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Isolde and Alistair's Wedding Ceremony

A quiet ceremony, restricted to close friends and family. OOC: Splitting this into two events--The formal actual wedding and then a more lighthearted/free-for all reception. Don't feel bad if you can't make it or can only make it to one. You can feel free to pose having attended both.


Feb. 4, 2018, 4 p.m.

Hosted By

Driskell(RIP) Isolde Eleyna


Alarissa Orazio Alistair Leona Vanora Arianna Merek Jericho Luca Zoey Tikva Duarte Reese Aislin Donaldo Joslyn Talen Calypso Laric Donella Audric Delilah Silas Rymarr Acacia Calista Samael Joscelin Vayne



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Shrine of the Thirteenth

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Aneka, 3 Iron Guardsmen, Meeka arrive, following Merek.

Merek comes in and finds a seat!

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Donella pulls her veil down and sitting quietly upon the balanced bench, and sits with her fingers steepled reflectively.

As Eleyna and Talen approach Alistair and Isolde, the Archduchess looks approvingly over the Prodigal's choice in silks, giving him a smile as those pale blue eyes sweep over the Inquisitor from head to toe. "You look splendid, Alistair. Not a bit nervous." She shifts her gaze to Isolde and leans in to brush a kiss against her sister's cheek, murmuring something under her breath before she pulls back to look at her. "And you are a vision." She glances at Talen and attempts to tug him toward the benches. "Come, dearest. Before you get scuff marks on your pants."

It's a winter's evening and throughout the city of Arx one can hear the whispers and howling of the cool breeze that whips through the streets and avenues, giving those who are outside a kiss on their pink cheeks and hurrying them to other places. The glows of lanterns and candles in windows and streetlights flicker and dance but not so within the Shrine of the Thirteenth where it is not cold but not warm.

A procession of Mirrormasks enter, each wearing their dark robes and special masks to show their dedication to the Thirteenth, each carrying a small banner holding the sigil of Velenosa with the banners topped by a small mirror which is in turn ringed with the symbols of the Pantheon. Another figure comes in, flanked by two Silent Reflections on either side of him although his robes of black are far more ornate and the symbols embroidered on silver thread on his stole show that he's a priest of the Faith.

Driskell makes his way to the ancient altar and facing it, drops to a kneel before standing up. A Silent Reflection offers him a silver bowl holding burning incense which he wafts with gloved hands to his face, ritualistically cleaning himself. Taking a pewter thurible that looks more like a mace of talons decorated with mirrors, he swings it slowly in a low arch in the direction of Isolde and Alistair, cleaning the air around them with the smoke that drifts through the air like tendrils wrapping around the two intended.

Talen only smiles for Isolde, leaning in to follow his wife's lead, to kiss Isolde on her cheeks in southern style. "What she said," he only allows, before squeezing her shoulders lightly, then slips off with only a glance at Alistair. "You'll do. You survived the hunt," he manages, almost as if he claims it to be an afterthought. Then they're off, to the benches, with nary another word.

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Joslyn enters, not as a Mirrormask, but as a lycene woman, dressed in a fine sheet seasilk dress. Arm-in-arm with Delilah, she gently escorts the other woman to a seating to the benches, nuzzling up closely to her side and peering around curiously for the bride and groom.

Samael enters the shrine dressed in blue and black silks under a heavy dark cloak. His leather gloved hands are clasped together behind his back as he greets various people on his way to finding a seat.

Setting the thurible back, a Silent Reflection brings a mirrored plate with a black and white woven cord which Driskell takes. Turning to Isolde and Alistair, he gestures to have them face each other and then places the cord over their held hands in a ritual display of binding. Stepping back, he raises his gloved hands in the air, his voice speaks.

