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Blood Ravens - Rage of the Abandoned

On the southwest boarders of Stormwall, the combined forces of Houses Crovane, Halfshav and Kennex, supported by mercenaries of the Isles Canines, have hemmed in an Abandoned horde. The horde, called the Ravens, have raided villages throughout the region, and rumors persist that perverse shamen among them perform gruesome rituals.

Now that the weather has improved, both forces move toward the grasslands called Hawksheath in the northern Gray Forest, for a definitive conflict that could shape the future of the Northlands.

[OOC: This is the climax of the White Ravens, Twilight Dale and Blood Ravens story arcs. Risk for serious injury is high, though safe areas will be available for non-combat PCs (unless the front lines are overrun). This is open to everyone, but please mail Rysen ahead of time if you plan to attend.]


May 15, 2020, 11 p.m.

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Brianna Lawrence Rowenova Rukhnis Mihaly Mirk Lucita Eirene Orelia Thea Mikani Ravna Jules Asher Raja Dianna



Outside Arx - Northlands near Stormwall - Northern Gray Forest

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Dawn breaks on the allied war camp, and the sun's rays illuminate the banners of Houses Kennex, Crovane, Halfshav, Stahlben and the mercenaries of Isle Canines. The spring air is crip, and only the lightest breeze can be felt coming in from the west.

A number of scouts arrive lead by Rowenova, and word quickly spreads throughout the camp that the enemy is amassing on the great meadow nearby, and moving into battle formation.

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Brianna is by Mirk's side, eyeing the maps. "Where will your archers be, then?" asks the tall Halfshav lady. On a battlefield, there's none of her playful coyness or nonsense. On a battlefield, she is death itself.

Lawrence stands over the map in the command tent. He seems to be thinking quite hard on where the front lines are likely to be created when the battle starts. He looks up to the other commanders and some of the others. "This might be slightly risky strategy, but I believe we have the troops to pull it off." He points to a place on the map, somewhat closer to their side of the field. "If we can draw them closer to us, allow them to think they are pushing in. It will leave us room to send some Cavalry behind their lines and get their archers out of the way, and allow them to come break the line for us. Victory will be assured."

With Sir Floppington the soulful hound beside her and her short grey mare, their Scout Rowenova and her fellow Ranging Wolves speedily arrive, indeed, spreading out the new news. "Enemy gathers in the great meadow! To arms!"

Rukhnis pauses in her somewhat compulsive bustling about the field hospital, lifting her face at the edge of one of the tents to catch the cool spring breeze and the growing light of morning. The Eurusi physician navigates the space with all the familiarity of one who's not only had ample time to become familiar with it but also worked extensively to get it set up in the first place, though thankfully she's got allies with still more field medic experience than herself occupying it along with her. From the look on her face she's not relishing the events of the day ahead, but her mouth has a set of grim resolve to it and the look in her dark eyes is a determined one.

Ravna gets a painted gourd with cork stopper from a cloth parcel tied with a wine-dark ribbon.

Mihaly is in the middle of talking with two higher ranking Greenwood warriors that came with him from the Twainfort. What better way to fight Abandoned than to bring your own Abandoned that know how to fight with you. These are clearly sworn to Riven, to those familiar with Thesarin's clan. The old Riven knight says a smattering of words to the pair in Oathlands shav, likely orders. He gives the pair of them a nod, making a vague gesture to the war table, then back to some direction outside the tent. The pair give Mihaly a nod, then exit. Clucking his tongue, he's quiet. Contemplative, perhaps.

"Around here," Mirk points towards the map with a finger, indicating somewhere near the back lines. "Providing what support they can. I might even join them, though we'll see how the battle proceeds." He's dressed for battle in steelsilk and fireweave, a bow slung over his shoulder. He looks up at Rowenova's announcement, frowning. He returns his attention to Brianna and says, "I'll leave our infantry to your discretion. Do be careful on the front lines, Cousin."

Lucita quietly makes her way into the command tent, guard dogs sitting at rest at the entry. Idly she slides a finger under one of her armor straps, easing it a little and gives a soft sigh. She makes her way over toward Brianna and Mirk and the others. "Any news or changes so far?" Leaning so she can peek out of the tent entry, she eyes the surroundings and preparations.

The banner of the Malvici Phoenix Brigade has been planted outside the Hospital tent, where Lady Eirene and Lady Thea Malvici have volunteered their aide. The battle-medics prepare the triage center with a sort of steady ease; this isn't their first nor last battle.
Eirene wears her red and black leathers with a physician's skull cap over her hair. Gloved hands. Sword at the ready but more importantly, her scalpel. She keeps an eye on the command tent for any changes or orders from those taking lead.

Rysen stands not far from Lawrence, dressed in his black fir-trimmed mantle, steelsilk and leather armor. "I think it will be possible to draw them in. They are hemmed in, and are now forced to a pitched battle..." he pauses a moment, and glances towards Brianna, before continuing to Lawrence, "but they posses more than soldiers, Uncle."

Rowenova's call to arms, causes Rysen's grey eyes to rise to Lawrence's, and he quickly leaves the command tent to find the wolf scout.

Eirene gets a small thin scalpel with an alaricite blade from a black leather belt with a silver falcon buckle.

Eirene wields a small thin scalpel with an alaricite blade.

Orelia wakes up and goes about her routine as though this were any other day, almost stubbornly so, until word comes from the scouts of the amassing shavs. She does her best to maintain a casual air, but there is an obvious impatience in the tapping of her fingers on her knee.

Raja gets Twilight Embrace, an alaricite dagger from Black Leather Belt.

Lucita wields Ember Reckoning, a rubicund dagger.

Raja wields Twilight Embrace, an alaricite dagger.

Dianna wields a diamondplate glaive set with mirrorsilver and sapphires.

Finding Nova will be easy, since she is a bit elevated even on a short horse, and Sir Floppington is the cutest of course.

Standing over near Eirene, Thea is prepared, dressed in different armor, but her kopis and dagger are at her side. She helps prepare set up with obvious practice, listening for any change of plans. Or anything for that matter.

Mikani stands and watches them plan the battle. Her dark eyes seem to soak in Rysen before she looks at the map. Her leathers of black, gray and red are not out of the ordinary in this group of people. She takes out her flask and takes a long draw as she prepares herself.

Lawrence nods at Rysen, "I understand the concern." He inspects the map a little bit more. He looks up to Asher, "Master Grayhope. Think you can get behind the line and find some priority targets? You can take as many soldiers as you think would help." The call to arms gets a grunt from the old man. "Seems we get less time to plan than I hoped."

Walking quickly the war camp, Rysen spots Asher, and nods for him to follow. Moving amid the mass of Crovane, Halfshav and Kennex warriors all scrambling to prepare, Rysen makes his way to Rowenova. "They're coming? Can you tell how many?" A few Crovane axemen and women come to stand beside Rysen to hear the scout's report.

"Ooooooooh! C-come all ye big bastards and stabby stab-stabbers! Waaaaay! Heeeeey! Strike the man down!"

Gourds clink, slosh, and a rubi staff thuds into the ground with each step. Humming, happy, jubilant even and as the Drunken Immortal Culler moves past men and women getting ready for battle - an elbow jabs into the dark Raja, "Red Raja, Red Raja! Let us make the blood flow! Should we? Yes, in my Goddess' name? Maybe." Laughter, and the drunken man nearly fucking trips over himself, heavy leathers - though the red silk The Hat flows behind him. A gourd lifted to the lips, "Woel!" The name cried out, and the clear liquid dumped down his gullet. Gulped. A small spurt given near one of the many torches where men gather and look grim, and the air gives a sudden 'fwoof' as flames erupt from alcohol. They shout, Ravna Culler laughs, and gives a nudge to the woman beside him.

The other woman beside him, the Clad For War Dianna, having left horses and such behind. Ravna glances to the beautiful Mirrormask, with her Glaive and all. "I say, yes, mhm, you know - I should've brought cards, My Friend, you know, last time SHE brought the game. Always brings the game. I should've brought one this time." It is then that they arrive towards the tents and gatherings of the Allied Command.

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Jules has a roll of haze in his mouth, it's unlit. He's holding an open jar of honey that on occasion he sticks his finger into it to take a dab because, a little dab 'll do ya. He's not cutting the best figure for a soldier but he is stylish in his leathers. His hair is pulled back in a tight ponytail and he has a little ruffle of silk flowing out from the from of his silk shirt. Little ruffles of that same silk flow out of the sleeves of his jacket. He's slightly holding more weight on his left leg, giving his hip a slight angle to it. He's ready to be here in his own little form of style. He's standing hear Mikani and looks over towards her with a weakening smile.

With her Northern volume, so everyone here can easily hear, "All 2000 or so." Then, glancing over to one of her fellow mounted archer scouts, there is a confirming nod from that Ranging Wolf, too. "Yes, 2000."

Jules has joined the allied command position.

Brianna looks livid when she hears the sounds of drinking and carousing. "Who is commanding these assholes ?"

Asher is not - specifically not - a member of the nobility, nor is he a knight, or a commander. But even so, he's a Squire. Lord Rysen's, in fact. So he's nearby, if anything to be a bodyguard for the man. And while not nobility, he does note something he feels is important. "Blood magic, as well, aye? Don't underestimate them. They may look sickly and yet pick up a horse and throw it." When he's addressed by Lawrence, Asher ponders a bit. "I could. Get me to run out with Scout 'Nova. But they're already on the way. I don't like this. Heading straight at us so early." He shakes his head. "If we play defensive, they've already won. Find their leader. Cut the snake's head off."

Lucita glances from person to person, giving nods of recognition or a little wave. "I've just myself and my guard dogs at present. But I'll try to stay out of the way of those who know what they are doing and help when and if it seems I am needed."

In stark contrast to her brother, the 'Dark Red Raja' is silent as she walks alongside him and Dianna. She turns an eye towards him, furrowing her brows. How can he /always/ be so chipper? There is a sigh of longsuffering, "Ravna. You are going to get us kicked out of the skirmish. There will be a peace treaty made just to make us leave." She cannot help but to chuckle slightly. At the call to arms, Raja smiles. "Seems it is time." From behind her waistline, she pulls out her dagger, any light glinting from it.

