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Rite to Gloria: Haakon and Titus

The prodigal Houses of Vaevici and Eswynd are partaking in a ritual of the Faith and the Compact that's as old as time. A rite to Gloria is being held in Gloria's shrine and all are welcome to witness.


Sept. 24, 2021, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Alarissa Haakon Titus


Cesare Thea Bianca Quenia Raven Medeia Temira Macda



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Shrine of Gloria

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Comments and Log

One of the few shrines to have a roof on it, a rite to Gloria is soon to happen. Participants, people, godsworn alike are gathered around in preparation for what will soon start. The early spring day brings with it cool air and sunshine. These events happen, and this one is no different. Alarissa stands near the altar in wait for the start of the festivities, looking to the two fighters and a faint smile on her tired face.

12 House Velenosa Guards, Ibasia, the Velenosa Lady-in-Waiting, Ellani, the palm sized spider, Sir Thad Quackington arrive, following Jaenelle.

Captain Curls, an attentive, ebony guard poodle, Aspira arrive, following Quenia.

Would Cesare miss an opportunity to watch people beat each other up? Maybe. But would he miss it when one of the people involved is his patron's husband? Certainly not. He needs to take his mind off things, anyway. Things like, for example, his possible impending death. Not that he looks worried about that; he looks just about the same as usual, and particularly red tonight, dressed in crimson and cardinal, perfectly placid and poised.

Haakon is attired as befits a noble warrior of his house in a long hauberk of riveted maille, helm marked by an undyed horsetail plume, steel oculars and ornamented with placards of carved whale bone. Steel fishscale armors his forearms and shins as the prodigal bears a round wooden shield painted with the Eswynd triple spiral in one hand, and a plain, straight edged steel broadsword in the other.

Thea came to be a---supportive friend? Person? Whatever. She is relatively close to Haakon AND Medeia, so she's here. Going to have a seat, she looks pretty comfortable and at ease in her leathers. Normal attire to her really.

Bianca is already here in her robes with the telltale interlocked tri-circles of the Faith, her shock white hair pinned back for something more austere. Her lips are the only concession to color about the albino Legate, painted a deep rose hue. She stands near Alarissa, offering a low trickle of conversation to the Princess of Thrax, silver eyes fixed on the new arrivals to the shrine as she does.

Not having witnessed a Rite to Gloria in sometime, and also owing to the rather wonderful spring weather, Quenia makes her way into the shrine for an evening out of the house. She might also have been prodded by her assistant, Aspira, to get out of the house as well. That assistant, pretty pushy she is. She quietly makes her way over to the benches and settles down, giving a nod to a few of the people she recognizes and maybe knows.

There's the sound of martial steps and exotic music as the Warmonger of Sangris comes into the Shrine of Gloria followed by his solemn looking myrmidons, an offering of tribute from recent battles is offered to the goddess in the great fire. Titus is dressed in the traditional simplistic armour of a child of Sangris, crimson leather with a helm that has a red crest of horsehair while white flames hold a drop of blood on his chest.

Quenia has joined the a sturdy pine wooden bench.

Titus has joined the Firepit.

Raven steps in with her entourage of guards with her, handing her bottle of rum to her guard to be recorked before tucking the bottle into the sling of her useless left arm.

Medeia is standing in front of Haakon, murmuring something quietly just for him to hear as she fusses - whish he surely hates - by brushing dust that doesn't exist away from it. She looks up and gives him a brilliant smile before turning to Titus and bowing her head to the Vaevici lord. She then slinks off to fold herself in at Cesare's side, linking her arm with his and blending in with his red attire. She says something softly to him, too, before looking around and giving various familiar faces smiles of greeting.

Haakon wields old-fashioned broadsword.

Thea has joined the a sturdy pine wooden bench.

Cesare arches an eyebrow and returns Medeia's sotto voce comment, one corner of his mouth tucking up as he observes the ritual's participants and those who've come to witness. He puts an arm around Medeia and settles as Bianca emerges in her aeterna robes, waiting with interest in his dark eyes for the ritual to begin.

Raven watches with interest in the back, having enough respect for the ritual not to actively drink while witnesses though a hand occasionally caresses the bottle the same way someone might sooth a fussy baby.

Thea smiles a moment and nods her head to Medeia and Haakon. Her cousin by marriage gets a flutter of her fingers as well. Quietly she goes to have a seat, slipping on it.

