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Toasting Highlord Liara!

It's been quite awhile since Grayson had a Highlord that wasn't the King so now is a time to lift a glass or a mug or whatever you have in hand and drop by the Badger Boardinghouse Tavern and sing the praises of Princess Liara! Drinks will be free for the first hour and should you consider yourself to have a talent for toasting, try your hand at giving the best one of the night and maybe win a prize or two.


Nov. 10, 2019, 2 p.m.

Hosted By

Sabella Liara


Jyri Videl Talia Zoey Rafael Mabelle Lark Sorrel Alarissa Niklas Vicente Tescelina Roxana




Arx - Ward of House Grayson - Badger Boardinghouse Tavern

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Comments and Log

The entire room of the tavern has been decorate with local blooms arranged in bouquets that line the booths, tables, and bar. Platters of cheese and meats have been set out in various locations for those who want to indulge in finger-foods and a chair has been set up at the front of the room decorated in beautiful garlands with a carpet of petals surrounding it, most likely set out for the guest of honor.

Princess Sabella is already here, waiting by the door to greet those that come in, "Drinks are free for the first hour only, so drink up!" she announces in a cheerful voice that carries over the din of those already assembled, "And if you are preparing a toast do let me know!"

3 Thrax Guards, 2 Thrax Elite Guards, Lady Teonia Redreef, Aryka Wyrmfang, Marquessa Pudding, a doughy dog arrive, following Sorrel.

Jyri doesn't have that far to walk, and he has walked here carrying a big painting, that he's now wrangling in through the door. Or it is assumedly a painting anyway, it's covered up in linen cloth to protect it. He stomps some snow off his boots and squints around with his one eye, peeking around the painting. "Your highness," he says and nods courteously at Sabella, "I got this here painting I am giving to the new Highlord. Where you want it?" He's not much for small-talk or pleasantries but he's respectful enough.

Videl enters right on time, seemingly in a good mood. She smiles to Sabella, "Your highness." She offers warmly, "You should've let me known you were organizing a party for my patron, I would've been glad to help."

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Liara shows up to the office-tavern-place, and offers Sabella a smile as she passes the threshold, gaze flitting about. "My, it is delightfully flowery in here." She then clears out of the way of the entrance, and receives a drink from one of the staff before she can make it very far into the establishment.

Talia Baseborn is still flushing, thrown off-kilter by some cheers she received at the gates of Grayson. It's not something she expects, being recognized or acknowledged. Thankfully, she recognizes the next person to greet her, giving a small, hesitant warm smile to Sabella as she steps past the host into the boarding house's main room. "I'm afraid-- no toast for me, no," she murmurs, quietly moving to find a seat.

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Clearly already tired from both the journey and helping decorate, Zoey takes a seat at a small table off to one side to sip some hot cider and eat some cheese while she finds her strength again. She raises a hand to wave to guests she knows as they find their way in.

Emerging not from wintery outdoors but from the rooms above, Lord Rafael appears while still securing the pouches of medicinal components that make heavy his belts. The audible 'clink' of buckles being set into place accompanies the dark-clad Mercy as, chin held unnecessarily high, he totally takes advantage of the free drink situation and orders himself a glass of warmed cider. Whatever weird ailment he just tended to, he probably deserves one.

Drinks at high noon? Yes please! Mabelle walks into the room carrying a jug of hard cider, The best Laurent can get. Hey it rhymes. She offers a curtsy to all the royals and beams brightly, "Good afternoon! Certainly a worthy celebration!", she hands her jug to one of Liara's guards as to not burden her and wanders toward Zoey for a more familiar face after offering greetings to, well everyone.

Lark is here as well, though she turns away from her conversation now that the celebration's begun. There's soft, reserved smiles for those who arrive, though it turns a bit brighter at Liara's entrance. "Didn't Sabella do a beautiful job? Certainly a celebration that'll be talked about for weeks to come," she notes to Liara, before she finds a seat to perch upon.

"It was rather an impromptu idea and thankfully Lady Zoey dropped by to help," Sabella says to Videl, turning to smile brightly at Liara, "Liara! We have a special chair for you to sit in and listen to everyone say nice things about you!" She points to the nice garlanded chair so hopefully Liara isn't allergic to all the flowers there.

Sabella adds to Jyri, "Up by the chair would be great so it can be displayed for everyone to see!"

