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Caravel Grand Ball.

The Race has been run, the scores have been tallied. And the team from House Kennex, Pirate's Bane, has won themselves a Caravel. Come join us in celebrating all the teams and the unveiling of the newest ship in the Kennex Fleet.

This is a grand ball, there will be prizes awarded and surprises to be had!

Come to the event of the season, this is one you don't want to miss.


May 23, 2020, 8:30 p.m.

Hosted By

Juliana Fatima Zoey


Rorik Waldemai Porter Nina Rowenova Rosalind Merek Kieran Mikani Rosalie Kasa Jaenelle Pasquale Apollo Videl Adrienne Rodica Alessia Graham Nisaa Sebastian Ophira Tila Aedric Tolv Rysen Liara Santiago Piccola Matteo Ian



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Golden Hart Social & Gaming House - Hidden Courtyard

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Nallah, a buff-looking tortie cat with green eyes, Sirra, a very quiet maid, an indeterminate number of cats, 3 House Mazetti Guardians arrive, following Alessia.

Damien Pierce - A Charming Assistant, 1 Redreef Warden, Vagari The Cinder Cat, 1 Order of the Firebird, 2 House Crovane Guards, Biorna - The Protective Mastiff arrive, following Mikani.

Even with the sudden change of venue, the work that has gone into tonight is evident where ever you look. From the mast stretching upwards into the night sky, to the so many flowers in shades of blue, that all of Pravus must be bare if bud. There are servers everywhere, with trays of rum and wine for those with less of a taste for the sailor's drink. Along with trays of noshes, from candied fruits and nuts or maybe small sharp cheeses with olives to small pickled squid, the tastes of Lycene and Thrax are mixed thoroughly for the guests to partake. Much like the three ladies standing in center of the floor. To one side the elegance of the Princess Fatima of Thrax, while on the other side stands the dark beauty of Lady Zoey Kennex, in the middle, the Lady Juliana Igniseri.

Juliana has gone all out today, her dark hair pulled up into an elegant crown of curls, the lady is in a two piece dress that is of near transparent gold silk with golden bead work that keeps her modesty, what Jules have of it, well. The bodice ending under her breasts, shirts start back up low, and soon after falling into layers and layers of foot long feathers that go from gold to light blue and ending in sapphire, trailing behind her like a magnificent wing. Around her neck the Phoenix of Igniseri, this in black stair iron gripping the dragon weep between it's talons. As guests arrive, the Lady smiles greeting, holding out her hands.

Rorik comes strolling into the garden, escorting Jaenelle and quite clearly regaling her with his not-at-all exaggerated stories. Or at least trying to! "I mean, for a one armed man, he packed a *real* punch, you know? But then he pulled another arm out of nowhere and started /beating/ me with it. But don't worry. I /disarmed/ him quite efficiently," there's a big laugh from the giant Kennex as he gets to the punchline of his amazing story, stopping just inside to look up at the ship that's been erected in the center of the courtyard. There's an appreciative whistle as he looks up at it, then back to Jaenelle. "That's neat."

Waldemai comes in to the dance still wearing his fine new top hat. As usual, he picks a chair near the fire and looks around for the nearest sources of food and drink.

Zoey stands very still, keeping her movements carefully small, and a close inspection of the gown makes it immediately clear why. The draped aeterna looks as though her gold collar necklace is the only thing holding it up, and the only thing holding it closed in the front is a single tie at the navel. The wrong move made too quickly is likely to send the gown fluttering open. At least the crown braids will make sure her hair stays in place.

Entering the garden, Porter is mildly distracted from the decorations because he's saying something quietly to Rosalie as they pass into the room. "Oh that's ne--" he stops when he hears Rorik using the same word that he was going to use. He squints at him suspiciously. But this probably happens enough that he doesn't comment on it outloud. Instead, he gives the scholar with him a little tug on the arm. "Should we go say hello?" he asks, lifting his chin in the direction of the hosts.

Colm Teague, the stolid adjunct of ice-blue eyes arrives, delivering a message to Pasquale before departing.

Kalb, the chill bodyguard arrives, following Nisaa.

Paris, a charming mercenary, 2 Keaton Huntsmen arrive, following Apollo.

Waiting for just the appropriate time to make an entrance, the bard Nina Autumndale arrives... wearing one of the most exclusive gowns from Selene's collection. She must have been the one that snapped it up... waiting for just the right occasion. The gown is violet, with a halter-style top, an open back, and a gleaming collection of stars spilling down, the colors contrasting with her red hair. She is apparently here to mingle with the upperclass... and looking the part.

Nina walks over to a server and lifts herself a glass of wine. It is lovely to be at a party that she does not have to do any organization for.

In her wolfy headdress as well as her gentlemanly silks, Scout Rowenova ultimately arrives with Sir Floppington, showing up side-by-side together behind Archduchess Jaenelle Velenosa and Lord Rorik Kennex. "Greetings!"

Kalb, the chill bodyguard have been dismissed.

Rosalind limps on inside, Kieran beside her. Because the Prince of Redrain decided to be nice and help her get around faster(But she's gaining speed!). The redheaded northern is even in a gown. A gown! Rosa tugs on him and grins at him, excited, pointing at the decorations,"Look! If it was a fully boat, we could sail it on out..somehow."

Merek makes a way into the place, his golden-black attire on, along with a cloak while he finds a place to relax.

Kieran walks in wearing his typical simple clothing, not having dressed up for the ball. But who needs a fancy outfit when they have such a beautiful lady on their arm. Kieran looks up at the mast and snerks, "Maybe, but I know nothing of sailing. You?" He gives dips of his head to the occasional familiar face.

Mikani enters in by herself. She is a flutter in red as her hair is pulled back in a chignon. She smiles as she sees Zoey and moves to greet her friend. Carefully.

For the decadence that surrounds the trio amid a literal sea of flowers that enshrine the ship that has been erected, Fatima stands with a air of grace to her half sister's flank. As if to compliment Juliana in gold and sapphire, the half blood is resplendent in rich carmine hues of seasilk. Her gown wraps to the curves of her figure with an elegant scooped neckline that bears but a taste of the dusk of her flesh and is bordered at the trim of her waist with golden lotus brocade. A part of silks that fall to the floor offer but a glimpse of sleek legs in the barest hint of movement. Her own dark locks have been swept up and pinned artfully though a stray lock drifts lazily about one cheek as she offers a welcoming smile to those who enter.

Giggling lightly when Porter stops himself mid-sentence, Rosalie smiles up at him. "It -is- 'ne-'. Very 'ne-'." She spends a moment to look at their surroundings, a smile blooming on her lips as she takes in the 'ship' around them. "Oh now this is truly clever. I adore it." Gowned in brocade, with her hair curled and caught within a tiara of rose-gold that winks and flashes from the emeralds and opals within, more of the rose-gold and opals glitter at her ears and throat. Carried forward, she gives a small nod towards Porter and smiles towards him. "Yes, I think that would be most appropriate." The brocade shifts from gold to deep rose and back again, a beautiful play of colors that flatters the young woman quite well.

Kasa is here! She's not sure what exactly this is going to be, but she's down for it. From the way she saunters in and then stops dead to look up at the mast, she was not expecting it to be an actual boat. Ship. Whatever. "Woah," she mutters, staring for a moment, before remembering to move aside so as to not block the entrance. "That makes an impression!" She idly tugs at the front of her gown, not at all used to wearing such a thing, but putting in an effort. She yanks it this way and that, before finally forcing herself to just leave it be.

"You are terrible and should feel terrible" is Jaenelle's response to Rorik's story as it pairs well with the amused roll of her eyes. Who knows for how long he has been telling the tale to end it with that. It is a long walk from the Velenosa estate after all. "A very long time ago I ran an obstacle course and had a large ship built within the tournament grounds for the purpose. I should do it again, I am certain that everyone who particpiated in it then is no longer within the city." Dead probably. Rowenova is given a large grin before she leans to say something quieter to the scout.

Pasquale came by himself, without company, and without a daring outfit - unless you count the fact he's not wearing much black to be daring. He takes a few moments to gaze up at the sails and mast that have been positioned overhead before making his way over to the wine source for the red wine necessary to survive this sort of event. Staying close to that point for now he drinks some of the wine and looks over the gathering crowd. His eyes do settle on Juliana for a moment and he smiles across in her direction but for now he doesn't approach.

Apollo Oakwood is half here. Half prepared... to be here? Half here. He enters, buttoning his frockcoat as if he's just realized he left one undone, and pauses, looking around. Now, he doesn't look a mess; his clothes are clean and all, and the rich chestnut of that coat goes just fine with the creamy and earthy tones of linen. But closer than a arm's length, even someone with no fashion sense at all would question the choices there, probably. He takes a deep breath, glances at his guard, and wanders further in, making apologies when he skims too close to anyone.

Videl leans on her cane as she enters. Alone. She approaches the three hostesses, starting with Fatima. "Your highness." Then Zoey, "Lady Kennex, wonderful dress, makes you quite the lovely statue." She smiles when she says it, clearly appreciating the sacrifices made for fashion. "Juliana." She offers finally to the last hostess, "You've done wonders with this."

Royalty is never late. Or something like that. Adrienne Valardin arrives on the arm of Sebastian Pravus well after the most timely of guests have already found their way into drink and dance. They match in a way - one wearing a long frockcoat honoring Lagoma and the other Jayus - although where the Pravosi prince favors dark colors, his companion wears eye-catching crimson.

Momentarily dazzled by the gardens and decor, Adrienne stops Sebastian with a touch at the courtyard's entrance. "Wait. There is one thing..." So carefully, Adrienne extracts a cut white rose from her coat's pocket, a small pin piercing the stem. "May I?" With a questioning glance to Sebastian, she offers to pin the flower to his lapel with a steady hand, careful to neither hurt the rose nor her escort.

Rodica arrives at what has to be at this point the least secret secret garden about. Brushing off her dress softly as she grins, hand up in a small wave.

4 Seraceni pirates arrives, following Ophira.

Clearly any resolve to dress down has dissipated within a few weeks. Alessia drifts into the venue elegantly garbed in seasilk and brocade, studying the surroundings with approval.

Graham steps into the Courtyard glancing around a moment before stepping off to the side he is taking a look to see if he knows anyone and finds at least a few familur faces. The young Count is dressed up as much as he ever does anyway fine clothes in red and black of his house. He smiles giving a small wave to Mikani "Sister, wonderful to see you." he offers in greeting.

Hearing Jaenelle tell someone they are terrible and should feel terrible is nothing new. Rowenova lets out a hearty laugh then calms down before then leaning closer to hear out the new news. She ohs quietly! Then, firmly nods. Before whispering back!

Zoey greets Mikani with a flutter of her fingers, and she meets Videl's statue comment with a grin. "I think as long as no birds land on me, all will be well," she says.

The Whisper some may know as Nisaa, and others may know as the quietest Whisper, and others may not know at all arrives to the ball resplendent in silks the colors of ocean waters as they kiss the shores. Holding her head high, verdigris eyes shining with the excitement of attending the ball, she walks in only with her guard as company, though he stands with many others and does not intrude upon the guests themselves. It has been some time since she attended such a well attended gathering, so she lets her gaze slowly drift through the room, getting a feel of the atmosphere while also noting people she recognizes in attendance.

"Whaaat? I could've said he fought well single-handedly, but when he threw that other arm into the mix..." Rorik shakes his head, flashing a beaming grin over to Jaenelle before he gets distracted by Porter trying to /steal his words/. "There's Porter and Sister Rosalie and - oh, hello!" This greeting is to Rowenova, who gets a smile from the giant Kennex. To Porter, he bellows: "PORTER! Where are we sitting? Do you think we can climb the mast and sit in the crow's nest? Is there a crow's nest up there?" he peers, considering.

It probably should be no surprise that Sebastian, normally late, makes anyone whom he arrives with also fashionably so, too. He looks entirely oblivious to it, eyes flickering over the crowd -- looking for familiar figures -- keeping pace with Adrienne until she pauses. When his gaze turns to her, his brows go upwards at the sight of the flower she profers and the question that follows. The answer is swift, more a careless assent than strong agreement, watching her pin the flower to his lapel with a wry smile. "If you're hoping for me to stand out -- we're practically surrounded by flowers," he tells her. "Come, say hello to my sisters," he says, seeking to steer them towards the hosts.

