

Avaline remains alive, but close to death.

Avaline falls unconscious.

Eirene just shrugs back at Anze and continues to watch the bout. She motions to her medics to prepare themselves to deal with the bruises and cuts from the ladies beating up one another. Out of her pocket comes her flask, which she tips back casually.

Lucita says, "\Well fought, Princess Avaline, you have staying power in a spar."

Calypso trades a few glancing blows with Avaline, gritting her teeth as she studies teh Princess' moves. It is not until she is on her last leg in energy, completely fatigued, that she musters enough strength to land the final blow. Her sword comes down hard on the Velenosian princess and when she is on the floor, Calypso extends her hand. "Good fight, your Highness."

Estaban claps for Calypso and Avaline as they go it and it comes to a end, "Nice match!" he calls to them and looks around wondering who he may go up against.

Artorius smiles at the conclusion of the fight, clapping. "Well done both of you! Good win, Duchess Calypso." he grins softly then, before he looks down at Estaban as he looked at him. "hm? would you like a match, Estaban?"

Eirene claps along with the rest of the crowd. "Nicely done. See, you're not soft, Caly." She wears a faint grin as she offers her flask to either of the two.

That last strike that finally brings her to her knees is a hard one, and one that causes her to involuntarily cry out, landing on her back with a hard strike and a wince as she draws a deep breath, giving Calypso a little smile from the floor as she accepts the hand. "Good fight," Avaline agrees. "Makes me glad that I'll be the one giving the orders, for what it's worth," Avaline chuckles, getting slowly to her own feet, accepting Calypso's help.

"Good win" Anze agrees with Artorius to Calypso as he remains on the sidelines watching the fighters swap out.

Rolling her eyes, Caelis chuckles as Artorius is ready to go as soon as Calypso proves she's not so rusty. She smiles sweetly at her brother. "I'll fight you." She offers and rests her hand on her blade lightly.

Estaban wields Riptide, the Southport Admiral's cutlass.

As Abbas pulls Isabeau into his lap, Juliana rolls her eyes and pushes to a stand. "Yeah, he will be just fine." Hand reaching out to catch the Princess's and give it an encouraging squeeze. Then her blue eyes meeting her brother's. "I will come by later and we can talk. Yes?"

Either way, Artorius stands back to his feet with a crack of his neck. picking up his greatsword in hand to lean lightly against his shoulder as he stepped down to the ring. A look to Caelis then with a soft smile. "No no, you should est, sister dear." a kindness in his voice then, before he looks to Estaban, a grin to the man. Though he looks to Caelis with a tilted head.

Leana, an Igniseri Guard, Emily arrive, following Luis.

Calypso steps out of the way and moves to get some water from the barrel near by. She runs her wet hands through her hair, pushing any stray strands back in to place. She smirks a touch as she watches the crowd around the pit, shaking her head at something but eventually making her way back there to stand at Anze's side. "Is the Caelis' old sword?" She asks as she watches Caelis and Estaban squaring off.

Estaban looks to Artorius nodding his head a grin coming to his lips, "Oh you should listen to your brother Princess." he nods, "I'll go its been a while Count." he moves to slip his bow of his back and head for the ring pulling out Riptide.

"If only such was possible," comes Princess Isabeau's reply to Juliana. She reaches out to try and gently wipe away a bead of sweat and/or blood from Abbas's brow, and ends up pulled in. It speaks to Isabeau's supreme composure that she neither shouts nor otherwise audibly protests as she's tugged into the bloody prince's lap, though her expression does read somewhat unappreciative of the gesture. Blue and white silk and wool has now been dappled with rusty red. Isabeau presses her palm flat against the Thraxian prince's cheek and pushes his face aside from hers, but there's an affection in the gesture.

Hopping to her feet, Caelis focuses on Riptide. "Sorry Artie. That's my sword, I need to make sure he's worthy of it." She tells her brother and reaches for her new cutlass.

Aiden slip sinto the training center, later than the announcement, but he's come to settle in and watch.

Artorius looks at Caelis and then to Estaban. "Cael..." he sighs then, before he puts his blade on his back and steps out of her way. "If I see one thing wrong, I'm throwing the Baron through every wall in this place." he says protectively, a pointed glance to Estaban in a 'if you hurt my sister too bad, I break you' kind of way. He was protective! Especially since Caelis is pregnant.

Luis arrives, wearing black leathers that seem more ready for sparring than anything else, dulled in their use, while at his hip rests his pair of swords. There's a glance around, his curly brown hair bouncing on his head as his deep brown eyes seek out a specific person. He sees Lucita and cheers lightly, slowly moving in that direction before he notes that her husband, the Baron Estaban is headed for the ring. "Ah, Baroness..." the new title rolls off his tongue and he places an arm around Lucita's shoulders, drawing her close to whisper her something. His gaze quickly sweeps the rest of the room afterwards, "Oh, and did you meet the Lady Emily Deepwood? She's been talking with Quenia and her house will be doing some military exercises with our own," he admits loud enough for those nearby to hear. Though he waves over the introduced Emily in the process.

Rohm the Blackguard have been dismissed.

Karrigan's Watchful Avalanche, a Snow Shepherd puppy of ultimate fluffiness have been dismissed.

Caelis wields Intricately forged ancient steel cutlass.

Leana, an Igniseri Guard have been dismissed.

Eirene folds her arms over her chest as Caelis steps into the ring. "You hurt yourself, you're going to get an earful from me, dumbass." Mirorring what Artorius says, she adds, "And -I'll- throw you into the wall, and then into a bed to rest." She glances over at the newly arrived folks and gives a gruff nod of hello. "Caly - should we have someone go get refreshments and shit for people?"

Calypso nods to Eiren. "We likely should. Would you might direction the house servants to bringing out some wine and cheese? Cured meats maybe." She pauses. "Fruits too." Fighting seems to have made her hungry!

The wirey Deepwood in her rather beat up leather curaiss, sabre attached to her hip follows the Igniseri into the grounds. Emily slows in following to study those testing each other, bright blue eyes narrowing on a few before Luis' exclamation draws her attention and her head turns slowly. She moves to follow after him, dark black hair wrapped up in wool and tied to keep ti from her face. Amusement shines in her eyes at the brother and sister interaction before she dips her head to Lucita. "A pleasure Baroness..and I am to hear your nuptials are only recently given, my congratulations," she states.

"Spirits, musta been a f'an nightmare growin up with you round, always yellin at people. Lucky as shit you weren't my aunt growin up... auntie." Anze says, adding the last part with a grin to Eirnee.

Beaming up at Artorius, Caelis breezes by. "Oh relax. I'm only six months. Countess Reigna will say when it's a bad idea to wield a blade about." She looks to Eirene and nods. "Message heard. It's just practice." She murmurs and walks into the ring to face Estaban with a cherry grin.

Estaban blinks when Caelis comes down into the rink, he seems uncertin as he watches her for a long moment, "You little." his grin widens as he watches her carefuly, "You know this is entirely not fair." he rolls his shoulders and waits for her to be ready he is use to Artorius giving him looks by now.

Calypso glances back as she spots Luis and Emily. "Lord Luis, pleasure to see you here. I'm afraid I've not yet met your companion."

There is a grunts as Abbas nods to his sister. "Yeah, later. Should I not be killed between now and then." He rumbles, "I'm all yours." The ex-Warlord finds Isabeau unappreciative of his affection and smirks, "Sea barbarians are not the sort to clean up and flourish at the ball." He rumbles to the Oathlander princess. The man calls out to the last fighters, "Good fight." He wasn't watching as much. He looks around Isabeau to the current endeavor and happenings.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Lucita reaches to hug Luis, smiling delightedly though keeping an eye out for her husband who is readying to spar. "Lady Deepwood, a pleasure to meet you, no, had not encountered as yet. Luis has some interesting plans, and Quenia, do they not?" She smiles still. "Whoa, you're fighting the Princess? going to be difficult, Estaban! You are so...protective!"

Eirene grabs one of her own medics and forces them to relay the message back to the estate. A side-board with meats, cheeses, breads, and a few dips to enjoy are ordered, along with a few flagons of wine. Poor Medic. Now a waiter.

Caelis brow waggles at Estaban. "Just think, I'm a little off balance and slower, you might have a chance this time." She baits good naturedly.

Estaban takes serious damage.

Jules takes one of the towels and starts cleaning off the blood not smeering her face and leathers, her attention turning towards the ring first in seeing that Estaban has taken the field glances to Lucita only to find Luis as well. Smile pulling at her lips. Pausing long enough to lean down and press a kiss to Abbas's cheek. "No dieing. But if you do.. maybe it brillent." winks to Isabeau before starting back towards Lucita.

Mmmm, bread.

Anze glances over to the medic-turned-servant, licking his lips before looking back to the fight then those people around him.