"To all here, you bear witness to the event that gathers us together this day. We witness these two arrive separately as two individuals, one great house and one an abandoned that has returned, a highborn of the Lyceum and a prodigal. This is the occasion for joy and also solemn reflection. I remind you that the vows sworn here are under the eyes of Limerance." as Driskell looks upwards to the ceiling, "And will be taken to his heart to be kept sacred for all time. To break these vows is to break the heart of Limerance. But not only do we respect Limerance, we share this moment within the Shrine of the Thirteenth and pay homage to the Sentinel who witnesses all things. Reflect on this, before you speak." he says the last to the bride and groom in a stern voice, allowing a moment of silence for all to reflect what he says.

Alistair shares a few words with Talen and Eleyna, soon to be apart of their family, before they depar to take their seats and the ceremony begins. The large man reaches out to claim Isolde's hand and arm, wraping his fingers into hers as they stand before Driskell and are soon to be wed. Alistair normally seems so stiff and uncomfortable. As if he is constantly awaiting bad news or some horrible revelation that will ruin his day or the world. Today though, is different. The man seems calm and reserved. If there is a nervous energy to him, he hides it rather well. He has shed his Inquisition uniform, for once, and is bedecked in a silk outfit befitting of a Velenosian prince. Greys and purples mix together with a well fitted doublet. It seems Alistair has agreed, or someone has skillfully forced him, to become even more civilized. Of course, he lacks the 'I'm not trying swagger' that a true Velenosian would possess. Alistair has no need for swagger. He is not completely changed though, as the Sentinel broach he normally wears is pinned to his shoulder and the Grayson blade Watcher rests lightly at his hip. Prominent on his form are two forms of jewelry, the man rarely wearing accessories, though they are important for this day. He leans in to whisper something to his wife to be as Driskell goes about the ceremony, though soon after he is quiet and solemn.

Driskell drops a white and black braided cord of smooth silk and coarse rope.

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Acacia slips into the shrine with a quiet grin. Looking rather pleased and maybe even a little excited, a few upnods and smiles are offered as she silently finds her way to the back of the room.

Arianna arrives, following Donaldo.

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Trailing after Alistair, Isolde finally pulls her cloak back as they move to stand before Driskell. The bride is dressed in pale white aeterna silks, all lace and shimmering opal. Her train follows, heavy and long--carried by a few mirrormasked woman in pale silver dresses. Unlike her husband to be, the princess has no shortage of jewelry on. Glittering chains of iridescite hang from her slender throat while opal teardrops dangle from each ear. A warm smile rests on her lips, faltering a little as Driskell starts the ceremony. Anyone close to the princess can almost feel the waves of nervousness coming off of her. But it's a giddy, good sort of nerves. She seems to relax a fraction as Alistair leans in to whisper to her.

As the ceremony continues Alistair continues to hold Isolde's hand and turns to face her, as directed by Driskell. He remains silent as Driskell entones holy words, and those who are paying attention and know the man, will see a very rare sight. He is smiling. He so rarely smiles. And if he does it is usually at the end of a rather dry joke. But here is a true smile. No jokes or humor. True happiness. Though that smile is only for one person here. He says nothing as Driskell calls for silence and contemplation. He can do that - he is rather experienced in that realm.

Talen coughs from the front row, clutches his stomach and ends up sitting straighter. Someone might've hit him.

Isolde's head swivels--like an owl having heard a mouse. And stares directly at Talen. She says nothing--it's a moment of silence after all--but he gets a "look."

Driskell speaks mainly to Isolde and Alistair, but also for the benefit of those in the shrine who are witnessing. "Often we may not think of the Thirteenth when we speak of marriage, however young couples could no doubt find and speak to far more experienced older partners who might confess that their partner tests and challenges them every single day." letting some dry humor in.

