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Blackram-Riven Wedding Celebration

A celebration of the union between Liam Riven and Ivy Blackram. Held at Heron Hall, there will be drinks, food, music, and fun! Anyone is welcome to stop by to enjoy the festivities!


Feb. 26, 2022, 3 p.m.

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Ivy Mia


Grady Oswyn Thea Liam Kastelon Sunaia Gabriel Medeia



Arx - Ward of House Grayson - Heron Hall

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2 Keaton Huntsmen, Resolute, an Oakhaven bloodhound, Dart, a Kite of the Cloudspine arrive, following Kastelon.

Spring. A time for renewal and rebirth. When the world sheds its wintery cloak and new life begins to make itself known. And a time for new alliances, new friendships, new relationships.

Two Houses have made such an alliance today, Riven and Blackram joined through bonds of marriage. The ceremony was a small, private affair performed by Archscholar Oswyn under the eyes of both families and the Gods above. A beautiful ceremony that saw Ivy joining House Riven to form new bonds.

And now for the party! Heron Hall has been decorated in late winter and early spring blooms, tables and chairs set up with a line of tables at the back fairly groaning under the weight of the delicious food the Riven's chef has been busy preparing! Riven and Blackram specialties alike make an appearance here today, roasted waterfowl with crispy skin and a rich plum sauce. Lamb with mint jelly. Multiple types of fish cooked every way imaginable. Venison fresh off the fire. Fresh bread and butter. A staggering number of vegetable dishes. And of course, pies and pastries of nearly every kind. On the drinks side of things there's meads and wines, whiskey for those seeking something stronger, and a dizzying array of teas.

Ivy herself can be found at he entry, greeting guests with a warm smile and a festive air.

Grady has shed all of his outer winter clothing by the time he gets into the main hall, but he's still not dressed terribly fancy, in his sweater that makes him look like someone's dad (he is someone's dad, so that's fair). "... may just meet a few people you know, or one can hope, at least. A bit of an old stomping ground, yes, the Grayson ward?" He has Sunaia on his arm, which means she's the target of his cheerful chattering as they enter, rather than his assistant Mortimer, who is off somewhere hanging up his cloak. "Ah! Lady Ivy! Goodness, you look wonderful. I rather think Riven may suit you. Have you met Lady Sunaia Malespero, né Ashford?"

Grady is overheard praising Ivy: Congratulations on your wedding day!

Grady is overheard praising Liam: Congratulations on your wedding day!

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Liam before departing.

Oswyn is presently filling a plate, sampling some waterfowl and vegetables and a bit of fish. He's garbed in official-looking robes and a stole, which is about as Faithly-fancy as he gets. Not even aeterna: just regular old cloth. His hair is neater than it is usually; he's kept his hands out of it for the ceremony but now that they're at the reception all bets are off. Picking up a cup of wine, he veers over toward Ivy and Liam. "That went well, I think."

Thea is here, because of course she is. Family is family of couse, and her family has joined with Riven after all. The Wyvernheart Countess is dressed in a form fitting, thigh bearing gown of green l thea's gown

Standing near-to the fireplace as the winter is clinging across the city, Lord Liam Riven is in his after-wedding attire. Wrapped in a green-tinted frock-coat and top hat, he is holding a glass of white wine easily in his left hand with a smile touching across his face. A bow to his head to those arriving, to those he is speaking with and greeting. "It did Archscholar, truly a beautiful service. Our thanks for performing it, an honour."

Thea is here, because of course she is. Family is family of couse, and her family has joined with Riven after all. The Wyvernheart Countess is dressed in a form fitting, thigh bearing gown of green honeysilk. Only to display a pair of heels, dagger heels! Someone is displaying the houses of war! When she enters, Thea heads directly to Liam and Ivy, a slight smile on her lips. "Congratultions,"she greets. "Good luck. You are joining a truly great house,"Thea tells Ivy, a nod to Liam as well.

Kastelon is present at the hall, in what passes for his Oakhaven finery, dressed as nicely as he can and still deal with weather without. And not a thought for the same, as he's joining in with the festivities, awaiting his turn as the Archscholar's speaking, before the tall man finds his voice. "Congratulations to you both, my lady, my lord. I hope that you have many years of happiness ahead of you both, together, and that the gods smile upon you and yours." He does, briefly, nod to Thea familiarly as well...

