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Crown Open Hours

Dame Eleanor Allenatore, Voice of the Crown, will be holding open hours for anyone to approach the Crown for any issues that do not require a full Assembly. Anyone is welcome to bring forward a question or request.


March 3, 2020, 8 p.m.

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Sydney Rowenova Shard Ilsa Edain Kaia Calypso Donella Appolonia Mia Oili Saoirse Corban Zoey


The Crown


Arx - Ward of the Crown - The Palace - Great Hall

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Comments and Log

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: The Great Hall has been set up with typical levels of elegance, but no over the top formality. A few chairs and tables are placed near the walls, as well as the typical alcoves. Otherwise, all that is different is a large and ornate table in the middle of the room behind which Dame Eleanor Allenatore sits ready to hear any petitions.

Nilanza, a fluffy white kitten with odd eyes, Portia, a tittering bashful handmaiden, Renato, an overconfident courier arrive, following Kaia.

Sydney has been here for some time, largely looking out of place in such a grandiose setting, seated at the largest of tables rather than skulking about. The commoner has made no effort to dress above her station. She is dressed unremarkably save for a lovely copper-colored autumnal cloak. She is quite notably clean, fiery red hair recently washed. She's watched the preparation with mild interest, but has largely kept to herself.

Without Sir Floppington and a bit late, Scout Rowenova shows up with much haste.

1 Greenwood Tribe Blood Warriors, 3 House Riven Soldiers, Lianna, Feydin, a white-tailed eagle, Vigilance, a juvenile female Oakhaven Bloodhound, Berthold, Tinsel arrive, following Mia.

3 Last Watch Sentries, 3 Redrain Guards arrive, following Donella.

The Great Hall has been set up with typical levels of elegance, but no over the top formality. A few chairs and tables are placed near the walls, as well as the typical alcoves. Otherwise, all that is different is a large and ornate table in the middle of the room behind which Dame Eleanor Allenatore sits ready to hear any petitions. Beside her is a middle aged secretary in King's Own livery, poised and ready with parchment and ink and so forth. At the appointed hour, Eleanor finishes a quiet discussion with him and turns to the room. "Welcome," she says with a warm smile. "As a reminder, this evening is only able to address questions or issues that don't require a full Assembly of Peers, but I will do my best to help wherever I can. So - who's first?"

Shard enters with a light step that seems more habitual than deliberate, which is typical for her. There's a certain wariness about her that's also rather typical, and she pauses once inside the Great Hall to study the current occupants with a careful eye, though she's at least mindful enough not to stand in anyone's way while she does so.

Ilsa, making her way in with the flow of visitors and petitioners, was quick to find an empty seat where she could watch the holding of court without being a bother. She had worn her best dress, which, was, well, common, yes, but clean and well-pressed. She did settle on a seat where she could see everyone, including those in attendance. Her expression was bright and curious, managing not to cross the line towards awed.

The Prince of Sanctum is a dismissable presence within the Great Hall, attended to by a modest detail as he sequesters an alcove for his own to observe the ongoings of court. Just like everyone else.

Clad in a bright (and hard to miss) crimson gown featuring stunning golden hawks, the lady Kaia Malvici would make her way into the palace hall with the utmost grace and class one would expect of a proper noble. Her features seeming sweet and kind, despite the shadows under her eyes hinting to some lack of sleep perhaps. She would not be alone in her treading, some words being quietly exchanged between her and the Duchess Calypso as they all made their way further along with their entourage.

Calypso modulates her crisp, long legged stride to match Kaia's pace. She doesn't look like a woman with a mission today, but then again, when does she ever? Rarely, and usually there's got to be a war involved. There's no war today, of course, and her demeanor suggests that she's here on a whim.

Donella steps into the palace with her head held high. The deep blue of her eyes move over everyone gathered and fall on Edain. She moves over in his direction to the alcove. "May I sit?" Her words given lightly as she watches the people coming and going.