Rosalind waves over to Rowenova and grins, telling, Kieran with a laugh,"Oh. That's Ok. Not EVERYONE knows how. You can um...command people or whatever princes do!" Seeing Rodica, Rosa waves to her too before going to greet Zoey too. Because that's what you do at party's. You greet hostesses and things. She makes her way over, fidgeting a little--How do people wear these all the time, tugging at the sleeve of her gown here and there.

Mikani waves to Graham. "Brother, you are looking good this evening." She moves to hug Graham.

Nina raises her glass in greeting to Sebastian as she sees him walk in, and smiles at him. She seems unhurried so far, just lingering around looking at decorations, as if gathering party intel.

When Rosalie makes fun of him for stopping mid-word, he laughs and ducks his head. "Thank you. That's very nice." She gets a small nudge of his elbow before he pulls them through the crowd, easy to do when you're big and other people naturally are inclined toward parting from your approach. To Juliana, Zoey and Fatima, he offers a quick bow. "Thank you for hosting this tonight, you all look lovely." He'll step back to let Rosalie make with her own hellos. That's when he's distracted by Rorik and he cocks his head, looking up. "I don't think so. Do you want to sit by the fountain?"

Pasquale has joined the table by the fountain.

With Sir Floppington beside her as she migrates further into the party crowd, Rowenova grins back to Rorik. "Greetings, My Lord." She soon regards Kieran then Rosalind with a similar grin, too. "I love your beautiful dress!"

Colm Teague, the stolid adjunct of ice-blue eyes arrives, delivering a message to Pasquale before departing.

"Not a lot," Kieran replies to Rosalind's statement of what princes do. He follows her towards the hostesses and offers a bow in greeting, "You have done a splendid job with the decorations." Then, spying Rosalind tugging at her dress, he leans over and whispers to her with a grin

Effortless glide, moving with a serpentine grace does the Seraceni Siren glance at all those already moving about in such decadence and beauty - it paints a smile on lush lips. Turning, does Ophira address her four guards, they look to be rather troubled by her whispered words but a caring pat of their shoulders sends them away. Gracefully turning once more to address all at the event, respectful nods and smiles are given to those she knows and recognizes.

The shimmering seasilk playing tricks along the curvature of form with each swaying, pendulum step.

4 Seraceni pirates have been dismissed.

"I'd hate to misplace you," Adrienne answers mildly to Sebastian before allowing herself to be led closer to Juliana and Fatima. Two others, however, claim the majority of her attention first. She passes near Apollo and offers a warm smile, holding up a finger. "Soon," she mouths. Then, as she joins the hostesses for the gala, Adrienne perks a brow in Zoey's direction. "You are magnificent, Zoey. Will you be dancing later?" She manages it with a serious, straight expression.

There is a dip of Fatima's head and a bobbing curl of tress as she offers, "Lady Igniseri," in greetings before taking a moment to gaze at Zoey, then Juliana in agreement. To the latter, "Indeed, you have m'dear sister." Her gaze shifts to Sebastian and Adrienne over the fickleness of flowers. She quirks a smile for it before turning back as Porter guides Rosalie through the growd towards the hostesses. "Count Byrne, Lady Ravenseye. A pleasure," is demured to each.

"Lords and Ladies." Juliana's voice lifts to be heard, her smile warm as her gaze moves over those that are present. "Thank you all for coming tonight to help us celebrate. For those that may not know me or my co-hostesses. I am Lady Juliana Igniseri, to my right, my sister Princess Fatima Thrax and to my left my dearest friend, the Lady Zoey Kennex." pausing taking each lady's hand for a moment. "First let me apologize for the sudden change of venue. With the atmosphere that within our fine city at the moment, we decided that somewhere other than on ship would cause less risk to our guests. That said, we owe a great thanks to Princess Velenosa for allowing us to take over her gardens on such short notice." she smiles looking up at the mast above her. "Though we did try to bring to you as much of the magic of the sea as we could. I do hope you all enjoy."

Letting go of the two at either side of her, Juliana smiles to Videl. "Welcome Videl, you look lovely." the smiling across to Pasquale before her eyes land on the Arch Duchess and her Kennex date. "Always just the right accessory for the occasion, your Grace." smiles at Janelle, though her eyes keep going back to the door as if she is looking for someone. Who she sees is her twin and though Sebastian was not who she was searching for, her smile warms at seeing him.

Apparently, Apollo was looking for someone in particular; he does seem to know quite a number of people in attendance, but his eyes slip over most with simply a brief smile and dip of his head. It's not until he sees one Princess Adrienne Valardin that he appears to settle, taking another steeling breath and then moving her direction. Oh! But she's with someone. ... double oh: She's with someone wearing the -exact same coat-. Di...saster? He tries not to look self-conscious; that might be sort of a heavy lift, today. Oh well: sally on. He moves on, coming into orbit without doing anything so rowdy as flagging her down.

Drawn through the crowds, Rosalie alughs lightly, offering a wave and smile towards Rowenova before being presented in front of the hostesses. She dips into her customary quick but precise curtsy and smiles softly at Julianna, Zoey, and Fatima. "Good evening, my ladies, mistress. This is a wonderful event, truly, I am amazed at everything you managed to accomplish so quickly. And all looking so stunning, as well! Truly, I am envious." Nodding towards the trio, she steps aside with Porter and smiles towards Rorik and Jaenelle, "My lord, Your Grace. Its a pleasure to see you both again."

Colm Teague, the stolid adjunct of ice-blue eyes arrives, delivering a message to Pasquale before departing.

Zoey greets Rosalind and Porter with warm smiles and hellos as they approach. When Adrienne draws near with Sebastian and asks her question she replies, "I brought no dance partner with me, so that remains to be seen. I am not opposed to dancing though." She smiles and nods her head when Juliana names her in her announcement.

Recognizing Kieran and Rowenova, Kasa is quick to sidle over that way, snagging herself some rum on the trip over. "There are so many people here!" she remarks, sounding a touch overwhelmed. "Are balls always so... busy?" She is feeling out of her element and tugs on her dress again. Realizing she is now quite near the hostesses, she goes quiet to listen to Juliana's speech, before letting out a breath and offering an awkward sort of curtsey.

"Hello Lady Zoey,"a grin appearing on Rosa's lips, then bowing her head to the others. Oh! And she recognizes Juliana too! "It's so amazing in here,"she starts chattering. "You did such a really good job!" Her large eyes look are so busy taking everything, before she answers Nova, sheepish"Thanks. You look--handsome? Can I call you handsome?"

The young man returns the hug offered. "Thank you, you look quite wonderful yourself." Graham offers to Mikani though he also offers "I apologize i couldn't join the after celebrations the other evening. I am making a few travel plans well possible ones I should say." He motions to see if she will travel through the crowd or not but turning as he's addressed. "An honor to meet you Lady Ravenseye." he offers properly giving a bow of his head and chest a little.

"Your highness, my ladies." Alessia walks toward the hostesses of the event with a warm smile on her lips. "What a lovely event you've organised. I didn't expect an actual ship." She gestures around them. She turns to Sebastian. "It's been a while." She beams. "I trust you've been well."

Mikani smiles, "Where are you traveling to?" She asks as she takes his arm to move with him through the crowd.

With the greetings down and out of the way, Porter hooks his arm through Rosalie's and there's more steering. This time in Rorik and Jaenelle's general direction. After she speaks, he adds on, "I don't think I've ever met the Archduchess before. But we did exchange some letters where I said that Rorik wasn't going to get out of the unicorn party by dying." Which is a really just completely reasonable, right? Right.

Sebastian settles a hand on Adrienne's lower back to guide her through the crowds. Nina's lift of glass is... not returned, because it's then that Sebastian realizes he's sans drink. Instead, he has to settle for a tip of head towards the bard. Adrienne's address of Zoey is accompanied by the Pravosi Prince's easy, "Lady Zoey. You look well. How is your husband doing?" And of course, he's inevitably pulled towards Juliana, leaning to press lips to his twin's cheek. "It all looks amazing, and at such short notice, Jules. Do you remember the Princess Adrienne Valardin?" he introduces. "My twin, Lady Juliana, and Princess Fatima," the last added as he leans to give the Thraxian Princess a kiss on her cheek, too. "Tima," he greets with a smile.

Rodica's eyes raise for a moment, after all this is a rather large and confusing gala. Still it doesn't bring her down, waving brightly to zoey before she begins the hunt for alchol. There is a look to Pasquale, and then to Ophira. Then back to Pasquale, raising her brow at him before pointing to Videl.

Kieran looks to Kasa as she approaches Rosalind, Rowenova, and himself. "Hello, Kasa. I am a bit surprised to see you here." He looks about the room and nods slowly, "Yes. This actually seems a bit light, if I am honest. The crowd may grow more as people seek to be fashionably late." His blue eyes move down her form for a moment, "I like your gown. You weren't lying about having one, I see."

Nina, thus acknowledged, walks over to greet Sebastian more properly, and Adrienne as well. "Hello. You look lovely!" she says to the princess, checking out her coat, and then Sebastian's. Oh, is Apollo wearing the same coat? Well, she notices, but it would be rude to say, certainly. She smiles a bit, though. "Nice decor in here, isn't it? I think the take on the theme is exciting."

Picking up a rum, Rowenova raises it to Rosalie then Kasa then answers her, "Aye, those like this, yes." She soon tells Rosalind, "Of course, My Lady. Thank you. I am honored to be called handsome." She soon gives a courtly bow before standing up to her full height plus wolf ears atop her pelt headdress. "Lord Porter, Archduchess Jaenelle is one of the most lovely people ever." After saying so, she soon looks to Kasa once more. "What Prince Kieran says is quite true. More will show, and yes. You have a lovely gown, too."

"Hello Rosalind," Zoey replies warmly. Sebastian gets a nod and an answer of, "He is recovering at home from recent injuries, but he is well otherwise."

Jaenelle nods towards Rorik with a serious expression, "he ruined everything with that second arm. Who even expects people to have two arms in the first place? I am glad he didnt steal anything as well, one armed robbery is nothing to laugh at." Upon the arrival of Porter and Rosalie, she dips her head in greeting to both, "Lord Porter, Sister Rosalie, I wished I asked you sooner what you were doing running through the market the other day but you were in a hurry and I did not wish to cause you to hesitate in your travels. We" she indicates Rorik, "have not greeted the hostesses and I fear it would be rather rude not to. If you find seats we will meet you shortly?" At Rowenova's words, Jaenelle laughs, "you are going to get me into trouble when I can not live up to your flattery."

It's a warm squeeze of hand that Fatima returns to Juliana as the woman's voice lifts to the crowd. There's a flick of her green eyes towards Kaya and a soft chuckle escapes her lips to the curtsey. She gives her a wink through the crowd as it begins to swell. It's an elegant turn to Sebastian and Adrienne in their approach. "Be welcome your highness. My sister has spared nothing of food and drink amongst the many pleasantries and delights you'll find tonight." She adds after a moment, "Though I cannot speak for Bastien's presence." The corner of her lip flickers.

"Possibly no-where, Ariel, wants to travel to Stonehearth. I offered to go as escort. Though it may not be possible all things told." Graham offers to Mikani and gladly walks by her side he seems quite content to let her lead them where she wishes. He is looking over everything of course taking in the people and the scenery the location is one he's used to spending time in but its always great to see how it can change for different uses.

Tila strides in in her usual unhurried fashion, making note as she progresses of those she knows, few and far between as they may be. Her own dress may be striking but is nothing on the order of what so many others have arrived in. It's just as well; she does not appear the sort concerned with the drawing of attention. Instead she wanders along the periphery of the room, nodding and smiling appreciatively to those who acknowledge or address her. Eventually she finds herself nearest Kasa; "A valiant effort," is offered the warrior woman, Tila's voice just above a whisper, though deep as ever. "It's an acquired taste, though one you might consider leaning in to. The result is fetching."

