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Bardic Fire

Come spend an evening around the fires of the Rivenshari. Songs and stories, dancing and laughter. This is what Rivenshari thrive in.

There will be a contest for best entertainment with prizes.

And lets not forget the cookie stealing after all, who can resist Amelia's chewy ginger cookies.


Feb. 15, 2020, 8:30 p.m.

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Rysen Rukhnis Mikani Rowenova Athaur Zoey Rosalind Maru Jules Ian Joslyn Valencia Porter Oili Alban Nina Ras Arcadia(RIP) Merek Abellus



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Rivenshari Expanse

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Comments and Log

Champion, the tiny yappy puppy arrives, following Porter.

Unlike most houses, the nobles of the house are not poised to greet guests. There is no queue of a welcoming line, instead they can be scattered around the Expanse as everyone else. Greeting those that come close to them, calling out to others they might notice across the way. There is a great excitement in the Expanse tonight, even more so than the party would suggest. As guest are belled and fed, the rise of energy is almost palpable, even the drums seem to pick up.

Eshra, the Lady Rivenshari, stands near the fires, on one hip she holds a dark haired toddler who is now bundled in his warm clothes and squeeling at all the new faces around them. Every once in awhile she will lean into his little ear and whisper in Ravashari, but otherwise the woman looks... Happy. Which is something many have never seen on the rather stoic Voice of Riva..

Rysen arrives in The Expanse with Mikani and Rukhnis. He is dressed in the fur-trimmed mantle in style of the Northlands, and his peace-tied weapons are ever at his side. Making his way along the path lined with lanterns toward the great fire, he comes to stand before Athaur, Eshra and Maru, and bows. He smiles warmly to see the toddler on Eshra's hip and to hear the drums of the Rivenshari. "It is good to see you, Count Athaur, Lady Eshra and Lord Maru. Thank you for hosting us."

Zoey gets an infant with light brown skin, swaddled in Kennex colors from a monogrammed black calfskin satchel with silk lining.

Zoey gets Lord Uriel Kennex from a monogrammed black calfskin satchel with silk lining.

Connal, a Northern Wolfhound arrives, following Rosalind.

Rukhnis drifts along in the wake of Rysen and Mikani, the skirts of her dark dress fluttering about her ankles like the flickering fitful shadows around a fire. Despite being her usual impeccably groomed and poised self, there's a faint slump to her shoulders that echoes the look of deep fatigue on her face, and she looks rather pale. But she bows to the hosts in turn after Rysen, courteous and formal as ever.

Mikani nudges Rysen as she bows her head which is the most the 5 month old Nakoa will let her do at her own hip. "Marquis Athaur. Lady Eshra. Lord Maru. Very pleased to be here." Mika grins as she greets them from her won flowing dress and her son at her hip looking curiously at the group ringing the bells in his fist happily.

Mr. Hops, Valencia arrive, following Jules.

Zoey gets a warm seatouched wool hood from a monogrammed black calfskin satchel with silk lining.

Riding up on a grey horse (with black points, also including dorsal stripe) is a Northern scout in a wolf pelt as a fierce headdress, plus direwolf cloak. Alongside is a floppy hound with a tawny coat and greying muzzle plus those soulful eyes. Upon arrival, Scout Rowenova hops down from the grey mare and happily accepts the offered bells. "Why, thank you." It is not often that the Northern lass takes off her wolf pelt in public places, but she does so now, completely exposing her platinum hair which is in a long braid held together, colorfully secured by many ribbons of many grades of aged wear in some cases. Putting away her wolf pelt into her Messenger Bag, Nova eagerly accepts the offered help to be 'belled up'.

Athaur is mingling near the fires, holding a todler in his arms. The young girl already has a string of large bells in her hair. She's old enough to know they aren't for eating, but toddlers being toddlers she still wears large ones. Athaur is making faces at his daughter, speaking to her in Ravashari.

He turns to Rysen, Mikani, and Rukhnis as they arrive. He laughs softly at the mild correction from Mikani and he offers them a bow. "Lord Rysen, Lady Mikani. A pleasure to see the two of you." He turns towards Rukhnis and inclines his head. "My lady, I do not believe we have met. Thank all of you for coming to my home. I believe that you have met my wife, the new Marquessa?" He looks towards Joslyn, reaching out a hand to her.

Zoey arrives with Ian beside her, a baby in her arms, and her own toddler wearing a seatouched wool hood shaped like bunny ears and gripping a fistful of her velvet gown. She smiles brightly and adds bells to her curly dark hair on her way to greet the hosts. "I echo Lady Mikani's sentiment," she says with a warm smile.

Rosalind comes running in with hair flying behind her. Obviously this dress has done nothing to hinder her energy or her quick moving,"Am I late?" The tall Ravenseye is smiles, her hazel green eyes kind.

Rowenova says, "Nope, right on time!"

Maru stands next to his wife, another bundled toddler on his hip as well, albeit a slightly less excited one. Very slightly less. He's still looking around, wide-eyed, at all the new arrivals. He smiles when he sees the Crovane contingent, dipping his head in a bow. "Lady Mikani, Lord Rysen, it's good to see you," he says. He, too, seems uncharacteristically happy. Wonder why.

Jules escorts Valencia, arm in arm, into the the area and heads through the assembly of people with his cheerful disposition. He is occasionally speaking softly to the princess as he goes along and she does likewise. His eyes scanning along and eventually he spots Mikani and Rysen and makes his way along towards them.

"Rukhnis al-Katibi," the Eurusi woman introduces herself quietly to Athaur, with a small polite inclination of the head. "It honours me to make your acquaintance. I thank you for your hospitality this night."

Ian arrives alongside Zoey. With the coming of fall, he's returned to a vague approximation of respectability (or at the very least his coat is buttoned and he's not as sweaty). He keeps a close eye on his own steps moving over the uneven ground. When they stop to talk to people, he looks up and nods and makes a vague noise somewhere between a grunt, a greeting, and an agreement with whatever his wife just said.

Joslyn is not quite waddling yet, carrying herself with a quiet grace as her middle is rounded out beneath the fine silks, a string of bells woven into her own hair which is arranged into an elegant crown braid that sits around her head. She stands beside Athaur, a little glance given towards her daughter in his arms while her hands rest on her bump and she gives a dip of her head towartds Rysen and Mikani as they approach. "Thank you for coming," she says, gaze shifting over to Rukhnis. "I don't believe we have but my memory has been rather inconsitent of late," she gives a bit of a helpless smile. "Good to meet you and welcome to our home."

Eshra, her dark hair festooned with bells, the only person that seem to possibly have more being Athaur himself, nods with a bright smile... did anyone actually know that the Lady Eshra had a dimple? But there it is even as she laughs at another squeel from the son she holds. "Good evening all, welcome! Please find food, drink. We are very happy to see so many children, if you need extra blankets as the evening cools, let someone know! Also if you have very young ones and wish to, we have nurses in the Longhouse with Maru's and my yougest boys."

Clad in scarlet silks that embrace slender waist and enticing curves, Valencia moves with effortless grace at Jules' side, quiet words shared along with quiet smiles. A bright and beautiful smile is offered to those she knows, gentle inclines of head offered with polite warmth as they move to greet Rysen and Mikani.

Mikani smiles at Zoey and more at Maru. "Good to see you again Marquessa Joslyn. It's okay I have a hard memory at these events as well." She bows her head again and wanders off to allow Nakoa to get down and sit somewhere on a blanket. Mikani is sure to greet Valencia before she settles down.

After the 'belling up', Nova waves back to arriving acquaintances, doing so with clear concern of Rukhnis's exhausted state. Nova jingles closer to Rosa, her grinning expression 'less wolfish' without her usual headdress right now. Though, she does not travel far without having snatched a nearby cookie. Nope!

Rysen blushes furiously. "Gods and spirits. My apologies, Marquis, Marquessa," he says to Athaur and Joslyn. He turns to Mikani and mouths, "Thank you," He smiles to see Ian and Zoey, offering a bow, before allowing one of the Rivenshari to weave bells into his hair. "I wouldn't miss it, Marquessa," says Rysen warmly. "There is nothing like music and spirit of the Rivenshari." A slight look of sorrow touches his features and he says, "My only regret is Lady Willow remains in the Northlands. She will be very jealous us."

When Jules and Valencia arrive, Rysen smiles warmly. "Good to see you, Your Highness, Master Jules."

It's some sort of a celebration and Porter has managed to untangle himself from whatever he had himself so wrapped up in all day long. He looks a little tired, but in reasonably high spirits as he makes his way through the grounds. It's probably inevitable that he finds himself in the vicintiy of Ian and Zoey. His hand claps firmly down on his younger brother's shoulder. "Evening!" he greets, not just his family members but anyone within the next ten feet or so. Outside voice.

Ian nods to Rysen. He's managed to escape without bells thusfar, probably because his hair is so close cropped that weaving them in would be impossible. Or at least extremely involved. He brightens up a little bit when Porter arrives. "Porter."

Ian gets a strand of brass hair bells from Rivenshari Party Favors Chest.

Nina gets a strand of brass hair bells from Rivenshari Party Favors Chest.

Athaur lets out a good natured laugh, shaking his head. "Think nothing of it, My Lord. I had to throw away a great deal of parchment to make sure I had my own title right. After all, it has not yet been a day." He inclines his head to the Corvanes and smiles to Ruhknis. "A pleasure to meet you Misstress Ruhknis. Please, be welcome in my home and among my people." The Marquis brightens at Rowenova, lifting his fingers to wiggle in greeting to the scout, before he turns to Ian and Zoey. "My Lord Ian, My Lady Zoey. It is wonderful to see you both here. I hope you are well." He makes a face as Chiara reaches out and yanks on his beard, playfully scowling at his daughter before looking to beam at Joslyn.