"Ah, Duchess, a pleasure to see you, it's been some time, Duchess Calypso Malvici, this is the Lady Emily Deepwood, and she's here to learn how well we all fight, though I'm seeing Estaban heading out there now," Luis admits, and there's a strange look that comes upon his face as he notes who he is fighting and her current state. He shudders visibly, and then shakes his head, "Yeah, that just brought up a whole host of unwanted memories..." he notes, then winces as Estaban takes a hard strike, "Alright, she can hold her own," he admits freely and then turns to note Lucita, "Indeed, we're terribly interesting at that." A pause and he offers any more introductions as people need them and he looks around, noting the bloody Juliana and her charge, "Ah... Lady Juliana, you are well?" then he notes Abbas, "Ah, Prince Abbas, I missed it, was it glorious your bout, and has your opponent been pulled away already, your highness?"

Duarte glances toward the entrance as Orathy walks in. His smile can best be described as wry when he waves to him with one motion of his hand.

Calypso grabs a bit of cheese and a glass of wine when it arrives. She thanks the poor medic-turned-server graciously and then turns back to Luis. "Lady Emily. Welcome to the Southport Training Center. I hope the matches at hand will be educational. I don't recall if I've ever seen Lord Luis fight in the ring. It will be a learning experience for us both."

Caelis gets first blood, moving a little lighter on her feet in seasilk and a winter cloak. She laughs as Esta dodges some of her blows. "You're getting faster or I'm getting slower." She tells him, which might not be technically true since she's dodging every pass like it's a dance.

Orathy Culler heard about some of this commotion going on in the training center. His appearance is not unexpected in the ward, considering he worked for house Pravus. The man looks amused with the business of nobles beating eachother up. Where there's fighting, Orathy does eventually turn up. The swagger of the ruffian is one of brutish confidence, too old to be cocky, but he knew what he was capable of. Duarte's motion of a hand has the Culler slipping over in that direction, though his dark eyes quickly spot Juliana and Abbas out of the bunch. However, he's just in time to see Estaban get clobbered and he laughs, "Come on BOY, you can do better than that!" He does snort, sliding up to Duarte, "Reckon what did I be missing?"

The unspoken runner of the trainer training center didn't really expect there to be so many people around tonight, never mind so many rather important looking people. So the one-armed soldier takes a quick moment to survey the situation, glancing around, then moving forward. Not one to get in the way of the nobles getting their fighting in, he does the one thing that he was going to do when he came in here initially. Go and clean up/organize the weapon rack. Because somebody has to take care of that stuff.

Emily can not help but be briefly distracted by the current opponents, her gaze slipping from Estaban to Caelis, her gaze lingers there and a smile that seems almost approving crosses her mouth before her head turns and she is catching up to the introduction she receives to a Duchess. Blue eyes search and then follow Luis' gaze to Calypso, the scout dips her head to the other woman. "Duchess, it is a pleasure, she says before looking to Lucita. "Interesting yes. the Marquessa is a wonderful conversationalist. She was kind enough to share the most recent news with me and I appreciate it." She remains standing slightly aside, her eyes drifting over the other spectators.

Estaban stands watching Caelis he is grinning but there is a look in his eyes as he holds her old sword in his hands, perhaps its the fact he was not ready to fight is friend who happends to be with child. She is able to get in a easy hit and its a hard one at that, he changes his stance and starts to move dodging her blows and then Orathys voice hits his ears and he grunts and continues to move about trying to not get hit and find a spot to hit her in return.

Duarte takes a medium-deep breath and leans over to fill Orathy in. His finger moving around to various individuals as he mentions them while talking.

Caelis takes minor damage.

Scribble, a Delicate Social Butterfly arrives, following Delilah.

Lucita watches the spar, a bit of anxiety showing in her gaze. She hugs Luis again. "All the more people coming in to watch and spar. Not easy to watch someone expecting spar." She is not really ignoring the others, just missing things due to her concentration on the spar in progress.

"I have seen the Lord only briefly working on his forms but perhaps he will take the ring, he is dressed to see to such an act," She remarks, not at all jumping into finding a partner to dance with. Emily exchanges with Calypso, gaze flitting between the new introduced to the fight going on just aside for her to see Caelis take the bare edge of a strike from her opponent and winces a little.

Eirene grunts at Xander. "You missed me holding off Prince Abbas for a good long time," she says to the sarge. There's a lot of strange people around she's not recognizing, so she gives them a faint nod of 'hello'. She's a touch standoffish, over with the Malvici duke and duchess and nursing a cup of wine.

Calypso nods to Xander when she sees the Malvici Drill Sargent heading in to the rather full training center. "Sargent, I hope you don't mind the invasion. Might spot a few combatants who could use your training." She notes before looking to Emily again. "I look forward to watching along side you. Im sure it will be an interesting match."

Juliana steps back up to where Lucita and the others are, smiling to Luis as she stops near. "I am just find Luis, this is all Abbas's." motioning to the smeers. "I have not stepped into the ring. I had thought too but I am pretty sure I am completely outmatched." A nod to Emily, Lady Deepwood good to see you again. Then the sound of Orathy's voice drags her gaze for, brow arching a little, but as he steps close to Duarte there is a minor storm that rolls across her blue eyes before taking a breath and looking back.

Caelis catches the edge of her old blade. There's a flicker of surprise on her expression and she parries his-her Riptide away to get space and adjust per approach. Estaban proves to be a challenge to pin down after her first strike, but she's clearly trying to wear the tall man down.

Phantom, the Great Grey Owl arrives, delivering a message to Calypso before departing.

Anze eyes Orathy for a moment before muttering something to Calypso. He nods at Xander "Xander" he says before looking at and nodding to Luis and Emily "Anze Malvici" he introduces himself.

Once the initial ruining of clean clothes and skin with blood has been done, the only choice is to accept it. And so, Isabeau does. She remains in her Thraxian prince's lap, tending to his forehead, cheeks, and neck as such she can reach with a towel. Or her cloak.

Orathy leans in with his arms crossing over his chest, nodding at what Duarte has to say and looking at the people who have already had a go around in the training center. He keeps his voice low enough as he retorts to Duarte.

Duarte's insouciance is not a minute broken, leaning an ear toward Orathy, then leaning back to study his expression before replying.

Estaban is able to move about Caelis if there is one thing ge has learned about fighting Caelis and her brother is never stop moving! So he does not and he is able to find a spot and is able to hit her with the sword. There is a grin on his face and then backs away moving quick in his motions to blow her blows.

Juliana is given a rich smile from the Deepwood, a mimicing nod of her cloth wrapped head that hides away most of her black hair. Eyes flicker to Anze and she greets him as well, "Emily Deepwood," she offers in kind without honorific. She not seem to stand still and the weight shifts from foot to the other and the hilt of her sabre upon her hip is tapped and studied with the tip of a finger. Her eyes slip over the faces close to her, taking account of each.

Ignacio looks over to Lucita, offering her a slight smile, "I believe it is time for me to leave, it was good seeing you again Baroness. We will have to meet up again sometime with your husband so we can exchange stories and whatever else we decide will amuse us." He says with a chuckle.

Caelis takes moderate damage.

Luis chuckles and looks from person to person as the viewing area is filled and he laughs, "Ah yes, this does seem like a wonderful afternoon, thank you for the invitation sister," he tells Lucita, then turns to the Duchess, "Have you not seen me fight yet, dear Duchess? I am not sure how I feel about such knowledge. I can only hope that when you do, you have the good graces to simply pretend that I did well," he admits with a smile and then a small laugh. To Juliana the man pats her shoulder as she arrives, "Well and good, it would not be good for you to be bleeding all about, Sebastian would go into a rampage," he admits. Finally to Emily, Luis looks to her and Anze's words, "Lord Luis Igniseri, a pleasure, Duke Anze."

Xander has a unique way of arranging training weapons. Usually it involves tucking one under the remnants of what's left of his missing arm. "Did you now?" he asides over to Eirene, looking over another weapon, before setting them both aside. "Don't look any worse for wear, Sir." Attention is turned to Calypso. "Pretty sure I don't own the rights to the building, Sir. You can do whatever you like with it. But if I was expecting company, I would've put the rugs down. Any particular occasion? Or is this a 'just because' situation?"

Estaban takes very serious damage.

Delilah quietly steps into the training center, passing her curt gaze across the large gathering of people before finding herself a place to sit and quietly watch the ongoings. A small curl to her lips was directed to those who mets eyes with her.

Phantom, the Great Grey Owl arrives, delivering a message to Calypso before departing.

"S'good to meet you" Anze says to Emily before nodding to Luis "an you as well." He rolls his eyes a bit at Luis's comment "pretendin you did well sounds like a great way to never get better."

Artorius watches the fight closely, not quite speaking to anyone as he just watches....focused on the battle at hand his eyes narrowed, before he looks at the newcomers as they arrive. Alas, he stays focused....

Eirene falls into a contemplative gruff silence, arms folded crossly over her chest under the wolf-pelt cloak she sports.

Orathy looks ahead toward the ring, roaring out a bellowing noise of victory for when Estaban hits Caelis, but then the rebuttal has him laugh! And it's not a nice laugh. But then he quiets down to regard Duarte in kind, though his voice is not quite a whisper anymore, "Aye. Well ... they ain't call me Wrath for nothing eh. Reckon I be the bigger problem, aye? You ain't wanting this to turn on ya. Least wise, when it ain't for sport." He nods his head toward the ring, "You fightin then Count?"

