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Tournament to Gloria

House Laurent will be hosting a melee tournament in honor to Gloria. It will be held at the Telmar Gauntlet (thank you Duke Arn!). Contestants will be divided into two teams to compete against each other for the chance to win 1st place! If you find yourself interested in such a thing, please check out this guide and send Cristoph any necessary information or poke him for questions:


Feb. 4, 2018, noon

Hosted By

Nicia Jael Cristoph Arn


Felicia Courage Kael Reigna Cadenza Thorley Cecilia Valerio(RIP) Giulio Esoka Theron Ailith Jericho Christine Sparte Eleyna Silas Preston Margerie Aiden Rey Veronica Corban Ectorion Madeleine Talen Fairen Harmon Monique Lethe Edain Khanne Joscelin Isabeau Brogan Alis Cambria Abbas(RIP) Norwood Luca Tikva Marian



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Telmar Tower - The Gauntlet

Largesse Level


Comments and Log


The Laurent's Tournament of Gloria has concluded and I'll be feeling the bruises of it for days. All to the good. I have had the great honor to cross blades with many of the finest warriors in this city in the past few days, and I only feel myself stronger for it.

All honors to my teammates: Princess Marian, Lady Jael, Sir Preston, Dame Felicia, Lady Veronica, Count Kael, and Sir Norwood. Though one of the Blue Team was not the victor, I'm proud of how we fought and feel we did Gloria good honors.

My hearty congratulations to Sir Thorley, who came out on top. I've helped the man practice some, and there's no knight who I feel would've deserted it more.

And, of course, good thanks to Duke Cristoph for putting this exhibition on. It was a fine way to pay homage to the goddess of war and practice together in friendship, on the eve of harsher battles.

Gloria guide our blades and shield us all, wherever we fight next.

Tiny Tom, Wilhelm the Iron Messenger, 3 Iron Guardsmen arrive, following Sparte.

Guy, a hunting kestrel, Balian, a Templar squire arrive, following Preston.

3 Iron Guardsmen have been dismissed.

Kael arrives at the Gauntlet with his Reigna on his arm, the pair of them chatting amiably with one another. There may even be a nudge or two from one shoulder to the other. Whatever the case, when Kael is spying Veronica, he is heading in that direction and flashing the young woman a grin. "Cousin," he greets her.

Having arrived earlier in the day, Thorley has gotten in practice with his blade, trying to work out the rest of the newness of his armor. So it'll stop squeaking like an angry mouse in places that it should //not// squeak. Nothing like a good old fashioned rumble to break in toughened hide. As he finishes preparing, a flash of color catches his eyes, and the knight glances over to where Joscelin is standing. The green eyes of the older swordsman go wide, and putting away his blade, he heads to where Joscelin is standing to greet her with a slight grasp of hand and a few words.

Tiny Tom have been dismissed.

With a lively step, Jael walks in in black bee-embossed armor, a gold-accented sword at her hip.

Mongoose have been dismissed.

Esoka strides onto the Gauntlet. Dressed in a mix of leather and steel that may accentuate the barbarian quality her numerous shav tattoos lend to her. Sword at her hip, a sturdy by plain thing with the mark of the Riven armory upon it. She scans the assembled competitors, both sizing up who's who on this field and offering a bright flash of a smlie to those she knows.

Marian is stretching out on the field, nearby Edain. She looks eager to start the melee. She makes sure to be wearing her high quality leathers and curved shortsword that should pass inspection by the hosts.

It's the Tournament to Gloria! Hurray for all the things! The area has been tidied up (not that it was /untidy/), some streamers have been hung and there's a tent selling beverages and snacks for the spectators. Cristoph is around, bouncing from group to group until it looks like nearly everyone has arrived. "HELLO!" He calls in his loudest voice of voices. "We'll be starting in just a moment. There's some posts about the guidelines for today, which I'm sure you've all seen." There's a chuckle in his voice when he states, "I'm sorry for anyone hoping for a free for all. But I hope this will be equally as satisfying. So please, teams get into your spots! We have a prayer to open us up coming from a member of the Faith. Sir Preston? Sir Preston around?" He looks for him! (ooc inforation coming next)

Sybilla, the Lenosian courtier, Hiss, the Lenosian viper, 2 Velenosa House Guards arrive, following Talen.

Jiacomo arrives, following Eleyna.

Cadenza gets fitted lacquered leather cuisses from sturdy leather pack.

Veronica tilts her head towards Norwood. "Hello, Sir Clement! Good to see you here. Couldn't resist the lure of a good fight either?" she asks. As Kael approaches, there's a warm smile for her cousin.

Cadenza gets a lacquered leather cuirass with a rearing horse emblazoned on the chest from sturdy leather pack.

Cadenza gets chamois leather gloves from sturdy leather pack.

Nodding once to Cambria, Theron flashes her a smile as he follows her gaze. He leans in to kiss her cheek, and give her a one-armed hug before heading over to the competitors' area. "I'll do you proud!" He calls out to the Marquessa, spinning the Mourning Islander hand axe he wields in his hand. The Sword of Ostria, apparently, knows how to fight with some variety of weapons. "Your Highness," he intones to Marian as he passes by her, nodding to the competitors that he knows.

Cadenza gets elegant riding boots from sturdy leather pack.

Cadenza gets lamellar pauldrons and bracers from sturdy leather pack.

A Mirror Masked Woman arrives, delivering a message to Joscelin before departing.

Sparte seems to have been goaded into showing up, and not in a failed attempt at being some incognito guardsman this time. He hurriedly goes about getting signed up with Wilhelm's help.

Madeleine has joined the East Spectator Seating.

Lethe takes a moment to look around before she heads to the seating. As she sees Margerie she looks to her with a smile. She takes another look around to see who might be competing.

Alis clangs in to the arena shortly after Edain, her armor shiny and polished as she clinks her way over to where she sees Edain and Marian preparing themselves. At least until teams are called. For now she greets her siblings with a beamed smile though.

A late night was had by Felicia, but still, she's present. The cascade of flaming red hair bound back in a braid to keep it mostly under control and some dark smudges under her eyes, but once she's there and got her helm on, not like it's going to make much of a difference. There's a few nods of acknowledgment for those she recognizes before she finds a spot where she can stretch. Stir a little motion into her stiff body and generally wait to hear how things are going to go.

Rey displays a peculiar hesitation as she comes into the area. She has on her mercy's robes under her white cloak, and carries her doctor's bag with her -- it's pretty clear what she's here to do. And yet she looks around, worry creasing her brow, like she's expecting to be told to leave.

Serenity, Drysi, a young shaman apprentice arrive, following Khanne.

1 Grayson Guardsmen arrives, following Aiden.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Preston before departing.

Dash the Guard Corgi, 2 Iron Guardsmen arrive, following Silas.

Someone apparently remembers the last Melee tourny and the medical emergency thereafter, as Reigna is lugging a full medical kit with her. She busses Kael on the cheek, "Good luck, beloved." She waves brightly to Veronica, "Luck to you as well, Lady Veronica!" She spies other beloved faces, calling out and waving to her friends before she takes a quick seat to the side.

"Joining an event held by my Duke is my duty... but also a pleasure I many ways." As Cristoph speaks he pauses, than notes the Keaton's arrival. "Count and Countess Keaton," A bow. Seeing the team's form the smile only grows.

Cadenza puts a matching pair of silk slippers in an ivory backpack.

Edain has joined the Seating for Red Team.

Madeleine claps as they begin to begin. Her basket of snackies are opened and small meat and cheese pies, some with savory mushrooms, are handed about to those lucky to be nearby. And then, because she's Mangata's, she opens a bottle of smooth scotch and starts passing it around. Along with a bottle of sweet reds. And a bottle of dry white.

Aiden has joined the East Spectator Seating.

Cadenza puts a silk lined white fur cloak that turns to saffron at the hem in an ivory backpack.

Cadenza puts sturdy leather pack in an ivory backpack.

Felicia has joined the Seating for Blue Team.

Khanne has joined the East Spectator Seating.

Reigna has joined the West Spectator Seating.

Ectorion has joined the Seating for Red Team.

Jael has joined the Seating for Blue Team.

Veronica notes Reigna too. Oh, crowds! She extends her nod to the countess before, hearing Cristoph's call, she listens attentively for her team assignment. "Sounds like we're together in this," she notes to both Kael and Norwood.

Alis has joined the Seating for Red Team.

When no one, in fact, tells Rey to leave, she relaxes a little bit and goes to sit in whatever designated first aid area exists.

Esoka has joined the Seating for Blue Team.

Cadenza has joined the Seating for Red Team.

Sparte wields Knothole Stave.

Marian has joined the Seating for Blue Team.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Preston before departing.

Veronica has joined the Seating for Blue Team.

Edain wields regal Valardin winter knight's oathlands steel arming sword.

"RED TEAM!" Theron calls out with a grin, heading over to the area separated for his teammates. "We need a strategy! Who's good at that?!"

"No one else I would wish to have at my back." Kaelqq Veronica get from NORWOOD.

Joscelin smiles a little as Thorley approaches, letting him take her hand, offering with her other a copper belt made of velvet and metal. "This was my not-mother's," she says. "Take good care of it."

Theron has joined the Seating for Red Team.

Norwood has joined the Seating for Blue Team.

3 Armed Confessors arrives, following Giulio.

Sparte has joined the Seating for Red Team.

Giulio has joined the East Spectator Seating.

Preston steps into the gauntlet, his armour marking him out rather obviously as a member of the Faith Militant. The Godsworn Knight makes his way across to Cristoph and inclines his head "Duke Laurent. When do you wish the prayer spoken, before combat or before planning begins?" Helpfully a messenger comes running in with his sword, which Preston attaches to his now crowded belt.

Margerie has been bustling about between different seating areas to distribute baskets of baked goods to the occasional small fry or teenager. It seems she means to make good on her promise at the Rally the other day. There's a satisfied sigh as she sinks down onto the benches at last. "And now they hit one another, yes? We should give them names. Maybe one of them could be some sort of bird..."

