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A Khati Storytime - Songs

@cal/desc It's winter, you're cold and looking for something to keep you warm. We've got what you need. Food, drinks, khati storytime.

Tonight, the Bard's College sponsor this khati story passed down about great beings such as angels and amazing heroes who just aren't sung enough about, son of Destiny, crowns and other things which teach us a lesson on the power of songs and how our voice impacts the great chorus. That not every song should be listened to, not every song should be sung. But some songs really do need singing.

Come and enjoy a story and traditional Saffron food and drink shared so it might live on in you. As always, clue shared afterwards.


March 10, 2022, 8:30 p.m.

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Watcher Gianna Patrizio Terese Griffin Khanne Kiera Raven Calista Cassiopeia Sira Arman Ryhalt Renata


Bard's College


Arx - Ward of the Crown - Bard's College - Performance Hall

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6 Proscipi veteran guards arrives, following Cassiopeia.

1 Iron Guardsmen, 3 Black Fleet Reavers arrive, following Raven.

3 First Legion Centurions, 3 Setarcan Royal Shields arrive, following Patrizio.

Patrizio has joined the lower center seating.

Someone wearing the regal mask of a queen wearing a crown of song's depths has joined the stage.

Ryhalt has joined the upper right seating.

Someone wearing the golden mask of a slave with grave kindness has joined the stage.

Someone wearing A porcelain white sand phoenix skull mask with softly glowing eyes has joined the stage.

The lanterns in the performance hall are lowered as darkness sets in and the bards that were outside ushering visitors begin to make their way in two lines each holding a candle as they sing a haunting yet enchanting song which mixes with the exotic music being played from somewhere. As the bards reach the stage, the bardic blue curtains are pulled back revealing a scene set within a beautiful garden and the bard choir take their places off to the side. A large moon with an equally large sun looks down, their faces stern as if following their duty to observe and direct things happening in that garden.

From the side comes a muscled yet gaunt tall figure, painted completely black with unusual markings where far too pale flesh can be seen with symbols showing. A white moon in all the phases wraps around his torso while a reddish brown winged figure is painted on his chest. On his back is a chained figure singing while a pale dragon forms a circle of reddish gold tears around him. The arms have all manner of things that might look like dragons, spirits or other beings of legend. It is the mask the figure wears which is most unusual, for where the eyes are you see each eye glows with a pale blue light of their own.

The figure looks around the small crowd in silence before it reaches into a small pouch at its side, letting pale sand with golden flecks be flung on the front of the stage and on the ground as it glitters from the low lit lamps here.

3 House Velenosa Guards, Matteo arrive, following Arman.

Watcher doesn't quite take a seat. She arrived early, and has settled with her back against the wall nearest the exit, one boot planted lightly back, arms folded over her chest. Her faintly narrowed eyes are fixed on the stage.

A woman in a gold mask with a crown of spiraling shells stands on stage left, clad in a glittering black gown. She holds herself with regal bearing, chin tilted up, and waits.

Patrizio settles quietly, respectfully, with the usual entourage of his soldiers, though there's no hiding the way those jade eyes of his take, keenly, to watching what it is that's afoot on the stage.

Terese makes her way in the the Proformance hall, her arm looped with Griffin's letting him guide them to find seats to watch and listen, she seems curious as she walks familiarly close to Griffin's side. Terese still gives quiet yet warm repsectful greetings to everyone she sees.

Khanne has joined the lower center seating.

The pale glowing eyes watch as it walks around the stage, looking right at you. From behind the mask the black figure speaks in a dead, stoic voice from decayed lungs as black long fingers with gold sandy dust sparkle with the low light as if weaving a web. "We recognise those who came before us and on the lands we are on this evening and honour them, for their history is ours to guard and protect. And together, we step across the dunes of time, across the sands of the past and look back with our hearts to what once was and the stories are remembered. Of moments split apart but connected in spirit. May we honour our mothers and their daughters by being here tonight."

The stage behind the masked figure lights up like magic. The masked storyteller is standing before it while action happens behind him.

