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Jan Grayson Family Dinner

The next installment of the Grayson Family Dinner is scheduled for January 15th! Grayson family members are of course welcome, as are any vassals or anyone somehow connected to the family. It's just a way for everyone to all get in the same room and catch each other up on what's going on. Attendance is not required, but strongly encouraged and light guilt trips may be arranged for those who can't make it because family comes first, right? None Greater Than Grayson At Attending Family Gatherings!


Jan. 15, 2020, 9 p.m.

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Niklas Lisebet Zoey Ian Kalani Kaia Alessia Sunaia



Arx - Ward of House Grayson - Grayson Mansion - Dining Room

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Grayson family dinner is always just the best of affairs. The first service is being set out as people begin to file in for an evening of fealty socializing. Piles of seasonal fruits, some served plain and others done up right, are set out on the table and even as people come in more dishes are being served, easing people into a night packed full of food and drink between chatter. A bard has been hired to sit in a corner, play music and sing in a pleasant but unobtrusive sort of way, and the atmosphere on this warm summer's eve is genial and inviting.

For his part Prince Niklas Grayson has already set himself up on the throne he had brought in here one day and no one ever bothered to tell him to take it out, with a plate already loaded up with early portions of cold mutton and mint, pheasant, melon and cheese. When people come in he stands up and waves people over. "Eat! There's so much! They won't bring out the roast suckling pig until at least half of this is gone! And I think I heard there are ortolan buntings later!"

Lisebet at least doesn't have far to walk. She's dressed up nicely, but still has a bandage on her left shoulder. Perhaps she's wearing it like a badge today. She leaves her guards behind, but Bigsby hovers, so he can make sure she's getting enough nutrition and drink, of course. It's probably less hovering than Harlan would do. Course, the Duke himself is not here. She glances over at Niklas and offers a curtsey. "Your highness, good to see you," she says. "Goodness, there is a lot of food. I'm not sure where to start."

Zoey enters the hall with Ian, her steps much lighter and easier than they were two weeks ago when she was last in this part of Arx. She is all smiles and greets other guests warmly as she finds where she would like to sit. "I'm afraid I'm back to eating for one, but I'll do my best," she tells Nik with a laugh.

Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting, Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting, 2 Grayson House Guards, Clark, an exasperated guard arrive, following Sabella.

Ian comes in with Zoey. He looks like he's at least made some kind of effort with regards to his appearance (or, more likely, Zoey made an effort on his behalf) in the sense that he's wearing a fresh shirt under the beat up leather coat that he insists on wearing even in the middle of the goddamned summer and his hair is probably damp from having washed the days' sweat out of it, rather than damp from sweat itself.

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Dressed in a lovely summer weight silk gown & sandals, Kalani Seliki arrives, sans guards or entourage. Armed with a folding fan made, a reasonable and logical nod toward the ridiculous heat, the Seliki physician curtsies to Prince Niklas, and the room at large, by way of greeting and takes a seat at the table.

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Not far behind Zoey and Ian, is Kaia. Garbed in a decadent green gown and some intricate mirrorsilver and emerald jewelry. Her eyes moving about the room, browsing over the delicacies being brought in for their enjoyment. "Oh, that looks delicious.~" she says, as she gets closer. A smile and a nod of respect given to Niklas. "Your highness, I heard your wife had gotten injured recently? I do hope she's well."

A little later than the rest, Alessia enters the dining room of the Grayson mansion for perhaps the first time. She smiles warmly as she ventures further into the room, approaching the dining table, though her eyes seem a little distracted "Your highness. My lord and ladies." She greets, before settling in. Her attention shifts to the food on the table.

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Can a hostess ever be late? Especially if she lives there? Sabella surely has been here this whole time even as she comes rushing in through the doors then takes a moment to smooth her hair back, favoring her right arm just a bit, "Welcome!" She says a bit breathlessly, "I hope you're all already settled in and enjoying the fare! Thank you all so much for stopping in tonight!"

Zoey waves to her sister with one hand before she goes back to filling her plate with melon and cheese. When she notices Alessia she says, "Welcome, Lady Alessia!" Upon Sabella's arrival she puts down her plate and steps away to greet the hostess properly.