"Excellent!" says Kael, nodding his head toward the pair of them before offering his wife a swift kiss goodbye. Thereafter he is easing in and speaking quietly to Norwood and Veronica as they head toward their appropriate team locations.

Dame Marra, a limping fennec fox, Disciple Ismay arrive, following Ailith.

Nevermore, the albino raven arrives, delivering a message to Theron before departing.

Kael has joined the Seating for Blue Team.

Preston gets a dirty, sweat and blood stained torn strip of cloth from Templar Belt.

Well here she was!! Cadenza had let someone talk her into taking their place since something came up. Taking a deep breath she was shocked when she received a messenger with....armor. Blinking she would just get dressed as she made her way over to the red team's side. Taking a deep breath she would trip the hilt of her sword while making her way over.

Cristoph strides to Preson when he spots him and waves him over. "Please, start as soon as you like. Then you can join your team and we'll start the tourney right after that."

Ailith has joined the West Spectator Seating.

Releasing her hand, Thorley settles the belt at his upper right arm, wrapping it a few times to ensure it's secured before he nods up to Joscelin and gives her a grin, the corner of his mouth twitching. "Sounds like I've been called, and you know where to sit. Hope ya remembered the balm for when this is over." With that, he moves to head over to where the red team is forming up.

Trailed by three armed Confessors, Giulio makes his way towards the area where Cambria is set. Settling down beside her, he says, "How is my favorite cousin?" he asks, his voice dry.

Madeleine waves over to Ailith on the other side of the stands. "I brought snacks," she calls out, her voice rich even if loud.

Talen has joined the West Spectator Seating.

Silas has joined the East Spectator Seating.

Talen enters with his wife, taking a seat amongst the west spectator benches, chin tipped up to get a good look at the glorious fighters. Living vicariously, probably.

Joscelin smirks a little, moving to take her seat.

Joscelin has left the East Spectator Seating.

Joscelin has joined the West Spectator Seating.

Cambria turns her attention towards Giulio, sparing the briefest of glances for the three perpetual shadows before she gives her cousin a bright smile. "I am quite well, as should be expected. And yourself?"

Ailith wanders around, mainly guided by Disciple Ismay. THe two are heavily in a conversation, likely work judging by the book the disciple holds open. The Seraph sits quietly and glances to the field of play then back at the book. A familiar voice interrupts and she turns to smile and wave at Madeleine. "Which ones this time?"

Prince Aiden makes his way to the spectator seating and behind him is the Iron Guard Lord Commander, and something about Silas being up in the puts a dimple in Aiden's smile as he points out the teams, "Sparte got in on the red team. But Esoka is on the blue. I can't decide! It'll be a good match up."

Cecilia steps onto the grounds and takes a moment to look around. She smiles rather enigmatically before moving to claim a cup of tea and muffin for herself, then takes finds herself an empty seat to watch the festivities.

Strolling over to where the red team is setting up, Thorley frowns a little. "We need to consider our core experiences." the knight points out. "And focus our attention on taking out their stronger battlers first as a unit, before we move on towards the more inexperienced fighters. I have not had the privledge of facing many of you at this time. But I know that Princess Esoka is a strong contender."

Cecilia has joined the East Spectator Seating.

Reigna has taken up a portion of the Western seaating and is setting up a mini triage station. Bandages, ointment pots and towels are all arranged just so, waiting and ready to be used. She settles in, seated and poised, but there is an air of hyper-alertness as if ready to spring into healer-motion the moment she is needed.

Cadenza was preparing herself for this tournament then looked up to see her cousin. Waving wildly at Eleyna and Talen she would grin as she then blew them a kiss.

Grandt, House Leary man-at-arms arrives, following Fairen.

Esoka shouts a merry but emphatic, "DAME!" in Thorley's direction when she vaguely hears another title attached to herself, cackling.

Eleyna enters on Talen's arm and takes a seat to watch the fighting. She catches Cadenza's wave and offers one in returning, chuckling lightly before she lets her pale blue gaze sweep over the other contenders on the teams.

Eleyna has joined the West Spectator Seating.

"SORRY! DAME! STOP LISTENING IN!" Thorley calls back at Esoka, apparently expecting her to have picked up on it.

Joscelin has left the West Spectator Seating.

Khanne walks into The Gauntlet area, heading first to a set of benches to the east. She smiles at everyone near, but then sees Reigna across the way. "Sorry, I've been meaning to talk to her," she says to those near before she rises up and heads to the other side of the spectator area.

"It is a time of great strife for our people." Preston begins, turning as he marches towards the centre of the gauntlet. He spreads his arms wide, trying to encompass the spectators as he turns "Many of you in the coming days, weeks and months will go to war. There, the fighting will be real. The pain real. The suffering real. The consequences, real. For you, and for all our people. But. Whatever happens there, Gloria will be with you for as long as you hold her and her ideals in your heart. And those ideals are the ideals of our people - honour, virtue, duty. With those, you may find yourself alone against a horde, and yet feel her presence. Feel Gloria beside you. And now, we fight a tournament in her honour in our time of peace. Before we go, we wish her to know we remember her. That we honour her. That we love her. And that whether we are granted victory or defeat, life or death, all that we are we owe to her and the Gods."Preston bows his head then and he begins the slow more rhythmic speech of rehearsed prayer "Oh Gloria, please watch as he give homage and praise to you by taking up arms in a competition on the field of honour. Guide us not to victory, but to a more perfect representation of you so that we may please you and honour you, no matter the outcome. Keep all here in your heart, as we keep you close to ours, in the coming trials. And know that our love for you is as eternal as the flames of the Faith."

Madeleine is giving a blessing over her bottles of liquor and tasty pies. She's that kind of an Archlector and it shows.

Khanne has left the East Spectator Seating.

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Fairen has joined the West Spectator Seating.

Thorley has joined the Seating for Red Team.

Silas walks onto the Gauntlet grounds alongside Aiden, then falls back a pace when he leads them into the stands. He takes stock of the teams lined up when they finally do find a pair of seats and raises a brow. "Oooh, this will be a toughie." He doesn't make any further commentary, however, and slinks into his claimed seat beside Aiden.

Madeleine does add, "Praise and honor to Gloria," after Preston gives his own prayer. "And may Her virtues guide us."

Theron spins the axe in his hands as he speaks with the red team, falling silent as Preston gives his prayer. He nods once.

Guy, a hunting kestrel have been dismissed.

"Praise to Gloria." Felicia concurs before setting her helm on her head.

Balian, a Templar squire have been dismissed.

Arriving as a stark contrast to those gathered around him, Marquis Fairen Leary enters the seating area silently, followed by his guardsmen. Spying Margerie, he starts to make his way towards her, and settles himself into a seat nearby.

Preston has joined the Seating for Blue Team.

Mongoose have been dismissed.

Esoka rises for the prayer to Gloria, murmuring an "Honors be to all" at the close of it. She offers a deep bow to Preston and Madeleine, before returning to discussion with her team.

Mongoose have been dismissed.

Joscelin has joined the West Spectator Seating.

Marian pauses in her talking to the team to stand up as well to give prayer to Gloria. She ends her prayer with, "Honors be to all." Then gives a deep bow to Preston and Madeleine as well before sitting down with her team.

Dust the rat arrives, delivering a message to Ailith before departing.

Sparte chuckles at something said over in the red team, leaning on his staff and giving Theron a goofy grin.

Cristoph bows his head as Sir Preston begins to speak on Gloria and lead everyone in prayer. He quietly mumbles his own words and keeps his eyes closed until such a time as the man has finished. "Thank you, Sir Preston of the Faith of the Pantheon and of the Order of the Templars! I look forward to seeing you on the field in a few minutes. Please, feel free to join your team." To the rest of the crowd, "We'll be starting in about ten minutes. So ready yourselves!"

Alis bows her head, eyes closed as Sir Preston starts them all off with a prayer. A few words are obviously murmured after he is finished. But then, she looks back up and at her team, the discussion obviously quite intent.

Cristoph has joined the East Spectator Seating.

Aida, an old woman arrives, following Christine.

Edain quiest from the strategy they are forming at the red team paddock and kneels to offer a quiet personal prayer to Gloria and the Pantheon before rising.

Margerie lifts a broken muffin dripping with red jam over her head. "Go Team ... Redswords! You beat those... Blue bellies!" Okay, so she hasn't quite thought out the team names yet.

Christine is late. Sooo late! Maybe the fact that she walks slowly and leaning on her cane and servant has something to do... The lady walks to the benches in a slow pace and she sits on one of them with a sigh, looking around. She has a smile for those she knows.

Silas has left the East Spectator Seating.

Silas has joined the Seating for Red Team.

Sparte snaps a quick salute to Silas when he approaches the red team.

Christine has joined the East Spectator Seating.

WIth everyone praying in one way or another, over one thing or another, to one God or another or many, Khanne looks around, unsure of herself for a moment. Clearing her throat, she closes her eyes and takes in a deep breath. She does not speak a prayer, but seems to be in a silent, meditative prayer of some sort nonetheless.

Jael looks up at the stands when Margerie calls out, from the Blue Team seating. With a frisson of deep dismay, "Aunt Maaaaargie..."

Kael looks up and over at his aunt with this call, giving Margerie a particularly pointed look with her declaration.

Aiden can be heard yelling something at Silas but in the din, it's hard to pick out as the Baron leaves the stands to join one of the teams.

Confessor Imori, 2 Grayson Guardsmen, Confessor Warren, 5 Armed Confessors, Confessor Kinista arrive, following Tikva.

Tikva has joined the West Spectator Seating.

Margerie mouths, "Sorry!" to her nephew and near niece. She points at the muffin as if it held some sort of sacred compelling power to force her hand in this matter.

Veronica overhears Margerie as well in the midst of exchanging words with the Blues. "Blue bellies? What?" She squints around. "You heard that too?" she asks Kael, then looks distinctively amused when her gaze lands on Margerie and then muffins. Oh,reaaally?

"VICTORY FOR THE BLUE TEAM!" Reigna uses her outdoor voice (she's been taking lessons from Kael,) and shoots her aunt a dirty look.

Mongoose have been dismissed.

