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Malvici-Riven Wedding Reception

The wedding reception between Lady Eirene Malvici and Lord Mihaly Riven. There is clearly a militaristic feel to the open invites as the couple have been lifelong military fixtures within their own houses. So expect war stories, drinking, and vague bragging over various weapons and how they got them. There's been some talk of a competition being held at the reception as well. Something about a sword-throwing contest, that is then quickly corrected to a 'dagger throwing' competition instead. Apparently the bride did not feel like, for once, getting blood on her dress.

So, expecting boozing, arm-wrestling, swearing, and potentially the errant thrown weapon. If you've fought alongside with either of these two old warhorses, you're more than welcome to drop by.


July 11, 2020, noon

Hosted By

Mihaly Eirene


Calypso Brianna Mia Drake Domonico Thea Thesarin Zoey Kaia Martino Irisa



Arx - Ward of House Grayson - Heron Hall

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Comments and Log

The wedding was small, and perhaps lopsided in one family's favor. But that was kind of expected and not at all out of the ordinary, at least when it comes to Riven related things. Unlike the vast and 'no expenses were spared' type weddings that houses in the Grayson ward are known for, this has been intentionally something a great more subtle. These are more military-focused houses, so it makes sense that the decorations are equally subtle. It's more about friends and family coming together than anything else, no need for frills. Which is perhaps exactly how the new couple prefers things.

Mihaly and Eirene arrive together, though the Knight Commander is carrying a large chest in his arms with some exertion and effort. "Gods, the shipment had to arrive just today, didn't it? This is what I get for ordering a shipment of brandy at the very last second." This chest is set down with the rest of the booze, of which there is a suspiciously large amount of. Then again, if they're catering to the soldierly types that does make a bit of sense. The chest is put down with an audible 'thunk', before he undoes the latch and cracks it open. "There we are. Giving away free bottles, seems to be a tradition with these things."

Eirene's dressed in her wedding gown best described as slinky cupcake frosting. It's a truly Lycene dress, cut down to -there-, but the brocade fabric has been underlined with an impressive amount of sheet lace and soft satin. She's even worn makeup for the event and curled some of her silvery locks. But there's the telltale hint of a weapon under the smooth lines at her thigh- because it's Eirene.

Bringing to the party her own particular twist on Lycene fashion, Calypso strolls inside wearing what have to be the world's most impractical (but hot) boots paired with a negligee that she's passing off as a dress. And a pair of stockings Mihaly might recognize, because that's not awkward at all. She's carrying a couple of bottles of something or another by their necks with one hand, and drops these off at the booze table by way of a wedding present. Did Mihaly say brandy? She's interested in some of that. Or rum. Or rubbing alcohol. Or whatever.

Brianna abandons decorum and embraces both Eirene and Mihaly as they walk in. "Proud of you. Happy for you. Love you," she declares to both of them.

Eirene made sure there was rum for the Duchess General. She knows her niece well.

But did she make sure that there was ENOUGH rum?

Mia, it seems, may be one of the few women here who has choosen not to embrace Lycene fashion for the day -- either in an effort not to outshine her new aunt or, well, simply because she's quite staunchly a Crownlander, what with all of their high necklines and stiff upper lips. Charming! She stands perched near the hearth, her dark eyes flicking between the arriving alcohol and the arriving guests with a surprisingly placid expression on her face.

Domonico gets Twainfort Double Apple Brandy from emergency liquor chest.

Thea takes Twainfort Double Apple Brandy from emergency liquor chest.

Drake was warned this was a slightly military style wedding... which suits him fine. So he's partially in his leathers, though he at least wore a nice shirt. He's here because he knows Eirene... but mostly, he is here on the invitation of Thea, who sold him on the event as one that would be not the most typical wedding. Hopefully it will be an excellent party. He waits for Thea to get to the event before he walks in, as it seems he intends to accompany her. He takes her arm at the entrance, but, they're probably both heading straight for the booze.

Drake gets Twainfort Double Apple Brandy from emergency liquor chest.

Brianna gets Twainfort Double Apple Brandy from emergency liquor chest.

Zoey gets Twainfort Double Apple Brandy from emergency liquor chest.

Domonico enters, helm under his arm as he does so. He is, of course, still in his full leather and fireweave armour and he sweeps his gaze across the area before focusing on the bride and striding towards her to wait on her and her new husband.

Octavian, a silken spaniel have been dismissed.

2 Kennex corsairs have been dismissed.

Eirene returns Brianna's hug with a brilliant smile. "Thank you, I'm glad you made it! It should be a fun shindig. Nothing elaborate save we're going to chuck knives at shit. By that I mean a target, not family memebers," she teases, winking. She bites back a grin at Calypso's outfit, her eyes dancing in amusement. Drake and Thea are given a grin as well, Domonico spotted and given a nod from afar.

Eirene mutters, "I ... ... ... be on their ... behavior. ... ... has a ... to ... hard-play ..."

Brianna laughs, kissing Eirene on both cheeks. "I don't know, we might be getting a discount on my prince due to that well-timed maiming," she teases.

"Eirene!" Was Eirene doing anything? Talking to anyone? Too bad, because Calypso is talking to her now, and she'll raise her voice if she needs to. She has found rum, and carries a glass of it that she's already halfway emptied. It's going to be one of THOSE parties. "You look like someone gave your wedding cake sex appeal."

Thea is of course one of the first people here. Dressed in a chain-mail, corset type gown. The bodice is slashed stratigcally, displaying her bronze skin, all held in place with a small ties around her neck. The skirt itself is a little flowly, but it too shows a a lot of her leg. Up to her thigh. Yes. It's quite the lycene gown she's put on display. Maybe not like her COUSIN'S! Seeing Drake, she grins at him and takes his arm,"I have to give something to my aunt and NEW UNCLE quick,"taking him with her. "Aunt Eirene, you looked well--made a sexy bride(let's be real). And Mihaly, you look like rather nice as well." She smiles at them both and hands over a very peticular chest. "I put this together for you. I couldn't let you think the blanket was the only gift.." All that said, Thea definitely goes off with Drake to the booze.

Thesarin stands beside his wife near the hearth, dressed up in fine silks, beard groomed, hair combed and bound with a Riven-blue ribbon behind his head. Every inch dressed to resemble a noble Marquis-Consort of the Crownlands, and yet absolutely failing to convince as anything other than an overdressed shav. He gives a series of nods to their guests as they arrive, one by one; he reaches a hand over to rest on Mia's shoulder, and actually gives her just a hint of a smile.

There's a look that Calypso gets from Mihaly. He totally recognizes those stockings, and he momentarily flusters. "Uh." A finger flicks between her and Eirene. " that. Was" He coughs into his fist. "Duchess General. You're looking, ah, well." Oh that's going to be a fun conversation. Before he can give any more real thought on that, he's hugging Brianna. "Thank you, Lady Halfshav. Interesting times the two of us have met in. I have to admit, your wedding did inspire our own. I wanted to have weapon throwing, but Eirene put her foot down on it." And to Thea, he shakes his head. "Let's be honest, my wife far outshines anything I could wear. And even if we did, she'd wear it better than me."

Zoey arrives unaccompanied but for her aid, leaving her dog and her guards at home. Her aide carries a long package in her arms as she follows the Kennex lady in. Zoey looks around, then makes her way to where the bride and groom are receiving their guests. "I am so happy for the both of you!" she tells the couple once she gets close enough.

Is it wrong to check out the bride at a wedding? In that dress... well, it's hard for Drake not to. He just has a wandering eye. But he's polite enough about it. When Thea leads him over to greet her, he gives a nod. "Congratulations. You do look stunning." He looks at Mihaly next, and gives him a big nod of approval. "Well done, to you, sir." He winks. Once he has a drink in hand - Apple brandy seems to be the event's choice of spirit, so he'll partake, he nods in greeting to Brianna also.

