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Assembly of Peers - August 2018

The Assembly of Peers meets so that petitioners can bring up business before the Voices of the Realm and leaders of the Compact so that the full Assembly can hear of pressing matters. Whether it's elevations, crises, or strategic items of national or regional concern, the Assembly is where the Compact theoretically gets things done.

If you have an item you'd like to add to the agenda, contact the secretariat of Patrizio Pravus, chair for this month's Assembly. Additional items may be tabled from the floor, as time allows.

(ooc: Please feel free to send any items for discussion ICly (via RP or messenger) or OOCly via @mail. Look forward to another exciting assembly. And, yes, you can still add topics for discussion from the floor. Just trying to get organized ahead of time.)


Oct. 26, 2022, 8:30 p.m.

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Orland Rosalind Pasquale Lisebet Sen'azala Cillian Lucita Gaspard Eirene Tesha Neilda Caspian Lou Ian Cassandra Ryhalt Kael Valencia Berenice Alarissa Alis Aethan



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Assembly of Peers

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Comments and Log

Lord Orland Amadeo, new father of two - though lacking the children and any sign of his husband, strides in along with all the others who are making their way into the assembly. He gives respectful nods to those he knows but quickly moves to take a seat at the Setarcan benches, which for the moment are rather sparsely populated. Totally fine for him.

Sydney has joined the Commoner Benches.

Rosalind squirms a bit in her seat, but she remembers where she is and takes a breath. She smiles over at Cillian at her greeting and wiggles her fingers.

Pasquale makes his way across to the lyceum area of the assembly before settling down near Lucita. He inclines his head towards both her and Talwyn before turning his gaze on the surrounding benches. When Lucita speaks to him however he turns his attention back onto her to reply.

Lisebet enters quietly, pauses to acknowledge those at the High Seats, and then makes her way to the Grayson benches where she takes a seat.

Patrizio rises from his place in his highly polished armour, at the table of the Voices of the Realm, palms resting for a moment atop the surface as he's surveying those gathered within the room. It's once he's certain that any who are going to represent the Crown and Great Houses have settled in their places before he straightens up more fully, and lifts his voice so that it can be heard. "Good evening, lords and ladies," he calls out in a clear tone. "In the interest of ensuring there's time for all matters to be brought forward, I call this session of the Assembly into order."

The jade eyes turn towards the benches of the Godsworn, before he offers a deferential inclination of his head towards them. "If a representative of the Faith would be so kind as to offer up a prayer for us, before we commence with the agenda?"

Neilda has joined the Lyceum Benches.

"Mm," is Sen'azala's quiet response to Sydney's remark. "Yes, but standing is better exercise than you'd think. And you can see farther."

Cillian moves in with the others into the assembly his hazel eyes looking around nodding to those he knows, his eyes fall on Zen'azala for along moment then looks to those at the benches and sits next to Rosalind giving her a smile.

Lucita quietly enters the Assembly, her hand draped over her husband's arm, expression largely serious yet with a little hint of a smile toward Friends and acquaintances. A curtsy is given where it is appropriate and she two then take a seat at the Lyceum benches.

Gaspard arrives and soon finds his way to the Valardin benches, choosing a seat at random. A faint, polite smile is given to those nearby.

Eirene settles in for the 'show' with a scowl etched in place. Here we go. She finds her seat right on time.

Tesha's eye patching wearing self had arrived early and she'd planted herself at the far end of the Valardin benches so that no one needed to wait for her to putter out of the way. She's dressed in the crimson silk she usually wears. There is a look to those that join the bench, a nod of greeting given to those that are there.

Neilda quietly finds a place among the others at the Lyceum benches and settles in.

Valencia has joined the Commoner Benches.

Caspian slips in quietly and moves to the commoner benches, careful to not disturb the proceedings.

Lou finishes some quiet whispering at the table, with a glance or two in Sen'azala's direction. It's not long after Patrizio calls the meeting to order and so she gives it her full attention.

Caspian has joined the Commoner Benches.

Ian comes in a little before his brother and makes his way to the Thrax benches. He settles into a seat there, alone for the time being. Totally alone, since nobody else from his fealty seems to have come in ahead of him.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Gaspard before departing.

At the request for a blessing, Legate Cassandra rises with a quiet clearing of her throat. There's no pomp and circumstance here as she inclines her head to Patrizio. "Of course," is her response, before she strides forward with confident steps and bows her head. Her voice rings clear through the hall as she begins the prayer. "May the Pantheon look down upon us today at this Assembly and favor us with your grace. May each moment that we experience bring us closer to you, and in becoming closer to you may we become closer with one another -- may we, as individuals, stand together. We are each of us alone in that there is only the one of us, but even so we dream together, and through that shared bond, let no one be lonely in times of trouble, let no one stand so apart that they feel the help of their peers is beyond their reach."