"We thank the College of Bards for hosting this storytime, may their names be praised and remembered for their care and guardianship of wisdom from places beyond. For if we can find something tonight from others and go away a little more wiser then we all will be stronger."

And so the storyteller begins his story, walking along the gold and sand-dusted stage. Behind him, two women can be seen holding hands walking across the garden. Each wears a flowing gown, one that is white with gold and the other a dark purple with silver. The regal looking masked figure to stage left seems to observe all. Even you.

As always Griffin bears a smile as he escort the Princess in to her seat.

Khanne walks into the Performance Hall silent as can be. Her mist-grey eyes open wide with curiosity as she looks to the stage, even as she tries to find her seat. She is not entirely the most graceful person, so this is perhaps dangerous, but she manages to settle herself in the seating section before center stage just in time for the story to begin. Folding her hands on her lap, she listens.

Kiera enters the bard's hall quietly, knowing she is late, hurrying to find a seat

3 Thrax Guards, 2 Thrax Elite Guards, Lady Teonia Redreef, Aryka Wyrmfang arrive, following Sorrel.

Raven arrives and loiters in the back off to the side, alert, watching-and curious. She remains standing and doesn't take a seat but she watches those who enter and those who take the stage with a keen interest.

Kiera has joined the upper center seating.

4 Silvershields arrives, following Sira.

It has been a while since Calista Fidante has made her presence known at the Bard's College Performance Hall. She arrives with the throngs of spectators and sweeps her way into one of the nearby seats. As the lights have been dimmed, it is somewhat difficult to make out who is in attendance, but to any familiar faces in her vicinity, the Duchess offers a polite albeit hushed greeting.

There is avid curiosity in Cassiopeia's vivid blue eyes as she arrives with Arman at the performance hall. The young woman is murmuring quietly to the man as they enter, she moves with a silent ease. Arakkoan fashion allows for the whispering silks to flow with each confident stride. Also sandals. A warm smile lingers on her lips, it is natural, but doesn't quite reach her eyes. Despite the wonder, they are focused, taking in the details of the room, but looking deeper. Its harder to see, with the current lighting, she no doubt misses the sight of a few people along her way. As the performance looks ready to start, she is moving with the prince to find a seat amongst the others. The feathers that amass over her cape bounce with each step, she is careful to arrange her gown as she settles into the seat. Turning her attention to the stage, she lets her attention drift dancing off each detail.

Sira arrives quietly and seeks out a seat where she might be well out of the way and still see what is going on.

Arman arrives with the tall Marquessa Cassiopeia on one arm and and walking cane in the other, his head canting slightly toward his protege as they murmur a soft conversation. Eyes sweep over the room and rest briefly on the stage before he leads toward a seat.

"Long long ago before the very first star was marked in the Hall of Stars in far off Nefer'khat by the first sphinx and before the first verse of the song of creation was sung walked the sisters of dream and nightmare. They'd come to this lonely cold rock in the darkness and with them brought life in all glory and variety. Through their greatest songs they wove and sang, they formed and brought forth on the face of the world all things and in return, all things sang the song of creation in their praise. To each thing, a purpose and to every purpose great Destiny looked on and he and his son carried out their task to ensure the song would not fail as the sisters of the deep sang of all things and all things were good." says the masked story teller in his decayed whispered vice, their eyes with a faint blue glow as a black hand lifts to gesture to the moon above.

Behind the storyteller, one can see a figure wearing a wolf pelt climb on a rock face that's been wheeled in position. It looks like the wolf is howling, and below it, there are other wolf pelt wearing figures silently howling in return. And a queen looking figure watching it all. The sister wearing white separates from the other sister and walks over to the Wolf while Nightmare walks through the garden.

"And as we learned in the last story, the great Wolf sang her own song as she did not wish to sing the song of others, for she had her own pack to look after and guide her daughters to protect their homes. Sister Dream listened to the beautiful song of Wolf and her heart was troubled, for while the song of creation was indeed perfect and all sang in unison, it lacked the true spark of life's freedom that Wolf's song had. And as we learned, Wolf then killed Destiny and from that freedom, many things came."