Rosalind finds Nova and hurries over,"Nova!"her voice excited. She waves to those nearby too,"Oh hello!" Here comes the general introduction, because well--hey--saves time!"I'm Lady Rosalind Ravenseye. Rosa or Ros though. It's shorter,"the redhead exclaims. There is a contagious energy to the woman, bit a kindness as she flirs about, meeting people.

Oili filters in alongside her wolf holding a white rabbit in her arms. She's wearing the robes of the physician's guild, as she usually does, and a fur collared cloak common of the northern mountains. Walking into the Rivenshari Expanse, her attention is cast around her inquisitively. Obviously her first time here. Noticing a throng of people gathering towards the fires. She looks over at the wolf before they get close and sends it off to find a place to rest for the night with the rabbit.
Heading further in she gets a bell and unabashedly attaches it to her hair. In fact, she seems to be having fun knocking it about and making the jingle jangle sound resonate with the drums - oh no, they've given her a weapon. Noticing a group pooling around the fires, she slides into the group and slips her way towards the front. "Countess Joslyn, Marquis Athaur, Lady Eshra, and Lord Maru. I've never had the pleasure of your company or the Rivenshari Expanse. Thank you for your hospitality. I hope I will be able to learn about another culture tonight."

It is a short stroll from his keep to the Rivenshari expanse, and the Farshaw General walks up towars the gathering. The man greets a couple of people that he recognizes, and then starts in to the party proper, eyes glancing over Jules and Valencia -- who could miss her dress? -- as he wanders a bit aimlessly for the moment.

Rukhnis's dark eyes shift across the festive expanse, though the look of distant weariness in her eyes suggests her attention is only superficially captured by her surroundings. After a moment, though, she turns towards Rysen and asks him quietly, "Is there anything I may fetch for you or Lady Mikani?"

A truly warm and fond smile is returned to Rysen along with the offer of a delicate hand in greeting. "My lord, my lady. It is lovely to see you both," she nods warmly. "Apologies for interrupting event. Misssere Jules was kind enough to invite me to accompany him. Apparently I spend too much time caring for my Hart," she offers playfully, a happy nod offered to Ian and Zoey as well. "Though I fear I may not be able to stay long," she nods gently. Another smile is issued to Alban as he casts his gaze her way, her smile warm and welcoming as the man makes his way through the crowd.

Nina, one of the newest bards to the college, could not miss this event ... but took a little extra time getting dressed for it. She arrives not too late for the party... reaching in to the favor box and at once grabbing a strand of bells, which she ties into her hair. She's wearing something entirely new, an orange and gold outfit that glows with her red hair and suits the theme of flames for the night's event. The dress and matching jewelry dazzle with the light, but her eyes even more so as she takes in the scenery thats around her... still working on tying the little bell.

Rosalind takes a strand of brass hair bells from Rivenshari Party Favors Chest.

"Lovely to wee you as well, Count Athaur," Zoey replies brightly. Upon noticing Porters arrival she looks up at him, then down to her toddler. "Look Uriel, it's Uncle Porter!"

Jules bows to Mikani and Rysen and says, "Good day Lady Mikani and Lord Rysen." He gives Rukhnis a bow and a smile as well, before he happens to notice Athaur and Joslyn and gives a bow to them both, "Jules Fabron, your servant." He catches sight of Zoey and a little twinkle of merriment catches his eyes and he gives a wave to her with a broad smile. The man is easily distracted it seems and may be a bit slow on his replies.

"I must admit it still feels a little strange, between Athaur and myself we will eventually remember," Joslyn admits to Rysen and she dips her head a moment before she grins over at Mikani before she departs. "Oh well you I do recall! It is good to see you again," Joslyn eyes Ian and Zoey, giving them a bright smile beside Athaur and she nods her head towards them. "Oh, Lord Ian and Lady Zoey, always a pleasure, I hope you've been well?" Oili gets a bright smile as well with a dip of her head. "Thank you for coming! Please, I hope you do! I may learn a few things myself, there is still a lot to keep up with!"

Mikani smiles at Rukhnis, "Some tea would be nice." She says tea though her mind says rum. Her eyes look at Valencia. "No interruption ... everyone is welcome. I'm told the Rivenshari are the more the merrier sort of people ... and I'm glad to see you." She grins. "It is good that you came to visit."

Rysen laughs when Athaur mentions all the parchment he's had to discard. The bells jingle in his hair, causing his son to giggle and look up at him. Rysen smiles to see Rowenova and Rosalind, but when Rukhnis mentions getting something to drink, Rysen nods. "Whiskey, please, if you can find it. If not, whatever Lord Maru's drinking." When Nina arrives, Rysen waves her over. "Congratulations on joining the Bard's College, Nina. I think you will truly enjoy the music here tonight. This is Marquis Athaur, Marquessa Joslyn, Lady Eshra and Lord Maru Rivenshari. My Lords and Ladies, this is Nina Autumndale, a very talented bard."

Ian nods to Valencia when she greets him, and then gives Athaur a respectful dip of his head and shoulders, not quite a bow. "Marquis. We've been alright." Then after a pause, he remembers to say: "Congratulations."

Maru is characteristically quiet, simply smiling and swaying with his son on his hip. Which son is it? Hard to say, they both look just alike, and bundled up against the cold, their anklets are obscured. At Rysen's comment, though, he laughs, and his deep baritone booms. "There's always whiskey around here, now, my lord. Whiskey _is_ what I'm drinking," he says. Lies. He's not drinking anything. All he has is a boy who is reaching up to play with he silver bells in his hair.

When Zoey points him out to his nephew, Porter crouches down and opens up his arms. "Come here, favorite nephew! I'm going to carry you on my shoulders!" Easily making Uriel the tallest person here.

Rukhnis bows in acknowledgement, first to Mikani and then to Rysen, and then drifts noiselessly off across the grass in quest of beverages. Rubbing her temple lightly, she pauses to cast a frown around herself, and then makes a quiet beeline for the outdoor kitchen.

Ras comes down the river rock path, and even though his hood is back and he's walking in the lantern light, there's an air of skulking to him. When he notices people getting bells strung onto their garb, he veers aside and moves along the outskirts of the celebration - listening and watching. He pauses by a fire and pockets both hands to scan the area.

"Thank you for your kind words, My Lord." Athaur bows to Ian with a smile. He turns towards Nina as Rysen introduces her and beams at her. "Wonderful, welcome. I do hope you will share some song or tale with us when the appropriate time occurs." He turns to Jules and inclines his head to him. "A pleasure to meet you Master Jules." He turns to his daughter, trying to distract her from tugging on his beard as he jingles some of her own bells near by while leaning slightly against Joslyn.

Nova happily hugs Rosa, merrily chinning her on the nearest shoulder before immediately releasing her! "Lady Rosa! So good to see you!" She soon smiles to Oili's appearance and Rysen's greeting, too, before looking back to Rosa anew with a big grin. The whole time she is jingle jangling! "How have you been?"

Nina dances up with a little skip-hop to see Rysen as he introduces her to the others. She's so dreadfully pleased to be here that she looks like she's going to burst. She gives everyone a little curstey with her new dress. "Thank you, so much, for the introduction! I'm eager to learn from the entertainers here."

"Lord Rysen, I must say that I have been catching up on reading your poetry. I find it so inspiring!"

Ras has joined the South-side firepit benchs.

A grin and nod is given to Valencia, and he heads in her direction, "Good eve, Princess," he says with a dip of his head to her. He asks, "Quite a change in the weather from the sweltering evening we had a few days ago, no?" with a small grin.

For brief moment, Oili frowns slightly as she follows Rukhnis, but then she's back to a demure grin and casting her attention wide amongst those gathering around the fires. She smiles at Nina, "It's a great thing when a person decides to take up the mantle of storyteller and entertainer Nina Autumndale. I'm Lady Oili Acheron, it's nice to meet you." She turns her attention around to Mikani next, "Lady Crovane. It's been a minute, but good to see you, Minister al-Katibi, and Jules again."

Uriel releases his grip on his mother's gown to run to his uncle with outstretched arms, leaving Zoey with only her 2-month-old to worry about for the time being. She does her best to keep up with greetings as they come, everyone receiving a smile and a 'good to see you' or other appropriate greeting.

"Whiskey. Where?" Just like that Rosalind drifts over to find some alcohol because you know the northerners like to drink. But oh! A hug! Playing with Nova's bells, Rosa grins,"Learning to climb in this damned dress! But it's not as Lycene as I thought I'd be. I started wearing pants under it." No.Shame! Rosa finds Rysen and Mikana and well, waves! Not too much longer,"Hi Rukhnis!"

Ian doesn't exactly smile when Porter puts his son up high on his shoulders, but there might be a softening somewhere in his graven expression as he watches them.

Jules' eyes light up at Oili and he waves but then stops and bows, "How delightful to see you again!" He's looking quite excited. Jules is just about to say something to Mikani when of course a messenger comes up to him. This always seems to happen right before market days. He lets out a sigh and beckons the messenger in though he seems to already know what's coming. When the messenger whispers in his ear Jules nods his head (his own, not the messengers) and says, "Of course." He looks over to Valencia and says, "I wonder if you might be willing to help me for a moment?" He gives a bow and says to Mikani and Rysen, "Would you forgive me. It seems I've had something rather unexpected come up."