Word has been passed to Sorrel to come by and enjoy the celebration, and so she does, slipping in with a smile for her Grayson friends, among others.

Jyri moves out of the way for the rest of the people filtering in, nodding at everyone that does; he doesn't exactly excude an aura of approachability, this man. But he's also clearly not worried about it, quite confident. "Thank you," he tells Sabella and manages something one likely could call a smile as he walks over with brisk, miltaristic steps, setting the painting down, removing the linen.

Jyri drops None Greater Than Grayson, a painting of a green griffin.

Rafael pauses, having naturally begun to gravitate to the decorated seat. Oh, it's not for him! ..Right. "Brightest congratulations and deepest sympathies, your Grace," he swivels his cedar upward in a casual toast towards Liara, "A finer leader there never was!" -- He pauses, awkwardly offering a similar gesture to Lark, "You were great, too."

Talia checked luck + sewing at difficulty 39, rolling 23 higher.

Mabelle is surrounded by Princesses, so of course the first thing she does is look at all the dresses. She compliments Sabella and Lark, "Such beautiful Gryphon gowns, I adore them. Is this from the recent Princess Collections? How delicate and lovely!", she scans every curve from afar without being too leery. She then focuses on Liara, "Princess. If I recall correctly you have been the first person who was nice to me in this city. Karma, right?", she winks as she obviously jokes, "I am not one for words, but I mean all good things upon you when I wish them", she offers a curtsy.

Talia checked luck + sewing at difficulty 29, rolling 72 higher.

Videl glance to Rafael, "The word I've been using and that I recommend you use, is 'congratudolences.'" Then to Sabella, "Ah, I see. Well, it's a lovely idea regardless." Then to Liara, "Your grace, always good to see you."

"It is easily the prettiest I have ever seen the Badger," Liara replies to Lark, and then she's off towards the garlanded chair. She draws up short to contemplate Jyri's painting as it's unveiled and warms with a smile. "How splendid. Most excellent, Lord Jyri." She actually makes it to the chair then, and gives a gentle incline of her head in acknowledgement to Rafael and Mabelle in turn, then a little flutter of a wave to Videl.

Talia isn't going to make a toast, no, but she does rise as Liara takes the chair. She moves as unobtrusively as possible, ever the servant not to draw attention to herself. "Your grace," she murmurs, bowing softly, before she moves to place a crown on Liara's head carefully, entirely constructed of seasilk for the occasion, before she moves back to her booth.

Jyri bows to Liara as she moves to sit. "Congratulations, your grace. I always liked you, glad you're highlord now." That seems to be his way of praising, but it's heartfelt and earnest. He moves away and picks up some food and some drinks and looks for somewhere he can hover or sit, squinting at the guests.

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"Congratudolences? That's quite the mouthful," Lark says to Videl, though she seems to find some appreciation for the word. There's a glance towards Rafael and his toast, a brow arching high, though her lips twist into an amused smirk. Mostly amused. At least, if she's bothered by the toast, she doesn't show it outright. "She certainly comes from a line of strong, fine leaders. I've no doubt she'll make her mark in Grayson history," she says quite solemnly.

Videl checked charm + propaganda at difficulty 15, rolling 26 higher.

"We shorten it to Congrolences," Zoey interjects to Lark. "You can thank Lady Evonleigh for that one."

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Sorrel checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 28 higher.

"Oh, this is much more comfortable than the alaricite one! Thank you," Liara declares on receiving the crown of seasilk flowers. She offers a little tilt of her head to Jyri, then breathes a low chuckle on hearing Zoey's particular portmanteau.

Mabelle turns her gaze curiously to Talia, "You are the famous Talia? I heard much of your designs. Lady Mabelle Laurent", she introduces herself and teases her, "I always worry if I bid on your offers my heart will break if I do not get to have them", she grins at her

"Ahh, but then it becomes less obvious what it means to those who don't already know it." Videl answers Zoey, "Which means people might think you're insulting them; which is just not a thing I'm willing to risk."

As the people pour in, Sabella waits for an opening in what people are saying to raise up her own glass, "No doubt you have all come here to celebrate our new Highlord more than the free drinks, but let us use them to toast this happy occassion! Liara's ability to draw people together and inspire them is unmatched in the Compact and with her leanings towards the creative, there is no doubt in my mind that she will be able to solve even the most troublesome of problems that we or our vassals might face. She will usher us into a strong future and there truly is none greater to lead the family towards our goals. To Princess Liara, Highlord of Grayson! None Greater!" She shouts there at the end.