Arman has joined the upper left seating.

Sorrel has joined the upper right seating.

Cassiopeia has joined the upper left seating.

Ryhalt smiles as they are welcomed and leans back in his seat as the story begins, listening with curious interest.

Raven has joined the lower center seating.

Narrowed eyes aside, Watcher's expression is a blanker mask than those on-stage. A careful look at her might suggest she's keeping a certain track on any others nearby, but she never looks away from the stage.

Kiera has left the upper center seating.

Kiera has joined the upper right seating.

Somewhere in the back, it sounds like a mirror or glass shattering.

The backdrop of the stage has a black curtain in the background with stars drop down and the sun goes away, leaving only the moon at night as the Wolf and her pack move off, there's a glow of green from a glass lantern as dark figures move about from the center of the stage towards the sides. The two sisters once more clasp hands and appear to walk.

The green light fades and a man with brownish red clothes in a very ancient style with wings floats from the ceiling down to the ground in the crowd. He asks multiple people in the audience if they've seen her. And near the left of the stage, only a masked woman wearing a crown can be seen.

"Have you seen her? Where is she who sees all?" sings the angelic being to the audience, his song sung in concern and hope while he searches earnestly the faces of the audience to find her. Perhaps the audience might point in the direction of that masked lady on the stage and guide him for he doesn't seem to see her yet as he moves through the onlookers.

Terese does help point out the Masked Lady on the stage but remains seated and quietly watching and listening to the Performance

Khanne's eyes happen to be on the crowned queen when the man floats down from the ceiling, drawing her attention to him instead. She shakes her head at first, unsure of who he is asking for, but soon, her eyes drift back over to the masked queen in the crown.

Someone wearing the regal mask of a queen wearing a crown of song's depths moves, a dark shimmer of starlight silk crowned in gold. She crosses the stage, her steps light. Always watchful.

Raven's eyebrows shoot up and here's a flicker of recognition. She furtively watches Khanne briefly near where she's drifted forward to stand off to the side near where Patrizio and Khanne sit. After a few moments her lips purse and then her brow furrows, jade gaze searching the sea of faces in the audience-apparently seeking someone or something.

The angelic being listens to Terese, and he looks behind him towards the stage. He again sings beautifully if not anxiously, "Where might I find she who sees all? For my father has died and I seek her counsel." Will more point out where the angel might find the lady he seeks?

Someone wearing the regal mask of a queen wearing a crown of song's depths shoots a sharp look Terese's way. Maybe. Hard to tell with the mask.

Kiera says nothing but her eyes are drawn from the man to the queen a signal or merely anticipation hard to say

Khanne is watching those on the stage rather intently, eyes shifting from the man to the queen and back again. Eventually, she spots Raven in her peripheral vision and turns towards her, offering the woman a small smile and a nod of her head before returning her attention to the performers. She doesn't speak, but looks to the man, giving him a very unsubtle tilt of her head towards the queen in the crown, eyebrows raised.

Terese is waiting to see if anyone else will help guide the man towards the queen in the cown and finds herself locking eyes with the queen in the crown briefly before looking back towards the man to see what happens

Leaning ever so slightly forward, a simple gesture that betrays her interest in the performance as it unfolds on the stage. Cassiopeia's intent gaze bounces from one character to the other. Eyes flicker with fascination, watching the movement of the actors, listening to their words, appreciating how it all comes together. A small smile lingers on her lips, as though it's always there.

Soon more it seems in the crowd confirm here the angel might find who he seeks so earnestly and so the angel 'flies' up to the stage from the audience to make his way to the queenly figure.

The dead voice of the storyteller continues. "Every khati no matter which primasen they might be from knows from their mothers the power of songs, and to heed their mother's wisdom how all children are forbidden to listen to the songs of the Deep, for those all ring with madness and doom since the shattering of Destiny. They were not always this way, for the sweet singers were driven mad by his death, and their songs splintered from the song of creation into a million million visions of what Never Was and what Never Should Be. Madness swept across them. All but one. And she is the one he sought after."