Mikani nods, "I haven't been to Stonehearth but the trip should be fun. I am planing some trips with my Caravel."

"If you find no partner, I'll dance with you myself," Adrienne promise Zoey with quiet gallantry before turning her attention for introductions. She studies both women with a smile more felt than seen. "Juliana, I don't know how you did this so quickly. It's perfect. And Fatima Thrax? I'm heard so much about you. It's my pleasure to meet you and thank you for the welcome. How are you enjoying the evening?" Nina's enthusiasm pulls Adrienne's attention her way, a smile in pale eyes. "Nina Autumndale, thank you for the compliment. I never had the chance to say how much I enjoyed your performance when we last met." Oh, and Lady Alessia - recognition flashes in her eyes and Adrienne tips a polite nod to the young woman as she greets Sebastian.

"I'm surprised I came," Kasa agrees easily. "But I wanted to see what this was about." She looks around at the crowd shaking her head, trying to imagine this being 'light'. At the mention of her dress, she gives it another tug and then shrugs, smoothing out the skirt. "Thanks. It's not mine. Or it is now, but I got it at some secondhand shop in the lowers. It's kind of hot and it doesn't sit right at all." Not a fan of this gown-wearing business, but at least she tried. She grins as Tila appears, looking down at her dress and then laughing. "Effort, indeed."

Nisaa begins to make a circle through the room, slippered feet stepping softly as she weaves through the crowd with her dancer's grace. The bells she wears at her waist leave behind a wake of soft music. She stops short of approaching the hostesses, a tentative look briefly shadowing her eyes. Standing behind those that gather near them, she crosses her legs at the ankles and lifts a layer of silk skirting to lower her head in a wordless curtsy to Juliana, Fatima, and Zoey. As she rises, Sebastian is given a smile and a dainty bow of her head.

Porter has joined the secret arbor.

Rosalie has joined the secret arbor.

The Valardin princess is of course hard to miss and Alessia offers another curtsy in greeting. "Princess Adrienne." She flashes an inviting smile. "I'm sorry we didn't manage to converse in the last event." She straightens. "We have plenty of time here of course."

"Hi Kasa,"Rosa greets the woman pleasantly. "How are you?" Looking around, she starts to fidget again but rememebers-NO! Don't touch! "I should get a drink!" Lowering her voice a little, she suggests to Nova,"Think we can climb the mast later?" Spying more familiar faces, she smiles and waves some more,"Hello Prince Sebastian. It's really nice to see you again,"FINALLY going to have a seat.

All these arm jokes still get Rowenova, especially the one-armed robbery one. "Too late, you already lived up to it, my friend." says she to Jaenelle. Lifting up her sparkling glass of spiced rum, doing so in a toasting fashion, she soon drinks the whole amount there. Afterwards, she silently petitions a passing server for a little more of the same rum. To Kasa, "Free food, so... of course you came! I appreciate people salvage shopping. I am also wearing Second Chances secondhand clothing, too!" Then, "Bet we could, Lady Rosa! Whenever you want to, let's do it!"

Kieran looks from Kasa to Rodica wherever she has ended up and points her out. "Well, Lady Admiral Rodica can help you find a much less warm dress, I am sure. Something daring and Lycene that let's the air keep you cool." He chuckles before whispering again to Rosalind. Then he offers, "I can go fetch drinks for everyone. Might as well make myself useful, if I am not going to be stylish."

"Good to hear," Sebastian replies with a genuine pleasure to Zoey. "He's a difficult man to keep down for long, which is too his credit. You'll let him know I asked after him?" he smiles, one that deepens into a laugh at Fatima's words. "Oh, come now, Tima. Admit it: you're impressed I showed up at all." Nina's approach is welcomed: "Whisper Selene's excellent work," he is quick to praise the creator of the coat as Nina examines Adrienne's. "A skillful hand, and not surprisingly, a popular choice of late. Lady Alessia," he reaches to touch the woman's arm, briefly. "You know everyone, I assume?" The polite nod from Adrienne might say otherwise, but he seems to miss it.

Rorik breaks into a rumbly sort of chuckle at Jaenelle's statement in spite of her serious face before he turns his attention to Porter and Rosalie. "We," he indicates Jaenelle, "Also have to have at least one dance but we can probably do that after greeting and sitting and maybe drinking a bit." When he overhears Rowenova, he points her way. "I quite agree!" Then, he gives Jaenelle a light pat on the hand before he leads her over to the hostesses. For Juliana and Fatima, he dips into a respectful bow - but Zoey gets a one-armed squeezing hug. "Lady Juliana, you've outdone yourself. Princess Fatima, it's nice to meet you," then he beams to Zoey. "You look lovely, cousin."

Pasquale settles out of the way, near the fountain, in a spot from which he can watch and drink his wine. He does say "You should try the Nilanzan red. They chose a good year." to Rosalind but otherwise seems intent on playing the wallflower.

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"Fine model, that," the sailor murmured, standing in the shadow of the impressive ship's mast. If this event's decor drew its inspiration from the sea, Aedric certainly fit the bill -- an afternoon of catching, descaling, and gutting fish to distribute among needy commoners had left his armor smelling like brine. He raised a hand to scratch beneath unshaven chin and then turned his gaze to the crowd, spotting only one relatively familiar face. She was offered a wave before he made his way to her and dipped his chin in polite greeting. "Good evening, Lady Seraceni. I hope my messenger found you well," he said, flashing a smile. "Excuse my directness, but you look absolutely breathtaking."

Juliana smiles at Sebastian as he steps close returning his kiss and then noding to Adrienne with a smile. "Of course welcome Adrienne. Keep him out of trouble tonight please

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Ophira checked charm at difficulty 15, rolling 5 higher.

When Zoey smiles to Adrienne her eyes sparkle. "I would love to have you as my dance partner," she replies, her smile brightening far beyond the polite one she wears by default. When Nisaa approaches and curtsies, Zoey replies with a nod of her head. Rorik's arm squeezes a laugh out of her. "Thank you, dear cousin," she replies. "The gown is a gift, and the necklace was my design."

"It's quite nice, depending on when one travels there." Graham offers to Mikani he grins broadly nodding to her words "I imagine so, indeed i'm not much of a mariner though i've sailed multiple times of course, but if you need someone to help hit things I can try and help with that." He is curious a moment as they make their way around the room looking over. "I don't believe i've ever asked if you enjoy dancing?"

"Thank you! I'm glad to run into you again when I'm not at work. This is a chance for me to relax and I am determined to enjoy myself before I get back into planning again." Nina gives Adrienne a big smile, and then looks at Sebastian. "I was volunteered for more planning but I can't resist!" To Sebastian, she nods her head. "Ah, she made this gown as well." And then she spins around, though the gown doesn't flow much as it's of a fitted style, but it does sparkle a lot. "I love her work too much. I'm glad I had an occasion in which to wear it." She gives Alessia a little nod and gesture with her wine glass. Then she puts her free finger under her lip. "But I suppose I should make a point of dancing with someone I haven't danced with before!"

"We'll catch up with you, I'm sure," Porter relays to Rorik with a laugh. He curls his arm a bit more comfortably around Rosalie's waist before murmuring something to her again and then straightening. Before they duck out to another corner of the party, "Oh, of course! The market. We were attending Princess Sabella's scavenger hunt. Did you know that Sister Rosalie was an extremely fast runner? I found out the hard way. I really had to stretch my legs to keep up. Eventually I just had to let her go on with out me for awhile," he recollects to Jaenelle, laughing.

Juliana smiles at Sebastian as he steps close returning his kiss and then noding to Adrienne with a smile. "Of course welcome Adrienne. Keep him out of trouble tonight please?" smiling to her twin. "Have you seen Luis?" asked quietly of Bas as she glances towards the door again but puts on a smile and instead looks to the others. "Lords Kennex, it is good to see you here, otherwise this night would have been awkward." grins to Porter and Rorik.

Mikani laughs, "I love dancing .... I'm decent at it as well." Mika says. She leans and murmurs loudly. "If I need things hit where I'm going I will keep you in mind."

"Alessia, I told Sebastian how beautiful your performance was at Vitalis and Adalyn's wedding," Adrienne says in sincere answer to Alessia and with a glance to Sebastian for confirmation. "I regret not having done so for you as well. You are a remarkable talent and listening to you was a gift." Nina's gown is admired with all the digiligence that it is due (which is a lot), but Juliana's greeting must draw a look of amusement from Adrienne. "I regret to say that I don't believe the gods have created a person who can keep your brother out of mischief, but I will do my utmost not to disappoint you." She notes the exchange between the twins and glances over the rest of their company, watchful.

Apollo caught that 'soon', really. In fact, when Adrienne and Sebastian approach the host - and the many who are approaching the host - he hangs back. His eyes sweep the room, catching on the tables, the mast - Nina, seeing him. There's a flicker of recognition, then a smile that follows, and then he moves toward the tables, frowning briefly at something on one of them. When he gets close enough he recognizes the shape, he slows; whatever he thought it was it wasn't, just by the lift or relief in his bearing. He settles down at a different table, anyway.

Smiling towards Jaenelle, Rosalie offers a quick nod, "Of course, Your Grace. And we were participating in the Scavenger Hunt. It was quite fun! I forgot to ask Scout Rowenova if she ended up winning..." She glances towards Rowenova once more then smiles again and giggles, "I will ask her later." Looking to Rorik, she smiles, "I intend to get at least one dance in as well, so I am certain we will catch up with one another." Then Porter is leading her off again, and she giggles at his comments before leaning up to murmur quietly in response to him. "I am only quick when I am being chased.. or when I am in the pursuit of knowledge. Then I can be quite fast indeed."

Tolv spins into the garden. It really is a sort of spin, a slow sort of twirl that means he enters backwards but somehow manages not to trip over anything (or into anyone), and then ends up frontwards at the end of it. He stares openly at the ship, even if it's not fully a ship, and then he continues ambling forward, neatly weaving through the crowds in a fashion that suggests he doesn't really have much of a destination in mind.

Apollo has joined the table by the fire.

"Oh? I almost forgot about that." Alessia says to Adrienne's words with a light chuckle. "I'm glad I left quite an impression on you your highness." She beams at the princess. She rests a hand on the prince's arm in turn, a familiar greeting. "His highness has seen me dance but now I'll have to meet higher expectations with regard to my ability to entertain." She gives the Valardin a teasing smile. A nod is given to Nina. "Messere!"

"All right. I'll take her up on that next time," Kasa agrees, looking at where Kieran points. Hearing that there will be more drinks, she tosses back her current one and then nods in approval. "I'm good. Just overwhelmed," she answers Rosa with a laugh. "Never seen anything like this before." Hearing that Rowenova also has a secondhand dress does help ease her worries a little, and she grins wider. "Free food _and_ drink. What's not to love?" she concurs. "Second Chances, yeah, that was it. And if you're climbing that thing, I'm coming too," she adds, looking up the mast with another laugh.

"Lady, or admiral, please Kieran." Rodica sighs out from her spot, now near the wall. Her hand raising, waving idly in front of her. "If you combine the two it makes me sound like I am about twelve."

"We," Jaenelle agrees to Rorik, "do." Then she is being led the shorter distance to the hosts, and there is a warmth to Jaenelle as she greets them. "Juliana, it is divine, and your gown is beautiful. A perfect mix of where you have been and who you are now. A lovely embrace." She turns then to Zoey, "I have submitted all the needed paper work to assist you on your project, I look forward to everything you accomplish. It is quite the undertaking and I am certain the Mourning Isles is quite proud of you." Ah and then there is Fatima and Jaenelle brightens even further, "out of all my cousins I think I miss you the most, Fatima. We do need to meet more often, even for tea or a lot of rum. I dont care."

As Kieran leans down and whispers something to her, Rosalind laughs and nudges him. "Later then!" going to sit. She introduces herself to Pasquale, friendly in her manners,"Lady Rosalind Ravenseye. Nice to meet you." Tilting her head, she tells him,"You can call me Ros or Rosa though if you'd like though." She starts chatting to him, asking him,"What's so good about the red wine? m not too big on wine, but I'll try it if you reccomend it..."

