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Everyone Deserve Free Cake

Horrified by the raid of their kitchen, the Laurents are holding an event that is all about cake. Come eat cake, take cake home, dance with a cake, romance a cake! Might want to reconsider the order of things. It is all about free cake and all are invited!!!

A pre-cake contest will be held - send your best recipe for cake to Mabelle and the Laurent bakers will collect all the recipes, bake dozens of cakes and send them to orphanages and refugee gatherings in Arx and all around Arvum. The best recipe will earn a 20,000 silver prize!

Be there or be cake deprived.


April 21, 2022, 8:30 p.m.

Hosted By

Mabelle Cristoph


Kritr Patrizio Terese Nazmir Lisebet Ryhalt Caspian Keely Elora Kiera Amari Dino Aindre Alaric Edris Sabella Symonesse Eiran



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Laurent Manse - Estate Grounds

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Comments and Log

The Laurent Grounds have been decorated with colorful silken streamers and a giant maypole in the center of it. There are abundance of cakes in stands all over the grounds and there is also bundt cake. Somewhere. Rotating servers offer drinks, sweets and something for those who do not favor cake and showed up here anyway. How Dare!

A large cake upon a pedestal grabs your attention upon entry, but it is easy to be distracted by the lively music played and the artists dancing while balancing cake on their heads while others are sparing with forks while holding plates with cake. What is happening?!

Mabelle and Cristoph are on the ground, greetings their guests. The Laurent Lady is clad in anything she could find in her wardrobe that is either pink, contains cake elements of smells sweet. She smiles as people arrive, wiggling her fingers and delicately fanning herself with a feathery fan she holds in her hand that suspiciously looks like... it cannot be...

Mabelle drops DOOR TOKEN CHEST.

Keely gets a trendy silken fan with fluffy feathers from DOOR TOKEN CHEST.

Nazmir gets a trendy silken fan with fluffy feathers from DOOR TOKEN CHEST.

3 House Velenosa Guards, Gracie, an extremely patient lady's maid arrive, following Sofia.

Lisebet gets a trendy silken fan with fluffy feathers from DOOR TOKEN CHEST.

Patrizio takes a trendy silken fan with fluffy feathers from DOOR TOKEN CHEST.

Mabelle has joined the the traveling cake cart.

Terese gets a trendy silken fan with fluffy feathers from DOOR TOKEN CHEST.

Alaric gets a trendy silken fan with fluffy feathers from DOOR TOKEN CHEST.

Kritr arrives on time, well, a little early, lingering around the stables talking to the stablehands and carying for his horse. He mosies over to the chest when the event is announced. to claim a feathered fan. It's for his sister. Really.

Kritr gets a trendy silken fan with fluffy feathers from DOOR TOKEN CHEST.

Patrizio is... clearly not dressed in pink. No, the Pravusi prince is at least in something more summery in silks rather than armour, and while it's still in the hues of his house, they're at least in tones that lean towards the pastels and something more summery. His guards are managing to be somewhat discreet closer to the entry as he's coming in, the better to approach Cristoph and Mabelle to give his regards, a chuckle sliding from his throat. "It seems that you've yet again found away to foist confections upon the rest of us, my lord, my lady," voices he with an easy laugh. "Just the thing before the summer drives everyone to fruits and the like, mmm?"

Symonesse arrives, following Aindre.

Ryhalt gets a trendy silken fan with fluffy feathers from DOOR TOKEN CHEST.

1 Iron Guardsmen, Onida, a boglands wolf-hound, Due, a tireless Whitehawk hound, Josse, a sharp-eyed Whitehawk falcon, 2 Whitehawk Guards, Violet-Green Swallow arrive, following Elora.

3 House Velenosa Guards, Gracie, an extremely patient lady's maid leave, following Sofia.

Terese enters the Laurent Estate grounds looking at all the cakes and retrieving a fan she greets Mabelle and Cristoph with a respectful bow once she is closer. "Greetings Lady Mabelle and Duke Laurent," she says. "Lovely event as always Lady Mabelle," she tells her warmly then moves to seek cake to eat and drinks to drink. She will respectfully greet anyone else whom she might now or might greet her.

"Where is that bundt cake? I thought I saw it around here..." Cristoph can be heard murmuring to Mabelle as they greet the guests. Maybe that's his favorite kind of cake, who knows! He rocks on his heels when Patrizio turns up and offers the man an amused smile. "Is it really foisting the cake upon if you the event was clearly intended to be about confections and you chose to come here? If anything, Prince Patrizio, you're foisting yourself on our confections." A hand is lifted to wave some others as they pass by, such as Terese. "Your highness."

Dino gets a trendy silken fan with fluffy feathers from DOOR TOKEN CHEST.

Terese has joined the a huge red velvet cake on a pedestal sporting a tiara.

The prospect of cake was simply too great for Nazmir to resist and as such, he's stepping into the Estate Grounds with the Princess Keely Grayson upon his arm, the latter of whom has managed to coordinate her colors to the point that it might just invoke thoughts of a watermelon. Quiet conversation happens between the pair, at least until they step into the receiving line and when it's there turn, there's a flash of a smile in the direction of Mabelle, along with a dip of Nazmir's head as he offers, "You look absolutely /stunning/, Lady Mabelle. Remind me to raid your closet, some time, hmm?" Then, to Cristoph, he's dipping his head into a bow, "A pleasure, Duke Laurent."

Mabelle smiles entertainedly at Cristoph's comment to Patrizio, "See, you belong there with the food stand that is designed for people who do not like cake", she chuckles at the Prince and greets those who arrive, "Lord Clearlake, Princess Terese". Her hand smoothes her gown, making her bracelet sparkle, which oddly looks like chocolate chip but it is not! "Prince Redrain", Mabelle grins at Nazmir, "Is that not the point of our joint event?"

Lisebet comes into party central, pausing to glance around. She smiles and waves a hand towards Mabelle and Cristoph, heading over towards them. Her garb is definitely spring, though not particular cakelike. She flashes a bright smile. "But is there ginger cake?" she asks with a mischievous grin at her friends.

Ryhalt arrives and looks about as if he is, indeed, wondering 'what is going on here'. Looking doesn't seem to give him a clue, so he joins the others in greeting Cristoph and Mabelle. "Thank you for having us at your house again Duke Cristoph. Should play pranks on her like this more often." He grins at Cristoph before saying to Mabelle, "Has free cake for everyone started a cake war?"

"I am fond of ginger." Kritr admits, his curiosity piqued. He sniffs the slice of cake he has acquired. He did not get ginger cake. His is carrot.

"In fairness, I don't foist myself on anyone. I simply appear, and it's the universe that foists everything upon me." Patrizio looks blameless about it when Cristoph says such about him, before there's a grin to Mabelle. "My lady," he says, as he covers his heart. "You wound me with such an accusation. Have I not come to your baking events and regaled you with cake before?" There's that blink of those stunningly jade eyes, and... a smile as he dips his head to Terese and to Nazmir. "Your highnesses. Fancy seeing you about this place. Perhaps both of you can help with the defence from these slings and arrows about hatred for cake."

Caspian enters with little fanfare. The champion strode in whistling softly and doing his best to blend in with prince Patrizio's guards.. though he failed very badly at doing so. he gave a chuckle, breaking away from the guards to take in the extravagant layout before him. the cakes, the performers, all of it! it was magnificent! the broad smile on his face said just as much. he strode toward Mabelle and Cristoph, offering a flourishing bow. "Lady mabelle, Duke Cristoph, you have outdone yourselves! I have a feeling someone will needs roll me home after i am unleashed upon the confections!"

Muah, muah. Keely greets the hosts appropriately, cheek pecks for Mabelle, a murmured few words to Cristoph. She looks just a little sleepy and seems to be content to be led around on Nazmir's elbow and let him do most of the socializing while she quietly warms up to being in a crowd, but makes up for it with the loud and exciting colors in her outfit.

Caspian takes a trendy silken fan with fluffy feathers from DOOR TOKEN CHEST.

"Prince Redrain, welcome," Cristoph returns, bowing his head once in Nazmir's direction in a way that's functionary and polite. He has a warmer smile for the Grayson princess accompanying him. "Keely, it's good to see you again as always. Thank you for coming." A hand is then lifted and he waves to Lisebet and Ryhalt as they approach, a huff of laughter spared for something the other Oathlands duke says.

Kritr has joined the YOU DARE EAT ANYTHING BUT CAKE buffet.

"I still say, Lady Mabelle, that I am very much not going to fit into one of your dresses. No matter how much I may want to steal them." A flash of a grin is given by Nazmir and followed by, "But it shall certainly be so very enjoyable to try!" He's then murmuring to Keely as his eyes scan the crowd, his attention drawn in the direction of Patrizio as he offers a smile, "I /always/ seem to crop up when there's cake to be had. And there is no such thing as someone who hates cake. There is only someone who hasn't /found/ the right cake that they enjoy."