"So you say but the truth is, Sebastian would first ask what I did to deserve it and decide if he needed to go on a rampage. Abbas, would look at the blood and decide to go on the rampage then ask questions when he is done. " pointing out the difference to her brothers. "In truth the most dangerous is probably Fatima." chuckles then nodding to Anze. "Hello, Lady Juliana Pravus."

Caelis shakes her head when she realizes Estaban is onto her tactic. She continues all the same, but it opens her to a strike from the Saik Baron. She uses the closed distance to whip her cutlass up between them and use the edge of her blade to push back and wipe her grip before attacking again.

Anze nods back to Juliana "s'good to meet you as well. Seems a lot of people out here I ain really met here before."

Luis nods to the Duke, "Wise words, my Lord, though you will never hear me say that I have nothing left to learn. I do desire to learn in every aspect of my life. So many wonderful things to learn there are... do you not agree?" he asks of Anze, while waiting a moment, as his hand rests upon the pommel of the phoenix hilt at his side. "I imagine that he would at that, though you say the Prince would go into a rampage? Surely you jest, he is ever the gentleman, I am sure," he adds, looking back towards Abbas, but then to the rest of the group.

Duarte laughs and slaps a hand on Orathy's back as his only reply to the fist bit. He then shakes his head, "Unfortunately my talents lie largely in...crafting. No brawls today. Enjoy the festivities." He parts ways to walk the perimeter of the ring to a different vantage point.

Estaban gets another hit in but before he can back away Caelis is able to connect and its a hard hit he grunts and he looks like he is starting to get tired but he is pushing on trying to keep up with her, "I forgotten how that felt." he says with a smirk to the Princess.

"Sure there is plenty to learn, just sayin, lots of people like to lay a lot of awfully casual words round usin a blade. Somethin I think should be taken seriously not joked round." Anze says back to Luis with a shrug

Lucita watches out the tail of her eye as Ignacio leaves, absently nodding to him though her attention is on the spar primarily. She raps Luis on the arm "You and Estaban sparred once at the Arena and you two were almost evenly matched!" She says before glancing apologetically to the others and gives Anze a warm smile. "Too many people coming and going and too much going on to keep up with conversations, not being rude, just distracted.

Orathy sneer-smiles at Duarte, because let's face it, the man doesn't really know how to smile happily. There's always something menacing and about to snarl underneath that smile. He doesn't stop Duarte from walking on though, "Aye, so be it. Reckon I be having to find someone else to knock about." His dark eyes flash over the other faces, judging every single one.

Derovai slips in somewhere amidst all the hubbub of the new entrants, staying well clear of the fight. He catches Orathy's words, letting out a sharp laugh. "I don't know, Culler. I did go several rounds with you, and, well -- " He breaks off, gloved hands spreading in a gesture to indicate he's hardly worth the effort of fighting. Whatever bruises that last sparring might have produced have, mercifully, faded and disappeared by now, and the dark-clad man seems as confident as ever.

Calypso grins over at Xander. "I had an itch to fight and though I'd open the training center doors. It seems others had the same idea." She gestures around to the cluster of spectators and fighters alike. She reaches for her armor now, starting to put it back on one piece at a time now that shes had a bite to eat and a glass of wine.

Anze nods to Lucita "I understand. Not easy to spend time with anyone. No ahrd feelins at all."

Orathy glances at Derovai, "Ya fucking lost." He supplies for the end result of Derovai's sentiment, "Ain't you worry about it none. Maybe one day you can beat up and old man, for fun."

Estaban checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 19 higher.

Estaban remains capable of fighting.

Emily is silent but observant, her gaze following the conversations as others speak and Anze proclaims his beliefs. There is a faint nod perhaps in agreement from the Lady before her attentions shift back out over the two facing off once more. Blue eyes narrow and fingers flex in a need for movement as the lady rocks back on her heels and forward again. "The child will be born to hold a blade at his rate," she remarks.

Estaban checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 24, rolling 29 higher.

Estaban remains capable of fighting.

Caelis takes serious damage.

Luis nods to the Lady Emily, "Indeed, and now I wonder, it grows close, this will end any second now. I suppose there's one thing to be said about fighting at this stage in one's pregnancy... you've got to be tough as steel to do so," he compliments Caelis, while listening to the conversations that go on around him.

Depthless eyes of pitch regard the world as the Princess Isabeau tends to the Thraxian's wounds. The cleanse of her touch leaves the nooseman's hang of smile on his bearded mouth. The ex-Warlord nudges his mouth close to her ear and rumbles quietly for only the Oathlander to hear. Once his words are finished his eyes scan the crowd that has grown since the epic toe-to-toe violence from earlier. One of the butcher's guards comes and speaks to him and Abbas receives him with rapt attention. Abbas nods in short order and then motions his men to choice positions. The pair of ex-reavers with short-bows find positions where they can cover the infamous man. The remaining four guards surround and take positions around him and the lap-sitting princess. The Culler gets a nod from the reaver prince, "I had bloodied myself recently or I would be your match tonight." He flashes, "I will be undertaking some privateering action in short order and could use some skilled crew to join me... don't need sailors. Need violence." He tells the man. Luis gets Abbas' attention and he studies the man for a time, "Well met."

"How are you liking Arx, Lady Emily?" Juliana asks as she reaches out to touch Lucita's arm with a smile as she glances to the field and the match, nodding in encouragement. Aside to Luis, "Abbas is over protective." then glances from to fiend to him, leaning in to whisper in his ear with a grin.

Derovai laughs at Orathy's comment. "I did," he admits, "but I kept going and didn't back out, and I didn't see anyone else stepping up to volunteer. Isn't that worth a bit? And you aren't that old. Don't sell yourself short." It's good-natured wisecracking, rather than anything more serious. "Maybe I could take him on." He jabs his chin towards Xander, though he offers the one-armed man a quick, apologetic smile, accompanied by a quickly assessing look. "... maybe not."

Drawn from her thoughts she nods to Luis and sees the next blow to Caelis and her gaze narrows and nose scrunches up - lips tight as she finally exhales slowly. Juliana is given a look first, as if the lady is sorting her thoughts out before she smiles. "It is large, a maze really but allows for an excessive amount of exploring which I never shy from so all and all...its providing a sharp learning curve. I enjoy it," she admits, smile spreading ito show teeth befor she adds, "I am sorry we could not speak more when we first met."

Another flurry of blows are exchanged. Caelis counts wordlessly and smiles. "That makes three! Well done Baron Estaban." She announces. Backing up she keeps her blade up incase it takes a moment for him to catch on. She bows faintly. "You took your lumps, but I'm content you can handle Riptide with competence." She tells him and looks to her aunt and brother. "And look at my restraint."

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Orathy's eyes swing toward Abbas, his answer is to be anticipated, "Reckon violence costs silver... Prince." That makes him smirk, pivoting toward him, since the talk of work has his attention. He side glances at Derovai, "Aye you got balls son. That be worth some praise ain't it? Reckon you be the only one not scared enough to." He peers toward Xander as he is pointed out, brow lifting back at Derovai. Still he lumbers over toward Abbas, "You ain't saved blood for me, eh?"

Estaban is able to get in again and gets another two hits and hit back in return but he looks tired he got his work out thats for sure, he breaths deeply and bows to Caelis, "Thank you Princess." he smirks watching Caelis and wipes the corner of his mouth and backs away and starts to head out of the ring.

"Well, don't get too much blood on the floor, I just cleaned it." Xander asides to Calypso, before turning his attention more onto the fight, which is starting to come to a close. "The lad has tenacity." is his evaluation of Estaban, his eyes then moving to consider Derovai. "I can still fight if that means anything these days. I don't need two arms to hold a weapon. The other just got in the way most of the time. Then one day, Lady Eirene got a bit too mad at me and chopped it off."

Deliverance, an albino falcon arrives, delivering a message to Emily before departing.

Luis chuckles at whatever words Juliana shares with him and he puffs out his chest a little with a smile that does not seem to fade. He nods his head to her while finding himself greeted by the Prince, "Indeed your highness, well met. I trust that aside from the wounding, your evening has found you well?" he asks, looking from Abbas to Orathy and back again, noting the conversational exchange and slowly stepping aside to allow them to continue. Then the match is done and that has his attention shifting to the ring, "Well fought Baron, and that's a very beautiful blade you carry there." He notes the diamondplate that the man holds. He watches the room, clearly interested to see where things go now that the match is over.

Calypso smirks a little at Xander's response before looking to the center. "Who was up next. Lord Luis? Did you have an opponent or someone to challenge?"

After a brief exchange of low murmurs, Duarte joins Delilah where she is sitting.

Lucita claps for both who sparred. "Look who's here, Estaban, Luis came just in time to watch your spar and help me cheer for you."