Naturally, the pale Sunaia Ashford comes in with Lisebet, dressed in black, black, black... some silver and teal thrown in for good measure, and an alarmingly-unambiguous crimson snakeskin coat, fitted rather beautifully to her figure. Trailing not far behind are... three menacing-looking figures and two dark-haired men whom Sunaia pauses to mutter to before she strides in, leaving the five men to disperse and find a shadow or somewhere inconspicuously conspicuous to lurk. And then, there are Sunaia's trademark pups, Ylva and Conall, bounding after her. She steps to Niklas, curtsies neat-and-quickly, smiles just as swiftly and greets him - almost! But pauses to dart her gaze to Sabella as she walks en, smirks and curtsies yet-again, "It's good to see you both. The food looks amazing; I can barely wait for the pig."

She doesn't linger long, though, and strides across the room to the food, gathers up a plate, then makes her way to Lisebet, where she curtsies to the group and sits down nearby.

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Ian as usual keeps pretty quiet, following Zoey's lead for the most part about where to sit and when to sit. He does take care of her enough to be a little more interested in putting food on her plate for her than in greeting the hostess.

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Niklas pushes himself to his feet and gestures to everyone. "So, in case this is your first Grayson dinner, there is a game we play. I will point to someone and that someone will tell us what they've been up to lately, then when they are done they will point to someone else. It can be anything from the small to the grand. And since I'm doing the first pointing, I'll start! I'm just about ready to take auditions for the Song of Erec Redhill, the three act opera based on the Oathlander hero of the same name that I will be producing at the Bard's College this fall. At the same time, I've started writing the play I'll be following that up with, which given the lack of singing I will have to find a new venue for. But it's all quite exciting!" He looks around, then points at Lisebet, "How about you, Duchess? How are things in Ashford Keep?"

When Niklas points to Lisebet, Sunaia flicks her gaze to the Duchess and mildly, briefly smirks.

Lisebet smiles to Sunaia, and settles at her seat for the moment, letting the others get their fill, while she mostly drinks some tea, and listens quietly. She looks over Sunaia's plate thoughtfully, then sends Bigsby to get some food for her. Because if she doesn't, he'll pout, and that will never do. She smiles to the others also joining them at the table, nodding her head. And then Niklas is calling her name, and she laughs softly. "The most exciting thing that has happened to me of late is getting shot at the lodge recently. As for Ashford itself, we're still working on strengthening our lands and those new residents who have joined us." She considers for a moment, and then adds, "Perhaps Lady Zoey?"

"It's good to see you, Lady Zoey." Alessia gives the woman a friendly smile though her attention is soon captured by the throne Niklas is seated on. Her brows rise, as if trying to make out the patterns before the prince rises to discuss the game to be played. "I was reading about him again in the Hall of Heroes the other day." She says with a faint smile before turning to Lisebet as she shares her update.

Sabella gives Zoey a big smile when she comes over to greet her, "I'm so glad you're here! Did you bring the baby?! Probably not since this will be a large gathering, but I am ever hopeful! Now that I'm up and about we'll have to stop by the Kay," she moves over to take a seat near Niklas and his throne, looking very pleased that he's remembered to start the game, "Inquisitor Sunaia, how wonderful that you could make it! And Duchess Lisebet, how are you feeling?" Her attention then turns to Alessia and she beams at her, "I'm so glad that you decided to come, Lady Alessia! Does everyone know Lady Alessia Mazetti?" She asks, looking around the room just in case.

Ian's eyes move constantly as he eats, flashing from person to person, from the table to the exits, taking in details. He's listening, even if he doesn't seem to have much to say.

"Hm? My turn already?" Zoey returns to her seat. "Let's see, I volunteered to help with a rather intriguing investigation, I'm learning to speak a lost language with Marquessa Llewella, we're preparing to sail back to the Isles to visit the Water Keepers, and, of course, there's the new baby." She looks around, a moment. "Kaia, you go next!"

Finally Zoey notices the extra food on her plate and she looks at Ian as if to say, 'How did this get here?'

Flicking her gaze to Alessia, Sunaia briefly smiles at her. "Lady Alessia, it's good to see you again. You should have brought your cousin," she says, simply, then plucks a piece of fruit and nibbles before glancing to Kaia and smiling - for a few, warm beats.

Ian looks back at Zoey as if to say 'I have no idea what you're talking about'.