Though her wild companion may be jubilant in the face of the coming battle, Dianna is somber, serious, focused. "Let's hope you and your Friend ...don't have to play a game this time, Ravna, darling," the mirrorsilver-and-stygian-clad priestess replies, her lustrous voice calm, composed - if slightly strained. "Darling, Raja, we should find our way to Rysen and the others. I want to know what the plan is," Dianna utters as they make their way into camp, glancing around to find the tent. She lifts up to her shoulder and gently scratches her white raven's belly, "Let's hope you'll be lucky again, my beautiful Rosalba."

"This has got to be it," says Rysen under his breath, scowling. Turning to a Crovane axeman, the Crovane lord says, "Go to Rukhnis, and make sure she's ready to accept the wounded." When Asher speaks, Rysen grins. "Lady Brianna and Lady Orelia will agree with you, Asher." He places a hand on the man's shoulder. "Remember your oath if I fall." He then leaves to find Lawrence and Mirk, smiling in grim fashion to find Dianna near the command tent.

Lawrence nods to Asher, then says loudly to his Nephew, "He is your squire, so it is your call. I tend to some what agree. We need to take out their command." He grunts, "Do as you think best gentlemen. I shall be with the men on the line." With that he picks up his sword off the table in the command tent and starts heading down to where the Crovane troops are gathered.

Eirene is giving orders, because that's what she does. She's all business now. No trace of the usual smirk or smug smile. She fingers a pendant around her neck and glances over to Mihaly, giving him a tilt of her chin in a wordless hello. Then it's back into the tent, where she is preparing her medics and the other volunteer healers for what lies ahead.

Mikani looks at Rysen, "What is his oath if you fall?"

Stepping forward, Mihaly looks over the map after having his little meeting with his own personal forces. Whatever they're doing, they've moved off to do it. "Numbers will determine what they do." he states eventually. "The know the area better. They will use that to their advantage. The weather could potentially play a factor. It's spring, so I'd rather not have to deal with fog. But, we outnumber them, they may ply to more hit and run tactics, in an attempt to goad us or break us apart to give chase." He pauses at that, returning the slight nod to Eirene upon her entering. "That is something I've noticed in my years fighting Oathlands Abandoned. That may not happen here, but it is something to keep in mind."

Orelia spots Dianna from where she sits and looks thoughtful for a moment before approaching her. "Hey Sister, can I talk to you a moment?"

Rowenova checked command + leadership at difficulty 30, rolling 8 higher.

Lawrence checked command + leadership at difficulty 30, rolling 15 higher.

Eirene checked command + leadership at difficulty 30, rolling 27 higher.

Mirk checked command + leadership at difficulty 30, rolling 25 higher.

Jules is watching the details play out in some vague sense that something is happening that he really doesn't grasp. He looks about and whispers to Mikani periodically but otherwise is allowing others to go about their duties without his interrupting them. He looks around for a moment and says, "I suppose at this point no one would mind if I light up I guess." There's a weak smile on his face and he does take this opportunity to get himself a little more relaxed in the moment and pulls around his bag to look into it and says, "Hmm, I am pretty certain I brought a little snack." He looks over towards Mikani and asks, "Do you like dried apples?" He then stops and says, "A bottle of the old wineyard!" Wait, why is he here again?

Brianna checked command + leadership at difficulty 30, rolling 31 higher.

Mihaly checked command + leadership at difficulty 30, rolling 3 lower.

"Of course, Orelia," Dianna replies, somewhat surprised to find the lady here. She breaks from Ravna and Raja and steps to the side - lifting a brief, gentle but concerned smile to Rysen. "Rysen, I'll be back in a moment," she says, moving to let Orelia take her where the lady might wish to speak privately.

"Come all ye ditch diggers, and throat-slit-slitterrrrrrrs! Waaaay heeeeey! Bleed the men out!"

Ravna calls again, laughing as his companions scold him, and despite all the looks the little party may get - Ravna gives a thud to that staff, pulling on the hanging gourds to tie them on his person and free up the rubicund weapon. "Oh come now, my love, my beautiful, Mine. Come, yesssss...yes. I will hope, maybe, but - you know - if I see her, I will tell My Friend 'hello' from you!" Smiles, the tattooed man is, giving a hip-bump to Dianna, and then back to Raja. "That's part of my charm, you know? Think about it - who wants to fight madmen who breathe fire and sing about fuckin' their moms?" Laughter again.

Thea is nodding and talking over by the field hospital tent, listening to her aunt and Rukhnis. Her demeanor is appearing a bit more serious now, as the youngest Malvici is paying attention,"I'm comfortable with that. Just--don't be surprised if I end up--sword in hand to go and,"looking at Eirene, like she expects her to know what she's going to say.

Asher smiles to Rysen, giving him a pat on the shoulder. "Remember -your- oath to Lady Mikani, and don't fall. Tell me where to go. You know who I was before I was Asher." Some hidden implication there. "And I dream of it every night, not of my own accord. If you want me there, I'll be there." Mihaly talks about the geography, and he wonders... "If we pinpoint the most defensible position, the most hidden, then that is where their leader is. Where's the head to chop, aye?"

With Asher, Nova agrees, too. "I saw archers, infantry, skirmishers, and then some mounted shavs and then some of those blood shaman in gross headdresses, but I could not discern who the leaders actually were, and I did stalk them, doing so for quite for some time." She turns her sights to all those who look to be scrambling around with their equipment and doing so in inefficient ways, and so she shouts out solutions to the process to streamline their progress.

When the Crovane axeman comes her way, Rukhnis gives him a crisp nod and tells him, "All is in readiness here, and we are as prepared as we may be. Lady Eirene will be leading the field medics, Lady Thea will take charge of evacuating the wounded from the field of battle, and I am in charge of the triage here at the hospital." She draws in a deep breath, then lets it back out again. "May the spirits be with you all," she says more softly, "and hold you safe in their embrace today."

"Alright, you bloody bastards, listen up!" Eirene gathers the medics, battle-ready or otherwise, and stands before them. "We have one duty and one duty only. That is to keep these happy assholes fighting. These fuckers rely on us to patch them up and get them back into the fight. Or they will need us to pull their sorry asses off the front line and into the tent where we can tell them to lie the Abyss down and stop being stupid. So if they do their job, and kill the enemy, then we won't need to do our job." She turns and looks at the other fighters. "So you dumbasses, don't fuck it up."

Eirene finishes by turning to her troops and says, "What is our motto? What do we say to the Queen of Endings?" Her soldiers echo back, "Back off Bitch, this one's mine! We're greedy mother-fuckers!"

Orelia and Dianna share a quiet, private moment of conversation before Dianna squeezes the lady's forearm and leans in to kiss Orelia's cheek. "We shall, don't worry."

Lawrence wanders his old slow self down to the troops, "Soldiers of Stormwall! The battle is upon us! They march on us now. Draw your axes! Wield your swords! Ready your shields!" His own sword is drawn and his parrying dagger pulled out. "We march to meet them! We fear no storm! And this shall hardly be a drizzle! Follow me and we shall get a chance to see who is more prepared for a fight! Them! Or a thousand of the best Stormwall has to offer!" And with that he is already standing in front of the Crovane troops, back to the advancing enemy. He nods once and turns to face the enemy. Slowly walking out, waiting for his troops to follow.

Brianna hears Eirene's troops' motto and grins. She gives the Malvici an approving salute.

Lucita glances at her dogs and says. "With everyone else speechifying, guess will have to make one to my followers. That's you two fellas, Golden and Gunther. I'll keep it simple and brief. Anyone attacks me, tear their throats out." A pat to each dog is given and she looks back up at all the others and how they are being deployed and handled. "And steaks and soup bones for you both when this is over."

Raja crinkles her nose at Ravna. "Eww. No!" A hand goes out and swats at his arm. She reaches out to take one of Ravna's gourds. She pops the cork and takes a deep swallow. "Ok. Ready." She is surely hyping herself up for this world of hurt! The gourd is then thrust back into Ravna's chest. She listens to the commanders giving their speeches to boost morale and encouragement to the troops, nodding a few times to their words.

Mihaly gives a moment of consideration to say something, but considering how many people are already giving speeches, he does not need to add anything or even repeat what someone else says. Does appear to approve of those who're already doing so.

As Lawrence speaks, Rysen draws his rubicund sword and lifts it high in the air, amid a field of Crovane axes. A vast rumble like thunder fills the allied camp when the warriors of Stormwall clash their axes on their shields as Lawrence speaks. Rysen turns to find Brianna as the troops being to move with Lawrence. "Time to make due on the promise you made," he says, touching his left fist to his heart in a warrior salute. "See you on the front lines." He quickly goes to find Asher, who, he hopes, will have his war horse, Bandit ready.

Thea looks around her and repeats Eirene,"Basically..don't fuck up." She looks over at her aunt's troops as well,"Please don't make me have to drag you off the field too. Kay? I'd appreciate it."

Rukhnis spends a few moments observing the preparations for battle and listening to the heartening -- or at the very least, spine-stiffening -- words of those speaking, and then gives a small nod before ducking back under the hospital tent and making sure everything really is in readiness, for probably about the thousandth time.

Brianna turns to her troops. "We are the North, friends. This is our home. This is for our families and homes. Good hunting." Rysen gets a mirthless smile and a nod as she heads off to the front lines. "Just like Old Duke Vercyn would," she tells him.

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Asher is putting the last touches onto Bandit's gearing - saddle, bridle, blinders, and of course barding. That way, Bandit doesn't die. It's important. When Rysen arrives, he gives the man a thumbs-up. "They cannot fight without a head. Either through leadership... Or literally. Cleave their heads from their shoulders."

Rysen grins at Asher, and swings into the saddle. "Alright boy," he says patting the horse's neck. "Glory or death."

Mikani readies herself to protect the camp if need be. She makes her daggers and axes at the ready. She moves to stand by Mirk. "I offer my services to help you Lord Mirk with whatever you need."