The masked figure of the storyteller gestures with long fingers towards the queenly figurine and bows his head respectfully. "The khati call her Oracle, for she sees all. And when the son of great Destiny visited her, he lamented."

"Sweet Oracle, have you seen what they've done to my father!?" sings the winged angelic figure to Oracle.

Arman gestures towards the angelic figure and then about the stage broadly as he appears to be giving some commentary on the performance to Cassiopeia.

Someone wearing the regal mask of a queen wearing a crown of song's depths listens without weeping; she is umoved. She turns to the son of Destiny and instead counters with how the song of her sisters has changed and changed them all, and she tells about the woe of her sisters to him. That is her lament; she alone remembers. She alone understands. Her voice rings out, clear and true, rich and emotive.

Her lips curl downwards at the corners a bit as Khanne listens to the story, a crease forming in her brow.

Calista remains quiet but it is clear from her wide eyed gaze that she is fascinated by the story and the performance.

Griffin listens with a frown.. or is that his thinking face?

A green light fills the stage from a glass lantern again.

The angel listens to the Oracle and he sings out with a fierceness in his tone. "Then I shall undo the First Choice and go back to the Beginning! I will safeguard the song and be reunited with my father once more so all things can be as they should. I will undo and restore your sisters as I will restore my father!"

And once again as before, the green light fades as the angel flies away. The storyteller looks from the angel to the crowd, the glowing blue eyes watching their faces before it speaks again. And as he speaks, the background behind the Oracle masked figure as if traveling and showing paintings of different moments he speaks on.

"And so Oracle was afraid for she knew he could do such a thing, but just as he was powerful and terrible, so was she very clever. She walked to the very dawn of days when the great sisters crafted the world and saw the birth of Destiny and his servants. She saw the sisters give the many crowns to the first children. She saw her sisters given the crown of songs so they can sing of all that would always be. She saw her cousins in the sky be given wings and a crown of breath so they could speak of what Now would be. She waited though. She waited patiently and there, she took one of the crowns and in its place, she gave a gift and then traveled very far away. For a long time she walked, looking for what she knew she must find, walking through the many tomorrows, any from which were tomorrows from yesterdays we have never known. And it was then, finally."

The storyteller looks to the Oracle figure.

And now the queenly figure carrying a crown with an hourglass finds a copper haired girl, just an ordinary looking young girl in what might be a village that could be found anywhere else. The queenly figure approaches the copper haired girl and extends the crown to her. She sings, her voice ringing out, "You see as I see, Child of Skald. You see the world not as it is, nor as it was, but as it should be. And so I give this crown to you, so that it must always be so. Keep it safe," she tells the girl. "For all of time." She bids the girl have courage; her voice's tone says she knows this will not be an easy task.

Someone wearing the regal mask of a queen wearing a crown of song's depths checks charm and performance at hard. Someone wearing the regal mask of a queen wearing a crown of song's depths is successful.

Riveted. Khanne is absolutely riveted by the story being told as it is, performed so beautifully. She's read bits and pieces of some of the things mentioned, but never seen it presented in such a way as this. And when the hourglass is given to the copper haired girl, Khanne begins to blink, her hand lifting to curl a fist softly to her lips.

Terese is watching the performance quietly sitting close to Griffin. There is a sense of shared familiarity between them. Terese however seems captivated by the performance

Raven bites the inside of her cheek and fidgets, likewise riveted. She fishes out a flask and with help from one of her guards unscrews the cap cap to nurse her flask while she watches intently.

Watcher's expression eases a little, even if it remains unreadable. Her lips thin.

The verse that is sung by the masked Oracle moves the copper haired girl, and perhaps might even move a few hearts here too.

The copper haired girl takes the crown, but rather than wearing it, tucks it under her arm. The background changes, there's a castle far away in the distance and a street that might be somewhere right here in Arx where a clocktower stands. Other figures move across the stage, showing different times where great troubles were overcome. Some might recognise particular figures of history.

