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Seawater Fantasy Ball

Join House Grimhall in the Great Grim Ballroom for a fete celebrating the beauty associated with the sea. Guests are encouraged to let the ocean serve as inspiration for their attire, whether they come clad in head to toe seasilk dyed in the colors of the ocean, in gowns covered in pearls, or in anything else that captures the image and imagination. There will even be prizes awarded for the most inspired and breathtaking attire. Note this is not a costume ball, no masks are expected, but rather a fancy dress occasion with an encouraged theme. There will be dancing, light fare, party games, and many other surprises to make this a memorable and legendary event.


Feb. 9, 2020, 5 p.m.

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Tyche Rysen Martino Zoey Domonico Nina Sanya Mikani Berenice Sebastian Thea Allegra Lethe Katya Dianna Lora Juliana Nicholaus Jules Valdemar Merek Octavia




Arx - Ward of House Thrax - Grimhall Longhouse - The Great Grim Ballroom

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Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes arrives, following Thea.

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Nicholaus has joined the a cozy nook of umbra and aeterna pillows behind a gauzy charcoal curtain.

Benvolio, a beleaguered valet in search of a better job, 6 House Velenosa Guards arrive, following Berenice.

Trini Albricci, an attractive young Lycene woman arrives, following Dianna.

Mr. Hops arrives, following Jules.

3 Grimhall House Guards, Ivan arrive, following Sanya.

Johannes, A tall and red cloaked gentleman, A slightly embarrassed courier called Guido, Domonico arrive, following Martino.

Tyce the gruff and disapproving, Argent, a silver hound, 2 Scarlet Phoenix Guard arrive, following Juliana.

Juliana arrives, following Sebastian.

Ashe, the studious Stormward paralegal, 2 Kennex corsairs arrive, following Octavia.

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Octavian, a silken spaniel, an aid in Kennex livery, 2 Kennex corsairs arrive, following Zoey.

@emit The Seawater Fantasy Ball is just that, an exploration in the legends and mysteries of the Mourning Isles. There will be games, both the getting to know one another sort with a 'Lie and a Truth', costume contests, perhaps a dance contest or two. Fear not however, we promise not to bore you, and current political topics will not be unwelcome.

Platters are set out along the perimeters of the ballroom, with lite bites and copious amounts of wine, mead, and strongmead, as well as more potent libations. Celebrate all that is lovely about the isles with House Grimhall today.

Octavian, a silken spaniel have been dismissed.

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"I mean, I suppose there is something... geometric about the ocean?" comes the voice of the Countess of Caina as she enters the ballroom on the arm of Nicholaus Grayson. Her words are accompanied by an amused sweep of his attire, noting the distinct lack of theme she finds there. Her teasing is justified, in her eye, as /she/ did not miss the theme. An intricate cage of coral wraps around her, all structured and jagged branches twisting and twining to create the illusion of a reef. Never mind that the gown looks like a danger to dancing, and sitting, and pretty much any other activity that isn't standing in place. "We could have stopped by the beach and found you a seashell to carry," she remarks, although her very helpful suggestion comes too late, as they've already arrived and he must live with his shame.

Tyche's hand rests at the crook of the prince's arm, and she squeezes gently to sooth the wounds her teasing might inflict before her dark eyes turn to scan the ballroom. The fantasy of the sea, as was promised, is beautiful, and the Countess takes her time in absorbing the effect. "Stunning," she murmurs when she catches sit of the fresco, and then her voice lowers to share some further observations with the man at her side, having to talk /up/ to him, since she's so much shorter. A gesture is made to the wine in all of this, because she is from the South, and that's how to party.

Lord Rysen, Lady Mikani and Jules enter the Great Grim Ballroom. Mikani is dressed sea foam blue gown, and the duskstones adorning her swallow motif hairpins gleam in the light. Her husband walks beside her wearing a white aeterna mantle of the Northlands style, and a deep blue silk tunic, while Jules is dressed in an airy silk shirt and supple black pants. "If you'd asked me a year ago what I'd miss about Arx, I'd have never thought I'd say the balls," says Rysen with a smile. "But, alas, there are no Duchess Vanoras in the tribes of the Northlands."

"Oh /now/ you ask me. Thea. After I wrote to you earlier." Martino's sharp green eyes as he chides low his sister stood beside as he, Lady Thea and Lord Domonico all enter in together. The Malvici Three. "So I nearly drowned, took a bang to the head and killed a crab-beast thing. So." Martino's fingertips brush against his quilted jacket just below the luxurious brocade neckcloth. "Oh and I found something useful. But my lantern broke." Yes, still gushing to his sister while crossing the threshold to enter Grimhall Ball Room. Stood close with Domonico and Thea, the Lord Martino Malvici tucked his left arm beneath his torso to bow low to the hosts. Head tilted down to greet in refined Lycene tones, "Fair day and mine thanks for hosting such a delight. Lord Martino Malvici... you may have met either sister or brother in Thea or Domonico around." Martino's sharp green eyes crease to Valdemar and Vanora as hosts before making past to gather a glass of rum on route to finding a point to position himself. For now.

3 Tyde Houseguard, Fireball, a fluffy cat, 2 Redwood Initiates arrive, following Lethe.

Zoey enters the ballroom in a gown of flowing silk and strands upon delicate strands of pearls, appearing almost to float rather than walk. She takes a moment to look around and take in the place and the people wishing it.

Domonico shakes his head in despair at how excited Martino is from his recent adventure but doesn't say anything. He does follow Martino's lead with the bow however.

Nina is new in town, and thus so far she does not have a date. However, she's still in a cheerful mood when she walks into the room...

She walks into the ballroom as if she were walking on a cloud, astonished at the decorations and the amount of beautiful people here. As a simple common girl, she did her best not to be underdressed for this event, wearing a seasilk dress she had specially made for the event in a whip-crack-fast amount of time. The dress has a long blue skirt that fades to white at the bottom, and a mother-of-pearl brooch pinned to the bust. Her footsteps are light as she enters as if she were already dancing. She looks around to the air, eyes spinning and sparkling as she takes in the event.

She very nearly slams into someone as her eyes are in the air...

Only to realize that the person she nearly slammed into is Lord Rysen, a person she's met. She straightens her skirts and composes herself properly. "Oh, hello. Oh, isn't it spectacular? Forgive me."

Martino has joined the small blackwood table with low backed chairs.

Standing by the entrance to greet the guests as they walk by, there's something highly focused in Sanya's demeanor as if she's in search of something, though it doesn't distract from her warm welcomes. She holds a glass of wine in hand, sapphire eyes glittering when her gaze lands on Countess Inverno's outfit. "My lady, you look stunning." She appraises the gown. "That must have taken some effort to make. Was it for the benefit of the ball?" She grins, before nodding a greeting to Nicholaus. "Your highness. I'm glad you could make it."

Mikani has her arm looped through one of Rysen's as they walk in. As she moves the sea foam looks as if it is the ocean water swirling about her. "I would have thought you would have said balls ... where else can we dance." She teases her husband softly with a kiss to his cheek. Mikani is glad to get some pastry treat as she sees Zoey. A grin spreads across her face as she waves softly to her friend.

Martino has left the small blackwood table with low backed chairs.

Martino has joined the the polished marble dance floor.

Berenice steps through the threshold of the Great Grim Ballroom without escort, with that sense of a regal occupation of space that almost suggests she does not have /room/ for one. Her gown is clinging, flowing seasilk, the watercolor hue and design offering the suggestion of aquatic florals viewed through the prism of the water's surface. Seliki pearls sit at her throat and at her ears, set in stygian with blue moonstones that match well to the hues of her gown. She takes her time at the entrance, her gaze traveling slowly across the room with a hint of admiration in the slow curve of her smile.

3 Grimhall House Guards arrives, following Katya.

Domonico shakes his head in despair at how excited Martino is from his recent adventure but doesn't say anything. He does follow Martino's lead with the bow however. The stoic Admiral sweeps his gaze around the room carefully, admiring the effort that has gone into the event..

Of course the twins of Pravus are late... undoubtedly due to the still-Pravus half rather than the Igniseri half. Sebastian has his arm crooked out for Juliana's light touch, breezing into the ballroom. Juliana, in her stunning seawater gown, certainly overshadows her twin, who -- while he's wearing blue seasilk pants, and a white shirt paired with it -- is definitely low-effort, almost like he doesn't care too much, other than to choose silks for his outfit. "At least we can trust that our cousin will have set out decent wines," he's murmuring in an amused undertone to Juliana, as he steers them almost immediately towards a server to grab a single glass for the both of them. He sets an easy, slow pace, admiring the setup of the room with an artistic eye. "Speaking of, you need to tell your Marquessa to have another of those wine-celebrations. I'm about running out of Granato wines."

