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Darkwater-Halfshav Reception

Friends and family of Darkwater and Halfshav are all welcome to join the reception celebrating the marriage alliance between Lady Azova and Lord Reve.


April 3, 2021, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Azova Carita Reve


Ember Bree Porter Martinique Deva Thea Mirk Wulfrum Alarissa Khanne



Arx - Ward of House Thrax - Darkwater Manse - Great Hall

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Comments and Log

That was then: Some hours earlier was a quiet ceremony overseen by Dame Bree and Sir Porter with the official marriage contract signing and all the expected pomp and ceremony. Close family were in attendance as well as, obviously, the bride and groom. It went off with very little fanfare in a most respectful manner, with dedicated prayers and a donation to the Faith.

This is now: The ceremony has been set to the wayside and formality has started to ease as the reception is opened up to those that wish to celebrate with the bride and groom as well as the Houses that they hail from. Reve and Azova stand in attendance, making certain to greet each and every person coming in. Do they help each other with names of this person or that? Absolutely.

4 Redoubt Buccaneers, Luna, the Darkwater Assistant arrive, following Carita.

The first test of Reve and Azova's union will be: does the scar on the left cheek mean Ember? Or is that Marina? One of them has the scar on the left and the other has the scar on the right. Granted, from the severe expression and austerity policies regarding personal warmth, it's probably Ember. The Bloody Baroness has Martinique on her arm, whatever one wishes to read into a Baroness bringing her common-born military commander as her date to a wedding reception.

Jasper, an unflappable scoundrel, 2 Redrain Guards arrive, following Deva.

For the record, the ceremony was wonderful, and Bree may have cried happy tears as she and Porter moved through their Godsworn duties as priests for the wedding of their friends. And now? Time to party! The Butterfly Knight has foregone her armor in favor of some feathered ballgown that would look amazing on any socialite. She doesn't exactly know how to wear it, but she has committed. She enters the party with her partner-in-crime, clinging to his arm, and tugging him this way and that as she takes in the decorations. "Oooh. Look! Perfumes!" she points to a table. "Azova told me all about these. One for the bride, one for the groom. You take that one," she gestures to the bride scents. "I'll get this one," to the groom. "And then we'll have both!"

Rurik, a prodigal assistant, Aegis, a large red Oakhaven bloodhound arrive, following Mirk.

Despite threatening to do so, Porter and Bree did not officiate the ceremony by starting and finishing one another's sentences. Though it's possible it happened once on accident and they apologized profusely! These things happen. Now that the ceremony has started the two Godsworn Knights of Solace are weaving through the crowd to find the couple- oh wait, no. They are stopping for perfumes! Porter peers over the table and takes a great deal of time selecting the exact perfect bottle even if all of the bottles are the same. "I got one!" he declares, holding up the bride scents. They are victorious in their claiming of the party favors. "We should go give them the gift," he suggests, looking over to see if they're being swarmed yet.

Azova knows better and reads not a thing of it! She just smiles prettily at Ember and Martinique. "Baroness." The greeting given Ember. "Martinique." to her date. "Thank you for coming. It's an honor to have you here. I bet you can mix a fabulous drink." she adds, referring to the rumored party game of course and with a nod granted towards the tables full of food and things. Lots of things. "Take party favors!" She's far too cheerful isn't she? One arm stays tucked under Reve's the whole time, too.

Martinique is walking somewhat carefully upon heels in a style she isn't accustomed to, and thus Ember's arm is serving as a balance aid in addition to whatever else. She does a reasonably good curtsy when presented to the bride and groom. "Lady Azova, Lord Reve, congratulations." She isn't quite entirely at ease in the company, but she's trying her best.

Why not crash a party for a distant cousin's wedding? Deva rolls in with some Redrain guards and her assistant, who seems to be giving her some sort of pep talk as she strides in. "Yeah. Uh-huh. No, don't worry, I won't," she promises Jasper in a louder tone than the one he's using, waving a hand in a broad and probably not reassuring gesture. He looks skeptical, but this is not a new expression for him. "Congratulations!" she greets the married couple of Azova and Reve brightly when she passes by, with the wide-eyed expression of one who doesn't know another soul present. But onward!