Silas hums thoughtfully, and leans in towards Aiden. He whispers something with an apologetic smile before standing from his seat and scrambling out of the stands, into the fighting area.

Garibaldi, the Lycene swordbearer have been dismissed.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Cadenza before departing.

Dame Marra, a limping fennec fox have been dismissed.

Disciple Ismay have been dismissed.

Cadenza was cracking up it would seem down by the Red Team.

Serenity have been dismissed.

Drysi, a young shaman apprentice have been dismissed.

Preston wields Longsword of the Holy Knights of the Templle.

Theron wields a simple boarding axe.

Sparte gives a look of shock to the rest of the red team. "But where will we find that many beets?!" A pause, and then an ooooh sound. "/Beat/ them. Right."

Silas wields silver hued steel long sword wrapped in carmine leather.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Joscelin stand up, cups her mouth with her hands, and shouts: "GO RED TIME, KICK ARSE AND TAKE NO PRISONERS! WOO!" ....before demurely sitting back down.

Veronica wields Blackfang.

2 Iron Guardsmen have been dismissed.

Once the plans seem to be getting settled, Thorley steps back for a moment. He speaks in quiet prayer to Gloria, before hearing the call from the stands and glances up. Lifting his sword, he calls out, "FOR GLORIA! AND FOR JOSCELIN!" With that, he gives a sharp nod to Silas. "Understood." he offers quickly.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Ectorion wields bastard sword of the king's own.

Aiden laughs at hearing Joscelin and finds something red to wave around, a red pennant, adds in his voice: " Go Red Team!"

"RED TEAM!" Theron calls out, grinning at Sparte before nodding to the Iron Guardsman. "CRIMSON BRINGS THE VICTORY!"

Some guys down below make a bunch of noise and cue for the combat to begin!

The Archlector stands and yells, "FOR GLORIA! FOR SPORTSMANSHIP!" She's not taking a colored side.

Cambria calls out from where she's seat, hands to either side of her mouth as she does so, "Go team Red!"

Tikva fills her lungs to call, "GO BLUE! Because I got here late and that's where Esoka is!"

"Go Red Team!" Fairen calls out, raising both hands to his mouth to amplify the sound.

"I'm here to bruise and not to lose, so let's get those blues!" Theron shouts to his team.

Lethe lets out a cheer. "Go Red Team."

Norwood, mildly. "They are very loud."

Preston steps out from the blue benches, reaching up to pull his helmet down firmly over his head. He pulls his Templar longsword clear of its scabbard, which is tossed to the benches behind and he strides out into the field "Gloria is not deaf and the spectators are not blind. They will both hear our prayers and see the sport - the victory is irrelevant. The Gods are what matters." For once Preston only needs to worry about himself and one other person, which is a nice change, and he gives a nod to Felicia as he hefts his shield "For Gloria's honour."

Alis takes minor damage.

Kael takes minor damage.

Madeleine is overheard praising Preston for: Leading us all in prayer and reminding us why we're here.

Ectorion takes minor damage.

Jael takes minor damage.

Esoka takes moderate damage.

Joscelin stands again, cupping her hands around her mouth, "HIT. HARDER." And then sits back down to resume her conversation.

2 House Wyrmguard Guards, Springbottom, the ravenous pygmy goat arrive, following Sorrel.

Kael takes minor damage.

Norwood takes serious damage.

Sorrel has joined the East Spectator Seating.

Edain takes serious damage.

Khanne looks towards the fight when it begins, watching some blows exchanged. She winces at one or two, then shouts out, "go teams!!!! Wooo!"

Theron frowns as two others of his team start engaging Esoka. He shrugs, and taps Sparte's shoulder, pointing to another target.

Ectorion takes minor damage.

Preston takes minor damage.

Edain takes moderate damage.

Dandy, the red fox arrives, delivering a message to Khanne before departing.

Alis takes minor damage.

Felicia takes serious damage.

Madeleine hisses in a breath of air at some of the more severe hits against the many many fighters, keeping an eye on a few she knows but not showing favorites either way. She takes a sip of her scotch and passes the bottle around again.

Preston strides through the battle to find the Oathlander Prince, yet his blade finds only the metal of Edain's blade even as the prince focuses on another "Impressive." Preston murmers before twistling his blade in his hand and slowly circling. His next strike hits but gets nowhere - skittering along metal. The final attack of the trio again only finds Edain's blade "Well fought, your grace" Preston comments, some degree of grunting there as the steel armour and blade take some amount of his focus and strength. "

Ectorion takes moderate damage.

Terribly morose and with one arm hanging uselessly in a sling, Courage makes his way around to one of the spectator areas, finding a spot and nudging his way into it with little regard for who he's actually sitting by.

Courage has joined the West Spectator Seating.

Reigna's attention is glued to the match, her hands gripping her knees before she lets out a loud cheer, "KEATONS! LAURENTS! BLUE TEAM!" Definitely been taking projection lessons from Kael.

It may be true, that of Christine being sick these last days... The lady doesn't cheer and yell as usual, but she just stays quiet looking at the fight and, at most, chatting quietly with those on her benches. She would clap her hands and smile, though.

Dandy, the red fox arrives, delivering a message to Joscelin before departing.

Edain takes serious damage.

Preston takes minor damage.

Serenity arrives, delivering a message to Joscelin before departing.

Silas takes minor damage.

Felicia checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 6, rolling 67 higher.

Felicia remains capable of fighting.

Alis is incredibly focused once the battle begins, fending off sword strikes and trying to manouver around all these tall people! It's without a whole lot of success, though she is proving to be quite capable of keeping the one she defends from being harmed as well as ducking and parrying with more skill than she's been known to display in the past.

"Aye, for Gloria." Felicia agree's, clapping her hand on Preston's back. The redheaded knight might not be as recognizable with her helm on, working with the Templar something that she's cheerfully inclined to do, even if that great sword of hers makes it more difficult. It's costly, but it works, and she has to tap his shoulder again to let him know,"I'm out!"

Be it luck, skill, or Esoka (it's totally Esoka), Jael looks rather astonished to still be on the field. Still, her gaze is flinty as she pushes forward again, bee sword clenched so tightly her knuckles are white.

Cadenza had been relentless at going after Jail but it seems Esoka was getting in her way. Huffing, each strike was parried as she slid back and looked over to Alis with a smile. Blowing a stray strand of hair out of her face she'd chuckle, nodding to her before heading back into the fray.

And as the two teams fall on each other, There is a flurry of blows and and blads and lots of grunts. Edain tries to intercept his Sister in Law. But he is stoped by Norwood and escended on by two other fighters. Preston and Felica batter him hard, and so he tries to wheel on them to force them back.. but while he manages to light strikes.. it is not before Felicia brings down her great sword on his shield and it shatters in a hail of slinters and rends his shoulder that's been dislocated more than he'd like to admit and forces him to his knee. "I Yeild!" the prince of Sanctum Proclaims.

There is some sastifaction that taking such a powerful blow gave someone the opening to know out Felicia herself.

Esoka wards off blows from many sides. She takes a few hits, but mostly stays in decent fighting form. Her own focus is narrowed on Silas, bashing at his guard. With limited effect, but she keeps at it. Firm in that philosophy that, if you hit something hard enough, it'll go down eventually. She tries to keep Jael from taking too many blows as they get into it. flashing a big grin to the Laurent lady before her blade raises again.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Khanne before departing.

Ectorion had been doing his best to cover his cousin, but finally sees Edain wobble and dances back, going fully defensive to cover the Prince's retreat. "Rest well cousin, we shall finish this in your stead!" As the Prince withdraws, he'll move again into the battle to avenge his 'fallen' cousin.

Dandy, the red fox arrives, delivering a message to Joscelin before departing.

Marian keeps her focus on Alis, teaming up with Norwood to double tag the Valardin general. She gives a smile of triumph as Edain starts to withdraw from the field but the smile is short lived because their team lost Felicia. She shakes her head, gets back in the game and continues her assault on her sister of the heart.

6 Thrax Guards arrives, following Abbas.

Rey doesn't look happy about watching people beat up on each other. But she's already organized and re-organized her medical bag, and doesn't really have anything else to look at.

Sparte shifts through the battle with Theron at his side, taking a potshot here or a potshot here. Then he sees Felicia focused on the offense with Preston playing guardsman, and he gets a big grin. He and Theron split, Theron keeping Preston busy while Sparte whips in with his staff from Felicia's unprotected side to smack her in the sword arm twice. Good, solid hits that'll leave it feeling numb for a while. "You're terribly dangerous, I must insist you rest your arm a while."

Kael takes serious damage.

When Felicia and Edain quit the field, he stands up from where he's taken a seat and claps his hands together loudly. "Nice show, High Lord Edain and Dame Felicia!" He calls out to them before departing the stands and wandering down onto ground once again.

Felicia has left the Seating for Blue Team.

Ectorion takes minor damage.

Edain has left the Seating for Red Team.

Kael has been fighting alongside Veronica, taking a few blows from Silas and Thorley, even as he continues his pursuit of Ectorion. When Edain leaves the field, there is a glance his way, but none of the Keaton's typical cheer -- he's too busy trying to keep from blows. Maybe the look was enough, for Throley gets in a fierce hit!

Silas is, for once, not clad in a full suit of steel... which may explain how he can manage to dodge someone as skilled as Esoka while focusing on guarding Sir Thorley and attacking Count Keaton. He has middling success with the later, however, and Esoka does manage to get past his guard once. It's not a hard hit, but it does cause him to wince and stumble. And he squints when Jael then comes after him. "Ah crapbaskets," he eloquently puts it.

Alis had been doing her best to help Cadenza get around Esoka, but she sports a seemingly out of place smile of pride upon realizing that Marian has chosen her to focus on wearing down. She stands a little taller, when she isn't turning now to try and tangle with her sister.

a fire salamander arrives, delivering a message to Khanne before departing.

As he was told to do, Thorley is concentrating all of his attention and attacks on Count Kael. The knight's posture holds a defensiveness to it, which would probably explain why he's not hit that hard, until he finally manages to get through to a weak point and find a solid hit.