Sabella checked charm + propaganda at difficulty 15, rolling 62 higher.

Talia's head ducks in what can probably be a nod, her color returning at being recognized even as she says politely, "My lady, a pleasure to meet you," to Mabelle. "You are always welcome to send word about commissions, but I do have many commitments at the moment." She falls silent and turns to Sabella as the Grayson princess speaks, offering the flash of a smile to Mabelle before she does.

Jyri raises his glass in a toast and hurriedly swallows down some food. "Hear hear, none greater than Grayson!" he calls out and then chugs down a fair amount of that drink.

Lark finds a drink so that she can lift it in recognition of Sabella's toast. "None greater!" she chimes in, taking a sip of whatever's in the cup before it is set aside. She leans to say to Sabella: "See? I told you that you would show the rest how it's done," she beams at her cousin.

"None greater than Grayson!" echoes Liara, lifting the glass she was handed earlier, even if she hasn't actually got to taking a drink from it. She's at least settled in her chair, and has yet to have any horrifying allergic reactions.

Zoey orders herself her one glass of wine for the night in preparation for her own toast to the highlord, though she does not yet stand to give it. Instead she has her head bent in quiet conversation with Sorrel.

Mabelle winks aside to Talia, "I bet you are, its quite alright". She then raises her glass and repeats, "Here here", in honor of Liara, before draining it whole.

Rafael's nostrils flare with a sudden breath, suggesting he'd been holding off on breathing altogether until the austere little former Highlord reacted. Few! "I've heard quite a many good thing about her, myself," he agrees with Mabelle, nodding just the once in approval of the Lady's taste.

"Forgive me but 'congrolences' sounds too much like some newfangled malady to these ears, niece." Rafael swirls his beverage idly in hand while listening to Zoey and Videl's chatter, "If somebody wants to be insulted, they'll find a way. I say don't let fear of it stop you from doing anything." Oh, gosh. He probably gives this sort of advice to Michael. "None Greater!" Raf echoes Sabella's toast in agreement, raising his glass high.

Sabella takes a long drink, raising her glass to Liara once again before turning to find a seat, "We should really make sure of this place more often," she comments, looking around, "It's quite nice. And if I forget there's a tavern around here I bet most other people who don't live right outside of it do as well."

Finally getting to taking a sip of her wine, Liara then remarks to Rafael, "I have heard a couple of varieties of it." Then she goes on to agree with Sabella, "Absolutely. Perhaps we might encourage the opening of another establishment or two in the area. Until Mistress Josephine moved her shop, I often went to the Ward of the Lyceum for jewelry, too."

"We got this great tavern right near our houses," Jyri agrees with Sabella, giving the place a rather thorough look-over. "Can't say I ever went here much, but - good place to meet the neighbors over drinks."

Sam, who is a boy and definitely not a princess in disguise arrives, following Niklas.

"More wine, would be my professional medical recommendation," Rafael feigns concern for the new High Lady's health, downing another sip of his own warm drink. "I can't say that I'm familiar with most of the places here in Arx, least of all this one. It seems..." His eyes coolly navigate the decor, finding nothing specific to be impressed by, "Sturdy."

"I'm certain we could come up with a few ideas to bring attention to this place," Lark considers this while taking another sip of her wine. "A few events, a party or two. That sort of thing." She isn't volunteering, just suggesting. "What sort of establishments are you thinking, Liara? A few shops?"

"When I think of jewelry, Mistress Josephine is basically the only name that comes to mind," Sabella says thoughtfuly, "At least since Josie left. I'm sure there are more, but I honestly can't think of any, so if we could lure a jeweler this way I'd be quite happy not to have to walk so far for new tiaras and things."

Talia listens quietly, chewing at her lower lip in thought.

"Maybe Guildmaster Josephine's latest apprentice? Miss Laurel Briarsgrove," Jyri suggests. "She's doing some work for me, as part of her tests. She's very talented and managed to get even me excited about jewelry. No small feat," he says with wry humor.

Maxene, the steadfast ladies maid, Pellinor, 3 Thrax Guards, Honey Snuggle, a Velenosian Angora cat, Elegance, a Velenosian Greyhound, 2 Thrax Elite Guards arrive, following Alarissa.

