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Lady Emily Deepwood

I don't want to die on that hill, I want to travel over it and see what's on the other side.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Adventurer
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Deepwood
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Age: 22
Birthday: 01/03
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Scout
Height: 5'7"
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Skintone: Tanned

Description: Lean and wiry, Emily is built for the life of a long range scout. She is lithe and agile, her eyes shining with interest and betraying her curiosity about the world around her. Her long black hair is thick and frizzes easily in humidity, but there's often a ready smile on her face and her skin is smooth and unlined save for one scar that starts on the back of her hand and tracks its way up her arm almost to her elbow.

(is constantly in motion, fidgeting and moving in place)

Personality: She is restless. There is something frenetic about her even when she is sitting still, as though she can't wait to be off and moving again. When she speaks she speaks quickly, and jumps from topic to topic as though one is never enough for her to focus on in a single moment in time. When she doesn't speak she is taking in her surroundings, cataloguing everything and saving it for later. Perceptive and intelligent, not much slips by her notice. And though it can be charming, her split focus and interest in everything makes her a little excitable and a little impatient.

Background: Her mother's father was a Deepwood, first cousin to the main Deepwood lineage, who married into the Grayridge family two generations ago. The Grayridge holdings were so far from the seat of Deepwood that neither Emily nor her mother ever went on Deepwood lands, but even so she knows that's her heritage. "Be as serene as the deepest wood," her mother told her often, and she tried to take that to heart as she explored the woods in the Barony of Grayridge. But she always wanted to be more than the daughter of a minor noble, destined for obscurity and trying desperately to resign herself to that fact.

And then Samantha Deepwood came to Arx and was recognized as a noble there - and Emily knew this was her moment. This was her moment to come to Arx and claim her ties with the Deepwood family. She could be something here, and she could be more important than a minor noble in the middle of nowhere, marrying and living her life without ever traveling, or adventuring, or seeing anything new. And so she came, and now she's here with a wanderlust and a curiosity about life and everything to do with Arx. She's ready to make her name as Lady Emily Deepwood. She's ready to take her place among the rangers of the Deepwood that Rymarr has so painstakingly trained. She's ready to stand against ancient threats and current enemies alike. She'll be brave, and bold, and forge right on in to this new place and family. And nothing's going to stand in her way.

Relationship Summary

  • Jessa - Dearest Sister. Protective. Vigilant
  • Grady - Brother-in-law. Respected. Socially Apt
  • Samantha - Cousin. Admired. Loyal to.
  • Rymarr - Martial Marquis. Mentor. Idolize
  • Name Summary
    Anisha Lady Emily strikes me as full of potential. She has - as one would expect of a Deepwood - her heart in the right place, and the will to make a change. All she needs is the tools. And hopefully, I will be able to provide her with some of them.
    Bhandn I did not know she had joined us at first, but she handled herself well on our journey. It's good to have more comrades that are capable, especially during the night.
    Haakon Shoots a fine bow, casts a bloody good spear, and seems less stubborn than most, and more keen to seek action.
    Ian Crownlander. Woodland scout.
    Icelyn A fellow archer and scout, she reacts as quickly and resourcefully under attack as I could have hoped. She is a worthy addition to the ranks of the Silver Order and I am proud to fight by her side.
    Jyri Immediately volunteered to help with research - the Knights of Solace are growing on me, for sure, and she is one of those that helped me feel very welcome.
    Kastelon A knight, an explorer, and a huntress. Not one you might expect to meet at Whisper House, but she might be a reasonable lady who seeks balance in her skillset.
    Mabelle A lovely young woman with a sense of mission. I envy her. I miss that. I'm sure she will do well for her house.
    Martino An adventurer from a House of fine gardening credentials. Capturing blue eyes that drift across and lips that are quick to curl up into a smile. Has that delightful air of adventurer-with-promise about her.
    Sebastian It soothes something in my heart to know she is well, and returned to the city. Her free and willing offer of help in the face of the threats that are all around use speaks to her continued courage, and hers is a friendship I am grateful for.
    Vanora Polite and generous to people of all sorts, I met her only briefly but I'd like to do so again.