Jael matches Esoka's grin and then it's back into the fray, making crapbaskets for Silas.

Veronica takes serious damage.

Cristoph has left the East Spectator Seating.

Kit, the grey fox, a tiny man with a BIG unpronounceable name arrive, following Monique.

Esoka takes moderate damage.

Veronica takes moderate damage.

Veronica takes serious damage.

There is a hiss from Reigna when Thorley connects and hits Kael, wincing, Reigna leans forward and lets out another of her shouts, "KEATONS! BLUE TEAM!" someone is going to be hoarse after this.

Cristoph has joined the West Spectator Seating.

Felicia had been a little preoccupied, both by the adrenaline of the overhand swing she'd gotten on Edain, and by the sudden realization that her ribs /hurt/, like, a lot. Where Sparte managed to sneak in her side. At least she's in good company, when she has to cede the field, though it doesn't take much of an eye, when she slides away her sword so she can favor those ribs, to notice Edain's arm,"Gods, my apology's your highness, it wasn't my intent to cause you that degree of grief." she offers apologetically as she limps off the field.

When Kael comes in after him, Ectorion grunts, "Well met," he offers cheerfully, before spinning around and driving a hard attack at the Count in a sudden series of blows. The King's Own's attack is intercepted by Veronica, before he raise his sword in salute and moves away from that pair again towards his original quarry.

Aiden stands up and waves his red pennant, " Go team red!" And he adds a shrill whistle before he retakes his seat.

Madeleine bites her lip as Veronica takes quite of bit of punishment. "Oh dear, that poor woman."

Veronica is somewhere in the flurry of battol. She whacks. Exchanges blows. As Kael takes some knocks, she moves to give him a reprieve. And GUARDS. And still stands. For now.

Joscelin has left the West Spectator Seating.

When his cousin takes a few blows that were clearly meant for him, Kael is calling forth a quick, "Stop defending!" toward Veronica. There is definite concern flashing in his eyes at his cousin and he draws back to her to assess momentarily. Once this is done, he grunts toward Ectorion, managing a, "Well met," in turn though he's showing signs of exertion.

Acilius arrives, following Valerio.

Veronica checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 21, rolling 40 higher.

Veronica remains capable of fighting.

Esoka takes moderate damage.

Norwood takes moderate damage.

Joscelin has joined the West Spectator Seating.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Khanne before departing.

Focused on Kael, Reigna missed the blows to Veronica, but her attention shifts to the Sword of Oakhaven and she stands up seeing her condition. Seeing her rally, retake her position, Reigna calls out, "VERONICA KEATON!" Yes, Reigna has a new hero.

Cadenza had managed to swing at Jael again but instead Esoka got in the way. However this time she actually managed to hit Esoka and winced. "Oh....crap....." Smiling she would wiggle her fingers before raising that sword again.

Monique slips in to watch the tournament, grabbing a coffee and a pastry as she arrives. Sustenance accomplished, she casts a look about the field at the combatants for a moment before turning her gaze to the seating, mossy eyes searching.

Veronica does, however, reach the point where she has to: "YIELD." She hangs in there a bit longer, but then out she starts to come with a nod to Kael that says, 'Keep at it!'

Norwood takes minor damage.

Thorley stops his attack for only a moment as Veronica yells out her yield. The knight gives her a quick nod of appreciation of her skills, before he returns to the heat of battle.

When his cousin drops off, Kael winces and casts an apologetic look toward her. He may have even mouthed a 'sorry' her way before he turns back to face those focusing on him.

Christine sighs and she eventually leans on Aida and stands up. She sends kisses to those on her bench and those away she knows and she eventually makes her move to leave, after cheering a bit for the fighters.

Christine has left the East Spectator Seating.

Aida, an old woman leaves, following Christine.

Veronica has left the Seating for Blue Team.

Kael takes minor damage.

Enter the infamous Abbas Thrax. Accompanied by his retinue of ex-reavers the prince makes his way in late. The men around him on edge and on guard. This is far from their typical relaxed and lazy demeanor. Abbas is clad in the red hue of his squid thematic armor. His face is covered by the tentacled helm. Tentacles hang down the front of his chest but the telltale black-grey dreads are present. He has his butcher's ax on his belt and as he arrives he searches for a place to reside; settling on the East Spectator Seating.

Abbas has joined the East Spectator Seating.

Luca has joined the East Spectator Seating.

Cecilia has left the East Spectator Seating.

Norwood takes moderate damage.

Kael takes moderate damage.

Norwood takes moderate damage.

Marian speaks some low words to Norwood, leaving him to fight with Alis as she then moves in to take Sparte who took out Veronica. She gives him a light smile, as she moves in to engage him.

Rey is looking for things to look at other than the melee, and thus notices Abbas come in. She waves to him, but doesn't leave her place at the designated first aid area to join him.

Felicia elects to find herself a seat back on the blue teams bench, for now, unbuckling her breastplate to get a better feel for her ribs, at least with her fingers.

Felicia has joined the Seating for Blue Team.

Theron is focused on trying to get at Marian, but Norwood keeps getting in the way! He swings the axe at the other Sword, while trying to get to the Princess behind him.

Madeleine bites her lip at Kael and Norwood taking decent hits. Ouch! She offers tarts and savory pies to her benchmates once more but she's more focused on fighting and drinking to eat.

Norwood checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 9, rolling 17 higher.

Norwood remains capable of fighting.

Silas takes minor damage.

Sparte grins at Marian, shaking his head a bit as he takes a more defensive stance. "Did I ever tell you the story of the feather and the rabbit, Princess? Bit distracted just now-" He shifts to evade another swing from Preston. "But I'm the feather."

Cristoph drops a case of Tokens to Gloria - please take one.

Preston takes moderate damage.

Norwood checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 13, rolling 53 higher.

Norwood remains capable of fighting.

Felicia gets a Token of Gloria from a case of Tokens to Gloria - please take one.

Reigna gets a Token of Gloria from a case of Tokens to Gloria - please take one.

Ectorion gets a Token of Gloria from a case of Tokens to Gloria - please take one.

Oh, it's Luca. His eyes are hooded, sleepily. His shirt's pretty clean. His hair's mostly combed. He's only shown up to watch, weaving through the crowd until he reaches the spectator seating at the east end of the course. "You know, if I had woken up /earlier/ I could have found a better place to sit in order to provide /encouragement/ to my fellow fighters..." with a mutter "... or heckle, but, mostly cheer." He flashes a lopsided smirk, offering a nod here and there to function as a greeting as he flops onto a bench and sprawls. He removes a wine flask that's decorated with Mangata's sigil on it, toasts the field, and proceeds to drink.

Sorrel gets a Token of Gloria from a case of Tokens to Gloria - please take one.

Alis gets a Token of Gloria from a case of Tokens to Gloria - please take one.

Aiden gets a Token of Gloria from a case of Tokens to Gloria - please take one.

Cadenza gets a Token of Gloria from a case of Tokens to Gloria - please take one.

Sparte gets a Token of Gloria from a case of Tokens to Gloria - please take one.

Marian gives a grin and shakes her head as she then passes once again to Alis since Norwood has to leave the field. She gives a wink to Sparte, "You'll have to tell me the story later. She grins at Alis, "Looks like we're at it again.

Theron gets a Token of Gloria from a case of Tokens to Gloria - please take one.

Fairen gets a Token of Gloria from a case of Tokens to Gloria - please take one.

Norwood has left the Seating for Blue Team.

Silas takes moderate damage.

Preston takes minor damage.

Ectorion takes minor damage.

Slipping relatively quietly into a tournament area is fairly easy for someone wearing amror. So many other noises to mask arrivals, including others than Valerio. The one eyed old man is slightly startled when Abbas Thrax passes him towards the East seating. Blinking away that surprise, Valerio continues his stalking path, skidding briefly to a halt as he observes Kael in action on the blue team, so he crows out to his friend. "Yeah, you're not supposed to let them h-" Upon realizing Theron is on the red team, the cry turns into a softer. "Oh bugger." Ahem. "Pointy end into the simulated enemy, Theron!" A grin in place and Valerio is turning towards the East Seating, he clambers on up to thud himself into place near his Niece.

Alis had been trying to find her way around Norwood to get to Jael and Esoka so she can help Cadenza - but Norwood just seems to keep popping up in front of her like a jack in the box. When he finds he has to yield though, she withdraws her sword so that she can bow towards him. And then focus on Marian again. "It seems so. And always an honor to match swords with you."

Veronica has ambled back bench-wards in the team seating. She parks herself there, upright, and interested to continue to watch the fight and the remaining competitors. Rib rubbing takes place, though, in an area that will be tenderized later.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Cristoph before departing.

Sparte takes minor damage.

Ectorion continues to try and get past Norwood and to Marian, his assigned target, working to slip through the defenses. Finally he has to batter down Norwood to get past the man, continuing his assaults.

Esoka keeps on parrying, dodging, weaving, and shoving her blade at Silas. With a grunt of frustration, mostly, though she grins in satisfaction as she gets past him once or twice. A glance at her shoulder at Jael. "You're doing well, my lady! Keep hitting! They fall eventually."

Preston takes moderate damage.

Reigna has left the West Spectator Seating.

Reigna grabs some bandages and small pots of salve and hurries over to the Blue Team seating.

Getting in the way is a talent and Norwood uses it over and over again! When finally enough damage is given he steps back, "I yield! Good luck Jael!" Then retreats to the blue seating

Madeleine gets a Token of Gloria from a case of Tokens to Gloria - please take one.

The multi-tasking is getting to him! A light blow from Jael gets swiftly followed up by a much harsher blow from Esoka, which has Silas reeling back a bit from his assault on Kael. He remains on his feet and stalwart in his conviction to stick to the plan, though, and continues to follow after Kael. If it was true combat, it -might- be a little scary.

Monique gets a Token of Gloria from a case of Tokens to Gloria - please take one.

Cristoph winces when Norwood is knocked out of the competition and yields. "Excellent fight, Sir Norwood!" He calls out to him when he quits the field.