Having finally managed to pin down her query and date for the evening, there was a moment of stillness as eyes roamed the Blackshore's attire then landed with a playful touch to grey gaze,"I'm thankful that you at least arrived after inviting me and definitely are playing into the part." Is purred, easing a bit upward do lips press to his cheek, a manicured nail collecting a lingering fish scale and laughing, "This model looks as if it's caught you in it's nets." An arm works it's way in collection of Aedric's, "Shall we get something to drink?"

Spotting Rodica, whose attention had briefly drifted her way does Ophira smile towards the Corvini, a wave towards the fiery headed Kieran, the Bardess Nina, and lastly Sebastian with a proper dip of dark head, silky curls splaying across bare shoulders.

Sebastian's gaze breezes over Nina's outfit with an approving smile. "It shouldn't surprise me: she has an excellent eye for Lycene tastes," he says. Juliana's request of Adrienne earns a soft snort from the Pravosi Prince. "Mm. Not yet, but we just arrived." His head tilts, as he glances at his twin. "I'm sure he won't be far. The boys probably waylaid him." Nisaa's approach, while quiet, is noted almost immediately. He smiles warmly at her, "Whisper Nisaa. It's so good to see you out and about. You know Jules, of course, and my sister Tima," with a gesture between the Eurusi women. "And this is Princess Adrienne Valardin," added of the woman on his arm. He leans, briefly, to murmur something to Alessia.

"I hope to make the entire Compact proud," Zoey replies to Jaenelle. "But that's enough talk about work. Do enjoy the party!"

There's another chuckle that escapes Fatima, "Hopefully some of the good was threaded into the lurid details of the rest. As for myself I am doing well if keeping somewhat out of the public eye for a time. It is hard to refuse a request from Juliana, however, for everything that she has done. None of which I can take any claim for," she answers to Adrienne. Through a dark veil of lashes the keen green of her gaze alights upon Nisaa to meet the wordless curtsy with a low dip of head. Another raven lock escapes in a curling tendril that whispers about her cheek. Yet her smile grows for Sebastian's words, "Not far from the truth, Bas. I'll promise not to take it to heart on my account." Soon enough it is to Rorik, "A pleasure as well, be welcome. Eat, drink, dance. Knowing Juliana there is far more in store."

Graham chuckles softly nodding to the response. "Well if there is to be such a thing, I would be glad to try and not embarrass myself in dancing." He offers to Mikani and nods about being brought to hit stuff. "Well you have to know your strength's." He offers with humor.

When Rorik agrees with her, Rowenova lifts up her refilled rum his way as her opposing hand drops down to gently pet Sir Floppington's doggie ears. Then, Rowenova ultimately clarifies. "I got 3 answers wrong and Dame Felicia Harrow only got 1 answer wrong, so she won, and if there is anyone to lose to, then doing so to her I do not mind, and I still got my favorite prize, so I am really happy with how it turned out overall!" This says she to Rosalie. It is silky poet long sleeves and silky pants with open spots on the side seams that the wolf scout currently wears. She only stops the loving pets to the good boy Sir Floppington to quickly snag passing cheeses. "Thanks." says she to the unsuspecting server. Turning back to Kasa, "Maybe, we should round up all the Northern folk for the mast climbing?" She looks out to spot Tolv, Tila, and Kieran.

Nina keeps a bright smile on Alessia. "So good to see youu too!" She looks happy, but also, good her previous word, decides she is going to keep making rounds. Nina nods to Ophira too, and then she Nina sees Apollo, yes, even if he's trying to duck back. She gives him a wave and then... when he goes over to a table, she decides to walk over and say Hi. Even if he's being introverted. "Hello! I think I might have a sit before I try to dance. Are you having fun so far?"

Nina has joined the table by the fire.

"Oh, yes. Well, I wouldn't miss it for the world! Aethan was going to be here but got horribly delayed with something or the other. You know, duking. As he does. It's very busy business," Porter tells Juliana with an extremely grave expression. "Dire business even. But someone has to do it." Like Aethan. "But yes, Rorik and myself are here. Lady Zoey is here. I thought Lady Catalana and Lord Wash would be-- uh, well. Perhaps they're waylaid as well! With Aethan." After a good bit of rambling, he starts easing in the direction of the arbor for real this time! Taking a bit of a crowd breather, briefly.

Kieran snerks at Rodica's statement and shrugs his shoulders, "I can't help that your proper title makes you sound 12." He gathers a few glasses and brings them back to Rosalind, Rowenova, and Kasa, keeping one for himself. "Is everyone climbing the mast? In a dress? I approve!"

Juliana nods at Sebastian and smile to Nine. "Its is good to see you." pausing she presses a kiss to Fatima's cheek and gathers her skirts. Looking to Porter arches a brow. "Then I guess you will have to do, come along Porter." holds out her hand towards him.

Lygeia, a calligrapher and alchemist arrives, following Rysen.

Mikani smiles at Graham. "Well then we should take our turn at the dance floor."

"She has a point." Tila admits, though she does grin in rather appreciative fashion -- 'lady admital' indeed. "Not that anyone, and I truly do mean anyone, is like to mistake you for a child." the caramel-skinned woman continues, wandering over to settle near said admiral after finding some rum for herself; a crowd this big, this much high society, even the Lady Sanna needs a drink. "I have no intention of climbing anything." she calls over to Kieran. "Dream as you may."

Mikani checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 34 higher.

Pasquale gives a little shrug at the question. "What is the point of coming somewhere like this if you dont try something new and meet someone you never met before Rosa? As for why that particular drink?" he gives Rosalind a friendly smile. "No particular reason beyond the fact" he lifts his own glass slightly. "I'm drinking it and I know the vintner personally." He inclines his head, politely. "I'm Pasquale. Pasquale Malespero."

Now that the greetings are dispensed with, Rorik's going to grab a couple glasses of something on the way to leading Jaenelle to wherever Porter and Rosalie sat themselves. "This doesn't look like a fountain," he muses while he passes a drink over to Jaenelle, leaning to say something quietly to her before he straightens up again.

"Who ended up winning the caravel?" Alessia glances around, seemingly addressed to anyone willing to answer. She smiles at Nina. "Will you honor us with a performance, messere?" She asks. A wave of a hand is given to Porter in greeting before her attention shifts to the Pravus prince and Adrienne, lowering her voice to reply to them.

Tolv is admittedly looking rather lost, although, perhaps overwhelmed would be more accurate. He's still meandering, navigating the number of people present with considerable skill, but in something of a broadly circular fashion.

And to Jaenelle, there is where Fatima's smile truly seems to brighten. A hand is lifted for a delicate touch to the elbow, "I apologize that I have not been out much as of late. Things have been a whirlwind, to be sucked up and sp..." she draws off considering the crowd. Dropping to a soft murmur, "I'll take you up on both soon."

Leaning in to catch Sebastian's comment to Alessia, Adirenne first casts Fatima a kind glance. "It was entirely good, which means perhaps I should ask another time to hear the lurid." She murmurs something aside to Sebastian as Juliana claims her dance with Lord Porter before turning that same, kind look to Nisaa. "Hello, Nisaa Whisper. I've heard much of you as well. It is my honor to make your acquaintance."

Kieran has joined the table by the fountain.

"That's an amazing idea,"Rosalind declares, in complete agreement! Obviously she forgot all about the dress thing. "Are we going to make a contest of it?" Looking up to Kieran, she thanks him for the drink,"While you were gone, I already met a new friend,"grinning. "That's a good enough reason as any,"she tells Pasquale. "Did you want to try and climb the mast too?"

12 Grayson House Guards arrives, following Liara.

Graham checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 30 higher.

Kasa takes her drink from Kieran, offering a quick wave to Rodica. "I think that would be doing our ancestors proud," she agrees with Rowenova, laughing a bit as she eyes the mask. Kieran pointing out the dress does remind her of that complication, and she frowns down at the skirts and then shrugs. "What's life without a little challenge," she decides. To Tila, she suggests, "You could... cheer us on then, from the ground. Or be the judge!"

Pasquale lets his gaze climb the mast. "No. I dont think so." Again that friendly little smile. "I think it will be more amusing to watch."

"Lords and Ladies, if I can have a moment of your attention, then I promise to allow you to go about dancing and drinking until we need to take this ship back to port." Jules smiles. "As much as having a ball is a reason enough it's self, we do have a reason for this one. We are here to announce the winners of the Caravel Race and award their prize. First let me say that it was a truly remarkable race this year and all three teams were very close together. But who pulled out in front would be the team put in by House Kennex of Thrax, making them the winners the second time in a row." she glances to Fatima. "I kind of think we are building their navy." grins and looks back to the others. "It is my pleasure to announce the construction of the Pirate's Bane, to house Kennex. We had every intention of having it here at port for the celebration, but seeing as it can not get into port at the moment. The ship will be sent to Stormward. Please help us in congratulating House Kennex." pausing to hand the deed to Porter at her side then clap for Kennex, once the applause has settled. "Also, in vain with us keeping to a Kennex theme we have revived one of their prior party favors, which you can find in the chest up by the ships wheel. Please one each and help yourselves."

Kieran offers a dip of his head to Pasquale when Rosalind points him out, "Greetings. Prince Kieran of Redrain," the redhaired nobleman says with a grin. "Oooh! More contests? Normally balls have dancing not mast climbing contests."

Nina crosses her legs at the ankle, in her seat. "I haven't brought my lute case today! But if someone has an instrument, I'm sure I could play a little something." She gives Alessa a continued smile. "Otherwise, I will stick to dancing. I'm always available to play a party for hire, of course. Unless I have other engagements." Finally seeing that Kieran is here too, she gives him a little nod from cross the room. But there is no way Nina is going to climb anything in this dress and these shoes. Or really... in general. Nina then raises her glass in a sort of celebration toast to the announcement.

Mikani has joined the dance floor.

Pasquale gets a mysterious oyster shell from a wooden chest with ribbons.

Colm Teague, the stolid adjunct of ice-blue eyes arrives, delivering a message to Pasquale before departing.

Tolv takes a mysterious oyster shell from a wooden chest with ribbons.

Graham has joined the dance floor.

Rosalind takes a mysterious oyster shell from a wooden chest with ribbons.

Mikani moves to the dance floor with Graham. She dances with her usual grace and moves around the dance floor.

Rosalie takes a mysterious oyster shell from a wooden chest with ribbons.

Nina gets a mysterious oyster shell from a wooden chest with ribbons.

Rorik gets a mysterious oyster shell from a wooden chest with ribbons.

Rosalind takes a mysterious oyster shell from a wooden chest with ribbons.

Zoey gets a mysterious oyster shell from a wooden chest with ribbons.

Rysen drifts into the Hidden Gardens with Lygeia. His grey eyes pass with surprise and admiration over the ship themed decor. As Juliana announces the winners Rysen takes a glass of wine, and raises it in toast to House Kennex.

Porter gets a mysterious oyster shell from a wooden chest with ribbons.

Mikani takes a mysterious oyster shell from a wooden chest with ribbons.

Sebastian takes a mysterious oyster shell from a wooden chest with ribbons.

Liara shows up to the courtyard just in time to hear the announcement, and she pauses to join in the applause for the winners, before proceeding farther inside, gaze roaming over those present.

Graham nods to the lady at his side. "I believe so indeed, I actually enjoy dancing myself i'll admit." He offers in return though pausing a moment during the announcements but he'll make his way over to the dance floor with her and taking a proper dance position will lead with equal movement and at least they seem to match one anothers skill in the dance.

Kieran gets a mysterious oyster shell from a wooden chest with ribbons.

Rowenova gets a mysterious oyster shell from a wooden chest with ribbons.

Tila gets a mysterious oyster shell from a wooden chest with ribbons.

Santiago gets a mysterious oyster shell from a wooden chest with ribbons.

Kasa takes a mysterious oyster shell from a wooden chest with ribbons.

Videl gets a mysterious oyster shell from a wooden chest with ribbons.

Graham gets a mysterious oyster shell from a wooden chest with ribbons.

"A pleasure to meet you Prince Kieran." Pasquale says to the Redrain. He takes the opportunity to claim one of the shells from the chest and then returns to his seat to ask. "Will you and Rosa be competing to reach the top then?"

