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A Soft Touch II

Once more, the Softest Whisper Anisha invites people to join her (on, admittedly, short notice) to partake in an evening of delightful conversations - to come question, or converse, or discuss your needs with the Softest Whisper.


July 23, 2020, 5 p.m.

Hosted By



Margerie Emily Hamil Rebecca Svana



Arx - Ward of the Crown - Whisper House - The Arcadia

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The Second arrives, following Margerie.

Anisha has settled near by the reflecting pool, a glass of wine in hand. She is idly conversing with her apprentice, resplendent in her radiant aeterna, with a myriad of dashes of colour added by brocade adornment and her varied jewelery. She regards the summer light shining down upon her surroundings with a slightly placid expression, glancing towards (though not directly at) the near-noon sun.

"Good thing we made sure to have a variety of drink available. Some Oathlanders won't touch wine after noon, let alone before it." She muses.

Margerie arrives promptly, having been encouraged to come and meet Anisha by someone else. She scans the garden for someone matching the description she was given, an appreciative smile on her face as she realizes how beautiful the space is. When she spots Anisha by the reflecting pool, she quickly selects a beverage and makes her way over to greet the woman. She nods her head politely, and speaks softly, "Pardon me, you are Anisha, yes? Lady Margerie Clement, Baroness-Consort of Duskshire. Apollo Oakwood informed me of your event and suggested I might enjoy making your acquaintance."

"Softest Whisper Anisha, correct. A pleasure. Well met, Lady Margerie - I'm thrilled to hear that Master Apollo speaks so well of me." She gestures to the pool. "Would you like to sit here, or shall we take up a position more defensible?" There's a small nod towards the replicated ship that's been given a place of honour.

"I am always thrilled to be making new friends, and I've enjoyed some Duskshire honey, in my time."

2 House Deepwood Guards, Rona, Aurora, a dark coated Oakhaven bloodhound arrive, following Emily.

"Here would be fine," Margerie says with a smile, "It may be less defensible, but it seems quite soothing." She takes a sip from her glass. "Oh? I shall tell my husband that his honey is known. He will be thrilled."

Anisha has joined the reflecting pool.

Margerie has joined the reflecting pool.

Anisha settles by the pool, taking another small sip, quirking her lips. "It goes excellent with tea, which I'm sure he knows," Anisha informs Margerie with a little grin. "I do find it soothing. And good for a meditative mood," She muses.

"So, Baroness Margerie. How may I be of service today, mm?"

Emily, familiar with the Arcadia and the Whisper house enters with at least that much confidence. The dress howver is an awkward thing and as her leg hits the front of the silk she is kicking it out of the way - she really doesn't need to but the weight feels odd against her legs.

It allows for the occassional peek beneath which shows off her calfhound boots. Narrowing her gaze she huffs out a breath manages a smile in greeting before she approaches. "Whisper Anisha...Baroness..oh its been some time. Once Lady Margerie." Emily smiles at the two familiar faces.

Taking a seat and smoothing her dress, Margerie nods at Anisha's comment about tea. "He does, though if you have met the baron - have you? - he is a humble man. I do enjoy reminding him that people appreciate the things he does." Her smile widens, affection for the man plain on her face. Unsure how to answer the question posed to her, she welcomes the arrival of Emily. She looks up at the familiar face, somewhat amused to see how the woman feels about the dress she is wearing. "Lady Emily, hello! Your dress is lovely."

Anisha offers a bright smile as she sees Emily, gesturing for the woman to come closer. "So good to see you, Lady Emily. I trust that things have gone well? I hear only good things about Marquessa Ivy." She notes, with a small smile. "We were discussing Duskshire Honey. And the Baron Norwood," She notes, then looks to Margerie.

"I have not had the pleasure of meeting the Baron, to my memory, but if he has your adoration and love, I expect I will enjoy our encounter. And humility is only a virtue up to a point - isn't that always the case."

She pauses, and grins. "Indeed. That dress is lovely. It suits your frame very well."

"Thank you...I don't often wear dresses but I figured in honor of Whisper Anisha I best do my best to look the part." Emily admits. "And fit in." She breathes in. "The Duchess Tyde also suggested I wear dresses more often. I just have never had much reason to."

"All has been rather well thank you. Deepwood has been growing quickly, the loss of the Marquis-Consort has given the Marquessa the need to make those choices on her own. I am only glad to be able to help her." She moves over to find a spot beside them and lowers, her boots suddenly becoming all the more visible.

"I am still going to need help to get a handle on a proper wardrobe. If either of you would like to volunteer."