There are very few who would be late for their own party, and ordinarily Vanora would not consider herself one of them. Still there are always exceptions to every rule, and so it is that the Duchess-Consort, looking mildly flustered with cheeks pink, eventually glides into the room. "Welcome family, friends, allies, and those we do not know well yet. Tonight is designed to allow us to..stretch our necks a bit, to put aside the ever pressing threats and remind ourselves why we fight in the first place. For tradition, for family, for kin, for the Isles." Vanora rises her voice up high. "There will be games to amuse ourselves with, costumes to appreciate, and if you have a striking example of Isles aesthetics do go make sure Lady Sanya sees it. She will be the judge for that portion of the contest.

Seryna, a charming Lycene handmaiden, 6 Grimhall House Guards leave, following Vanora.

Thea twitches her lips at Martino as she hushedly tells him,"Which wouldn't have happened if you -would have listened to Domonico and I- when we've tried training you a million times." Emphasizing every word to het elder brother. The story. A hundred times. Thea quiets when they reach the hosts and bows her head, a small but polite smile there,"Yes. Thank you for hosting this."

In her time in Arx, Allegra has not ventured far from her new home here. Tonight marks a change, as the young woman fixes a smile on her face and makes her way into the Hall, doing her best to minimize her limping stride. Pale eyes take in the room in one fell swoop, flickering over the decorations and people within, opinions about such not yet visible on her features. She used to be at ease at these sorts of events, but after so long away from court, she's still not quite the same as she once was. But with a deep breath and a squaring of her shoulders, she forces herself to move deeper into the space within, avoiding the urge to cling to the walls. Raising a hand, she summons over a servant and is quick to help herself to a glass of wine.

Lethe arrives to the event by herself. She looks around with curiosity and finds a quiet place to observe.

Late, perhaps, but when Katya makes her entrance into the ballroom there are loud horns and fanfare....Or not. Mostly it seems as though Katya arrives as quietly as she can, her hands tucked into the hidden pockets in the skirt of her dress, eyes scanning the crowds that have arrived before her for family and friends that might be around.

Seryna, a charming Lycene handmaiden, 6 Grimhall House Guards arrive, following Vanora.

Gracefully bedecked in stormy-hued seasilk that shows quite enough of her lovely, shimmering bronze skin is Sister Dianna Godsworn. She steps to Vanora firstly, proffers a formal curtsy to her and Valdemar, then presses kisses to her patron's cheeks. "The gown is lovely, Duchess; my thanks for allowing me to borrow it. And you are splendorous, of course - as always." Turning to Valdemar, Dianna smiles warmly, "Duke, it's good to see you again. I shan't keep you from your guest, though...-"

The priestess pauses, startled a touch by the arrival of Sebastian with Juliana. A warm, bright smile lifts Dianna's lips and she drops into another curtsy for the Pravus lord. "Lord Sebastian - this is twice in one week. If you weren't cousin to my patroness, I'd think it a bit more odd, but... who is this exquisitely-dressed woman on your arm tonight? I daresay, you keep the finest company."

Zoey wiggles her fingers back toward Mikani, then spots her brother-in-law without her sister's company and does to greet him.

Zoey has joined the the polished marble dance floor.

It's only a few moments later when Lora arrives. She too has shown up to celebrate the sea in all its many moods and facets, her gown for the evening the multihued melting of the sun into the sea, color layered upon endless color in flows of seasilk. Pearls and Saik glass twine around her neck; more pearls twist through her hair in glistening suggestions of seafoam. She diverts from the doors to take a breath as if the brine of the ocean had crept in. And well it might, all things being equal, but it affords her a position from which to take in the whirl of color and preliminary merriment as well.

Rysen laughs at something Mikani whispers to him. He shakes his head. "No, Love. Asger would never forgive me." Noticing Martino, Domonico and Thea, Rysen makes his over, and offers a bow. "It is good to see you Lord Martino. I believe it's been since the wedding. I sincerely hope you and your family are doing well." Turning to Mikani, he asks, "Care for anything to drink?"

The Lady Igniseri may not have been seen for awhile, but that didn't mean she forgot how to dress to cause a murmur. Juliana steps in beside Sebastian in a dress of living waves, crowned in gold a band of delicate lace that leaves her shoulders bare and drips jewels of sapphire and peridot before falling in layers of fine silk, each layer of different blue, green or gold so that as she walks beside her brother the waves of color froth around her and sparkle with hidden jewels added to the layers. Of course here hair is as dark as Bas' and gathered to the side in a low bundle of curls that falls over her shoulder, studded with crystal pins.

Letting Sebastian lead them, which of course will start at the wine, Juliana arches a dark brow to her twin. "Is that a hint, Bas?" fingers squeezing his arm. "I will see what I can do to refresh your stock." Her blue gaze shifting towards Dianna as the priestess address her twin, a slight smile pulling at her lips, with a decidedly wicked glint behind her lashes as she looks up at Bas for him to answer.

Rysen has joined the the polished marble dance floor.

"Dearest Dianna, you are ever and always my most important guest." Vanora response. "Or among them at any rate. My proteges mean so much to me. Still I'll let you circle the room while we make our greetings, and then we'll catch up ourselves." She notices Lora then, and though the girl is Isles born, she knows well how to take a Lycene style kiss on each cheek. "It's been too long, and I know that you've been through a great deal but....whenever you yearn for family, whether by blood or circimstance, I hope you will call on me."

Mikani grins at Rysen and shrugs slightly almost like a tease. "Iced Tea." She says softly with a bow of her head to Domonico, Martino and Thea. "Good to see you all again."

Thea has joined the the polished marble dance floor.

There are servants mingling about with trays of libations of various sorts, most of them fermemnted but when requests are made for tea or water they see them tended too.

Welcoming Zoey with a crease of sharp green eyes, Martino leaned cheek to cheek as he murmured hushed with her. "She is quite alright. Just tired from yesterday." Fingertips of Martino's tucking into Zoey's hands to squeeze them easy before lifting his chin to draw lips across to Rysen and Mikani, "A pleasure to see you also Lord Rysen. Lady Mikani Yes, about then. Very well, Lady Kaia is back to full recovery which is truly a blessing." Those eyes track to follow the arrival of the unfamiliar Nina. Head dipped in greeting to her.

Even with the glass in hand, Sebastian doesn't immediately drink, like it's more of a prop than anything else. "A hint... a bludgeon. You decide," he murmurs in an amused undertone to Juliana. Dianna's approach and greeting earns a dip of his head in turn, and a pleased, soft laugh. "I could say the same of you, Sister Dianna," he returns, with ease. "And well I ought," he adds, of her comment on his company, glancing sidelong: "This is my lovely, talented twin sister, Juliana Igniseri, in one of her many self-designed dresses. Jules, this is Sister Dianne Godsworn. Vani's protege, as I understand it." His gaze skips past, briefly, lighting visibly as he spots a familiar figure. "Ah, there's Alle. She did come out," the Pravus artist sounds pleased, lifting his glass in silent salute to Allegra, and a slight shift of his arm as if to invite her to join them.

"It was the only thing I had to hand with even a hint of blue," Nicholaus responds to Tyche as he enters the hall, gaze scanning lazily across the decor with a faintly approving look. When she suggests -- belatedly -- that perhaps he might have been more appropriately dressed if he had come with a seashell in hand, he casts a baleful glance her way out of the side of his eye that retreats before his growing smirk. "Alas, if only you had thought of such a brilliant suggestion earlier. Perhaps I should see if I can have a bucket of water brought out and dumped over my head? I feel that surely that would fit the theme as well."

He silences however, when she leans up to murmur something in his ear. Amusement spreads across his features and he turns his head to whisper his response back to her before he straightens and catches sight of Sanya. "Ah, My Lady. Your house has outdone itself," he tells her with a broad smile even as she compliments the Countess of Caina on her gown. His smile turns to the woman on his arm and he pulls away just slightly as if to allow focus to more easily settle on her. "Isn't it stunning? I was nearly knocked on my heels when I saw the Countess before we arrived."

Thea greets Mikani and Rysen both, a smile there,"You as well ,"a look to Mikani,"Last I saw you, I was in-rare performance,"reaching for a passing of rum. Well at least it didnt ruin her.

Seryna, a charming Lycene handmaiden, 6 Grimhall House Guards leave, following Vanora.

Seryna, a charming Lycene handmaiden, 6 Grimhall House Guards arrive, following Vanora.

Jules has entered with the Crovane couple but is without other company. His eyes dart from one area to another with a cheerful expression and he waves to practically everyone or else gives a bow as is more likely given their station. He's followed the pair over towards the Malvici's in turn and bows to them. "Good day my lord and lady." As Zoey approaches as well, she obviously receives a cheerful bow as well. Out of the corner of his eye he happens to catch sight of Lethe and gives a warm wave and a bow of his head from the distance.