With a few whispered words being exchanged between Mia and Eirene, the Marquessa is forced to peer around the other woman's shoulder to catch sight of her flustered uncle. At that, she says absolutely nothing, but there is a very, very distinct arch of a single black brow. It's impressive, really, how high it arches -- and how much she can convey in just one look, though whether her amusement is shared *with* Miahly or aimed *at* Mihaly is likely for only the two of them to know.

Calypso laughs, then leans in to give Mihaly a kiss... on the cheek. She's not THAT drunk. Yet. "I loaned them to her."

Domonico moves to flank Calypso, standing aside for the Lady of War to talk to Eirene and Mihaly. While he is not dressed in risque Lycene styles like his sister Thea, there are bare biceps and thighs on show from the Southport Admiral as he patiently waits his turn.

Thea murmurs to Drake with a coy grin,"Poor Mihaly could barely keep his words straight when she walked down. It was great." But her words are sincere as she looks back at her aunt. Seeing Calypso though and the others that have gathered, Thea waves with her free hand,"Hello. Nice to see you." She's at the moment, sober and definitely behaving as best she can.

Eirene's first reaction at a gift from Thea is to set it down, nudge it with her foot, and then slowly, from behind, open it. Eirene knows her 'niece' all too well and anticipates a glitter bomb or something similar. She sees what's inside and closes the lid again, smirking heavily. "I promise we'll make good use of it," she says, unabashedly.

Calypso is given a hug by the bride and she gestures to her dress with a grin. Yeah, she noticed Drake's quick once-over. "I clean up fucking nice when I want to. Typically I don't give a damn but this is special." Zoey is given a hug of greeting. "I'm glad you could make it. We weren't sure how many of our friends could or would show, so this is nice."

"Thea!" Calypso is all smiles (the alcohol helps) as she shifts her attention from Eirene and Mihaly to Thea. "You're a sight to bring an Oathlander to attention. Don't you agree Domon -- oh, wait. You're not allowed to agree."

Portia, a tittering bashful handmaiden, Renato, an overconfident courier arrive, following Kaia.

"So I'm gathering." Mihaly replies to Calypso, and while he hasn't turned a deep shade of crimson, he's not exactly his usual pale skin tone either. So flustered is a good word for it. "I had no idea. You two didn't plan that at all. Eirene did say I would enjoy getting to know my in-laws." Giving thanks to those who greet him, he tries his best to distract himself from whatever mental image had been in his head. Mia gets a look in turn. It's wordless, but clearly the intent is a resigned one. So, laugh it up, niece. "I was able to get my vows out, I would say, Thea." he offers after. "My intention was to get Eirene to cry just a *little* bit. Suffice to say I'm successful in my attempts to get just a little bit sappy."

With a look of sheer innocence(We all know this to be lies), Thea winks at Eirene. "You're welcome. I didn't I mean, the rope is for whatever. It's a multi-purpose tool. Sailing and all.(Since she sails and all.)" But when Calypso greets her, Thea grins,"Right? There's skin all over. Did you hear I sent an Oathlander a cow?" She's about to say something else, but Caly is nudging Dom for agreement and the younger Malvici scrunches her nose. "Gross Caly. Just gross." Thea downs half the contents in her glass, pretending that WAS NOT heard. AFter the inital shock, she tells Mihaly,"I got her misty eyed once or twice. I think you came close today!"

"I would not dream of missing it," Zoey tells Eirene with a smile. Once they part from the hug she gestures to her aide who hands over the gift.

Eirene leans back towards her new family and murmurs something, looking amused.

"Haha. I'd be in the same state, surely," Drake says to Thea. "Well. You know me," he adds.

Domonico hmms and looks either unimpressed or amused at Calypso's comment about Thea before he moves to greet Eirene with a kiss to both cheeks, "You look wonderful Eirene. Congratulations." His eyes track across to Mihaly and there is a moment of sizing the other man up before he extends his hand, not for a handshake but a warrior's forearm grip. "Congratulations My Lord."

"Ignore whatever wretched lies my uncle has told you about his lack of sentimentality, my lady," Mia finally chimes in, her words apparently aimed at Thea. "My uncle is the most devoted and unyieldingly loyal man I know, whenever he's given his heart to someone. It's only that because of this undeniable fact, he must guard it very close, and give it very rarely, to those he can trust with it." A pause. "You'll find Rivens to generally be much the same, and the old man has no one but himself to blame for that, being the one who raised us."

"'Enjoy' meeting the in-laws? You're going to have to learn how to tell when your wife is being sarcastic," Calypso chuckles to Mihaly, with one arm draped over Thea's shoulders.

Eirene oohs. Presents. She grins at Zoey and arches her eyebrows. "You didn't have to, but I love it. What's inside?" Domonico's kiss is returned with warmth. "I'm glad you made it. I expect you to throw down, well - not really but throw, at the knifing contest." She turns to Calypso and snorts dryly in amusement. "Come on, the first time he came to dinner someone got poisoned. If that wasn't an introduction to a Lycene family, -nothing- is." Brianna's then asked, "Are you going to throw? The prize-knife is really something superb."

Thea amusedly hears Drake,"Yes. Lord Drake just needs a flash of skin to take down. I know--I did it in a melee." When Mia speaks, she nods her head as she looks at Eirene and Calypso. Then Domonico. Niether raising her, but the sentiment is the same. "I know exactly what you're saying." Thea nudges Calypso and laughs,"Think they'll understand Eirene's scarcasm? Ever?(she hopes so)" But then Kaia ventures in and there's a call over to her, since there are free hands right now! "Hey Kaia!"

Drake perks up at the comment about knife throwing. He heard about that ... And so he fortifies himself with a bit more drink, because that will clearly make his knife throwing much better. (He has never actually done knife throwing. But it couldn't be that hard, right?) "...And what IS the prize?" He clears his throat when Thea makes light of his distractability.

"It is a Dame Ida original I have been holding on to. I decided that I want you to have it," Zoey replies, smiling brightly. She hears Thea greet Kaia and looks around, wondering how she could have missed her sister's entrance.

Thesarin snorts at something Mia whispers to him, and then snorts again at some whispered conversation he's having with Mia and Eirene. He looks over toward Calypso with a slow shrug of his broad shoulders and a low noise toward the back of his throat. "I'd already met the bride 'fore. Some time out in the Forests, some skirmish. Stitched me up. We get on."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Drake before departing.

"I somehow doubt that Lord Mihaly will have trouble grasping any sarcasm that comes from his new bride," comes Mia's swift reply. "What I suspect is that his struggle will be in wrapping his head around the fact that now he has two of us to deal with." She... she's joking, isn't she? She must be joking, though it's honestly difficult to tell. Her expression has changed very little and her words are very, very dry. But then just one corner of her mouth twitches, the very faintest ghost of a smile. "In a few months time, you may wish to send him your condolences to follow your congratulations."

"Hey Bri!" Yes. Thea found Bri too, even as she nudges Drake in amusement. Looking at Zoey, she tilts her head,"Where is Ian? Everything alright?" There's another drink followed by the question. There is also a nod to Thesarin too. And a smile. Lets face it. She's well on her way. Though she can handle her booze just fine.

"Between my sarcasm, and Mia's sarcasm, I think he's got plenty to handle," Eirene smirks, speaking almost the same time as the Marquessa.

"Yeah, it was probably a good idea to have the wedding here," Calypso concedes to Eirene with a shrug. "Thea, did you beat in him in a spar by flashing your boobs at him?" It's hard to read, in Calypso's tone, whether an affirmative answer is going to prompt praise or censure.

Eirene raise a hand to wave at Kaia before she turns back to Zoey. "That's amazing, you really want to part with that, for us?" She laughs and adds, "Did I ever tell you about the battle royal she and I were paired up for? Where she was boxing everything?"