"Don't think I've been here-here," Sunaia had been saying to Grady as they arrived. Their pause in conversation is welcomed by seeing Lady Ivy and being given an introduction. The snow-featured woman went on to compliment the newlywed. "Lady Ivy, please have my brightest congratulations and best wishes for your marriage ahead."

Gabriel had arrived to pay his respect and then stayed for the celebrations. Sticking to people watching, he mostly keeps to himself, wearing his King's Own armor and Bisland blade. He holds on to a cup with a little bit of wine, rarely drinking from it.

Medeia has come to celebrate Ivy's mariage and move to a new house. On her way to congratulate the bride and groom, she nods her greetings to Sunaia, Kastelon, and Grady. "Lady Ivy, that color suits you. Lord Liam, I believe we have not seen each other since a certain snowball incident last winter. Good to see you, and congratulations on catching one of the finest women this city has to offer." She smiles warmly to the couple before stepping off to find Thea, and then Oswyn. "Thea, Archscholar, I am glad to see you both. I have things I should talk with you about. Later, of course, celebrations first."

"Thank you, Countess. I'm so glad you could attend. And I agree, I am lucky to be part of it," Ivy turns a warm smile towards Thea, dipping her head in agreement. Grady gets the smile next, then his companion, "Thank you both for coming. A pleasure to meet you, Lady Sunaia. I don't believe we had the pleasure before you married, but I'm glad we have the chance now. Lord Grady, that sweater looks -very- comfortable. I may have to ask where you got it made." Kastelon gets a smile as well, "Thank you, Lord Kastelon. Please, help yourself and enjoy the festivities." Medeia's greeting has her flushing faintly, "Thank you. Mistress Sira outdid herself, truly. First time I've worn a gown in... probably over a decade." She chuckles, then seeing the guests all here, moves towards Gabriel to offer a faint smile and a tilt of her head, "Sir Gabriel. Thank you for coming. We've not gotten a chance to meet yet, but it's a pleasure to do so now."

Thea gives a bow of her head to Kastelon. "Good to see you again." Her gaze turns to Medeia and she smiles a moment. "Deia. Good to see again. Of course. Just let me know when. I have a meeting sooner rather than later, but I'll find you." Plucking a glass of wine, Thea finds Sunaia. "Lady Sunaia. It's good to see you again. I'm sure Pasquale is happy to see you home as well,"as she greets Grady as well.

Oswyn smiles at Medeia, having a sip of wine after and giving her a curious look. "Oh? Ah. Well. Perhaps later," he says. And a nod to Thea as well, and to Sunaia. And Grady. The Archscholar's head bobs along.

Smiling easily in the direction of Lady Medeia, a boyish curl of his lips follows while Liam is lifting the glass of wine in thanks, "Kind of you to say Lady Medeia and I feel truly blessed I do." Bowing his head lowly once more, Liam is sipping upon the glass. "And my thanks as well Lord Kastelon. But, please, enjoy the food as well. I insist on you all doing so."

Gabriel bows politely to Lady Ivy, "The pleasure is mine." He then replies to her greeting, "Congratulations on your union." Gabriel did not seem to have much to say but he tried his best to be polite.

Kastelon briefly inclines his head at the words from Ivy, and the faintest hint of a smile, before he murmurs, "I'd not have missed it. I did promise to attend when such happened, after all, and I am a man of my word." And a nod as well for Liam, with that shadow of a smile. To Thea, there's that lift of his brows slightly. "Likewise. This is more than once in recent days... it seems a pattern." And a soft sound and a respectful nod for Medeia.

Grady beams one of his trademark broad smiles to Medeia as she blows on through, and then turns back to Ivy, and his smile becomes a little bit sheepish. "You may have to ask Mortimer where it came from," he admits. "I'm terrible with these clothes and things. He makes certain that I don't cast my whole family into ill repute. Ah. Or catch my death in the cold." He gives Thea a smile and a quick sketch of a bow, in time for Gabriel to turn up. "Sir Gabriel, is it? Yes, it must be. Your son looks just like you."