Sipping her drink quietly, Margerie listens as Anisha and Emily speak. She nods agreeably when Anisha mentions humility only being a virtue to a point. At this last note from Emily, Margerie's eyes sparkle. "I do believe I may be of service to you. My step-daughter, Lady Adalyn Clement, is similar in her lack of dresses - 'armor always works' - I love that girl, but no it does not. I have been working with some tailors to create elegant, but practical, designs for her. Perhaps we can discuss them some time." Meddling auntie? Always. Even if someone is not, strictly speaking, her niece or nephew.

"Honouring me? Well, I am certainly honoured," Anisha offers to Emily with a small smile. "As for a wardrobe, I recommend checking out Mistress Petal's shop - her fellows have designs to work with, should you wish for something time-honoured and elegant. And of course, there's no small amount of skilled seamstresses in town - Radiant Emeritus Selene retains a back catalogue of works, should you be interested in hiring her," She notes. "But I'm not sure if that is what you're asking."

She takes another sip of wine, mirroring Margerie, and gestures for a servant to bring over a tray of refreshments so Emily may help herself as well. "Lady Adalyn is another who has escaped my attentions. I really must work to rectify that." She notes, with a little grin. "And if you want my advice or suggestions, Baroness, I am of course happy to help there as well."

"Armor works for a great many things..certainly but visitng Whisper house is not one of them," Emily admits softly, smoothing her dress and tugging it to try to hide her worn boots mostly used for scouting. Obviously the Deepwood lady has no matching slippers to go with her gown.

"I think I just need soemeone to guide me through the latest fashions and where my own taste may lay in it all." She admits and glances up. "Perhaps we can make a date of it. I would gladly repay you in any way I can but I admit walking into a shop like POtals just leaves me feeling overwhelmed."

She pauses. "I like the color green."

A fondness creeps into Margerie's eyes as she listens. Yes, she has heard those, or similar, emotions expressed before. "It would be my absolute pleasure. I am a rather good teacher." She pauses, glancing back to Anisha. "Actually, that does bring me to how I found myself here today. I do not mean to boast, but teaching - particularly such skills as befit nobles - is something of a specialty of mine. After 20 years as Countess of Oakhaven and having a hand in the raising of many Keatons, Laurents, and other Oathlanders, I find myself with a knowledge that is beneficial. However, I have been unsure how to go about putting it to use. I have been considering a school, but someone mentioned it might conflict with the Whispers. I would like to find a way to utilize my skills without causing any ill will."

"I suspect either a Whisper or a Baroness of our lady's notability would be good for a date through a shop - I should be more than glad to take you on such a journey, my lady Emily," Anisha declares, with a little smile. "Honestly, part of fashion is being willing to own what you wear and learning an eye for what suits you." She notes. Then glances to the other noblewoman. She shrugs.

"The Whispers provide many different services, my lady. But we certainly don't hold a monopoly. If you wish to impress upon the world your suitability, you could certainly join forces with Whisper House, as a courtier of note, and be part of those whose name get mentioned when there is a need for a tutor. Maintaining suitable contacts for when we cannot fulfill a request is an important part of House Whisper's duties as well. And honestly, there's something to be said for the heft of "Baroness Margerie Clement's School for Wayward Nobility." She notes, with a little grin.

Argenta, a Nilanzan Blue Parrot arrives, following Rebecca.

Arriving at the poolside, Hamil is still trying to get used to the city. But is is carrying a very large weapon. Though it is peacebonded for the house, when he smiles, it's warm and bright. "Softest Whisper! I thought I would show you the lance that my benefactor helped to provide." he says, ready to pull out Thorn for her to inspect. Margerie gets his attention and laughs. "Ah, my fellow horse racer. I had the privileged of being chaperoned by your husband the other day." Yes, he said chaperoned.

Intently, Margerie listens as Anisha explains and finds herself quite interested in what she is hearing, nodding along. At the name of the hypothetical school, she chuckles, surprised delight lighting up her face. "You know, that is how I described it to someone? A school for new, young, or wayward nobles. I will mull this over some more, but I am glad to have your perspective." She takes a final sip from her glass, and falls silent as Hamil approaches. She nods to him in greeting and finds her eyebrows rising at mention of being chaperoned. "Hello, Lord Hamil! It was a good race; you are an impressive opponent... What, exactly, was the circumstance of being chaperoned by my lord husband?"

Njall, a Northern nullifier, Bryn, a flustered lovelorn Prodigal assistant arrive, following Svana.

Lady Rebecca Malespero arrives wearing a dress from her homeland made from gauzy azure fabric dyed a distinct shade of blue- Nilanzan Blue. The dress is cut to display her shoulders and a neckline that never does plunge, sitting high on her breastbone and dipping in low in the back instead, an understated gown from an island setting that looks suited to the summer breeze.