"I don't know what my niece is talking about. I'm a rock." Mihaly remarks to Mia, in that classic dry humor that is something of a Riven staple. Very very dry humor. "I was the one to raise you, for better or worse. But I like to think I did passably well enough." Domonico's hand is shaken, returning a rather knightly grip. "Thank you, my Lord. I'm honored that Malvici has welcomed me. But I suppose I should say something more formal." And he moves away to grab a drink of the brandy that he had brought. It's his ring that taps against it.

"My family, both by blood and now, by marriage. And of course the friends of both who have also come to celebrate us. It has been a long time that Riven has seen a wedding. In fact, I do believe the last wedding was between my niece and my nephew-in law. For almost fifteen years since, there has been no one to come into our home, to become one of the family. And now, on this day, that has changed." He gestures to Eirene then. "By the grace of Duchess Calypso Malvici and my niece, Marquessa Mia Riven, I would like to toast my wife, Lady Eirene Riven. She has made this home brighter, she has made my life brighter, and she has brought with us a alliance with Southport that I hope to see strengthened in the coming months and years. She is not only a famous doctor in Arx, but one a formost military General. She is a woman of renown, faithful service, and brutal sarcasm. And she is surrounded by those that love, respect, and value her over all others." He lifts his glass to Eirene. "To you, my wife. My guiding star. Thank you for everything you have brought to both of these families.

He looks around at that point. "And now that I have gotten the most sappy of speeches out of the way, and made my best attempt at embarrassing her, I ask you to enjoy yourselves here. We will shortly be having a knife throwing competition for a prize of a dueling dagger. And you can thank Lady Brianna Halfshav's wedding as inspiration of such a wedding event."

Mihaly drops General's Sidearm, a rubicund dueling knife.

"Ian is fine," Zoey says in Thea's direction. This is a slight tightness in her voice despite her smile. "He sends his regards. And yes, I am sure," she adds to Eirene. "Let me get a drink or two and then I want to hear this story." While Mihaly toasts, she finds herself a glass of rum, which she raises and sips from when he finishes.

Kaia makes it to the reception at Heron Hall just in time to hear the mention of 'poison' from that time Mihaly visited Malvici Hall. The skin on her face slightly burning with red at the thought. Nonetheless, she smiles and strats moving around to issue her greetings. "Well, at the very least he got to see our Duchess be a hero." she comments idly. She makes a courtesy. "Family." the greeting is general at first, but then she continues to move about. "I trust you are staying out of trouble, Thea?" she says with a wink and a grin. Her arms extending to greet her sister Zoey, at the same time. "Darling sister.~" The hug culminates, and giving a nod torwards the others, her wintery eyes shift towards Mia. "Marquessa, thank you for hosting, you are quite blessed to have Eirene join you all. I trust you will treat her well." her tone is sweet and friendly. Then, at last, her gaze finds the happy couple. A bright bubbly expression on her face. "Eirene...Lord Mihaly," she says their names "congratulations to you on this joyful day. I wish you both blessings from the gods and much happiness. May your union and the friendship of our houses continue to grow and prosper.~" she chimes her good wishes.

Drake gets a message, which distracts him for a half-second, but it's very quick. He listens to Eirene about to discuss a battle royale... this is of interest to him for intersecting reasons, though somehow, he's trying to picture her doing a battle royale in that wedding dress. Then: a toast! He claps his hand onto his wrist, as the other hand is still holding his glass. Then he raises it high at the appropriate time, and completely downs the rest of the drink.

Calypso lifts her glass in toast. "To aunt Eirene." And then she drains it and excuses herself to search for a refill.

Eirene checked willpower + etiquette at difficulty 30, rolling 1 lower.

Thea clears her throat at Zoey's response. As she has yet to tell HER family where she was and what she was up to. Oh..Not to mention the awesome wound she sustained to her right leg. Hidden by her dress. That limp wasn't seen was it? Thea instead applauds best she can with a drink in hand,"To Aunt Eirene!" Then she answers Calypso and snorts,"NO! I did not! But it was like some strip of leather covering top and bottom." This from the woman who hates attention, but she tells the story for Drake anyway. She shifts uncomfortably for a moment, relieving pressure from said leg.

Domonico agrees with the toast, raising the glass he had aquired in salute to the pair. The Magnotta Count moves back a bit before he comments, "Time for a speech from Eirene now I think."

Eirene's almost able to keep a straight face. Almost. She squints as she tries to not cry but there's a faint trickle of tear at the corner of her eye. "You're too good to me," she tells Mihaly, faintly coloring under her tanned cheeks. Not the antics of her nieces, not the chest of.. .whatever Thea gave, it's the toast that sets her off a little embarassed. "So. I guess I should say I'm the lucky one, to be welcomed to the Riven household. They are a very private, close-knit family, and I'm thankful they've accepted me and all that comes with marrying a Malvici." She motions to her 'colorfully dressed-or not dressed' kin. "So to the Marquessa and the Marquis-Consort." She grabs a glass of the apple brandy, sips it for safety, and then raises the glass in a second toast.

an immaculately dressed assistant named Johannes, a slightly embarrassed courier called Guido, Cosimo de'Malvici, the Southport banker arrive, following Martino.

Zoey warmly return's Kaia's hug. "Good to see you out and about," she tells her. "All is well with little Nia, I hope?" She raises her glass again to Eirene's toast.

"Then here," Thesarin reaches out a hand for a page to come with a cup for a toast, and a short nod of his head. "To Eirene Riven, and all them who've come to our Hall for our sakes." He gives a nod, and a another low grunt at his throat. "It's a day for celebrating, and there ain't ever enough of those." The Prodigal gives a nod, and a low rumble toward Kaia as she approaches. "Lady Kaia; how now. Glad you've come."

Ohhh, gods. Is it time for speeches? It's apparently time for speeches, and if there is one thing that has come from Mia taking the County seat at such a young age, it's a familiarity with giving speeches in any number of circumstances. One might start to suspect that the woman is beginning to enjoy the blasted things, really, despite the laborious sigh which pours out of her. (That, or she simply prefers making them to being the subject of them.) Fortunately for their Lycene guests, a speech gives them an excuse to take another drink.

"My Lord Uncle," Mia begins, "has indeed taken a very, very long path to marriage, with his own wedding day likely to be next-followed by that of his great-nieces and nephews." There is that twitch again, that ghost, that not-a-smile. She must be teasing him. "But I cannot say that I blame him for that. So often, the Rivens look at a path that has been laid before them and instead of taking the easiest road, choose instead to taking the longest, rockiest, and most winding route there is. But this last year, I have seen that Lady Eirene is indeed, as he has so often said, a shining beacon upon the road that he travels. If I knew nothing else about her -- not her bravery on the battlefield, nor the skill with which she has stitched closed me and so many of my kin, nor that she possesses the rarest of abilities in actually making me laugh -- I would love her for that, and for that alone. It is an enormous pleasure to welcome her to our family, and it is my greatest wish that she and my uncle will be to each other a light in dark places, for many, many long years to come." Surely, there's a glass of.... something or other at hand, given the number of bottles floating about, that she can lift. "To family. And to hope. And to Lady Eirene."

Crossing in from the main city, the Lord Martino Malvici arrives into Heron Hall wrapped in dark fabrics and the smell of his rich creamy, vanilla perfume joining him. Hair, overly cared for today, swept back as he steps further in to incline his torso afar to both Mihaly and Eirene as the newly weds make rounds, "Ah a fine day and... of course. My dear congratulations." Stepping across, Martino makes his way across to Kaia and Zoey. Exhaling slightly as he murmurs low to them both, "Apologies darling for being late... Nia would not be quiet for the night nanny."

Kaia smiles as she takes one of the glasses being offered, by the house staff for said toast, and lifts it. Her words an echo to what is already being said. "To aunt Eirene; and to the Marquessa and Marquis!"