Jael flashes a toothy grin at Esoka and lifts her bee-blade in response. "Keep hitting," she echoes like a chant. Then Norwood retreats and she calls after him, "See if Aunt Margie will patch you up."

Cadenza would look to Alis and nodded. Laughing a bit she would then look to Jael and Esoka with a smile. "Wish I got to meet you guys formally before all this!"

Preston takes minor damage.

Preston takes moderate damage.

Kael takes moderate damage.

Ailith gets a Token of Gloria from a case of Tokens to Gloria - please take one.

Kael continues to pursue his declared target, though it's a bit difficult while simultaneously trying to cross blades for defense against the others. He grunts slightly and nods to Silas, only to be hit by Thorley. It's hard enough to have him waver, but he stubbornly attempts to continue at least for one round more.

Norwood gets a Token of Gloria from a case of Tokens to Gloria - please take one.

"Marshal!" Cambria calls out. "I see you're no longer buried under paperwork. Come, come, sit with Giulio and I. He only just broke out the brandy." Having noticed Valerio's curious reaction, the Marquessa swings her gaze towards...Abbas Thrax! Her expression becomes inscrutable, and then she leans aside to her cousin to not so subtly suggest he offer the Thrax prince a drink as well.

Having finished some business that he couldn't avoid, Brogan has come to see how the Tournament is going, and whistles at the gathered crowd that has come to watch. His eyes scan the crowd, but he remains standing at the entrance for now as his eyes drift to the combat below.

Margerie's wheeling and dealing up in the stands was at a pause in time to hear Jael over the crowd. She smirks and calls out, "Jael, we want him to recover, don't we? He'd best see the Countess for any patching." That said, she does bow her head towards the downed Sword after he yields

"Meeting in the battle area," Jael tells Cadenza breathlessly before swinging at Silas and whiffing completely, "Is generally my favorite way to meet people."

Norwood calls out, "I am just fine thank you! "

There's an almost apologetic look offered from Thorley even though grim determination masks it. He was given his orders, and he's staying by them, remaining near Silas as he presses the attack on Count Kael.

Theron is attacking Preston by switching the way he grips the axe to slam it into the man's chest. He reverses the grip again, nodding once to Sparte as he defends another strike, with a feral grin. When Cambria calls out 'Marshal', he looks around. Spotting Valerio, the Sword of Ostria waves.

"Go blue!" Felicia offers from the sidelines, mentally counting with the slight shake of her head,"Five to seven, blues!" she offers from her spot, still testing her ability to breathe with her ribs in their current state.

Monique has joined the East Spectator Seating.

Thorley gets a Token of Gloria from a case of Tokens to Gloria - please take one.

Cadenza puts a Token of Gloria in an ivory backpack.

Sparte flicks one end of the staff in a parry even as he clips Preston with the other end in the leg. He takes a gap in the fighting to speak to the Templar. "Do you know what you get when you cross a Templar with a wedding planner?" ...Yeah, he just asked that.

Echo gets a Token of Gloria from a case of Tokens to Gloria - please take one.

Alis mouths to Preston. "We're sorry." .. for inflicting Sparte on him, obviously.

Alis takes minor damage.

Marian smiles as she manages to get a hit through Alis' guard. She gives her sister a smile, "You are getting tired." She dodges a few more blows sent her way and keeps on fighting. Playing the patient game.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Cristoph before departing.

Echo has joined the West Spectator Seating.

Another flick of his staff at Preston as Sparte continues on with a grin. "A devout devotional for the devotions of the devoted."

Alis huffs a bit of a breath, giving Marian a game smile. "Please. Hardly even out of breath." she quips, scowling a wee bit when that hit gets through. Small though it may be. "Okay, maybe a little bit. But I'm a stubborn little shit as you well know." At least she is keeping her sister busy!

Preston checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 2, rolling 38 higher.

Preston remains capable of fighting.

Preston checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 10, rolling 28 higher.

Preston remains capable of fighting.

Marian takes moderate damage.

Alis takes minor damage.

Cadenza's smile would grin then as she nodded. "Well that case.....even better!" Nodding to Jael she would spin around as she went back into battle with Striker with a flick of her wrist.

Preston holds up his hand as another blow hits on him, and his sword finds nothing "Yield." And he walks from the field.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Ailith before departing.

Making his way down closer to the sidelines as he takes out a flask from his pocket, Brogan shouts out to Marian, "Looks like fun!" seeing her in the Pit. Once he's by the sidelines he notices Felicia, and shakes his flask in her direction. Need a drink?"

Luca cups a hand around his mouth, stamping his feet on the ground as he cheers, "BEANPOLE! RON-RON! Go Red!" He shakes the flask, making a face at it, tucking it away.

Marian gives a quick wave to Brogan as he comes to observe and winces as one of Ectorion's attacks gets through. Although she's getting blows from others, she doesn't stop attacking Alis.

Esoka offers a knight's salute to Preston as he quits the field. Still trying to pin down Silas. Still having little luck, though she's keeping her own guard high and hasn't taken any hurts that require her to limp off the field. Yet. Her gaze sweeps about, to track how many of their opponents remain (many), and her body shifts slight as the aim of her blade redirects. "It has been fun dancing with you, Baron Silas," she says wry.

Lethe has left the West Spectator Seating.

Ectorion manages, at last, to get past Marian's defenses as she continues to go after Alis. "Tsk tsk. Are you sure you can afford to ignore me?" he chides, grinning as he shifts then. He doesn't just keep after Marian, he's now actively interposing himself between her and Alis, pressing the attack further.

Kael takes moderate damage.

Preston has left the Seating for Blue Team.

Ectorion takes moderate damage.

Felicia chins up in Brogan's direction with a smile when she hears his voice, electing to pick herself up from the bench to make her way over to accept the flask from him for a sip,"Every time I come to one of these, I'm reminded there is always room for improvement in my battling."

Kael checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 24, rolling 27 higher.

Kael remains capable of fighting.

Following Luca's cheer, Cambria also calls out encouragement to 'Ron-Ron.'

With the one-two punch from Thorley and Silas, followed by an attack from Sparte, Kael is lifting his hand and yielding.

Monique joins the east benches, grinning out onto the field. "Go, Marian!" she cheers loudly, boldly, pride evident on her flushed cheeks. "You can take them all!" She murmurs something lower, aside to the people nearest her.

Sparte pulls his blow short of another tap at Kael, giving the man an apologetic look. "Sorry! A proper spar some time!"

"I'm able to swim in the paperwork now, My Lady. I was nagged into taking a break before I lost my mind. Ah Brandy! I could do with some, yes. The preparations go well." Valerio does indeed clamber up to where invited. Then there is a barked laugh as Theron is waving. "Careful, or you'll end up looking like me from the distraction!" Leaning back Valerio more quiestlya dds with humor for Cambria and Giulio. "That'll teach him to have such a perfect nose, messing about in tournaments and the like. Still... it's not a bad way to observe his readiness."

Balian, a Templar squire have been dismissed.

Guy, a hunting kestrel have been dismissed.

Khanne looks out to the field and asks, "which team is winning so far?" She spots Valerio in his armor across the way and waves over to him with a smile before turning her attention back to those in her own seating area.

Esoka dives toward Ectorion, when she sees Kael getting pressed. Her blade does him little damage, but it at least strikes something. Rather like a knock. Hello there, knight, may I come in?

"Hogwash, this isn't even over yet," Theron comments to Valerio with a bright grin, looking around for a possible target.

Esoka takes minor damage.

Esoka takes serious damage.

Kael has left the Seating for Blue Team.

Leaning against the sidelines near the Blue Team seating, Brogan looks around and asks Felicia, "How's it going?" and looks between the seating of the two teams. "Aye, Each fight you walk away from is one you should learn from." Hearing Khanne's voice, the big Northman turns, and sends a wave in her direction.

"Likewise," Silas answers Esoka with a wry grin, as she attempts to disengage. He does step aside to let Thorley by, however, while he fixates his attention on his other attacker: Jael. Who... Esoka was apparently protecting. "Well fought, Count Keaton!"

Jael sees her guardian take a hefty hit and her blue eyes go wide, but she adjusts the grip on her blade and her jaw sets with determination.

Ectorion's stance switches as he gets pressed by more attackers, guarding Princess Alis. The King's Own Knight shifts his footwork and moves to a defensive posture, turning aside blows and channeling those he can't avoid entirely to the strongest points of his armor, letting it be a bulwark, becoming a wall of steel to protect his charge.

Esoka checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 35, rolling 25 higher.

Esoka remains capable of fighting.

Esoka checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 72, rolling 4 higher.

Esoka remains capable of fighting.

Felicia nods towards the field,"Princess Redrain, Dame Esoka and the Lady Laurent are the last one's of the blue team on the field. Whereas the red team still has seven of eight. The writing is already on the wall." there's a slight shrug of her shoulders and a smile for Brogan as she passes back the flask to him,"Now there's two. Gloria definitely favored the red today."

Alis is overheard praising Esoka.

Kael removes himself from combat, looking a bit worse for wear. He is going to be so very sore very soon. He begins the process of ambling over to his wife, though does offer a respectful salute to both his comrades as well as foes upon the field. "Well fought," he manages to call, able to channel a bit of his Tournament Voice <tm> still.

Jael is overheard praising Esoka for: What a protector! What a fighter!

Silas is overheard praising Esoka.

Corban has joined the East Spectator Seating.

Marian is overheard praising Esoka for: For trying to stay in as long as she could.

Sparte considers the balance of the fight so far, and feigns an injury. "Ach! Pulled a calf muscle. I yield, I yield." He does his fake little hobble off to the bleachers.

Esoka staggers under the blow from Silas, but she keeps going. And going, and going, and...well, if you hit something hard enough, it /will/ go down eventually. And she does, with a heavy thump. She lays there panting for a moment. Seeing stars in the ceiling. But manages to hold up a gauntlet. "I yield. Gloria's honors to the field."

Harmon has joined the West Spectator Seating.

Alis definitely takes the time to give Esoka a salute of respect when she's able to take some of those crushing blows. "Well fought, Dame Esoka." she praises respectfully, then flashing Marian another grin. "Please try not to dent my armor too much as I wobble."