Rebecca is dressed in relaxed finery, her lightweight day dress of pale silks in shades of Nilanza blue compliments the rich tawny red of her hair. Her hair is left loose in large puffs around her shoulder, not quite waves... and not quite curls, the summer humidity in the air makes for something fluffy and untamed. Her skin is fair with the ruddy touch of freckles and sun giving it some color along her cheeks and the tops of her shoulders.

Argenta, her parrot, arrives seconds later and lands on a nearby bit of foliage where it can proudly watch the gathering... and occasionally preen. The parrot is hard to miss with its bright blue and yellow feathers standing out like few other birds in Arx.

Njall, a Northern nullifier, Bryn, a flustered lovelorn Prodigal assistant leave, following Svana.

"I recently penned a little pamphlet for nobles new to the city about Whisper House and what to expect. I will see about having a copy procured for you," She assures Margerie. "Mayhap it will be of help." She offers a gentle shrug, and sips her drink again - glancing over at Hamil, laughing and rising, sketching a curtsey.

"I don't know how proper it is of you to show me your lance in public, lord Hamil. But I welcome you to my little gathering - and it IS an impressive weapon. Please, have some food, and some drink. We've been discussing wardrobes and the art of teaching nobility," She notes, gesturing to hercompany.

She pauses, momentarily, as Rebecca enters as well, and sketches a curtsey to the noblewoman.

"Well met, and welcome. I am the Softest Whisper Anisha, a pleasure. This is Lord Hamil Fidante, Lady Emily Deepwood, and the esteemed Baroness-Consort Margerie Clement. Please, do join us and delight us with your company."

Emily can not help but smile as they both agree to be of aid to her. "I knew I could count on you Margerie," she says in a familiar and yet happy tone. "I am so very sorry I missed the wedding but you and the Baron were long overdue for happiness." She says at last, looking grateful for potential help in an arena she knows nothing about. Anisha gets an equally grateful smile as the Deepwood, dressed in her silks does not have shoes to properly match.

Instead the calfhound boots stick out beneath the beautiful blues.

"I think the Baroness would be perfect to be a part of the Whisper House or an aid to it. However that works." She's clueless really but her gaze looks up from the two at the new arrival. "Lord Hamil, it is a pleasure," Emily says, her smile genuine even if she's not exactly the most glorious flower in the garden seated with the other two as she is.

"I had written Ilira to ask her about what it is that a Whisper does -- she has not responded." Hamil admits with a shake of his head as he reaches up to scratch at the scars on his jaw. "I assumed she was just busy, she is working with me on helping for a design on my leather armor." Which is why he's not wearing it yet.

"Finding clothing for the male form in this city has been impossible." he admits with a grunt. "Even at Alarissa's event, where the Baroness-Consort and I met, the clothing she offered was all feminine. I would love to find a good outfit that is not armor." Shaking his head, he grins at Anisha. "You can hold it if you want." She wants to play that game, he can do that.

But to Margerie, he explains. "I went to Bees Symposium that Duke Laurent held, I thought in support of family. While there, I came across Lady Brigid Moore, who I was in negotiation with for a horse." he explains. "We climbed into the treehouse to have a talk and Cristoph called upon me to ask a question. I had forgotten my question and admitted as such. Next thing we know, Baron Clement is climbing into the treehouse, apparently to make sure we were /proper/. I am Lycene, but I have been trained in the ways of an Oathlands knight. And Brigid is an Oathlander."

Njall, a Northern nullifier, Bryn, a flustered lovelorn Prodigal assistant arrive, following Svana.

Rebecca is aware of the lines of her body, the angles of her shoulders and the position of her hands as she moves, these small adjustments make for an effortless approach that creates the illusion of her floating through the garden in a cascade of azure silk. The dress kicks up softly around her feet but never does lift far enough to expose her delicate slippers below.

"Well met-" And to each of the named nobles she offers a polite inclination of her head and a sort of conversational curtsy as she offers her own introduction, "Lady Rebecca Malespero, it was my intention to travel to town for the King's Masquerade but things have a funny way or working out..." Her aloof gaze drifts away from the core conversation at the talk of climbing in treehouses and she offers a demure roll of her eyes in the opposite direction of Lord Hamil's storytelling. Oh look- wine.

The festivities are for anyone, not just nobles. That means Svana will impose herself upon the others arriving at the Whisper House. She smiles and winks over at Anisha, waving to the Whisper before she begins to fill a plate with food and pick up a glass of wine. She pulls up a seat nearby the others, but not before dipping her head to Lady Rebecca and smiling at her. "Looking lovely as ever, Lady Rebecca."