The query directed to Niklas in regards to Sabella's well being seemed not to need an actual response in the end, as not long after the hostess was making her way in with a most cheerful greeting. "Ah, Princess Sabella, I'm glad to see you are well. I had heard just today that you had been injured. I was of course quite worried. Nonetheless, thank you for having us." she says, before moving about to take a seat next to her sister. Her gaze catching sight of Alessia, Sunaia and Lisebet and offering all three an amicable smile. "Ladies, how lovely to see you all again." she would say, while taking a plate and helping herself to the food. Her attention shifting from Niklas to the Ashford Duchess, and then to her sister whom had apparently decided to throw the ball at her. "Oh, regretfully I have little to contribute." she admits. "I'm afraid that aside from today's little archery session with my darling sister I haven't been up to much...with the healing and all." she explains, before continuing to pick on bits and pieces. "How about you Lady Sunaia?"

Lisebet nods to Sabella, with a smile. "I am feeling much better, thank you. I'm glad to see you are as well." She turns then to Zoey and laughs a bit. "I am also assisting with Marquessa Llewella and that language. I think we shall be working together. And congratulations again on the baby!" She pauses to nod to Alessia briefly, acknowledging her, though she leaves the others to talk to her for now. The interplay between Ian and Zoey gets a grin. "It is good to see you as well, Lady Kaia." And then she quiets to see what Sunaia comes up with.

As if she was apparently not expecting to go next, Sunaia's silvery-pale eyes widen and her cheeks faintly tinge. "Oh, I? Mmm, I've. ..." Her eyes shift left as she ponders what she's to say, then shift right and thinks again. "Oh, I have a new coat," she replies, emphasizing the last word, then sucks her lower lip, thinking again. "And two puppies. Conall and Ylva, who are coming along well in their training." As if to punctuate the point, she turns her face over her shoulder and peers down at the well-behaved pups playing on the ground behind her - and she smiles, lingeringly and adoringly at the pair. "Is that enough?" Sunaia turns to ask Niklas. "If that's enough, I choose. Hmm. Lady Alessia?"

Niklas pats the arm of his throne. "I won it by being the first person to write a poem about Pena for Lady Monique's big party. There were five thrones total and I knew I had to have one. Sabella ended up playing the part of Queen Alarice there, which was fun. I believe she threw a pot at Prince Tyrval's head." He nods to Sunaia. "Perfectly enough!" He looks to Zoey. "Lost language? Who lost it?"

"I'm glad I could too." Alessia says to Sabella with a smile. "And I believe everyone in the room as met me at least once." She glances around. "Here's to hoping a stranger prances in soon enough, so you get the chance to do your thing." She winks, piling ham and roasted vegetables onto her plate. She returns the duchess' nod. Then she turns to Sunaia. "Which cousin? Lord Strozza?" She tilts her head, a brow rising. When it's her turn though, she straightens. "Oh, my family recently had a war parade in Ostria. We recruited a substantial number of people into our military." Then to Niklas' question. "Uanna, now the Suthryn Wastes."

"I have been hoping you would stop by," Zoey tells Sabella. "Other than a quick visit to a shrine, I keep her at home." She doesn't;t answer Niklas though, as Alessia has that handled.

"Aah. Less lost than obliterated, then." Niklas nods. "Lots of interest in Uanna these days."

"Lord Ian." Alessia chooses the next, smiling at the lord.

"It was a vase," Sabella grins at Niklas and starts helping herself to food, something Elizabetta takes over quickly enough as she's not really using her right arm, though when Kaia is called upon she says excitedly, "Lady Kaia! I am so incredibly happy to see you out and about! I'm sorry I missed you when I first came in, it has been quite the day! And a lost--" she starts to ask, but Niklas gets that question asked and answered quickly, "That sounds incredibly interesting! Sadly I just do not have a knack for languages. I rather wish I did so that perhaps I could start talking to all these foreign nations in their own tongue or at least make an attempt at it but, I'd just as like start a war while asking someone to pass the salt."

Ian is called right before he was about to take a sip of wine. He puts down his cup. "Been arranging security for a trip to Stormward," he allows. "And making sure Wash's enthusiasm for shipbuilding doesn't piss off too many people." Once again he starts to take a drink, then stops. "Uh. Has Princess Sabella gone yet?"

Zoey quietly eats what's on her plate, regardless of how it got there, while she listens to other people playing the Grayson Dinner Game.

Lisebet listens quietly now, as she considers the conversation. She grins though, before saying, "I remember that - I was there for that event," to Niklas and Sabella. She quiets before raising her glass in a salute to Lord Ian, at his update. Then she turns her head a bit, leaning towards Sunaia. She grins briefly, whispers something, and then Bigsby is back with her plate of delicacies.