Mirk departs from the command tent to address the Halfshav contingent of the soldiers. "You've heard the speeches. You know what we're up against. I'll spare you a repetition of it. But know this: You are our finest soldiers, hardened in battle against Shavs and enemies of the Compact alike. The White Ravens are merely one more threat to come to our allies' doorsteps. Go, and show them what a Halfshav army is capable of." Not much of a speech, in the end, but it's all the speech he's going to give. He withdraws after that, gathering his weapons and his tools, pouches full of ritualistic paraphernalia for the battle ahead.

Their conversation concluded, Dianna gives Orelia a reassuring smile, though there is yet a touch of sobriety in the priestess' eyes. She tilts her head back towards Rysen. "Let's find out where we can best give our aide, Orelia. And may Gloria be with us all." She scans the area and notices the troops of people assembled - Rysen, Lawrence and Brianna with their various troops, and a mass of one-hundred Templars, including Dianna's personal guard, Oscarr. She dips a nod to him and watches as they sing a war rally to Gloria and march off behind Brianna's troops while the priestess considers the rest.

She turns, steps to Ravna and Raja, glancing between the pair. "I'll likely need to find a way to know what's going on - and I don't expect to be on the front lines quite yet, as much as it grieves me. However, we need to find where they're doing the blood rituals. Raja, do you feel up to scouting? There ought to be some others, too." Dianna looks to Ravna and considers him. "...I'll expect you're guarding me, aren't you?"

There's a pause, the elder Riven turning to the Greenwood warriors who have come here, all veterans, and all stand silent. There's no words exchanged between the Knight Commander and those under his command, all bearing a mixture of the colors of the Heron and the Greenwood. A dire contrast between the shouts and calls for victory. None of that here. There's a silence in understanding that's shared between the old Sword and those with him. Every single one nods to him, and Mihaly returns him. Before the call is given, he turns back to offer Eirene a small ghost of a smile before his attention goes back to the task at hand. There's a gesture with his head, and the group of them move forward, heading for the front line.

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"I know where I belong," Orelia tells Dianna with a smirk and a nod.

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Raja turns her gaze towards Dianna. A single nod is offered to her, "I am up for scouting, but not sure what can be done with an army assembling."

Rowenova checked command + leadership at difficulty 15, rolling 12 higher.

Mihaly checked command + leadership at difficulty 15, rolling 13 higher.

Lawrence checked command + leadership at difficulty 15, rolling 24 higher.

Lawrence checked luck at difficulty 10, rolling 1 lower.

Rysen checked luck at difficulty 10, rolling 5 higher. Rysen rolled a critical!

Rowenova checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 25 higher.

Asher checked luck at difficulty 10, rolling 7 higher.

Orelia checked luck at difficulty 10, rolling 4 higher.

Lawrence points his sword up and towards the enemy. "Archers! Loose!" and after the command is given the old man moves faster than anyone has likely seen him move and He just starts running at the enemy, hoping the Axemen follow.

Mihaly checked luck at difficulty 10, rolling 2 higher.

30 inflicted and Lawrence is unharmed.

Lucita watches as others leave and start to form up. She drags a seat to the entry, there is a good view from there and she keeps a cautious watch over the proceedings. Her expression is somber Idly she reaches for her mandolin and checks it for tuning, adjusting strings but not launching into any music, just a mannerism that conceals trepidation. Her gaze tracks the flight of the arrows sent forth.

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As part of the Halfshav military along with her Ranging Wolves, Scout Rowenova soaks up the heartening speech by their Voice Mirk, and is indeed motivated. Banding together with her fellow soldiers (mounted archers), they rides forth at a brisk pace, arcing out toward the right side of the enemy forces while firing forth repeating vollies of lethal arrows. After, several people are swiftly dispatched to The Wheel. Panic mounts on the enemy side!

Asher wields a plain dagger of excellent make.

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As Lawrence charges the airs start raining in. Quite a few manage to connect with the old knight, but his metal plates keep him uninjured for now. His face goes to a grim look and he continues his charge at the enemy.

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Brianna checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 4 higher.

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Raja checked luck at difficulty 10, rolling 47 higher. Raja rolled a critical!

Dianna checked luck at difficulty 10, rolling 9 higher.

Eirene lets the first charge press forward into the fray. She nods to Thea and Rukhnis as she departs the medics' tent and strides forward. The Brigadier brings her first squadron up to the back lines to prepare for their eventual duties. They won't take the front line but they will be close enough to do their duties.

There's a number of the warriors with Mihaly that are more of the arching variety. "We'll have time for one volley." he asides those with him. Bowstrings are pulled back in Greenwood unison, stretching out. There's a moment of holding before the audible 'twang' of multiple arrows being loosed. The Riven and those with him don't charge until their commander is ready. Once Duty is drawn, the diamondplate being pulled freed, the Herons roll down the hill. No roaring, no shouting. Only the sound of hard breathing. There is only focus. The need to get the job done.

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Arrows. Asher does not have the type of armor to take too many of those - merely leather. However, he's able to dodge the few that come his way, as he's sprinting further on, ready to use that blade on the first enemy he encounters.

Stepping forward, Thea is already heading forward to well--she's got to collect those hurt. Much like the Bone Collector. But--not. Injured Thea! You're collecting the INJURED! She hurries over, joining the back of the bunch.

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As the armies of Kennex, Halfshav, Crovane and the mercenaries advance, a hail of arrows fly from the Raven's archers. The swift movements and coordination of the troops allows most of the formations to avoid injury, either by moving quickly or forming shield walls; however, the sheer volume of arrows cause some to pierce the soldiers of various factions - even as the majority of troops move quickly to engage.

From the Raven's position, drums boom through the air, and blasts of a horn sound. Skirmishers scream and rush to meet the allied warriors in the center of the meadow!

Ravna checked luck at difficulty 10, rolling 6 higher.

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Ravna has joined the front line.

Raja glances up as the arrows begin to rain from the heavens above. There is laughter.. LAUGHTER.. that comes from the woman. She just waltzes through the hail of arrows as if it is a gentle cascade of a spring sunshower. She turns on her heels, twirling as a pair of arrows land on either side of her mere inches away. "Hoo! Ha! Missed!"

Eirene checked command + leadership at difficulty 20, rolling 22 higher.

Thea checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 54 higher.

Incredulous at Raja's sudden turn of mood, Dianna glances over to her, a smirk upon her lips and dashes afterwards. Though the priestess doesn't take quite so much enjoyment in the rain of sharp-pointy-things falling from the sky, she manages not to be caught by any, either.

Rukhnis watches her fellow healer-leaders begin their advance onto the soon-to-be field of battle, her mouth tightening a little. Then she gets back to rallying her own team of triage healers, speaking to them quietly to ensure that everyone knows what their place and their role are in readiness for the inevitable stream of wounded to come.

Ravna, like Raja, laughs. His is is probably due to being drunk, or high, or mad. But towards Dianna, the man cackles, and when it's time to move he bounds forward and dips, ducks, dodges and - fuckin' dives out of the way. "My Love, to thee I sing to thee!" Spinning in place as the arrows fall and so HIGH is Ravna on the growing frenzy of battle, of another potential to maybe (but probably not) die - one hand raises, then falls to his groin to grab and shake at the opposing force. "Oooooooiiiiiii!"

Mikani shifts a bit with restless energy before she nods at Jules. "Yeah some wine would be good."

Those less lucky than Raja, those who actually took arrows (to the knee and in other locations) are quickly tended to by the medics under Eirene's watchful blue eyes. Some were struck in vital locations and could not be saved; such is war. Those needing a bit more work are taken back to the waiting Rukhnis in the tents. But the response is swift and life-saving to those in need.

Rowenova checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 20, rolling 42 higher.

Lucita stays where she is, dogs flanking her as she leans forward, studying what is happening along the battlelines. At one point she stands on the chair to get a better perspective. Her expression shows her concern.

Lawrence checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 24 higher.

Raja checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 30 higher.

Ravna checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 40 higher.

Brianna checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 35 higher.

As the march begins Orelia turns and looks to the troops she is going into battle with. She knows that some may be eager, others will be afraid, and all of them know that this could be their last day. She turns to someone next to her and gives him the beat before she begins to sing:
"Axes flash, broadsword swing
Shining armour's piercing ring
Horses run with polished shield
Fight Those Bastards till They Yield
Midnight mare and blood red roan
Fight to Keep this Land Your Own
Sound the horn and call the cry
How Many of Them Can We Make Die!"

Asher checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 38 higher.

Mirk glances aside at Mikani. "Help prepare for a ritual. Gather up all oft he offerings and the sacrifices. Their shamans will soon go into motion, and we will need the spirits' aid to make sure that advantage is not crippling," he informs Mikani. "Aegis." There's a sharpness to his tone, a gesture with one hand, and the guard hound takes position to guard him in case of any outside interference.

Thea rushes foward, darting people and arrows. Damn arrows! Spotting one man on the ground, Thea quickly grabs him,"Hold on. I got you,"noting the injuries. She picks him up and hauls him up over her shoulder before--Gods, another. She quickly grabs him as well, careful not to hurt him further before hurrying back to the tent. Two men on each shoudler. No dying here!

Rysen checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 44 higher.

Orelia checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 29 higher.

Dianna checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 18 higher.

Mihaly checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 32 higher.

Lawrence rushes in as fast as he can, left side forward. Parrying dagger up, sword pointed down behind him. The first Raven he encounters swings a blade at the Old Crovane. In his favorite of all the opening moves, Lawrence makes, he blocks the sword with his parrying dagger and sweeps the enemy off their feet with his sword. And in a fluid motion he spins the sword enough to stab straight down in to the toppled enemies chest. He is not really prone to defense, despite being called a shield and often taking down one enemy leaves him open for a moment.

Rukhnis knows full well that people are already dying in the very first volley of arrows, before the battle has even properly begun. It's also a sure bet that she's not pleased with it, and accepts it with far less philosophical stoicism than Eirene is capable of. But none of that does anything to lessen the determined calm with which she accepts the care of these first wounded brought by Thea, nor the efficiency with which she assigns their treatment or begins work on them herself.

Orelia checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 40 higher.

Brianna leads from the front, her company of light infantry taking the right flank. She roars when she sights the enemy, her troops roaring and whooping along with her, an unearthly, bone chilling din. Then, they charge.