Very suddenly the drums get very loud and very fast, those dancers that had been moving around the fire swirl wildely then as silence falls, they disappear and standing on a box in front of the flames is Esrha. For a moment she waits for eyes to turn towards her that smile warm and the little boy in her arms pointing at the wolf with a squeel of "Doggie!" Laughing warm she whispers to him, then looks back towards those gathers. "Good evening and thank you for all coming. We are very honored to see so many new and not so new faces. For the new ones, let me introduce myself. I am Lady Eshra Rivenshari." she pauses glancing to her brother Athaur. "Though it seems there is some question if it is Athaur or I that is the new Marquessa, I am sure Joslyn will set us all straight by morning." she pauses as there is laughter from some of the clan.

"So I wanted to explain what we are doing here and what you can expect. We believe in story telling, though we have our scholars, we Rivenshari also embrace oral tradition and music.. and of course the dance. So tonight we will entertain you but we also ask for those willing, for you to share your gifts with us. At the end of the evening there will be someone awarded a prize but the real prize is the night with friends." again she pause then nods. "Also.. in a little while, we will of course start the cookie stealing part of the evening. So for those that have been smelling and wanting Amelia's ginger cookies, do not worry, you will get your chance." looking back towards the outdoor kitchen and it's sever looking mistress. When she looks back this time however she adds. "So! Who would like to go first?"

Rukhnis peruses the offerings of the kitchen with very meticulous care, and after a few quietly placed questions to the people staffing it she winds up with a glass of whiskey in one hand and a mug of some fragrant herb-and-citrus-smelling tea in the other. She sniffs critically at the latter, but a moment's consideration seems to produce at least tentative approval of the drink, and she turns back in the direction she had come from -- to find Rosalind right there behind her. "Oh. Lady Rosalind." She greets the woman with a bow, being careful of the drinks. "How does the night find you?"

Rysen looks at Nina stunned for a moment. His face turns bright red, and he beams. "Thank you, Nina!" he says. "I heard you sang an amazing coffee-inspired song yourself." He gestures to Mikani and says, "Nina, this is Lady Mikani, my wife," and taking the little boy from her, he smiles with undisguised joy and pride, "and this is my son." When Jules mentions something coming up, Rysen frowns slightly. "Farwell, Jules - but you're going to miss some of the best dancing in all of Arvum."

Valencia smiles to Alban as he approaches. Large dark eyes dancing, the little southern princess offers the man a delicate hand in greeting. "Indeed, but with fall comes a whole new round of sweet pleasures to enjoy, yes? And soon winter will return and all the wonderful things that brings," she nods cheerfully. Another smile is offered to Rowenova but Jules calls her attention. She nods warmly and turns to make her apologies. "If you will pardon me a moment, my lords and ladies. Duty calls," the little raven haired vixen beams and moves back to Jules' side. "How might I assist?"

Porter has great big hands and he uses them to get a firm grip on the young boy, giving him a swing around before he plops him onto his shoulders. His hands go to his legs, where they rest so that he always has a solid idea of Uriel's balance. It would probably be unwise to drop his brother and sister-in-law's first child.

Jules gives an obligatory reply, "Dear me, then you have never seen me dance my lord?" His tone very teasing and he adds, "But I shall miss it truth and perhaps I shall get an excellent reshowing of it if you and Lady Mikani will replay your steps. Perhaps the Baroness Lucita can play, I sing while you both dance." He gives a cheerful laugh and bows again.

Nova lets out a Northern laugh, "I, too, have worn pants under dresses before, silk under leather." She follows along after Rosa to figure out a good drink. Heading over there, she awws softly about the squealing child who pointed out the 'doggie wolf', softening up around so many kiddos. She perks up about the COOKIE STEALING, "Excellent!" she suddenly blurts. She waves goodbye to the departing duo: Valencia and Jules. "See you soon!" she calls over.

Mikani frowns when Jules says his goodbye. "I'm sorry to see you go. But glad you could make it for a little bit." Her dark eyes move to the red headed poet. "Pleasure to meet you Nina. I look forward to any poetry you wish to share." Mika sips her tea as Nakoa sits and plays with the bells happily.

Ras looks towards Eshra, growing very focused. It's possibly evident that stories are what he's here for. He surveys the crowds and the dancers, looking for likely storytellers. Although his gaze snags here and there, recognizing faces, he does nothing to draw attention.

Ian lets someone who's not him choose a place to watch the show, while he follows along, his gaze on his footsteps. He moves with surprising confidence in this close crowd; even with everyone packed in and milling around, and even with him looking like most of his focus is on the steps he's taking, nobody ever quite manages to bump into him.

Jules spots Nova and points, "It's Nova!" Jules says excitedly to Valencia then tries to draw his business face on. The man really is too happy for a business face but he's trying. He waves and then makes his way out, "I shall see you soon Lady Mikani!"

Nina looks a bit dazzled, but gives a wave to Jules as he's now departing. "Oh, ah, nice to briefly meet you!" She turns her head. "And nice to meet you as well, Lady Oili!"

Her eyes turn to the fire, where a contest is being announced again.

She looks at Rysen. "Ah, I did say a poem, yes. But your work is so much more refined than that of a commonborn girl like myself!""

She touches her chest. "Oh, I do want to dance. It's true. But I don't think I'll go first THIS time!"

She takes Mikani's hand for a moment, and gives a little bow. "A pleasure as well! I'm looking forward to the next poetry contest coming up, because I think I can contribute in some small way."

Joslyn leans back in return against Athaur, chuckling a moment and giving a little nod towards the introductions that are still being doled out, a pleasant smile and a nod is given over to Nina and she gives a quiet murmur to Athaur from where she settles in. A little pleasant distraction is found in Chiara and Joslyn makes a few faces at her daughter, leaning over Athaur to press a kiss to her forehead before playing with some of Chiara's bells, all while she gives a pleasant smile to Eshra, giving an amused chuckle before she grins over at her. She does not volunteer to go first however, oh no. She's pretty content where she is right then and there.

Mr. Hops, Valencia leave, following Jules.

Zoey has joined the North-side firepit benchs.

Zoey guides Ian to the North-side benches before taking a seat to enjoy the songs and stories.

Rysen laughs softly to hear Nina speak of poetry and dance. When Eshra mentions storytelling, the Crovane lord glances at Zoey.

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Maru stands where he'd been, turning to listen as Eshra explains the evening's festivities and then goes on to call for volunteers. He looks around as nobody steps forward to go _first_, and then finally his voice booms out, easily heard by all those gathered around. "I'll go first," he says. "I have a story."

Mikani looks at Rysen with a grin. "Ooooh dancing." She says with a happy air before squeezing Nina's hand in greeting.

Rosalind grabs a glass of whiskey and like Nova, gets excited,"Cookie stealing?!" taking a sip from her her drink, she counts the children and loses track. Rosa hushedly tells Nova,"I dont think we can steal that many cookies."

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Thork, the bone wearing warrior from the north, 2 Bone Wardens arrive, following Arcadia.

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Ian eases himself onto a bench, and proceeds to signal someone passing with food, pointing to himself and his party.

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Nina turns her attention to Maru as he says he's about to tell a story. Her eyes glitter with wonder and excitement at this.

Nova blinks twice, "I bet you that we can!" says she to Rosa before then suddenly elevating her 'singing voice' to the party crowd gathered here, "OH! The hills are covered in snow! Ho he ho! Right up to your nose. Ho he ho! So, bring out the dogs! Tee hee hee! Don't wear the clogs! Tee hee hee!" Is this a real song...?

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Rowenova checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 10 lower.

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Ras takes a slow step aside to sit down on the bench, leaning forward with an elbow over each knee, studying Maru. A distant glimmer of recognition registers in his eyes, reflecting the orange firelight, but he doesn't linger on the memory long, and just listens intently.

Someone may want to make it stop, much like they try to stop Arik at The Spirits.

Oili smiles at Nina, "I look forward to hearing you compete. If you'll excuse me." She turns to smile at Mikani, "I think someone should get us started." She turns away and walks towards the box. Along the way, she finds something to drink and grabs it. Downing it, she puts it back it neatly where it was before turning back only to hear Maru yell that he's going to go first. She nods and stops near the south side benches to watch and wait.

Arcadia was coming for music and dancing and story telling. That was until she heard Rowenova's singing. She cringes and shouts to the woman. "Gods and Spirits! Did you take lessons from Arik?!"

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Nova belts out, "Yes, from my Liege Lord Arik Halfshaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaav!"

"Shh," Ras hisses towards Rowenova, maybe not even comprehending that he's made the noise. It's not even loud enough to be heard over the caterwauling, probably.

Rukhnis sighs slightly and makes her way back towards where she left Rysen and Mikani -- who have, of course moved on by now. Luckily it's pretty obvious where everyone is congregating, so she continues on to the benches around the fire and before long has managed to track down her wayward lord and lady once again. She stops beside them with a quiet swish of skirts, and offers each drink in turn with a small bow.

Nova must be the distraction. She knows it. Right? Because no one does that on purpose unless your Arik. But Rosalind just laughs and laughs,"I'm telling Arik he is the best teacher and he needs to get paid."

"My husband can get in line like everyone else." Eshra calls out then blinks at the sound of ......singing? Well the Rivenshari drummers are the best! They drown that out!