Bree hands her perfume to Porter, because he surely has pockets where she just has feathers. "Hold this," she grins to him, wide and warm in her good humor. The day has set a wonderful glow about her, and she nodnodnods, "Yes! The gifts. You give them," she encourages, and despite it being his idea to head that way, she will take a long step (and not find herself overcome by her skirts) and tug him along with her. "Lady Azova, Lord Reve!" as if she didn't just stand before them for the ceremony. "Congratulations, again!" She smiles at the others flooding the newly wedded couple.

"It was a lovely ceremony," Ember says to Azova and Reve, sounding as though she's never enjoyed anything in her entire life. "Congratulations, my Lady, my Lord. May House Darkwater benefit from its new additions -- and additions to come." Luckily, before Ember can express any further thoughts on that track, Bree is there to give a gift and Ember is free to go find a drink.

"The ceremony was wonderful," Reve says, once he spies Bree and Porter make their entry. To the latter, he is raising his brows just slightly and hanging his head in a subtle motion of defeat. Whatever THAT was about. Now, turning his focus back to Azova as she begins with greetings, Reve dips his head. "Yes, thank you Baroness and Martinique." Note the way that he mimics his wife? Another nod for the latter. "Thank you." Ah, Deva! "Your Highness!" he greets in fine spirits. "What is it that you shall be drinking this evening?" That almost, just almost, sounds like a challenge.

Thea makes her way inside, not even having to walk far! Thank gods! Before even looking at party favors, she heads directly to Azova and Reve, a genuine smile on her face. "Congratulations to you both,"her words not rushed but not slow either. There's a lot of people here! As more people come in that she recognizes, Thea greets them as well, but adding a wave.

Carita stands by as she quietly watches the couple greet their guests, a third greeter as the party gets underway. She fingerwaves to a few as she tucks herself along a wall, a glass of something that's circulating as they go. She lifts a hand in quiet toast as Ember passes by, dipping her head in thanks for the praise for the newly married couple.

"Hey! Wait! I need to measure that woman's head," Porter is insisting to Bree as they head to the newly married couple. He says it with such great conviction, like this is really important and he needs to do it right now. He points at Deva. He can only point for so long though because they are soon right near Reve and Azova. He begins digging around on his person for something(s). Eventually he produces a small velvet bag an deposits it in Reve's hand. "Congratulations! One of these fits you. And the other fits Azova. You get to guess which one."

"Dame Bree! And Sir Porter. Thank you again for the lovely ceremony." The befeathered Bree is the recipient of a kiss on the cheek, and an admiring look of her dress from Azova too. "That looks lovely on you." Apparently this is gleeful news, and an amused smile is offered upon Ember's well wishes and the comment on future family additions. Something she leans over to murmur to Reve about no doubt before smiling at Thea next. "Thank you! Start thinking of drinks to mix!" is called out to her friend. "You guys, that's so nice of you. You know you shouldn't have gotten us anything. I mean, you performed the ceremony." That, finally, to Porter. Whew, she is going to need a drink herself soon with all her talking.

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"Hi Reve," Deva's smile is bright at first, then strained. "I was actually going to try and be sober tonight buuuuut..." Look how easy it was for her to change course when challenged! Jasper rolls his eyes. "Whiskey please," her hands clasp together, decision made too easily. "Oh, uh, excuse me, I'm going to--" And she's off like a flash, zipping around to hide behind a column and away from Porter pointing at her.

"What?" Bree looks back to the head - or rather, the woman belonging to the head, and she blinks. "It looks normal?" she whispers to Porter, because why else would he need measure it. "Oh, are you making her armor?" She connects dots, her brain just a little slower from all the times she's been hit. But then they are there with Reve and Azova, and she claps her hands together in front of her in unrestrained glee. "I picked out the stones. I hope... we hope you love them!" She leans in to the kiss on the cheek, glancing down at her dress when it is complimented. "This is the one I told you about. The feathers, see?" She reaches out a calloused hand, fingers touching oleander lace. "And this is perfect. Completely, I was right when I saw it unfinished."