"But the Pantheon itself is one that shows we are all better and stronger by their examples and teachings, that when we work together and view ourselves as a whole rather than individuals, we can accomplish great things. Let us look to the gods as aspirational goals to strive for, that we note they work in holy communion, that even though they are all powerful, they seek us out and include our desires in their thoughts of which we cannot begin to fathom. The Thirteenth commands you Isolde and Alistair that you are to always reflect truth to one another and not speak falsely to your partner, to see yourselves as a whole once you are bonded together as husband and wife in that you are better together and stronger united than you are as separate individuals. To have the courage to offer a differing opinion and to not react in anger or hatred to counsel given by your spouse to you. To see that each of you are just as they are; that you will fail each other and struggle but to use those moments not to harm one another in their moment of weakness but instead become stronger and always seek to easily forgive so that all might see you two as an example of the gift that two people gain by entering marriage together and seek within each other their dualities. Let all your challenges be met together, united, and may you celebrate not just your successes in your life journey but also reflect and utilize all moments when you fail." The priest pauses, looking at the couple before him with gold eyes, letting the words settle to the pair.

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Donella meanwhile closes her eyes, which may be dreaminess, or dyspepsia. Maybe some of both. Her dark eyes open toward the altar, in anticipation of vows.

Jericho watches the precedings with a wide smile, looking to Diskell as he begins to speak...after all, he is preciding over the ceremony. He is quiet and polite as he awaits for the exchanging of vows.

Acacia gives a little smirk but is polite enough to keep her head more or less lowered.

Isolde's expression softens towards Talen and she'll shoot him a nervous little smile. For the most part she's focused on Driskell but the occasional glance at her adopted brother is enough to warrent some sort of sibling exchange. Folding her hands behind her back, the princess gives the smallest of nods at the priest's words and closes her eyes. It's a brief moment of reflection on those words.

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At the mention of partners that challenge and test, the Archduchess of Lenosia looks -pointedly- at Talen and lifts her brows. Mmhmm.

Alistair leans in once more to whisper to Isolde, to perhaps pull her attention away from Talen's coughing and to ease the tensions of the ceremony. As Driskell speaks of Tehom, the Thirteenth god, Alistair glances to the mirrors of the Shrine. He never expected to be married surrounded by mirrors, but life comes with twists and turns, and the normally mirror adverse man... seems to be soldiering on. He returns his head to a respectful lowered position, ever faithful to the Pantheon.

Isolde checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 13 lower.

Arianna enters quietly at the same time as Donaldo. She's silent as she finds an empty seat and watches the goings on.

Luca ducks in, more than fashionably late, and he quickly finds a seat among the benches.

Something Alistair says causes the tiniest of giggles to slip from Isolde's lips. A slender hand comes up to cover her mouth and muffle the noise but it's too late. So instead, the princess straightens up and pretends it didn't happen--her smile still shining bright if a little embarrassed. Her blush is reflected in far too many mirrors for her liking.

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Donaldo manages to arrive late, and does his best to make up for it by walking softly but with a quick step. He is wearing silk shoes and that is good because they are quiet, but he is also wearing some kind of ethnic robe that is very, very loud. Finally ebroidered silk, the robe is a maze of interlocking colors that may just prevent him from needing a lantern or candle after sunset. The layer beneath is more monoton at least, a natural linen top and pants that ocasionally peek from under the garrish robe. He slides into the seating area that appears to be occupied by his family, sitting behind them.

Driskell looks at the blushing bride, a brow lifts upwards just a little on the otherwise emotionless face. "But while we are in His shrine, let us take a moment and reflect on the Sentinel who is an important part of Alistair's life. May He guard the righteous, and may you each guard one another's hearts from wickedness and corruption. Judge not each other but instead may you defend one another from all threats and work together to solve what might beset you. May you forgive one another as the Thirteenth desires and forget, but may you always have the Sentinel's blessings to remember the deeds you do which further make the world a better place that no one other than yourselves know. Treat your partner and those you come in contact with honor and be just in all that you do and say, for you are what you repeatedly do and say, and your actions and words reflect upon your spouse as you will be made one. May you remember in the long years ahead that your names may be forgotten in time, that through your actions and aspirations to cling to the ideals of the gods and be yourselves examples for all to follow, that the Sentinel will remember your honorable actions and remember your name. May He judge you accordingly and find you without dishonor."