When Elora Ravenseye arrives, it's with a small gaggle of children. There's a boy about thirteen years old and another that couldn't be more than six or seven... and a pair of five year old girls who squeal with delight at all the cake and start to run full tilt towards the tables. "Hayleen and Hrefna Whitehawk." Elora's quiet voice somehow manages to cut through the excitement well enough to stop the twins in their tracks. "Get back here and be polite." The blonde then navigates her brood towards the Laurents. "We always say hello when we greet our hosts," she murmurs patiently.

Finally, they reach Mabelle and Cristoph. The bows bow, though the younger one almost chops Mabelle's dress with an added (and unpracticed) hand flourish. The girls pull out their skirts as if to curtsy. One of them just starts spinning around. "Hi, I'm Hrefna!" chirps the second to Cristoph. They're learning. "Duke and Lady Laurent, thank you for having us." Elora is more adept at social nicities, even as a hand sneaks out to stop the spinning child from spinning.

Lisebet looks over to Kritr and chuckles. "I adore ginger cake, it's my favourite," she admits. "I blame Ryhalt for that." She gives her brother her very best innocent look with that comment. She then leans over to whisper something to Ryhalt, assuming he'll lean over for her to do so.

Kiera enters the grounds moving first to approach the hosts whom she overhears speaking to Patrizio "What there's someone who doesn't like cake. I thought that was mythical seriously my whole worldview has been altered" She laughs "Good evening your highness" before turning her attention to Mabelle and Cristoph "which confection should i start with while my palate is fresh and my stomach is empty?"

Lisebet mutters, "... so good to ... you, ... ... hope all is well ... the children are behaving ... much as can be expected. We should ... together for ... ..."

Amari strolls in wearing decidedly less white than the last time she was over to bake a cake. She's thought ahead. Sadly, the tiny goat with her has almost entirely white fur. That can't be helped. The pair find their way to the hosts and while the furry one bleats, the human one offers a polite curtsey to Cristoph and Mabelle, "My Duke, it's lovely to see you. Lady Mabelle! I don't believe I've ever seen you wear so much pink!" She can't apparently help making that observation aloud. She seems impressed. She also doesn't want to snarl up the line, so with a smile, she'll drift off.

6 Grayson House Guards, Clark, an exasperated guard arrive, following Sabella.

Dino arrives subtly, wearing some dark trousers paired with a lighter green shirt. Nothing flashy for the young Corsetina cousin. After taking one of the party favors from the chest, he offers a warm smile and a bow to the hosts, then heads into the party.

Mabelle beams at Lisebet and Ryhalt upon entry, "Of course there is ginger cake, its somewhere next to the bundt cake. Along with Patrizio's shield", she winks to the Pravusi Prince. Keely's cheek is pecked in greeting and her eyes land on Caspian, "Master Wild, I do hope you keep in shape! But I will forgive you for one night", she teases him. The sudden swarm of children surprises her and she smoothes their hair upon arrival with Elora, "Good evening little ones, there is a chocolate stand right there!", she directs them awayyyy from her gown.$r$rEyeing Nazmir, Mabelle admits, "I was going for the ripped look", she chuckles at him, "Wasnt that the point?". She wiggles her fingers to Kiera and Dino as they arrive and then mumbles to Amari, "I look like the insides of a cupcake".

Prince Aindre arrives probably of his own will even though Symonesse has him by the hand with both of her own and she's pulling him along. It's not that he's being a pawdragger or anything! He looks amused by the whole ordeal and if there's any slowness on his part it's just because the Nox'alfar tugging him along with such insistence seems eager and in even better spirits than her usual at the idea of a whole gathering based around something like cake. "Do you think any alchemists out there are hard at work on an antidote to cake hangovers?", he asks of her like he's serious on the matter even if the whisper of a smile on his lips gives away the teasing of it all. "Maybe I should see a southern alchemist with a reputation for antidotes.", he mentions, holding them both up just inside to look around at the place and just how caked up it's become. His one good eye goes a little wide, and he gives his companion a playfully worried look, mouthing at her, '..that's a lot of cake.'

Huh. And there's Caspian. Patrizio laughs when he's noticing the man, and there's a dip of his head, as well as a warm smile. "Messere Champion. You seem to appear out of thin air at the oddest times, as if you're trying to ambush someone." It's a fun accusation, which sounds not one whit serious, even as he's drawing a breath, and nodding to Nazmir. "Perhaps that's the trap of it. I should mark that and consider it when next I'm planning military strategy. Hear me out - tell others there's a threat of cake and then...." He's quiet a moment, before his hands clap together. "Arvum Fire."

Though on hearing Kiera, there's a mock look of shock to find his features. "My lady, you wound me. You and Lady Mabelle who both seem to think that I'm /opposed/ to cake. It's not that I dislike it - I just think there are finer things to be had in life. And all things in their season."

Kritr nods thoughtfully to Lisebet. "It might be okay in a cake." Which is as agreeable as he gets really. He has set his carrot cake down in favor of actual carrots, sad.

Caspian looks to Patrizio with a bright smile, "Oh.. you know me. i always turn up when there is merriment to be had. or cake. or trouble.. im just always turning up" he ponders the prince'

Caspian looks to Patrizio with a bright smile, "Oh.. you know me. i always turn up when there is merriment to be had. or cake. or trouble.. im just always turning up" he ponders the prince's words a moment, "Thats dastardly! lure them in with cake and then unleas the fires?! its genius.. but do we dare stoop so low?" he put on an expression of mock contemplation ((Fxied))

Cristoph is whispering a quick reply to something Keely has asked, shaking his head in the negative. But then there's another huff of laughter and he makes what looks like a quick quip before leaning away. "Enjoy the cakes!" When Amari arrives, he brightens some more and then stoops down to scritch Marigold behind the ears. "Baroness Amari, good to see you! And your friend." Attention paid to woman and goat both, he straightens up to his full height again and continues saying hello to guests!

Terese is here helping herself to cake and drinks quietly as the others show up and greet eachother. The Valardin Princess might seem a bit ouf of place dressed in her steel armor, weapon sheathed at her hip as she finds a place to settle in and eat and drink

Ryhalt laughs at Lisebet and grins at her. "You can blame me for your 'flaws' if I get credit for everything else, too." He leans over to listen to what she whispers and nods to her before whispering back.

A trio of men arrive to the center of the grounds, one of them is juggling cupcakes. That may not end well. The others are dancing around him while he juggles and its only a matter of time that one of the three will get a cupcake smashed upon his face. It has not happened yet, but some of the patrons are taking bets.

There is a joke about letting them eat cake, but Alaric most certainly does not know it as he casually makes his rounds through the grounds, enjoying the sites and delights of confections in all shapes and sizes. "Would it be terribly impolite to ask if there were pies at this festive occasion?" The King wonders in terrible jest to Cristoph when he draws near Duke Laurent, his cousin. "Or, what if I were in a mood for cookies instead? Would you have thought of it all for horrible people who do not like cake?"

Edris enters quietly, unaccompanied, but he has a pleasant if reserved expression. Calm and collected. He takes a flute of something from one of the rotating servers, and that seems a good way to ward off being offered too many other things as he unhurriedly makes his way towards the hosts. "Duke Cristoph, Lady Mabelle," the Elwood knight offers quietly once he is close enough to speak, and offer a courteous bow. "Thank you for your hospitality." He doesn't impose long, however, gently stepping aside so as to not block other well wishers, as his dark gaze moves about the grounds.

Patrizio gestures - he actually gestures to Alaric when there're the words about other things than cake. "See," he says, defensively, to Mabelle, to Kiera, to Caspian and Nazmir and those around. "/I/ am not the one who dislikes cake. Though I would argue that His Majesty cannot clearly be a horrible person, by definition, for disliking cake." He's quiet a moment, before he murmurs, "Though I make it sound like I'm working up a defence for those who dislike cake. I clearly need something to drink."

A cake free-for-all seems like too good of an opportunity to pass up, even for Sabella. The Grayson princess drifts onto the grounds about now, chin lifted in what at first glance might look a touch imperious, but in fact is just her literally being lured by the overwhelming fragrance of baked sweets though she stops short of actually sniffing the air. She's not disappointed by the sight either, pausing for a few beats of sweeping study of the whole - and specifically the cupcake juggler - before a smile emerges.

Alaric is overheard praising Patrizio: Sometimes pies really are superior to cake.