"And so this child of Skald would guard all our yesterdays and ensure that tomorrow would always come. She did not seek to rule but instead to be a fierce guardian for tomorrow, a champion of hope and a willing and able guide for those who would seek out the better in ourselves. And in each of you, she desired to see the very best version have the opportunity be shown if that was your choice. And when she died, she did not die a victim. She was not vanquished. In her last moment, all felt a tug in their heart. Some rejoiced, some had new hope, some found the weight of time become very heavy, others felt fear for the first time. All though knew that the world of today will not be the same as yesterday, and that there is no time like the present to safeguard tomorrow." says the storyteller.

Off the copper haired girl holding the crown goes after a little bow to the audience and the background changes once more. This time, it's a very foreign looking place. Stately structures of impossible grand scale as two large 'dragons' (which are very probably six or seven people wearing a costume as you can see the pairs of feet below the costume) beat their wings. It seems we've moved to a new place.

And this time, the storyteller gestures to a new masked figure approaching the stage.

"The power of songs cannot be underestimated. They have the ability to touch the heart to do great things. Terrible things, wondrous things. Heroic and devilish. And in the far south beyond the Wastes in Cardia lived a simple slave, born in a world wearing a heavy yoke and a burden trying to hold him down as he served. But while he may have been a simple slave, he was far from ordinary. Within him was the gift of true voice and he would sing true things and became the closest to Lagoma as the breath of change was in his songs. He would sing each day before the King of the Sky and the thousands of Skylords. He would sing of the sorrow and strife that mortals have, but also in gratitude for the promise and hope that is life and that mortals, while living very short lives compared to the great cousins of the sky, had a life that burned bright."

Patrizio shifts forward in his place. For the moment, it seems, the Pravusi prince's flask is forgotten, while he's watching the unfolding of the story before them.

Khanne checks 'recovery check' at normal. Khanne is successful.

Raven checks 'recovery check' at normal. Raven is successful.

Someone steps forth from stage left, clothing of a formless shape, designed only to draw attention to the golden mask and its masculine features. And though his back is slightly bent, he walks proud.

Now Griffin's frown turns to a smile as the performance begins to end. It was wonderful judging by his attention.

A masked man is silently singing to the two large 'dragons' in the background, and an unseen choir sings in return of great deeds and of hardships. It might even bring a tear to the eye, or move a heart.

"And so the slave became the singer to the court of the great king of the dragons, and to the undying Skylords he brought with his songs a touch of mortality to live a short life to the very fullest. Of how feelings of despair can be replaced with joy. Where hurt exists healing can come. Where sorrow and strife might cling, that the little mortals can triumph over it. And all who heard him sing were touched."

"And as we learned from the last story of the great Green Lady, dragons can be jealous and greedy for they covet and desire to challenge others as is their way. They demanded the singer to stay with them, to take their gifts and stay on this side of the veil for they knew he would not live forever."

The storyteller turns to watch the 'dragons' silently flap their wings and make gestures as they protest to the masked slave and to hear what the slave says in response.

When the line, 'and when she died' is said, Khanne's nose twitches a bit and she takes a deep breath before her lips press together. She lifts a hand to her head, fingers pressing there as her eyes close, for just a moment. When she opens them, her hands fold in her lap again and she straightens her posture, squaring her shoulders.

And the song the golden-masked man sings has a soft feminine lilt to it that can't be completely disguised, but the deep richness of every note swells inside the theater.

"Forever is too long for a human to live
in joy and in despair
Find solace in life, in love and in song,
in Lagoma and in prayer
Seek what you love in the time that you have,
find heart to comprehend
Life is to be lived and everything that has value
also has an end."

Until, with the last note, the song cuts off like the sudden snuffing of a candle, attempting to leave its indelible echo behind.

Someone wearing the golden mask of a slave with grave kindness checks charm and performance at hard. Someone wearing the golden mask of a slave with grave kindness is successful.

Raven leans down slightly and barely whispers to Khanne very briefly, just a few scarcely breathed, eyes remaining on the performers.

Attention pulled away from the performance, Khanne looks to Raven and nods before speaking to her in hushed tones. Her words are also not many before her gaze returns to the stage.