And now, the time of oaths begins. Driskell looks to Isolde and Alistair, "We've spoken about the Sentinel and the Thirteenth, let us now speak on Limerance. In addition to your own vows, this is what Limerance asks of you each. Do you both swear, from the moment of your joining until death, to be faithful to the contracts you have made? To treat each other with respect, affection, and honor? To protect and persevere through sickness and want, as well as to retain faith and humility in times of plenty and ease? Will you share your burdens, your joys, and your fears? And will you swear, before the Pantheon, that your life will be bound to one another, serving each other, until death do you both part? Give your word now to each other, under the view of gods and man."

Driskell pauses a moment so that both Isolde and Alistair can speak their confirmations and personal oaths to one another.

The prodigal man turns fully towards Isolde when the time for vows comes, giving a nod of thanks to the clergy and his words on the matter of his affinity for Sentinel. For once the man does not subject everyone present to one of his oppressive lengthy silences, and his vow come forward swiftly and easily - as if he has practiced. No judgmental silence and no soul searching stares, a different Alistair for an important day. "When we first met I thought you were another to try to play me the fool, to take advantage of me. Thus I gave you a challenge... and you met it... and in turn challenged me. You have shifted my view of the world. On what is good. And what is evil. On where one can find happiness and one can fight against sadness." He reaches out to claim her hands, a finger running over hers. "I promise and give oath this day to you: I will love and cherish you; I will fight and protect you; I will be the bulwark for your soul when trials come upon you. And this promise will shield our family to be, your family at now, and the world we wish to see together." He pulls her hand up to kiss. "Thank you for showing me how I was wrong and how I was right. I am yours until the Shining Lands - and even after then."

Isolde only has eyes for Alistair, everything and everyone else disappearing into nothingness. He speaks his vows first, stealing her hands and bringing the pair a little closer. For once, it seems like the princess is at a lost for words--nothing clever or convincing to say. A glimmer of something shines in her dark eyes, the wetness of held in tears. Then, the dark haired woman squares her shoulders. “I had a speech.” She’ll murmur, looking at her lover with a small, sheepish smile. “Seeing you has erased it from my mind.” A soft squeeze of his hands accompanies her words. A sneaky glance is giving in Driskell’s direction--apologetic and a little bit nervous--before she’ll suck in a breath. “I swear to love you, to shower you in disgusting displays of affection and bring you cake when the paperwork seems like too much. I promise to stay by your side, even to the bitter end. To keep all my promises and earn the trust and love you’ve given me.” Is that a tiny tear running down Isolde’s face? “I never thought I’d get married. But I don’t think I’ll ever regret having you as my husband--no matter what the more traditional nobles have to say. Before Tehom--and all of the gods, I give you my oaths. I’m yours, forever and always.”

"The bride and the groom have sworn their oaths and made their vows, before the Pantheon and their fellow people. Is there anyone here who has reason to object to the vows so sworn, or the union about to be sealed?" asks Driskell, the gold eyes looking beyond the pair and to those gathered as incense swirls about the chamber, giving the opportunity for someone to speak up.

Pre-emptively, Eleyna both elbows Talen in the ribs and locks her arms around his to keep him seated. Just in case.

Duarte leans a bit forward and looks around at the attendees. He then himself looks to Driskell and shakes his head 'no'.

Jericho always did love the excahnging of vows. Though when the question is asked if anyone has any reason to oppose this union, Jericho shakes his head no after taking a moment to look around.

Talen twists in discomfort at the elbow, then as he's 'locked' in place, he rolls his eyes up toward the sky. The magnanimous reassurance comes then: "The Prodigal is fine by me. Fine by father, too," he says, to quiet any alarms raised, while he puts his hand to the back of Eleyna's neck and toys with a stray wisp of hair.