Lisebet smiles to her brother, nodding after his return whisper. "Sounds like a plan," is her response. "Now I have to see if I can find that ginger cake. And wait, Prince Patrizio's shield?" She looks over to Mabelle, curiously. "There surely is a story in this that you'll have to tell me all about some time."

"Aindre!" Keely is immediately more animated as she notices her cousin in the crowd, lighting all the way up and looking up to Nazmir hopefully. She's not about to brave the crowd without someone Very Tall to part it for her.

Queen Symonesse's sweet tooth is a well-known fact and an event that is based around cake is basically like getting to spend an evening in the best place in the world. She is indeed pulling Aindre most of the way there, but once she gets a look at the cake dancers and the cake jugglers, her golden eyes widen and she just breathes out in a low, happy sigh. She takes a moment to take it all in, but, somehow, she manages to catch the words that Aindre mouths next to her and says in utter delight, "Yes, and I am going to try -all- of it."

Kritr is clearly not much of a socializer, content to graze over at the buffey while looking on from the edges.

Listening to Patrizio, Nazmir is giving a little laugh, "Now wouldn't that just make the most perfect strategy, hmm? Forever remembered amongst the annuls of history." A tick of his lips to a grin and then he's turning his attention back over in the direction of Mabelle, "Oh, very much so!" That grin lingers there as he lets his gaze dart about once more and when he catches sight of of Caspian. A hand lifts, giving a little wave, "Messere Caspian. Good to see you!" When Keely calls out to someone, he's looking to her and then in that direction, only to then begin to guide her over in the direction of Aindre.

Mabelle's eyes widen a little as she spots Symonesse accompanied by Aindre. She curtsies to the queen and company and grins, "If I knew all it takes to get you over to the Laurent Mansion is a cake party", she actually teases Aindre before offering a proper greeting to the Queen, "Your Majesty, it is a boon to have you here". Her cheeks are still pink when she spots Alaric, "Your Majesty", her greeting is overwhelmed, "Are you certain there is a Laurent in you? There is apple pie however, and some muffins and surely there are cookies", she points at her cookie girl, "Thank you for gracing us with your presence".

She circles the grounds to catch those who still arriving, "Princess Sabella, Lord Elwood, Duke Farshaw, please have some cake!".

Marigold is a tiny glutton for attention, so Amari will have to coax her along after Cristoph has straightened. The bold little goat would continue standing there at his feet trying to guilt him. As for Mabelle, she reassures, "But a very expensive cupcake." Solemn nod. With no more scritches incoming for either, they stroll off to find other familiar faces. She hones in on the northerner trying to raid the buffet and avoid conversation, "Lord Kritr, hello!" On the way she notices Terese, so offers a dip of her head, "Your Highness. How's the academy coming along?"

"Oh, I don't know if it would be /rude/ to begin requesting pies and cookies at a cake event," Cristoph begins in a drawling way that surely means there's more to come. He leans a bit forward Alaric's way before he continues, speaking in conspiratorial tones with bright eyes, "But the real power move if you disliked cake would be to leave this party, go to another location? Use your influence to buy up all your favorite confections. And then proclaim to the entire city that there was /another/ party, right now! And this one was only for cookies and pies. No cakes allowed." Mischief suggested he goes on to say, "Welcome, your Majesty. It's good to have you by as always."

Kiera smiles "Of course not I was jesting though I see a pie and some muffins have snuck there way onto the cake cake cart. She coos over marigold for a moment "Hello, little goat. Are you a screamer too

Patrizio laughs warmly, as he' sketching a little bow to Lisebet at the words about his shield, though the grin is turned to Nazmir. "Would it not be perfect? I think the matter is figuring out what kind of cake to serve, and how best to get word to them, but..." Oh, there's that smoulder in the Pravusi prince's eyes at the thought of deploying Fire in such a manner. "Though I daresay that they wouldn't want to hear of it when we need it next. Alas." And he perhaps suffices with getting himself some cake, lest anyone think he hate it.

Kritr nods to Amari. "Baroness Redire. It's just Krit though." He calls back, careful to swallow before making the correction.

"Is there coffee cake?" Ryhalt asks as he's prodded over to get some cake. He smiles at Lisebet as the siblings agree to whatever they were whispering about. "We should join the no-cake side if there isn't ginger or coffee cake. Very blatant omissions." Nodding, he hides a grin at this plan. Preferred cake, serious business.

Mabelle mutters, "I'm so ... ... are here, I would likely ... up offending ..."

Amari gets a trendy silken fan with fluffy feathers from DOOR TOKEN CHEST.

Terese greets Amari. "Oh very well, I have had a flood of support, it's quite in Order and running," Terese replies. "I am hosting the Dance of Blades there soon," she says. "But I hate to bore everyone with my goals while there is cake to be had and be rude to hog attention from Lady Mabelle and her lovely event but thank you for asking," she states

Dino plucks a drink from a serving tray as it passes by and pauses to listen to some of the music. A smile creeps across his face as he taps a foot to the beat, taking a sip from the glass he cradles in one hand. He stays here a moment, then decides to go hunt for what they all came for: some cake!

Elora shepherds her children through the line and gets them settled away from the adults where they can Be Kids without disrupting others. Once that is accomplished, she selects a cupcake for herself and a cup of tea. As she sits, blueberry coloured eyes travel around the area, watching the jugglers and the royals and the peers and and and... A small smile rests on her lips as she observes the merriment, gaze warm and pleased.

Caspian spies Nazmir's wave and gives a warm smile and bwoing in return. "Prince Nazmir! its good to see you again your highness. Have you tried any of the cakes yet? There are so many i dont think you want to wait to get started or you will be here all night" he paused and gave a laugh, "Which honestly doesnt sound like so bad a thing!"

Is the large cake BARKING? Surely you are expriencing sugar rush.

Alaric slants a glance aside toward Cristoph when the duke winds up with more to come, the corner of his mouth upturned in a faintly humored grin. "You would have me sabotage your own party for the sake of proving a point about pies being superior?" The idea is terribly tempting, his voice lowered to conspiratorial tones. "Maybe I could ban cakes for the day and declare cookies the only confection allowed in the city. That'll surely take the air out of Lady Mabelle's sails, though I do not believe Her Majesty, The Queen would appreciate such particular flexes of power right before she's able to sample all the cakes."

It is only natural that Symonesse becomes the sweetness that draws his attention, his head bowed regally in acknowledgement of his wife before his gaze slides on toward Patrizio with a vibrant laugh lost. "You'll find me no more than a saboteur this evening, Your Highness. But now that I've sown seeds of discord, why don't you and I go see what's barking over there? The cake, it barks. Or we've already begun to lose our sanity from so much sugar."

Sabella isn't going to idle there long. Her smile turns almost incandescent when she spots Mabelle and she offers her own, "This really is a triumph, Lady Mabelle. Really. I'll have to make the rounds but I wonder if you haven't managed to get almost every kind of cake there is here somewhere." Which she's going to have to go procure some of here in a few moments and so begins making her way toward the table, offering quieter greetings here and there along the way. Plenty of cake. No need to rush. No reason even to get in the line while there are children in it. "The real question no one's asking is who was bold enough to bake a pie into one of these cakes?"

A warm laugh falls past from Nazmir's lips as he nods to Patrizio, "All the kinds of cake! Would need to cover the bases, after all." A dip of his head and then his gaze darts over towards Caspian, "Not yet! If I start diving into the cake, I probably won't make it around to circle and there's people to see and say hi to, before I embarrass myself with frosting!"

"Mister Wild," Keely greets Caspian with a warm smile as she and Nazmir pause near him. She is distracted, though, and upon finding herself near enough that it is she slips away from Nazmir to finish the trek to Aindre and Symonesse. He can catch up!

Even if it is just for the theatre of it all, Prince Aindre's expression strikes a /very/ concerned look whenever the Queen promises that she's going to try all of the cake. There are certain facts to consider. This is a cake banquet. People are juggling small cakes and courting bigger cakes and too many things that aren't usually cake-adjacent seem to be cozying up with cake now and the Grayson Voice certainly braces himself for the experience and the threats of sugar-intoxication being leveled at him. "All of it?", he asks, then smooths his lips into a warmer, sincere smile. "Well, it /is/ the point of the whole thing. If ever there were a night to indulge..", he relents, wandering closer to the desserts until he's sure nature will take its course and she'll drag him closer to whichever one first has caught her eye. He waves above the people to Princess Keely when she calls out, "Somehow I knew I would see you here!", he calls out right back. Then to Lady Mabelle he confesses, "Well, it took more than cake! But I am here! The gods work in mysterious ways! This whole thing seems wonderful!".