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A flock of ladies-in-waiting, 3 Thrax Guards, 2 Thrax Elite Guards, Advocate Robert, a fastidious well dressed assistant arrive, following Alarissa.

Now that some formalities are dispensed, yes, drinks to be had. Apparently a variety of them. Martinique surveys the selection for a moment, seeming almost daunted--a sight, the soldier overwhelmed by alcohol. She turns to look at Ember with an expression of silent inquiry as she starts adding lime juice to some rum.

Mirk arrives fashionably late, a nod of his head to Carita in greeting as he passes. He saves his greetings for Reve and Azova, however, offering them a dip of his head. "Cousin. Lady Azova. Congratulations on your nuptials. I'm sorry to see a member of my House go, but I'm sure you'll be happy in Darkwater."

Wulfrum has been slow all day, slow to speak, slow to come to the reception, slow slow slow. It might have something to do with that cigar smokey smell following him around and that he'd discreetly vanish during transitions and come back with a renewed strength to the smokey stench. As he walks into the reception he makes his way to Carita first, by the fireplace and brushes some dust (definitely not ash) from his sleeve whilst saying something soft, those dull eyes seeking out the bride and groom.

"Thank you," offers Reve politely, absolutely behaving, in response to Thea. He casts a sidelong look to Carita in brief and then is honing in on Bree and Porter once more. The velvet bag that is deposited in his hand is eyed rather curious before he peers at Porter in particular. It is peeked at and his brows raise even higher. Almost comically. "Very nice," he says. "You both should not have - but we thank you." He shows off the contents to Azova. Maybe he would even tack on more commentary, but he has to call forth a, "Just do not mix the whiskey with any other liquor and you should be fine, your highness!" when Deva heads further in. To his cousin, Reve reaches out and taps his shoulder. "I assure you I have not gone too very far. I still intend to lurk some evenings."

"No, I need to see if her head is bigger than mine- hey, wait. Where did she go?" Porter stops mid-explanation to stare around the room, unable to hide spot where Deva has gone off to. He looks down to Bree and then around the room again, as if this will make the princess appear. It does not. "Maybe I only thought I saw her!" he seems to believe this is a reasonable explanation. Turning back to the conversation at hand, "Yes! Bree picked out all of stones. I just put the things together. We really hope that you love them!" And he spares a glance to his partner's very feather gown and looks a bit embarrassed. About something. Hard to say. He rubs the back of his neck and smiles at the couple. "Congratulations again!"

"I have promised Lord Reve and I promise you in return Lord Mirk - we will make every effort to continue helping House Halfshav and being a part of the family there as well. I'm looking forward to visiting the North, too." Azova promises, her smile warm with regard for her new cousin. Poor man. "Princess Redrain - welcome! I hope you enjoy the festivities." she adds in greeting to Deva, her gaze sliding towards the velvet bag as she nudges Reve. She wants to seeee. Show, show!

Bree beams as the gift has been given, and the congratulations offered, and she tugs on Porter once more to bring them toward the drinks. "Come on. We deserve some whiskey," she speaks of their efforts in the ceremony, of course. As to where the mysterious Deva has disappeared, she spares a look around, and then looks back to Porter's head, both brows lifting. "I think yours is bigger. Yup. I don't even need to measure."

Thea takes Fond Union - A Unique Cherry Spirit from Party Favors - Fine Spirit Edition.

Thea takes The Bride - Darkwater and Halfshav 1015 AR from CELEBRATION PARTY FAVORS .

Alarissa eases into the room, guards dispensed with and only Robert of the fabulous eyeliner circulating and staying within orbit of the Princess Consort of Thrax. The buffet food and drinks is eyed but not approached and opting instead to linger near to one side and see who all is present.

"You really think so?" Porter asks Bree and bows his head down a bit just so that she can get a better look at him. As if she's never seen him before in all of these years! A final wave is given to Azova and Reve while they make with their greetings and Reve possibly letting Azova look in the bag. "Is there just whiskey?" he wonders to Bree and his attention shifts in the direction of the drinks! "Whiskey is okay."