"I suggest you visit Whispered Words and discuss with Radiant Emeritus Selene her back-catalogue, as I was mentioning before, Lord Hamil - I know she has a selection of garb more typically worn by men," Anisha offers to Hamil, with a little smile. "And it does seem I will have to dig up more copies of my writings - Tamorin, if you'd be so kind?" she looks to her apprentice, offering a little smile. Sipping her drink and leaning back a little to listen. Quirking her lips, and offering her hand so she may - scandalously - hold onto Hamil's lance. "It's terribly big, my lord. I don't know if I can hold it upright," She teases.

There's a little smirk. "Proper Lycene, now that... Is a loaded statement." She notes.

Still, she looks to Rebecca again, and beams a bright smile. "I'm glad to have you here, my lady. And truly, I am glad to make your acquaintance. I trust you will gladly join in on the talk of fashion and conduct. Or perhaps there is something else I can aid with?"

She raises her glass in greeting, then, as she spots Svana, and offers the merchant a bright smile.

"Darling Svana. Have you met the lovely nobles? Baroness-Consort Clement, Lady Emily Deepwood, and Lord Hamil Fidante - and you know Lady Rebecca, clearly."

Svana checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 5 lower.

Margerie reaches a hand out and grasps Emily's briefly, giving it an appreciative squeeze. "You are too kind. We are very happy, and please, do not trouble yourself over missing the wedding."

Not nearly so easily scandalized as her husband, Margerie quirks her lips up into an amused smile at Hamil's story. "Oh oh. I do imagine I may hear about this, later. He had promised to fill me in on how that talk went." Margerie gives a subtle wink to the young man. "And, I will offer you the same assistance I have offered Lady Emily - I would be glad to help you in finding clothing which suits you." As Rebecca makes her introduction, Margerie dips her head in greeting. "Good afternoon, Lady Rebecca, it is a pleasure to meet you. It is such a shame about the masquerade! I was so looking forward to it myself." Her face falls into a momentary sulk as she considers the gown and mask hiding in her wardrobe.

She inclines her head to Svana as well, not knowing the woman but finding the face familiar from her travels around the city.

A delighted laugh leaves Emily at the escapade that is expressed. "Ahhh Baron Norwood," says fondly. "I can picture it in my head. He managed to climb the tree? I certainly understand his intent," she grins. But the Deepwood is hardly shy over it and gives Margerie's hand a squeeze in return, a wink offered as she turns her attention from Hamil to Svana. "Good to make your acquaintance." She may not be dressed the part but the scout can certainly address people politely. Point in her favor even as she scoots her feet bacvk in an effort to hide her boots.

"It seems you are getting quite the turn out, Whisper Anisha. Lady Rebecca, a pleasure as well. Certainly once you arrive in Arx I have found its very difficult to leave. Now you are certainly here for a while."

"Softest Whisper Anisha, such a warm welcome...thank you, truly." A reflexive wrinkle of her nose put emphasis on the word truly. Is there a hint of something 'mean-girl' in her tone when she repeats the 'truly' part? Perish the thought, she reverts to a sweet smile, "I'm a woman of varied interests, fashion, Faith and freedom... to name a few." Lady Rebecca excuses herself with a gentle gesture and drifts over to join Svana near the food, saying to her, "Nice to see you again, how are the little ones?" Her idle chatter rings sincere and she motions for one of the staff to fetch her a glass of something red from the other end of the table.

Once she has her wine in hand Rebecca takes a sip and shifts her dark eyes back to Margerie and Emily so that she may say, "The pleasure is all mine, especially if we're to be talking about finding clothing... I'll need all new clothing come winter or I am apt to freeze, I've never been so far North so late in the year." She sighs with a put-upon zeal and gestures fleetingly at the sky, "Here for a while? Perhaps? The thought of snow makes me shudder though."

"He looked every part an angry bear as he ascended the tree. I was amused by Brigid's climbing of the tree, but the Baron took it to an artform!" Hamil admits with a laugh, a bow of his head to Rebecca. "A pleasure to meet you, Lady Malpreso." he offers to her, but then she's looking away and he shrugs his shoulders. Svana is smiled towards and she and Emily greeted with a warm "Pleasure to meet you both. But yes, finding clothing would be good. I am finally getting settled in at least. And it seems that Princess Zara and Duke Cristoph have changed their duel to a joust, so I have to be able to serve soon!"

The tailor is more than keen to listen to peoples' thoughts on fashion and propriety without explicitly shouting out her profession to anyone. She looks at Hamil's lance and Anisha's hand on it, chuckling to herself before she takes a long pull from her wine.

The Prodigal is doing her best to remain civilized in front of the nobles. She's carefully chewing her food, pacing herself. When Svana stands up to bow to everyone she does it with the sort of grace and etiquette one might expect from a commoner. She sits back down and picks her up one again, only managing to spill it down her chin. Svana reddens and is quick to dab it.