Turn in line: Rowenova

Turn in line: Oili

Athaur winces slightly at Rowenova's "singing" but he laughs all the same. He applauds her while his daughter looks vaguely confused? He murmurs softly with Joslyn as he looks over the group that has gathered.

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When the drums pound so loud that she cannot even hear herself anymore, then Rowenova finally cuts the ongoing 'note' (which wavered all over everywhere)! "Thank you! Thank you!" She soon bows to all those who have commented. "Aye! The Best Boss Who Ever Bossed certainly deserves extra pay!" With Rosa, she heartily agrees. A final bow Athaur's way, and Nova finally quiets down some!

Joslyn gives more murmurs to Athaur, leaning into him, head resting on his shoulder before her eyes slide closed. Perhaps Nova's song did one thing. It managed to put Joslyn asleep! She wakes with a start a few moments later and murmurs some apologies, getting to her feet with a bit of a wobble. "Sorry, I do think I need to find a quiet place for a few moments. Everybody again thank you for coming!" she gives a rather sleepy wave as she's quietly escorted elsewhere in the expanse.

Porter takes a lap around with Uriel, which involves stooping down and encouraging his nephew to take pieces of food off the plates of passing servants and such. Also there's a ten to fifteen minute stretch of time where he tries to convince one of the drummers to let them borrow their sticks but WISELY they decline despite his best efforts. Spurned and a little thirsty, the Kennex lord makes his way back to Ian and Zoey and sits down carefully. Carefully because he is still carting around their child and he's at least responsible enough for that.

Leporis, the silent handmaiden, 2 Rivenshari Clansman leave, following Joslyn.

"Thank you, Rukhnis," says Rysen, taking a long sip from his whiskey, with his son cradled in his other arm. Noticing Arcadia arrive, Rysen raises his drink to her in welcome, and leans toward the Eurusi Minister of Medicine for a private word, while his son Nakoa reaches up to play with the bells in Rysen's hair.

Oili checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

Rosalind waves to Arcadia with a laugh, her hair jingling from the bells,"Come steal cookies!"

Rysen has joined the North-side firepit benchs.

Ras glances across the edge of the flames to watch Rukhnis and the Crovanes for a long minute, quietly, then shifts back to fold his arms while absently studying performances.

Having fulfilled her immediate duty, Rukhnis subsides into such a perfect stillness that she might as well have been absorbed into the darkness just outside the light of the flames. Her gaze has fixed on the fire, though she seems to be looking more through than at it, and the ruddy glow is reflected broodingly in her dark eyes.

Arcadia looks behind her as her own daughter /finally/ catches up to her. Her chubby little fists full of grass. She finally gives up and hefts Ginny onto her hip (with much protesting from her) and carries her over to Rysen "Look. There's uncle Rysen. And Look! He's got things in his hair to pull." Ginny immediately aids Nakoa in grabbing at the bells and dumping the grass all over him. Cady grins at Rosa, while playing innocent to the chaos of Rysen's hair, "Oh. Cookies. I've been craving them for a month or so."

Turn in line: Rosalind

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Rysen glances at Rukhnis with a look that screams 'Help me!' He smiles warmly though, and says, "Good to see you, Ginny." Shaking his head to keep the kids from pulling to ferociously on the bells woven into his hair, and to shake off the grass the young Stalhben has dumped on him. "Steal some cookies for me and Mika too," says Rysen to Arcadia, flashing a quick grin.

Well, so much for volunteering. Maru walks around the firepit until he spies a bench with open space. Paying very little heed to who is sitting there, he plops right down. He places his son on his lap, turned out toward the fire, and listens and watches to those who'll go before him.

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Nakoa does not look happy to have grass on him. Does. Not. He starts crying as he can't get it off of him. Mika helps him brush it off and speaks to him in an exotic tongue that seems to calm the boy down as he goes back to the bells.

Turn in line: Nina

Rosalind gasps at Cady as she hands the toddler off to Rysen,"Ginny!" There are children everywhere! She grins and like a broken records, repeats,"I cant wait until theres babies and such at home! I'll just borrow everyone elses!"

Eshra smiles as the singer sits and looks back "Thank you, looks like the next performer is Mistress Nina Autumndale"

Nina, the new bard, appears to be next in queue. She walks over first to the circle of drummers here, and speaks to them for a moment in a hushed tone. Their drumming slows, and she reaches into the front of her dress and hands over a little slip of paper to one of them.

Then she returns to the center circle.

She presses her hands together. "Hello my Lords and Ladies and all other present. My name is Nina, and I will be next to perform for you. Tonight I will favor you with a brief song. And then, as part of my performance, I will present to you a style of dance, which is among those I learned in Setarco. I hope that the night's entertainment will keep you warm throughout this pleasant evening as summer cools into Autumn for us all."

Nina looks over to the drum circle, and then she taps her foot a few times. Those watching will notice now that she has a bell tied around it, which she uses to keep the pace. Its jingling tells them when to begin.

From her back, from her case, she produces a lute, and, with the help of the drums, she begins to strum a quick and lively tune, picking up the pace as she goes. She looks over to the drummers briefly as she plays, keeping match with them as she fingers out a rather intense melody. Now, as she promised, she dances, first light on her feet. Her wanderings take her over toward the circle of drums. She hits a few more notes in time, and spins a tight circle, setting the lute and case down for a moment as part of her routine.

There's a hit of the drum circle, a tap of Nina's belled foot. And then the rest.

With only drums now backing her, the pace becomes relentless. And with that, she begins first a series of fast spins, her red hair and the orange-gold cloth of her seasilk dress flying around her as she turns and twists.

And then the spinning stops, with a light step of soft-soled feet. The drumming also slows, and the bard begins... a new sort of dance, slower and suddenly more sinuous. There is another toss of red hair, and then it falls down her back in a wave which she catches with both hands and fans out behind her. She presses legs together, lowering hips with a shimmy-shift, then splits them apart in a stance that strikes a dramatic silhouette against the firepit. As her leg parts from the slit on her skirt, the flesh catches the firelight. She bends over it, stretching... then rolls back her body with a SNAP of shoulders perfectly matched to the drum beat.

Nina turns around and shifts her hips a few times in time with the beat, turning her back to the audience. When she shifts again... she gives another half-turn...

Now, looking over her shoulder, she stops as if time itself had stopped. One snap of her fingers, and every drum hits just then, in queue.

Then she turns her body full around, and bows for the audience with her hands spread wide apart. She walks over slowly, to again retrieve her lute.

Nina checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 46 higher.

Athaur is overheard praising Nina: Spectacular dancing

Rysen looks very grateful to his wife when she takes Nakoa and sooths him. He hangs onto Ginny for a moment longer, obvious affection resting on his features for Arcadia's daughter. When Rosalind speaks of borrowing children Rysen grins. "I'm going to hold you to that, Lady Rosalind," he says, before handing Ginny back to Arcadia.

When Nina begins her performance, Rysen's attention is immediately captured. When she finishes, he applauds energetically. "Gods and spirits. That was amazing."

Arcadia peeks over at Nakoa who is crying about grass. Arcadia chides Ginny halfheartedly "Don't throw grass at other children." Ginny pays no attention. Her entire energy is on getting those bells free, even if it means removing Rysen's scalp. Arcadia puffs a breath of air at Rysen, "Steal some yourself. Those cookies were the only thing I kept down for months. If I get some, they'll be all mine." She pauses to watch the dance and applaud before encouraging Mikani, "You should tell one of your stories. You have a great collection of them."

Zoey is overheard praising Nina.

Rysen is overheard praising Nina: Spellbinding performance!

Oili is overheard praising Nina: What a great performance!

Athaur lets out a whistle as the dancing picks up, taking Chiara's hands and lightly clapping them along to the music as he lets out a joyful laugh at the performance

When the talk of children is upon them, Nova looks to the children with awe, but then she is soon distracted by Nina. She raptly watches before then shouting out a Northern yell, "Impressive!" She lifts up a whiskey cup before knocking back a celebratory drink after that fine performance.

Mikani applauds Nina's dance. Nakoa claps to enjoying the music though his might have just been happenstance since he is only about 5 months old.

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Turn in line: Maru

Arcadia has joined the line.

Ras squints at Nina's dance, and passes a hand over his eyes in silence before returning to a slouched posture of folded arms.

Maru rises up from his seat, lifting his son up to rest on his hip again as he walks to the center of the firepit. He turns around to regard all those gathered, and then speaks, his voice not hard to hear at all. "This is a tale thought to come originally from Eurus," he says, projecting loudly, so as to be easily heard. "So, it seems a topical tale for tonight."

Maru starts, "In the early days of the world, the dawn days, a terrible battle split the heavens. All the world stood silent, waiting in fear as forces great byeond all reckoning were locked in struggle farr beyond the clouds, thunder and fire marking their efforts. Finally, there was an impact that shook the world, and shattered the ground as a great man was defeated, his body splitting the earth asunder. One of the first of the eagles went to the others, asking if they should see what happened."

He pauses to breathe and shifts his son from one hip to the other. "The eagle went to the dragons, and asked them to investigate. They refused, saying, 'Death has been born there, and this is no fight of ours.' They flew away. The eagle did not despair, though, and went on to the sphinxes. But they, also, refused, saying 'Little Eagle, Death has been born there, and one must take care with a new god.' They, too, left. The eagle went then to the spirits, but they cared little for this matter, and they too left. Finally, the eagle went to his brethren, to the other great spirits, and their children, but they also refused. They said, 'Little Eagle, what was written for us has been torn asunder by the First Choice. And so we choose to leave.' And they, too, left."