"It's always good to see you Marquis Thesarin. All is well; and, you look well." she tells him with a smile before bringing her glass for a sip. Her attention shifing back to her sister. "Little Nia is in good health. Resting at home in the care of our new nanny --courtesy of our darling Eirene." she explains.

Eirene mutters, "It makes ... ... ... ... ... our friends ... one ... ... will ... a lovely day to remember ... life ... shitty."

Domonico hmms and approaches Zoey and Kaia, "Lady Zoey... Every now and then I forget that you and Kaia are sisters. I trust you are both well? If you need any help with Arsenia when I am in the city then I am more than willing to look after her a while." He then steps back, with a respectful nod of the head, as he sees Martino move in.

Drake is getting a refill of brandy, as he's certain it will improve his knife throwing abilties. As he comes back from the bar, he raises the glass in greeting to Martino as he enters. "You're just in time for the dangerous part!" he says.

As the speeches continue and Eirene--holy shite, was that a TEAR--Thea takes claps for everyone! Unfortunately she's now out of alcohol. But not to worry, there's a refil before she can even ask. "To House Riven,"she shouts as well. When Martino enters late, she casts her eyes in his direction,"OH? You got a nanny. That's great! I bet she's amazing!" Thank gods!

There are few times that Mihaly really smiles. For all of his jokes, he's as reserved as the rest of his kin, though old age has made him a bit more...animated. But in this moment, he smiles. Broadly, like the smile of a young man from twenty years ago. Before everything. The image of a man from so long ago and one the one standing here finally join, leaving an older, more experienced knight. And in this moment, looking at both his wife and his niece, all is right with the world. At least, in this moment. There is pride in how he looks at Mia, in how she speaks. "Maybe I didn't do too bad raising you." he finally offers once she's made her own speech.

Eventually, he gestures to the large wooden target at the end of the hall, a burlap blanket beneath it to catch knives. There's a bucket of three throwing axes not too far away form the booze. Which might not of been the best idea, but that's where things got put. "Far too often, those of us on the battlefield, before war, the night before battle, we'd throw knives. Or axes. I chose axes because I feel my nephew would appreciate that." A nod is given to Thesarin. But he gestures to anyone willing to partake. "Those of you that want to test you skill at throwing, step up. Just please don't put any axes in the wall. I'll never hear the end of it."

Calypso is happy enough for the toasts to continue now that she's refilled her glass. She lifts it again after Mia's speech finishes. As the focus switches to the throwing axes, she look at the axes, looks at the targets, and then carefully takes herself well out of the line of fire.

Eirene informs Thea, "You already know her, she's the one who raised the Terror Twins. I figured why uproot her when she's been on our staff for five years now. The kids old enough for a governess now, I think that's the next stage of hired help. They're adjusting to living here, so that will take some time." She clears her throat and says, loudly, "Any dumb asshole who gets themelves hurt will be forever worthy of my scorn. And if you accidentally hit somone, gods help me... I will never patch you up again."

Zoey laughs to Domonico. "You forget that your brother's wife and your patron are sisters? With our striking family resemblance?" In truth, they look almost nothing alike, with Zoey strongly favoring their father and Kaia their mother. "So when shall we begin the knife throwing? I want to have at least one drink in me first."

At the change in Mihaly's expression, at the admittance of taking pride in her, the Marquessa promptly puts on the most sour face anyone has likely ever seen. "Ohh, *stop* it," Mia half hisses at him. "I was told that it was far more likely that someone would be stabbed than that there would be any silly expressions of sentiment at a Lycene wedding and it will be very irritating if I brought on three extra maids for the day for them to be standing about doing nothing but wiping at their eyes like nursery children."

"Mmm for this evening, Thea. But based on the sounds that little one can make... that might become vacant again soon." Martino's sharp greens crease across to Thea before laughing slight to Drake while accepting a glass of red wine as a servant makes rounds, "Oh excellent. Is it... test the mystery goblet? Or..." Turning his chin to the layout of knives, there Martino laughs slight to Drake, "Oh. Hit the target. Well I can try."

Thea hears the announcement of the knife throwing and off she goes. Drinking and throwing knives is a GRAND idea! There's a nod to Eirene and a grin actually. "I'm going to miss them you know. And I make no apologies for anything I've taught them." But then Eirene announces injuries, well--good thing it's too late for her as she limps her way over. Thea does give a glance to Martino, teasing him,"Mother also said you were whiney. At least Nia's cries are commanding." She grins as she hears Drake invite her brother to throw sharp objects.

Thesarin nods toward Mia, and gives a low rumble of "good words. Damn good words." He smiles a bit toward Kaia with a short snort. "Fine seeing you, too. Less than we might, but it's well to hear the child's in health." He turns toward Mia and Eirine with another amused sort of noise. "And reckon I'd best join in. If he's made it an axe-game for my sake and all."

"Much appreciated Dom." she replies to her in law. A little laugh following his statement on forgetting the blood relation between Zoey and her. "I won't hold it against you. Even with the similarities here and there; we don't look too alike." she admits.

Her attention is then pulled by her lover. "That's quite alright sweetheart, I only made it to the reception not long ago." she admits to her husband, Martino, with a slight chuckle. "Just in time to hear about them recalling that regretful dinner." Then Eirene's explanation to Thea brings her into a laugh. "The Terror Twins and now The Screamer of Southport. This nanny will have wonderful references in her future." she says idly with amusement. The mention of axe throwing does peak her interest and she begins to move along with the others.

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Zoey checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 12 higher.

Turn in line: Zoey

Zoey checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 8 higher.

Zoey checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 36 higher.

Domonico's narrow as he considers the target and the weapons to be used, a frown forming on his face as he thinks. "Hmmm... it's been a while since I have thrown axes... And those were boarding axes I was hurling at pirates trying to counterboard my ship. At least this target isn't trying to kill me."

Creasing his eyes at Thea, Martino laughs to her before raising up his shoulders in a shrug, "Well maybe we will move your room beside out suite. That might work." Turning his chin and sharp green eyes over his shoulder, Martino steps back in the line to position himself beside Kaia to mutter hush to her, "No getting /too/ competitive. Okay darling?"

Eirene grabs herself a fresh drink and settles in to watch her family and friends throw sharp objects at at target while intoxicated.

"The screamer of Southport?" Zoey echoes before stepping up to throw the first three knives. "Goodness, it will be a wonder if you get any sleep." She eyes her target, adjusts her stance, then throws each knife one after the other. Each embeds itself in the target with a satisfying *thunk*. She smiles to herself before retrieving them and handing them off to the next competitor.

Domonico mutters, "... ... ... being ... ... at one point."

Calypso leans against something to watch the knife throwing, her "dress" being the sort that one generally does not try to sit down in.

Thea watches Zoey closely, all while she herself continues drinking. But then Martino has the nerve to THREATEN HER! "You do that, and I swear to you I will make sure you not only have giant seal heads in your closet, but your clothes will reek for years...and much much worse." Oh yes she did say that. She threatened his attire. "And Dom, those targets may fight back. You just don't know." Thea murmurs something to Drake, greatly amused.

Turn in line: Drake

Drake checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 24 higher.

Drake checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 34 higher.

Drake checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 64 higher.

Drake does a double-take at "the Screamer of Southport." Then he pauses. Right, a BABY. Thea mentions something to him, and he leans over, then smirks at her. It's possible she's challenging him directly.

Drake really has very little experience throwing weapons... but for some reason was very eager to try it. Basically, if a competition is physical, he likes the opportunity to show off. He picks up the throwing axe and tests the weight of it. "I'm used to much larger axes," he says aside. Still, he'll go for a bulls-eye. Nothing to lose in trying as long as no one uses their head. The first throw seems ... good enough, but not quite on. Second throw is better yet.