"They are extraordinary," answers Reve with a nod of his head to Porter and Bree. "And very, very appreciated." Indeed, he seems to be suitably touched even. The velvet bag is at this point slid into Azova's hand before Reve catches sight of the guards. Really that is the clue that he should be focusing in on... Alarissa. A quick once over likely has him well aware of who she is, but nevertheless he nudges Azova in a relatively discreet fashion for an introduction. Or at least that is likely t he intent.

Azova dips her head politely toward Alarissa when she spots the Princess-Consort; a brief smile appearing, but one of welcome. As for Porter and his question.. "What? Only whiskey? Come on now, this is House Darkwater. There's also rum. And, every other liquor imaginable out on that table. With all kinds of mixers. Go, be creative. Get so drunk that we have to make the guards potato sack you back to your boat." she suggests cheerfully, murmuring to Reve to give him the proper name for their most recent guest. And, so she can look totally excited and surprised by the gift from their friends when she looks inside the bag. Eee!

Thea is about to get a drink but she's inspecting the bottle she took. A chuckle can be heard as she reads the Ra but then she's asking,"This is an-interesting recipe..."before seeing Alarissa. "Hello your Highness. How are you,"Thea greets. There's a greeting to Mirk as well as he enters. "So I can just make this then? Or rather give it try?" Right. She'll just go do that.

"We can see if there is vodka," Bree laughingly allows, and then Azova is speaking of the wealth of choices. "See?" She moves off with Porter, the shoes she's wearing just a touch more difficult than the boots she normally employs in her armor. Her voice drops to a stage whisper, and she confides in the bearded man, "Hopefully no one has to carry us back to the boat. In all this snow!" When they reach the drinks, she plucks up a vodka and shakes it invitingly at him.

"lady Thea" Alarissa seems to be in a really good mood. "Very well, thank you." Tired looking, but in good spirits. "Come to welcome the fresh meat to the family so to speak and give Thrax's felicitations." Alaricite arm is what she's wearing today. Azova's dipped head is matched in like, deeply to the woman and then she's in search of something not rum or whiskey to drink.

To whatever Azova just murmured to Reve, Reve responds an easy, "Of course," before momentarily disengaging with his wife once he offers a few more murmurs of gratitude to well wishers. He is off though and with a purpose - that purpose the Princess Consort. His long, purposeful stride does not even break as he informs Thea in passing, "I rather HOPE that you make it," with a flash of a grin. Ah, and then there is Alarissa herself. "Princess Consort Alarissa Thrax," he says most grandly and, yes, is bowing with a flourish. It is a bow that is respectful, sincere even, but there is a hint of Lycene flair to it. Low and deep and ridiculously dramatic. "Thank you for attending. Do you have a drink suggestion that we as a whole might try?"

A bottle of vodka is being brandished at him! Or shaken invitingly, either way. Porter laughs and takes it in hand, observing the other things that are on hand at this mixing station to add in. He laughs and shakes his head at her remark, "I'd say that we could find a bench to sleep on, but the weather is a little chilly for that! Even for me. I'm not in my warmest clothes." His hand plucks at his silk shirt, almost like he's forgotten what it was like to be in anything other than armor.

"I have enough feathers to keep us both warm!" Bree fluffs the feathers at her chest, chin brought down to look at the amazingly feminine gown. "Come on, let's go find a spot over there," she nods to a corner. "And drink that vodka, and talk about that time we made Reve and Azova join us on an adventure..." she grins, and moves along with him.

"Make sure to paint us in the best possible light, please!" Azova calls out after Bree, upon hearing that it's going to be story time. "And speaking of drinks, I think it is time that we were able to partake of some ourselves. With food." she notes, disengaging her arm so she can gesture towards the tables. "I'll mix something fun, if you promise not to ask what's in the drink before you taste it." One dimpled and innocent smile coming right up as she glances at Reve to see if he's game.