Appolonia from Seraceni has come in her seafoam-and-verdigris ensemble, accented by a woolen shawl to keep the autumn chill off of the usual assortment of curves. She steps forwards, smiling in her best 'benign and not spooky' way towards the others as she moves towards the secretary, to murmur to him her desire to make inquiries. Inquiries plural! She has two it seems!

Appolonia has joined the line.

Edain rises briefly to his seat, an accommodating gesture of the hand inviting Donella to settle beside him. "It would be a pleasure, Your Highness," he murmurs, bowing his head with an amicable smile creasing the corners of his mouth. "Have you come to watch the proceedings as well?"

Kaia has joined the line.

Edain has joined the Comfortable Crown Couches.

What does one do with their hands when everyone is staring at them? A good question, to which Eleanor does not have an answer! She tries a few options (clasped, interlaced, on the desk, under the desk) and looks relieved as Appolonia steps forward. "Welcome," she tells her with a smile. "How can the Crown help you today?"

When Mia arrives, it's rather quietly, the entourage she seems to have gained over the years deposited outside of the palace -- all save for one young woman who accompanies her into the Great Hall. Dark eyes scan the room slowly, picking out familiar faces and those that are not, before focusing on the growing line of petitioners. It seems the Marquessa will not be joining, as she strides towards the left side of the room.

Sydney has joined the line.

Oili moves into the Great Hall looking a bit lost. The palace is a new experience for her. Thankfully, she managed to find someone to show her the way. Inside, she takes stock of those who are gathered in the line and then steps off to the left side and find a seat to watch.

Taking note of the line just by the secretary, Kaia would move about closer to take her turn. Apparently, the newest Malvici had a request. Her lively blue-grey eyes would be kindly moving around the room, taking in the faces of the peers gathered in court. Polite smiles, nods, and even at times some courtesies given to those deserving so as they passed by.

Spotting Oili, Nova joins her.

As Ilsa watched each of the entrants, it was clear that none of them were familiar to her. That did not stop her from offering each that keen look, as though she were trying to find some tidbit or another with which to remember them for later. And when they began to form a line, she turned her gaze that way.

Ilsa has joined the Gray Table.

"The crown helps me every day already," Appolonia says to Eleanor with a winsome little smile. "Living in this city is like a dream. But flattery aside, I wished to bring two matters to the crown's attention, one of which may simply be a matter of information -- that it is already done -- that is to say; given the Eurusi..." Appolonia spreads her hands a little, "affairs, it would seem that the Compact will have need of ships, a need perhaps beyond what we have wished for historically. Will the crown's own prowess be brought to these matters? Forgive me," Appolonia concludes in a lower voice, "if this has already been decided, but it haunts me."

Donella lowers her head as she joins his alcove. "I have. I am not sure that there is something that I need from the crown. I am waiting to see if something comes up." Her slight smile is given to the man before she watches those around the Great Hall. "What of you, Your Grace?"

Donella has joined the Comfortable Crown Couches.

2 House Velenosa Guards, Dreya, an older woman in Velenosan livery, Ailfryd, a tall, thin man with a haugty air arrive, following Saoirse.

Calypso finds herself near one of the more comfortable couches in the room, currently inhabited by Edain (and maybe also Donella). "Mind if I join you two?"

Oili smiles as Rowenova comes over to her. She places a hand on the woman's back slightly before pulling it away, a quick clap. She leans over to whisper conspiratorally.

Oili mutters, "It's doing ... ... has ... after the battle ... the ..."

Saoirse, in a very sparkly blue damask gown indeed, wanders toward Eleanor's table and leans down to murmur something.

Saoirse mutters, "Any DIRE need of ... or ... ... ... acceptable?"

Edain folds his hands comfortably within his lap, quiet for a moment while he takes stock of various personalities familiar and unfamiliar to him within the hall. "Watch, and listen," he affirms to Donella, nearly an afterthought. "Sometimes it's the best way to quickly learn of situations that may be of interest to the Oathlands."

Donella turns her eyes towards Calypso, but then back to Edain. She seems to be deferring to the High Lord on who sits where he is. "I quite agree." She allows a slight smile. "I came to learn what is of interest to the Oathlands." Then she looks towards the line forming thoughtfully.