Lord Corban Telmar, one of the overseers of this little arena, makes his way on into the Gauntlet and claps his hands together at all of the people. "Ah. Always good to see the Gauntlet in use so well," he says to no one in particular. He then makes his way into the spectator seating, going to join his wife.

:says, "Crap...okay. Let me do that."

Marian is dodging blows right and left as the fight wears down and her team is whittled to just three. She winces as she notices that Esoka has to leave the field, leaving just her and Jael. She gives a motion to her fellow teammate, "To the last!" And keeps on fighting.

Reigna is on hand at the Blue Team area, and decends upon poor Veronica with linen bandages, "Upupup, let me wrap those ribs." And then there is a Kael! She looks him over with a fierce eye, hunting any injuries lest they go unnoticed. "You were *amazing*." And then there are chaste kisses peppered to his cheeks, so he must be ok.

Fairen has left the West Spectator Seating.

Grandt, House Leary man-at-arms leaves, following Fairen.

"TO THE LAST!" Jael shouts in her best loud Laurent voice as the fight goes on.

Silas isn't -really- meaning to hit Esoka after she so graciously left him alone, and winces when she finally does go down in what appears to be a flurry of blows. He offers her a silent salute before he continues.

Theron nods once to Esoka after striking her one last time, turning to face Marian. He spins the axe, and heads in that direction.

Marian takes moderate damage.

Sparte has left the Seating for Red Team.

Esoka has left the Seating for Blue Team.

Wilhelm the Iron Messenger have been dismissed.

Cadenza would land a hit on Esoka but as she was finally taken down she would give her a salute and smile. "An honor!!!" And wit that she would dive right back into battle, huffing slightly as she tried to get used to that feel of armor again.

Sparte has joined the East Spectator Seating.

Esoka manages to drag herself off the field, with a final salute to her opponents. And a fierce, "TO THE LAST!" over her shoulder to Marian and Jael. She finds a place to collapse and reorient her vision until she's only seeing one of everything.

Ectorion continues to shift and spin, going between Alis and those who close with the Princess, turning aside blow after blow. He probably won't be landing any of his own, but the Knight knows how to protect a target.

Harmon hurriedly takes a seat, intending to watch and learn for reasons only known to himself.

Esoka has joined the Seating for Blue Team.

Alis digs her heels in, and shifts her weight. Her sword held in a slightly different angle as she becomes more aggressive in her attacks. To try and get in under Marian's guard while Ectorion is protecting her.

Ectorion takes minor damage.

Marian takes moderate damage.

Sparte settles into a seat, letting the feigned leg injury fade as he looks on towards the fighters.

Marian takes moderate damage.

Kael accepts the kisses, of course, and he's reaching out to squeeze Reigna's arm briefly before, well, flopping to the ground with a huff. He'll take a moment to rest as he watches the finale of the tournament.

Event Cristoph looks a little dumbfounded that Jael is the last member left standing on her team. From where he sits, he kind of just holds his hands up to her and makes weird waving motions at her.

Alis is overheard praising Marian for: As worthy as ever to face in battle, beloved sister.

Theron strikes at Marian after his teammates do, nodding once to the Redrain Sword. "Well fought." And then he's smiling to Jael, axe in hand to reach for her.

Esoka is overheard praising Jael for: To the last, by Gloria!

Eleyna accepts Talen's arm with a little no and rises from her seat. She gives another look to Courage as well as a shake of her head before she gives her husband the signal to lead her out.

Talen has left the West Spectator Seating.

Eleyna has left the West Spectator Seating.

Jiacomo leaves, following Eleyna.

Sybilla, the Lenosian courtier, Hiss, the Lenosian viper, 2 Velenosa House Guards, Eleyna leave, following Talen.

Marian takes a pounding on the next blows, only able to keep herself protected for so long. She finally has to make her way off the field, leaving poor Jael to her fate. She does raise a tired salute to the last of the Blue Team standing, "To the last!"

Ailith has left the West Spectator Seating.

And there goes Marian. Jael looks at the combatants ranged against her and lifts her sword. "BEES STINNNNNNNNG!" Maybe Red Team is thinking she's going to yield but...she's not. She runs headlong into the group.

Marian is overheard praising Jael for: For being the last of the Blue Team.

Cristoph puts his face in his hands.

Arriving late to the festivities, Jericho settles into his seat with a smile as he watches the fight at hand with a grin. "This should be fun."

Cadenza would exhale a bit then as she smiled a bit as she smirked. "Nice to meet briefly but it was fun." And then she would turn and looked to Jael with a smile. "Oh come at me!!! Let's do this!!"

Alis is overheard praising Jael for: Best. Battlecall. Ever.

Madeleine wonders why there's Bees being yelled out on the field. "GO FOR IT," she calls to Jael.

Felicia is overheard praising Jael for: For holding out to the last!

As Lady Jael becomes the lone contestant on the field, Thorley steps back to allow someone else to move for the victory. He has the honor not to pile on and not attack the woman enmasse.

Ectorion gets struck again and again, and finally Marian slips past his defenses and through his armor both. The Knight slashes out in retaliation while he's close, before surging upwards as she withdraws. A salute is offered and a smile, but his focus is back to defending Alis.

Next, Marian gets in his way on his mission to hit Jael. But not for long, apparently. He blinks, somewhat startled at the speed at which everything unfolds, and pauses to get his bearings. "Well done, Princess Marian!"

Marian has left the Seating for Blue Team.

Jael checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 7, rolling 46 higher.

Jael remains capable of fighting.

Jael checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 76, rolling 25 lower.

Jael checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 41, rolling 9 higher.

Jael remains alive, but close to death.

Jael falls unconscious.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Monique before departing.

Kael is overheard praising Jael for: Lady Jael! I would battle next to you any day.

Marian has joined the Seating for Blue Team.

Reigna is overheard praising Jael for: Brave, fearless and fierce!

Margerie is overheard praising Jael.

Reigna is overheard praising Cristoph for: A perfect tribute to Gloria!

Madeleine is overheard praising Jael for: Gloria honors the bold!

Reigna is overheard praising Kael for: Keaton's great warrior!

As Marian makes her way back to the Blue Team, Brogan lifts his flask in salute to her, "I know you've said no drink for you, but I'll tip one back on account of your blade work." and takes a drink with a grin.

Alis turns to face Silas as the last of the blue team goes down, a slight grimace on her face. "Baron. It's been an honor to fight beside you." But now, she must attack. Of course.

As peple begin to to cheer for the team that won, the rest of the people on the field turn on each other for the chance to win the prize. Meanwhile, Cristoph will wander on down there to help sister off the field. "Well, I'm impressed." He tells her.

Theron walks up to Ectorion, axe in hand. He's saying nothing, except slipping into guard.

Cadenza looked around and then mouthed something that was surely a curse. "Okay look guys....." Grinning she would flick her wrist as she smiled. "It was a joy to fight next to you but....." With that she dove in.

Cristoph has left the West Spectator Seating.

Ectorion takes minor damage.

Ectorion takes minor damage.

Silas shrugs ruefully at Alis. "It was bount to happen!" Silas brings up his blade, to guard.

The last stand of Team Blue is short-lived, but in the end Jael seems to just have the wind knocked out of her. She manages a wheezey laugh as Cristoph heads over to her. "Beginner's luck. By which I mean Dame Esoka."

Ectorion had not, apparently, been prepared for the sudden onslaught of his erstwhile allies. "Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayals!" as he's slammed into by Theron and Cadenza together. It's a minor battering, but such things add up quickly, and he's looking a bit wobbly.

As Silas is attacked by Alis, Thorley presses the attack, but withdraws slightly as he hears Cadenza call out. He decides to bring his blade around to harry the Princess and test her guard. "Have you been practicing since we last crossed swords, or sipping tea more, Your Highness?" he asks in a teasing lit, green eyes flashing in amusement.

Jael has left the Seating for Blue Team.

Cristoph laughs and throws an arm around his sister. "I'm going to have to send her something for keeping your skull intact."

Alis takes serious damage.

Alis takes minor damage.

Ectorion takes minor damage.

Felicia leans her head back against the stands near where Brogan lingers, apparently content to rest where she is, on her feet and still half in armor. A hand is extended in the direction of the flask with a tired grunt,"Sorry for stealing the last of your bottle, last night." she offers to him,"Mercifully for me, the horse knows the way back to the tower."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Preston before departing.

Alis groans when Silas lands a bruising blow against her. And there's another grimace. But, blowing some of the sweat dampened hair away from her eyes she tightens her stance, starting to turtle up again. Hnph.

Hearing that clash of metal Cadenza would look to up to Thorley and smirked. ".....if by mean whiskey....yes. You should know better....." Pushing back she would let out a huff as she blew her hair out of her face. "Things have changed over there years, Sir Redreef...." Winking she'd then turn her attention back to Ectorion.

"Definitely. And it better be nicer than a stuffed animal," Jael tells her brother dryly, rubbing at her elbow and wincing. "Where's Reigna? I need someone to fuss over me. Also I'm starving."

"Show 'em what for, Caddy!" Luca calls out to Cadenza, laughing. "Ron, take them down," he calls out next.

Jericho winces at some of the hits as he sips on some wine. "Oof....that looks like that hurt. Come on Valardin!" He cheers for Alis and Ectorion.

"On it," Theron calls out back to Luca, grinning at Ectorion. He's all focus.

"I get great gifts. You're the only one I keep sending stuffed animals to." Cristoph makes muttering noises under his breath. "I think she's over there with Kael and Margerie." And then he makes waving motions.

Sparte shouts at the fighters. "Second runner up gets to be the third almost winner!"

Madeleine offers pie and pastries all around, as she and the cheering section pass about cups and bottles of libations. "Gloria be praised! Now keep beating up one another," she calls with a boisterous laugh, her smile setting her winkles happily into place.

Tikva has left the West Spectator Seating.

Confessor Imori, 2 Grayson Guardsmen, Confessor Warren, 5 Armed Confessors, Confessor Kinista leave, following Tikva.

Cristoph has joined the East Spectator Seating.