A Mirrormask from the back stands up and says as all others are silent, "A highborn shouldn't be wed to a prodigal!" as the sole objection given.

Luca checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

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Sir Aldahel, Octavian, a silken spaniel, 3 Bisland pride guards arrive, following Zoey.

Isolde checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 7 lower.

Donella says simply, "Say that to Alis Valardin."

Slowly, the Archduchess of Lenosia sits up a little straighter, her eyes sliding to the Mirrormask that rises to speak. She releases Talen subtlely and sits back a little, the gesture almost like removing the leash from a dog. Or, in this case, a Hound.

Alistair is calm and cool, his eyes are locked upon Isolde, the objection is not even heard. Or completely ignored. When Isolde's attention is pulled away, Alistair pulls her gaze back to them. 'Ignore them' he mouths to his wife.

Donaldo checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 3 lower.

Talen silently rises up in the front bench, and as he passes the line of family at the forefront of the temple, he taps Luca on the shoulder before exiting the pews to walk to the back of the temple.

Zoey slips into the shrine, completely oblivious to anything that might be brewing. As unobtrusively as possible, she make her way to Samael's side and slips into a seat.

"Honestly, Tal, if you don't..." Luca mutters, looking bored, and when Talen touches him on the shoulder he is up and onto his feet. Following Talen. Poor Mirrormask.

Acacia glances over her eyebrow lifting. There is a glance to the front and then to the Mirrormask. Her jaw sets just a touch.

Jericho rises to his feet at the sole objection...but then he sees people already he sits back down. "Let them be wed in peace." he speaks. Defending the lovely couple. he needed to get his two silver in. an apologetic look to the couple is given.

Talen is heard to mutter, as he goes. "Not on holy ground," in instruction to Luca.

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Sybilla, the Lenosian courtier, 2 Velenosa House Guards, Eleyna arrive, following Talen.

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When Isolde turns her head to look at the mirrormasks--one of her fellows, someone she'd work side by side with--it's clear she's shaken. One of her hands frees its self from Alistair's and the princess uses it to artfully wipe away her brewing tears. Whether from happiness or now betrayal, it's difficult to tell. Inhaling sharply, she'll turn back to her lover at the reassuring sound of his voice. Whatever Talen is doing? She pretends not to see--even if it seems to set her at ease.

Donaldo shifts half out of his seat as well, but he is slower and less commanding as those that move to handle the outburst, and so he is back on his bum re-wrapping his robe around himself.

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Driskell is silent on this for a moment, the priest contemplating what the Mirrormask has said in their objection. Studying Alistair and Isolde, and then studying Alistair more, he says in that flat tone of his as his voice lifts and he holds a gloved hand up to pause those reacting and some leaving, "A Mirrormask's duty is to point out a differing opinion when the majority are saying to do something, and for that I thank you for your dutiful service to Him and to us all today, for it is most difficult to do one's duty when there is great threat to your person and too often we don't hear objections to let us pause and think heavily on our choices. Hear my reply to your objection, weigh on the words as I have weighed on yours. To say that this marriage will be difficult is an understatement. Nobility are often thought of as people that live extraordinary lives and how often we hear their names recorded in tales of great deeds although some misguided folk might feel they spend their days in luxury while the common born toil with bent back. The relationship however is akin to a body, and when one understands their purpose, the body functions in unity and cohesion for the good of the entire body. The hand does as the mind instructs. The feet move where the mind says to go. The mind requires the body, the body requires the mind and not one part can live without they other."

"Yes, Alistair is a prodigal, but what does that mean? It means that we have opened our hearts and arms to him so long ago and offered him a just place within our society. And what has that small investment paid out? We saw a man who stood up to treachery with great potential harm for himself. We saw a man that focused on justice rather than political maneuvering. A man who puts all people above himself as he serves with the Inquisition and like a shepherd, keeps the flock safe from terrors and vile things which desire to act not with honor or peace. He seeks to uplift others, he works tirelessly and without complaint to safeguard the Compact and our souls. He faces evil, unafraid, and is a champion in my mind of the Sentinel's aspects of justice as I've come to know him. A man that was once abandoned, but has returned to us and the Faith. A prodigal who embraced the Pantheon, a man that has done great things and was marked to receive this weighted honor."