Luis looks to the Duchess and chuckles, "Oh I do not have an opponent and I would not wish to simply challenge someone without a reason, but should you wish for me to spar with someone, I shall do so, if there are any takers?"

Caelis sheathes her blade and wrinkles her brow as she checks out her arm. "Oh hell. "Prince Edain's going to give me an earful I imagine." She murmurs and walks over to her brother. "Think I should have pressed harder?" She asks and leans against the man. "I'd told myself it was a reasonable fight if he could land three."

Eirene just rolls her eyes at Xander, chuckling under her breath.

Calypso glances around the room to see who will step up to be Lord Luis's opponent.

Xander taps his foot on the ground. "If the lad need something to beat on, I can oblige him."

Derovai laughs a little, quietly, at Orathy's words. "Absolutely correct I do. And thanks, I think," he calls in Orathy's wake, striding towards Xander as Culler turns towards Abbas, sparing prince and pirate only a quick glance. He shakes his head at Xander. "No, I won't fight you. Not out of pity, but because I know you'd knock me on the ground in five seconds flat anyway. The loss of an arm doesn't mean the loss of knowledge of weapons, and I'm afraid that's really not my area." He blinks once. "Eirene?" The name is unfamiliar.

Juliana grins at Emily. "That is one of the best parts of this city, getting lost in it." she shrug and nods. "I am sure there will be time to speak in days to come." head tipped towards Luis as he whispers, then blinks at him, the to Abbas as the greeting is given. "Lord Igniseri, have you met my brother Prince Abbas Thrax?" offered with an arched brow and smirk. Looking to Orathy as he steps up to her brother and causing a pause and blink as she stops to watch that unfold.

Calypso gestures to the ring. "There we have it. Lord Luis Igniseri matches up with Drill Sargent Xander of Southport."

Eirene gives Derovai a look. "I'm Lady Eirene," she says with a scowl. Steelsilk, leather, and fur; recently recovering from a bout herself. Despite the martial appearance, she also wears a healer's bag at her hip. She hears Calypso call the match and gives Xander a single nod. "Show him what for, Sargeant." Her blue eyes narrow a moment as she looks at the crowd around them, frowning.

"The city was made just for that I think, whoever designed definitely had certaing goals in mind," she muses. Emily gives Juliana a nod, "I would enjoy that, perhaps...I can beg you to see me around the shops...maybe you and Baroness Lucita." she gives her dark and muted colored clothes a brief glance.

"Not much." Abbas answers with a chuckle, "And we will talk later. Tomorrow perhaps. But you will be entitled to a share if we come to an accord." The ex-Warlord informs the Culler. "Tell you what..." He speaks to Orathy. "You can fight with me. And if you manage to get that one..." Abbas jabs his finger towards Artorius, "... a partner, or two. We can take them on together." Abbas looks around Isabeau's figure after he kisses her cheek and looks to Lord Ingniseri, "Well met, Lord." He offers the man in that gruff tone of his.

Luis gets called to the field and Juliana's attention pops back, blinking and smiling before she reaches up and gives the Igniseri Lord's chest peice a tug to pull him down towards her a bit and places a kiss right on his lips. "Good luck." eyeing him fully before letting go and stepping out of the way.

Luis bows his head to Xander, "Ah, Sergeant, it would be good to spar with a man more accustomed to what it is like to fight in the field. It has been far too long since I've had my soldiering days," he admits to the man, and his hand lingers on the phoenix hilt at his side, moving back and forth between that and the simple, yet functional steel hilt that rests beside it. "I have not officially met your brother the prince, Lady," Luis replies to Juliana, "Though now I have, but I must beg his forgiveness as I've been called to head out and swing my sword about." he notes, then bows to them both before stepping out into the ring to wait for Xander.

Surprised at the sudden kiss, Luis is now distracted as he's walking away, thinking about something, clearly.

When Duarte settles in a seat near Delilah, she crosses her legs and folds her hands neatly in her lap. "Count Amadeo. How is the day treating you thus far?" A glance is given over to Emily and she pauses for a breath, ticking up her chin as she studied the woman. She canted her head towards Duarte, whispering something into the Count's ear before waving out to Emily. "Lady Emily Deepwood, is it? I'm a vassal. Of a vassal. Lady Delilah Whitehawk -- A pleasure to meet you."

Luis wields Renewal, a rubicund saber.

Estaban looks at Orathy watching him with his blue eyes breathing deeply his blood is a bit of the boiled side, he looks up to Lucita then to Luis, "I think he is a bit busy." he grins as he is kissed and shakes his head.

Calypso must have completely missed Delilah walking in. She gives the familiar Whitehawk Lady a big of a wave but doesn't move to interrupt her conversation.

Caelis puts an arm about her brother and then rises. "I better get home before my husband finds I've been sparring and gets frowny." She waves to the Duchess and her auntie on her way out with an easy smile.

As Luis is kissed, Emily's brows raise and she bites back a smile as he looks distracted on his way to the ring. Her name is heard after some movementis made by a figure not far away. Delilah is noted when she lifts her hand and the Deepwood excuses herself to close the distance towards the other woman. "Lady Delilah, yes, that is my name. It is a pleasure," she looks to Duarte and dips her head to the Whitehawke's companion.\

Too true, someone doesn't need two arms to fight. And the way Xander carries the rather plain looking sword of his, he doesn't need anything fancy to do it with either. "People are talking me up a bit more than I'm used to. Here's some advice from an old war dog. You never really lose your soldiering. Just takes a bit to remember." Walking to the ring, he rotates his arm about lazily. "Don't let all the people get to you none. Ain't got nothing to prove."

Xander wields Perseverance.

Orathy side glances at Juliana and Luis, as the latter is introduced to Prince Abbas. He glances over toward the ring when the next match is called out and he sizes Luis up first, but then Xander second. "Reckon who be fucking left to hit..." his eyes turn toward the ring, before swinging back to Abbas, "Aye, what be it with you lot about talking and making it all later 'n the like. But aye, fine. Later it be." He seems rankled by that, though no more gruff that usual. As for the further words of fighting him, he grunts at the idea of fighting with the man, "Aye... well I ain't know much of them to convince 'em to fight in a group." He shifts to sit down, with a grunt to Juliana, "Allo Lady Pravus." He sneer-smiles toward Estaban. Tauntingly.

Eirene is muttering under her breath to the Duke and Duchess Malvici, arms crossed over her steelsilk bodice. More new people. But Caelis is stopped long enough for a quick hug of auntie familiarity before she motions to the Malvici servants and the sideboard. "Folks, help yourselves," she says to the visitors. "We got Southport reds, cheese and sausage and shit." Not literal shit, of course, but Eirene calls everything that.

Luis gives Xander a salute with his sabre, the weapon glinting crimson in the light of the space. "I shall endeavour to not let their actions or words get to me, Sergeant," Luis admits, his lips quirking slightly, before he assumes a readied stance and waits for someone to call the fight.

Spotting Calypso a moment later, Delilah shot a faint smile to the duchess before turning to Emily. "The pleasure is all mine. I rarely get to see Deepwoods - Are you new to the city, my Lady?"

Waldemai can hear the sound of fighting all the way across the square.

Duarte offers Emily a bow when he's acknowledged, "My lady..." he says. And though engaged in conversation and introductions, he is nothing if not watchful, and at least part of his bow to Emily was intended for Bianca whose entrance earned a brief glance. But he attends to his companions, "...Duarte Amadeo. Happy to make your acquaintance."

Bianca stepped into the training center, a quick glance tossed about from beneath the cowl of winter robes before she moved over with the other observers. She'd pause on her trek, catching Eirene's invitation to drinks and food to find herself a glass of red before continuing on toward the aforementioned woman and company.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Lucita gives a soft chuckle and nods. "Seems Luis is. Wonder if he knows just how good his opponant is." She glances back toward Juliana and gives a wry laugh as she kisses Luis prior to the spar then gives Abbas an amicable nod and pretends to not see Orathy's taunting sneer at her husband.

"Lady Eirene," Derovai murmurs, with a little nod to the steelsilk-clad figure. But he looks up at Xander's advice, nodding. "I'm not bothered," he states blandly. "Don't worry. I'd put money on you if I had any to put, though I'd also put money on Wrath Culler. Maybe I shouldn't have volunteered to be the bookie at the last sparring match." He grins, but folds his arms, rocking on his heels and ready to watch -- at least this fight, anyway.

Luis takes minor damage.

Xander takes minor damage.

Estaban watches Orathy now that sneer smile catching his attention and he just watches the commoner with his blue eyes a hint of something in that look.

"Only just, several days ago and it already seems like time moves five times fater here," Emily remarks to Delilah. Duarte earsn a warm smile. "A pleasure as well, I fear some names will be forgotten after today." She admits. "My sister, Jessa and her husband Grady arrived with me. We have come to aid Deepwood here in Arx." Her glance slips to those facing off. "How long have you been here?"

Orathy chuckles darkly now when Estaban catches his sneer, uptipping his chin and then gesturing with a hand for Estaban to come get some.

Estaban checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 4 lower.