Kritr keeps his distance from said cake, in case it gives birth to puppies. He muses out loud, louder than anyone talking to themselves would speak, but not to anyone in particular. "I think that there is a dog in that cake. Probably inside a box. Perhaps the cake is a box."

Edris doesn't look too much like a guy with a large sweet tooth. But when in the presence of Lady Mabelle, who would have the heart to refuse at least a little cake. And so with a brief smile to the hostess, he does accept a slice once he makes the rounds--though the one he chooses seems to be one more adorned simply than overloaded with frosting. The cupcake juggler draws his eye and one arched brow, as he's clearly impressed with the skill that takes to make it not look like a food fight.

Lisebet catches Patrizio's sketched bow and nods to him. She'll have to look him up later for that story, it seems. For the moment, the petite duchess goes about, pausing to nod to Sabella in passing. As she goes by the Queen, Prince Aindre and the King, they get a respectful curtsey, but she's on a mission to find that ginger cake. And apparently a shield. Search, search. Eventually, she ends up with no shield but a piece of some sort of cake. And she now turns to listen to the conversation for a bit.

"Krit? If you prefer. Save some room for the cake." Amari warns as she continues circulating about the growing crowd with no apparent destination in mind. She's simply going where the wind takes her. Terese's humbleness is waved off with a smile, "I think you can be forgiven, you have put a lot of work in, have you not? And a Dance of Blades? That I can't wait for."

Patrizio's mouth briefly opens as he's considering what Alaric is saying, though his head turns and... indeed, he can hear barking. There's also a glance towards Mabelle for the moment, before he's drawing a breath and looking back to the King. "Given our hostess, I almost have to worry about the kind of surprise that might be in store," says he, but his hand's not going for his blade. But indeed, he's beckoning Nazmir to come with them to come discover what it is that's odd about the cake. "I think that we should, in the interest of all things confectionary within the Compact," he says, with mock-seriousness. Maybe not mock-seriousness, but enough that it /might/ be overdone a little at a party.

Mabelle grins at Alaric, "You will make an Outlaw out of me, Your Majesty? Surely the inquisition will be happy to have me for a day. They have once, if I recall. But it was to amuse my Duke and Cousin", she slants her eyes at Cristoph, "Oh the trials I endure", she grins fondly at him. Laughing at Sabella's words, Mabelle redirects her to the King, "He is banning cakes, get him, get him!". She grins at Aindre, "Well I do hope you enjoy your evening, whatever reason brought you here".

The Cupcake did land on the juggler's face. Aww.

As Mabelle offers a greeting, Symonesse smiles and waves back enthusiastically, her delicate face animated as she says back, "Everything smells so wonderful and looks so beautiful! I might have just found my happy place. You and the Duke might as well have some rooms prepared because I'm not leaving. I think Symonesse Laurent is a lovely name and I am prepared to be ado-" She gasps and says to no one in particular, "Oh, look. Is that -lemon cake-?" She sort of vaguely hears Alaric and gives him a stern look, well, as stern as anything Symonesse can manage, as she says, "Don't you tease her, Alaric. Lady Mabelle is my new favorite person and probably a long lost relative at this point. While all sweets have their place and time, today is about wonderful, delicious, fluff, sweet, happiness-in-your-mouth cake." As she has been speaking, Symonesse has been walking around, collecting little plates of cake and attempting to carefully juggle them as she continues to find more and more that she wants to sample. To Aindre, she says, "All of it. I haven't seen a cake yet that I don't want to eat." She starts to take her first haul to a table.

"Not sabotage, just a little healthy social competition," Cristoph replies with an easy slant to that smile. "But banning the cakes might be going a step too far, your Majesty. You would make us all petty criminals in less than a day's time. I think the guards probably have enough work to do without filling the cells up with dessert rebels from the Great Cake Revolt of 1017." He catches Mabelle's words and glances in her direction before breaking out into laughter. "See, our cousin already admits she'll be among the first arrested. I'm sure to follow. The true downfall of House Laurent."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Caspian before departing.

Somehow, even in bright colors, Keely the wallflower manages to disappear into the crowd and pop up right near Aindre and Symonesse. She waits patiently for their greetings to finish before stepping nearer, her eyes lit from within and a brilliant smile on her young face. "Hello," she says, somewhat breathlessly. To think, she traversed an entire party for that. But, after a pause to collect herself, she continues, "Might you care to sit with--" She pauses, looking around behind her to see if she might spot someone tall and northern. But by the time she turns back, the Queen is off, collecting cakes, and she clears her throat softly and stands on her toes, trying to make herself easier for her escort to spot.

Kritr makes room at the buffet table for the slice of cake he set down there. If there isn't space to adjust the available food out of the way, he eats it. "There is still space for the cake." He announces.

Edris has joined the a set of chairs and benches.

Caspian gives keely a wave and is about to speak when a messenger shoves something into his hand. he blinks a few times, looking at the note and then giving a sigh. "What now?" he grumbles something before slipping up to the cake table, quickly selecting a chocolate cupcake and raising it in salute to Mabelle. "i am so sorry. i wish i could stay and sample all of these, but sadly i have to see to something." he bows his head and offers a smile, "This is fabulous!" with that he slips out

Mabelle beams at Symonesse, "Laurent would look well on you, Your Majesty, and our kitchen is always laden with cake. Except for days that it isnt, that prompted this event", she eyes Cristoph. For no reason . He's pretty, why not eye him? "We can give her the room with the view of the city on the third floor", she notes with amusement and then joins Cristoph's exaggeration, "We will have to close the Bee Lounges and what's next? Honeysilk will be out of commission. No no!".

Looking about, Mabelle calls for Krit, "There is always space for cake!".

Alaric throws her head back in unrestrained laughter when he catches sight of the juggler's misfortune with the cupcake, having truly not expected it right as he's embarking on a journey to see why the cake is barking with Patrizio. "You don't think she's planning to have puppies burst from the cake, do you? Puppies and cakes are rather delightful little things, but perhaps not at the same time. What if there's fur and puppy slobber in the icing?" he shares his suspicions with the Pravosi, a curious glance afforded to Nazmir invited along for their journey. "Ah, and whom might your companion be?"

There is a brief detour to Symonesse's side, a hand brushed affectionately against her arm as he leans in to murmur a quiet word to the Queen's ear. All the while, the scoundrel is stealing one of her pretty little fluffy rounds of sweet, happiness-in-your-mouth cake. "You are the sweetest thing here, Your Majesty. Let none tell you otherwise, but I suspect part of that may be from how many sweets you eat from time to time."

And then he is off, chuckling wryly toward Cristoph and Mabelle. "I'll spare us all the experience of the Great Cake Revol of 1017, though it sounds far more epic than the ugly hat incident that nearly brought us all to war not so long ago."

Doubtless there are many social moves and shakers or jugglers who can manage to walk and talk and hold a flute AND a cake plate, but Edris is not one of them. Or rather he decides to not risk looking like the now-cake-wearing juggler, and moves to find a seat for a moment. Or perhaps he's wisely deciding to get out of immediate explosion range of the suspiciously barking cake.

Kiera hms "I read somewhere about actual desserts that are lit aflame before consumption though I imagine it must be done with the greatest of care

Terese is here eatting cake and sipping her drink. Terese seems to only talk to anyone talks to her directly. She listens to the conversations, watching as she eats and drinks

As Keely moves to zip along in the direction of Aindre and the Queen, Nazmir is calling out, "I'll catch up in a moment!" He does glance in the direction of the barking, only to then cast a look over in the direction of Patrizio, a quick chuckle falling past his lips, "You'll have to let me know what you discover. I fear I have failed in my duty as an escort and lost a Princess in the crowd." He does scan about the crowd, catching sight of Keely and giving a little wave, only to hear the King's comment and catch the glance and his attention drifts back in that direction so that he can offer a bow in Alaric's direction, "Prince Nazmir Redrain, Your Majesty." A pause and, "Grand lover of cake. All cake."

There are two types of barks now coming from that large cake and its.. moving.

During Amari's travels she takes possession of a slice of cake, and a silk fan that looks like a slice of cake. She has to fold the latter up and tuck it under arm to work a fork, and that in turn is much easier done when not walking about. She finds herself at a halt a few steps from Lisebet, so naturally offers a dip of her head and smile. "Duchess, hello. Would you take the side of the Crown or House Laurent in the Great Cake Revolt. I'd have to support my liege of course. Would it be the same for Ashford? Why is the cake barking?"

Ryhalt frowns at the cake cart which has a distinct lack of both coffee and ginger cakes. He boycotts cake by going over to the buffet of meats and other non-cake things, only to find that there is a cake there, too. He pointedly helps himself to some of the ham on a stick. He eats as he watches the barking cake. "I've seen this before..." He muses to himself.