Her voice is thickly accented, Northern. It sounds entirely possible that Arvani is her second language though it is rare. "My babes are very good. They are learning how to roll over! Getting bigger every day, it seems." There's pride in Svana's voice.
"Pleased to meet you," she says in a demured tone to the nobles.

Anisha offers a little smile to Margerie. "The Masquerade will be held, I imagine. Soon enough." She assures. "It would not do to deny the people the chance to show off their delightful choices." She notes. Taking another sip, she shoots Emily a smile.

"Oh, I take it as a chance to socialise. To let people see and be seen, to talk and to listen. A facilitator, rather than the main event, I suppose, is what I should try to call myself for this matter." She gives another smile. "I enjoy it - and I've already gotten the story of Baron Norwood the angry bear, mm?"

She leans in a little, towards Svana, offering a gentle hand and a squeeze to the woman. Giving her a nod of encouragement.

Finally, her glance goes back to Rebecca, and she quirks her lips. raising a small brow, and gesturing between her and Svana. "And how did the two of you come to know each other? I'm sure that's a tale worth telling as well."

"No tale, sadly, just the telling of how I scoured the city looking for any tailors who knew how to work with or find the dye known as Nilanzan blue. I brought precious little of it with me from the island when I left and-" Lady Rebecca puffs up her shoulders like a bird, once, twice, haughtily she adds with a little toss her head, "Well- hmf, well when given the opportunity.. I only wear Nilanzan blue and who knows how long I'll be kept waiting for this masquerade.. I never expected to need a whole winter wardrobe-"

The red in Rebecca's cheeks starts to rise as she details the absolute /ordeal/ she's gone through over the past few weeks since arriving in Arx. "I've been simply distraught over the whole matter-" She glances to her right and seems to remember the point of this story, "Oh- right and that's where we ran into each other." Gesturing to Svana politely, "I do love supporting working mothers and she had the tots with her the day I visited the shop. I'm hoping we can help each other."

Margerie rises from her seated position with an apologetic look. "My apologies, I seem to have lost track of the time with such delightful company." She leans in and gives Emily a friendly cheek-kiss. "Please come by at your leisure, dear, let us not wait years before seeing one another again, hm? We shall have tea and go shopping." She looks to Hamil and Anisha. "I appreciate your time and knowledge. I will be in touch, I believe we have more to talk about," she says to the woman before focusing on Hamil. "Lord Hamil? A pleasure to see you and not in competition! You might consider visiting Clement House sometime, yes? I believe you might find friendship in my step-daughter and son-in-law." She turns and inclines her head to each Rebecca and Svana. "It was lovely to meet you, Lady Rebecca, welcome to Arx. I do hope you enjoy it here. Feel free to reach out if you would like some guidance on dressing for winter." She hands her empty glass to a servant and makes her way out.

Rising up to give Margerie a proper bow, Hamil smiles. "It was a pleasure to see you again, Baroness-Consort. And I will see about meeting your family sometime. It is always good to extend your ties." Though he is listening to Rebecca's story and looks slightly confused. "Did you just come to the city for the ball and then plan to return?" he asks curiously. "I came to hopefully make my name in the Champions."

Margerie has left the reflecting pool.

The Second leaves, following Margerie.

Tamorin returns in time to ensure that Margerie gets the copy of the pamphlet Anisha wrote, and she gives a little nod. "It was a thrill to meet you, Baroness. I expect we will have much to talk about." She muses. Rising again, to curtsey as the Baroness leaves.

Rebecca gets a gentle nod, and a smile, giving her a squeeze. "If anyone can procure the dye for you, it will be darling Svana." She glances to the merchant woman, murmuring idly to her. "And I look forward to seeing how many different expressions you can give Nilanzan Blue. It's a versatile shade, certainly," She concludes. "A dash of colour that Arx will no doubt appreciate," She decides, with a little grin.

Another pamphlet is handed out to Hamil, at her direction to Tamorin, and Anisha grins.

"Does anyone else want one? I am going to subtly edit them to suit all the realms, I expect." She gives Hamil's hand a gentle pat. "And you'll make an excellent Champion, I'm sure."

At Margerie's cheek kiss, Emily's freckled nose wrinkles as she smiles up at her. "I will. It will be good to see you both. I will bring a gift. Long overdue." But the Lady is rising after her, quickly hiding the out of place boots beneath the skirt of her silk dress. "As the Baroness says, it was lovely to meet you both but I have an engagement to get to. Whisper Anisha, I look forwardf to our nex visit. Thank you for hosting this lovely get together." She smiles brightly at the whole room.