Juliana grins at Orathy as he sits with a grunt. "I am sure you can find someone to be a forth, Abbas is wanting a hand at Artorius again. If I was suggest who to ask.. perhaps Lord Estan or Eirene would gladly partner with him to beat on yourself and my brother." hand settling on the Culler's shoulder. That said, her gaze hasn't left the field sence the match started.

Anze reaches out for some of the offered food, sneaking a piece of cheese as he glances towards the fighters to watch for a moment before glancing back over to Orathy and Estaban as they start eyeing each other.

Xander stands a bit different than most. Holds his profile small, his missing arm pointed away. It's *almost* a fencing stance, but he's not holding a fencing sword. So it looks weird, but it works. "Good." after a couple of exchanges. "Don't let all the eyes make you think you gotta be flashy or fancy. Won't help you in war."

Luis waits until the moment that is given and then he strikes out, quickly, but finds his blade deflected and the man struck in return. He chuckles, rubbing the spot a little while he pumps his arm, stretching out his shoulder as he steps closer to continue the fight, "They weren't lying, it is good to face an opponent with skill once again." Luis commends Xander before once more engaging.

Xander takes moderate damage.

Eirene checked perception at difficulty 25, rolling 13 lower.

Eirene claps a little for Xander but then she pauses and rounds up a few of their trainees. "Come watch the old dog show he's got bite," she says. "Now don't fucking lose," she yells at him. She doesn't notice the glares between Orathy and Esta, she's focused intently on the fight.

Duarte settles back down in his seat and grants the bout his gaze, with little interest behind it. He allows the two women near him their discussion without interruption.

"Welcome to the city!" Delilah nodded in agreement. "Time certainly moves faster here, I'm sure you'll grow used to it. I'll have to meet Lady Jessa and Lord Grady in the coming days, thank you for letting me know." Her gaze turns to Luis and Xander as she speaks. "Been here for over half a year now. I can't believe it myself, really."

Calypso takes another sip of her wine and eyes Orathy and Estaban. There is an air of 'don't even think about it' in her expression.

Orathy grunts behind Juliana's words, "Reckon we may be having ourselves a fourth-" he rises again from where he had sat down. He stands up and turns with a further taunting sneer toward Estaban, then hollars out, "Come on boy! You be getting your chance at me in the ring!" There is an opportunity for two on two...!

Luis goes in for the strike, no longer being entirely fancy and though he may feel bad for it later, he does go for the size that Xander lacks a full appendage on, scoring a strike there, he salutes the man, parrying as he backs up a moment, "I understand, no need for fancy and flash, though I do admire your blade," he admits casually, his eyes focused even more seriously now.

Xander takes a bit more of a solid hit, which makes him stretch his neck out a bit. "Better." he commends Luis, before striking a glance at Eirene. "Ain't about winning or losing, Sir. It's about what you take away from it." He flicks the point of his at the other man. "C'mon now."

Xander takes minor damage.

There's really only so much tidying of blood and such that Isabeau can accomplish, situated as she is in Abbas's armored lap. Eventually, she gives up the task and simply sits still, gripping the soiled towel in her lap while watching the fight(s). However, as the Thraxian prince murmurs something in her ear, her expression turns significantly darker and more fretted. One of the hands that had simply been clutching her towel is relocated to the man's arm, fingers curling tight.

"With how fast things move here, I am certain time does not pass the same," Emily admits, pausing to whisper to Lucita as she leans over to exchange words. She smiles at the Baroness before turing to look at Duarte and Delilah. "Jessa and I would gladly have you for an afternoon, if you would not mind. I will send word with an invitation. I know she would enjoy it too, bring who you like," she says and taps the blade at her hip before she speaks. "But I do have to slip out, I have some...arrangements to make for some items at a couple of the shops. "I am very glad we had to the chance to meet," this said for both Duarte and Delilah. "Count, Lady, enjoy the fight." She takes to finding her way towards the exit, giving thetwo a nod and a wave to the others who are newly met before the Deepwood slips out, giving Luis' bout one last look.

Xander takes moderate damage.

Bianca found herself sidling up beside Eirene if there happened to be room, a bow of her head offered in turn to both the Duchess and Duke Malvici though otherwise she seemed in her usual quiet mood. Gaze turned to the fight at hand, leaning to murmur something to Eirene though it seemed only a brief statement.

Xander takes minor damage.

Estaban turns from Lucita and stairs harder at Orathy, "Your on." is all he yells back simple as that he starts to move to drink some water and stretch some again.

Eirene's oblivious if she's being volunteered for a fight, nodding back to Bianca. She waves off whatever the Archscholar says with, "It's fine. I know you know. Just wanted to let you know you're not alone." A wan smile is given.

Calypso nods to Bianca as she spots the Archscholar approaching through the crowd. "Archscholar. Pleasure seeing you here."

"Losing or winning... no it's a spar... but you and I both know that in the field... it's all about staying alive," he admits, then strikes out, catching Xander again, while managing to parry and just deflect Xander's return strikes enough to take the oomph out of them when the other man's blade connects with his cuirass.

Orathy hars heavily, leaning over his knee and moving to slap Abbas with a pointed finger, "Reckon we got that Saik to join us. It be on then, aye Prince, be a good time to see what you got."

Orathy gets up and Juliana steps closer to Lucita, leaning in as ashe watches the Match and Luis's hit. "He is doing well." said under her breath to the lady. It's Estaban's acceptance of the challenge that pulls her gaze from the field for a moment blinking between himself and Rath before she closes her eyes with a mutter then looks back to see how Luis is doing.

Duarte gives Emily a parting nod and a wave, then once more regards Delilah.

"That sounds wonderful - I look forward to the invitation. Do take care, Lady Emily." Delilah dipped her head politely before lifting a brow and leaning in to continue speaking in hush with Duarte.

Bianca's small smile appeared in initial reply to Eirene along with an, "I appreciate that." And then she turned more fully to Calypso, "Thank you for holding such an event. It's a lovely diversion." She followed that with another bout of hushed words, only this time they were meant for Calypso.

Derovai watches the fight critically from where he'd planted himself near the weapons rack. He may not be a born swordsman by any apparent stretch of the imagination, but he's observant, and the fight makes him wince every now and again, a gloved hand moving up to scratch at his jaw absently. "All he's doing is deflecting," he calls out to Xander. "He's not attacking you. Take advantage of that. Get in one good strike." It's not necessarily the best advice, but it's at least self-evident advice.

Taking another hit or two, the slow and methodical Xander pivots. He doesn't look all that annoyed or upset about getting made the best of. "That's true. But to be honest, sparing can't recreate war. Losing is a lesson. A tool like anything else. Losing here will keep you alive when it counts. Why I don't mind losing."

Xander takes moderate damage.

Luis takes minor damage.

Luis takes minor damage.

Xander takes moderate damage.

Eirene says, "Losing tells you what to not do the next time." She nods sharply as she looks to the trainees. "So watch them both and figure out what you'd do differently. Where would you move, where would you lift your blade. Observation is essential."

Luis nods his head, his eyes never leaving his opponent as the two continue to trade blows. There's a light strike against him and he shakes his head slightly, and another before he strikes back solidly. "It is true... these spars, they should make us better... and as you say... here it is best to learn," he admits to Xander, though he finds himself giving the man a more appraising look in the proccess, "As expected of one of your station, you hold up amazingly well."

For the first time Duarte's interests are piqued, as he leans a bit to the side to study Delilah's expression with a mild look of amusement, before responding.

Violence. One man is born of the commons blooded in the streets of poverty to rise on his own. The other a salted butcher of Thrax who first went to reaving at the age of eleven and killed his first man that year in some sleeping village or another. Reaver and Culler. Abbas wraps an arm around Isabeau and draws the Oathlander princess tight. "Thank you." He rumbles for her attention to the wounded butcher of infamy. He helps her settle back down elsewhere and the man rises from where he sits. The squid helm with its long tentacles and wicked green eyes is drawn up in gloved hands. The prince slides it over his head and dark clumps of hair and and tentacles drape over the aggressive killer. He picks his barbed axe from where it rested and points it towards Artorius and then Estaban. "Find a third if you think you need the help." The ex-Warlord of Thrax waits then and looks to the current match. He looks to Orathy, "Blood and carnage in our wake, eh?" He grins already spoiling for the fight.

"I'm no young man anymore. Once upon a time, it was a little different, she could tell you stories." Xander jerks his head back in Eirene's directions. "Back when youth allowed you to be lucky, stupid, or both." He takes the hits as well as he can, giving a couple back, but not nearly as well as he'd like. Still, like his sword's name, her perseveres. Just tends to be i his nature.

Xander takes moderate damage.

Xander takes minor damage.

Xander checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 10, rolling 37 higher.

Xander remains capable of fighting.

Derovai calls out to Abbas as the fighting continues, "I'd volunteer, but I think Wrath can tell you, I'd be a liability for either side." Still, it's not a /refusal/ as such, of course. And his gaze is pensive for a moment about something, but his posture doesn't shift.

Xander checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 16, rolling 56 higher.