"Drink is kicking in." He tests the balance of the last one. "I might still have the hang of this."

He throws it hard, and hits it dead center. Then he gestures to the board and steps back.

Mihaly is standing next to Eirene, drinking brandy and looking *quite* pleased with himself for *some* reason. There's a bit of a cheeky grin on his face, while he watches axes getting thrown. Though he does spare the back wall behind the target a nervous look, which then trials back to those throwing. Well, so far, so good.

Turn in line: Domonico

"Should have flashed him," Calypso chides Thea with a grin.

Domonico checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 33 higher.

Domonico checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 23 higher.

Domonico checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 51 higher.

Thea sighs at Drake. "You know, for someone that claims they've never DONE something.."her words trailing. But the flecks of gold light up in her green eyes, impishly mind you. The younger Malvici SIBLING looks to Calypso and she laughs,"I think your legs beat mine though, cousin. I thought for sure he'd be distracted by at least yours!"

Laughing further to the back at Thea's threats, Martino creases his eyes before a low whistle follows after Drake's axe's are thrown. At the back of the line, Martino applauds both Zoey and Drake's fine start before nodding low as his brother Domonico takes his position. "My... save some space for us at the back there on the targets."

Matteo, an eager knight's apprentice arrives, following Irisa.

Eirene claps for the amazing throws. Even whistles a little. She kisses Mihaley on the cheek before she grabs another drink. "You guys are blowing me away, I expected a lot more shitty throws."

Domonico finishes his wine, steps up and collects the axes, testing their weight before rapid firing launching them one after another at the target.

Thunk. Thunk. Thunk.

The first one is to the left of the centre, the second to the right and the third near dead center.

He hmms once at his throws before moving to collect them to hand to the next. "Eirene. You needed to wait until we had several more drinks in us first."

"He doesn't want to jump my legs," Calypso fires back to Thea with a laugh. She takes a long drink from her glass of rum. "You're the one he follows around like Finn."

"I had two minds about it. Either I could've made the target further away and thus a little bit harder to hit. But the downside to that is that I would've had to deal with the axes put into the wall and Mia asking me to explain that. And I'd rather err on the side of caution." Mihaly says to Eirene, but at the same time still looking impressed with the throws. "Still, I wonder if I made it too easy."

Turn in line: Thesarin

Eirene overhears Caly and Thea and gigglesnorts into her drink. Eyes closing with amusement.

Thesarin steps up toward the mark, rolling his shoulders as he goes. He stretches out his neck left, and then right, and picks up one of the axes. Left hand out, parallel to the ground, to get the angle. And then the toss.

Thesarin checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 41 higher.

Thesarin checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 45 higher.

Thesarin checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 71 higher. Thesarin rolled a critical!

Brianna has joined the line.

Thea snorts at Calypso. "The vision you just presented is just...weird," and she chuckles a little. It really really. Speaking of Finn--Where is he?

He of course heard his name and comes running--To Calypso. Pawing at her, because she called him! Family is family!

Irisa comes down the road and then path looking rather happy about it all. There is a big smile on her face and seeing the whole group of the two families, the smile on her face looks like its in danger of overwhelming her. She says nothing at first to announce herself, but she does go straight for the Brandy. Dressed in a long, light dress, the diamondplate on her hip is peacebonded in a crimson scarf.

And when the last axe hits the center, the Marquis gives just one nod, and turns back to join Mia. He only looks the slightest bit smig as he goes.

"Good gracious," Zoey mutters at Calypso and Thea before taking a drink from her glass.

"Competiive?! Me?!" Kaia brings two fingers to the center of her clavicle, feigning innocence. "Never!" she says, as if the statement from her husband offended her. "But really...I'm nowhere as good with small weapons as I am with the bow. It's quite shameful." she admits with a giggle. A nod given here and there torwards the title little Nia had already earned. "No sleep. My precious beauty is at risk." she laments casually. But, then, her eyes are back on the axe throwing. Impressed with many of their performances.

"I should let everyone know, those were not Thesarin's own axes." Mihaly points out, blinking at the throws the Marquis gives. A drink is taken after. "And people wonder why of all the people I'd want to fight giant crocodiles with, it's my newphew."

Turn in line: Thea

Drake watches Thesarin pick up the axes. It takes just a second of Drake's assessment to notice that while he had some raw athleticism and beginner's luck on his side, Thesarin actually seems to know how to throw the axe properly. "Eh, not bad," he says, but he's understating as a joke. Then he nudges Thea.

Eirene murmurs 'Show off' to her new nephew. She's vastly amused and nods once in approval for his excellent display.

"Mmm, darling. It /really/ is not." Martino's head shakes to Kaia as he laughs slight to her, "Well at least you shall not fear about coming last." Stepping forward in the line as others take their throws, Martino's eyes widen at Thesarin's three tosses of the axe, "Or first."

Thea downs her drink when Drake nudges her. Right. Setting her empty glass aside, she gathers the axes. She winks at Zoey and her family. Thea did warn she would NOT be on her best behavior. She WASN'T kidding.

Thea checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 34 higher.

Thea checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 25 higher.

Thea checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 45 higher.

That poor target. Sure, there may not be any errantly thrown axes, but there are chips of wood strewn over the great hall floor.

There's polite clapping from Mia, of course! Polite clapping for everyone, regardless of skill, or name, or rank. But there is maybe, just maybe, a little nod which she gives to Thesarin as he returns to his place at her side. "War chief, indeed," she murmurs up at him.

Gah! Dog! Calypso manages to: 1) Not be knocked over, 2) More or less wrangle the dog, and, most importantly, 3) not spill her drink. But the accomplishing of these three things does take up all of her attention for the time being.

Domonico claps at the throws of Thesarin and Thea, smiling broadly at the displays of accuracy. "Outstanding! A little more dynamic than my favourite pasttime of Game of Stones."

Turn in line: Martino

Not used to axes in any way, Thea tests it and well--it's not terrible. It lands with thud.

Used to the weight, Thea tries again and the next axe gets closer to the center, the alcohol not helping. But hey, no limbs are hit! Success!

By the time the third axe is thrown, Thea totally has the weight thing down. Chucking the damn thing, Thea throws it and it hits just a tad bit off the center. Not awful. But not as well as the others.

Eirene tells Thesarin, "Count Domonico is one of the best warriors and generals I know. You two might get along in the sparring ring." She claps as Brianna signs up for the contest. "Oh good, I wanted to see you enter. That dagger is pretty fucking sweet," she says of the prize. "Not bad, Thea, not bad."

Drake is watching Thea's performance at this with great interest. To him, it looked pretty good. He nods to her as she steps away from the weapons, and raises his brows. He's trying assess who did better between the two of them, but to him it seemed quite close.

Kaia's own eyes widen at Thesarin's throws, evidently impressed as well, and she nods to her husband's words. "Agreed. Definitly not first." Another soft laugh follows, her eyes on 'Tino' as it was now his turn. "Careful not to drop one on your foot!" she shouts to him from afar with amusement.

Stepping forward as it was now his turn, Martino reaches his left hand down to pick up an axe before shifting onto his left heel. Carefully handing the axe into his right hand as he lifts it up to his chest and takes aim...

Martino checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 5 lower.

Martino checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 8 higher.

Martino checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 1 higher.

"There's things I struggle at. This ain't one of 'em." Thesarin gives a nod toward Mihaly's comment, and a small smile toward Mia. "And a target ain't throwing aught back. Easier." He looks toward Irisa, and raises a fist toward the knight, giving her a smile. He glances over toward Eirene, and gives another low grunt. "Aye? Might be I'll have to have a turn. He fought at any o' the spots I've done?"

Brianna nods approvingly at Thesarin. "Nice throwing. I don't think we've ever formally met, though obviously I know who you and your lady wife are." She curtsies gracefully to Mia and Thesarin. "Lady Brianna Halfshav."