"Countess," Sunaia turned to Thea with a big smile. "It is great to see you. He says he is glad to have me back from south. Doubly so, if the hounds don't muddy his library, and I don't shake snow from my hair onto his papers," she teases of Pasquale in his absence. "How are you?" As other people make their rounds, she greets the Archlector Oswyn and Medeia as the dance of people forming circles of conversation begins.

Medeia's smile stays fixed in place as she surveys the gathering, a soft shake of her head toward Oswyn. "It can be now, if you wish. I..." The lady's attention is caught by mention of Gabriel's name, which draws her to give the man a faintly surprised look. Her eyes sweep over him as Grady says his son looks like him. "So he does," She murmurs. Sunaia pulls her from whatever she's thinking and gets a cheerful smile. "You are always off on one adventure or another. Tell Pasq that you are both invited for dinner sometime soon, hm?"

"Thank you. I hope you enjoy yourself," Ivy offers with a final smile before moving along to finally reach her new husband, turning towards Kastelon. She chuckles softly and gives a nod, "You did at that. And I appreciate it." To Grady she smiles, "I'll do that. I'd like to get one for Liam." Turning to Oswyn, she smiles, "Thank you, Archscholar. Truly. The ceremony was lovely."

"Oh good," Oswyn tells Ivy, with a nod to Liam. "It was my first wedding, actually. I've never officiated one before." He glances back at Medeia and says, "In a bit? Whenever you like. I'll be around. Eating duck." He raises his plate a little. There's duck on it. It has crispy skin which looks delicious. He sidles off to find a place to sit and eat.

Sunaia looks to Grady, receptive to the pull for attention. "I will keep you to that. Unless it has a purple theme. I think I look awful in purple."

Gabriel looks over to Grady, regarding the Grayson lord. He bows his head and nods, "I am him, father of Duke Michael of Bisland." The King's Own replies, catching Medeia's glance with his own. Turning back to Ivy, he nods again, taking a sip from his glass as she walks away.

"Good to hear. I hope to see you both soon,"Thea tells Sunaia with a sip of her wine. "I'm always afraid if I go to Southport, I won't return." The warmth you know. When Rocco murmurs something in her ear, Thea exhales. "Right. Thank you for reminding me. Turning to Liam and Ivy, she tells them both again. "Congratulations again. I wish you both much happiness."

With a slight laugh from him, Liam is turning his head towards Ivy with his eyes tracking across, "What might I be getting? Sorry I missed it." A smile touching his lips curious before bringing his attentions back to Oswyn, "I hope it may be the first of many for you then, Archscholar."

Grady bows to Gabriel, and smiles at him as he straightens up. "I'm Lord Grady Deepwood. It's so good to meet you." He's circulated away at that point, to merge with the crowd and probably try and get something to eat.

Kastelon has no comment perhaps on matters sartorial - nor should he, dressed as he is - but there's a familiar nod as well to Grady as he's noticing the lord, and hearing conversation about the south. "You can take a Lycene out of the south, but not the south out of a Lycene, regardless of where they move?" His tone's serious, to Thea, but there's just enough of a hint that he might be teasing. Might. And a nod to Sunaia as well, before he offers, "I don't think we've been introduced, my lady. Kastelon Keaton."

Gabriel lowers his cup, bowing again to Grady, "A pleasure, my lord." He says and watches him leave. His gaze raises as he looks around.

Thea winks at Kastelon. "Absolutely correct, I'm afraid." And then she dips out of the hall.

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes, Rocco, the rascally assistant, Strawberry Pupcake, the Graypeak Mountain Dog leave, following Thea.

Parker, a quietly assertive servant leaves, following Sunaia.

2 House Deepwood Guards, Mortimer Ridgewattle the Third, Sunaia leave, following Grady.

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes, Rocco, the rascally assistant, Strawberry Pupcake, the Graypeak Mountain Dog arrive, following Thea.

Parker, a quietly assertive servant arrives, following Sunaia.

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes, Rocco, the rascally assistant, Strawberry Pupcake, the Graypeak Mountain Dog leave, following Thea.