"I understand the concern," Eleanor answers Appolonia with a nod and a solemn expression. She spares a quick glance aside to Saoirse, wrinkles her nose in brief amusement, and shakes her head in response to whatever was whispered. Back to Appolonia: "I also understand that everything feels as though it's accelerating quickly, but things haven't yet come to imminent all out war." Technically. "The Crown will of course support efforts in defense of the Compact, if and when it comes to that. The details of what that support will look like, however, is a much bigger question than I can answer tonight." Now Appolonia gets a nose scrunch. "I know that's not an entirely satisfactory answer, but I hope it's something."

Nova smiles brightly about that quick pat from Oili on her strong back which is decked out in a double layer of wolf fur (from the headdress pelt and DIREwolf cloak, both). So soft! She does not speak up but conspiratorially whispers to Oili while getting out a booze bottle she unhooks from her belt under her cloak. Ah, Northerners!

Calypso raises her voice enough to carry: "Does this mean that Pravus will be calling its bannes?"

Edain glances aside at Donella, studying the princess sidelong before his brows lift a fraction. "What a curious thing to say," he utters, pointedly, before his attention is upon Calypso when the Duchess' voice rings out.

Ilsa, having settled herself, folded her hands into her lap, eyes no longer roaming as her attention settled on the line that was forming before the Duchess' table. No longer quite as various, her expression was, instead, attentive and thoughtful, as she seemed to make note of both the questions posed and the answers given.

Donella nods in a solemn manner. "I say many curious things. In this moment, it was but a joke. Duchess." She greets Calypso. The question raised from her does not get a response, but little does from Donella. She looks back to Edain. "Darren and I should have you and Caelis for dinner, if you are so inclined."

"That puts me profoundly at my ease," Appolonia tells Eleanor, pausing to smile at Saoirse in passing, and then curtseys in a ripple of sea silk to say, "As I see there are others, I shall take my turn anew in a moment, as it is a matter of less gravity..." At which point she sweeps to the left, to let the others speak.

Such as Calypso! Appolonia turns her smile towards her. "I am no admiral to make such strategies," she calls to her. "I know Seraceni's sails are set, to go whither they are called."

Turn in line: Appolonia

Turn in line: Kaia

Octavian, a silken spaniel, an aid in Kennex livery, 2 Kennex corsairs arrive, following Zoey.

Oili looks at the liquor and then around the palance. She leans over to whisper something to Nova before returning her attention to the row of people.

Having quietly listened to Appolonia's inquiries and Dame Eleanor's response, Kaia would patiently wait for her turn. Her request certainly wasn't as interesting as that one, but nonetheless it was important -at the very least to her. Once it was her turn, she would take the appropriate steps forward and issue a polite greeting to the figures of renown standing nearby, before uttering the later words. "Good day, Dame Eleanor. I do not wish to trouble you much. My name is Kaia Malvici nee Bisland, and I do have but a single request, which hopefully shouldn't take too much time." She says, with a soft smile. "You see, if it's not too much trouble I would like to request an audience with the Queen Symonesse, at her earliest convenience. That is, if she will allow it." She would say, in a gentle tone, before making a courtesy. "That would be all."

Oili mutters, "I believe that ... ... ... a ... thing for me at this ... ... both ... ... terrible ... am at holding my ..."

Calypso raises her eyebrows at Appolonia's answer to her question, then drops into a seat at the couch. No, she was not invited, but nobody told her -not- to, so. It's almost certainly not the most presumptive thing she's done today.

Calypso has joined the Comfortable Crown Couches.

To Oili, Nova softly jests but ends up just swiggin from her own bottle without apparently sharing for some reason. She, too, scans over the petitioners here.

"I'm so glad," Eleanor tells Appolonia with a smile. As she does, the secretary gestures to indicate that Kaia should approach with her matter. She again looks very solemnly attentive as she waits for the question, and then breaks into a bright smile. "Oh, that's quite easy to answer. Her Majesty's schedule is her own, so you should approach her directly with the request. I can't promise anything about her availability, but I'm positive she wouldn't be offended by a direct request." She beams, delighted to have easily and directly answered. And as she does, the secretary gestures for the next in line.