Another pause to breathe, before Maru continues, "The brave eagle flew by himself to where the ground had been torn, seeking out this new god. He flew close enough to the sun that his feathers became as flame, and that is when he found her. She said to him, 'You came to see me, and none else did. I welcome you, brave little eagle.' At her touch the flames continued and consumed the eagle. 'But I will not take you,' Death said, 'Not on this day, or any other. Go with my thanks.' And so the phoenix rose from the Bones of Destiny, and flew away, free to make his own choices forever more."

When he is finished he dips his head to all those gathered, and walks back to his seat, sitting back down and murmuring quiet words to his son in Ravashari.

Maru checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 17 higher.

Nina leaves the circle now, giving Rysen a bow as he acknowledged her, and then she walks over toward Zoey and says something to her with a quiet nod. Her fair skin is showing a rosy glow to her cheeks, probably from the exertion of the dance.

Athaur is overheard praising Maru: Brilliant Story teller

Merek makes a way into the place to listen and watch, having been busy for a bit!

Nina is overheard praising Maru: What a magnificently told story!

"So before we go to the next performer. Let me tell you about Rivenshari Ginger cookies. This started with my elder brothers and cousin Vano, you see, Ginger cookies have been a fire side treat for years and Amelia who runs the kitchens does not allow for them to be taken in middle of the day or there is not enough left for the fire. My brothers and cousins started to dare each other to sneak, steal, charm however is needed to get cookies before it was time. This has become a Rivenshari tradition. One that each child learns in time. So your to win your cookies. The only rule.. is the same rule we use many times. No weapons."

OOC: You can come up withhowever you feel you can get away with it... let me know in page, and roll and then pose.. if you succeed, I will give you, your cookies.

Ras shifts forward again to listen to Maru's story with great care and attention, a frown of concentration creasing his features.

Rukhnis's eyes had shifted from the fire to Maru when he mentioned the origin of his story, and she listens with sombre attention and an otherwise unreadable look. At the end, though, a quiet sigh escapes her, and she gives a small regretful shake of her head.

"Beautifully done both of you." Eshra smiles to Maru and Nina. "Our next performer seems to be Lord Rysen Crovane"

Turn in line: Rysen


A peacock struts into the area with all of the awkward majesty of his kind, with his gorgeous iridescent tail trailing behind him like a Lycene lady's elegant train. The peacock has managed, somewhere on the trip over here, to become 'belled', so that every strutting step produces the sharp jingles that heralded his arrival. He also has something else, something that looks suspiciously like a bottle of alcohol, on a sort of peacock backpack on his back, and a message tied to his leg. If these details are a of source of embarrassment, however, the bird hides it well, keeping his head held high.

Sir Struttington jingle-struts to about the middle of the space, then stops. He looks around at all the people with twists of his sinuous neck (jinglejingle), and perhaps sensing some kind of challenge to his masculinity in the stares he's getting, he flares his tail in an an enormous, brilliant green and blue fan of feathers that catch the firelight. If anything, the flare of his tail, swaying a bit with each step, increases the great dignity of his advance (JINGLE!) as he makes his way to... Ian.

Sir Struttington, Esquire Messenger Peacock arrives, delivering a message to Ian before departing.

@emit Nova raptly listens and then quietly wows after Maru's story. She stands up, briefly bows in a courtly fashion. Then, she soon fixates on the cookie talk, "Fisticuffs is okay, then?" Nova lifts up her left hand in a tight fist there.

Rosalind has joined the line.

Athaur eyes grow large, almost as large as his daughters and the colorful strutting bird arrives. His mouth drops open as he stares in awe and wonder at so fabulous and boisterous a creature. "I... I want one..."

Rysen listens to Maru's tale with rapt attention, taking a sip of his whiskey, and smiling at the tale's conclusion.

When his name is called Rysen rises, and his eyes open wide in surprise to see the peacock strut his way towards Ian. He opens his mouth to speak, but merely laughs and shakes his head. He sets down his whiskey and nods to Rukhnis.

Moving toward the fire, Rysen shares a brief word with the Rivenshari musicians, and when a subtle but growing drum beat begins, he says, "Sometimes the graceful movement of dance is language all its own, telling stories in a language that is not spoken. Allow me to introduce Rukhnis Al-Katibi. Though I will hold her back, she has agreed to perform a dance inspired by her homeland."

Ian just stares at the peacock as it gets closer and closer to him, like he's not sure if what's happening is really... happening. He actually looks down at his glass of whiskey, like he's trying to decide if someone put something in it. When the peacock stops in front of him and waits, twisting its head this way and that (jinglejingle) to get a clear look at him, he doesn't do anything for a minute. Then, perhaps prodded by the bird's majestic sideways gaze, he leans forward to relieve it of a bottle of wine, and the message on its leg. Then he just sits there, still dumbfounded, while the peacock, his tail still fanned and utterly fabulous, turns and begins to strut away, the bells someone has put on it jingling with every step. Did that just happen? Oh. People are dancing now.

Nina turns her attention to Rysen, as he introduces another dancer. She's excited to see it! There is more she can learn from watching other performances at work.

Oili dances around with Nina as the bard does her performance. Oili isn't as good by any mean, but she adds a ton of extra jingle jangle to the mix. When it comes up to the story of the phoenix, she seems interested in it. Rapt attention is placed on Maru as he tells the tale. Then she claps at the end and taps her head a few times, as if trying to remember some things. Then there's a peacock and Oili is back to jumping around a bit with the jingle jangle in tune to the peacock. When someone says that Rukhnis is going to dance a traditional Eurus dance, Oili immediately turns around, sits down on a bench, and shuts up.

Rosalind just blurts as she asks,"What the hells is that? Am I on drugs?"inspecting her drug immediately.

Rukhnis follows Rysen out into the firelight, the filmy play of her dark skirts around legs and ankles seeming almost like an extension of the mischievous shadows produced by the firelight. The expression on her face is strangely grave for someone who's supposedly about to dance, and she looks a little disconcerted by having an introduction and a focused audience. She clears her throat slightly, slanting a look over at the peacock as if she were hoping for it perform some kind of rescue, but it seems to be very much self-absorbed. How like a peacock. Evidently giving herself up to her fate, she slides her eyes back to Rysen and bows sombrely to him.

Porter is just sitting there, watching as a peacock approaches Ian and his reaction to it. His own reaction is initially pretty blank. Once he takes the messenger, he starts to laugh. A great big gigantic laugh. He doesn't know what's going on there, but it was funny as hell.

Ras wasn't paying attention - to the peacock, or Rysen's rising - he seems to be somberly talking in low tones to Maru. But then, a snatch of the Crovane lord's words sinks through to him, and he pans a slow stare towards the firelight where Rukhnis stands and bows.

Rysen returns Rukhnis's bow with a swordsman's grace. He offers a hand to Rukhnis, as the music beings to rise through The Expanse.

Rysen checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 32 higher.

Eshra looks at Rowenova "You may try, I assure you if Athaur doesn't get breakfast tomorrow because you broke his cook. He will be at your door."

Athaur is still enraptured by the magnificent bird. He rises slowly, moving to follow after it like a striken puppy with bright eyes filled with Adoration. That is, until the young Rivenshari man that is ever present at his side reaches out and tugs his shirt. Athaur snaps free from his entrancement, shaking his head and staring towards the fire. He grins brightly at the opportunity to witness another dance and takes his seat again.

With her free hand, Nova slowly rubs her own chin. "Hmm." says she to Eshra. "Everybody knows where I live..." It sounds like she might be second guessing her initial ideas concerning 'cookie stealing'. Though, she grins big before focusing anew on the next show: Rysen and Ruhknis. She watches curiously with her cobalt gaze completely affixed upon them.

Maru glances toward the fire and then back to Ras, having a quiet conversation as he idly starts to bounce his son on his knee.

"The wind knows." Is Eshra's only answer to Rowenova

Mikani watches Rukhnis and Rysen dance as she cares for Nakoa.

"Wonderful.. I might need to second guess my dancing tonight." Eshra laughs then looks up "Lady Zoey Kennex. You are next M'lady"

Rukhnis checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 33 higher.

Sneaking off quietly-but not before hiking up her dress a bit- Rosalind expertly starts to climb up a tree. The perfect view of the plate of cookies! Carefully, she dangles herself from a branch, reaching for the plate..

Now that Nina has finished performing, she watches the dance at the fire a bit longer... then turns her attention to other things.

The cookies supposedly are quite good, and also quite challenging to get. With her hair and her outfit, not to mention bells around her ankles and tied into her hair ribbon... she is not so terribly stealthy.

But there is always the direct approach. Sweetness and light.

She walks up to the cookie trays and gives a small bow. "Pardon me, but, I know ...there are rules, around the cookies. But... I do think, that... for one who did an energetic performance, a little sugar and spice might help to restore my energy!" She smiles softly. "It would be a kindness!"

Rosalind checked dexterity + stealth at difficulty 20, rolling 28 higher.

Nina checked charm + manipulation at difficulty 20, rolling 50 higher.

Ian has a baby (his daughter) deposited in his lap by his wife. Now he's sitting extremely, extremely still, still as a statue, holding her exactly as he's been shown to do in a don'tdropthebabydon'tdropthebaby sort of way.