A teasing tut of his tongue in Cristoph and Mabelle's direction, when he's hearing the King's assertion about things, and he shakes his head. "I promise, if needs be, my lord and lady, I would be honoured to speak in your defence when you've taken to such a rebellion. I might have to commission a bard to tell the tale, though, at a tavern." This comes with an easy grin, even as he's considering the cake again, and then looks briefly to Alaric as he lets a breath free. "There's but one way to find out, and that's to investigate more closely, Your Majesty. On my honour, though, I think that there's nothing to fear from either of those things. Puppies that are hopped up on sugar, however, might be more meant for young children."

He gestures, briefly, to Nazmir, before he offers an apologetic dip of his head. "I should've done introductions, and I fear that I've been remiss in being a good member of our society." Not that he sounds so abashed about it... and then there's the frown at the moving cake. The slow reaching out for it, as if to see how steady the cake might be, and whether or not it's going to be roaming around on its own...

Spake Patrizio.

Kritr points to the space he cleared for his slice of carrot cake and gives Mabelle a thumbs up, whatever that means. He finds an excuse to move to the other end of the buffet table, away from the barking cake. Canine-pastry hybrids give him the willies.

3 Pravus Honor Guard, Edmund, Paxton the Party Pigeon arrive, following Bridget.

It's really no surprise that as Symonesse starts to collect slices of cake for herself, Prince Aindre ends up holding onto a couple of plates for her. Something all cream white and dressed up in sweet raspberry and another decadently dark, garnished with beautiful little sprigs of mint that may or may not have been worked into the chocolate. He isn't watching the cakes though, superior as they are, so much as his eyes are on the delightful Nox'alfar in all her brilliant spirits, always bringing a little Light to wherever she goes. Because she's still making threats. "You're going to eat all of it and you're going to be drunk on cake and when you have to keep your rest for the evening here all the Laurent children running around are going to be wild with tales of the woman who talks to animals and spins magical feats.", he promises her, like he can predict the future. But he's grinning a bit as he says that, setting her dishes on the table she's picked and teasing again, "One of these is for me, right?".

Mabelle circles between the guests, informing Amari and Lisebet, "I'm rather tempted to create a war over cake. Maybe it will end up in Uprising and then cake shall rule", she stands somewhere, daydreaming, "And all the houses will be made of cookie dough", she sighs. Stirring, her eyes are drawn toward Edris, "Are you quite alright, Lord Elwood? There is savory food too over there for -rebels-". Why did she eye Alaric when she said that.

Lisebet grins at Amari, as she arrives. "Baroness, hello to you as well. It's been too long since we sat and chatted. You look fabulous." She pauses and then gives a delicate half shrug. "I am not at all sure why the cake is barking - " Mabelle's circling words get a laugh and a shrug. "I should have to stick with my liege, but I don't know that Her Grace Liara is here. So that might mean I have to go with His majesty. Sadly though, as I do adore ginger cake."

Beginning to look overwhelmed, Keely shuffles over to Cristoph, who appears to be done with the receiving line now, and just kind of stands beside him, watching the crowd, fidgeting with the wispy fringe on her colorful sash.

Having had a bit of cake, and a drink, and amusing himself with the entertainment, Dino slips to the edges of the party, content to observe and enjoy the music for a time, before eventually slipping out with a few goodbyes to the people he meets along the way.

Edris raises his flute in a jaunty salute to the Laurent lady as she approaches, summoning another faint smile, though one genuine enough to reach his dark eyes briefly. "I am well, my lady. As expected, you've put on a splendid event here. I cannot stay overlong, but at least wanted to come for a little while to enjoy the spectacle." Though his tone is still its ususal reserve, there's a spark of humor in it. "I have savory food every day. It does not hurt to mix things up now and then. Or at least, most of the time it doesn't."

Terese smiles as she watches Aindre and Symonesse as she eats cake and drinks her drink quietly and slowly, listening to the music and watching everyone else as well

Kritr has left the YOU DARE EAT ANYTHING BUT CAKE buffet.

There is clearly a silent riot going inside that big cake, it is moving very often and there is a shushing going on from somewhere in the room. There are also whimpers, a single bark and maybe a roar.

"It must be part of the Uprising?" Amari theorizes with a smile very poorly suppressed. The barking cake is the prelude to the cake wars, and cookie dough houses. Probably. "Hopefully we won't have to fight each other. We're both overdressed for combat, and it would be a terrible shame besides." More seriously, after she's had an opportunity to peer curiously at the ginger cake of Lisebet's, she says, "It really has been a long while since we spoke, hasn't it? We'll have to remedy that."

Symonesse does manage to spot Keely in her cake-gathering phase of enjoying the events and calls out to her, "Keely! I knew you'd be here. You also seem the sort that loves cake. Did you hear? I think I am going to join House Laurent. They have a lot of things I like. Honey. And cake. And.... bees? I think bees are pretty good. I don't know many bees personally but I am sure they are very nice and this is why House Laurent has them as a sigil. Besides, 'Laurent' is a fantastic name." She continues to prattle on until Alaric approaches and STEALS HER CAKE. She just gives him a look and says, "It is a buffet, Alaric. Get your own!" She makes a small grumbling sound but when she looks over her shoulder at Aindre gallantly holding all her cake plates, her expression softens into another of those brilliantly warm smiles and she says, "Don't worry. We can share." She holds up two forks and giggles a little before adding, "I have no idea what you mean about 'cake drunk'. Nothing of the sort ever happens to me. As for the Laurent children, they are going to love me. I am going to be Auntie Symonesse and live in the room that looks over the city and eat my fill of cake every day."

Kritr summons his courage and ventures over to the barking cake. He circles it slowly and listens, tilting his head. "Toffee. Here girl!" He calls the name of the only one of Mabelle's dogs that he can remember, holding a piece of sliced meat in his hand. Depending on the contents of that cake, he might initiate an uproar.

There's a laugh, and now Lisebet looks at Ryhalt and then over at the cake, and then back. "You may be right about the cake," she agrees. A moment and then, "I am quite certain you would win that fight, unless maybe pillows or cake are involved." She does notice Kritr there, and her eyes widen. "Oh dear." She takes a step back. A second. A glance to Amari and then back to the cake. "maybe we shouldn't be so close to the barking cake?" she offers.

Mabelle cannot help but laugh as Symonesse pictures her life as a Laurent, "Oh do not forget being lavished in the most beautiful, fashionable fabrics. I'll get the servants to ready your room, Sorry, King Alaric", she winks to him and notes to the Queen, "You know, we have a lovely Apiary here if you should ever like a tour".

It does look like anyone near Cristoph has been said hello to, anyone he missed was probably said hello to by Mabelle! So therefore his helloing duties are completed. When Keely turns up next to him, he side glances at her and steps in a little closer. He steals the end of her sash and starts examining the fringed edges himeslf, as if this is all very normal and acceptable. Murmured words are shared and his shoulders go up and down as he gives a quiet response. His attention is briefly stolen by the idea of Symonesse joining House Laurent and his mouth curls into a smile. "It is a very lovely room, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Even if we did need to get the glass replaced once." His eyes drift toward Ryhalt.

The sounds from the cake get a concerned look from Patrizio, though he's still not going for his blade - no, instead, he's holding up the plate that his cake was on, as if that alone should be sufficient protection from what's within the moving, shushing, roaring cake. "I'm wondering what's possibly in there, or if it's some kind of menagerie, Your Majesty," speaks the Pravusi prince. "Perhaps it's best if His Highness and I take the lead and investigate what this perhaps possessed thing is." It's a bad day... to have cake. Perhaps.

Kiera blinks and looks with sympathy at the barking cake "Aw who trapped a puppy in the cake?" she asks between mouthfuls of rich chocolate cake. it was a no brainer when it really came down to it

Awww Kritr. Big mistake. Huge. The second the name Toffee is uttered and beckoned, all help breaks loose. Toffee indeed jumps out of the cake but she is not alone. SIX little Toffees break out of the cake with her, SMALL AND PINK AND FLUFFY. Also. COVERED IN CAKE.

Mabelle then drops her voice to Cristoph, "Oh. I forgot to tell you, Toffee had a whelping". Clearly. Since there are little puppies covered in cake running amid the guests.

Sabella came for the cake and cake she shall have, one plate of lemon something with white icing and raspberry glazing and she's just getting a fork when the cake roars and it completely interrupts what has thus far been a really good attempt to ignore the questionable noises the chief confection is making. She deftly waggles the tines of her fork at it as if to threaten it, lest it erupt into baked chaos before she can get out of the blast zone. One step back, another, like a dance. "That might be the most opinionate cake in all of Arx." There's another little wave of the fork at Keely, now that she's spotted her, but this is less threatening. Especially when she catches Cristoph playing with the sash. Fortunately she's clear when the cake explodes, though she almost drops hers when it does.