Turn in line: Sydney

Appolonia has joined the line.

Sydney seems wholly incapable of exacting the proper etiquette for these proceedings, but her awareness of that simply means that she doesn't fumble in her efforts to try to hold herself to such a level. She approaches slowly, and does not attempt any of the flourishes that might befit the Great Hall of the Palace. She eases the hood of her cloak down as she nears, revealing a pale face with no shortage of scars and recent bruises. Little wonder the pugilist has been keeping to herself.

"The Crown has done an admirable job in ensuring that the appropriate coin is doled out to shore up the defenses of the city, and for that, everyone in Arx is grateful, I have little doubt." There is a lingering 'however' that makes itself known quite immediately.

"However, there has been little and less discussion of shoring up the part of the city that will likely first see any combat in the event that troops make land. The Lowers house the docks, and as far as discussion has been concerned, that appears to be all that anyone has spoken of." Bright green eyes are fiery with conviction, "The Lowers is - if you'll pardon me - an open wound that we are largely ignoring, in hopes that it goes away. One that can be targeted, exploited, and put to the sword far before the 'city proper' is invaded. Its denizens have little choice in the matter, given that the flow of coin has all but dried up save for the donations of one-time-charity events and its like. Governance of the Lowers has all but fallen to independent philanthropists and criminal organizations. Some of this is likely a surprise to anyone who visits, but the reality is often grimmer than those who do /not/ visit."

The pugilist pauses to glance about the hall. "We are your farmers. Your food. Your tradesman. Those who craft your arms and armaments - and we require representation. Someone who can look out not only for the interests of noble houses, but those who are keenly involved in the day-to-day affairs of those of us without families to bolster our lot in life."

She pauses for but a moment, then gets to the point, already. "I would like to propose the concept of 'The People's Voice', an appointed Voice who may speak to the affairs of the commoners at the Assembly of Peers. And I would like to propose Prima Shard, one of the most trusted among commonfolk that comes to mind. If this is the incorrect place for such a request... I'm afraid I don't know where to make one at all. I have no Voice."

There's another smile directed to the Dame right after her reply, from Kaia's part. "Thank you so much. That is such a relief to know. I shall approach her directly then. Thank you for your work, Dame Eleanor." she would say, before then proceeding to step away to allow for thr next in line to take her turn.

Shard was probably not listening entirely closely--she looks a little distracted--but she does look toward the desk as Sydney approaches, and she must be listening at least a little bit there, and then her name pops up without any warning at all, and she gives a definite start. "...Wait, what?"

Nova speaks up, "One of the Commoner's Council sh... could become Said Voice."

Eleanor listens intently, her brow taking on a faint furrow as Sydney proceeds. "I'm afraid I don't entirely understand your question." She glances toward the observers long enough to spot Shard, then looks back to the petitioner. "As far as I know, the Commoners' Council doesn't have a specific title of Voice," she says slowly, "but the Council already does have a voice in the Assembly of Peers. Elected representatives of the Council may approach the Crown with petitions, and they are also granted permission to speak and bring issues before the Assembly of Peers." Her brow furrow deepens. "Is there something different or further that you're suggesting?"

Rowenova says, "When is the next election?"

Appolonia looks momentarily surprised by Sydney as she speaks at great length. She glances off to the side, approximately towards Edain but possibly just because she has to look somewhere in order to think, and partway through the explanation her attention returns towards Sydney and Eleanor. She's smiling, a little. It's not the same smile she had on when she was beaming at random people on her way in.

Sydney shakes her head, "...If anyone has spoken a word that has been relevant to the commonfolk of Arx in the past three Assemblies, I can't say I've heard tell of it. So no, I do not believe the current system sufficient."

Sydney adds, with a shrug of her shoulders, "...A proposal. Nothing more. Nothing less."