Xander remains capable of fighting.

Xander checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 50, rolling 10 higher.

Xander remains capable of fighting.

Luis takes minor damage.

Luis takes minor damage.

Luis takes minor damage.

Xander checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 54, rolling 4 lower.

Xander checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 23, rolling 33 higher.

Xander remains alive, but close to death.

Xander falls unconscious.

Calypso gestures towards Xander after a few brief words with Bianca and Anze both. "Stubborn. I like that. Tenacity goes a very long way."

Waldemai applauds the fighters. "Well done!"he calls.

Orathy doesn't have a fancy helm. He wears leathers. Some pieces look in better shape than others... and he's missing pieces! But the man only really needs leathers over his arms and legs, right? The jacket he's wearing conceals for the most part that he's fighting in street clothes, compared to the Thraxian Warlord with the squid helm. However, it is the axe that he slips out of his belt loop that earns a little more weariness - the black metal gleaming. He looks... frankly, as if he should be there, beside the Thraxian, a ruffian and a man of violence himself. He sneer grins at Abbas, "Aye, reckon I ain't go no fancy saying, persuasion here be enough." He taps his axe.

Luis swings around, the man swift and his strikes heavy despite his speed. As he slowly begins to grind down the grizzled sergeant, there's a moment where he shows genuine appreciation for the man. "Tough as a cornered boar. I don't think it matters how good your opponent is, you'd simply wear them out..." he tells the man, starting to take his own hits as well at the end, but finally Luis seems to understand what is at stake and changes his stance to strike the sergeant one last time.

When the fight comes to an end, Luis waits, sheathing his sword, then offering a hand to help the sergeant up when he is ready. "Thank you, Sergeant, it has been far too long since I've encountered such a fight."

Juliana having been leaning against Lucita a little talking in soft whispers as she watches the match, paused to glance at her brother and the Culler as they get ready to fight. but when the fight is over, the girl applauds,"Well done Luis!" smiling to the two then tipping her head in again towards Lucita.

Xander knows his limits, and while he has something of a second wind, he also knows when he's hit the point where sparring becomes pointless. Taking another series of blows from Luis, he holds up his hand, winded and kneeling. "I yield, my Lord. You did very well. I'd say that win is yours handily." He looks pleased, at least. "Good to get put through my paces every now and then." He takes the hand to get himself to his feet. "Keep at it, you'll get those skills back, even if you never really lost them. Don't let life make you soft."

Lucita claps for Xander and Luis. "That was a good spar! Your experience and training really shows!"

Calypso applauds when the fight is finally over. "Well done, both of you."

Luis shakes his head to Xander, "I don't intend to. Lost too many family memebers to the wars, I couldn't do that to my cousins," he admits, patting the sergeant on the shoulder when he's up. "If you're not on duty, let me get you a drink," he offers and then will head for the edge of the ring so that they can exit.

Having straightened out her back and seemingly finished her quiet discussion with Duarte, Delilah rose to her feet and shook her head. "No, no texts for that, unfortunately." She grinned and leaned in to whisper once more, before stepping on out.

Orathy is already moving toward the center of the training grounds, casting a glance back toward Abbas.

Orathy wields Persuasion, a wicked axe.

Abbas follows the Culler and he takes his weapon and takes a stance to the side of the man. He waits for their opponents to figure things out and prepare for violence.

Xander salutes to Calypso. "My life for Southporth, Sir." Having not expected the offer from Luis, he nods. "You stop by any time. Share a drink with you, lad."

Eirene's done with her part of the lesson, applauding for Luis and Xander as they finish their bout. "Nicely done," she says with a single nod of approval. But her eyes narrow as Abbas and Orathy take to the ring, wondering what this is all about. Her arms flash over her chest again, crossed over the crimson steelsilk.

Calypso returns the salute, crossing her fist over her chest when Xander speaks up. She takes a few steps forward, leaning against the side of the training ring with interest.

Estaban looks to Artorius, "I guess lets do this ya?" he looks to Orathy and Abbas rolling his shoulders and muttering a soft prayer.

Derovai watches the fighting for another moment, but he's still hanging out at the spot where Xander left for his spar. "See why I didn't volunteer to fight you? I'm a good judge of character," he points out breezily. "The more interesting question is why I agreed to fight him." He jabs a gloved thumb back at Orathy.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Luis nods to Xander, "Of course!" he exclaims with a wide grin, riding the andrenaline high of the fight. He passes Lucita and Estaban, bowing to the both of them, "I will catch up with you later, I have not been ignoring you, I assure you, our cousin has me running here and there every moment of every day it would seem," he admits to them, but then pauses to kiss Juliana on the lips as he heads for the door, "Thank you again for the luck," he winks at her, nodding to the Duchess as well. "And I hope that will suffice, dear Duchess?" he asks, bowing to her as well, before he must go.

Artorius wields Arbiter, The Hawk Guard's Blade.

Duarte's smile slowly fades as Delilah exits and after she is gone, so is the smile. His eyes find their way to the new bout just beginning.

Artorius hops into the ring. "Alright...guess I'm fighting." he chuckles faintly.

"Ain't nothing wrong with pushing your limits." Xander states plainly to Derovai. "This is about the safest place to do it. Sure, you'll probably be sore in the morning, but it'll just be a reminder of what *not* to do. As for fighting me, sure you would've done fine. Why?" he asks, turning to face him a bit more fully. "Just getting into the whole soldiering thing?"

To say that Isabeau looks a little concerned that Abbas has re-entered the sparring circle (square? pit?) might make for a mild understatement, but she does not beg him to reconsider and, instead, looks across the way at Juliana and studies the noblewoman for a moment, offering her a slightly forced smile in the moment.

Bianca lifted her hand to give Eirene's shoulder a light squeeze to indicate her departure without interruption to the woman's current attention before stepping aside en route toward Duarte. She murmured something to him as attention shifted to the next round of sparring.

Eirene nods back absently to Bianca as she readies to leave. She's not leaving her gaze from the ring.

As the four step onto the field, Juliana takes Lucita's hand. "This isn't going to be pretty." stated under her breath but her moment of worry is broken first by the kiss from Luis that has her catch her breath then smile fully, dimples and all. Looking back catches Isabeau's glance, biting her lip then holding her other hand out to the Princess if she would like to join them.

Orathy's dark eyes hold onto the Baron Saik, "I be wondering if you be any better at this boy..." He taunts the Saik further, settling in beside Abbas with a nod to the Thraxian Prince. He settles down into a readied stance. A brow raises as he considers their opponents, rumbling low, "Come at me Saik!"

Duarte's dark eyes alight when Bianca speaks to him. He did not see her coming. He smirks in response to her observation.

Derovai laughs lightly at Xander's comment, shaking his head. A broad grin. "I wouldn't have. I'm clever, but not when it comes to this. And not what I meant, Master..." His voice trails off, cueing the other man's name. "Why him in particular, given options? I'm a good judge of character, but let's see if you are. As far as soldiering..." Dark brows raise. "Not my area either, I'm afraid. Master Voss." Apparently it's a name. Such as it is.

Orathy takes minor damage.

Orathy takes moderate damage.

The reaver prince maneuvers and grins to Artorius as he holds his axe low. He starts to circle a bit and part from Orathy. A few paces away as he glares through the green lenses of his exotic helm. The large man looks angry and spoiling for this bit of wig-splitting carnage. His barbed alarcite weapon hangs close. And then they begin. In a fit to flank Abbas goes for Estaban first.

Eirene motions to a few of her medics and has them prepare. Not just the bandages and the bruise salves - no. She's got them on the sutures and the emergency splints this time. She's not expecting this to be a clean 'friendly' fight judging by the scowl and serious expression on her pinched face.

Anze narrows his eyes a bit at the fighters in the rings, but he remains quiet, just watching and not commenting right away. There is a momentary glance to Bianca as Bianca leaves before he focuses back on the fight at hand.

Late to participate in the melee, but still wishing to spectate, Thorley arrives and looks for a place it sit. In his hands is a piping hot cob of corn that he's enjoying bites from as the knight settles in to consider how the combatants engage each other and move independently and as a team.

Calypso has her eyes fixed on the fight in the ring as it begins. But Thorley's arrival pulls her gaze for just a moment. She doesnt seem to recognize him but offers an incline of her head in greeting none the less. Her icy gaze does, however, turn back to the fight at hand.

Orathy takes serious damage.

When he feels Calypso's gaze upon him, the older knight glances up. Wiping the back of his mouth with his forearm, Thorley offers a bow of his head in return and deferrence to the woman's station as he keeps his attention somewhat on the training. "Good evening, my Lady." he offers, as he leans back slightly.

First round and Juliana winces as Orathy takes a hit, her eyes flickering between the fighters with a tension that vibrates the air as she holds tightly to Lucita's hand.

Eirene isn't cheering or jeering or wincing. She simply watches the fight and the motion of blades and bodies between the four clearly skilled men. The doctor continues to observe with a scowl.