The emotions of war wash of Raja. As the opposing army pushes forward, Raja jumps into the fray! A feral yell comes from the Culler as she begins to slice and dice! Her alaricite dagger is thrusted upwards to catch a fool under his jaw. The red splatter paints Raja's features and causes her dark leather to glisten. She lifts a foot to plant into the belly of her opponent and pushes him away as she yanks the bloodied knife from his throat.

Rysen, mounted on Bandit, fighting beside Asher and Lawrence, sweeps his rubicund sword through the neck of an onrushing Abandoned skirmisher - nor is that the only shav to fall. Rysen dismounts and draws his steel sword, slashing, parrying and stabbing all that step into his path or Lawrence's, while the song of the Orelia Stonewood rises above the screams of the enemy.

A sword, arm's length, is good for certain things. Defending onself is one of those, cleaving through things is another. Axes - giant axes! - are good for slicing a man in half. However, a dagger? Well-folded steel, in such a small blade, what is that good for? Slicing, and stabbing, and continuing momentum. Asher is dashing and diving through the Shavs, flash of metal as he does, to slit throats, stab at the weak points of armor, and even one gets the full length of the blade straight up through the jaw, to the brain. It's done in a moment, leaving the enemy standing there after Asher leaves him, before the body simply crumbles to the ground. And so Asher continues. He's not trying to break the line - he's moving through it. "I'll see you on the other side, Lord Rysen! I've a serpent to find!"

"Ooooooiiiiiiii!" Jiggle jiggle jiggle. Ravna grabs and shakes his groin at the opposing forces, "THE CULLERS ARE GONNA FUCK YA MOMS! YOU CHICKEN-LEGGED FUCKOS!" Even as they come, as The Enemy approaches - they'll see that shit-talking, tattooed, sputtering Ravna Culler start to move. To twist. The red rubi staff begins to spin, faster, faster still, and it makes a terrible 'woooo'ing' sound like a moan. Then Ravna begins to spin, and anything that comes close. Anyone. They find the strike of that staff - and it's a violence without death, but utter brutality, because Ravna starts taking out arms, legs, and ribs with crushing blows. A weapon tries to halt the whirling staff, and it does - only for the wielder to have it batted aside, and get his forehead dented in until the body crumples in a heap.
Another swings low, and Ravna leaps onto the staff like an acrobat, laughing as he does so - and tumbling down towards the ground to use his own body as a weight that snaps an ankle. However he does not lose himself (yet) to the frenzy, and stays beside Dianna and Raja.

Eirene checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 30, rolling 28 higher.

Rukhnis checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 30, rolling 38 higher.

Thea checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 30, rolling 40 higher.

Her mirrorsilver glaive whipping to the side, Dianna takes out an enemy archer six feet away as she rushes further in, her training as a glaivedancer taking over. There's one direction for Dianna at this point: Forward, hidden within the fray - as it were - to find what blood mages may have started this.

Rumor has it there's been a murder. Jakolina Hawise was discovered in her home, a modest little dwelling in the Ward of the Compact, not terribly far from Traders Tavern. Naturally, the gossip is a little sensational, as it's being said that she was found crumpled against the back wall of her bedroom, her spine shattered, left shoulder broken, and with a fractured hip. There was a sizeable dent in the wall above her body, so of course the usual culprits are claiming that she must have been thrown across the room hard enough to leave the mark. Ridiculous.

Friends and neighbors claim there was nothing missing from her home aside from a small, ceramic statuette beautifully detailed with the sigil of Gild. She'd been so proud of it, claiming she'd found it while traveling through the Gray Forest only a month ago. Poor Jakolina did love to explore.

To the right side, riding counterclockwise around enemy forces, mounted archers within the Ranging Wolves of House Halfshav go on a shooting spree which effectively snipes the gathered enemies, whittling away at the outer fringes. Flying arrows from not only them but the allied army ultimately attack from multiple directions at this particular point, from not only the front side but the side side, now, too.

Since Scout Rowenova is currently occupied with 'all that', riding off at a quick pace to figure out a good way to do 'flanking archery' (not yet at the complete back of the big army), Sir Floppington takes off after Asher and actually helps him if he possibly can, weaving through the enemy lines after the stabby man.

Mikani nods at Mirk's request dragging Jules around with her. "We are getting the stuff for the ritual." She says as she moves off to start gathering supplies.

There's a run, but Mihaly doesn't charge through the first Blood Raven. The Riven is measured and efficient, he lets the other make the first move, Duty slapping away the incoming axe, the movement of own sword slicing out the first warrior's side, deep enough that it's probably a mortal wound. The old knight doesn't waste the momentum that's been granted to him, forward another two steps, enough time to bring the sword back and down, the diamondplate cutting through the weak steel that's brought forward to try and defend. Breaking the sword in a metallic 'ping', he buries it the next Abandoned's shoulder, partially through their chest before he withdraws and moving away. Walking forward, his freehand grabs the next Blood Raven by the neck, clenching while his swordhand runs the next through twice before letting the body fall dead at his feet. The Greenwoods with him don't just run off. They move as a unit together, with the Riven the tip of the spear.

Lucita notes Mirk's preparations and lets her gaze seek his for a moment, a little nod given. She turns her attention back to the battle, hands now gripping the mandolin in a position it can be played.

All on the front lines see a dark cloud rise from the woodlands to the south, the direction of the Raven's forces. Murders of crows fill the air, cawing loudly, and plunging down on the allied troops, tearing exposed flesh wherever they may find it.

Amid the whirl of black wings, beaks and claws - the drums boom and the horns sound, and fierce howls fill the air. Huge, black wolves rush to join the battle, along with another wave of Raven warriors.

2 inflicted and Orelia is harmed for minor damage.

2 inflicted and Rowenova is harmed for minor damage.

2 inflicted and Mihaly is harmed for minor damage.

2 inflicted and Asher is harmed for minor damage.

2 inflicted and Lawrence is harmed for minor damage.

2 inflicted and Rysen is harmed for minor damage.

2 inflicted and Brianna is harmed for minor damage.

2 inflicted and Dianna is harmed for minor damage.

Finding more soldiers from the field, Thea hurries back over to the tent. She stops and helps Rukhnis tend the patients. One can't do EVERYHING alone. "Okay. What do we have--,"patching up some of them, and kicking them back out,"You're good! Get back out there!" While frowning at a few others.

2 inflicted and Ravna is harmed for minor damage.

Raja has joined the front line.

2 inflicted and Raja is harmed for minor damage.

The 'greedy mother-fuckers' of the Phoenix Brigade are hard at work. Those who might have otherwise been left for dead or abandoned on the field are being managed by the medical troops. Eirene points here and there, directing people into the spots where they are needed most. She even takes a knee and sees to a few herself, doing more than just commanding. The arrows are withdrawn, with pressure applied to the wound, and tightly bandaged to stop the bleeding. Some, with minor cuts and slices, are sent back into the field to join their comrades. Others, sadly, are beyond saving and their bodies left for now. Some simply are too wounded to press on and are hurried back into the safety of the command camp.

Mirk checked mana + occult at difficulty 30, rolling 47 higher.

Lucita checked mana + performance at difficulty 30, rolling 34 higher.

Rukhnis gives a small nod to Thea as her fellow physician makes a stop back in the hospital tent, acknowledgement and muted gratitude for what she's managed to accomplish so far. "Some of these soldiers will not be fit to go back out to the front line," she tells the young Malvici while finishing up a suture, "but they may be able to help defend the camp if it becomes necessary." The young woman she's tending nods grimly and perhaps with a hint of pained sourness, not pleased to be held back by the seriousness of the wounds she's already accrued, and clearly willing to do whatever else may be remotely within her capacity.

Mikani checked mana + occult at difficulty 30, rolling 28 higher.

Lawrence checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 40, rolling 29 higher. Lawrence rolled a critical!

Dianna checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 40, rolling 50 higher. Dianna rolled a critical!

Brianna punches a fucking crow with her offhand. Boom.

Rysen checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 40, rolling 28 higher.

Mihaly checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 40, rolling 8 higher.

Raja checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 40, rolling 2 lower.

Asher checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 40, rolling 0 higher.

70 inflicted and Ravna is harmed for minor damage.

Rowenova checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 40, rolling 5 higher.

Lucita looks upward at the crows and starts to sing, a song of Lagoma, calling for the still air to swirl and tug at the crows, making them smash into each other and disrupting their flight. Some are blown off course to crash into trees, others are spun in a dizzying circle leaving them unable to continue their flights.

70 inflicted and Raja is harmed for serious damage.

Ravna checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 40, rolling 1 lower.

Lawrence draws his blade back from the now corpse underneath of him and he swings it a bit to get the damn Birbs off him. He spots the wolves rushing in. "Kill the beasts! These

Orelia checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 56 higher.

Lawrence draws his blade back from the now corpse underneath of him and he swings it a bit to get the damn Birbs off him. He spots the wolves rushing in. "Kill the beasts! These 'soldiers' are nothing to you!" He shouts to just about anyone who can hear him. And again he is charging full speed towards the incoming wolves. One leaps at him and latches on to his metal (left) arm. A grunt comes out of the Crovane as he lets the wolf try to go to town on him. He draws his sword up and stabs down through the back of the animal in to it's chest.

Birds. They are everywhere! Even Raja lets out a startled sound as the birds descend, one even flying right up into her face! The bird insistently pecks at her face, trying for her eyes, but manages to claw up her face. She is finally able to rip the feathered fiend off her face and throw it hard on the ground just in time for a quick stomp to the head. Raja has no time to recover as suddenly there is a wolf that leaps at her from the side, knocking her right off her feet and clamped hard on her shoulder, snarling, growling, and violently shaking at her body. "AAAAUGGH!" She lets out a cry of pain and works at trying stab at the mangey creature.

"GAH! Fuckin' birds! Fuckin' birds and corpse-chickens! AAAGH!" Swingswingswing. Oh yeah, Ravna is certainly swinging at fucking crows like a child hitting rocks at windows, and all that time in the Lower Boroughs pays off - until there's god damned wolves. So. First things first: Get his fancy new coat bitten by a giant slobbering Shav-dog.