"Prudent, Duchess Lisebet. Very prudent." Amari compliments as she gives a nod and takes a step or two back from the barking cake, to leave a buffer, should it explode. And it does. It's a puppy-splosion, which is the cutest kind. There's only thing she can do, reflexively 'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw'!

"There's so very much going on," offers Nazmir to Patrizio, followed by, "It's only to be expected that one tend to their own introductions. Or at least make the presumption that everyone knows everyone else." He's then turning his attention towards the cake, about to comment to Patrizio once again when cake suddenly explodes in doggy confections. There's a laugh from the Redrain Prince and a shake of his head, "Deceiver Cake! I better turn away before I try and put one of those in my pocket and walk away." A glance back to Patrizio, "Looks like that mystery is solved." He then turns his attention to the crowd, scanning a moment, only to spot Keely and he's looking back to the Pravusi Prince and the King, "Excuse me a moment or seven. I'm being a poor escort and I need to remedy that." And that said, the tall Prince is beginning his foray through the crowd and cake exploding puppies and over in the direction of Keely.

Terese chuckles at the cake covered puppies and Toffee. She is eatting her cake as she waits to see if any puppies come close enough to pet, even if covered in cake who can resist petting a puppy. "They are so adorable," she says, smiling

Kritr guessed right! He's more surprised at guessing the correct dog than he is at the eruption of dogs. He kneels down and offers the slice of meat to toffee, gingerly, even little dogs have sharp teeth. "Good girl Toffee. Good girl."

"Oh, but Queen Symonesse," Keely calls back, though her gentle voice barely carries from her spot near Cristoph. "Grayson would miss you terribly, and would be much less bright without your light." She flashes a warm smile Sabella's way, but then she is distracted because Cristoph now has her sash, and she holds up her end of it as the pair speak quietly, as if comparing the two ends and chatting about their merits. She somehow misses the puppy flood in the process.

Ryhalt watches a cake-covered puppy waddle by. "Well, it didn't go like that... Puppies exploding out of a cake. I think I haven't had enough coffee today." He looks totally innocent of indirectly breaking any windows in the Laurent Manse.

As the cake puppysplodes, Lisebet squeaks. She ends up with a splotch of cake icing on one cheek, but otherwise, she's mostly just fine. Startled, even with expecting something crazy to happen. "Puppies?" she exclaims aloud. "And cake? Squeeee!"

Alaric shares a concerned look with Patrizio of his own, only to have his thoughts interrupted by a gang of small, pink, and fluffy whelps bursting free of the cake, yipping and barking all the while. "... I suppose nothing more will surprise us then," he drawls in mild amusement, enjoying the last of his cake he'd stolen from Symonesse only moments before. "Do you think the cake has been wasted? That seems such a tragedy in a setting like this."

"The cake was a lie. Pie would never do that to us, Your Highness," he declares ardently, self-satisfied with his decree before giving a mild chuckle toward the Redrain Prince. "Good work, Prince Nazmir. Be sure to pocket as much cake as you can. Remember, pie would never lie!" The slogan of the century, if there ever was one.

Mabelle just laughs at the array of responses to the fact the cake had puppies in it. A few servants come by and wipe the puppies a little before they manage to get all the guests dirty and turn them into a more petable thing. When Alaric declares pie will never lie, Mabelle's eyes squint at him and she takes on a plotty, plotty expression.

Her eyes turn to Ryhalt, "Were you with me at the Lycene event with the hounds?"

Prince Aindre smoothly drapes himself into his own seat, a wonder for the man who has oft seemed so rigid since the fall of Bastion, but then his attention is thoroughly distracted from things like that for the evening with Symonesse there and holding up forks and promising to share. "You call it sharing. I call it saving you from yourself.", he says as if he's a font of selflessness, but the teasing of it comes more quietly, the warmth more than doubling in that sentiment. In the wake of her giggling and her other promises he admits, "The children running all around the Laurent manse should be so lucky as to have such a sweet-hearted auntie, and I am sure you will tell them it is all the cake they bring that keeps you that way." Maybe there's something else he's about to say, but uh, there are puppies jumping out of cakes?! It draws the Grayson's attention and he laughs in surprise and delight a little too loud, pointing, "This is the most surprising cake dinner I've ever been to! What a riot of unexpected events.", he says, watching everything unfold, the chaos of it all. "We had better get some cake into you before you end up with a lapful of puppies..", he suggests, plucking one of the forks away from her and stabbing into the darkly decadent, green-laced confection to lift a bit of it off. It isn't for for him though, he levels it at the Queen's smiling lips. "I'm such an enabler..", he murmurs, more quietly.

"Are we so certain that nothing more would surprise us?" Patrizio, for his own part, seems at least a little surprised, and there's a straightening of his shirt for the moment as he tries to keep some decorum about himself. At least despite the smile that's on his features as he watches the pups at play, and he lets a breath slide free, before there's a glance in the direction of Mabelle... and then back to Alaric. "I suspect that it's been put to the best of uses, Your Majesty. Though I suspect that we ought to perhaps bring forth some statement about it on the agenda for the next Assembly, that we ensure cake is put to proper use in the future in our Compact."

Cristoph was speaking quietly with Keely, but pauses briefly to watch in dismay as dogs and cake go all over. "This would never happen with cookies," he says solemnly. But then his voice is dropping again so that he can reply to something, head tipping to the said in consideration of his next words.

There's a quick glance back to Alaric so that Nazmir can offer, with a grin, "Oh, I wouldn't be so sure. Pie can be just as deceiving!" Then, he's glancing back through the crowd and when he catches Keely in conversation with Cristoph, he's detouring over in the direction of cake cart, to scoop himself up a plate of lemon cake, which he promptly begins to nibble on.

Ryhalt shakes his head to Mabelle. "I was not. Did...hounds erupt out of a cake there, too?"

Mabelle confirms to Ryhalt, "Yes, but they were trying to kill us, so less cute". She collects one of the little puppies that has been cleaned a bit and eyes him, "You are so ugly. I shall name you Peanut Brittle".

Edris goes still as the cake bursts outwards with living creatures suddenly scurrying about. There's an instant wariness in his eyes, though he is relaxed enough (and also, his hands are full anyway) that the impulse to put a hand to his axe at the unexpected outburst is resisted. He watches, eagle-eyed for several heartbeats, before passing his plate to another rotating server, and draining the last of his flute. He rises, then to step closer to Mabelle for a moment, murmuring something quietly to her. But then he straightens, offering a courteous and respectful bow to his liege and the Laurent lady. "Be well, my lord, my lady," he says solemnly, though there might be another tone of humor in it. "I wish you an evening of indulgence without next-day consequences." He even offers a wink to Mabelle, before the Elwood knight is turning, making his way through the crowd and back out.

Kritr spends an inordinate amount of time cleaning frosting off of Toffee, presumably the contraption she and her pups were enclosed in was mostly frosting not much cake.

Symonesse has just settled herself and is gearing up to feast on cake when puppies explode out of one. She blinks and then starts laughing hysterically as the littly frosting covered things wiggle and chase around. Yes, she is eating cake, well, having it fed to her by Aindre, but she is also very sneakily picking up every puppy that happens to scoot by and depositing them into her lap. It's only silk! It washes! Probably! When the servants start to retrieve puppies to clean them off, they are probably going to realize they are short two or three. Because they are in Symonesse's lap and she is alternating between cooing at them and cooing at Aindre as he feeds her cake. She grins between bites and says as she strokes one of the wiggly puppies, "This is the best party ever. I think all three of these puppies want to come home with me, too."

Marigold very boldly marches herself into the exploded cake and begins to go full hog on the icing splattered everywhere. Amari fails to notice that breech of etiquette thanks to one of the puppies toddling by her. She couldn't possibly leave the poor little furball half frosted, so relinquishes her plate to a passing servant and kneels down to corral the puppy and brush him off. "Look at you! Have you named all the puppies yet, Lady Mabelle? You look like a Crumb to me, or a Tidbit. No?"

"Oh." Ryhalt scratches his sidewhisker, nodding to Mabelle. "Sounds like an exciting party. Now I'm wondering why *your* cake had puppies in it." He squints at the puppies like there might be something that comes out of them next.

Keely is apparently having a Very Serious conversation with Cristoph about her rainbow sash. She is gazing at her end of it with a small, thoughtful crinkle upon her brow, voice kept low, only looking up when the Duke notices the puppy explosion. "Oh," she whispers when she sees them, paralyzed by the adorable mess.