Kael is on the ground, his wife next to him. His aunt somewhere in the stands. Kael however does lift an arm from his place stretched out on the ground though before he calls forth, "Lady Jael!" Because he's got the energy for that, to show off his -- or more fairly, his wife's -- location.

Giulio calls out to Theron, "Take 'em down, brother mine!" Then, he's chuckling at Sparte's comment, his head shaking the smallest bit. "Isn't that just second loser, though?" There's a brief raise of a brow made.

Silas squares off against Alis and nimbly dodges and weaves his way around her incoming attacks. He doesn't seem to be getting any more aggressive than he was previously, though, and appears to be content to let his opponent tire herself out. His blows land, but they're not meant to be terribly damaging, and normally wouldn't be!

Cadenza takes serious damage.

Ectorion takes moderate damage.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Corban before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Corban before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Monique before departing.

Alis trades whispers with Ectorion, lips thinning as he steps in front of her so that she can try and focus on hitting. But, uhm. Oops.

Joscelin is tense in her seat, watching the fight, noting her 'champion' has yet to take a blow.

"Perhaps, Your Highness. But I also know what the whiskey may do to a person." Thorley offers dryly, as he brings in his blade on a direct strike on the woman, a bit of a glance to make sure she's well, before pressing the attack.

Jael ducks away from Cristoph and makes her way over to where he gestured, stopping for coffee and pastries...several pastries. She pauses by the blue seating for a moment to say something quietly to Esoka before making her way over to Kael and gingerly lying down on the ground as well.

Marian allows one of the healers to approach her, she's a bit banged up but seems to be doing well enough considering. She has a murmured conversation with the person attending her as they check her out.

Ectorion moves to try and protect Alis, the King's Own having some mad plan to try and prolong the inevitable. It doesn't work well though, as he gets slammed into again and rocks backwards. He shakes his head to clear it, but raises a hand. "Yield!" he admits, looking rueful..and a little like he's just had his bell rung.

Esoka reaches back to clasp Jael's hand. Offering a firm shake. "To the last, my lady. Was an honor to fight on your team."

With a shrug of his shoulder, the large Northman hops over the sidelines, and sits down at the Blue Team seating. With a wink at the group he lifts his flask, "Anybody want some whiskey feel free..."

Brogan has joined the Seating for Blue Team.

Blinking she was going in for Ectorion but didn't do damage like she had hoped only to be be smacked by Thorley. Letting out a gasp she would slowly look up to him with a brow raised. " you now?" Her lips pursed as she slowly stood and looked up to Luca, giving him a nod. "I'll try, cousin!" And with that she would turn and looked to Thorley as she cracked her neck. "....for old times sake....?" Smirking she would then run in, raising her sword as she went after Redreef.

Ectorion has left the Seating for Red Team.

Ectorion has joined the West Spectator Seating.

Ectorion makes his way to the spectator seating and finds a place to sit, grunting as he does. "Ouch."

Silas frowns when Ectorion steps in to take his intended blow, and promptly backs off when the man yields. "That keeps happening..." He murmurs with a shake of his head. "Valiantly fought, Sir Ectorion." And he simply moves to continue attacking Alis!

Sparte gives a quiet shush at Giulio, grinning out at those in the field. "Looks like the Lord Commander might just take it."

Theron decides to give emphasis on digging his heels in, holding the axe in front of him with the head pointing down, knees slightly bent in a defensive but ready-to-spring stance.

Alis valiantly attempts not to wobble and fall down, looking like she's definitely nearing exhaustion. But, also too stubborn to just yield and lower her sword. Not till she hurts more, thank you.

"Would be an excellent reminder to the rest that Baron Whitehawk still works for a living," Luca jests.

Cadenza takes moderate damage.

Aiden whistles out sharply toward the field, abruptly flailing a hand again to wave a red pennant.

Giulio grins to Sorrel, offering her something from his collection of tin cups, pouring it full of, oh, say three fingers of the amber liquid. "I trust you will enjoy it," he says, handing it over to the Wyrmguard. He glances towards Cambria, one eyebrow raised, "And some more for you, Marquessa?" A faint hint of a smile lingers on his lips as he observes the fight.

"Yes, please, cousin," Cambria says, holding her cup out to him.

Alis takes minor damage.

Silas takes minor damage.

Caspian has joined the West Spectator Seating.

Dandy, the red fox arrives, delivering a message to Corban before departing.

Veronica remains hanging out, bandaged, but still attentive to the fight still going on on the blue team's benches. She manages spates of clapping here and there. The Northman jumping down to offer alcohol for consolation isn't unnoticed, but she flaps a hand. "Naah," she says.

Alis looks at her sword in surprise! She managed to land a hit. She also took one, but as she's done plenty of that so far it doesn't seem to bother her overly much except for a small 'nnph' sound when her armor takes the blow.

Cadenza takes serious damage.

Alis takes minor damage.

Silas takes minor damage.

Cadenza checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 72, rolling 30 lower.

Cadenza checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 38, rolling 16 higher.

Cadenza remains alive, but close to death.

Cadenza falls unconscious.

Vern arrives, delivering a message to Corban before departing.

Marian winces as her shoulder is put back into place and then wrapped tightly. She also needs one of her wrists wrapped when she used her brace to block a blow. She keeps an eye on the combat, noting how the other warriors are doing.

Captain Reedy, a Telmarine military aide arrives, delivering a message to Kael before departing.

Giulio casually pours Cambria another few fingers of his drink. Looking to Sorrel, the man inquires, "I hope you find it to your liking. I have a few casks from my private stock, but, if it does well... well, I might attempt to see it spread more thoroughly." Apparently, the Lycene still peeks out behind the man's mask.

As Cadenza falters, Thorley takes just a moment to make sure the Princess is safely aside. "For old times sake." he offers to her, before the knight moves on to continue to press the attack.

Theron takes serious damage.

Theron takes moderate damage.

Alis checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 24, rolling 46 higher.

Alis remains capable of fighting.

Silas checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 12, rolling 44 higher.

Silas remains capable of fighting.

Madeleine has a momentarily sober conversation with the Reaver-Prince, losing her good cheer for the nonce as she speaks in a hush.

As the fight finally begins to dwindle down to the last two opponents, Cristoph leans forward in his seat to get a look on who they are. He begins to clap his hands loudly to encourage this last match.

Alis may actually look relieved when that last blow of Silas hits her. She doesn't even raise her arms. Instead, she lays right down on the field and spreads her arms akimbo. "I yield. I yiiiield."

Luca has left the East Spectator Seating.

Vern, Kael's assistant, is somewhere near him. The young man is attempting to scribble down notes as Kael lazily dictates from where he's laying on the ground. Afterward he goes moving up to the seating toward the Telmar Voice.

So it's down to two, and once again, Theron is in the running up. He nods once to Thorley as he strikes a particularly powerful hit, and smiles. "Well, then."

Esoka can't suppress a grunt of satisfaction as Silas is pressed into quitting the field. "Well fought!" she shouts, in general. A grin, as she sees Thorley is one of the few left standing. "Hit them very hard, Sword of Westrock Reach!"

Cambria, having set aside her cup of brandy, hops to her feet to cheer for Theron. The usually reserved Marquessa seems to have no qualms throwing it to the wind when it comes to supporting her relations.

It was a loud dull hit that sent her to the ground. Holding up her sword to yield she'd look up to Thorley with a laugh then nodded. " always...." Cadenza would slowly take a breath as made he way off of the field. Well....she lasted longer than she thought.

Joscelin is on the edge of her seat, watching the event play out.

Monique has left the East Spectator Seating.

Kit, the grey fox, a tiny man with a BIG unpronounceable name leave, following Monique.

Silas may have managed to land the last blow on Alis, but he's quickly accosted by Theron. He smiles and lowers his blade, to hold his free hand up. "Great work, Princess Alis. And Lord Mazetti. I yield. Good luck, Sir Sandreef!" And he quits the field.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Corban before departing.

Vern arrives, delivering a message to Corban before departing.

"I'm trying to!" Thorley calls back out to Esoka, as he starts to press on Theron. "Your honor holds, my Lord!" he calls out to the Sword of Ostria as he attacks.

Sparte shouts at the two men still standing. "C'mon Theron! My poor leg muscle doesn't want to have died in vain!"

Jael lifts her head from the ground long enough to see Silas go down. "Slippery sucker," she murmurs before going back to cloud-watching.

"Thank you," Theron grins at Silas, "my lord." His smile brightens at Thorley. "A Sword against a Sword is a fitting way to end a match."

Theron just starts laughing at Sparte's shout, though.

Silas has left the Seating for Red Team.

Alis has left the Seating for Red Team.

Dash the Guard Corgi have been dismissed.

Cadenza has left the Seating for Red Team.

Thorley takes minor damage.

Silas has joined the East Spectator Seating.

Theron takes minor damage.

Khanne bites her lip as she watches, leaning over her lap, resting an elbow on her knee, her hand supporting her chin. She looks tired, yet her attention is transfixed on the competition.

Thorley takes minor damage.

Theron takes moderate damage.

Thorley takes minor damage.

Thorley takes minor damage.

Theron takes minor damage.

Theron takes minor damage.

Alis gives Silas a friendly salute as she pushes herself back up to her feet and drags ass back towards the stands. "Well fought, Baron. I envy you skill."

Theron takes minor damage.

Thorley takes moderate damage.

Theron takes minor damage.

Thorley takes minor damage.

Thorley takes serious damage.

Thorley takes moderate damage.

Theron checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 12, rolling 64 higher.

Theron remains capable of fighting.

Thorley takes minor damage.

Cadenza visibly winced but she would just held it in as she made her way over to the stands. Slowly she started to peel off that armor that Alis was so nice to loan her.

After a series of exchanged blows with Thorley, Theron reels back from an attack and drops the axe. "I yield. Congratulations, Sir Thorley." He bows, takes his weapon up again and heads out of the ring.

Joscelin is up on her feet, shouting and completely undignified.

Sorrel is overheard praising Thorley for: Westrock Best Rock!

Margerie is overheard praising Thorley.