"Let us remember Alistair when we see Abandoned outside the cities who clutch at hope they feel slip away, desperate in the dark and remember when the light of hope is given to them, they flourish under the blessings of the Faith and the Compact. May we see that through our spark of hope in our own hearts, how we can be beacons to light the world. Think not evil on this marriage, instead let us look to see it as a unifying moment where we ourselves offer to help this couple in our own ways, in our own prayers, so that we see not just themselves succeed, but us all. May Alistair remember the plight of the common once he is made a peer, and may the common remember that Alistair understands their needs and hardships as he leads in the future. We are blessed that we have opened ourselves to an Abandoned who no longer is alone, who has returned as a prodigal and has shown man and gods that he takes on his duties and responsibilities with zeal for the Sentinel." Driskell finishes the retort on the Mirrormask and their objection, and the Mirrormask sits down. He waits to see if there are any other objections.

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Eleyna watches Talen and Luca leave the bench with a placid expression before she looks ahead to Isolde and Alistair. She doesn't even seem irritated, just slightly bored.

Acacia seems to study the dissenting Mirrormask for a moment, her large honey-brown eyes flicking to Isolde protectively and then back.

Arianna closes her eyes and shakes her head at the outburst with an expression of embarrassment on her face. There's a deep breath and a sigh through the nose and then she's giving her cousin and the groom reassuring looks.

Alistair glances to the devotee of the Thirteenth as he, as best described, sings the prodigal's praises in defense against the objection. The man had felt no need to defend his or Isolde's choice, though he is more then capable of answering a challenge if one is given. Driskell gets an appreciative nod, the prince to be bowing his head in thanks and recognition as he speaks up for the defense of the union between himself and Isolde.

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There is a moment of relief that washes over Isolde's face as Driskell speaks and the Mirrormask sits down. She looks almost embarrassed at her show of emotion. "He's right. It's our duty to question our beliefs. Even the ones we hold dearest." The princess says softly, once again reaching for her lover's hands. Then she falls quiet again, waiting for Driskell to say his peace.

Zoey ahhs as context breeds familiarity and looks curiously at the objecting and potentially objectionable Mirrormask, then Driskell. Finally, she looks at Isolde and Alistair, giving them both a bright, reassuring smile and a little wave.

The return of Talen and Luca happens to be relatively short after they leave, only with the addition of a small amount of evidence that there has been a scuffle outside. With bloodied knuckles and the odd drip of crimson to the floor from the attached fingers, he only has the foresight to do anything about it when he gets back to the main benches, where previously sat. A polite request for a hankerchief, no recognition of what may or may not have happened outwith the temple grounds.

Slipping back into the Shrine, quietly, and oh - yes - with blood staining his seasilk shirt (it's bound to be fashionable) he takes a seat back among the friends and relations. The languid priince is smiling, beaming so bright that there it's going to be very hard to ruin his mood for the rest of the evening. Luca /loves/ weddings.

Talen -does- ask Luca, "Wait, how do we know it was the right Mirrormask? They all look the same with their masks on."

It seems for now, there are no voices to speak up to challenge the couple's vows and undertakings as Luca and Talen enter. Isolde and Alistair are given a nod by Driskell, although he might be saying something quietly to the couple privately. Taking the cord, Driskell gestures for them to face him and he takes the black and white cord, tying it now so Alistair's right hand is fastened to Isolde's left. "May you each remember the words daily you've given freely to one another today, and understand the bonds which have been created today. The Velenosa are your family, Alistair and a great family of the Compact but remember the Faith is the greatest family by which all here are connected, you two are never alone and the family of the Faith offers their support to each as a brother and sister. By the powers invested in me by the Faith of the Pantheon, it is my honor and privilege to pronounce you wed in the eyes of man and the gods. Princess Isolde and Prince Alistair Velenosa, you are now joined of one hearth and one family. You may kiss to seal the marriage before us all. So shall it be!" He lowers his hands and steps aside, indicating the ceremony is complete and the Silent Reflections that assist him begin to take their positions along the sides of the long corridor again.