3 Laurent Guards, Melli, an excitable aide, Joscelin arrive, following Eiran.

Lisebet laughs softly. "Tidbit, I think. Though he or she may well outgrow that name." She moves to help a bit, though awkwardly. Like she's not quite sure what to do with a dog, but squirmy puppies are still just babies. And she knows how to deal with those. But she's not got her own puppy, just helping Amari. She looks up at Ryhalt and Mabelle but doesn't interrupt that conversation.

Edris has left the a set of chairs and benches.

Mabelle laughs helplessly at the chaos that is their grounds and murmurs quietly to Cristoph, "Well, at least it is not held in the main hall!". Mabelle grins at Symonesse, "You are most welcome to have them. I tend to call my dogs after treats, so you might want to continue that line", she chuckles, "Though Crumble is a a great name, Amari!".

Her eyes turn to Ryhalt now, "Well, how else was I supposed to announce that Toffee had puppies?"

"I knew I should've brought the children," says Sabella with a touch of her own laughter. She says it, and then considers it, as if maybe there's still time - and cake - enough to add a few more chaotic elements. It lasts only until she's had a couple of bites of cake and then she passes the plate to one of the servants so she can drift gateward, maybe to go accomplish this very thing.

6 Grayson House Guards, Clark, an exasperated guard leave, following Sabella.

3 Pravus Honor Guard, Edmund, Paxton the Party Pigeon leave, following Bridget.

Ryhalt eyes Mabelle for a moment like that is the most absurd thing he's ever heard. "Silly me. Candies come from cake. How...obvious."

Patrizio chuckles quietly as he's contemplating the havoc wreaked by the puppies and... the prince just shakes his head, a grin lingering on his features. "I think that this is my cue for me perhaps to get back to my duties, I fear," he muses, as he's watching the goings on, and there's the gentle setting down of that plate he's been wielding as a weapon. That grin lingers, even, as he's hearing Mabelle naming the puppies that haven't yet been bestowed such things, before he makes his way to collect his soldiers and head back towards his offices.

Eiran had meant to take a quieter route around the gathering, but surprise, people! Cake! He carefully drags Joscelin along, sidling against the limestone of the manse and bushes, waving frantically at people he recognizes before slipping out.

3 Laurent Guards, Melli, an excitable aide, Joscelin leave, following Eiran.

3 First Legion Centurions, 3 Setarcan Royal Shields leave, following Patrizio.

Mabelle merely grins at Ryhalt, mischief in her eyes, same eyes that drop upon Alaric, "So what is next? You will ban puppies?"

Devouring his lemon cake, Nazmir is then looking over in the direction of Mabelle, a grin tugging to his lips, "Delightful as always, Lady Mabelle! Couldn't have asked for a better surprise then an exploding cake." There's another piece of cake snatched from the cart and then he's ambling off to one side.

Mabelle chuckles at Nazmir, "I shall do my best that the cakes in our pie throwing charity event will not have animals within them"

Winter, A Highhill Puppy, Angeline leave, following Kiera.

Terese after having had her fill of cake and drinks she makes her way over to say farewell Mabelle. "Thank you for the cake and the fan Lady Mabelle, you really once again have thrown a wonderful event," she tells her. "Your Majesties, I hope you enjoy yourselves," she tells Alaric and Symonesse, offer them a respectful bow in parting. "It was good to see you once again in passing Prince Aindre," she tells Aindre. "I should be getting back to my own duties though," she says. "Duke Laurent it was pleasent to see you as well," she tells Christoph then offers farewells to anyone else she kows

"Crumble! That's very dignified somehow, and he might not outgrow it so quickly as Tidbit." Amari has to agree as she turns the puppy around by picking him up off his paws and rotating him around 180 degrees so that he's aimed at Lisebet. There's still frosting yet to brush off, and his furiously wagging tail is whipping it about. "He's adorable, but also sticky. I think we'll need a wet cloth to clean him up. I've just spread most of it around."

Kritr stands back up and lets Toffee roam around and hunt down her puppies again. She's clean enough for him.;

Prince Aindre looks very content to rest in that chair of his and spend a little time feeding forkfuls of cake to Symonesse from her six different plates spanning thirteen flavors of sweetness all while she not-so-sneakily keeps snatching with her nimble little Nox'alfar fingers any of the puppies that wander near her. He laughs at the first and says, "It starts..", with the gravitas of certainty. By the third, he's giving her that 'I told you so' sort of look and she's already worked through the equivalent of a whole slice between all of them. "This is how elves get three cakes to the wind.", he promises the Queen, and it's hard for him not to look a little bit charmed by just how in her element she is covered in baby animals and being fed cake, no matter how much teasing he's doing. She makes noises about keeping the puppies, and he assures her, "Well, when you get ready to leave I'll cause a distraction. Do you think they'll put up wanted posters of you?", as if he's perfectly willing to indulge such a thing on an evening like this one. It is after all CAKE NIGHT. And in the spirit of that, he steals a bite of the white chocolate raspberry cream confection for himself, and offers the next to Symonesse for her approval. In the wake of that, he does cast a wave in the direction of the departing Terese. "Farewell, and have a good night!".

There's a quick chuckle at Mabelle as Nazmir lofts a brow, "That would be cutely adorable, though, finding a little critter." He dips a bow of his head to her, "Thank you, though, for a delightful time. Until next time!" And he's making his way off, a smile and a polite bow of his head given to Cristoph and a murmur to Keely before he's slipping out.

Jenkins, an armed champion, Talidan, a crotchety old man who shakes his cane leave, following Nazmir.

Puppy turned around means Lisebet gets her nose licked, and that brings a slight squeal from the petite woman. She ends up settled on the ground, because of it, chuckling. "oops," is her exclamation. "I am quite sure that I will never hear the end of this. I should have brought the children with me." A moment though, as she tries to get some of the icing off the puppy, and then she gives up, with a nod. "You're right, Lady Amari. We need a wet cloth."

Mabelle squints entertainedly as Nazmir leaves, "Does he really want a little creature jumping out of a pie while it is aimed to his face?", she looks puzzled at the idea of it. A smile is offered to Kritr for cleaning up Toffee, "Thank you, you should not have, a server would have gotten her". Mabelle then encourages Lisebet, "Take one home with you to them, I'm pretty certain if I keep them, Duke Cristoph will make me move to the kennels with them"

Terese has left the a huge red velvet cake on a pedestal sporting a tiara.

Hermeline, a russet vixen, 2 Valardin Knights leave, following Terese.

"She would have cleaned herself. That is too much sugar for such a small animal I think." Kritr says. "Which one is the ugly one?" He asks. They are all dogs to him.

Having had his fill of cake, Alaric pays visit to Mabelle and Cristoph to give his gratitude for the festivities before heading off, but not without attempting to steal one last piece of deceitful cake from Symonesse with a whispered word for the Queen.

Mabelle hands over the puppy she is holding to Kritr so she can properly bid Alaric farewell, "This one"

Alaric is overheard praising Mabelle.

Alaric is overheard praising Cristoph.

Alaric is overheard praising Symonesse.

Lisebet is overheard praising Mabelle.

Lisebet is overheard praising Cristoph.

Alaric has left the a huge red velvet cake on a pedestal sporting a tiara.

13 King's Own Guardsmen, Zelda, the royal messenger leave, following Alaric.

Lisebet is overheard praising Alaric.

Lisebet is overheard praising Symonesse.

Ryhalt waves to everyone and wanders off to find himself some coffee. In case this was all a hallucination from being so tired.

Symonesse lifts one wiggling little puppy up and says softly, in a near whisper, "You will be Lollipop the Annihilator." She turns her head to accept another bite of cake. Then she lifts a second and says to the puppy, "And you can be Sugar Dumpling the Destroyer." When the Queen opens her mouth for another bite, the puppy takes the opportunity to lick her face making Symonesse laugh. Then, the third and final of her party pf purloined pooches is lifted and she whispers to her, "You shall be Eclair the Guardian of all my Secrets." She gives Aindre a look between bites of cake and says, "It's not illegal! I am a member of House Laurent now. It's completely fine! The House is just paying my stipend in the form of cakes and puppies." Symonesse just gives Alaric a long-suffering sigh in respond to either the repeated theft of cake or whatever was murmured, but she does give the King a little wave and a smile in farewell before giving Aindre the bulk of her attention once again as she says, "Which is your favorite so far?"

2 Farshaw trained guards, Suzette - a Westrock Aerie Page leave, following Ryhalt.

Kritr holds the ugly puppy in one hand. "Peanut is a good name for such a tiny thing." He agrees.