"Lord Reve Darkwater." He's Darkwater now. "A teacup of whiskey, heated with a bit of tea." She winks to Reve. "It's something that the Duchess Khanne and I enjoy with one another. She calls it Whisktea." And she dips her head to the man. "You have parted from the side of your bride, you should return to it. So that you may enjoy yourself. Many get only one wedding and one gala to celebrate it."

"It's nice to see that this gown is going to come in hand for our continued survival," Porter laughs as he plucks at a feather on Bree's gown. But then the feather comes off in his hand. He looks down at it in horror. He tries to pat it back into place on her garment. It doesn't work. It flutters to the ground. He stares around with comically wide brown eyes. "I've made a mistake. And I'm going to fix it by buying you a sack of feathers." NO. "Sure, lets go sit! And talk about that time..."

Ember looks over from her conversation by the fireplace, just in time to see Porter mashing his hand into Bree, trying to put the feather back on. Her yellow-orange eyes track the feather falling to the ground and then she looks into Porter's eyes and it's like she /knows/.

Reve manages a merely amused look at his name, as thus, but it remains a relatively polite thing. Even when that particular answer comes forth from the Princess Consort. One can almost, just almost, see him try to contain the grimace however. "Whisktea," he announces to the whole reception party. "ARRRR, and RAAAAA, and Whisktea," he shoots the Princess Consort a look, "are now official drinks of this celebration." He bows once more, with a brief smile, and withdraws back to Azova. "Yes, mix me something else while we try to see if an attendant - is there even *tea* here?" There are a variety of options present. Likely so. "Ah, there it is. While we have some Whisktea added to the batches." His throat clears. "Are there any other additions that should be added in celebrations coming forth? Such as anniversaries?" His tone says it: anything WITHOUT tea?

When the feather comes off in his hand, Bree's eyes widen, and then she laughs fully. Especially when he starts trying to poke it back into place. "Porter," she manages through her laughter. "Stop..." and the errant feather flutters to the ground. She watches it fall, and when it hits the floor, she quickly tries to sweep it under some table. How many feathers will be hidden in this room after the party is over? "And please, no more!" she catches Ember's look, shrugs helplessly, and moves to start the drinking. She uncorks the vodka and offers it to Porter first.

Ember shifts her gaze to Bree for a moment and her expression softens -- as much as Ember's expression can ever soften -- something resembling sympathy, or condolences, or something like that. Then she returns to her conversation and her drink, her moment of judgment complete.

Azova is going to muffle her amusement, or at least try to - and wink at Alarissa - before she makes her way towards the array of liquors and mixers to pull a couple of glasses forward and start eyeballing things to pour in. Hmm. How drunk can we get if we just have one drink for the whole night! Chocolate liquer is poured into the glasses. Some fruity brandy. The cherry liquor that is the party favor drink of the evening. Is that coconut milk? Some of that goes in there. Her fingers tap against the table lightly before she makes a dash for the kitchen and returns with a small carafe of chilled cream to pour in. And looking quite satisfied with herself she stops first by Bree and Porter. "You're having too much fun and you haven't even really started drinking yet. More vodka over here please!" she calls to a server, taking a moment next to stop by Carita so she can give the Countess a kiss on the cheek. And then back to Reve to press a glass into his hand before he too is suffered with a moment of affection in the form of a kiss on the cheek.

Did anyone witness his crime aside from Bree? He follows her line of sight to Ember, watches the exchange between the two women and slowly shuffles a little off to the side in a slightly embarrassed fashion. His shoulders are hunched up. He was caught! Judged. The end times are here. When the bottle is offered to him he smiles broadly and tips it to his lips, taking a long swallow before he hands it back to her. He leans in closely to whisper something with a crooked smile playing across his lips.

Carita's brows lift at the walk-by cheek kissing as she's pulled from the conversation she's having at the fireplace, laughter lifted, she reciprocates as she watches Azova bring a concoction for Reve to drink.

Bree takes the bottle back, leaning in a touch to listen to the whispered words. She grins and nods to whatever was shared, and tips the bottle to her lips like a true knight of the road. The vodka goes down easily, and as she lowers the bottle she lifts a hand to wave at Azova, "We're drinking now! Time to celebrate! Cheers to the bride and groom!" she invites everyone into the toast, and then drinks again. Porter will have to wait to join in until she's finished with this gulp.