The slave's song seems to touch the 'dragons', and maybe it even touches a few hearts here too. The dragons move over as the masked slave dies and they seem to solemnly cry. Large tears fall which look like gems, but probably are most likely coloured reddish hued glass. They clink on the stage at the feet of the crying dragons.

"And so the cousins of the sky lamented when he died for they felt the keen sense of loss in their great heart they guarded. They shed their tears and their memory of love lost so that one day when one is lost, they could find it, remember and return."

The curtain of the backdrop closes, leaving only the masked storyteller who is silent for a moment. Perhaps he is thinking of tonight, the stories shared. The glowing blue eyes seem to fall on each of you as he looks.

Finally, the dead sounding voice speaks again in that whisper of his.

"You have a choice of how the song of your life will be sung. With every action, thought and uttered word, your song will change. Will it be the song which creates a sense of purpose in others? Will it be the song that creates discordant chaos and trouble as it clamors for attention? Will it be the soft song that is often hummed during the hardest work as you toil to make your hardest struggles a little more easier? As the copper haired girl was fond of saying, there is no time like the present, and tonight is a good night to let your song ripple across the hearts of others. Let your song be sung, let it flow and join in with the thousands of others as we live and die on this world. Listen to your mothers, help your sisters and daughters and may your song be as powerful as Wolf's or the slave who touched even the mightiest of hearts."

"Good night."

And so the bardic blue curtain falls and closes, ending the story.

Calista is overheard praising Bard's college.

Ryhalt claps loudly at the conclusion of the story, showing his appreciation for the artistry shown.

Calista is overheard praising Renata.

Calista is overheard praising Gianna.

Khanne is overheard praising Bard's college.

Terese is overheard praising Renata.

Terese is overheard praising Gianna.

Khanne is overheard praising Gianna.

Someone wearing the golden mask of a slave with grave kindness is overheard praising Titus.

Khanne is overheard praising Renata.

Calista is overheard praising Titus.

Khanne is overheard praising Titus.

Kiera is overheard praising Gianna.

Kiera is overheard praising Renata.

Raven is overheard praising Titus.

Gianna emerges from backstage, pausing to remove her crowned mask. She runs her hand through her hair and surveys those assembled with a satisfied expression. Gianna, nowhere in sight but a masked queen on stage? Who would have guessed?

Gianna is overheard praising Titus: A brilliant storyteller. Thank you for sharing with the College.

Someone wearing the golden mask of a slave with grave kindness emerges behind Gianna, as if hiding in her shadow. The mask stays firmly in place.

Arman is overheard praising Gianna.

Gianna glances over her shoulder and notes, "You were fantastic. You're sure you don't want to take the mask off? Actually. Could I get the mask for the Gallery? Later. After all this, perhaps," to the gravely kind slave.

Arman is overheard praising Renata.

Arman is overheard praising Titus.

Titus makes his way from behind the stage's curtains. He wears no mask, but his body is painted black and he carries a mask in hand. He is saying a few quiet words of thanks to the masked slave and the Nightingale before moving to the side for folks to cheer on the two singers.

Gianna is overheard praising Renata.

Kiera is overheard praising Titus.

Terese stands and claps for the performers once the performance is finished. She seems moved by the story

Titus is overheard praising Gianna: Portraying Oracle is no easy feat and yet I felt a spark perhaps like I would have spoken to Oracle herself.

A deep sigh of satisfction issues forth from Griffin.

Kiera is overheard praising Bard's college.

Titus is overheard praising Renata: Being the lowest slave who captured the hearts of the mightiest is incredibly challenging. You breathed life into an almost forgotten person of the past and he now lives on in our memories.

Griffin is overheard praising Renata.

Watcher claps, quietly, before she eases herself off of the wall. Her lips are still pursed, and now that the performance is over, she looks distracted, a little distant.

Griffin is overheard praising Titus.

Raven is already standing and clapping is sort of hard with only one hand so she looks to her guards for them to applaud and she whistles enthusiastically. She and her guards then slip back into the crowd and vanish.

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