Mabelle cannot help but laugh at the names given by Symonesse to her puppies, "Sugar Dumpling the Destroyer. Really. I really want to start a cake revolt now, only so that people will look over the records in a thousand years and ask, 'What in the name of Gild?!". She smiles then to Kritr and notes, "You can keep him if you like. I imagined you with a much bigger dog though".

Amari checks 'recovery check' at normal. Critical Success! Amari is spectacularly successful.

"He likes you!" Amari decides, but yet, the puppy is still frosted. "You'd better watch him, Duchess. I'll find a cloth..." Wait. Symonesse is giving puppies titles? Her ears perk and she nods thoughtfully to the latter two she overhears. Intrigued and thinking. "He'll need a title, or he'll be left out." She sympathizes, but with that she's back up on her feet and on the hunt for a wet cloth. This takes her around by the Queen and Aindre, and she's clearly curious about the three the Nox'alfar has wiggling her lap. "Your Majesty. Those three are just as cute." She greets, which is far nicer than standing there staring. Aindre isn't neglected, she dips her head to him respectfully. "Your Highness. No puppies for you?"

Keely's head is finally turned as one of the puppies zooms by, getting frosting everywhere. She is enchanted, and lifts a hand to rest over her heart as she gazes all starry-eyed at the roly poly creature. "Is Lady Mabelle letting guests take these darlings home?" She asks Cristoph, unable to tear her gaze from the tiny thing as it trot-waddles its way back toward them. She bends to intercept it, cradling it to herself frosting and all.

With three puppies at Symonesse's lap, one with Krit and one with Lisebet, Mabelle lowers down to collect the last clean puppy and brings him over in the direction of Keely, "You can name him... Blueberry Muffin", she laughs, "Or whatever you like"

Lisebet arches a brow, and looks at the puppy she's got hold of for the moment. "Crumble the Catastrophic?" she offers, with a wry smile. "I don't know that he likes me, I think he was licking frosting off my face." She's chuckling though, more amused than not.

Keely looks like she might cry as she's being handed a SECOND puppy, hugging this one close. "Hello," she whispers faintly to the creature like it's the most wonderful, mystical little thing she's ever seen. "Do you want to come home with me? Tiddlywinks will love you..."

Rupert, the Laurent Archivist, 2 Valardin Knights, 3 Laurent veteran guards leave, following Cristoph.

"I don't like dogs." Kritr reminds Mabelle. "I don't understand them. Are they off the teat already?" Kritr asks. "I don't have a nurse for ..." KRitr checks. "...him."

Amari is overheard praising Mabelle.

Keely is overheard praising Mabelle.

Amari is overheard praising Cristoph.

Keely is overheard praising Cristoph.

Mabelle laughs at Lisebet, "Why do you give them menacing names? And who is Tiddlywinks?", she asks Keely. So many questions. Heading over to Kritr, she pets the dog's head, "You are not forced to take him, yes? But yes, they have been here a while, they just do not grow much".

"I think that I might practice with a little dog... to understand large dogs later." Kritr says to Mabelle. "And it is the ugliest of them. No one else will want an ugly dog."

Mabelle elbows Kritr amusedly, "No dog is ugly. He's cute ugly"

"I didn't think it was menacing," Lisebet protests, "More likely it causes trouble with a name like that." She is laughing though, and the puppy is trying to lick her face. She relents though and adds, "How about Crumble the Cuddlemonster?"

"Tiddlywinks is my kitten," Keely says with a fond little smile, still on the brink of tears because too much cute is happening in her arms right now. She shuffles over to Symonesse and Aindre, offering air pecks near their cheeks in lieu of having her arms and hands free for anything else. "Let's do tea soon?" she asks of the Queen, after murmuring something in the wake of the air kisses.

Kritr says, "I don't think that you can be both cute and ugly. It is not possible to be both wet and dry." Kritr points out. He hasn't let the puppy go though, it barely fills his hand."

Mabelle assures Lisbet with a jut of her thumb in the direction of Symonesse's lap, "Oh I think after Lollipop the Annihilator over there, Catastrophic is fine. Cuddlemonster works too. Now I wonder if my dogs have too short of names", she laughs. "What are you going to name yours, Keely?".

There's plenty more of that amusement to mix with the charm worn across Prince Aindre's expression as Symonesse goes about naming a few of the knicked puppies and somewhere around Sugar Dumpling the Destroyer he breaks into another laugh that has him needing to scrabble a little to steady the precariously perched bite of honeyed cake he has on the fork and readied. A bite for him, three bites for her, that's the math of feeding the Queen of the Compact cake for people who are good at cake-math and the peculiarities of sweets-soaked elves. "I'm sorry.", he tells her while she's got her mouth full. "House Grayson has no current plans to give you up to House Laurent. We will shower you in a greater number of cakes and puppies if need be, to save you from this dubious path of puppy banditry and cake fixation you're wandering down.". That she'll have something witty to respond with is a given, so before that he settles into answering her other question instead. "I think I have a good idea of which one so far is my favorite.", he promises, but he isn't really looking at any of the cakes at all so much as he's watching the Nox'alfar with her lapful of little canines. A thought, and then Amari is there and greeting them both and he looks up with a smile, still wielding a fork in one hand. "Baroness Amari! What a surprise. No puppies for me tonight, I fear. I'm on cake duty. Besides, why would any of them want my lap when they have Symonesse's? She has such a way with beasts. Here for the cake?", he asks.

"Catastrophic Cuddlemonster?" Lisebet tosses in, with a wicked grin. She's most likely not serious about any of these titles, honestly. But she is having fun, that's the important thing. her gaze goes to Keely with her lap of 2 puppies curiously.

Mabelle gasps at Aindre, "Did you just call House Laurent's walkway a dubious path? That's not nice! Next time I will assure the cupcake lands on -you- face", she teases him. "Maybe we can share her", she grins aside at Symonesse. "I like that name best", she informs Lisebet, "Catastrophic Monster", that is not what she said at all.

"The path has a lot of cake on it at the moment." Kritr points out. Now he's petting the puppy with his free hand. Who doesn't like dogs again?

Mabelle looks amused as Kritr bonds with the dog, "I think I'm rubbing off on you now more than I ever did as your actual patron"

Keely peeks up from her soft conversation with her fellow Graysons, flashing a smile Mabelle's way. "Oh, I have not decided yet," she says cheerfully, cuddling the squirmy puppies a little closer.

Symonesse has her mouth full of cake because Aindre is clever enough to give her a bigger bite than usual before announcing that her plans to abdicate and join House Laurent as their resident cake-taster have been scotched. There is probably some sort of treaty that also prevents it or something. She wrinkles her nose at the Grayson voice once she has chewed and swallowed and says, "It is my dream to become a puppy bandit, Aindre. Haven't you ever had a -dream-?" She gives Amari a bright smile and says qith a grin, "Please to see you again, Baroness. Don't believe a word he says. While I might be leaving with the puppies, they are all going to love him more by the end of the week. It is always the way." She shakes her head in teasing ruefulness and cuddles a frosting covered puppy to her chest, smearing icing all over the priceless silk. Whatever Keely says shifts the Queen's expression into something slightly less amused and she gives her a nod, murmuring slowly, "I would be delighted to share some tea and talk. Have you tried some of the cake wiht the raspberry filling, Keely? it is -wonderful-. I'm going to make friends with House Laurent's pastry chefs just like I did Mab in the Riven kitchens."

Mabelle mentions to Symonesse, "His name is Maurice, I'll have someone go get him", she teases. Maybe. She continues to wander and be a hostess, smiling and joking where she needs until the end of the evening.

"Count Cuddles Crumblesworth?" Amari ventures, just making an idle suggestion, though her eyes narrow after she blurts it out. "No. Isn't there a Count Crumblesworth in the Crownlands? We should try to avoid confusion." No serious worrying follows, but a bright smile grows for Aindre. "I imagine your lap might have some appeal, but I can't argue against the evidence at hand. The Queen does have all the puppies over here, edging out Princess Keely even." As an aside, she dips her head to the princess in greeting then returns her glimmering hazel eyed gaze to Aindre. "Besides, cake duty is important duty. I've only had a little slice so far, what would you suggest, Prince Aindre?" The Queen's words are considered carefully, and some recalculations are made based on them. She can see it. "I bet it is. He's a lovable sort, Your Majesty."

Kritr rolls his shoulders helplessly. He can't argue with Mabelle's observation.

Symonesse is overheard praising Mabelle.

Keely's smile is just a little tense as she notes the shift in Symonesse's expression, and she dips her head slightly. "Thank you," she murmurs, soft and simple, before straightening carefully and moving to bid farwells to the remaining host with puppies in tow.

Symonesse takes a trendy silken fan with fluffy feathers from DOOR TOKEN CHEST.

Mabelle takes DOOR TOKEN CHEST.

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