Reve should probably be paying more to Azova since she is playing the role of mixologist for him, but he is busy looking at this and that gathering by way of consideration. Is he debating if they need attention or troubles? Potentially so. That said, soon enough Azova is there, and with a drink, and additional affection to boot. He lifts the glass to his lips and murmurs, "That, my lady, smells delectable." A few words are added, more quietly and in good spirit, as he leans in closer to her. Only after that commentary is made does he take a sip and look pleased. "Sweet and rich in one. Tell me, what shall *this* drink be called?" Yes, the answer is going to be announced as another drink of the night.

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"How about the most amazing drink /ever/." Azova suggests, not at all serious as she names the drink that was just mixed together. "Or Chocolate Cherry Surprise. But somehow that sounds lurid." she admits, lips turned downward slightly. "Cheers!" she calls back to Bree, lifting her glass of multiple liquors in a toast.

"Wyrmguard cherry surprise? Given that they are known for their hot chocolate?" Alarissa suggests to the new couple.

"I wouldn't mind a little of the whisktea, myself" Mirk comments in a dry tone to Reve as he settles in near the fireplace. "I haven't had any this winter, but you'd be surprised how well it blends sometimes." He shrugs one shoulder helplessly, though, not willing to press the isssue much further. He nods his head to Carita, and others, before adding a few quiet woords to the discussion there.

Bree and Porter continue to drink - and drink. And celebrate the couple. And toast them occasionally. And laugh. And leave feathers here and there. She has settled down in the corner with the bearded knight, the pair of them clearly enjoying this union of their friends.

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Reve's briefly distracted by an exchange with his wife - one which is paused every so often so that he can take pointedly deep drinks of the newly named, "Most Amazing Wyrmguard Surprise..." even if he seems slightly uncertain. "Do Oathlanders even drink so much liquor in one glass?" Mirk's request has Reve nod his head however and he taps one of the attendants on hand to indicate his cousin yonder. Except, not just Mirk himself is graced with the Whisktea, but all of those near him are similarly graced. Large mugs full, in fact.

Drysi, a young shaman apprentice arrives, following Khanne.

Wulfrum approaches Reve and Azova with a purposeful step. "Cousins." he says flatly with a hand to Azova's shoulder and another to Reve. "Congratulations on this happy affair and a future of building together. If my passed wife were here she would probably give you better advice, but the advice I give is a month at sea is a good perscription for heirs when it's over." incredibly helpful!

Of course, Khanne was at the ceremony and has been at the reception the whole time, socializing, celebrating and beaming with pride at a strong alliance made.

"Khanne." Alarissa calls over. "Lord Reve will be making Whisktea for us."

"How about rum and tea." Azova suggests, entirely tongue in cheek with the suggestion. She's got one eye on Reve like she's hoping to have prompted a(nother) grimace. "Rum and coffee. Rum and cocoa..." she lists off, looking interested in that last one moreso than the others. "Huh. I'm going to go dump the rest of his into a cup of coffee." And before she can take a step forward, Wulfrum is there with sage advice. Such sage advise, she coughs on a giggle. "I don't think we'll have any problems practicing for an heir, though that is excellent advise cousin." She looks serious about the thanks at least, and nudged Reve when apparently he better get ON with the whisktea.

Mirk accepts his whisktea with a raise of his mug towards Reve, as if in a toast, before he takes a sip. "My thanks, Cousin. I think this will be the only concoction of the evening that I give a try, though. I'm a little less certain of some of them."

"Well, of course I am in for Whisktea," Khanne smiles to Alarissa, making her way over to her and the others. She has surely greeted and congratulated everyone that needed to be met and... congratulated.

Thea receives something from Rocco quietly. Here eyebrow lifts and she nods her head. With a last smile over to Azova and Reeva, she congratulates them, passing Khanne on her way out. Hell and Goodbye is all in that wave as the Malvici sneaks her way out.