"Just so," Liara says to Lark with a little nod. "I have also schemes for a dedicated function venue - not, I might add, a day to day thing, but somewhere for balls, soirees and so on. I might see about asking or engaging somebody to follow through on realising that." Then she brightens further at the suggestions from Sabella and Jyri, saying to Jyri then, "I'm sure that you find art in all its forms exciting, my lord." She lifts her glass in an acknowledging gesture to Rafael. "In moderation, absolutely." A little sip of the wine follows.

"Hmm. You might see if you can't build an addition to this place then. At least you'll have a bar easily accessible," Lark considers this, looking about the room. Then, she lifts a slim shoulder in a shrug. "Just a thought."

"Or more highlord bar brawls," Jyri quips, now getting outright SOCIAL here. Maybe it's the drinks? He's chugged down a few and seems to be enjoying himself. "I mean, this place has a reputation to uphold. What do you say, highlord Liara?"

"I think that his Grace of Thrax might enjoy cleaving a cake or two should you bring that to fruition." Alarissa snuck in at some point and only now speaks up from where she's taken a seat.

Lark turns to blink at Alarissa. "Sister, when did you sneak in?" There's a soft chuckle, but she gets up from her seat to give Alarissa a peck on the cheek and come sit down by her.

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"It would certainly be good to get the place busy," Liara says to Lark, then chuckles at Jyri's question. "Reputation or not, my lord, brawling is not at all my sort of thing. I'm sure it can develop a new one as an establishment for civil discourse and casual meetings."

"I think it's a lovely idea to try to get a few more businesses in the Ward," Sabella nods to Liara, blinking at Jyri, "Highlord brawls? The only one I really remember was in the murder of crows and that was just one highlord who--yes I believe an axe and food were involved," she gives Alarissa a big smile, "It was quite an entertaining dart's competition actually."

Jyri bows to Liara. "I'll brawl for you - though I should admit I'm not terribly good at throwing punches. But, it's the spirit of it all," he jokes. "And... I do like art in all shapes and forms, I just don't often /wear/ it," he adds, and now finally finds somewhere to plant his large frame. He nods a warm greeting to Alarissa as he sits at the large table.

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"It's poor form to head straight into the brawls when the toasting has yet to finish. Besides," Lark looks soberly at the garland chair. "You might break Liara's beautiful seat."

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Niklas snaps up a glass of the bubbly stuff on his way in, holds it high and calls out, "To her grace, Princess Liara Grayson, may she never throw a party where people leave early!" He downs his drink, grabs another and starts for the bar.

"Please don't! I put a fair bit of effort into that," Zoey piggybacks off Lark's statement.

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Rafael ducks his head downward, pretending to dig around in his various pouches. "I don't know if I came prepared for common brawls," he mutters.

"Do axes, fruitcakes and darts factor into your assessment?" Liara wonders of Jyri. Then following on from Lark's comment, she inquires, "What about flowery chairs?" Then she breathes a laugh at Niklas' toast. "That might require locked doors, and I suspect that would become memorable in a way that I really do not quite want."

"To the Highlord Liara Grayson!" Jyri says, so drawn in by Niklas toast he gets outright cheerful here. (Or it's still the drinks.) Either or, he's drinking more and stands up for that toast. "And why yes, axes, fruitcakes, flowery chairs. If you're going to have a brawl, might as well make it look good and have nice food with it." He squints, that one eye crinkling up. "Alright, maybe not the axes."

Sabella laughs at Niklas' toast, raising her own glass and having a sip, looking entirely amused, "How is it that you've made perhaps the shortest toast so far, but it appears to be the one that had the most glasses raised?" she asks her husband as she leans back into the bar.

"The man has a way with words," Zoey reminds Sabella.

"The secret to toasts, my treasure, is that they are just long enough to get attention and 'hear hears', but short enough that people can get right back to drinking." Niklas offers nods and bows, "Lord Jyri, Lady Zoey. Princess Alarissa! Others and assorted." He leans up against the bar next to his wife. "If Cat's parties at the Kay have taught me anything, it's that any party building needs a pool."

"Where would you fit a pool here?" Lark wonders aloud to Niklas, a glance cast to the bar. "Maybe behind the bar. So you can swim up for a drink."

"There's something to be said for the short and sweet," Rafael answers after Sabella's inquiry, having been one of those aforementioned raised glasses. "I hear unnecessary words are out of season. It's all about a good portmanteau, now."