With a short flick of her narrow jaw, Sunaia confirms Alessia's question of her, though a faint tinge of pale rose touches the Ashford's sharp, alabaster cheeks before she plucks her teacup and sips properly from it.

"Well, like Duchess Lisebet I had my first encounter with an arrow and I do not recommend it," Sabella says a bit seriously, although she's grinning a moment later, "Luckily there were several trained healers with us and they made sure that we were patched quite quickly! Let me see. Planning for A Taste of Arx has begun for this year! So if the person planning it for your Wards has not reached out this is your official warning to start pulling things together to offer when it starts! And I'm currently planning the first session out for the Foreign Affairs committee, which I hope will be very informational to everyone that attends!" she takes a breath and looks around, eyes alighting on Kalani, "Lady Kalani, I believe you're the only one that has not gone so you are next and have the honor of ending the game tonight!"

Angling a nod paired with a smile to Sabella as she sets aside the glass of wine she's holding, "Let's see." Kalani seems to have been preparing for this when it would be her turn of the round robin, "Seliki has been taking part, along with others of course, in a general effort to keep piracy and reaving down along the Crownlands coast north of Arx. Some of the refugees and rescued thralls are settled in Pearlspire and surrounding area. There's so much to learn from these people, their culture and so on. Further, we've been discussing developing new crops and food with Yasmine Champagne, she has some fascinating ideas and, if we're lucky and smart, it'll help a great many people in the years to come."

There's a chuckle let out from Kaia's part in reaction to Sabella's response. "Oh, it's quite alright, your highness. I'm glad to be able to get out of the house at last, to be frank; and to share my time with you all, it's truly a delight." she says, before continuing to enjoy the meal, while eyeing some of the dishes being brought out with some curiosity.

Ian looks over at Sabella. "If you don't hear from anyone in Thrax about the taste of Arx thing, let someone in Kennex know so we can make sure it comes together."

"Princess Caith ended up coming through last year, but if all else fails, we will definitely reach out to you guys. The world deserves to taste Aunt Elvira's famous whitefish chowder. Aethan told me he has the recipe." Niklas sits up and looks down at his plate of perfectly cooked animals. "Now I'm hungry for whitefish chowder."

"Well I invited him earlier but he warned my something might come up." Alessia says to Sunaia with a faint smile. "I hope her highness isn't too disappointed it's just me." She grins, turning to Sabella, then Kalani as she speaks. She takes a drink from her glass, nodding at the woman's words. "So it's one offering per fealty?" She asks the princess after Ian's point.

"Your birthday is half a year away," Zoey says to Niklas. "You'll just have to wait on the chowder."

Lisebet considers for a moment. "I wonder if perhaps Lady Tabitha would be interested in helping with that," she ponders. There's a glance at Sunaia, but she doesn't recommend that cousin for the Taste of Arx fun. At least not yet. "I'm certain that Ashford will have something to add to the mix."

"He does?" Ian sounds, just for a moment, openly surprised.

"Countess Carita is heading it up again actually," Sabella tells Ian, sounding very pleased, "Everyone that headed up the parties and events last year has volunteered again! But it's all about vassals working together and with their Great Houses to showcase what really makes them...them! Grayson gave away apple wine samples and I believe Whitehawk provided some bits of carpentry and Seliki some gorgeous pearls that went so quick I can't even remember if I was able to grab some! I would love it if every vassal house in every ward could put something together to show off or display! You're all so wonderful and unique and the whole of Arx should absolutely know it. Princess Berenice is running the Velenosan portion, so if you have questions or ideas you ought to speak to her," she advises Alessia, "Maybe you could put on a glaive dancing display! I'd love to see that!"

A fair-skinned, dark-haired man with ice-blue eyes makes his way across the hall and stands behind Sunaia, bending down to whisper in her ear. Immediately, Sunaia's pale lips lift into a smile, her platinum-colored eyes brightening. She takes a message from him, opens discreetly and, as she skims the contents, the smile grows into a full, ear-to-ear grin, her silvery gaze staring at it lingeringly. After a long moment, she nods, then folds the note and slips it into a pocket. Still grinning as she looks at no-one-in-particular with a rather far-away note to the depths of her eyes.

Ian gets Filopi Black - Kennex Brand Black Pepper Vodka from Oiled leather bag.

Ian drops Filopi Black - Kennex Brand Black Pepper Vodka.