Irisa continues sipping the brandy, but she does it casually. The warm of the day doesn't seem to bother her and she makes her rounds through the guards, hugging one and ribbing another. Chummy, that one. Seeing Thesarin, she straightens and returns the raised fist, then taps her heart with it. She then wanders over towards Kaia and lifts her pewter mug.

Calypso simultaneously drinks and wrangles Thea's dog, like the champion she is. "Down, boy. Now isn't the time for... Thea, come get your dog or I'm feeding him rum to calm him down."

Eirene has rolled 1 2-sided dice: 2

Kaia gives a bright smile to Irisa. "Rissy. So good to see you again." There's an arm that extteands to give the Dame a slight hug. "I'm supposed to go next. I fear I'll do quite terribly." she confides to her friend.

Thea looks over at Eirene and smiles a second,"Thanks! I'm used to throwing daggers not you know--axes. And I may be sore from last nights,"a quick look is given to Zoey. "From the other nights adventures." She looks to Thesarin and tells him, her eyebrow lifted,"That was amazing. Really. Impressive." Thea looks over to Drake and humphs,"You win,"admitting defeat and is about to say more when--she's laughing at Calypso,"You said his name. You did it!" But she calls him over anyway. "Finn. Come on. Her leg doesn't find you attractive right now..."

"Giving a dog rum sounds like a terrible idea," Zoey tells Calypso. "Next thing you know, Finn will try to throw the axes."

Martino checked luck at difficulty 10, rolling 6 lower.

Drake, still watching the contest... suddenly, reflexively, ducks his head even though the axe isn't pointed in his direction. It looks like Martino really isn't sure how to do this right at all. Then Thea is called over to get the dog... and he laughs at her comment. "Well, if you say so, but, I think it was rather close. My only ask is that you some time teach me how you handle a knife as well as you do." He smiles at her. "I'm not used to a small weapon." His glass almost to his mouth again. "As you well know."

Mia checked luck at difficulty 10, rolling 0 higher.

"Lady Halfshav," Mia answers, inclining her head deeply in greeting. "I do believe we met once, though only very briefly and some time ago." And yet, it's a name and a face she recalls. Or maybe it's the hair. That bright red hair is difficult to forget. "I've had the pleasure of hosting your cousin, Lord Mirk, more than once. We have a common love for digging out obscure little scraps of information and passing them back and forth between each other, but it's been some time since we've exchanged anything but let--- good gods above and below," she 'curses' as an axe goes loose in the wrong direction. "Eirene is going to have your *heads* if someone bleeds on that dress, and I just may let her keep them as decorations for the hall, too."

The first axe of Martino's takes an aim at the board and /barely/ it snags onto the bottom of the ring, "Mmm... not quite..." His sharp green eyes narrow as he continues to rock back onto his left heel and wildly this time yars it at the target.

Barely. Again. It hangs in there. "More force needed!" Martino nods, firm in belief before reaching down to his side to pick up that final axe. Leaning right back onto his feet, he grips the axe far-far-far too hard and down to the floor it goes. Clattering the top of the axe into his kidskin leather shoes. "Ah fu--" Quickly, Martino cuts off his tongue to not curse around everyone, hopping slightly as he bites his lips and stumbles to find a seat to collapse in.

Irisa moves to hug Kaia, brushing a smooch to the cheek, then stepping back to watch events unfold. "I got here just in time to see Thesarin basically win the contest. But, I shall cheer for you anyway." She grins and looks to Mia, lifting a glass in good cheers towards the Marquessa. But as the axe goes flying, the Dame ducks her head a little, cringing.

Brianna is about to reply to Mia when that axe goes flying. "We all saw that coming," she murmurs, sotto voce. "You should come for dinner some time. I'm sure I have some obscure bits of information you might find interesting," she replies with a grin. The Halfshav lady pouts at Irisa. "You're not going to cheer for me? I see how it is."

Turn in line: Kaia

"NOT IT," cries the bride, refusing to see to her nephews' wounds. Even if it was the flat of the axe and luckily not the blade. She glances over her shoulder at Mia and shoots a 'you were saying' kind of look, eyebrows raised and expression pinched.

Kaia checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 16 higher.

Kaia checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 4 lower.

Kaia checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 15 higher.

Calypso's leg is, thankfully, spared Finn's advances, and she looks back in the direction of the axe throwing just in time to see Martino with axes in hand. Her eyes widen. "Shit." But then the only damage Martino does is to himself, which relaxes her right up until Kaia follows him to the front of the line. She gives Eirene a pointed 'WTF' look.

Thea is ready to answer Drake when---is that a wayward axe flying?! "Holy shite Martino! Why did you decide this was a great idea?!" She calls over to Mia, quick to ask,"Are you alright?!" Seeing Brianna also, she calls also"You good?" Thea shakes her head, muttering,"I swear to Gods, father agreed to his being fostered in houses to save us all from an early death." Looking over at Drake--again--she nods,"Sure, I can do that." It's his last comment that almost causes her to snort. Instead she laughs, telling him,"I forgot already..."getting a new drink as she teases him.

Kaia checked luck at difficulty 10, rolling 1 higher.

Domonico just closes his eyes in despair at Martino's actions and takes a deep breath before he moves towards Thesarin. "I overheard Eirene speaking to you... I believe we both fought in the Gyre and Silent Wars."

Eirene just shrugs at Calypso. Out of her hands! And besides, what's a Malvici wedding without at least one injury?

"We met a time or two, but brief," Thesarin rumbles out with a nod toward Brianna. He looks over at Martino as he hops up and down, and then turns away.

"I knew it. I just knew it." Mihaly asides once he sees Martino's axe veer off track....and into his foot. "Boots. Always. Wear. Boots." he tells himself aloud. A look at Eirene's dress. "Safe so far. You just might make it to nightfall without any blood on it."

"We met a time or two, but brief," Thesarin rumbles out with a nod toward Brianna. He looks over at Martino as he hops up and down, and then turns away. "But fine to meet you proper. Hope you'll take well to the time in our Hall." The Marquis gets his cup back, and takes a long pull with a nod toward Irisa. "Only glad you could see to it. It's a happy day." A look toward Domonico, looking the man over appraisingly, and giving a low grunt. "Some rough times, at the both of 'em."

Drake lets out a wince at another miss, though apparently not a dangerous one. Then Thea teases him, and he huffs. "Oh, did you." Time for him to match her drink to drink; he doesn't want to be left behind, so he gets another. And takes just one more step back away from all the blade-throwing, for safety's sake.

"That would be lovely," Mia replies to Brianna's invitation, though perhaps a bit matter-of-factly, distracted by she is at Martino's limping. "Would you excuse me?" Dislodging herself from the conversation at hand, and from her place at Thesarin's side, she gives a nod of greeting to Irisa -- but that, too, is a passing thing. No, no, she's making straight for the Malvici lord, before waiting for an answer from anyone at all. "Well, have you severed anything?," she asks him, pointedly. Dark eyes aren't on his face. They're on his boot, looking for a gash or a spot of blood.

Irisa looks over, surprised to see Brianna and she laughs. "Lady Brianna! Unexpected surprises. Its so good to see you again! Its been far too long. BUT I suppose I could find some positive notions in my heart, enough to cheer for you as well." Somewhere, deep in side, buried, are vaguely positive vibes. Probably. But seeing Martino injured, she stops and stares. "Deer Lords."

Shaking his head quickly, Martino's hands rest on his right knee as Mia approaches and speaks to him while her dark eyes are upon his foot, "No... it all... sort of there. But can't be felt?" Wincing once more, he leans back onto his elbows and stretches out his foot while off to the side with Mia being seen to.