Rukhnis lays her hand in Rysen's with just the faintest hint of gingerness, and follows him as he begins to step out in a dance that starts slow, perhaps following the cue of her own meticulously-paced steps. But despite the fatigue that hangs upon her like a shroud, as she moves further across the ground she suddenly springs into a fluid motion, steps light and soft and nearly silent upon the trampled grass. First it's just a meandering liquid glide like water droplets sliding down the curve of a leaf, but with each step she picks up the pace, until she's moving swiftly around the fire with Rysen in her wake, her dark form gliding across the ground like a shadow cast by a wind-blown cloud, or a high-soaring bird.

Zoey rises from her place on the bench beside Ian after handing off their infant daughter to him. "I'm not often one to tell stories like this," she confesses, "but I can never pass up an opportunity to show off my archery skill. Knowing this, Lord Rysen has convinced me to tell of when we faced the Butcher and his swarm." She nods to Rysen. "It was last spring, and I had been helping with the investigation into those murders along with a number of others. Princess Sorrel found a map to a number of locations outside of the city, one of which was a field with an inverted tree, infested by insects like bees, which made the most awful rancid honey. For the most part I stayed back from such hazards, being with child at the time, but when they took flight, that was no longer an option."

Ras mumbles some distracted, stilted reply to Maru while watching Rukhnis and Rysen with a strange sort of raptness. He leans forward, eyes wide. Once the Eurusi woman starts to move, his eyes follow her, and he doesn't speak again for some time. It's subtle, but his jaw has dropped, and dark pupils shine in the firelight.

Turn in line: Zoey

Rosalind lifts herself from the branch, scurrying down from the tree-complete success! She returns over to the place by the fire, a huge smile on her face,"I may have angered the people in my village once or twice."but she stops and watches Rukhnis. Rosa's eyes widen and she gzsps,"That's beautiful!"

Nina is overheard praising Rukhnis.

Nina is overheard praising Rysen.

Athaur is overheard praising Rukhnis.

Athaur is overheard praising Rysen.

Maru is overheard praising Nina.

Maru is overheard praising Rukhnis.

Maru is overheard praising Rysen.

Esra turns to listen to Zoey as she begins her story.

Nina claps widly as the dance comes to an end!

She has to put her cookie in her mouth to make sure her hands are free.

Mikani is overheard praising Rysen.

Mikani is overheard praising Rukhnis.

Nova certainly agrees, "It is!" in her booming voice of the Northern kind!

Maru glances aside at Ras, furrows his brow, and then looks toward Zoey, listening to her story.

Mikani checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 28 higher.

Rowenova checked dexterity + stealth at difficulty 20, rolling 11 higher.

Merek looks to the dancing, while he settles back with a drink. He has taken the time to put on his white-black attire which is adjusted about him, the tunic coming to waist while he has on the pants which have a fancy belt.

Mikani checked dexterity + stealth at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Being well acquainted with the fluidity of his partner, Rysen is swept along by her performance. The graceful movement of her feet and the sweep of Rysen's mantle pass before the great fire, until the music falls away. Rysen smiles at Rukhnis and bows deeply to her.

When Zoey begins to speak, Rysen comes to stand near her. When she speaks of swarm, Rysen joins in, speaking in a clear and resonant voice:

"The huge swarm of stinging insects filled the sky. A voice taunted us, and the swam began to devour many of our friends. Our weapons were useless," he says, as he reaches into his bag to pull out a bottle of highly flammable liquid. He unscrews the bottle and pulls out a small rag, which had soaked in the liquor, and, moving to a nearby lantern, sets it ablaze. "We needed something that could clear a huge portion of the swarm." He glances towards Zoey. "Ready?" he asks with a grin.

Zoey wields Dawn's Light, an alaricite bow.

At some point, Nova steals away with a small stack of the ginger cookies, having taken them when Zoey's story ultimately distracts those around her.

Zoey readies her bow and nocks an arrow. "Ready!"

Rysen gets a bottle of extremely flammable alcohol from Holster of Knightly Necessity.

Mikani even though people were distracted by the performance. Mikani making a small cough due to her pregnancy ills. Well she could not get any ginger cookies. She frowns and makes her way back to her seat empty handed.

As the dance comes to an end, it seems to be all too soon for Rukhnis, as it seems that once she's started she's not much inclined to stop. But she bows back to Rysen with a quiet sigh and quickly sidles herself out of the way to make room for the next performance.

"I hurled the flaming bottle at the swarm, and the hawkeyed archer of House Kennex loosed an arrow!" Rysen turns to a part of the expanse where no bystanders might be found, and lobs the burning bottle into the air in a sailing arc.

Rysen checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 34 higher.

Rukhnis checked dexterity + stealth at difficulty 15, rolling 25 higher.

Zoey checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 29 higher.

At some point, Oili gets up and walks over towards Eshra and offers to trade secrets on beauty poultices in exchange for a few cookies. A couple of seconds later and Oili has a few cookies in her hand and one in her mouth as she sits back on the bench waiting for her turn to roll around.

When Rukhnis' dance ends, Ras keeps on staring for a moment or two - then lowers his head into both hands and scrubs at his face. Finally, he leans back on the bench and folds his arms again, muttering something towards Maru while vaguely watching Rysen and Zoey play with fire.

Athaur applauds the rain of fire done by Zoey and Rysen, leaning down to speak softly in Ravashari to his daughter on his lap.

There is a moment where Zoey's warm smile vanishes into cool concentration and she tracks the arc of the bottle as it falls. As it starts to descend she looses the arrow from her grasp, and when it makes contact with the bottle it shatters into an explosion of glass and flame.

Rukhnis looks at a loose end for a moment, but then she seems to remember the kitchen. She slants a vague frown around at everyone around her, and then begins to meander softly off on a roundabout course through the shadows which somehow brings her up near the cookies without it looking like she was even trying. She might not have been. In fact, she appears far more interested in the tea nearby, which may have been what she was actually headed for. She pours herself a mug of that beverage, then, glancing with an oblique frown at the cookies, plucks one up with casual indifference and makes her way back to the benches.

Merek has joined the North-side firepit benchs.

Mikani smiles as a rivenshari child seems to take pity on her and gives her a bag of ginger cookies. Mikani grins and gives her quiet thanks as to not distract from the performances. She breaks off a piece and lets Nakoa gum it.

As Zoey's arrow shatters the bottle, Rysen's eyes narrow as a ball of fire fills the sky. He grins and Zoey, and turning to the audience says, "And Lady Zoey burnt a huge portion of the swarm, allowing the prayers of the godsworn to break the power that maintained it." Turning back to Zoey, Rysen says softly, "Don't know how you do it." Smiling, he moves to reclaim his whiskey and sit beside Mikani.

The fire explodes and a general hush.. the awww sweeps over those gathered before applause explodes. Eshra holding her son points and talks to him as he watches wide eyed. Before his mother turns and sets him on his father's free knee. Now Maru has two!

Nina applauds the fire and arrow trick! She's barely stopped applauding for a whole minute.

She finally takes her cookie out of her mouth for a second, just to breathe, so she can go back to eating a second later.

Oili claps loudly, the energetic movement accompanied with the jingle-jangle of the bells in her hair.

Mikani snuggles into Rysen's side as Nakoa chews on the cookie bit he has happily.

Ras checked willpower at difficulty 20, rolling 1 higher.

Maru watches as Rysen and Zoey do their demonstration and he leans in to listen to Ras, and then suddenly he has a second child. He doesn't even get a word in to his wife before she's off. He snorts and shakes his head. Now he has two. He turns his attention back to Ras and says something quietly.

Athaur is overheard praising Zoey.

Turn in line: Eshra

At the explosion of fire, Ras flinches - but remains in his seat, and the reaction passes in a split second. He just studies the rest with a rather blank expression.

"A lot of practice," Zoey tells Rysen with a grin. She curtseys to the audience and returns to her seat to rescue Ian from his baby daughter.

Maru is overheard praising Zoey.

Mikani is overheard praising Zoey.

Eshra stops at the edge of the fire and removes her boots, leaving them sitting there. "So after the brillent dances so far, I might be second guessing this.. please remember I have had 4 children in the last 3 years." she smiles as she still claps for Zoey and Rysen. Then the drummers stop and silence falls.

Ian checked command + leadership at difficulty 15, rolling 35 higher.

As the glass explodes, Ginny lets out a loud cry and buries her face into Arcadia's neck. She jiggles and shushes the little girl and after murmuring with Rosalind moves away, "Come on. Let's go and get you some cookies." Finding the cook in the crowd, Cady smiles to her and introduces Ginny. Her tear stained cheeks and wobbly lower lip working exactly as Cady thought it might. A bag of cookies is handing over to the little girl and a kiss given to her brow. Ginny smiles again as she tries to shove a huge cookie into her mouth.

After Zoey comes back and (blessedly) takes the baby literally off his hands, Ian excuses himself and goes over to the kitchen area, no attempt to hide what he's doing, just watching his own footsteps to make sure he doesn't trip on the uneven ground. Whatever he says isn't audible, but it's probable that he was giving orders, because the servants who were lounging nearby, mostly watching the show spring into a sudden bustle of activity. When he emerges from the (probably cleaner than it was a minute ago) kitchen, he has cookies.

Athaur mouth drops slightly as he watches his sister move into the dancing circle. He whispers to Chiara again, rising and moving closer to the fireside.

Rukhnis sips slowly at her tea, but now that she's not moving anymore she looks supremely tired again, though the dance that's to come does manage to capture something of her attention. She wraps both hands around her mug and stares fixedly at Eshra as if she's trying to stay awake long to see what's going to happen.

Maru shrugs at whatever Ras said to him, and then turns to watch his wife. For once she's not dragging _him_ up there to dance. He's on baby duty.