"Good evening." Calypso relies to Thorley. "I don't believe we've met." She notes and gestures for him to join them at the edge of the training ring to watch.

Orathy seems to be doing a piss poor job at not getting hit... Though that may because he is systematically shielding the Thraxian at the same time that he takes risks to flank the enemies. He is lacking in the actual strategy of fighting with someone else he's never so much as sparred with, and it shows! He takes a heavy hit after opening himself up and actually staggers back with a wheeze...

Xander returns with a handful of cheese, standing next to Eirene. "You frown any more and your bottom lip is going to hit the floor, Sir." he comments off-handedly, before he too watches the fight.

Lucita watches the fight intently, expression serious, breath catching occasionally as there is a flash of blades and at the way the the battle is progressing.

Orathy grumbles something over toward Abbas as he takes a moment to 'walk it off'... as it were.

Duarte and Bianca seem to share a pleasant meeting.

The ex-Reaver hits but doesn't get through the armor. The man moves to try and draw some attacks from Orathy to himself. But it does not seem to work. The Thraxian moves to try and flank around Artorius. There is a nod to Orathy. And the man grunts.

Artorius smiles to Abbas as he draws his greatsword...then the teams are at it! Artorius manages to move around Estaban and even defend him from a few attacks herea nd there, using his excellent technical skill to help ward off their opponents. Eventually, he manages to hit Orathy more than once, but manages to deflect all attacks coming at him. Bravo! "Baron, keep your eyes up. Focus. doing good." he says to Estaban.

Eirene just hmmphs at Xander as she continues to watch the spar. She's in no mood for quick retorts, shakes her head a little to acknowledge it but not to reply. She's ready to move in herself if she sees someone drop the wrong way. The man talking to Calypso is given a brief glance but her focus stays intent.

Estaban watches both Abbas and Orathy as he holds his sword in his hand, he watches their movments and their body language, he nods his head to Artorius he knows his style of fighting and so moves along with him as he moves and blocks as he attempts to hit Abbas at first but then switches up to help with Orathy after the man says bring it.

Abbas takes moderate damage.

Isabeau edges over closer to where Juliana and Lucita sit, slightly soiled towel in hand, and seems to appreciate simply sitting within relatively close proximity to the Thraxian prince's sister while the sparring session continues. The princess's expression reads intensity... interest, concern, hope. It's a strange mix, but the beautiful blonde wears it well. After what looks to be a rather hard parry, Isabeau reaches over to lightly lay a hand on Juliana's arm as if simply to confirm by tactile sensation that the woman is, indeed, still there.

Xander's brows knit a touch, looking Eirene over, but decides, likely through previous experience, to press the matter further. So he goes back to giving the fight a critical eye, munching on his cheese.

Derovai just sort of stares for a moment as his words seem to go unheard. He stares for a moment at the fight, shaking his head, and moves to slip out from the training center, a look of utter lack of interest writ large on his face, one gloved hand resting on his pocket as he heads out.

Putting away the cob after carefully wrapping it, Thorley dusts off his hands. "My apologies, my Lady, I should have done that first as he rises polietly for a moment before the Knight General. "I am Sir Thorley Sandreef, recently appointed Sword of Westrock Reach. And.. considering that I have been out of practice as a knight for a while, I had hoped to dust up on my tactics with the observation of others."

As Isabeau reaches out and touches her arm, Juliana glances to the Princess then simply reaches up and curls the fingers of her free hand around hers as well. Sitting between Isbeau and Lucita, holding each woman's hand the Pravus turns her attention back to the field, there was simply to many out there that she cared what happened too.

Anze nods to Thorley as he introduces himself to Calypso "s'good to meet you. Anze Malvici. Odd to hear of a house sword bein out of practice."

Calypso inclines her head. "I am Duchess Calypso Malvici, General of Southport. You are welcome here to practice or observe whenever you like. It is a pleasure to meet you Sir Thorley." She says politely before nodding to Anze. "Indeed. These are hard times, however."

Eirene nods absently at Thorley. "Eirene Malvici," she says offhandedly. She's not paying much attention to anything other than the ring, muttering something up at Anze in a grim tone.

Lucita is holding Juliana's hand as the two watch the spar, staying quiet. When Isbeau joins the two she gives her a little smile and nod acknowledging her presence but quickly turns her attention back to the spar.

Artorius takes minor damage.

Artorius takes minor damage.

Artorius takes minor damage.

Duarte listens with rapt attention to Bianca, his gaze floating aimlessly across the ceiling of the arena as he does so. His mouth closesly and he leans to his side, giving the archscholar a furrowed look. He takes a small breath of air and gets back to it.

Artorius takes minor damage.

Artorius takes minor damage.

Artorius takes moderate damage.

Artorius seems to be getting winded from covering Estaban. He manages to hold off both Orathy and Abbas for the time being, though he's probably snidely hoping that Estaban can cover him for a small moment. "Well done Baron! keep it up!" he smiles to him before he's back to clashing blades with Orathy and Abbas, since they appear to be targeting him. He takes a few hits here and there until eventually, he falls to ak nee. "heh...well, shit." he grins then as he enters a stance. "This should be fun...

The Thraxian and his Culler ally got off to a poor start. Sweat starts to build and the reaver prince shows signs of tiring. Things begin to take a turn as they both settle their attention Abbas. The man parries and deflects the onslought of his opponents. "Get him while they are on me." Abbas growls as he cuts Artorius with a glancing blow. The large man shoves forward to take their ire and violence. He fights with defensive ferocity. "Come on you fuckers. Come get it.."

Bianca continued to watch the fight ahead, sipping at her wine amidst hushed conversation with Duarte.

It seems that Abbas and Orathy have figured something out. Orathy has departed from the Thraxian's side and starts to flank Artorius and Estaban more viciously than before. He doesn't have to worry about defending so he attacks... and at one point it looks like Artorius moved fast enough out of the way that Orathy's axe swing came for Abbas! Friendly fire! The Culler grunts as Artorius and his swiftness, the other's armor doing much to keep back any significant damage at bay. Still, the Culler has teeth and he moves well with Abbas, once they've figured out eachother's abilities, going after one target first. They're on Artorius... hunting together.

"Thank you, my Lady. It is quite the nice facility." Thorley offers as he watches the group finally start to form up and protect each other with a small nod as he retakes his seat to set up and pay closer attention to the battle down below.

Estaban continues to help Artorius blocking blades and moving it to strike, he maybe not doing damage but the two men are working well together. Then they switch things up when he spots Art taking damage he moves to take his place and starts to defend him now.

Artorius takes serious damage.

Estaban takes very serious damage.

Abbas takes minor damage.

Abbas takes minor damage.

The Culler is showing what happens when you let him get behind you... Between coming at Artorius and switching to Estaban, Orathy is delivering some devasting impacts against the pair. Abbas is doing well to keep them busy so that he can flank either of the two, circling and confusing them on who he was attacking. At last, Estaban parries him and he jumps back, grinning at the Saik.

Estaban takes minor damage.

Abbas takes minor damage.

Artorius attempts to help Estaban as they twist about each other to combat Orathy and Abbas. Though Arty takes a bit of a beating this round as he cracks his neck. "Okay...lets see what we can do here." a small grin then as he enters the fray once more!

Eirene glances from the ganged-up-on Artorious towards Calypso as if asking the Duchess the question. Mostly, she's observing the way the Culler and the reaver manage their fighting style.

Calypso raises a hand towards Eirene, signaling to let them finish it alone. No help from the General on tactics here!

The Thraxian Prince continues to dodge. But he is the most tired among them as the footwork and the constant taking of the onslaught starts to take its toll. The reaver has worked it out with the Culler but now it is a fight against time. He is clearly the best and swiftest among them. And he uses that to his advantage. Abbas calls out, "Did you know I bested your sister in sailing." He calls to Artorius, "More than once." The man flashes his teeth and continues, "Do you have nothing to say to me with that sword about her skill in the Salt?"

Estaban is doing his best to try and keep them off of Artorius as they are attacked by the Thrax Prince and Orathy, they hit like a wall but he is not giving up he shakes his head, "We got this Count." he give him a smile as he continues to move about blocking the blows from the two hulking men.

Abbas takes minor damage.

Abbas takes minor damage.

Abbas takes minor damage.

When Abbas starts throwing taunts, Juliana's hand closes tighter around Isabeau. "You know, I don't have a choice other than put up with him, he is blood. You however.." gives the woman a sides ways look, pauses then smiles softer and nods. "Don't have a choice either." says softer, squeezing a little warmer.

Abbas takes serious damage.

Estaban checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 7, rolling 73 higher.

Estaban remains capable of fighting.

Estaban has rolled a critical success!
Estaban checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 31, rolling 67 higher.

Estaban remains capable of fighting.

Abbas checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 16, rolling 25 higher.

Abbas remains capable of fighting.

Orathy calls out to Abbas, "Get faster Prince!" He growls at the Thraxian, as the other two turn toward the Prince in specific. When they turn toward Abbas, Orathy ROARs and attacks Estaban with all his might! It's clear he's leaving nothing back, well, other than not trying to kill the man... Flat side of the axe and all that right?!