But she is quick to follow Margerie, the heavy clomp clomp of her horribly misinformed catastrophe of a fashion attempt.

Rebecca holds up a polite hand when offered the pamphlet, shaking her head no but commenting to Anisha, "Although, I will be curious to see how your localize them by region... would you be able to have a copy of each one delivered to my family's villa? I should enjoy reading them for the regional insights."

Rebecca says her farwells to the Margerie and Emily, "May you both have safe travels wherever the night takes you."

Rebecca's actions are delicate and small, demure sips of wine and subtle nods of her head, to Hamil she explains, "I wouldn't dream of living in a place like Arx? Its filthy and I can barely smell the sea from my room at the Villa... no I came for the Masquerade and I had every intention of heading back to Nilanza until my marriage is arranged."

Svana smiles at Anisha and squeezes her hand back as she goes back to eating. She's happy listening to the conversation. As Rebecca begins to mention the specific dye she seeks out, Svana beams. "Mixing dyes is a passion of mine. It has been ever since I began to apprentice for Master Apollo. Perhaps it will not be //true// Nilanzan blue, but I think I can that I can recreate it, if I cannot procure it outright." She grins at Anisha's compliment. "Ah, you have much faith."

She smiles reassuringly at Rebecca. "The winter isn't so bad here. You will enjoy the fashion, I think, and the snow... when it falls... it's quite beautiful." Svana nods over to the tub in the garden and chuckles. "This time of year I wish that I had a tub filled with ice and snow to lay in. It is far too hot for me."

Svana waves goodbye as Emily and Margerie take their leave. Anisha raises a brow at the pamphlet. "What sort of thing is it?"

2 House Deepwood Guards, Rona, Aurora, a dark coated Oakhaven bloodhound leave, following Emily.

"Ah, you are getting married. Congratulations." Hamil laughs and shakes his head. "I have no aspirations on such at the moment, and assume that my Duchess will present the idea -- someday." he gestures with his hand as if off into the far future. Anisha's touch earns a smile. "If I am chosen, I will make sure to let you know so that you can make your presence known, because even this Fidante rose knows he cannot outshine the Softest of Whispers." A wink towards Anisha as he accepts a wine to sip from finally. "But I heard correctly that Signora Grayhope is a tailor?"

There's another curtsey farewell to Emily, and Anisha chuckles at Rebecca's comment. "Oh, well, mostly I was going to change 'Oathlander' for the appropriate regional variety. These are about coming to Arx and dealing with the Whispers, after all." She notes, with a small smile. "As for Arx, I suspect you'll find it grows on you, my lady. Though I can certainly appreciate a patriotic air and a love from one's home city." She muses. "Have you given thought to what you are looking for in a spouse? Beyond what your House needs, of course." Her smile bright - her glance to Svana and the woman's profession of passion only widening it. "You have proven worthy of my faith time and again, my darling." Idly, she reaches up, touching her tiara. Then chuckles.

"The Winter here isn't so bad for a northlander woman. For someone used to the sun of Setarco it was... An experience," She notes, with a little smile. "My sanity at arriving in Arx midwinter was questioned. That, or courage, I was told." She gives a shrug.

Hamil earns an incline of her head, and she grins. "Fidante grows the finest of roses, my lord. How can a mere Whisper compare, mm?"

"My apologies, you misunderstood me Lord Hamil... my marriage has /yet/ to be arranged but once a suitable match is found my family should be able to handle all the required party planning in short order." Rebecca takes another sip of wine and finds her glass lacking so she lofts it to a passing servant to indicate it needs to be refilled, while that happen she explains conversationally to Anisha, "A man with similar sensibilities to mine own would be ideal but I am at the mercy of what my House needs, I aspire to be a helpful courtier in that regard..." Her self serving smile says otherwise but the secrets therein die on her lips.

Quickly, Hamil responds to Anisha with amusement. "There is no such thing as a /mere/ Whisper." he points out to her.

"And what are those sensibilities?" he asks her curiously, as the knight takes a longer drink from his glass,

Sipping her wine, Svana listens to the talk of arranged marriages with an outsiders perspective. She finishes up her plate of food quietly and then chimes in, chuckling softly. "That is true; there is no such thing as a mere Whisper, specifically not the Softest of all Whispers." Svana beckons gently for a servant to refill her wine glass. She thanks them softly, but then ends up standing to procure a plate of desserts - just like a child who has eaten the main course to fill up on them.

Svana has to laugh merrily when Anisha mentions that the City's winter isn't so bad. "Aye, it's not. Quite mild for me, indeed... coming from the Everwinter. There is a reason they call it the Everwinter," she says.