Rather quickly and pointedly, Medeia makes sure she isn't looking at Gabriel. She seems a little jumpy as the jostling of a plate nearby startles her. "Hm. Yes, Blessed Oswyn, I will send you a messenger in the next day or two." Briefly, she glances over at Kastelon with a smile. "The Isles will never fully replace the Lyceum for me, though my heart does embrace them." Another small jostle close by has her looking around before giving Ivy and Liam another round of congratulations before making her way back out into the city.

"A sweater. Lord Grady had on a sweater that looked very comfortable and warm." Ivy turns a faint smile towards Liam, perhaps a touch of mischief there. Thea and Medeia both get a final warm smile, "Thank you for coming by, it was truly wonderful to see you, and I hope to see you again soon!"

Klavdiya, who is definitely a handmaiden and not a reaver, Fluffy, a wild nanny-cat, 2 Eswynd shieldbearers, Loryk, a cocky but amiable reaver, Butterpup, a Graypeak Mountain Dog, Virgil - an agile wildcat kitten leave, following Medeia.

Kastelon looks back in the direction of the now-departed Grady, before he's shrugging slightly. Somewhere along the way, he's acquired a cup of something, and is taking a sip of it, before he offers up, "I think that I heard that the good lord's been cold half the winter. Though spring soon should settle that, and with it, thoughts of a fresh year and fresh beginnings." It might be a hint of a toast from the huntsman, or as poetic as he waxes, truly.

"A pleasure," Sunaia says to Kastelon. Her moonsilver eyes track down over his green attire and then back up to his face. Green was a colour more suited for her, it would seem. She was also wearing it. "Would you rather be south? I might be biased in my tolerance of the cold."

Afar a smile crosses to Lord Grady, a dip of Liam's chin in recognition. A slight laugh escaping after to Ivy, "That would come in useful during the coldest months out on the path." A deeper inhale following in before nodding across to Kastelon, "Oh that would be very welcomed news."

Sunaia is overheard praising Ivy: Congratulations!

Sunaia is overheard praising Liam: Congratulations!

Sunaia is overheard praising Oswyn.

Oswyn cheerfully munches away on his food, pausing for a sip of wine from time to time.

"A pleasure, my lady." Kastelon might not be a fashion plate, but green, he does frequently. Though the question has his eyebrows rise briefly, in the wake of another swallow from his cup. "Not particularly. I'm learning the hard way that when I travel, bad things happen. I'm happiest in the forests, near this city or back in Oakhaven. Though from a tolerance of the cold..." That, too, gets the faintest turn of a smile beneath the shadow of his beard when he's weighing it. And there's a look to Ivy and Liam, before he offers up, "Are you planning any form of travel to celebrate the union?"

"Much as I don't look forward to the return of summer heat, I have to admit that the cold does seem to linger a bit longer than necessary." Ivy shakes her head, then looks to Kastelon, "The city does seem to divide into 'those who like the cold' and 'those who like the heat'. Perhaps Lord Grady falls into the latter?" She finally manages to snag herself soemthing to drink, then glancing to Liam at Kastelon's question, "I don't think we'd planned on it, no. Liam travels fairly often with the Knights of Solace... and I've been doing a fair bit of travelling myself lately. So perhaps just a few days here at the Hall before we're both off again."

Sunaia pivots to allow her to look over to the couple being asked. "Why relax when you could keep moving? Now would be a good time in many places, even if for leisure or for exploring somewhere memorable." The addition bolstering the Keaton lord's question and Ivy's answer. The idea of such adventure seemed to brighten her expression. "Again, I might be biased. I have been doing more ranging for maps than anything exciting or a retreat to a hot spring." That did suddenly sound quite nice, or perhaps she smiled as her eyes moved to glasses of wine being offered by attendants.

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"Often, I am on the road." Nodding at Ivy's voice, Liam is in agreement before considering on the proposal, "But it could be perhaps our next trip to visit various holy sites in the Compact? To pay respect to our Gods."

Oswyn makes short work of his food and returns to the gathering in general, wine glass in hand. The Archscholar takes a moment to adjust his stole, with the air of someone not quite used to wearing the thing but still being, like, dignified.