Domonico nods his head sagely at Thesarin's summary of those conflicts before he comments, "My actions were mainly at sea during them. I managed to weather both without harm and without losing any of the three ships under my command at the time." He looks over to Martino, checking he is still alive.

"You probably hit a nerve," Mia mumbles in reply, the words followed by a sigh of exasperation. It's the sort of sigh that suggests that she's been married to a soldier, and mother to many rambunctious children, for entirely too long to have patience for nonsense left. "Off with the thing, and try to keep it out of sight of everyone else. If they make fuss, she'll come over," this unnamed 'she' apparently being Eirene, "and will be too distracted by tending you to enjoy the rest of her day." She waves a hand at Martino's boot. He can undress himself, it seems.

"And wait..What was that about feeding Finn rum?" Thea looks over at Calypso and smirks. "I'm getting you you're pet. Though I'm a bit worried of it's welfare." That said, she agrees with Zoey,"He probably would. More like take off with the axe, handle in mouth,"meanwhile laughing at Drake's expression. Looking to Irisa, Thea waves to her,"Dame Irisa. Hello! I'm sorry I didn't see you come in!"her eyes drifting toward Martino and Mia. "Did you need anything, Marquessa? I didn't bring my supplies, but I get some." (She did claim off duty!)

With her second glass of rum in hand, Zoey goes to stand with Thea and Drake. She is smiling and speaks to them in a lower voice.

Eirene gives Martino a frown. She did promise scorn to anyone who injured themselves. "Walk it off," she suggests as she has another drink. "If you didn't chop a toe off you'll be fine."

Mihaly laughs, giving a somewhat sympathetic look at Martino. "You're not the first lad to throw an axe at their foot. The lucky ones just ended up with a bruised foot and some equally bruised pride. You didn't break it likely. Most of us have done it. Or in my case, it was a hammer while fixing a fence during an encampment." He takes a drink. "I never did really live that one down."

Brianna's words at Irisa's own to her persona bring Kaia into a laugh. But, then, Martino does get harmed. On his foot nonetheless! "Gods...I should be careful of what I say..." she notes to herself, bringing a hand to tap once on her mouth. "Are you alright, love?" she wonders, making her way closer to him. There's concern in her eyes; however, her name is called and she glances to the targets and the axes. Gulp. She lets out a slightly nervous sigh and takes her position and the small weapon. Her posture is all wrong. The way she holds the axe is wrong. Everything is wrong! If the woman gets a hit is by pure luck! She throws the first one with a child-like squeal and a bounce on her step that makes it seem she's about to fall. "Eeek! Help!" she lets out as she tries to regain her balance. Such bad form. Embarrasing. Surprisingly the blade does hit the target--even if just barely. Then, comes the next, in the same shameful fashion. Why was she even doing this? Maybe she was just trying to get better? Practice, practice. The handle hits first and the weapon falls down to the ground with a loud thud. "Oops!" She smiles all abashed and chuckles. "That was bad." she states, and then makes the last throw. It's as impressive as the first --which was nothing at all-- but at least she tried! "Yay!~" she chimes and with a small display of excitable clapping. Clearly pleased with having managed to hit the target at least twice.

Turn in line: Brianna

Mmming quickly, Martino reaches his hands down to adjust off the boot to show his foot privately to Mia as she sets herself to work. Laughing slight, biting upon his lower lip, Martino murmurs hush to Mia, "Thank you Marquessa. Promise I shall go easy and avoid Eirene's ire. Not the first time she, or someone else, has had to help me from an accident." A far, Martino waves his right hand over to Mihaly and Eirene to assure them afar, "It is okay. Promise I will stick to drinking red wine for celebrating now."

Brianna checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 46 higher.

Brianna checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 37 higher.

Brianna checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 40 higher.

Brianna pats Kaia on the shoulder. "Go tend to your lord husband. He needs some babying right now, and he's not going to get it from the healers." Taking the axes in hand, the steps to the line and examines the target. Boom! Boom! Boom! The axes fly true and hit the target, and even don't maim anyone in the process!

Mia checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 15, rolling 26 higher.

Domonico applauds the throws made, even Kaia's as his sister in law does still hit the target

Calypso downs the rest of her glass and goes for another, moving, increasingly, with the mix of fluidity and ill-placed confidence that suggests the alcohol is kicking in. She gives Thea a pointed look as she pours. "As your duchess, I forbid you from getting me a pet."

Mihaly had been keeping score on a writing tablet, based on the painted locations of the target and where the axes landed. He's busying tallying up scores. "Well done, everyone. Even the nerves of those who hadn't ever thrown an axe before today. Alright, just one moment while I do some math." This is the guy that loves stars, math just happens to be something he enjoys to go along with it. "Very well, with a score of a 122 points is Lord Wyvernheart. His prize is a cash reward of three thousand silver. Well done, sir." Doing some more math, he looks at the next score. "Hold one moment, did she really get one point more?" Some more scribbling while he writes out the arithmetic. "No, I'm not wrong. With a score of 123, beating Lord Drake by one point is Lady Brianna Halfshav. A cash reward of five thousand silver is her's. And..." One more look. "Well, I think it's easy to tell who one. I promise everyone here that this decision is in no way bias toward my own family. But, Marquis Thesarin did have the best throws, so the dueling dagger is his to claim." A pause. "However, no silver, though I doubt he's heartbroken over that."

Kaia's eyes widen at Brianna's words and she nods. "Oh! Yes!" she lets out a little laugh. "Good luck on your throws.~" she tells her before sauntering over to her husband. "Sweetheart. Need help with that?" she wonders. She pauses to his side, slightly behind, both hands of hers settling over his shoulders and rubbing gently in a consoling manner.

"And it's far from the first time I've tended someone who has had a bit of sport go awry. It's quite a common affliction among both children and husbands," Mia mutters, keeping her voice low. No red spots on his stocking, which is a plus, and a quick check to be sure that none of the bones in his feet feel like they might be broken. There's a quiet hmmm, followed by a little tug on his foot, resulting in a soft 'pop' -- not a bone being reset or a dislocation being corrected, so much like a knuckle being cracked. "You've a nasty bruise, but you should feel it again now, which you might not thank me for once the sore starts to set in."

Drake hadn't expected a runners-up prize, so this is a boon. He was talking to Zoey for a moment... aside, but then a bag of silver is handed to him, and he weighs it in his hand. Then he looks to Brianna, who bested him... and grins at her. "Cheers to you. You had my better this time." And then to Thesarin, "Congratulations."

Eirene claps for the victory. "Nobody -except Tino- got hurt, so I'm very pleased," she says with a wry smile. "Congrats, Drake - Bri." She hands Brianna the silk purse that jingles quite a bit. "And yeah, you earned that dagger, Thesarin. She's a sweet piece of metal. Good throws."

Thea looks up from the murmurings of Zoey and Drake. Nope. Nothing to see here. NOTHING! Applauding the winners and--giving a large smile to Brianna for inching out Drake. But she hears Calypso and gasps. "But Cousin Duchess! There's going to be a horse thing coming up! I was going to you know--make sure the stables were all nice and--maybe get one." Actually she really was..."And I'm sure Finn has a few you know--sired pups around(he does-it's fact), we can find you one..)" Thea looks over at Martino and shakes her head, sighing. "You're going to be unbearable to live with for a few days.."

As Mia's fingertips and thumbs press into his foot, Martino sucks in aid before gasping hard, "Mm. Th.. thank you." Slight, Martino coughs a laugh as he notes to Mia, "Children and husbands? Well..." Lifting his chin up to Kaia as she stands beside and consoles him with a massage upon his shoulders, "Well I know where to come next time I take a painful blow, thank you Mia. Darling Kaia, did you win?"

"I want one of the pups for my son," Zoey reminds Thea. "Oh! And I heard House Bisland announced the hatching of five new pea chicks!"