Valdemar has been here for some time, but keeping to the edges of the room to check on some things. When Dianna greets him, the Duke inclines his head somewhat in her direction, telling her, "I am pleased you were able to make it." He then wanders off to continue his inspections.

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Upon spotting Vanora she begins to make her way towards her, pausing to make certain that she's not running over anyone in the process of reaching the Duchess. "Duchess." Katya greets quietly as she lets her eyes scan the people gathered in the ballroom, "Quite the turn out it seems."

"Ha! Such a lush!" Rysen teases Mikani. Turning to Lygeia, he says, "and rum please." She nods, and steps away from the Lord and Lady of House Crovane. "I am glad to hear it," replies Rysen to Martino. At Thea's words to Mikani, Rysen raises an eyebrow. Glancing to his wife with a slight grin, he says slowly, "Rare performance?"

Merek makes a way into the place, and finds a nice place to settle in, not talking a lot, while he looks at the place with a smile.

Mikani makes a motion like she's locking her lips. Mika is not one to tell secrets.

Nina is happy to see many people she saw at the poetry reading... but, they all also seem to know each other well, and it's a little intimidating again isn't it, to insert herself into conversations with nobles with such lovely gowns? She still can't believe the sight of all of them.

She finds herself near Allegra, who also seems to be squaring up her guts in this party. Nina is also a little more uncertain with the waiter, but she does get herself some wine -- white -- then walk over to Allegra to perhaps find common ground. "Hello! You are... with house Pravus, aren't you?"

Indeed, Lora does know how to both give and take proper Lycene kisses and when Vanora comes 'round she returns them with a glimmer of a smile. "It has been, hasn't it?" She agrees. "I will certainly keep that in mind. And I might, sooner than you know. But not now. You have so many guests to entertain, and I think I'm in need of a drink." She murmurs something else to the duchess, then, then ushers her off to go do whatever that might be. Of course it's then that she spots Katya and inclines her head. "Cousin," she murmurs.

Lethe waves back to Jules and walks over to him. "Hello again. It is nice to see you here. How have you been?"

5 Grimhall House Guards, Gustav, a gruff Islander advisor arrive, following Valdemar.

Rysen scoffs at Mikani, and turns to Thea. "Vellichor loves truth, Lady Thea. What happened." Lygeia arrives and hands Mikani some iced tea, and rum to Rysen. The knight accepts it and takes a sip.

'Oh, I'm pleased to meet you, Lady Juliana. And that is such a glorious gown; you're incredibly talented," Dianna fairly purrs, taking in the gown again with incredible delight in her eyes. "Your brother was quite the amusing company when I met him first, the other night. You're twins, then? As am I - perhaps you know my sister, Lady Alessia Mazetti? I'm always pleased when I meet yet another pair of twins."

"Thank you. I credit the duchess with all of this." Sanya gestures around the hall readily, before turning her smile back to the prince. "It's a pity, a bucket of water may have given you a fighting chance at winning the competition." She takes a sip from her glass before her gaze lands on Berenice. "Your highness. You look beautiful as ever. It surely wouldn't have been the same here without your presence." She lights up in greeting the princess. Then onto her cousin. "Lora!" She approaches the marquessa. "It's been far too long. How have you been?"

There's a flicker of relief in Allegra's steeled expression as she spots Sebastian, but lingers to allow him to finish his current conversation. It also gives her an opportunity to imbibe. Nina's greeting catches her surprise, mid-sip, and she glances over. "Oh, hello. Yes, Lady Allegra Pravus," she agrees with a nod, then adds wryly, "What gave it away?" To Bas, she holds up her index finger, indicating she will join him in a moment. After a few more sips of wine.

"Mika," Zoey greets her friend, reaching out with her other hand. Before she can say anything else though she hears Jules. "Master Jules! So good to see you as well."

Tyche laughs, the image of Nicholaus drenched by a bucket of water enough to earn her mirth. "When you do that, please make sure I am standing way over... there," she determines after a long search for the perfect place to be safe from the splash. "Simply so I can see you in your full glory," she adds, putting an innocent twist on her motives. But then, introductions and compliments earn her attention, and the Countess turns to Sanya with a wide smile. "Indeed it was. I gave the designer full control, and this is what she imagined for me," she passes praise where it is due, casting a charmed look to Nicholaus as he speaks his own brand of praise. Then, she sweeps her gaze over Sanya's own attire. "And you look stunning as well, Lady Sanya. The theme is magical."

Mikani hugs Zoey and kisses both of her cheeks if Zoey allows it. "Good to see you. Very good to see you." Mika somehow looks very relieved to see the woman.

Tongue clicking, Martino tisks Zoey's words with a shake of his head, "My. My. The mystery and the attention!" Swirling the glass of clear rum, Martino lifts it to his nose to inhales the scent for a moment before sipping it. "Mm, then Lady Zoey when the night turns to it. Might I be honoured to take the first dance with you?"

"I would love to dance with you," Zoey answers Martino with a warm smile.

Berenice plucks up a glass of wine from a passing attendant and continues into the party. Her attention is drawn first by Sanya's address, and she turns with a widening smile to return that greeting. "Lady Sanya! You always have the most gracious of compliments ready at hand. You look positively /resplendent/ tonight." And then her gaze turns past Sanya to Nicholaus and Tyche, and her smile widens with particular focus. "My, my. Prince Nicholaus, Countess Tyche, what a very /handsome/ couple you make. Countess Tyche, I certainly hope your shoes are quite comfortable! I cannot imagine how you will be able to sit in such a stunning gown."

Jules nods as though that excitement he holds cannot be held back further and just has to leak out a bit, "Wonderful, thank you. Delighted to see you again my lady." He gestures to Mikani and Rysen, though it's possibly they've gotten distracted by other company, "This is my lady, Mikani Crovane and her husband Lord Rysen." He spots Zoey and he claps his hands together, "And Lady Zoey." He's excited to see her as well, "I don't remember who all was there ... though I think Lady Zoey's husband was."

Domonico nods to Rysen and Mikani as they greet him and his siblings, looking around as people greet one another before he hears Martino talk about dancing. "I new the rugged adventurer Martino wouldn't last long.'

Vanora's warm expression fixes on Zoey, followed by a warm smile. "I'm so glad you could make it with us today. I know House Kennex has its own grand event planned for later in this evening. Would you like me to take Darion for the evening, so you might enjoy yourself" She backs off then as the Lady Zoey is drawn into a dance.

Jules was introducing Lethe to the others around him there.

"I am a new courtier with Pravus, so I'm doing my best to keep track of the people who I should meet at these events." Nina bows her head a little. "It's Nina." Then she sees that Sebastian is inviting Allegra over, and so she takes a step back. First she waves at Sebastian, with a little hand-flicker that seems excited, as she recognizes him. "Then to Allegra she says, "Oh, please, go on ahead! I hope to see you again!"

Lora has a pair of those same airy kisses for Katya as well, and another glimpse of that very faint smile of hers. "Busy," she admits. "More than I care to admit. Had I known what was going to happen I might've reconsidered the Duchess's gift but it's too late now. And you? I won't keep you from your guests, or Vanora's guests, but... let me see?" The dress. She means Katya's dress, as evidenced in the raise of a hand and a graceful twirling gesture.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Thea before departing.

Rysen laughs, and nods to Zoey. "I'd imagine he stays far, far away from such events." When Zoey speaks to Jules, Rysen smiles noticing Lethe. He bows in military fashion, and says to Jules, "I have had the privildge of meeting Lady Lethe, the skillful and shadowy physician of House Tyde." Turning to Lethe with warmth shining in his grey eyes, he says, "It is good to see you again, My Lady. I hope you are well."

Priestess, good evening. Thank you indeed. It is a... recycled. I found myself suddenly out of time to consider a new one but I am sure Vani will forgive me." a smile given the Vanora before her own gaze slides towards the direction that Bas is waving, brow arching. "Ah.. that one." murmured and nods. "I remember now." a smile given towards Allegra before reaching for the glass that Sebastian carries, taking a small sip and handing it back to him. At which time she looks back to Dianna. "Yes, it seems that Arx has more twins than single births any more. Hard not to run into one."

"Hello, cousin. You enjoying the festivities?" Katya wonders, offering a faint smile towards Lora, pulling her hands from her pockets so that she can give her gloves a bit of a tug, stretching her fingers. There is a slow look around, then down at her dress with an owlish blink, "Me?" She stands there with a baffled look before she turns herself around in place as requested.

Laughing easy, Martino's sharp greens crease to his brother Domonico as he lifts his rum glass up to him. "Rugged adventurers sometimes use the baths, apply scents and wear brocade brother-mine." With his lips twisting wry for a moment, Martino turns his head back to Zoey and bows head low. "Certainly. I heard that might come a bit later when there is settling down."