"No axes, please," Liara requests of Jyri. Then she suggests to Rafael, "If you set a trend and people start to send me letters full of portmanteaus, I might have to ask you what they all mean."

"Could just put in a really large tub. Good to dunk people in when they get too excited," Jyri calls out in suggestion.

Sabella grins, "Is that a challenge to try and bring loquacious speeches back into fashion? Between the two of us it could be quite the battle," She sets a hand on Niklas' arm and reaches over to click her glass with his, "Pools bring with them too much humidity and as someone that doesn't swim, I have to say I don't think they're necessary. Although changing outfits multiple times an evening I could get behind."

"As someone who learned to swim only when she married into a family of sailors," says Zoey to Sabella, "I can assure you that pools are absolutely necessary, and a swim-up bar would be a stroke of brilliance."

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"Well, it would obviously be an.. honopliment ... to be of use in whatever way I can, your Grace," Rafael tells Liara, blinking mildly as if to convey his innocence.

Vicente enters into the tavern he has a hint of a scowl crossing his mouth and his hands are behind his cloak which is draped over him. A bit of snow has collected on the hoot and shoulders of that cloak and he does a quiver of a shake with some of it flutters off. He does not take the cloak off when he enters but does move one hand to pull off the hood and then that had disappears under the cloak again. His eyes turn to scan around the tavern and yet another shiver seems to run down him. He has a low mutter under his breath but soon it disappears.

"I am having serious second thoughts on this portmanteau business already," comes Liara's rather dry reply to Rafael. As for pools, she says, "I adore the various warm pools around the city. The hot springs are marvellous. I haven't been to one in a while; I could certainly get behind having another."

Niklas looks around. "Replace 'here' with a pool and then you don't have to worry about fitting a pool in here." He finishes his drink and pushes it back, then makes a face as a messenger shows up. Once he reads it over he rolls his eyes, pats his wife on the hand and says, "I'll be right back, my love." As he exits he raises an empty glass, "To Liara!" then exits.

Sam, who is a boy and definitely not a princess in disguise leaves, following Niklas.

Zoey stands, clears her throat, and raises her glass. "To Her Grace, Liara Grayson: may the only devastation ever felt by her subjects be that of the poor souls cleaning up after an epic gathering."

Zoey checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 23 higher.

Jyri stands up again - more toasting! "Hear Hear, to Her Grace, Liara Grayson - None Greater than Grayson!" he calls out once more in his booming voice, grinning at Zoey's toast.

"We could use it as an ice skating rink in weather like this," Sabella muses, giving Nik a wave of her fingers as he exists, "But I think I'd rather drink with my two feet firmly on the ground. It's hard enough to walk after one of Liara's parties, trying to swim?" she shakes her head, looking over to Vicente as he comes in with a bright smile, "Welcome! We're toasting to the new Grayson Highlord, get your free drink in while you can!"

Liara laughs quietly at the toast from Zoey. "I am sure you will find some heartfelt agreement with that, my lady!" Then her gaze flits to Sabella and she suggests, "Perhaps one kept to some suitably shallow depth? The Grotto has a spot or two like that."

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Vicente walks along the bar and stops nearby Sabella when she speaks to him. He turns the bartender and gestures for a glass and shots it up to join in on the tail end of the toast with his own own hear, hear. He then turns to make a requested drink and then turns his attention towards Sabella and says, "It did seem busier than I would have expected." His eyes shift about and he adds, "I did not mean to crash a party but I glad to see the pleasant air." His left hand begins to tap against his thigh and he moves it back behind his cloak and lifts the glass with his right hand to take a quick drink.

Vicente is overheard praising Liara.

Zoey gets up from her seat and says her goodbyes, curtseying one last time to Liara before taking her leave.

"The Grotto is an _excellent_ remedy for the unique burdens of the noble life," Rafael raises the remainder of his glass to that idea before finishing off the golden-colored cider. "Your Grace, your Highnesses," Lords, Ladies, etc. As Zoey takes her leave, so too does Rafael to see to patients or whatever else it is he does. The drink may have been on House Grayson but the Bisland lord does at least leave a gratuity. He's not a monster!

Dionne, a Mercy Novitiate leaves, following Rafael.

"The Badger has been notoriously /not/ busy for quite some time, at least as a tavern, though I am sure the lodgings are amply occupied," Liara remarks to Vicente from her garlanded chair. She offers Rafael a cheery wave in parting.