When Hamil mentions her being a tailor, she nods her head softly. "Aye, I used to be a merchant, and still dabble. Now I am a leatherworker and tailor. Perfumer. Sometimes jewelry maker, but I mostly leave that to my dearest husband."

Svana listens to Rebecca's ideas about the not yet arranged marriage. She asides to Anisha in a soft tone, "A pamphlet is a marvelous idea. Do let me see it when you've got it finished."

Anisha gives a thoughtful nod to Rebecca, quirking her lips. "Well, for what a courtier needs, Whisper House is always eager to provide. I'd be happy to do my best to look into eligible matches, in terms of what you and House Malespero prioritise," She suggests to Rebecca, with a little smile. Glancing to Hamil, her lips quirking upwards at the edges, the smile broadening.

"Ah, he has caught me out. Of course, my lord. I can but accept your compliment. And let it be known that I _do_ have a fondness for the Roses of Tor." She winks. "...In case you wanted to get me a bouquet, or some such."

She leans in against Svana, awaiting Rebecca's answer to Hamil, and chuckles. "Ah, I do not know if I could be called the Softest of _ALL_ Whispers. Softest Evangeline would be certain to provide stiff competition, as would Radiant Emeritus Selene. And that's just the ones who hold the title concurrently with me," She protests. Stealing from Svana's plate, because sweets are a delight.

"Svana provided me with this lovely tiara, and is the mastermind behind the blend of perfume I wear today," She explains. Then gestures for Tamorin to bring another pamphlet to Svana.

Rebecca lifts a hand and rests the tips of her fingers very lightly on her breastbone as she remarks, "Lord Hamil, you surprise me." Her hand slips away to retrieve the wine glass and a coy smile slips onto her face, "I came here to talk about fashion and here you are turning the conversation toward the political." Her tone is amused and her smile remains all too coy as she looks between the few faces that were left close enough to heard her dodge the question with artful spoken side-steps. "Eurus, Jadairal and Cardia... all looming over the Compact. Why, I just want a marriage with someone who supports the same foreign powers that I do." And she adds to Anisha, "Such help, I couldn't ask for but with your generous offer, I can't very well say no either. I do look forward to seeing what matches you might find for me." Leaning in just slightly and giving a sniff, "Is that peaches? Marvelous."

"Does the Softest Whisper have a preference of color? The red of passion, the white of purity, the yellow of friendship?" Hamil asks Anisha curiously, but when Rebecca starts to talk of ties to a foreign power, or support of them and he demurs. "My apologies, Lady Rebecca. It was a curiosity." He chuckles. "Though I am sure with Anisha's assistance, you will soon find a line of messengers outside your door."

Svana murmurs a thank you to Tamorin, licking her lips. She uses her fork to eat a small cake which is a propriety she would not give herself in private. "Oh, if you have pink roses, I bet that would delight her the most!" She tells Hamil, laughing.

"Ah... I do not mean to insult Softest Evangeline nor Radiant Emeritus Selene. It is you I am most familiar with, though. Whisper Selene I have spoken to via written world only, I believe, but I am a great admirer of her tailoring. I do wish to get to know more Whispers here," Svana says, smiling easily. She takes a sip of her wine and blushes when Anisha points out the tiara and perfume, her head bowing.

The powers of Eurusi, Jadairal, and Cardia are brought up and Svana stays quiet. "Lady Rebecca, you are of exemplary stock and you seem strong-willed. Should you want it, a match will be at your doorstep with or without Whisper Anisha's help in no time at all."

"The Softest Whisper is familiar with the Language of Flowers. I believe we have a first edition in the receiving room, for those wishing to educate themselves," Anisha purrs with a little smile to Hamil. "And as such, I imagine I shall call upon you to communicate to me, mm?" She adds, with a wink, then leans in and gives Svana a gentle pat on the hand.

"No insults were rendered, darling. I am merely making sure I do not raise myself above those I owe so much," She assures her. "And I'm certain we can see about that kind of thing - House Grayhope _are_ paying members, after all," She muses to Svana, then looks to Rebecca.

"Foreign powers are tricky. Eurus, well, we have a hostile relationship as of now. Cardia and Jadairal have their emissaries, but the Compact has refused to ally with either. Individuals may make up their own minds, of course.

And it's probably not unknown that the Softest Whisper is the protege of one of the Jadairal emissaries.

"The darling Swan is correct, of course - you do not need my help. But nobles are busy, and throwing silver at commoners to ensure they take care of the pesky tasks is a time-honoured tradition."