After a moment, Bianca steps away from Alarissa and claims space in front of the altar, her silver eyed gaze fixed on the crowd. "Today we honor and celebrate the glory of the Goddess of War and Chivalry." There's a pause, a lull, her eyes drifting upward and then back to the crowd, inclusive of all. "We not only celebrate Gloria, but so too do we celebrate those who would fight to bring glory in her name." Bianca's gaze, her body half turns, indicating Haakon and Titus. "I give you our honorable combatants. I pray, in Gloria's name, that the Rite they perform here in this hallowed shrine of the Goddess meets her approval. I urge you to celebrate them as they celebrate with their swords. I pray, in Gloria's name, and I urge you all to do the same." She bows her head, murmuring a silent invocation, ceremonious and solemn, before stepping aside for the Canticle to be sung.

Temira walks to the front and with a confident smiles says. "Ive written a cantil for Gloria in honor for todays event. I hope you enjoy" She begins to sing in a husky alto that shows the passion behind the Blonde womens words.

"To our wonderful Goddess, Oh Gloria
praises from our hearts we sing
These same hearts that beat in our chest
bear no doubts to cause wavering
We do what we must when faced with a choice
even if loved ones are hurt from not returning
Its our choices in battle that define who you are
A resolve to see things through even when knowing
your death might be soon but death we fear not
Celebrate instead the most honorable ending.

Temira checks charm and performance at normal. Temira is successful.

Temira Finishes and turns to bow to Haakon and Lord Titus. She steps aside a few steps to let the one of them take center stage

Raven's eyebrows loft up nearly to her hairline, clearly impressed by the skill and sonorous richness of Temira's song.

Titus listens to the prayer from Bianca, and the canticle sung with deep meaning by Temira that hardens his face. Unslinging an object on his side, the pale hands of Titus grip a white horn that he blows, letting a battle call be heard that reverberates with sharp clarity in the city of Arx in which for a moment only the sounds of spring with birds might answer back the horn's call. His whispered voice speaks from decayed lungs.

"I call to the Goddess of War, Honour and Chivalry, hail blessed Gloria! Shining Maiden of Glory, let the trumpet of battle call your attention as we combatants offer as tribute and worship to you this fight."

"Gloria, I know there are those in this world who desire to embody and celebrate the horrifying aspects of war, of carnage and destruction that's wrought by fear and a weakness of spirit. I pray that you embolden us not to claim victory at all costs, but that everlasting glory might be attained by ensuring whether we live or fall, our honour remains resolute and unyielding. The battlefield is the great equalizer amoung all peoples, where no matter your social class or wealth, you have an equal chance to act with honour and grasp glory by doing something remarkable beyond your mortality that can change the lives of thousands. To those who fight for destruction, carnage and fear, be reminded there are those like lord Haakon and myself who live to serve and see the good work of the gods is carried out."

"To those who witness this rite of Gloria, may your spirit be strengthened. To my opponent, I salute you in honour and shall fight you to the first blood or yield. May we both grow from this devotion to Gloria. As I said at the Siege of Sangris to the enemy, We fight war not simply to destroy, but instead honourably pay the high price with lives and blood needed for a lasting peace earned from glory. Let us celebrate an ending gilt with untarnished honour."

Titus unsheathes the Flame of Sangris and salutes Haakon with the brutal red-hued heavy blade as he signals his readiness for the Rite of Gloria to begin.

Titus wields The Flame of Sangris.

Medeia gives Thea a warm smile when she sees her friend, but there isn't much time to socialize as Bianca begins to speak. She joins in the prayer, quietly reverent before Temira sings the canticle. Once the song is complete, she pats the seat at the other side of her for the other Eswynd lady to sit by her. There's a bright, grateful look on her face for her cousin-by-marriage's performance. Then, attention shifts to Titus and Haakon, focus intent.

Haakon raises his blade in a vertical salute to Bianca as the blessings are invoked. Temira sings with art and Titus speaks with polished eloquence. When words are his to offer, the reaver raises his rough voice and recites, loud, clear, and harsh:

"Goddess of valor, hear us!

By your gifts our kin are fed,
By your arts we conquer dread,
For the weak we stand in stead
Whilst toward danger ever tread.

On this the eve of newest strife
Where the gallant will wager life,
Spending free their strength and pain
Fallen Bastion to regain,
Let our deeds of blood and steel
Please ye, Goddess, strong and leal,
That we valiant mortals might
Do great deeds beneath thy sight.

We praise ye, Goddess, now attend
As we to thee our steel psalm send."

A sharp rap of his sword's flat is made against the iron shield rim, then an answering salute to Titus before Haakon steps to begin the rite in earnest.