But wait, there's more! Cassandra continues, ""We ask the Gods to bless this Assembly. May they grant the wisdom of Vellichor to all who must make decisions. May the Sentinel guide them so they can be just. May Gloria fill them so their actions may be righteous and honourable. May Jayus and Gild lead us forward, to build and not to destroy, in this life that Death grants us, with the choices Skald brings us, and on this world Aion dreams. In the name of Petrichor, we ask that he grant sanctuary to this place and that all here should abide it, or face the consequences. And may all the Gods watch what is done here, and may the High Lords please them." And then she sits.

Ryhalt rose from his seat in the Valardin section for the blessing and sat back down after. He resumes curious people-watching of the room as he does so.

Kael is of course on time, moving to the Valardin benches after a bow in the direction of the Voices of the Realm and nodding to those Oathlanders already present. He selects a seat at the outskirts to allow him to stretch his legs, though given the invocation he remains standing with his head bowed and hands folded together. Only once it is concluded does he take a seat.

Saccharin has joined the Redrain Benches.

"Thank you, Legate Laurent, for those inspiring and uplifting words, light in these dark moments through which we walk in these times." Patrizio smiles with warmth as his hands move to that ever-present folio of his, resting atop the opened leaves of it before him.

Briefly, the jade eyes turn towards the Setaran benches, before turning back to the Assembly as a whole. "Since I am benefited with having the floor once again, House Pravus is of a station where we have nothing of import to speak of at this time. Matters of the Saffron are quiet, and we Pravusi stand ready to help how we might with ensuring our Compact remains strong and united." He pauses for a moment, before his attention shifts, to glance down the table towards Berenice. "Your Highness Berenice, for the Lyceum, if you please."

Valencia sits and quietly listens, her hands folded lightly upon her lap, as the great house representatives slowly but surely make their reports to the gathered assembly.

Berenice rises gracefully from her seat, looking out onto the crowd with a regal lift of her chin. "The Lyceum is grateful to have been in a position to offer our strength and support to the Faith in recent weeks as it has sought to retrieve the apostate Waldo. We have no news to offer to the Assembly at this time, but we of course continue to hope for resolution to the conflicts levied upon our friends and allies." And then, just as gracefully, she sits.

Alarissa has joined the Thrax Benches.

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Alarissa has joined the Voices of the Realm.

"Thank you, your highness. And so hope and pray we all for a resolution, and swiftly." A dip of Patrizio's head comes with Berenice's report for the Lyceum, and then his head turns slightly to look down the table, a faint hint of a smile playing upon his lips. "Pathfinder Lou, if you would be so kind to report for Grayson at this time?"

Alarissa moves quietly but swiftly into the assembly, a glance to the head table and then the Thrax bench before slipping just as quietly to the Thrad seat at the table.

Lou rises from her seat as her name is called, seemingly slightly pleased that Patrizio chose her other title to use. "All things have been quiet, as far as I'm aware, since the rescue of villagers near House Shepherd's lands, which we reported on last meeting. As always, we remain vigilant and on the look out for activity regarding those enemies that took Bastion, but for now we have no additional issues to report at this time." That said, she settles back down.

Briefly once again, Patrizio's head bows when he's hearing of the mention of the villagers who've been retaken and a pause, while he lets Lou's report sink in for everyone. "Gods grant that the scourge on that frontier be dealt with soon," speaks he softly.

And then his voice lifts again as his emerald eyes find Alis there, and he dips his head respectfully. "Your Grace Alis, if you'd be so kind to bring us up to date with matters for Valardin?"

Alis rests both hands on the table when she stands up to address the Assembly. "Thank you, Your Highness. It was an honor for The Oathlands to assist the Faith in their recent efforts to retrieve Waldo, alongside the Lyceum. We also continue the work of restoring Artshall, together. We have nothing to report about any other similar attacks, but continue to put in place our defensive and offensive plans to address the issue. And, thank our allies for their assistance." With a faint smile offered the others at the table, she then re-takes her seat.

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"I look forward to the restoration of Artshall, and not simply because I miss the arts festival there," speaks the Voice of Pravus, allowing himself at least a little bit of a smile for a moment.

For a moment, Patrizio's gaze turns to one of the empty chairs, before his attention comes around to the Redrain benches. "Is there anyone present who is blessed by His Grace to speak for Redrain? If not, we'll move on and turn our attention to matters in Maelstrom and the Mourning Isles." He pauses for a moment, for the chance of allowing any so authorized to rise.

2 Greenwood Tribe Blood Warriors arrives, following Thesarin.

Thesarin has joined the Grayson Benches.