Oili doesn't say anything as Sydney makes her case about further representation. She's still whispering wildly with Nova.

Oili mutters, "That was pretty gutsy, ... ... ... ... to have been well thought out."

Reedy, a King's Own aide arrives, following Corban.

Shard glances from Eleanor to Sydney, and while her lips thin, she doesn't actually say anything else. She still, in truth, looks just a little confused.

Eleanor turns her hand over, palm up. "I would never belittle the needs of the commonfolk," she assures earnestly, "I merely don't understand the difference. If I understand, you would like to have a Common representative who can speak in the Assembly of Peers. There already is one. If there is a specific change to the Council that you have in mind, please tell me." She glances aside at Rowenova's response with a flicker of a frown. "Elections would be a matter for the Council themselves to determine. As would any issues they bring before the Peers."

"Perhaps," Sydney suggests, "The Crown might encourage they actually speak to concerns that the commonfolk care for - or speak at all." With that, she appears to have said her fill, bows her head, and turns on her heel, stating, "Next up."

Nova ohs, "Well, like she says, I have not heard of them doing much of anything for some time, unless they are doing it discreetly."

Nova looks down at her booze bottle before tilting back more drink.

Sir Corban Telmar, the First Captain of the King's Own, moves to the chair behind the table where the Voice of the Crown sits, appearing just over her right shoulder. Guarding. As one does.

Oili mutters, "No, I ... ... met Aleksei, ... councilor ... the commonfolk. If he's ... speaking up, they ... go deal ... ..."

Turn in line: Appolonia

Eleanor spreads both hands. "The Crown can't tell the Commoners's Council what or how to represent the commonfolk, it would defeat the purpose of the Council." She folds her hands back into her lap. "I assure you that the Crown wants to hear the concerns of every member of the Compact, but all we can do is be available to listen to those concerns. I encourage you or anyone else to speak to your Council representatives if you feel your concerns aren't being brought to our attention. Or if you would like changes within the Council, that's something else to bring to them. The Crown won't overrule their independence." Her eyebrows climb as Sydney calls the next petitioner, but after a moment she turns to the next - oh, hello again Appolonia. She beckons her forward.

1 Crimson Blades Lieutenant arrives, following Eilonwy.

Sydney just keeps right on walking. She's quite through with the proceedings.

Mia's black brows steadily climb over the course of the conversation being had at the front of the room. She says nothing for a long, long moment, then turns her eyes towards Shard to see any further reactions.

Sydney has left the Great Table.

Appolonia leans a bit to the side, as if to intercept Sydney and say something briefly. She's smiling as she does so.

After this she advances towards Eleanor anew. "Ah, we meet again," she says, clasping her hands together. "I wish to bring a case of sorrow to the attention of the crown; upon Ischia, one of our smaller houses, Tramino, has had a singular series of unfortunate events befall the line. At this time they are reduced from a joyous family to one inheritor - Pietro - who is, in fact, not yet of age. Also, their house fell down on top of them, slaying his brother, Paolo."

Appolonia pauses for a moment, eyes turned down. "Dear Dio, my cousin, has taken Pietro under his protection, but his mood has taken a dark cast, quite understandably. I would ask, if our beloved king or his radiant wife could pen a few short lines of encouragement - when time permits, of course - it would give him the heart to carry on, and to know that he is not one lad against the evening sea."

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Shard crosses her arms over her chest. The confusion is largely gone by this point, though there's a faint twitch around her nose as Sydney departs, and a moment later, she shakes her head. She doesn't look thrilled, but then, she never looks /thrilled/.

"That is a tragedy," Eleanor says with a solemn nod. "My sympathies." She glances to the crowd, searching for Saoirse. "I will see what we can do. Thank you," she says to Appolonia, pressing a palm over her heart in sympathy. The secretary gestures forth the next in line.

Turn in line: Rowenova

Oili nods at something Rowenova whispers and then she's off to join the line. Now she's all alone. She sits quietly, waiting on Nova to come back.