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Unsurprisingly, Sebastian takes the compliment in stride, lips twitching upwards at Dianna's words. "You make it sound, dear lady, as if I am not /always/ amusing company," he says, with a lift of chin, the posture perhaps ruined by the humor evident in his features. "Indeed we are. And I do look forward to meeting your twin. It's always interesting to see how twins differ -- and the ways they are similar." Not to mention the tiny, familiar habits they have: like now, as Sebastian offers his glass to Juliana just as she reaches for it. "Jules just had twins of her own: two boys. She's in for trouble," he says, with a laugh. Allegra's gesture earns a smile, the artist seemingly content, a brighter smile appearing for Nina as she greets him.

"He does," Zoey confirms for Rysen before turning to Vanora. She greets the Duchess with a beaming smile and a curtsy that sets her violet silks aflutter. "Darion is never any trouble, but I'll be happy to send him along before the party gets too wild," she calls after the hostess as she is pulled to the dance floor.

5 Grimhall House Guards, Gustav, a gruff Islander advisor arrive, following Valdemar.

Lethe looks to Zoey with a smile. "It is very good to see you again, and you look very well." She looks to Rysen and Mikani. "It is nice to see you also, and I have been. I hope you are too." She smilies politely to Jules. "It is kind of you to do introductions. I am really liking all of the different outfits ."

Allegra considers the other woman for a moment and then smiles more sincerely. "A pleasure to meet you, Nina." She follows her gaze to Sebastian, and can't help but look a little amused at the excitement there. "I should go and say hello, as he is the one to blame for me being here," she notes in an undertone. "No doubt our paths will cross again." She can delay no longer, and shuffles her way over to the group, still trying to minimize her limp. After offering head bobs and curtseys to those required, she leans in to give Sebastian a warmer greeting, and Juliette as well. "What did you get me into, cousin?" she murmurs, mainly for Bas's benefit, but loud enough to be overheard.

Her sweet voice rises above the general ballroom din. "Now I am wondering who has attended tonight as part of a..pair so to speak. A couple, whether for all eternity or for just right now. If you find yourself a half of such an equation and would like to take part in a game, all in good fun, then let me know hmm, and we'll have another game going.

Thea grins at Domonico then looks over to Martino,"So should I invite you on my next adventure?" She suddenly feels a message in her hand and smirks, scribbling out a quick reply, looking amused. "I've been well and busy,"she admits to Zoey.

Mikani smiles and bows her head to Lady Lethe. "The outfits are very beautiful ... I am entranced by the room." Mika confides in Lethe as she speaks.

"It does seem so, Lady Juliana," Dianna replies easily. "But, I shan't keep you from your brother for very long - I simply had to say hello, and know who was this vision on his arm in such an incredible gown. I cannot take credit for my own, this evening, I'm afraid; the Countess has been good enough to lend me one of hers."

Dianna turns to Sebastian, then and sets her amber gaze warmly on his eyes. "My darling, I've only met you the once. You shall have to prove yourself to be amusing ...oh. Thrice or four times, I believe is typical in law?" Her lips curl and she smiles almost sweetly, "But I'm no lawyer, Lord Sebastian - are you? So, I'll take it on your authority." She glances to Nina and beams again, "Oh look, there's Messere Nina, that lovely poetess," then curtsies and smiles to Allegra. "Good evening."

And there is Lora's other cousin, Sanya, and she'll get the same reception from the marquessa. "And Sanya. I've been meaning to come talk to you; it's funny, now that I've had the idea of it, I never seem to run into you anymore." Katya's slow - confused - turn draws her gaze then and the most delicate loft of her eyebrows, followed, in turn, by a slow, careful sort of nod. "That really is lovely. All of it."

Nina approaches the people she greeted, determined not to be too timid. Since Dianna called her name she does feel a bit more relaxed about it. "Hello. Are you all preparing to dance? It seems like a lovely place to do so." She drinks from her wine a bit, but seems calm enough to keep up in conversation. "Dianna, your dress is lovely. Really, all the gowns here are so lovely!"

When Martino mentions adventurers wearing scents and brocade, Rysen glances at Domonico and shakes his head subtly. He then nods in agreement with Mikani, "It's beautiful, and yet still holds to the style of the Isles and the Grimhalls." When Zoey speaks to Vanora, Rysen kisses Mikani's cheek and says, "I'll be right back." He makes his way over to the duchess, and says, "Thank you for hosting us Duchess Vanora. I..." he pauses a moment and a flush of color rises to his cheeks. "I heard you were a great help during the incident at the opera in Stormwall. I thank you for it. You and Lady Sanya are still talked about there; your performances were beloved."

"Well if there's a competition to win..." Nicholaus replies, his statement slowly drawn out and cut off unresolved before he glances back to Tyche with a laugh. "Yes, I'm sure," he murmurs to her softly with humor etched into his features as he turns back to locate some refreshments.

Before wine can be sourced however, Berenice approaches and he turns a broad smile on her. "Ah, Berenice!" he exclaims with some surprise but not a whole lot of volume, "I hadn't expected to see you here. You're looking lovely as always." When she addresses the Countess, he turns to face Tyche, his smile ticking up faintly at corner as he regards her and that stunning gown.

Jules gives Lethe a warm smile and shakes his head, "Think nothing of it, I should imagine you would run into everyone soon enough." He has a slight bounce on the balls of his feet and nods to Rysen, "How delightful. I should have expected you'd have known at least one of the company." He turns back to Lethe and asks, "Are you connected with anyone here or did you decide to make your way here to meet people?"

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Vanora turns that courtier's grace onto Rysen. "I did what I could, and was glad it was enough. My skills at healing are only...(she makes the gesture for meh) but I've others that can protect those I deem important, of which you, and Crovane are one. If you...ever have any questions about it, what heppened, what role I played...I'd be happy to elucidate further."

"Princess Berenice," Tyche's attention is drawn to the Velenosa royal first when Sanya addresses her, and then when the princess directs her interest in the Countess. "Thank you," a dip of her head that proves the coral does not move when she does, affirming the critique. "And you look lovely, as always. A love of fashion, I think, is something we share," there's a genuine compliment there, but a hint of amusement to her dark gaze as she sweeps over the other woman. "And don't worry. Should I tire of standing, I will simply lean," she continues, applying a touch of pressure to the arm of the Grayson for support. "See? He's useful for more than simply being one part of a handsome duo," she looks up to the man who she's just relegated to the role of leaning pole and eye candy. "Unless, of course, he abandons me to dance with others tonight, which means I will be found over at that wall," she indicates the perfect spot, which is the same one where she'd be protected from a water's splash.

"I hear there are other games to be played, not simply the competition for clothing?" she tosses to both Nicholaus and Berenice, and Sanya if she hasn't flitted off to continuing the hosting duties. "A truth and a lie? I think I'll need some wine before we dive into that."

Jules nods to Dianna with a smile. "It is lovely, Vanora has always had beautiful taste. It was a pleasure to meet you, Priestess." but already she is looking toward the sound of a voice, the polite smile warming so that her own dimples deepen. "Zoey is here." said to her twin but before she can go find the Kennex woman, Allegra is there and Juliana smiles to their cousin. "You look lovely Alle, it's good to see you out."

A modest smile lingers on Sanya's lips on the subject of her dress, and her gaze lingers on it for a moment. "Mistress Selene is an absolute talent." She takes another drink. "Well surely we can make up for lost time. I had been meaning to reach out to you." She says with a certain hopefulness. "It's my fault in part, I don't wander around the city like I used to. I did so enjoy our chance meetings." Then to Katya. "That is a stunning dress, cousin. I don't believe I've seen it before."

Domonico gets a goblet of something to drink and stays a bit further back than his brother. As battlefields go... this was one in which Martino excels to the younger brother is content to stand back and observe, looking quite out of place.

"Oh, I owe my gown to my patron, our hostess, Messere Nina," Dianna smiles fondly at the poetess, then moves to again lean towards Vanora's cheek and smiles adoringly, a twinkle in her eyes. "Have you met ... the duchess, Nina?" Dianna hesitates as Vanora leans back to her. The priestess smiles into Vanora's eyes.

"Far from a lawyer," Sebastian answers Dianna, with a vaguely horrified expression, as if that would be terrible: "Three or four times, though. Such a burden. Surely, being Lycene, you understand, variety is the spice of life, as they say." Only now -- some moments after Juliana's taken a sip and he seemingly feels compelled, does Sebastian take a sip of the wine, small as it is, as the tick of his gaze catches Allegra's approach. "Dear cousin Allegra. I'm so glad you managed to prise yourself out of the manor," he says, in welcome to Allegra: and while the words could be taken as accusation, there's a warmth in his expression that turns it into a gentle tease instead. "You know Jules," he smiles sidelong at his twin, "And this is Sister Dianna. Dianna, this our cousin, Lady Allegra." Nina's arrival soon after earns a brilliant smile. "And yours in turn, Messere Nina. My sister is a designer, if you're ever looking for a different style to display now and then."