Alis pipes up, because of course she does. "I think they're all out wrestling bears. I'm sure cousin Darren mentioned a family outing to do that." is quipped, with a bright and maybe mischievous smile.

"I feel sorry for the bears, I think, and perhaps wonder if they should be sent reinforcements against His Grace." That smile spreads on Patrizio's features for the moment at Alis' words. Seeing no one rising however, he makes a quick notation on the leaf of his folio, before his head turns slightly, and again dips in a faint bow. "Archduchess-Consort Alarissa, if it pleases, how are affairs in Thrax?"

Alarissa rises from the seat, alaricite arm slid off her lap to rest at her side while her right hand settles on the table. There's a dip of her head to Patrizio in thanks and then her attention turns to the rest of the assembly. "The Mourning isles remains mired in civil war still. The fight for the soul of our people remains a hard one. As ever, we pray and hope for resolution and peace and that it comes swift." There's a glance to the bench. "We yield our time however to Duke Aethan of House Kennex as they have matters to bring before the assembly with our blessings and full support, if it pleases those here at the table to hear their request at this time."

"I've no objection." Patrizio's smile has disappeared with the discussion of the civil war that still broils, though there's no hint in his tone that the yielding is unexpected, and after another notation in that folio of his, his gaze lifts to the Thrax benches. "My lord Aethan, the floor is yours."

Aethan bows his head towards Alarissa and then stands and moves forward, another nod given to Patrizio before he addresses the Assembly. "As you all may be aware, Turo Navegant has been taken into the Faith's custody for his support and protection of the false Dominus, Waldo. I await word from the Faith as to what their judgment against him may be, but outside of any actions he has taken against the Faith, he has also acted against my house and my Highlord. For the violent rebellion against myself and the rightful Highlord of the Mourning Isles, Prince Victus, I have stripped him of the title of Marquis of Escuma."

Shifting his weight slightly, he continues. "Escuma needs leadership. Turo's sister, Lady Estil Navegant escaped from Escuma at the start of the war in the Isles. She and a single guard took ship from Escuma to Stormward, which is quite a journey in even the sturdiest ship. This ship was not, and the fact that she made it to Stormward in order to keep her oaths speaks very highly of her. For this reason, and to give the people of Escuma a sense of continuity with a Navegant succeeding another Navegant, I ask the Assembly to recognize her as the new Marquessa of Navegant. Thank you."

Orland makes a bit of a face, nose scrunching up, as he writes notes down - or what some would assume is note taking. Please no one look over his shoulder. His eye flashes up a bit though at the talk of Navegant.

Cassandra's eyes sharpen and lips bend with something akin to disgust at the mention of the false Dominus, though it's a brief expression before she's able to school her face once more. She does, however, lean slightly forward with focus as she attunes to the rest of what Aethan is saying.

Caspian begins to applaud as Duke Aethan finishes, face breaking into a smile.

At the table of the Voices of the Realm, Patrizio and the others are in quiet discussion for some moments.

Patrizio takes a breath as he nods and makes another mark in that book before him, and then looks to Aethan. "If the Great House of Thrax has no objection, the Assembly is pleased to recognize Lady Estil Navegant as the Marquessa of Escuma. May she reign long and well, and bring honour to her people and liege." He smiles with this declaration, before his gaze sweeps over the room. "If there any other matters to be brought forward, please do so now."

"House Thrax has no objections and supports the choice of one such as the Marquessa Navegant to guide it's people through the storm to calmer waters." Alarissa speaks up, giving Thrax's assent to the elevation.

Aethan remains still as the deliberations take place. Once both Patrizio and Alarissa have both spoken, he bows. "House Kennex is grateful to both House Thrax and the Assembly." He withdraws back to his original seat on the Thrax benches.

Once more, Patrizio rises to his feet behind the table of the Voices of the Realm, surveying the room once more. "Seeing no one else with business before the Assembly, it is my privilege and honour to call this session of the Assembly of Peers to a close. May the gods watch over you and yours, and over our Compact entire."

Once the meeting is called, Lou finally does let out that sign she'd been holding and rises to her feet so she might head for the door. Escape while she can!

The line has been dismissed by Patrizio.

Eirene mutters to Thesarin, loudly enough for it to be on purpose. "You got dressed up for nuffin," she smirks.

Following the conclusion of the Assembly, Neilda rises from the Lyceum benches - and she departs.

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When the assembly is called to a close, Rosalind looks up and takes a breath. Chances are she's going to leave, in a moment.

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Alis is overheard praising Patrizio.

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Laurene, a military adjutant leaves, following Alis.

Cillian blinks looking up from somethinf at his benches seeming confussed as he looks oer to Sen'asala then back to the table of the voice a small frown pulling at his lips.

Valencia is overheard praising Patrizio: A very fine and eloquent chair.

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