Ophira takes a mysterious oyster shell from a wooden chest with ribbons.

Sebastian gives a low laugh as he murmurs something quietly between Alessia and Adrienne. At Fatima's indication she's staying out the public eye, her brother slants a look towards her, giving a wry smile. "I have a lock on that, dear Tima. You're supposed to be ruffling feathers, as only a good Thraxian princess can do," he says, in a playful scold. He quietens in time for Juliana's announcement, clapping. "Well done to House Kennex," he calls aloud. "Perhaps they should receive a penalty next year to make it challenging," he adds jokingly.

Over at the tables, Apollo - attending the announcements and such with uncertainty appearing to flare again - dips a hand into a pocket, pulls out parchment, a small leather bundle; a note, a missive, a list, who knows, and the bundle itself is even more inscrutable. He skims the note, turning thoughtful, and rolls the bundle - oh, a sort of... misshapen, under-stuffed ball - over his fingers with absent-minded intention.

Rorik lifts up his glass as the Kennex family is announced as the winner, raising his voice up in a WOOTing cheer!

"Forgive the gore," Aedric muttered, unsurprised the siren had found a solitary scale lodged within chainmail. They were notoriously difficult to wash out and often required dexterous manipulation to dislodge. Her advances were not declined; after she offered a wave of greeting toward Rodica, he accepted the woman's arm and guided her in the direction of a nearby servant. "Pirate's Bane," the sailor repeated, collecting a slice of pickled squid from silver platter. "I'm sure your brother would be particularly fond of that one. Your guards, too, if you hadn't dismissed them." He pops the cephalopod into his mouth and chews slowly, savoring the taste. "I've been following that oppositional exchange in the whites. The Seraceni name has gained some notoriety."

"I certainly deal with them, enough. Judges." Tila offers in response to Kasa. "Or rather I have, in the past. Fine, then. If you go through with it I'll keep down here and act as judge." She then takes a brief detour to the chest, as do so many others. This garners little more than a low-murmured "Interesting" and the slow, thoughtful turning of the shell in one hand, idly.

"Well now that's given me an idea." Alessia raises her brow, intrigued by whatever Sebastian's put into her mind. She turns to Juliana with a curious smile. "Ah, the winners are being announced here." She quietens in anticipation.

What's happening? Oh, Porter should have figured this out. He gives a little wave to the cluster of people around the arbor and allows himself to be pulled along to where the congratulations is apparently happening. It looks like he wasn't expecting to be the person accepting this at this exact moment, but he does a decent enough job of smiling and nodding. "Thank you! House Kennex also thanks Lady Juliana for the tremendous amount of work she put into organizing such a contest. And we'd also like to extend our sincere appreciation and awe to the other contenders this year, you are all exceedingly talented sailors and great competitors." He's not sure what to do with the deed, so he just tucks that away in his coat.

Merek gets a mysterious oyster shell from a wooden chest with ribbons.

Merek puts a mysterious oyster shell in a wooden chest with ribbons.

Kieran shakes his head at Pasquale's question, "Not at all. I do not have any experience sailing, so climbing a mast is out of my realm." He waves politely to Liara when she arrives, before telling Kasa and Rowenova, "Oh, yes, you definitely should." He also moves towards the chest to grab his shell from the collection.

Adrienne releases Sebastian's arm to join in the applause for the winners of the caravel competition. Her gaze travels over those who seem to be overtly Kennexes - Zoey aside, of course - and observes, humor muted, "I don't think I've been introduced to the Lords Kennex, but I feel as though I've known them for some time."

Merek gets a mysterious oyster shell from a wooden chest with ribbons.

"I am knowing them, yes," Nisaa smiles to Sebastian nodding then to his sisters. "Lady Juliana, Princess Fatima, you are both looking as beautiful as ever. Thank you for being hostesses for this ball. It is always wonderful to have reason to dance, even in the midst of uncertainty." She bows her head then to Adrienne as well. "It is a great pleasure to be meeting you, Princess Adrienne." A blossom of color comes to life upon her cheek when the Valardin Princess speaks of hearing of her. "Honor is all mine, I assure to you."

Rosalind cheers the Kennexes when their winning is announced, grinning,"I tired to cut Lord Washes hair. With a dagger. Im not convinced I didn't succeed." Her eyes shift as she tells Pasquale and nods,"I think we should. But he might be too scared, since half my job is in trees,"winking over at Kieran. Taking a drink, Rosa looks over at Rodica, laughing,"And, you don't sound 12 when called Lady either!"

In walks Lord Santiago Leonardo Cortez Fidante, with a great book stuffed beneath one arm bound in leather many hundreds of pages thick. No assistants, no aids, no guards, no minions, this Fidante comes alone and his dark eyes settle upon each person, each face, as there is a call to House Kennex so does the looming man stand and give a raised hand. "Praise be, to House Kennex!" The voice shouts into the cacophony of the room, before dying away.

Rodica waves her hand through the air, dismissing Tila and Kieran for a moment. Her eyes roll for a moment before she takes up posistion next to Pasquale. A wink sent to Ophira before she tilts her head at the lord next to her. "Bit more crowded than I expected." Then a snort at Rosalind. "I do not dound twelve when called lady, or admiral, but combine the two and it just sounds like I am trying to have the most pompous title train I can think of."

Juliana smiles to Porter, pats his hand. "Go get drunk. Don't loose that, don't think I won't look at Aethan and say, what papers?" winks then lifts her eyes looking around the crowd. "Is there anyone that can accept the prize for the Marquis Rivenshari? We have one for his team as well!" then holds up the Compact's Naval Lexicon. We thought he would like to study for next year."

Jaenelle informs her date, "excuse me. There is a man over there that looks lost, and I feel the need to save him." She excuses herself from the conversation with Rorik and Rosalie just as Porter is stolen for a dance to move towards Tolv. She offers him a bright smile and asks, "I dont believe I know who you are, and I tend to know almost everyone. Except that person over there," she points to a server with a tray of food, leaning closer to Tolv after in a conspiratorial, "but I will." Then she straightens back up as if she wasnt plotting the future of that poor server, "do you dance?"

Nisaa soon after joins in applauding the hostesses and the winners of the Caravel, her hands clapping daintily as she smiles.

"Thank you!" Porter calls to Lord Santiago Leonardo Cortez Fidante. Who he would be delighted to learn has such an incredibly long name but he hasn't met him yet, so he can't be dazzled by its absolute brilliance. Instead he just waves to the total stranger from across the room. "Thanks you, I'm letting my date know you gave me permission to be drunk." Porter offers Juliana a sly wink before slipping away and /not/ losing the deed.

"Lady Admiral Judge General Minister Rodica Corvini the Most Humble," Kieran offers. "That would be one of the most pompous titles ever." He then looks to the dance floor and grins, nudging Rosalind, "Shall we?"

Kasa turns to listen to the speech, applauding for the winners as they're announced. She makes sure to get herself a favour with some glee, before turning her attention back to the matter at hand: climbing the mast. "All right, so we have a judge then," she replies to Tila with an approving nod.

Nisaa gets a mysterious oyster shell from a wooden chest with ribbons.

Tolv turns to face Jaenelle, and beams a smile back at her in turn. "Oh! Hello. Tolv Mora," he reaches up three fingers to lightly touch his forehead. It's an odd gesture, though it seems entirely respectful. "Adventurer and Scholar. Ah, scholarly adventurer? Whichever one. I don't know how to dance in the slightest, but I did manage to do it once by sheer accident."

Adrienne returns her focus to Nisaa, forehead creasing with quiet care with the Whisper's greeting to her. Hesitating, Adrienne leans in to whisper something to Nisaa, head canted questioningly.

Rosalie looks up from the conversation at the arbor and calls out towards Porter, "If you get drunk I am letting Rorik do with you whatever he wishes!" She smiles sweetly after, then ducks back beneath the arbor.

Pasquale smiles to Rodica. "There is nothing wrong with a pompous title train. They are supposed to be pompous. Otherwise whats the point?" he nods to Rosalind. "I think you should." and then smiles to Kieran. "But I understand his reluctance." a soft chuckle and he says "I wouldnt use the most humble. I'd use something like 'the ravisher of the unsuspecting'. He drinks the last of his wine and goes to move to his feet. "I should go greet the hostess now that things have quieted down a little. Have a good evening. Its been a pleasure to make your aquaintance."

Nina decides to get up from her seat for a bit and get herself an oyster. They're being offered, after all! When she gets back from the little oyster dive, she notices that the Lord Santiago has entered... carrying a book. How unusual. She gives him a smile in passing. "Were you here to get light reading done during this ball my lord?"

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Looking up at Kieran, Rosalind grins,"I guess,"taking his hand and carefully getting up. When Pasquale goes to leave, the tall Ravenseye pleasantly tells him,"I hope to see you again! It was really nice to meet you!"

Sebastian gives Alessia a quick smile, as if pleased by her words, nodding. "Ah, well. You can hardly move about the city without tripping over a Kennex," the Pravosi tells Adrienne, "With odds increasing the closer you get to the docks. Though perhaps less so these days," with the whirlpool and all. His gaze turns back towards Nisaa as Adrienne leans in to murmur to the Whisper. While she does so, he grabs the attention of a server, selecting glasses and offering the glass of white to Adrienne, and keeping a red for himself.

"It's a perfectly chosen name and may it serve it's purpose in eradicating such scourge from the seas." There is a curl to the corner of her lips, impishly playful as Ophira reaches out to collect the delicate stemware of what looked like a robust red - forsaking her beloved rum this evening. At Aedric's well timed mention of her brother's slaughter in the whites, there is a sultry sidelong as the rim of crystalline globe finds lips, " Yes, I'm sure he'd absolutely love the name and while he's not the most eloquent of person's when it comes to setting out a directive - I know him like most don't, there is purpose and force in his claims. Though, his choice of words may not be...desired." Came after a sigh, a shrug of shoulders, watching the munching down on a mini tentacle snack,"Oh, so you eat your own?" Catching Rodica's wink, her glass is raised in kind with a smirk.

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Kieran offers a wave back to Nina when he spies her waving at him. He takes Rosalind's hand out to the dance floor, "We can make this quick, so you can go back to planning on climbing the rigging."

Kieran checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 20 higher.

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There is a cant of Fatima's head to Sebastian, something passed though her expression impossible to read for the curve of tress that cascades over one eye. A light shake of her head is given that sets her upswept locks quivering. With that a passing server is caught for a low husk of words. A glass of liquor soon placed into her hand. She gives it a lift to Nisaa, "I must direct such lovely words to Juliana as this is her masterpiece tonight."

"I can get... distressingly close to that without pretending at anything, I'm afraid." Tila offers in response to Kieran's veritable word-salad. "Not that I've /any/ desire to." In truth she even looks distressed considering it. Then Tolv does his rather odd... salute? And awkward admittance. The whole thing, really. "Sheer accident." she echoes, now grinning amicably. "I rather like this one." This to no one in particular -- perhaps the few other northerners scattered 'round her. When Kieran goes off to dance and Kasa heads for the table she's not far behind.

Pasquale places a hand on Juliana's shoulder and leans to whisper something to her.

"I am a trained dancer" Jaenelle informs the Northerner. "You are in luck" she then informs the man as she motions for him to follow her to the dance floor. When they arrive, she looks up at the man with the expression of an instructor about to teach important life lessons. "First thing, wiggle." And she wiggles slightly. "You have to be limber. Its like any athletic competition." Then there is a little bounce on the balls of her feet in preperation, and a look that clearly shows Tolv should be following to a T. "Just imagine you are going on an adventure in a library and an entire stack of books falls on you, Oh no!"

Rosalind checked charm + performance at difficulty 20, rolling 5 higher.

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Adrienne narrows her eyes reassuringly to Nisaa and finds a glass in her hand - oh, that's nice! - before taking a sip. She murmurs her thanks to Sebastian, pale gaze tracking over the room as she adds a question and a faint smile.

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Rosalind tells Kieran, amusement crossing her face,"Im not very fast right now, I think you know that." There's a laugh as she steps with him to the dance floor, properly holding herself now.