There's a soft sound from Kastelon at Sunaia's mention of a spring or the like, though he's nodding along with Ivy's mention of the constant travel. "That would be a drawback, and something to make one want to spend more time at home," he agrees, though Liam's suggestion gets the lift of those bushy brows, and a faintly approving expression.

"I think it would even be impactful after the attention paid to shrines recently. To see a stunning new couple arriving to pay their respects." Sunaia mentions of Liam's idea in agreement. Her eyes turn to Oswyn as if to quietly ask his opinion, if only she could make eye contact. WOuldn't be fair to push someone into conversation.

Eye contact made. "I don't think I'm allowed to discourage visits to holy sites," Oswyn supplies. "I feel like it's becoming standard to at least visit your lands when you're wed. Sort of... show off the new family member?"

Ivy and Liam are near the fireplace, the newlyweds chatting with their guests amiably. The current topic seems to be travel and both their predilection towards doing a lot of it!

Ivy glances from Sunaia to Liam and smiles, "We'll have to try to match schedules. I'm presently int he middle of a rather.. involved matter that has required a good deal of travel. I believe we head out again within the next few weeks." She looks to Liam, smiling, "So if we can make the tour and be back in time for me to meet up with my group, then absolutely. Otherwise, we may have to settle for a few days in the city now and travel later." She looks back to Sunaia with a shrug, "Liam travels with the Knights, I travel with whichever group I'm assistng at the moment, so our schedules don't always allow the time for travel together."

"That does sound exhausting. There is always work to be done, and you both seem well directed and motivated. That is wonderful to see." Sunaia looks a bit smitten in the moment of knowing these two busy people still manage to add on another duty to it all: each other. "But I am a horrible child-at-heart. I still attempt to go on near daily rides, nothing far and away, when I should be asleep in a tower or reading some new digest of financial reports. Maybe not horrible, but restless." Then, she looked as she might have opened a door for offered ways to fill her time in volunteering and or paperwork, and took a sip of wine.

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Gabriel finishes his cup of wine, returning it to the closest waiter and dismissing himself at the door. He adorns his cloak, clasping it into place and bids his farewell, heading out.

"Sometimes I have to get away from the paperwork, too," Oswyn muses after a sip of wine. "I try not to go on so many expeditions now."

"Travel is a curse to some, indeed," Kastelon asserts quietly, even as he's hearing about the coordination of plans, the mindful look given to Ivy at the mention of involved matters.. and a nod. A breath as well, when he considers Oswyn's words... and then he's interrupted by a handed over note from a messenger. The dip of those brows, and then in that low voice, "Though I should clearly have to 'travel' back to the hall and see what's afoot. I beg your pardon, Archscholar, my lord, my ladies." And a rare, genuine smile for Ivy and Liam. "And again, blessings on your wedding. As said earlier, may the gods continue to smile upon you both."

2 Keaton Huntsmen, Resolute, an Oakhaven bloodhound, Dart, a Kite of the Cloudspine leave, following Kastelon.

"Certainly, to show off the Lady Ivy and then we visit some holy sites." A slight laugh escaping, Liam is sipping somewhat more on his white wine. A nod going to those taking their leave before drawing his attentions to Sunaia, "Being restless is utterly the worst."

"Showing off a beautiful wife will undoubtedly keep you from restlessness." Sunaia states with the confidence of a married woman. Who could argue with her expertise.

"Oh, don't you worry. The paperwork follows me everywhere I go. I get crop reports delivered to me at inns across the Compact. One determined messenger even caught up to my travelling group on horseback." Ivy chuckles and sips from her glass, "To be fair, that was to authorize a new layout for an irrigation system that needed to be in the ground as quickly as possible so it would be ready for the spring planting. But I believe the point stands." She lifts a shrug, then smiles towards Liam, "But we'll find time to travel together. And visit holy sites. I'll look forward to seeing some of those that are more off the beaten path." Kastelon's well wishes are received with a warm smile and thanks for his attendance. She looks to Oswyn, "In fairness to you, you -do- hold a much more demanding position these days. Harder to just throw a change of clothes and some spare scribing supplies into a pack and disappear into the wilds for a few weeks."

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