Kalani gets Filopi Black - Kennex Brand Black Pepper Vodka.

Lisebet arches a brow at Sunaia, and then she smiles. "Cousin, I am certain I can find my way back to our manor, if you would like to head out?" she offers lightly. She sets her cutlery down, more or less done eating for now. A sip of tea, and a smile to all.

"Ah I see." Alessia says with a growing smile before taking a bit of her food. She listens attentively to the princess. At the suggestion that she glaivedances, her lips curl. "I would love that, your highness. And I'm certain my family would appreciate me putting it out there."

"No, no," Sunaia grins at Lisebet, blushing rosily but managing her voice easily, "I'm here for the dinner. I'm sorry, just a note... from a friend whom I've not heard from in a while." She flicks her gaze over the table and catches a few eyes briefly - Kaia, Alessia being two of the more-noticeable ones.

Having finished her meal, and enjoyed the conversation so far, Kaia sets her utensils aside, dabs the corners of her mouth with a piece of cloth and proceeds to say her farewells. "Thank you so much for dinner, your highnesses; but, I apologize as it seems it's time for me to head back." she says, before glancing at Zoey and Ian. "Sweet sister; Lord Ian, I shall see you both soon." she says, and then giving a little wave and offering smiles to the others, she proceeds to depart.

"Pearls are, I think, our go-to item, easy for people to remember and a great deal of fun to spend the afternoon diving after," Kalani offers up this easy rationale while adding a little more food to her plate.

Zoey wiggles her fingers toward Kaia. "Write me later!"

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Conall, a scampering, friendly sable puppy with bright platinum eyes, Ylva, a curious, silvery pup with bright gold eyes, 3 Armed Confessors, Atanas Pandev, a wry, stalwart escort, Colm Teague, the stolid adjunct of ice-blue eyes leave, following Sunaia.

Ramona - A Guard in Ashford House Colours, Bigsby - A Thoughtful Looking Young Man in Nondescript Clothing, 2 Ashford Archer, 1 Ashford Scout, Sunaia leave, following Lisebet.

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Ian nods to Kaia as she departs.

Ramona - A Guard in Ashford House Colours, Bigsby - A Thoughtful Looking Young Man in Nondescript Clothing, 2 Ashford Archer, 1 Ashford Scout arrive, following Lisebet.

Conall, a scampering, friendly sable puppy with bright platinum eyes, Ylva, a curious, silvery pup with bright gold eyes, 3 Armed Confessors, Atanas Pandev, a wry, stalwart escort, Colm Teague, the stolid adjunct of ice-blue eyes arrive, following Sunaia.

Niklas waves to the Ashford s as they leave, along with Kaia. "Well, another successful Grayson dinner is in th-" He stops as the servers bring in enormous piles of fruit tarts. "Ah, nevermind! There was another course!"

"Please," Sabella nods to Kaia, "Definitely head home, you still likely need your rest! I'm so glad you came out, Lady Kaia, and it makes me so happy that you're well," as she watches Kaia go, she catches sight of Lisebet's outfit, "That really is a lovely outfit, Duchess Lisebet! Normally I'm not one for that particular shade of blue," she says carefully, "But it looks quite flattering on you!"

Zoey's eyes light up at the arrival of the tarts.

Lisebet flashes a bright smile at Sabella. "Thank you, Your Highness. I am quite pleased with how this has worked out." Then there are fruit tarts, and she looks over that way. "Oh, my. Those look absolutely delicious."

Ian doesn't seem especially interested in the tarts -- it's hot, after all, and he's already had quite a lot to eat -- but he does make sure the plate ends up near Zoey so she can select one.

Niklas looks over Lisebet's outfit, then says, "Has anyone managed to get their hands on the new Lenosian spidersilk?"

"Ooh, no, but I think my cousin Lady Mabelle did," Zoey answers. "She gifted me some of that new velvet out of Artshall as well."

Sunaia had just stepped away for a //little// bit. Just to put her pale, straight face back on - which, somehow, she has only //mostly// managed to do. "Oh? Is there Lenosian spidersilk? Interesting; I hadn't even heard of it," Sunaia replies to Niklas, then flicks her gaze to Zoey.

"Yes, unfortunately not on the market though. Due to it's rarity." Alessia says of the new material. "Generally given as gifts by those of House Velenosa." She reaches for the fruit tarts once her plate is cleared of it's contents.