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Rosalind has joined the dance floor.

As Adrienne murmurs to Nisaa, the Whisper's lips slowly slip into a brighter smile, her eyes opening with just a touch of surprise. With a light balancing touch to the other woman's arm, she leans in to whisper in return. Once she pulls away, she smiles to Fatima before shifting her gaze to Juliana. There is a breath of hesitation before she says, "It is truly a beautiful event, Lady Juliana." She is as of yet without a drink, so simply bows her head again.

Kieran guides Rosalind out to the dance floor, and pulls her into a simple waltz as they talk quietly amongst the other dancers. He gives a dip of his head to Jaenelle and her partner as they also join the floor. "Yes, wiggling is essential!"

Taking a sip of wine, Rysen moves towards the dance floor to watch Mikani and Graham. Lygeia passes a quick word to him, and he nods. Looking to catch the eye of Sebastian, the Crovane lord lifts his glass in greeting, before turning to see Rosalind and Kieran join the others on the dance floor.

Apollo seems to realize - belatedly - that Nina was talking to him, just as she moves off. He opens his mouth as if to answer her, then shuts it again. A reflexive little smile, and then he rises, slipping the little leather ball and the note back in his pocket. He follows after Nina with an easy gait, and offers a mile, leaving room for the Santiago to answer but murmuring to her briefly.

Tolv flashes Tila a grin over his shoulder, but his attention is entirely on Jaenelle as they move, and, despite any awkwardness that he might have (and certainly, there is some), he navigates the crowds with apparent ease. Once they've reached the dance floor, the man's head tilts. "Ah! Mm. Wiggling." He wiggles, as instructed, and he does a little bounce as well. "Imagining that, I can do. It does happen, now and again."

Jules smiles to Nisaa "Thank you, they did a lovely job getting it done in time. I am going to have to give a huge donations to the guilde for their work." pausing to tip her head back and listen to Pasquale who has stepped up behind her, whispering back before looking back to the others.

Kasa has a bit of trouble figuring out how to sit in a dress, but she makes it work. Since it seems they won't be climbing the mast any time soon, she decides to make herself comfortable, swigging at her drink. "Honestly, most of the titles confuse me," she admits with a shrug. "The more you have, the better my chances of getting at least one of them right."

Jaenelle checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 64 higher.

Graham continues the dance enjoying the movement across the floor and others joining into the dance. He looks towards his dance partner mostly though. "You do dance very well, sister." He offers to Mikani though one another pass he spots the Lord Rysen standing at the edege of the dancefloor. "Ah, your husband's arrive, I am sure you will wish to dance with him yes?" He offers.

Stepping with Kieran slowly, and carefully--not stepping on any feet, she smiles up at Kieran,"Thanks. Oh? Wiggling?" She looks over at Jaenelle and Tolv, fluttering her fingers at them as well as Mika and Graham.

Tolv checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 22 higher.

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1 Malespero guard, Alberico, the Malespero aide leave, following Pasquale.

And someone else looks to need a drink, far be it for Fatima not to help Nisaa out. She even offers out her glass, as of yet untouched, to the whisper with a sly arc of one slender brow. All the better to flag someone down with a lift of her free hand in the air for more.

"Princess! Not at all." Tila is quick to welcome Liara; they may have just met hardly more than an hour prior, but she's nothing if not hospitable. She's sitting quite close to Kasa, and lifts a hand to gesture openly. Come, come join. "Everyone, Princess Liara Grayson."

Rodica raises a brow her work here apparently done as her companions scatter. There is a raise of her drink, a look at it, then a slow nod. "I need some fresh air." She notes, before scootching towards the exit.

Jaenelle's expression softens to a smile as Tolv follows along and does so wonderfully. "I think you lied" she accuses him, an amused skeptical glance given as she moves into a proper hold of a dance and begins to follow the music. She might be leading, but one would never know it my looking at the pair as she makes the movements and glides seem effortlessly. She is a very good instructor. "I own the second largest library in the Compact, just slightly smaller than the Great Archives. You have an open invitation to come visit whenever you are in Lenosia for being such a wonderful partner in this."

Lord Santiago finally rips his eyes from the crowd, to turn his dark gaze upon the woman speaking to him. Nina. A glance then to the book, and the dark eyed man gives a faint smile. "Oh, that depends entirely on if there is a petal to lean on tonight, and what greatness awaits in a Kennex celebration." The brow raises, his head bows, "I am Lord Santiago Leonardo Cortez Fidante, it is my pleasure to meet you." A look then to Apollo, who is also given a bow of his head.

Mikani curtsies at the end of the dance and nods at mention of Rysen. "Very much so." She walks with Graham towards Rysen and moves to hug Rysen and kiss him softly. "Glad you came." She says warmly.

Juliana looks up at the mast then back to those around her, squeezing Zoey's hand but looking to her brother. "So how bad would it be to tell people I hide a prize on the crows nest?" bites her lip with a grin "I mean.. I can get it later or I can let them work for it?"

With glass in hand, Sebastian looks much more at ease, even as he parts ways with Adrienne and makes his way across the crowd, headed for Rysen. There's a brief quirk of his lip as he settles a companionable hand on the Crovane Lord's shoulder -- the unbandaged one. "Lord Rysen. Always getting into trouble, I see," the twitch of lips follows his gaze to the injured Lord. "How goes things up North?"

Nina replies to Apollo, then, shows the oyster she grabbed from the chest as a party favor. She considers.... "I wonder if there are some to eat also." She smiles at Santiago, though it's ... such a long name! "Nina Autumndale," she says, with a little curtsey. "And pleased to meet you too." A pause. "I think there's a contest climbing the mast but I couldn't do that in a gown."

Zoey lifts a hand and waves when Liara's presence is announced. "Did you really?" she asks Juliana.

Kieran finishes the slow waltz with Rosalind on the dance floor, laughing a bit at their conversation and starts to lead her back to the table. Then he sees that Liara has joined the group. "Hello again, Your Grace. High Lord Liara, this is Lady Rosalind of Ravenseye," introducing the noblewoman he was just dancing with in case they haven't met.

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Juliana laughs "Of course I did. I mean.. I expected a party full of Kennex men.. best way I could think of keeping them out of trouble."

"Pickled squid is a luxury. You would be a fool to pass up such an opportunity," the mariner retorts, shifting attention toward the other guests. The bulk were unfamiliar faces, but he had picked up on several names and titles -- and, although he would be ashamed to audibly make such an admission, they appeared to be skilled dancers. "Consider suspending his privileges, then. That kind of agonism will only fuel resentment and tarnish your family's image." He shakes his head and secures a small glass of rum from another server. "I've heard rumors of pending actions in the Saffron Chain. The Seraceni minister of war wouldn't happen to know anything about that, would she?" Tone and expression conveyed complete neutrality, despite the seriousness of his inquiry.

Rorik whips his head around when he hears Juliana talking about prizes on the crow's nest. "There's a prize up there?" He's already on his feet, cracking his knuckles. "I'm going to go get it!" And he's already stripping off his coat on his way to the ship.

With a few words and a touch to Sebastian's arm, Adrienne moves away from her escort, although not without more hushed conversation with Nisaa. Her final aim, however, is not the Whisper but rather Apollo and Nina. "Will you forgive my interruption?" Adrienne asks of the pair with the ease someone accustomed to being able to interrupt others at will. "I need to have a few words with the Guildmaster." Her tone is serious but her pale eyes sparkle.

Nisaa accepts the drink from Fatima's hand, slipping it beneath the sheer veil for a small sip. "My thanks to you, Princess. The wine is delightful, though that is not surprising." She then continues a softly spoken conversation with Adrienne.

Apollo - murmuring briefly with Nina - turns to bow to Santiago. "Lord Santiago," he says. "Very pleased to meet you. I've heard lovely things about Tor, hope to visit someday." A smile follows, and then he glances the way Nina pointed, establishing where one goes for the oyster-favors. "Do you like oysters?" he asks. "I was very suspicious of them at first."

The convenient part about being short is not drawing attention to oneself.

Piccola is dressed in a plain, white linen dress. And boots: brown, soft-looking boots. And gloves? Gloves up to her elbows -- leather too. It's not exactly put well-together, but it's not -- well, it's not completely peculiar. Not at all. And with her hair back from her face, it's hard for her to hide the uncomfortable expression.

She immediately steps away from the entrance upon entry, and just hangs out there, watching.

"Swear on my heart," Tolv says. "This is the second time I've danced, and also by sheer accident." But he does seem pleased by the outcome. He follows Jaenelle's every step, in perfect rhythm and complete synch, motion and movement. There's a warm little smile on his lips when he looks up from their feet to her face. "That sounds fascinating. I don't know when I'm likely to wander down in that direction, but I do wander quite a bit. It has been quite a while since I visited anywhere in the Lyceum."

Graham moves along and bows his body to her as the dance comes to an end. "Of course, only proper of course." He looks over to Rysen "A good evening m'lord great to see you once more." He offers gladly looking along the others both to those dancing and others around the area.

Having found herself a seat near the fountain, Liara offers a cheery wave back to Zoey, and then following the introduction, she flashes Rosalind a quick smile. "A pleasure, Lady Rosalind. How do you do?"

Rosalind gripes Kieran's hand a little tighter, thanking him. "When I back to full force, we'll have to do this again." Rosa nudges him a little, still avoiding his feet. When the dance is over and he leads her back to sit, she curtsis to Liara, a friendly smile on her freckled by scared face,"Hello! Nice to meet you!" When Juliana mentions a prize up at the in the crows nest, Rosa is already ready to bolt and try and beat Rorik. The northern scout is honestly twitching her fingers.

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Apollo glances at Adrienne, there, flashing a brighter smile as she's right there. Then - oh yes! - he turns, offers a bow. "Your highness," he says. "You look beautiful tonight. I sort of regret naming red in my letter." Whatever /that/ means. His eyes flick past her at the company she parted, but refocus.

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Rosalind has joined the table by the fountain.

Nina looks at Adrienne, and smiles at her graciously. "Oh, of course! I'll just go check out the spread and report back to you later, if you want to chat in private!" she says to Apollo. "I've eaten plenty of seafood in my time... and always survived so far!"

Kieran let's go of the twitchy fingered lady as she suddenly tenses like a cat ready to pounce on prey. The prince laughs and shakes his head, "Since so many are so eager to go, hurry up and climb already."

Zoey chuckles to Juliana. "Yes, because climbing the mast is no trouble at all!"

Rysen bows to Graham as he steps off the dance floor. "Good to see you, My Lord." He returns Mikani's kiss with a smile, saying to her, "You look lovely, Mikani." When Sebastian comes near, Rysen smiles warmly. "Indeed, Your Highness," he replies. "The Northlands are settling down, thank the gods and spirits, though I was sad to hear upon my return that things are heating up in Arx. How are you and your family?"

The eyes move to the mast nearby, and Lord Santiago shakes his head, "I do not partake, and leave it to fitter, stronger men than I." A sideglance to Apollo, then to the nearby oysters where Santiago had also grabbed a piece, lifting it up to show before palming once more. "They're slimey, to be truthful. But you eat them with a knife, melted butter, garlic, and a dash of steamed cherry." As Princess Adrienne of Valardin comes nearby, so does Lord Santiago take a step back, to bow to the young woman. "Your Grace," Though he still holds that large book beneath his arm. A glance then to Apollo, "Tor would welcome you happily, and likely keep you, if you were not strong of will." A smile, however slight.

Mikani checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 35 higher.

Mikani checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 51 higher.

Mikani checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 51 higher.

Juliana gets Fragrance -- Tempest from a simple velvet bag.

Rorik checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 41 higher.

Rorik checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 27 higher.

Rorik checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 31 higher.

Juliana puts Fragrance -- Tempest in a simple velvet bag.

Merek checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 34 higher.

Juliana gets COMPACT NAVAL LEXICON from a simple velvet bag.

Merek checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 18 higher.

Merek checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 35 higher.

Kasa checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 16 higher.

Kasa checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 16 higher.

Kasa checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 4 higher.

Rosalind checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 17 higher.