Katya tucks her hands back into her pockets, smiling at Lora, "Thank you. I wasn't too sure about wearing it." When Sanya mentions the dress as well there is a slight shake of her head, "I've been saving up for a very long time for it...first time I've worn it since everything was finished." A hand raises from a pocket, touching one of the fangs on the helm. "I thought...considering the theme and everything, it might work as the first wearing."

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Lethe looks around. "I do know Duchess Grimhall. She's pretty great, so I figured the event would be too. I suppose meeting new people is also a good thing. There are a lot of people I don't really know well here. How about you? What brought you here Jules?"

I'm happy to run a game, that is not a truth and a lie but rather a test of couples, to see how well they know each other. We'll be settling into that nook of umbra and aeterna, to allow us for are privacy....or what privacy there is, in the city of Arx. I /had/ an assistant ready to practice our sea shanties and tall tales, but she's unable to join us today. I wonder if our Katya could do it?

Mikani sips her iced tea and murmurs to Zoey softly.

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Laughing amused with his brother beside, Martino's head shakes twice for Lords Domonico and Rysen. "Mmm. No faces now!" Sighing and shaking his head still, sharp green eyes turning to Mikani and Zoey to murmur low for them both. "Always like this, are they not?!" Stepping back to the edge of the dance floor, Martino positions himself with drink in hand. Sipped occasionally, general well wishes and how-dos for those who pass by.

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"It required some sharp men with strong tools to prise me out, but here I am," Allegra remarks, nodding to Juliana as Sebastian points her out. "Congratulations, cousin. Sebastian was telling me about your twins," she offers with a smile, before looking now to Dianna. "A pleasure to meet you, Dianna." At Nina's approach, she offers the other woman an encouraging nod. "And here we meet again," she jests.

"I'll just have to do what I have to do for the rest of the city, and send you a proper missive," Lora promises Sanya. "I feel as if I've missed everything happening on this side of the city for an entire age." Katya's explanation of the gown gets a slow sort of nod, though she looks the woman over very slowly, contemplative. "It's fitting," she admits. "Well and truly in keeping with the idea of the sea. You both capture it, in truth, but I could've expected no less."

Jules taps his chin and says, "I met the duke one time and he seemed a very kind sort. I liked him." His smile broad, "But I doubt he would remember me. I really just came in order to go to a ball. It had been some time since the last one I could attend. Once I learned Lord Rysen and Lady Mikani were coming ... well it just made it easier to come. I usually like to come and connect with new people or ones I have not had the pleasure to know well yet."

"I'm pleased to meet you, Lady Allegra. My congratulations to you both on the Pravus' great successes of late. I've been invited, in fact, back to the Lyceum to help with settling the refugees and feel confident I'll have some sway. All the same, if you've any direction or references you might offer, I'd be more than pleased to meet with those you suggest," Dianna continues, both to Allegra and Sebastian while she pours herself a glass of wine. She smiles again at Vanora and nods, then watches as her patron makes her way. "As for you, Lord Sebastian: Variety, indeed..." Dianna purrs richly. "I do so enjoy it."

"I would appreciate that very much, My Lady," replies Rysen to Vanora. As the duchess beings to organize her game, Rysen returns to Mikani's side, laughing as he catches Martino's remark. He says to Thea, "When I met you, Lady Thea, you were always in armor. I can still remember the first time I saw you in a gown: I didn't recognize you. My mind simply couldn't comprehend it, until I heard you voice, when you gave me a hard time for gawking."

"Among other things," Berenice replies to Tyche with a perfect curve of a smile. "Prince Nicholaus /is/ rather useful in that regard, yes; I am certain he wouldn't /dare/ to abandon you in your hour of need. I am sure he will be quite /glued/ to your side for the entire evening. Won't you, Nicholaus?" She turns a teasingly stern look on poor Nicholaus. "It wouldn't do for you to become known as the prince who abandons his escort."

Mikani grins at Jules. "Jules it is always a pleasure to see you." She winks at her friend and 'employee'. She sips more of her iced tea before looking at Rysen. "Your jaw sort of drops and your cheeks go all red. It is quite cute." She grins.

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Juliana smiles, again claiming the glass that Sebastian holds but answering Allegra before taking a sip. "It gets easier, you will do fine." arching her brow at her brother then looking back. "Thank you but I am suprised that he told you about them and not the daughter I have that has him completely tied around her little finger." sip.

Thea turns toward Rysen and glances at her current gown. A hint of amusement flickers in her eyes when she answers him,"Yes well. I train a lot and after awhile, Martino's complaining grates on you. You'll do anything to make him stop."

"Well it's nothing you couldn't catch up with swiftly." Sanya assures her cousin. Though doesn't elaborate on what she's referring to. When Vanora announces a game by the nook, she turns to Katya. "Did you know you'd be given this responsibility?" She laughs lightly.

Vanora listens too the ecxchange between Dianna and Allegra, keeping her expression mostly to herself, though a brow rises up. "Yes indeed House Pravus is worthy of praise for all they have achieved against slavery. It is House Grimhall's hope that we are able to find ways to partcipate in this grand new future. The one where it seems that almost anything can happen, hmm?" Her couples game seems to be a flop, but no Lycene who called herself a courtier would attend without a backup plan.

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"Your dress is stunning as well. Gorgeous." Katya offers Lora with a brighter smile at the words, but then she glances around when she hears her name mentioned along with things like sea shanties and tall tales. There is a lift of a wave towards the familiar faces of Dianna and Nicholaus when she spots them. "I was not aware of the responsibility, but I could potentially come up with a story...Maybe not a shanty. I'm a terrible singer."

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Of course, a flush creeps to Rysen's cheeks at Mikani's words. "You know me too well," he says under his breath. To Lethe, Rysen says, "I don't know if I've ever met a more social man than Master Jules. He's also extremely generous and talented, which means he's beloved pretty much everywhere he goes."

Rysen laughs merrily at Thea's response. "Gods and spirits, Lady Thea," he says still laughing. "It's for the greater good, I'm certain."

"Ah, hello!" Nina says, when introduced to Vanora. And then Nina curtseys, in a very elegant and perhaps too exaggerated way.

She looks at Sebastian, and smiles hugely, brightly. "Oh, learning about the her gowns would be so wonderful! I'd love to be able to wear the most fashionable things. I can't wait to learn from her." She looks at Juliana. "Perhaps I could model a gown for you some day, if I would be fitting for it." She does a little spin in place. Her seasilk skirts swish.

Her spin stops her facing Allegra and her greeting, and she stifles a laugh, but then makes sure her wine didn't spill.

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"Of course, we'll have to speak of it soon, too," Dianna mentions across the room to Vanora with a reassuring smile before returning her attention to the Pravus group. Lightly, Dianna laughs as she watches Nina spin, her amber eyes twinkling with mirth. "You're simply swelling with energy, aren't you? Why, I could use just a drop or two - where do you find all of it?" the priestess winks.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Thea before departing.

The Duchess-Consort of Grihem's Point clears her throat to attempt to claim the attention of the audience. "As we've no couples among us to participate in the game I'd had set up for us, I invite any and all who wish to practice their mettle at the Isles tall tale to come and join me here.

Vanora says, "She gestures to the nook she currently occupies, welcome any and all who wish to join."

"I try not to bare my weaknesses so openly, Jules," Sebastian half-scolds his twin, but there's no heat there: instead a visible warmth at the mention of his niece. "I'm going to have to learn not to spoil her so obviously in front of her brothers." His gaze shifts back to Dianna, looking pleased. "Indeed. The help is certainly appreciated. I--" Vanora's words turn his head, and he smiles effortlessly. "Cousin, what a lovely set up you have here. But, of course, great changes are upon us all. We have only to look at the Assembly over the last few seasons to see the growth that touches all of Arvum."

"Thank you, Dianna. I can take no credit for it myself, but am very proud of my family for what they have achieved. And I'm certain the refugees will benefit greatly from your presence," Allegra replies with a smile to Dianna. As Vanora speaks up, Allegra's smile broadens, and she inclines her head in greeting. "The world is certainly undergoing a great deal of change," she agrees. To the comments about Juliana's children and their relationship with Sebastian, she simply laughs. "Or spoil all three of them," she suggests impishly.

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"My dear Sebastian. It's been far too long, and the last conversations we had were...challenging for the both of us I think. I propose that we attempt our reintroduction again, the better for our Houses working together long term. We did have that long, detailed, contract to keep us honest in the eyes of Limerance, hmm?" Vanora muses

Brows rising, Sanya's attention shifts between Vanora and the Pravosi who've mad an appearance. "I've been hoping to meet more of your cousins." She calls to the duchess with a beaming smile. She excuses herself from Katya and Lora, resting a hand on their arms before drifting toward Juliana and Sebastian. "Lady Sanya Grimhall, it's a pleasure to meet you both. I'm glad the room is to your liking." She lifts a hand, gesturing to the duchess' decor.