Domonico smiles, "Congratulations Marquis. Outstanding throws." The stern faced Count Magnotta muses for a while before he gets another wine, "We should crash the Telmar Gauntlet and attempt it after a few drinks as well."

"No pets," Calypso chides Thea. She has rather overfilled her glass of rum, but there's an easy remedy to such a problem. "Unless the pet is a man. You're allowed to get me a man. Long as it's a big one." It.

"Children and husbands, my lord. I generally find the two are not as dissimilar as most wives would like," Mia retorts, perhaps just in time for Kaia to hear her upon her sauntering over. An accident, surely. Or at least serendipity. But there, for once, is an actual smile, flickering, quicksilver thing though it might be. She rises back to her feet. Once again, it seems like Martino can tend to his own boot.

Irisa waves to Thea and laughs with a nod. Then, with an entirely serious reply, "I snuck in using nothing but my cunning." The brandy gets another sip and she watches everyone look to Martino. There is some concern, but not enough to draw her near. No, he is fine so she mostly just shakes her head and smiles at him.

Thesarin nods solemnly, and takes the prize dagger. He pulls it out of its sheathe, and holds it up for all to see under the light. "Glad I could give you a show, for the day. And my thanks to all who've given a show of their own, and tried their hand." He returns the blade to its sheathe with another nod. "We're fortunate to have the lot o' you."

"I did not, my love. I did say I'm no good at it. Besides, we all knew with the Marquis throws who the victor was long ago." she tells him, a laugh following and increasing, even, at the sound of Mia's words. "Thank you, for your kindness Marquessa." she says. Offering the Riven a respectful nod and a smile. Her hands giving a little squeeze to her husband's shoulders. "Oh, and, congratulations to you Marquis! Lady Brianna; and, Lord Drake. Cheers!~"

Calypso sets her drink down applauds Thesarin. Or the prize dagger. Or Thesarin with the prize dagger. Or maybe just everyone who threw axes across the room and didn't hit her.

Mihaly makes a gesture for all around. "That's all we had for you all today. You are more than welcome to stay, drink, talk of old battles and wars past. But truly, thank you everyone for coming here to celebrate this day for us. It means a great deal to me, and I'm sure it means even more for Eirene."

Mihaly is overheard praising Eirene.

Mihaly is overheard praising Calypso.

Mihaly is overheard praising Mia.

Drake is overheard praising Eirene.

Mihaly is overheard praising Thesarin.

Drake is overheard praising Mihaly.

With a slight wince, Martino reaches down to tuck his boot back down onto his foot as he bows his head low to Mia, "We'll blame it on not sleeping since Lady Arsenia was born. Won't we dear?" Lifting his chin up to Kaia's face, Martino's tired eyes crease for a moment to his wife's face before echoing her words with a lift of a wine glass, "Yes, congratulations as well." That is before Martino's chin lifts slight as he murmurs to Johannes to go about the town and speak highly of a few.

Martino is overheard praising Eirene: Lovely reception. No blood on the gown.

"I'll see what I can do,"Thea tells Calypso laughingly. "I don't know what makes you think I do man hunts though." Pirates yeah. Not the same though. Her eyes peer at Zoey and squints, impish. "Congratulations Marquis,"Thea says to Thesarin again. Nope. She hasn't been plotting ag atll!

Martino is overheard praising Mihaly: Lovely reception and axe throwing was... a good idea.

Martino is overheard praising Mia: Saved my foot from likely death

Thea is overheard praising Mihaly.

Thea is overheard praising Eirene.

Irisa is overheard praising Eirene.

Zoey lifts her glass again to toast the happy couple.

Eirene has cake brought around now that the axes can't be thrown into it. Delicious, delicious cake. Banannas soaked in spiced rum and cream chese frosting. She has good taste.

Irisa is overheard praising Mihaly.

Zoey is overheard praising Eirene: To the Bride!

Zoey is overheard praising Mihaly: To the Groom!

Domonico is overheard praising Eirene: To the Bride!

Domonico is overheard praising Mihaly: To the Groom!

Domonico is overheard praising Thesarin: To the Victor!

"I wish you both many, many joys as parents, Lord Martino, Lady Kaia." A pause, and then Mia considers, before nodding the once. "Including the great joy of paying someone else to raise them through the worst years, which I believe is all of them until they're about twenty-two or so. Bess, I freely admit, is worth more to me than a few of our commanders."

"I'm just saying, if you want to get me a man, I won't object." Calypso seems to have forgotten to pick her glass back up again and, indeed, is ambling towards the door in a sort of curving approach. "I could keep him in Eirene's old room."

"Make the vulture stare at him," Eirene calls to Calypso.

Mia is overheard praising Eirene.

Mia is overheard praising Mihaly.

Kaia nods to the Marquessa and smiles. "Thank you, Marquessa. Sounds like a fine plan. Isn't that right 'Tino'?" There's an amused glance given his way, and another gentle squeeze to his shoulders.

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes arrives, delivering a message to Mihaly before departing.

"Mmm twenty-two..." Biting upon his lower lip, Martino considers on what Mia said before nodding deep at Kaia's voice, "Oh that sounds a good idea." Carefully he draws himself up to his feet to stand beside Kaia and crooks out his elbow for her, "Shall we get more wine?"

Eirene's sent a message by a courier. Expecting wedding well wishes, she opened it. Promptly she is enclosed with a shit-ton of red glittery glitter... And apparently so is Mihaly.

Domonico hmms, "We need a man for the Duchess and I could do with a wife as well now I suppose, now I'm a Count. Eirene is lucky to have found-" he is cut off by the glitter attack.

Eirene had been muttering something under her breath to Thesarin before the glitter bomb. She nods back at him and says, through clentched teeth, "Yeah let's make that happen?"

Drake raises a glass to Kaia. "Cheers! But all congratulations to the couple!" And then he watches Mihaly with... some additional interest, as the party is despersing, as if curious about something else occuring.

He... really tries not to laugh.

"Martino, if you pawn my niece off on nannies until adulthood, there will be trouble!" Zoey says, pointing at her brother-in-law. Then the glitter happens, and she covers her mouth to stifle a laugh.

Drake checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 20, rolling 14 higher.

Mihaly looks a little bewildered at the package he's given. "Huh. Alright, I'm guessing it's someone from Twainfort that found out." he observes, starting to open the package the same that Eirene opens hers. And then? He's covered in red glitte. His beard is now the most sparkly magnificent beard in Arx. He sputters. "What...the..."

Just before Calypso passes out the door, she looks back long enough to get a great angle on the shower of glitter that is now all over Mia's great hall. And Eirene. And Mihaly. Her laughter can be heard echoing in her wake.

Thea is innocently standing around, drinking her brandy. Quite happily drunk. Yep. She is. INNOCENT! Notthing to see. But she KNOWS when the packages are opened. Because she can HEAR them. And just like that, she almost blows her cover, so she stands behind Drake. Hiding her face. And keeps drinking. MALVICI WIN!

Kaia nods to Martino, her own arms hooking with his, before being on their way. Audible laughter let out once she catches sight of the unexpected glitter bomb. "Oh...and here I thought Thea would stay out of trouble long enough." she says hushed to her husband.

Martino's eyes widen as the glitter seemingly rains down upon both Eirene and Mihaly from their packages. Chuckling slightly at Kaia's laugh, he nods and steps across the floor gingerly with weight on his shorter wife's side, "Oh no. No... no. Thea never will." Standing closer to Zoey, Martino laughs slightly to her, "You can still see her all the time. Just... well. We might be going away on a trip."

There is a heaving sigh from Mia at the sight of all that glitter. "Well, at least the day-maids will be put to use...."

Thea calls out with a knowing laughing,"It makes great paintings!" Where is Danica when she needs her?! "I have had a few commissioned!" There is a wave to her new family and a smile,"Thank you for hosting and--sorry about the sparkles!"

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