"I am worried" Jaenelle tells Tolv, "that my date for this evening has suddenly heard Lady Juliana and is about to go do something stupid. Blood is terrible to clean out of clothing so I fear that I must leave you to another for the next dance if you do not find such too alarming. I believe in you." At the talk of rudeness though, her eyes widen and she leans forward to say something more quietly before watching Rorik maybe not fall on his head.

Rosalind checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 8 higher.

Rosalind checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 18 higher.

"No, please," Adrienne says with a lift of a few fingers, a tone of gentle apology to Nina, "I did not mean to break up your party. These are words meant to be heard." Her gaze takes in Santiago, chin inclining in greeting and thanks for his own, and the smile in her eyes persists when she refocuses on Apollo. "Your companion," she says of Apollo to the others, "surprised me with a gift today. Unexpected, unasked, and utterly unbelievable." She radiates sincerity, looking Apollo in the eyes, serious, when she says, "It will not be forgotten, and I will take as good of care of it as I can." She takes a brief, tiny sip of her wine, eyes narrowing fondly. "Also, I'm meant to be spoiling you."

"There's rarely a time where things are fully peaceful," Sebastian murmurs to Rysen, with a little grimace. "But I'm pleased to hear the news about the North. Lady Mikani," he nods towards her, and then to Graham, without recognition. "My Lord. Prince Sebastian Pravus," he introduces himself. "And... we are well. Some damage in our new Ward, but there was no food, nor anything valuable to be taken there yet." There's calls for those wanting to climb the mast, and though the Prince's gaze cants that way, he seems content with the conversation at hand.

Tolv looks a little surprised as Jaenelle takes her leave, and, perhaps, also the whisper. It's not a bad surprise, however. It's not a disappointed surprise, at the sudden loss of a dance partner. It's a happy sort of surprise, and when she goes, he gives her back a small wave. He doesn't keep dancing, of course, but when he steps off the floor and turns toward the climbing competition, that warm little smile lingers.

Rowenova checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 30 higher.

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Rorik leaps onto the ship ahead of the pack, grabbing hold of the mast and starting to haul himself to the top. For such a /large/ man, he's surprisingly agile, pulling himself up the mast as though he does this all the time. Unfortunately, he's just not quick enough. He's almost at the top when Mikani breezes by him to claim the prize. But while he's up there, he shouts down to Jaenelle: "I can see the whole city from here!" no he can't.

Nina has joined the table by the fire.

It seems climbing isn't on the list of things for him to do at least. Graham seems content to sit aside and watch though he turns as he's spoken to. "Ah, an honor your highness. I am Count Graham Byrne." He gives a bow of his head and chest to the other. "I hope you are enjoying the festivities so far?"

Santiago has joined the table by the fire.

Rowenova checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 16 higher.

Apollo glances sidelong at Santiago, eyes flickering over the man, perhaps collecting his manner of dress; it's a fraction of a second before he smiles, a slightly wry thing. "I haven't any doubt, my lord. I've passed very near and - in truth the whole of the south is a delight I never expected." He turns to listen to Adrienne, the smile that comes unmistakably infused with pleasure. "You're likely to have your work cut out for you, your highness," he says. "I'm given to understand I'm quite resistant to spoiling." His voice drops a little, there, and there's some small addendum, harder to hear.

Rowenova checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 36 higher.

With the initial greetings over, Zoey retreats to the arbor to watch the climbers from a safe distance.

Never even considering leaving her place at the table by the fountain, Tila watches the madness that ensues as so many make what appears to be whole-hearted attempts at climbing the mast. She chuckles softly to herself, drinking deep of the rum, appreciative of the spectacle.

Zoey has joined the secret arbor.

Despite the dress, Kasa is determined to climb that mast. Either oblivious or unconcerned what show she might be giving those below, her focus remains on trying to navigate her way to the top. But there is a reason most people don't climb in woollen dresses, and Kasa is quickly discovering it, as the skirt keeps getting in the way of her feet, and the material doesn't stretch enough to allow her a proper reach.

Keeping her position at Aedric's side, hand comfortable with resting on that gut grimed arm, Ophira continued her feline's watch of the crowds and the events about to unfurl," I'm not Dio's keeper, he knows what he's doing and I trust him in that. If anything, it creates a bit of buzz despite the tarnish to my family name." A laugh, rolling and pure," Goodness, it's not as if it is anything new." At the mention of the Saffron Chain, the rim of glass is raised to her lips to sample yet another sip, " Lord Blackshore, I'm not at liberty to discuss such things with you at the moment - your inky jet doesn't mask your intentions."

"Perhaps, in a setting that doesn't require us to be a social presence we can talk one sea creature to another." A glance towards those clambering up the mast,"Where is your Captain? I was hoping to have her aid me in making snide remarks about your person."

Rosalind grins over at Kieran and nods, hurrying over as fast as her still injured self can carry her. If one looked, you can still the large bite and claw marks that mar her legs as she brings her gown somehow tastefully around her legs..good enough to where you CAN'T see anything! The northern wraps herself the mast and well--up she goes! "This is probably not one of my best ideas and my sister would kick my ass,"but she's laughing slowly and stubbornly getting to the top..not as fast as the other--FOR REASONS!

Merek maneuvers to try the mast when he can, doing well, though not perfectly. Then when he finishes, the man maneuvers all back to what he was doing!

Nina touches her chest lightly, giving a small cry of surprise. "Oh! That's so wonderful!" She looks at Apollo with a sparkle in her eyes. "What was the gift?"

Jaenelle lifts her attention upward from the base of the ship to watch Rorik climb, hands clasped behind her back. "I have a swing in the Grayson estates," then she looks over towards Liara with a grin, "you can see the entire city from the tower. It is breathtaking." Then back to Liara, "I have never fallen out of the tower, that would be terrible and I am certain you could not explain why there is a dead Archduchess on your grounds. But, I will gladly put a swing in the Velenosa estate for you." She is so helpful. Then she looks back up to Rorik, "are you going to jump down or climb down?"

Rysen nods in agreement with Sebastian, and frowns slightly to hear of the damage in the new ward. He leans in to share a quiet word with the prince. When the climb starts, Rysen looks on with interest, and his bandaged right arm twitches slightly, but he smiles and takes a drink of wine.

"What do you think would be more impressive?!" Rorik shouts back down to Jaenelle. He's clearly not jumping /or/ climbing down until she tells him.

Juliana turns as people climbing up the mast, her eyes lifting to watch with fastination. "So if there isn't really something up there, do you think they will get annoyed?" said to no one in particular.

Matteo is late, not even fashionably, and shameless with it. He steps into the gardens, dressed in simple black silk, his hair mussed and his dark green gaze sliding around before catching on the ship's mast curiously.

The wine glass is lifted beneath the veil once more, but this time, Nisaa unclips it a bit on one side to let it drape below her chin, leaving her mouth free to sip away. She watches the mast climbing competition with a bit of glee, but does not entertain the idea of trying to climb it herself.

Adrienne shakes her head with silent humor at Apollo's response, although she must divert a gaze up - and up and up - to the competitors climbing the mast. The sometimes-Mercy exhales. "Please let them not fall." Or have thick skulls if they do, implies her tone. She gestures from Nina to Apollo. "A piece I need for an trip I'm soon to embark on. You could call it armor but it is a meager word to use. I'm short of adjectives - beautiful, functional, elegant, thoughtful. How would you describe it, Apollo?" Sincerity and humor mix in her voice.

"I haven't been up the tower in months. And please don't fall. That would be dreadfully awkward all round - imagine the fuss." Liara flashes Jaenelle a grin after that, and suggests, "Lord Rorik might want to simply climb. He may cause difficulties for himself and anyone directly below if jumping happens, I fancy."

"Count Graham!" Sebastian exclaims in surprise and delight as he regards the man. "Doubly pleased to make your acquantaince. And yes -- it's quite the event. Given my two sisters are responsible, I shouldn't be surprised." He glances towards the mast and those working to climb it, with a quiet laugh. His head turns towards Rysen at that quiet murmur, returning it in kind at a low pitch.

Ophira is overheard praising Juliana.

Ophira is overheard praising Zoey.

Ophira is overheard praising Fatima.

It takes a moment, a lot longer than one would need to make this decision as Rorik hangs from the ropes leading up the mast. Still, Jaenelle makes him wait a bit for the answer before finally motioning him down, "if you broke your leg I would be upset and still make you dance on it. Feel free to climb."

Mikani takes a five strand necklace of saik glass with a silver filigree clasp from a simple velvet bag.

Fatima murmurs a soft aside to Juliana in the midst of it all. "I hope there is nothing up there just to see what happens." One shouldn't exactly say such things but sometimes they just slip out.

Tolv takes A gold ring with a single Stormward pearl from a mysterious oyster shell.

Ophira takes Ring of waves pewter accented with blue topaz from a mysterious oyster shell.

Rorik doesn't seem to mind being made to wait. He must be having fun up there, swaying from the ropes above the party. But Jaenelle suggests he climbs, and so climbs down he does, even though it would be a lot more fun to leap. Which is probably why he /does/ jump once he's two feet above the ground, hitting the 'deck' of the ship with a thump. "More parties should have ships that can be climbed," he shouts over to Juliana, flashing her a broad grin, before he's dropping down to jog back over to the arbor and take his place beside Jaenelle. His hair's a mess, but he's grinning ear to ear. "Come on, let's dance. You need to show me how to do that that wiggle," he offers Jaenelle his arm.

Jaenelle takes a mysterious oyster shell from a wooden chest with ribbons.

Mikani climbs to the top of the crows nest without hesitation and without much difficulty. It was mentioned there was treasure up there. She grins as she pulls what looks like to be droplets of water dripping from a necklace. "This is beautiful." She says as she places it about her neck and begins her climb back down. Her dress and heels not even getting in her way.

Apollo takes a mysterious oyster shell from a wooden chest with ribbons.

Whatever Sebastian mentions to Rysen causes him to laugh happily, and he takes another glass of wine before nodding to the Pravosi artist. His pass to Mikani when she climbs and he beams when she reaches the crows nest, clearly in her element.

"Ah, exellent they have done a fine job to be sure the courtyard is completely transformed. I can only imagine the amount of work that had gone into this ahead of time, and if I heard correctly a change in venue?" Graham offers sounding indeed quite impressed though he looks also to those climbing the mast. He'll clap politely when they reach the top. "Quite the race indeed."

Tolv only seems to remember that small oyster shell the party was instructed to pick up now that his dance is over. He dutifully took one, of course, and now he plucks a small ring from it. He looks very confused, *very*, but he turns it over and over before simply slipping it on a finger. It fits! So he wears it.

Nina | "Oh! A trip!" Nina leans in, and then... asks, almost a bit more conspiratorially... "Like an ADVENTURE?"

Matteo watches the climbers for a moment, before his gaze is caught by people coming and going to the chest. He makes his way over there instead, looking through it before picking one.

Matteo gets a mysterious oyster shell from a wooden chest with ribbons.

Finally, Kasa manages to make it to the crow's nest, cursing the dress as she fights the fabric one more time in order to climb in. Sweaty and flushed, she still grins triumphant, even if she didn't win. "That was fun!" she exclaims with a laugh, before taking a moment to admire the view and take a breather.

Rosalind eventually makes her way, her climbing way slower than usually,"Gods and Spirits! That took forever!" Then, the trek back down, entangling herself a bit,"It really is super pretty up there!" Getting back with her feet on ground, she makes her way back to the fountain, lowering her dress down proper. A PROPER LADY. Rosa turns, checking the back. That's down too, right. RIGHT?!

Mikani moves to Rysen to show off her new necklace. "Please tell me you can dance." She motions to the injured arm.

Of course she wasn't willing to share secrets with the enemy. Oh, well. It had been worth the shot. Aedric lifts his gaze toward the mast and all those attempting to scale it, now acutely worried for their safety. "Falling from such a distance would be catastrophic," the mariner murmurs, scowling. "I've seen it twice before. One man survived, albeit with a nonfunctional leg. The other was given last rites and surrendered to the sea." A paternal, commanding urge to bark at the competitors was successfully stifled. He breathes a sigh of relief when Rorik, Mikani, and Rosalind return safely to the ground. "Captain Scylla has her orders, but I am happy to convey a message to her on your behalf."

