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Vassal of Pravus

Words: Multiply. Divide. Conquer
Sigil: A golden coin, stamped with a rabbit, upon velvet grey.
Nicknames: Rabbits

There is a song about a House Leporidae in the annals of pre-Reckoning Arvani history, an influential ducal power that had risen to rival House Pravus during the time of the Hundred Cities, before the creation of the Lyceum. Bards embellish a tale of romance turned sour and a tryst between the two houses that resulted in a violent, bloody conflict on a tiny nameless isle near Setara. The name of this war has been lost to history but the Leporidae were thought extinguished, holdings ground to dust, island razed and survivors scattered to the winds. What remained of the once proud House retreated far, far away into the Saffron Chain, vanishing during the time of the Reckoning.

Ezmeralda was the last true blooded scion of the House Leporidae, a family reduced greatly in status and protected within a powerful Abandoned enclave, the Saffron Chain's city-state of Tremorus. For centuries, it was tradition that the ruling House Proscipi would marry a Leporidae into their lineage in order to strengthen their bloodline during times of great turmoil, but the numbers of the Leporidae continued to wane through the generations. The chaos in the Saffron Chain with its new Arvani conquerors from House Pravus saw turmoil in the Abandoned city-state, with the current Prefect of House Proscipi hoping ancient, ancestral ties might win favor with the new Arvani conquerors.

In order to avoid great bloodshed it was decided that Ezmeralda would be married to a Proscipi of her choice and the great city-state along with their vassals would be sworn to a new House beneath the banner of Pravus or rather, the return of a principle power in the far southeast of the Saffron Chains; House Leporidae.


Name Rank Title Description
Cassiopeia 1 Marquessa Enchantress of Tremorus | Marquessa of Tremorus
Andromeda 2 Voice Sword of Tremorus | Commander
Savio 2 Voice Bard of Tremorus | Voice of the People
Giorgio 3 Noble Family Economist of Tremorus | Minister of Income
Remus 3 Noble Family Warlord of Tremorus
Markos 3 Noble Family Shadow of the Mountain
Sylvana 3 Noble Family The Blood Rose of Tremorus
Rufio 3 Noble Family The Mountain
Sabriel 4 Trusted House Servants Vice-Admiral of the Migrant Fleet of Tremorus
Maharet 4 Trusted House Servants
Cerelia 4 Trusted House Servants Born of the Sea
Rosemary 4 Trusted House Servants Mover and Shaker
Vulpiano 4 Trusted House Servants Minister of Natural Resources
Galatea 10 Trusted Allies Cultural Attache to House Proscipi
Orland 10 Trusted Allies Honored Ally of Tremorus | Favored at Court
Amanita 10 Trusted Allies Brightest Star
Nina 10 Trusted Allies
Scythia 10 Trusted Allies
Cesare 10 Trusted Allies

Ruler: Cassiopeia

Minister Category Title
Remus Warfare Warlord
Savio Population Voice of the People
Vulpiano Farming Surveyor
Giorgio Income Master of Coin

Land Holdings


Description: The City-State of Tremorus is at the far southeastern corner of the Saffron Chain, at one of the furthest points from Pravus expansion and with relatively little contact with the Compact. The city-state stands as a bastion of security in the jungles of the Saffron Chain, and as a testament to that, their holdings have strong walls to repulse attackers and are distant enough inland from the sea that had formerly made discovery of them by the Compact difficult. Positioned atop a mountain, it makes for an excellent, hard to attack bastion that is strategically significant, even if its distance from Arvum makes supply and travel difficult.