Behind the lines - but just enough. Asher has been cutting down, or slowing to the point of incapacitation, a slew of enemies. Ten? Fifteen? He's not been counting, honestly. But then? Birds. -Wolves-. He can deal with people just fine. Birds though?! A peck or seven makes for painful going, but he's not letting that stop him. The wolves though? He full-on tackles one to stab it in the skull, which causes him to fall to the ground with it. He'll get back up in a moment, before the other wolves surround him, but these animals are tough critters. "See? This is why you lost. You fought for the wrong side... For the wrong reasons. And now you can't even fucking talk." Thankfully, it's a roar on the battlefield. Who, honestly, is going to hear him talk to... Nobody in particular?

Crows and corrupted wolves? If there was a way to incite Dianna's anger, to hone it and focus through the mirrorsilver of her glaive, it would be to send the very beasts of the Abyss to this Tehomic priestess. Her head entirely covered by the mirrorsilver-and-stygian helm, one cannot see her expression - but if there's anything that might be gleaned of her emotions at this point, it might be found in the beautiful display of flashing mirrorsilver that is Dianna Godsworn in a swirling, twirling, whipping storm of tearing wolves and birds from this plane of the earth.

Perhaps it is the very mirrorsilver in her glaive and armor; or perhaps it is the stygian, but the wolf Dianna comes upon seems to split and spatter in a mess of dark blood upon the ground. She halts, hearing Raja's and Ravna's cries, pausing to set her attention on those beasts that attack her friends.

That haze hit Jules hard! He almost seems like he has no idea what's going on because he doesn't. He's been dragged around by Mikani and that's really good because who knows where he'd be right now. He's come to for a moment of lucidity and his eyes are large, "Whoa, what's going on?" He blinks a few times and tries to gather his where about, hopefully avoiding anything dangerous for a while.

There's much Mihaly can do put his arm and sword up at the appearance, resulting a gash across cheek, blood dripping the side of his face, staining his grey beard red. He barely notices it, seeing the wolves starting to follow. Slowly, he starts to exhale, griping his sword by both hands, reading, giving a slight squat with is legs, holding the sword in a classic 'Conan' stance. He waits while the wolves come. There, that one, one coming straight at him. Dirt brown eyes narrows, waiting. Waiting. Almost, seeing a shadowy maw start to open. Now. He pivots with his legs to the side, dodging the bite that was meant for his thigh, while Duty screams in his hands, flickering in a tight arc. He cleaves the wolves' head clean off, it rolling and bouncing away in one direction, and the now dead momentum of the body rolling and crashing into the dirt ten feet away. Finally, Mihaly exhales.

Lawrence has left the front line.

Lawrence has joined the positions behind enemy lines.

Rysen has left the front line.

Rysen has joined the positions behind enemy lines.

Once all the offerings have been gathered, Mirk says to Mikani, "That is a start. But there's something no ritual is complete without. A sacrifice, even if it might be a small one. Nothing for nothing." He provides one last offerings of his own: An eagle's feather that had been a memento of home, taken from the mountains above Whitehold. He steps aside, gesturing for Mikani to provide something of his own. His lips move in quiet prayers, his gaze lifted up towards the heavens, calling upon the spirits of the skies and storms and the winds, asking for their aid and protection, and promising them to end the blood magic that stains their domain in return. One hand raises towards the crows.

Right there beside Asher is Sir Floppington who with stalwart determination growls lowly in canine fashion at the dark foes of lupine kind. What is a soulful gaze most times is a hard one as he likely threatens those who may be distant relatives way back down the family tree.

Orelia has left the front line.

Orelia has joined the positions behind enemy lines.

Mihaly has left the front line.

Mihaly has joined the positions behind enemy lines.

Asher has left the front line.

Asher has joined the positions behind enemy lines.

Dianna has left the front line.

Dianna has joined the positions behind enemy lines.

Thea has left the rear.

Thea has joined the field hospital.

It's only a matter of time before stranger injuries begin to arrive at the hospital tent -- eyes gouged by crow beaks, or ragged gaping holes where chunks of flesh have been removed by the teeth of terrible wolves -- but for now most of the wounds are more prosaic, if no less miserable for all that. There are vicious rents from sword and axe, arrow wounds galore, endless stitching and packing and wrapping of bloody gashes and gouges. One man has managed to have the better part of a hand cloven off, and then there's quick cauterization work to do. Nothing is pristine as it was just a half hour ago, and the smell of blood hangs stiflingly in the air, seasoned with the groans and cries of the worst injured. Through it all Rukhnis works alongside her triage crew with steely-eyed resolve, focused keenly on the demands of the moment.

Raja has left the front line.

Raja has joined the positions behind enemy lines.

Ravna has left the front line.

Ravna has joined the positions behind enemy lines.

Sicced forth toward the mounted archers of the Halfshav military are not Ranging Wolves like them but actual wolves with black fur from the enemy side (because what better attack could catch up with those mounted archers)?
Stirring up among the oncoming wolves are sharp yelps after arrows shot and horse kicks ultimately dispatch them, but it is a rough fight, and there are flying wolves and flying horses as they all jump to either attack/evade with a couple riders having to climb back on after being dragged off once bad woofs are taken down by the swift arrows of fellow scouts.

A spray of blood coats Raja once Dianna's warglaive tore into the best. It falls limp on top of her and she grunts, pushing the abyssal creature from her form. Curses are muttered as pain goes down her shoulder and blood flows free. Still, she has a determined look. "Thanks." She says to Dianna. "I owe you." She turns and pushes forward with the rest of the group.

Brianna stays on the front line with her men, holding their position and not letting the enemy past.

Orelia's blade flashes in the sun as it strides down one shav after another. Her song is cut short by a need to concentrate on the task at hand, but she never loses her rhythm as she moves. She swats at the crow that tries to gouge her eyes with the flat of her blade.

Above the battlefield, the sky darkens. The men and women in the tent turn toward Mirk. Forked lighting blazes across the sky, and sudden gust of wind blasts the crows upward. The song of the Baroness of Saikland Greens rises above the din of battle, and the remaining crows seem to disperse, flying with desperation out of the winds and storm that now cover the sun.

For the time being, Thea stays behind at the hospital. She helps patch up the gapping holes from the birds and--wolf attacks. She looks over at Rukhnis and shakes her head,"These are something nasty,"shuddering at the holes." That said, Thea continues working, swiftly and carefully before looking out to head back to gather more soldiers.

Mikani takes a sketch book from her holster. It looks to be full of drawings. She kisses it and sacrifices her artwork to the ritual. Mikani looks to the earth as Mirk looks to the sky. She calls to the spirits of water deep in the earth and to the spirit of earth. Fire. Assuring them that for their aid and protection that they will cleanse the area of the blood taint. She does as Khanne recommended. She sees the process of the elements. She sees the fire that could spring forth. The water. The earth. The air. How they can all move together. Then she moves like Mirk and raises her hand to the Crows. Giving them no quarter. In the air. In the trees. Nor on the earth.

Thea has left the field hospital.

Thea has joined the rear.

"You owe me nothing; just stay alive," Dianna murmurs to Raja through her masked helm. "Gods and fucking monsters today; shall we stay with the gods?" She turns her face skyward and nods, another murmur of thanks for her friends back at camp.

Eirene pauses to observe the magic - shamanism - whatever it is. She grunts and then goes back to her work. She pours a little whiskey on a wound to clean off the blood, eliciting another scream, and then gives the soldier a little sip for his trouble. "You're alive and well enough to scream, be thankful for that," she mutters, giving him a 'look'. "Now hold still so I can bind that wound!"

Lawrence rips his sword out of his slain wolf quite brutally, causing a bit of a spray to coat him and those around him as he does. He shrugs his shoulders a bit and readies his sword and dagger again for the next engagement.

Lucita's song fades away as the crows are no longer a danger. The scent of blood and burning flesh from the cauterizations turns her a few shades paler. Hands rest lightly on the strings and from her vantage point overlooking the battlefield, where her voice can carry onward. She looks toward Mirk. "We make a good team." She keeps the comments brief as she looks back over the difficulties facing the Compact warriors.

Not the first time Mihaly has seen black blood sizzle across the blade of Duty. He glances over it for a second, before swinging it once, throwing the excess blood onto the ground. A lingering look at the corpse of the wolf he just beheaded before moving forward with a purpose.

"Gods above and below, you are mighty fucking fine to look at in the fog of war, mhm. Absolutely true." A glance over Dianna, Ravna cackles his mad glee before turning to Raja, watching her with a trickster's wink. "See? Red Raja, Red Raja!" Mad, likely, Ravna throws his staff over his shoulder and - grabs a gourd off his chest, giving it a shake, and his howl that breaks through is like some coyote getting its rocks off. A nearby torch is used to light one of the ropes that dangle from a gourd, and he lunges very nearly -skips- forward into the oncomming violence. "One little, two little, three little Ravna's...!"

Rukhnis shivers a little at something more felt than seen, though her eyes lift briefly to scan the horizon visible outside the tent as she pauses in her work to wash the slick crimson sheen from her hands. She nods slightly to Thea, agreeing quietly, "The White Ravens do not bring only ordinary allies or ordinary force to bear in this battle. Which is only as we expected." Exhaling quietly through her nose, she dries her hands, gives another nod to Thea as the other physician departs, and moves on to the next grievously injured warrior.

Boom! Boom! Boom! sound the drums! As some of the allied forces being to breech through the enemy lines, while Brianna holds the front line, allowing none to pass towards the command position, shouts begin to fill the air. "Vortigan! Vortigan! Vortigan!" The shavs raise their spears, axes and swords, chanting, as a Raven war chieftain strides onto the field of battle to engage with those who dare challenge his dire mistress. Standing nearly seven feet tall, his headdress is lined with black raven's feathers dipped in blood. Skulls encircle his neck, and a massive battle axe rests on his shoulder. He lifts it high into the air and roars, charing forward to slay the warriors of the Compact.

Dianna checked perception + theology at difficulty 25, rolling 14 higher.

Dianna checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 50, rolling 13 higher.

Rowenova GM Roll checked dexterity(5) + brawl(4) at difficulty 50, rolling 2 higher.

Orelia checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 50, rolling 0 higher.