Domonico nurses his drink to the side of the room, the Malvici Admiral trying to keep track of everyone present, idly playing with his Mangataprayer beads in his off hand.

Juliana laughs. "Sebastian, she is named after you. Anyone would know that will be your downfall." looking to Allegra with a nod. "He will, he has already started. He is so in love with all three that even if the Queen called me back to the Wheel I would know they would be loved beyond measure." as Vanora announces her game, Juliana's brows furrow. "What is her competition? I am afraid I didn't hear it."

"Oh, my apologizes darling. I get so flustred at these events. The twins there are Juliana and Sebastian Pravus, whose blood comes from the Isles as well though in a ....complicated manner." Vanora responds to Sanya from the cozy little nook

Rysen finishes his rum, and kisses the top of Mikani's head. Moving to find a servant with rum, Rysen stops for a moment before the fresco of the starry night. He seems to be unable to move past it for a moment, frowning thoughtfully. He looks around for a moment until he finds Duke Valdemar. Finally acquiring some more rum, he makes his way over to the duke.

Nina looks at Dianna and laughs again. "Oh, I find it in the energy from other people that I meet! But maybe when I've met everyone in Arx, I'll start to slow down..." She nods her head just once. "But the people who have been kind to me will probably keep me going forever, so look out!"

Mikani watches Rysen curiously and frowns as he pauses at the fresco before turning back to look at the others around her.

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Sebastian's smile widens, effortlessly, as he regards Vanora with a visible ease. "Of course, Vani. And what are challenging conversations between family, hm?" Her musing earns a twitch of lips, but the Pravus turns his attention towards Sanya, with a half-bow. "Lady Sanya. Do I guess correctly some of your hand was in this work?" he gestures to the room as a whole. At Allegra's observation, and Juliana's, he gives a sigh that is mostly feigned. "I'm going to be put in the poor house with all the gifts my nieces and nephews will be owed, you know," he says, lightly.

Octavia wanders in through the door with her hands clasped behind her back and her usual expression of discomfort at social engagements on her face. Taking a long sidestep to clear the doorway, the eldest Kennex leans against the wall and observes for now rather than draw attention to herself.

Valdemar has found a glass of strongmead while making his rounds. Taking a sip from it as Rysen approaches approaches him, he smiles somewhat. "Lord Crovane, a pleasure to see you again. I hope you have been enjoying yourself here so far?" he asks pleasantly once the Northerner gets close enough.

Lethe nods to what Jules says. "I can understand that. I often like to attend different events. There are some disappointments, but they are usually fun." She smiles and looks to Rysen. "He really is."

Mikani murmurs something to Zoey and finishes her iced tea. She is given another as she moves to catch up with Rysen. "Duke Valdemar. Good to see you again." She says warmly as she approaches.

"Octavia!" Vanora lifts her hand in an almost comical manner, summoning the Crown Magistrate to join her in the nook. "It seems I am having a dreadful time getting party games going, but you are here and there is business to discuss, and thus come warm a spot next to me, hmm?" Her voice is bubbly, whether from champagne or otherwise.

Juliana doesn't at all seem to have any sympathy for Sebastian and his purse, just pats his hand and sets the wine glass back into it. Vanora's introduction gets an amused smile. "It's not complicated, our mother is Majory Thrax.. so yes. But it is good to meet you Lady Grimhall." added to Sanya with a smile and small nod.

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Nicholaus, Berenice, and Tyche seem to have found a nice little corner to converse in, each drinking their wine and seemingly enjoying the merriment of the evening.

"I wish I could take the credit, my lord." Sanya laughs lightly, giving the room an approving look. "But I couldn't. And not only because our cousin is in hearing distance and would swiftly correct me." She smiles teasingly at Vanora. A hand is raised in greeting to Domonico, a fond smile on her lips. She turns back to the twins. "Ah, you're Princess Fatima's siblings." She says.

"Very much so, My Lord," replies Rysen to the duke. "Thank you for your hospitality." He takes a sip of rum, and continues, "Your wife mentioned that political topics would not be unwelcome. Duke Kaldur and I are deeply concerned with the sitaution in Sungreet, and I was hoping that you might agree to join us in the Black Hall sometime soon, for dinner and shared council, in case the worst should come to pass."

"Good evening, Lady Saya," Dianna greets the Grimhall lady. "It's been some time. How is your brother? ...Oh, and: I believe congratulations are in order?" The priestess notes Domonico rather belatedly - and Thea, too; she lifts a warm and familiar smile to each.

"Excuse me as well." Katya offers to Lora, giving her a nod before she starts to drift in the direction of the door.

Octavia closes her eyes and sighs softly at hearing her voice called across the ballroom, then pushes off the wall and begins walking in Vanora's direction... with a brief detour for rum. "It seems like a bit of a social misstep to discuss business at a party, I'd think," the Chief Magistrate muses as she takes a seat. "I feel like you should be... partying." Octavia wouldn't know. She doesn't party.

Allegra laughs again, having little sympathy for Uncle Sebastian's purse herself. "Oh, what better to waste your coin upon?" she points out brightly, before offering Saya a nod in greeting as well. "Greetings, Lady Saya. I'm Lady Allegra Pravus. I don't think we've met."

Jules has a messenger come up and whispers to him, he bows to Rysen, Mikani, and Lethe and says, "Dear me, seems there is a situation I have to attend to prior to market dealings. Will you excuse me?"

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Domonico notes the waved greeting from Sanya and offers her a smile, nod and toast with his goblet. Dianna gets a warm smile in return before he makes his way to meet her and Sanya, "You two both seem like you weather these events far better then I."

"Or, she's our sibling, depending on how you want to look at it," Sebastian replies to Sayna with a wry smile. "But yes." There's a warmth for Juliana's mention of their mother, and it lingers in his expression. "True indeed. Best spent on family," he concedes to Allegra's wisdom. "But ah, I thought I heard Vani calling for those willing to indulge in games. Should we?" he suggests to the group, with a gesture towards the nook Vanora's taken up in.

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"My my, a lecture on social missteps from the one and only Crown Magistrate. Socialite extraordinaire." It's clear from the tone in Vanora's voice that she is jesting, and that such jesting with Octavia is not a new thing. "Sometimes one has to...what is the word for it...accomplish two tasks at once. And as there will be announcements going up this evening..." But there the Duchess Consort goes quiet, merely patting the cozy nook at her side.

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Zoey finds herself a glass of wine and a place to sit for a moment, content to people watch. She does however make sure to wave to her cousin Octavia when she spots her.

"Lady Crovane, thank you for coming," Valdemar greets Mikani before turning back to her husband and nodding his head slightly. Taking another, longer, sip of strongmead, he goes on to tell Rysen, "No doubt we are all concerned about the situation in Sungreet, and I can assure you that includes me as well. But I would be happy to join you and your Duke for dinner to discuss matters some evening."

Juliana chuckles as her brother gets no quater from any direction, though her gaze is on Sanya and nods to her brothers answer. "Yes, Abbas and Fatima, were with our mother's first husband." then blinks to Sebastian. "Games? I am horrible at games." it's not really a whine and yes she lets him drag her along.

"Of course," Dianna smiles to Sebastian. "For, what kind of protege would I be if I failed to indulge my patron in at least some of her games?" The priestess' eyes twinkle impishly and she makes her way to Vanora.

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"Chief Magistrate," Octavia reflexively corrects as she takes the offered seat. "I am certainly a social superstar, if the commons who stop to gape when I cross the Sovereign Bridge are any indication," she quips dryly as she lifts a hand to wave to Zoey. "Announcements, you say? You've been busy then. That's good, you always did get yourself into way too much trouble if you weren't busy."

"You're right. I'm speaking to you, so I ought to have referred to her as /your/ siblings, indeed." Sanya concedes, finishing the wine in her glass, and handing it to a passing servant. "Sister Dianna, thank you. He's as well as ever, though not currently in the city, it's sad to say. I do miss him. Lady Allegra, it's an honor to meet you." She rests a hand on Domonico's arm when he approaches. "I'm glad to see you here, it's been an age since we last spoke. I had meant to send a messenger once I heard the news that you'd gotten the caravel." She smiles. "So a belated congratulations, and here's to hoping our pilgrimage will be under way soon enough." To his comment on weathering the event. "My brother used to just dance the night away when he wasn't sure what to do." She gestures to the floor. "It's always an option."

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"Nonsense," is Sebastian's easy response to Juliana's protest. "I'm sure you've beaten me... at least once," he responds, patting her hand lightly as he leads her towards the nook. "Alle... Missere Nina, will you join us? Lady Sanya?" he gives a brief nod to Domonico as he steps away.