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Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes, Rocco, the rascally assistant leave, following Thea.

Alarissa moves to offer her right arm to Khanne so they can circle. "You are the one who invented it. Though if I remember, you let the whiskey heat up sitting atop the pot of tea and then it was just a drop, or two, permitted into the warmed whiskey." Alarissa smiles murmuring softly to Khanne.

When Wulfrum is placing a hand to his shoulder, Reve is countering with a heartily placed hand on the man's other shoulder. It is a respectful motion, in fact, as sincere as the words that follow: "Your congratulations and welcome is enough. That, and more well-placed advise on shark dodging, when necessary." Mind you, that commentary likely has nothing to do with the advice actually given. Likely. When Alarissa is pointing out Khanne, he turns toward her and calls forth, "Cousin! I will make you and the Princess Consort the *best* Whisktea," - sorry Mirk and company! - "that there ever was." This whisktea is going to be made by his own hand, you see. Reve goes to prepare it by collecting a bit of this and that. A lot of whiskey, a little tea, an ample amount of sugar and a splash of cream. Orange is thrown in for garnish just because. The main point however is that it is essentially warmed, sweetened tea with slight flavoring.

"Advice as needed," Wulfrum agrees before withdrawing from the couple and their dangerous Whisktea for the far safer vice of cigars, outside!

2 Redoubt Buccaneers leaves, following Wulfrum.

Azova is going to watch this whisktea mixing with the appropriate amount of fascination of course, drinking from her own glass in much smaller sips than he had his. "Shark dodging, very important." she notes, lifting her glass in toast to Thea before the woman has to leave. "Aww, that was sweet. Wulfrum didn't want to get ashes all over the place during the party."

Jasper, an unflappable scoundrel, 2 Redrain Guards leave, following Deva.

Khanne bids Thea a good evening before linking arms with Alarissa. "Well, I think I had a co-creator, actually. Princess Alis Valardin was there... It was so many years ago, it's all a bit blurry now. However, yes, you are correct. Nowadays, the ratio depends on the day I am having and the meeting I am in." Her lips curl delicately, as if revealing a secret (it's not). "Mirk, what is this I am hearing? what concoctions frighten you?" Smiling at Reve though, she says, "I would expect nothing but the best from you, cousin. Though... it is your wedding celebration, please do not feel you must leave your bride's side." That smile is then sent to Azova. When the Whisktea is delivered, she looks at it curiously for just a moment. One might actually see her thoughts in her gaze. Milk? In Whisktea? Tentatively, she tastes it, seeming surprised by the flavor. "Oh! It is indeed, the best I ever had."

Carita smiles warmly Khanne's way, lifting her glass in silent recognition and respect, "He didn't want to face my wrath," she gently adds when Azova talks abotu Wulfrum, winking towards the bride before returning to her conversation at the fireplace.

"None of them," Mirk assures Khanne with a low chuckle. "But the bride is experimenting with different blended drinks and they aren't all whisktea, to use their name for it. I'm content with what I have." He glances down into his mug, finding it halfway empty already, and then says, "For now." Then he returns his attention to the others at the fireplace, conversing quietly.

'Well, milk in it is new." Alarissa unwinds her arm and takes the drink in her right when it's handed over by RReve, lifting the flass in toast was there. "Hmm, no, Mother Ailith was there. We were all polishing our Marin'Alfar." Alarissa gently corrects. "Though we never put milk. This is delicious. What odds do you think, that I can get Victus to drink this? Lady Azova, Lord Reve. You have improved upon the original."

Khanne gets The Groom - Darkwater and Halfshav 1015 AR from CELEBRATION PARTY FAVORS .

Khanne gets The Bride - Darkwater and Halfshav 1015 AR from CELEBRATION PARTY FAVORS .

"Nonsense," Reve assures Khanne, pleased to provide her with the new beverage in hand and another for the Princess Consort. "Though marriage celebration it is, it is the celebration of an alliance - both for House and personal - and the few brief moments away from one another are nothing when we have a life to consistently return to one another." Yes, Reve is actually sending Azova a grin there with that commentary, especially since he is returning to her side soon enough. "I am glad that we could do so," he says to Alarissa with a nod of his head.

