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Vassal of Tyde

Words: "The wind cares not."
Sigil: A white triskelion on red-purple

Nickname: Winds

The Eswynd kings were among the most powerful of the Isles Shav'arvani, with rule over several smaller tribes. Knowing all too well the fate that awaited them once the dark powers of Deeps arose, they abandoned the Gyre and turned Prodigal, swearing service to the Duchess Tyde. Notorious pirates and raiders, they have a long, bloody history with the warriors of Thrax, now their new allies.


Name Rank Title Description
Haakon 2 Voice
Temira 3 Noble Family

Ruler: Oskar

Minister Category Title
Norah Income Boyar of Coin
Haakon Warfare Boyar of Ships

Land Holdings

Eswynd Rock

Description: A craggy isle of steep cliffs, towering hills, little resources and with few natural harbors, Eswynd Rock had long been Abandoned dominated by Clan Eswynd, its natural barriers aiding the clan of pirates in maintaining their independence for generations.