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Nina did very much want to join the games, but she was also very glad to receive a direct invitation. It's a load off and she looks grateful to Sebastian. But now that she has one, her enthusiasm is great, and she bounds over to see what the game is going to be!

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"It is never too early for you, Dianna dear. Nor for my husband. But...I think I can handle our dilema

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Rysen smiles. "I appreciate it, Duke Valdemar," says Rysen. "It seems the Northlands has only just recovered from the Undrowned Sons, and yet a new storm brews to the east." Rysen offers his arm to Mikani. "I must be heading home, My Lord. Thank you again for your hospitality," he says to Valdemar. Rysen raises his rum in toast. "My Gloria and Mangata bless you and your House."

Mikani bows her head as she stays by her husband's side.

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Allegra finally relents as the others give in to the idea of a game. She downs the last of her wine and then hands off her empty glass, while smoothly exchanging for a fresh one. She eases into the seat and rubs her sore leg a few times. "I suppose if I am to be joining in, I should join in all the way," she admits.

Domonico chuckles as Sanya speaks and he nods, "Yes. The Tempest is built and has been blessed by Archlector Madeleine. I'm glad that you are still interested in the pilgrimage voyage. It should prove interesting at the least. And as for dancing? I'm afraid that is not for me".

Sebastian holds the curtain out of the way for those joining them. Still carrying that same glass of wine they entered with -- barely drunk -- the Pravus lounges onto one of the pillows with an effortless grace. If he catches the end of Vanora's quiet conversation with Octavia, he's polite enough to pretend otherwise. "What was it -- tales?"

As Rysen and Mikani head out of the ballroom, they bid farewell to Lady Zoey and Lady Lethe. Rysen waves to Dianna and Sebastian, and he and Mikani disappear from view.

Valdemar inclines his head to Rysen as he takes his leave. "Thank you for making time to come, Lord Crovane," he tells the Northerner before raising his own glass at the man's toast, adding, "And may they bless you and yours as well." He then drinks deeply once again, and makes his way toward where Vanora sits with Octavia.

Octavia nods a bit, taking a sip of her drink as she listens to Vanora talk. "We can speak more later, Duchess," she muses as the others begin to join them. A little bit of a twinkle forms in her eye as she adds, "I wouldn't say it's 'mere boredom', but boredom certainly is a factor in many of your scandals, dear friend." Setting her glass down, she slaps her hands on the table and turns to the others. "Now then, there was some mention of a tall tale contest?"

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Zoey perks up. "What's this about a game now?" she asks aloud, hoping to be heard by one who might explain.

When Sebastian addresses her, Sanya nods, before gesturing to the couches. "Well, then feel free to join us for a game." She smiles, beckoning him to follow her as she settles in with the rest.

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"As you like. Just...know that if you have immediate advice it ought be delivered immediately. The time for such things grows...closer." Vanora responds to Octavia, lifting up a glass of Lenosian red. "Alright then a game. This is actually more of a preliminary game, a part of our grand project having to do with the traditions of the Isles that do not have to do with...thralldom or the like. Either share a saga from your family, or make one up, we won't ever know, and I'll be listening to see whose story is the most like the sagas of the Isles. I don't pretend to be an expert, but I do try."

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When Zoey joins Juliana smile and pats the cushions beside her, scooting closer to Sebastian to allow the Lady Kennex to sit then if she does reaching over to give Zoey's hand a squeeze as she listens to Vanora.

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Just as she settles in, accepting another wine glass as the game begins to commence, Sanya's hand shakes a little leading her to promptly rest the glass on the table. She leans in to murmur something to Vanora before rising, looking just a little disoriented.

Zoey squeezes Juliana's hand in return and grins as she decides what story she will tell.


Dianna apparently joined Vanora at /the other/ identical set of couches... just across the way. The priestess smiles warmly at Zoey and asks, "How's Ian holding up? And you? After our little... adventure?"

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Excusing herself with an apologetic smile, Sanya makes her way to the entrance.

Domonico quietly exits as well without making a scene.

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Almost immediately, Sebastian laughs, leaning in to murmur something to Juliana. After a moment, he hands his glass to her, and stands, "A long time ago... well, we'd just turned nine, and father had given me a small boat for our birthday." He glances at Juliana with a quick, genuine smile. "We decided we knew enough of sailing to set out and sail around Setarco. So we packed our tiny boat with six oranges, a bottle of Setarco red and a loaf of bread. Half a day out.. Jules dropped the knife we'd had, so we couldn't even open the bottle of red." He looks fairly scandalized, even now, like it was a grievous crime. "For three days, we drifted, finally washing up on our Uncle Niccolo's beach. He took one look at us... fed us, opened the bottle of red for us... and then sent us on our way. With some better provisions, this time." He gives a low huff of amusement.

"It took us another three days before we touched down again. Not exactly the whole way around the island, but by then I expect our uncle's message had got to our parents... you know." With a shift of his shoulders, Sebastian continues, "Now, it has become tradition, to send our youngest out into boats with little but oranges and wine to sate them, to teach them survival, intrepid skills and instill in them a love of adventure." He might be stretching that last, but the tale is effortless enough that it might be hard to tell.

There is a cozy nook of umbra and aeterna pillows where there seems to be a sea shanty contest going on, led by the imcomporable Zoey Kennex. She'll serve as judge and award prizes for the best tall tales of the sea, which does mean she isn't eligible for a prize, but no matter. Those wishing to participate might join Lady Zoey and Lord Sebastian in the first set of cozy nooks.

Now that isn't the only pile of pillows dewy with umbra cause, for an another similar configuaration there are others slightly into their cups talking...politics? Octavia was right, not the most sociable of topics, but things are as they are, and voices there are low.

"We're both doing well," Zoey answers Dianna with a smile. "That was really... something. I don't think I'll be forgetting what I saw any time soon."

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Vanora gets Three-stranded choker of traditional Grimhall lavender-grey pearls from Clothes Bag.

Juliana takes the glass when Sebastian stands, even takes a sip listening to the tails of their youth but that all stops when sudden after his look the Lady Igniseri, very much like the nine year old in the story pops up with. "I did not drop it! You tried to take it and pulled to hard and threw it over board!"

Tyche's distracted from her chatting with Berenice and Nicholaus as Seryna, a handmaiden, delivers a small package to her. The shared words bring with them understanding, and the Countess grins. "Thank you," she murmurs, taking her small prize back to her conversation.

Though her attention is mainly focused on the conversation at the couches with Vanora, Dianna's amber eyes sparkle with delight as she shoots an amused smile at the Pravosi twins. She nods aside to Zoey and smiles to her, as well, "I think you must have seen more than I, from my vantage point."

Octavia sits back and sips at her rum, speaking lowly with Vanora for a moment before focusing her attention on Sebastian's story. She purses her lips when he finishes, then nods and offers, "That wasn't half bad. Embellish more," she suggests. "Maybe a storm whipped up and carried you out to sea."

With a brief, amused snort, Sebastian tells Juliana: "When I'm telling it, it's totally your fault. When you tell it, it can be my fault," he says, making it sound like one of those age-old arguments. He drops back into a seat next to her, and doesn't reclaim their shared glass. He looks for whoever's running the competition, but Vanora's moved off to the other nook, so he laughs instead. "I should've told the /other/ story-"

Nina gives her empty glass to someone passing, and drifts over to the nook where stories are being told. After all, she loves stories. Then suddenly she is handed an object, and looks quite startled to receive it, blinking up. Then she flushes a bit. "Oh, thank you, My Lady!" Is this really happening? She looks positively stunned, but somehow finds her way to a seat.

"Try again, Lord Sebastian?" Dianna coyly winks. "Unless your sister has one better about you?"

"The other story has nothing to do about the sea." Juliana points out before taking another sip then handing him back his drink. Her gaze sliding to Dianna. "We don't actually tell stories about the other. About us together yes.. but not about each other."

Sebastian lifts a brow to Octavia's criticism. "And /lie/? My lady, I would not impunge my honor with such unnecessary embellishment. The tale was sufficient on it's own, but--" with a gesture of invitation, "You're welcome to try and upstage me," he invites... or cajoles, depending on the point of view.

"Ahh, then, another story of the two of you - since both are here to corroborate the truth," Dianna suggests to Juliana with an impish smile. "I'm afraid I'm not much of a bard or I'd tell something or other about myself and my home in Ostria. But life was rather idyllically boring, I expect... until the war, that is. And no one wants stories about that, of course."

"It's a tall tale competition, Lord Sebastian. The point of it is to stretch the truth almost to its breaking point, while not quite crossing the line," Octavia quips. "Niklas is far better at it than I."