Rowenova checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 40, rolling 36 higher.

Mihaly checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 50, rolling 1 higher.

Asher checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 50, rolling 21 lower.

Mikani checked mana + occult at difficulty 30, rolling 7 higher.

Ravna checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 17 higher.

Raja checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 8 higher.

Ravna eyes the giant chieftain, and a nudge is given to the nearby ladies. "LookitTHATone." A pause, "I bet..." He calls out then, to the monstrosity of a person, "...I BET YOUR MOM FUCKED A BEAR, YEAH?! WATCH THIS!"
Laughing, probably mad, Ravna gives a whirl of that gourd at the charging Shav warriors and the result is an explosion that takes three or four men with it, and their screams are howls of pain as the high-proof alcohol - the Woel - sets them alight. Ravna, in return, once more grabs his groin and gives it a shake.

Lawrence checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 30, rolling 22 higher.

There is a big guy coming down! Raja blinks. That is one big mother... There is a temptation to fight the man, but there is already a good many people working to fight him. Some savage shav runs up with blood streaked across his face. Raja's eyes get wider and she gives a feral return roar before deftly slicing at his throat. "Shut the fuck up!" She spits on his body.

"An amulet," Dianna notes loudly to those around her, bolting towards the Raven chieftan with her glaive spinning wildly in the air above her. Can you tell? This priestess has a hurt on to end these blood rituals. "Aim for his amulet!" The bloodstained blade of Dianna's glaive sinks into the chieftan's shoulder, missing the amulet.

Rysen checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 50, rolling 83 higher. Rysen rolled a critical!

Thea spies the giant of a man while kneel next to an antending soldier. "What the hells--,"her gold-flecked green eyes huge. "He's huge!" Looking back down at the man, she tells him,"I didn't mean you. You're not huge. And yes, you're going to be fine--"

100 inflicted and Lawrence is harmed for serious damage.

The intense fighting between the mostly-mounted archers called Ranging Wolves and the corrupted/dark wolves carries on about 135-degrees away from the majority point of combat focus. A mighty beast leaps up and knocks off Nova from her good horse who kicks back at the growling wolf with a horse shoe and loudly cracks the wolf's noggin as it falls over. Nova kips up. "Thank you." says she and dashes forth, picking up her recurve bow from where it once fell then deftly preps another arrow which soon flies into an offending creature which had dragged down one of her fellow scouts who will thankfully live. Getting up onto their respective horses, they ride forth to catch up with the other Ranging Wolves of the good kind. And after they collectively gather, tandem arrows fly forth from their bow line before they ride deeper to try to actually flank the whole army now. On the far far away side.

Orelia follows after Dianna and dances around to Vortigan's other side. Her sword whirls around and comes down at an angle from behind.

He can't help it. At the appearance at Vortigan, Mihaly takes a step back, perhaps not expecting something like that. "Think I'd rather take another giant crocodile at this point." he mutters, seeing that he, Dianna, and Orelia have decided to be the stupid ones. There's not chance to really attack before that massive weapon comes a hair's breadth away from crushing into the Riven, only able to lean back just fast enough to feel the air pressure change, almost taking his breath away. But he doesn't stand down, he's already come this far, might as well see it through. The jerking from others fighting this giant has taken the amulet that he's directed at striking out of range. So he does the next best thing; he takes out one of the bastards legs at the back of the knee, slicing into exposed flesh.

Mirk cants his head, as if listening to some distant sound, and murmurs a prayer too softly to be heard. He folds his hands in front of him and overlooks the battle, for the moment, before his gaze becomes distant, focused more on their camp than on their soldiers. Watching, perhaps, for the blood shamans that he knows still reside there. He waves over a distant messenger, and exchanges a few quiet words, before at last acknowledging Lucita's words. "It seems so. Let's see if we'll be needed again, hm?"

Brianna fights fiercely, with a fluid rhythm. If she wasn't creating so much gore, it would even be beautiful. All she sees are her troops and the enemy in front of her, attempting the dual goal of bringing all her men home and making sure as few of the other men get to do the same. She does her best to push the enemy father back.

Hearing Dianna, Rysen fades backward as Vortigan surges forward with incredible strength. At the right moment, he spins, and slashes the amulet, causing it to burst in a spray of blood that splatters over his face, while Orelia and Dianna plunge their weapons into the chieftain, before Mihaly sweeps his legs out from under him.

Eirene notes the big son-of-a-bitch on the field. How can you not, he's seven feet tall and adorned with bloody feathers. Seeing the warriors launching onto him, she yells out, "You better not get your damn dick sliced off before our wedding, Mihaly Riven!" She presses her medics forward to help with the push and evacuating the ever increasing number of wounded back to the tent. "More incoming," she shouts at Rukhnis. "Ready the third wave!"

When the call for the champion is heard, Asher's head turns on a swivel. If there's no actual leader in sight, then this Vortigan guy is at least good enough to strike down to demoralize the army. At Dianna's call, Asher even charges towards him. Dashing in, trying to strike - but he's deflected. It's hard to climb such a guy, to stab the right spot. The amulet! It's a tricky thing to hit. And that's when Lawrence dives in front, to take the blunt of the attack for Asher. And Asher realizes that this was not a fight he can easily win. Not even close. "Lord Lawrence!" But Rysen is there as well. "The Light that Guides, you gigantic sonovabitch!" This angry plea to Lagoma, aimed at Vortigan, while trying to get Lawrence out of danger. "And the Flame that Cleanses!" Hopefully, this Vortigan guy speaks Arvani. That way, he knows what is about to happen just as Rysen, Dianna, and Orelia kill him in such spectacular, glorious fashion.

Lawrence spots Asher engaging the rather large man. A grunt emits from the old knight. He dips and ducks around people on the battlefield, rushing in just in time to get in between Vortigan and Asher. He raises his sword to try and slow the slamming axe down a little, but Lawrence is still slammed hard in his efforts to keep the Squire safe. The old man is slow to get back up, but he does using his sword as a brace to help him stand. Then Asher is trying to pull him away. He nods to Asher, "I am ok young man. This old turtle isn't dying here." He grins and readies his sword again.

Eirene has left the rear.

Eirene has joined the front line.

Lucita nods to Mirk, moving to stand near him as she murmurs. "Can you see what is happening over there in that knot of battle?, Some of the others are blocking the view, except of that big guy over there. A soft snort and she glances toward those at the tent with her. "That's Auntie Eirene!" She takes a breath and yells toward her. "Don't you go being hurt either. Too many bandages will make your wedding gown all lumpy."

Asher checked perception + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 21 higher. Asher rolled a critical!

Dianna checked perception + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 18 lower.

Mihaly checked perception + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 26 higher.

Rowenova checked perception + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 23 higher.

Orelia checked perception + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 7 lower.

Lawrence checked perception + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 3 lower.

Ravna checked perception + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 19 lower.

Raja checked perception + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 9 higher.

Possibly it's for the best that Rukhnis is far too distant from the front lines of battle to catch even the faintest glimpse of what Rysen and the others are up against -- or it might not make any difference if she could, her attention is so narrowly fixed on each new patient as they're hauled in. The only time she lessens her focus on her own work is when she's issuing further instructions to her fellow triage medics, a faint tightness around her eyes, but her rough voice quiet and unshakably calm even in the midst of the suffering and chaos all around. When Eirene's call comes floating distantly back to her over the clash of weapons and harsh battlecries, she only gives another small significant nod to the other healers as they begin to prepare for another bloodied wave.

When Asher makes his move, so does Sir Floppington the soulful hound who is right there with him, as they attempt to tag team Vortigan along with all the other folk who have successfully attacked him, especially Rysen who has effectively dispatched an offending relic. Flashing teeth of the hound dog apparently aim to hopefully clamp onto the leader's neck now that it no longer has any protective trinket to it.

Thea has left the rear.

Jules watches from his location but there's little else that the man does besides that and munching on apple chips. He's almost traumatized by this entire experience but that would possibly mean that he's not always traumatized, at least at this point he's well removed from the front line so he's got that going for him. He looks over to make sure Mikani is still there and that there's no real problems going on around him here.

Eirene checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 50, rolling 2 higher.

Mikani uses more items for another ritual. She pulls a bottle of rum as a sacrifice. "Spirits of Water and Earth. I call upon you. Make it so my enemies move slow. That they cannot move. We are working to cleanse the area of the blood. Hold our enemies fast. Keep their feet from moving. Accept this sacrifice to you. Rum made from water and stuffs of the earth. Hold them fast." She beseeches the spirits and watches as the earth and water start to slow the enemy.

Rukhnis checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 50, rolling 0 higher.

A vast swarm of insects fills the air, descending on the Compact warriors. Filling the eyes, the mouth, ears and burrowing deep into armor, they bite, sting and inject horrid venom. Screams fill the air, until they too are choked with swarming bees, ants, wasps and dangerous insects of every size and shape.

5 inflicted and Rowenova is harmed for minor damage.

5 inflicted and Brianna is harmed for minor damage.

5 inflicted and Eirene is harmed for minor damage.

5 inflicted and Lawrence is harmed for minor damage.

5 inflicted and Rysen is harmed for minor damage.

5 inflicted and Orelia is harmed for minor damage.

5 inflicted and Mihaly is harmed for minor damage.

5 inflicted and Asher is harmed for minor damage.

5 inflicted and Dianna is harmed for minor damage.

5 inflicted and Raja is harmed for minor damage.

5 inflicted and Ravna is harmed for minor damage.

A fellow messenger/scout rides up to Scout Rowenova and quickly relays the desired orders of their Voice Mirk Halfshav to which she deftly nods after sending forth yet another arrow shot into the final wolf which had been about to jump up at her informative compadre. "Thank you." She makes sure that the Ranging Wolves in her associated unit all know the big plan, and then there is a momentary scan by all the mounted archers who now turn their good horses and their good bows toward a particular group of evil enemies. Then, there is the nasty swarm! Some of the horses buck, and Nova climbs down and butt slaps her own horse who is not really being spanked but actually knows the GTFO signal and happily accepts it to run off a good ways from the offending bugs. Then, Rowenova pulls out a couple vials from her alchemy belt which she mixes up before suddenly splashing herself with the mysterious mixture!