Temira takes a seat next to Medeia quiet while Haakon and Titus give their speeches.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Bianca's lips curve in beatific pleasure as the canticle is sung and the individual prayers are offered by the combatants. As the Rite begins in earnest, though, the Legate becomes entirely focused upon it, and upon ensuring the rules of honorable combat are observed.

Alarissa bows her head at the end of the prayer offered up from Bianca, respectful as the Canticle is then also given. Shoulders straight, the alaricite arm hanging at her side with a set of prayer beads that hang around it's wrist. Prayers offered by the combatants, Alarissa moves to take a seat and watch from a safe distance, all the willowy waves of grey sea washed silks and brocade rippling behind her.

Titus checks 'unconsciousness save' at easy. Titus marginally fails.

Titus is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

6 Grayson House Guards, Thistleton, an elderly and devoted manservant, Liza, a young and energetic bard arrive, following Macda.

esare's sharp gaze momentarily rests downward as he heeds Bianca's call to prayer, his lashes resting against his cheeks as he murmurs softly in prayer, a murmur which even in its quietude has a hint of melody to it. Temira's song draws his interest back up, and he drinks it in - drinks in the words of both the combatants, the salutes from each of them. His expression is one of someone who's carefully cataloguing all the details in case he needs to call them up later.

Quenia nods her head to Thea as she notices the Wyvernheart woman has settled down near her on the benches. "Countess Thea, as always it is good to see you," she remarks quietly as she turns an eye toward the fight that's starting to break out.

Titus moves in to close the distance at the ring of iron sounding to show Haakon is ready. And so Titus fights against the other noble, letting their swords clash and ring out the sound of battle here in Gloria's encampment.

Thea gives a nod of her head to Quenia, a smile appearing, though her gaze is mostly on the battle before her. "You as well, Marquessa. WE'll have to catch up sometime..."

Raven watches with interest, heat tilting. Titus' blade gets some wanton eyeballing, a low soft whistle of admiration sounding under her breath.

Macda doesn't have much chance for arriving quietly with her guards and assorted attendants, but she also doesn't put much stock in being quiet anyway. Still! Late to the rite, the Princess aims for a quick seat and minimal fuss, with whoever is close enough to ask hearing, "What have I missed?"

Haakon and Titus have fought more than one battle side by side, but the two prodigals do not spare any strength or purpose in the ritual duel. Both attack fiercely, Haakon leading with his shield and following up with a deep step and ferocious cut of his broadsword, relying more on power than the nimble swordsmanship of his opponent.

In the second flurry of exchanged blows and ringing steel, Titus cuts a chunk out of Haakon's shield, but in return the reaver gives his foe a brutal blow from broadsword's edge, starting the blood flowing and driving the Warmonger from his feet.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Raven before departing.

Cesare does /not/ let out a whoop at the intense blow from Haakon, but it's a near thing - he sits up, inhales, nostrils flaring and eyes bright. Instead of hollering, he leans over and murmurs something to Medeia, smirking. "I do /not/ want to fight Lord Haakon," he says aloud, albeit still somewhat quietly, as befits the occasion.

Bianca's eyes stray to the blood that flows, entirely watchful, waiting for the call to yield. Not a martial person by nature, still the Legate watches with an avid interest and a sharp inhale here and there and particularly brutal blows.

Raven notes softly, "He can whoop me blinded folded with both arms behind his back. I thought I was done being whooped that thoroughly but apparently I got too cocky and have a whole lot left to learn."

It is a very quick and violent fight. Titus drops to a knee as he feels the keen bite from Haakon's sword. There's not a drop of his head in disappointment, instead the blood-red eyes look up to the Eswynd lord as he yields the victory to Haakon and gets slowly to his feet. A salute is given before he offers Haakon to take his sword if he wants, he is the victor. "You have let us honour Gloria today, lord Haakon. It is always a pleasure to fight with you." the whispered voice says.

Titus checks 'unconsciousness save' at easy. Titus is successful.

Titus wakes up.

Right hand grasps the side of her skirt and the sharp inhale as down goes Titus, and the warmonger yields. There's a glance to Haakon and the faintest smile at the corners of Alarissa's mouth.

There is no audible cheer from Medeia, though Haakon's win does bring a flicker of pride to her eyes as she smiles and nods to whatever Cesare said to her quietly. A subtle motion is made to her assistant to bring over the bag containing her medical kit. Once the men have finished their fight, she rises to her feet and is prepared to administer some highly professional doting to Titus for his injury.

Haakon gives a short shake of his head to the offered Flame of Sangris. "That sword serves the Realm best in your hand, Warmonger. Goddess be praised." The salute is met once more, and the reaver turns to go ve a sharp salute and bow to either Bianca, Gloria's altar, maybe Alarissa? Or perhaps all at once. The duel is done.