Nina has been quiet listening to tales, but as she hears that people are discussing stories, she raises her head again. "I could certainly tell a tale if it pleases."

"And how are you so certain I have not done so, my lady?" Sebastian replies, with ease, smiling all of a sudden. "You seem very conversant at the concept, but your exceution leaves much to be desired, I'm afraid. Messere Nina, please," he encourages, turning his attention to the courtier.

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Nina smiles brightly...

And though she is without instrument at the moment, she folds her hands, and begins to entone a little tale. Her voice is quite clear, and there is a 'shift' to it, from chatter into recitation.

"I did spend a lot of time on ships on my way from Setarco, and many stories did I hear from the men at port."

"I heard once, a tale of the men in search of a powerful magical gem, a jewel that could summon light in darkness. But even then it was said, the jewel - the size of a walnut and clearest green, like the foam upon the seas," She holds her hand up to indicate this, "... was not the treasure itself, for if the stars aligned, then the star light would filter through this gem and point to a treasure unimaginable by man!"

"It so happened that..." She settles her skirts again.

"A wily topman came to be in possession of this gem, and held it under the stars while up upon the mast! And then it shed its light... pointing the horizon, to the east. Or so they say..."

"But also then they say, that as he did so, a terrible storm began to rage upon the waters. And then..."

"LIGHTNING..." She claps her hands suddenly. "... struck the mast, and so the sailor did tumble down, the gem still charged with that potent energy! But the ship was beginning to burn, and when he fell all the way to the deck, the jewel was so charged with energies that no man could touch it. And so one sailor got a bucket, scooped it up... and before the jewel could burn its way all the way through the deck, he CAST it, in desperation, into the sea."

"And there it sits to this day." She folds her hands. "But would the curse on this object be worth it? Or was the lightning a coincidence in fact? No man could say, or where it may be now."

Lethe listens to Nina's story with a smile. "That's such an exciting story."

The Duchess-Consorts clapping near fills the room, despite the quiet conversation at her own nook. "Oh /my/, that is a remarkable tale, worthy of the Bard's College I think if not more. I hope this is not the last of your performances we will see, Mistress Nina, for yours is a talent for the ages." Being something of a singer herself, she'd know. Maybe.

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Zoey has a warm, broad smile for Nina upon completion of her tale. "Fantastic!"

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Juliana claps for Nina and smiles, then eyes her brother. "Fine." standing then, hands smoothing out her dress. "So a story, hmmmm? Well I have a few that all are rather sad, but maybe the least sad? A story of a broken heart or two?" looking to the others before she continues.

"Very well told," Sebastian looks pleased once Nina's finished her tale, lounging back into the pillows. "Sailors always have the most interesting of tales, don't they?" he muses. "I'll bet there's some that still traul the waters, looking for the gleaming gem..." when Juliana makes to rise, he claims the glass from her, watching intently.

"As long as you can make it tall," Zoey tells Juliana.

Her wine finished, Berenice slips away from the bit of room she's been sharing with Nicholaus and Tyche to converse and makes her way to the ballroom's exit.

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Juliana smiles a little then looking off into a place inside her she starts to talk. ""Hmmm So this is the story of how a house in Thrax came into the possession of House Pravus' Battle library." Juliana arches a brow down at her brother. "There was once two children, twins, of house Pravus, they were sixteen and ran wild in Setarco, none could tame them. One day the girl happened to be on the pier and met a beautiful dark skinned sailor who she fell madly in love with. This sailor was as much as a scholar as he was a warrior but being only a minor lord had very little silver to buy books. Over the next year he would come to port and this girl and her lord would spend every moment they could together. He would bring her small bits of jewelry that he had got along his travels.. the most precious being a silver braclet with a single sapphire. In turn she would bring to him every night a book of battle histories that she with the help of her twin would steal from the Pravus libraries. This went on for two years until the girl was eighteen and the Lord promised that on his next trip that he would take her with him. But something had happened. The twin's mother had learned about what they were doing and about the love of her daughter of a Lord of Thrax and before he could come back to claim his lover, she sent the twin far away. So when the sailor returned he couldn't find her anywhere because you see, to keep her secret she had never told him her real name. So instead.. he left with his chest of books and his broken heart. In time he became a very important member of his house, he added the stolen books as a library to the love he never was able to find again." Juliana shrugs softly, looking to Zoe. "I am not sure it is tall enough but it is the story of how Darkwater gained their battle library." then settles again next to her brother.

Nina's eyes sparkle at this tale, and she seems to be absorbing all of it for later information. "...Oh, that is a very good story. A story of tragic love is the most heartbreaking but amazing kind."

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Lethe listens attentively to the tale. "That was a good one. It was both romantic and sad. I really enjoyed it."

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Zoey rests a hand over her heart. "Maybe not so tall, but definitely a heartbreaking on," she says softly. "Who's next?"

The entire time his twin tells her tale, Sebastian keeps his gaze on her. For most of it, he keeps the glass held close to his lips, as if on the verge of sipping but not quite, a distracting prop to conceal most of his expression.

Merek eventually wiggles a way on from the place with a wave!

Jules settled again against Sebastian, tilts her head sideways to settle it on his shoulder. A small smile given in thanks to those that liked the story, while she absently fiddled with the silver braclet she was wearing.

"Well, I suppose I could tell a story next, though I kind of hate to be the one to follow that," Zoey says as she gets comfortable in her seat."

"Well then." Vanora's perky voice rises above the crowd. "Did we have anyone else who was willing to turn over a tall tale in practice? Now is the time before we work towards the real events, the ones that I hope will help reshape the future of the Isles. If not, then I think we can arrange among ourselves to choose the most thrilling of these tall tales, and see that the winner is amptly rewarded"

Juliana leaning against Sebastian looks up at Vanora with her question. "I think Zoey was about to tell one?" looking to the Kennex lady for confirmation.

Zoey clears her throat. "I'll tell you of the ancestor for whom I named my daughter; Duchess Naamah Bisland, the Golden Lioness of Pridehall. Lady Naamah Bisland came of age during the Crownbreaker Wars, the younger of the Duke's two children. When united shav forces threatened to overwhelm Pridehall, the Duke and his son stood with their troops to defend it while he ordered his daughter away from the fight to keep her safe."
"Bisland's forces fought valiantly, but that battle ultimately ended in loss."
"When the bodies of her father and brother were brought before her, Lady Naamah, now Duchess at the tender age of 18, was filled not with despair at having lost her family, but determination and rage."
"She donned her father's plate armor, still stained with the fallen Duke's blood, rallied the remains of Bisland's forces and their banners, leading them in a decisive battle to retake Pridehall."
"Some say that her spirit still remains in Pridehall, protecting it from outside forces that would seek to lay her family low. And given that the family has thrived and Pridehall has never fallen sense, there may even be a grain of truth to that."

Vanora applauds Zoey as well, and quite enthusiastically. "Lady Zoey, are you comfortable selecting a winner from the tall tales contest...knowing you may not count yourself even if yours /was/ the most impressive tale.? For if you are we await your verdict, and thus the last prize of the evening will be distrubuted.

"I didn't know that was the story of the Sprout, Zo," Dianna admits to the Kennex lady. "It's so lovely - even if embellished."

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Zoey nods to Vanora. "I think I know whom I would choose already. As much as I love the story of Duchess Naamah, I told it for the joy of storytelling more than any desire for a prize," she says. "I would have to say that the Tallest of Tall Tales today must go to Miss Nina."

Juliana smiles as her friend tells her tale, clapping for Zoey. "And she is every mush as brave as her namesake, your Naamah. How could she not be?" reaching out to squeeze the Kennex Lady's hand again.

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Nina seems thriled to listen to stories... and equally surprised to have won, but accepts this graciously and holds the object in her hand. She bows her head a few times. "Lady Zoey, your story was most exciting. I listen to every story I hear, so if I can write a song some day about these legends they will spread far and wide!"

Sebastian listens with interest to Zoey's tale, mouth twisting into a frown at the tale of loss, smoothing out only as she describes the Duchesses' rallying to reclaim her home. "A stirring tale, my lady," he nods in appreciation to Zoey. "And an excellent choice," he approves, smiling easily to Nina as she accepts her prize.

"My congratulations again, Messere Nina; you're quite talented in so many ways," Dianna sincerely praises.

"I like you, miss Nina." Vanora states to the other bard. "For now, the festevities for the evenng have come to a close, the better to allow House Kennex to make their own preparations. Thank you so much for joining us here tonight, and may it not be long before we do it again." The Duchess rises to her feet gracefully

The conversation between Nicholas and Tyche has died down with the finishing of wine, and so the pair make their way toward the exit. The Countess, for her part, offers her thanks yous to the hostess when they leave, smiling to Vanora and out she goes!

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Dianna is overheard praising Vanora: Always gracious, always beautiful, always a wonderful patroness and friend

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