Luca shrugs, throwing his hands up and out, "No idea, Tal. But it sure was fun - yeah?"

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Alistair picks up a white and black braided cord of smooth silk and coarse rope.

Upon the announcement that Isolde and Alistair are officialy wed, Talen looks to his wife, midst the cleaning of his hand. It's a silent look, to indicate a curiousity if they should then stand and if she is ready, before he does so alongside her. When his attention shifts back to his sister, the bride, he extends to her that rare crooked smile. Alistair gets a nod, then a silent quiet thump of the fist to his chest, covered by that white shirt, before he curses silently and remembers to finish cleaning off the gore. Good thing aeterna doesn't stain. All in all, it's approving!

As Driskell finishes his speech, Isolde sucks in a nervous breath. Leaning in, the princess stands on her tiptoes and gives Alistair a kiss. It's not the most chaste or quick kiss--but it's full of love and passion. And a few more tears, that Isolde refuses to knowledge. After a long moment, she'll finally pull away. "I love you." The words are whisper soft. "Thank you for always having faith in me." With that, she'll also gestures at one of the nearby lurking servants. They come forward with a small ring box and the dark haired princess will retrieve two star iron rings from it, handing one off to her new husband.

Duarte is overheard praising Alistair for: Thatta boy! Congratulations!

Jericho is overheard praising Alistair for: congratulations!

Jericho is overheard praising Isolde for: Congratulations!

Alarissa is overheard praising Isolde for: Congratulations!

Arianna is overheard praising Isolde for: Such a beautiful ceremony, my cousin you truly are a vision.

Alarissa is overheard praising Alistair for: Congratulations!

Arianna is overheard praising Alistair for: You did good.

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Joslyn is overheard praising Alistair.

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Donaldo looks around and stands because other people are standing. He stays basically where he was seated though, clapping approvingly and smiling bright enough to almost overshadow his technicolor robe.

Jericho is overheard praising Driskell for: Way to preside over a ceremony!

Luca sits up straight, hauls himself to standing, bringing fingers to his mouth to whistle shrilly. "That's the way, Issy! Congratulations." A beat. "You too, Alistair."

The real moment of truth! Alistair can smile, but can the prodigal man kiss? Or is that a concept of civilization that is foreign for him as many others? As Isolde stands on her toes to reach up to him for the kiss, his arm wraps around her waist and he pulls her close, leaning into the kiss to display his own raw passion. "And I love you." Another kiss. "I will always have faith." Another kiss. And then the rings are claimed, and Alistair turns to regard friends and family. A more subdued smile is given to them, and a nod of his head in thanks.

Samael is overheard praising Alistair for: Congratuations.

Samael is overheard praising Driskell for: Beautiful ceremony

Samael is overheard praising Isolde for: What a beautiful bride.

Jericho rises to his feet as the two are wed and he claps his hands approvingly in celebration! a wide smile touching his features as the two lovers seal the deal. "Congratulations!"

Isolde is overheard praising Driskell for: A moving ceremony that won't be soon forgotten

Donaldo is overheard praising Isolde for: Congratulations!

Isolde is overheard praising Talen for: For protecting family. Sort of.

Donaldo is overheard praising Driskell for: A man of the faith with honeyed words!

Duarte rises from his seat and gets a good few claps in there.

Arianna takes to her feet and offers her applause as well,"Well done Isolde. Congratulations to you both."

Donaldo is overheard praising Alistair for: What a beautiful groom!