"I haven't seen any and I have been looking," Sabella laments with a sigh, leaning back carefully in her chair, "Mistress Wren is my protege and she's brilliant at the market, but even she hasn't been able to find any. She did send me some lovely bolts of that new lace and velvet though! So I definitely want to have something made. Lady Mabelle assured me this morning that the velvet is so fine it isn't hot in the summer, which I was worried about."

"How's the durability?" Ian asks of Alessia. He's probably not asking about how many washes the silk can take, or its stain-opposing properties.

"I've not, as yet," Lisebet admits. "Though I would not say no." She is quite pleased at the comments on her outfit. "Hopefully it will show up eventually."

"They say light as a feather but incredibly strong." Alessia says with a shrug. "Though nothing has been mentioned about it's applications in combat. So the material may be strong without actually offering protection. I wouldn't know though, I haven't acquired any." She says with a faint smile. "I've had an outfit created made of luxury velvet. It's not stifling at all." She assures Sabella with a grin.

Despite the heat, and noting that not everyone is on board with the dessert option, Kalani takes not one but two of the fruit tarts while she listens to the conversation going around the table.

"I'll have to look into all of these new materials, I suppose. I end up designing most of my own clothes because there aren't that many tailors here in Arx who believe me when I say 'orange everything'. I've come to like the brocade, but it would be nice to have the feel of aeterna or umbra but with actual color. Seasilk is good enough, but not, you know, /as/ good enough." Niklas shrugs, tearing into his third tart.

"If the spidersilk does find its way to market, I'll certainly experiment with it to see how it holds up," says Zoey. "It might not hold up as well as steelsilk, but it is bound to be more discreet than leather is."

Sabella is for once not partaking in the tarts, content to just sit back and watch the flow of conversation with a big smile at the interactions, "I just think it's wonderful there's so much innovation happening right now. So much creativity! Jayus must be incredibly happy to see how much is happening to honor him right now."

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Kalani eases back from the table to rise to her feet, offering her thanks to the host and hostess as she sees a messenger waiting just outside the door to the dining hall. Physicians, always on call.

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"I haven't seen, rather my retainers haven't, tailors put up price listing for spidersilk, so I think they have yet to learn how to work with it." Alessia says with a thoughtful look. "Though that may change soon enough." She waggles her fingers at Kalani.

"Whenever it arrive in the market, I'm waiting until Petal starts working with it in her shop," Zoey says after Ian receives a message and leaves on important business. "Even if I'm doing the designs, I need her expertise."

"Thank you so much for dinner, Prince, Princess. Lady Alessia, it was good to see you. Forgive me, It suddenly hit me, how tired I am. If you'll all excuse me?" Sunaia asks, standing and curtsying with efficient grace to the room before flashing a smile and turning to look at Lisebet. "I'll see you at home?"

Lisebet rises as well, with a smile. "If you don't mind, cousin, I shall accompany you home myself. I'm feeling a little bit tired."

Ramona - A Guard in Ashford House Colours, Bigsby - A Thoughtful Looking Young Man in Nondescript Clothing, 2 Ashford Archer, 1 Ashford Scout leave, following Lisebet.

Conall, a scampering, friendly sable puppy with bright platinum eyes, Ylva, a curious, silvery pup with bright gold eyes, 3 Armed Confessors, Atanas Pandev, a wry, stalwart escort, Colm Teague, the stolid adjunct of ice-blue eyes, Lisebet leave, following Sunaia.

"Would it be better if I bring the little ones here?" Zoey asks Sabella after finishing her tart. "I was sorry to see Duke Gabriel return to Pridehall before I could bring Uriel by. I'm sure he'd enjoy the outing as well."

"I heard about that Duchess Iona and Duke Gabriel showed up, saw Michael, wept openly and then just left." Niklas shakes his head. "A shame every time."

Alessia can't help but laugh at the prince's statement. "Oh gods." She shakes her head. "I'm sure he'd say it was tears of pride."

Rogue, a black falcon arrives, delivering a message to Niklas before departing.

Zoey shakes her head and pours herself a glass of wine. "I'm still miffed about the whole kitten situation," says Zoey. "He promised that Uriel could have one of those kittens as a gift, and then gave them all away without so much as a word to me first. I should choose a different godparent, since I still need to name one for Naamah anyway."

"Yes, oh definitely do!" Sabella enthuses, raising her hand to wave to those departing, "The gardens are beautiful this time of year and the children will love running around and playing! Well, the ones that are walking anyway,"

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