Eirene seems more concerned about the amount of damage being handed out on the field than anything else. "Come on, someone drop," she says, not mentioning who it is she wants dropped. It's fairly obvious she's on Team Malvici.

Anze mutters something low under his breath

Estaban checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 104, rolling 62 lower.

Estaban checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 63, rolling 21 lower.

Estaban is incapacitated.

Estaban falls unconscious.

Artorius checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 1, rolling 70 higher.

Artorius remains capable of fighting.

"It seems you got your wish." comes Thorley's comment to Eirene when she asks for someone to drop and Estaban so valiantly volunteers.

Waldemai claps for Lord Estaban. "Way to stand in there, my lord!"

Lucita's hand tightens its grip slightly, not painfully, on Juliana's hand as Estie gets hurt again, this time seriously enugh to go down. She releases the hand and waits till she can approach Eirene and stand by her till she can get to Estaban to check on him.

"Yeah, shoulda specified." She grumps as she spares Thorley a glance, unhappy to see the Saik out of the competition. Eirene stays readied and waiting, making sure there's nobody dead. She isn't about to see an accident on her field. Luctia's given a grunt of greeting but nothing more for the moment.

Abbas stagger steps. His arm tired from deflecting every attack this whole affair. Dodge after dodge as blood seeps from his brow and various wounds. There is a carnage of blows aimed at him and he begins to show the mounting exhaustion as his parries become less and less effective. His footwork stutters and staggers from time to time. The reaver grits his teeth and growls through the mass of tentacles. He backs away and heaves for breath, "This one is a hard fucker to put down." He gets enough distance between them and then he gathers himself. "Hit him hard." And then Abbas starts at a jog as he throws himself wildly forward.

Artorius checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 57, rolling 38 higher.

Artorius remains capable of fighting.

Abbas checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 118, rolling 81 lower.

Abbas checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 74, rolling 44 lower.

Abbas is incapacitated.

Abbas falls unconscious.

"Perhaps." Thorley says wryly, before considering Calypso. In a quieter voice, so that she's not sharing her advice with the combatants on the field. "Is there anything that you would do differently, Duchess?" h

Estaban is doing his best and it seems to be working as he continues to take hit after hit fron Abbas and Orathy, he grunts as he tries to give Artorius time to get some hits in but it seems to get to much and their is a sickning sound as Orathy is able to getpast his guard and hit him hard, the Saik Baron gasps and he stumbles vack and falls to the ground.

When Estaban goes down, Juliana stands, her eyes hardening as she views the men on the field. Leaning down to press a kiss to Isabeau's cheek. "I am going to go with her." stated as Lucita moves, then follows after only to stop again as Abbas falls too.. the next words from the young Pravus's lips are neither kind or complementory to the male gender.

Artorius watches Esta go down and posthumously defends him from any further attacks. He takes a heavy breath then, before he really starts to fight, thoug hhe's tired...such so that he twirls into his attack, starting to ward off both Orathy and Abbas as best he can! however...Abbas made a mistake.

He mentioned that he defeated his sister. In sailing.

a wide grin touching his face, he swings the heavy blade at Abbas! swiping his weapon from his hand from the power of the swing...then grabbing him, hoisting him up...and promptly throwing him at the closest weapon wrack.

Then? it's between Artorius and Orathy...which Arty straightens, many wounds starting to slow him down, but he smiles. "heh...well fought, Orathy...let's have some fun." he grins softly before he lunges at the man like a demon.

Orathy doesn't look to be sweating... compared to the other three in the arena. Other than the first few hits Estaban and Artorius managed on him... which perhaps made them turn from him! The hard hit to Estaban was enough to send the Saik sprawling and Orathy tries to jump over him to get to Artorius in time to defend Abbas, but it's too late and Abbas goes down as well. There are two left and he growls at Artorius, "You looked tired... reckon you ought to sit down before I make ya..."

Waldemai applauds for Prince, too, because it would be, like, rude not to.

Orathy checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 11, rolling 33 higher.

Orathy remains capable of fighting.

Calypso glances to Thorley. "Focus target the opponent and get one down swiftly, leave both on your team undefended at first. When one starts to get too injured, defend up, but not until then. But when a situation has already gone out of tactical advantage like this. It is up to the individual skill of the combatant." She says succinctly.

Artorius checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 92, rolling 18 lower.

Artorius checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 54, rolling 16 higher.

Artorius remains alive, but close to death.

Artorius falls unconscious.

There is understandable cause for Lucita to briefly part company with Juliana and Isabeau as her new husband falls first in the melee. The pair are left in each other's white-knuckled company for only another round or so, however, as soon the combat sees the Thraxian prince fall before his Culler compatriot. The Oathlands princess neither winces nor calls out, but the noblewoman whose hand she holds likely knows just how fretful this turns of events has become for Isabeau.

"It was quite the impressive showing, Duchess Southport." Thorley admits, applauding the combatants as Orathy is the last man standing on the field.

The man charges but has nothing left. Abbas hopes to get Artorius prepared for being handed his ass. So when he goes ass over tea kettle into the weapon rack the reaver prince slumps. Both batter and exhausted. Blood drips from many cuts. Many wounds from being the focal point of all that violence. The reaver does not refuse help this time and he watches from the ground. His guards stand and surround their prince only letting in the healers and Isabeau.

Waldemai applauds for all the fighters. "Well done! All the glory shown Gloria!"

Calypso applauds when there is only one left standing. "Very good fight, all of you." She says sincerely. "And with that, I think I am going to officially call this event to a close. Thank you all for joining us. I look forward to seeing all this impressive skill put to use at sea very soon."

Lucita shakes her head letting Juliana's words rather fill in for both of them. Though she has her gaze on the fallen men, the remaining men sparring are still in her peripheral vision. "That was painful but exciting to watch. They all did well." She goes to see if she can help Estaban while avoiding getting in any of the healer's way.

In the end, Artorius is too tired...and Orathy manages to knock him down after a rather heated exchange of their blades. Artorius lies there for a moment before he sits up, chuckling quite a bit as blood drips from his temple. "Hehehe....well done!" he offers a bow of his head to Orathy. "The best man won." a grin then.

And one... remains standing. The commoner. Orathy spits out some blood from the last hit that he took from Artorius, one that almost took him out of the fight. Orathy seethes as his axe drops to his side, though not a singular look of strain in him. Only a faint trace of sweat on his brow. The older man smirks, satisfied. He hooks his axe back into his belt, flushed but looking ready to continue if he had too. He was breathing at least deeper, wiping the blood off his mouth.

Eirene and the Phoneix are out immediately as soon as Orathy is the last man standing. She goes for the Baron first, tending to him herself while the other two are seen to by the handpicked medics; her very best lads and ladies for this fight.

Eirene checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 15, rolling 60 higher.

Juliana follows the others, looking to Eirene. "YOu have the Baron?" asked even as she starts for the Prince, gaze sweeping over Orathy for a moment, then turns back to Abbas knowing full well that if his guards don't move out of the way, there is going to be another fight on the field really fast.

Anze is overheard praising Calypso for: Great fight night and even better hostess.

Abbas is overheard praising Calypso.

Abbas is overheard praising Artorius.

Abbas is overheard praising Orathy.

With the battle over, and the healing beginning, Thorley rises from his seat to offer a bow to Abbas, Calypso and the others. "Your Highness, Duchess." the knight offers polietly, before he is making his way out of the arena to go out and about some more.

Abbas is overheard praising Estaban.

Artorius is overheard praising Abbas.

Estaban lays there on the ground breathing heavily so tired abd warn out bbut t his was something he needed to do, he grunts as Eirene comes over to start helping him, he swallows hard, "hey Aunt Eirene."

Artorius is overheard praising Orathy.

Estaban is overheard praising Abbas for: He is a brick wall of a man!

With no particular skill in the healing arts, Princess Isabeau finds her feet, but remains on the sidelines as the spar comes to its conclusion with Orathy as the last man standing. She accordingly offers the Culler thug a respectful nod in acknowledgement of his skill, though her attention thereafter shifts pretty intently over toward Abbas (and Juliana).

Estaban is overheard praising Artorius for: A great fighter!

Eirene's medics do what she's yelled at them to do, but they make sure to give deference to foreign royalty as necessary. She nods as she looks at Estaban. Some might say she's a bit mother-hen over him at the moment as she kneels beside to check his injuries. That was a vicious training match. 'Training' match...

Orathy looks over at the downed bodies and simply, moves off the field to give the medics room. He nods to Princess Isabeau and regards Juliana with a lifted brow. He's not really sportsman like at all, especially since he sort of leaves the carnage where it lies. Smug about it too.

Lucita is not a healer, but at least she does not pass out or throw up at the sight of the wounds and blood. "Training...vicious, yes." After a moment she tells Eirene. "tell me what to do and will try to help, hold things or blot or whatever. I'm not a healer but I can follow directions..most of the time."

Juliana checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 15, rolling 20 higher.

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