Khanne gets Fond Union - A Unique Cherry Spirit from Party Favors - Fine Spirit Edition.

"I'm sorry to hear you aren't feeling adventurous, Lord Mirk." Azova, ever cheerful, winks at the Halfshav lord when he mentions the bride experimenting with blended drinks. That would be her and she is very much enjoying herself in doing so thank you! "Adding milk was all Lord Reve's idea, and it does in fact look excellent. I'm glad you're enjoying." A smile is cast back at the groom for his choice of words, glass tipped towards him. "Well said."

Giving Reve a pleased grin, Khanne dips her head after his words, lifting her drink to him as he goes to join his wife. "Are you enjoying the Whisktea, Carita?" What follows is a joyful laugh, eyes settling on Mirk. "There are other good drinks aside from Whiskey. Whiskey is just the best... doesn't mean the others are not enjoyable." Taking another sip, her lips still wet as she pulls the cup away with an 'mmm' before she says to Alarissa, "I meant that, Alis and I shared one long, long ago... before even that. Gosh... it really was a long time ago... how time flies!" She taps her upper lip then and furrows her brow. "I really do need to contact Ailith again soon..." Eyes alighting on Alarissa, she says, "oh! We should have a reunion, an anniversary!" She grins.

"If time permits her to tear away from matters of the faith." Alarissa opines softly. "You know full well the perils that come with leadership." Alarissa looks from Khanne to Azova and Reve. "Will you be traveling for a spell, after this night or remain within the city?"

"I would like to take Lady Azova north to show off the lands of my birth, and thereafter a tour south to see the lands of my fosterage, but any traveling we have is in the name of duty. Perhaps after when I might be a poor influence and steal her away," answers Reve to the question posed by Alarissa. This, yes, is most seriously answered. Followed by a not so serious, "Khanne, swiftly, think of duties north for us." Reve absolutely is pitching his voice a little louder at that, fully intending Carita to overhear given his look and flash of a sharp grin her way.

"Speaking of poor influences..." Azova interrupts, as politely as she can of course. But she has had a bit to drink after all. "... I am going to be one now, and steal my new husband away so that I might make it up the stairs with only a little help and not have to be carried." is quipped, because that sounds entirely plausible. "But /please/. Feel free to drink and mix new drinks and drink some more! And write down your drinks so we have new ones to try as we go through all these extra bottles of liquor in the weeks to come. "Thank you all for being here. It means much to both of us, really."

Khanne dips her head towards Alarissa in acknowledgement of the wise words shared about matters of the faith and their friend. Mirthfully, she then turns to Reve, a glint of mischief in her eye. "Oh, how swift? I can have a list delivered to you within the week carried by two of the strongest messengers I know... or a much shorter list tomorrow." She winks at him. "Traveling while the snow still rises high, hmm? Are you ready for that, Azova?"

Carita lifts her glass Reve's way at his sharp smile, receiving an easy one in return (she /has/ had a few afterall) before she calls out, "It's Darkwater tradition that the groom carries the bride up to their bed chambers by piggy back." There's a helpless little shrug after as if to say she didn't make up that tradition right now.

"Evidently she is going to travel through the high snow with relative ease, since I will be carrying her," Reve says in response to Khanne, grinning her way still. "A list on the morrow or three days thereafter will be sufficient. Make sure to summon me when you have time though, there is a conversation still that we should have." His throat clears. "For now," and he speaks in a voice that absolutely is carrying, "my wife is stealing me away. Except I am going to be carrying her piggy back," and he eyes Carita there. Still, Reve is sweeping in and snaring Azova about the waist to throw her over his shoulder in an easy way. "Like so?" Yes, he is purposefully wrong, but the northerner is starting to trudge toward the stairs. "Thank you all for joining us in our celebration!" he calls back.

Ember lifts her drink toward Reve and Azova. "Welcome to the Isles," she says to the groom. "May the gods help you." She's joking! Really!

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