Marian is overheard praising Thorley for: For being the last man standing.

Khanne is overheard praising Thorley.

Jael is overheard praising Thorley.

Norwood has been observing off with the other blue-team people to one side, keeping his thoughts to himself. Or maybe wasn't //quite// as fine as he shouted out, pride does stupid stuff to a person aye! As the battle begins to wind down and the final two reach their ending point the Sword of Artshall prys himself up and with a bow to Cristoph takes himself slowly out.

Silas makes his way back to his initial seat in the stands, as well. He does pause to smirk back at Alis. "You did marvelous, Your Highness. You have done Gloria proud." His gaze quickly goes back to the two Swords still fighting.

The swords ring, dance, and slam into each other, as the older knight switches to an all-out attack upon the other sword, Thorley just trying to wear down Theron to the point where he will hopefully and finally yield because he's starting to feel his age, even in that lighter armor.

There is a call forth from Count Keaton, "Good match!" before he is rising with a slight wobble to his feet. He shakes his head to clear it, moves to wrap an arm around his wife -- not for support, he's just being affectionate, you see -- and begins to head out. There'll be a low inclination of his head toward Cristoph respectfully as they go.

Reigna leaves, following Kael.

Cambria is overheard praising Theron for: Never fails to do me proud.

Felicia rises to her feet to applaud, whistling sharply her approval for those still left on the field before she settles down on the bench again tiredly.

Aiden is overheard praising Silas for: An honorable fight for Gloria!

Esoka cheers, at high volume, as the fight comes down to Theron and Thorley. She's plainly a Thorley partisan, and her yelling at him is louder, but she projects for the both of them.

Ectorion was momentarily distracted, but looks back as the fight is finishing, standing up and clapping. "Well fought, well fought!"

Veronica departs after applause for the winner and event just in general.

The last two fighters end up both being House Swords! Cristoph might be cheering a little loudly from time to time for Thorley, you know, Oathlands pride and all. When the Sword of Westrock Reach gets a yield from the Sword of Ostria, he hops to his feet and gives a loud round of applause. "WELL FOUGHT!" He hollers before departing the spectators and heading out to the field. "Everyone give a loud round of cheering for both Lord Theron and Sir Thorley! The prize goes to the Sword of House Farshaw. Well done, gentlemen."

Alis cheers for both Theron and Thorley as they fight, with a loud holler of triumph when it's an Oathlander taking home the prize. "Well fought!"

Alis is overheard praising Theron.

Alis is overheard praising Thorley.

Cadenza is overheard praising Thorley.

Alis is overheard praising Cristoph for: He said Thorley's name right!

Marian applauds for the last two standing members of the Red team. She gives a salute to both Swords for a job well done.

Theron nods once to Marian, flashing her a quick smile. He heads on over to the benches where the Marquessa and his brother sit, and settles down... between them. He'll give both of them the one-armed equivalent of a bear hug. "Told you I wasn't going to get crippled from fighting!"

Cadenza has joined the West Spectator Seating.

Joscelin is overheard praising Thorley for: WELL FOUGHT, MY CHAMPION.

Cadenza was busy cheering on the last two before slipping into the stands.

Vern arrives, delivering a message to Jael before departing.

Ryder the falcon arrives, delivering a message to Alis before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Alis before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Alis before departing.

Giulio rises as well, clapping for the final combatants. With a dip of his head, the man spreads his hands. "Well fought, all in all." Glancing to Theron, the man grins, offering a slap on the back. "Well fought indeed," he says, before letting his hand drop to his side. He considers the fight a moment longer, before tilting his hand outwards. Something of a smile lingers on his lips, "Shall we off to idly while away the morning? Brandy and conversation. Well, after you've had a chance to bathe, brother mine."

Jordal, a bodyguard arrives, following Isabeau.

Joscelin is standing at the edge of the spectator seating, the biggest smile on her face, absolutely delighted.

Cambria makes a face as though being hugged by a sweaty Theron is the equivalent to being thrown into mud while wearing expensive silks. Even so, she tolerates it well enough. "Yes, yes," she agrees. "A fine match indeed. Although the Marshal here was hoping your nose would get tweaked. It seems he shall have to petition Jayus a little more strongly in the future."

Cadenza gets sturdy leather pack from an ivory backpack.

Sybilla, the Lenosian courtier arrives, delivering a message to Cambria before departing.

Jericho can't help but cheer. "Well fought!" He claps a few times as Gloria is perfectly glorified. Then he retakes his seat, lounging a little bit as he looks on at what could be next!

When Theron gives in, Thorley lowers his blade and extends his other hand to help his brother sword to his feet. "Well fought, my Lord." And then he leaves the fight, and the knight takes a moment to take in the fact that he actually won, before he moves towards Joscelin, and the stands, as he looks up towards the Guildmaster. She is on the higher step after all. "Guildmaster." he offers with no small hint of affection.

And then before Joscelin can protest, Thorley slips his hand around the woman's dusky neck, fingers curling against the back of her scalp and all that dark hair as he pulls her down and presses his lips to hers. He remains like that, locked in the heated kiss with Joscelin for several moments before he steps back and offers a bow to accept his prize from the Duke. "Thank you, my Lord. It was my pleasure."

Silas cheers and whoops when Thorley manages to clinch the win. "Well done, Sir Sandreef! And well contended, Lord Mazetti!" All in all, he seems very impressed by the entire bout. "That was the most fun I've had on the fighting field in awhile." He inclines his head back to Aiden and leans in to return his whisper.

Zavi arrives, delivering a message to Silas before departing.

Esoka checked command + animal ken at difficulty 36, rolling 11 lower.

Vern arrives, delivering a message to Jael before departing.

Esoka has left the Seating for Blue Team.

Madeleine pauses in her somber conversation to offer a cheer and clap heartily for the end of the contest. "Bravo! Praise Gloria and the victors! For you have all won in Her name!"

Cadenza puts fitted lacquered leather cuisses in sturdy leather pack.

Cadenza puts a lacquered leather cuirass with a rearing horse emblazoned on the chest in sturdy leather pack.

Princess Isabeau Valardin arrives well beyond the fashionably late window, but still shows up all the same. Sporting her Great House's blue and white, she looks to find familiar faces in the stands with whom she might sit.

Cadenza puts chamois leather gloves in sturdy leather pack.

Felicia returns the salute with one of her own,"It was a pleasure to fight beside all of you." she offers before electing to pick herself up from the seating carefully, collecting her breastplate and helm once more but choosing not to put them on.

Margerie has been watching the celebration and listening. When Thorley approaches Joscelin for that rather epic celebration? She bursts into wild applause and perhaps a whistle or two to encourage her fellow Oldtimer of the Oathlands on. "Well done, Sir! Show them we're not all sipping tea and ... fuddy duddying!"

Cadenza puts lamellar pauldrons and bracers in sturdy leather pack.

Hopping up from the Blue Team seats, Brogan offers a nod to the team, "Well fought, and much is learned from watching such a contest as well." He makes his way up towards the sideline, following behind the others as they depart.

Brogan has left the Seating for Blue Team.

Cadenza puts elegant riding boots in sturdy leather pack.

Felicia has left the Seating for Blue Team.

Esoka stands, giving her curly head a shake. Her head is still in a bruised state. She looks able to walk it off, though. She approaches Cristoph, once the fight has ended. "My thanks for putting this on, Duke. It was very bracing!" A salute is offered to her departing teammates.

The Guildmaster Joscelin is laughing and clapping, watching Thorley stride over to her. But the man has the reach, he's got her in his grip and she's locked in a kiss with the man. A kiss that she returns, her hand on his wrist and the other on his cheek. When the kiss is broken, she murmurs something, and she's rosy cheeked and laughing, standing upright and running a hand through her hair, flustered but unable to keep from grinning.

"Family meeting? Get Valerio to come," Theron suggests to his brother, relaxing the hug and kissing Cambria's cheek with a grin, since her reaction just amuses him so. He stands from the benches, then, looking around for Garibaldi. He's nowhere near. The Sword of Ostria narrows his eyes.

Cristoph tries not to look too embarassed by this show of public affection, rocking on his heels and waiting patiently until he can hand off all the rubicund to Sir Thorley. Oh look, there's Esoka! He's relieved by her presence and turns quickly on her to avoid witnessing anymore of the couple's tender moments. Are his cheeks red? No, your cheeks are red. "Dame Esoka! Thank you for coming by. And thank you for keeping my sister's skull intact."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Corban before departing.

Cadenza would look over to Thorley and Jocelyn, smiling as she cheered them on before moving to Alis. Handing her that pack she'd nod her head. "Thank you so much, your highness. I hope I didn't get it too dinged up." Chuckling she'd then smile brightly. "IT was nice to be your partner."

Khanne watches Thorley and Joscelin for a moment with a smile. She chuckles, and softly, for some reason, she applauds. Her hands clap together lightly then settle on her lap. Clearing her throat, she looks around.

Alis inclines her head towards Cadenza. "I am glad it served you well. I hope we get to fight alongside one another again." Polite, but obviously exhausted. "I believe I will go soak in hot water for awhile, now. Quite a bracing display here today. Well fought."

Marian stands up slowly from where she is sitting and makes her way off the field. She gives nods to any that look her way. It looks like the Redrain princess is ready to go and rest after her hard fight in the tournament.

"She was an unflagging comrade, Duke. The honor was mine. I'm rather satisfied with how long I held the field while defending." A knight's salute, and another shout, is offered to Thorley before she starts to make her way off. To soak somewhere.

Silas stands from his seat and offers Aiden his arm, apparently intending to lead the way out. Even with a limp.

Zavi arrives, delivering a message to Silas before departing.

Marian has left the Seating for Blue Team.

Cadenza would spot Jericho, giving him a way then as she winked before looking back to Elis. "I hope we do too. It was so much fun....and I'm glad to get back into fighting. I need to dust myself off for sure."

Jael receives a couple of messengers from her prone position, then gets stiffly to her feet just in time to see Thorley get a prize. And also some rubicund. She whistles loudly through her fingers, lifts a hand to Esoka, and then heads gingerly back towards the Laurent manse.

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