Eshre stands barefooted in middle of the sand that circles the fire... slowly the drums start and with each beat there comes a stamp of her foot.. a slow staccato that grows ever faster. Her arms outwards, held gracefully so that the bracelets that circle her arms also chime softly as the bells hanging from her hair and ears. Then a step, her hips shift as the Lady starts to turn, silk swaying back and forth around her in waves of green and golds. The beat gets faster, faster than a thud of a heart, as others start to clap with the time and her turns that take her around and around the fire sending the dark wild curls spinning as her skirts lift away until it seems there is no way she could go faster.. nothing that could be more primal. The pure beat of drum and foot.. as hearts take up the beat.. fall into time

And then...


Everything goes quiet and the lady stands with her arms raised over her head as her breath comes fast and hard as the her curls and bells settle around her much like the brightly colored silks.

Eshra checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 28 higher.

Porter has left the North-side firepit benchs.

Champion, the tiny yappy puppy leaves, following Porter.

Rosalind just stares at Eshra's dancing and the sounds of the drums. Just-Wow! And Rosa is rarely ever quiet. "How do you do that?!"

Rysen kisses Mikani's cheek, and then the top of Nakoa's head, before taking a long drink of whiskey. He turns his attention to Eshra as she steps before the fire.

While Eshra dances, all else seems to fade from the Crovane lord's reality. His grey eyes are fixed on the Lady of Riva. "Gods and spirits," he says softly in awe when the music stops. He glances towards Athaur and Maru as if he cannot believe what he saw.

Rukhnis has her hands around her mug so she can't clap, but she does give her foot an approving few stomps for that beautiful performance. Carefully, so as not to jostle her tea. Then, she lets out a long, quiet sigh and turns back towards Rysen to speak to him.

Mikani is overheard praising Eshra.

Nina is overheard praising Eshra: Wonderful dance and a wonderful party!

Athaur lets out a whoop, echoed by Chiara immitating him. He drums his feet on the ground, the sound picked up by the other clansman as Eshra's dance comes to a close

Athaur is overheard praising Eshra.

Maru is overheard praising Eshra.

Rysen is overheard praising Eshra: An absolutely stunning performance!

Oili claps her hands to the music as Eshra dances, the jingle-jangle of the hair bells heard from her bouncing around.

After Athaur, Nova whoops, too! She carefully arranges her cookie stack on her own plate then soon claps. "Amazing!" Though, not for long, to be sure that her cookies are not stolen from her!

Eshra stands breathing heavily for a few seconds as if everything needs to come back to focus then as the clan and their visitors bring her back to here and now, there is a slow smile and bow to her head in thanks before she steps out of the sands and moves to find her boots.

Maru lets out a whoop of his own and drums his feet on the ground along with Athaur and the other clansmen. Hyar and Aegis both also let out little whoops, their lungs apparently just as powerful as their father's. Nobody missed their approval.

Turn in line: Oili

Ras gives Maru one last glance, then watches Eshra's performance quietly - though his gaze doesn't linger wholly on her, and travels across the fire, scanning the way the other clanspeople join in with whoops and stomps and bells. When there's a whoop right next to him he jumps a little and then resettles himself into a slouch back, chewing at his lip.

Oili's turn rolls around and she makes her way up to the box in front of the fire. She'll plop herself down on it, smooth out her robe, and begin to speak in a louder voice than would seem possible from the tiny frame clinging to the seat. She's still bouncing around on the box and the bells are going a jingle-jangle, so some of the story is occasionally overpowered by bell.

"This story is true. As it was, the world found itself home to two wolf cubs: One filled with the radiance of light and one with the void of dark. The world worried. Surely, these archetypes, when faced with each other, would find their only option to be battle. These were antithetical concepts, after all, as radiance would chase away void and void would consume radiance. The world wept."
"The world wept. Soon, rivers and lakes and oceans and seas as vast her love for us dotted the land. The world thought that perhaps this would help them reconcile. Now, there were places only Void could be which would leave Radiance to its part of the world. The world had forgotten that while Void could now travel anywhere, Radiance was relegated to what was above. The fighting between Void and Radiance only intensified."
"Struggling, the world receded for millenia. Radiance and Void never stopped fighting. The world was slowly dying. Desparate and with few options, the world pushed a piece of herself into the sky while Void slept. Void was insensed. Angry and refusing to let go, he pulled at what was left of the world and Radiance."
"The world, desparate to stop this fighting, offered them each equal parts of the day. The world would have a Radiance time, where light ruled supreme but Void was always present, and a Void time, where darkness rules supreme but Radiance was always present. The twins agreed to the world's offer."
"This story is true. This is the story of day and night."
"This story is true. This is the story of the first battle won not through force but equity."
"This story is true," she pauses, "and it asks you to consider the quill before the sword."

Mikani pounds her feet in the ground. Mika being the anthropologist is good at doing as the Romans do.

Mikani has joined the line.

Rukhnis gives a small nod to Rysen and then a deeper bow after their quiet exchange of words, and next bows again to Mikani. She then turns and begins to make her way past the fire and out of the expanse, but then something -- or someone -- seems to catch her eye, and she veers suddenly towards the opposite seating section and winds up next to Ras.

Rukhnis has left the North-side firepit benchs.

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Nova raptly focuses on Oili's story, doing so with a bright smile after the conclusing revelations. She again plates her cookie stack, quickly claps, then picks up said cookies once more!

Athaur is overheard praising Oili.

Rysen listens to the story of Oili, watching as her red hair gleams in the firelight. At the conclusion of her tale, he glances at Ian, and then raises his glass to Oili in toast to her message. When Rukhnis rises to depart, Rysen rises as well, nodding to her, and sharing a quiet word, and then resuming his seat.

Athaur listens to Oili's story curiously, a small smile on his face as she spins the tail for them.

Turn in line: Arcadia

Arcadia grins briefly at Ian before moving away from the group she's with.

Maru is overheard praising Oili.

Arcadia takes a deep breath and hefts Ginny back onto her hip. The little girl only protests for a moment before they are in front of everyone and the fire, then she just looks in awe at everyone with her big baby blue eyes. Cady, on the other hand, shifts with nerves. Not use to performing in front of people. "I apologize, I don't have anything at spectacular as those last acts and this song is best in Northlands Shav. It was taught to me by the people of Bonespire and sings of a home amount the trees and the peace that snow brings."

Smiling to Ginny, she begins the song, soft and rthymnic, the sound exotic in the mix of shav and crownlander accent. It remains soft and steady, but slowly builds, a touch mournful in places and hopeful in others. Ginny, clearly use to this as a lullaby, puts her head on her mother's shoulder and her thumb tucks into her rosebud lips. Arcadia's words finish in the same manner they started, rthymnic and with a touch of homesickness.

Arcadia checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 24 higher.

Nova admiringly smiles to Marquessa Arcadia. She normally shouts something out, but not this time, since the wee one is fast asleep right now.

Eshra with her boots back on and claps for the story, moves first to press a kiss to her brother and her nieces' cheeks before turning and settling down beside her husband, lifting little Hyar into her lap and handing him, then his brother a cookie each as she turns to her attention to the next performer.

Eshra has joined the South-side firepit benchs.

Rosalind grins at Arcadia before she scurries off,"That was super pretty! I'll have to ask you more Bonespire stories!" and with that, Rosalind flits out, waving and smiling at everyone. "Thank you for the great time!"

Maru leans in toward Eshra when she settles down next to him, placing a kiss on her cheek and murmuring some quiet words in her ear. Then he, too, turns to watch the next performance.

Rosalind has left the North-side firepit benchs.

Connal, a Northern Wolfhound leaves, following Rosalind.

Oili returns to her seat and settles in to eat more cookies.

Athaur is overheard praising Arcadia.

Mission to the south-side benches evidently completed, Rukhnis slips softly across the grass of the Expanse and makes an unobtrusive exit.

Rukhnis has left the South-side firepit benchs.

Turn in line: Mikani

Rysen appears deeply moved by Arcadia's song. He places a calloused hand near his son, allowing Nakoa to take hold of a finger. His expression suggests a far away place, as the marquessa's voice had called back to an earlier, long forgotten time.

Arcadia finally finished, flushes awkwardly and hurries back to her seat with Ginny more or less cradled in her arms now.

Eshra smiles to her husband, leaning against his shoulder, around the fire there are those passing out extra blankets and hot drinks. As Arcadia sings, she falls into the spell of the song, then holding her son's small hands they both clap. "Lovely."

Ras watches Rukhnis leave, chewing slowly on a mouth full of cookies, and listening to Arcadia's melancholy song in the background.

Mikani checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 19 higher.

Mikani pulls a small lute from her bag, "Now this song ... is the first song I ever sang for my husband. It will always hold a very special place in my heart." Mikani smiles as she plays the small stringed instrument softly and begins to sing.

The line has been dismissed by Athaur.

Mikani "I've had time to write a book about
The way you act and look
But I haven't got a paragraph
Words are always getting in my way
Anyway I love you
That's all I have to tell you
That's all I've got to say

And now I'd like to make a speech about
The love that touches each
The stumbling I would make you laugh
I feel as though my tongue were made of clay
Anyway I love you
That's all I have to tell you

I am not a girl of poetry
Music isn't one with me
It runs from me
It runs from me

And I tried to write a symphony
But I lost the melody
Unless I only finish half
And finish I suppose I never may

Anyway I love you
That's all I have to tell you
That's all I've got to say
That's all I've got to say

As Mikani sings, Eshra claps to the time. Laughing softly as she rocks the toddler back and forth as if the two are dancing to the tune. "Brava.. well done!" called out to the Mikani when she is done.