Temira looks side to side and then puts her hand to her chin in contemplation. " I expected it to go a little bit longer" She then shrugs and smiles towards her near-brother. She wear emotions on her face quite easily, her face conveying the words proud as she looks towards her near-brother

As the yield is called, Bianca bows her white head to offer another silent prayer to Gloria before lifting it. "Gloria has been properly honored," the Legate declares, a smile finally finding its way to her lips, her hands raised in ceremony. "These warriors are noble and honorable and Gloria has smiled upon them this day. I personally feel blessed to have witnessed this Rite, and I share that blessing with each and every one of you. Thank you." She bows her head once more to both Titus and Haakon, and then cedes the altar space to Alarissa.

Alarissa rises and offers a deep inclination of her head to Haakon when he salutes, not rushing to the altar to tend to Titus, that's the job of more skilled individuals. Instead moving to stand near Bianca and murmur softly.

Raven bows her head reverently and stops petting her rum bottle, affecting an appropriately respectful mein for both the warriors and the goddess they honor.

Titus slides the weapon into the sheathe and says to Haakon, "Then the sword will draw again to help and protect our allies and friends, the Eswynds. Thank you, lord Haakon. Your honour is strong and unbroken."

Medeia gives Bianca a murmur of gratitude, saying something softly before the legate moves past her. Then, she's beside Titus, giving the Vaevici lord a curtsy. "My lord, you fought well, and I thank you for your continued friendship to our house. May I tend your wound?"

Medeia checks 'recovery treatment' at normal. Medeia is successful.

Macda stays quiet long enough and gets an answer for herself, imagine that! Eyes and smile bright, she leans forward in her seat to watch while slowly rubbing her knuckles.

Haakon ooc Any other formalities to obey before we break out the Sangria?

Titus nods to Medeia, letting her tend to his wound. And so he explains to Bianca what he thinks of the rite he participated in. "The Rite of Gloria is interesting as it shows we don't pray for victory but to strengthen our honour. It could be easy to fail this test and rite by getting caught up in the idea of winning and actually losing to anger, jealousy, shame or tyranny. My opponent is a good man, his heart is honourable. He could have taken as a right-earned trophy my sword but instead he offered mercy. In return, it only strengthens my thoughts of him and that I will continue in the future helping Eswynds when they need help. The Rite of Gloria tests our hearts to see if we are indeed honourable. I hold no ill will to my opponent, only respect."

One of Raven's guards leans in to murmur to her. Her brow furrows and there's a small frown. Titus and Haakon get a respectful nod and Raven quietly slips out into the night.

1 Iron Guardsmen, 3 Black Fleet Reavers, Moonsilver, the pale-feathered raven leave, following Raven.

1 Iron Guardsmen, 3 Black Fleet Reavers, Moonsilver, the pale-feathered raven arrive, following Raven.

Bianca inclines her bone-white head to Titus. "Just so. Though I think claiming your sword through the Rite would have been somewhat questionable and against the nature of the Rite itself, which you so correctly surmised. Well fought, the both of you. Arvum is fortunate to have your loyalty." She murmurs something low in return to Medeia, lips quirking.

Thea spies Macda and wiggles her fingers. When the fight concludes, she nods her head with a new respect, though she remains silent. Odd for the Wyvernheart woman, but she's proper when she needs to be.

Cesare says softly, from where he remains seated, "May she also see fit to protect all who fight on behalf of the righteous and defend the virtuous as they enter Bastion once more, that they may act honorably and unflinchingly." His brow knits for a moment, before smoothing again, and he laces his fingers together in his lap.

Haakon dips his head to Titus, rumbling in return, "Aye. And with this deed done, and the Goddess so honored, eyes turn to foes more fell. Ere we row up the Gray River, under the Goddess's eye, let's we all to our halls and drink as brethren."

"Hm. Should be good as new in less than a week, really," Medeia says as she cleans up from tending Titus's wound. She gives him a dazzling smile, one full of appreciation, before she steps away and moves to Haakon's side. Her voice lifts slightly. "Princess Alarissa, I understand we have you to thank for coordinating this. It was an honor to witness, and your efforts are greatly appreciated." She gives the princess a sincere bow of her head before looking up to Haakon, her hand looping into the crook of one arm.

Titus has left the Firepit.

Archimedes, the Grim Face of Owlish Judgement, Sir Alren, Scholar Duran, a perpetually put-upon assistant, 5 Templar Knight guards, Clementine leave, following Bianca.

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