Nina's enthusiasm wrings a smile from Adrienne, although she answers in a quieter voice to Nina, Apollo, and Santiago.

Kieran is overheard praising Rorik: He knows his way around a big mast!

Juliana steps up beside Sebastian, wraps her arms around one of his and lays he cheek on his shoulder as she watches the party continue arouned them. A smile at Mikani. "It will look lovely one you."

"We'll find you a better dress!" Tila calls, grinning. "Something you can move in!" Yes, it would seem she's taken a personal interest in the matter. "Wool doesn't suit her at all," she adds, looking toward Kieran. "So restrictive."

"Yes, Count Graham. It seems like a wise choice given the recent issues," Sebastian's observation is accompanied by the lift of his glass to his lips, though the level of wine doesn't seem to change overly much. "I've a feeling I'm going to have some upset gardeners when I return to Pravus, though," he adds, eyeing the flowers, before he smiles towards Mikani. "Well done, my lady," he tells her, with a lift of his glass in toast. His gaze flickers past, towards the chest, catching sight of Matteo. There's a nod towards the man if he happens to glance that way, presumably in invitation, though he's distracted by Juliana's approaching, smiling at his twin.

Santiago has left the table by the fire.

Juliana gets a slender ebon phial caged in bold bronze filigree from a simple velvet bag.

Juliana gets Fragrance -- Tempest from a simple velvet bag.

Kieran nods to Tila, "I agree. Lady Rosalind needs one that is less restrictive too." He looks to Rodica then, "Lady Rodica, can you help?"

At least down is easier than up, as Kasa discovers once she's taken her moment at the top. Using a controlled slide for the most part, which her dress does actually help with, she lands with a thump on the ground, and then trots back to her table, grinning all the while. "Now this is my kind of party!" she exclaims.

Matteo turns the shell over in his hands, hefting its weight thoughtfully even as he glances around the party yet again. He snags a glass of anything (which turns out to be red wine) from the closest tray, making it so that both hands are occupied. Then, however, he catches Sebastian's nod and flashes a crooked grin to the man across the party before strolling casually in that direction. "Cousins!" he greets. "I forgot that parties like this exist. This seems so extravagant. I feel like we're going to be stormed by starving commoners any second who will feast on our bodies."

"That does seem to be about the same everywhere. I have been making ready plans to travel home to my former house, but might be called to action before that." Graham gives a small shrug "Now's not the time for such things though a party is being had. He looks back to Mikani "Well done Lady Crovane, that is quite the necklace." he offers his congratulations a big smile for her win.

"Did you ask me to attend this so you could poke and prod me into giving up tidbits? If you're looking to model your navy and style after our own, I'd be more than willing to be your patron." Ophira flashed a smile up at Aedric, a slow languid curve of teasing suggestion while she drew near to start plucking at more shimmering scales upon his person,"I'm sure there is something you could still be properly schooled in."

Finishing off her first glass, sinuous strides bring her away from her verbal sparring companion to find a refill.

"I'll send her a message myself. Though, I had thought about telling her to pass on my acceptance of your invitation but that's just absolutely silly. Who does that?" A rise of brow, taking a sip of renewed wine.

Nisaa looks up at the exclaimed greeting to Sebastian and others. Smiling, she watches the man who called them cousins, until his words register. Verdigris eyes round with sudden concern and the Whisper tries to casually look over her shoulder to make sure her guard is still within sight, just in case.

Tolv briefly turns his gaze from his new ring to Matteo, tipping his head at the comment. It lasts only a second, as he's distracted back toward everything else that's going on. Ophira gets a short glance. Graham. A few others.

At the arbor, Zoey watches as Jaenelle and Rosalie claim dances with Rorik and Porter respectively. As the depart to the dance floor, she crosses her ankles beneath her seat and resumes her statue-like stillness.

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Feeling the brief settle of eyes on her person, Ophira glances toward Tolv and offers up a pearly white smile before raising her glass in simple greeting.

Leaning against Sebastian's shoulder, Juliana arches a brow at Matteo. "Bite you your tongue. I moved it here just so we wouldn't but if we do, Matteo Pravus, I nominate you as first course." then sticks her tongue at him... which totally renders her whole look to be one of a little girl playing princess.

After being occupied at the arbor for a reasonable amount of time, Porter slips out of that little nook with Rosalie, shortly after Rorik and Jaenelle have done the same. He's heading over to the dance floor, quickly finishing whatever drink he had in his hand and passing it off so that all of his hands are free by the time they get there.

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Tolv responds to Ophira's smile with one of his own, bright and seemingly guileless. He touches three fingers lightly to his forehead, a strange, but seemingly respectful gesture.

"It's hard to know what the right call is," Sebastian agrees with Graham. "Though choosing to stay in the city isn't a bad one," he muses. Matteo's approach earns a lift of his glass towards his cousin, the greeting, undoubtedly, likely to have been more effusive if Juliana wasn't resting on his shoulder. "Good to see you, Matteo," he greets his cousin with an easy warmth. "Barely in the city a week -- two -- and already I'm hearing stories of you. A credit to Pravus," he laughs joyfully. "You know Jules, of course. Lord Rysen Crovane, his wife Lady Mikani, and Count Graham Byrne. My cousin, Prince Matteo Pravus," he handles the introductions with ease.

Nisaa is overheard praising Fatima.

Nisaa is overheard praising Zoey.

Nisaa is overheard praising Juliana: I heard the ball was mostly her doing. It was billed as the event of the season and it did not disappoint! Lovely work!

"Ah, but they have already gotten a piece of me! And then they spit me back out, because I am not nearly as sweet as you, darling Juliana," teases Matteo warmly, winking lightly to his cousin. Then his attention is stolen by introductions, and he salutes the people that Sebastian says, before he adds, "I promise, I haven't done that much to earn any stories. Not like the stories I've heard of you, already, Seb. Other than getting my ass kicked by commoners."

Kieran is overheard praising Juliana.

Sebastian is overheard praising Fatima.

Sebastian is overheard praising Zoey.

Sebastian is overheard praising Juliana.

Fatima is overheard praising Juliana.

"Matteo, this is our sister, Fatima, Princess of Thrax and the Lady Zoey Kennex." Juliana includes to two ladies that have been helpng her with the party. Then snorts at the commplement and waves him off.

Fatima is overheard praising Zoey.

Matteo is overheard praising Juliana: The sweetest of cousins!

Rorik checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 22 higher.

"Stick around Prince Sebastian enough and I'm sure you'll be just as whispered about." Ophira remarked upon playfully towards Matteo, a lilting laugh following. Tolv, with his bright smile received an appreciative spark in absinthe drizzled gaze at the salute.

Juliana is overheard praising Fatima.

Juliana is overheard praising Zoey.

Zoey raises a hand to wave to Matteo from her seat beneath the arbor when she is introduced by Juliana.

Juliana is overheard praising Porter.

Juliana is overheard praising Rorik.

Kieran is overheard praising Zoey.

Kieran is overheard praising Fatima.

Juliana is overheard praising Jaenelle.

Adrienne offers a half-bow to Nina and Apollo, the her topic of conversation is drawing a bittersweet smile from her, before she steps away to the quiet shift of crimson silk to search through the crowds. It should be difficult to lose Zoey Kennex in that dress, but it takes Adrienne a moment to find her and move her way, setting aside her mostly-full wine glass in the process on a table. "Zoey, I promised you a dance and would ask the pleasure of keeping that promise, if you will permit it. Honor demands it of /me/." It is said with a gallant tone, pale eyes sparkling as she offers her elbow to the Kennex Lady.

"Always a pleasure, My lady," says Rysen to Juliana, smiling. "And it's good to meet you Prince Matteo," says Rysen bowing his head.

Rysen is overheard praising Juliana.

It takes a moment for Fatima to pull herself from one distraction for another at hearing her name. An easy smile crosses her lips as she lifts a glass, only a quarter full, to Matteo. She joins it with a dip of her head, "All the better to have more stories floating about to divert attentions."

Rysen is overheard praising Sebastian.

Shortly after the mention of Scylla, two marines adorned in platemail emblazoned with the sigil of Blackshore entered the hidden garden and approached Aedric, one delivering a sealed letter. The siren's gaggle of pirates can be overheard shouting after them, aiming to drunkenly instigate a brawl. The sailor, surprised, opens the document and carefully reviews its contents. "Quite an unexpected development. I regretfully must take my leave, Lady Ophira. Perhaps you would care to join me?"

Jaenelle checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 45 higher.

"All true stories, I'm afraid," Sebastian replies to Matteo, with a wry smile. "I've run amuck around the city, and only Bella's hand stays me." The easy laugh suggests that's probably not true, his gaze turning towards Ophira as she speaks up. His brows go upwards, and he gives a pleased laugh. "Well now, if it isn't Lady Ophira. Seeing you reminds me of Setarco, my dear lady. It's pleasing to have you in the city: though less so to have you check my unhinged reputation." He's teasing, clearly.

Rosalie checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 40 higher.

With a smile Zoey takes Adrienne's arm, and the pair go to the dance floor. "Dancing with you will be my pleasure."

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Juliana is overheard praising Sebastian.

Tolv's smile remains in the wake of Ophira's response. He lingers for a moment, but only those few, at which point he clasps his hands behind his back and weaves his way back to the garden's entrance. He doesn't seem to have any more trouble navigating than he did before. And then? He's gone.

The orchestra is excellent to no one's surprise, and Adrienne leads the graceful Lady Kennex to the spirited music, somehow balancing the demands of the floor, the music, and Zoey's dress to showcase her partner's grace... without the rest of the woman's finer assets.

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Adrienne has joined the dance floor.

"Well, obviously they must be true. If they were false, I would need to punch someone to maintain your honor, cousin," offers Matteo lightly, his grin an easy thing even as a laugh suffuses his words. He nods to Fatima, though he adds, "I'd expect that stories will form themselves, regardless of my presence or not. Always need something to divert the attention of the nobility."

Zoey is light of foot as she moves in time with Adrienne, but brighter than her jewelry or her aeterna is her smile.

Kieran checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 50 higher.

Kasa checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 13 higher.

Apollo starts to rise from the table, smiling crookedly at Nina. "Not the shop though. Come around to the Guild hall. We might even let you through without spooning soup or anything." A brief touch to her shoulder, fond, and then - his little leather satchet rolling over his fingers, he finishes rising, looking through the crowd still about.

Another songbird laugh, airy as it softens with a smile," It's because of your unhinged reputation that I remind you of Setarco." Quipped back with a polite dip of head, " It truly is good to see you and I'll have to have you regale me sometimes with all that you've been up to."

Attention is gripped by the snide comments from her guards towards Blackshore marines, there is a sharp whistle and that Lycene lilt is anything but warm, a rumbling command delivered with frosty delivery," May I remind the four of you that I'm worse than my brother and if you continue on in that behavior I'll have you sent back to him in pieces." There was only a small grumble but the "Guards" quieted none the less. At Aedric's offer, a nod of silky head is given and so she takes her leave on his arm, offering a wave of goodbye to those still present.

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Kieran roses from his table and takes Kasa's hand, leading her out to the dance floor. He pulls her into a simple waltz, moving through the steps slowly so she can learn it, before taking her into the dance at normal rhythm. He is quite stylish this time with his dancing and deftly leads the commonwoman about the dance floor, keeping them from bumping into any of the dancing nobles.

Ian is here, somehow. When did he arrive? Who knows. He's been sitting quietly by the fountain for so long that he might have briefly turned invisible or something. Now he comes to life long enough to accept a glass of whiskey served to him by the staff.

Ophira leaves, following Aedric.

The music finally begins to call to Nisaa, as does the dance floor growing ever full. She is without partner, but that is how he dances most often anyway. Making her way to a small corner where there is a bit of space, Nisaa closes her eyes, inhaling deep, letting the feel of the music settle into her bones, her soul. Her style of dance is Eurusi in nature, and slowly, she begins to ease into the graceful movements as if they were second nature.

Nisaa checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 48 higher.

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