"We're trying to change that. The busier than expected bit, not the Highlord since we just got her," Sabella says with a warm smile for Vincente, waving to those who are departing, "I think when I host the scavenger hunt I'll start and end it here. Try to up its profile until we can get some more vendors in the area to increase foot traffic."

Deimos, an enigmatic barn-owl arrives, following Tescelina.

Lifting an eyebrow but with an unaltered mouth, Vicente says, "Ahh, I am sorry to hear that it has not seen so much business of late." His eyes shift to glance about the tavern once again but returns to the pair near him. With Liara's arrival, he gives a quick bow and adds, "I am glad to have heard of your recent elevation, I trust you shall be a benefit to many." He turns back to Sabella and adds, "I'm certain many of the young people will be excited for something different to do during the inhospitable weather, even if they do need to venture out into it."

1 Grayson House Guards arrives, following Roxana.

Tescelina arrives late; fashionable or otherwise. It doesn't seem to hitch the stride in her gallant, light steps. A ribbon fastened ponytail swaying with the confidence of her motion, even if her eyes seem a bit -- dreamy. She holds the scabbard of her rapier in a gauntlet-clad hand, dazzling in its alaricite. The knightess and Voice of Wyrmguard sweeping the boarding house for signs of the new High Lord.

"I would quite like to have a few artisans on the doorstep. I'll put out a notice to solicit inquiries," Liara remarks to Sabella. She offers Vicente a quick smile. "Thank you, my lord." She then lifts her wineglass in a gesture of greeting to Tescelina from where she's seated on a garlanded chair.

"I certainly enjoy having a tavern not too far from home that always has a warm fire and plenty to drink," Sabella grins at Vicente, "It's a nice break from the children at home and while the walls of our rooms are quite lovely, sometimes you just want a little change. We were talking earlier about trying to find people of different professions that might want to open shops nearby. That would also be a great benefit as I think I often need to buy more shoes as I wear out the slippers I have wandering about Arx looking for things to buy. Lady Tescelina!" She waves to the newly arrived knight, "How kind of you to come!"

Appearances in public from the Princess Roxana Grayson are rare enough that she must insist only occasionally showing up /is/ the new fashion. That doesn't prevent her when arriving at the Boardinghouse from approaching Liara straightaway. "My sincerest apologies, I saw a Grayson invitation among my calling cards and just walked to the Mansion without bothering to glance at the address. You know I wouldn't miss it for the world. I /also/ owe you and the dressmaker Talia an even more sincere apology, for I committed to modeling for our House at her event and yet found myself indisposed. I hope you can forgive me."

"But of course. Sabella was able to attend to show it off, and it is a splendidly made garment. Would you like to borrow it for a time? I should hope that it will fit you snugly, though it might not quite conform to your usual style," Liara replies to Roxana, with an easy smile.

Tescelina approaches the garlanded chair and slips her foot behind the ankle of the other, dipping into a knightly bow with her free hand upon her heart. "Princess Liara Grayson," she speaks with a distant and unfiltered Oathlands accent, "House Wyrmguard sends its congratulations and well wishes," specific in her voice is a true sincerity and when she rises from that prolonged gesture she offers a faint smile. Attention turning to Sabella, "Your Highness, it is my pleasure. I am pleased to see you well."

Vicente nods an understanding thought to Sabella as she mentions getting out and adds, "Ahh yes, children can certainly be a terror." At that he seems to take a moment to reflect on it very briefly and holds up a hand, "No offense intended, I'm afraid I've not even met your children. Just children have a way of making matters less enjoyable." His eyes dart once back and forth and he takes a drink from his glass to stop his mouth.

A hand flies to Roxana's throat, "Oh /my/ don't think I'm getting a reputation for a 'usual style' do you? Why that won't do at all! I'd love to borrow it of course, and perhaps take tea with you one afternoon in order to be warned against the pitfalls I could be...well about to fall right into the pit of!" She certainly looks terrified by the concept. "Is she here today do you know, the dressmaker? I owe her an apology too of course, and Sabella my deepest thanks as well. I do hope that you won't consider me completely unreliable, I promise that the next chance you take on me for our House and kin, I won't dream of letting you down. Oh and congratulations of course! Princess of Bastion! It suits you well."

Isabelle, who is just so tired of everyone's nonsense arrives, following Niklas.

