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Lady Ophira Seraceni

The first horror is birthed from the realization that horror can, and does, exist. The second is that we must learn to accommodate it.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Calculating Siren
Fealty: Pravus
Family: Seraceni
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 25
Birthday: 11/1
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Naval tactician
Height: average height
Hair Color: raven black
Eye Color: green hazel
Skintone: olive

Titles: Siren of Setarco

Description: Looking like a creature summoned from the very air, the sylphic glide of form as it moved with cool assurance caused not a disturbance upon the ground in which she walked. Only the rustle of skirts, like a tumbling leaf strewn haphazardly by the wind, announced the quiet presence of Lady Ophira. All graceful svelte lines, there was naught a blemish on the dusky expanse of skin from pristine fingertip to slim swan neck. Dusky tone was offset with a glossy tumble of dark, midnight black hair that was set in a loose braid that rested at her hips.

The darkened curling tendrils often broke loose from the confines of it's tie, brushing against the noblewoman's features where power lurked. It was not in lips that were often set in a cunning line of interest, a tease of a smile at the corner of mouth as if she knew a secret you did not, lower lip a bit fuller than upper making it more grippable by pearly whites in a thoughtful bite. The power was not in the high browed, pronounced cheekbones of an aristocratic face nor the straight nose that held a delicate point. As one might expect it was in large, burdensome eyes that were framed by a thickened cluster of dark lashes, leaving expression sultry in it's heavy lidded questing for what lay at the true heart of those that were fortunate or in some circumstances most unfortunate to have crossed her path.

Personality: Gifted with an infectious spirit of charming wiles and sultry stares, there was very little that seemed to break the carefree exterior, pleasant companionship found in those ranging from low to high birth - for weren't they all slaves to the Wheel? Every smile was a serpentine suggestion to beckon one closer, the plunge of absinthe flecked gaze was evocatively familiar in the way it lingered too long on any particular person, as if foretelling some prophecy that had only been revealed to Ophira herself. All in all, she was a calculating individual whose mind was always a step ahead - ready for any storm. Whether it be the thunder of applause as her voice graces the ears of many, or the gale that comes her way in the midst of oceanic warfare.

Background: The background of Ophira was steeped in mystery; some say she was swept in on the tide as a babe on a bundle of shipwrecked wood and seafoam, others that she was raised by seals along the coast. But isn't that the way of fisher folk and pirates? To concoct great tales and stories?

But, the entire truth of the matter is that she is the daughter of a Count Paolo Seraceni, who whisked Ophira away thinking Setarco would be better than Ischia for his beloved daughter. It would be able to provide her with opportunities that only growing up a ward of House Pravus could provide. She was subjected to the lavish wiles of the city and seemed to unknowingly follow in the footsteps of her brother Dio, being a student of The School of Steel and Silk and graduating with high marks in naval military tactics and strategy. While there, news of another talent leaked in the form of her song, her clear and haunting singing voice was known to lull many a trainee into sleep and remain like an echo in their dreams. Eventually it got into the hands of Pravus Lords and Ladies, testing her mettle throwing her into one outrageous event to the next where debaucheries and delights were many for all that attended - as is only right for such a widely talked about city. The Seraceni female slithered forth like a creature born to such a task, earning her the title Siren of Setarco. The cost of such renown was fantastical gossip involving accusations of pacts made with abyssal fiends, often peddled by sailors and envious aristocrats.

With education completed and mind expanded, Ophira returns to the place of her birth with the hope of rekindling a relationship with her distant brother and seeing what use he might have for a mind bent on expansion and of course, as is only befitting, plundering glory.

Relationship Summary

  • Dio - he who I would tear the sea asunder for

  • Acquaintance:
  • Valdemar - has excellent taste in women
  • Sebastian - giver of answers when I'm at a loss
  • Piccola - mind as bright as her scales

  • Spouse:
  • Romulius - mess of curls and bright eyes
  • Dycard - scowls far too much
  • Cornelius - waiting for you to make one wrong move
  • Scylla - mysterious woman who sees much

  • Friend:
  • Mabelle - makes the Oathlands seem not all that bad
  • Name Summary
    Adrienne I met Lady Ophira Seraceni, soon to be Blackshore, at the opening of the Pravus Ward. She is music, perhaps, in form and song in voice, a swatch of silk that drapes across her company.
    Cecilia The myth, the legend. I am sure she lives up to her family's hype.
    Cerys Lady Ophira Seraceni: Sharp wit. Grace. Beauty. Talent. She has every reason to be proud of her skills and with any luck this will not be the only time we run into such an interesting and delightful woman!
    Drake Fun, flirty, bit of a way with words, this one. I think she may be trouble, but the good kind.
    Emily A curious enigma but a fun one. I like her. Our conversation may not have been all together truthful but the small game that was woven between the words was rather enjoyable and something I look forward to repeating.
    Evaristo She sure is a talented bard, and her enthusiasm and singing and playing at the Whirlpool Wave was half the party! I see why she is called Siren of Setarco.
    Evelynn Incredibly charming. But what else can be expected from a lady of the Lyceum.
    Haakon Some bejeweled Southron. Sings a fair enough shanty.
    Mabelle A sharp minded sailor. I'm both curious and frightened. She whistled at me though, I rather liked that.
    Martino Fine and sharp wit, political astuteness and good connections. As dangerous as she is delightful.
    Monique That voice. No wonder they call her a Siren. And she's easy on the eyes, so I could absolutely see being led to my doom and loving every second of it.
    Natasha By all accounts, the Sly Siren of House Sareceni is a formidable naval tactician; I knew of her through that, hence I was less prepared to be confronted by her equally formidable beauty. I have no doubt she wields both with adroit alacrity.
    Nina A sailor from Setarco! And also a singer too! It seems like we have a lot in common, but she is so much ... nobler, in her carriage as well.
    Piccola This one demands to be watched. Closely. I am to take my time.
    Raimon First met at the Shrine to Mangata, where the Minister of War for Ischia was singing a Hymn to Mangata's honor. A bit disconcerting, I might say, as I'd always found the Shrine a welcome haven for quiet contemplation. Not that the singing wasn't beautiful -- far from it. The Lady Ophira Seraceni has a most exquisite voice, and knows well how to make use of it.
    Raja A beautiful noblewoman, but holds a mysterious danger about her. I approve. She seems an interesting sort to get to know.
    Romulius Siren, indeed. She could easily break a man of any less strength than Uncle Aedric.
    Valdemar Quite a charming woman, though something about her makes it seem the sort that could turn dangerous. Her company so far makes it worth the risk, though. Maybe even enough to make riding horses pleasant.
    Vittorio Spooky, strong, beautiful. And the swishing. What an alluring combination.
    Zoey Born ready for adventure.