Eirene is in her element. This is what she's spent most of her life doing. Saving the lives of men and women in the midst of a bloody battle. Today is no different. Covered in blood, sweat, and dirt, Eirene works tirelessly. She points her medics in the right direction where their skills are most needed and does her own medical work. But then comes the bees. BEEEEEES. "Fuck, fuck, fuck," she says as she swats away the stinging insects and tries to keep her patients exposed skin covered. "That shithead is back?" She wraps a swathe of bandages over her mouth and nose to try to keep the bugs out.

Rowenova checked command + leadership at difficulty 40, rolling 8 lower.

Eirene checked command + leadership at difficulty 40, rolling 11 higher.

Lawrence checked command + leadership at difficulty 40, rolling 3 higher.

Mirk checked mana + occult at difficulty 40, rolling 21 higher. Mirk rolled a critical!

Mihaly checked command + leadership at difficulty 40, rolling 20 higher.

Brianna checked command + leadership at difficulty 40, rolling 6 higher.

"HOLD THE LINE!" Brianna bellows, and gets wasps in her mouth for her trouble. Her tongue and soft palate get stung repeatedly before she manages to spit them out.

Raja turns her gaze towards the distance. She points in that direction, "Dianna! Ravna! Look!" She points to a man that is surrounded by 'guards'. "I just saw him sacrifice a man." Then.. the swarm descends upon them. She is flailing about, spitting out, and stomping on bugs.

Lawrence looks to the troops as the bugs start to crawl all over him and everyone else. "HOLD!" is all he shouts at first. Then a big grin curls his lips, "I know you young ones aren't going to let this old man stack more corpses than you!" Seems he thinks a bit of teasing will get the crovane soldiers motivated and ready to fight again.

Dianna checked composure + survival at difficulty 25, rolling 10 lower.

Oh Gods, insects. Mihaly freezes, perhaps not having the best experience with this kind of thing. Again, he's only able to get his arms up, for all the good it does. But he sees exactly what Rowenova and Raja sees, behind and towards the back of the Abandoned encampment. "There!" he shouts. "Kill the hood before the sacrifice another!" he's able to shout out while helplessly swatting at bugs. Something else is shouted to his Greenwood warriors. Something in Oathlands Shav. The warriors bark out a singular word in unison, as if some kind of affirmation.

Now things are really starting to get strange. It's not just weapon wounds anymore, or giant wolf bites, or people being practically split in two by ridiculously large opponents. Now there are soldiers being brought back to the hospital tent with swollen faces and oozing blistered stings and bites, occasionally with the tinier culprits responsible still lodged in the crevices of their armour. One man has been unfortunate enough to have one of these awful creatures crawl into his ear. By some miracle, and with a very fine and determined bit of probing, somehow even this unlucky fellow is saved from the depredations of something that looks like a nightmare flying earwig, which Rukhnis flicks away with a soft noise of revulsion before crushing it against a tabletop with her probe.

Rowenova checked dexterity + alchemy at difficulty 30, rolling 20 higher.

"Phoenix," Eirene calls out to her troops, "We stay the course! Protect the wounded," she yells, muffled though she is by her wrappings. "Fuck these guys! We are the Death-Guard!"

A sharp squeal rips from Dianna's helm as she squirms and squirms, the awful, horrid, nasty, BASTARD BUGS crawling under her armor and biting, biting, biting. "Uggghhh!!! Get OUT, GET OUT OF MY ARMOR, YOU horrid, horrid, nasty, UGHHH!!!" Gloved hands press reflexively over her armor, squishing the nasty, unseen things. "OHHhhhhh, I HATE you....!!"

You know what's great about battle like this? The chance to try out some crazy ass theories of which only minds like Ravna Culler's come up with: Like, if you light a gourd of Woel, and smack it with a staff -- does it burn everyone in front of you? Well. Judging by the flames that belch out near Ravna: Indeed it does. Shav warriors burn, and their screams are terrible, but the Drunken Sage dances on that spinning frenzy -- when the insects come, Ravna is screaming like a girl. Spinning his staff round and round, chomping on bees, centipedes, and whatever else while also dancing - being bitten. It's comical, you know, except for all the half-melted, half-alive Shavs around him. Those things that used to look like people. At Raja's call, Ravna's eyes jerk that way to peer and the mad Culler whips off another gourd, lights the rope and...

As the swarm fills the air, Rysen drops to a knee, chocking, as wasps and bees sting his face, and borrow deep into his armor.

Oh, good. BUGS. "Aye, Lord Lawrence, you're not out yet, but damned if it doesn't hurt! Pain can blind a man!" And it does sting. But Asher's had worse. He's had worse than all of this, honestly. "They won't keep us from the end of this fight!" Sure, he'll have many stings, and sure, his leather armor does actually help keep them out of underneath because of how it conforms, but still! When Mihaly calls out to stop them from another sacrifice? He's gone. "Lord Lawrence, don't die on me! And don't let Lord Rysen die either!"

Lawrence walks over to Rysen pounding at his metal plate to squish the bugs in there. He reaches down and takes a hold of Rysen's arm and helps him up, nodding at his Nephew with a smile. "Not done yet!" He grins, "They are going to have to try harder to get rid of us." He turns and nods to Asher, "None of you are dying on my watch!"

Lucita listens to the rhythm of the drums the enemy play and bites her lower lip. Finally she uses a strategy that helped disrupt some of the enemy efforts in Setarco, singing in different rhythms, different verses, things to make it difficult for enemy to concentrate and to manage their rituals without making mistakes and to lose control of their efforts with the bugs. She consults with Mirk to see if he has a better idea on how to handle it. Her fingers rove over the mandolin though while the sound of it may not carry as far as her voice, she uses it to accompany her songs.

...Ravna's face swells some, his ear grows twice the size of normal. The bugs come. His childish temperment grows, and like a child, a mad child, he screams out in frustration. "Leave...Me.../ALONE/!" Something, clicks. The cork tugged, the Woel drawn down deep into his mouth, just enough air taken, a breath - then the rope is held up and there on the field and into the air can be seen as liquid-fire is exhaled from Ravna Culler's mouth like a circus freak. Cheeks puffing as he spits that fuel across the swarm above Raja, Dianna, and all those near him straight into the air. Light show and war! At the end he grins like a fiend when the bugs burn and fall to the earth like little cinders, then screams and slaps his sleeve -- having partially caught aflame.

Mihaly also can show what they need to do, but hell if can move, the pain from the countless stings, starting to dragging him down to one knee, a hand banging at the side of his helmet.

At the sight of the wasps, Mirk narrows his eyes, as if searching for Rowenova, and once more turns towards the ritual supplies. His lips begin to move, as if in conversation with something unseen, reaching into the pouches for his ritualistic supplies and finding a fresh offering or two. His prayers mention the North Wind more than once seemingly pleading for the corruption to find itself dispersed on the winds. A symbolic gesture, perhaps, or a literal one. He has a few words for Lucita, quietly, though mostly his attention is on his own rituals.

For Rowenova, at least there is one good thing about her failed married with weird Lycene alchemist years ago: having mastered the alchemical substances. With which she douses herself now, thankfully freeing herself from bug city. Empty vials are swapped back into the arrow quiver for an actual arrow which soon takes its proper place in the recurve bow. She strides forth into the ongoing fray, momentarily assessing the immediate situation. Her back up in Ranging Wolves has fallen back, due to their own struggle with such swarms. Though, she can certainly see Asher and Sir Floppington, hopefully converging with clear intent to take out the blood shaman.

With a ripping howl of rage - and mainly frustration - Dianna swears and gathers herself at last after Ravna's fire display. "Gods alive, Ravna Culler, I'll KISS you when we're done with this! I fucking LOATHE those nasty, horrid bugs!!"

Free at last of the assault by small, biting critters, the priestess' attention shifts to where Mihaly and Raja have pointed. "Where?? Raja, lead the way!"

Rysen chews bugs, leaning on Lawrence to rise to his feet, as Vortigan takes advantage of the swarm to regain his footing with the help of several shav warriors. From the south, the sound of drums rises again on the air - but become disrupted by the varied rhythms and potent song of Lucita Saik.

As Mirk offers another sacrifice to the north wind, a sudden frigid blast of air scours the battlefield. The battle standards are thrown to the winds, and all must stoop to cover their eyes - but when the wind passes, the swam has been greatly diminished.

Rowenova checked dexterity + stealth at difficulty 40, rolling 13 higher.

Asher checked dexterity + stealth at difficulty 40, rolling 0 higher.

Mihaly struggles to his feet. "There, Lord Rysen!" he shouts to her. "Kill the guards, the shaman draws power from their blood!" Duty scrapes against the ground as he starts to find his bears, moving forward, despite the pain in his body, under his armor. It has not been the first time, will not be the last. The wind helps, clearing his mind, bringing himself back to focus. Not completely, but, enough. Enough to fight his way to that group at the back. He will cut a bloody swath through if that's what it takes.

From the depths of the enemy camp, massive figure emerges, fourteen feet in height, moving slowly amid the remaining enemy ranks. It seems composed of rotted flesh, even at that moment being devoured by insects. It's teeth jut like fangs, and though humanoid, it is clearly something else. Raising a massive war hammer over its head, it roars, and the remaining shavs echo its cry with their own!

Raja grunts in pain, standing a little taller as Dianna inquires of the location of their villain. She lifts her dagger and points through the mass of fighting bodies. "There!" She says to the glaive dancer. "He is sacrificin' folk and bringing these creatures at us." She then begins to press forward towards the man. But at the sound of the roar, Raja stops. The woman who has seen some shit has never seen /this/ shit. "What the fuck is THAT?!"

Orelia looks up, eyes wide, at the monstrosities approaching. "What the FUCK are those?!"

Lawrence blinks a few times at the hulking mass of flesh. He glances at Rysen. "Time for some fun nephew. Wish me luck?" He pats Rysen on the shoulder and pulls his dagger back out before he starts making his way towards that big assed thing.

