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Lord Hamil Fidante

If it is not worth doing for love and chivalry, it should still be worth the glory.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Champion in Bloom
Fealty: Lyceum
Family: Fidante
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 23
Birthday: 7/8
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: average height
Hair Color: russet
Eye Color: hazel
Skintone: lightly tanned

Description: While Hamil is not as tall as some men of Arx, a good three inches below six feet, he tends to stand taller with a sense of pride and confidence about him. His looks are youthful and boyish -- still carrying some of the plush warmth of childhood. The scar that mars his jaw from chin to just beneath his ear speaks of experience and injury. His frame is thin, lean, with a shape that suggests training and lots of it. His eyes of hazel shine even brighter when coupled with the dark russet color of his auburn hair.

Personality: Warm, eager to please and energetic are just a few of the terms that can describe Hamil. As a child, he grew up with the ideas of the Oathlands, to be a knight in all ways. Now, as an adult, he strives to emulate the ideas of his youth. He tries to be charming, quick with a smile or a laugh and as a Champion, able to handle any words thrown his way. He's not exactly the strongest or the brightest, but he's driven to make things right and be the best that he can be.

While he is not a Devotion of Limerance, he holds the values of love as high as he does his own beliefs in honoring Gloria on the tilting fields, intent on showing that the two can be intertwined and carried out in equal measure.

When he has his moments of depression, he tends to redouble his efforts and hides it behind a smile. Noone should ever have to be sad around Hamil, most of all himself.

Background: Ever since he was able to walk, Hamil Fidante has been interested in horses and the joust. His mother is a Devotion of Limerance and cousin of Calista Fidante and his father is a knight of the Wyrmguard who had married into the family. When he was young, Hamil's parents would take him to the jousting tilts and challenges of the knight. From stick horses and wooden swords as a child to charging coursers and large spears in his teenage years, Hamil was always going to be a Knight. He had plans to be a Knight of Devotions to Limerance with dreams of accepting the favors of ladies, and fighting for the honor of his house.

When he was eighteen, he fell hard for a Lady from Velenosia that he met at a party. After what was a whirlwind romance, it seemed that the negotiations for a marriage contract were well underway.

But then Hamil went off to defend the Compact against the Gyre. In the battles that followed, Hamil acquitted himself well. During one of the last battles of the war, Hamil was in full charge when a Gyre spear caught him beneath the chin and it was only fortune that kept him from having his head removed. Thrown from his horse and injured heavily, it was assumed that Hamil may never fully recover. That was the first time that love did not come to his aid. The Velenosian Lady asked her family to call off the contract and broke off contact.

While this hurt Hamil, it drove him harder to recover from his injuries. It was a months-long process and when he had healed fully, Hamil had decided on a new path. If he could not have his idea of true love, he would at least uphold the honor of it -- as a member of the Champions, the bloodied rose took to the field again. For honor. For entertainment. To find a reason to be and for being.

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