Rebecca's pale cheeks turn red easily and offers a deft smile to accompany her modest words, flicking her eyes between Anisha and Svana, "How sweet of you to say.." And offering even more softly but still loud enough to be heard in an aside to Anisha, "Perhaps we can speak at length, another time, about the amount of silver and sort of match I'd find ideal. Do you like tea, Softest? I have a wonderful spiced chai from the islands that we can discuss details over later this week."

The tawny haired lady looks back to Hamil and Rebecca admits kindly, "No offense intended, I'm sure." A fleeting sip of her wine is attempted and then she swiftly seems to remember something, saying with a smile, "I've always been entranced by the language of flowers, we have some unique ones back home on the island but I'm finding new ones everyday when I travel.. I've taken to drawing them when I find a nice one. Mostly roses, recently."

"Perhaps I will send you a rose, then, Lady Rebecca." Hamil responds with amusement as he finishes off his wind and a nod to Anisha. "Of course, but even roses would have to bow and deference to the Whisper." There's a swift smile at that before he is moving to rise to his feet. "But like the others, I fear I may need to retire and return home. In the hopes that I will continue to meet family. Signora Grayhope, if you decide you are inspired to do some men's wear, I hope that you will contact me so that I may assist if possible. And Lady Rebecca... I am not offended. I wish you the best of luck with your match. And if it is with a rose, I look forward to seeing you again." With that, he's starting to make his way out.

"I meant sheerly for the color, naturally," Svana says. "I must remind myself to look at the book of Flower Language before I leave." She nods her head. There's some more nibbling of cakes involved as Svana reads the pamphlet with care. But then Anisha's words stop her and she grins. "Really? The Grayhopes are paying customers? Does that extend to me as well? I should get lessons soon too. Perhaps in etiquette," Svana admits.

She looks to Hamil when he mentions men's wear and smiles. "I do plan to make my way there eventually. I shall contact you, Lord Hamil. I would be most receptive to hearing your ideas or planning an outfit for you," she says, bowing her head gently.
%She picks up on the words 'spiced chai tea' and takes a sip of her wine, but the idea of said tea looks pleasant to her. Svana does add to Hamil, "It's a pleasure to meet you! I hope to make my acquaintance with more of House Fidante!"

"It was a thrill to have you, as always, Lord Hamil. I'll gladly help support your lance again," Anisha offers to Hamil, and sips her wine. Quirking her lips. Glancing to Rebecca. "I will gladly make time for you - I enjoy seeking out new flavours, and as I was telling the Barones as she arrived - I find Duskshire Honey goes excellent in tea." She grins. "Though possibly not with spiced chai. I shall have to try it without, first. I certainly look forward to speaking at length with you." She agrees.

Svana gets another gentle squeeze. "I should be more than happy to read with you, my darling. And yes, as a family member of standing within House Grayhope, you have been extended membership as a paying client of House Whisper," Anisha offers, with a smile. "It's a nice little touch, I think."

"I look forward to see you again, perhaps at the joust!" Lady Rebecca calls sweetly to Lord Hamil as he makes his exit and then she turns back to the ladies with a grin, "Dukeshire Honey? I wonder, its isn't a honey I've ever had the opportunity to try before." A merry little pop of her bare shoulders and the wine is starting to cause the flush in her cheeks to remains near constant as she debates a third glass with a look down at the empty goblet. A sigh and she sets it aside instead as she opts for her favorite past time, denying herself any indulgences! "This has been a delightful gathering, thank you for hosting Softest."

Svana looks quite happy at the news that she's technically a paying client of the Whisper House via her husband's family. "Oh, delightful! I do so tire of having the same teachers sometimes," she says bashfully, obviously feeling bad to having admitted it. She even does give a little clap of her hands.

"I have never had Duskshire Honey myself," Svana says. "I like honey cakes, however. Is Duskshire Honey used for baking or is it for flavoring or both?" She asks curiously. "Now, Laurent honey. That was a staple in my first marriage. So much so that I used to tease my ex-husband about it," she admits with a laugh. "The Laurents do make a fine honeycomb, I can say that now."

Adding after Rebecca, Svana murmurs: "Thank you, Whisper Anisha. You have done an outstanding job once more."

Svana is overheard praising Anisha: For hosting another terrific get together and introducing those who might not have met!

"You may know it as Clement Honey, as well. And I believe they have a vast variety, like House Laurent, they favour bees as a housekeeping animal of choice." She muses. "Laurent Honey is delightful, and The Clement do owe fealty to Laurent via their fealty chain, so..." She shrugs.

Svana gets another gentle touch and she inclines her head at the praise from the two other women.

"I'm glad you enjoyed. I quite enjoy hosting these little gatherings. Perhaps I might open up the Haven sometime..." She muses. "But for now, Whisper House serves very well for the matter."

She smiles. "I shall have to look into making them interesting in other ways as well, I suspect."

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