Mikani bows at the end of the song and goes back to take her seat. "Thank you Lady Eshra."

Athaur is overheard praising Mikani.

Rysen rises to his feet as Mikani sings, cradling his son in his arms. When she finishes her song, he strides over to her, and kisses her deeply - realizing a moment afterward where they are. He blushes furiously, but doesn't seem the least bit ashamed. "That was beautiful," he says to Mikani, gazing at her with unmistakable affection and love.

"I beleive we are done to the last performer." Eshra calls then looks at her brother. There is so much pride in her eyes when she adds. "Marquis the fire is yours."

Nova slides sideways, still protecting her cookie stack. "That was so good!" says she to Mikani... and Rysen by proxy! Is she talking about the song, or the super kiss?! BOTH?

Maru applauds Mikani's song and then turns his attention first to his wife and then to the Marquis.

Maru is overheard praising Mikani.

Ras returns attention to the fire, listening to Mikani's song - but it's Rysen's performance that first catches his eye and then makes him look away with a faint smirk. He mumbles something to Maru and gets up to leave.

Athaur rises to his feet, moving towards the center of the expanse as Mikani finishes her song. He applauds for her song, laughing softly There is a warm smile on his face as he looks around at the gathered crowd, holding his daughter in his arms. "I would like to get a very warm offer of thanks to all of your for joining us. This has been a journey for my people. Thank you for welcoming us here. I have one performance to make, and as this is my house, I take the Marquis privilage of being the last to perform." A cheeky smile spreads across his face as he takes a seat. "Fitting enough, it is something like a lullaby. It is... something that my mother sang to me when I was young." He casts his eyes down at the ground for a moment, as the young man who shadows him hands him a well worn guitar. He sets Chiara on the ground, who wobbles, still unsteady on her feet. She grabs hold of his pant leg, looking up at him with wide eyes. He strums a few chords, ensuring the instrument is in tune before launching into his song.

The Guitar rings out, the notes clear in the night air as the clan falls silent to listen to their cheif play. It is a soft melody, with happines and hope surging with each note. Athaur adds words to the song, singing in Ravashari. While his voice carries easily over the expanse, his eyes are only on the young girl at his knee. A father singing to his daughter.

Athaur checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 57 higher.

Mikani smiles at the kiss even though she does kiss back as good as she gets. "Thank you." Mika says softly before kissing Nakoa's head. "I have a very inspiring muse." Mika assures her husband.

Nova gazes out toward the tiny daughter and her musical father, doing so with a softened smile and... is that a little gleam in her cobalt eyes there?

Arcadia looks away when they kiss, clearly awkward with displays of affection. She watches Athaur and his daughter with a brief smile before standing with her own sleeping child heavy in her arms. She dips her head to the Rivenshari clan for the invitation to join them and nods her head towards the small child in her arms. They'd understand. She moves away from the party and heads out the gardens.

Rysen resumes his seat near Ian and Zoey, setting Nakoa on his knee, and partially covering him with his mantle. He picks up his whiskey again, and takes a long drink.

The voice and music of the Marquis of Rivia has a powerful effect on the Crovane lord, and he listens to the music in a rapture.

On his way across the field, Ras pauses to listen to Athaur's song - his head turns while walking, making him liable to bump into anyone coming the other way.

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Eshra mouths the words Athaur sings whispering them into the ear i0of her son, her arms tight around Hyar as she watches her brother.. there is no denying the tears that roll down her cheeks.

The new Maquis lets his song fade at the end, pausing to lower his head and wipe slightly at his face before he beams down at his daughter. He picks her up in one hand, kissing her forhead while her small fingers pull at the strings. Athaur rises to his feet and offers everyone a bow. "Again, thank you so much for coming and sharing your stories, your songs, and your dances with us. Your presence has brightened our hearts."

Arcadia briefly nudges Ras's shoulder as she passes him. A friendly, yet brief smile passed to him.

Thork, the bone wearing warrior from the north, 2 Bone Wardens leave, following Arcadia.

Maru listens to Athaur and smiles. He looks from the Marquis then to his wife, reaching out to place a hand on her shoulder. Then he looks down to his son on his knee, smiling more.

Oili listens along to the story, slowly waving along to it. As it ends, she stands up with the rest of her cookies and heads out for the night.

Eshra gets a diamondplate seax with leather wrapped antler handle from A wide leather belt with sheath.

Oili has left the South-side firepit benchs.

Maikki, An Arctic Wolf, Taika, An Arctic Hare leave, following Oili.

Those were gleaming eyes! Nova opens up a belt pouch and pulls out not only a single kerchief but... several kerchiefs! They are brightly colored as well as alchemically scented in a soothing way with no eye sting when mopping up any errant tears. Should anyone want one, she happily provides. one is for her, though!

Rysen stands, applauding for Athaur at the conclusion of his song. He bows his head in appreciation of the words and the hospitality of the Rivenshari. Turning to Zoey, Rysen asks, "Would you mind looking after Nakoa a moment, so I can dance with Mika?"

Athaur leans down as the young man whispers to him and he slaps his head slightly. "Ah yes, of course. A prize was promised, and so it much be given. The clan has gathered together and told me that they have declared that Nina's enchanting dance has won their hearts above any others." he smiles, offering the winner a bow.

Zoey extends her free arm to take the Crovane baby. "Of course!"

Rowenova says, "Congratulations, Mistress Autumndale!"

People are straggling out due to the late hour, but at least one person is straggling his way in. Abellus' form looms into view as he joins the party, looking suspiciously like someone who's just awakened from a nap. It looks a bit like he's mean-mugging people as he makes his way past them, but the reality is probably that he's just still sleepy and bemused. The bad news is that, if someone isn't watching where they're going, he's a great target to run into, as he's pretty huge. The good news is that with his bells on, one can at least hear him coming, because well he's huge.

Rysen smiles warmly at Zoey and hands her Nakoa. Applauding loudly and cheering for Nina. "Well done, Nina!!" He then offers a hand to Mikani, and with a grin, asks, "Will you join me for a dance?"

Mikani grins at the song Athaur sings as she rests her head on Rysen's shoulder and Nakoa snuggles into Rysen as well, the small but expanding, Crovane family snuggling through the song. She does grins as Nakoa is passed off to Zoey and Rysen is speaking of dancing. She takes his hand gratefully and stands in a fluid motion. "I would love a dance."

Eshra stands and pulls out a diamondplate seax dagger and holds it to Nina. "From the forges of Guildmaster Meadson. Thank you for your dance."

Ras is doubly distracted by Arcadia's friendly smile, and is completely on track to bump right into Abellus.

Ras checked stamina + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 20 higher.

Nina has left the North-side firepit benchs.

Nova mops up a whole bunch of her sniffly tears. She looks up toward Abellus, and then she pipes up. "Nice Sword!" Then, to Nina, too. "Nice Sticker!"

Rysen checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 28 higher.

Mikani checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 46 higher.

Athaur is overheard praising Nina: Our Bard's Fire Winner!

Nina accepts the weapon, holding her hands out.

She looks at it with appropriate awe... her eyes going wide. "Ah. I can barely..."

She takes a few short breaths, seeming overwhelmed. Then her cheeks flush, as they did when she was finished dancing. "This is amazing. I'll remember this forever."

"Thank you!"

Eshra is overheard praising Athaur: New Marquessa.

Eshra is overheard praising Nina: winner of the night!

Eshra is overheard praising Ian: best use of a bird and bells.

When Mikani takes his hand, Rysen sweeps her into a dance, holding her close and moving with her in time with the rhythms and music of the Rivenshari near the huge blazing fire.

Mikani smiles and dances with Rysen easily keeping up with him. Her feet lightly touching the ground as she moves around with him. She laughs and enjoys the dance as her skirts flow and flutter in the movement.

It's so fucked up. Abellus can see Ras. He can see that Ras is preoccupied. He can also see that Ras is on a collision course with him. So what does he do? He looks where Ras is looking. He's still squinting, trying to figure out just -where- Ras is looking when -BOOF-. That's the sound a body makes when it hits him. Approximately.
"Look where you're going!" he snaps, as he feels the impact. Then, he points. "Oh, hey. I know you from somewhere, don't I?" This must be Ravashari for MY GOODNESS I AM SORRY FOR RUNNING INTO YOU, RAS.

With his wife occupied with two babies now, Ian proves that he can at least wrangle his toddler son, guiding him back in closer when he looks like he's going to wander away.

A couple of the clan take the twins off to the nurses to finally put to bed while Eshra takes the hands of her husband, walking backwards as she tugs him towards the fire... somewhere along the way she looses her boots.

After wiping away her tear drops, Nova tucks away her damp kerchief into a different pocket than from whence it originally came. She suddenly laughs over the current predictament of Ras and Abellus.

Eshra calls out. "For those that have children and would like to dance with their spouses, there are cradles, cots and nurses in the longhouse."

Ras stumbles back half a step - it might be expected that someone that scrawny would stagger a great deal more from a collision with someone so huge - but instead, he has the gall to abruptly look tight and aggressive, gaze quickly focused in front of him to Abellus.

And then the prickliness fades, pretty suddenly. "Oh, yeah," he says. "You." Which must be Ravashari for 'hello, nice to see you again.' Then he goes on to clarify, "Outside the Hall of Heroes."

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