There's no leaping up to clap her hands, though Alarissa does rise respectfully, and she does clap, a sincere smile on her face at the joining of the pair inf ront of them.

Isolde is overheard praising Luca for: Causing trouble in style

Acacia smiles quietly and nods with approval, her usually bold and boisterous nature stayed for once. There is a little smirk and she quickly wipes a cheek, glancing aside to make sure no one noticed.

"Thank you all for coming and witnessing our marriage!" Isolde will call out to those in the crowd, a bright and blushing grin spreading across her face. "Please remember that the reception will be a bit later tonight. Along with the raffle." Pausing, she'll give Alistair a peck on the cheek.

Eleyna rises when Talen nudges her and claps for both of her cousins. She gives Isolde a private little smile before she reaches into her bodice and withdraws a lace-edged handkerchief for Talen to clean himself with.

Eleyna is overheard praising Isolde for: A gorgeous bride. You make House Velenosa proud.

Alistair is overheard praising Isolde for: Love of my life. <Insert Queen Lyrics>

Donella has left the Perfectly Balanced Bench Seating.

2 Redrain novice guards leaves, following Donella.

Eleyna is overheard praising Alistair for: You've survived a hunting trip with Talen and public heckling. Welcome to the family!

"Last to arrive - first to depart. Luca strolls on by with an errant wave for those that notice, giving a lopsided smirk for anyone else before he's out.

Luca has left the Perfectly Balanced Bench Seating.

Talen has left the Perfectly Balanced Bench Seating.

Sybilla, the Lenosian courtier, 2 Velenosa House Guards leave, following Talen.

Talen leaves, following Luca.

Eleyna is overheard praising Driskell for: You are a treasure.

Eleyna is overheard praising Talen for: Good boy.

Merek is overheard praising Isolde.

Merek is overheard praising Alistair.

Merek has left the Polished Reflective Bench Seating.

Sybilla, the Lenosian courtier, 2 Velenosa House Guards arrive, following Talen.

"Yes... please join us at the reception. As I understand it there shall be cake." Alistair declares, quiet proudly too! He rumbles out something as Isolde gives him that chaste peck and pulls her close.

After he's stood up, away from the bench, Talen guides his wife off with a wave for Alsitair and Isolde. They're going to prepare themselves for the reception!

Donaldo can only clap for so long and when his hands tire, or the rest of the group starts to dwingle in their clapping, he moves to slip a hand to Arianna's waist so that he ca usher her out the way they came. It was much easier coming in late than it is leaving on time, as there are others all about moving in the same direciton now. "Cake?" He muses, leaning in a little to continue his sentence more quietly.

Driskell bows to Isolde and Alistair after the ceremony, and to those nearby that he sees before he gestures to the Silents and attendants to help clear the chamber once folks are gone. Driskell himself turns to the altar and gives a kneel to it, something said before he stands up and moves to head out.

Talen and Eleyna and everyone else get parting waves as they leave! Talen even gets a mouthed "thank you!". But the newly wed bride is very easily distracted by Alistair again.

So she doesn't get caught in the crush of departure, Alarissa's returning to the bench, sitting down and regarding the departing monde.

Acacia waits for all the nobles to depart, leaning lightly against the way, dark eyes following the crowd as the pass by.

Eleyna has left the Perfectly Balanced Bench Seating.

Jiacomo leaves, following Eleyna.

Sybilla, the Lenosian courtier, 2 Velenosa House Guards, Eleyna leave, following Talen.

Duarte has left the Polished Reflective Bench Seating.

Samael puts a leather clad hand on his daughter Zoey's back as he leads them out of the Shrine. He is quiet and contemplative. He does give a parting nod to Joslyn and Delilah and a warm smile to Isolde before they leave.

Looping one arm through Alistair's, Isolde will gently start to drag him over to Acacia. Already, she's bullying her new husband. "I'm so glad you came." The princess greets her redheaded friend. "I brought something for you."

Zoey bids her farewells as Samael leads them out.

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