Liara offers a gentle incline of her head in response to Tescelina, "Thank you, my lady. I have not spoken with a Wyrmguard in a while; I trust that your House flourishes." She sounds like she really means it, too; that the Marquis-Consort was born a Grayson probably helps.

Liara then breathes a low laugh at Roxana. "Thank you. And you have a marvellous sense of style, at least to my eye. I should think that I have a distinctive style, too. I would be delighted to take tea. As for Mistress Talia, she was here earlier."

Sabella laughs loudly, "It sounds like you have met them. They are delightful, of course, but there's four of them now and they are hard to keep up with even with a fleet of nannies," Speaking of, Elizabetta stops over to whisper a few words and Sabella sighs, "And it seems I must go meet with at least one of them over a biting incident. Liara! Continue the party as long as you like, I should hope to be back soon." She pushes away from the bar and starts for the door, "This is about one of the children biting someone and not Niklas doing so, right?"

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2 Grayson House Guards, Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting, Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting, Clark, an exasperated guard leave, following Sabella.

Tescelina folds her hands behind her as she stands and inclines her head to Liara, in affirmation. "Yes, the Marquis-Consort sends his regard from Blancbier, on word of your appointment. We would be honored to have you at the estate for dinner, if you find the time." With this, the Wyrmguard eases away and seeks a bit of tea to join in on the toasting.

Lark rises from her seat, giving Alarissa a hug and offering quiet goodbyes to her table companions. Alas, it seems like the party is over for Lark. But she does briefly raise her glass to Liara one more time, flashing the new Highlady a bright smile. "None greater," she offers in toast, finishes her drink, and makes for her cloak to head out the door.

Jyri seems to be getting a lesson in how to use spoons and/or other cutlery at finer parties. He looks like he doesn't get it. Yet. But he's also quite tipsy by now, there's been a lot of toasting, and even though he looks like the type to be able to drink a lot... well, he has been drinking a lot.

Lark has left the Large Table.

2 Grayson House Guards leaves, following Lark.

Liara offers a flutter of her fingers in a wave to Sabella and Lark in parting, then, attention fully back to Tescelina, she says, "Most kind of him, and I shall certainly make the time to visit the estate. Thank you."

Jyri is standing up and saying his farewells to Alarissa. "Thank you very much for this lovely party - I'll make my way home, and hope my wife won't be too mad at me for being this drunk," he tells the Grayson hosts, smiling wide now. "None Greater!" he calls once more as well, before he too heads out.

Jyri has left the Large Table.

Onida, a boglands wolf-hound, Outi the Iron Hound, Gene Erique, Guardsman, 3 Iron Guardsmen, Tero the Iron Hound leave, following Jyri.

Isabelle, who is just so tired of everyone's nonsense have been dismissed.

Vicente takes a moment to give a low chuckle at Sabella's departing comment about children and then takes another quick drink from his glass as he looks around. A messenger runs up to him and he gives a nod of his head. He gives a bow to Liara and says, "I anticipate you shall accomplish great things. I look forward to seeing you in the near future." He gives a bow to her and then prepares to depart.

"Thank you for coming along, my lord," Liara says to Vicente, offering over a smile. Then she makes to rise from her garlanded chair. "It was a lovely idea to do this here, I must say. I do hope to see the place used more in the future."

Vicente gives his weak smile and replies to Liara, "Indeed it was, I am glad that I stumbled upon it and am sorry I had not been aware of it. I am glad to see you have a fine group of supporters. Until next time." He bows one last time then heads out the door.

Talia has left the Window Booth.

Roxana is overheard praising Liara: A stunning Princess of Bastion!

Tescelina is overheard praising Liara: A brilliant choice for High Lord.

Fluttering in and out like a butterfly, Roxana seems to realize that the other person(s) she came to offer her apologies to have flown. "I suppose I've thank you notes to write now as well. I hope that we do indeed have that tea sometime soon." Roxy kisses Liara once on each cheek, a more Lycene greeting than a Grayson one, but she's a marry in of course. "Be well darlings."

Her table mates off to tend to matters, Alarissa's rising as well and seems to be making for the exit.

Tescelina finishes her spot of tea and a bit of socializing but with the waning of the hour she rises, bids adieu to the princess with another knightly curtsy, and makes her way out as well.

Liara flashes Roxana a warm smile in parting, then she offers a gentle incline of her head to Alarissa and Tescelina too.

Deimos, an enigmatic barn-owl leaves, following Tescelina.

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