After Appolonia speaks of Dio, Nova whispers to Oili with a smile before then getting up in serious mode and heading down to the petition line.

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After heading down, Nova steps up. "This is not so much a petition or request, but an announcement about an event, if that is okay?"

It was likely a good thing that Ilsa had chosen to see and not be heard, as she watched the interplay between Eleanor and Sydney, though she did follow the sight of her fellow commoner as she made her departure from the hall. Ilsa shifted in her seat, almost as though she were prepared to follow the young woman out, but schooling herself, hands returning to her lap, her eyes returned to the line approaching the Voice of the Crown.

Appolonia curtsies again and moves off. She asks Nova en passant, "Oh, do you know Dio?" - "tell me later," she concludes, as she moves to take a seat, seemingly a little relieved to get off of her feet.

Appolonia has joined the Gray Table.

1 Crimson Blades Lieutenant leaves, following Eilonwy.

"Oh, I see," Eleanor says. She frowns faintly in thought. "It's not really the purpose of this evening, but --" she glances around Rowenova, where no one else is waiting in line. "If no one else has any specific requests or questions for the Crown, I won't stop you from taking advantage of the gathered crowd." She looks expectantly toward the observers. Anything else?

Intently regarding Eleanor with a deep bow (before popping up to full height), Scout Rowenova speaks up. "Now that the autumn leaves have fallen, as soon as it can be arranged with a few humans." Yes, she apparently specifies, "I would like to host an event for animals to come for pets and treats, if they would like them. Mayhaps, my home is not a big enough venue if certain animals wish to show up." She certainly hints about those certain animals. No doubt about it. "Mayhaps, the Crown would have a venue that I could use for a day?"

Somewhere in the crowd, standing along with her sister Zoey and apparently holding her hand ,Kaia would be quietly conversing with her when suddenly an unespected courier arrived with a Crown of Wildflowers and handed it right into her hands. The Malvici would just stand there with a puzzled look on her face, her cheeks slightly flushing as she attempted to read the card and failing at it. Who the heck wrote it?! Those scribbles were utterly unreadable. Soon after she would hand the card to Renato, her own courier, and take another look at the crown of wildflowers that had oddly enough found its way to her. It was...quite pretty, actually! "Hmm...perhaps I should head out. Did you have anything to request to the Crown sister?" she would ask Zoey.

Zoey shakes her head as she replies quietly to Kaia.

Shard stares flatly at Rowenova, almost unblinking.

"The Menagerie?" Eleanor suggests uncertainly. "Or perhaps the Judgement Green? You're welcome to use either, should they suit your purposes."

Kaia mutters, "... I ... absolutely no clue. The scribbles in the card ... ... ... Clearly ... wrote ... needs some lessons. Still, it's a pretty ... isn't ..."

Saoirse is here. In the crowd. She catches Eleanor's eye and makes her way back toward the Voice of the Crown.

To Shard, Nova grins back. She quickly bows to Eleanor, "Thank you so much!" says she rather giddily before she quickly dances the briefest of jigs, her boot soles doing that tippity tap, then dashes away from the fore once more. She rounds about to where Appolonia is and merrily whispers her way.

Shard continues to stare for several more seconds, before she slowly reaches up to rub at the bridge of her nose.

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3 Last Watch Sentries, 3 Redrain Guards leave, following Donella.

Appolonia puts her hands together with a delighted little clap and leans in to speak with Rowenova conspiratorially, probably about dogs.

There's a twitch that slowly begins at the right side of Mia's mouth, one that suggests she's surpressing either a smile or frown, though it's hard to say which. Eventually, she just... shrugs. At anyone in particular? No. But still.

That's it, the end of the line. Eleanor gives Rowenova a vaguely puzzled look, but only briefly. "Right. If there's nothing else, than I will close this session. But as always, I am available for anything you might need from the Crown so don't hesitate to contact me. Thank you all for coming." She turns to Saoirse as she approaches. Do I have good news for you!

Oili claps a little bit from the seats. She's looking forward to a party full of animals and treats.

Rowenova says, "Thank you!"

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