"Bring it, you twisted piece of shit bug fucker," Eirene calls. She's seen this before. Or seen worse. "Remember the battle of Giant's Fall," she calls to her veteran battle-medics. "We'll have another gigantic fucking skull to decorate the courtyard with!" The Malvici then bellows out to the soldiers. "Holy water and rare metals," she cries. "They'll eat through it faster!" At least, it worked on the LAST giant rotting monster she fought.

The battle goes on, and the wounded keep coming. Calm and careful amidst the persistent tumult, Rukhnis continues to work with a fierce efficiency -- though despite the best efforts of both herself and her team a few of the most terribly injured perish, some with merciful swiftness, others in loud and prolonged anguish. But somehow, most of the people brought back to the tent are kept clinging to life, or even sent back to rejoin the fray. The sound of the terrible roar, distant yet still loud for all that, causes many of the medics to pause in their work, but only for an instant, too dedicated to their live-saving tasks to be distracted for long. Or perhaps driven harder still by the knowledge that there may be still worse to come.

Eirene checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 2 higher.

The glaivedancer-priestess glances to the place where Raja points, then turns her head back to Vortigan. "Ravna! Raja! We still need to finish off the chief!" She lifts her glaive again and darts in that direction....

Rowenova GM Roll checked dexterity(5) + brawl(4) at difficulty 60, rolling 75 higher. Rowenova GM Roll rolled a critical!

Rysen checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 60, rolling 22 lower.

Orelia checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 50, rolling 3 higher.

Dianna checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 50, rolling 10 higher.

140 inflicted and Rysen is harmed for grievous damage.

Ravna checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 50, rolling 4 higher.

Lawrence checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 60, rolling 42 higher.

Mihaly checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 60, rolling 5 lower.

140 inflicted and Mihaly is harmed for serious damage.

Raja checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 50, rolling 0 higher.

No one tell Ravna that little bits of his boots are on fire, and he's leaving a trail of burning alcohol that catches grass and corpses on fire. Little by little. He skips, sorta, lead into the fray still hammered - and as the Chieftain tries to run? So will Ravna glance to the others who are beside and around him, twirling that rubi staff that whirls, and worls. It moans, really, and Ravna begins to...crack jokes?

"Oiiii! You! Great Big One - what'd the desk say to the knee?" Before there's an answer, really, that red staff comes crashing onto the left-knee. There's a sickening sound, that wet crunch of bone and twist of ligament, as Ravna ducks back out - stumbling in his drunken haze, and almost like a tactical withdrawl so the others can get in.

Raja looks to Dianna, then to Ravna. A single nod is offered to Ravna as they proceed towards the smaller of the giants. She spins the dagger around in her hand. IT is obvious now that her loss of blood is getting to her. She sways a little bit, as a drunkard, but still manages to duck into the fight. Right as Ravna whacks at that knee, Raja stabs at the bum!

With a spinning leap, Dianna aims the blade of her glaive at Vortigan's throat, cutting a gash that pours blood from the giant man, just a moment after Ravna and Raja make their attacks on him, as well.

One target at a time. Orelia spins and swipes again, blood-stained rubicund moving in a graceful arc before making contact with Vortigan's once more.

Let it never be said that Mihaly isn't a coward. Standing with Rysen and Lawrence, they engage that...thing. For being that large, and made of, well, whatever its made of, he didn't expect it to be that damn quick. The cut the Duty puts into it's flesh is superficial at best and doesn't even slow him down in the slightest as it brings that massive cudgel looking weapon to bear on the Riven. And in that, he has no time to get out of the way, taking the brunt of that impact. Enough that it sends him flying into a nearby tree. The knight, clad in diamondplate, ragdolls for a hot second before being deposited into the dirt. He's still at first, before he coughs, rolling onto his side, and onto a knee. "Fuck..." he gags, trying to breath, realizing that he's suddenly travelled twenty feet rather quickly. Thank the Gods for the durability of diamondplate.

"If Scout Rowenova has done her job, that should be the last of it," Mirk murmurs, as much for himself as for Mikani and Lucita. "Hope that they do. The blessings of the spirits are never to be taken for granted; they move in their own time, in their own ways." He watches with a frown, seeming very much wearied by the ongoing battle, even if his part in it has been wholly indirect.

Eirene's able to slice open a few arteries of the shav warriors who try to overrun the front lines where she is working. That small alaricite blade is deadly sharp in her skilled hands. A few fingers get lopped off entirely from grasping hands. Between her own fighting and the mass of soldiers between her and the giant, she doesn't see the heavy injuries the sickening creature inflicts. Not yet anyhow.

Jules has left the allied command position.

When the big creepy giant golem steps out, Sir Floppington growls low before mournfully baying then suddenly charging at that flesh monster, aiming true with his big forepaws smashing hard against the the chest section on the disgusting creature with his flashing teeth chomping hard at the neck area, too.

Rysen sees the giant creature approaching the Compact's troops. He sweeps the blood from his swords and sprints towards the monstrosity at full speed. Before coming in range, he split steps and angles off to his left, lunging forward to slash his sword - but the goliath creature, sweeps its massive fist and smashes Rysen. The Crovane lord is lifted off his feet and slides backward over the blood and mud soaked ground, and does not rise.

Lucita nods to Mirk as she continues to sing, words varying according to what she observes but the longer she sings, the paler she gets, perhaps picking up a slight 'greenish' hue.

Lawrence watches as his Nephew blows past him. When Rysen gets batted away quite rudely, Lawrence grits his teeth and grips his sword tighter. Running full speed at the giant beast. "You mother fucker!" He ducks below the arm swinging at him. In an absolute flurry of his Diamondplate sword starts just laying in to the wall of flesh he is engaging. Each swing of that massive arm is side stepped and a counter thrust comes. He is just stabbing everywhere in to the creature, hoping to hit /something/ vital. "Touch my fucking nephew with your disgusting hands again! See what happens!"

Raja checked command + intimidation at difficulty 30, rolling 14 higher.

Brianna has left the front line.

As Lucita sings, Blood Raven vision blurs and feet will stumble
And orders called out are heard as a mumble
Where is the compact target, where do they be
There's not just one seen, but two or three
And none stay still but waver and slide about
Which ones are real turnin' a fight to a rout
Arrows and spears lodge only in ground or tree.

A great confusion seems to overcome the enemy, and the Compact troops surge with confidence!

Raja stands over the fallen chief and growls. She gets a sword from someone and begins to violently whack at his neck until the head falls off. The hair of the chieftain is grabbed and she hoists it up into the air and roars a bestial roar at any Shav's that come nearby. Oh, the Culler chick is looking wild.. blood splattered.. and royally pissed off.

Asher isn't sticking around for that giant. He's got other things in mind. Scooting around, and finding where he might slip into the shadows, so that he can skulk in and complete his mission. The head of the snake. Rowenova isn't far away, and when he gets close, he merely reaches out a hand and mouths out the word 'fire' to her. There's a plan forming in his mind. The vial from Rowenova's belt of Thrax Fire, the top popped, and hurled into the bonfire at the enemy camp. That sudden burst would be enough to distract, so that the hairpins being flung through the night at the ritualist would find their mark. Hopefully, that would be enough.

Grouping up with Asher, Rowenova happily provides the desired alchemy for the intended distraction and wolfishly grins. As soon as the big bonfire suddenly surges with greater strength, she fires off assassination arrows after their distracting tactics. Hopefully killing the ritual sacrificer with their combined attacks of the ranged variety.

Rukhnis is, once again, probably fortunate not to be able to see more than the wounded right in front of her, because she'd almost certainly be more than a little vexed to see Lord Rysen getting tossed around by a giant rot-monster. As it is she only twitches an eye at the continued strange noises carried from the battlefield upon the morning breeze, and keeps working away -- cleaning, extracting, stitching, salving, wrapping everything back together again, on and on, for however long it takes for this mad affair to draw to finally draw to some kind of conclusion.

When Raja Culler roars, and lifts the severed head of the chieftan, and terror fills the already confused troops. Many turn and run in terror, but a there some hardened warriors who swarm to the side of the massive warrior.

Lucita tries to give an edge to the compact troops as some of the Shaman efforts slack off. Her song filters through the sound of battle to drift into enemy ears, trying to make it very very hard for any to do further damage to the compact troops. The longer she sings, the more sickly she looks.

Mihaly is clearly still out of it after being literally ejected from the fight. Still dizzy, he gets to his feet. He's about to take another go at the flesh golem thing, when he sees Rysen in a heap of limbs and armor nearby. As much as he'd love to regain some honor by getting literally home run'd by that thing with a bat the size of a tree trunk, he moves over to Rysen, helping him up to his feet. Or at the very least, picking him up if need be. "We need to get you back to the healers, Lord Rysen. Hope you'll forgive me for this later. I know I'd rather fight as well."

Mihaly checked strength + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 76 higher. Mihaly rolled a critical!

Lawrence stands before his giant enemy, now alone. Seems he has done a significant amount of damage. He readies his blade again, kind of looking around for the next move.

Eirene moves off the lines while the shav forces seem to be routed; or at least regrouping. She starts the evac process to get the wounded back to the tent, knowing that her fighting men can't help against that big fleshy monstrosity. She nods to Rukhanis as she rejoins the other healers and asks for a sitrep so she can help where she's needed.

Ravna gives another spin of that staff before thrusting it down, and in a brief, squirrel-like motion one foot presses into the body of the staff, one hand grabs the crown and - like some beast - Ravna Culler is suddenly four feet taller to stare across the many heads and peer.
As Red Raja holds up the head of the dead chieftain, and shouts her victory? Ravna gives a howl of laughter, raising his last gourd of that potent Woel.

Though she, Orelia, Ravna and the blood-soaked Raja have managed to kill the chieftan, Dianna notices Mihaly and Rysen to the side, concerned for her friend. Except... it seems Mihaly - strong beast that he is - has heaved the Crovane lord up with effortless ease and carry him back to camp. Gratefully, Dianna refocuses on the giant beast, ready for... ....

Lawrence looks down to Sir FLoppington, "I think we got this. What do you think." Yes he is talking to a dog.

Sir Floppington certainly seems to somehow agree. Even if it is a huge flurry of crazy fighting, there is a tail wag and a slight nod even during all the sinking teeth he constantly applies to this flesh golem!

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